Chapter 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.

Chapter 26.

“Professor" A. Dvorkins is obsessed Jehovah - devil.
If A.L. Dvorkin didn’t serve Jehovah-devil, and served Orthodoxy, it comprehended that long ago fate of the Priest Men's. A. L. Dvorkin exposes sects, but doesn't tell that all sects from devil; fight against sects - cover. A task it - to propagandize Jehovah, as "I am".

Jehovah's patron, the Demon of the Universe Brama wants to be too "I Am". Brama shall was to warn a devil Jehovah that it didn't apply on "I am". Therefore Brama decomposes Jehovah sexual perversions that he didn't stick out himself. Why to it competitor? "Don't climb ahead of the father in a scorching heat".

Old Testament, Outcome: ch. 3/14, "God" (Jehovah) told Moisey: "I Am Real (Jehovah)". A. L. Dvorkins convinces that the name Jehovah means Yahweh, or "I am". Jehovah wants to lead the population planet to worship him. Dvorkins serves a devil. If Jehovah - is a planetary satan how activity of professor A. L. Dvorkins is called? SATANIZM! Great the Lord Shambhala is I Am!

Naturally, to be "I Am for Jehovah devil is more important sects. Sectarians are already drugged, it was necessary to tidy up Orthodoxy under the worship. And Orthodoxy warmed on the breast of the demon-rakshasa A. L. Dvorkins and did much good for it various regalia. See is site professor A.L.Dvorkin’s Antisekt.

In Soviet period A. L. Dvorkin was a hippie, extended antistatic literature. He went to the USA, and was defined on work in Orthodox Church under the guide of the priest of the Jew-rakshas'. Jehovah using obsessed the priest prepared the mental saboteur in Orthodoxy of Russia. .
A. L. Dvorkin came back to Moscow in embrace of the Patriarch Alexey II, who awarded generously A. L. Dvorkin with regalia, - on your head! The former hippie became "professor", without having the diploma about the termination of the highest spiritual educational institutions and scientific works.

Under the guise of fight against sects, the demon-rakshas pushes Jehovah devil in "I Am", and the devil pushes the demon A. L. Dvorkin to teach the nonsense in higher educational institutions for this purpose, to subordinate under youth the influence. And weak young consciousnesses will be pecked on … that? On the next trap which not the scientology, and sect "Congress" will be called.

But, didn't accept lime professor A. L. Dvorkin to teach in higher educational institution it turned out that documents lime. It didn't turn out at Jehovah-devil to push A. L. Dvorkin to teach students a lie from a satan.The devil found other hole. It didn't manage to a devil to determine A. S. Dvorkin in Moscow, it is sent to depth of Russia. Importunate A. L. Dvorkin caused response. It exposed; he is an addict and the schizophrenic. Method of a domestication of a devil: drugs and visions (spiritual ignoramuses don't maintain images of a devil). One hand through the obsessed A. L. Dvorkin "exposes" sects and another I want to approve myself ―I Am".

GOD gave to Orthodoxy KNOWLEDGE through the pupils, but also here Jehovah-devil blocked consciousness of priests. The intelligence of the person increases, and a duty of attendants of SPIRIT - is to correspond and even to advance consciousness of the person.

Krishna, Christ and Maitreya - is one, Great Lord of the Shambhala, full manifestation of the Father of the Universe. Therefore Jehovah-devil wised up A. L. Dvorkins and on Krishnaites to begin persecution. KRISHNA - is the most esteemed GOD in India?
Krishnaites are not sect, but a community, an ideal community which worships to Supreme.
All distortions of Doctrines of Teachers Light's happen from Jehovah-devil.
If Orthodoxy accepted Doctrine of Great Maitreya, transmitted is through his pupils that in their environment there would be no Dvorkins. It - is "the sent Cossack" from USA.
Krishna, Moria (Christ) and Maitreya is the Highest Ego. Above these embodiments of the Father of the Universe there is nobody! Great Lord Shambhala, Maitreya – I Am! "Professor" A. L. Dvorkin - is the spiritual ignoramus; denies the one to whom worships, or his lips speaks demon Jehovah. Watch on VOY TUBE a commercial "Attention! Who such Dvorkin"?

Roller, 25. A.L. Dvorkin reports that he was called from Argentina and has reported that they have a new sect of the Russian sense under the name Shambhala. Idea of the foolish Jehovah is to compromise the word, sacred for Forces Light. Sect and a call from Argentina is lie. The pederast Jehovah throws subjects to the victim, obsessed with a devil is always ready to sound them. A.L. Dvorkin not one is "bakes pancakes" on VOY TUBE, with him the group of Jews-rakshasa works with the purpose to liquidate Orthodoxy. Why A.L. Dvorkin doesn't struggle with Protestants and Adventists? In these sects attract with Christ, and then declare the filthy pederast Jehovah father Christ’s. All sects are absorbed over time by JUDAISM against which Christ Has gone to Jew’! Have deliberately gone to a crucifixion that has remembered His victim!!! Fight pushes a devil in "I Am" (Supreme). Instead of that, that A. L. Dvorkin to remove from Orthodoxy, The patriarch Kirill has warmed a snake on the breast. Journalists, law enforcement agencies expose "fighter" against sects, and the head Orthodox criminal is silent. Obsessed with a devil have to be isolated from society in psychiatric clinics and houses of the conclusion. A. L. Dvorkin the same Chikatilo, only from him is more than harm - his souls corrupt.

Jehovah devil A. L. Dvorkins' attached in Yekaterinburg in orthodox educational institution the teacher where A.L.D. brands sects and pushes PEDERAST JEHOVAH in "I Am". The demon of the Universe Brama expects to reap the fruits, pushing the Pederast Jehovah in "I Am" Orthodoxy consciousness of children poisons with lie is recognizes a devil as "father" of Christ whom the devil crucified hands of Jews that it opened for Jews Truth: "your father devil …» (Ioann, 8/44) Orthodoxy expires … follow Catholics.

TV transfers of a devil of Jehovah on the 34th channel.

In Dnepr there is a TV channel of local value. In one of transfers have shown Wolf Messinga’s schoolgirl (he had no pupils). V. Messing very much suffered from the fact that he was under the influence of a devil.

The Gipsy hypnosis which they is apply to a robbery of citizens propagandize on TV. For it they were moved from India. And Jews were moved from India for the fact that they were under the influence of hypnosis of a devil. In the USSR physicians-psychiatrists gave a subscription to the hypnosis application ban in public, and were registered in Committee for State Security. The devil has destroyed the USSR that in all spheres of human activity to create a lawlessness.

On the twelfth of February, 2017 approximately at 16:00 there was a Power of Women broadcast. There was on the screen A. L. Dvorkin - the attendant of a devil of Jehovah in an environment of tribe’s people. I had had honor to give about Jehovah information in full. To A. L. Dvorkin have sent files my of books. The devil has removed from memory And. L. Dvorkin this information also has replaced with heresy.
In the list is of biographies of gray persons having mentioned a name great of E. P. Blavatsky. Have slandered her, spoke is about the false facts of her biography. E. P. Blavatsky is the great woman; forty years of the life she bore Light to people. In operating time in India with it once told itself Almtyighty, the Absolute! You represent what it is size? And what Size her Teacher, Great Maitreya! Rakshas A. L. Dvorkin has no honor to say a name of E. P. Blavatsky, and, especially, the word Shambhala in whom 100 entities stay. They work without holiday and a salary for evolution of the person and the Planet, and keep our House from explosion. All "dvorkins" in 2046 will leave to Saturn. Such as him it is possible to tell: "Who is here temporary? Ana, climb up from the Planet together with the Pederast Jehovah".

Since the ninth century E.P. Blavatsky was always embodied in a family of the Russian princes Dolgorukiy's. Her grandma was from Dolgorukiy’s' family too, has put – radical Russian nobleman. The father was the German, the colonel of imperial army, the baron. Ancestors of the father have settled in Russia at Peter the Great and served truly and faithfully new Homeland. Three fifth Germans are a Russians from the region Volga region. She is the second after Christ has discredited the liar and the slanderer of a devil Jehovah. Main works of her life: 1 "Inviled Izida", 2."Secret Doctrine". For the last five years of life she has written five volumes of books. She published the articles in 35 of newspapers and magazines. If it happened that she didn't manage to send information, there were telegrams that readers without her articles don't buy newspapers and magazines. Her Jehovah has slandered in sects and in Orthodoxy, but doesn't speak about himself. E. P. Blavatsky was several millennia Schoolgirl Great Maitreya, Lords of Shambhala. I watch transmission and I am indignant, I hear threats of a devil: "And I will tell about you". If "and about you", then Jehovah recognizes that he has slandered E. P. Blavatsky A. L. Dvorkin's lips. Jehovah is every day in visions with threats, protesting against my books. Sees that threats don't work, I have begun to whisper: "Write that Dvorkin the pederast, he never had a family". Several days inspired these words. A. L. Dvorkin has devoted to the monster the life.

That from the fact that devil Jehovah has a family? It daily is engaged in an onanizm, the wife forces to him do masturbation and blowjob until his rag recovers. The son of the juvenile forces to do blowjob then is engaged with him in pederasty.

Eduard Hodos.

CHABAD is the Jewish fascist organization. The creator and the organizer is Jehovah. Schneerson's "catechism" and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are the basis Chabad. The purpose at them one is to bring to power Jews in the non Jewish states and to attract the population to worship of Jehovah that deception to drag off all to Saturn. But, to drag off all Jews in a crowd, at first they need to be collected to one place. For this purpose Jehovah has organized a revolution in Ukraine in hope to create "New Jerusalem". A revolution in Syria and resettlement of refugees to Europe too explainable process; Jehovah wants to take away true Jewish lemurs whom he has moved from Israel to five cities of Chaldea, Syria and Assyria. All revolutions are conceived to move Jews to Europe. For this purpose the devil has created a feeding trough - the EU. There will be a big influx of Jews to Europe for mass destruction before sending. God grant, that these deceived people haven't undergone riots which are always organized by a devil. A half of them have passed through two Apocalypses, the second half through concentration camps.

In the book «Blow of the Russian Gods", the coauthor Istarkhov (Gudman), Jehovah openly calls Russians for riots of Jews. E. Hodos heads a community of Jews of Kharkiv. The only correct decision for Jews and are those, who recognize the Old Testament (Torah) to DEPART FROM the DEVIL AND to ACCEPT GOD. Having lost voices, the provoker of wars and revolutions will leave on Saturn "not salty to sup ". The main thing for preservation of the Planet and mankind is WORSHIP of GOD, but not a devil Jehovah. If Eduard Hodos
transforms the SYNAGOGUE of the SATAN TO the BUDDHIST TEMPLE and will worship God – to Great Maitreya (Divine Christ), "the Doctrine of Living Ethics" will accept him, and will expose at the same time the Chabad created by a devil, then his activity will be equated to Christ's Crucifixion. E. Hodos speaks: "Yes, I am Jew". Any who will accept Judaism can become the Jew. E. Hodos it was christened; has accepted Orthodoxy, but is guided by Vatican (there's small choice in rotten apples). These in the seventh century have accepted Jehovah devil "father" Christ, and after and Orthodoxy have joined. Reading the text from the Bible, about Moisey and a thorny jackpot, E.Hodos "Lord" calls Jehovah. Read "Cabbala", in it is told that Jehovah is a satan, Lucifer, the Death angel. Strange! Such courageous exposure CHABAD - a child of a devil of Jehovah ….20 years! Gle a dog is buried? I think that if E.Hodos acts weren't necessary to devil, from him there is no wet place left. Devil was discharged, as always: he, in due time, has dumped the lie on Moisey (Pentateuch), on Jesus Navin - "to a clearing to himself places"; on Hitler – World War II; on Chabad will dump – fascism. Only God, Great Maitreya (Divine Christ) can protect from a satan. Above him there is nobody in Space!! WORSHIP of GOD – in it is rescue of the person. Everything, worshipping of the Great Maitreya, will be collected to safe places; the others will burn down alive, or will leave on an ocean floor.

Appeal to rusichi’s (Slavs).

Dear compatriots and all Slavs. The religion is has of great importance. Look as Jews glorify the demon Jehovah. As actively they distribute his false and slanderous books: Old Testament (Torah), Blow of the Russian gods, Bowl of Graal and Jesus's descendants. The Internet is hammered also with other books of the pederast Jehovah of the fascist direction: Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Schneerson's Catechism, false Wikipedia, Forums "Dawn of Svarog".

Till what time the sectarians offering brochures from a devil will wander about the yards and streets. When church fathers stop licking the Old Testament, recognizing the pederast Jehovah as father Christ's? Be careful, Jehovah wants behind a mask of Svarog - the pagan (the blood-thirsty murderer) to conquer the Slavic world. Jews already glorify him in Wikipedia and at Forums.

Why we don't glorify the God – Michael the Archangel, our Patron, the Creator Planet of ours, a plant and animal life? Why we don't hold forums on the websites for distribution of information on the Great Lord of Shambhala Maitreya. Visit the site – 28 books, three videos on a spiritual subject. Really it isn't interesting to know: who has created us, who has given us Reason that such grain of spirit, Thin bodies and the Worlds, the principles of the person. Everything was created by Spirits of the Flame, Solar Gods. The new Doctrine of Living Ethics and his continuation of the Facets Agni Yoga are given. At everyone people must to be books by E.P. Blavatsky, E.I. Rerich, B.N. Abramov specified at the end of chapter1. Increase consciousness. In 2046 there will be an Apocalypse, division of people all over the world and shadows. Chapter 27. President of Russian is V.V. Putin. Vision.
Light is in the form of a white cloud. The white pigeon flies, in a big way covered also with dazzling white the head, sat down on a cloud, and behind it V. V. Putin (head) appeared. White pigeon is a message from God, the embodiment … from Shambhala. And so why "The traffic controller is angry" from New-York Jehovah-devil decided to organize opposition in Russia, using "obsessed" as main oppositionists. It always pursues representatives Forces Light. Is afraid of economic blossoming of Russia and it means a superiority of our Patron is Michael the Archangel. 96 The victory Light is inevitable!!! On my request: "Who was Putin V. V. in the last embodiment, I am received the answer vision. The huge Russian three-colored flag, and nearby develops before numerous crowd on a tribune V. I. Lenin speaks. 14.02.12. "Rerich and Lenina made related what can be called planetary thinking. Therefore it is possible to get into Lenin's secret only planetary thinking, only relying on space Doctrine of Living Ethics. The word "Mahatma" came to us from India. (Rerich, Lenin, Karl Marx, Gandhi is from Shambhala). If thousands of the Sun – light in heaven flares at once, is it will be only we will pad radiating dawn light of fase Mahatma". Concept cosmic it isn't applied to mere mortals. In their XX century was two: Gandhi and read on the Internet tactless statements to the President of Russia, sticking (lips they are told by a demon Jehovah), and there is a wish to tell: "Spiritual ignoramuses, you have no abuse to say a name of Putin, your consciousness and language falls short of word level Mahatma". The mahatma is the Great Soul which contained the phenomena of the New World. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the embodiment of divine essence from Shambhala. Russians you are proud of the president. Don't allow any evil spirits to concern it light entities. The Soviet Union was result of the embodiment of V. I. Lenin. Unconscious attendants of darkness always discredited our country and tried to strangle her arms race. You thank the Patron of Russia - the Great Lord of Shambhala for the fact that He Sends is in Russia such embodiment. Our God is Maitreya, God of Russia and all Slavs. Who is such Slavs? N. M. Karamzin, in the book "History of the State Russian", (twelve volumes) tells us that the people of all Europe came from the Volga region. Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Finns, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Serbians, Germans is one people. Slavs shall unite everything under guidance of one God and not be at enmity between the former socialist consolidation was consolidation of Slavs. V. V. Putin it is absolutely devoted to the work Vladimir Vladimirovich – a gift of Russia from Great Maitrea. V. V. Putin's words: "Time when nothing is necessary (for itself), if only Russia comes it was stable", confirm its essence. There is in Russia a leader who all he devoted for the Homeland benefit. Very heavy burden is to hold on the shoulders Russia in time of such opposition from the USA. Such leader will always have an opposition from darkness. Darkness doesn't want blossoming of Russia. But it doesn't matter. The Animal will leave our Earth soon. Russia climbs a spiral, and the USA and the West of Europe dvi-gatsya on a deadlock circle therefore rush about in an agony, and machinate against Russia. Russia ascends economically and spiritually. Our God is Great Maitreya, Helps us! After leaving of darkness to Saturn, consolidation of the people will begin. The Buddha - Maitreya and single herd - the Planet population Will be single. Russia will be the country around which all people will begin to unite. The new Soviet Union, socialist camp outside the died Europe will be created; all population of the Planet will unite with Russia including the USA. Russia will lift on an ascension spiral (material and spiritual) all countries under guidance of Great Maitreya, Creator and Founder.

Great Maitreya Worries about the country, He Sent us one more embodiment is Peter the Great. "Peter the first was realized in Russia of 20.05.2012. V. V. Putin gains steam for ascension of Russia, and Peter Great will lift Russia".
Vanga's predictions.
Her predictions were only about one Vladimir – President Russian V.V. Putin He sent by God, First Archangel is Divine Christ to Russia from earthly Reign Divine -Shambhala!!! All, who with V.V.Putin worked, were the stages of his ascent. Shambhala rejects lying Bible; all references to her are devices. Worship to the First Archangel and value V.V. Putin, protect Them (them) from slanders of Jude-rakshas’s (demons). Be proud of, admire and honor God and to worship Him.
In 2015 about Ukraine: "The brother against the brother will go … What united, will be scattered on pieces. It will be near Russia". Wrote down words of the prophet Vitka Petrovs, who is helped Vanga about the house the last 15 years. Vanga about Russia; in 2015 after annexation of the Crimea to Russia: "Everything will thaw as if ice, but only one will remain untouched - glory of Vladimir, glory to Russia. It is sacrificed too much. Nobody will be able to stop Russia. Everything will be swept away by it from the way; and not only will remain, but will become the LORD of the WORLD". Glory Great Maitreya is to the Patron of Russia. Will be done the Lord it is eternal in three Worlds!


Note attendants of darkness. So far Jehovah devil spun a web of capture of the Crimea and Ukraine for NATO (the significant place for military bases) to surround Russia in a ring and spread the power obsessed in Ukraine, Great Maitreya performed invisible management on department of the Crimea from Ukraine to salvage the Planet and mankind. At all messengers from Shambhala one fiery center through which they obtain information is usually slightly opened at least, - it is the SILENCE VOICE. The president of Russia carried out the Decree of the Great Lord of Shambhala. Don't blaspheme against Russia and its President, - the Karma will punish if even Jehovah devil pushes to it. Putin's admirers are Putin's SUPPORTERS, supporting to his politician. It is necessary to worship The one, Who Gave to Russia such embodiment from Shambhala - to Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala. Time will come, Ukraine will be grateful to Russia, its President V. V. Putin, Shambhala and Great Maitreya for preservation of peace on Earth. Those, who unleashed war in the east of Ukraine and implemented reforms genocides for needy pensioners will leave to Saturn - it is their Karma. By then Europe (including and the Crimea) will be at an ocean floor with perverts, "reformers" and warmongers led by Jehovah in 2046! Those, who destroy monuments to Lenin will be burned alive during the Apocalypse with the generated energies. Citizens, pacify you for the benefit of the Planet and mankind.
Look on ютубе: 1. 2 t h serial record film of Andrey Kondrashov is "Putin" - this video film will be reproach to the servants of darkness, distributing lying facts from biography President Russian V.V.Putin. 2. "Putin", - documentary 4th serial film of Oliver Stoyn.
War in Syria provoked Jehovah on purpose to return thosejewries, who he evicted from Israel in five cities Chaldees (Iraq), to Syria and Assyria. As a result of war, part fromjewries it was come refugees in countries ЕС. Other jewriesJehovah wants to return in astral bodies, therefore applied NATO aggression in Syria. Jehovah confirmed that ISIS is his generation. Read and tell others ….

Chapter 28. Great Lord of Shambhala

Divine Christ

Divine Christ,
Supreme, the Father of the Universe, the Founder is and Creator.

Image of the Great Lords of Shambhala not a picture, or photograph, and is hologram. Maitreya - the Great Lord of Shambhala! Moria, Moriah is one of Buddhist dynasties Magadži, also the name of the tribe radzhputsky (Radzh-King), Solar-dynasty, Hierarchy of Light, M., M.: Mahatma, World-operation invisible, Rossul Moria. Moria is family, where repeatedly incarnated the Great Maitreya - the King the World Government. Avatar future, Allal Ming, is term equivalent to I (in first meaning) Words Moriya and Maitreya relate only to the Great Lord of Shambhala. Everyone else to this genus and the name no have nothing of the attitude. Freesia is favorite flowers of the great Maitreya, have a strong and pleasant smell. Flowers of aristocrats!

(Image of Great Lord M.: is belongs E.I.Rerich, sees the book of E.I. Rerich "Letters‖, vol. 1, published by IDC, Moscow, and 2011.).

E.P.Blavatsky spoke that only through some cycles the spirit it can reach that step, on which there is a Spirit of the Great Lord of M.: and through eon’s years the Spirit of the Lord will be even higher than –It is inaccessible.

The Archangel Michael - Great Maitreya, Lord of Shambhala, is the alpha and the omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega updated; when Omega to unite with Alpha, circle with draw - the Great Maitreya to pass way Origin and Ascension. He Is A GOD!!! Leave and will rule forever!!! Then comes again as the second coming - great parish. The High Road - three thousand lifetimes; Path of Origin the Supreme spirit and the way of climbing! Half way completed. The higher is the Spirit, the more incarnations.

E.I.Rerich: "Remember that wrote about this Shape! Truly, only all the highest is connected with It with this Hierarch. Truly, the highest concepts are represented in this high Shape".‖ There is no Higher expression of Great Secret of Life, than in the Solar Hierarch, Lord Maitreya, the Lord the Christ, He is the great Holder and the Founder, He is All".

He.Blavatsky: "…absolutely correct facial features, thick head of hair color raven wing is very beautiful, especially growth and shape. Mighty physique is. А face is young, the type 30 years (physical body) ".

Ne. Rerich: "…woke up suddenly from a very bright light and radiance saw a shining Human shape to illuminate with very beautiful face. After fear thought was being submerged with nothing unusual, an incomparable sensation-the presence of Superior Rower. "

N. Rerich wrote: "the silence was the vision. They were Light, and radiant Face a great guest. He batted and mouth and they reached the hands and hair every Light there. And bottomless His eyes shined closely".


1.«The Lord of shining power, You bring I, Great, fruits aspirations of my, works, both fight, and efforts. In You my happen, in You my hopes. My heart burns with You. I give you everything, everything that I have that in the Tower You Could pour all this in a shining Stone, fires burning in a breast. Shining Stone, Treasures the Stone, You lit, but me wearable in a flaring Bowl in a breast». Aum.

2. "There is nothing mine, all Yours the Lord. Everything belongs to You: both thoughts, and words, both actions and all manors my, and true imperishable property, - spirit my and accumulation its – all Yours, the Lord. To the Name Your go on life; to you devote all future my, all affairs my, all feelings, because yours everything. Teach me, my Father, adequately and wisely to dispose of your property to use and put it in the Benefit. You for my is All! To You are directed all of energy, and Your Beams fill the sphere of my microcosm. You live, You breathe from You have my reason. From Your Beam is my consciousness because truly, you are a Father mine, life conscious to me given. You recognize and You approve in the heart as a life Torch Uniform, Immutable and embracing as I all mine. I in You, You in me, we also are uniform from the beginning of centuries. From darkness You brought me to the arena of conscious life and made me by understanding essence the person. Therefore say you, my Lord that all mine – Yours. From now on all my forces, my reason and my heart irrevocably, forever to You give. Because all - yours, my Lord, favorite, only for me and my, my Father, my Defender and my Guarantor before the Highest. To you render on my consciousness, and I bring You gifts of my heart. Creativity of my spirit I devote You because create in the Name You. With Your Name go on life is and Your Name win. My father, my Beloved, accept my property for its gift on Light altar. In Great Service I devote myself to You that to bear you’re Light to people incessantly. And your Light before people yes will be shining and inextinguishable when hour will come wash the Name You’re before people to claim. My Father, my spirit I transmit in Your Hands. And let will be from now on and till a century Will Yours in my will to be approved spotless and no black out by restrictions of my egoism. Lord, the press of your Spirit on a forehead my dad will arrive. Give strength, the Great Lord, in Light Yours to stay always and to approve power of Communication Constant. Favorite Lord, my heart in your hands that You could issue it according Will Yours. The paternity Approve! Expression of free my will, the spirit to You transmit. Create it, Father, according to Will Yours. Accept, the Lord, gift of my heart from now on and forever. Nowadays and in the Worlds, anywhere and everywhere I am connected with You indissoluble bonds of love and Light because You are my Lord, the Defender, the Friend and the Father". Aum.

3. "I say my prayers and tell her as the face of the Sun. If my eyes are intolerable, the light of peace I'll shut up and filled with thousands of sparkles to shine, I still say: "Behold, I know my path, so had all my consciousness and, rejecting the enemies, and, buried things I'm going to tell you. My Word is my prayer. Tell her and day and night when eyes no longer distinguish the boundaries of Earth and sky; so many ideas, so many quests to tell: ―I love you, Lord, idolize and esteem, admire your Greatness, am proud and admire You. The highest, the lightest, above nobody isn't present in Space: Lord Lords, the Teacher Teachers also my Lord and Favorite Teacher".Aum.

4. "Lord, the light of Thy Teach collect in my jugs. Consciousness Help expand. Leading hand your Teach feel constantly! Neither joy nor sorrow, do not make me forget about you. The invisible presence of your tangible do want Peace and Thy days my approval".

Light energy of words of prayers of all admirers of Great Maitreya will merge in a uniform stream, will shroud Him and will help Him to bear a heavy burden on the shoulders: Planet and mankind. For this purpose it is necessary to pray to all in beat, at the same time: at 7 o'clock in the morning and at 19 o'clock in the evening. Representatives of all religions and faiths are invited to take part. Honoring of God we will keep the Planet and mankind to enter New Era of the Golden Age”! Aum. Amen. So will be.

Love to higher Appearance and Wins; heart, burning, lesions do not know. Reverence, solemnity and aspiration are climbing opportunities. But, first, you need to raise the idea of light, saturating it. "To chow the forecourt of each action, every thought and every word show adoption of Image and the idea that the presence of Teachers in the spirit, can be to realize continuously. To do this one, thought did not come off. I'm with you only when you are with me. You, free, met you to prompt as shorter and closer to me”. Stable, reliable and durable, and only the Lord; He was and remains of the eternal Basis of life. Over the scale of life remains the same Lord. In the world of the Earth online maps the path and direction towards the top. There is no escape from it, because in the rays of His children. It focuses Light for the Earth and Hierarchy of Earth and our Solar system. The Sun is a symbol of his great heart. We are his children, favorite, native elected them into unhappiness and happiness. He is with us always, for he is the Deputy and friend, and Father. The Teachers are not too; the link must be contiguous. Only the great proximity of Lord M.: protects from attacks of darkness. Start the new day, firmly holding the Favorites Image in the third eye.

Unforgettable meetings.
1. One of the pupils of Blavatsky, who was lucky enough to meet her Teacher - Mahatma was Ramasvamir. It’s an unforgettable meeting with the Teacher he described in a letter to a friend. Everything started with the fact that Ramasvamir hear the inner voice that belongs to his teacher and call to leave all the case and hastily follow Blavatsky ordinarily to the borders of Tibet, to meet with Teachers. Internal call Ramasvamir
immediately followed, but when he arrived in Bombay, had already left the town E.P.B., reaching Darjeeling, located on the border of Tibet, where it is possible already from her meeting with the teachers. In desperation, Ramasvamir decided to move the border of Tibet alone, alone, in spite of all the danger, which harbor a similar journey to find his teacher or perish. Dressed in Pilgrim’s clothing, he went on a journey alone, almost without resources and without knowing the language, moreover, does not have permission to move across the border. Boy to make one's way in the internal area of Sikkim through the jungle, swarming with wild animals, probably knowing that should anything happen to him that something and help him will simply have no one. But his mind was not so focused on your favorite image of Teachers that fear nor do concerns not own his soul. He narrowly escaped death on the road, and his great faith in Ultimate Force him and from the hands of thieves, and predatory animals. Finally, near the border of Tibet, he saw that the person sought. Ramasvamir describes it thus: "I think the time was between eight and nine hours of the morning. Was in one of the cities of Sikkim, where I told the opposite, could easily move the Tibet border in his Pilgrim's clothing. Suddenly saw a lone rider, to rush to send to me. On its stately shape and dexterity with which he drove horse, thought that this must be an officer of Sikkim’s Raja. Means Merciful! Now it will require my passport and will ask for a case has come to the territory of an independent Sikkim, and maybe even would arrest me and send back if not worse. Rider approached me and besieged horse. I looked at him and instantly recognized him. Over-awed gripped me as I stood in front of my Face by Mahatma, unusual Guru, whom I've seen earlier in His astral body. It was him, "Himalayan Brother! ... In the same moment I prostrate oneself his legs. Rising under his orders and silent looking at it, I'm totally has been forgotten in the contemplation of his face, which I knew so well, portrait… Couldn't say; joy and awe denied me. The Majesty of His image, which seemed to me the epitome of power and thought, is me delight and over-awed. Was face to face with the Himalayas by Mahatma and it was not a myth, or a "creation of the imagination," medium as would the skeptics. This was not a night dream, because time was between eight and nine hours of the morning. The Sun shined, and silent witness. See it in the flesh and blood, and He said to me with kindness and gentleness. Can expect more? From an excess of happiness had lost the gift of speech, and it has been quite a while is before I could say a few words, encouraged by His nice words … After the first moments of surprise and delight when I calmed down and accustom with the changes we've talked to Him of… He said should wait patiently if I want to be the disciples; many have proposed themselves as candidates, but only very few are worthy. And now that I've seen Mahatma in flesh and blood, and heard his live voice, let no one would dare tell Me what Brothers do not exist. Now, whether that is no death, no revenge of enemies is not to intimidate me, because know what know! « (Claude Bregdon "episodes from the recorded history", 1910, p. 36-38)

Another certificate of meeting with the Teachers belonged to the Domodar Mavalankar, also a former pupil and associate Blavatsky. Mavalankar hailed from the influential and wealthy family, not having his bromine to theosophy movement. Nevertheless, Mavalankar joined the Theosophical Society, against the will of its relatives, and in so doing abdicate owed him a rich inheritance. Devotion was absolute Domodar E.P. Blavatsky. For all time the Theosophical Society Domodar met on several occasions with the teachers. One day, he suddenly disappeared from the place where he lived, and soon returned back. He visited the Ashram of his Teacher, having gone there some preparation. He retired to lean, pale, similar to the apprentice boys, frail, timid and shy. When he returned, the bronze Sun Tan on his face was slightly darker olive color; He looked strong, resilient and skillful, brave and energetic. Changes that occurred in it, was so striking, that friends can barely hear it. He described what happened with him: "I was lucky enough to be to call and get permission to visit the Holy Ashram, where I spent a few days in the blessed company of Himalayan or Mahatmas and their disciples. There I met not only his beloved Gurudev (Divine Teacher), along with a Teacher, Colonel Ol′kott, but several other members of the Brotherhood, including one of the highest. Unfortunately, the highly personal nature of my visit to these three blessed places does not allow me to tell you more about it. Enough and what I say; the place that I was allowed to visit is located in the Himalayas, is not to what is a fantastic Country of eternal summer and what saw of his Teacher, being in your physical body, and It was quite the same as I saw it in the early days of my apprenticeship. I've seen his guru as a living person, and it looked like, indeed, young men in comparison with other Sadhu in this blessed society. The next day, after my arrival, was allowed to talk to my Teacher for more than an hour". (Claude Bregdon "Episodes is from the written-down history", 1910, p. 36-38).
Currently the Great Lord M.: lives in thin bodies on the highest point of the subtle sphere. "The Great Lord, invisible visible, would have ruled, to fill all the rays of the powerful but invisible laboratory. Soon, very soon, the Rays will be aimed at awakening the spirit of humankind ... The most ancient precepts, Lord of Shambhala fights with himself, but the battle this, above all, in the thin areas, here also the Lord of Shambhala operates through its earthly warriors, but the fasesight is rarely ... His appearance in Fire Form for many it would be disastrous, because His Aura energies of extraordinary force. Teachings given by the Great Lord M.: and there is a sign of His Parish. …Mount to reject spirit and to vegetate in ignorance, infirmities and dirt moral. A new world is coming to understand human dignity, in harsh sense of duty and responsibility to humanity and the cosmos. Ark of the Sixth Race is already under construction, but let's hopes that it is will be broader dimensions of the Ark of Noah» (E.I. Rerich, “Letters”.

Chapter 29.

to the book of billionaire George Morgan
(the devil incarnate Jehovah), co-author - Laurence Gardner,
"Bowl of Graal and Jesus’ descendants".

1."The Torah (Old Testament)". Chronicle of the Jews is the directory executions, curses, wars, murder and revenge. After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Jehovah forced the whole Christian world, connecting with the New Testament, and called it incompatible within the meaning of the texts, the Bible. Before he was "single" for Jews only, after the appearance of the Bible offered she "single" for Christians, after for the entire population of the Planet. The Jews left the Torah, rejecting the New Testament.

2."Dead sea scrolls" - the harvesting of the devil to defame of Christianity. One of
the authors are Judas Iscariot, the traitor in one embodiment.

3."The protocols of the elders of Zion". The idea is to bring to power the Planet of Jews and install an autocracy for the devil Jehovah. Co-Author of the Jehovah is Sigmund Freud. Two wise men –pervert. Books Freud is the virus of obsession.

4."The catechism of Rabbi Schneerson". In 1970 the rabbi Schneerson created the Jewish national and fascist organization in Lyubavichi. The rehearsal before creation of a similar batch already was in Germany in 1921. Difference of these batches is in a nationality. Earlier Jehovah extolled Germans, after Jews; Germans and demons-Rakchas‗s during World War II burned in furnaces and etched in electee gas chambers the people under the decree "Lords" of Jews.

5."World history" - the manipulation of facts and the creation of the world Jehovah for
the Jews, a lie passes for truth.

6. “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle). Co-Author - of the Hitler is the embodiment of Jehovah with breaks in time. Jehovah is the author of the scenario of the world, the goal – the struggle for power on the Planet.

7."Wikipedia" is a lie of the devil Informatics. There is no true information about the devil to Jehovah, the activists of "Wikipedia" the subject is not affected. Try to give information about Jehovah, it will not. But the incriminating facts on the servants of Light are given to the reader with great enthusiasm. Therefore, Wikipedia can surely include in this list.

8."Blow of Russian Gods". Co-Author is Vladimir Istarkhov.The Groal is to incite the Russians against the Jews, to organize pogroms "under the guise of" lead to the power of demons (rakshasas); repeat the Ukrainian Maiden.

9. "Bowl of Graal and Jesus’ descendants". Co-Author is Laurence Gardner.Dream of the devil to announce himself as the bearer of the Grail, to destroy Christianity and followed the cultists to join the Orthodoxy of Russia to Judaism.

10."Mission of Maitreya". Co-Author is Benjamin Creme. False information spreads Jehovah: the
Great Maitreya never, to anybody interview didn't give! Found Jehovah a sacrifice in South America, tied across his chest obliquely of fabric and inspired him that he is the Maitreya. Possessed by the devil, gives interviews on radio and television, and Benjamin Creme dirty page is a lie. Babbler Gorbachev and those who are eager of power, coupled with the devil Jehovah destroyed the USSR with the aim to embody the ideas of the devil (see the book "the Protocols of the elders of Zion").

11. HaBaD is Jewish fascist organization. The purpose of her single books: "Catechism" Schneerson "the Protocols of the elders of Zion», the HaBaD is three capital letters of the first name three books of the "Secret mystical teachings of Judaism." In these books says nothing about fascism. Jehovah did not alter the essence.

Explanation to the name book: the Grail – the same as the Stone of distant Worlds. Information about the Cup of the Grail is given in the books of Helena Rerich, "Agni Yoga", and the book N.K.Rerich, "Shambhala".

Gift of Orion is and Bowl of the Buddha.

Alexei Leonov Sculpture "The Gift of Orion": in the hands of the Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shamballa jewelry box, inside the stone - Gift of Orion. The brotherhood of the Grail holds the Stone sent from Orion, and he admitted he was a Great Teacher Jason who put him in the Foundation of our brotherhood. This stone means the guarantee and special protection of the Grail. He sent some leaders of the people. Throughout the history of mankind is this belief in the stone, guarding the country in which it is located. The stone itself is kept in Shambhala, but the shard it again and again is sent into the world to accompany the great events and appears in the hands of the elite.

The legend of the Gift of Orion and the Parsifal came from the East and feed him all the medieval literature of the West. The Lord of the Stronghold of Light, Holder of the Wheel of the Law was transformed in Parsifal, and later took the name of Prester John. There is a book by Arthur white "the Gift of Orion its legends and symbolism". In this book there is mention of John the Presbyter with the title of King of Kings, Lord among Lords – Lord of the Shambhala. Gift of Orion is the Stone contains a substance (see Moriah – metal) vibration with distant worlds. Also a particle of the stone serves for connection with the Brotherhood. The place of origin was the Foundation of Shambhala. "Treasure of the world is a splinter of the main body stored in the Stronghold of Light. Sending this gift from time immemorial signifies the coming period of judgment and power enterprises of the country where it appears. All the Great Unifiers and Founders of States (Solomon and Akbar) owned it. According to legend, the treasure brings with him a special Covenant that needs to be done. The casket mentioned in the Cryptograms of the East, was made of leather and belonged to Solomon.

"Grail" - a piece of sky stone meteorite in the constellation of Orion. This meteorite was the evolutionary program of development of our planet; it can be called a sacred gift to one of the planets in the constellation Orion. The sacred Gift of Orion was always in the hands of the Rerichs, starting with a large expedition through the territory of Russia, China, Mongolia, on the way to the sacred Shambhala. Having done a long way of travel of the Rerichs, the celestial stone on their way set protective boundary that should stop the process in the Apocalypse. *Border stop destructive waves of the elements, it covers the territory of Russia, Mongolia, Northern China and India, which in the future will unite into one powerful state, and no one can stop the great enterprises in the future. Gift of Orion is in a safe place in the country, which will give impetus to the evolution of the planet and humanity.

"The Buddha's bowl exists, and it is sent before the beginning of a New Era where will be approved the Kalachakra Teachings. About this Cup too, there are many legends. One of them says that the Cup always brought unexpected and by air. So at the time it was brought to the Lord Buddha. The origin of this Chalice is Egyptian, and its antiquity is determined by about 12 thousand years before Christ. After the death of the Buddha Bowl was one time in the Temple in Carshare where she disappeared, and since then it was stored in Shambhala. According to the legend, before the New Age Maitreya the Bowl will reappear".

"On the third of January 1934 the Buddha's Bowl was miraculously sent the Rerichs in Kulu, from the area near the lake lop nor. Like getting a Stone, and the appearance of the Bowl of the Buddha was another major milestone in the spiritual movement of the twentieth century. Sacred object of the Brotherhood, the oldest and the teraphim was in the hands of the Rerichs, once again claiming the highest status of Trustees of the brotherhood of the Teachers of mankind. Simultaneous sending and Stone is and Bowl of Buddha.

"Grail is the Gifts of the Higher Forces. The symbol of the Chalice has always meant dedication. Carrying a Cup is a Feat Carrying. Every high act may be referred to by the symbol of the Chalice. The highest benefit of humanity needs secular stocks that gather around the seed of the spirit. As a great symbol of the need to accept the assertion of the Bowl every day is. And children and young should be taught to think about this sign. Gift of Orion and the Chalice of my Heart, dedicated to Great Service is a Cosmic Magnet.

The heart of the Cosmos is reflected in this great symbol. All the characters of the spirit can be depicted in the Chalice of the spirit of fire. You need to understand the diversity of images of the greatest symbol of the Chalice".

In the book of the devil have no true thoughts. Historians will not be able to draw from it the true information. Only in the works of E. I. Rerich, "Agni Yoga" - 14 books, the reader will find the true information without distortion and lies.

The author of the book Jehovah knows where the Grail is kept, the Gift of Orion, and in his helplessness States that Judas Iscariot is among the lords of the sacred inheritance, and this confirms that this man was under the influence of the devil, to betray Christ, and realizing his offense hanged himself. Because Judah repented, Jehovah humbles his words "thug and a murderer". Even if Judas had not committed treason, it is not the quantity which is sent to the Grail. Jehovah and his environment cannot be the lords of the Grail because they belong to the forces of darkness (demonic) they are material and unspiritual.

A healthy reason in a healthy body is the most important. This is in contrast to the Teachings of Light from demonic nonsense.

To live for people, aspiration to promotion consciousness; God, country, people is yourself first. In this is contrast Doctrine Light from «demonic culture». For "demigods" (Brama, Jehovah and Indra) the main thing is worship, an indispensable condition. Obedience and respectable behavior is not important to them.

The reign is of Jehovah on Earth 432 thousand years. In the book the date of the creation of the world to the Jews is 4001 BC. And that was before? Pervert Jehovah dealt with potassium in the rectum of the dinosaurs, monkeys, cows and people without distinction of sex or age! The devil carried Noy and then from Lemuria to Chaldea. Abel is not mentioned because it is He to Put demon- Jehovah and "lunar pitri» the brains was killed Cain by an axe (Cain is of embodiment the Jehovah). There is no information about the creation of the first man, by whom and when. And secured the lies Jehovah in the book "world history", which he dictated to co-author is.

The incarnation of the Archangel Michael: Avel, Noy, Avraham, Moses, Ramses II, Osiris (twice), Solomon. All will be restored and the merits of the Archangel Michael will be known to mankind.

The first man "Many" was the Great Lord of Shambhala; is the one-name book. Spirits of the Flame, the seven Archangels came to us from the Higher Worlds and Created a beautiful human forms. The eighth was Lucifer – the future Jehovah devil; from the Lunar demon was happened the first people, the future of the Jews. The rest of the nationality was created by other Creators, each Created in his inheritance.

Jehovah was the Lord of the Moon, demon! He created the first people on the continent of Lemuria without a brain, the future of the Jews. Preached by Jehovah godlessness, demonic culture is permissiveness. On the continent Lemuria Jehovah was the beginning of bestiality and all kinds of sexual perversions, than caused volcanic eruptions and the continent left on an ocean floor. This was repeated on the continent of Atlantis. On the island of Lanka, Jehovah spends Orgy. But in the book "World History" not of this information! About the beginning of the World Jews Jehovah put in the Ruhr of the Chaldeans.

Jehovah never born and never dies, he finds himself the victim, is in the astral body (similar to Georges Morgan) in the physical human body, displacing his astral body. The devil Jehovah is married to demonic (rakshas), in other words those. Who from the times of Lemuria lived on the "demonic law" - the criminal world? All the gods know that the devil is the wide angle a pervert, a fraud and reject it as an inferior creature.

Pederast Jehovah ignores the truth about himself to retain power.

In the book there is an expression: "the Supreme demon of darkness". The word of the Supreme and the Almighty to be related only to the Absolute! Jehovah is venial (worthless), the representative of Lucifer on Earth. The patron devil of Jehovah is Brama, the Demon Universe.

The purpose of this book is to slander Jesus Christ, to the Christians attached to Judaism - the worship of the homosexual Jehovah. And be "one God".

The devil claims that King Solomon worshiped Jehovah. And who is he to Solomon? Solomon is God (incarnation of the Archangel Michael), Jehovah-satan. Solomon worshiped the One, the Father of the Universe, is Supreme. In the third book of the kingdoms, Ch. 6 / 11-13: "And the Lord was angry with Solomon, because his heart was his from the Lord God of Israel." Jehovah appeared to him twice that he did not go after other gods; but he did not that which the Lord God commanded him. The apparent discrepancy between the Old Testament (Torah) Jehovah has distorted the Teachings of Christ in order to then dig into it and expose. Resurrection in the physical body was not the purpose of Christ, and the phenomenon in the Subtle bodies, to prove that life never ends - it is eternal.

In the book the text is broken, not consistent. Repeatedly repeats Jehovah: "We can succeed in the quest for the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail in the hands of the pervert Jehovah and those, who are part of his army, will not fall. The Holy Grail of airborne those, who are in Great Service!

Jehovah says that the Jews are fanatically loyal to Jehovah God. The Jews sought from the homosexual Jehovah to depart, went repeatedly from him, climbed to the rooftops and turned to Devine Host - Sun Gods with request to deliver them from the devil Jehovah. His executions, hunger returned under his rule. It calls itself the correct God (homosexual), Judah the pious (perverts and underworld). The Jews of homosexual did not choose he himself imposed on them From Jehovah and his victims happened all the vices on Earth, and stretch the plume from Lemuria through Atlantis, Lanka, Israel and USA.

The devil's names Jehovah and Yahweh equates to "one God". In the book H. P.
Blavatsky was given Information of the one God - Vishnu, the SUPREME is.

Distortion in the Torah, Jehovah calls "cultural borrowing" in Chaldea in connection with a non-permanent place of residence of the Jews can be justified. There is no justification for the historical lie. Distortion only in the Hebrew Scriptures – the devil covers up the traces of their sins and crimes. So he cut Lemuria, Atlantis and Lanki and began a new life that was no different in the spiritual and moral sense of life in the previous continents.

Jehovah – "Prince of darkness" chose an obligation to ensure women's "virginity" when taken in the religious community and title it "satan» the accuser. In other words, was the first man in the female half of the Jews; legalized violence and pedophilia? The ancient the Jews, children were betrothed at 12 and 13 years, and married a year after the betrothal. Before the betrothal pedophile Jehovah deprived of innocence of girls. Many devils were born in a tribe of Jews from father- pervert.

Doing Jehovah fertilization young victims until then, until brought its army of perverts and underworld)! It's called: "Be Fruitful and multiply". And the nationality is at Jews of the mother because the father is a demon (Rakshas). And transferred those powers to the Catholic Church, so Catholics have long accepted the devil, and pedophilia, the Vatican struck with leprosy violence. Because Jehovah created the Jesuit is. Sexual energy needs to come out, and what to do the monk? To be a homosexual or a pedophile! Family must be a normal man!!!

After fertilization girls pedophile Jehovah called himself the Angel of the Prosecutor. The rabbis are the Egyptian priests to pass this information down to their children and grandchildren, to future rabbis. The rabbis have gained Knowledge in Egypt from the God Sun RA (the Great Lord Shambhala) during the reign of the dynasty of the pharaohs. After the departure of the pharaohs of Egypt, the rabbis entered the service of the devil in Israel is a parasite, a tribe of Jews. TRAITORS! Jehovah for the rabbis came up with extortion "for the remission of sins."

Have confidence pederast Jehovah because he speaks of himself in the third person, and on behalf of co-author, allegedly a scholar of ancient Scriptures. This "movie" is only in Space. Sexual violence was introduced by the devil, he was obsessed with the genitals and the Catholics have corrupted. Homosexual Jehovah in the Bible repeatedly says, "Be Holy because I am Holy, the Lord your God," or "Be clean because I am pure, the Lord your God". Covered in feces, soaked in wine booze Orgy is the main "work" of homosexual Jehovah. Animals only copulate with their females. For the pervert Jehovah there is no distinction of gender, age people and animals.

Who brainwash Jehovah, who speaks through him and directs his actions, who created this exalted idiot? Who mercilessly humiliates him, forcing to copulate with animals to kill and dismember the servants of Light, to degrade men sexual perversions with the use of hypnosis, to arrange Orgy of raping children, using him as a male? The Demigod Brama, the Universal Demon! What is the cause? The demon Brama is eager for power, sick desire to be the Father of the Universe. And this entity sits in the Fiery World in the background, next to Vishnu. Everything that makes a homosexual Jehovah – is the result of indoctrination by his Demon Brama. He long ago mapped out their path. To verify this, you need to look at the websites of the bramins. They have information that Brama in India created a people of four castes; the "higher" among them Brama is Demons. People have created seven Spirits of Flame and eighth Lucifer, the future Jehovah, Prelease of Highest Worlds, each in his inheritance. "...Bramins (demons-rakshas's). Brama has attracted in bramins the population of India sexual perversions. Bramins of India and the temple from Brama is one of recruitment options. Jehovah in India has introduced false Christianity that to offer itself "father «Christ’s and to accustom to eating of corpses."

Mistakenly is informed that Krishna claimed Bramanism. All the Great Teachers belonged to the Kshatriya caste, which was considered in ancient times the highest. There are many legends that bramins came to learn from the Kshatriya, and not Vice versa. Only with the collapse of high valiant spirit in the peoples that inhabited the ancient Aryavarta, the bramins took power into their own hands. Heavy was this the gripper priority for India." The coalition of darkness: Brama, Jehovah, Indra. Indra is represented as an Avatar of Vishnu. Avatar – is Descent of the Highest Spirit, the Supreme. Who is Indra? Watch the video "Vishnu Puran"! Avatars of Vishnu: Rama, Krishna (God Vishnu), Gautama Buddha, Kapila, Moria (Christ - God Vishnu), Maitreya (God Vishnu), Kalki Avatar (the Avatar of the future). As you can see, none of them is a demon Indra. The only dignity of the demon Indra, he (yet) isn't fond of sexual perversions. Indra is "the most modest"; he killed and committed sexual violence.

To legitimize the triumph of government, Catholic bishops said that "the Day of Judgment has not yet come; and who shall strictly adhere to the revised rules of the Catholic faith, bishops (pedophiles and pederasts) promised admission to the Kingdom of heaven." Catholics in the VII century took the devil Jehovah and all kinds of sexual perversion, so their place alongside the Jews, if not change their minds until 2046, burn alive during the Apocalypse. Armageddon – battle in outer space – kicked out "Lucifer" beyond the Solar system. The war was fought energies. To delay the forces of Light, Jehovah, have kindled the Second World War concentration camps and gas chambers. The most brutal war on Earth is the struggle of the dark forces for power on the PLANET. Who will carry this information to the consciousness of brainwashed cultists? For them the advantage of darkness! The herd of the ignorant, "Jehovah's witnesses" roam the streets, offering nonsense in their brochures.

At the "Prince of darkness", satan other duties; he must follow the commandments of God. Word Diabolos ("instigator") from which comes the name of the enemy of mankind, the devil (Jehovah).

Jehovah Sodom and Gomorrah presented a "not the focus of debauchery and Vice, and the abodes of wisdom and learning." Why asked me: "don't write, you're a woman, don't go through mud". Can't stop writing, the book is called: "...the EXPOSURE of the pederast Jehovah.

For holding the Jews in subjection to Jehovah on the cross crucified, more than 3 million
people, imposed prohibitive taxes, torture was commonplace. The number of murders among the Jews increased alarmingly.

So much violence! So was Jesus sent to Israel to save the Jews and the revelations of Jehovah? After a space causes the substitution Thin bodies and of the Highest Reason, Jesus entered his Teacher Rossul Moria, who became the Christ! Christ Is the Higher Self, The Ego, and The Seed of the Spirit. Jehovah was afraid of losing his ignorant electorate and Christ was crucified by the hands of the rakchas’s.

During the preaching of Jesus Christ, Jehovah was on the astral plane in the astral body and wanted to incarnate on Earth in a YOUNG body. After Jesus Christ's crucifixion Jehovah has killed the Roman Emperor Tiberius, has put on throne Caligula’s - the stepson son Tiberius.

Jehovah has put on Caligula’s weight for 4 years. Through 13 years Jehovah has poisoned other Roman Emperor Claudius with hands of his wife and put on a throne of the native son of 16 years – Neron (the son of Caligula-Jehovah and his sister Agrippina) also was installed in his body.
Revelation is Jehovah-Neron in the Roman period (recognition from the horse's mouth)."To Rome in the time of Neron also arrived and Peter ... the Very existence of the Christian community called the Emperor bouts of violent anger and in order to reduce the number of adherents of this faith, Neron (Jehovah) established a regime of fanatical persecution of Christians. His favorite punishment was the burning of them alive at the stake. Accidents tied to the posts, circle the walls of the Palace garden and then arranged them from sparkling in the night living torches. Such actions in 64 A. D. caused a wave of open air performances of Christians, during which the flames of a terrible fire swept Rome. The Emperor is reasonably suspected of involvement in the arson, but he blamed it on the Christians, betraying Peter and Paul's death. As you can see, Jehovah has taken the blame for arson of Rome, - has cleared away the place and has built the gold palace for himself; to the poisonous Ghoul pederast Jehovah is the place in the Augean stables.
(Maria Magdalina with Peter and Paul preached in Rome the Christians, but Jehovah does not mention her name. She escaped to a monastery in Ephesus, near Rome, where the Abbot was John, where she was buried. If not for her, we have hardly reached the Doctrine of Christ. Jehovah has substituted Maria Magdalina for John (he was not a disciple of Christ). Further, the homosexual, Jehovah delves into the New Testament and writes a lie to compromise Christianity in order to offer themselves as a replacement for worship. Unlike the devil, Jesus was an ASCETIC; sex and food residues (meat) are not characteristic of it. Why Jehovah does not consider so carefully all the previous incarnations on the main lands, which he lowered to the bottom of the ocean with its godlessness, causing a volcanic eruption.

The author of "Revelation: Jehovah gives false information about the event, calling the final battle "Armageddon". This battle is in the past. In the future will be "Apocalypse". Jehovah has already passed with the two demons of the Apocalypse: in Lemuria and Atlantis. In Lemuria all burned alive, big sea distance from Lemuria to the continents of Asia and America. In Atlantis some managed to escape led by Jehovah on the island of Lanki sea distance was small.

Jehovah explaining the Apocalypse makes reference to the "War scroll" - also the devil's concoction: "the children of light" - the seed of Israel (?), "sons of darkness" - the Romans (?). This heresy was false even during times of prosperity the Roman Empire. Since the seed of Israel began to treat the world if they worship the darkness, the devil to Jehovah? The forces of Light and the army of Archangel Michael!!! Darkness is the devil Jehovah with his victims. Satan hides information about the Apocalypse.

The high priest of Israel was the representative of the family of Sadok’s and represented the Archangel Michael. He became Great Michael-Sadok’s (Melchisedek). "Jesus for the Jews went forerunner, becoming high priest forever after the order of Melchisedec" (Archangel Michael).

Pederast Jehovah rejects Christ in the absence of formal authority. Jesus Christ is a spiritual entity, the earth's position is not mandatory; Christ Gave Teachings, crucified to the cross Scripture of the Jews.

It is time for Jews to forget the word "elected" because they rejected someone Who Wanted to create high-spiritual people of God and those to worship the devil, became the most material, and unspiritual people on the planet. Now they are cosmopolitans (people without a country) in the scale of our Planet. If you do not depart from the devil are cosmic cosmopolitans

At the end of the fifth root race of the fourth round of the third Apocalypse will divide people on of light and shade. Devil worshipers of Jehovah will leave to Saturn. The worshipers of God - the Great of Maitreya after the Apocalypse will continue the evolution on Earth in the sixth and seventh root races. Upon termination of the term of the Lord and Empress of Shambhala Will incur our consciousnesses to the Absolute on viewing with the subsequent resettlement us on the highest planet Uranium.

Jehovah will return to Earth with his army in the fifth round and begin repeat what has already been. Jehovah is material and spiritless!!!Jehovah composes lies about his origin and conception. The vertical hierarchy of darkness:

1.The demigod Brama, patron of the devil, came out from the navel of Vishnu, the father of the Universe."Lucifer" - the future the devil Jehovah, born of Brama, removed from the Solar system for abuse of authority. Jehovah–devil is the representative of Lucifer on Earth. Jehovah never born and never dies, so no one is "conceived"! He is forced to sacrifice himself chooses, usually the Royal family. The kings were incarnate Gods. Jehovah on the continent of Lemuria, long before the land of Canaan, the period of time Atlantis was and about. Lanka was once enshrined. The first time devil and his lunar demons manifested in material bodies which they have created for me. When the body gets old, Jehovah comes out of it and moved to their ancestral lands and the lower astral plane and on the prowl in search of a victim from a rich family for the next incarnation. His occupation on the ground is Orgy, drunken Orgy, group accompanying sexual perversions.

Next are attacks on Christianity; the devil on the other judge for yourself. In the minds of High Spirits is no ambition, there is only sacrifice, because only in these incarnations is the "Body of Light" only conscience! All for people and nothing for myself! It is these entities through the air Higher Forces transmitted "Buddha's Bowl".

At age 30 Jesus came to Israel to preach. At this time was the replacement of the higher bodies and the Highest Reason. Jesus had left the body, Entered his Teacher Rossul Moria, the future Christ; He Saved Maria Magdalina from adversity. The physical body of Jesus, the Thin bodies and the Higher Reason is of Christ.

All Jesus, there is only shell. Christ was the Teacher of Maria Magdalina. Loved her more than the others because she was a highly educated student and came from a Royal family. (1280 BC Maria Magdalina was embodied in Egypt in one time with Jehovah. His offer "hands and hearts" refused. Since then, the devil takes revenge on her cruel and not deserved). The mark of a whore put on her bugger Jehovah by sending her 7 devils, black magicians in the astral bodies, but the link does for Catholics.

Lies, stretched into hundreds of pages, the descendants have no Foundation. Before SIGNIFICANT incarnation in the Kingdom of God to the human consciousness secrete fluids banning to have children. The book of the devil to profane is.
Christianity adopted the phrase "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" from Jehovah. The Mother of
the World is the Saint Spirit. On all planes, from the Supreme deity the absolute, the Father-Mother gives Birth to a Son, but not Father-Son Birth Mother. Jehovah did this intentionally, to revenge the Mother of the World; She Created the Hierarchy of Light, Jehovah is automatically thrown in the hierarchy of darkness.

He believes that the result of the mission of Jesus (the devil avoids the word Christ) was the adoption by Christianity of the devil (God of Israel). Bragging rights! Before the Apocalypse there's still time to tell you what a "God of the people of Israel" – PEDERAST and KILLER!!).

In his book, Jehovah calls himself the man and puts exclamatory sign. Anything in him there is no men's! The main pederast of our planet, blood-thirsty murderer and fraud! His place is in a psychiatric hospital, after treatment is in the house of conclusion. Information of Jehovah is filled with husks; a heap of names, surnames, genealogies and other drivel, not connected in meaning with the idea – the similarity of the Bible. Once you can identify the author; it is of specific text presentation. In subsequent chapters is the story of countless characters, vague description of the search of the Grail and the description of sexual orgies. Correct to say that Jehovah – "...dirty, smelly cattle...»

Chapter 30. Information.

Appeal is to the Almighty Boundlessness to the Absolute.

Whether there is in Boundlessness a planet on which the Owner of land is the murderer (the first fratricide), the pervert versatile person, the swindler, the liar and the father of a lie? Whether there is on other planets a Bible preaching wars, robberies, murders, executions, marauding, revenge and hunger. Whether there is in Boundlessness a Universe in which the Demon of the Universe (material and spiritless), the Patron of a devil applies for the father of the Universe? What the Sovereign power of the Father of the Universe is the atheist and the enemy of evolution of the person Imagines? Under the leadership of the Demon Brama Jehovah commits all crimes on Earth.

Jehovah is a scriptwriter of World War II with concentration camps and gas chambers in Europe 1941-1945. In Space there was an Armageddon to delay forces, Jehovah on Earth unleashed war which claimed 80 million human lives, without the dead in Central Asia from viral diseases; there were no drugs and medics (all was intended for protection of the Homeland). In concentration camps in furnaces tens of millions of people of all nationalities, including Jews more than 6 million were burned. In captivity more than 3 million Red Army men died. Jehovah is zombie Brama the murderer!

Now half of the population of the Planet of a brainwashed Jehovah's hypnosis: sexual perverts, alcoholic, drug, game addiction, pseudo-healers and pseudo-fortunetellers, the false Bible and the false websites, parades of gays, the telecasts propagandizing violence, fornication, alcohol. There is telecasts-instruction for robberies, murders, fraud. Wars and revolutions, the organization of oppositions against the government of various states to bring demons-rakshas's to power for the purpose of generation of destructive energies for explosion of the Planet and reduction of people to worship of a devil of Jehovah. Brama' task is and Jehovah's devil to take away all population to Saturn and before leaving to blow up Earth. All effects of darkness are directed against Russia and its Patron, Lord of Shambhala. Jehovah of the Jews-rakshas's from Russia who went to the USA trains in a lie that Yahweh means God the Almighty also starts these mental saboteurs in the Russian Orthodoxy. Attaches them is in higher educational spiritual institutions and consciousness of children poisons with a lie. Imposes is to attendants of Jehovah churches the sexual hobby. Priests of Orthodoxy already consider Jehovah Christ's father. Jehovah distributes books in which texts are poured by a lie and slander on incarnate from Shambhala. Demons-rakshas's is publishing these books in gratitude for positions.

In the USA the demonism rages. In each city there are clubs of Gays; several dozens of men, in a crowd, as spiders in bank, being in a hypnosis condition, make indecent gather. Jehovah himself passed through all types of sexual perversions (the dinosaur - produced monkeys, a monkey wife, a cow wife). For himself Jehovah invites women with boys minor. Takes the woman under hypnosis, forces to do it masturbation, then blowjob, later urinates in her pharynx. After the boy does blowjob. For this reason three times he was left by the wife, hasn't sustained violence over her and the son. Every day the devil changes invited. It is one of recruitment types to Saturn. At the suggestion of the gay Jehovah in some countries there take place parades of Gays, same-sex marriages of gays and lesbians consist; in Israel and the USA it is a disgrace are sounded through the press, television, the websites of gays. All Planets is struck by sects where Jehovah is provided by God and the Almighty, as in the Bible. The impression is such that to a devil to Jehovah as to the foolish in case of the tsar, it is allowed to tell everything that bad will knock on the head.

From Brama in India the temple preaching sexual perversions, including zoophile is built. Brama staked the Planet and mankind; it shifted the basis and allowed mighty forces of Chaos to the shown world of our minor planet. Brama broke balance of elements generated the mass of pernicious brown gas. Consequences of government of the Demon Brama and his improvised devil of Jehovah are that. Brama destroys the Planet and corrupts a devil perversions and crimes. Jehovah repeats all actions Brama in relation to 7, 3 billion population of the Globe. For salvation of the Planet and mankind it is necessary to reduce urgently a transition period and to remove dark from Earth of earlier planet-wide tragedy the Apocalypse.

Jehovah created HaBaD – the Jewish fascist organization, through obsession of members of Chabad Jehovah after the coups brings demons-rakshas’s to power: swindlers, swindlers, murderers and gays. They destroy economy, unleash wars and generate energies of destruction for explosion of the Planet and violently decline the population to Judaism. On the Planet is preponderance of demons. In the USA Jehovah organized murder of two Presidents, Kennedy's brothers because they rose against a preponderance of demons-billionaires. Jehovah, being on the lower astral plan have hammered together fraud to myself the capital, have killed the grandfather with the son's hands, later have destroyed the son and the grandson, have put on weight of the great-grandson and there was a billionaire Georges Morgan. The murderer, the pervert versatile person governs on Earth.

All service Light a devil Jehovah killed all attendants with the axe and dismembered, crucified and exhausted in a humiliating form. Killed Abel, Orpheus, and Osiris in two embodiments with the axe and dismembered three, carried two on the mountains of Egypt. At me in the apartment two astrals, (black magicians, cynical got accustomed and angry) from Jehovah. They do cuts on a body, drill teeth. To me twice up to two teeth the astral drilled and inserted chips for listening, it was necessary to extract absolutely healthy four teeth. Other teeth energy honeycombed astrals and split. Send energy to a rectum, on a cinciput, bronchial tubes, a gullet, - it is very sick. Investigation: locks, dizziness as – as if, the stake is hammered into a breast, it is impossible to swallow of food. In the house and on Jehovah Street pushes me with energy on columns, doors.

The astral brought a prick under nails a fungus. They smear the head for a hair loss, put out eyes. All joints, head, veins on hands and legs, hands and feet of legs of a pin is. Throw laxative in high doses, mercury and other poisons into food, climb hands in a mouth, an ear and other openings, and bring infections. To me the astral brought a pregnant caterpillar in an ear. Astrals beat ware cut footwear and destroy home appliances. Jehovah destroyed to me fields of vision astral light, sent to me dairy fast-growing cataracts, the left eye damaged, and the cataract grew. I see only the right eye in the diameter of an artificial crystalline lens. Texts on files erase, insert letters and break off words. On four websites of mine Jehovah made a virus - the link didn't work.

On the instructions of Jehovah's devil astrals offend the tallest gods. Attendants of darkness slander the embodiments from Shambhala, using television and the press, destroy families.

JEHOVAH constantly is in visions: in an image of an animal wolf, or with axes, guns, threatens to strangle, blow up in transport. Buries me and celebrates a commemoration. That didn't write, and didn't publish the book, offered money: 23, $6 million, after $14, 0 million and $1 billion the USA. After refusal told through the astrals that I on Saturn will serve all and called the nastiest type of perversions. And it is told by the one, who applies to create the Universe.

Brama five times was in visions, warned. Jehovah during board of 432 thousand years, under control of Brama turned our Earth in "Augean stables". The Supreme Deity the Absolute, on Brama and a devil Jehovah isn't present a justice? Nobody can pacify them?

Why the Founder Planet, a plant and animal life – GOD, Great Maitreya, the Lord Shambhala shall stand him Owner – the petty tyrant, the pervert, the murderer, the swindler, the liar and the slanderer Jehovah till 2046? I ask the Supreme Deity the Absolute to make the urgent decision: "To save us from presence on the Earth the Owner PEDERAST’S.

Sad is incident.
I prepare the book for the edition. I have made the decision to sell two - the room apartment and to buy one-room; on surcharge to publish books. Five intermediaries came to survey of the apartment. Jehovah has removed four at once. Only there will be an option, the devil will organize a purchase of the one-room apartment other buyer. I have stopped on the fifth. We have gone to watch the apartment, and later have come to me. The intermediary has asked the plan of the apartment and the registration certificate. I have given package of my documents that she on the smart phone has made a copy of the plan. After her leaving I have closed a door, and have put keys in a handbag (I always carry them on a belt 24 hours a day). The astral has stolen keys from three locks of the apartment, mail and an entrance. It was necessary to change cores. Earlier they had a purpose – to steal the computer to remove my social nets and the paid websites. But a computer is always with me. Now there is a hunting document that I haven't sold the apartment and hasn't published the book. The devil is afraid of dissemination of information on him and, as a result, loss of electorate; otherwise all his way of humiliations and crime was in vain.

In the book "Rituals" is various spells. One of them "Exile of a devil". "Make room, - the address to demon (Jehovah), - makes room for Jesus Christ … you, the dirty, smelly cattle
that is to revolt? Listen and tremble, a satan, the enemy of belief, the enemy of mankind, the death conductor … a root of any evil, the instigator of defect, spirit of envy, a greed source, the contention reason, the prince of manslaughter who is damned by God. Beget of incest is and sacrileges, inventor of all obscenities, professor the most disgusting acts and Great Master of heretics (!!!). (Doktor Noereticorum! E.P. Blavatsky, "Exposed Isida", v.2, ch. 2. «Christian crimes is and pagan virtues»).

"The dictionary of synonyms is", Academy of Sciences of the USSR is, Science publishing house, 1975, p. 633. "The DEVIL (on religious representations: the supernatural, representing evil beginning), the DEVIL, the SATAN, the DEMON - book. The DEMON, DEVILRY-colloquial, the ENEMY - is simple. The DAMNED - is simple. The ENEMY confused, CRAFTY

is simple. The DIRTY SPIRIT - is simple. EVIL SPIRIT - it is simple. These all words concern to Jehovah the citizen of New-York borrowing position - the Owner Earth devil and Satan.

Jewish masons.
Druids is the attendants of a cult, prophets, Aesculapius of Celts (Gauls, Britons) making at the end of 1 thousand BC priestly intertribal corporation with the lifelong head. Druids had considerable impact on public life: carried out judicial functions, were advisers of leaders, keepers of legends. The woman carrying a title of Mother of druids was at the head of druids. Jehovah stole idea from druids, having distorted its sense. It has no ideas; he "creates" due to plagiarism. The purpose of a devil is to unite mankind under a uniform devilish nonsense is Judaism and to become the uniform Owner on Earth. Sects from a satan are a loop of Jewish freemasons. The word the mason carried a brand the Jewish freemason.

Jews were always despised and hated because of worship Jehovah devil. Before revolution 1917 in Novocherkassk (the capital of the Don Cossacks) didn't allow Jews to stay overnight. Through the admirers Jehovah devil commits all crimes against humanity. Now Jehovah strenuously creates sects, makes revolutions and brings sectarians of Jewish freemasons to power. An example is Ukraine. A method of Jehovah is a partition of the state. People don't understand that our board and the defender are Russia, its President and Great Maitreya. Only Russia can stop powers of darkness.

Administration of the USA, CIA, and NATO is all Jewish freemasons. Not America applies for leadership, and Jehovah-devil applies for autocracy. It is necessary to explain to zombie sectarians that the JEHOVAH-planetary satan a devil.

In the 19th century in Ukraine Judeo-Masonic boxes were created. On concourses they put on in red clothes and made a bloody sacrifice to Jehovah. Colors red and black are colors of a devil. Vibrations of these flowers destroy the person. On the planet Jewish freemasons govern. Jewish Freemasons is demons (rakshas’s), those, whom Jehovah corrupted in Lemuria, Atlantis, in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, in Give of Benjamin, were forced to build gulags in Russia and to carry out repression, to serve as a clerk in concentration camps during the second world war and covered the our Planet SYNAGOGUES of SATAN.

Jewish freemasons are secret societies which arose on a Judaism kabala’s to a basis... In Vatican there were even Judeo-Masonic boxes subsequently.... Criminal traces of their activity are traced both in XIX, and in the XX centuries (and even at the Soviet power).

Jehovah devil has embodied the rakshas in a family of prosperous Jews. Michel Notrdam (1503 - 1566) has got medical education, was fond of astrology and studied magic under the direct management of a satan. Michel Notrdam was a Jew. Catholicism is cover. All prophecies to him were dictated by Jehovah. Michel came into the room which walls and a ceiling have been covered with black fabric (color of a devil), on a table there were two magic mirrors, - through mirrors there was "prophecy" from a devil. «Chernobyl is Black epos" - has been foretold by Jehovah. Expression "Kievsky Russian'" is the territory where the light and mighty Slavic state arose, drilled brains of a devil. He has made the Chernobyl accident; have sent the beam of astral light accompanied with devilish thought. The Old Testament (Torah) and Nostradamus's prophecies is from the Owner of land.


In Russia there was a white box of masons with the purpose to unite all great Patriots of Russia in the uniform brotherly union. There were people, who pasted a label of traitors of the Homeland on such great patriots as Suvorov, Kutuzov, the prince Smolensk, Novikov, Lopukhin, the prince Repnin, Karamzin, Pushkin, Griboyedov, Bakunin and other. And all because these people joined the high-educational movement is freemasonry. In the middle Ages, all Light bearing, were branded by the devilish press. Similar charges were given and given to all best minds and great toilers for the public good. Having examined freemasonry fundamental principles, we will be surprised its high-moral.

"Apocalypse" (from the Greek).
"John the Evangelist's Revelation", - one of books of the New Testament, the author - Jehovah devil, the apostle - is Jehovah's invention. The planetary satan speaks about himself on behalf of God. Also opens the essence: «Old Testament (Torah) - the book of a BEAST, his number - 666, a name - Jehovah, a position (electoral) – the Owner Earth (satan and devil)".

(See "Apocalypse", the New Testament). "In the Apocalypse are stated in the form of images future destinies of the world and mankind; the forthcoming fight between "troops heavenly" led by Arhistratiga Michael and Antichrist - «Lucifer‖ – Jehovah. It also is "doomsday", "Last Judgment". "Tension in space unknown is, and pumped energy storm in an elevated and underground subsoil, threatening with break. Truly, a planet is in convulsions. Very terrible time is, exactly, we face unprecedented world accident. As it is told: "Hostile forces of race are doing submit to fate. Leaving race ruins the chosen receivers and We have to save them. The fate can be facilitated and fight can be finished quicker". But the ark of the Sixth race already is under construction, we will hope that its sizes will be more extensive than an ark of Noy". (E.I. Rerich, "Letters" of 10.10.34.) . The track conducting to an ark, - to accept all heart information received from the High source, presented in the works specified in the first article. In B. N. Abramov's books of "the Facets Agni Yoga» in several volumes information on this future tragedy of our Planet repeatedly repeats: there will be strong earthquakes, one of six continents will fall and the ocean wave will cover it, and the continent Atlantis will raise by a surface. Many will be lost. From mankind one from two is remains (the population of our Planet makes 7 billion). Saved will be collected in special places or go to the bottom of the ocean.


«The future of Russia is connected with Peter I; 20.05.12. At 6 o'clock in the morning spirit his was embodied in Russia.

In our time is ongoing crime dark. Satanic idea to give names to their sects and magazines using Holy words for the forces of Light, such as White brotherhood", "rose of the world", "Tower Guard" and Christian sect. 1. "The white brotherhood" is the Himalayan Community of Arhats and Adepts inShambhala. 2. "Rose of the world" is the Ineffable Sun of the World, with whom we connect for the creation of Universes. 3. "Tower Guard" is the same as the Fraternity, a beacon of Light, Shambhala. «Poisonous times will pass and all the saved will enter the new road in New World" – M.: Hierarchy Forges Light and darkness. Absolute - Divine Essence is Light, the Thought. Stays on the plan of the Absolute is and Boundlessness (small planet). He there One, Lonely also Is above the Central Invisible Sun around which millions of the Universes and billions of Galaxies rotate and is information for their creation – the seventh principle. Absolute Seen is and Has the form – the big white head, and inside three more heads, one eye of each head ruby, another emerald. From the head emanations, fluids of information in the form of this condensed World proceed. The position is selective, but nobody has surpassed him!!! When the Absolute Creates the Son (Universe), He Proves as the Father- Mother. Mother is Energy, or Mother World. Duada creates the Son, the Universe, Logos the First. (Egg serves as an analog in which the Universe germ ripens. When the germ gets a final form, egg bursts and the Universe takes the place in Boundlessness. The Universe has the form of a pyramid of three types consisting of 16, 20 and 24 triangles. If to divide an edge of a pyramid into seven equal parts, seven plans of life will be defined. Created the Son, the Absolute is Remains One).
Logos the First – the younger Absolute, in our perception – "The chief designer Korolyov" under whose supervision "design office" 72 gods – "design group" which creates the project is. They are invisible and have no form. Represent the power centers, Divine Christ, Ishwara – Founders and Creators. The son, Logos the First and Mother become the Father – Mother in the Forefront of the Universe and Create the Son – Logos of the Second, Vishnu, the Father of the Universe (design group – 72 Gods Pass to the second plan). Vishnu is 72 gods from the Forefront. One, Who works on the Father's Beam (one of 72) on the material plan, That Is the Avatar or Lord World. Great Maitreya – Lord, ISHVARA, Divine CHRIST, Left the Father. Vishnu – a machismo. Lakshmi – a feminine, Mother World is creative energy. Vishnu from himself allocates Brama and Shiva. The demigod Brama (the Demon of the Universe) is the creator of a material world and spiritless, the author of scenarios of destinies human. Shiva is God of destruction (the Satan of the Universe); when the Planet spends energy, put in her during creation, it is destroyed.
Having created Vishnu, Energy (Mother World – the Goddess Lakshmi) with Vishnu proves as the Father- Mother and Create the Son - Logos the Third: seven Archangels and eighth "Lucifer". The following stage – division of Spirit. Seven Archangels and eighth "Lucifer" Allocate from themselves seven Beams for s Solar systems. As a result, in each Solar system in heart of the Sun in fiery bodies seven Archangels and eighth "Lucifer" is future devil. In our Solar system Mother World stays in heart of the visible Sun; on our Planet – on the highest point – Everest, in a mental body. Mother World Discover the Face a cover (a picture N.K. Rerich of "Mother World") because she was humiliated. Jehovah – a devil has distorted Christianity and has presented the Triad as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Mother World – the Holy Spirit, has put on the third place, after the son. Mother is always Costed right after the Father, and then by the Son. Correctly: Father is a Mother and the Son. Father-Mother gives birth to the son, but not the Father and the Son give birth to Mother. (From copulation of the pederast Jehovah with the son is nothing will be born: neither animal nor frog, even not jegovushka). Mother World Discover Face when justice is restored. The Messenger of the Mother of the World on Earth is the Goddess Lakshmi, the Lady of Shambhala.Gods in themselves bear Information and Energy that is the Father and Mother. Two Beginnings is men's and women's. If the feminine as at Jehovah, Energy prevails. Therefore the devil has named himself "mother Jehovah"; it is good, "mother" – the zoophile, the pederast, the pedophile, the blood-thirsty murderer. Energy is given him for creativity of matter in unification with Spirit, and he doesn't want friendship. Become impudent demon Jehovah devil applies this energy not to destination. One of options is hypnosis to enjoy humiliation of the person who represents opposite force. Jehovah's withdrawal from Ways Light has begun since Lemuria and was finally created for 4001 BC, the beginning of creation World of Jews. Mother World Created Hierarchy Light; darkness forces automatically have dropped out and were shown in the coalition of darkness: Brama, "Lucifer", Jehovah. In 1949 "Lucifer" was thrown out from our Solar system in Silence-silence. Now the coalition consists: Brama, Jehovah, Indra. The devil "has revenged" Mother World for office. Before nobody knew who Light is and who darkness. And now darkness decays for flowers of Light.

Who is God?
Space! Light poured in Space – information for creation of everything that is in Boundlessness, beginning from Mendeleev’s table. In Space there are all programs (as in the computer) for creation of planets in any ratio of sushi and water, a plant and animal life, the person of any nationality. There are 8 million floating, flying and growling of the running creatures. There are 400 thousand types of people. Divide 7 billion population of the Planet on 400 thousand; receive number of people of one type. In space Karma and Incarnate laws are pledged. In each Solar system there is a circumsolar sphere (Kingdom of Heaven) where work Lord Karma. They take from Space to the movie of human life before the embodiment; pledge it in the program, and the space issues result on merits of the previous embodiment: parents, physical body, talent and destiny. Destinies human are scripted by the demon Brama; all of them are in Space. To each birth there corresponds Zodiac sign. Before the significant embodiment (from Shambhala) Lord Light Can is to make some corrections of destiny (birth date, a family, childlessness).

Lipiki – writers also stay in spiritual heart of the person; they are called Recorders is the God's Spark. The temple in heart of the person; where we wouldn't be, the Temple always with us. Recorders See everything, Hear, Remember and Transfer information to Space. The God Created Laws and Laid out in Space. Further people are Conducted by God-creator of the Planet, fauna and animal world, the One, to Whom we are obliged by the life, - Great Maitreya. Further read to E. P. Blavatsky, "Secret Doctrine".

Who is Jehovah?
In hierarchy of darkness it is the subordinate, executing decrees of the Demon of the Universe Brama. All who recognize the Torah (Old Testament) will be attracted by a devil for sending to Saturn. The Jews recognizing pederast Jehovah Supreme and the Christians of all faiths and sects recognizing a satan as Christ's father treat these segments of the population. Perverts, swindlers, murderers – army of a devil, he has united them with a moth, a plant louse, a locust and plague. They execute one and grieve a role – hire the population to Saturn. In vain callosities rubbed on genital bodies 432 thousand years Jehovah (The generalissimo in pederasty) and his army. The victory Light is inevitable. Darkness will leave to Saturn "not salty to sup".

The generalissimo of this army Jehovah of a callosity has rubbed on genital body, increasing army number sexual perversions in this embodiment. And it was embodied the infinite number of times, every time applying a new look.

On Saturn Jehovah will repeatedly create people in a physical body without brains, and not it anymore, and the listed segments of the population will be installed in the created bodies.

Consciousness transfers information to a brain, and there is no brain, and the person can't apprehend the message for consciousness development. The tribe of perverts, swindlers and murderers will be created. All these properties are inherent in a devil. Jehovah is antipode Ivan Susanin's. The difference is in that, for the sake of what the devil conducts the army to dark, to drown in the swamp (perversions and crimes)?

On Saturn as on any planet there will be transformations, and people will meet physical data and "talent" with the deserts of past life. On Saturn Jehovah will be the only governor on the planet. Will tell: "You will eat the children, or bread on human feces or on cow feces" and you will do that in the rage the devil will enjoin.

On Saturn not be:
Abel (Gave brains and God's commandments to the first people);
Noah (warned about the flood and built ships, took the lemurs to India);
Avraham (He brought the Lemurs from Chaldea to the Middle East to create a highly spiritual "chosen" people);
Moses (he was 40 years old with Jews in Sinai in the hope of returning Jews to their homes, Gave the laws of world order and spiritual development of consciousness);
Pharaohs: Ramses II, Osiris (Dali was the best land for cattle breeding, the Egyptians fed Jews for free with vegetables and fruits);
Solomon (Made the construction of the Temple, the royal palace, 5 cities, warehouses, accumulated tremendous wealth and left everything to the Jews);
Christ (He saved Israel from defeat by demons, Gave a new Teaching, Gave revelation to the Jews: “... your father Jehovah is the devil, a murderer, a liar and the father of lies”).
Saturn concentration camp is prepared with the Karma for a devil - PUNISHMENT for applications of an occultism for humiliation of human dignity. Jehovah is antipode Ivan Susanin's. The difference is in for the sake of what the devil conducts the army to dark to drown in the swamp (perversions and crimes)? Ivan Osipovich Susanin of enemies has brought to the swamp and itself has died for the sake of the Homeland and the Tsar.

In Ukraine Electronic libraries, TV of the program advertize the Bible and the DEMON JEHOVAH as "God", a question: Whether "There is God and where to look for him?" The devil Jehovah lives in New-York, and God, Great Maitreya - in the Highest Worlds.

Prevention: All women, who came into contact of sexual perversions with a devil – billionaire Georges Morgan (Jehovah), have been enlisted by. His penis is not replaceable colleague of a devil of 432 thousand years. Also his helpers go in for similar craft.
1. Secret is life Semyon Schneider's Kiev actors. Was born in Vinnytsa, graduated from the Kiev theatrical institute of Karpenko-Brown is. With a profession at it did not develop, Jehovah used it according to the destination; it was sent to the world that genital body to hire children to Saturn. He traded in Vinnytsa and Kiev. Semyon Schneider was the pervert (oral and anal sex, the onanism) and the addict. For visit of children's sexual brothels (oral and anal sex) and acquisition of drugs, money is necessary. Semyon did paid sexual services to lonely women (burned down also prostitute on a call, - the main financial income of Semyon) and at the same time hired to Saturn. Children's brothels were created by the pederast Jehovah during the stay of the USSR, and drug trafficking his "merit", - a satan Jehovah too the addict. Semyon has died of drugs and AIDS in 1994. Demon Semyon Schneider the same «dirty, smelly cattle», with the same experience – 432 thousand years.
В 2017 his mother has died. Jehovah has ordered to fly to a funeral that to drag mother in an astral body in a den of a garbage. The sonny "is good". In half a year again someone from relatives has died, Semyon and it has dragged to a devil. Jehovah applies violence; after death family relations disappear, the dead are divided on consciousness level.

All clients of the pederast Vasiliy Marcovich Margolis, the teacher of the Kharkov institute of municipal construction, were included is in the list of the victims too. Even those, who before death have raped him and have killed, have put on him a dirty brand of devil-Jehovah. Rescue is Worship of Great Maitreya. Visit the site obtain full information. Before sending to Saturn of Jehovah with his victims the Almighty Deity Absolute will consider to the movie by each person. If the victim didn't commit crimes, and there was only under the influence of sexual hypnosis of a devil, that is a hope to remain on Earth and to live in the Golden Age.

Parting words.
When you read all main books on theosophy, esoteric and you will accept them heart, you will execute all recommendations, and will seem to you that you were already defined, and you are already firm in the belief, you found the way, you already good luck!!! Isn't present and once again not... You only - only got out of a bog in which sat, and books, is a God's hand which to you was offered that to pull out you on the long - a long track, twisting with differences which conducts... to a treasured door. That before you opened this door it is necessary to pass tests which your Great Teacher gives. Tests temper will, your spirit and character. When it occurs, and there will be an irresistible aspiration to Light, to the Teacher, know that you on the just way!

In the Shambhala of the Teachers will create the copy of your astral body from astral material; everything that you will do, will repeat an astral body in the Shambhala. When time will come to go is in thin world that double will destroy. To me this information was given by Teachers and showed "me" in an astral body, in clothes (a blouse and a skirt); in the stone room (walls very smooth). There were three Teachers; "I" came and sat down on a chair ….
Structure of the person. Gog and person

1. Physical body is.
2. Prana is the vital principle.
3. Ethereal body is. (The lowest astral body is).
4. Kama – animal soul (or the highest astral body through which the desire in two aspects is shown): a) Kama – Rupa – a form (a subjective form of mental and physical desires and thoughts, or the thinker in operation). b) Kama – Manas, the lowest reason or intellect;
5. Manas are the Principal Reason.

6. Buddhi - is wisdom, spiritual soul through which Atma is shown.
7. Spirit or fiery beginning, energy, overflow is in all Space.
The seventh principle – the Absolute, we left Him and at the end of a cycle we will return to Him. Three highest principles (7, 6, and 5) are the highest I, the highest Ego: information, wisdom - creative energy and the principal reason. The highest I am stored in the circumsolar sphere of the visible Sun (the God's Kingdom). Exactly there stay Lord Karma (Gods) which embody people on planets. Consciousness of the innocent person the first time * randomly is embodied on Earth. At entry into the sphere of Earth the highest thin bodies (mental and astral) – the fourth principle joins consciousness. After the third principle - the lowest astral (radio) body and the second – a prana (energy in a cover).
During conception 4, 3, 2 principles are included into mother's bosom. For every instant of the birth the scenario of life, Zodiac sign and the planet which influences the person the radiations is written to each person, building up character and a physical body. Keeping the God's commandments, the person will avoid the bad consequences specified in the scenario and Zodiac sign.
Since seven years the child becomes responsible for the acts. All our life registers on the movie, in the book of Life only good deeds register; if after past life of the page of the book remain empty, the person is repeatedly embodied on Earth again until begins to make kind acts. Date of birth and date of death is specified in the scenario. God Will prolong life if there will be in it a need.
When time comes from a physical body, consciousness of the person is delayed by a space magnet; consciousness will pull along the highest thin bodies (the 4th principle). The lowest astral body (radio) will extend a cover with energy: without energy a physical body – a corpse. The 3 and 2 principles are unseparable: the radio body distributes energy on a physical body. The person consists of millions of atoms; atom consists of the kernel and electrons moving on a kernel orbit.
After burial of a corpse to the earth, a radio body costs at a grave before full decomposition of a physical body, after itself breaks up. At the same time the specific smell is allocated. When burning a body, radio breaks up at once and the person is cleaned. Burial to Earth is dangerous that that the radio body can wander about favorite places; consequences aren't favorable. The 1 and 3 principles very hard leave. After the death of people in Thin bodies (the 4th principle) rises to the Thin Worlds.
The God's court is managed over each person. In Illusion Theater Gods show to the movie of life died person. At the Hall there are gapers who have (earlier died) – it is called: "All secret becomes obvious".
The thin World – the world of Beauty; there everything is created by power of thought: housing, clothes. For increase in consciousness obligatory visit of cells of knowledge, studying of a geological structure of Earth, viewing of movies and performances performed by favorite actors and listening of works of art performed by ingenious musicians. The thin world is full copy the physical world.
After replacement of terrestrial thoughts of people it is cleaned, passing seven sub plans and, at last, losing the Thin cleaned bodies, consciousness (the shining disk over the head) goes out of the Thin worlds of Earth and flies on a track directly to the circumsolar sphere to Lords of the Karma. Karma is Requital for deeds. For good is an award (talent, beautiful appearance) for crime – Punishment. Punishments are prescribed by the size of the troubles caused by thoughts, words and actions. A thought – the thinnest energy can also do the harm more than a word and action.
Murderers (those who interrupt human life), customers or performers will be sent to the center of Earth in the boiling magma. Stalin for the carried-out repressions (murder of innocent people) took a steam bath in magma of 65 years, and only in 2018 the devil has pulled out him in the army. A hump, paralysis, ugliness – costs of crimes. Treat people as you would like that treat you. It is necessary to live for people, but not for him!
Lords Karma from the space computer find the book of Life and determine by quantity of the good deeds expressed in light energy, the term of stay is in the God's Kingdom. Then from the computer of space find to the movie of life and put in the program for determination of the following embodiment. Will meet parents who is have lived identical with him antecedents, appearance, talent and the scenario with the deserts of antecedents of people. Also the person to Earth in the same way, as well as the first time will return: will receive 4, 3, and 2 principles and will enter a bosom of future mother during conception.

It will be embodied until then until begins to live on God's precepts. If for 777 embodiments of people doesn't improve, he will be destroyed, will turn into dust and will go for construction surfaces of the new planet.
In spiritual heart of the person there is a God's Spark – the Temple of God and where we wouldn't be, the temple always with us. He writes down thoughts, words and actions; everything sees and hears. The silent Recorder! From the embodiment in the embodiment He always is with us.
If to pull out the God's Spark from the person (when the patience of God runs low) the person will turn into dust. It is possible to reduce amount of the embodiments, being on service to Forces Light, to God. For ten embodiments it is possible to finish a terrestrial way if to have the Teacher from Shambhala. He Will direct the person on the way of increase and expansion of consciousness. Will teach to live on precepts is.
1. Love God Above all: God, after the Homeland and people.
2. Esteem your father and your mother.
3. Thou shalt not kill.
4. Don't steal.
5. Don't commit adultery.
6. Don't condemn.
7. Don't lie and don't slander.
8. Don't envy.
9. Love the neighbor as.
10. Don't harbor malice and don't induce to the evil.
In Orthodoxy is got accustomed some precepts of Judaism against which Christ Has gone. Jews have a Saturday (Saturday – day of Saturn) – day off. Saturn and a satan is synonyms. Saturn is the planet of a satan of Jehovah.
God of Slavs is Michael the Archangel (a position for the period of evolution of the person), the Head of our Solar system; it is the First Beam of the Father of the Universe and it is equated to the Father. The word Maitreya is Invincible (Sanskrit). Great Maitreya – God, the Father of the Universe, Divine Christ!
At many people of Michael the Archangel called God of the Sun of Ra, (the Giving God – Slavs - Dazhdgod). Rа is joy, work.
With Whom you is or with whom?
Christ Gave elements of the Buddhism (wisdom) to the people who aren't able to read is and write 2000 years ago. It was the rise of the Doctrine of Living Ethics which the Great Lord of the Shambhala through the Pupils Gave now. Never so much Knowledge was given! Great Maitreya Came as Origen, Sergey of Radonezh to lay the foundation of the Doctrine of Christ and to point to mistakes of fathers of church.

Than Orthodoxy differs from sects? The same Bible is the book of the Beast of Jehovah, the same nonsense of the Old Testament (Torah), and the distorted New Testament. Orthodoxy sits in the same bog, as sects. All- planetary is buried under various sects. The doctrine of Maitreya is the God's Hand which He offers to the population planet to pull out all from the bog spiritual.

We lived in the Commune which was called the USSR. 1. Annual permits free and preferential to children and adults for rest and treatment in sanatoria, rest houses, in a pioneer camp. (Now the cost of the permit exceeds the size of a minimum wage).

Free housing is from the state. Everything that sees an eye is constructed at the Soviet power. (New houses is a rarity, they are inaccessible for mere mortals).

Cheap products (in brackets I give the cost of products now):1 kg. beets - 3 kopeks (7 UAH), a loaf of bread - 16 kopeks (7-10grn.), fish - 50-70 kopeks (90 - 120 UAH), potato, tomatoes, cucumbers - 7, 11 kopeks (5-15 UAH), the Crimean grapes - 50 kopeks (25 - UAH).

Education, treatment (operation of any complexity) - is free (now - treatment and cleaning of vessels after a stroke - 100 thousand UAH).

Fabrics natural: a chintz - 80 kopeks, lawn - 2 rub (expensive raw materials, production doesn't pay off, the factory is closed), crepe de Chine there 6-10 rub (no), silk - 6 and 10 rub (no), wool - 6 -12rub. (No), threads woolen - 3 and 5 rub were cost by a hank weighing 100 grams (imported of Russia there are 90 - 120 UAH).
The state bank was a guarantee of preservation of savings of citizens. Thieves of the state scale for 1 million rubles were brought under article - execution. (Now nobody is punished for financial frauds. There is no guarantee that you will receive savings if the bank is the bankrupt; therefore the population keeps money in banks glass).
In Soviet period utilities were 50 times cheaper, the housing and municipal organizations
repaired entrances of houses each ten years and every day cleaned the yards and entrances. All prospectuses rolled in roses. Water carts from spring to fall everyone washed day prospectuses and watered flowers. We lived at communism!! (Now the yards clean once a week, entrances don't clean up, we do repair by sharing the cost). We never know what we've got until it's gone. So it is also necessary to us! Even at Presidents L. D. Kuchma and V. F. Yanukovych we lived not badly: there was no war, the dollar was 1:5, 1:8. Now "the demonic culture" rages: war and dollar 1:26. After the Apocalypse the pederast Jehovah will leave with garbage human on the naked planet Saturn, rescued the New World will construct. The resorts of the Crimea will be replaced by Atlantis; the place her arrangement is from the lake Ceylon to Australia; on continent perimeter - the ocean! Worship - your choice! The decision needs to be made in this embodiment.

Mother Earth.
Human garbage will leave from the Planet, and Earth will be cleared of filth (from a spider-Jehovah and his demons-rakshas’s). There will come "Golden Age" lasting 1 828 000 years. Deserts will disappear, the rivers will run and the woods will rise. The Pastor and uniform herd Will be uniform; Great Maitreya and mankind. And the Planet without spider!

Types of obsession.
Desires: sexual perversions, alcoholism, drugs. The most terrible obsession is zoophile. Jehovah has passed this way (a dinosaur, a monkey a cow) and knows that people and animals are subject to hypnosis. I have shown vision revenge: copulation of the man with a dog. It is necessary to move away animals from the housing for the benefit of the person. The devil aslant people devils, demons, black magicians, bewares! Polonaises Great Maitreya it is our Salvation.
Crimes: wars and revolutions.
Exhibitions with TVs; via the screen there is to the hall a negative energy and fills visitors. The person attracts similar energy from space and fills Earth for explosion of the Planet.

The material interest (healers, fortunetellers, speculators, swindlers, drug dealers, pirates, robbers, thieves and corrupt).

Telecasts are in which Jews propagandize trimming - a brand of a devil of Jehovah and masturbation. Sects; zombie sectarians cannot explain Christ's word Ioann, 8/44, told by Christ to Jews.

7. Distribution of false information to confuse believers is and promotion of fascism of a devil.
Advertising is in social networks all types of sexual perversions.
Destruction of marriages, distribution of slander, an organization of stains, courts, squabbles with neighbors. All listed a sees of black magic, are dispatched according to the indication of a devil for making of the evil.
Spread of injections pricks, cuts, an injection in a nose, in an ear, in eyes, in a mouth. During a dream Jehovah's demons climb hands in all openings on a body of the person. Especially pursue attendants Light.
Courts, scandals in public transport are organized by demons. Hold equilibrium!!!
Protect our HOUSE – the EARTH from explosion.

Currently in Israel, lesbians marry, the rabbi scraped foster children-boys, and journalists write about it the newspaper. Chabad distributes crime and sexual perversion
on the entire Planet. In Moscow, Chabad opened a hangout for 12 year old girls. Children are stealing in the streets and hidden in brothels for perverts. The cost services increases with each new visit. Supplies of customer’s widescreen pervert George Morgan (Jehovah). This is one of the options recruitment sinners with the subsequent resettlement to Saturn.

Opens a Chabad dance courses for children from 3 years ...?! Dear parents, take care of your child – the Golden Fund of the state!!! Parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, accompany children in school and take away from school.

Contact prayers to God, the Great Maitreya; He is The Divine Christ.

An appeal to the Jews.

During the Second World War Jehovah poisoned two of the Apocalypse (in Lemuria and Atlantis), who eventually converted to Christianity and moved away from Judaism. The devil does not forgive, and revenge kills. As he does those who stayed with him and went through two of the Apocalypse, Sodom and Gomorrah, And Give of Benyamin? All subsequent incarnation from the rakshas linked to humiliation, disease and murder. The devil embodies demons in wealthy families, after forcing to different types of perversions and crimes. After organizing death disease or murder, will teach black magic, brainwash and send out to do evil to those who could not bend to his will, or rather who is under the protection God, the Creator and the Creator of our Planet. The rabbis are responsible for the lie, calling pervert and the murderer Jehovah," Almighty". In this book, is given full information about the nature of the devil. I appeal to all Jews of all countries of the world: "Take the Doctrine of Living Ethics – continuation of the teachings of Christ and do not go to The SYNAGOGUE of SATAN" - this is your salvation. Worship the Great Maitreya, your worship will be a selective bulletin for the maintenance of the forces of Light! Aum!!!

Appeal to the readers.
Luck in tension. Dark spread false information on television, the Internet, publish books. For the consciousness of each person is a struggle. Jehovah has blocked my four sites and e-mail. Help spread the word of my books. Wealthy citizens, publish books and distribute them. Poor, make a purse of 10 – 100 pieces, this will be the service Light. If no business of your, what is the use of reading and knowledge gained from books. It is written: "On your Affairs will judge". See how the dark hard to publish books Istarkhov and Lawrence Gardner and spread their rot active. In Space Brama is the Patron devil of Jehovah, preparing a coup; the dark rush of power. Do not assume that the population of the Planet has turned into "Sodom and Gomorrah". Get involved in the Campaign. The Internet will be finished layout and cover. Be Apostles.

This book exposes Jehovah - a devil and represents it in a true appearance: murderer (weapon its axe), pervert (zoophile, pedophile, Pederast, homosexual, "blowjob"), thief and swindler. In operating time over the book Jehovah applied to me a method of a carrot and stick. He threatened, through the astrals demons applied executions. He offered tens of of $ billions the USA.
On the ninth of March, 2016 Jehovah was before me in vision in two images: old and young. On the tenth of March, 2016 the devil repeatedly was in vision and showed the English text of the book, - offered one billion US dollars for that the book didn't extend among the population of the Planet. Me astral demon words earlier: "Regret it". And those, whom it killed and dismembered the axe, whose wives stole, whom forced and killed, whom decomposed perversions (applying hypnosis), burned the melted sulfur, poisoned in gas chambers and burned in crematoriums, starved and forced to eat the children, put out eyes, to women cut off a breast, to men cut off genital body, accustomed to drugs and infected with AIDS, humiliated and crucified (poured oil and set fire), damned and forced to eat for bread on human Calais, brain washed sectarians a lie – it them felt sorry?

June 21, 2016 Jehovah showed me a vision: appeared before me a young Jesus. Very beautiful oval face, blue eyes, a nose flat and thin, his hair dark brown parted in the middle, thick, curly and falling down on his shoulders. Looking sad; upper eyelids slowly dropped and his eyes closed. I thought: "What does it mean?" After a couple of hours, Jehovah said: "Christ crucified and crucified you". The crucifixion of Christ was allowed by the Forces of Light to perpetuate His achievement! Jehovah's recognition that crucified Christ he (!), thereby he set on me cross in relation to Christianity!

Jehovah (on October 25, 2011) asked me: "Why It charged to you, but not It …? Through
day repeated: "Why It charged to you, but not It … or Blavatsky"?
(He … is a Lord Shambhala, Great Maitreya, Supreme; She… is the Empress of the Shambhala, the Godless Lakshmi). She Told about it precisely and briefly: “Jehovah- low-standard pettiness”. E.P. Blavatsky already gave information about his “work” in the book “Isis Unveiled”. My turn came to evaluate the “activity” of Jehovah's pederast. The cat whose meat has eaten knows - tremble Abaddon – Jehovah, demon of a rotting hole, - Came your Karma! I will fulfill with honor the commission of the Great Maitreya!

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Fixing of information is.
What forces work in space? 2. From on the Earth seven Spirits of the Flame and the eighth "the Lucifer have come? 3. Who were first people? 4. That has occurred from the first people?

Who main zoophile Planet? 6. Who copulated with dinosaurs, married a monkey, a cow? 7. To a lump Abel brains? 8. Who has killed Abel and what reason? 9. Who first murderer and fratricide? 10. Call weapon of a devil. 11. After monkeys, who became descendants of the first people? 12. Into what two branches they were divided? 13. Who Has created other people in different destinies of Earth? 14. Call the first Apocalypse, a cause of death of the continent and where he has occurred? 15. Ache where has taken away people? 16. Where, after death of the continent, demons (rakshas's) were embodied? 17. Call the second Apocalypse, a cause of death and the place of the tragedy? 18. Where those, who have escaped after the second Apocalypse were embodied? 19. Who has provoked in India war between indigenous people and refugees from Lemuria? 20. What purpose was, terms of war and a consequence? 21. Where have moved lemurs? 22. Why Avraham Have removed of people to the Middle East, for what purpose? 23. How called alien people of an arame's? 24.

Why Jews have gone to Egypt? 25. What Jews in Egypt why Moisey their Brought from Egypt and for what purpose were engaged in? 26. The name of an isthmus, through which Moisey has brought Jews from Egypt? 27. What was written by Moisey on tables for Jews on Mount Sinai? 28. What means "to clear away to itself the place"? 29. What Jews in the Middle East were engaged in? 30. Why they the second time have gone to Egypt? 31. Why the last knee of Jude has gone to Egypt too? 32. A cause of the murder Jehovah of Osiris (in two embodiments)? 33. Name a cause of the murder Jehovah of Orpheus? 34. Ways of the embodiment of Jehovah on Earth? 35. For what Jehovah has connected two branches (Jewish people and demons-Rakchas’s), and has marked them with trimming? Why Jehovah has corrupted with homosexuality of Jews in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and then has burned perverts; who scriptwriter and what purpose? 37. Who is the main gay Planet? 38. What crops were made by Savaof-Jehovah on Planet? 39. Where Savaof-Jehovah from five cities of Israel and who has installed instead of them has moved Jews? 40. How many knees of Jews remained in Israel? 41. Give number, the Jews crucified on crosses by Savaof-Jehovah and what purpose? 42. Sense of the word "Melkhisidek"? 43. Who has gone to Rome to preach Christianity? 44. Whom has Jehovah changed for Ioann and the substitution reason? 45. Who Caligula and Neron and what purpose of their embodiment in Rome? 47.Who has set fire Rome and what purpose? 48. How Jehovah - Neron lit gardens? 49. On whom Jehovah has shifted the blame for has set fire Rome and how has punished? 50. Where Maria Magdalina is buried? 51. What was added by the pederast Jehovah to Christ's Doctrine and what has removed? 52. Tell a real name of Jehovah in the modern embodiment and the place a residence. 53. What methods of humiliation were applied by Jehovah to the son, the wife to women and boys? 54. What body he decomposes and at the same time hires people to Saturn? 55. Why he pursues "Ekaterina II" of 3 thousand 280 years? 56. Why the blowjob Jehovah since Kievan Rus' interferes in space of Slavs? 57. Who organizes sects, the pseudo-websites, distributes pseudo-information publishes books fascist content? 58. For what Jehovah wants to create "New Jerusalem in Ukraine? Call the term of the third Apocalypse and what will occur? 59. Who will burn down alive, and who will be saved? 60. How Jehovah's duties before the population of the Planet and the purpose to his board on Earth are combined? 61. Which of him has created the zombie idiot and the liar? 62. Call the murders and executions organized by a devil? 63. Why he organizes oppositions in Russia and who takes part in them? 64. Who stores our Earth from explosion? 65. A planet-wide election campaign, who participates in it? 66. Call God's embodiments Great Maitreya and him Works for all population of the Planet. 67. Call the devil incarnate Jehovah and his crime for all population of the Planet. 68. With whom you want to remain, with God’s luck on Earth in the Golden Age, or with a devil to burn down alive and to go to Saturn (naked planet and three gaseous rings). 69. The ballot – what is it? 70. In what of Worship is expressed?

Entre. History of Jews is and rakshas (demons).
1. Warning is to Jews and sectarians.
2.Heavenly is Jerusalem. Shambhala is.
3. Maitreya (El Moria), the Great Lord of Shambhala.
4. The answer to the pederasty Jehovah on slander in the book "Blow of the Russian Gods". Part 1. Analysis of the book. Part 2.Billionaire George Morgan is the embodiment of the pederast Jehovah, representative "Lucifer" on the Earth, the Owner Earth (property: devil and satan).
5. In search of justice are.
6. Goes recruiting on the Satyrn (exposure of Jehovah is).
7. From Pereyaslavsky Countil till revolution….
8. Devil – Jehovah said through his victims.
9. False sects and site from Jehovah-devil.
10. Archangel Michael.
11.Intrigues of Jehovah-devil.
12. Poet Valmiki, Ramayana (Indian epos is)
13. Demon the Universe is patron devil Jehovah.
14. Avatar of Vishnu.
15. Summary video is.
16. All planet election campaign.
17.Lhasa. Tibet.
19.Great Teacher is.
20. Caligula and Neron is embodiment Jehovah, active PEDERAST.
21. Obsession.
22. Russian Emperor Alexander II.
23. Den is devil-Jehovah and Grishka Rasputin.
24. Brama-Jehovah is blood-greedy killer.
25. Vatican is stash zombie cattle of Jehovah's
(satan there to govern ball, there to govern ball).
26. Professor" A. L. Dvorkins is obsessed Jehovah - devil.
27. President of Russian is V.V. Putin.
28. Great Lord of Shambhala.
29. Review the book billionaire of George Morgan (the devil incarnate Jehovah), co-author - Laurence Gardner «The Grail and the descendants of Jesus".
30. Information.
. For notes
In Russia, published three books in the amount of 10 thousand each:
1. Exposing billionaire Georges Morgan.
2. Apocalypse.
3. Reasons and purposes of World War II.
Jehovah found out about this, immediately used P.A. Poroshenko to commit the Kerch provocation, after organized the separation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Russian Orthodox Church and forced the Ecumenical Patriarch Barfolomeya to give the UOC Tomos to kefalia, that is, recognize it as the highest among equals and separate it so that Ukraine does not follow Russia: it did not refuse the Old Testament and did not clear The teachings of Christ from the false insertions of Jehovah. Dismemberment is the method of satan.

A group of Jews, who are used by Jehovah's bugger for slander, immediately posted on the Internet video passively to Patriarch Kirill, President of Russia V. Putin and Russian Prime Minister D. Medvedev. Even one priest labored criticism of the Patriarch ... But what about the commandment: "Do not lie and do not judge"? All who follow the devil’s instructions are recruited to Saturn.
In chapters 3, 4, 20, Jehovah blocks texts, clings to a straw; therefore, a link is given to the Layout of the book with new images.

31. Монада.