Chapter 41, 42, 43, 44, 45.

41. Thin Worlds.

Source of the records "Agni Yoga facets" and books of the Doctrine of live Ethics – a Single, the Lord of M.:!

For dark the words "Agni Yoga" and "Agni Yoga's facets" on the sense and sounding aren't transferred. It was difficult to write down B. N. Abramov this information given to it on the Beam of the Lord of M: To resist, it was necessary itself constantly, mentally to keep in the Beam of the Teacher, to repeat His name, and to represent Shape of the Teacher in the third eye, keeping balance. It is told: "You store balance at any cost". There is nothing in the world for the sake of what it is worth losing it. "The power over is the higher authority. Without this power there is no Great service".
«Come to me everything, looking for Light: orphaned and nude, sick and poor, kind and angry. All I Will wash, all I Will encourage, by everything I Specify a way and all I Will light up the Ray of light. Light Ways are ordered to nobody by strong. The doctrine is given for all, opportunities are open before all. The way is planned and the entrance is open. Wishing let enter freely and safely. Only conscious attendants of the darkness, to only persisting spirits of the evil, don't have access to light spheres. Many make a fatal mistake, including themselves unworthy to ascend. It in a root is incorrect. All ascends. Imperfections exist for improvement".
The one, who took in hand of the book of the Doctrine, has to not only accept Knowledge, but also apply them in life. Be not only the consumer, but also the employee Forges Light. It will be responsibility understanding before the Space Law and Planet Evolution, and mankind. "The Teacher attentively accepts each sign of devotion, love and care". It is a lot of taking, but it isn't enough giving. We will be uniform with the Lord for maintenance of balance of the world. Inadmissible further evil distribution; the necrosis of aura of a planet reached the menacing sizes. Sowers of the evil and energy of destruction will cause "squall of a hurricane and the first become its victims".
Threads of karma of the fateful will be separated from destiny of those who should die. Beams will protect those, who together with the Lord, those will be under special protection. Everything changes; evolution or involution process. The present wasn't as though heavy or terrible, all the same it will leave, the future will erase it and will dump from the account – it is doomed to destruction and disappearance. "And heavy currents will pass, Beams will disseminate a condensation, and the future again will flash fires of new opportunities. But my Day will come, and waves of victorious Light will fill in aura of a planet, and day of great balance will come. Again the Golden Age of mankind will come. "Let will be my Day a symbol of Christmas of the New Eyelid, the New Light Era, New Earth and the New Sky. "Time of crucifixions, murders and violence will come to an end. The wheel will have best. It is possible to call Satya Yuga's era an era of freedom of mankind. Nowadays the person lives in slavery at the restrictions invented by him. Teachers of Light bore to the world freedom, giving the Life Doctrine, but dark imposed the hand, and Doctrines of freedom became slavery and violence religions. But is distort will leave. And Day Light, Day of the Celebration of Light, Day of My Arrival, truly will be. I Told! »
The law of balance will surely cause to condition life opposite. Deprivations in one, is the receiving guarantee in other, in the equal force of deprivation; compensation and compensation law. But it doesn't relieve of sufferings which are an invariable condition of a kindle of fires, - this highest pleasure and the highest achievement of the person.
"In the world of sufferings the person gets himself and builds to itself a shining armor of spirit, indestructible and eternal, on fire tempered in which and it will stay in the Worlds of the highest the period of time incommensurable on extents on Earth by the Award to the person spatial life in Light body on Boundlessness open spaces is. The Body of Light most should construct strong of deposits of the Highest energy generated and caused to life in the conditions of the terrestrial, - in it life purpose. It is possible to suffer and it is possible to work because the far purpose is majestic and fine. To grow up fiery wings fly in Light spaces – whether this achievement, worthy the made efforts. Also justifies any difficulties of life, any tests. In the duality world one pole of the phenomenon is counterbalanced by another. But are incommensurable pleasure and possibilities of the Highest Worlds to pleasures and joys terrestrial. Because Earth paints are dim and poor, and its songs and beauty in comparison with magnificence fiery shining World Light are rough. Balance law is great force. And any suffering, any deprivation doesn't remain without advantage, if spirit knows the way. "Therefore we will be glad lives difficult, we will be glad to persecutions, derogations, infringements and deprivations, we will be glad to everything that approaches us to Light Hall …. Let's think of difficulties of those, who goes ahead, specifies to us a way. Deprivation here, is finding there. The great Law of balance operates the worlds. For heavy lives terrestrial the great future expects mankind. Mankind – the orphan terrestrial. Great space heritage the successor becomes; great Treasures of Light judgment to spirit in Boundlessness spaces. Such is the Plan of Evolution of Space Life".

It is possible to come nearer to Light Hall only under guidance of the Teacher. Books of Live Ethics give the powerful growth of Energy of Love to the Lord. And the Love is an admiration of the Teacher, worship for its Greatness, desire to come nearer to It, to see it, to know more about It and about the Himalaya White Brotherhood, to visit the Himalayas. It is possible to travel on video, - if there is a desire, everything will come true! Without love to the Teacher isn't present advance; the love is shown in practice, instead of in words. He will always notice strong, you only call! What becomes fine and substantial life! The Teacher will watch the pupil, to carry out tests, - each test useful learns. Only the heart lit by a flame of love and devotion, can affect all completeness of a chord. "The essence of the Teacher shines, as sides of a precious multi-color stone. The Teacher is inexhaustible and is unattainable! «The doctrine and the Teacher - are uniform and it is impossible to do without them in one conversation; this Doctrine of Boundlessness where everything is claimed that is related to a way of a spiritual ascension, - the rest "all vanity and spirit languor". »The spirit will need other monasteries. As soon as the goal is reached, that was means to it, becomes unnecessary, as well as Earth, - our temporary house. Our house not simple, about seven levels the different compaction degrees. To each degree of compaction there corresponds a certain cover or a body. Rooms one in other as air in a brick, but are invisible; thinner is invisible to more dense, as the World Thin to the physical. People live in three rooms, the few in the fourth, Lords – above. As the person at deaths door dumps a physical body – death the first, astral – the second, thin (the highest astral) – the third, mental – the fourth. And Earth when its hour will come, will start dumping from itself one for another the covers. The mankind will raise everything higher and higher. Density will be dumped by thinning".
In the Thin world everything is created by thought. It is possible to present itself in any image; to change the appearance and the person to beyond recognition. It is possible to present itself a tree, a flower, a bird, any subject. It is a lot of wishing there to mislead inexperienced people. It is possible to fall a victim of irresponsible spirits which know more than others. The strong-willed person can turn another to stone, an animal power of the imagination, order not to move. Knowledge is necessary to be able to show resistance. And there it is possible to meet the self-appointed teachers who are giving out for the Teacher of Light. Easier for those who loved beauty of the nature; there the nature is amazingly beautiful. Stay of fans of the cities and city entertainments is sad. In the world of great freedom, they stay in great slavery.
Transition from Cali Yuga to Satia Yuga is difficult. The one who will decide to step into Light Way, it will pass a clarification way. The person is itself blame and the payer on accounts. For sins don't punish the Highest Forces as the press or a brand of thoughts, words, feelings and acts of people bears in itself in radiations of the aura and crystals of not destroyed deposits, which are saved up in, in spiritual heart. The Armageddon is finished, but dark, knowing the end, all – continue to harm. "But, unusable will leave, all without an exception. While are necessary that the opposite pole could keep and get stronger. Without resistance there is no force growth. When necessity of enemies passes, all we Move away. Adverse tactics is in application".
The aura constantly vibrates from though, and changes coloring by which it is possible to determine achievements of spirit. Different colors have a certain influence on the person. Thought, generating beams of a various coloring and force, it is possible to make strong impact on certain people, and not only, and on the whole meetings. "The Lord the Beams operates the World. Beams are sent both to individuals, and the countries. In their root power of color impact on aura of the person lies. Blue beam it is possible to extinguish a scarlet flame of anger instantly. Influence happens by the principle: the similar amplifies similar and is neutralized opposite". Everything needs to be applied in life. Enclosed and tested becomes property, - everything crystallizes in the form of the energy postponed in the Bowl. The Teacher, who has approved it on life experience, has the right to learn.
On the verge of night and day, before reading books of Live Ethics, it is necessary to hold before itself the Face of the Teacherprobably more long. Repeating repeatedly, it is possible to reach continuous representation in the third eye Light of giving Shape of the Teacher; gate to its World opens. At E.I.Rerich Face Teacher always was before her and, even, closed the visible Sun!

"You store balance at any cost. The power over is the higher authority which the person can reach. And this power of fiery force allows managing Business of the Teacher. And any doubts, it goes against Truth. The doubt is the devourer of mental energy. Doubt poison never will concern the Teacher and everything that is connected with It. What burden is assumed by the Teacher! It is necessary to remember that everyone the disbalance brings shudder in a fiery wire and hurts heart of the Teacher. The tranquility is necessary to protect it from chaotic and chaotic vibrations. The more thoughts it is given to the Teacher, the there is a release from a disbalance" quicker.
Will! Will and thought. The fear doesn't have a place where there is a will. The fear fears something to lose. Attachment to things gives rise to fear of their loss. But we leave in to what came. But the spiritual property received from the Teacher, nobody will deprive. Collected on Earth of treasure of spirit – carriers of crystals of the highest fires, goes there the rich man with all saved-up treasures. Its Immortal Triad, the heavenly person in him, has the invaluable accumulation which are giving the chance brightly and fully to be shown in the Highest Worlds. It is possible to live the most modest and imperceptible life, spiritual treasures, having saved up and having increased. In total in the spirit of and everything solves spirit. It is told: "Collect to itself treasure in the Sky where of moth, of rust don't exterminate and where thieves don't undermine and don't steal. In the spirit of treasure collect is". Terrestrial life is the beginning of a way to Boundlessness.
In the Thin Worlds the dark try to show the activity, there protection too is necessary. Therefore try to come nearer to the Teacher on Earth. Knowledge clears the person of habitual gray thoughts which like ghouls, hang on aura and exhausts the last juice of life. Without the Teacher there is also no Doctrine for the sake of what it was worth living. In a network carefully and cunning placed by dark hands, don't get. Those, who follow the tastes at dark and in the Thin Worlds, will be pursued by them. The leader dark, - a planetary demon - lowered a little millions years ago on a bottom of Lemuriys’s - Phoenicians, it all the same found them then. Thin bodies don't sink, and having taken off from water, having passed a clarification way, are again embodied.

Rescue only in the Teacher. With the Teacher it is possible to win always. "From the millennium in the millennia communication with the Teacher lasts, becoming stronger and increasing in the force. It is possible to call it the road to immortality. If difficultly sometimes, but it is joyful. The victory has to be over itself. Steps of evolution are provided with consciousness advance. It is impossible to accelerate excessively, it is possible to break. Seeming victory of the enemy is only illusion. The crucified Teacher Won against the world, but not crucified it. But even the crucifixion was allowed by Powers of Light". The principle of movement in the Thin World such is, - where thought, there and consciousness. On Earth the thought moves with an improbable speed, and the consciousness is chained to a body. The thin body easy also moves together with thought. It is easiest to move in a mental body, is and there is a thought body. In the Thin World all aspirations of spirit if they have desires no physical character can be satisfied. The rich man and the beggar there are equal in the opportunities, which in the spirit of. It is necessary to accustom itself to opportunities of the Thin World on Earth, having studied its conditions and laws. The one who didn't liberate the consciousness, the prisoner the Highest comes to the World. Therefore it is possible to call our Doctrine Freedom Doctrine. You don't come to the Doctrine with desire to succeed in affairs terrestrial. This Doctrine for spirit growth; The Ego human doesn't collapse, even if an embodiment unsuccessful. The person has to tell himself: "In spheres terrestrial there is nothing Mines … I only the guest in the world of terrestrial dreams and illusions. And the physical world is a skilled field for the consciousness which shoots change annually. The world dense is a step to the Highest Worlds, and Earth – to the highest planets". All old, become obsolete it is necessary to reject. Unseparable aspiration to the Teacher is an indispensable condition of success. The Doctrine and Teacher purpose – to reach extent of separate manifestation in each body on plans corresponding to them. "The teacher patiently conducts long work, gradually preparing thin and mental bodies for their separate manifestation. Many living conditions, especially in the cities, interfere with it. The aspiration to the Teacher before going to bed, obvious brings consequences. At night We Learn". At night, during a dream, the thin body leaves and departs to the Teacher for study! In the afternoon this Knowledge filters into wake consciousness. Cooperation with the Teacher is cooperation bilateral.

Both the person has an astral form, and all subjects of the dense world have astral doubles in the Thin World, only other density and weight. On appearance the usual house and its astral double differ nothing. With destruction of a physical form, thin can exist, but, with destruction thin, physical, in itself, can't exist because force binding molecules disappears. The astral copy of the city is exact reproduction of its terrestrial look. For destruction of terrestrial forms, at first astral doubles without which dense forms can't exist destroy them. It concerns not only subjects and things. Destroying an image of the illness created by mentality of the person, it is possible to eradicate and the illness. It is necessary to consider that the will which has created a situation, was weaker than will which can liquidate it. The spirits which have left from the earth (dead) receive spirit creativity, but their forms are imperfect. Brightness of forms depends on internal Light. The dark creates round him darkness. To the Thin Worlds remnants terrestrial can't be carried away. There is a love or hatred. But it is better to extinguish all personal feelings. The love to the Teacher remains and serves as the mighty engine to ascension. If it is difficult on Earth, there everything becomes aggravated. But there the Teacher is a strong support.

The feeling of spatial burden is a reaction of consciousness to a tragic condition of a Planet. Position of the world catastrophically and heart feels the horror which has hung over the earth. Balance of elements of the nature is lost, is a result of disharmonious actions of the person that causes various epidemics and diseases. Evolution of the person moves ahead through the birth, blossoming and dying. The spirit doesn't know these periods of life, it costs above all forms, - spirit carriers. Covers temporary shouldn't prevent spirit of to realize; their activity is repaid, and they can be shown so as far as it is necessary. The screen of consciousness has to be pure. The thought has to be accurate and steady, - to keep consciousness to create conditions for contact of communication with the Teacher. If the picture presented in consciousness to make so bright and surpassing in vibrations environment, they will transfer consciousness to the aspiration sphere. Fancies influence all microcosm of the person. Every day in the morning and I look at the Face of the Lord of Me in the evening: and mentally I transfer the image to the Third eye. When thoughts are exempted from a life, I see the observed image. It is necessary to hold communication with the Teacher always. Today and yesterday before me there is a house transparent and the Lord of M.: outside the house in several meters from an entrance door. (This house I dreamed earlier - visions). It left and stopped, and I stand from It at some distance. This happiness! Transferring of consciousness to other place and representation of out of a physical body is very important. It is given by the training, allowing to be exempted from a body. "The religions teaching rest, on the wrong track! The evolution purpose – creativity! ! The creator how those who distorted religions tried can't calm down. Relief is in a coffin, but there worms and decay. Acquisition on Earth of knowledge, experience, qualities, properties and abilities, is the time spent with advantage and is wise". If in the dense world, good conditions are necessary to us: comfort in the house, the tasty food, beautiful clothes, in the Thin World all this disappears. Prepare for work for spirit:
1. Everything that is created by the person is on the Earth, imprinted in the Thin World. Therefore contemplation of all works of art, as collected in museums and galleries and out of them there is possible. Therefore, opportunity to behold beauty is open.
2. As is available, but even more, music area. Many composers write down that they heard from space. There it is possible to listen, both to hear, and to create, and to create most and without physical tools majestic symphonies of sounds. There it is possible to study and scoop from a space treasury on the capacity of consciousness and aspiration. It is possible to create both pieces of music, and pictures, but without usual brushes and paints, to create from the same material from which the image of a blossoming rose in the third eye of the person when he wants it is created. Only, there it is possible to see images created by creative imagination immediately, as distinctly and clearly as we see terrestrial. There dances, but out of any restrictions of a body are available also. Their dance aerial also consists of the flights of a thin body shown in beat and merge of movements with sounds.
3. There is studied psych equipment of thought, emotions and feelings, their impact on a thin body, their color, a form, movement – the word, all difficult equipment of a being of the person exempted from a body. Creativity by thought, impact on people, is creation of forms and images; magic, pledges, the suggestion, the bewitched places, reality of fairy tales, exposure of charm of an astral; studying of a structure of the Thin World and various conditions of its matter. Area of elements! Physiology of a thin body! On what based was rejected by the Doctrine the magic. Area of studying of the globe: surface close to physical, structure thin above. Visit of all corners of the globe; deepening in its last history and the ancient geological periods; history of mankind and its studying on Akasha's rolls.

4. Aspiration to studying space beyond auras is of the Earth limits. Worlds is distant and life on them. Communication and contact with whom it was anyway connected, or the spirit on the earth adjoined.
5. the Help to those who needs it, or anything on knows, having passed to the Thin World, about life in it and it doesn't deny. Conversations, lectures, explanations to those, who are lower on steps consciousness, and receiving from those is, who are higher.
6. Contacts with Hierarchy on a communication chain is.
7. knowledge Cells, and opportunity to scoop it on lines of the aspiration planned during lifetime on Earth. Readiness of consciousness to transition to other world when the person won't ask any more is so created that it expects, and that it will do there. Many, like scarecrows or effigies, stupidly and thoughtlessly are unsteady there without any purpose. The purpose should be realized and approved still here. There will be late. Dare. Only daring and directed and knowing that wants, receives. Demand even, you are knocked, look for – both it will be given you, and will open, and will sate by law.

That for us is the fairy tale, - a carpet - the plane, a cap of darkness, Aladdin’s lamp, in the Highest worlds everything is at the disposal of the consciousness which has seized knowledge of the supreme laws. Stay in the World elevated can be the most wonderful page in human life. The most impossible on Earth is carried out there. Don't stick to the things and the dwelling; there it is possible to create power of thought everything of what I dreamed on Earth. The magic force, able to create everything, there will be Agni's ubiquitous and all-powerful , - the creative fire given to the person. "There is no more valuable treasure at the person, than fire deposited in the Bowl". Accumulation of treasure has to become the purpose of life of each person. The carrier of the Stone increases crystals the useful effects. Concentration of consciousness, restraint and tranquility will protect Stone Treasure.
The one, who concerned Light, knows that the most valuable Treasure – our Favorite Lord of M: because It - Light Bearing.

42. Evolution of man is.

"That to us all, that around, when the Treasury of Space Thought is open and is approved the proximity of the Lord? The main task – hold it. Light is eternal, but temporarily darkness, Spirit it is eternal, but the body and burden of conditions terrestrial is temporary. Light will win in fight against darkness".

The power of thought not emotion, and in its pungency, and isn't that important, say at the moment, and what you think. Bring the astral to silence, then, they seize. His emotions are contagious and are passed from person to person, causing radiation aura in unison with auras similar vibrations. For everything that is happening around, astral should not respond, are ideal to which to aspire. "Can't bring ourselves to Teacher, whose clothes are not clean. Therefore, savings must be made before entering the great Frontiers to apparel spirit was white”. “Is the Prince of this world has nothing for Me!".

"What else will bring You the Lord, replacing darkness into Light itself? In the midst of the bustle, when earthly conditions require total consciousness, part of it to the Teacher and, repeating His Name, calling the Like-reduce the onset of darkness. Need to merge in his mind with unbeatable Teacher so that the Presence of the Great to realize was every moment that it was easier for the Teacher to help us in everything. The beam is broken, if the assistance of great heart and mind is closed. To enhance mindfulness Teacher, repeat: Name of Maitreya, Jesus prayer, a place in the aura of light, an egg which is connected with the Stronghold. Always keep the Ray, which unrelentingly follows the disciple and keeps it in his focus. Protect health, it also engaged in attacks against "dark.

"Favorite Lord, his heart is clean want from anxiety, anxiousness and fear; the power balance in the heart wants to approve. The Proximity You of its approved, my Lord, my heart to meet You ", opened. Words: my Lord, the Favorite and the Only for me and my forever, my, of my Lord-sound like a gift of fate award! And he is the Highest, the Light – there is no one higher in space and ... my Father, my Friend and Helper and in all cases. Solitude nowhere, if closes to the Lord; hermit yoga does not know such a spatial-wire eliminates it. Through the loneliness must go through-it leads to communion with the Supreme? Vanity and contact with people destroying the subtle perception. Because voluntary solitude – are strong and wise. Perception of spatial thinking is only possible in isolation from the people. And, if the Teacher creates conditions such isolation is achieved step requires such conditions. Should all over rely on wisdom Teacher of light and in all is trust him. You must tame the astral, and will balance. Do not get attached to anything and have nothing to lose. Do not rejoice too, and tears will be less. Not to uncover oneself′ to friends lost magnetism. «Admitted mistakes should not be embarrassed, because every mistake will benefit, and each teaches what is what. Learn how else, if not the error? There is no irreparable, except betrayal Hierarchies.

"On the whole, only unconditional Love and devotion to the Lord, and the aspiration to Light it through everything that hinders the movement."

"Suggestion and autosuggestion is the thought of her in this task. You can learn by yourself, restore balance to a charging thought any to catch body. The idea would be to act on the instructions of her and during this time it will. You can give thoughts on time, accurately determine its duration. For example, you can give the order to within, say, the night the idea worked, or other authority in fulfilling precise and definite order. Thinking about the disease, it’s not to climb out but introducing the process of early recovery and normal functioning, you can quickly make it healthy. The process of suggestion and autosuggestion is unusually fascinating, if they be conscious. In man, everything is concentrated in hidden form! »
Spirit there, where is thought. Can rush power of thought, where wants, it is ubiquitous. And, if all covers submit to desire of spirit, then the space, - attachment of consciousness to a place of stay of a body" will be overcome also.
"The thought is the basis of the universe, is a force of equal strength which is nothing. The thought and the will set up everything there is in the universe. Our planet is sick of unbridled thought. The flow of cosmic evolution will be swept away everything, to counterbalance it. Will this thought, and the thought is the will – wheel of collaboration. The harmony of thought and interaction will approve the path of steady climb. If you want to be with us the thought of keep.

Death is born! Life in the subtle world rich in features, beauty and orphan’s than the earthly existence. Gather Knowledge in advance! Man is lord itself of power. On space law given him power over his body and its entire microcosm. To join in their rights, and to learn how to use your power, you need to understand how a person speaks. Even two concerted auras can work wonders. Now think about how and what is the power of thought Lord, if it can give the direction of the evolution of the planet for an entire cycle. "Come to me all the way and I will point out to the infinite light. Without the tests, inspections and checks do not bring to yourself, and you should do the same. Teacher sometimes makes waves dark influences that can learn from this experience useful lesson and multiply knowledge, drawn to the benefit of all.

"Most human cells are sleeping. If they managed to awaken the body became like flying and glowing. Awakening of cells conceive. Focus thoughts on to fall ill body, balance and speedy recovery. Cells are activated, saturated psychic energy. Each section is electrical battery and battery at the same time serves as a fiery energy. «Waking sections to life can be, focusing on anywhere on the body. But not to disrupt his equilibrium, the focus should be on all parts of the body from the toes to the Crown of the Head. The result can be seen at once; improved ripple and the disappearance of fatigue. The permanence and duration of this activity decreases the possibility of disease and slows onset of old age. At psychic energy becomes younger person, even without exercise, but exercises the entire body gets younger and pushed back his senility, and it prevents disease. Who ever think about illnesses, or like to talk about them, will get sick.

Do not read letters complaining about the lack of health care, don't listen to these conversations, you become hostage to someone else's karma. The disease can jump from person to person. Spread negative information are dark, to fill the space. "Do not think and do not say about illnesses. You can only think and speak about health. The illness forced out of the body with healthy thoughts and the correct concentration of consciousness on the sick. You can work miracles, and, above all, on the other. The thought and the will to create, using the power of psychic energy ".
The easiest way to determine a person’s eyes, then the Po walks voice and gestures. "Who knows how to lie to his eyes, strong in evil"? "It is better to talk less about yourself." Condemnation of others – "what you judge, you will be in the likeness just judge".

"Mastering himself went to Me, Lord that the phenomenon of equilibrium held." Calmness is wreath of spirit and balance – Crown of stones. Chatty people stock psychic energy is not because of her lavish. If people realized that can manage any habit, then close victory. The fire power of the ruler himself was aware of the winner. Man, nothing says about itself is off-limits to touches someone else's thoughts. The disclosure itself leaves open entries into the orbit of his microcosm. Why keep silent about their experiences, emotions and all that lives; silence, moderation, equilibrium conditions for self-protection.

Waste of thoughts, is harming himself or herself; the idea expressed by the various relations will meet other people and put it in layers of someone else's thoughts and will. Can radically change its initial direction or neutralize its force if the thought of a stranger. Do not talk about your plans. You can silently listen to something contrary to your own wishes, at the root of the NIP is the idea that images of thoughts opposing neutralizing – solid clear, strong and persistent. «…… If people knew what, a terrible forces – the thought. «Every word and thought the interlocutor dark top Light thoughts. »Let them be silent, but valid strongly". Learn to apply the idea of these weapons of light. The most powerful weapon is the thought. The thought keep, if you want to reach. Observe the rule; restraint, calm, confidentiality. It is told: - “Be rejected from most it and follow for Me!” To increase the voltage of silver thread, you must call in the minds of Lick the Bishop and his name echoing; strengthen its rhythm of sacred letters. Is Maitreya, Victory, and Love. (Repeat seven times).

Lord, Help me to withdraw my consciousness into Thinking the Himalaya White Brotherhood!

"Astral sensitivity and astral sense of damped in order to replace them feelings of fire. It may not happen immediately, it takes time. Gap occurs, during which the first fall silent, and the latter has not yet entered into force. Consciousness allows clairvoyance, clairvoyance, but fire apparatus is not decorated. Patience and trust the Teacher to the end. If only one center, to light this is already an achievement. You cannot accelerate. Violence against a fiery body is unacceptable. Artificial measures destructive. The Wisdom of Teachers must be given the process and wait patiently in full confidence to Leading Hand. The foreordained no goes which distant and incomprehensible it not seemed. But his hand must be made not to interfere with the growth of the fire flower. Excluded all drugs, wine and tobacco, meat and burdening meat stomach irritation, depression, frustration, anxiety, fear and other negative feelings scale of emotions.
Astral must curb. Will subjugate all shells and approve the balance of spirit. "Of course, the task is not easy and is not close, but the goal is great and aureole. The process involves placing the body fire, which could not happen earlier. And therefore once again I speak, - patience up to the end. … The more tensely, the fiery and Lightful! Tension – A fiery – Light! So there is consciousness growth on a spiral, refine, forcing the wakening centers of a fiery body and subjects, making out it"
Not want to dirty there, this lighted article, but accounted for; tonight was, in a vision, Jehovah is the devil, eye-to-eye. Raised collar high enough not to know who appeared in front of me. Looked silently, but after mine words: "Disappear, evil spirit", - once disappear. I can now say that darkness came but I not find anything specifically fears. To Me My shield, great Lord M.: and these all told. Darkness is strong enough, to what extent cans the Bishop.
Bishop goes out to all the bodies and auras, but also in their body of light, in the immortal Triad. All this is the known steps achievements. That height, on which is Lord, never to reach! If the time is it achievable eons, the height at which the Bishop now, after all, and it also goes all the way up higher and higher. And it is also far ahead, and perhaps even farther than today. This may force gives go relentlessly since the goal is to be with him together.

Keep care of Lord, but not people. And at the Bishop, only to it, you can believe his consciousness. Long said, that does not rely on the sons of men." Pillar one, hope one of them is the Great Lord M.:! "Solid, clear and strong will of her slim body order before going to bed, prevents attempts to suppress consciousness, causing dark nightmares." Love for the Lord to strengthen appreciation and understanding of how many received care, love and attention from the Great heart. We should be thankful for what we have great happiness to read these books, a breath of spring water to quench your thirst; drink, to save his consciousness, irrigation in formation and distribute it among their tribesman’s.

Face the Teacher must be in front of the inner eye of consciousness. Rhythm every day and inflexible! The winner is who can win himself! «Say: - “From now on, the image of the Lord always before Me and accompany Me in all of My day and during sleep throughout the night, says the student, multiplying their forces”. To communicate with those who love, nothing but love and aspirations. Love overcomes all obstacles. Said himself: "Strong, as death and love it - boom fire." Can be strengthened, adding: "love is stronger than death". "So in My Name you can start today to continue and finish. And when My Name will be in all thy as the base, they will be bright. A patron of all life and then it becomes a Light carrier stage. "Heart is with me, so hard to keep Me in mind, saturated heart lights." "Let him deny from them and follow Me." "This is the key to the worlds highest. Love to look all wins. Heart, burning it, defeats does not know. Reverence, solemnity and aspiration are climbing opportunities spirit. "

Purification from of consciousness of litter must be completed here. Tame the torrent and control over every word! Psychic energy cannot accumulate if she speaks the language. Centers of fire forced to awaken it risk of premature opening is large. But prepare yourself – perhaps a master. Don't let yourself get ecstatic condition of good luck, and the power of the grief will be cropped by the root, and the result will not be able to. Sooner or later the astral must be tamed and only when movement it will sound to fall silent, Voice that says no audio. Only silence that the world can be heard this voice. That is why it is called the Voice of Silence»

The highest form of human relationships is an impersonal giving light. When the light radiates from the aura of giving freely, regardless of who it is, a friend, an enemy, a passerby, then achieved level spatial services, which is great. There is a man that is a secret. "And the evolution of the Immortal Triad seen picking up knowledge, and experience from the outside, but as disclosure of internal Nature of limitless and inexhaustible both attributes whom people call God. And who carry and embody something that belongs to them, as the Supreme expression of life. "
Our goal is to provide you, the mastery of their shells, specifically bodies. All the time, this is used for this. "Rejoice, if the dark mark, the sign of growth lamps and glint radiations, which are trying to violate, and the dark Light extinguish; only protection-barrier network. It should be kept in good order; she becomes invincible power of the established balance of spirit ". Let the world help themselves under the vigilant guidance of Bishop M.: the law of the spirit, given by an ambition so rushes to what you want to achieve, but only with the Teacher.

Each principle has its shell or the form in which he to hill. The physical body is all but power over it only to Adepts; the astral body is decorated at all, but own them; the mental is not at all; fire from the very few.
Just lay down on the sofa to read, covering her eyes and vision in front of Me; My laptop opened – and see the site. Screen readers (desktop) go cowboy jeans blue Plaid Shirt, a hat with a brim and a cigarette between his lips. At the end of a long cigarette lit small Fiery and Ribbon of smoke. From cowboy's eyes go bright Rainbow stars – My articles. He took out the phone and something is probably wants to share information. A dark teeth sharpened, "morning turn on the counter to view attendance and their Messenger will erase everything at once, but then everything is restored, the true evil is forever!

The middle fifth principle (Reason the Supreme) is located between the poles of attraction of two opposites. If you win a duady (7 and 6), consciousness is teaming up with them and goes to the buildup. If wins the lower start, this incarnation of the expunction from the book of life. This fight has to be prepared ahead of time here on Earth. Who on earth itself will overcome, there will win.Steadfast spirit – a very valuable quality, which is the basis of the song's other qualities. «The Unshakable loyalty trusts in the Lord, and love Boundless and all-encompassing. With all of these qualities is stressful and looking up the labor centers and start to glow. Planned, stressful, inspirational rhythmic work makes the Agni (fire) grow and accumulate in the sediment Bowl (the spiritual heart). These deposits are the most valuable treasure of sweat ". An example of such an unyielding spirit is E.P. Blavatsky, E.I. and N. K. Rerich’s.

"The hands dealt to you in life, game, but play every man, and here, on the Earth."
"Purification covers threefold; cleansing of the physical body, astral and mental bodies. Body cleansing is done with water and daily revelations. Daily pranayama breathing and brief clears the bowels. Cleanliness is in clothing and in the surrounding conditions. Astral is cleaned of emotions and experiences that are not commensurate with the highest aspirations of spirit, by strict control of reflexes of consciousness. Mental can be cleared, if observed, if the consciousness on constant patrol. Some terrestrial conditions are contagious; they should be avoided, as well as people carrying disease. They are dangerous is not installed yet, the immunity of the spirit. The Centre of gravity is in the astral and the cleansing is placed on it. But thoughts and much depends, as is thought. Yoga is impossible without purification. If there is a harmonic fusion of three higher principles with the lower four-flesh goes with fire. Wine, drugs, tobacco, meat, heavy rough food is injected into the body heavy items Fuego. The lowest feelings and thoughts of the Earth darkening the lower conductors and Light Triad could not break through them. But it happens that the body glows and shines the face. Say: - "He is very upset," the clouds ", or" his face beaming with joy. Every moment a person is in their wrappers light or darkness. When the personal ' I ' rushes up, shell begins to shine. Mastering thought on Earth, is the guarantee of freedom of the spirit in the world aboveground.
The highest happiness, which can have a man, is happiness confluence in the spirit of the Lord. …Go for it loves at all. … "Taking the brunt of the imperfections of the pupil and to decant, give-Me in My Tower but provided with all faults and weaknesses, it is also the heart. Order one day ago is because how then transmute bitter in sweet, if it is given again and again and again is taken to bring back. You should make it a rule; each enhancement to fall asleep or eliminate properties to look at the idea of dark, because this whisper phenomenon is rarely without their participation. Love loyal courage desire dedication to strengthen and develop in the higher worlds. Cats and stray dogs often serve as a tool for the dark influences. Attempts to harm will be done constantly. But all are cleared easily if us Bishop.

"What is love, if their actions upset favorite? Not it is covered whether in it something с this incompatible fiery feeling? Love won the fire, it is necessary to strengthen it to such an extent that it had just overcome the obstacles it yourself to approve, is insuperable and winning. Through the power of this feeling can be a win everything that gets in the way of rapprochement with those who happens to love. Its imperfections are dispensed with and love to Lead, because there is such a victim, which could bring in the name of love. If this is not done, then this love in words and in the brain, but not in heart. Application of the received Knowledge is very necessary now, more than ever. Besides so that all thoughts and words, actions and acts became Doctrine expression, - but how? Love to the Lord, All-conquering Love!

"Full transfer of consciousness and the will to the Lord before withdrawal to a dream, will facilitate a lot of things concerning elevated work. The violence over will isn't allowed but when the will is freely given to the Teacher of Light, It can, without breaking the Law, this will to direct in the desirable direction. It is so much spirits in need that the desire to help very valuably, and work will be always. Voluntary return of the will is necessary to the Lord because it is demanded by the Law. The aspiration and initiative have to proceed from this who wishes this cooperation".

"Long prayers will not help, if in the heart of the fire is not burning. Everything good, that with the lights and everything is dead there, where no lights. The new Division of people of chiaroscuro, or lights spirit enters into life and will be confirmed by images of aura radiation. And will not doubt whether this man is fit for evolution, or is a parasite on the healthy body of mankind. New divide people and passports for chiaroscuro with marks of their suitability for public work for many it would be a tragedy, because it will put them in the proper place, to be sated the ability to harm or take their rightful place. And the words are no longer saving, because the true radiation cannot be forged. Many school Teachers will not be allowed to children for poor quality. Criminals of the spirit will be isolated. Purification of space, the planet and humanity – future challenges that lie before us".

To rise above life, above all worldly, as Eagle above the ground ... The Teachings of Agni Yoga «are given to bring people to understand his fiery nature. Display of lights, their growth and caring for them is a great science that the Lord opens on the eve of the birth of a new sixth, root race. Psychic energy, (divine, All-initial) is the energy of fire behind everything that is in man, the energy that creates real life and all of its forms. The lights are controlled by the will, to capture their power. The discipline of the spirit is a persistent and consistent method of mastering their lights. Lords of the flame! This is purpose, which in the future should reach the people! Everything, that is event on in the US, fiery and ability to own a need therefore, to keep calm and be observant of manifestations of internal lights fiery yoga. It is necessary to watch, that the lights were bright and clean. The thought makes connotation flame spirit, she can paint lights spirit in any color, making them the purity and transparency or the dark, smoky Flash. Every moment is born of light or dark Agni. Flame interaction among people of their emissions released from infecting the long distances. Human lights the dark, smoky and gloomy. Servants of the light are sanitation areas. All our words and thoughts relate not only to us, but spatial harm is happening, influencing people and generating Brown gas that brings decay. It is time to realize mankind's responsibility for land.

The most important thing shows the best of love faith and trust in the Lord. If the Lord says: "Yes", it is necessary to summon the aspiration belief that «comes with me Lord" and means Victory everywhere. Space, planet, peoples exhaust the fiery force at service light. Many become true vampires, found eating the wrong force. The thieves of withdraw even, if it is close people. The world was divided into taking and giving. Teachers must deal wisely effective. Praise those who are trying to make, it may be that future servants of the light. The purification process depends on past savings and to rush to His lights. Ray Bishop Burns sores spirit, treating the whole body. The process those of detecting are very painful. If aspiration to the Lord fiery, it not necessary is confused shortcomings and various accumulation. Leave your thoughts about the past, live in the future. Now, step towards a future in, which imprisoned the great magnet. A great plan for the evolution of humans and all living things are the true masters of the Prototypes in the world shining substances illegal matter. And people remain a choice: either to follow the plan or the arena of life goes away. Unbreakable is cosmic laws.

Imagine that the person is a walking Tower, on top of which the searchlight, casting rays penetrating through any obstacles. And that Ray doesn't know distances and instantly reach any point of the globe. Imagine this device in human head, through the lens of consciousness which, Ray thought can be sent anywhere. If a good idea to touch a person anywhere in the world, and then ask him, he felt. Only the person doesn't know what he has splendid force. The idea of light is, joy and creativity. The idea of darkness is grief, illness, destruction. Forces of darkness must be countered by the fiery Light and creative thought her win!

You know man, with all its negative characteristics, but separate the feeling of ill will, which he called in your astral; replace it with a sense of indulgence and tolerance for imperfections. Dispense without the intervention of the feelings and emotions of astral shell. Good delight the spirit, love of man, compassion, but destructive of excitement, tearfulness sentimentality, and dive in eddies of someone else's despair and contamination of its own shell. Nothing so strongly weakens the mental energy, inability to keep it in balance. All the emotions astral of her lavish! Psychic energy is power, which it is necessary to learn before you use has Mastering themselves. To rein in the astral-action principle, keep balance at all times.

Strong and high spirit as his aura cleanse the environment. Every moment is good or evil depending on the human aura. Each aura is a curse or a blessing to others, making the light or the darkness that around. Feedback that is exposed to the aura is inevitable. What filled the space, the energy and extended to you. And then we talk about revenge and the terrible fate. The sewer and the reaper!
Is it easy to be President? I'm not referring to those who sat down in a Chair to make savings and wipe the pants, and those who State this when nothing, just like the country was stable. With coming to power of the fine person the forces of darkness are so heighten their actions that Planetary Demon - Jehovah borrowing (occupying) a post of a devil, is, and the loathsome dirty dog entity that applies any methods to achieve their goal. The victim was Russia, where "Earth's Armageddon." Planetary Satan-Jehovah applies all means possible decomposition of the person; television, the Internet, the opposition, the separate sects, healers, dark literature and most terrible content specific public personalities. This is democracy? I gee-up! Is black-out of Russians, not all, of course, and those, who very famous at all. You can build roads, all feed, clothe and shoes for all, but for some reason only refers to how to please the physical body. How long will not obscure the Light temporarily eternal life "? First, you need to lift the spirit, consciousness, culture, and this is the beginning and the rest will come by itself.
Is it easy to be a God? E.P. Blavatsky says that: "There is many times greater than the voltage on the Earth". The time of Maitreya, when, through the power Beams of the Star points of the Mother of the World, the foreordained must be predicted.

"Everything rises against the winner to break victory signs from his forehead; surrounding antagonistically to achievements of spirit. The world rises against; thousands threads delay spirit down on one level all. No exit: either to inspire all, or to fall to their level. We Can’t fall and therefore we Seek to lift all. The same task faces each spirit, which has risen over lump of people. The person can't separately exist. It is connected with a planet and mankind". Powers of darkness are afraid of dissemination of knowledge. Knowledge is Light. Knowledge will win against darkness. When the darkness comes, it is necessary to collect forces inside; especially it is necessary to keep a tight rein on an astral cover. It is necessary to save itself from worry by circumstances. All bodies of the person have a form: physical, astral, mental. Also the fiery body has a form. In the person there is something the highest, - without a name, a form and color, - inside the Staying, silently Looking Dumb Witness invested by Light. the Consciousness is Light or darkness. Mobility of consciousness in that, what it becomes the carrier form, in which it is concentrates at present. The cover is denser, the easier it gives in to thought influence. "The astral includes all passions, defects and emotions of the person of an astral order and changes depending on endured feelings on a scale of astral vibrations. When the astral body is dumped, the mental body changes depending on thoughts and keeps similar shape of the owner. The higher, the less terrestrial remains in the person. In a fiery body similarity of eyes remains only; so the form of the person changes. There is a Plan of Eternal Light, Arup's Plan, the Plan without forms available to consciousness to the Highest, where all "I" and "I" everywhere, where the center everywhere and a circle anywhere. In this center the Thought the Highest" reigns. The person is it builder of the covers, which are under construction thoughts and feelings, and dense – food. The highest "I", god in the person, has no name, a form and color.

43. Spiral of consciousness.

In the territory of our planet where the clergy preaches the Christianity, many consider themselves as Christians. And who from these believers lives as the one to whom they worship lived? He lived for people and observed all precepts, which precept to mankind. Ate vegetable food! I cured it and, having taught others to cure, I told: "Gift received, for nothing give". "Don't condemn what measure you judge, such you will be, we judge". "Treat people as you would like that you treated". Unless you didn't notice that you won't manage to tell something tactless as right there the answer you will receive, similar to your words, from other person. Life teaches us constantly. When there is to us a trouble, and, on a request to help, we are refused, it is necessary not to condemn people, and to reflect: "And to whom I helped at a difficult moment? » If you find the answer and it will appear that to anybody, and from this point you will change, consider that the first spiral turn of consciousness is made. Condemning the person for unworthy behavior, the condemn plunges in same, and can still the worst, a situation and if remembers the words of condemnation and will condemn, and any more won't be the judge of others life, - it made the second spiral turn of consciousness. Life – school from the birth to death. All of us went on holidays Christian to the temple, bought icons, consecrated water and Easter, were christened and christened children. But, having left the temple, everything forgot. Continued to live, not observing precepts. Many there go when the trouble happens go to ask the help for God. God created the Space Law of Punishment, the Karma which works precisely.

Now demonic "culture" rages; lethal shops, butcher shops, the markets, sausages from rotten meat, all this bears energy of destruction. The one, who doesn't use corpses of animals in food, can't communicate with those who absorb them. Absorbers of corpses are vampires of net Mental Energy from those who eats vegetable food. Those who work in lethal shops or butchers bear in themselves energy of deadly fear of animals. Permissiveness in everything: in behavior, in verbal expressions in public places, in clothes. Before Great Arrival Great Maitreya came to us to give us the New Doctrine of Live Ethics with large volume of information, which corresponds to today's intelligence of the person. It is continuation of the Doctrine of the Christ which is given in a condensed form.

There is no cognition, any of sciences, beginning studying it with the last section. Everything goes with gradual accumulation of knowledge. To study the higher mathematics, at first it is necessary to master arithmetic’s. Spiritual Knowledge is acquired, increasing consciousness on spirals, a round behind a round. There is no division between theosophy and esoteric they are closely connected among themselves. The one who divides them, - the ignoramus, or is under the influence of powers of darkness.
Theosophy – Divine Knowledge or Science, genealogy gods. the Greek word (тео – god, Sofia – wisdom), divine wisdom what gods possess.
Esoteric – secret hidden, intended only for the elite. Ec soteric is public for all. "All ancient religions, without an exception, shared on esoteric for the elite and on э c soteric for the people. A lot of things became complicated in Christianity because priests lost, rejected a key to understanding of the Doctrine of the Christ, a full esoteric about what in the Gospel there are numerous confirmations in words of the Christ". In now esoteric for all, who has an aspiration to Knowledge? Knowledge has to have practical application in lifePivot, which keeps the entire universe, Infinity, is the Hierarchy of light.

It is necessary to leave usual thinking, because time now unusual, - space other, than always. "Many creation of the Thin World is distraught; already it is impossible to rely on them in thinking. New only are created. Beams and currents others penetrate space. Many of a heap for urgent destruction were condensed. and the plan of the evolution which has been cut down in substance of elements, is ready to fall by Earth as soon as the combination of conditions will allow. A lot of things are already carried out by strong. But new waits for the statement terrestrial. Transitional time is always difficult and it is difficult to consciousness. But hard times will pass. That has to occur, - will come true". The transition period from Cali to Satia Yuga means the South - to get rid of the demonic culture decomposing society from consciousness of people and to increase consciousness. The allocated words "heaps for urgent destruction", is energy from our evil thoughts, swearing and irritations. And "the plan of the evolution which has been cut down in substance of elements", will fall by Earth when we won't create "heap". We prolong a transition period; The Shambhala burns "heaps", and we again accumulate them. Concern, at least, thought of the sphere of the Stronghold – already the benefit, it will bring consciousness updating.

The strong attraction of the Stronghold can overcome an attraction of surrounding space. Then the person leaves everything and goes far searches of the settlement celestial, - it means, the highest attractions won. Reach and on call. The magnet of spirit of the person the Highest is attracted by the Magnet. Can be reached it, having exempted from the power of three, - a physical body, an astral and mental body, - and without them the person is live remains. The life essence not is put into three, but above. The stronghold is reached only by those who approved the power over three. Pieces of a way should be passed so that not to get under their temporary influence. Advance essence is separation from environment. The present, wasn't as though heavy and terrible, all the same will leave and will exempt us from the presence.

In us, from life in life, always remains Looking, the Recorder, Dumb Witness Is the one whom call "the temple in the person". He knows everything, sees and hears us at any age and an environment. The external phenomena, feelings, emotions, thoughts flow as the movie via the consciousness screen which is beheld by Him from within Looking. Maya, - illusion, that isn't eternal, three bodies too illusion. The spirit is eternal only. Life laws, it is a framework to which the person submits. Eternal is in the temporary. The law of a spiral, cycles, septenary, is forms of space life, the river of life of the World.

"Day of Great Arrival we won't avert. Elements lost balance. Elements of darkness and Light are in opposition, the space is restless and people rave. But Day of Great Arrival and a wave of victorious Light will come will fill in aura of a planet, and time of great balance will come. And to a kingdom of Light there will be no end. Again the Golden Age mankind will come. Let Day of the Lord will be a symbol of Christmas of the New Eyelid, the New Light Era, New Earth and the New Sky. It will be Light Birthday, which will bring Light of the Lord to the world. Time of crucifixions, murders and violence will come to an end. It will be the Era of freedom of mankind". But before have to dark leaved from a planet because chains of slavery are imposed by them. Teachers always bore the Life Doctrine, but dark imposed the hand, and the Doctrine of freedom became slavery and violence religions.
Inscrutable Ways Space before which the human will is powerless. The karma puts the person in a rigid framework, and freedom is limited to invariable conditions. To scoop experience useful of life it is possible always, in what conditions of people it wouldn't be put. If it is restrained in something, another can succeed. Space Compensation and Compensation Law works. All difficulties and deprivations are blessing tested them. The suffering is an invariable condition of a kindle of fires – the highest pleasure and achievement of the person, an indestructible, shining armor of spirit in which it will stay in the Worlds of the highest time period not commensurable on extent with lives on the earth. As award the person is served by life in Light body on Boundlessness open spaces.

Body of Light most should construct of deposits of the Highest energy generated and caused to life in the conditions of the terrestrial and in it the life purpose.

"To grow up fiery wings fly in Light spaces, - whether this achievement justifying any difficulties of life, any tests. Are incommensurable pleasure and possibilities of the Highest Worlds to pleasures and joys terrestrial? Therefore we will be glad lives difficult which approaches us to Light Hall". Let's think of difficulties of those who goes ahead of us, specifying us a way. For heavy lives terrestrial the great future expects mankind. In Light kingdom where there are no shadows, its power over consciousness comes to an end. Lives terrestrial are called as Earth dreams. The person wakes up from them after death, being exempted from illusions terrestrial. Then it is exempted from illusions astral and mental. These worlds it is passing, only Fiery World, the World of Light is real".

In the Highest Worlds there is no time, speed and distance. Everything, - not having a form, color and number, "I – It, the Dumb Looking, Silent Witness, the Immortal Recorder which has become the only expression of essence of human spirit". "Even in the middle of a cyclone is the center of complete equilibrium which will be not broken by a storm raging around. In the person the Silent Recorder Looking from depth of the person at the phenomena, rushing in a rough stream by it will be this center of balance. It is necessary to connect consciousness to it and to merge with It together. Nothing can shake, affect him, or destroy. It in the person and it out of everything the events outside". He only Looks and Remembers. If to join its Light, Silently Looking, and to come nearer to its Lamp, all external will lose the power over consciousness and the force incessantly to torment the person.

The Divine Spark accumulating information for all past life’s is silent and Looks. If to take a tip of a hair and to divide it into 100 parts, and then to divide a hundredth part into 100 parts, 1/10 000 part of a tip of a hair will turn out; any microscope which is on Earth, can't see this particle, so it is small. It is the Divine Spark, the temple in the person, in heart.

Full measure the person, never can show spirit advantages and anything it without having soiled. This valuable quality can be claimed, of a spot of a shame to wash away, and sides of advantage of spirit to make strong shining. Having adjusted itself on this wave, to this rare quality it is possible to come nearer and begin it in itself to create. The true advantage of spirit is approved when the person alone - inside and not for foreign eyes it is formed. The carrier of this valuable quality not only lifts itself, but also people around. Such quality in the person will get at once a response of the Teacher".

Hard times give birth to heroes of spirit. During lifetime of silent, smooth heroes aren't born and fires won't flash. Belief – great igniter of spirit. From belief the knowledge filling space with Light is born. It isn't enough to reach, it is necessary to hold the reached. It isn't enough to ascend to the following step, the main thing to keep on it. Achievement is followed by the test period which is very dangerous. Light quenchers sharp-sightedly watch opportunity go out Light. They send thoughts, people, conditions such that our Light went out. the Teacher, - a reliable board from attacks dark, they too give to strong knowledge and temper spirit.
Eyes – soul windows, its Light streams via the device of eyes. Eye beam – the phenomenon psychophysical; it is also real, as well as the Sun Beam. The beam of an eye bears in itself Light or darkness, life or death, pleasure or a grief, cheerfulness or despondency, a smile or tears, blessing or a damnation, the benefit or the evil in degrees different, on strength of the thinker giving a beam. Under a look kind, life-given flowers blossom, but fade from dark radiations. The aura too gives radiations, but is limited to the sphere. Eye beam as the beam of a searchlight affects visibility distance. spiritual distances don’t know the Beam of an eye and can create and strike on spaces huge. When in our consciousness is presented the person, our beam reaches for it, bearing its energy the concerning. It is good to have an eye kind, creating in the benefit; it ennobles people, does them better in own eyes. It is better to improve the bad person a look, than good to make is worse. Thinking badly of the person, we worsen him and the beam the hidden mental helps to aggravate the evil. Thoughts bad have the return blow – a boomerang. Therefore it is impossible to condemn people. If you send bad thought, and this person is in good mood, it flies away from it as the ball from a wall and flies back, attaching to the similar thoughts flying in space.
Principal organ of the person is heart. Filled with love to the Lord, approves proximity him. And at night when the brain has a rest, the heart directed to the Lord, brings to consciousness the distant messages. Devotion, aspiration to the Teacher is success and a victory. The silver thread of communication of hearts of the Great Teacher and the pupil, "except a thread of heart is established there is nothing". If the basic is observed by strong and the Lord undividedly reigns in devoted heart, it is necessary to be even closer – the Face of the Lord has to become between the pupil and all other stream of life temporary. Continuous vision of the Face of the Lord needs to be carried away with itself to the Thin Worlds. Always with It, eternally, from life in life! Approving the Lord in itself, Truth we approve. It is told: "Be filled with me because “I Is the Way, Truth and Life". (“I Is” and the first letter of the alphabet, corresponds Supreme).
Not in the world of bigger happiness, than happiness of Service to Light! To serve Light, so to contain the aura in such condition that its harmonious and light radiations interacted with space, changing it and everything that in it, - auras of people, plants, animals and subjects. Subjects accumulate all information from the people living in their environment. Therefore the person is responsible for the aura. The aura of tranquility and concern influences people variously; the first bears in her blessing, and the second destruction to the surrounding. And people go, radiating round itself energy of Light or darkness. Rescue not in words, and in the annex of the Doctrine to life. It isn't necessary to submit to others dark influences, and to generate light, - to bear the Light. It is a lot of vampires around, devouring Light, it is necessary to be protected from them. Heroes of spirit call those who in the aura bear Light. The way of introduction to Light life is difficult. But it also is Great Service! Bear Light of the Lord - to the world on transformation.
Forges Name Lord’s for the dark it is invincible. Light for darkness is impregnable. "The darkness harms when its elements filter in a microcosm of the person. Therefore cracks in devotion, love and readiness are so dangerous. Light, not black out anything, - is impregnable darkness". It is good if the pupil can tell: "Here the darkness was up in arms against me, but I am not afraid of it because has in me no anything". Dark can harm according to the accord. "But I protect mine while an armor the fiery finish. Children My, My dear children, will pass poisonous time, and you, in Me approved, cloudless join pleasure of spirit. Yes! Yes! Yes! I speak about a clear and final victory of Light, in all Worlds already approved". Only our dense world, decomposed dark, won't regain consciousness in any way from obsession; from three worlds one slows down evolution. The first under the leadership of "Lucifer", and is currently under the command of the demigod – Demon Brama.

The world of the Teacher and the pupil is in the vibrations the different. Communication with the Teacher is the accord, not with the surrounding person the sphere, and with the World Highest Energy by which the sphere of Spirit of the Teacher is sated. With Highest Energies it is necessary to bring the consciousness into the accord, having isolated it to a limit from the dense world. The pupil has to lift the world before vibrations World Teacher. No a brain and heart in this thin process is a pusher, the initiator.
Creativity goes through the Face of the Lord, to heart the entered. In Communication great value has clarity of representation of the Face. It is necessary to aspire that the shining Image of the Lord was with us always. Victory is in everything with the Lord! Victorious also Is powerful a shining Face. Through a dense wall of vibrations terrestrial Rays of light of the Shining Face of the Lord make the way and light the Light heart fires. So creativity on the Beam arises. Its understanding and the statement is required, and then it becomes way of life. And the stream of thoughts of the Teacher fills with waves devoted heart. "Therefore strongly in Me stand, - because I am the Stone of the eternal basis of life. I Came to reduce fire of eternal life to Earth and so would like that it flared up".

"It is impossible to stand apart. It is impossible to come off great planetary tasks. Great Maitreya conducts the human ship and it is necessary to enter into a rhythm of its aspiration. The great cause is created and it is necessary to become its participant. The world has to win. Threat to mankind has to become before eyes. To keep Earth and mankind is and there is the Great Plan. its Participant it is necessary to feel itself and to become its performer in spheres available. Difficulty that very few ready consciousnesses, is the main brake of evolution. The Doctrine of Live Ethics, and how many such which in it were approved is given. It is necessary to live not in the afternoon, and to walk through the third anniversary, century, and the millennium. When the consciousness starts living in eternity, big cycles are available to consciousness. Then terrestrial interests will lose the importance. Through two hundred – three hundred years when the person from the thin World again will return to Earth, they will simply cease to exist. But affairs of the Great Plan live the millennia more. To live in them, means to invest the spirit capital in the enterprise strong long, big incomes bringing in. Who remembers lives personal our grandfathers and great-grandfathers? But there live in memory of people only lives heroic, fighters for happiness human. The lord calls to cooperation to put into practice affairs of the Great Plan deciding destinies of the world and people".
People cannot notice spatial service at all because it happens on the plan invisible to a physical eye. Anybody even can't present as on Great Service the Lord Stays, - whole eons time. It Costs on Great Patrol. Rare gleams casual Highest Communication doesn’t give a full picture of process of Great Making. Not to mind human to judge Attendants of Light. Even the close pupil can't judge it; even about own spatial service often don't know anything. When the terrestrial consciousness keeps silence during a dream, hidden work is made. Spatial Service can happen and in an awake condition if strong communication with the Teacher allows accumulating force of the Beam and to radiate it in space, sating spheres with the highest vibrations. There is it unconsciously; the thought the Highest, given rise by proximity of the Teacher, proceeds from consciousness, discharging density of layers of the sphere. Nobody can judge, how many the benefit is brought by the attendant of Light to mankind which eats Light of spatial thoughts. In the course of breath people absorb either poisons, or life given products in the course of thinking, - therefore think the light.
The thought of everyone fills Earth atmosphere with Light or darkness, forming crystals of the deposits which the person eats. Even, having entered into the dwelling of the person it is possible to feel at once pleasure or oppression from the mental atmosphere generated by his inhabitants. We understanding, we eat spiritually the atmosphere of the cities and houses, being submitted them to powerful influence. And only very strong spirits create the wave of influence, without giving in to the lowest level of the surrounding. Therefore hold the mood, irrespective of the surrounding accumulation, in power to only resistant spirit which knows the way. Preservation of the essence from dissolution in an environment of twilight of gray thoughts will be a merit before itself, the Teacher and space. If Wednesday turns off the light which in you, so you absorb thoughts of masses, and has be on the contrary. That Light carrier also differs from inhabitants that it waves of usual influences can't overcome light. The light should be stored above all, it is necessary to sound on the wave, but not to dissolve it in the surrounding. Surrounding subordinates to itself consciousness, weakens and extinguishes it, depriving of Light brought in the world. Go out Light in himself means death of spirit therefore to hold a gain is a question of life of consciousness. To keep Light, it is necessary to oppose to forces of external influences force, decupled by the Beam and conscious Proximity of the Lord.

In the course of Service we realize that except the Teacher nobody will help.

It is impossible to stand still; in a stream will carry away either up, or down. Turncoats from the Teacher go to darkness embraces. It is better not to come nearer at all, than having come nearer, to recede, - and to come back to the lowest condition of consciousness. It is better to fly with dream which gives carrying strength in the future. Without hope of future advance it is impossible. Should find a place in the future and is closer to the Teacher because the future is under construction Hierarchy of Light. Planets rotate in World Space without consent to that of mankind therefore it is necessary or to join a current of the Space Law, or to stand aside. The hierarchy makes all efforts to shift mankind on a way of the Truth Space. Our planet was visited more than once by cataclysms, continents on an ocean floor left, destroying completely personal worlds. So the old world doomed to will collapse leaving from a historical scene. Also there is no reason to persist and counteract the Highest Decision. The personal world won't cover the Truth World. On patrol there are Great Spirits, and the New World will take place, despite everything. (B. N. Abramov, "A.Y. facets.”, 1955). The one, who will approve in itself this information, and will apply it in life, that will string not one round on a spiral of the consciousness.

44. Knowledge comes in visions.
In ancient times there were no books, but wise men were always. Why Wisdom says, what God is Space? Because in Space there is everything, from Mendeleev's table information for Universe creation. Light is Thought of the Supreme Deity, poured in Space. Only it is necessary to be able to take, be able this information it to find in a form of the Beam and to transfer to consciousness of the person. The beam, after refraction in consciousness, transfers information to a brain. Even at night when the person sleeps, the consciousness can fly in vast space and receive information from the Teacher, only from it. Or consciousness high can temporarily "lend" that it transferred information to a brain of the person with low consciousness. This information can be transferred only under control of the High Teacher.

E.P.Blavatsky had no vocational education, but as all princely children and grandsons, I learned general education sciences, music, languages from house teachers and governesses. In India it organized theosophy society, printed articles and stories in 35 editions. Many scientists with a world name came to it to prove an inaccuracy of its theories, - but, having talked to it, left with recognition of the mistakes and recognizing its erudition. From where is it took this Knowledge? From Space! Yes, but this Knowledge it is necessary to be able to take from Space. And make it can only Great Maitreya, Great Teacher E.P. Blavatsky.

In the letters it informs: "Professor Adler, one of the first archeologists of the USA and others, some educated people, come to me to study at me, and I swear that I understand various east languages and sciences, both exact, and abstract, it is much better, than these men of science. It is the fact! And facts are stubborn things, with them you won't argue. So tell me: how could happen, what I, whose education up to forty years so awfully limped, suddenly became a torch of knowledge in eyes, on – to the present of scientific people? This fact is incomprehensible secret of the Nature. I – any riddle of psychology, a puzzle for future generations, a certain Sphinx! I, never in lives of nothing studying, not possessing anything, except superficial data of the most general character, not having idea about physics, chemistry, and zoology and in general about anything, now suddenly began to write the whole theses in these subjects. I enter discussions with men of science which often I leave the winner. How it everything turns out? That it didn't happen to me to read, all this seems to me to acquaintances. I find mistakes in learning articles. If any archeologist happens to call me on a bet, at farewell he by all means assures me that I explained it value various monuments also I pointed to it to such things, which never would come to it to mind. All symbols of an antiquity with their secret meanings occur to me and face my mind, as soon as in conversation comes about them speech. Faraday's one pupil, professor of X., which in a scientific world unanimously christened "the father of experimental physics", I spent with me yesterday evening and now assures me that I am capable "to outdo Faraday". "I never here tell about experience of my communication with "Voice", i.e. with the Teacher. When I try to convince that I never was in Mongolia that I don't know neither a Sanskrit, nor Hebrew, classic European languages, to me don't trust. "How it is so? – They speak, - you never there were and thus so well you describe? You don't know languages, but you translate directly from original language? «And therefore they refuse to trust me".

E.P. Blavatsky writes: "In our theosophy society everyone has to become the vegetarian, not consuming meat and not drinking wine. This one is of our foremost rules. It is well known, - what adverse effect is rendered by blood and alcohol evaporations on the spiritual party of a human nature, inflating animal passions in a storming flame. Therefore I solved to fast more strongly, than usually. I ate one salad, slept on a floor, and didn’t smoke. And here that occurred: before my look one of the most disgusting scenes flew, and I felt as if I leave own body and with disgust I take a detached view of it – as it goes, talks, fatly indulging in excesses and having wallowed in a sin. As I began to hate myself! The next night, again, being put to bed on a rigid floor, I was such tired that soon fell asleep. And I was shrouded by heavy, utter darkness. Then I saw how there is any star. It was lit highly – highly it is necessary me and began to fall directly on me. The star fell to me directly by a forehead and turned into someone's palm. The palm remained with me on a forehead, and I was burned with curiosity: – whose is a hand? I concentrated on the one and only entreaty, on one strong-willed impulse, endeavoring to comprehend who possesses this being shone palm? And I understood, the one who costs it is necessary me, is I. Suddenly this "the second I" started talking, addressing to my body: "Look at me! » My body looked and saw that a half of the second me was black as a resin, other half – pale gray and only the top absolutely white, sparkling, radiant. And again I addressed to own body: "When you will become same being shone, as this tiny part of yours the heads, then that others see will be available to your look, pure, managed completely to be cleared. For now be cleared, cleared, and cleared".
Knowledge comes in visions, at first in dreams, then in pictures which are coming before an internal look during meditations. E.P.B. was taught all system of evolution, laws of life, secret of life and death, karma act. It taught nothing according to books. The knowledge found by such way, indelible; all other sources seem insignificant in comparison with it. "It is very difficult to express the correct language that is given in the form of pictures and it is comprehended by means of pure Reason". "This method of training – synthetic: At first extensive knowledge, then intuition and disclosure of small details are given.

E.P. Blavatsky says about "the Exposed Isida" that, when it worked over this book, before it visions – the movie were developed. She saw continents, the cities, temples and she needed to write down everything. Before it she with the informative purpose visited the islands which have escaped after death of the continent of Lemur. I visited Easter Island, and on memoirs of inhabitants, I kept the diary where wrote down information received from them. It studied tribe language, - it had a good memory. In "the Secret Doctrine" information, which about what it is told could know only, is given that "He sits at the fountain and doesn't drink from it because he has nothing to learn that he wouldn't know on Earth and in the Sky". It is Great Maitreya.

It is impossible psychics to call visions clairvoyance. It is a lot of conscious lie in visions undisciplined psychics.
Mentality area dangerous and difficult! Conceals in itself many self-appointed adherents! It is told in the Doctrine "Agni Yogi": "Without the Top management it is impossible to plunge safely into this area". Understand visions can only the pupil being under direct supervision of the Great Teacher. "Correctly to see and understand, it is necessary to learn to operate the lowest Manas (intelligence) and not to allow invasion it. There are examples of images when the highest Manas (Reason) gave Truth, but the mentioned egoism awakened the lowest aspect it which interfering not only made additions, distorting all sense of given Truth. Historical actions were often made under the decree of images. More often than people think, the Invisible government proposed the solutions. Beings the Highest or left relatives bring messages from the thin world. People shouldn't hide such visions and visits if the secret wasn't ordered. "The fiery press on lips is very strong", but for descendants it is possible to make records and to tell Truth to support mankind.

The Phenomenon of Making Higher; phenomenon or approaching of Making Higher to the Earth plane is always accompanied by a terrible shock body. Quivering, which to envelope all of the essence, so terrible, that the heart could not to stand; because, some, seen only light such Approximations, - already fell dead. Vision the God-Mother by Similar Sergius, a trembling shook His gray hair, which is depicted as visiting and as fell dead the pupil, which will be abreast. And we know what not unattainable Heights was the spirit, approaching to of fire Similar Sergius. When will tell about the phenomena of Teachers, be related to that carefully; easily accessible only the lowest sphere and personifications world the lowest.

Article 5 has aroused strong reaction from the dark; went to letters from readers, but veiled by the leader of dark forces. After a couple of days I was Jehovah is the devil. In the hands holding the sheet with the English text; this vision lasted for five seconds. And what does it mean? Presumably, did not like the comments to "old testament". The time has come to unleash the lies!
Show me the vision of consciousness. In previous articles I talked about some reading books on theosophy and the esoteric. Authors of books have helped me. E.P. Blavatsky in reading one paragraph in "So" read it along with Me, so I finally, learned, Lord M.:-the word that became flesh in our plan, Ishvara, the divine Christ is human evolution. And drew my attention to all the important places in the "Etc." so, I think that the main thing I learned at once. Many people read for 20-30 years and understand nothing-dark way. I once read her story "Charmed life", the introduction to this story I was shown as a movie – vision. And in the end it is written: "and who want to learn about the sear pen learns by reading my emails, then this line is gone. Only three and a half page of text, and I was struck by the phenomenon. I should like to repeat, I started first read ... but, as they say, good-a bit. E.I. Rerich during read "A.Y." made a few tips – interesting information’s. Gautama Budda compared with Maitreya, as John the Baptist compared with Christ. John the Baptist spoke of Christ: "he is Going after me, but who was ahead of me. I am not worthy to untie the strap of his shoe. (John, 1/27). In the book "the rose of the world" by Daniel Andreev is the word Olympus is Shambhala. The great Maitreya Buddha is not fully translated; He is born and dies. Thanks E.I.Rerich and E.P.Blavatsky.
Many visions, but not all can speak. Big thick total notebook has all to fill up. August 24, 2008, saw for the first time, the Eyes of Lord. Now, almost every day, getting Gifts is vision. Sometimes it does not happen and I missed them. Today was also the picture, wonderful! Vision, «voice of Silence» is information-Knowledge to remember. It fills me with great joy. Thank you! Double-click the "Dokiud", there has seen a big House of Lord M.: On thin plan, the highest area. He quickly got out of the House, passed about transparent ten meters and stopped, staring at me. And I am from him at a distance of ten feet away stood. This picture I watched from the side. Clearly see it, in a long white dress with long sleeves and a hat – turban. Lick the Bishop as a portrait owned by E.I. Rerich.
"The Dignity of the spirit in the likeness can be full; never anything it’s not to spot. This is a valuable quality arguably stains of shame wash away, and spirit make the shining faces of dignity. By setting yourself on this wave, that rare quality you can get closer and start a build. The true spirit of dignity, when a man alone inside, and not for outsiders it is formed. The medium of this valuable quality not only themselves, but also the surrounding rears. Such quality in a man immediately finds the Teacher feedback”. (Boris Abramov, "Agni Yoga facets"). To attract the attention of Teachers, maintain the dignity of the spirit.

45. Collect crystals of Light.

"My throne in intimate depths of spirit human is"(М. :)

Human dignity should be stored under all conditions of life. Lost it becomes less is cringing. There is a human inside it that cannot be rent circumstances and people. Much can destroy, but his dignity cannot be given to another people. Everything in our lives opposite, come to life takes a seat and goes out of our lives, as if they had never been. How many of them came and gone in the irrevocable past. They are long gone, but people live, and took his consciousness. Bind and to put themselves at the mercy of them. Everything is gone and the people will remain one. Not only will the Teacher go. From one life to another in dense worlds and in between incarnations in the subtle worlds, He is always with us. There are ties and ties of time everlasting Eternal links – link with the teacher. We may be the only living relatives, brought us together past lives, only. Loneliness is the destiny of man, - their feet being the man on his way to the ground. Personal karma, even with a strong kinship ties, overcome individually.
"To do investments for development of spirit of the person, - atonement and a gets rid of karmic debts is true."
No repentances and participles will help! "Thy Affairs judge will» or "faith without works is dead." The test should pass, relying only on their strength. Learn to fight alone-on bends and in places particularly dangerous Teacher will warn you and will support. But what good is that all who will do something for us. Against the influence of all the circumstances of reliance acquire within yourself. Everything is within us, and the Bishop, and the Kingdom of God, and the treasure of the spirit, - tough way to those, who have accepted the teachings of life. Pink dreams fly remains reality-not everyone survives collision with her. But the retreat was impossible. It is a lot of the "good" people, which hidden essence bad. Only severe tests can identify her. The words, as well as the behavior of a person mean nothing until you came hours of this test. In difficult minute taped a man such as he is in reality. Disclosure of human essence-a sad page is in the life of each Teacher. It is a lot of them suitable on fires of affection, enthusiasm and pink dreams. All the invited, - but elected so little. It isn't enough of them who at the heavy moment of tests will choose the correct way. Easily pass through a preliminary test, but becomes more difficult when the true face is revealed in all its power, the choice becomes inevitable; with Me, or without Me. But "come with me" means the rejection of, loss of his lower self and sacrificing him to sacrifice a higher Calling. «And will be going on the crossroads of two highways spirit; one for the Master, and the other in darkness. While spirit is not yet fully grown, you can do the final selection, but the time will come when you have to decide and give myself an irreversible Serving Rulers. And then there can be no hesitation. Climb the stairs of the spirit, required the approval of each of them in action, that is, personal contribution. It is better not to know than not to know and use in life.
Always keep a balance and there is no despondency and fear. All the personal experiences of time, personal "I" have to discard, step over him. Eternal only Immortal and eternal spirit, and it has no case to experience temporary mortal shells. Whatever storms and eddies not raged outside, and inside, in the innermost sanctum of the spirit, peace reigns, above human understanding.
"This world give me, for I am in your dwelling, there is a Stone of eternal life Foundation". (М.:)
No Hurricane it will not shake, waves his influences are not material. Don't let anyone or anything relates to values the spirit of painstakingly accrued. The sanctuary of the spirit to the outside world, for people closed. The parable of the beads and pigs may be constant warning-"don't to scatter beads before swine". "The dignity of the spirit will be armor and protection. Go through the light, By Climbing the spirit, look not recedes, and otherwise you could fly apart. Call for help-give the Lord Bishop to enter into your heart. In addition to yarn heart there is nothing. On top of all is Lord. "
"What sever on Earth, what be and is in heaven." Seeds of light received on Earth, bloom in the subtle world. Death gives new light to the construction of the subtle world. The one ,who lived on Earth, with life itself, with these thoughts going into the world of another new track, "not leaving. Those who knew him also died, and no one on Earth who would have remembered about it. Coming in the thin world, he continues to develop its energy on the Earth, and thinking only about himself, he is in the subtle world no one was needed. Do not keep it on the ground and did not know there! It is tragic, his selfishness and his tragic King's desperation. "No roots either in the past or in the future. Sign the death over it. The circle of personal hopelessness becomes isolated the small extent of life. And does not he share anything on Earth, where everything is over, nor in the world, invisible, where everything is destroyed by its negation. So doomed he to death and oblivion is selfishness".
But aspired to the future, lost their power to the cases of super person and the common well, have a wide circle of life. Great spirits never die and their deeds. And, leaving the land, can participate in the Affairs of the world. In the world of Invisible spirits, who worked on the great common good, with even greater force can exert their energy. "Working for the common good of the Earth in a physical body is nothing but a unique premise of capital in enterprise sustainable, robust and solid, not subject to collapse as a result of the death of the body. (М.:) Who is the Lord; he will put his idea to Lord and will give him to enter into my heart. In addition to yarn heart there is nothing! Thread the heart, connecting with Bishop inside, there is a strong asset.
"Stay and abide with Me.: Because above all is I". (M.:)
When the dark surround and closed its terms, it remains only one way-up. The dark push the person up, to the Teacher. You cannot serve two masters – and Lord. Manifestation of a personal start to douse not silenced it higher. Space is limitless and all mankind eventually will show your super person consciousness. "Poisonous times will and dissipate the darkness and everyone will find their joy in the joy of public planet. But, so far, the dark trying to cause harm, to guard against them must be firmly and without hesitation. When translating a clear Face in the third eye, they obscure and to shade in it. A lot of damage occurs if speech recognition is not available. "Can crawl on to do channel, and then easily take dark to whisper for your own logical conclusions". It is very difficult to deal with, to push dark whisper. For each vehicle of light sent lots of invisible, malevolent eyes wanting to cause harm. When extracts are absorbed between Teacher and student, harm is great especially. Dark don't know neither pity nor mercy or compassion.
Inhumanity is unmistakable sign of dark. What are the Chief and army?
But, any iota won't pass (won't fall into oblivion) from the law, all won't be executed yet. Everything should be in due time. Lay up for you treasures in the spirit and then luminary-celestial the world, indeed, become like hawks. Maintaining balance control senses, not letting them appear externally-the fiery force concentrate inside. All measures needed to increase their power. Force their multiplying, will collect crystals of light. This is the way of climbing, as is thickened with Light, crystallized inside, like a light gas, lifts the human microcosm in higher realms. Creates a magnet of attraction to the Highest! Like the hardworking bees can collect in the Bowl the shining Jewel Crystal psychic energy; bit by bit, every day, relentlessly, using the experience of a lifetime. Constant application of the teachings in life will be gathering and accumulation of light.
Collect to itself treasures in the spirit of, and then to World Torches, really, you will assimilate".
Who can prevent gather light? Energy thoughts, President Jimmy Carter in action, crystallize and deposits. Strenuously and actively apply the teachings in their lives and so increase the light that is in you – the light, but not darkness, in the name of light work, going in the name of Lord, Wins. If the student is constantly in action, it will be the energy of the Teacher and the beam. Use your energy in action, then the Teacher will find that their work. The essence of light Ministries is to energies that originate from the human microcosm in the surrounding areas. Place saturated permanent breathing radiation to crystallize in it, call the Ashram. (Ashram refers to a sacred place, Church, monastery, school secret without sib’s knowledge; can be a great Fraternity and a Stronghold White Brotherhood can called Ashram.) Pockets of salvation have spatial relevance; operate on the principle of magnetism, constantly exploding all around. Holy places are too light-psycho-chemical phenomenon, the Transfiguration of amplified and has a beam of energy at far distances. Self - starting rays have spatial relevance. Silent Service Call Service age is an Archat (a God-man), when the leg must pass silently, "great and significant always takes place in silence. Service is not interrupted in any conditions, in mountains, cities, in silence or Word. This service is not for everyone, but the Teacher sees it. No barriers to block the path of light, he is invisible and goes around. Darkness to light is not an obstacle, it disappears under his rays.
Need dedicated employees of the spirit, and they are not overnight, need the Millennium working together. Especially valuable is that person, who can give. The hardest giveaway – gifts of the spirit. They must have before hand, and it is necessary to accumulate before you have. Collect to hand out, no other purpose for others, the evolution of the spirit. Returns are not always shall be visible or verbal- radiation aura continuously saturate the aura of people and space, but what? Grey people do goes and nightmares. Among stink’s radiation of dark and grey auras, light emits little.
New waiting replace old, proper installation of consciousness, solid hope for the future, accompanied by a powerful engine. Hope in action becomes an aspiration and has the force of the fire engine of the spirit; faith, hope and love. Faith is strengthened confidence in the teacher, the inevitability of evolution and aspiration, giving the wings of spirit ". Love remains a link Hierarchy to the top and to the bottom. Wait for the evolution of the world Expect signs of change and the inevitability of the future. "Live the future." Everything takes place as planned, the highest Wisdom leads.
"First of to work (in oblivion), the Moon and the Sun, than the force of law, incarnate in the word of the Lord! The cornerstone of the foundation of the House spirit is Lord ".
Expect to take action and aggravate feeling to feel this future here, beside, behind a veil. Many felt and on-they were called prophets. Deep significance is of the future aspirations in infinity. Everything is on the move, looking for a certain purpose. A planet rotating around its own axis makes a spiral motion. The Sun rotating around its axis also makes a spiral motion. And the whole solar system, rotating, aspires to a distant star. Idle-period of stagnation, rotting. Balance and variety of idle. Balance, in conjunction with the aspiration, is bearing fruit.
"Teacher of light is the Sun of life recover one sight the spirit”.
Many are of the living dead, not living, and wander in the darkness of misunderstanding. They said: "Let the dead bury their dead. You, follow Me ". At all times tops spirit reach those who passed through difficult tests. Eternal everyday life and Eternal holiday, - darkness and Light; the darkness, being replaced Light. To kingdom of Light there will be no end. Waiting for the holiday spirit! Of more than a billion – join us, help bring the light. How much can the remains of the planet's crust to solidify into deposits of coal. Muscles are constantly in need of exercise, not atrophied, just atrophy and fortitude.
"I have to start the way I have to walk up, but on their, and I have to finish. Not Promised for him to drag recalcitrant or densely settled land, but my light is visible to all, with their feet and desire her. At the sky through the power of no one being dragged, but everyone his own efforts reach." (М.:)"
For every rising of the spirit will come the time of learning. The burden of wisdom carries difficult Rulers. To drain bowl of poison is the inheritance of wisdom ... "Peace for all mankind Himalaya Brothers aspirate drink life poisoned poisonous breath. A lot of effort and energy is spent on this thankless job, and not everyone is capable of it. Report on some cannot stand and are burned, poisoned lethal radiation of human passions and vices. Many refined spirits, touching the atmosphere contaminated human long and heavily emanations. This is no horror in the higher planets. Gross organisms do not feel a heavy atmosphere, saturated with poisons yourself. But the subtle, sensitive heavy suffer without knowing the reason. A symptom of this disease is poisoning spatial poison. Immunity is in spirit. "The thought is matter; her subtle radiation can surround the human microcosm protective veil and neutralize the poison. It is necessary in the morning and to surround in the evening of, as though with a cloud of thought protective – light and pure, and to be fenced off by that the infected layers. Our thoughts must be constantly present themselves in the Light bearer environment. Get dressed in the morning, don't forget to dress and to strengthen this spiritual attire, and during the day not mentally separated from him as not separated in the minds of the people with clothes on him. Habit, root in the minds of the view you want. Anyone who was in the path of light must be protected from people, even from loved ones, keeping the integrity of his or her identity. Great loneliness is the inheritance of wisdom. In an environment very few devoted souls. We must learn to stand alone. "Nothing will change the Solitude and loneliness a waste." You can be lonely in the crowd and their loved ones, if consciousness is different. "That is, swimming in the shuttle, although a draw would be better than someone else, if it were not a shuttle, and Palace. Karma the human is individual, because each knows your way. When navigating in a thin world (physical death), the spirit alone is great." "And only the chain Hierarchical, connecting it with the Father – the Hierarch, steadily approaches to knowledge of Secret and itself.We must learn to stand alone, like top, no one expecting nothing but letting everyone. But, with no permanent Teacher of loneliness, the feeling is not Left, not thrown, not forgotten. Burdening circumstances is as accompaniment to a complex and subtle tones of spirit ".
"Everybody, even a short representation of the image of the Teacher in the heart, automatically connects the consciousness with the Teacher and with his Light on force concentration. Approach His Greatest! Collect crystals of light!
(Boris Abramov, "A.Y.facets”).