Facets Agni Yoga, 1952, 1

Facets Agni Yoga, 1952
Part I
Boris Nikolayevich Abramov records, the next pupil N. K. Rerich, received from the High Source about what there is a confirmation E.I. Rerich. – Novosibirsk, – the Algim Enterprise, 2013 – 304 pages.
The book to enter Records is Boris Nikolayevich Abramov’ of 1952. B. N. Abramov (1897-1972) who lived many years (1917-1959) abroad, in Harbin, was Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerich's closest pupil. The source is of Records and books of the Doctrine of Live Ethics – Is uniform. It confirmed Elena Ivanovna Rerich, in the 40th years got acquainted with the first Records.
In time preparation of Records for the edition features theis style were kept.
The book will be useful to readers in search of answers to questions of appointment of the person and his responsibility before the Universe.
I thank the staff "of Algim" publishing house promoting issue of the present book.
ISBN 978-5-91864-055-5
© Drawing up
Velichko N. N., 2013
It is devoted to the originator and the first publisher of a series of books "Agni Yogi's facets" to Boris Andreevich Danilov's
Part I
1. (January. 1).
On the basis of the deepest understanding between the peoples the world will be established. Ivan hundred-thousandth will win, but not those measures, of which you think. There is in space Light's, it is always surrounded of. It is eternal and integral freedom of consciousness, but at many it is in captivity. Great is Responsibility for Earth. From Mother: We will move – we will meet. Not only cards, letters could write. (Concentrated on Mother is.) The terrible way is of unstudied feelings.
2. (January. 2).
As, if doesn't pay attention to the strongest opportunities is. The spirit feeds you with the emanations. It is impossible to sound in unison with dark influences, in it is danger. You are a son Light's. Foundations Light's are indisputable. On the Beam you receive is. Always is in Beams of My love, care. The cowardice is inappropriate. Especially before danger which isn't present. It doesn't concern you. Nothing will concern without Me. Already it is impossible to hesitate. Holidays are the beginning of events.
Solemnity you can understand greatness of the events.
3. (January. 3).
Falling is inevitable. Our friend is removed from service with knowledge of the law: so executed everything is that demands the decision.
Qualities are channels of perceptions. Hurrah, we won!
For the sake of the fee the working is wiped by maize.
I will give the life channel – act. In a dream the boat started scooping water.
4. (January. 4).
The astral body will be organized.
5. (January. 5).
The winner is always right.
6. (January. 6).
In the spirit of everything is simple. And now he will write, considering and minting each phrase.
I hear nothing. I became deaf absolutely. Heavy is.
7. (January. 7).
Listen, write and remember: opportunities it is hundredfold will increase.
(By analogy with it is tenfold – it is hundredfold.)
8. (January. 8).
There is no Sun without light and without good. The sun shone and shined a way. I am the Sun of life. We Shine with life and we Shine in life. When all this horror will begin, it is good to be together. The northern victory is clear. Invisible ray! I saw in a dream two plates and colleague near. I received big trouble through it in the afternoon.
9. (January. 9).
Everything will come, but without couriers of thoughts. M. Stores. Take and look: is what to take. The light-future, also it is light the Shape of the Lord, shining in this future by all fires. We will live in the future, future and for the future. Then we will soften a present gloom is? Only carrying out longer line is. Otherwise not to pass is. "A separation of the present" – so we Will call this step. The future will solve everything, therefore in the future the solution of everything. Great is stagnancy is become obsolete layers. Without blows engines won't come in movement. Inertness of spontaneity, that is the spontaneous stiffened educations, disturbs. We will deck the future all flowers of a rainbow. Plasticity of the spontaneous to matter allows turning dreams into reality. In it force of the creative imagination. Any more dream and construction is. So We Build, so you learn to build and you. Let the present will be certificate of that, that shouldn't be and as it isn't necessary to build. We approve only that that is directed in the future and that has roots in the future, but not last, old, the become obsolete world. In is an agony world shabby. We recognize, only not all. Let not polished and imperfect, but – new, but – of the future and for the future. We Go forward, free from past chains, and therefore the present no has over Us authorities, because the present – or an eructation the past, or a jump in the future. And we Distinguish: sons of the past and sons of the future. We live not in the present and not in the past, but in the future. Sons Yogis is sons of the future. For Yoga in the past is everything is burned. Where are they, all opportunities, all achievements, all Boundlessness? In the future! There is nothing. There is Light of the future. To them go. And soot of the present doesn't leave on you the black spots.
Not affected directed body – in it is saving power of movement. The stopped airplane falls. Difficult task is to adjust consciousness on a key future. Your future is in My Hand, foreordained by Me. In it is your part which not deprived and hasn't been belittled by the present. Coheir is of the future. Therefore we Call in the future, because there is all. Any Doctrine doesn't learn to be content present, but all direct in the future. The future is a well of inexhaustible opportunities, a rescue rope, and a beacon in darkness. So entered new division of mankind is: people of the past and people of the future. Solves consciousness, and the consciousness directs. It isn't enough not to live in the past, it is necessary to learn to live not in the present, and only in the future and for the future. My kingdom is a future kingdom. In My Kingdom it is impossible to calm down on reached, on the present. Isn't present in it neither rest, nor rest. It is a kingdom of the directed action, a kingdom of eternal action and movement. Not all on a shoulder these measures, but – strong. The future not in itself is important, and the condition of the consciousness, flying to the future, a condition of flight of tendency is important. Wings grow; on Earth we learn to fly. And time of people learned to come off in flight and learned to fly, the objectives are achieved. Not to carry away to Earth of the one, who got used to distant flights? Not self-deception this life in the future, but a nurture of wings. Where will depart wingless and how? The future is take-off wings.
10. (January 10).
You create love. The knowledge is free for all, but it is necessary to be able to take, and it isn't necessary the squeezeed-out efforts. Everything is simple. The secret of simplicity should be understood. We will Approve communication. Danger threatens from everywhere, but we go together, and danger changes in a feat carpet. To resist against an impact of elements!!! The consciousness to be invincible, - it is very important. What can bring out of an equilibrium state? What can shake? Stronger than the rock stop! Two points of balance: or to rush over the phenomena life, that is matters, or to stiffen in motionless sides of a crystal of consciousness, beholding the stream of life, rushing below by consciousness. The silent Witness beholds a life stream from coast the Eternity. And only to keep a records’, that is reflects a kaleidoscope of the phenomena, which are eternally new, eternally changing. Force majeure – power of tranquility of the consciousness which has concerned Silence of Eternity! The tranquility is a power of the winner; power won the world, power of power of the Lord. Be will join greatness of tranquility.
We will begin with small, daily. We will find beginning the way in an everyday to the statement of this great concept (quality). On little things in life we will temper it. There is no limit to power of tranquility, but it is necessary to begin with the smallest, differently we won't become giants. It is necessary to understand the great importance of the smallest and the smallest trifles. And life on them doesn't stint. So the ordinary is school and a step to greatness of Eternity. From Earth is take-off. Socrates and Xantippe are symbols. The person, who consciously tempered and has learned on trifles, won't become puzzled and in significant business, but the one who didn't learn, will stumble on the most insignificant trifle. Result is the spread falling and the injured nose. What here greatness?! Whether there can be at once a person big, without having visited at first the baby? Whether it is possible to seize the highest, without having subordinated the lowest? So I Turn life all sides. We will understand in all variety and a variety of its essence. Study, the pupil! The pupil and life is school. And I am a Teacher. I explain lessons on the life. But we go to a garden fine and we will reach. Through everything! We will reach together: I and you!
11. (January. 13).
I am the World watchtower.
I am Light on a way of establishment of happiness human.
I am the wave reared over a chasm.
I am lives not drunk bowl.
I am the moisture satisfying thirst.
I am to a traveler a staff reliable.
I am the grain buried to term.
I am a shelter to spirit.
I am a power stronghold.
I am stars Infinity.
I am pledge and the ascension guarantee.
I am the Basis Stone.
I am the Beam of a far star.
I am Fire of your spirit.
I am your world over everything.
I Reign an eternal flame.
I am star happiness the Guarantor.
I am the morning Song of a bird.
I, I, I is all in everything,
Soul is of your soul.
I am happiness of the Distant Worlds.
I am the Wreath of achievement of spirit.
I am at top of a banner of freedom.
I am a circle saving in a storm.
I am hope of the world.
I am a key from happiness doors.
I am a master of elements.
I am a Lord of fiery power (fiery energiya).
I am Light of your light, and life of your life, and breathe of your breath.
I am the Beam which is carrying away care.
I am the wind drying tears.
I am secret knowledge the Reason.
I am time a core motionless.
I is a spirit lightning.
I am the horn blowing invitingly.
I am ecret number.
I am an eagle in height over Earth.
I am shine of life elevated.
I am the worlds claim invisibles.
I am the End and the Beginning of all.
I am all in everything.
I Was, I Am, I Will is.
I! And you, in Me real are from a century,
With Me always: both here and there, anywhere and everywhere:
Both on Earth and behind all sides of death
Over everything that certainly and mortally,
in all, that lives and it is immortal.
I am life, but not death. No is in Me elements of death and that is subject to time. In Me existing is staying in life, the winner of the world, accepted Light is.
12. (January 14).
In the upper class not struck, there is My place. They should concern consciousness. Whether out of, whether inside, but is above the high. Therefore also the soul should be lost, that to find Me then is to leave below. The higher, the closer; from height Beam is. Learning to rise over vanity of life of Earth, we join to the world of invisible happiness – to My World. I is out, of because no Me in that, that is in you. I am inside, because it is hidden behind seven locks (or a gate). But I am in you, as the motionless center in a rotating sphere or a geometrical axis of a wheel. It rotates, that is subject to movement changes, but not I in you. In everything there is this center, or is axis, or a balance point. Here also in it is necessary to find the support. So in all that in movement, there is on what this movement is based and without what it is impossible, a point of support, the immovability center, a basis, or a basis stone. I am the Center in you. Around is your world, your microcosm rotates. To clean the center – and everything turns into chaos. Not outside, but in Me your support is your force, your power. The wheel of execution is movable by the same law. The immovable center, that is crystallized form' desirable is motionless, but around in movement elements of a spontaneous matter or circumstances accrue. But it is impossible to shake or move the center with doubts or contacts of thought and to break it power of growing execution. Spontaneously, that is already without will participation, there is an increase up to an execution limit. Therefore the knowledge of the Law gives inflexible belief and sense knowledge of inalterability of execution. There is no limit of power of the Law, but at observance of its framework. Therefore "The sun will come, and the Moon will come", but any iota won't come from the Law, all won't be executed yet. I Told. I told, because I Know. So will come true foreordained by My Word, because I Know. For Great Consciousness and a measure great, both terms great, and purposes planetary and across planetary. On greatness of the understood you will measure the world. I will wake sleeping, and millions will rise. By My Word will rise. Also Hour of the Fulfillment is close. I in your world am the Torch. Me is, Me existing. I Will specify proximity of term especially, that knew. But to prepare it is necessary internally. In external you won't find rescue. In the area of the internal events will go, on line of consciousness, and external will be only an echo and reflection internal. But time is terrible. And the press Light' on My sons. Doors of commandmenthly greatness to term open. In glory there is My World. I elected you by a vessel of acceptance of the future happiness of the updated world and a torch of My Doctrine. Crowds to you will come. For that you life prepare. Will come, both will listen, and will follow you in a set. And your word yes will be My Word. Will be valid My Word is, because in you are I. And merge with Me together all force all your power. On what we will build is? On Me, because I is the basis of the New World. Than is we will build? My force is, because I Inhaled in it is life breath.
Life, Fire, Light
I give
In the trifle you will see My Greatness. And grain happens small, but the tree raises the great. The thought wins against everything, and everything is won by thought.
14. (January 15).
Here is a wreath happiness, but at the price of what efforts, what sufferings. Severe conditions are necessary for a victory. Every day the new is given. Manage to rise in defense of the world of happiness; force undertakes and by force it is protected. I Protect, protect also you. The God's press on you is a sign of the highest energiya. The knowledge of spirit is imperceptibly grown. And the forehead was topped by a ray of Light. To them you will strike darkness – the driver of spirit it is called. The weapon of Light is given. The armor fiery is forged. In My Hand your happiness is strong. My and to centuries, Me sublime and topped Light' a wreath.
Doctrine Mine is Sacred, also isn't present borders to identifications it. It is boundless, unlimited and outlined only by a limit of comprehending consciousness. In all centuries it from Boundlessness flows, sparkling uncountable facets of the diverse aspects, infinite the version. Facets are uncountable, infinite number, facets of a uniform Adamant, a Name, to which is Truth Existing; they are boundless and boundless, and outside human consciousness. Its each aspect is the deepest philosophy; each formula is the bottomless depth of thought. Who and than can limit what, that no has limits? Each consciousness is chained in a dungeon of the trifle, because it little, as a grain of sand in the Universe. It is impossible to lock space Truth in narrow frameworks of human understanding. It is necessary to understand all negligibility, all a trifle terrestrial mind. Terrestrial mind is only a stage on a ladder gradual, partial, but all the time of ascending understanding of only that part of Space which is available to the person at present. In this era, in these people, on this planet and this Circle, or the Cycle of its evolution limited to psychophysical conditions of a planet and a state, both extent of development, and a susceptibility of the device of a human body with all its restrictions. The ignorance of the Middle Ages trying to put on muzzle of dullness, obscurantism and pas fanaticism growing thought of the person is deification of darkness and limitation. We approve boundless freedom of thought from all framework and ignorance fabrications. Thought, thought, thought is over everything; the thought directed in Boundlessness, not limited to anything.
Who can limit Boundlessness and that? Really is the understanding of today? But until recently stood on three foundations and rotated round Earth the Sun. Really forgot is?
I am the hammer breaking chains.
I am a power smithy.
I am a Messenger of the Uniform Boundless Doctrine of Life.
16. (January16).
It is impossible to stop – will comprehend misfortune. If it wasn't made the mistakes, many sufferings wouldn't be. Unless the thought conducts is? Conducts heart. Each thought is loaded with heart substance that is fire. Without it is slime. In the turn of the Lord is the Father, therefore it is felt.
17. (January 17).
The law is concentrated on It. Many will suffer, but not you.
In the center of all existing am I. In the center of understanding of all existing is I. J is center the understanding. Unless bodies work is? But you are out of and over them. Anything won't concern, though on the edge of an abyss. Force of action of My Beam isn't subject to calculation. Especially, are little-beliefs? Weak depart is all? Enemies are act.
18. (January 19).
It isn't necessary to be confused burden of the present hour.
19. (January 20).
How is to temper development? Be awake.
We speak about spatial fire. Greatness of the tranquility we will concern greatness of tranquility of the Lord. Fiery tranquility is – so we will call it. Only they can concern fire space. Otherwise will burn: the restless flesh of greatness fiery won't sustain is. It is over Earth, over the terrestrial. But the flesh can be combined with it, but cleared is. All existing, even the stone, has round itself the sphere. Contact goes it. And stones happen different is. Sacred stones are called the stones surrounded with the sphere of fire. Diamond reflects light is. The sacred Stone from within radiates it. And this light is fire space. The person attracts fire from space the aura that is sphere the environment. Similar attracts the similar: light – light, fire is fire. Fires of heart are this magnet. Therefore we Appreciate enthusiasm. Great and wide is the scale of fires of heart – from black to the highest. And all attract spatial fire. We will speak about light fires, because also beams of Saturn have the adherents from darkness is. But even they depend on their refraction, that is beams, in a crystal' consciousness, because given to the person the power over any flesh is. The person is a center of beams of tens millennia, the Stone of the Distant Worlds, is the receiver of fire of space, the collector of star beams. Its centers are wells of beams that are collectors, receivers. The body goes to ashes, but a star body – to stars. The person is a carrier of the beams crystallized in its essence and refracted through heart – a great assimilator is. Heart assimilates the Bowl stores. The person is the Stone, and in it – Treasure World, but not from Earth. On Earth, but not from Earth, condensed, crystallized fire of rays of Light of space. It is easy to understand a plant as condenser of spatial energiya. But it is necessary to expand concept, in all scope of space beauty to take. Otherwise it is necessary to remain at a smoky soot of coal. Coal! After all this is diamond, but not visited in crucible fire. So, we will call the person the collector of fire. But the adherent does it is conscious. Developed, that is opened, the centers allow. To this step goes is unconscious accumulation of fires. Therefore the importance of fires of Mother consists in their space. Are important the space value. The space ocean is open. Secret of the birth again! And the soul lost, that is the personality, will find it in space aspect. Small it is replaced big, terrestrial – space. Fire Came I to reduce to Earth. And in it is Imprinted I sacrament of great space action. My children is children of fire, fire bearing. Their kingdom not from Earth, not the terrestrial dominates. But the power great is allowed to create and strike Me. The fiery power is the higher authority. Fiery power is the highest on Earth. Also is given to the person the power...
So we will learn to rise over everything and over all and any living conditions, because I above everything and over everything am. Force of fire which is not from Earth, we rise. So are we will raise the fiery wings? And I in you this am fire in you, therefore and out temporary. It is possible to identify itself with the earth, or a body, and it is possible with fire, or spirit, because spirit is fire. Also there is a person what he of itself (himself) thinks. Understanding is almost already mastering. From Earth we can take only elements earth, but fire is from the sky. The symbol of Prometheus is considerable. In the trifle you will see my Greatness, in the terrestrial is fiery. I is Fire, I am a Lord Flame, I Speak: take the bed and go, I Cure you of everyone are nasty. And your body will obediently follow across you. And only esteeming something dirty something is dirty. Pure everything is pure. Whether in eye darkness? We will put other measures there, where heart fires are lit. Also we will remember: nothing will detain the aspiring. And you are Mine. And I Will turn everything on advantage. The bottom is seen, but goes, but forward, but with Me. And I, in your Existing, Will direct your feet, both I Will strengthen footwear, and I Will give strength. The Doctrine is, not be to thirst the touched lightly. In My Hand are you. So, we won't be confused anything and not to stop before anything. To what delays, when is the Way before us? It isn't not to do something is, or to do something, and in going forward, despite everything. Forward. And we Will clean a ryegrass to term; we Will set fire to all unnecessary. Couriers of thoughts it isn't necessary – it is good or bad. Wash. Remember. And it is good or bad is My care. All is valuable will be selected. It I Will select. And you go; know the Way. Thank not words, but affairs, in the Name My created. As and put the affairs created in the name and in the Name My.
Phone the house isn't under construction. Necessary is Compliance that accord responsive.
The people who have accepted the Messiah will be rescued, not accepted will be lost.
Time, two, three is goes happiness.
Time, two, three – will be stirred up mountains.
Time, two, three – also will rise...
23. (January 21).
We were told Great Terms of approach to the future.
Assurances are rejected behind full insolvency. Phalanx World is. Your palace is great.
24. (January 22).
He Sees everything, everything Knows.
How is many a personal responsibility in each act. Crystals is of intimate fire. Step of a personal responsibility is. Contained Shape of the Lord retreat doesn't befit. Need is one, indulgence is another. It isn't necessary to indulge is the flesh will seize and will enslave. The bridle is put on desires body. Better don't do. On ruins of carnal desires the extra corporal is under construction. I Won't be averted, but compliance is necessary. The law – it not walk. You remember how come Pralaya consciousnesses: fires to go bad. Wakefulness is necessary that lamps didn't die away. The flesh extinguishes. Not the facts are important, but their consequences. Let each unnecessary act will be end of the past and the end, but not the beginning. We will extinguish so a karma. The seal of consciousness is set to that (that is to the act) as a form of future action and an act. These are a framework of future identifications. The old act is given a new assessment on a consciousness step. Not the act is important, but an assessment his consciousness. It is so possible not to go downstairs ascensions. Not offense is important, but its assessment consciousness. Severity to itself, not a self-justification, but a severe, impersonal assessment of the actions as though from outside, as though act someone another, out of the standing. To depart from myself and to become out of myself, or to leave inside, out of the personality, as though My Consciousness, My measure estimating myself, a trifle the – Greatness My, because I am a Judge. Everyone has the judge in itself (himself). To it lets the power create court.
25. (January 23).
To deer two-horned I Give strength when fly by over a chasm. And you, flying by over a chasm of corporal desires, don't slow down flight. In it is concentrated energy of the highest Beams. The rage unreasonable keeps the world in convulsion. In you prospered the light, inside the existing. It was shaken on own feet, you will stand now on Mine, but don't shake. The main harm is in swings arrhythmic.
26. (January. 24).
The most necessary for protection is to draw protecting circle. What is the minute of danger? When all protective force is required!
It is necessary, it is necessary to understand the events.
27. (January 25).
It is necessary to understand signs.
Write: Overwhelmed by passions and doubts when will reach? The Lord is immutable, is unchangeable. Bulk of doubt it is possible to muffle any shoots. And I atop even thoughts existing in you am. You can depart from me but not me from you because I am you, and you are an external peel. With whom you identify yourself, with me or a peel? With that also you will arrive, where your heart. So put your thought to the Lord. The thought flows, as waves of the river of life, but I over it, over thought. All flows – I Is, and you is in me. Are uniform, motionless on the bank of a rushing stream is. The stream is the world, and you are a Witness. If you identify it with passing, with it and you will arrive because the person is a process. But I, in your existing – out of a pass, and you is in me. It is necessary, it is necessary to understand a basis, a core of the enduring essence. In total is in movement. But I – the center, but I in the movement center, am immovable. All is temporary, all changes, but not I. To widen consciousness, reveals Boundlessness, but all is in Me and I in everything is. The consciousness grows in understanding of My universal, but not I, because I – all is. You are the center of the growing consciousness. The consciousness grows, the center remains. Grows round the center, extends from the center. It is necessary to understand enduring in passing, eternal in the temporary. All that you can tell, is "I is". It is all that we know about the "I". You, and out of you is the world in perpetual motion and growth – micro and the Macrocosm, Grain and a cover, Grain, Grain in center the grain. So you can grasp at Me as for a board, differently waves of the ocean passing will wash away you and will sink consciousness in life splinters. All that lives, consciously or unconsciously, keeps on such center. This center is Secret of an individualization of all existing and types of that that is. The tree, bird, the person, and atom – all have the center, invariable at all transformations visible and invisible. It is necessary to understand this motionless – in whirlwinds of perpetual motion. And if the person is process, is invariable round what or in what this process is made. It is possible to see a chain of the lives even to a chasm. Who will see? I! It is possible to see Earth history from the beginning. Who will see? I! Or is worlds. Understand! Before beginnings of all, - “I Am”. Therefore I Speak: I Exists from a century am in your existing and you in Me. Not outside, but in Me existing outside is temporary, as well as all external. I and the Father is one; The Father, Me generated, and I, from It to come. We: you, I and It is one. It is in Me, I in you. Here is second Secret of the Son.
28. (January. 26).
Execution has to begin. To me to keep pleasure the protected.
29. (January. 27).
Simple people simply believed that someone about them will take care. Soon the secret will fall down, and will see naked essence the old world is a death skeleton. We Win everywhere. After several appeals the way will be cleared. Who asked approximations to the World lightning? Wide peace construction and cooperation of all people is here our program. The temple of a satan is destroyed.
30. (January 28).
The temple of Uniform Spirit, the Temple of Beauty can't be opened still, but diamonds of opportunities can be taken.
Free from a flesh, with You I want to be. Yes! It is right: with the self-slightest all begins. And so is in everything.
31. (January 29).
It Goes armed with all Beams, It Goes in Glory to create court. I Sow and you reap cognition seeds Mine in your garden.
From the Doctrine: "The eye space beholds and observed thought – a stream of world thought is". Merge to It, to the Father, – the greatest mystery of life is. And if I In itself is anything also Create It the Father in Me, what It? Not I, but the Father in Me all am. We approach to the Beginnings. The doctrine is Boundlessness Gift. So, the future is a key of life, a source of water of life, an inexhaustible treasury of Boundlessness. From this treasury the person can scoop everything, but in according to aspiration. The law commensurate is. The law is exact. On your aspiration it given will be you and in compliance. Call and response – the magnet law is. I Won't break off, not Stop to reply. I commensurate always am. It is necessary, it is necessary to make effort what to direct. And then – receiving is. The Law is immutable
Steps spirit is: you, I, Father. To learn essence of life, to understand its secret – whether this not achievement? In aspect of the future, ennobling the world thought, we ennoble and we lift them. "Happiness bonds" – so we Call (creation) of embrace of the future. You will be what you want, but it is necessary to want.
Threat disappears. Tore down the hearth is.
(January 30). Beam of the help is stretched to the devoted pupil. It is impossible not to merge with this force which is insuperable attracts you. Write down words: Everyone lives in the palace of thoughts and feelings. And He Told: Look back around. What you see? Mine anything! As you want to find mine what not Mine and staying in it is mute, to combine the incompatible! It is not My Kingdom. I am not present in is mute. I am over. Extinguish the world, and my World will rise. It is impossible to serve two misters two worlds. It is necessary to choose. My days in your days let reign over everything that is temporary. And you all in the days vegetate. Where you’re Treasure, there and your heart is. In Me all. It is necessary to fill with my world the world, and not the reverse. Horror the dismissed thinking to stop is. To bridle thought. To create it is the course. My Image is the magnet overcoming resistance of the sphere, focus for fire space, fire attracting fire. Therefore to approve My Face in the third eye is the greatest achievement. Doesn't pass completely any effort, and even the particle will given a fruit is. Make effort. How many time began why threw? The essence terrestrial rises is. Accept My Face as protection against the evil, as communication with the Highest, as a rescue anchor. Strengthening continued its clarity, live make, always and eternally present. The Shape of the Lord won't grow dim. My Shape bears in itself expression of My properties and influences. Window to My World. Creates and Strikes the Light. It is the constant transmutation force set in motion.
Accept My Face is.
34. (January 31).
We will victoriously finish Business My. The temple will be completed. In this world we guests and nothing belongs to us. There – we are owners is. All our is. Here is temporary, there – forever. There house is. Coheirs of happiness are. In this world everything comes to an end, all is doomed by an end circle. Therefore kingdoms and collapsed, and the people disappeared, and the sea covered affairs them. Contact World Elevated brings enlightenment to My World. Flowers of My Garden are Eternity flowers don't fade and don't die. Not phantasmagoria of an astral and its experiences, but magnificence is fiery. And if the terrestrial Stronghold Light' costs the millennia, fiery Strongholds are eternal and indestructible. Law: we stay and are attracted to object of aspiration. Heart directs, and it is eternal. The river of the World flows at the bottom of a fiery Stronghold. On Earth we have a prototype of the Highest World. I am a prototype of future shape of the person. Ashrams are prototypes of future creation of mankind. And two beginnings rely in the basic: is beauty and aspiration.
35. (Feb. 1). It is necessary only to regret is. Inappropriately with the dignity of the son is. Where are your Treasure there and your heart. But where is treasure and where heart? Your world is yet ready.
36. (Feb. 2).
Through Brother in you have unification. Rejoice – I Protect!
37. (Feb. 6).
You are held in big high esteem.
The wave of creativity will lift you. Will win the World the Highest is. I Open the Face only to relatives. In greatness of Eternity we will meet. On ruins of the past the future is under construction. Everything accept! Only is the highest to the Highest, and the highest reigns in measurement of the Highest worlds. Terrestrial freight isn't necessary. Burdened terrestrial not rise to tops.
It is live in the spirit of, but it is far and Proximity doesn't deserve. Therefore charms the intimate. The churchman is scholastic, and heart didn't wake up. Give, but on compliance. Answer, but asked. Give, but that asks. Will approach, but not now, and it is necessary for the future. And days are considered. It was close, but I deviated, and the letter darkened spirit. It is a lot of invited, and it was invited, but to bread of life didn't join and therefore life passed a small circle. But its time will come, both the spirit will rise and will break flesh barriers. And you help. (Review of one meeting.) I dreamed that bore an enormous cross from ice Jordanian.
39. (Feb. 7).
The beam remains. You can do everything. You can everything, but with Me. Your force you can create, but My Force. I in you is power creating. I am the Stone Basis. Me I Will break gloom torture chambers. Me life will rise Me the people will rise. In My Greatness will create the greatness. In glory I Will come to Create happiness of Earth. I will crucify angrily on a cross understanding.
Lord of the Shambhala welcomes replying with happiness of the Beam. In the Beam Mine is secret of life. My beam is Christ's Light. The ray of light is sent to the favorite pupil. In Light' Mine you will behold Light. I am the Power which is giving rise to wings of happiness. I am Force of the Elevated Worlds. I am the Shambhala of the Lord; I am your Lord. I am the Way to far stars. I Came to execute will of terms and to approve life because, truly, I Won against death is. I Bequeath to the children love. I am Bearing Light of the world. I is the Shelter to spirit. I am the sons Hope Pleasure. I, I, I is the Flame Column over a gloom of the three-dimensional world. I, I, I – truly Existing is. And I defeated the world and I Win in you. And I Affirm number happiness, until then not knowing on Earth. And you, in Me existing is, come to divide behind your heritage houses Mine and everything that in them. For the sake of you I Accepted the Cross and I Came to the world of shadows. Be silent till time because your hour didn't come. But will come, and by My Word you will rise in defense of My Affairs. And I Will is for you. Me you will be invincible and you will make what to make not in forces human. My Force you will create. And who is strong against us, when we together? Secret of success, secret of a victory, secret of overcoming is in Me all. With Me to a victory is. Let it be. I Told.
41. (Feb. 9).
The Ayurvedichesky medicine can't be known. This is beginning of huge area of the knowledge lost by mankind.
42. (Feb. 10).
Listen, I Speak. Leave uncertainty in My Proximity. I Is in you, I, only I, but not a kaleidoscope of emotions and thoughts current, is similar to a stream. I am an abutment of your consciousness, its core. On whatever plan there was a consciousness, in whatever cover was shown – its center I is. Not the sphere of illusions and manifestation, but not changing Looking, the Witness. The noting principle can't to merge with that, that he notes. I am your heart, I in you always. I am your Lord; I Approve you in your aspiration. Look. What you see? Hardly? Look. It is still deaf; it is still blind, without wings.
43. (Feb. 11).
It is necessary to be accustomed to work at night.
Write: I reply, aggravate aspiration. The aspiration is a key from doors to that you want to learn. To direct on the course of a certain thought in this or that area – means to receive the answer. Archat does it consciously, foreknowing inalterability of the law. Call – a response – the law of a magnetic attraction. The impulse has to proceed always from the consciousness center. Only on call we Open a gate. Compliance with the answer a responsibility a responsible the answer to a question calls or is aspiration. The device of spirit is adjusted on a desirable wave that is the accord is established. When the consciousness is entirely filled with my Shape, the device of spirit is ready to perception and My World prevails. So merge of consciousnesses – a success basis. So the Beam looks for the raised heads. "Coming is to Me, I Won't expel out means that the aspiration of consciousness never remains without answer. Full-tendency is important. All heart, all soul, all thought – here due extent of call or a mood for obtaining the answer. Incessant prestanding and constant memory is a step of continuous, continuous call, or openness of spirit to the Highest World. I Is in you, and you is existing in Me are points or, better, spheres of contact of the highest energiya. Therefore make effort. How it is possible to look for when you don't know that? You know where you go, so you know that you want, so it is possible to leave uncertainty and to give to the call or inquiry clarity and clearness. Force the World the Highest undertakes. Make effort. When the wet muslin, when there is no a ram of accurately conscious tendency, can't be the answer. Where I Will send the Beam? Accurately to wish, both accurately the nobility, and accurately it is necessary to direct. It is too much them wandering without the purpose, without knowing why and where. It isn't necessary them. Clearness and stamping lucidity of mind is a success basis. In My Beam staying, you will create My Affairs. The bunch of the directed energiya of consciousness is given to clear symmetry and an order. It is impossible to know everything and to seize everything, but a number of purposeful energiya, let them will be even a little, will yield a harvest rich. It isn't necessary to be scattered. So the pupil for all the life reached only one, we will put, clarities of Shape of the Lord, has infinitely, immeasurably it is more, than the one who didn't manage to understand the most necessary and didn't manage to direct the aspiration to it, that is to this most necessary. In the heat of fight it is possible to lose consciousness in the different directions. But consciousness of the Beam and consciousness, in it is mute understanding and indestructible is victory guarantee. Wash is means entirely, completely, forever and always by me filled, it is obvious or hidden, in the afternoon or at night, in a dream or wakefulness. So the consciousness merged with the Lord, is a power stronghold. I am your Lord, Existing in you from a century, I Approve you in power by your indivisibility of aspiration. Strengthen the force continuous before - standing. So the legend of to the Lord is a way of regal Yoga.
45. (Feb. 12).
Write: Go fearlessly through gorge lives. Don't think of falling. How many construction it is missed! Me we build. And the thought goes, as the approved egoism. I am in you, Will create affairs. I Will hear and see. We Approve cooperation by merge of consciousnesses is. Prefer one trouble to the mass of the small – easier to fight be. It is necessary to Me from you: full loyalty, both devotion, and indivisibility. When keep an open thought flow, it is possible to choose any stream of a stream. Everything Sees, everything Knows and Helps out of need. Let's judge to Me and trust. Letters, but We Think of you, and it is more important than letters. Can't tell the letter that gives a single spatial wire. The beam creates essence of life and strikes darkness. In the Beam, but without letters, you will live, but with letters without Beam is No. Think that it is more important. Beams are life threads. Relatives are been given. My beam it is live. On the Beam you receive. Beam – a necessary condition of ascension. Where it, the main thing, manage understand. And letters will be, and soon. Me regard as of paramount importance as the Stone of Basis and on Me a system. Not for yourself you build, for the world. Personal constructions aren't necessary. The kingdom of the personality came to an end. There comes a kingdom of the integrated consciousnesses, a collective kingdom. We create the merged heart. Wreath of Space Reason – too collective is. Tenfold is power of merge by the conscious appendix of the law. With Me merged it is invincible.
So, is approving you, as the winner of life, I Speak about merge. Gait courageous going victoriously, you will pass through everything, having won both foes dark, and chaos rebellious, and darkness furious having flowed.
46. (Feb. 13).
Nothing will save the old world. It is doomed by inexpediency. The center of tension Is broken by repeated blows. The repetition rhythm – is mighty. It is necessary to apply it in everything. I – Secret of your knowledge is. I – the Principle which is giving rise to anticipation is. Stand, as the rock in a storm, without fluctuating. The knowledge of Secret will rescue. The knowledge will destroy a veil, the knowledge will approach to Me. Theorists aren't necessary. Experience is and life, knowledge and application. On a shoulder and forces is. We Will clear a hearth of the world of garbage, we Will remove slags. I will rescue the trusted. I approve a new step of consciousness, I Approve a happiness way. I will clean a ryegrass. I will treble care. I will decuple forces. Also I Will call the winner. In your consciousness I Will approves My world and I Will give the power. And that you will claim in the Name My, will have life. Life staff to will be in your hand on the statement future Light. I will give vent to undertakings of advantage and escapes Light, you generated. I will approve your force. First-select is to Witness Sword' of My Spirit. And at last I Will approach to Myself obviously probably. Estimate of border of a matter. I will enter consciousness and your life Light inextinguishable, always flaring in a consciousness orbit. Also will be two together. On a key of happiness I Will construct your future and the pleasure will be an ascension carpet. I will subdue madness of the lowest energiya and I Will approve your boundless domination over them. And in Light’ Mine, burning in heart, I Will put on construction of the world to create Business of God live.
These manifestations are spirit threads.
48. (Feb. 15).
Its condition of mind excludes any possibility of balance.
Store balance is. Balance of spirit is a perception basis. Balance – the fundamental law of life real, the principle of life of anything. Balance is an abutment root. In its Beams we stay at all manifestations of life. The beam strengthens essence of the phenomenon. And what if it is thin? At Us the slightest disbalance threatens with accident. It is necessary to keep balance. His statement begins with the small. And neither the grief, nor pleasure, has to break nothing it. Really we will prefer a smile of obsequious babbling to unshakable tranquility of the Lord? Or awe of fear? Or convention grimace? Everything is possible, but on condition of preservation of full tranquility. If at balance is blow of a hammer of spirit, at broken is a dust, dust. For acquisition of balance it is necessary to put on the card all. Balance is an ascension condition. Either it is, or anything. On what we can exchange a core of a spiral of an ascension? What can force to remain on fragments at heaps of rubble? Without balance there is no structure. Nobody will resist against balance. It is force, it is power, it is the power it is a crystal of fire and a power crystal. And with loss of balance motionlessness of sides of a crystal of consciousness is broken. You store balance at any cost. Any concessions, under no circumstances or circumstances are. There is nothing that would cost loss balance. Why we Demand solemn tranquility. If "the tranquility is a spirit wreath", balance is its form, a wreath form, that is the highest form, or aspect of detection of power of spirit. Only in the center, only in Me it is possible to find this power. I am power of balance. In Me you will find its force. Having divided all phenomena on pleasant and unpleasant and without allowing that the pleasant discomposed, thereby we establish and we find the power over the unpleasant. Principle: don't rejoice, and you won't be to grieve. My pleasure is other-worldly. There are feelings space and feelings terrestrial.
Them, terrestrial, we will lead to silence from both poles, constraining any of poles not to give the chance to be approved and come to light to another. And only then the spirit will be open for feelings space. The first are connected with the personality, the second – with Space. "And your pleasure yes will be perfect" – a formula not personal, but space, spatial pleasure. Not in silence, but in a tuft of fight it is necessary to study balance. Therefore hour difficult sparkle diamonds of opportunities. On what differently we will temper spirit? Also there is no other way to understand and learn a great lesson. So we will stand guard, ready at any time to bridle covers and rejoicing opportunities to exercise and temper spirit. Not to temper a fiery blade of spirit in a standing bog, be it even a wellbeing bog. In a storm, in cold is and hunger to hurry. So we will understand that it is possible to ascend only on steps, and they different. And when you can tell: weigh, completely, up to the depth yours, – a step victoriously. So I Approve you in greatness peace of spirit and fiery power balance. Accept My gift and remember: the proximity to the Lord the highest happiness available to mortal on Earth both after, and in the worlds. The fiery Press of My Spirit imprinted My gift to you. Accept. Mine. I Told.
Write: The death will collect the harvest. Many will leave. Covers won't sustain tension that is the flesh won't be able to be combined with fire. So fire is a cleaner. To fiery embraces prepare gradually. Decisive factor is fire. So everyone is a judge to itself (himself), and there will be someone's receptacles unusable. The sword of space justice doesn't know mercy. But everyone will measure. Not court, but self-condemnation. "By the court will be condemned". Children of fire will join to bowl pleasure, and fiery drink will be for them drink' pleasure. But grief the dark is. What will rescue them? And where their mister and owner are? I Hour My terrible, last Hour Traced on time tables, and the Hand of the Empress over My Affairs. In terrible, majestic solemnity the dawn Light' is engaged. The horror will disperse crowds, and the spirit of willfulness will hang. Where they trampling on Me and Mine by the heel will get to? Where will go where will find a shelter? From edge to edge the lightning spirit will sparkle. And then will come to you, because who as not you, will be able to accept looking for and begun to see clearly. Will receive everyone, brought at least a particle. I Will give, but you will help. Lives of a stream Light already victoriously entering is in life. Already there is a victory, already overcame, already join victorious new energy. Therefore strong much you blow a victory. We won. It is a little more, still to wait, and eyes terrestrial for pleasure of the future revival of spirit will open.
50. (Feb. 16).
I will saturate you drink with pleasure. Non-performance of the function disturbs performance and functions of others. Severe greatness opens to an eye. So, from each danger are protected. It is immunity of spirit. The substance of a body becomes stronger communication with Hierarchy. There is a continuous familiarizing with fiery vibrations. It also causes an increase spiral. The knife switch, spark – and contact are ready – there is a current. As is and at contact with the Lord. Breaks in concentration interrupt contact: as though long clicking knife switch. Both it is painful, and it is harmful, and doesn't give completeness. The contango turns out. With each thought interfering in consciousness – are painful flashes and sparks of contacts. Short circuit turns out at contact of consciousness with each thought allowed in it from the outside or from within. Therefore monolith the thought is appreciated. Filling by the Lord provides completeness, constancy and duration of contact and constancy of current. Time – is included, and up to the end, the perception isn't finished yet. The constant continence of Shape in the third eye causes constant, conscious or subconscious perception. Be filled with the Lord. Laws everywhere are identical. The blinking lamp is no good. At contact first condition: To My lamps – not to blink. We Appreciate full-tendency is. If blinking light is painful for eyes, what this blinking for our essence? Wears out unreasonably, and covers suffer. As you can see, care I Give all details are provided. Fiery wire store in serviceability. The device of spirit demands leaving. How many conditions it is necessary to premise that contact turned out. But think, how many the millennia and works were required on it, tests, sufferings and pain. Expensive price is paid. That achievement is more valuable. We will preserve intimate, reached by such price. Hierarchically I Decided to give the chance to join the sphere of the Hidden Hail, Fire Stronghold, or the Fiery Stronghold. The few are allowed. But it is necessary to prepare an organism and consciousness. Tension of this sphere is great. Without long preparation you won't sustain. We are accustomed by the Everyday. Now this process of preparation will go on all plans. So you see how the adjunction to the Lord brings a crop great. Teach also others to aspiration to Uniform Shape and containment of the Face of the Lord. But those, who reached, I Will specify. (Here I asked: Whether it is possible to finish record?)
It is possible but I Will finish. At aspiration it is important to keep shape of a crystal of consciousness in integrity, without being scattered and without breaking it on part. The monolith of consciousness remains in its integrity of the fiery crystal: the treasure is indivisible The beam jumps out only aspirations, as feelers or a network for a catch, or as the lamp – the light remaining untouched in the integrity. You store a consciousness crystal also preserve it. Especially it is important to preserve against worry both people, and thoughts and feelings. The rock is a symbol unseparable uniform power fiery treasure. Preserve it. End.
Soon, and very soon, we will meet.
Who, both when and where realized inevitability of the future changes? Few distinguished consciousnesses. The thought goes on a surface. Therefore provide to judge to us. The future before Us lies as the open book. We Do not assume, but we Know. Knowledge is a basis of our forecast. The consciousness of the pupil is entered into this world of knowledge. But for this purpose the belief rather trust is required. Trusted we Conduct on the way of the tested Magnet. In trust is secret of success of the pupil. Evidence growls, mind rises against hidden reality, but it is the terrestrial mind limited to visibility. Its visibility is an abuse on truth. Chicken evidence not for Us and the pupil renounces from it, and he lives in the world, and this world is reflection of Mine at first is vague, but day by day becoming everything is clearer and brighter. We enter in World My, the World of the really existing. It, this world is a starting point of our thinking. The further the consciousness directs the forecast is more right. In dust of direct proximity it is more difficult to understand are too many slags. The essence of the phenomenon, but not ways of its identification is important. Will be but as has being under the expediency law. We will meet, but as, when and where depends on vibration of the whole. It is impossible to forget about the principle of mobility of the Plan. Therefore the Plan of Lords is immutable, but ways of performance are subordinated to the expediency law. Here also the trust is required. When in darkness we go towards the aim, it is possible to rely on the Leader and to trust. Only believing on Us all consciousness, we go it is immutable. We go with Me. "On your belief it will be given you" – a formula of the law of commensurability. The law is commensurate precisely. But also the trust is required not limited by any conditions. Whether "You believe? " – too a formula is. The belief to the Lord is the Guarantee counterbalance. The belief is deeper, the Guarantee is more powerful. About belief it is up to the end spoken. It isn't necessary to limit the opportunities to any prerequisites. Only Lord Know limits of your opportunities. To it also provide them. And you go forward; both take given, and don't judge. The court about itself should be withdrawn. I Know, I Can judge only I. And you go and know the way. Inalterability is a key of your ascension, and it in My Hand. Be unshakably firm in your consciousness in all that concerns your Lord. In life it is possible to choose and not always the nobility, but I Am Unshakable. The stronghold of Hierarchy is unshakable in chaos, whirlwinds and the storming ocean of life. So we will divide life into your world and My World, the world of ghosts and the World existing, Maya's world and the Truth world. "Terrestrial wisdom is hostility against the Lord" is a formula of knowledge. Your world doesn't exist in reality. You want to place the Universe in a pin head. So, personal world of everyone is lie, illusion, and phantasmagoria of ghosts. Therefore the personality as a root of lie and world around distortion is moved away. How many minds are so many worlds, and everyone is similar to a dirty pool. Really compare a pool of personal consciousness to the ocean. My World is the world of superpersonal understanding of the world. If the personality is the restriction symbol, is boundless My World, because I am in the Father. So I Want that My World in My days in your days lit pleasure.
52. (Feb. 17).
Rescue by everything who directs is bequeathed.
The ocean of the Doctrine is open, but not in it force, and in ability to take. Always is, but where the taking? Aggravate ability. Theorists it isn't necessary. The horror of a dead letter hangs over mankind. The first quality of the pupil is partialness that is ability to apply knowledge in life. The pupil has to be and become, express himself the Doctrine in life. To be the Doctrine is the purpose of true Yoga. To be in Light and to be light for those, who goes behind. And My Light in your light yes will be the lamp to people. Wire of happiness hold a firm hand. To your care entrust. You are the keeper of the happiness. The chain binding should be made almost visible, obvious, and brightly notable and when contact is included, the whole world and all are forgotten. Only I and you are. Purity of connection gives a tonality, or sounding, and each pupil has the note – a prototype of future beam. Here we together, the won world also recede. Every day the victory is forged. It is possible to call the eternal smith the true pupil. Both at night and at day forge the happiness and the future. And each blow is to the purpose. There are no aimless blows; there are no aimless, meaningless acts. There is no time to be scattered and spend itself for something other that is to deviate the purpose. In total to one, all for one, all to the same uniform purpose. This pointed ram of commitment is mighty force. Both it is easy, and it is firm, and the foot among restless phantoms of a terrestrial stream surely goes. To know the way and to go – whether in it pledges of the Guarantee of ascension is. Because I always at your doors because a wire silver always over the head, and a hand have to give and a knife switch to hold strong and a firm hand. I give on compliance with your essence. Therefore is and close given. The hand shouldn't shiver, and be bent a sparkling sword of thought. So "the eternal truth real" in My Beams becomes a reality. But where eternal and uninterrupted readiness of tendency is? Note in an everyday' these unnecessary and dangerous failures in aspiration. As a conveyor tape, the aspiration has to be not interrupted. Constancy of aspiration very rare quality is. Incredible is his power. It is necessary, it is necessary, it is necessary to approve in itself power of the aspiration which is interrupted never and anything. Let fire of aspiration will be an inextinguishable flame in a sanctuary of your consciousness. In ancient temples execution punished the one, who allowed going out fire inextinguishable. The task is difficult. But who told, what the way is easy? But whether I Leader is? With Me we go, with Me we will win. In total.
53. (Feb. 18).
Power over itself can sound in each note that is in each action. In operation over itself is the power. Starting point of each action is I, because everything is made in the Name My.
Here is power of world energy. You will give freedom to consciousness. At perception personal emotions aren't necessary. Resolute days come. There is a squall. Time of final accounts approaches is.
I speak: Christ is Resurrected. Assimilation full demands time. Transfer it words of Mother: "I burn with term expectation. Therefore arrive in readiness. The lamp of spirit prepare is. We will go; we will go to tops consciousness".
55. (Feb. 19).
I will preserve. It is in our house. What that was price. I in Light' the go to the folks and people. Don't think that I am far. It is close. Our help won't slow down. We preserve in everything. We look for the directed consciousnesses. On aspiration is and attraction. Flowers of thought are necessary on My meadow. Space conditions don't repeat. It is impossible to miss perception. But here palmed off a fear mold. But be not afraid. With Me are My children. We Appreciate the love relation. Very much we Appreciate. We know how to preserve relatives. To it wasn't and there is no trust. Staff of power you will operate the rebellious. Staff Dan is. On it My Name is traced. With it acts. It is force. It is a power bell in space, it is a fiery sword, it is a spirit lightning, - realize power creating. Create My Name - power use. The secret of a name should be realized. Blow of a fiery hammer about a fiery anvil. And a grief got between. Hammer of power accept. I arm with armor. Wash is. It is necessary to realize the power, - realized uses. I will put at fed lives, but invested by the power, - realize the power. Firmness is its basis. But its root in Me is so without Me there is nothing. Pronouncing My Name is the birth of fiery power in point where it is said. Repeat more often My the Name, but – it is conscious, with knowledge of the creating force it. The rhythm of repetition accumulates power, condenses force. In Me is your force. Don't worry about anything. In Me you have the world, - I Protect; store balance. I Will lead your foes to silence I will chop off claws. Also you will create as having the power. Your desire whisper on a nice ear is. To me pleasure to execute the desire is. Son! Son's/filial understand as vital reality is. Understanding of Proximity you create the benefit and itself, and around. Merge is Light. My name you overcome all barriers. Here or there, but together is; in this world or in that, but together is; in pleasure or grief, but together always. The knowledge of Communication is dangerous, but not for those who is close. The concept of Light includes in itself concept of new energiya.
Go. Personal influence is necessary. I Will point to you to properties of a matter.
57. (Feb. 20).
Preserve it is. Your fluctuations break current and a rhythm help. Go, talk. (I executed successfully.)
Write: On an assignment you act. And is here you? Exclude it is. Be accustomed, carrying out My instructions, to switch off a personal element. Speak, as for the stranger. In difficulty always think of Me. Whether in Me the solution of everything is? And what you know? But I Expect. Because the flesh is ailing, that is limited. The constant effort too is hard. Here life also puts us in conditions of constant intensity, on the edge of an abyss and uncountable blows. Even We on the brink of explosion is. Conditions are successful, it is necessary only to forge a blade of a sword of the spirit. Spirit over everything and all under it is. So it is necessary to understand the surrounding. Of small efforts and small everyday victories there are great victories and put. But it is necessary to enter on a path of the winner. Here I Reply you on your call. Whether you appreciate? What you will put above Me? I'm saying: "Dare! And treasury enters, but chooses itself that to you to liking". To whom the power is the power, a coma honor is honor, and to someone Stone of the Empress. The treasury is inexhaustible and boundless. Scoop on law the compliance and accord, everyone on it is. Children My beloved, To take I you in My bosom and imprinted in future rolls.
Days poisonous to an end will come,
Heavy (black) clouds will leave,
in souls, suffering washed,
the messenger of happiness (Light') I Will come.
Complication houses are relatives give the apartment to the bad person. Here also it was necessary to speak openly. Also it was so difficult to decide, and so there was no wish. But I accepted, probably, correctly "Go, talk". I achieved a full consent. But as it is difficult protect.
I won three victories, and all is over me. I will cover with a safety dome each undertaking created on My Decree. I Send hidden ringing of church bells. Grief Sea.
60. (Feb. 21).
My hand with you is in all fiery actions for their appendix. All destroyed. The most essential sign of evolution is carried out in grain spirit (in the spirit of).
On grain of spirit the armor is put.
So you know that the strongest property is to keep charged in the spirit of. Not only to reach, but also to keep, that is to hold. What purpose of your today's Communication? You don't know. And it is good the nobility to channelize thought. Dare. Spirit grain is the immortal principle in you. In it is all your, all your accumulation. And other not yours is. Covers change, grain of spirit grows, therefore it is called grain. It also goes to "increase". It is necessary to live in it and in it to prove itself, instead of in covers. It is not from the world flesh. Not from a flesh is, but from spirit. In it I was and I Was shown as Christ on Earth. The consciousness should be kept in it, but not in covers. In it tranquility and force, in it is all yours. You are it, instead of an external peel. Live in it is. It is out of threatened and changing conditions of the outside world. It is your sun, and its center – I. This is our imperishable property. It out of a sin, because has in itself no elements, conformable with the lowest energiya. "Look for in grain spirit". Here your treasure is. It is a consciousness throne. Merge witch it is revival spirit. To that you will give the power? To it is or covers? When covers are brought to silence, acts and to shown it is. To whom you serve? To it is or covers? To peel or spirit? Transfer consciousness to grain spirit, and grain of spirit will shine through the broken-off and obeyed covers.
All is in you, with you, all you.
63. (Feb. 22).
But looking in future resist is. As also you, Mine. Really they will be given to darkness I, for the sake of them the Comer? Mountains cannot resist, and dry land will hesitate for a time, but My relatives, Me consonant, by My Word will enter life Light'. The darkness impact is terrible. But after all it is the last. But after all its swelling is temporary. Not to resist to darkness before greatness Light'. You hold a silver wire all strength of spirit. Tension of all forces you store a spatial anchor of rescue. And will be voices of darkness break off your ears. Close them the aura and My force lead to silence. I with you Stand on guard your happiness. Who is terrible to you combined with the Lord? So I Strengthen you for all occasion’s lives. Stand unshakably, and the doubt yes not will be included in your hearts. There will be Light and Light will be a torch world. I Believe the soul for you. Torch Light' Is. Preserve relatives, you charged. Hardly for them, as well as you is. But you is the next also are responsible for them. And I will be help. We together on guard the great stand is. Your (Lords) care is whole. You are put by Me. Here also stand, as the soldier Light, as the guard true is, as protection and a shelter of relatives. And I Will give strength. What to us all scorpions of the world, when we in the Hand of the Lord? But realize the mighty force of My Beam. Make it the most real factor of your life. Let the statement it will be included in your life as the most essential problem of the moment. The darkness endeavors to our voice and muffle My Voice. The ordinary shouts are. But the Voice of the Lord not to fall silent and not to darkness it overcomes. Here you collect knowledge treasures for people and it. They will sound in centuries, as call to association with Hierarchy, as the evidence of live and real communication with the Lord. Therefore lift each baby – not for itself, for the world it is necessary. Not you manage the business, but world and Lords. Whether much in power such task? Think. So, realizing the value, we bear responsibility for bringing Light. I will approve you as power giving, as force bearing My Light to people. Therefore be awake. Will be on Great patrol of your Lord. On patrol of the Lord, remember! My force overcomes everything, My force you will lift and you will illuminate others. Prepare for great mission. Your hour comes. Don't think of falling. Took on a way of the winner is. My wisdom I Will to illuminate your spirit. I Will sate with beams of happiness aura. On wings of spirit I Will uplift and on service to the world I Will put, and small this you will incur My Light. We serve them: you and I. We serve. So the heart on service to the world to give is here the purpose of your embodiment. Service – remember! I will give everything that you will ask, but in Name Light. I will sate all aspirations, but in the Name My. I will give knowledge. Whether realized power of knowledge? Knowledge is a synonym of wisdom and Light'. I will protect, I Will protect I Will protect from everything. But the armor is forged from two parties. I am glad to see understanding of value of blows received is the armor gets stronger. Will be decupled and will be accelerated conditions spirit increases. Instantly can to be reached that, over what on worked for years. Unknown time, great time wonderful opportunities are. Unless it is possible now to stop and lose the most valuable time on self-pick? Forward, forward, it is rather, as soon as possible, without losing precious minutes. On the roll accelerations stops are inadmissible, delays and fluctuations, because it is necessary to fly together with a wave. Fiery happiness won't slow down. "You, Lord, existing in me, Soul of my soul and Spirit are of my spirit. To Will Yours I betray my spirit and there will be your Will" – let there will be your prayer.
We will pass to another: Whether you feel rapprochement of the worlds? It is a lot of signs. People start beginning to see clearly. That world is included in consciousness, enters in science. It conducts. Prepare consciousness to its gleams. To be surprised we will leave to ignoramuses. You know, taking the facts as they are. I will fill your life with the phenomena of the Thin World. Accept them as a reality factor. It is a lot of phenomena of the Thin World, but they should be seen, that is to have an eye open. They in everything, everywhere, it is necessary only to open eyes, as though to remove a misunderstanding and bias bandage. All look, but see only few. We will learn to look. Collision won't be, but terrifying national disasters - yes.
65. (Feb. 23).
Whether you know, whether you understand limitation of egoism? This is the enemy number first. By darkness it is spread on your way. All total in it is, all from it, all delays and misfortunes. Everywhere gets in the way a stumbling block to Service. It is given most and best part of time. If not it where you already would be? Service to it is, as bringing of bouquets of the best flowers on a grave. Perish all. Whether it is worth finding for it time and thoughts? Thoughts are especially? Whether it is better to throw it, how old worn-out clothes? How many a dust, both dirt, and deposits (stratifications) in this tatter of yesterday! To who are necessary long ago served the term? Then we want to decorate with them, the spirit, temple consciousnesses? Or we think in this dress to enter shining halls of Boundlessness? "Egoism, die! Leave from My way! Don't stand a barrier between me and the Lord! «– so tell it. She is irritated, she takes offense, she stays in despondency, and she loses courage. On it a chain, it falls and carries away spirit down. It – your old, settled past. We will learn to leave it. It isn't necessary! Egoism is a symbol and the reason of division not only people, but also the worlds, and real. The great Unity is split into thousands pieces. The egoism split and separated consciousness from Space. This animal doesn't have a place in my Garden. As it will be easy to fly without it to me on happiness wings. Let all blows and troubles pour on it. You out of them, you are impregnable and in Me. And it doesn't prevent to receive it was easier to dump. Why to you this magnet attracting all dregs and dirt of a surrounding bog? Consider its elements – you will be terrified: century tatter, century stuff. With clothes of Light came to replace time it. It is a pity for century litter? Perhaps, you think in it to appear before Me? Or you think to approve the prestanding, invested with this pathetic sackcloth? Shining clothes of Light are ready. Whether I am ready? Or you want to put on them over old sackcloth? Exclude "it". Render of evolution and transferring of consciousness to spirit grain – here your task is.
Also will blossom the bright and rare flower spirit Identity, released from the personality. After all to it, personality, only a few tens years, and Identity is millions. That you will prefer, with whom you will arrive? The personality will be born also dies with everyone embodiment. Personality – it is a nursery and nursery egoism, Identity – spirit. Flesh – the personality is egoism. Identity – spirit grain, Divine Triad: Manas – Buddhi – Atman. The way Light' is open for the learned. So service to two misters it is excluded. Freely the Beam joins My Aura in consciousness, released from these tatters. So let "your heart will be open and mind isn't saddened". Necrosis of spirit called the egoism is. It is necessary to open itself, but only to rays of light.
Write: Who wants to enter the Kingdom Light's, My Kingdom, much to leave everything? Terrestrial things are necessary here, very necessary. But there they aren’t necessary. Therefore limit value of each thing to a circle of its manifestation and don't bring terrestrial in the eternal. In it is secret of possession of things. They can be had, but should know them a place. But it is necessary in the spirit to refuse of them. In the spirit is of Ask releases. Lies in the spirit, as and is all. Spirit smithy! You will see My Face. Make effort, decuple aspiration and desire to see.
The head from heart hurts – doesn't manage to recycle poison. It is possible to help strengthening of blood circulation and a strofant. Not afraid to break a rhythm: situation is special, breath too will help.
67. (Feb. 24).
Hour is difficult! But – a right hand of a soldier of spirit! If I Took someone's card is all yours before Me as on clearly. And We have your molds. I know everything. And understanding I Warn: collect all powers of consciousness what to keep and protect a monolith consciousness. Cristal is of consciousness to protect, especially from flashes. Do life things of life, burn, but don't flash. Necessary the tranquility is. To tear consciousnesses on part it is harmful. Filling of by emotions breaking on part is inadmissible. No ban, but is at safety of indestructible integrity of consciousness. Therefore “Quod licet Jove... «not a proverb, but is the law, a fragment of the forgotten knowledge. Be wise in application because we Have no ban.
Keep solemn mood in days of grief and grief because going final division means Court. And departed to the left are lost for a planet forever so as chose the way. And the fate will be shared by hierarchies of darkness, because from a planet will leave. The darkness wants to finish with Earth explosion and to departure on fragments. But Light is won doesn't happen. Defended a planet. In it darkness is defeat. Rages, but this powerlessness of rage is. Dark is prepared Saturn. Someone would like to destroy half a mankind. Will leave sets, but not on to their intentions is. The punishing sword of space justice will fall by the heads of the dark. Who will protect them from fiery energiya of space? Where will find rescue? But on Earth the darkness will make the last great treachery – will betray the faithful servants... Also will turn in ashes and ashes all their smart constructions are. Will turn in ashes all, for sake they the soul of betrayed also betrayed to darkness. The millennia tried, saved, got, and built. Dusted will be all dark! And the one, who chased to mirage of their promises and allures and betrayed soul the for the sake of them, will lose everything, even that particles Light's, which it was live. It will be dim the dark – I Claim. The dawn of life is engaged over Earth, and children Light's will meet it, the deliverer, it is joyful and in revival of spirit and will see the Sun of life. But over those, who have indulged in darkness, there will ascend a dawn of death and the sun of death will show them the face. There are life planets, and there are death planets – dead planets; and the live dead persons, still living Earth, but to them according, will leave away under the law of the magnetic accord. Rage in the last fruitless fight. There are no judges, there are no witnesses. Everyone will be keen in whirlwinds of a magnetic attraction energiya of own essence. Everyone most the essence and saved up in it by energiya it will be involved in orbit an attraction , corresponding to it on structure of elements, him enclosed in the aura. Inevitably is future, inevitably destiny of the doomed – self-fateful. Spiritual eyes of many were already closed – the magnet of negative energy works. And they, noticing nothing, in an acceleration progression promptly rush to a chasm where the end waits them. So chosen a way of darkness receive the award.
I, Pastor good, My children I will collect together. Christ revived! My children, I called you on great cause. Builders of consciousness mankind you will be. You will help Me to advance people on the new consciousness step. You will help Me. Whether you hear? And help you study now. With Monday new elements in space are. Sensitively listen. Catch rhythm new. In these spatial elements is essence of the events. But to them it is necessary to adapt. Process is difficult for an organism. Here withdrawal meat will help. Than to ruv down the body, for those is easier to assimilate. Are heavy for people, sated with animals fluids, – chains standing. Thinning, friends, thinning, in everything it is necessary
thinning. Decuple devotion is. Time of the strict came implementation of Decrees. I speak for listings. There are enough nods. On what to Me your consent, if it isn't supported phenomenon appendix The decree in life? Also and for unification it is necessary solidity of consciousness – collecting of all beings in one only focus this aspiration, that is – completeness of concentration. The dispersion is harmful: wears out a body. The house divided is. Who will help Me to the uniform unseparable aspiration? What ghosts will to shade eyes also will close ears?
Aspiration, as a flying arrow, all being, and all the atoms is. I Will call a monolith of aspiration will Call understood and applied. Both a grief, and pleasure is all to the purpose of one, both pain, and thought, and feelings, and acts. So we will approve a way ascensions not word, but business. In total! Not in desires business, and in that that always to be lord of the desires and to operate them, but not to be their slave.
70. (Feb. 25).
I see: the enemy camp will fall, the luxury of dresses will grow dull, also shows a face spirit. Dark progress is bitter. Claws last from everywhere. Me you will resist. Anything without Head is. And so in everything, even in the small. You will get on well at everything With Us. To strengthen patrol is. Write: Listen three ears. When I Will fill all your being, there will be a paloria. But also its degrees can be different. Filling by the Lord is difficult. It is so much unnecessary before eyes. Where rejection from itself? It is deaf, mute and grew blind there is a pupil to voices Earth. It is deaf and grew blind it is clear, but "is mute" is in value flat refusal to answer on attacks, pricks and blows to his personality. Personal interest is killed, the egoism to fall silent. And when the answer to plans dark is given, it is protected as though other person, stranger. But should be protected, stopping dark attempts. The Lord Help blows to accept and avoid harmful consequences. Self-filling is destructive, that is filling by. But filling Me creates. Work over Face of the Lord, – you are the builder of happiness. To remember a face in parts, that then to hold the whole. Victory over itself is victory the Face Lords over egoism.
To them you burn the dark accumulation. Therefore Face Lords in heart – creating power Light's. How to approve Light, if in heart fear is? Of that to be afraid when I Protect, providing everything? The fear root is strong. Where firmness diamond is? Provide to Me
My enemies and yours is. My Hour came. Well, friends, ours came time, because Hour punched.
(From former Records) In ten time increases power merges by the conscious law appendix. With Me merged it is invincible.
72. (Feb. 26).
In all your affairs I Will keep. Don't allow fluctuation spirit. In one is key on one system sound. Terrestrial life is only preparation to life in space. If you don't approve yourself here how you will be approved, where everything depends on aspiration? And, if the current of aspirations changes, what will turn out? It is impossible to lead spatial life, being torn apart by opposite tendencies. Will break off on part; because there are no restrictions for logical is end of aspiration. Watch impulses. In them is root of evil. Stop in a germ. Time thinning remains in your essence, if it isn't neutralized, that is extinguished by the subsequent and, best of all, conscious thought, that is is extinguished consciously. Reconsider century deposits. Tendencies go from the past. On them roots are learned and escape if are poisonous. Introduce consciousness of inalterability of a way and stability of the Lord. If the way depended on your casual states what would turn out? It is necessary therefore to rely not on it, and on Me. Only believing on Us all consciousness, you will succeed. And you is that a straw in the sea. So, if you haven't enough any qualities they are in Me and incessant prestanding you join them and you become the spokesman of My Essence. Show Me and I will come show in you is the main condition. Extinguish egoism, differently not to lift a cross and from Me not to follow. To be rejected from it means to extinguish the personality. The sphere of personal emotions is reduced to zero. The word "I" is excluded from the speech. The lock is put on everything, where usually got used to be shown "I". Experience: try in usual conversation to switch off absolutely an element of personal reactions. Answer on everything, but as though speak not you, and the stranger, and you, You, only listen and you observe as temporary and even the casual witness. Look, object, answer, but without vibrating emotionally that is at absolute full preservation of balance, as if, really, the personality as the spokesman of egoism died. The smile rather a usual human grimace of a smile is especially characteristic as tribute egoism. Look: mask circle, and these masks twitch convulsions of the grimaces which are a grin of egoism. The clown triumphs are. The essence of harm consists in a reflex. Masks-machine guns – everything depends on what from which string pulled. The reflex is automatic. The slave himself – as is much covered in these words! And you live in suffocations of this slavery, without noticing its horror. It is so possible: or "to be oneself", or "to drag itself everywhere". The personality dies with each embodiment. Whether it is worth giving it the power? It is necessary to lead to silence. Then is both greatness of tranquility, and balance, and true advantage. So: or a weather vane for each wind and a blade of grass, oscillation a wind, or the spirit rock. Choose. Try to exclude an octave of personal emotions from the soul. The scale of its manifestations is great. To what is the lowest? Once and they were useful, and now aren't necessary. Impassivity, balance, self-control, tranquility is the phenomena of one order. Their root is the power over egoism, over itself. In aspirations of spirit of your I approve you also I Give Hand Help. Yes will be to light-you in days of a gloom and grief. With you I always am. Remember. I saw in a dream, that someone in any business it appeared it is unreliable.
And so in everything is. There are no people, on whom it is possible to rely up to the end. All are faithful or in own way, or to the limit. Boundless fidelity is necessary. Where they, true? Therefore we Choose pupils so carefully. Only crossed the border, which already there is no return, becomes that. Return where? In the past, back is. So the superior quality the pupil there is a devotion that is fidelity to the end in everything. Whom you love more, Me or itself? Here whom you love more, with that also you will arrive. Learn to put in everything Me on the first place. At first I, and then you, at first Mine, and then yours is. But I am you, enduring in Me but not personal kaleidoscope of emotions. I took you in My consciousness. Learn to live in it. It over the world, embraces all planet, all people of the Earth, their past and future. Also will be preached Gospel kingdom to all people, It is so told. My world, My Kingdom, The doctrine My am learned by all people. I am their Driver. Therefore it is great work field the field also is immense – covers the visible and Invisible, this world and That is.
And everywhere work. Also work My pupils both here, and there. On works is and requital. But of it don't think. One follows from another. And unless the love demands an award for what loves? Therefore it is and the most powerful engine. Therefore there is no love above, than love to the Lord. Love for love. Requital for work is. But a love wreath is a feat. Therefore My pupils are devotees in life. Everything is concentrated in Me everything is created in the Name My. And I am in heart at them to the Grief bright, inextinguishable fire of life, eternal life. Their consciousness stays in Mine we are unseparable. Centuries forged the millennia happiness chains. Strong is, strongly and indestructibly. Everything is possible, everything is available, and everything is opened. Understand! Pupil! Only wish!
To wish is means to direct. To direct – means to receive. You receive my Name. After careful consideration wish is. It is difficult to eradicate unsuccessful desire. You wisely build; because the aspiration is a stone of a tower of your spirit. Spirit towers. Then there is a world, and in the world rescue. Look: in a hearth tests people preparer’s by an O'clock of My Arrival. To Path' of fight there is it.
And you in it, there, where fight is humming. Realize the value. My soldier Me put on great patrol. You and your relatives, all of you bear burden My works. The benefit to you, whether also you I Will forget, not forgotten Me at o'clock of fight, need and tension? Not always our affairs in need. But you in need the given help, the benefit to you is. The Lord doesn't forget. Will receive for everything everyone, brought at least a small grain of sand. On works and award is. Only don't think of a beggarly award and don't look for it where it isn't present! Don't belittle the future. Light is incomparable and greatness of the future with poverty and a present gloom. And you, my darling, at an o'clock of a gloom with Me divided its burden, with Me both will arrive and you will divide greatness of the future as is full as you share horrors of fight, bearing on shoulders all burden of spatial press's.
74. (Feb. 27).
But after all about conditions big crop we will think. I testify to Light' Mine. There is an organism preparation in all forms and shapes to the forthcoming task. My fire is blessing, can't burn chosen receptacle. From here complexity of a task is. The powerful highest energy is. In harmony with them conductors are given, everything that didn't burn down. Fire demands understanding – it is first of all. You want together? But the chosen and invited vessels unite. Listen. Where your wings, thought wings? The flame of a feat brought with belief, will exceed a flame of other worships. My Beam doesn't know obstacles, breaks all disturbing and creates the force. Beam force is invincible. Turning the spatial fires in the concrete creating forms or forces, the Beam creates. But also you can create force of My Beam, consciously applying and using it power on creation of forms, or models of that it has to be embodied in forms of the outside world. Create force of My Beam. I give the power. Execution wheel, specified by force of My Beam, it is hundredfold increases the power and invincibly forges forms and life manifestations conscious appendix Archat's will, which channelizes it desirable. Any more belief is, and knowledge, or, better, faith-knowledge. So that you create in Beams of My Light, or in the Beam we wash, has life. So Sword, Me this, becomes a reality, Sword of the winner of spirit. And that, that you will wish in the Name My, Will execute. But you know the law. I trust the law and secret creative power. It is impossible to be mistaken. For it don't wish. But for Light the desirable will bear the stamp of Mine blessings and executions. And if the field is wide creative opportunities your spirit, is even wider work field. Therefore yes won't be tired the hand of the sower also won't be satiated making. As in the magic fairy tale, reveal before you rubies of the incalculable opportunities, when you go with Me. Secret Beam understand – a bike is, I in it. What were flesh or space conditions, but we are stronger than all of them and any conditions without exceptions. We, that is I and you in Me.
Understand: going with Me more than once won against stars, because the power is given over any flesh, that is matter. But where its borders are? How you think? And where borders of My power? How you think? Understand, in understanding lies way to power. Also there is no limit to power of spirit. In it is its boundlessness. Winning against itself in small, we come to roads great. Where limit to stays? I bequeathed boundlessness. Whether you realize? It is necessary to reject the usual thought ways. We enter My World, and on all the press of singularity and cosmic-space scope. Only in you limits and restrictions is. My World is boundless. It is necessary to dump all chains, all restrictions of a matter, feelings and thought. Width, depth, height, courage, aspiration of the thought you believe borders. But after all the thought is boundless and there is no limit to it. And you it is boundless in your opportunities. So My Days in your day entered the statement laws of My World. Put to them your heart. To Me pleasure to show immensity knowledge to the devoted pupil. And if now it, that that then?! Not to contain to consciousness
greatness of immensity of knowledge, but it is possible to feel. Note: Hierarchy of Knowledge! Whether you feel fiery greatness of power of infinite knowledge? Hierarchy of Knowledge!!! The knowledge of the Hierarch will be to you bail to that. Where also whom you will find equal to Me? To whom you will assimilate? So the highest value on Earth and in the worlds for you is I. Treasures at Me, My treasures, but are collected and prepared for going to Me and for going with you and for you. I will finish: The Spirit of the Lord, but the Lord only is great link in the Hierarchy chain. What Top?
To exist can't. Everything will fall, that from the old world, force of the backward structure.
76. (Feb. 28).
"Before your Light, in You real, I trample on the egoism. What I will be able to bring to You, the Lord?" Yours of energy are in increase. Raise in Light' Mine to life Light'. The base of the New World is the unification of all and all and in everything. My Kingdom is, as armor, as protection, as fortress from arrows of egoism and the, and others. At top of achievements there is no place to anything personal. About Myself I Collect the Identity which has left the chains below. In fetters not to rise to Me. It is a miracle sign. Anything so doesn't stir realization of the full power, as doubt. The essence of egoism rises against the highest attributes of spirit. Remember: doubt voice is voice egoism and personality. And look at them, as at claws of the clown, seeking to pull down you down, to the sphere of identification. Be careful of doubt. Have many degrees. I speak already about the highest. Not in My force you doubt, but in yourself. But this modesty is false, this humility is from darkness. You doubt in the son's/filial. From everywhere feelers last what to pull down. Whether you will resist in Light' Mine and in consciousness of the power given to you? With what you will remain? With the broken trough is. Therefore fight until the end of rather prior to new stay.
I am sick, but I feel in a body fire force. Something new is. But the perception was facilitated.
77. (Feb. 29).
About treatment by the Beam is. Whichever there was a process, sections change and accrue. The beam gets the centers, creates powerfully. Apply concentration. When creativity falls and conditions don't allow spirit to be shown, very well to pray. The prayer is familiarizing to the Highest World and a to come off itself from Earth. "Only You are only to You only for You, My Lord". Everything concentrates in Me all aspirations and hopes. I am the center of everything, and Me all embraces. We will work for Hierarchy. In all conscious measures is and clearness of the aspiration which has precisely outlined the sphere. The blow of spirit to inert substance of elements is necessary, differently won't start moving. Force of blow gives flash and gives rise to spontaneous shape, or a form, and she starts living. Repeated blows strengthen this form. It grows, gaining strength, and attracts electrons of lower octave of a matter for identification already on the physical plan, better to say, in the dense world. Such is the principle. Equipment of process and ability depend on degree consciousness, or rather degrees awareness of power and inalterability of the law. The law is invincible, that is the dense matter can't counteract. It put only to submit. The will has to understand that it is given rise for the power – to rule, and elements – to obey. Therefore the learned Law is called the master of elements. Neither doubts, nor fluctuations are absolutely inadmissible the equipment of process. It is impossible one hand to build, and another to destroy. Elements as easily submit to doubts and fluctuations, as and the order, because don't argue. They put only to obey. Everything lies in law understanding. It is creative Law the Hierarchy. So the Hierarch Creates. Accurate and clear the desirable shape has to be given rise. The ambiguity, vagueness and uncertainty will give just the same reflections in a spontaneous matter. It is necessary to understand depth of value of doubts and fluctuations in other aspects, than usually. The inflexible belief is necessary in inalterability of the law. So we Create both people, and consciousness of mankind, so we Give new opening. They are in the air, that is We Created forms of models of their shapes from plastic substance of elements Gave them vitality and stability and Filled with them space. We are Sowers, We are Builders, We are Creators We are Architects.
And people only reap the fruits of our works. The pupil is called for this creativity. This creativity is sphere Archat's. To it we Call you. Isn't in it places to anything personal. The circle of personal manifestations is narrow and pathetic. The world of creativity of the sphere of General Welfare is immense. As the eagle on anything won't exchange boundless distances, both a scope, and flight heights, as and the consciousness which has concerned infinity of spatial life and opportunities, never, for anything will disagree to enter in pathetic walls of voluntary prison, a personal fowl-house. Only the darkness and ignorance exhaust people in pork stalls, depriving of them access to a treasury spirit. Winner! Your time came to finish a mirage of the personality and to escape from tenacious embraces of egoism. Understand the jailers and all treacherous lie of their seduction. What they you give? Think of that deprived and deprive. Egoism, be lost! Even at simple concentration the egoism prevents to collect thoughts, distracting them on it. To me, to me, me, only to me all: all feelings, both thoughts, and aspirations. There is enough! Winner! Approve the power, the right by knowledge of the law. The son was given the power. I crown you with the power and I Approve it in you over spheres of the lowest energiya and a spontaneous matter. Not the slave, not the servant, but the tsar of spirit has to enter your heritage. And if I for you is who will deprive of you your property? Use each opportunity, each trifle to approve the power. Stop to speak when you want. Want, wish and wait for execution decided (that is that was solved) by will. Anybody don't ask about anything, anybody don't persuade in anything, never worry about anything, never doubt anything but only wish, that is solve, that is think consciously to turn the lever of the law and to start up in space an execution wheel – and everything will be at your will. Study on small to approach to the great. Understand value of the small. In each trifle the particle, the beginning is hidden, perhaps, who knows, the greatest opportunity and stay. Remember: everything everywhere always once began with small, with the beginning. It is a way of terrestrial life and terrestrial stays. Small sparks turn into fiery bulks, and so in everything. And the oak so grows, and as power of spirit collects. We come to the power over elements. It is given from a century, but it isn't realized. "You are gods", but "gods" prefer to dig in dirt or to build sand heaps. For all – an obstacle, difficulty, an illness, trouble and so on and so on, and for you all this is only infinite stream of opportunities to approve the power and to exercise invincible strength of mind on each of them and over all over them, and a firm, sure gait to go to tops of boundless power of will. There are no borders for it; there are no obstacles for it. The will fire reigns over all the essence, the highest of everything that is in the world, the fiery nature. Remember! «Isn't present such obstacle which the will of the person" couldn't overcome. But after all you with Me but after all we – it is uniform. So My power I Give the power to you, to the son and the Press of My Spirit imprinted My Gift.
Let our heart be not confused and isn't frightened.
Gray old times stores fairy tales and legends of life and history of Altai. Country of opportunities! Future country, not get rid fateful civilization. Legends of the past and singularity of the future will weave bright, extraordinary reality of the future close years. In it
will be imprinted heart culture New Country and New World. All is new, all unusual and all not repeated. Till time the center of future culture is still buried. But magnets lie, and magnets work and will give rise to forms of the Hidden Hail. We Cut down its shape from substance of elements, Marked out those who will go for construction, and Connected them a happiness chain. Its center will be Stronghold reflection Light', but in living conditions terrestrial. And Envoys Light' will stay there, in the Great White Hail which has already taken the obvious concrete forms of the terrestrial. And the Hand washing it will be stretched over it, and my relatives will stand at fed. And to My Kingdom, the Kingdom Light', won't be the end.
80. (March 1).
It, the future, will be when I Will fills vessels. Undertakings of spirit are important for the surrounding. Conditions of clear understanding, picture understanding of the future are necessary as a factor of future life because they entirely will enter it.
Write: In childhood of the world We Endowed it with reason. And everything that people had and learned, they received from Us. Not only sciences and arts is, but also everything, up to construction of dwellings. In total Gived We, come from the highest planet. Gave, Give and we Will give. Stand on mankind patrol. Ignoramuses believe: here we found, here we opened. What found, what opened? Opened? Yes, but carefully prepare Us. And not our fault that free, but evil will seeks kind to turn all into the evil and on the evil. Everything is given in the benefit, and a lot of things are used in the evil. And if is only in the benefit? And if not our Hand, people would destroy long ago each other. But the century of destruction is replaced by an eyelid of construction. Spiteful energy and the spiteful beginnings will go from life. The century of darkness will be replaced the Century Light'. Also came Hour. Fiery energy go to help light construction. Also power of fire is invincible. Someone thinks to compete with it, forgetting about force of the return blow. There are no such dams which could stop the course of evolution. Time to realize world processes is. The river of the World flows and carries away forward small whirlpools of contra flows. Are small is and powerless. Whether to them to turn the river back? Finally everything is carried away forward. However, someone or something goes on a bottom, but own weight or in a funnel of opposite whirlpool. The consciousness directed to our Heights, rushes ahead of a stream. And the stream is Channelized by us. Because We Give rise to leading ideas, We Give. The free biped will is distorts. Who woke the people? We. Who channelizes? We. Join fiery energy, and it is necessary to learn to operate them, because uncontrollable or directed chaotically, will make explosion. They also need a leading hand of Reason. Therefore it is so important to prepare consciousness to understanding of this enormous, urgent and major task. The consciousness of the slave won't be able to operate fiery gifts of Space. Therefore the people are exempted from all types of slavery and on own feet, is call of day. Let it is bad, let ineptly, but yourself! The consciousness has to be released and follow a way of a personal responsibility and independence. Welcome a wave of awakening and release of the people wherever, in whatever form it was shown. These are signs of promptly going evolution. Came Hour! It is accelerated tempo process. Acceleration accrues. The more delays, the pressure of rough streams of spring of mankind, the waters melted century ice of stagnation and ice fetters of immovability is more powerful. From the Mountain World to Inspect current is of a world stream. Chains of century heaps should be dumped, and unless it is important, how? The way is chosen and specified the shortest. We will thank worked at a heavy ungrateful problem of cleaning of deposits of human stables and we will regret not realized importance and the importance of world process. Not the dark! Those knew, but not realized. It is a lot of friends among them, but not begun to see clearly yet to understanding. Notice milestones of the New World is, as the phoenix is, reviving of garbage, both slags, and ashes old. It, old, is as the egg-shell, punched by a baby bird to leave it and to reject. It was necessary to give rise to a baby bird – the New World, and is rejected from full uselessness. And as though he no protested, in him there is no life; therefore will go to processing, as well, as all garbage is in the nature. Also it is necessary to understand a fate of those who decided to share with it the lot, destiny of a dead peel. C'est la vie. And a grief that, who will be seduced with black racers of the past, old, the world is. Rush in darkness and involve a death chariot. But to the future fly horses Light', and strong holds an occasion My Hand.
Yes, you are right! Inexhaustibility of fruits of richness of My Garden, inexhaustibility of My treasures, treasures of My Light are My properties, or qualities as you want call. Space and everything that in is mute, and everything is opened before Me lies. And I am the Way, or the Gate in Boundlessness. Treasures are open for My relatives, but through Me. Someone wants to enter round a way. But always and everywhere will meet Me everywhere, on all ways, because I is a threshold to spirit. But I everywhere, and I always! Me call and called different names. But unless Essence washing changes how people call Me? The people come and leave, Earth face changes, languages die and will be born, names of things and the name change, but I Stay forever and ever. Only close, very close, I Open the Face. But for them I one under all names, because know Me out of My temporary attires, with which under the law of cycles I Invest Myself. These clothes of spirit are necessary because without them don't learn Me and My Light, Light not uttered Light’ without covers, will blind even relatives. Write quietly because that is intended to give through you, will be given. So, inexhaustibility let will be call of hour of my Communication. It is necessary to feel sounding effectiveness and reality of this concept. What poor prerequisites darken looking for the horizon and a field of the future achievements and stays? Even here are applied measures yesterday. Especially are harmful Procrustov’ channel of religions. And often call them back. Than it is possible to limit the Garden My? Who considered treasures of the Empress? What measures can be put to them? It is necessary, it is necessary to reject everything: any measures, any prerequisites, assumptions and restrictions and all, that of the past. Boundless is inexhaustibility, boundlessness of stays, achievements and opportunities – here that framework to which Want to limit aspirations of My pupil. If My Kingdom not from world Earth, it is necessary to understand its attributes. But force undertakes all strength of spirit, all aspiration of all being, and all particles of human essence visible and invisible, dense and thin, material and spiritual, all actions, all thoughts, all aspiration.
Whether you know about what we will write? (Certainly, I didn't know.) Write: When there come night and your spirit departs in the Cloister Light', you work on My field and you study spirit lessons. From here your aspiration is and burning. But as I Will keep your knowledge, that is memory, about beauty of My Kingdom as I Will open eyes. It is impossible to combine the incompatible. In smoky and heavy living conditions as the spirit will reconcile! Therefore to term the lock is imposed on reminiscence that saw. Only fruits– essence seen – you carry away fruits with yourself to Earth. It also is live, and you eat it, it and you update the essence daily. You bring impulses from antecedents, but you don't remember last embodiments. But all this is essence of results of all your antecedents. So is and with a dream. Fragrance of flowers My Garden you carry away with itself to Earth from a dream kingdom, and vital emanations them update spirit. But gleams will be given within admissible law. We Can not interrupt the dense evolution. It is heavy, but the person, through it passed, becomes a wreath stone Space Reason. I will finish: to Me the comer and in o Me approved has no need in anything.
Heart, secret My guarding sounds and sings at shine Light's.
(March 2). Ashram. Time of personal calculations passed. Constructions go and are based on "We". All consciousness is adjusted on a key "We". In all forms and shapes "I" am replaced "We". The consciousness lives interests of collective as its part, part of the whole. Not self in itself, but part of collective, not "I", but part of Space, aspect of the whole. Consciousness is as the tree, which roots became stronger in Space. The more is deeply, the more strongly. The torn-off, independent existence is absurd, illusion, and self-deception. It is especially obvious in the sphere intellectual where the person reaps the fruits works of collective of all mankind, as though synthesis reached by mankind. So studying any science is taken by everything that people reached at present; because any science is synthesis of collective efforts of all mankind. It is necessary that "I" saw the little and consciously replaced it mighty "We". In it is force. As both the Brotherhood, and the Community, and Hierarchy is forms of expression of collective. Its creating power is great. In its understanding the understanding of essence of two worlds – old and New lies. I and you not self in itself is, but spokesmen of forces of troops of the Light Camp. Both syntheses are a step of the highest consciousness, and collective is the highest step of evolution. Principle: the herd, and the person – his part, but herd uniform – that is not broken off by force opposite, weakening each other, currents is uniform. The uniform herd, that is harmoniously soldered uniform collective of mankind, will be a form of its social expression. Then without dams the river of world evolution will begin to flow. To that we go. But it is necessary to understand its direction in everything and who and where enemies. Enemies of evolution, enemies of mankind is so we Will call those who from the old world. The darkness camp is great, but will be distraught. It is necessary to become conscious in everything on part of the world, especially in understanding of world events and those phenomena which now occur in life of the people. And even in close proximity it is necessary to see and understand a gait of the New World, everywhere, in everything. The personality and personal interests aside is swept aside. Everything becomes for the person, but not for the sake of the personality today's or yesterday. Power of collective of the New World grows unreasonably, and it will sweep away, as the cardboard lodges, all creation of the old world. And when the giant will get on feet, the old world will see and will understand the hopelessness and aimlessness of fight. Now still fight because don't understand. And it is good, differently would rave. And where the New World suffers a seeming defeat, powerful knots of energiya for spontaneous destruction of a temporary dam gather. Nothing will stop the course of evolution. Because We are awake. We are on the guard of the World. It is necessary to understand itself an integral part of huge process and the necessary small screw in it, aimless and unnecessary if it is taken separately and it is thrown out from the car. Put by me understand the part and the contribution. We create common cause of General Welfare. Force of each collective in huge force. And it is required to be realized, protecting the Identity.
(Directed to Mother is.) Native Mine! We stand on the verge, in waiting. Heavy time of a threshold is always difficult.
(March 3). It is necessary to collect the strength – we will go further.
"Hut of the uncle Tom". Finding this book harmful is; L. points to harm of a pity. The book wrote, over it be touched, but slaves remained slaves. Creating pity that is compassion is necessary. Has no its old world. One drown many earthly blessings, others in millions die of hunger and tens of millions – of intolerable living conditions. Hypocrisy planetary it is necessary to leave. With the Gospel and a cross in hands doom to extinction and disasters the whole people. National we Care of the benefit. It isn't necessary to Christ of such followers. Let better don't call itself Christians, but don't participate in a world crime. And small these, in darkness staying, sponsor, as wolves of lambs, because, truly, wolves in sheep skins. It is time to open eyes, and to understand darkness masks, and to dump them from these attendants of darkness. You will see a grin of a tiger. Rejoice to the beam of truth shining true world position of the people. "Unless I am a watchman to the brother", – so tells the old world and the brother grabs a throat. But everyone is responsible for all. And if somewhere people die of hunger, you are responsible and you will answer. And evade responsibility to nobody for the brother. We speak about a brotherhood of the people. It is a basis of construction of the New World. One is responsible for all and all for one. Once again I Speak: "Uniform herd and the Pastor is I. Division goes in everything all the way, as well understanding of the phenomena. Each phenomenon of the world reveals the true essence, everything reveals the real face to be or justified to live, or condemned to die or disappear. Everything goes either Odesny, or Oshuyy. And the egoism of the personality with all her dark accumulation departs there and is condemned, but already on a global scale. I Will tell much, dishonoring the Name and the Doctrine My: "Away from Me, I Don't know you doing lawlessness". Many also are much covered with Me. But billion – a sign of My army, to them also I Will erase darkness and its henchmen. Great there will be a fall, and even the dog won't come to their call. So and remain on rubble heaps. And the people will go and already, without understanding that, follow Me. I Lifted them. I, the Lord of the Shambhala, Approve the Kingdom of the Future Light. Yes there will be Light, and this Light yes will be the Sun of the people – My children.
(March 4). In total on culture gains is. In total on construction is. Recreation centers turn into the centers of cultural gains. It is creative collective, a field for transformation of a terrestrial garden and the nature. The person leaves the creator and the organizer of a garden terrestrial. Creative joyful activity is a basis of life of the New World. Opportunities behind doors not only are in spiritual area, but everywhere, in all areas of life. Opportunities blossom on a field of creative activity anywhere and everywhere. It isn't necessary to be the narrow fanatic and to think that fiery breath of the New World will concern only the spirit and consciousness sphere. It sates all. Increase of creative opportunities will come manifestation in all consciousnesses and in those spheres of activity where these consciousnesses are shown. The community, collective with its inexhaustible opportunities, will capture the whole world. And the leading New Country, the homeland your, the first reaps and will reap the fruits to share with people of the Earth. It isn't necessary to limit the understanding to a narrow framework of a circle of followers of the Doctrine when you think about wonderful opportunities. Life of the people is reconstructed on the basis of space cooperation. Now – still unconsciously, but then face to face is with Light of Beams of Hierarchy of the Benefit. The herd – uniform world collective of all people of the Earth in Beams of My Power creating the New Sky and New Earth is uniform. On the Beam of My Light life in all the phases, the directions and aspects will be transformed and changes. Narrowly to understand this phenomenon as limited either spiritual or the material plan. More widely, above, cover all problems of the future era more deeply.
To anything in any way don't limit the future. Not insignificant, not small you will become witnesses. The mistake waits for it, having fixed eyes in the sky and expecting only heavenly gifts. More widely, more safely, draw the changed life more brightly. In magnificence of the New born World will forget the old. The new Sky will close all horizons. And under it – people of the Earth and New Earth covered with gardens and bearing fruits of My Garden. Both the old sky and Earth will be forgotten and won't come already one heart more. Therefore My arrows fly to My Country. Violent shoots, escapes of the New World cover its open spaces. Thirst of creative activity captured the people of My Country, and they create. And now grew, got stronger and any more the greenhouse is necessary, and flew down, both framework, and connected restriction conditions. Will grow now is. In a suffering hearth the new Kingdom was born Light life also sounds. And after all it only still is beginning. Progress will be accelerated. Unprecedented opportunities and opening prepare Us and wait for the close hour.
It will sweep away all representations that is possible and that is impossible, and all borders of limits of the power of the person over the nature. My Hand directs a tide of life and plans its stages of evolutionary advance on steps. Also don't know builders sizes, sizes and purposes majestic Temple New World. Only close see its dome leaving in Boundlessness. And everyone will take in it a place on to the abilities, to give and bring on construction everything that can, – joyfully, to give and bring everything on construction that can, – it is joyful, voluntary and heart. You look and see how as sprouts life violently makes the way up anywhere and everywhere. And it is joyful to understand to us greatness being made by the Word of the Empress of the World. Release from the personality will help to enter world consciousness and to capture the world not personal, but superpersonal. To live its plans, tasks and future – means to lead life superpersonal. In size of a circle the consciousness and its growth is measured.
There are no other measures. So the bowl of General Welfare is the Guarantee of familiarizing with space consciousness. Steps: I, Earth, Space – I, We, they, that is everything, all people. Remember: with Me everything is possible. Without limiting itself to any prerequisites, we enter the Kingdom of My opportunities. Will give conditions to you show all powers of the spirit and the soil Prepare? Soon already. Therefore promptly I Open the potential of your spirit that knew the power. Fully equipped knowledge and achievements you will act on arena the life. And your word will be hammer blow – accurate, true and strong, and the thought – a lightning of spirit will crash into a brain and to shine space.
Prepare for your day in aspiration and solemnity. Leave everything disturbing.
(March 5). In this embodiment essence of life addresses on itself is. Small "I" am object and center thoughts and aspiration. Energy is turned on itself, inside. Small circle – and life goes a small circle. Tip of an arrow of thought, on a curve bent, rests against itself. Spinning top, rotating is around the axis. At Archat the personal "I" died and doesn't serve to it object of thought. Arrows fly out of, conquering the worlds, the future, close and far, – extensively, as circle radiuses, and as though outline great circle of consciousness, as if the directed Sun beams. Where their border? Consciousness crystal is as Sun, and heart, as Sun, and centers, as the stars pouring beams. The microcosm assimilates to Macrocosm. This world superpersonal consciousness is and I Approve activities in you. You serve as renunciation of to Me. And not renunciation is, but expansion, not loss, but Treasure finding. The simply small is replaced great and – it is conscious.
To be in Light’ I mean to be in the sphere extra personal that is superpersonal interests. And I with you always am. I am always ready answer to your call. Only it is necessary to reject the "I", and the knife switch is included. So the feat of self-renunciation is a way of expansion of consciousness and replacement of personal consciousness with the space. And here, as well as in everything, it is necessary to begin with small, persistently, and it is persistent and continued cleaning "I" from the sphere of the microcosm. Division in consciousness on the personal and superpersonal goes all the way, up to that moment while personal completely won't change and doesn't become expression and the servant superpersonal. In it purpose of the personality and sense of her existence. Therefore, nullifying in all requirements and manifestation of the personality, we approve Light of the highest spiritual consciousness. I train you for arena the life. I think of you "the person who has lost soul", that is the personality, subordinated the covers, free from influences of the lowest energiya, the winner.
The power of the person who realized and has approved this power over is great. I call to a victory. On a key of solemn tranquility and great silence, more precisely, a full become silent of egoism, this highest power is under construction. And fires of the centers until then muffled by egoism, will be able freely to increase. Without refracting through an egoism crystal, won't do harm neither to their carrier, nor people around. Therefore the formula "Be Rejected from Itself" is the law of ascension of spirit and a condition of a step superpersonal that is space consciousnesses. So each thought directed on the, is a stone on an advance way, and on others and out of – a step of a ladder of spirit. I call to My World of superpersonal, space opportunities. And I Give the Hand. Yours "I" as an eagle in height, over Earth, and the world – under it, also is immense the horizon, but not chicken in a manure heap or the pig digging in garbage. Eagle of spirit, mine, the winner called and approved, surrounded the happiness belt, owning a staff of the power and a spirit sword, whether to you ordered spirit ways, whether to you the space scope is closed?
The son, I Call to urgent awareness of the power. But protect, but hold, but be approved in My gifts. Among mad crowd cover spirit fires. Your treasure preserve against worry. As the mountain not plundered, as casket closed, as fire inextinguishable, hidden in a temple sanctuary, so be in life. "Don't throw a shrine to dogs and don't throw beads", that is preserving spirit treasures, that is close from the outside world.
Violation of the law is punished by death of spirit that is treasury devastation. Also remains not kept with a chipped washing-tub. Preserve Treasure. Who needs the torn to pieces, trampled and devastated consciousness? As harm is of squandering of treasures great. Each word is expenditure of the fiery energy, each movement, each emotion. Garrulity – spirit suicide. Vanity, haste, nervousness, concern and all other is spendthrifts. Fear, fear, uncertainty, shyness is devourers of fiery energy. It is necessary to understand where enemies, and to lift against them a spirit sword, but not knowing mercy or delay. Claws are from everywhere to dump the winner in an abyss. But I with you am. But be approved strongly in each gain, at each step of expansion of consciousness. Each gain of consciousness demands time for the statement in it. We will be approved in the reached. So My Hand over all your affairs.
90. (March 6).
After each tension of language the will is weakened. It is possible to agree to an empty cover.
As creates My Face. My Face is the center generating powerful fiery vibrations. I had no case them to see, but it will be possible to see them. Fires, both stars, and spots are result of contact of My Beam with aura rather with consciousness. Then there is more, especially contact is bright. Understanding strengthens everything. Wish to see fires and stars – the desire attracts them, as a magnet.
(About Nina). I know, I Look, I Allowed consciously. (Probably, about an illness is). Really, it is so. Give it rest. Let will internally calm down and thoughts will concentrate on Me. On the Beam the help will go.
Light-and it is joyful look forward. It is integral, yours is. In it is all. And anything is in the past, in the present, as the desert. Let the present become for you only a projection future, only screen, reflecting its shadow. The present is a reflection of the future. On it look also catch future signs and yours, and world. Write, without coming off My Face, as though the continuous contact which isn't interrupted for a moment. The hand let writes, but the third eye let sees Me. We won't allow knife switch trembling. You that think are? You believe to succeed, without having betrayed Me all consciousness?
Swiftly We Will lift its Banner, the World Banner. For now it is necessary to suffer and wait. The old world is a corpse. Fluids of its rough decomposition are poisonous and are dangerous. Is in apogee of decomposition. There is a self-consuming. Poisons with products, poison of own decomposition. Self-destruction. Each measure beats on it the terrible force of the return blow. The more actively, the more measures, the there are more than the blows shaking it to the basis and destroying its organism. Also isn't present to it neither an exit, nor rescue. And as one slides in an abyss, and measures become more black another, and the return blows are terrible. Rose is against Me.
Collect forces, prepare for a victory. Stand unshakably. Study daily and urgently. In tension you will reach Me. Let the consciousness will be purely crystal purity and integrity of aspiration. In solidity of aspiration is its value. Welcome pleasure of sparks.
(March 6). Holiday of collective of spirit is that universal holiday. So Common cause becomes universal is. The dawn of new life should be met fully equipped with spiritual synthesis. We can avoid this property of spirit. Council of professors will decide to consider works of art of Rerich as the most valuable treasures of the country. And betray their patents. Therefore from now on it is authorized to make public a name of the great artist. Great tests will come to an end. The road of spirit is open. New stage of achievements is. The essence of human relationship will start changing soon. Looks unconsciously direct to Me. I Sate. Shoots reach for the Sun. Great moment of transformation of the person is and understanding of the spiritual essence by everyone. Miraculousness is in width field. The shell is punched; the new consciousness will be born. It isn't visible to an eye, but not visibility creates life. To know a framework of future identifications of consciousness and the direction it is important to enter into the course of a world stream of evolution. In it is responsibility of the moment. And We are on the guard. Tenfold of My Beam to My Country meet call of consciousness and to saturate it with new fires. And in them will follow all. By My Word will move. Division will come to an end. The family becomes uniform. And My soldiers, Me prepare, come to a scope of life to execute Will to Me. We will preserve the most worthy – there is no replacement to them. In My Hand stay also care. I Will sate with them consciousness, and will create life. My power will sweep away all measures of yesterday. New is in everything, and it in new ways of spirit. Replying, let's Me load you with treasures of the spirit prepared for My Country. I will give, how many will sustain shoulders.
Delays it isn't necessary. Victory is in the spirit of, as all is in the spirit of. Not house, but palace Light’; not spirit, but shine of the Beam of the Lord. The Lord, the Lord, the Lord to Come with table the Precept. And you, reflecting its Light, you are Its essence. On you will judge about It, through you will approach to It. Therefore not Doctrine distortion is, but reflection, as in a mirror; not egoism modulations, but containment of the Face and Its identification in itself. So there is Archat and shows not itself, but Shape Called. Therefore containment of the Face of the Lord is the highest that is available to spirit of the person. Achievement top – so we Will call this phenomenon. "Accept My Face" – the Decree of the Lord to the pupil. My face, filling your essence, bears with itself everything. Strive to understand secret of merge. My power you overcome all obstacles and all difficulties. As the hurricane, dusting the whole settlements uproots trees, so and Light of My Face will sweep away the past world in you and all gray accumulation. The face creating transformation, the Face is bearing Light. Now, when the veil is lifted, already there is no ban to Communication. The Sanctuary is opened. It is directed, and the secret of Communication became available. The consciousness assimilates and gradually gets used to my Aura's tension, increasing and strengthening a fiery of the. Therefore not I and it are important to reveal, both to approve, and to show, but Me as I Was the Father. It is the Hierarchy law. Not shown by the Hierarch, he is as though high was, but the Highest, Sent him as I show the Father. The Hierarchy chain is so continuous. Force going from above is so indissoluble. I in you, you in Me, I in the Father am force of three links next to you. And if all yours dies and there Will be only I in you, it will be not death, but life. Throwing out from the microcosm all unnecessary, you create business of life and Will to Me. Possibly all. Make effort and attach the Decree. Get used precisely and strictly immediately to attach these instructions. Be filled with the Lord. World to you. I, I, I Gave. I, I, I Give. I, I, I Will give. So I become at the center the temple of your spirit. And the Stone Basis, once and somewhere rejected by builders, you accepted for creation of the temple of Uniform spirit. Benefit is to you. So in My Beams the staying receives a measure full, shaking and pumped. My source exudes in you and inexhaustibility to it a name. Also there will be no sheets to write down and lay in words of its treasure, if even wrote, without stopping, all life. Not to contain unlimited in any framework. So a limit and borders of your cognition believe in your hands. But doors of knowledge are open for you and on call I Reply not greatly. Realize the happiness, because there are a lot of invited, both it is even more agreed, and it is even more admiring and "understanding". But to Me are necessary applying in life the Word My, applying the Doctrine. About them My Care, and only for them one open the Knowledge gate. Come, take and take My gifts when the aspiration of your spirit attracts you to collecting of treasures. But also Earth doesn’t leave homeless because collecting is also the shower: thought, the word and action, but the main thing light which bears in the heart. Benefit to you, light the bearing. Over you the Hand washing and My Beam lights up you. Benefit to you, My soldiers.
Write. What did you conceive to make in the Name My? Affairs of day is or something bigger? How you prepare?
(March 7). The one, who rules, doesn't submit neither, nor people. To it, to the lowest "I" is first of all. The power is necessary, but not to dominate, but – to execute Will Sending. Not submission it is, but merge. The will the highest merges with ours – one, one will. In solidity its power is. Its unity in direct ratio to its force, a partition, that is division in itself, – weaknesses. The house divided in, or kingdom can't resist. And any more the whirlwind and a wind will tumble down it. And the will uniform, with Me merged, is irrepressible anything. Gives spontaneous connection that is fire is combined with fire. As it is spontaneous in the power, and association of consciousnesses is. Spontaneity is understood as natural association by force of the supreme laws. It is force it is shown in a lightning. In the person all: all mechanics and equipment of the Universe. And our purpose is to arm the person without uniform device. In it is mute the most valuable and most exact devices from all existing. By means of a telescope and a microscope it is possible to see a lot of things, but it is impossible to see life on a distant star, as well the past. But immensity of the past and life of the Distant Worlds is open for spirit. I call to work on improvement and thinning of the device. It is difficult and thin, but it is good, and doesn't rust, and for carrying it is convenient. And rust doesn't sharpen it, both time doesn't destroy, and a payment on forces – love to the Lord and full-devotion directed. As the wonderful harp, sounds the spirit device. Beams of Space play on its strings. Sees a space eye, and hears a space ear. Are boundless both sight, and hearing, and all feelings of perception, but not the terrestrial. The device is difficult and is wonderful, and there is no price to it and that money for which it could be bought. We will tell so: the microcosm is a most wonderful device for Macrocosm’s comprehension. Also there is it the compliance law. The device is set in motion by fire of My Spirit, My Beam burns fires and starts rotating its wheels, or fiery charkas, the centers. Being expression of the highest energiya, subordinate to itself all and out of, and inside is. It is a lot of levers, and everyone is connected with this or that type of fiery energy. And when in the device Lord, "I" start moving and starts functioning, and I Watch functions hidden. What do you know about yourself and the treasure? Almost anything is. But I Know. Therefore enclose a hand to Me. And if already I Told about vigilance or hearing rings and that you will see and hear, promised rather provided, I Will give.
To mastering treasures you walk inalterability. Here and itself already you see how the consciousness doesn't contain the width of opportunities and, thinking of one, miss another. But in My Hands your spirit because betrayed itself to Me. And on a measure that as I come to light in you, all is brighter and stouter starts sounding and vibrate and come in movement device your spirit. The consciousness is transferred to Me, and I at the control panel. It is necessary to realize the ignorance and a complete ignorance in the field of the thinnest energy and, having understood it, to go for the Driver. It is told: "Be as children". Not to enter differently in the inheritance. Children don't know also have no bias of judgment. And the pupil rejects all prerequisites also goes open consciousness, without applying the measures and without creating court, that is without bringing the revealing the phenomena under a framework judgments of yesterday. Take, but you don't judge, and the main thing, be not surprised also be not surprised. Take, without arguing. I elected you by a vessel shown for statements of the world of mine opportunities. You will be shown to people that knew and saw force of My Fire.
Fire carrier I call you. Host a baptism fiery. I Spread the hand over you. You will be the lamp My spirit, showing fires. Where when also who can be compared to Me and who – to replace Me? So understand value the irreplaceable. It is a lot of them, chasing ghost’s
spiritual donations and false spirit phenomena. But they don't know, and you know. It is a lot of false teachers and false doctrines. Knowing goes, as an elephant, and over it – happiness beams.
And the more gave, receives more, but receiving given everything is great, even smother. So a formula of the Lord "In your Hands I betray my spirit" there is a basis of the Guarantee of boundless receiving and requital. I, your Lord, Approve the Throne in your heart. And your heart, Me sworn, and you, it’s living, you will be Stone carriers. Heart won't be overflowed with the Lord and won't be tired because I Bear life and updating. But there is no word rest in My dictionary. I am a wire of spirit in Boundlessness.
What ease can be at gain of the Highest energy? Incredibly difficult, and it demands tension all forces. The little in power is, only the strongest. Therefore follow only units. Merge is necessary with fiery elements that are assimilation. It is possible to dive deep into the ocean and to sustain its weight, but having separated, not to lift and ten buckets. And the unreasonable burden of a terrestrial burden can be lifted, having only merged with Me, otherwise not to sustain a pressing. Not frightened to burden share of My Works it is named the son. And for My beloved, the Bowl accepted, in Heart Mine as in the Stronghold unapproachable, I Bring a place on eagerness of spirit.
98. (Март 9).
Not Cherubs We and not Seraphim, but the people who have won a matter and its attraction. The person is a magnet. Matter is magnetic. All phenomena are based on laws of a magnetic order. Polarization of a microcosm reaches polarization of the phenomena or the subjects which are out of. When it is spoken about a victory over, it is spoken about spirit polarization, either consciousnesses, or fiery energy of a microcosm. Reduction of and the will is in this or that magnetic state makes Archat's knowledge. Example: it is necessary to extinguish anger of the interlocutor. For this purpose own consciousness, better to say, aura, is polarized in a condition of opposite character. Both the fear, and anger, both despondency, and all other emotions are neutralized by the magnetic contrast. It is best of all to learn to do it on itself, polarizing the consciousness in the desirable direction. The law is exact and insuperable.
Everything put in knowledge his opportunities. Most process is simple. Simply in consciousness a certain state with all brightness and reality of its form is caused. Nothing can prevent law action. The knowledge, force, the power, power of spirit is based on action of this law rather on ability to apply it and to set in motion. It took the aspect of action of a wheel of the law, but only inside, that is concerns the power over. The same principle is applied and outside. The form, magnetic and intense is created and sated with the fiery energy opposite in the tonality to that is actually. And it on degree of the intensity, that is fiery activity, creates the desirable. Adversa tactics when to the freak permit even grow to all the disgrace; it is based also on the same law. Magnetic fiery vibrations neutralize activity of the freak with a force proportional to the fiery. So the person as the magician can dispose of the phenomena inside and out of himself. Long experience is necessary to understand all simplicity and power of the law. Everything is simple; all is in the spirit of. As also We. Submitting to this law, there is a spatial fight. And it is shown, when crossed swords of demons and Archangels are. It is in the field of mental and, earlier, in the field of the psycho physiological. But also impact on subject’s material too lays in the law sphere magnetic phenomena. The spirit and matter are connected. Matter – aspect of spirit. At aspiration up body loses flesh, it is broken the magnetic relationship of a body with Earth. To sit on water and to rise by air it is possible, applying the same principle. Everything depends on extent of polarization of consciousness, in other words, tendency up, or achievements of degree the conscious fiery magnetizations. And it is shown when swords are crossed demons and Archangels. It in the field of mental and, earlier, in the field of the physiological is. But also impact on subject’s material too lies in the sphere of the law of the magnetic phenomena. The spirit and matter are connected. Matter – aspect of spirit. At aspiration up the body loses flesh, the magnetic relationship of a body with Earth is broken. To sit on water and to rise by air it is possible, applying the same principle. Everything depends on extent of polarization of consciousness, in other words, tendency up, or achievements of degree of conscious fiery magnetization. In everything there is no limit of fiery power, its growth begins, as well as in everything, with small and from itself. At a parcel of subjects we Destroy magnetic communication between molecules in its physical aspect then to connect. But about this ambassador is. At first it is necessary to learn to use the law on itself. The field for experience over itself, over people and over the surrounding phenomena is wide. Even now, at record of these lines, there is a successful polarization of consciousness. At first was it is neutralized by aspiration impact on consciousness external environment, and then the fiery is caused intensity of consciousness to Me. Fiery full aspiration, as pointed arrow, concerned mine the tank – contact, and under the law of the magnetic attractions poured down thought forms.
Create people, applying this law. Everything depends on a condition of the creating consciousness which is consciously polarizing on this or that wave. Also it isn't necessary to wave hands, to move, or to strive, worry and be afraid. All emotions and feelings jump out of consciousness. In the stately peace of spirit, realized the power, at full silence of the corresponding covers the thought is created, and the image of the desirable is started up in an execution wheel. All usual human unnecessary experiences are fetters on its spokes also aren't necessary. It is important that the potential of the given rise phenomenon would be higher than that which opposite pole it is. So, My friend, you see itself in this contact with Me as action of the great law is shown. Leave the fear, all uncertainty, all doubts in durability and reality of contact with Me. The law is stable. Not accident, but law manifestation. Fluctuations aren't necessary – very much disturb. But the directed strengthening of contact clears a wire. It is possible to judge on sounding its intensity and force. The aspiration demands magnetic activity, the positive pole of perception, and a negative pole – is thus shown at contact, alternating current when passivity alternates with activity moving waves, that is + and – a uniform thing of the uniform phenomenon, a whole turns out as though. Potential of one depends on another: the more tendencies, the brighter perception. The power about which Spoke, is – the power conscious, approved by consciousness with knowledge of the law. You receive on My Beam the conscious tension of will.
And the Beam serves protection from everything, from all and any accidents of life.
(March 10). Casket is open and you before him. To Me you erect the heart temple, and on each stone My Face. The everyday work and efforts structure goes. But already columns rise. And, ennobling it, you ennoble others. As freight heavy, lies on your shoulders consciousness of relatives. Whether not too close allowed? Become isolated and close a visor, differently not to resist. And, if you don't resist how resist them? Therefore in it care not about itself, but about them. On their wires there isn't is enough pleasure. And you one, and only I are unshakable. Only you will find Light in Me unshakable, because I a shelter to spirit. It is strong Me.
101. (March 11). Tell about rescue to all, who with Us. I Speak about rescue. Adjoin strong, whirlwinds blew. Accepting blows to aura is My deputy and beget of self-proceeding beams.
To whom against Me to resist? And we are together. Not in measures human Beam trade, but is more real than the Sun. Come to My Heart, come to My Bosom and stay in It. A I Guard for horrors of darkness and dogs spiteful. I Won't leave forever and ever. Wake up to My life and die to the. So the soul the lost finds it, and given everything receives. Not in measures terrestrial receiving is. And I with you am. It is necessary to chop off all threads of a material world and to connect itself threads of the Distant Worlds and Mine.
102. And to worry there is nothing. (Probably, about medicine which started taking, the Chinese medicine).
103. Assimilation of the Beam gives the desirable. Not to the measure expect it. Itself I Will chooses that it is necessary for you, but without assimilation there is no full receiving and gifts flow by.
104. Raise strength of mind. Grow in difficulties. Difficulties caused an ascension way. On difficulties we study the most difficult. Realized value of difficulties and obstacles both understood their value and need immensely quickens the pace to Me. Here it, way of a joyful feat! There is no feat in despondency, on vegetable oil. Not to decorate it with lamentations. The winner doesn't sigh. Inappropriately despondency with Me! It is easy to rejoice when everything is good. Learn pleasure of spirit when it is intolerable. Let the pleasure sound contrary to evidence. The spirit creates pleasure in itself and approves it, without being considered as that outside that is he causes a condition of the consciousness, irrespective of matter conditions. Not it over it, but it at command heights always, out of crying and a gnash tooth. Emphases are on the microcosm center, on the consciousness. We will learn to rule so over elements and to get used to fiery attires of the winner. The slave remains the slave under all conditions. The bent consciousness strong stores the slavery press. But the winner remains to them over any conditions. Heavy? But let the pleasure, fiery pleasure of the winner of spirit, sings in heart. Rejoice, let your grief will be in pleasure because I Won against the world. Over everything, in everything, everywhere a victory, because I – a threshold fortunately, I – a spirit threshold. I Claim your victory over temporary darkness of the current hour, over life of grief and tears, over everything that isn't eternal, over everything that from a flesh, over everything that from this world. So tear the fetters. Dump world chains. It isn't necessary to Me slaves to spirit. I wait!
105. (March 12). Freedom is in the spirit of. Freedom is only in the spirit of. There is no other freedom and can't be.
I love you.
How I Can be shown among smoky conditions of Earth, among elements alien to Me? All surrounding a microcosm, and out of and inside, is filled with Me. Compliance is so created. My name all is saturated: each thought, word and action. Everything, but in the Name My. Thoughts of the Benefit of financial support won't bring, but are strong unreasonably. As also sitting in the nesting box, though isn't shameful, but limits spirit to its sizes. Are necessary both nesting boxes and starlings: well destroy wreckers. But eagles of spirit are necessary to Me. Their nests, their house is in mountains, in height over Earth. From Earth not get them. Widely also it is far visible, Earth below is. And air is pure and saturated a prana. And first beam of the Sun to them, instead of valleys. Nests – at heights unapproachable but fruits Earth eat. And if a nest of spirit builds on Earth and in lowlands, the first passerby will ruin it, and the wind will dispel in parts, and you will remain are nude and crippled, and the treasure will be crushed. In My Kingdom you build the spirit palace. Shaggy hands won't reach it. The higher is and farther from Earth, the more unapproachably and more strongly. So to everyone the palace and bodies, and spirit bequeathed. But not from elements of Earth are created. The spirit thinned also rarefies a matter. Body of the yogi and body of the inhabitant: at both bodies but as they are various. At one it is sated with fire and it is penetrated by spirit, at another – heavy fluids of the lower class. So bodies of people are in various extents of depression and thinning and differ sometimes, as light and darkness. One bodies – products and generations Light', others – darkness. So rarefied the sphere the aspiration is changed also by a body. We won't die, but we will change. It is transformation, but transformation in the spirit of involves also transformation in a body in good spirits. Revival of spirit and body concerns because each atom of a body will cease on fiery admiration of spirit. Therefore saliva of good fortune is and poison saliva. The scale of a Light-separate of bodies goes from top to bottom, varying infinitely. Two persons: at hands, a foot, the head, but are excellent from each other, as beings of the different worlds. Both eyes, and skin, apparently, the same, as two ropes: one, surrounding sacred, and another – a rope hung up. And who will distinguish them moreover on appearance? But with bodies it is easier – at a known tension of spirit start shining. Also the press or darkness, or Light lies on each face human. The more deeply nowadays on the world there is a division, the distinction is sharper. Then also will obviously be divided on darkened and on brightened up, that is overcome inclination of a matter. Here also I Care of them.
Having fire its way is easy. This stage it is possible to call "Lacerate Veils", that is tests - pass into the World Thin. I Direct everything. My world approves in itself hourly and become its integral part. The pendulum of time shakes and strengthens you poles of the scope.
(March 13). Fires will receive due to them the direction.
(March 14). Both Boundlessness and My gift start acting. I Won't allow shoots to be lost, I Will preserve against whirlwinds world'. Bearing the Bowl the Beam is given. It is a lot of signs of the future day. Two-faced Janus showed face the Eternity. It is necessary to build the spirit temple. Keep, keep beauty of aspiration. It is the rapprochement channel. You, Me put, stand strong.
Then you serve Me? Thought is, word and action. In it is service. There can be no service if the thought rushes about round the sacred person, like a squirrel in a cage, if the word needles space, and action will bear the stamp of a reflex and impulsiveness, and everyone, that is the thought, the word and action, go in itself. It is spoken about full coherence of all of three. We will tell the tranquility is means: both words, and thoughts, and actions are penetrated and saturated this quality and each atom of a body as though radiates it. With it the aura is saturated, to them each nerve vibrates, to them heart fights and each beating sends to an organism a wave of the blood polarized by the same quality. Coherence, or harmony, that is commitment of all microcosms which has been adjusted on one key, is near Archat's quality, developed persistent, persistent and often superhuman efforts. If "aspiration – a unicorn shown", it is necessary to imagine force of blow of a horn of a rushing animal. All force of blow concentrates in one point. Elements from such power can't but start moving. It also is completeness of commitment, and in it its force. As also power of tranquility is caused by force of the center of the difficult device of the microcosm sounding monotonously, but full-sounding. And when to this note another so deeply full is added, for example, say, courage or solemnity, – the chord turns out. And when will begin to sound solemn symphony the qualities, one is harmonious coordinated with another, that the microcosm assimilates to the Sun. Archat is the Sun of the world, this Sun of the worlds. The house divided in, is a great symbol. But also power of the highest coherence is great. It is entrusted to someone to reveal the highest coherence on a planet. Whether to the next to the Lord? Whether to that spirit which is the highest phenomenon on Earth in a usual human body and in usual terrestrial conditions? Certainly, the commonness of a body is relative and there is that only to all appearances. But if on demolition of the old world and change of races this spirit Was given the Assignment, what its height? What degree of its coherence that is the highest fiery power? We come besides, that is to a conclusion that the highest force of fires, that is fiery power of spirit, is expressed in coherence and that coherence, or harmony of fiery energy, there is a frame, or a form, their identifications, and besides to go the one's utmost. Therefore the highest coherence is a wreath of all qualities and achievement of the highest order. We will call it synthesis of qualities. So synthesis as the pyramid top crowns all structure and finishes it. In total is in one, both for and for the sake of this one is all. So, if the word expresses itself a point, or point where is collected all the consciousness, no, all being of the person, how in a point of blow of a unicorn, what his power? What power of the word, either thought, or action? That is why the investment of all of in work, or any action, or in general in something is so effective on the consequences. Do everything, but stele-and full-aspiration. All microcosms direct force of the energiya in one point. Therefore are devastated words powerless. Also it is impossible to throw up a flow of words, telling them force. Quantity is back to quality. So association, or synthesis of energy, is expression of the highest coherence of a microcosm.
111. (March 15).
You are that. Consciously God’s Kingdom, that is consciousness undertakes. To realize – stay. (I wanted to know about situation in the world). Situation in the world is? Well, it is possible to give. Dimly in the world is. As fatally wounded tiger, strains darkness in the last effort. Blows can be still terrible, but forces leave every moment. Last forces! In mad rage doesn't understand fatality of a wound and defeat depth. But forces leave. To it is already indifferent how to do harm if only to put. Destiny parasites in his skin
it is connected with it. It will be lost, they will be lost. Situation isn't realized. The captain knows. But the captain, both team, and passengers and rats will share a fate of the sinking ship of the old world. Elements are strong, and fiery are insuperable. But the New World gets stronger every day and gathers life forces. Escapes are visible in the most unexpected places. Yet don't realize the power, but time is close. is Very important is process of all-planetary association of its forces and energiya. The collective fiery stronghold is created, and the network of Light gets stronger. Each woken-up consciousness joins mighty chorus of voices, or a world stream of evolution – to the life river. And nobody can limit this flight of consciousnesses. Their sphere of association out of darkness influences. Goes over terrestrial conditions is Force of a mental network round a planet – in its invulnerability. All state measures of restraint – are powerless. It is impossible to impose a bridle on thoughts. The people direct to association – our Call. We call the people to cooperation in everything. Much you blow a victory because the old world is doomed. Ignoramuses try to fight. Against whom? Against Us! ! ? ? Counteraction is allowed by us as Adversa tactics because measures it is necessary to apply the extreme. It is too much inert inertness. But Could displace everything going against Us. Also we Will sweep away when will punch Hour. Without application of Tactics of Adversa not awaken consciousnesses. But we won't envy the counteracting. Heavy in the world is but ahead Light. Tension is great, but the crop is rich. Darkly, but... before dawn! There is twilight before approach of night: those are worse, because ahead darkness is. It is they, twilight of the old world. And ahead of his accomplices the darkness waits to absorb. The current of events will go under the sign of surprise. And their darkness can't expect. Therefore all its actions are doomed to defeat. At first return blow, then defeat. But the New World goes new ways. That to understand them to darkness, she should get up on rails of the New World, and it over it. So the victory is inevitable and inevitably. But it is heavy to wait. But in tension and difficulties the fiery armor which in the light of a new dawn will begin to shine all flowers of a rainbow is forged. But now darkness, also are visible only sparks. Joyfully, joyfully, we will joyfully wait for a fast victory. It already is. It isn't visible, but is. And the majestic building Light’s visible to us among chaos and twilight of leaving movable energy.
112. (March 16).
About firmness is. Firmness, first of all, means ability to store communication with the Lord under all conditions, under any circumstances. What there were moment conditions, but communication remains indestructible. It remains permanently strong and in a grief and pleasure, work and rest, in take-off and spirit falling, everywhere and everywhere. Spiral of an ascension and Pralaya consciousnesses cause spirit fluctuations, on not communication fluctuations. What there was a condition of consciousness, contact remains? And it isn't not to experience fluctuation of a spiritual state – it is inevitable – and in to breaking a thread binding. If I always with you, and you have to be always with Me. "The benefit to the one, who and in darkness kept concept of the Teacher". But the highest benefit to the one, who never interrupts and doesn't break communication, in whatever states it was. Not falling of spirit is terrible and dangerous, but a communication breaks. When the silver thread connecting the Teacher with the pupil interrupts, there comes the moment of the greatest danger. Thousands of eyes watch to rush and do harm. The pupil can't think of the legend of to darkness. But anyhow call the break moment? Therefore stand unshakably – means consciously and subconsciously, "at the beginning of morning or evening, on a campaign and on retreat", at tops and in lowlands, – everywhere strong to hold a shining binding silver thread of spirit. My Voice Won't break off, but it is transferred on a silver thread. Whether we will be left? No, we won't be, but in the presence of conscious, nothing interrupted communication. To be always with Me, what you did whatever worried whatever felt and thought, hold "Me strong, every minute, in all affairs" all strength of spirit. Not factory of angels, but the hearth of life forging firm, unshakable and devoted soldiers. Write, write – both you, and to another it is necessary.
Poles of contrasts create a thing, a whole. And poles of spiritual states give the spiral. But a core of this spiral – the silver thread of spirit not interrupting and remaining unshakably complete at all turns and lifting’s of a spiral.
There ascends a spiral, its rings change, and each point of its curve has the opposite and lowest point. But its invisible center, a silver thread of spirit – a basis and soul filched – doesn't depend on changes of its turns and isn't caused by them. Center violation is, or axes, spirals break all construction. Therefore "stand strong, stand stronger than the rock". The thread can pulse tension of different quality – as though fades and as though inflames, like pulsation, but after all heart stops never. The spirit approved in firmness of communication is called as the winner. The spirit Silver Bridge spirit - , shining communication with Hierarchy, with the Lord is established from now on and forever for all worlds and all conditions of spirit. In the conditions of terrestrial and Elevated, in life and death, on all plans of life, in all bodies and covers there is invariable and uninterrupted a silver thread of communication with the Lord. If we don't learn to hold it strong here, always, and everywhere, and everywhere and when that was how we will hold it where everything changes, all norms of an environment where everything is new and everything becomes aggravated to a limit? How we will hold it there even if passing emotions or any other conditions of terrestrial consciousness threaten its inviolability? Therefore the main care is about a silver thread. "Don't think of falling when wings for flight" are given, – neither last, nor the presents. Not in them put, and in moving ahead contrary to everything. It is necessary to trust contrary to evidence. It is necessary to go forward despite the fact that is. There is something disturbing, but go, go, go through everything. Here way of the judgment winner. "To mistakes we learn to smile". It is possible to trample on mistakes a victorious foot, but it is possible to be bent and hang under freight of mistakes. Which way you will choose? I told: "I with you always". Means, the person should be turned to Me, but not into darkness of connivance. So, understood secret of firmness goes victoriously to Me on a silver thread. Remember: except a heart thread, there is nothing.
113. (March 17).
Miracle is of invisible Beams of the Lord.
Art love researches.
114. (Март 19).
We are in exclusive conditions, the son Me. Tension of the present hour is awfully; not in measures human. Energy of life and decomposition is in deadly fight. To keep courage is heroism. It is impossible to break or cancel construction. Hang in there! I will help. Under us all is destroyed. It is possible to be kept only by Hierarchy. It also is destruction of thin constructions. There is nothing, only future and its forms. Only also the consciousness can grasp them. The future and Hierarchy is here two only anchors. And there is only in Us all hope human. The world of personal constructions is also destroyed and collapses. And to Me hold, but not usually, and ten times. Only extraordinary aspiration it is possible to overcome spatial chaos. You think of current affairs of day? To reject! Is the aspiration center atop, over everything? I am focus for consciousness. It is impossible to interrupt aspirations under no circumstances. I Will give an armor of spirit. It is forged by My Beam, but at aspiration not defective and unshakeable. The accumulator of forces prepares. Approve a magnet: aspiration, tranquility, solemnity and love. These are the magnets charging the accumulator. I Will help, but without magnet in consciousness not to be attracted. To energy are necessary. Therefore I will Help, but make effort. Create a form, baskets where to flow the help. Without vessel will spill by. Having it is given. Law: the appendix requires something or something to what to apply, any focus, the perception center. It isn't enough to bring baskets – they have to be always ready for filling. Constant readiness is necessary. Differently the Sun at o'clock in the morning, or evenings shines. My knock doesn’t pass. Above all Me put. And let mine sounds, not the, not others, but mine. With me and my World fill itself because all is destroyed and there is nothing. Only I, only in Me all hope human. Stronghold is of your happiness on the guard. To you – to resist, around is to light, – to support relatives. I commission superstring that is burden excessive? Let the stream of day flow by your windows – don't enter it, don't merge with it. Tomorrow there will be another, and then the third that is water in it will be other, but the house of your spirit – on the bank of Eternity and from Eternity. Not for you muddy waters of a stream which are today, and were replaced tomorrow. The stronghold too out of a stream, but directs it. Here and we will be, as foundations of the bridge or the rock against the current. If to identify itself with a stream, that is to ship in it consciousness – will carry away below, below and below. Let everything go by. Pass the phenomena by, without allowing them to interfere in a spirit sanctuary. Reflect its current and a kaleidoscope of changes, as the mirror storing its smooth surface. Don't react, don't answer, and don’t allow affairs to sound on spirit strings – on all affairs you won't cease. Protect a spirit harp for Me. How it will sound to Me if everyone and all pull its strings? To whom is the broken harp necessary? Who will be able to play on it? Protect the irreparable.
115. (March 20).
By Me knotted it is given to other person. The beauty shines. Me it is strong. Secret from each door and keys are given especially. Live in Me, Me put. On force of opportunities protection is given.
You receive a beam regularly. In it is yours everything. The Lord is unchangeable, and such has to be and you.
117. (March 21).
The victory over time, space and things is provided by the master.
The law commensurate is. Take, take. Here spirit treasures! It is foreign power. Secret of Communication Approved. To keep together. Hierarchically I Decided to advance. We Guard. The big analytics comes to an end.
I will Speak: hour the last came! Forces are collected. Prepare for the worst, but short time. Full of concern worldwide is. Under the sign of horror will go. I it is still far.
No changes outside concern you.
(March 22). With you are very happy. And My Hand over you is. Ready it is necessary to be.
121. (March 25).
The Lord is close. We Will approve communication. "A flame, be approved in my consciousness as an integral part of its essence". Whether I Will crushes you a trust bulk if you see and you will understand terms.
And simply to it speak: The Lord is integral because He is I, I am He in Me. And all the rest isn't the real. But real in waves of a stream of life are only It and only I in It. Not outside, but in It. Looking and seeing, the benefit to you.
122. (March 26).
The main thing that isn't present in the person is a human dignity, neither internal, nor external. Necessary quality! Internally advantage it hangs from a humiliating, shadow, petty aspect of life, dirt and its slime. A little people think of the advantage. There can't be an advantage ostentatious. It is the spokesman of essence of the person. It is based on the deserved respect itself. Not wriggling covers, but the lord inside, the Lord staying in everyone, a fiery receptacle Light’, your spirit without covers of a gloom is worthy the highest respect and honoring. Its worthy expression in covers is a basis of advantage of spirit. Advantage – the necessary and useful concept and most necessary quality. It is expressed in everything by a triad of thought, the word and action which have to be forms of its expression. It is pathetic deprived of this quality. It is especially pathetic internally, and especially – upon transition of great borders. People don't think of this quality, don't understand its value. If here superficial conditions create deception illusion how where everything is opened and there is nothing secret? As sharply and painfully there a manifestation of the spirit deprived of this quality. This armor has to be shaped, and is conscious. In everything this quality always has to sound. All person, and externally and internally, in a dream and wakefulness, is filled and becomes impregnated with its force. As people appreciate the advantage a little is. Advantage is expression of that adequately the person, and in particular what the person wants to become. Even the usual actions of day sated with consciousness of advantage, create the solemnity and tranquility atmosphere. Advantage is quality synthetic. About what greatness of tranquility or consciousness of the winner and the lord of the power it is possible to speak without existence of this quality? The highest detection of this quality is approved in the highest compliance. Quiet advantage of spirit most necessary quality is of the pupil. Also leaves from life learned it all meanness, fussiness, concern, fears, haste and all market life disorder. Advantage is incompatible spirit with thousand trifles to which got used and to which got used imperceptibly for the consciousness. Not conformably it with a dirty scum of life. The tsar of spirit claims and shows the advantage in all spheres and any conditions. We appreciate this quality in the pupil above many. To find equally effective between the advantage and life – your task, and casting vote is given to the first. We will study so always and under all circumstances consonance as the Highest appeal. And it already means to go on tops. Not conditions are important, and a condition of consciousness. It is a taking priority factor of life, and it causes everything. If the insane has a power of consciousness over external sometimes is shown so strikingly what it can be at conscious strong-willed aspiration of the spirit which has scented power of the law and the superiority over everything that from Earth. It is impossible to soil the white wings at conscious advantage. So, when it is spoken "all is permitted", observance of a framework is of the highest spirituality means. People have children. And Buddha has of the son, but as differently they had, and as differently approached. Not in children business and not in the woman, but in a condition of the spirit passable this or that stage of life. In total in the spirit of and the spirit solves everything. And pure all is pure. So dirt of life is incompatible with spirit advantage. And the actor on a scene can give an advantage sample and as can low stand in life. We speak about true expression of essence. The distance between two disappears: to be and seem. Expression corresponds internal essence not only the word, but also all microcosm. It doesn't mean to open itself, but – to be itself and to keep firmness of a circle of consciousness irrespective of everything that outside. We will direct so in the future all sides of a crystal of consciousness, grinding and finishing everyone to the full of end, beauty finished.
The future changes came. Not insignificant, not small you will become witnesses.
124. (March 27).
It is allowed to catch our thoughts the little. The benefit to you is who has realized Proximity. It is undoubted that no doubting will succeed. I Will give extent of approach and it I Will clear. On the school-leaving certificate we hold. We will sell a carpet of lie.
(Was earlier is.) Threat to enemies, friends Light and help is.
126. (March 29).
But the consciousness is strong. Here in mountains it is realized without effort. Happiness..... of course, and difficulties are inevitable.
Situation changed a little. (About a silver thread is). The beam becomes you an integral part. Gate is open for access of life. Love, love, love you will reach the happiness.
Go to degree of the Creator. Seed of life anything not to hold. At night in a dream I attacked dark, the person 20, weakened. I couldn't raise even a hand. Very heavy experiences were in a dream.
128. (March 30).
You hold the center of gravity of the Lord. Reception of the dark: at first to weaken, then to strike blow. For darkness reflection is first of all – tranquility. The tranquility, and also balance is collecting of forces in focus. Focus – I, I in you. You approve by My Name of its (focus) power in you. The consciousness always, and waking or sleeping, has to stay on patrol and in full readiness: always and everywhere in full readiness on patrol. Dark took unawares – means, there was no patrol that is consciousness protection that is a microcosm. The order of all consciousness creates protection of a microcosm. It is impossible to weaken the guarded vigilance that is patrol, for a minute in the afternoon at night. Fortress which is protected today, and tomorrow not, – is defenseless. And microcosm is of the person. And I am? Unless I Can leave? But the wire keeps from two parties, as well as the bridge. I Hold always. And you? Perhaps, on moods? You guard the world, on planet protection. Not you protect yourself, and not by yourself it is put – Me. And to stand guard true not your private matter, but the general. Not the microcosm you protect, but essence yours on trust to Mine the guards are entrusted. You stand on protection planetary network of Light. Whether it is always right? May I rely? May I be sure, how for Myself? My soldier and My son, check the armor open eyes. Accustom consciousness to be active that is to counteract to darkness always: accustom – in wakefulness and in a dream. It will know. Become unshakable both never, and anywhere, and not for a moment, and under what conditions and circumstances don't doubt My Proximity? Dark attacks are a good lesson. Study on everything. Let they will be, as blows of a hammer to fiery substance of your essence, forging your power. Study! Also rejoice to received blows, rejoice to attacks. On them you will temper the fiery power. Rejoice opportunities to become on protection of relatives and to assume blows of the dark. So Arrive also I, accepting in the board the arrows sent to you. Only in fight the armor becomes tempered and the hand gets stronger. The effective help always consists in acceptance on itself burden of relatives or those to whom it appears. Therefore – see. The received blow of the enemy to rashness doesn't bear honor, as both the missed patrol and opened to the enemy. To strengthen patrol is. Who is strong against us – you in Me, or Me in you? It is necessary, it is necessary, it is necessary to remember it not only in reality, but also in a dream. To introduce is idea in consciousness. Nobody wants to remain forever on position of the sponsored child. It is time to become the adult and to estimate the responsibility. On understanding of responsibility we Judge and we Estimate consciousness growth is. You become on the verge of understanding of responsibility for a planet. Are inadmissible minutes of weakness that is weakening of patrol? To whom I will entrust Light network, how not to the next? Understand and know: there can't be a retreat where is a step of the millennia. We Appreciate is soldiers faithful. When I will Eradicate doubts in indivisibility us – Me and you, in Me real? When? It is necessary at last, to understand invincible all-conquering power of Hierarchy. It is necessary! As fiery towers of spirit stand put by Me and in them always is the shelter for friends, for protection. Teacher protects always, and you learn to protect relatives. Mine! The obstinate daughter moderate, specify not reasonable and danger and give protection. And I Help! I am always with you. I guard. Once again I Repeat: "Be afraid of nothing and don't speak, but act". Not in words action, but in fiery thought, is stronger than all words. Listen that your opponents speak and right there fire of thought turn into ashes their construction. Destroy and build the, you esteemed necessary and expedient. But let's express that spent force for creation of a form which you destroy. Never object, and only approve the construction. I give strength; I Give the power, I Give power of action and in your force I Approve you. Strike blow with a right hand, without fluctuating, without showing doubt and fear, but knowing inalterability of the law. And so arrive in everything because Me it is strong. Understand how dark attacks are useful. They are our best teachers. It is possible even to thank for the learned lesson. Only enemy acute both vigilance, and resourcefulness, both ability, and sharpness is. Enemies and attacks, difficulties and obstacles are a touch-stone for spirit. So everything serves for ascension to the one, who goes, having decided irrevocably and who doesn't have return back. Son My, beloved is.
To Nina hello, to the employee is.
129. (Apr. 2).
Letters will be. I See. Not forgetting that it is possible to reach only heart and to unite to vibration of the Teacher.
130. (Apr. 3).
Communication of the son with the Father is indestructible. How to turn the most bitter into the most sweet? Only is on fire heart. Burden and difficulty! It would seem what in them pleasure? But give experience that is knowledge, that is uniform and only our property, and besides is the integral. Great thing is experience. Life is experience accumulation. Even reaction of a plant to light is result of experience, as well as all phenomena of life. To be the perfect receiver – means to refuse from personal attempts. Decree of day: It is possible, and it is easier. To be together, that opposite is. There are singles – as blades in the field, on a wind standing, and is the oak wood. Aren't terrible to it storms and hurricanes (thought that write down the thoughts). It isn't right, the friend Mine, not your wisdom is in these words, not Mine is, not itself it is strong, but consciousness Standing for. From yourself you speak and to act, so the forces yourself, from Us, from our Name, Us or our Name – means our force. It is so invincible also that is invincible, who acts with My force. And your force without Me that? Learn to act with My force. So going My Name is winning. Whether no in it power of the winner is? And "I" am forgotten, concept yourself of is rejected, I Replace everything and I Become center the action, that is the center of the operating force. Try to act with My Name and in the Name My and observe results. Action for itself is temporary, for Me – for Eternity. So duration of action depends on a starting point. Therefore Action Savior is stretched in Eternity. Figures rather sowers in the Name My and Name Mine are sowers of grains of Eternity. The field of eternal crops is wide, both the harvest is great, and future seeds are full-fledged, - than further are thrown, that is truer and the crop is more necessary. Today comes to an end, and the todays in the afternoon. But after all we boundless, that is eternal. So force of action is caused by a small or big circle. The more the circle, it is stronger. It is a circle of consciousness personal or world, time circle: days, years or the millennia, and force which are standing for. If this force is Hierarchy, - and action force is respectively. To create Me, both My force, and My consciousness is property Archat’s. From here both firmness is and firmness, and power. From the sphere of the microcosm it is necessary to pass into the sphere of Mine and in it to be approved. Behind one there are it "I", behind others there are they, perhaps, ignorant, perhaps, frightening, perhaps, from darkness, but for you – Hierarchy. You are its part, her representative, both entrusted, and the messenger. Tell it the Name as the power having and as act. Who are you? Soldier Maitreya is. Who? Entrusted Lords! Who? Invested by It the power is. Who? Sent to the world bear Its Light. The tank is inexhaustible space power of Hierarchy. And you are shipped by the essence in the ocean of this power, and only covers in the dense world. Here in her consciousness, in consciousness of this power, also arrive. Going Name's Maitreya are invincible, and it is necessary to understand, realize and experience a uniform source power. Having the power is the realized means. Realize is everything. Realize is knowledge. And knowledge is force. So I, Creating the Name of the Father, Am the spokesman of space Power.
131. (Apr. 4).
You are close, more than ever. In the future it is very important. Vibration of the whole depends on details. The more, the chord (about the Face) is fuller. In My World you will enter the free from everyone burdens. Karma is in consciousness, as also release. My World is freedom world. Threads of communication with Earth break. Decrees of space store. Each word is pledged at the right time.
132. (Apr. 5).
In all our Way is the most valuable. Our Way, Our World, Our future is all Our, and only Ours, and anything the. The personal. Identity is with Light, over the personality. Our Community, Our Cloister, Our planet, Our Mother World is all Our, and anything the. And when Speak "I», Approve My Identity. Therefore We live out of the personality. And you Want to withdraw from the world of personal remnants. we Call "a past tatter" the world of the personal phenomena. "I" is the past, Identity – the future. The world of shadows, the past world, the world of heaps, unreal, not having roots in Space the world – so we Will call mental products of the personality – egoism. And how many was such worlds, and how many it is destroyed and decays. Only the people building on the basis of truly real, gave a contribution to Boundlessness’s, only people, in the life approving essence the space truth, were builders. That? Thin body of a planet is. The person is the smith of the thin body, mankind – a thin body of a planet. On the basis of the highest principles is under construction indestructible, on the basis of the personality and her restrictions – temporary and therefore doomed to death that is destruction during space and planetary evolution. All kingdoms were lost, and civilizations disappeared, but someone from them made a true contribution to Space treasury. Both above, and below, both in big, and in the small; so each great Identity gave and brought the treasures. Not for herself, but for Eternity important that it lived on Earth and was tortured. It is important that it left eternal, imperishable treasures, having saturated with them essence of a planetary body. As arrived and going their way. In it is Great Procession. So each thought not from itself, but from Eternity, not personal, but world, extra personal, is too a contribution, and people is investors. And the value of each certain person only is by this contribution also measured. All of them are attendants of the benefit, beauty, good and truth, these torches of mankind, – all made and make the sacrifice Light'. Them the world is live. Therefore spatial service and bringing of gifts of Eternity, and no temporary, but Eternity, is the highest form of service. Attendants for today it is possible to call all self-service. To whom are necessary dead fruits of their unconscious life? To whirlwind is on destruction? We collect treasures to Space, we it Bring spirit gifts. Benefit to collectors of true values. The benefit is brought and bringing. The spatial gift is more valuable terrestrial, invisible – visible. But we go on the ground, by feet human and therefore visible shows milestones invisible and approve it. Even the Highest Claim invisible through seen by a hand and the foot is. But, for Them seen only is clay for creation of a sculpture of a hidden Town. But also to carriers of My instructions, builders of the temple of life are the benefit. Whether the hidden Fiery Cloister not is a place where the spirit of the person lives? It is created by Us. But also each person creates in a small size the same cloister for himself. Whether the highest? Whether fiery? Whether cloister Light'? And maybe, gloom? Perhaps the dungeon is? Perhaps in darkness kingdom, among heaps of the lower class is? Builders everything, but differently is. All build for themselves: one – monasteries Light, others – gloom torture chambers. And nobody will leave from fruits of the creativity because the microcosm is the carrier of the generations. It is possible to destroy the house but what will destroy an invisible receptacle of spirit, its dungeon, him erected and sated with energiya, him generated? Therefore build wisely, carefully choosing and examining each brick. With Me and beauty it is possible to build quietly and with a pearl of the creativity a planetary garden to decorate. At each the movement, in all areas, we will think that we bring also to whom: to Light or darkness, to the Lord or kingdom of a gloom and his servants. Each gift goes under the law of a magnetic attraction and on compliance. Not to from responsibility and from fruits, yourself putting and grown, not to evade. Who are you? Sowers temporary is or eternal, darkness or Light'? Everything goes to a great, all- holding bosom of Space. That you brought, and where your contribution? So in the light of the future true values become clearly visible. We won't them with garbage of day, with foam, both a scum, and dirt life. Treasures taking think about a gift and bring treasures in the Name My.
133. (Apr.)
(Words of Mother are). Here where I, at fed events.
134. (Apr. 7).
And the sky is covered with the Sign.
135. (From Mother).
Fully, native. Whether callousness? Be preserved and preserve against dark influences. Whether for everything the most amazing news is known? To be not with Us – here the highest form of requital. Warned about danger from itself; sting the strongest is.
136. (Apr. 9).
Top is a point of the center of the highest energy, as well as and I. Fase the Teacher it is possible to see – strain aspiration. There is nothing to do, everything is solved. There aren't bent under weight of currents, but stand over them. Only the disease state helped to keep a form. It (illness) is necessary as a transformation step. Little understand the highest conditions of consciousness, but the major is a separation from a body. From healthy not to come off, that is not to be released. Even the death liberator won't come to a sound body. The illness is necessary, that is weakening of communication with a matter. So pains are and diseases are steps ascension and release. Everyone destroys centers attachment communication to the dense. We Call them rarefy's of dense conditions. Therefore the wise rejoices to release opportunities. And not without reason call them "Visit of Lord". But despondency inappropriately with understanding of their purpose is and importance.
Therefore cheerfulness and spirit fortress in an illness is a sign of freedom and spirit height. Not the illness is important, and opportunity. Spirit important raise and become over, as well as over all conditions and circumstances. Not they are important, but a victorious condition of spirit. Bent and fallen under their weight is won, towered and resisted is the winner. In total is in the spirit. And external conditions are only litmus of paper, the indicator of degree of an eminence or spirit falling. To stand up to the end, stand, despite everything is Our Way. After all a fiery hearth of life and blows-engines are only sculptors of a shining ardent form of spirit. How to temper a sword without hammer blows? My children, you in My will, also I Know your difficulties but how differently to approach to Me how to refine and prepare? I can exempt from everything and give a quiet and quiet life, but without approach to Me. What you will choose? I prepare for collaboration and pleasure of spirit. How I Can violate the life law?
I told: "Take the cross". My children, really not demolish the cross when I Bearded and I Bear? How in loading unreasonable I Can release you, relatives, from the help to Me, without having broken proximity bonds? We is one and in difficulties, both victories, and pleasures. How I Will cast out from World Mine? I told already: your grief will be in pleasure. Also will be! In truth is, will be. But there didn't come yet term. Heavy, but after all ahead is victory and Light. It is intolerable! But before is the end. Stand courageously on the verge of events. Joyfully meet the highest wave, the last. With Me is closer, become even closer as it is possible closer. Let anything dividing won't enter between Us. I Speak about rescue. Terrible is hour the last. And many won't resist. And what I Will do with cracked and not resisted? The tree with a crack isn't valuable. That also is dangerous spirit cracks. I want to inhale in you unshakable courage, both belief, and hardness. Thread hidden I connected you with It and knot sacred Start near. You Mine, also I Won't give to darkness. Tests are given for your benefit and strengthening. As got stronger, if saw! But I See. I rejoice. I Will fill with the force your hearts and I Will give the world. But undergo the last. In the sphere of the future already your future is granulated and issued. It is a lot of. Prepare is careful and Import into a hall shining. To magnificence of the future we will be glad. And you are his accomplices. And on a shadow of the present hour you can judge Light' and pleasure of the future. Law threads in My Hands, I Weave from them a carpet of your happiness. On it you will go. Will deck flowers of pleasure is. I will Execute the most audacious aspirations and dreams. My children, direct, and let the present will be under your heel. Having trampled on the foot on the present, we approve the future and we rise over the present.
And you, who has concerned the ocean of world grief pre-dawn, cheer up, because in this world where passes and everything comes to an end, will pass also it. The spatial note of the current hour is heavy. But it will cease also her. Everything will pass, everything will change. There will be only you, Dumb Witness passing, the Looking on and Beholding stream of life. Behold, but don't enter a stream: will take, will begin to whirl and will carry away. But you is only Looking, only the Witness, Silent, inside Staying, invariable and eternal and Standing apart. Don't identify itself with the external. You out of it. It flows, always in movement, and you over and over everything. And how the darkness is it temporarily how circumstances were narrowed was condensed, remains in all the greatness how was hopelessly surrounding, it – only Maya passing hour. But I over everything am. With Me also arrive. In Me is enlightenment and release from Maya's snare. Break illusion chains. It they have no exit, not knowing Me. They are at the deadlock. But you are a son Boundlessness. Is more useless give in to deception of external covers? In My Hands is your destiny. My Hand is strong. The Care doesn't stop and doesn't interrupt Worry and doesn't depend on external conditions. Out of a temporality our communication and out of accidents of life. On the Stone of the eternal the bases is based Secret of the relation. Father the son and the son to the Father. So, having rejected everything and having taken the sword, follow Me.
138. (Apr. 10).
But your laboratory of spirit is inviolable. This is wealth which should be appreciated. You show great wisdom, recognizing the son. Secret! In total in it is. The son is, only - begotten, consubstantial from a century. It was given the power, not in a flesh staying, but to it, in Me existing. On extents of understanding of Secret and the power is, and inheritance to it, but not to you. To realize it is means to realize Me, because It – I in you. It that is you is a son, and I am a son: sons of the High Light's. In Me look for understanding of a son's/filial.
To whirlwinds be not terrified. You are already stronger, and it is a victory. And flesh acts yes no have over you power. Force's My Kindle your spirit also I Approve it is on a basis Stone. Overcoming in consciousness of the remains of last misunderstanding of and cleaning of century litter yes will be from now on essence of your life and acts. Remember: overcoming! Not in acts flesh is root of evil, but in century deposits of consciousness and in separation from the son in itself. Consciousness, separateness from Me and the Father generated all evil. Reflection of I and the world was curve. Realize Me in it, cleared of all appendages, is finding of imperishable and eternal treasure. In total is in understanding and consciousness. Your consciousness is a field of your work. In it is key to everything. Only it one creates a difference and distinction between steps of spirit and Hierarchy of spirits. Attributes of the son will start being approved in you in process of understanding of the son in them. On understanding you receive. Understanding always precedes mastering. Understanding is a magnet, is immutable approving mastering. The son Mine, who and what can separate you from Me when I Told – the winner?! And while your eye is turned to Me, innumerable is a spirit gifts.
As cardboard locks, will be scattered all your creation of yesterday at an inflexible and not continuity of aspiration to Me, at steady and uninterrupted understanding of my Proximity contrary to everything and something. Hold Me strong, all strength of mind, all your being, always. Let consciousness yours will be constructed also sounds on a key proximity with Me, proximity to Me and nothing broken and not able to be
the broken merge with Me. My heart is opened to you. It is your house, the house strong and forever. Let waves of life slide by you, shined with a beam of your consciousness, the torch and crystal which is indestructible and immovable in the spontaneous fresh. Because from the beginning of times I Is, that is you in Me that is the son in you is. Identifying the consciousness with It, you identify it with Eternity and you become eternal, that is immortal. Carry by this consciousness through all conditions of terrestrial the life and store it as the greatest value. And that you will keep here, it will be kept is and there. And that you understand here, it will be realized and there, and that you will destroy here, it will be destroyed and there; and that you will claim here, on Earth, in the consciousness, it will be approved and there, and in all worlds. Therefore a build strong also understand responsibility of construction – a spirit sculpture. You build the house of spirit. (At this time on the street music played, noise was made.) Here you see how we overcome everything: both noise, and wakefulness, and sounds, because the winner and the lord over everything is you. I am you in Me. And it is now, when all against. That then when all will be for: both spatial currents, and changed Earth. Think. Nobody is able to take away from you greatness of the future and your part on a way of every possible understanding Me in the heart. I bless you, My son, and I Give the Hand. Go, go, go. I wait. Long ago has marked out you press of My spirit.To judgment happiness prepare, because is Mine, and from a century.
140. (Apr. 11).
Song of the great people is. The song will blossom and will awaken heart. Will wake up, heart will begin to see clearly. Awakening will go on the line hearts. And if hundred hearts woken up is force, what it, if their millions? Who will resist it? Its power is invisible. There is no force more strongly it. To that also conducts a course of events. You look, where they is hearts woken up. In them is hope of the world and Ours. The powerful shaft of fiery energy of heart will break torture chambers of a gloom and all stirring. The river of life will pour down freely. And it not stops because the thinnest energy doesn't know barriers. Higher it, and quicker than light, and gets through everything, and there are no distances for it. Will sweep away the interfering phenomena a subtlety of vibrations is. In it is world transformation. And we Will call the New era of Earth – the Heart Era. On threads of heart association of the people will go hearts in a powerful fire of the integrated energy won't merge yet. It is told: the people wake up. Means, heart changes is. Than it is possible to stop growth of spontaneous power of world fire? Space beams of space are the basis which has caused heart to life. Whether the dark – murderers of heart could – to expect and provide them not recognized and denied? Whether it is possible to tell stinking heart "you have heart" when day yesterday's refused heart? In the area of heart there is a victory. Fire combiner will be created by uniform herd, and the Pastor – Uniform Great Heart – will head it and for It will be followed by everything who from heart. Time of awakening of heart came. My invocatory bell all, because will hear heart is the device sensitive. Force of the integrated hearts will rescue a planet from decomposition and death. It also will revive. We Will call revival of heart a change. And We on the Tower Watch fires of hearts human and we Send help beams there where Light lights up, and the beam creates association. We unite beams.
So there is in space not for a moment not stopping fight for hearts human between Light and darkness. But our Beams above all are. This phase of fight wasn't provided by dark enslavers, couldn't, the highest fires don't own. In it is their powerlessness before Light. On My Beam millions will rise. And time came. Billion awakened hearts united by My Beams is whether is force! The troops of Maitreya is invincible, power of Hierarchy is invincible, but to term is hidden. Rejoice to the victory which is still invisible, – a victory of hearts. My pulse beated world heart, My pulse, one pulse fights, hearts of Day breakers fight. Space pulse directs and regulates heart life, and the Space Will dictates terms. My phenomenon will be carried by on the world on strings of open heart. And on My sign the invincible troops an indestructible stand Light's will make. The history wheel uncontrollably slides to treasured border. And when the last line who and what will stop the statement traced in spheres will be passed is invisible the real? My children, I Send you a message of pleasure of the future and close victory. Will raise force of the heart with Me united in uniform Heart of the world is. On the verge of going happiness we will think of a uniform way, where rescue, of a way Light's, of ways to Light. We will postpone the cares of day in the Name My and we will join Mine, we will leave a tatter of the past and we will think only of the future, we will forget about darkness and we will enter shining rays of Light, we will be released from themselves to join world consciousness, and we will be ready all being the, all consciousness to greatness of the future transformation. They don't know, and you know. Open eyes and see. On what from yesterday you will exchange happiness from tomorrow? Than stand in Light of the World, than, what stuff you will close fire of the spirit? Mine, goes with Me up to the end, close and victorious which beginning is. It is so terrible not to resist deadlines, the last days, the last hours. Everything will be razed to the ground, what not from the New World. The new Sky and New Earth won't contain garbage of the testament left world. It is impossible to climb up to top, having spread in dirt, it is impossible to go forward, having turned back. It is possible to stumble and fall. And if in an abyss is? Friends, we approach to the last facets. Be awake and put an ear and your heart to Light words because to children Light' Call is turned.
141. (Apr. 12).
Be sure of My Proximity. Therefore it is necessary to listen and not to argue. The most necessary is given, and at the right time. Don't doubt. It is better to make a mistake, trusting it is immutable, than to sink in doubts. The perception goes on the Proximity channel. Without Proximity there is no perception. At mediums – yes, but you aren't a medium. Whether there can be mistakes? Can, but not mistakes, and foreign invasions. Therefore I Speak: "Become closer". The vessel without cracks is good. The jug full of holes is no good – won't keep flowing good fortune. You are confused ease! But how many difficulties it cost also to time. Everything is easy after assimilation. Yes, everything is simple in the spirit of. "How I will distinguish the thought from yours? " – On a nice ear. At a paloriya of consciousness merge and distinction isn't present. Also you will speak and think My Light, and yours will be Mine, and Mine yours. In a word, merge. While third-party reject. When the stream of thought is given by Me, it is impossible to interrupt and to change – too. The harmony is broken. So, we will go further. Communication demands stability of consciousness and a strong grasp of consciousness. Without it is you will hold My Fase?
You give the synthesis, ennobling the phenomenon to its world value as parts of the whole. And so is in everything. You are part whole, and each phenomenon too is understood as that. It is essence of synthesis. There is nothing separate and not the connected. In total are only parts whole, a whole. Everyone – is significant as that and is senseless – taken separately, in itself, as independent of Space, or whole, part. As also people. In separation from the world, as and from the Father, from Me, from Space is death. Therefore the unite-existing should be understood as a basis of life of the person. The tree from roots is inseparable. Without them won't resist. As well as the person is– without understanding of Great Mother of the World which has given to it life. The spirit umbilical cord as link with the Space Receptacle generating is broken never, as a burning lamp – with a light source.
Certainly, the proximity to Me demands tension and isn't easy. But what the valuable will be born from ease? It is necessary to be ready to unknown presses. It is training of foundations. Not chants and tension is our destiny, because fire is the most intense elements. The condition of constant tension conducts to assimilation of fiery vibrations, or elements of fire. Welcome all degrees of tension as a gate to fiery magnificence. Quietly and peaceful in a rotten well, and it is dark.
Painful reaction not from tension is, but from an inappropriate condition of consciousness. At all tension it is necessary to learn to store solemn tranquility of consciousness, expelling all obscures. The regime of economy of forces is also necessary. The mountain not plundered, casket closed and onions, an arrow the strained – the symbols protecting consciousness from squandering of treasures and protection against their plunder from outside. Control over fiery energy of spirit is so necessary, as well as control over thoughts and is perhaps even more necessary. Protect the fiery treasure got by such long work of thousand-year efforts. We are ready to plunder it and to plunder everything: both friends and enemies, consciously and unconsciously. In name preservations the life, the spirit, preserves treasure. Isn't present without it ascension. Care – great concept. Under plunderers of treasure is. We mean not only people – out of, but also thoughts. Those plundering are afraid. You drive, as most dangerous reptiles. There are thoughts life-given and thoughts life-go out. As bloodsuckers, exhaust fiery substance. Not for abstract achievements is necessary vigilance and control over thoughts, but for self-preservation. Therefore it is useful to know, who friends and enemies. We will approve life-given and we will expel the harming.
We appreciate everyone, on devotion we Approach, and under the law of compliance It is advanced. Contained My Image moves ahead on degree of completeness of containment is.
Victory in the spirit of therefore the statement it here, on Earth, in the conditions of terrestrial, – is premature. The tank of consciousness is inexhaustible. It still afflicted yesterday with misunderstanding. (Yesterday me Record seemed to the defective.)
My Proximity gives saturation to the directed currents of consciousness. It sates currents – aspiration feelers. The constant aspiration means uninterrupted saturation, or consciousness food. Without aspiration feeding magnets can't work. Potential of aspiration of a magnet shows tension and extent of advance. "Only direct", that is only bringing in movement action wheel mighty law, and will fill you «the shine of Boundlessness is". Yaven the law is more notable and is more concrete even terrestrial phenomena. Not abstractness, but life. People carried a formula "You Knock, and Will Open to You" somewhere in transcendental distances and any foggy future. And it acts here, on Earth, and everywhere immediately as soon as the aspiration flashed. It is the best lever of advance and life. It is impossible to set the consciousness deprived of aspiration. All efforts will be fruitless. The aspiration has to flash from within the self-born impulse of spirit. Therefore is fruitful knocked self’s both comers to you and a millstone on a neck become not answering to the law. As well comprehension of spheres of any area of knowledge is caused by aspiration. Archat applies the law consciously. So receiving is and cognition depends on will of the directed consciousness. In total in hands of the person is. Are ignorant and aren't necessary all complaints and complaints on forlornness, and haplessness, and helplessness. These concepts are generations of dead hearts. It is opened to the person and all is available; in it own power continuous receiving. Space gate, and incalculable is widely open treasures of spirit lay waiting, when to them the beam of the fiery will touch consciousnesses, because power fire the wheel moves aspirations. As fiery the whirlwind Light, moves in space spirit, the continuously scattering sparks of the directed energiya and attracting the fiery sparks from space. Are left forever accident, uncertainty is and uncertainty. Goes powerfully learned strong holding in hands levers of the immutable law.
148. (Apr. 13).
After all not only consciousness it is necessary to educate, but also covers that there were they clear-radiant, each atom to clear. Clarification goes all body: dense and thin. All are penetrated by Light; all are accustomed to vibrate on the highest senses that are refined. Rough, dense particles from a microcosm are removed and replaced with the elements corresponding to height of consciousness. Introduction of the thinnest energy in our essence and replacement dense thin, that is depression and thinning of the sphere microcosmic is the greatest task Agni Yoga. The tone of his all life in all bodies and on all plans starts sounding on this note. Thinning is inseparably linked with consciousness expansion. In a sense it even synonyms. To external influences it is reacted by the elements put inside. Therefore to put them it is necessary very circumspectly. Lighting in it the lowest fires, we create and deposits corresponding to them, or crystals of the lowest fires, that is it is entered these elements into the world, and vice versa. Only the Highest generates the highest. Therefore the Beauty is a basis of light construction. Everywhere: and in micro and the Macrocosms building on beauty won't be mistaken. The beauty of fires will lay down the basis of beauty of deposited crystals of fiery energy, and the elements corresponding to essence of the person, will be to bear on themselves the stamp of beauty. The beauty of thoughts, feelings and acts and elements will put the corresponding. It is so possible to expel consciously from spirit life everything, what not from beauty. The disgrace is a begetting of the lowest fires and crude elements. They are as freight heavy standing, and wings of spirit are sealed by lead. Easy, flying there is cleared our essence. And only looking at hardened idols of the lower class of the astral world, and also creeping and kowtowing – it is spoken about people – and disfigured to improbable degrees, it is possible to understand value of fiery clarification. So aspiration, pulling out the person from the sphere of the lowest, attracts it up. Both disappear and the rough, not burned down particles fall off. There is a process of a constant transmutation of the lowest to the highest. And wherever there was a person, at whatever height he was, this process because over the highest there is the highest, and over the tallest Inexpressible doesn't stop; also of a boundless ascension of spirit a gate opens. Certainly, a basis of a transmutation of consciousness is the thought, and on it is an emphasis. And area of material identifications is only plastic for energy of thought.
I in you am the transmutation force. I Shine all back streets of consciousness and all accumulation. And in Light’ Moy it is easy to distinguish true values from dark heaps. So My Face creates people the Light. So My Face creates you. In creative power of the Face is secret of transformation. The benefit is that, who found the Image of the Lord in the heart. Won't leave, doesn’t leave. Not great Conducts to the shining to the highest tops Light’. And for those, who felt secret of the Face, all phenomena of life serve as ascension steps. There are no opposite phenomena; both the most contradictory and interfering become only amplifiers of fiery energiya of spirit. So all inures to advantage learned My Proximity. Long ago I Told: I Will turn all on advantage, and friends and enemies, both good and bad. The power of the lit-up consciousness is approved over everything and all forces is free or involuntarily to serve itself. So "gins build temples". And "the darkness decays for flowers of Light". If the power over everything, and all is in the power of consciousness is given, and on it depends how to apply and use energy of the world, which is outside.
My friends, strain aspiration is. Only on this channel receive the desirable. In life a lot of things are created automatically. Desires are reflex. I speak about the conscious strong-willed aspiration based on knowledge of the law. Put aspiration consciously. To Me pleasure of a message directed by spirit is.
You see: you can write down endlessly, turning new facets. But there is no such book in which it would be possible to write down all boundless variety of the space phenomena. The greatest book of the world is a Book of the Nature, but the account of its sheets is infinite.
152. (Apr. 14).
Pressure of spatial currents amplifies. But eyes will flash the first. This thinnest in an organism therefore and it is more intelligible. It is recognized by all. And when live gloss of eyes will sparkle from space, then we Will note the first stage of overcoming of a matter. There I take, here I receive that Give. It is the next process of ascension of consciousness and open to me. You know secret of merge, but degree should be strengthened it. It is necessary to see Me through and over surrounding and it is necessary to reach a step of overcoming dense the thin. For this purpose day with all variations of conditions is given. Conditions different, but clarity of my Face is constant and invariable, and over everything. And as though brightly these conditions acted, the Face has to be brightest at the continuous presence. Contact doesn't interrupt and isn't broken by anything. The constant memory also is difficult for those, but is achievable. Demands the highest tension of consciousness and is only destiny of the next pupils. Why not that to become already obvious for itself? If overcoming in everything why not to approve it in the main thing which is most necessary? If in everything all goes before the end, that why firmly and persistently, straining all forces not to reach till this blessed end – beginnings of the most wonderful life pages ascending consciousness? Why not to rush all powers of the spirit on that, the knowledge of that is yet obvious for mind, but is felt by heart? From everything for the sake of what you live that you wish and you think, this most necessary. It is necessary to collect all powers of consciousness and to rush them in this direction. Creating power of the Face should be made care of every day and every moment. Let the Face become the integral background of everything that occurs or passes before a beam of your consciousness. Let there is all as well as went, but let the stream of life go before My Face and your consciousness, on It directed always. The beam of consciousness is directed on Me over passing and incessantly changing conditions of a material world, over its turmoil and noise. So I Will enter in your day, and your day will be lit up by Light of My Day. And Light will absorb it and will fill in twilight of your days. So, the constant memory and continence in the third eye of My Face under all conditions of day and especially the most distracting and will be your task. Everything but with Me always but with Me and everywhere but with Me. And I Help.
God we will scold doesn't happen. That you will seed, also you will reap that. The energy, thrown out from the human the device in space, under the law of the magnetic attractions attract to itself corresponding educations. Thoughts and the feelings thrown into space, as rods with bait are. What bait, such is and a catch. What call, such is and a response. The law of the accord regulates receiving, or an attraction. And the world of a microcosm is a bright example of this law. In it is mute that somewhere and once the person wished and to what I aspired. It also is a microcosm that is the person. The microcosm is a fruit of its aspirations. Not in volume put that receiving on once and somewhere, perhaps, long ago to the put to aspiration occurs at present, and already guite not corresponds to height, reached by consciousness, and in that aspiration bears a fruit. As carefully and circumspectly it is necessary to wish. We receive everything. But where, when is and how? The bent, uncertain, dark desire yields a fruit; as it is careful and circumspectly it is necessary to wish. We receive everything. But where is, when and how? The bent, uncertain, dark desire yields a fruit. And who is guilty in its ugly form? Wish circumspectly. Wisdom learns to wish nothing, having become over the world of infinite and insatiable desires. Because whatever the person at this step wished, it can't satisfy him on following. It is spoken about ascending spirit. Archat replaces desire with the immutable strong-willed order of pure thought. And as his thought is directed for the public good, and results, or fruits, go to the tank of General Welfare and a chain from fruits of desires doesn't hold down the person. Only going beyond the personality, arrows of desire lose the poison. The aspiration becomes pure, that is not limited by personal elements, and the arrow it isn't directed on itself. Vicious circle of a hopelessness coming back to, generated them, to the center of desires, will open. The circle turns into a spiral, and the ladder of spirit becomes an ascension way. Otherwise poisonous arrows of egoistical personal desires come back, loaded with similar elements from space, and, striking the person, bring this poisonous coloring in his aura. And when to and end the cycle his of terrestrial life, the generation created by aspiration as the satellite true, will wait at a threshold. These are not in time to return still during lifetime. But come back all: either here, or there. And moves spirit human, loaded with these stratifications. And it is good if moves if the immense weight of the generated heaps didn't turn it in the stone idol. Easy, light, pure thoughts create winged desires. On wings of superpersonal desires it is possible to fly quietly. By thought are created both chains, and wings. The winged child lies in the Bowl, whether the spirit exempted from chains of egoism?
Knowledge is force; magnet trebled.
Well, the friend Mine, we will write. It is easier to write. It is not easily to concentrate on the Face without writing. The arrow of consciousness turns on Me.
156. (Apr. 15).
Dimly is in the world. In the depth of consciousness the Chaos moves. The gloom shrouded Earth. People choke in created them the suffocations. Plath of hopelessness covered the world. Spirit fires hung. Pressure will increase while the spirit won't rush up. But somewhere there is limits, and to these limits approach. And behind them line of explosion or revival. In this darkness gloomy My soldiers is as Towers Light'. My soldiers are holders of a network of a planetary, saving network of Light. If not it, wouldn't contain consciousness of all horror of the dismissed poison. The emphasis, or pressure, on columns Light', and to heavy holders is great. But is boundless fortress spirit in days of burdensome intolerable press's. And only strong and the strongest in a state resist. The closer to Me, the press is stronger, and all emphasis of darkness Bear on Itself I. The next help facilitate loading. Not I Impose weight, but entered to the public Mine and My Light self-shining, thereby already oppose myself to darkness and its impact. In these combined efforts all troops Light' strains. And the pressing issue is not to leave from a post, not to be bent by spirit, to sustain, at least the titanic tension of all the spiritual power, these last hours fights. And not only resist, but also to support weaker. Great Service is not easily, and taken its way follows in the footsteps of the Great Victim.
Whether you will store My Face? Whether you will soil unreason?Whether you will darken doubt? Whether you will distort malignant gossip? Whether you will cover with an ordinary dust? Perhaps, you will bury in oblivion carelessness or indifference? Then and how you will belittle its shining magnificence? It than is you will extinguish light? In the light you will see the light Mine and if this Light is darkness? Burn with all fires, burn brightly, and in the light of your fires My Fire will begin to shine. On fires of your heart It will raise, the Face, in the greatness, light from Light, and light in Light': fire from fire, and fire on fire. Greatness fiery is learned by the fires. And children Light' in Light' also will arrive.
It is possible to be a beget Light' and it is possible to be begets of darkness. Whether we think that each thought thickly, each word pro-uttered, each action deeds on everything and in everything it is left or fires creating, from Light, or fires eat up, burning down, from darkness. We go sewers on the world and where our foot goes, we leave the trace and the signs – from darkness or Light'. The sower kind of treasure of the heart takes out kind and creates crops Light', grains light, and the sower of darkness is crops dark. Everything will give the shoots and – on compliance is. Our sower makes in advance and carefully seeds Light', selecting and rejecting the unusable. And each grain seeded rushes under a personal responsibility and is conscious, with knowledge of the law. Irresponsibility and unconsciousness are eradicated as the most harmful properties. The sphere of reflex reactions of a microcosm is consciously replaced with controlling self activity. Do and arrive not because what so becomes or renounces but because what I want. The power as It is told is established over everything, and first of all over life of the consciousness. The consciousness is means consciousness, but not dregs of lunar reflex passivity. Soldier in you lifts the fiery board. When everything is spread and bends under waves darkness as power invincible rises the fiery winner, towering a column Light ‘over dark waters of the world. My winner soldiers, soldiers fearless, I Charge you the most responsible and very grave part of fight, I Trust you the weapon of Light and I Put you in the first rows. With Me everything will resist, without receding, and, without having receded, will rush in approach. Passive opposition to darkness is no good and isn't fruitful. Self-proceeding fiery beams of spirit are active in effect the. Fight against darkness demands fiery activity that is conscious tension of heart. The will, fiery will and efforts overcome consciously all counteracting Light' out of itself and inside. Main is inside. There is as though a conscious polarization of the consciousness on a wave of fiery light activity. To anything and is permitted to extinguish to nobody light in itself, or heart fires. Let's sacred fire go out. In its fading is death. This fight of fires: fires inside, spirit fires with horror of the dismissed spatial poison, with brown gas tea red of the darkness.
Polarization of a microcosm demands vigilant patrol and unprecedented hardness and determination to stand up to the end under any conditions of fight. "And I will resist" – let will be the motto. After all is not one, but with the Lord! Both I Will help, and I Will support, and I Will strengthen, but you hold from Me strong, without allowing an aspiration break. The soldier can't lay down arms in fight or turn a back to the enemy – then not to avoid blows. To fight up to the end is My appeal. And so together in everything is up to the end, till the great light beginning of an era of Maitreya. To Me need victorious your state.
160. (Apr. 16).
Quiet cloudy gray morning and day is symbolical morning. Beams ripened. The elected We Call of the one, whom I Elected to approach to Itself. Compliance is cornerstone of an elected. Therefore them, the elite, so it isn't enough and a lot of invited, that is those to whom are given the chance. I, Real in the Father, Eternity elements which in Me, I Approve in the elect. They change its covers.
Everywhere forms of the old world are destroyed. All destroyed cries out about injustice. But anyhow to replace darkness attires with clothes of Light, the forms generated by a gloom and ignorance, with beauty forms? How to build new, without having cleared a place for construction? In rays of light old forms come to light in all the plain to nakedness and is terrible absurd. Will be distraught an illogicality of the manifestation. Some kind of reduction ad absurdum, but is in planetary scale. Will self-destruct elements decomposition, from which their essence consists. We will call this process by self-damage or, better, a self-consuming.
I will strengthen, I Will help, but a snare has to dump. Everything, everything, all! Resolute hour, hour fiery, hour resolute came.
(Apr. 17). We will consider action of the great law. High spirits bear responsibility double: for itself and for others. Acts are result of action of thought. We judge not for affairs, but for thoughts, is responsibility for them. Thought protect. Action of the great law is shown in an attraction on compliance. Circumstances magnet of is. But for receiving a consequence of thought it is necessary to know process of a magnet of circumstances. Therefore the emphasis also becomes on thought, and not on acts. Even reflex actions are subordinated to it, even habits. Even phenomena the atavism were preceded once by thought. Therefore in thought is the decision. In it beginning and end is. It generates, and it is killed generated, that is getting rid. But conscious destruction of the generated means that spirit itself takes in the hand the destiny. In development of consciousness it is possible to call this stage fight against own generations. After all the same to meet them once and somewhere it is necessary. Why not now? It is much more difficult to meet with them face to face and to grab already behind the Threshold. But here, in the world of the reasons, it is easier to fight against consequences, destroying the reasons or without generating them. Having chopped off roots is of this reason here, the tree that generation there. Death to dark generations! The consciousness is the constantly generating center. Means, it is possible always and know, what at each his moment fruits (seeds) generating, or future consequences. Consciousness in everything and responsibility for everything will inexpressibly accelerate an ascension. Consequences of thought not to avoid - such is the law. Is it better know at each this moment that prepares for itself consciousness: the wonderful lock or the stuffy dungeon, the closed hopeless circle of dark generations, like the octopus, covering consciousness, or shining possibilities of a scope of boundless space; song of flights or stone immovability, wings or chains. Ways are given, and the choice is specified. And the law lever in a hand and the wheel of execution is ready to action, and over everything is the thought setting in motion this entire difficult car. It forces to spin wheels of causes and effects, and it can stop reasons at any time their origin. Therefore responsibility understanding for thoughts means understanding essence of the engendered reasons. Two acts absolutely identical on appearance can have two absolutely various consequences, because it isn't an act, but in thought, that is the reason, it generated, in character of dynamic force of generation. Dynamics, or force of any generation has to be settled on consciousness, it generated. From the generations not leave. Therefore the spirit not won by the accumulation and opposing to them the fiery strong-of thought willed power of more powerful potential, goes road the winner. It is necessary to grow as though from own generations, to tower over them, as the teenager from the clothes. As the attire not to a measure is replaced new as simply doesn't approach, and generation of the past becomes not to a measure to consciousness and is rejected as superfluous, that is surprised in effect the growing consciousness. But for this purpose is necessary growth existence, that is consciousness ascensions. Therefore I Conduct a way celestial, therefore and Called the winner therefore I Warrant for a victory. I Warrant. You will win, and you will win contrary to everything and all difficulties. I conduct on the way of the tested Magnet, on the way, tested by the Magnet. Already I Told: I will Hurn everything on advantage. The bottom is seen. Be not confused anything. Go, go, without stopping and without being late anything. But for this purpose is necessary growth existence, that is consciousness ascensions. Therefore I Conduct a way celestial therefore Called the winner therefore I Warrant for a victory. I Warrant. You will win, and you will win contrary to everything and all difficulties. I conduct on the way of the tested Magnet, on the way, tested by the Magnet. Already I Told: I Will turn everything on advantage. The bottom is seen. Be not confused anything. Go, go, without stopping and without being late anything. Let roadside signs flash and pass by the life phenomenon. Each of them is the indicator of a condition of consciousness and it is useful for those for cognition itself, the forces and opportunities. We study on everything. My Hand directs and helps recognition. Quality of recognition is necessary, and also knowledge of. Not to be under a delusion it is necessary, but nobility. Knowledge is force. Knowledge is great force. It is necessary to know and enemies and friends in the essence, it is necessary to distinguish in itself energy of creating fires and fires eat up. It is necessary to learn the fires. Fires of action are lit by thought. The reasons are generated by fires. Light Agni creating forges a chain Light', happiness chains.
164. (Apr. 18).
Remember Me. Approve a memory continuous. Appoint at first minute of a continuous memory, then hour, then day, month and so on. Always begin with the small. So repeat: here It, My Lord, here his Face in continuous action. But allow Presence and heart opening It is necessary to put new measures to understanding of My Proximity. And immediately and immediately all is rejected, that disturbs it and breaks it. I with you always, – understanding of it exclude possibility of influence of casual thoughts of doubt in this fact. The passerby can doubt, but the son!? ? ! We will paralyze and will neutralize in advance these violators of My Proximity and My Presence. We won't allow obscures. Even in darkness, thinking about Light, we don't stop the run. Along with it is necessary also other condition. This condition of constant readiness to serve Me and for Me. Everything becomes for the sake of Me and for Me. I am motive force of each action and all life. You go to the Name My. To Me are brought both actions, and fruits of actions, both aspirations, and fruits of aspirations to Me. Gate open is the invitation for the guest. Let a gate of your heart will be always open for Me. Not so much concentration is necessary, how many opening hearts to Me. The condition of consciousness of open heart needs to be comprehended. The beam shines only in the consciousness opened for it. This state is a state constantly attracting (or attracting to itself) a magnet. On a wave of a constant attraction Light' it is necessary to adjust consciousness. And then My Face will incessantly create. Not in Me is a delay Light, but in you. It is necessary full heart opening up and closing from top to bottom. For darkness a heart gate is closed. Only we Answer call. But open heart also is a sign of continuous call. Only on call we Open a gate. But this opening mutual – they open for open heart. Altar of open heart is, and on it flaring fire of aspiration. Heart opens up through Hierarchy and down in the area of a donation, through descending hierarchy. It is necessary to put new measures to understanding of my Proximity. And immediately and immediately all is rejected, that disturbs it and breaks it. I with you always, – understanding of it exclude possibility of influence of casual thoughts of doubt in this fact. The passerby can doubt, but the son!? ? ! We will paralyze and will neutralize in advance these violators of My Proximity and My Presence. We won't allow obscures. Even in darkness, thinking about Light, we don't stop the run. Along with it is necessary also other condition. This condition of constant readiness to serve Me and for Me. Everything becomes for the sake of Me and for Me. I am motive force of each action and all life. You go to the Name My. To Me are brought both actions, and fruits of actions, both aspirations, and fruits of aspirations.
165. (Apr. 19).
It is necessary to work over it. After all business in itself, in the spirit device is. Spirit device has to be always in full readiness, in working order. Will keep in readiness is. Will submits! Better one adjusted is, than one hundred upset. To what they? Are useless! Care of the device of the spirit is care number first. "I am always ready", – the winner of the not relics and moods speaks. Fiery energy not settled will burn. Will scatter into smithereens uncoordinated parts are. But the harmony will sustain any tension. As a hot horse on hard reins: otherwise will carry. And the fiery potential of your spirit amplifies, and without bridle it is impossible. Silver bridle of spirit is attributing of the winner, and always in a firm hand. This condition is premised to strengthening and deepening of Proximity.
Certainly, difficult, but after all we go with Me. Our work in the spirit of, but terms is hidden. Not repetition it, but deepening and expansion. But nevertheless it is necessary and to repeat because there is no assimilation. In essence, not repetition, but advance is. Once again I Speak: business not in an act and in the relation to it, to an act. Matter in, whether to be in the power of the weaknesses, or over them, over or under, the slave or mister won, the broken, suppressed act, or to be the winner. It is impossible to fall under the power made, Licet Jovis quod victims fuit. But to the slave isn't permitted to anything. It is not justification of offenses, but statement of the power. 167. Signs data belonged to details, to details, namely to inability to rise over of what it was convinced the day before.
Don't demand from it impossible under existing conditions because currents are heavy extremely. Beam I Send not greatly and in it My love. As well the Care doesn't doze. Guards is everywhere for you. We Preserve against accidents. We not Can give destiny of the elect on will of a case. Accidents don't happen to those who is Protected by Us.
The Lord the Light Creates life of a planet and directs a current of events. In his Hands of a thread of national destiny is. The world reorganization is great and is difficult. Heavy is on demolition of the leaving world. Not settled conditions New fluctuate. The river of the New World rushes, breaking barriers. And what the destroyed is? Therefore rage because feel the end. We welcome all creative and uniting. Decomposition and separation we leave dark.
Communication with Me is testified by stars. Star is a contact sign. Preserve purity of a wire against contamination foreign thoughts. Lord’s you receive heritage. The receiver has to be pure.
Truth of the Distant Worlds: there is no inclination from top to bottom. It is overcome only inertia of the last constructions. Statements of consciousness don't demand the repeated tension, as on Earth. All approved spirit on this ascension steps remains in consciousness as operating force, without demanding the continued and constant tension and repeated efforts. Fire, kindle in consciousness, it isn't extinguished to people around, but continues to burn equal light. The sublime condition of consciousness also remains to that. There is no extinguishing. The pleasure isn't filled to poison, and sounds, being enriched with new elements. Approved qualities of spirit with it also remain, but won't be swept away hourly by darkness waves. And fires of consciousness aren't objects of continuous attack dark and aren't suppressed with the poisoned atmosphere. Life sounds all paints and tones. The spirit costs over a matter, and a matter, as soft wax in hands of the sculptor. There spirit – the winner of a flesh (matter).
Question in what, how under some conditions keep balance.
173. (Apr. 20).
Contact is caused by completeness and indivisibility of aspiration. Focus of expression works. I am Focus of Hierarchy of a planet. I am Light, in Light' existing: Light, existing in the Light of Hierarchy.
I enter (me, writing it) to the fourth step of Agni Yogi. It is Yoga of the appendix. In My Day it is begun a new step – realization Light' in life. I Am Truth and I Show it. You become on a way of a manifestation of truth yourself. And here, as well as in everything, it begins with the small. On jugs by yours it is measured its degree, that is on extent of containment, or dilatability degrees consciousnesses. It is possible to consider itself the vessel intended for containment of Light – light bearing, the Bowl carrier, light filled. In it fiery crystals of deposits Light' is fiery Treasure gather. Sent behind Light and envoys Light' is My children. Everyone bears light Bowl by the extent of consciousness. As the collector of treasures is called to Bowl accumulation directed. It also is Great Making. The collecting feat Light' consists in a kindle of fires, protection of fires and their conscious accumulation. Fires demand the thin address. From bearing fire depends that it didn't go out. The way of Regal Yoga is a way of growing fires. Benefit to them is, fiery-bears. Fires! Fires! Fires! Fires expiating is, clarification fires, aspiration fires, feat fires, fires of the victim small and Victim Great fires. Fires! Fires! Fires! Fires are everywhere.
Let your heart will be always open for access Light' and is closed for darkness. Also there is it lightful, and there will be its light the lighting to people. So My Light through your heart is given for World rescue. Will Save the world heart is. Will Rescue the light is. Light of heart is rescue in it.
So carefully it is necessary to bear the Bowl filled with Light not to spill and to pour. Burns down fire which has been carelessly poured is. People are afraid Light'. We will remember how raged and they when I, being bent under weight of a cross raged, Bore My Light to Golgotha of the world. The shameful death is a symbol of a shame and a darkness celebration. But winner Light wins always! I will revive in the hearts of human Light unquenchable and fires of spirit I Will wake consciousnesses. And the Fulfillment is close. So we will scold Light doesn't happen. And the shameful death is a seed of shining transformation of mankind. I will come to the specified country. I will come for world rescue. And fiery-bearers Light', Me put, become with Me on all four ends of revived and changed Earth.
177. (Apr. 21).
Abroad is gloomy despondency and gloomy concern. Inevitably future is. Through all difficulties it is passable.
Write: Influence of forces increases.
178. (Apr. 22).
At sunrise you will hear My Voice. I will wake him words and I Will give food of day. We is one, but outside the conditions of Earth. Proximity to back terrestrial gravitations is. The aspiration attracts, devotion holds it and...
(Apr. 23). They flash (probably, stars), their duty to flash at approach of the highest energy. It is necessary to be ready to change of currents and new rhythms to wait. Promised the 22nd it was executed.
I want to see you changed on spirit fires, I Want to remove from your face dirt of stratifications; I want to see essence yours released from heavy clothes fleshes. Changed and released I want to see you. Why so heavy you go on the way Light overloaded with freight? To what to you all, than from Earth it is filled your consciousness? It is possible to care about everything, but doesn't follow to load them and to burden them the consciousness. Why, operating car, to get into it and to imagine itself its working parts? You only operate it. Why to identify itself with a life stream? Let flows by. Get up aside and observe, without merging with it. Be in the world, but not from the world. We in the Stronghold Live in the world, we See the life river, we Regulate its waters and a current, but We out of it. Flowed, flows also will flow, but our World, of our Days, never will merge with its muddy, passing waves. Our World is not from the world passing terrestrial phenomena. We are merged with the river of great Space Life. As Sun, giving life and heat to Earth, remains there, in inaccessible spheres space distances, and We Give life, both Light, and love to a planet, but we aren't involved in whirlwinds terrestrial currents. They don't capture Us and don't seize Us. We at a wheel, and We Direct, but we Stand out of. And if you want to join Us to our Days is and our life become out of everything that from Earth. Both you eat, and drink, both breathe, and take part in all that surrounds you, but the heart, but the consciousness, but the thought separate yourself from terrestrial affairs. After all people play on stage, and play, sometimes, well, even is ingenious, reincarnating in the life going on a scene, but know that it only game. Understand, all life your terrestrial is only game, and you only the actor. Play it well, with interest and knowledge of business, enclose in it fires of the heart, give that demand from you, but know, it is immutable know, every minute, every moment, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and at night that it only game and that you only on a scene, the actor who is carrying out a role. Every evening the curtain falls and you depart to My World, to the World truly real of My Days. Also hour will come; the curtain will fall for a long time. And when will rise again, the scene will be another, the play another, both time, and life, both an era, and suits, both actors, and the audience. Everything will be new: both theater, and city, and country. And you will be other. You, but is in other covers. And again of My Days you will enter Earth life, and you will play again, but already new role of the life. Both let and then, as well as now, as well as always, My Days in your days take priority not greatly. Let and now, nowadays, My Days in your days be identification truly real and enduring in passing. To what to spend the light what is doomed? Everything round you is doomed to the end, because all certainly. I am out of final. After all and life in Me is that only has no end and costs over the hopelessness world. I am out of the fateful world. Get up in the consciousness near with Me. Get up together over the world of shadows. Certainly everything that in it is. Its days and nights are considered. From everything that in it, I Call on My Top which one motionlessly towers over the world river. The river flows at its bottom. To Dai Hand withdraw you from a stream. In it is your rescue and everything who from the temporary wants to enter in eternal, from mortal immortality? But Mountain Mine – in the middle of a stream. And you stand as My Top in the middle of a stream and as Mountain it is motionless and doesn't merge with it, and you, being in a stream are not it, but stand, towering over it. So, live as everything, do that life orders, but live in Me and be in Me and with Me. Let stream waters flow, don't cling to them consciousness, don't identify itself with them, there are no them part. Let go the train, and you look. And, creating the terrestrial affairs, only look how the actor on a scene looks at himself, without forgetting not for a moment that he is an actor and life, to them executed, goes only on a scene. So in your days I Approve My Days and I Attach your consciousness to the Stronghold Light'.
181. (Apr. 24).
Our holders of a network of Light! Each of them is a core round which energy the highest concentrates. I try to approach you to Boundlessness. Way is through itself.
182. (Apr. 25).
Alas! Good friends are deaf of the help!
183. (Apr. 26).
I will help. Whether you hear: appeal, appeal, appeal under banners of New Earth and the New Sky. We will oppose to rage of the evil tranquility of aspiration. The more of enrages around, are more and more firmly tranquility inside. Strengthening of a negative pole of darkness approves the statement of opposite properties of carriers of light. Monsters are Throne legs, as a symbol of such ant situation. So the phenomena of darkness are the bottom for foundations Light'. From a bog the lotus rises. Darkness is fertilizer for the phenomena Light. The darkness shades and strengthens them under the polarity law. Only in the conditions of hopelessly hung darkness get stronger, flowers Light grow and are approved. Why and to what a feat and Christ Redeemer's Victim? That at the time of the very grave tension of darkness to approve and give the phenomenon Light’ is. Both I Gave, and I Claimed. The seeming victory of darkness was the reason of its defeat then a step of the future transformation of the world nowadays. And you in darkness pre-dawn see summer lightning’s Light’. And everything that now from darkness, let will be for you pledge of the statement of an opposite pole of the phenomena, the shadow cast by the New Era. On a shadow judge of height subject. On shadows of a gloom we will judge greatness going Light'. 81. (Apr. 24).
Our holders of a network of Light! Each of them is a core round which energy the highest concentrates. I try to approach you to Boundlessness. Way is through itself.
182. (Apr. 25).
Alas! Good friends are deaf of the help!
183. (Apr. 26).
I will help. Whether you hear: appeal, appeal, appeal under banners of New Earth and the New Sky. We will oppose to rage of the evil tranquility of aspiration. The more of enrages around, are more and more firmly tranquility inside. Strengthening of a negative pole of darkness approves the statement of opposite properties of carriers of light. Monsters are Throne legs, as a symbol of such ant situation. So the phenomena of darkness are the bottom for foundations Light'. From a bog the lotus rises. Darkness is fertilizer for the phenomena Light. The darkness shades and strengthens them under the polarity law. Only in the conditions of hopelessly hung darkness get stronger, flowers Light grow and are approved. Why and to what a feat and Christ Redeemer's Victim? That at the time of the very grave tension of darkness approve is and give the phenomenon Light'. Both I Gave, and I Claimed. The seeming victory of darkness was the reason of its defeat then a step of the future to transformation of the world nowadays. And you in darkness pre-dawn see summer lightning’s Light’. And everything that now from darkness, let will be for you pledge of the statement of an opposite pole of the phenomena, the shadow cast by the New Era. On a shadow judge of height subject. On shadows of a gloom we will judge greatness going Light'. Let each dark phenomenon serve as a prototype, reflection or a shadow of the opposite. Therefore also great division therefore also the terrible tension of darkness also are awful its faces. By ant situation we Judge. The analysis of manifestation of polarity of darkness will give the flavor about scales of light construction. Tactics Adversa is diverse in the vital
Application; she has finished the dark manifestations up to the end that started back from them hearts human. It is easier to suppress then their Ray of Light. Therefore under signs darkness goes world transformation that is consciousnesses. Adversa tactics darkness it will be tired out to the deadlock, from which exit not will be anywhere. You look at signs decomposition and darkness defeats. Will amplify! The darkness doesn't suspect that each statement it causes there, on an opposite pole, victorious fires of Light, bearing to it final defeat. The more it rages, the falling of her attendants is deeper, the above wall Light will rise. Once I Was One, there Was One before wave darkness, but nowadays is billion – a sign of My army. Once it is necessary was the passive statement Light, nowadays it is necessary active. Once I Forbade My soldier to lift a sword, nowadays I Call soldiers hold swords ready, to put blow of the firm hand. The new World is included in life Earth the winner. The world fateful will leave. The Hierarchy Light will approve the Power.
Continue to care of spiritual your clothes steadily.
You are threatened by danger. I will help.
The friend will rescue.
Light sons you will be named. Reforms are expected. Henchmen of darkness will be struck in everything.
186. (Apr. 27).
Secret of knowledge is. I want to shine your consciousness with My Light. Devoted time thought, the benefit to you is. Without effort I Fly up to you and I Meet expectancy. The house where for Me wait, My house. Point expectation, strengthen it. It is a magnet for My Beam. Expect signs of My Proximity. Think of them. Deepen understanding Proximity by the thought! Let deepening of thought of My Proximity will be similar to butter. And each thought of it will be correct because is truly closer than the close. And each thought of it is strengthening. It is necessary repeated in thought blows to overcome inertness terrestrial consciousness and magnetism of evidence. You look around: there am no Me! But I Am. Far I, but it is close. It isn't visible to an eye, but we feel as heart. Deepen understanding My Proximity. Claim continued My phenomenon. With you I, but as it is difficult overcome inert habits usual thinking. I give signs, but given today grow dull and as if disappear for tomorrow. Be able not only to accept them, but also to hold, in consciousness having made live, vibrating threads not for today, but constantly sounding. The state continuous is required the wakefulness which isn't giving to fade to fires the flashed signs. Here signs flashed lit consciousness and heart – to them let's fade. Fires of heart and consciousness hold consciously. I Send ringing of church bells. Imprudent pupil, having received shower of signs, as though forgets about them, also its aura grows dull. Will be in the sphere of tensely shining aura the, lit by signs, Me given, whether they are given today, either yesterday, or a year ago. They are out of time, they always – pledge and milestones, leaders in the future, and symbols of My Proximity. How many signs, both instructions, and letters it is Given – really a little, really forgot? Really you will give to grow dull to My Face and to become covered by an oblivion raid? Let, as fiery lamps, always costs before your spiritual eye all given by Me. To that is Given, to its which is ardently living in your consciousness, to this wealth, it is easy to add new treasures. But it is impossible at forget or at the fading phenomenon, because from the poor it is taken away Remember this, rotate it in the heart, let's grow dim to the received treasures. It is possible to forget details of terrestrial life, but not that I Gave, Give and will Give. Fan of the precious stones often admires them, touching them the hands. Be same with My Treasures. You love them, reconsider, admire, lovingly and carefully you store, having far and close covered. Intimate demands good shelter, but close, near at hand. And your heart will arrive with your Treasure.
And to the faithful keeper it will be entrusted and bigger. There is no sadder phenomenon, than careless keeper spiritual riches. It is possible and distributes them, but as circumspect it is necessary to be at distribution. And that if the distributed treasures leave on thin business and spirit fires will become arson torches? Be circumspect at a spiritual donation. It is possible to give much also it is possible to give a little, but nevertheless it is better to give short, than to transfer. Unreasoned distribution involves treachery. Doesn't maintain spirit human is weight
spirit gifts. Spittle’s, mockeries, blows and abuses of the flown into a rage crowds on the Godfather Road unless not proof to it? And after all met palm branches also went crowds. Give circumspectly. I Knew that I Give, and Knew a payment human for the Donation, but you don't know. Therefore be wise also are sharp-sighted. And if shrine this will be trampled their feet, you are responsible, and blow of the gifted will fall upon you. Therefore our Law is to open a gate only on call. We open only to the directed spirit. Give, when you see aspiration, but become isolated on call inertness, or curiosity, or unconscious, vague, not crystallized desires. Be exact in observance of this law. We Give on compliance, give and you. We Wait for call and aspiration. Daring – beams, fires and stars; daring prepare treasures. Daring shining, daring directed, fiery we Welcome aspiration also we Sate with all fires. Decuple a daring, bring up aspiration. Storming fire of unrestrained audacious aspirations enclose in a ram of the spirit, rushed up. We approve a daring, We rejoice to a daring, we Welcome its flame as the mighty, shining force of ascension. Look at those, the bent at a wall crying; that bent and pressed down them to Earth? Where their daring, where spirit fire? Winged daring doesn't bend to Earth. Only flights are known by it. To it, to it we Send our first Beam. I TESTIFY ITSELF and I GIVE the GUARANTEE: I will sate everyone, even the low-slightest spark of aspiration; I will sate also the ocean of aspirations. I will give you on your daring «Dare, the child" – the greatest formula of life. In it is – both the law, and the Guarantee, and the Hand washing, giving fruit-bearer and measure crammed. How to turn the bents of applicants in directed in the ardent daring? Not bent greep but regal aspiration commandment. To him daring, happiness gate is open. Light victorious, shining fires of aspiration. Not slaves are necessary, but employees. The slave generated slavery and slavish psychology of a creep. But daring is I Will call employee’s sons Light. And to the son My, from a century to the noted Press of My Spirit, the winner called, I Give also Pre-commission Ardent wreath of a daring.
"Dare, the child".
They waited not Me, but the terrestrial tsar and a kingdom terrestrial. And... stumbled. My Kingdom is other-worldly and not terrestrial tsar I. I waiting terrestrial tsar waited and wait in vain. Not on Earth I Approve the Kingdom. But My in Days Earth will find the reflection. And like that as My Days in days yours are approved also light up you, changing all your life, and you become spokesman Me and My Beam, and My Days
in days human will find the statement and life human will light up with Beams, proceeding of My Days. And these Beams will change and consciousness of people, both their life, and Earth, and its face. And My Kingdom other-worldly in this world, in the world of the dense terrestrial conditions, it will be shown the creating changing beginning. My Light, not from Earth world, will be Earth, and My Kingdom is lit up other-worldly will be to predominate in a fit of temper the human. So is will occur Earth and Sky merge. And My Kingdom other-worldly in the world this will be invisibly, but obviously to take priority. I Will come to reign also I Will reign, and My throne will be throne of heart of the person. Flame awakened, changed and revived hearts I Will reign and to dominate in a fit of temper the human. Also they will merge in one at a throne Uniform Universal Heart of the world is My Heart. Also the Heart Era – Era Maitreya will come.
(Answer to a question, set week ago). Let isn't confused seeming contradiction meanwhile that it is, and what would have to be. By this distance it is measured not a little, but spirit size. Anyhow to move if isn't distances between an ideal and his creator. Business not in it, and in that, that distance accrued and turned in motive force of spirit, in the field of a magnetic attraction between an ideal – a star of the leader, and following it. Existence is important movements in the future, to a star of the leader. Only this movement will create effect of persuasiveness is and then the heavy feeling dissatisfaction will disappear. Forward movement is pledge success and achievement. Than above and further the ideal, that is more right away, but on condition of the strict advances. Only stagnation and stops threaten with death. Therefore the Statement of a leading ideal is step the first, approach to it – the second. The combination them is ascension ladder, spirit ladder. It is possible to be confused only stops and delay.
189. (Apr. 28).
And all living inside and out of let lives also succeeds. Public it is excited coming nearer events. We approach to a limit and a change crest. From it is prompt particles will sweep down (become obsolete) old world. Understood essence of the events won't become puzzled also become the center stability. In whirlwinds of approaching events it is especially important. Centers of not fluctuating Light are transfer knots My Beams. Light network in moment of a general to fall in remains uniform and only stronghold consciousness. Rescue anchors will be shown put by Me, beacons Light, to which looks will direct all mankind. And in them all hope human will concentrate.
Yes, you are right, we overcome and will overcome everything, that out of us, and all, that under us. Conditions disturbing are given for overcoming. You want to have Proximity signs! You will have. You want to deepen Communication! I will give the certificate. You want that or it! Want! Be able to want: it is clear, obviously, sharply, distinctly, definitely. Let crystallized form the desirable will reach limit clearness and density. Let the saturated and pulsing aspiration will recover, being constantly connected with you, her creator, and a thread of creative energy. This thread is, as a rope from the network thrown in the sea for a catch. In you I will Give life to everything that from Light, and I will Dry up sprouts of unusable seeds. I will water with a good fortune rain kind shoots and I will Set fire to weeds. In beams of My Light there will be no life to them: will dry up and will wither. And the field of a harvest will give only full-fledged grain. In it is clearing value of the Beam. But allow it in your essence, but find to it a place in the consciousness. Preserve young shoots. About a garden Me wash in your microcosm let there will be your care. The garden watered won't become scanty. So our care am My and you’re about a garden.
I bequeathed Boundlessness. Therefore we will find signs and rudiments of opportunities of boundless development in each new phenomenon. As though opening of a gate is in the new area available to research. Not the end, but the beginning, a step to spheres of infinite knowledge. Boundlessness widely opens doors to learning reason of the person. Locks are already removed and are cleaned all slingshots,
both a ban and the obstacles standing on ways of human cognition. The new world unchains also a ban. The free, wide, light road the released mind to tops Knowledge will direct. Inquisition fires, fanaticism, religious fanaticism and all and any ban irrevocably go to oblivion. Someone else shakes by chains and would like to put on again them consciousness, but the old sky and former Earth forever plunge into darkness of the irretrievable. So, all matter in that, to see. In ability to see is key to everything. It is the next way to Me. Here where it is necessary to apply all power of desire. Why to waste time to roundabout roads, when the essence is understood direct intimate approach? But for this purpose all powers of consciousness concentrate on Me. It is necessary to overcome layers of the lowest matter also it is necessary to keep in consciousness atoms of the highest. Not so much reminiscence, how much deduction together, continence in one focus. It is possible to remember details. But how to hold is? Will. Look, as far as it is easier to hold the person ordinary person. The lowest matter, the easier is lower. Even easier – animals, deduction of things and subjects is even easier. It is possible to study as them. But it is better to begin and finish the Face because even simple exercise with it fruitful – mentions the innermost. Correctly!
Mine everything, and all yours is all our. On degree of clarity of the Face speed and clarity of perception is established. Therefore it is necessary to increase diligence. It is necessary to see. How many the wonderful is hidden in It that is the Face, power. Secret of the Face is. "Clarity of the Face of the Teacher puts us in direct contact with It". So, all matter in that, to see. In ability to see is key to everything. It is the next way to Me. Here where it is necessary to apply all power of desire. Why to waste time to roundabout roads, when the essence is understood direct intimate approach? But for this purpose all powers of consciousness concentrate on Me. It is necessary to overcome layers of the lowest matter also it is necessary to keep in consciousness atoms of the highest. Not so much reminiscence, how much deduction together, continence in one focus. It is possible to remember details. But how hold? Will. Look, as far as it is easier to hold the person ordinary person. The lowest matter, the easier is lower. Even easier – animals, deduction of things and subjects is even easier. It is possible to study as them. But it is better to begin and finish the Face because even simple exercise with it fruitful – mentions the innermost. Correctly! Having concentrated on a detail, it is possible to cause shape the whole: as though attraction all (whole) to point aspirations of thought. Want all being the, all inexhaustible the power, all the force. It is necessary to be able to want, it is necessary to learn to want. Slippery, not properly executed, vague desires and dream isn't way imperious, stamping, accurate want. From itself it is required both authoritativeness, and clearness, and monolithic aspiration. Mighty full effort strain energy all essence of the pupil to the uniform treasured purpose. And is for the sake of its achievement unless you shouldn't bring everything? But as is difficult completeness of purpose fullness and ability to be released from everything, and first of all is from it. But we will receive desirable and we will reach. I'm Speak. But learn to direct. The invincible is especially important inertia of aspiration. To create, direct and to approve its force is too a task. But power approved rather crystallized aspirations, will incur, as on wings, on force, in it enclosed. Make effort. It is possible to feel this power, as live the felt engine.
I approve your aspiration and a hand I Give! So I Will support and I Will warm each grain of Light, each essence of each aspiration up. I Will give strength, but let your force vibrate in a chord with Mine is force doubled. We go together, but at a full tension of all your forces. "I will help, I Will help, but make effort" – the law of cooperation of the Teacher with the pupil. Only tension of all forces wins. To a victory we go. To tops we go. In total energy of a microcosm, there, and here, and in the different directions directed, gather in one focus. Fire is cleaned, heart is taken away from all other aspirations, and the powerful power of uniform aspiration rushes on one channel. Therefore I Warrant for success when in action power of the insuperable law is put in. The psycho mechanics of spirit works and creates life.
194. (Apr. 29).
It is necessary to strengthen responsibility for thoughts and to realize it. This thought is answered always by more following, always more profound and expanded. The answer as though comes to any thought in the form of thought increased. Increase of thought replies thought primary: it is the answer from the space, increased and pumped new, but elements corresponding to it. The thought already has in itself, or bears in itself, the answer, or an echo, in the future on the set note. It is necessary to realize this property of thought
and, understanding the phenomenon Responsibility, nobility, that consequence of these thoughts there will be an answer, consubstantial its essence, but strengthened by the megaphone spaces. Therefore, inviting guests on a feast of the thoughts, it is good to know who is invited and that the invited will bring with itself guests, on a rank and to a rank to them corresponding. And not only thoughts, but also feelings, say, everything that occur the microcosm, any reaction on surrounding, any answer to external influence will repeat in this or that form in already put direction. To realize essence of this reaction and to see its recurrence in the future – a step the first, to direct reaction to the due course or not to allow at all to it to flash – the second. It is necessary to set the strong seal of consciousness to all reactions of a microcosm, avoiding a reflex. Ideal will be smooth surface the reservoir which is only reflecting phenomena, but not unsteady external influences, that are full submission astral cover to conscious will. "There is a Prince of this world and has in Me no anything" – a formula of the winner and a victory over spheres terrestrial and their energiya. In a microcosm didn't remain the elements sounding in unison with influences of these spheres. The smooth surface of consciousness remains motionless. The crystal of consciousness doesn't lose the spontaneous integrity and harmony of sides. Therefore "the tranquility is a spirit wreath". Therefore the consciousness crystal, to them decorated, is and reflects of greatness of Macrocosm, but not his distortion. The quiet lake reflects the world, excited – distorts. It is time to understand the importance of tranquility. Why "the consciousness crystal" is told? Crystal? Yes! Whether but at all? The majority of consciousnesses are in an amorphous state. Lack of definiteness in everything generates amorphy. People don't know, why live where that want go. People know nothing. People rush powerlessly on waves Tomas’s, as a straw in the sea. Energy of such microcosm as particles in solution electrolyte, move in the sheer disorder where want. Only fiery current of spirit can channelize them. And at once energy go on poles. One come, others leave, but at will of fiery energy of spirit.
So My Beam in your microcosm creates its transformation. And the chaos is replaced with symmetry. Advance reaches degrees regularities
that are persistent inalterability. Therefore is when I Speak: we go to a victory, I know the law and I See a wreath Light on a forehead of the winner. Lawfully we ascend in a creating Beam of My Light. Not to embrace all depth of the shown process. Its intimate springs are hidden, as the grain buried in the soil. Only on shoots you also can judge. But trust because I Know and I See a sparkling sword of the winner. Also I Want to withdraw uncertainty element from your constructions. The law is exact, and open, also it is immutable. On steps the law it is possible to ascend firm foot. Firm gait there is a winner because knows that holds law levers in the strong hand. It out of accidents lives. Crinkles, whirlpools and underwater stones stream lives don't concern it, because it out of this stream. His life and consciousness submit to other laws. And these laws dominate over and subordinate to it external conditions. If My Kingdom is other-worldly, not from this world force also is immeasurable laws of My World. And laws World My am dominate over all Macrocosm. And to the one who becomes of My Days, truly it is given to create the power force law of the Highest World – power over any flesh. At first the sword is given – sign of the winner, then a staff – a power symbol. Gifts My spirit in your heart I Claim is.
We will write about beauty of the Distant Worlds. There the beauty is a basis of creation of all life. Elements of the visible nature are combined by the principle harmonies and compliances. Beautifully all: both mountains, and seas, both rivers, and vegetation. Especially vegetation is. And not so much trees and herbs, as flowers are beautiful. Each flower sings anthem to beauty and bears in itself expression
inexpressible charm. It is difficult to find beauty in burned Sun the withered steppe, or rotten bog, or in the dead desert sand, or in gray despondency of the rainy autumn day. It isn't always fine the nature on Earth. No, it there. Aren't combined, elements can't be combined there differently as within elegantly fine form. Beauty there – as though an inevitable frame life identifications. Animals, fishes, birds are beautiful. If they are beautiful sometimes here, what there also people are extraordinary beautiful. Whether it happened to you to admire beauty human face and whether we can imagine its perfect form? That is a rarity here, usually and inevitably there. Each person is peculiar and individual beauty expression, not repeated in the original originality. The beauty and the harmony of the spirit which hasn't been connected by inertness of a rough not discharged matter plastically subordinate to itself a matter and give a prototype of expression of the highest. It is reflects in visible forms and expresses beauty of the Highest World. The harmonious combination of a visible and invisible wonderful world is expressed by the perfect finished form. And only steps of thinning and a spiritualizing of this beauty indicate an infinite ladder of boundless evolution of forms. On degree of height of spirit – the carrier of a physical form – it lights up with internal fires, shading the light a visible cover and forcing it to shine and shine. Light rather light, in the thinnest harmonious combination it is almost invisible, but obviously surrounds a human form and light up faces of people. Voices of people, their timbre and a tonality, differ extraordinary musicality, both sonority, and purity. Vibrations of a human voice by refinement of sound scale cause harmonic oscillation of strings of a harp of human spirit. Conversation, we will put, two people is as though mutual fine game on two musical instruments – because the harp of spirit sounds from a contact of a voice of the person, sounds harmoniously, causing feeling of pleasure and pleasure. Eyes – spokesmen of all essence of a microcosm are especially fine. Certainly, both clothes, and dwellings, and subjects of use are masterpieces of art creativity. Creators and artists everything, also aren't present there ugly subjects because everything that is created by hands of the person – too beautifully. Beautifully is all. Beauty is in everything. The beauty reigns in everything and over everything.
Since evening I expressed desire to write about what I don't know.
197. (Apr. 30).
So, we will write about things of unknown. Vibrations of a lunar beam are. There are the beams bearing life, and beams bearing lethal and decomposition. There are fluids, or currents, lives and death fluids. Decomposition fluids, in a human body got, cause fast death. Death beams are terrible, are connected with Chaos movement. Therefore magnetism of the Moon is pernicious. The spirit fate is awful, got to the sphere lunar attraction. On Earth spirit still can fight and overcome the terrible attractive force of a lunar beam. But after death the attraction becomes invincible. It is caused it, as during lifetime, and on death, passivity of spirit and absence of will. Will and lunar elements of a microcosm is antipodes. Solar, fiery will is of the future, passive lunar reflex– of the past. Lunar life should be lived. The consciousness deprived of will, it is tightened in a funnel of a lunar attraction, and the dead planet becomes destiny and a monastery of fallen spirit.
Because the most terrible falling of the person consists in annihilation will. The will, fire - the highest in the person – is Light in operation, there is an essence of activity, there is a basis and the principle of any life, both creativity, and creation. Lunar passivity lives past ghosts, splinters of the left dead forms. The sphere of a dead planet on its party forever deprived of the Sun, covers in itself horror of unconscious mortal automatic existence. The consciousnesses decaying during lifetime, the allowed lunar fluids to the sphere of the microcosm establish magnetic connection with the Moon and become moonlight victims. Addicts and obsessed is children of the Moon. Attendants of the active evil go on Saturn. But passive absorbers of decomposing energiya of the Moon doom themselves to something the worst. Decomposition and death, but is not physical, and spiritual, final possible destiny of these turncoats of life, fire and Light. It is difficult to get out of a dark cone. The reflex lunar of consciousness is terrible not the passivity, but consequences and attractions, it caused. That especially dangerous is mediums. The medium goes a lunar way. The people who powerlessly are giving to currents of life, non-resistances, doom themselves in the victim to lunar gods. The lunar hierarchy has the sons. How to call them? Sons of death is? "Fight and a victory" it is traced on our board. The Life doctrine is an antipode and a counterbalance to a lunar atavism of consciousness. Fight and overcoming in everything, fight up to the end, defeat is impossible. The lunar beam is always ready to accept extinct consciousness in the embraces. And in the depth of it, that is in the depth of a lunar beam, – Chaos, absolute death of consciousness and final decomposition. The decaying moon is spheres of final transformation of some elements in Chaos, and in particular – products of astral and mental activity, that is consciousness. Solar way commandment is. Way Light and pleasures, is way fight and victory. It is the Hierarchy way Light.
You want to receive the new? But everywhere is work. Such is the law. Work thought; learn to receive on the channel of the directed thought. The law of an attraction works smoothly. Elements are fine light-dawnhly area of space spheres, area of opportunities of boundless creativity. Elements are a plastic material for creative thought. Elements are a material from which is created all forms of the visible world, as well as Thin. The main property of elements is passivity and plasticity. They are a material for sculpture. Creative spirit of the person is the sculptor. Each movement of the person is connected with essence of elements. It means that the person consciously or unconsciously, but creates incessantly. The energy, entrusted to the person and being within his power, it is free or involuntarily, he knows about it or not, create from substance of elements the corresponding forms. And these forms loaded with dynamics of fire of spirit of the person, create life. The benefit if these forms are creative in effect the, and a grief if bear destruction. Atlantis was lost force of energiya of the destructive spontaneous forms caused to existence by spirit of the person. But the called creator of life – people, doesn't think about power, to it entrusted. As the child, plays with fire are. Also consequences are terrible. The thought reigns over elements. And if the evil reigns over thought and sends to thought, what consequences? Time to the person to understanding of the mighty creative power put in it came to wake up. It is time consciously to direct them on creation and construction. Destruction is a crime before Space. Dark destroyers will be distraught. We will claim We Will approve understanding the power of the person over elements, because the person the planet is entrusted. And its task is to create a fine terrestrial garden. Elements are ready always to reply creative will of the person. But the knowledge is necessary. It is impossible to build on ignorance. The era of Maitreya, Era of light construction, is based on full conscious cooperation with elements.
It is necessary to study, as and where to apply growing power. From corner appendices of energy power depends. The law deepens. Energy leaders give a maximum of the useful actions at steady ascensions also decrease at deviations directly in proportion to corner divergences. Are neutralized at movement back or completely, or differences of forces are equal. Only at the full merge of My leader’s energiya and yours, to aspiration ascending, the way is fast. We will study to protect forces and to save precious power. We will be sharp-sightedly to see disturbing, and especially counteracting forces in the consciousness and spirit orbit. I Give strength. Be able and learn to use them completely.
Sadly to observe whirlwinds of energiya dispersed unreasonably. The help amplifies at reasonable distribution of forces. Can't fiery energy of My Spirit to flow in a sieve full of holes is. Circumspectly and carefully it is necessary to close a vessel spirit from plunder. It is necessary to accumulate fiery power, without allowing it to flow away. The conscious help is far from squandering. The skillful owner protects
invaluable energy of spirit. Learn to become isolated internally. Let potential difference – yours and passersby – isn't the reason degaussing. Charms "mountain" from plunder! Stand, as the mountain not plundered. Learn to shine, preserving lamp oil from plunder. Shine, but protect fire illuminate and to touch it don't permit. People aren't able to protect and store spirit treasures. Study, study, study be always on patrol. Preserve treasure the entrusted. As precious vessel with not repeated aroma, bear a flame the spirit, Me lit. Art is great to distribute riches spirit, without destroying and without breaking the inviolable integrity of a crystal – fiery your treasure. You bear world Treasure. Its crystal, as rare jewel, flares in a breast. Charms! Remember: access to a sanctuary is forbidden who that was, even the next. There My place, My throne. Protect a spirit sanctuary. Are the faithful guard and the keeper entrusted? Be careful of feelings, both emotions, and thoughts – plunderers. There are thoughts – devourers of a flame. Of them be afraid. We Call fire extinguishers them is. Able to protect the bigger will be entrusted also. Entrusted I Call Mine guards true, storing treasure of My spirit and I Entrust them a key from My prosperity closed by eyelids.
200. (May 1).
But it is impossible to do layers in space as enemies want. And that lifted us, lifts and will lift others.
We will speak about secrets of intimate knowledge, of secrets of the God's Kingdom. Whether everything is equal how call intimate identifications of Space. These are secrets of space. Everything is stored in space. And the one, who leaves to the space ocean, slightly opens a veil of the intimate. That waits there us who have come off from the coast fleshes? Full termination personal is and establishment of the space. Remains are only learning center with an orbit everywhere is. There is no restriction place. All borders lie in ...; both are concentrated in ..., and caused by the learning center. "By what measure you will measure «And the measure remains one, a measure of a space extent. Personal measures are inapplicable in a kingdom of the superpersonal. The memory which has escaped from a dungeon of the personality covers a chain causes and effects, leaving deep into times. It is developed movie of existence of Identity on both sides of a spiral life – terrestrial and hidden. It is erased false, that is it is pure material, narrow-mindedness spirit existence. Both poles are open. Accord, or merge, consciousnesses with cognizable object becomes reality. The learning spirit – part of the world – becomes the world learned by it. Directed and approved during lifetime on Earth of energy serve as channels knowledge. The phenomena are comprehended by the essence of spirit without efforts everyone already and without the squeezeed-out diligence of a brain. Receiving knowledge goes directly. The person simply knows is obvious, visible and perceived merging with cognizable object. Where the spirit, there and everything, there and the world for it, flashed and in is mute the existing. For consciousness there is only that, on what it is directed. Fruits of a garden and treasure of knowledge gather on aspiration. Barriers and restrictions lie only in the spirit. Out of its all it is ready to reply, and – according to energiya of the learning center, that is the person. The person reaps that wants to reap, but not a sickle or by car, and elements, in is mute during lifetime on Earth put and approved. The answer, or echo, turns out on each aspiration, even self-slightest. Aspirations in it is mute are in a type of clots of crystallized energiya. Them so and it is possible to call crystals aspiration. And their facets on quality of the construction and a material reflect in themselves and perceive energy of the respective spheres, them the consonant. The law of the accord predominates over everything. On its pointer is combined approved energy of a microcosm with energiya of the spheres lying out of. Will, that is fire crystallized in desires and aspirations, is a creator fully and brightly sounding life of a microcosm. Therefore when I Speak: "Direct", - I Mean knowledge of the great law. Sowers of aspirations understand that you prepare for yourself: whether stuffy dungeon, or boundless spheres of unlimited opportunities. When Spoke: "Look for, and you will find, you knock, and will open to you, you ask, and it will be given... ", I Wanted to point action to law. And if here receiving by something also is somehow limited, anything and didn't limit in any way it in bosom a space. Giving the power I, Speak: "You create for Light, and your crops will be perfect. Energy of the directed microcosm let will be kind sewers. Then the harvest on vast fields of space of the Thin World too will be good. Sowers today, don't forget: for yourself you sow and you will reap". So a secret of the future is revealed before spirit, and winged threads of happiness or a chain of cellars of the lowest spheres in his hands. I give spirit wings, I Give strength for flights and I Direct in spaces Light.
But an eye persistently costs over the abyss, directed by search of new ways. Mind of the Teacher is occupied with the adoption of eternally new approach to Truth. The Universe is, and its facets are infinitely diverse. The doctrine never repeats. Each subsequent Doctrine is the new facet supplementing former wealth new elements. With each new step diamond of cognition of the world sparkle a new side. Whether consciousness diamond is? As - the world is I; because, - Our way is a way infinite. And fruits of creativity are new of Our pupils, aren't repeated and have no similar that was before. Call of novelty and singularity is attractive. I cut new facets planetary. Beams new permit is. And not to enemies to keep up with Us because don't know Our ways; can follow only. And, damning and hating, follow. They don't have the, and ours sparkles logic of persuasiveness. Give out for the, but follow. So enemies arrive. Novelty call is your magnet, incontestable sensible persuasiveness is force. Our Doctrine is new aspect of life – Space life. In it its truth is. In the validity is its persuasiveness because it is Truth. Not everything, but available to people now. Who can disprove Us? Therefore be firm in understanding of uniform Truth of life. I am Focus and the Center of expression of Truth of the Doctrine of Life. How what has obvious concrete expression and the statement on Earth can be denied? Who do I am? I am the Truth represented in the spirit of and a form of the person, not predicate and inexpressible – in obvious, material and visible, perhaps, not for all, but for those, who is ready or will be ready to terms. Have eyes heart opened so that not to oversleep treasured dawn. I go to the world for all, but... having heart; fire light heart. There, in the light of it, you will see the Light Mine. Waiting Me the benefit to you. On your expectation I Will unexpectedly comes to you. I Won't bypass anybody. Everyone, at least a particle brought, I Will saturate with life water of life rather live fire of life. The belief is a threshold of knowledge and its anticipation. Believing in Me, the benefit to you. Because there is no force on Earth, able to prevent you to receive on your belief. And you, who haven't enclosed fingers in wounds, but belief brought, to you the benefit trebled. Won by heart – so I Will call you. I left to the Father to prepare for you spirit Treasures. Come, take the prepared. I Approve by My force Light on Earth. Yes there will be Light.
202. (May 2).
This My force doesn't allow division. Even the most remarkable abilities can't be compared to Our measure. Our abilities, that are abilities, Us given, don't keep within measures of the usual and human. And our knowledge doesn't undertake from a book shelf. Sense-knowledge is a sample of the direct knowledge going to consciousness from the space tank. Not always it sounds equally, but depending on spatial currents. It should be considered. Overcoming of spatial currents is not in power even to quite high consciousness. With currents it is necessary to be considered and not to demand everything always. Also it isn't necessary to forget and rhythms. They can facilitate and complicate perception. The nature laboratory is difficult, demands skill in work. All these conditions are relative – on degree of height of spirit. Easy and available to one, it is unattainable at present for another. And each tool sounds in own way. Resonance is the phenomenon individual. My "freedom" can't be compared to "foreign freedom" or is judged by it. The stone of spirit shines the fires not repeated. In Space there is no monotony. Nothing repeats. The law is uniform, but in individual refraction, as well as a microcosm matter. Therefore you don't judge. Observe, study, know, discuss, but you don't judge. You don't know the price of tears, both sufferings, and the works spent for accumulation of spirit, and the price paid. Also the person to your measure because approved by him energy have thousand-year roots can't come to light. Not to you to pull out them. The violence over foreign will is inadmissible. Teacher careful contacts doesn't Mention will, karma. Give Light, having provided to everyone to dispose in own way. Not in your opinion, but in own way. The free will is sacred. Even We don't Break it. But give Light to everything that reaches for Light. Also don't disturb freedom of growth. There is enough violence in any form. Century Maitreya is a century of true freedom. And true freedom comes to light in framework law. And We Show Law freely is and powerfully.
As it is erected building? One after another is. How bricks keep within? One layer over another is. Whether it is possible build a roof without walls and foundations? So and knowledge we Give consistently, adding to put earlier. Only having, that is already something brought and laid in construction, is given. What it is possible to give not having and nothing built? To what put? Therefore is valuable amateur performance – causes our donation. Someone thinks to receive illegally! Be not deceived. The law can't be bypassed. Given or received illegally will collapse. Consequence – a heap of rubble, but not knowledge. Give, to what to put. Write further. My world is a funnel for the space beams sent to Earth, or a magnet of an attraction of the Highest energiya of space. Without it there is nothing to feed Earth.
You remember a misunderstood parable refraction of bread? I Refracted them, giving to people. My gift refracts in your consciousness and serves as food spirit. Space gifts, or the beams flowing from space, refract in consciousness My and so, refracted, or assimilated, already stream to Earth. Without Me isn't present and can't be to receiving Earth. That is considerable and full of intimate sense focus Hierarchy. The consciousness of people is the fire of Hierarchy refracted by them and apprehended by their essence. Bread of life is given, but Our Hands received and through Our Hands passed, that is issued. Without assimilation of space beams by Our consciousness they would be inaccessible to consciousness and spirit of people of Earth. Therefore Light of Hierarchy is a symbol donation. This principle passes on all Ladder Jacob's from top to bottom. Each link of Hierarchy is knot of transfer of Light from top to down. In it is sense of an apprenticeship. Pupils first of all assimilator and transmitters Light through Hierarchy. The person is the receiver and the transmitter of space energiya. Through it Earth, plants and animals receive energy, their feeding. So the planet is the sphere sated with space beams, refracted via the psycho-fiery device of the person, or a prism of human spirit. The person is the center point of concentration of beams of uncountable tens millennia. The stone of the star worlds is spirit human. The harp of spirit is open for the star world, and on it beams of stars play the majestic melodies. But not all harps as it should be, not everything are adjusted properly, not all sound on the highest, and corners of refraction happen so in expected. Spirit grimaces are strange. But the tsar of the nature is people, is urged to be a reflector of beauty space, and the harp of spirit is given for a phenomenon of symphonies of Light. So My Light on harp a spirit by your power of space beams is approved.
205. (May 3).
My Image, to you given, – is the center of the center of all your aspirations. Everything is made in It, in the Light of It, not abstractedly intellectual, but obviously real. We will speak about the statement of the power in themselves and out of. Not always you can write, but only when it is given the chance. Omission of opportunity is inadmissible because it doesn't repeat. Also it is impossible to interrupt aspirations to Us, than mind was occupied. Life flows a usual track, but on condition of uninterrupted communication. Communication doesn't interrupt anything. Breaks of communication indicate unpreparedness of consciousness. It is spoken about constant openness of heart to Me or to My World. I Can't be satisfied with semi-aspiration, as well as you – half results. Incompleteness is pernicious.
I moved through the river. Terribly I wanted to sleep. I dozed off and caught the word:
Everyone is rescued, and everyone rejoices for the brother. Not in visibility receiving and receipts aren't given.
In strong hands is your happiness. Hand over you it is persistent. Leave flesh divisions. In total here is and nowadays. And I with you nowadays and future and forever and ever is. Secret of proximity in that there is no division because it only brain generation is. Know, pleasure of the future opportunities. Pleasure of Proximity experience is.
207. (May 5).
Know that I here is. Outline reciprocity a circle.
208. (Yesterday).
Red light in which ranges never arises nothing. Fiery contacts aren't terrible to consciousness fiery.
And you take that you want. So brightly the star shines. Waiting and taking! One sits and waits, and others don't wait, but take. Anywhere isn't told to sit and indulge in vain hopes, but It is specified to be knocked, that is actively to receive. The active condition of consciousness is necessary. The layer of bricks for imposing of the following layer is necessary. The appendix something to something is the main condition of receiving. The son freely and by right takes desirable, but doesn't wait for tips. Receiving is preceded always by any activity of consciousness. Why not to make conscious work, or receiving process? Come and take. But it is necessary to come and it is necessary to take. Who will be able to make it for you? Only babies are given food without their effort. But even they cry, that is express desire eat. It is necessary to withdraw a passivity element from process receiving. I wanted secrets. Unless didn't gain secret knowledge? An eye sees only on tendency on condition of desire to see how a searchlight beams; only that shines. The rest remains out of consciousness. Yes! You wanted to hear these days and didn't hear, to perceive – and didn't perceive. Why? Because wanted in general is, being passively given to desire. It is a lesson. The active condition of consciousness is necessary. It is good to direct with in advance considered provisions, and to them applying will go. Not so much questions, how many magnetic feelers for an attraction to them of sawdust that is the sparks of spatial consciousness accruing at their ends. My Beam sends sparks – they should be realized, that is to attract in the consciousness, to the sphere of the microcosm. Also it is necessary to make it consciously, that is with knowledge of the law. Having adjusted itself on a musical wave, received sound perceptions and created motives and melodies. As and here, but the wave gets out other and at discretion.
Was it is given council to direct to unknown forms of thought. Why? To broaden horizons and to show that magnetization of aspiration can extend not only on known already area. It is necessary to throw out from consciousness the prerequisite that from space or from Me it is impossible to receive new, unknown knowledge, neither in a brain, nor in books yet not imprinted. All that was given still is as though preparation for receiving absolutely new knowledge both of a form, and according to the contents. In total and any knowledge was included to the world on the same channel of invisible perception, and only later it took shape in printed pages. Difficult is only in the beginning. Then the consciousness will get used to a method of space receiving knowledge. It, this method, will be assimilated by consciousness and becomes so usual, as well as the standard brain. Our task is to arm the person without uniform device. Obstacles lie in consciousness and in understanding. It is necessary to clear consciousness of century prejudices and prejudiced ideas. They are as fetters for spirit. The free heads from all prejudices are necessary to Us. We are still far from understanding of with what wall of prejudiced judgments is surrounded. Yet didn't realize size is and the sizes of the prison. Usual and naive human prejudices and framework misunderstanding – as a grain of sand before those terrible heaps and walls which yet aren't realized by mankind. The brain and brain perception were darkened by knowledge of spirit. The person believes only in him, believing itself both the slave, and the sinner, and a worm a reptile. Forgot about the force, both the power, and power and, having forgotten, lost is. Any more prejudices is and ignorance and gloom walls. Already not prejudices are, and walls ignorance and gloom. And after all once both could, and knew, both was able, and saw, and heard. "Having ears yes are heard" by a formula is of the appeal to see. What stuffed up eyes and ears? Whether darkness? How much litter it is necessary to clean from consciousness so that to clear glasses spirit? Here, you know, that I Am close, that there are no borders and divisions, and still for eyelids the built barrier costs obstacle stronger, than words, than My Words. I appeal to heart to destroy all barriers. Therefore a way is through heart. The brain and brain logic is powerless. We pass to language heart. We trust, contrary to evidence, as though over all barriers. At first We Broke and we Break material barriers, or forms of the old world. Nowadays we Will sweep away mountains of the mental heaps holding down consciousness by chains and closing the horizon of opportunities. Unprecedented is opportunities behind door. Not to embrace them to the consciousness which has been held down by shackles of thousand-year prescription? Who told what the person is born for a grief and sufferings? Lie! The person is born for happiness. Attendants of darkness generated the evil. The evil generated sufferings and the veil of restriction and helplessness went down on a forehead of the tsar and the winner of the nature. The person, truly, became the slave to a matter. All this is necessary displace and to clear away. Bikes are of a thicket of spirit. In understanding is a key from all achievements. The power consists in understanding of the power belonging to spirit of the person by the right of his primogeniture. Not plaything of destiny, but tsar, not slave, but lord of spirit and master of elements is. Not servant, but lord of the power. "You are gods", – Told. Told I Claim! It isn't necessary for Me the bents of slaves. Soldiers winning Thirst is. The winners who are powerfully going to Me, I Want to see. To you, to you, you – My courage, to you, you, you – My force, to you, you, you – My Light, and My gifts – to you is. Wait you for to decorate your forehead with a wreath of a victory and to hand over a scepter power. Hidden wreath and sparkling staff – that before them is all differences terrestrial?! Crowns are dumped from tsars, and in ashes scepters imperial in this world where passes and all comes to an end. But My wreath Light and My staff of the power forever yours is. Not to hands human to remove it from a forehead of the winner, and not to feet biped to crush your power. I give the highest! Accept spirit and in the spirit of.
"The collector of treasures" – it is possible to call this step. The consciousness is as though the filter holding precious particles or – a catch network is. Business of the hunter is to distinguish necessary from unnecessary and to choose time catch. Sometimes the organism gives signs as it was in case of recent drowsiness on the river. But focus of an attraction is the lit consciousness. Now throw a network with electric lamps. Analogy full is. And a catch full if the lamp is rather strong. It is possible to catch and without lamp and networks. But after all about conscious application of the law it is spoken. I promised Boundlessness therefore on the real perception it is possible to judge the future. Outside your opportunities the field of the Hidden Hail opens. The sound of bells will indicate its proximity. Therefore it is spoken about the exacting Siti. It is possible to strengthen spiritual hunger on invisible to inalterability degree, and then saturation by gifts of spirit becomes lawfully inevitable. Certainly, consonance spirit, or in the spirit of, or heart uniform is. We live uniform Spirit of Universal Heart and pulse uniform, not terrestrial, but already Space. Came wide roads of the world is. It is impossible for Me consonance pleasures and misfortunes that material world which surrounds you, but Mine – it is possible for you. And the Heart having opened you, I Attach it to life is. I in pleasure of spirit am Ready to approach and meet in the Elevated country of the one, who victoriously on a heavy way in fight didn't indulge in Earth. I Want to approve My World in your heart as the highest phenomenon of happiness. I the ring Imprinted My phenomenon. I am Close in beams of the future dawn. And I Hid terms to strengthen belief. Its fire is mighty. Three times approved, remember that I Prepare for you. I planned you the accomplice on Earth of a fiery Kingdom of the Shambhala. Who how not My soldiers, will incur it’s Light, and whether I Will entrust them arrows Light is My Arrows? I called them My love with them. To your anticipation of My Proximity I Rejoice. You don't see, but you feel – in it is your force. I See and Know, and you don't see, but you know. The benefit to you is who yet hasn't seen, but comprehended heart. Burn flesh barriers are. I wait to take to it probably. Love we ascend on steps Light, love to Me we win against darkness and it held down the bonds of the happiness which have connected us together. The benefit to you is, won love.
212. (May 7).
Among the sky by consciousness it is possible to approve the direction. Absence or violation of facets of the Crystal of aspiration destroys concentration. The crystal of consciousness has to remain indestructible. Then facets refract and reflect without distortion. The same monolithic crystal has to be and thought. The thought has to be crystallized strongly and on a certain subject. Then under the law of crystallization process of the correct increase of facets of thought will go. If instead of one accurately issued thought there is another or others as it often happens, all system is broken. We will put that accurately crystallized thought is concentrated on Me in My Tower. This crystal also will accrue in the facets. Very much are dangerous strangers the elements always bringing amorphy? It isn't enough that, smooth surface of sides becomes wavy, or rough, and loses ability to reflect and increase. It is similar to ray of light searchlight, if to clean focus, the scattered beams consciousnesses scatter light,
and it loses the range and sharpness (visibilities), and the shined subject disappears. The consciousness shines only subjects, crowding in close proximity. As also understanding My Beam too demands concentration.
My relations don't change because the Lord is unchangeable. Well and yours? It is necessary to withdraw fluctuations. Any external or internal reasons can't serve easing justification communication or break of a silver thread. Never, and in any way, and anything! Communication remains absolutely indestructible under all conditions and circumstances. Mistakes and falling are dangerous not self in itself, and the separation, tearing off consciousness from Me. As also My love is unchangeable. These are grimaces and grimaces of spirit darken and alienate her. Not it changes and decreases, but fluctuations of the reeled spirit distort and belittle it in own consciousness. The Lord is unchangeable. So the main care is to refrain from chaotic fluctuations and feelings, both thoughts, and all consciousness. The tranquility of consciousness is necessary in the basis of all types of identification of a microcosm, all and any its activity in all spheres and on all plans. How to show value tranquility? Worry all and infect with the concern everything and all. The atmosphere shivers and hesitates under waves concern. Uneasy emotions and thoughts infect space on far distance, especially is thoughts. Among a general concern quiet, unshakable, imperturbable anything adamant a consciousness, as light in a gloom is, as an anchor in a storm, as the mountain (the high rock) during a flood. Storms, everything rushes about and worries, but not chosen Me. Because on a limit of concerns and excitements, on their crest, – I, and Mine show the sparkling Stone of tranquility which is most valuable of all. In it is, in its facets, a last refuge to spirit is.
Only life – this best teacher – causes to existence the necessary number of thoughts and gives to them the amendment. And life of the pupil to Direct I! Then, at your life, in My hands being, also you can quietly study. I send milestones of opportunities of understanding of phenomenon of life. Study in public, on friends, as passersby. Each of them bears in himself a lesson for you. It is necessary not to be afflicted with their imperfections, but it is joyful to use given the chance and to study endlessly. Not condemnation is necessary, and discussion received from people and friends of lessons of life. What can replace the most valuable accumulation of experience? We will rejoice to each experience and each lesson. Experience is steps of height which has risen on them of the spirit. The more experience, the higher spirit is. Certainly, mean accumulation of ascending spirit. Fire of active tension isn't concern, but... in the presence of solemnity. It is possible to give extreme tension, but only the solemnity will help to keep shape of a crystal of consciousness. Otherwise splashes will scatter energy that is lamp of spirit. Raging covers, and especially astral, often show this fluctuation of the facets, being accompanied explosion consciousness. Consciousness splinters is the most burdensome condition of spirit. To remain at splinters, the dispersed neglect and connivance is very sad spectacle. Than is more disturbing and more uneasily become all and all around, the more powerfully increases also it is approved tranquility consciousnesses in the steady firmness. And each manifestation of concern outside, in world around, let serves occasion and reason to establish its stronghold inside. This formula – "The worse, the better" – should be accepted in life as the most powerful condition of a press of internal force and consciousness of the power. It is possible them, these are "worse", so directly and to consider as amplifiers, as though deriving and taking from them the strength under the law poles, applying the principles of tactics of Adversa. Let one pole of the uneasy phenomena be approved outside, inside it causes the antipode, the contrast – understanding of great tranquility, great inviolability, both elusiveness, and motionlessness of the center, a core, the spirit Looking at the restless world outside from an unapproachable stronghold of Eternity of a citadel of the Silent Witness. So all serves in the benefit to ascending spirit: and day and night, both gloom and Light, both good and evil, and pleasure and grief, both friends and enemies, both silence and storms. Everything will give rise in its depth to creating creative echo. Crystal unshakable external consciousnesses only absorb the essence new elements, continuously enriching it is.
Fires of the centers are lit as sign constancy and aspirations. Fire of aspiration lights the centers.
216. (May 8).
To me provide the cares. Ways of ascension of spirit always conduct in area of the unknown. All, therefore, unknown should be turned in close and native. How far to make close? To constants reflection is. After all is in thought. Means, the Stronghold undertakes thought. As well as everywhere and here wins against thought, but created and directed to this purpose. Purposeful thought, or the thought created with precisely definite purpose. Speak to it so: "Here I generate thought accurate, clear, obviously crystallized, created by Me for absolutely definite purpose that it to enter the Stronghold and the World of the Lord". And it, thought, will incur you to the purpose, and it, thought, will open a gate. You will depart on thought wings there where the thought can reach. But where are borders of opportunities of flight of thought? These spheres of flight no have borders. Not will depart leaf papers, either feather, or piece of a tree. For exact and fast flight, and to the purpose, is necessary the arrow – arrow thought, fiery, issued, defined, trimmed, harmonious in the parts. It will reach. Make jokes thought arrows. Chubby hares can frolic only close, only nearby. Leaves and down rush only at will of a wind. About steady, immutable flight the perfected sharp I Tell arrows of thought. Also it is necessary to understand that a thought arrow doesn't know obstacles, doesn't know barriers, barriers, walls, fences, doors, locks, locks and all and whatever that was restrictions. Not knows them the fiery the purposeful arrow thought. Fiery winner -is mental energy. The fiery arrow of thought sated with fire of the mental energy, bears in itself property all-penetrating. Here connected to Me. How? Than? Arrow consciously the sent energy of thought is. Therefore it is told that over everything is thought. We speak about thought, not about slime vague, not clear educations. Be able to make out thought, giving it necessary completeness. In your world it is so much incomplete and uncertain, but in the World Mine, where the thought reigns, there are no in it elements the jellylike and indistinct uncertainty. All the time is reminded about clearness and clarity of consciousness. The accurate clear thought creates the accurate clear consciousness. The consciousness consists from elements thought to be rather the center, able to create thought. But how to create and what thought? If to look, as creates thought usual consciousness,
it is possible to be terrified. Consciousness of the biped – it is the conveyor, from which flows muddy, rather dirty, sticky slime, often fetid and purulent. Flows a continuous stream is, infecting space around. As Light is and darkness, can differ between itself the generating centers. Directing to the highest, we realize the highest aspect creativity, more precisely, creations of thought. As have to create the thought we realize. Thought is mighty cognition weapon, not knowing obstacles force penetration, invisible pervasive beam, spiral of the thinnest, penetrating all types matters, energy – penetrating spiral the thoughts, pointed, immediately fast, sharp spiral. Thought is our friend and faithful companion.
Yes, you are right! My Fire and My Light creates in you. As is the light in the lamp brings out subtle patterns on his glasses. My light, but drawings are caused by you, carefully, as on the Chinese small lamps, refined, finishing and decorating each detail. And the material of paints has to be easy, transparent and strong. The rough cover and dark heavy paints can darken absolutely light. So, My Light, but drawings on covers yours, you are a creator and the artist and you create My Light. Therefore is so various products creativity, and on everyone are the press and the frame Identity – their creator. Freedom of creativity also is approved by it. You create in the Name My, My children. You create My Light, Mine soldier.
218. (May 9).
About Proximity distant is. What means close or far? Close that fills consciousness. The subject which nearby is standing, but not occupying consciousness, is far. The person, under one roof living, but not taking place in heart, is far. In total matter in that, what share for time allocates consciousness to this phenomenon? Only it the proximity is defined or range of people, phenomena and things. Not signs distances, but interval of time, devoted to the phenomenon in thoughts. Thought is a factor, regulating and defining proximity. Memory is a form of expression of proximity. And when it crystallized thought enough, it lives and pulses in sphere the microcosm even when isn't lit up by consciousness focus. It isn't obvious, but powerfully is present at sub consciousness, that is right there, nearby. When such thought fills all orbit of spirit, the last already becomes the spokesman of its essence, even consciously without concentrating on it. It already the step when the person starts being truth, that is expresses thought, if it from Light. We won't speak about dark spokesmen because there are also such. It is terrible to be darkness. And as the thought is strong if it is loaded with heart fire, is close only that at heart, or on heart. Heart to Me stuck it is close, heart Me loved and in heart Me carrying – it is close. Consciously strengthening and approving proximity is on a firm way. My proximity is secret of success. My proximity is a guarantee stronghold. My proximity is the abyss Light. My proximity is happiness wings. My proximity is Eternity breath. My proximity is delight of spirit. My proximity is a flight carpet. Who thinks to live and ascend without Me lives in the world of ghosts and the phantoms which don't have lives. Illusive world and illusive existence! His life – death life as all is subject to destruction. But on Me building is the bricklayer and the builder of life. Fill heart with the Lord.
It costs out of influence of time, things and space. Therefore is called as the Stronghold.
220. (May 10).
Thank goodness, the orgy came to an end. Only it is less have word meanings, it is more – acts and, at last, thoughts. Guarantee to the law We Give inclinations of thought. The thought creates Light. Behind a desktop also we will meet. We very much appreciate each word from above. Time is created by thought, as well distance. Thought they also are destroyed. And it is possible to win spirit. Therefore in the past a door also it is closed. It eliminates magnetization of its influence. Consequence – one more release of consciousness. It is a lot of the chains which have chained to the world below.
(From Mother is.). Works weight.
Where it’s Treasury, where its sparks, where it’s Flame? Great there is in waves Light. Embodying the law is in forms, Creates. Who is She? Mother World. Who is She? Mother Light. Mother everything is that was, is and will be. And we are Her children, children of Mother of the World. There is time when Days It will be approved on Earth. Days of Mother of the World! Its Beams will penetrate spheres Earth. Will sound and vibrate on Its note. And children will show It Its Beam. So the chain of Hierarchy will be sated with Its Beams. And they will change the world. New Earth and the New Sky – Earth and the Sky of Mother of the World is. As goes the person in beams of morning or evening, so will go in Its Beams, or under Its Beams. Change the rays of the morning and evening, but the permanent is it. Will enter life as power Giving and as real obvious Essence. Not abstractness is but life. And if We Honor It also you will honor. And, if for Us It Good and All-Given is, Gift It stream and on you. But Approve It We because She is Our Mother World, Mother which has Hidden the Face. Who will raise a cover hidden? Who will sustain dazzling, sparkling shine Light Closing The Face because children of Earth are yet ready to appear? High Spirits bit the dust and turned gray, contemplating It - the flesh didn't maintain. But there comes Its Era, and inaccessible then is replaced with steps of unprecedented opportunities. Its Sphere is wide, as the World, the World beyond all limits therefore the world of personal remnants and the egoism world that didn't prevent to see Fiery Greatness of That, Who Creates life Light boundless will be swept away. Era of the Shambhala, Era Maitreya, Era of Mother of the World! It is necessary to prepare to full transformation lives, to full conscious, to exhaustive removal from a face of Earth of all forms shabby world. Will leave all, who from the old world. All will leave that of the past. New, new, new everything is in everything. It isn't necessary to feel sorry for leaving shadows, it isn't necessary to feel sorry for the get rid forms which have reached line of decomposition. They to get rid itself also of energy. Demolition of the old world is something more dramatic, than it is possible to imagine. After all it is destroyed not only in visible forms. The main destruction of its essence goes in spheres of the invisible. Not adjoined the New World, not approved in its forms, remained deaf and blind to its appeal will appear in position of the person, who has suddenly lost in total: both spiritual, and material. Instead of the usual internal world of the inhabitant with usual products his mental life will open suddenly gaping emptiness. The old dying off the consciousness will be to grab the escaped fragments, but whirlwind, sweeping everything that of the past, will sweep away also them. Also there will be nothing to live. Mentally will live there is nothing numb consciousness. It is similar to beggars in garbage, people of the past still dig in garbage the old world, clinging for it and holding consciousness on its fragments. But the whirlwind rustles, sweeping the last. Also won't be already it, loved the world old, and parts in World New in the future. Beams of Mother of the World will clear Earth from past garbage; will burn blockages of the dark heaps. The consciousness will be free also comes Light. And to fans of a gloom won't be I put places. Same reorganization, both selection, and clarification goes in everyone human consciousness. It falls and will be swept away in it world old. But where will direct the ship without wheel and the helmsman, and without knowing the purpose? The solution of everything is at Us. At this heavy moment of destruction all former bases life, its foundations, in Us only in Us, the hope of the world concentrates. Because it is firm only Hierarchy Ladder. Appeal the last yes it will be heard, because truly for someone it is the last appeal.
I dreamed Apostles. They were going to accept death. "Who godmother, who other is". And I was among them, but mortal flour it wasn't necessary to me.
222. (May 11).
Anybody never for anything isn't allowed in the Inner sanctum, in a sanctuary hidden hearts. If we had a collective which would express the power in uniform desire! Baggage of times is mental products of consciousness as values – various, on steps, from necessary to the most unnecessary. We will leave the most necessary and we will bury in oblivion or we will throw out unnecessary ballast. With it to a sphere not rise. How many superfluous, and each excess thing – a stumbling block on a way to Me. It is necessary to exempt consciousness from excess freight. You direct to me and fetters hold, fetters on consciousness. These are the currents going from each unnecessary thing, either the phenomenon, or products the consciousnesses stretched from them to focus of consciousness. You are torn to Me and they hold your focus, as strong rubber plaits. It is necessary to release consciousness. Everything is unnecessary almost that it fills. These threads entangle spirit wings. Not to wave the connected wings. It isn't necessary to tie consciousness neither to one thing, nor to one phenomenon, to one person. Only to Me, both My World, and My Words is. Let the consciousness don't stop on anything. Executed everything that is necessary, and immediately forget. Therefore don't care that to you to drink, or that eat, or in what to put on. Whether smothering no more food, and a clothes body? My World – the spirit world and My Light is food soul. And about them is your care. And about all other is Mine. Therefore and Said: "Give me your care". I Will care of you both your world, and internal, and surrounding from the outside, and you – about Me and Mine. And we will depart, directing on wings of mutual care. But there are so many things before eyes. Move away them – disturb. Clear the microcosm of everything stirring, and the main thing, unnecessary. To what to you what never also isn't useful in the future anywhere? Casket in the road take, but things in him stack with analysis. Without pity betray last, that is to dark oblivion, everything that doesn't correspond to needs and greatness of the present. I told about a wreath of the winner and a power staff, and you direct consciousness in garbage of the current heaps. As a deer, flying by over a chasm, don't slow down flight in dust present; don't arrest consciousness to passing and to its phantoms. Ghosts, ghosts life let don't stop your summer. Life is illusive, life of illusions, Maya many-sided, under whatever shape you were shown, I know your face. Means, clarification of consciousness consists in its release from everything that disturbs Communication with Me and interferes with communication. I Want you to see free, free I Want you to know. Free you will appear before Me. Therefore I Speak: I Can't send the Beam of opportunities to the slave. Dump the chains. The laws given by Me and following to them – are freedom laws. You are exempted by them from any slavery. Execution of My will, performance of the Supreme law you exempt the spirit from thousand-year slavery. Especially stirs slavery of the current hour, and not so much at things and the phenomena, how many at people and from people. Adjoining to people, it is necessary to withdraw the phenomenon of personal emotions because they and give consciousness to the power of other person, forming as though chain binding. And as emotions people are very low, that and the chain turns out harmful and burdening. Be fenced off from them spirit wall. Other-worldly is also the world of people, but – Mine. Give and Will give the chance strong to study as all phenomena of your life. I Will turn everything on advantage. From everything you will extract juice life. There are no opposite phenomena, because My Hand over them – the Hand specified, directing and careful. Look, how many force and energy every time it is necessary to spend for elimination these stirring heaps. With them there is no contact. You go against a stream. Yes! Lord! Yes! Your Lord uniform and is on eon’s times. I Will lift you I Will uplift your spirit on the Mountain Knowledge to My Mountain. Cloudlessly and shining is your future. In Light Mine shadows will disappear.
Be careful of astral vibrations is as feelers of an octopus. As an octopus, twist and exhaust life fire. Why we Stay in the Stronghold? To be protected from people. Emanations of the biped are intolerable. Strangers don't have there access. And your center let will be the stronghold of spirit reflect Ours and without access from the outside.
You want to perceive still! Well, I Will respect your Request. Consider the thoughts, acts and actions in aspect of the future. This measure put to everything and you won't be mistaken. It is the most reliable criterion of life. You will be accustomed to live as though in the future atmosphere. How differently to define the importance of the phenomenon, its necessity and suitability? Anything unusable won't sustain a future measure. Anything interfering won't approach under it.
Remember: infinitely fruitful each effort you’re, made on rapprochement with Me. Not to consider consequences of these efforts. But already you see fruits. Therefore rejoice to consciousness of possibility of infinite approach. Each step, each effort is in this direction approach to Me. And range not in distance, and in degree and density of unnecessary heaps. Therefore each attempt bears in itself an element of clarification of consciousness. That Council also is considerable: "Direct to Me". This most necessary aspiration is. Why I Give very much? The mosaic of stratifications doesn't weaken the Basis, but does its drawing fuller and is more diverse richness of paints and shades. Also it will be enriched with new elements until will give full perfect display of Space, that is the essence of life.
Your darling heart with you always, as well as and I. Because is My. Son is Our. About it is care. But its mission on Earth is great. Terms great come. Therefore the consciousness is strained on Space tasks. But you in our plans is My and Its. Don't divide It from Me. And when Speak "I" It is invisibly, but with Me. We together is, and you with us, the son Our. Far, but close is always. Also you create too together with It in spheres of the invisibly real. Strong keeps It on heart, inseparably, in Me. Having concentrated on relatives, I wrote down.
As wheat ear the ripened tends under weight of grain, so fruits of its spirit ripen to term and demand a harvest. It is impossible to pass harvest term, ears crumbled. Spirit accumulation not at once comes to light. Time is necessary also for them. But when it will come, as the majestic symphony, the spirit song will begin to sound. The Lord is unchangeable. And when night will come to an end the dawn of morning will flash fires of unprecedented beauty. And fidelity of spirit the Guarantee Light the certificate will be.
228. (May 12).
That's it, careful contacts in the management are necessary. Think about it hard. How not to concern karma? Why the violence is inadmissible? Each violence is intervention in a karma that is violation of the law. Breaking karma, the violator assumes it on itself. It is conscious this only the Lord Can does. The contact to consciousness of the pupil to cut has fire self-proceeding. It that also is valuable. The true ascension goes the fires. Pith little men of subjects are characteristic that immediately slip down on the steps passed by them by others fire. Itself, itself, itself, the fire, the will! At merge of will of the Lord to will of the pupil the element of violence disappears and the management reaches apogee of a deepening. Inertia of the rushing train and the passenger merge together in the directed run. But it is impossible to run behind train that is to allow phenomenon the office. In the absence of separateness of karma merge. Great is meaning Words: "We go together". And then any more intervention is, but transferring on itself karmas of the favorite pupil. Threads of destiny intertwine strongly. And communication already means merge of destiny of the pupil to destiny of the castle, which helmsman is the Lord. And then aren't terrible neither bottomless depth of the ocean, nor a storm, the huge waves rushing by because the Hand is firm and the Helmsman is skilled. Feeling of ardent understanding itself is in a castle of the Lord Gives strength of the greatest tranquility. That to us then all dangers is, and fears, and all horror of elements, the furious behind a board? To lose the place in a castle it is equivalent to death. Therefore oarsmen wait, and listen to each order, also execute it immediately. Care of the Helmsman of oarsmen and passengers. But not all want to be passengers. About oarsmen care double is. Passengers the value show then, oarsmen already showed. To me assistants are the benefit to you. You rush with Me on rough wave’s gray-haired and terrible sea.
It is necessary that My Precepts so strongly entered life that became life that is its expression. Dwarfish conditions are for dwarfs. But on growth of problems and obstacles it is possible to judge and the growth. But in the spirit is of the decision, that is solves spirit. The fiery will of spirit allows tension of external spontaneous heaps and circumstances, putting in action a wheel law. In these heaps there is no consciousness. Will gives them direction, or decision, realizing them into a form a will to the. Gordian knot the condensed affairs it is split fiery sword of will, or spirit, contrary to the seeming difficulties of evidence. The decision is in the spirit of. So-called circumstances is only plastic material for will influence. But people instead of rising over circumstances and difficulties of life and as a conductor's baton, to operate them, prefer to sink under their weight. And I Speak about the power. It should be realized, that is to enter in it, to take in hand and to start applying. Not about the dead power I Speak also theoretical abstractions, but about life. In life, nowadays, immediately is the power approved over things, affairs and circumstances. Enter in your inheritance, take the power, use it, feel its force. Understand and realize the power given to you and in your hands the being. Don't limit its field and the sphere to anything. The power is entrusted, spheres of its manifestation are entrusted also, or applications. The staff is given, but it should be taken and begun to use in life and on life. All external difficulties are given with special the purpose to exercise and check in practice and in work force given treasure. I repeat: not about the dead power I Spoke and not about abstract power. Its force is in invisibilities, its power in invulnerability, its insuperability in force of My fire because Gave it to I.
I call to the conscious appendix your power over the blind force of the spontaneous external conditions. I speak: truly you can rule. Check and claim the force and power. Only on life, on the example of her statement check is possible. I Can't allow that the sparkling sword rusted. Therefore I Give circumstances for management of them and statements of the power yours over that out of. I spoke about the great award and treasures spirit, and you still measure them – the force – arshine of the inhabitant. Not about suggestion, not about desire it is spoken, but – power of spirit, about the power over elements, over everything that outside. Not in a pool to tame excitement it is called. From now on aren't necessary all fears, concerns, both experiences, and reflections about difficulties or a hopelessness provisions. The ball of the phenomena undertakes also it is dissected by a spirit sword, crystallizes in the necessary and desired form, and by spirit it is approved inevitability of a due consequence. In a basis is inalterability of the fiery law and superiority of power of fire over all phenomena of life. Show the force in its conscious application. After all I for you am. Not complaints, not lamentations, not helplessness, not despondency, not fear, not concerns – but knowledge, that the power given by Me, it is invincible anything, that out of us. Ruler of the destiny of the, director of life, head its currents, realize the power. Try, test, applying is it everywhere, where the spirit orders and to what pushes life. It presents to you itself the problems. Solve them a courageous hand uniform strength of mind also remembers that the decision in total – in the spirit is of. In a spirit fiery the decision, in a fiery of the lightful spirit sword. Why to wait or to think how it will develop that or it? Compose it "that or it" itself also don't wait, and itself make out or channelize that that you expects. Not itself put in dependence on those or other external circumstances, but external conditions lay down in dependence on the will. And not those or others are namely that and such, what you want. Because power over them at you. I Gave the power, I Approved it and I Claim My hand and power of My spirit. For a start and strengthening’s you can create yourself together with Me as though calling Me. But the power is given you, and you merged with Me you don't need applications, because merge excludes requests. As power propertied create. Learn to stand on the feet also don't forget: order of will and condition of the personal responsibility are indestructible. It isn't necessary to conduct calculation on pennies, having huge wealth. Former of human souls, former of space knowledge, former of a tide of life, destinies national and former the planetary phenomena – in it is power of the son. You can do everything that you realize. Limits of the power are limited understanding limit. But I Bequeathed Boundlessness.
Transformation isn't destiny of one only inhabitants of heaven. Everything in Space goes steps his transformation: both a butterfly, and Archat, and Flaring Logos. The star of Mother of the World too passes this step. Its Beams, for the first time the reached the Earth, were the first Beams the changed planet, the passing a step transmutations. And when it will flash all the beams, really, it will be a new star, new planet. And transformation term Lands depends on its terms. Hidden the Face Will lift the veil and greatness her Light, Its star, all will see physical eyes. At Redeemer looked in total also didn't grow blind, but at the time of its transformation, or Its demonstrations fiery essence, even the next bit the dust, blinded by Its Light. Whether it is possible to imagine power of Beams Changed Logos? But terms are hidden. Be awake.
Each elements have living beings, it belonging and in it living on Earth in visible forms, and also living in invisible forms in that, reflection of that on Earth are visible elements. Exception is fire. Beings, to it belonging, in terrestrial forms can't exist. But they are – from the lowest to the highest. The highest easily to understand because we are beings the fiery. But the lowest are forms of beings unearthly evolution. They are shown on terrestrial fires and a fiery subsoil of Earth, but to it don't belong. Live in fire and eat fire, as fish water and the person air. Submit to fiery hierarchy of spirits on degrees. Mastering the fire puts the person in degree of the hierarch of fire invested by the power over energiya of the lowest fires. The order to spirits of elements of water can stop a storm on the sea, the order to spirits of fire – to stop a fire. It is area of forbidden knowledge, but available Archat', will open in process of a kindle of fire; demands the statement of the power of consciousness over elements of fire that is mastering fires. Otherwise danger is great. "Flame Hades" there is a result of that, that the consciousness caused fires, without having been able on a low state to the operate them. Fire eating, fires the lowest need in restraint that is mastering by them, in the statement over them consciousness authorities. About the Star of Mother of the World and beings of fire I asked to give the answer to my question and right there I wrote down these lines.
Yes! Day when you will be with Us both in a flesh, and in the spirit of will come. Now is only in the spirit of. And as we won't avert this day is, as sunrise. For now know. Than are less dense your covers and then there is less, to those is closer to Us. So world dense Thin and Fiery is as steps rapprochements. Above all merges.
Wait in Me, I Will arrange. (I think that treats my everyday affairs which have very become complicated.)
Go organizers lives. "Future garden" – so We Will call seeds of thought creating. The power is given for creativity. The get a creating hand flaring fiery grains of thought. There is a new division of people on a treatment of light and shade. Light-bearers – life carriers – in the force are approved. The song of life starts sounding on open spaces terrestrial and to muffle and win song death and destructions. You can see you will see the Face of the Lord.
Yesterday there was a sandy storm till the night. Since evening I decided to stop, having directed thought to the center cyclone. In the morning is calm clear weather. Really? ...
234. (May 14).
Beam is a communication basis. Well, the friend My on the Beam also we will write. The creating force of the Beam demands understanding. Notice: the first condition of any advance or the statement is an assumption in consciousness. Without understanding the phenomenon remains out of in a look not properly executed. The consciousness of the person transfers the phenomenon to forms. Therefore understanding is remaining taining in a form, differently without it remains not properly executed and not able to be issued energy. To energy are transferred to forms by consciousness human. Therefore the concept of understanding includes not so much understanding that is concept of understanding, how much registration. The highest step of registration of energiya is creativity. Separate elements merge in the harmonious finished form. On that principle it is based and understanding – thought registration. Any accurate thought will already bear on itself the stamp of this completeness. In it is its creative value. But as the thought has aspiration to pour out in visible material forms, in this it’s the second creative property; double dynamics of creativity. Thus, accurate crystallization of thought automatically creates the channel, or the reason, identifications of this form already in terrestrial conditions. All is created by thought. And in the basis of all and something forced or wished to be approved on Earth there has to be a thought. The sum of any external conditions in effect the spontaneous that is isn't united by one accurate conscious thought. Though separate parts them also can be a consequence of conscious thoughts. Sum of any external conditions in effect the is spontaneous, that is it isn't united by one accurate conscious thought. Though the separate speak rapidly them and can be consequence conscious thoughts. Therefore force majeure of circumstances spontaneously submits conscious, the clear, accurately issued thought. Feature of this force and power thoughts over the amorphous particles of the external conditions it is necessary to realize. In it is and the power, in understanding. Write down: yesterday's experience terminations of the sandy storms it is successful. Correctly was directed the thought on the center cyclone. In it’s the lever and the weakest point. As water tornado it is interrupted by a beam in the middle, so thought destroys most center of origin of a storm. Energy of thought is put to the center, to a basis, to the essence of the phenomenon – at the roots. And when the most difficult ball of the external the phenomena it is necessary to realize in the, periphery them it is left alone. Not branches cut down, to tumble down a tree, but it is cut at the roots. Not over external educations, not over consequences work, but on the center is conducted, over the most generating or generated their essence. And there, in the sphere of these reasons, in their center, imperiously, and it is firm, and without any fluctuations, and at all without reckoning with that, that was earlier, the reasons are established – but out of, wished – as the new generating center. And this new center of causality, thought generating, creating the fire already from within, will give the necessary consequences, that is will change the already external. Imagine the person who is torn apart astral whirlwind concerns and excitements. Short, sharp, accurate arrow-spiral think of tranquility in the center, in heart – and effect almost is momentary. But after all it is the person, conscious carrier of thought that is anyway counteracting center is. External conditions and natural phenomena have no such center of consciousness and counteraction. They are absolutely passive, submit immediately. And it should be understood. In case of counteraction of people, in these or those conditions involved, it is necessary to remember that people aren't able to think neither is accurate, nor is conscious. Their thoughts are half-amorphous, and not to them to fight against fiery energy of the one, who knows the power; after all your power are merged with the power of the Lord. Inseparably we are merged together – I and you. Also it is allowed you the power to create My force.
235. Correctly! "Don't tempt your Lord". But we Speak about experience adoptions of the law. "The power over any flesh is given". About her statement – in life, on experience of every day, in a nowadays it is spoken. Children's attempts and frivolous appendix the law on trifles point to immaturity consciousnesses also destroy basis power. But field of the wide experience will give appendices to a hand. Therefore, from now on element of chance is removed from all possible combinations external conditions. On them it is imposed fiery bridle creative will, and it is conscious. Let there will be a plaything of destiny and circumstances the one, who wants, but not the one, whom I Called the son, who was given the power. From now on you are the lord of the destiny and knots of external conditions. Resolve them in own way, the will. And strength fulfillment I Gave. Study on Our Hand. Look how it turns a course of world events contrary to pathetic efforts of the biped. Don't want, are indignant, rage, but do finally Our way. And you temper your hand that My Hand to be filed. For that I Prepare. Not for personal self-satisfaction the power, and for big affairs, planetary is given you. Yet you don't realize value of knots of transfer of Light in network Light. But one of these knots is you. Have planetary value. On the proximity to Me you can judge value. For full identification of the potential and a lightful it is necessary to nullify the personal. As dirt spots on a lamp, disturb the full statement of my Light. Reject all disturbing personal and everything over what "his rage prevails in the days". Nowadays your consciousness in the activity is entirely devoted to Me: My, entire all about Me, all about Mine. And we will be: together also are unseparable. The area of the regal power of spirit over a matter is won by a number of long conscious efforts and works. The hand and foot human approve the spirit power that is experience of the appendix in life. In clouds people referred gifts of the Sky and remained empty-handed. Nowadays and here, on Earth, the fiery power of spirit is approved. Remember: not theory, and is life. And My Hand with you is in all your affairs. Dare, the son My.
236. You will have everything that you want. I Will give. And even and "lentil soup". But I Warn: "Don't exchange for it My gifts". You can have everything, but under a condition not to exchange Mine for it everything, that is to know the price of everything, that is to weigh everything on Boundlessness scales. Approve commensurability. I train you for understanding of great tasks. At the ocean of Space and open spaces space, and the horizons without borders. Only you can limit to the horizon of the future the circle. The present – in the past and to us isn't necessary. Greatness of the future you will measure the greatness. Limits of my power and the power you will outline borders of opportunities of power and the power of yours. Sons/filial means a single-existing and cooperation-heir are. So, to spirit heights, there, where there is no end. On extent of increase of understanding in yourself the power and power you approve Me.
237. The beam of the help is stretched to the favorite pupil. Someone wants to blow into your fires. But to them it won't be good, my fires are stronger. As they want to extinguish and restrain you. How many shifts! How many thoughts it is necessary to send to establish protection. On mutually care We are Awake. In the presence of fire the darkness is powerless, as a gloom before light of the lamp. The darkness only exists, but Light has life. Light of Is.
238. (May 15). Be sure that I Know. I came to usual work at night. At night is with Me. At night that will be after death. Long ago all familiar is and known. We work and study. Night for a body, day is for spirit. We sleep spirit in the afternoon, we wake up at night. There real, here are dreams. And if here in the afternoon, in Earth dreams, we receive a prototype of That world where we happen in a dream, truly we waken from a dream terrestrial to a truth kingdom that is truly real. In a dream sometimes we realize that we in a dream. Realize now, on Earth, staying in Earth dreams that you in a dream, only in a dream. I Is, and My World am the real. All the rest is dream. And dreams teach reality. As soon as the dreamily nature of usual life terrestrial, My World becomes clear starts approving the reality, and truth-existing of the life. But spheres of Earth are necessary as the sphere of causal. Here the reasons arise, and that we forge there their consequences. There we engender new consequences of the reasons, and here already we approve them as the reasons. The chain of causes and effects passes this double transformation.
239. Crystals appear at solution saturation to a known limit. Crystal formations of fiery energiya My Face are, submitting to the same law. It is necessary to sate a created Image to degree crystalline that is to cast it in a form. Work, the friend Mine. Having mastered, you will find the power over ability to crystallize energy, holding a uniform form of education by strength of spirit.
240. To Me not for the first time to keep you in tension beams Light. If remembered! But you will remember! Understand and realize created miraculousness of the fairy tale, when grow dull the terrestrial paints and world other sounds victoriously others sounds. And forms lives another, but close, wonderfully thin, but bright colorful reality as the suddenly approve power of a victory of spirit over the world of darkness, illusions and oblivion of all highest feelings and the highest perceptions. Life is fine behind deception facets and bonds terrestrial, it is intolerable the heavy. But we join to it now in languor spirit, sufferings and fight. I call to Myself and I Claim I am the power yours over kingdom darkness. And in the world of light dreams, real, by Light real, the throne light is Approved I for the power over this world and over That, over everything that out of Me, over everything that is and will be. I Call and Wait the millennia, that to World Mine the most beloved son to acquaint. Come, rather, terms came. Doors World Mine is open, also all of Us Wait for you, entered there once. And among them, high and reached, I Wait, your Lord, Defender and Father. Come, My son, My Hand with you. And the happiness covered a way of far and elevated achievements, which you forge now in a hearth fiery terrestrial grieves. The victory wreath on your forehead crowns the way conducting to end. I'm waiting. Come.
Let Aeolian harp Let your spirit sounds on a wave Me given, without interfering in it terrestrial consciousness and without breaking a harmony of a song of spirit. Let sounds freely. Beauty I Connected your life with Mine. Don't think of the fused the slags which have given fine forms. Not to do without slags. But not for the sake of them begin process creativity of forms of beauty lives creating. All live dumps the dead become obsolete particles, as a body – the died-off cells of skin. The butterfly isn't sorry, dumped a cocoon dead, ugly, to nobody necessary, because received wings. And you will dump without regrets the clothes yesterday and not on them which have grown hateful and lost a charm, you replace the new shining wings, pleasure wings, knowledge wings, wings Light. Gradually you enter in Mine World. By threads spiritual are connected. The road is necessary distant.
242. (May 16).
Are cleaned all barriers is. Wide application of My laws will merge with Me, because I am the law. Ways of spirit are inscrutable.
Beating pulse vies, or rhythms Space, the rhythm fiery will hear the broken barriers matter. To song of listen spirit is. Not always sounds. To it put an ear, to catch all, each time from beginnings up to the end, when My Hand concerns strings of heart and the harp of spirit sounds. Certainly, tension it is hard to maintain in the poisoned conditions lives. "I am ready always to sound on Call Yours, Lord. And Earth songs won't muffle and won't interrupt spirit song". It sounds only on a nice open ear. Mystery life is the accord spirit, spirit sounding on distant My Appeal. Sensitively go through life. Strain an ear to Me. Listen to the heart accord, with Me consonance. The spirit treasure hidden and imperceptible is more valuable and better, more true and more reliably than treasury gold. As wind whiff, as rustle of flowers sounds of My steps. Bent the ear to voices of Earth of Mine steps won't hear. And loved somebody, or something, or something "it is more of Me not Me it is worthy". The next – is the, one to whom I am closer and dearer everything, who in the heart closest and everything, and even most myself I put Me.
Therefore the soul given, that is Me before itself put, is the next. Because I in it I stand above all. Love to Me approves spirit superiority Mine and Its domination and filling by It all microcosm o the pupil. Fill heart – the microcosm center, the Lord, and His Beams, to the Sun it is similar, will fill in it all. Heart filling Lord the external it isn't violated by conditions. Firmness is necessary, as the sword dissecting ball rough and shaggy condensations of conditions terrestrial. The center claiming is motionless. How to teach to pass life in the powerful consciousness of tranquility? Power of Mine I Give tranquility breathe Eternity. Wings I Wings of grandeur touch. In Light Mine go strong going in the Beam of My tranquility; the energy, vibrating inside, console. They are given for service to you and submission to your will – your servants. Because you will serve to Me, but everything will be of use to you, in Me real. Secret of merge of a reality, secret of proximity show all your face intimate and it is intimate. The secret press yes will be on a forehead and lips. And obvious – secret and it will be hidden pleated your clothes. And an eye passing yes won't distinguish the press of My spirit on your face, yet won't punch hour.
I injured a foot of the 15th strongly, the foot turned up. I was ill hour three. I took measures and I Told Myself, that I will go tomorrow. It was healthy for the next day.
244. (May 17).
Long live cooperation carrier! Whether worked received or only read? It is given for considering, both analysis, and study, and applications. So, son Mine, you are involved in understanding true life, life in the spirit of. The thought is closest to spirit. Therefore transferring lives in thought means transferring of life in area to spirit. The yard is protected with a fence, a dungeon – wall, the state – border, thought – to what to it is arrested or where it is directed, that is sphere of the manifestation: the low – meanness, family – a family, world – the world, space – Space; or: about itself – about house – the house, about the Homeland – the Homeland, about Me – Mine, about Light – Light, that is an orbit, either the sphere, or essence of where it is directed. Not about release from thought, but of thought transferring from small to bigger, from insignificant to great, from limited to the unlimited it is spoken. Not in the thought restriction because it is boundless in itself, but in that lies, in what it is shipped or by what sphere is covered. In transferring thoughts from the limit is in the boundless to contain its transformation and release? Tell Me, with whom and with what or in whom and in what your thoughts stay, and I will Tell you who you are. Tell, who your friend’s thoughts and I will Tell you who you are. So world of thoughts, surrounding the person, is expression its true essence. On this world and Create court, that is assessment of the person. And so open world thoughts of the speculator, worker enthusiast and scientist -innovator that the essence human lays, as open book. On comparison of faces we study. But thought to this sphere becomes attached heart, so coherence degree or thought releases by heart also is defined. It isn't enough to direct thought somewhere, or on something, or in something, it is necessary to enclose in it heart, not brain, but heart. Brain thought it is deprived of dynamics. It is necessary to realize, where it which is most valuable, because where our treasure, there and our heart, that is there it is directed thought from heart. Archat transfers the activity, or the identification, to the world of thought and in it focuses the activity. It also is transferring of the center of the life to thought. Therefore the yogi can stay not movably all day and to be in one thousand times more active and active, than the inhabitant fussy running around the city occupied with the affairs. One thinks and creates, another writhes in astral whirlwinds.
Yes, you are right, the perception is similar to conversation of two people and demands activity. In it its difference from usual passive perception is. There is a conversation, only it not an exchange of words, but thoughts. Are forms of thoughts, creating the world, and thoughts – created by the world? The first reign, being the self-generation center of the causality, the second – is only a consequence of any external conditions. The first cause, or create, the life, the second are caused by life and are secondary, the last childs. Think of the creative, creating reasons of the phenomena, differ from thoughts the last Childs, as Light from darkness. The Reflex of thinking generates these last Childs. The world surrounding people, it is possible to consider as the world of forms, or the world of feelings and experiences, or as the world of thoughts. Influence goes from above on and through the world of thoughts, it presenting to the recrystallized the strong-willed the warm effort.
Once again I Speak: life is a school and each circumstance – the Teacher, aiming to cause the necessary reaction of a microcosm. Life of the pupil is a wide number of opportunities for advance of consciousness and receiving lessons of life, precisely to plan Teacher. Therefore, like a bee, the thoughtful pupil draws useful knowledge and experience from all those tasks and life details, which Teacher to Put before it. Certainly, it is necessary vigilance so that not to miss the most useful lessons. Experience is a juice of life. To opportunities of experience of life we will be glad. These are lifting steps.
I Know everything, than I was, is and you will be. And I Direct your steps a firm Hand. In trust to the Hand driving we will arrive. I See the bottom, not you, but I. Therefore go quietly. Torments future is extensive area of mental activity of mankind. The pupil doesn't know torments – any! The consuming of energy is inadmissible!
247. (May 18)
Assignment, son Mine. Persistence is a success basis: What will be if thoughts and feelings of the moment pass, and it remains, and what will be if isn't present that is if it doesn't remain? Stirring and distracting circumstances will be always, but at persistence that they are? Step of lifting or the landscape flashing in windows of the train? Forgot both the robber, and the publican, and the loose woman? Persistence is flight wings! Stirs the past? And you go. Stirs the present? And you go. Go under all circumstances. Let everything that outside, will be advance conditions. In flight it is impossible to put itself in dependence of that out of or below, under you. But it is possible – that only in Me, only with Me, only Mine. Back return isn't present. Way only forward. And dragons of a threshold, and a monster frightening, and everything that disturbs, is only steps overcoming. And voices interfering you betray to My will. I Will turn everything on advantage and each shortcoming I will make the bottom and an emphasis for a jump in the future, stones, on which you will pass a rough stream. I Told. Are instructed to restore the lost and to eliminate opportunities loss reasons, because in your hands and reasons, and opportunities. If the power is given, that first of all is given it over the world of the reasons. Opportunities are generated by the reasons, and the lever world causality it is given you. You take the phenomenon, as it is. And if it not on you, you dissect it a sword fiery and reason new, desirable, you create already on yourself. And if in you something not so, watch at it "not so" as on something, to what on this or that, from yours will to the dependent reason, you the will weren't in time yet to put or I didn't wish. There are no opposite phenomena and there is nothing that didn't overcome fiery will of the person and yours, My son, merged with Mine and on Me strengthened by consciousness the received power. Remember: everything is given only for ascension or overcoming. After all with Me you overcome. And health in your hands, as well as recent case with the injured foot. The foot was injured, but knew and trusted it is immutable, that for the next day you will be healthy, also it became healthy, won flesh infirmity. And is in everything. Study My friend. Well to study on life. Sang you will reap at conscientious attitude. And the force you can to scoop from all passers combinations of elements, because serve you, and are given for service, and when understanding serve as a feat carpet. As elephant is, going through a bush, break its thickets. In My care you go. Love consciousness of overcoming. In it is mute is pleasure of a superiority of spirit, in it is mute is pure pleasure of a victory, in it is mute – Beam force. Limiting the world to Me, you do it boundless and you leave to the ocean Boundlessness. Therefore first of all and all everywhere and always – is I. New obstacle here stirring thoughts, here an echo of last mistakes, but... I ahead, but I first of all and atop, but Me put, My Face between itself and that interferes, either disturbs, or confuses. So, putting Me is closest that outside or inside, you will succeed not greatly and you will win against everything. From secret of prosperity I Furnish the clue. Simply! Simply all is in the spirit of. Be not deceived by this simplicity. To it conducts a way of thousand-year efforts and fight. But when is reached the facet, greatness of simplicity becomes available. "Direct, and will fill in you shine for boundlessness" – as it is easy and as it is simple. But who from billion the biped will understand power of simplicity of the law also will follow it? Everything is simple, in total in the spirit of, but it is available it only to the promoted pupil.
248. So, My Face, Light creating, costs in you between Dumb Witness – the center of all and in the center of everything is also a stream of being replaced physical forms, a stream of astral educations and a stream of rushing thoughts. Three worlds rush outside. You and I are in the center, and Me are separated from that outside. To be with Me – means to be separated in Me from these three rushing powerful streams. After all I Told that the Sun will come, both the Moon will come, and Earth will come. But we won't comes neither I, nor you, in Me real and in Me approved. So, in each interfering phenomenon look for an overcoming root, or the lever, and immediately take it in hand and turn as well as where you want the will. Levers of life should learn to use because are put at its sources. In the Bowl of the World life rages, there is a saturation of its contents. And soon the saturation will give crystals of fiery deposits. Why We Put at the helm events? Because We Stay in the world of the reasons is. We are the power generating the reasons. Over the world of visible and invisible forms there is a World without forms. In it is a source of the phenomenon shown in forms of the worlds. The laws Macro - and microcosms is one (that is the person and Space). From World Reasons it is invisible real and without form the visible is generated. And the invisible center of a microcosm is the center generating and causing character and essence of its visible sphere. In an orbit of a microcosm creates its center. Therefore are microcosms of Redeemer, Platon and the dealers at the corner so differing?
Too and to words human it is necessary not to attach any significance because don't express the world of the reasons, and only property of external surface currents. Christ's doctrine, Words, to Them told, is crystallized forms of ideas of the world of the reasons. Their essence is intransient. Erased from pages of the Writing, they remain to exist in space, all won't be executed yet. Not so with words human. As waters fluid, also have no root. Whatever spoke biped, his words, as fallen leaves.
Don't give value to words, behind them there is no thought. If flashes as soon and will go out. For this reason all biped constructions which are expressed by them in thoughts and not expressed, it is possible to sweep away and replace with the without ceremony: accurate, finished and immutable if it is demanded by business. It is possible not to be considered at all as that does, speaks or thinks the person. Also it is necessary to object or argue never. It is absolutely useless. But it is useful all this ball of not properly executed blurred slime to replace clear monolith the thought if it is necessary. Also no important, that wanted by people. Important, that wanted by you if you want for Light, or in the Name My. You can replace their desire with the desire firmly outlined and defined. And in that time as their thoughts, word and acts creep on a surface also aren't valid, yours go from depth and the sphere generating causality, also create the forms. Realize the power over the sphere of the human identifications and, carefully treating the person, be not considered with whom and with anything. Because human desires and actions to World Mine, and to My desires, and to My Doctrine, and Light Mine usually no concern have. Therefore My sent go, breaking mountains of the human heaps, and freedom the approve atop garbage of biped thinking. Narrow-minded bog doesn't cause a current them, envoys, thoughts. Know the way. The power is given not for submission of people, but for submission of circumstances and the statement of the freedom so that powerfully to fight against a muddy stream of human thinking. Without having the power, not is to resist. But I Resisted because Had the power. You will resist also, but nowadays I Stand against a world stream, and you with Me and you stand. The power keeps strong and from its understanding don't evade not on a moment. The human bog tightens, as the bog. To everyone listen and, having passed poured out by, approve the, and not words, but thought. The world of the reasons is, being in the sphere invisible, at the statement of each this reason and ways demands the invisible. And is invisible only the thought. By it also approve. Both words, and belief, and arguments aren't necessary. Therefore learned becomes silent. To what words, when in his hands the mighty lever of thought. But if the word is said, it, being expression of thought of the world of the reasons, will bear in itself the stamp of inalterability. From here great responsibility for everyone it is conscious, that is with the knowledge, the uttered word. In the beginning Word was at God and God was Word. The word was expression First-existing Reason. We created on Its Image and to similarity, we bear in themselves reflection of its laws, and word microcosm too there is a power creating and as that before everything demands understanding. Word as expression thought– the prime causes generating and creating is there is a mighty lever of fiery energy. The word, creating the prime cause thought, the invisible creative power of spirit – so we will remember. Even unconscious words already cause any statements in space. Responsibility is great for words even ordinary people, but what responsibility for them fiery consciousness, creating the no erasable consequences inalterability space law. About responsibility for the word we will think.
I and you together we create forms life, and in them life joins.
250. (May 19).
Time value leaves. (I very long concentrated.) Will be born out of time creating values of spirit is. To miracle it is similar way. Today it is difficult the space is overcome. I will present the Stone Mountain. With it ways reserved will open. Contact will be facilitated. In it there is a radiation warmth substance – fire real. Sacred Stone is only at pupils. Treasure preserve is. You service true deserved. Cares the certificate will be and will endow with happiness. Stone carriers as it aren’t enough of you. But it is more than million your small number. Evolution engines, leaders, sculptors and formers, you are builders of life. To darling memory that Stone in a vale the terrestrial we Will approve. Also you will go through life the winner of the world. And infirmity the terrestrial wonderful force you will connect. Having the power is carriers Stone. It is given everyone on its essence. Is the certificate is law compliance. Its carrier and Stone amplify mutually hidden fire. To go bad in hands evaded. But such isn't present. Receiver and condenser My Beam is. Alatyr (visible clearly). Tibetan coin remembered – correctly! And the world of wonderful reality becomes a reality. You are an example of Mother Aspiration and filling by Me. Not miracle! She is son! Flowers of one garden are, Native Mine. Sate with new force you with each new Sunrise. It is unique word My as it is unique day going. We go ways not traveled all over. New, new, new is always. Dust of the Writing is for scribes. To the Stone carrier in the morning crystals of the diamond dews new. Doesn't repeat spring dew is. And it exudes in you incessantly.
On damage limit strength I Give new, in a tuft of concern I Fill with tranquility. I am a stream of life live, pleasures beating and trembling by sparks in your heart. Yes! Yes! You feel it. To Communication pleasure I Approve. Remember: there will be all.
The sphere surrounds an open ear. To it listens. Everything has the sphere, and the ear can be put, that is to direct, like an eye, on something one or to any sphere. It is possible to listen to Me or the sphere Mine. Learn to listen that in Me. An eye connect to hearing – is concentration double. And when it will be mastered, it is possible to attach and more one feeling, we will tell, sense of smell or touch. Also once will recover all seven. "Awake full" – so we will Call a step. When all seven are connected on Me and in Me, there comes a paloria. Happens partial and full, depends from aspiration and ability to ship itself in feeling and sphere of its appendix. Borders of mastering lie in consciousness, or understanding, as well as in case of lying or sitting on water. The condition of consciousness causes. Learn to connect acoustical impression with visual at the same time. It is possible on music. Legality of singularity excludes the harmful feeling of surprise. Perceive everything as due. The Universal is property of fiery consciousness. Its symbol is eye of Omniscience. Degrees are various, as steps Hierarchy. In one merge all seven, as stone in seven facets. Saying "Seven spans in a forehead" is an example of national insight. Why not two or three, but seven? The people are sharp-witted and are sensitive, feel the truth. In Me staying joins to all seven facets, all seven start shining fires life that is to waken.
All you think, whether it is possible to enclose Boundlessness in hand-written sheets. It is impossible. You will write every day, and all new. Everything will be new and all not repeated. As also process of a steady ascension of consciousness excludes movement back, that is old, already passable earlier. Call of novelty is attractive. Therefore is eternally new is the Teacher. And for old tables from It to wait it is impossible.
Not Stops and Speedy and you Asks not to stop and to hurry of Him forward, so constantly and should to fail all new. Receiving is accompanied by assimilation as food of every day. "Bread the essential you will give to us on this today" – listened, learned both remembered, and repeat, as parrots, but it isn't enough who understood value and sense of a daily bread, today the given. To the pupil Bread Life– Doctrine the Spirit – the Lord Given daily: it is invisible and visible, not knowing or knowing. And it should be understood,
remembering, as a spring Ours exudes in you incessantly! Continuity and constancy of influence Light Beam Mine understand. More widely open heart to stream of fiery good fortune. Not you, but I Demand heart opening, not I, but you open. Whether you believe? That is whether it is opened heart to Me – a receiving condition. To go in Light Mine, and it is conscious – degree the going Archat's is. Don't distract! Now still concentration is required. But then always, and everywhere, also you will be everywhere Me as I Showed the Father – and in thoughts, both words, and actions. I and the Father, a cloister in you created, we Will become reality. Therefore Called the coheir of happiness is. Accelerate the run, so that not to lag behind for the going Teacher. In movement the worlds, in movement is all. In movement We are directed eternally. Unless there is time to stop on garbage of day when it is necessary to give all tendency of run? Here why it is spoken about fiery aspiration. Fiery precipitancy of aspiration approve is. Let the aspiration will be a uniform form of expression of consciousness. My face is saturated with aspiration fiery, and joined its Secret directs following. And, as flight of an eagle in skies, it is easy way the directed spirit. On the ground so it is easily not to creep away. Yes and where? Spirit flight is boundless.
254. (May 20).
Hear, directed, My steps. There are four types of karma: national, personal, urgent and the general. At the time of the culmination spirit – transformations – have all 4 coincide. To this Prepare. Hold everyone and Adapt to term. Spheres karmic, that is to us gravitating, are directed to us by the energiya. We meet them the fires, that to extinguish the directed from the outside of energy. In it karma exhaustion is its repayment. Karma past it is extinguished energiya present. Fight of fires and fires of the present prevail. Otherwise heaps of the past win. Energy of karma is the energy, generated by us once, having made the circle, come back are surmountable for the increased consciousness. But is a grief to the spirit going back. Force of hung fires is powerless before karmic fires. If all is fire and karma is fire condensed in crystals of the past. And the spirit winning goes freely forward, overcoming waves of counter karmic currents. Therefore, going with Me, we overcome even the stars which beams weave karmic statements. After all approving power of the world inside, we claim power of spirit, or Light, over everything that outside. In it is power. The approving fiery center opposes to fires external fires the highest inside. The lit centers or the centers of overcoming of fires overcome create the winner of spirit. Mine Hand, leader стезею fires, fiery essence yours lifts in all power and invincibility. The being fiery, fiery your essence, wakens to understanding of the force. Fire flaring, intimate, filling the microcosm sphere, changes it in (flaring) ardent pentagram. And I who has approved the throne in your microcosm, greatness of the highest fires Reign. Fire is Winner!
It is so called, because spirit fires in the matter world have no to itself equal on degree. On a scale of vibrations of a matter they the highest are. And the power over any flesh is the power of fires of the highest over fires of the lowest octaves of life. Taken a way fiery takes on a way of the winner and there is the son of fire, from fire world, World Fiery. And the world of the lowest fires is subordinated to it. In mastering fires ascending way the essence lies. Understanding of being fiery truth of the Hidden Worlds it is approved in the matter world. Flaring Bowl of understanding fiery it is necessary to bear through life firm hand. My Hand on protection understanding fiery is. The light fiery your essence among gloom a sphere the terrestrial I Approve. All counteracting to circumstances, conditions and to forces fire of the fiery the rower, fiery to the essence it is opposed.
Shambhala borders are. Passed is a stream of fiery good fortune. Shambhala not place, but is condition of consciousness. Shambhala kingdom is a kingdom of the highest consciousnesses. Stronghold is a prototype of this kingdom on Earth where terrestrial it is spiritualized by the highest. Magnetic conditions facilitate, the matter is already rarefied and refined by spirit-fire. Communication umbilical cord with the Highest Worlds and magnetic center is. Fiery heart of a planet is. Window to the worlds is. Anchor is and shelter to spirits. Eternal is in terrestrial, non-material – in material. Open doors are in limits Earth to the World Fiery, the Highest, to the World Light, a kingdom of the invisibly Existing. The statement of what isn't present but that will be. The future is in the present. Stronghold of That of the Few that Hold and Conduct Earth, and those who will be of use It in both worlds. Hope of all ends of Earth is.
256. (May 21).
And only when all your being is concentrated on Me, it is possible to expect compliance.
257. (May 22).
Dawn of morning is as a symbol of the future transformation. In the sky always is here or there. Sign of a constant victory Light. And always going forward on Earth face is. My beam goes with a dawn of morning, disseminating darkness, – means, always. Beam going Light! In beams is of morning look for My Beam.
258. (May 23).
All of us perform a task of the Lord. Your time came. I wrote down five days ago.
The unification for the sake of the Lord is the sphere of the connected energies which focus is directed to the Hierarch. Magnetic force of an attraction of the sphere strengthens activities in proportion to number of participants. The consciousness counteracting unification is as lead on wings of the directed force. Lost themselfes it is possible to call those who break unification, prisoners unwarranted. But, weakening itself, disdained a unification weaken all circle. The ray of the Hierarch is ignorantly scattered on a fun and egoism please. They which have disdained unification robbed themselves. Also they self-robbed go, with shackles standing. Where? The unification over personal moods and all temporal and accidental is approved. The aspiration to Light can't depend on moods. In unification pledge and the guarantee of climbing and opportunity obviously concern Light Hierarchy. The heavy separated and light-gathered for the sake of the Life Doctrine.
260. (May 25).
Fetid scale of life is discarded from itself by the directed body. But costs to it to stop, it is immediately surrounded sphere of energies, pulsating around.
261. (May 26).
When everything changes, the Lord is invariable. We Care. Our care not only in words sent. Concerns all tenor of life is. We not change it, but we Direct and We provide. It is very important for a combination of the necessary threads. We Weave threads of events are. I saw in dream of Mother and gifts from It.
262. (May 27).
I give a convergence level with Mother. You become close. The level of convergence is essential. Everything that was, is left for you: is your property. Before the end – convergence is. Everything was written by My Word.
Therefore the brought – a spirit support is.
264. (May 28).
It is necessary to be able to prepare. Listen better. Wide wave the knowledge joins in open heart. At the price of a grief or by victims it is expiated in total. Endless touches of Their in Beauty Approved.
265. (May 29).
It is this power. But as, on what and where there will be it is applied? Whether fiery energy imperiously approves the power in a pattern of the material forms, subordinating to it spheres of the lowest energies? The power can be put to the sphere superpersonal and to the sphere personal, narrow and limited. Really the fiery winner is given for detection in a personal bog? Certainly, the lamp shines first of all in environmental closeness. But it is visible from far away, as a beacon in a stormy night on the sea. But nevertheless, how to apply the power? We will think! We will moderate enemies, we will support friends, we will increase creativity, but the principal application will be after all aside not closed. After all not all ways "are ordered" to a falcon. In the thought sphere, in the sphere of thin energies, in the sphere of the invisible – it is true, a kingdom of application of fiery thought. And as for detection here invisible form it at first comes to light there and kingdom of the unlimited relics lies in to the sphere of the invisible. There also it is applicable this power. It is invisible the real Rays of the Lord forge planetary life. In the same way there is also a pupil. Creating invisibly the strong forms beyond is a limit personal, joins to creativity of the Lord. Space? Yes! Yes! The space is the sphere applications of fiery energies. The spatial power – so We will call the born power of the winner. It is difficult to realize these levers invisible force. Difficult consciously start using these energies. But we study, since small, as well as in everything. The entrusted power we will increase and will increase. This first is relentless law requirement: not only to save, but also to increase. Otherwise it will be taken away. On everything we will multiply, on big and on small, on personal and the general. Personal doesn't hinder, if only didn't partition also didn't shield the general, if only phenomenon as it, the general, part. The power needs in exercise and statement every day. Is that so abstract power is. Pupil first of all there is no abstractness. It is this! Accept. Operate always and in everything on a key found and received treasures. Here I created and ruled in a dream over people, itself and circumstances as power the having. Rejoice opportunities realization and application it anywhere. Are restricted here, but aren't restricted there. If here restriction can lie outside, that there – only in consciousness, that is in a level of realization of the power. Study. Fiery winner, that is mental energy, won't start working, yet you don't recognize it in the heart, yet you won't claim it is silent in all being the all being. In thoughts, words and acts let it is hidden pulsates its power. And I, which for you, I Will approve your force. Destroy an evidence mirage. Also it was over Me this, and over you it is this power to people and circumstances.
But remember: on an oppression limit the higher authority is approved. And if earlier, in a century of water, opposite to the external was passive, that now it, in a century of Aquarius, becomes fiery and prevailing over it, that is over the external. In conscious application and application of the fiery power your I Approve you.
More not all is rays work. Force of rays will subdue the obstinate.
267. (May 30).
Time comes, and time leaves, but I Stay forever and ever. I am always; it isn't replaceable present, as heart beat. Heart fights always, we understand it or not. As and I always in you – you understand or not. Heart beat doesn't depend on that; you feel it or you don't feel. As also Mine is eternal Presence. Pulsates spirit grain, and I – in it, and heart am its physical expression, or organ. Not yours, but spirit grains. Not jackets, but center, in your real it is eternal. But listening to heart beat; you listen and feel Eternity steps, not terrestrial, but eternal, concluded in terrestrial, fiery pulsation that is fire rhythm, in a matter to lock. Not hands, not feet, not liver, not head, but heart is the Secret throne. Look for in heart. Forgotten, neglected and rejected – heart is the center of all. Rejecting heart Me reject. Look for in a brain solution of life, but it is in heart. Started to listen to heart life opens the secret door to the World the Higher. Eternity rhythm, the rhythm of My Days digitizes heart beat. I Speak with you in heart language. Heart is a bridge between patterns. Vibration of the silver the bridge it is transferred by heart. Having begun observations, it is possible to write whole book and to entitle it "Heart Life". But the thinnest and observations requires the thinnest, and not on a market. Once will be the Heart Temple is erected. People will come to realization and honoring Centers Real.
Tasks spatial create in the Name My. Not other motive force, other incentive. My Name not only will «demons be expelled Name My come true construction. Formula "For the sake of the Son" distorted also sense it lost, and I remained the form without contents, that is deprived of force. The father – Mater generates, Spirit Sacred – fire, and I – Lord, invested by the power. Three is in Me and I Am in you – not an abstractness, but power creating. Word! But in flesh It is invested by you. Not invested by you, that is I, you not accepted, not Can't create you, in you and through you. Approving Me in it, you create great Action, or Great Making, Magnum Opus. It is told: "You create business of God Live". But how create, what business, nobody knows. You know, because I Specified. Name My nowadays again it is given to the world, it is betrayed to sets. Who will accept it, who will suppose in the base of affairs, which fire of the reviving forces it will use in the Benefit? We create Light of Hierarchy We is All, standing over. Light of my Name there is Light and power of Hierarchy, collected in uniform focus. Applying the Name to affairs, you apply focus fiery power. Also blossom the special color they is the affairs made My Name or in the Name My. My Name you can require all, that you will honor the expedient. Power of the Lord it is given in hands to the learned secret of the Name. First Christians went to the Name My also won against the world. In force of My Name is secret of a victory. To you, going Me it is necessary conditions for construction. Require imperiously and dared the Name of your Lord. You will receive everything. Pre-images of the future of rower and statement embodiments of My Words in life are already shown in dreams and words sent, that got used and assimilate in consciousness. Not for itself and self, but for Me and to Me necessary are Affairs. Therefore also power is. Remember: having the power, the power having Me topped its signs. Approve it in everything. And if in the beginning from hundred ten to come are – the success is great. Success mark is as milestones of future fulfillments. Failures discard. To them a lot of reasons both personal, and spatial, the last is especially. Progress is important. They are steps in the future. Prepare your future: and people are intended to you, and conditions are scheduled. Both that and others wait for My Word, yourself that not what will phenomenon your force of service to Me and in the Name My. You will move apart a bush a strong hand, and we will make a grove splendidly. But I need your consciousness of My force, in you put in the base of each movement and your action, My Name created. The subdued animals will lie down at your feet also will serve. And your arrow, even with a smile sent to the enemy, will make the guaranteed contrary to all and any visibility. Write good luck milestones. I told: will be steps force growth. All external conditions and details let will be for you, as paintbrushes and colors for the artist, – draw that you want and as you want. Both black, and gray, both brown, and blue, both gold, and pink – all serve for completion desirable pattern – image of fiery power, creating in space.
269. (May 31).
The shown diligence by you Us it is put very highly. To demand from Me it is impossible, but from spaces it is possible. You hear and see Me. Your power over space is hierarchically. It is easier to transfer phenomenon of the environmental imperfections, when in Me and with Me, because our task is to lead to perfection and to lift. On every phenomenon of the imperfection of the answer to make the form higher, more perfect to replace her, understanding you’re not appropriate. Immediately enter the amendment. It is a lot of imperfections around, there are a lot of care. So, look also correct, entering forms more perfect and improved. Only the criticism and condemnation are dead is and unfruitful. Our criticism is creating. But it is frequent in the form of new, still incomplete; We see its future perfect evolutionary and construction value. This to push of the fact in the future excludes opinion errors. And forms, being shown in social life, ascend on steps. Therefore on the rough we Watch forms of this day as on a plastic material for processing and casting in life forms the higher. All visibility, We read, it is subordinate to Us for improving. And if Our Hand turns a wheel, who can to tear it? You will create on our key in consonance with Our Plans. The immense field creativity is. The great is level of environmental imperfection. Therefore there is no end to operation before eyes, seeing gloom a present and Light of the future. Pygmies and ignoramuses in powerlessness lower hands, but We Create the fiery the power subordinating to spatial-temporal forms. It is delivered by Me to create Light in environmental twilight. Create a power hand.
Who will begin to deny great reorganization planetary and burden time, to it accompanying. Secular foundations are shifted. Ice is broken and is carried away by a flow. Spring! The spring goes blossoming spring New Era. Carries away a current is and old dirty roads, both litter, and dregs, and dirty waters. Everything goes so, as it is necessary. Already put on also will put on coast greens. There is the transparent ceased water, and the sky lead-colored will become the blue. There is a happiness of the world. Aum.
271. (June 1).
Three plans of Space is, and on everyone the energies, to the highest. The higher can be shown on the lowest plans, but not on the contrary. In it is weakness of the evil and its limitation – are unavailable peaks. Energies can be combined on compliance and one-entity, as though attracted. On the plan of the lowest energies the evil is attracted. But the law is very difficult. Here why thought, loaded with astral energy, it is feeble, in many times feeble than thought pure, that is deprived of elements of the lowest plan. From two consciousnesses wins always against that which thoughts are deprived of the comic beginning. Therefore you store tranquility. The winner is always. The principle of impassivity is in thought. Fire of heart isn't an astral that is emotions. It is impossible to mix antipodes. In case of collision with raging biped observe equilibrium in what that became. "Nobody will resist against equilibrium". Now I understood secret of power of equilibrium. To begin to sound in unison with a raging astral of other person means to lose everything. You store equilibrium any price. It is worth working. The striking Ray is sent with a smile, as also arrows to enemies. Tranquility is Light weapon. Impassivity is the child of equilibrium. But it should be understood. In to basis it loves, but not hatred. Experiences with application equilibrium set precisely and scientifically. It already area of pure psycho technique, and life is the most wonderful laboratory. If the angry person is similar to a peel, resisted in equilibrium is to an adamant. The stone Gave that you became truly the Stone. To tell about, that not to argue and not to object, but only to think in own way, I Will add: and in this to store power of equilibrium. Lost it is open for the enemy and it is defenseless, as the soldier without board, the weapon and a chain armor. But while it is strong equilibrium board, armor impassivity and tranquility – the weapon is invincible and protection is imperforation. I force Gave strength of the law to understand, that is to apply. It is very important to comprehend entity and sense of received knowledge. Understood the value of evangelical treasure of the Kingdom Light any more won't exchange it on anything. The understood law won't delay to put. So the hand holding the lever of the law gets stronger. "Why to store equilibrium?” – cries out ignorance. We will respond: "Not to become an empty jacket and the live dead body at least for a moment. Much they walk on face Earth ".
The law is all. Entity of the law is the next. Even dark iyerofant own and control the lowest fires. The medium can't own them. Equilibrium is power of reserved activity, and consciousness – as the boiler under pressure. But fire the subordinate goes on the channel of the higher energies. And who has joined the power, knowing the law, will want consciously to send itself to slavery even for a second to whom that or to that that was. Everyone broken disbalance and integrity of an obstructive network sends itself (himself) to voluntary slavery and under the power not only to dark creatures which direct in break, but also to any person – the witness of explosion. These are been given in hands of the witness a thread of communication which always it is possible to pull the stumbled consciousness Be shorted strong and close visors. I Can't allow that my force I flowed away through slots rashness. Force use, but at the will and is in equilibrium. To correct saver it will be entrusted more and bigger. I call the soldiers correct, supposing correctness to me in everything. And I Will lift you, and each word Mine, which to you I give, is inalterability step. Because your thought is strongest all, you ever thought if you go merged with Me. Here in what is your force. The way of the spirit is ascending under My Ray is immutable. I Won against the world because when Went to death and on torments, with indestructible fire of a distant star equilibrium semi-precious stone burned. And the Prince of this world didn't find because in Me had no anything. Approve in the life equilibrium as a life basis. Better all to lose, having saved equilibrium, than to acquire everything, it having lost. Can take away everything is, even a body, but not the Stone. But claws will rush, and feeble not to retain equilibrium. Once again I Remind: "Protect!"
Loyal friend, both invariable friend, and the close forever. Not the moth also doesn't flit, but goes, strongly going. Provide to go the fires. Only direct inaudible contacts. Will ascend devotion fires! Ways met not accidental. I provided. Go on peaks. The future is planned. Separate my works. Protect. Pebble valuable. Fires will wake up to period.
(This own). The herd of pigs rushed in water. The released energy conquers it is necessary was to give vent. Destroying the unwanted phenomenon, it is necessary to create surely to it the form for the detection, opposite on entity. The child cries. It isn't enough to forbid it of it. Let the energy which is evolving in tears, will express in a smile. It is necessary to provide a smiling face of the child.
And aspiration on the Ray is.
Lords you receive heritage. Preserve thought against a walk.
276. (June 2).
The thought bears release. Threat will collapse. And I Warn them. Aren't subject to court .Here it also is Secret that I staying outside, Stay in you. Everything by the word of the Lord becomes. We forget? We forget.
277. (June 3).
Heart is on eternal patrol: great and small. Nothing is comparable with greatness of Eternity. Always is outside the conditions of time, space and things. And as soon as these conditions are swept aside, I Come to light I. Prayer there is too a means of such release from Earth bonds. Splinters of thought clog the perception channel. Hide. It isn't necessary anything. Only I, only Mine, only in Me. Influence go directly if there are no splinters. But through them refract and, refracting, are distorted. It is necessary in case of contact to remove all hindering. Perception is always possible if the channel is pure, that is isn't clogged with anything. Nikolay Konstantinovich speaks: "Make use of experience for advance: both bad and good, both successful and unsuccessful, both sweet and bitter". Gift for speaking if there is an opportunity, it is necessary to use. It is spoken about My opportunities which aren't knowing defeats, Me this. I Is in the Tower, but with you. The bridge works, the silver bridge of happiness. Hardly it but who spoke about ease? Be shorted by tranquility imperforation and in it is mute derive strength. I here, you is there. No! Not here and not there is. Everything is uniform in Me. Throwing human for Us – a streamlet in the lowland: also it is far, and below, and We are over. The material dreams, that are life, are inevitable; teach unreality of the dense world. The more densely is, the more unreal, and vice versa. Splinters dim cognition. Harm of fragmental thinking is great. In a way it is unsuitable. All splinters can be cleaned without any damage to business. You that think are? Again plunge into waiting? Where searches? Concentration doesn't demand the squeezeed-out efforts, tension, but only dismissal, dismissal from itself, or self-rejection. Strange, but simple rejection from itself immediately opens secret doors of knowledge. I Told you: "Leave". And you learn to command to thoughts, as to living beings. Obey immediately having the power. Thoughts obey us, because We are out of them. And you identify yourself with everyone and you vibrate with it in unison. In it your error is and weakness. The thought is your weapon or the tool, but not you. After all you won't begin to identify yourself with a shovel which you dig the earth. In it is second condition of freedom and power.
My World is immense, and the one, who wants itself to open to it, moves away itself (himself), because that and closes My World. Your creation (the bridge in the Shambhala) all the time will be swept away by waves of chaos and requires unprecedented persistence. In My Tower doors are open for pupils. I Will protect all. (Thus I saw the Guru. Person as young, type more Mongolian, and whiskers Mongolian, trailing. Face without colors.)
(M.A.Y.). I you shall tell: soon after death came day and it (Guru) recovered. At first was under different appearances of last embodiments, but seen by you prevailed. And I with it together will go. I hear the song of the Shambhala calling to fight. The last fight, decisive, comes. Help also you. The aspiration you help. Pleasure to the future we will conclude.
It is strong! It is strong! In realization of this force Self.
Release of consciousness from splinters of thinking means is merge to Me. And the World boundless, bottomless, joining a diamond flow in open heart, without score, without measure brings gifts. I saw in a dream To Aleshky. He said that about us such care that we cannot worry about anything. Everything for us already is decided and thought.
281. (June 6).
Dangerous spheres are slightly opened. In a dream Aleshka saw, and he spoke so: < ... >told that in 8 months you will go to Russia. That to you? "Much with Georgy doesn’t stir" – (added). I will take to Myself without fail. In anything doesn't happen failure, but it is impossible
in total directly. Soon. Everything will come to an end soon. Enter My Business. All forces, that to resist to darkness are collected! Not in concentration matter, and in love, that is in heart on darling prayer you stay and you are attracted to it without any efforts. To strengthen love! The branches, which aren't bearing a fruit, we Chop off. I See you and I Feel in approximation Light. And where it is necessary to wait years, My sent receives directly. We Prepare for a send. You will be My envoy and entrusted, as there was a Guru. My sent don't know an uncertainty torment, either oscillations, or doubt, or fear. In Me are indestructible.
282. (From the past Records for May). What are we friends or enemies, heat or cold, joy or sorrow, health or illness, when we are together and out times. All this is only the dreams which are carrying away in the past. But I am neither the past, nor the present, the future. I is eternal in you and therefore always with you. Deceived, offended, afflicted, burdened, but I Is with you. Will change the face, but Is not I. Will change the relation, but Is not I. But, of the Lord is will immutable. The letter is from Mother. Everything was confirmed that wrote on June 6, on June 3, on May 26, on May 27. And even words are similar. Especially are words of the 6th about fast departure.
283. (June 7).
Lords Bring their space and from Hierarchy is a pearl of Great Knowledge. They gather from the Wisdom Treasury. The chronicle of the Doctrine is and record of experiences – savers terrestrial expression of the Doctrine. All registers worthy a write. Book of records is of Knowledge.
We in case of extreme trust Trust you. Protect the protected. Climbing steps are intimate. And only We Know one, who on what. The lord pleasure gives to the pupil new aspect of Truth. But for it are required known level consciousness extensions. We are always ready to help. But for the help conditions are necessary of perceiving consciousness, keenness to sound no more. On the sent help it is necessary to manage to cease, imbibe, realize it, or to recognize. Appreciation is an important condition of receiving. And here, as well as everywhere, vigilance helps to see sending. Surface of achievements perforation the Ray for new crops. But soil shall be I am ready, otherwise where to sow and shoots ripen to period.
For Us consciousness status always it is clear, and time of new crops we Will not decelerate. Sufferings fleshes loosen the soil and prepare consciousness for crops. To state it is impossible for thought, if only them it is impossible to bring in action, that is thoughts are necessary it is effective the vital. The metaphysics is cancelled behind impracticality. Everything undertakes vitally and for life. For the sake of life work everyone is created. We are experts-toilers. The theory only the channel for application, and "so far as". Pure theorizing is cancelled. The lives saved on the account. We on the Great Patrol. Are responsible for the Planet. The general excludes personal. The general welfare absolutely excludes the sphere of personal interests. She just doesn't have the place in the scheme of space tracings. Therefore We are reached by those, who have left the personality behind for burning. Even the fire can be considered as a symbol of the bringing to fire of all personal and familiarizing with space. Only in aspect of the general personal can never take the true place, but on the contrary.
Listen up, that I Want to tell you. Observation is an advance basis. Without it perception is impossible. Master it, also tidy up to hands, also seize as tool cognition and creativity. Having forgotten itself, only open eyes is and ears and looks and listens. If the egoism doesn't prevent, you will open the new world. It (observation) means concentration and a patrol status of consciousness. The person who has indulged in emotions can't watch.
Magnetize of circumstances is. Are magnetized by thought for a definite purpose is. Means, the thought from abstraction becomes almost applicable to action. The thought is creative energy. At the artist are paintbrushes and colors, at Archat is a thought. Thought you concern Me. Thought we direct in space. The thought flies to a far star and to spheres invisible, and it creates the machine. The thought is universal. From world immensity it is always concentrated on something the close or far and it shorts itself. It isn't the most boundless thought, and in that, on what or where it at the person is directed or to what its boundless entity is attached. It is possible to put thought to a patch on a sole. Not regal thought in it is wine, but the one, who directs it. It is finite necessary also the sole. But it is spoken about a dipping measure in the passing. It is possible to do things of day, without adhering to them consciousness. I Want to tell about the connected souls, adhered to the lower class here or there, as flies to a sticky leaf for flies. And especially adhered perish is. Sticky slime tightens is insuperable. Therefore don't concern the lowest. Don't stop on it and don't bind to it consciousness. The arrow of thought sticks in the atmosphere sated with slime, and powerlessly hangs. Above! Above! To peaks the directed consciousness goes atop, without concerning slime of lowlands.
Highly costs My Tower over shadows of valleys,
and to it directed receives gifts spatial thought. So before in total we will learn to fly thought. One, without moving a little, thought flies about Earth and patterns, another, moving on the ground, but held down in thoughts, already became numb consciousness. In thought is freedom. Great taciturn and great hermit is the active figures on Earth. It is necessary to reconsider all concepts on their entity. Aspiration that is mobility of consciousness, the pupil is evaluated. The consciousness is appreciated, being in a status movements. Aspiration brings spirit out of a status stagnation and immovability. The thought works, or is in operation. You will be healthy as quickly, as ached, if you call a status an illness.
288. (June 8).
Here you on Construction, greater, than pyramids, which were Built by I. Correctness, are called Great buildings. Show sufficient time for your guards. Certainly, are incomprehensible heart depths, but them we go? Closeness strengthens Love also you will succeed. And I Will give strength to create the fairy tale. We – you and I – are together strongest all also any conditions and circumstances. Remember it in case of all and any cases of life. Magnets take. You will take everything in the road that you want. I will give conditions. Going into My Action, it is necessary to leave surprise: there will be no time for it. Mother remembers is with you It is guaranteed. You will preserve on my assignment. My force you will bring into obeying of all, who around. Don't abuse. The account should be given in everything. You will act with a formula "Not for me, but for You and in the Name Your, the Lord". It is the formula condensing great power. And when you will require My Name, all doors and locks will reveal. Not the inhabitant, but the Lord of my Power entrusted by My word. All signs of the power strengthen, make part itself and itself. You go to the world with my sword, My ring, My staff and My belt the surrounded. Strengthen consciousness signs this to you also arrive in realization them not greatly. Protect Mater all strength of mind and all your understanding. I Will give a face. Former understanding of things burn is. It new feels. Former you aren't present, is born new, powerful, unshakable in realization relics of the Lord. Are left and former measures. I prepare for the told greatness. Enter in consciousness Mine all your force, all thought. And two, become together, we will be to create affairs. That not to the insignificant and not small to become the witness, it is necessary most to become great greatness of the Lord. Not to show the you will be, but Mine. And you unless know limits of Mine power and greatness? Than restrict them? The representation from today? Or you want to lay down My opportunities in frames of the understanding from yesterday? There are no boundaries of power of Hierarchy. Imprint the told fiery printing. So, friend My, in a way new and from this o'clock is."To begin to live since the beginning" it is given. Wonderful opportunity is. Be extremely circumspect in acts the, feelings and thoughts. On them it is imposed printing rower and force executions. Powerful energies are given in action. See fiery force the entrusted energies. You will be the son Mine allocated with what I is Father.
Write, My friend, time is short. And so much still it is necessary to be in time and to accept in consciousness. Will be in Me it isn't interrupted, to accelerate process. Postpone care of day, My care, My Business ahead of everything. You aren't present; there is a Business and the Assignment, and it should be executed. Wait. I prepare threads of events. My time came; the new turns over history page My Hand. Light will suffice all recovering Light. Nobody will be it is forgotten or unfortunate. Behind receiving will come all. And each received in process of the will think, that received everything and wholly, because measure the full means measure of containment of consciousness, measure of the higher
its capacity. And even the brought "particle partitioned" will receive the. Don't restrict anything the aspiration in days of My greatness, that receiving measure I was a measure boundless, that is measure of the boundless opportunities.
Secret Me generated and Me supported consciousnesses, to Me coming back and in Me staying, being separate in many, there is a Secret Uniform, Secret of One, Staying everywhere. Spark-monad it is once rejected and proceeded from subsoil Absolute, comes back in Father Bosom, aggravated by experiences lives and knowledge, as a branch – fruits, that again to merge with Uniform. It is Secret of the Father, both the Son, and Fire – the Saint Spirit, in Them real and Their united. I passed through time ocean, conducted to the far purpose, suddenly become visible and close, because I – The son in the Father, and you are a son in Me, Which in the Father.
Yesterday I began the translation. Difficult. No, not yesterday, and in day of obtaining the letter, that is the 7th.
291. (June 9).
It isn't a lot of mistakes as it seems. (It was received half awake about the translation). Then it will be easier. We will enter in the working rhythm. Help in everything Mine. But others will be able to use it (that is mine) works. In the world passing, or in the world of the phenomena, each particle is important of brought knowledge. But Me specified is the most necessary. You will enter a rhythm of work and a rhythm contact, and work itself will incur you.
Association of hearts, fire love the exulting doesn't know barriers the passing. To them connect the directed parts related contrasts. To them they merge together. But availability of fire in the directed half the phenomena it is necessary. Otherwise as the law will be shown is? The going directed a half will find to itself belonging, will attract, and whole the phenomenon is approved. Under the law also you receive. Under the law and thought trade in manifestation. The law is uniform, and essence of its phenomenon is fire in that or other form. Magnetization most mechanics it is obvious. As and with a magnetization of circumstances is. Fiery form desirable phenomenon, as a flaring magnet, attracts from space corresponding elements, and end is approved. The fiery of primary form causes demonstration. When Archat creates the lit centers,
process goes automatically, with little effort, because his thought is already ray-bearer that is it is already saturated fires of the centers. It is possible to present to itself power of the creative thoughts of the Lord. To that there are also you. Therefore enclose heart fires Heart in your aspirations – the best engine. Strongly is natural the fire, because heart is fire of the real. To live heart is to live fires, to work with heart – to work with fires. But not as lives and as the world works, that is on the lowest scale. The investment of all of in aspiration collects fire in focus and coordinates the centers. There is no dispersion of not uniform aspiration worse. Mine know that want, and know how to want all heart, all being. "A unicorn showed» is a symbol of correctly constructed aspiration. Let it will be short, but is full. It isn't necessary for thought time. Let the thought will be short, distinct and finished. It will make the business on fire force, in it enclosed. Power open centers are incomparable with a force not woken up, as small insect and person. Also it is shown in other measurements and other measures, inaccessible to the usual to the person. Therefore are bikes consequences of affairs Our Envoys. Have an orbit huge and thousand-year extent in time. The created fairy tale is created fire and, as in the fairy tale, admires before it nature of things. The key fiery is similar to Aladdin’s magic lamp. Gives access to area of the wonderful. And life terrestrial turns into life fantastic opportunities. The reality, at last, eclipses the fairy tale and itself becomes a fantastic reality. Difference only in that in the fairy tale – is mysterious, unclear, but fascinating miraculousness, in life – knowledge of the law. Results of the law are wonderful, but its action, its work is exact, as the mechanism of accurately working car. Not miracle, but knowledge. Miracles are cancelled.
The works suffered in the Name My fruitful. I don’t want to speak about an award, but the result and consequences are inevitable. You will serve Mother and you will sate heat of heart. Not greatly your future is. About aggravating don't think a lot of, are given for stability, as ship freight. You will enter in My Business with the head, and any more there no will be place to anything that out of it. And at the world external you will look, how from fortress – My Stronghold.
294. (June 10).
The hard time came. Everything has to shine and accrue in magnificence. From you short, accurate and stamping forms are required thoughts in everything. It is necessary to change most creation of thought, having given it demanded form. Precept is: "Brevity and clearness". Be able also to difficulties rejoice. Now already everything is unimportant, that around. Strengthen understanding the surrounding. So making goes from two parties. Iudgmented whom to be is. In Me itself claiming and Me in it is here your step. Wonderful force your vessel is filled. I give a silence precept. Insalubriously is now to disseminate energy. Situation is incorrect, that only in words is expressed Light. You shine with yourself. But Light of silence doesn't weaken its carrier as it does Light of the word pro-uttered. Lamps silent we Call extent of silence. Study silent restraint. Reject all conventions. The silent victim – too extent of restraint of, or is the victim silence. The Lord staying Asks: "Don't blacken pleasure of merge by anything unworthy". Garbage of the past indulges in oblivion. Be approved in Me hourly. The future will demand great fortress of consciousness is. Therefore armor it is necessary to create net perforation anything. The consciousness human, as well as always, shows stubborn passivity. Also it will be difficult with people. Before extolling and ennobling, people have to belittle and humiliate at first. Foreheads of misunderstanding are ready to meet the Ray of Light, and their thickness should be punched. By sea Light will flood darkness and inflexible logic of common sense we Will lead to silence. We will show our Light on limited minds. We will lead to understanding of the statement undoubted.
It is led round plow work Country happiness, and the field is ready to Crops. Wait that without realizing, comings of the new the phenomena also are on an expectation crest. Tired with the unconscious and yet not issued expectation of the unusual. The woken up waits heart human. For us wait is. The heads are raised up waiting. Listen and listen time steps, coming inevitably. We will call it "Great Expectation". As we will arrive and we is in great expectation but conscious. We know what they waiting outside don't know. On a key of expectation and readiness we will construct the day and guards we won't postpone and for the night, that not to oversleep treasured dawn. The last days come. Whether you feel?
16. The letter E. I. Rerich of May 25, 1952 with words: "T Great Lord expressed the assumption that you will be able to translate the second volume of my "Letters"..."
The last days come. Whether you feel?
296. (June 11).
Well, sit down, write. Consciousness is protection. Can't resist is against the enemy fortress unprotected. As also consciousness demands protection, but even more vigilant is. Enemies around: thoughts of the not gets rid past, impulses and tendencies covers, thoughts of people around, their emotions and desires and, at last, extensive area dark shifts, products of the conscious creativity of the dark opponents Light. Are especially dangerous the last. Consciousness – it as though fortress, surrounded from all parties dense ring enemies and under constants in the blows which aren't stopping in the afternoon, at night. The enemy threatens from everywhere: from under the earth and from air. Therefore Great Patrol is necessary. The consciousness eats Light, as a plant – the Sun. Its access is under blows of enemies. It also should be protected first of all. Continuous, uninterrupted conscious contact with Hierarchy protects certainly. It is difficult incredibly. It isn't necessary to be deceived by seeming ease of the next periods of lifting of consciousness. At the moments lifting it is better to increase intensity. Blows from the outside are inevitable. The darkness of shine Light doesn't take out. Powerful boards: Name of the Lord, repeated seven times, and waves of fire of heart in which it is possible to shroud itself, and also and Light of the Beam of the Lord. It is possible consciously to surround it of. The protective circle remains a basis, consciousness – the center, and in it – I, the invincible Lord. So My Name, and My power, and by Me creates a stronghold of fiery power, invincibly mighty. Belief in your Lord and force it – as a fiery obstacle. Flaring stronghold there is a fiery pentagram in the gaping to darkness also forces it to tremble. The protecting network sparkle tension fire, and grief to dark attendants of a gloom. Can't come nearer, because get painful burns, as though from electricity categories. Burns Light darkness and scorches their bodies, both dense, and thin. It is possible consciously to strengthen the power of a flaring flame microcosm. My name it is possible to collect power unknown. Extents of conscious strengthening of fires and press the fiery energy are boundless. But operating My fire and My Name it is invincible also it is strong force inexpressible. And I am always close, closer close, and ready to reply on an appeal at any time and immediately. With you I Am, always with you. I give strength, I Give the power but as it isn't enough of those, who consciously uses it and applies it. In Me staying it is invincible. In Me real is the winner of the world. And any more the fortress and a stronghold Light disseminating darkness far around are. Walls and towers disappeared, there are no protective tools and adaptations: Stone amazing, huge, shining dazzling Light, in the hands of the holder Stone given to the Bowl. I Give a Stone. You are the Stone. In it stronghold is and world torch. Its charms, winner!
The person is the Stone carrier. Whether but many know about it? Different they are sizes and values. Is small is and big. Is split and burst. Is covered with dirt, outgrowths is and breed. And there are also simple cobble-stones – gray, dark and heavy. Different Stones happen. There are darkness stones – are surrounded with bloody beams of the lowest fires. Too are beautiful in own way, and many are seduced and attracted by their force. Especially be careful of their owners.
On the highest degrees are strong, but are incomparable darkness fires with power of fires
carriers Light. Not from Earth, but from the Highest Worlds My Stone, also isn't present to it that from Earth, anything equal on force. Stone carriers, carriers of fires, carriers Light Mine is in your real, phenomenon on understanding of My force and My power staying in you by My word.
What is the person? Covers are plus spirit grain. What are the covers without grain spirit? Dead peel, form without contents, an empty shell. In total is in spirit grain. The employee to covers and staying serves in them to a peel, and there is to him in that no advantage, because he in Maya's embraces. The employee to grain of spirit and in is mute the staying serves Me because in its center, that is grains, I. Grains of the spirit, cleared of the lowest, is the Stone of the Distant Worlds, shining fires of terrestrial experiences and spirit accumulation. In it is mute is everything, and anything – in covers. Who will begin to identify it (himself) with wearable clothes? But with covers identify. The result is identical and similar to the people, believing the value in wearable them to clothes. There are also such. We won't assimilate to them, at least and in covers.
It is possible to ask from Me and it will be given, but it is possible to ask from Me for the sake of the Father or from the Father in the Name My. For the sake of the Father and in the Name My means not for myself, not to myself and not in the name, not for myself, but for that and for those who we fill with My Name, that is for all, for General Welfare.
299. (June 12).
We hold a world branch in hand. Rejoice to life addition. Rejoice Proximity of the Lord. Rejoice to Doctrine sources. My proximity, inherence Me keepers be. Power of My Name layers you dissect also the far you do to relatives. Life-giving Beams lives your essence. You concern Me you concern My orbit, that is Boundlessness’s. As is right crops of spatial thought.
Still I Accustom to weight execution cross. Weight increases in process of approach to Me. But who will lift My and who will want to go without any luggage, when loading is of the next unreasonable? I love the next love to learn. Only love it is possible to lift any weight and to execute any task, and besides with pleasure, and besides the excessive task. The next follows love. Love to the Lord – a source unsurpassed power. It also we come nearer, it is passable all gate, all steps, all difficulties. It we win against everything. Therefore the winner love is called. Someone prepared heaps of calculations, someone practices and breathes, someone learned the Writing, but the winner, who has concerned Secrets, goes love and love will succeed. Its way, both way fruits, and knowledge – result and consequences of force of fire of love. It is possible to go and other ways, and many go, but there is no most direct and shortest way, than this, people the forgotten. The fiery threads of love going from heart to heart connect and connect at once and directly. The next means understood and managed to love more than others. I Measure of love by measure devotion. I Measure of love by a measure readiness. I Measure of love by a measure spirit height. And it measures Proximity and Communication. The most intimate mystery of life can be transferred only on language love. Secret from Secrets is. Secret is of the Father and Son. You want to approach even closer – show even more the highest love degree. It you will open all doors. Love is essence of knowledge and the reason of given knowledge. My First calling showed a measure love unsurpassed. Spirit the next, shown on the highest steps of Great Service. Spirit inflexible is, not knowing doubts and not stopping before any obstacles. The spirit which has learned Love and on fires her staying, Me is consonance to indivisibility degree. Properties of Mother were inherited also by her potential. But disclosure is created your hand, conscious will, to the highest aspect of life aspiration. Everyone ascends the qualities and properties. And you are too, but united, lit and growing Loves. For it there is no limits life, death. It is over all limits and overall and only. Love triumphing, Love is the winner of death, Love creating life.
Who their kowtows in a dust at the Temple bottom? It is they, which have rejected Love to the Lord, Love to the Highest. Whose groans are heard from a gloom chasm? They are which have rejected Me when even the spark of love to the Highest could rescue. Who filled ranks of dark attendants? They are which have rejected. Love, everything overcoming, Love directed, Love of a flaring Bowl to you Proclaim and you I Approve by in a sanctuary of the Temple of Heart.
301. (June 14).
Everything, all aspires to that, to generate. It is the principle of creation and property of things and phenomena, spiritual and material. The generating principle is hidden in property primary spatial spark, to spark-monad: "You propagate and breed" – the law, or the precept turned not only to the person, but also to all real, to all Space, to the Space. "A receptacle generating is" – so we Will call it. This boundless creative power of Space is symbolized by concept of Mother of the World. Certainly, gifts of space are result of creative force of Space answering to aspiration of human spirit. Creating essence of aspiration consists in that, that energy of a microcosm, being directed, adjoins to the tank spaces and, finding to itself a steam room by the nature of the, with it is combined, bearing a fruit, that is gift lives spatial. Not miracle, not magic, but spatial psycho mechanics is. Received there is a result the directed mental energy. And not so much they turn out, how many undertake if to do it consciously. The law of aspiration is immutable and simple. As the call, so is the echo. What call, such is and a response and that you will seed, you will reap. The answer is always generated and corresponds to essence of energy of aspiration and is as though already concluded in it, better to say, is caused of. Not foggy guessing "will be – there no will be", but is most exact mechanics". Each microcosm is the sphere of the directed energiya receiving and attracting from space on the essence. The accord law, or compliances, regulates sphere life, but the seal of the permission is set by consciousness. From here a great variety of souls human and the values which have been saved up in the Bowl. In the sphere of spatial energiya the harvest depends on aspiration. Directed the energy, thrown by consciousness in a spatial receptacle, it is possible to call seeds of crops of spatial thought, or psycho grains. And the harvest ripens to term depending on conditions. But thoughts is as grains, grow in space. Can become heavy rain of good fortune or a stone rain in depending on character enclosed in thought of the energiya is. But the sower cannot be anxious and not doubt – the harvest goes on compliance. Also it is impossible to plead law ignorance because it doesn't change business. The person knows or not, but the arrow of poison will bring poison from space. And they filled with self-generated poison or poisons of all types and shades go. As also the good increases lawfully and to the accord. Light from Light is, light to Light, light Light'.
A little attention is required, to define a key, on which it is, adjusted this consciousness. If to consider conditions of an era, a nationality, Wednesday and all other, that for usual consciousness the key is defined very precisely. Our people stand out of commonness, and narrow-minded measure to them doesn't approach. What is the person? The person is a live moving magnet, constantly and continuously attracting to himself from the surrounding sphere, or space, the energy, corresponding to its psycho magnetic nature. Great patrol demands control over each energy the. The person is a psycho magnet - so we will remember.
At the beginning in total there was I, Father-Builder, coming from a subsoil Inflexible. And Us were Two: I and It – Mother. And We Generated Real. Fiery Logos’ Founders– They Create: everyone – spark-monads on the Beam. On a scale Light We Divide their Beams. So a beam-monad was divided on the Beam generating. Seven Beams is seven classes and 5 additional. Division of the real goes by the principle of seven. And the spark-beam-monad which has become the person, the main the difference on the Beam is keeps. The creating Logos is the Father of everyone. But everyone has to absorb in herself elements of all of seven and, remaining itself, to become all. Therefore Beams of other of six continue to create a beam-monad to make it seven-shown that is about seven beams. In it is sense of astro- equipment creating, or astrology’s. Because the astrology is science of star architecture of souls human, or beam- monads, uniform in the beginning, seven-shown at the end. Fiery Logos’, or Lords Flames, Create incessantly is. Creativity is visible ray of sunlight, bearing life obviously. The astro-equipment studies creativity of star beams. From Earth – a body, but also its structure septenary in the terrestrial elements, that is too on beams. Septenary planet is. Creativity of the space is mutual fiery centers and like creativity fiery centers of the person. Analogy is full. The centers the body lives and functions. Bodies thin too everyone septenary structure – by the principle of seven. But the main the beam dominates. Division goes from 1 to 12. For example: 2 – two – plus and a minus, раджас and тамас, or 4, that is four elements: lands, air and fire waters, 5 – a pentagram of the person and so on. But the main division is on 7 beams. Assimilation of everyone occurs on its scale. Not able to reply the highest answers on the lowest, accumulating elements for a transmutation. But to be cold or hot that is to establish perception and reaction on top or bottom octave of a beam scale, surely. The Lord armed with all Beams – a step of evolution of spirit, approved in effect the Beams of Seven. Prototype on Earth is space greatness, Spirit Conducting and finished assimilation sevenfold.
304. (June 15).
Victory! Well, we will write about preservation of the invaluable. How to keep what doesn't have the name in languages human? Call this invaluable wealth pleasure of spirit, fire, light, good fortune, pleasure. But words are powerless. Samadhi is the most exact name. How to hold fire, at least gleams? How to become the keeper of fire, and fire keeper? Why it is spoken about restraint? What it is necessary to constrain or hold? Fire. Why we Speak about tranquility? What has to be in an equilibrium state? What has to burn in heart with an equal inextinguishable flame? Fire. Fire generated should be held and protected; is called secret. It is impossible to speak about fiery treasure. About the Stone don't speak owning of. Each word is force coming. Words about the Stone are recklessness of squandering. Fire of spirit demands shelter. As the beacon – shines all, but nobody has access to fire. Only Looking for, the Keeper. Defects, shortcomings, weaknesses big is and small, essence spendthrifts of treasure. Each violation of laws of its secrecy immediately causes a spirit clouding. Each vibration in an astral is as the slightly opened valve of a balloon. Fire which is consciously stored and guard against, increases in the force. Without statement of impassivity in a microcosm isn't Stone present to a safety and growth. The soul lost, that is refused all human and narrow-minded experiences, is found by fiery treasure. We will learn restraint that is ability to be self-controlled. The person who isn't self-controlled, someone owns another. Infection of with emotions of other person is a raument of in the power of other consciousness. His winner can't allow. Fiery patrol excludes the possibility of such humiliating and shameful slavery. At such moments weaknesses treasure it is given on worry to people for violation. We will protect the intimate. The legend of in the power any feelings and emotions is also violation of the law. Do that you want, but kill most possibility of the personal astral phenomenon. One rage at slice loss mold, others it is quiet go to death. Astral whirlwinds in a microcosm are inadmissible under no circumstances and anything and any by reasons are justified can't be. We will approve the conscious power of impassivity and tranquility. Hands are given to the Bowl, but in hands the Stone. Assimilation of My Beam, that is increase of sides of a crystal – the Stone – it is possible only in the conditions of indestructible tranquility. In the beginning the Stone is small, and muffling everything, shouts surrounding, tearing apart ears. Then the surrounding becomes silent, a field consciousnesses were occupied by the Stone, and its beams shines all microcosm. Voices disturbing are led to silence. My world, Me given is a consciousness condition Stone carrier. It is good to remember, what is desirable consciousness of qualities there is the grain, which is subject to the law increase and attracting to itself conformable to it elements. Therefore finding desirable qualities is inevitably. Be able to wish. Step of ardent implementation of thoughts will powerfully set consciousness. But demands special discretion, because so is destructive the return pole phenomenon. I Want to approve your force on the basis of knowledge of the law and to give its inalterability. Stone carriers will sate with My Beams the world and consciousnesses of people. They will bring understanding treasure values.
Fire space becomes at fed lives. It sates consciousness. If sustains – will succeed. Won't sustain – will burn down without the rest and will burn conductors. The fiery death will be a reality. Burn of the weak will amplify. Oppression of fire is intolerable. The death will be carried by on fiery wings. Immunity is in consciousness.
306. (June 16)
We will write about Me. Certainly you have to the nobility That Which part you are. I am measured by a field of manifestation of energiya of My Essence. This field is great and is immense. Orbit of spirit of a bike is. Who and what in it is? Covers the worlds and the ocean of human both spheres is visible and invisible. From terrestrial attires even the easiest constrains. Therefore our clothes special is. Many great people tried to change clothes. Not whim, but expediency is. Our food too especially pure and very moderate is. The consciousness is continuous. The body has a rest only, but not spirit and consciousness. Only changes manifestation sphere, or life plan. The personal world isn't present. Identity leads world life and Space in a stream conducting and ascending filched Evolutions. We are Lords – we Regulate fiery heart of a planet. The care is great about relatives and pupils also it is constant. It is difficult not on itself, but difference in vibrations of their spheres microcosms and My consciousness. And then less it is developed pupil, the more burdens. Devoted care, not to burden consciousness of the Lord is. Benefit to them, shown care. Protecting Me the way your speed up incredibly. It is difficult to approve tranquility for itself, but for Me for the sake of Me and is in the Name My approved easily. I protect preserving especially. Such refinement is rare the understanding, demanding the high self-renunciation. They are accepted, that is pupils and in My consciousness also is its part. Contact goes on the highest scale of spirit – to their scale, their highest.
We fill in pages Great Book Space Knowledge. The doctrine given from time to time to the world has also other aspect, to the world unknown, cosmos-space, and uniform for all planets of our Solar system. To human consciousness at the step given it, certainly, inaccessible is. Agni Yogi's doctrine – only sparks from fire Great Knowledge. It is open for Us Past book, or Akasha's archives. But future Builders is We and about it our care. Work considerable and tension demands incredible, surpassing any representation. On the Watchtower we See the psycho-fiery and photo-mental condition of Earth in any this point, either district, or center this or that value and importance, also we Regulate it, sending the Beam amendments. More than once the leopard" tried "to jump. From the Tower Extinguished activity of darkness, if threatened inalterability of the Plan is. It is a lot of dark abscesses. Are dangerous that can to cause infection of the surrounding sphere. We Stop distribution!
Protection of relatives demands the considerable care share. We protect also them, and besides always. There is no break in care. Care beam vigiland and persistently over those who is marked out press of My Spirit. I learn every day. In a dream go to my school and in it is I – Teacher. If knew everything, there would be no limit to surprise. You learn at the right time. My heart is opened for you who have accepted Me, also is sensitively strained to catch waves of your call. With the help, with the answer I Won't delay. As the most difficult sound catcher, always the open and eternally patrol Heart Mine catches your calls. Such degree of keenness is and intensity any more in human measures. Therefore it is better to direct and to enter my consciousness all force the, to preserve from excessive expenditure the precious fiery power of the Lord. Law: not Lord Goes down to level consciousnesses of the pupil, but the pupil rises to consciousness and heart of the Lord.
You will go to heart Countries of the best, you will meet with Mother also you will create My Business. Who will provide communication centers? – I. Who over all terrestrial difficulties connects them? I. Who impossible will wrap up the possible? I, I. See terrestrial eye. Possible, promised and specified for you it is impossible. But it will be. It already is. My fiery arrows already outlined a circle of opportunities, and Will My imposed on them inalterability press; told will be. Prepare for it on to the word of the Lord. I provided, provide also you all that is available in your sphere. My business regard as of paramount is importance and before all others. And live – Me and essence of My Affairs.
Method acceleration and thinning is in everything. The phenomenon of My Doctrine has no limits, because is Boundlessness expression. The doctrine no has end. Extends and grows according to consciousness development. The doctrine of Life covers not only a human life moral ethical aspect, it covers all his life, and any life, from atom to stars, and all manifestations of a matter, say, and everything that is in Space. Therefore it is called the Life Doctrine. And as all lives and life everywhere, everywhere and in everything in its visible and invisible forms, it is possible to tell that the Life Doctrine and is limited to life, that is boundless. Science, art, philosophy is and religion only its phases and so far as are true as in harmony with it. The doctrine, being synthetic, unites all forms of life in all its manifestations, and it is possible to comprehend and understand any phenomenon only from the point of view of the Doctrine. Modern revaluation of values is underpinning under new understanding of things. Life is reconsidered anew. Dungeons, cages and stone cellars of former concepts collapse. And Sky as if the same, but already boundless is, and same Earth, but part it. The new Sky and New Earth is new understanding of the world in section the Doctrine. That and will generate life. The doctrine is included in life under different forms. Nature transformation is result of a contact of the Doctrine. Dualism of the real is too. The statement of a matter, however, for the present not full is too. In a word, where life displaces the forms, knowing or unknowing force Doctrine is approved. Everyone grasps from space the available on consciousness. But on Construction everything is called, who from the New World, and their number is billion. And "building on boondocks from splinters the sun" too My builders are. However, still blind, but already responded to My Call. On the understanding and the trifle, but responded is. And small these I won't Leave. Power of the New World, that is force Doctrine, is shown in new construction. Construction understands widely, in all forms, on all plans. And on Thin too build, and too Doctrine force. Force of the Doctrine of life, conscious or unconscious, there is a construction of the New World. It can grow not only up, but also in width, that is already aside, available to understanding of the person. On your things lies press of My creativity. In it is their force. (Strong noise behind a door was made. I couldn't write.) We will overcome also it. For Me, for the sake of Me and is in the Name My possible to overcome everything.
311. (June 17).
The board is strong thought. Protects thought substance that is that substance, from which the thought is made out, construction material, bricks from a material, thought the issued. Build of them all that you want, and do them, with what you want. The elements connected thought and created by thought, do any form. And from them, from these elements of a structure, it is possible to build as, as the usual house is under construction from a material terrestrial. But this material it is necessary to get. Material of the mental matters always near at hand. Builders have no in it shortcoming ever. It possesses magnetization force, attracts to itself also invests itself already elements of the visible world, as growing grain invests Earth elements thin form of a plant, in it concluded. Creativity of thin rather fiery forms of thought at their statement on the plan of terrestrial visibility goes, submitting to the same law and by analogy to it. The difference only that the form of a plant is usually already predetermined, a phenomenon form (a mental structure) is predetermined by the thought generating psycho-fiery grain. Creative power – creating psycho - grains, and the person is the sower, and space is a crops field. Stocks of a sowing material are inexhaustible. This material is fire of space given by the person (creating spirit) shapes. The psycho - grains are invisible, but, of course, their forms, on Earth shown, that is them generated, are available to perception and are quite material, roughly material. Everything that is created by creativity of hands human, there is a result of creativity fiery psycho - grains spatial, mature a space receptacle and engendered in consciousness human. The consciousness as though floats at the ocean of a ray-bearer matter and incessantly gives it shapes, a ray-bearer shining matter, or, something, fire. It is necessary to understand the power of the person over space fire, force creating the forms created by it by the person, ease and availability of the process and inevitability of consequences. Any form would possess always the most immutable force of implementation, if not the creator, out of ignorance to its power itself often destroying creation of a form opposite. Creativity of thin rather fiery forms of thought at their statement on the plan of terrestrial visibility goes, submitting to the same law and by analogy to it. The difference only that the form of a plant is usually already predetermined, a phenomenon form (a mental structure) is predetermined by the thought generating psycho-fiery grain. Creative power – creating psycho - grains, and the person is the sower, and space is a crops field. Stocks of a sowing material are inexhaustible. This material is fire of space given by the person (creating spirit) shapes. The psycho - grains are invisible, but, of course, their forms, on Earth shown, that is them generated, are available to perception and are quite material, roughly material. Everything that is created by creativity of hands human, there is a result of creativity fiery psycho - grains spatial, mature a space receptacle and engendered in consciousness human. The consciousness as though floats at the ocean of a ray-bearer matter and incessantly gives it shapes, a ray-bearer shining matter, or, something, fire. It is necessary to understand the power of the person over space fire, force creating the forms created by it by the person, ease and availability of the process and inevitability of consequences. Any form would possess always the most immutable force of implementation, if not the creator, out of ignorance to its power itself often destroying creation of a form opposite. Not in power is matter, but in the unshakable firmness of the consciousness which isn't allowing even possibilities of a shadow of doubt. Our belief is immutable knowledge of mighty force of the law. Not belief, but inalterability is. And you have to strengthen belief to inalterability degree. The belief in your Lord will give this necessary quality. The Lord is the person armed with power without the uniform device. It is impossible to use and apply this power, without having realized its power and action force. I Give strength of understanding, but to use the weapon, to apply it and to see its action, or efficiency, have to. In awareness of power of your spirit I Approve you.
312. (June 18).
This or that phenomenon can cause tension, but its commensurability is in Boundlessness. It doesn't take out aura of fear. Now Communication will be broken. Won't be on your way and those, whom deceive is. The way will be direct, zigzags won't be itself – is only I. I will bury it and things. When sides stupefy poisons of a bog everyday and where Light? There will be no bog – and only Light. The chain of relatives remains, but changed, as well as you. In aspect of transformation the future will begin to flow. People will change also, and conditions. Old state of affairs at future constructions it is necessary to leave even in thoughts. The new star can't shine over old garbage. All is got rid now. Therefore quietly assume burden of relatives for the sake of the future. Change them on fires of the heart my force. Our force will suffice on all. In My Tower on a scale of related contrasts it is poured badly in the good. The benefit brought the: both bad, and good. But the benefit is, but brought. Not brought neither bad, nor good with anything also remain and at the same. The robber, who brought me a bad of their own is above the ruddy qualities because the magnitude scale gives the height of the takeoff look at the vices of their own, as the starting point in the bottom of the wheel, looking upward. When turnover is the lowest point will be higher, but subject to movements in the aspiration lay. The consciousness directed in the future, is exempted from the Present power. Live in the future and future. The Changing force of the future is great. Mighty engine is. We live on a future key. Embraces past we not know – consciousness is freely always. And is also and from things, from their magnetic sucking-in attraction. Things have property to suck in consciousness in the aura and to keep it in it. Instead of the bog – is things, instead of sucked-in body – spirit. And one more danger is this absorption consciousnesses foreign aura. It is even worse, than magnetization of things. Slave’s mutual, slaves voluntary blind – as there are a lot of you everywhere. It is necessary to speak about slavery, because from two auras one it is obligatory more strongly. The serf is cancelled right and slaveholding, but never before so not the slavery prospered, as these days transitional. Protect the Identity from all types of slavery. Stand guard. The chain of Hierarchy approves free cooperation, or freedom cooperation. Be preserved against slavery. With steel wall protect itself from influence of other auras. It is necessary to feel them, but also it is impossible to give them the power over. The ship adjoins to mighty elements of a wave, but goes towards the aim and, adjoining, with its waves doesn't mix up and doesn't start up them inside. The leak means death. Adjoin to people, but don't let in heart of passersby and even from friends protect Intimate. Only with Me, only face to face all locks open also fencings are removed. Protect Intimate.
Happiness harbingers are. And the main thing is will national.
314. (June 19).
Unification kind is. I will pass to action. Sounding on an advantage note, - the benefit to you is.
315. (June 20).
Going to a way has to keep aspiration. The benefit to you is protecting treasure. To coordinate the World My and your – is a great task.
Impregnability of space is. The victory is given by force of my beams.
316. (June 21).
Wait for change. Wait for the New Country and new conditions. Your expectations will be executed. Our power, Us put and Us supported to term. And gins build temples. My affairs not always in need is, but when in need is – don't slow down.
317. (June 22).
To Me it is necessary your devotion, the unshakable anything and anybody. Also it is still necessary extent of prestanding – concentrated, quiet, and festive. All fluctuate is, but not you. You are the Stone, to reflect My Light, to reflect, but not to distort. Events ripened to inevitability degree. Attentively look – you will see signs. Let wave of events won't take unawares. Readiness of consciousnesses to Me it is necessary. These are foundations, towers- receivers among chaos of confusion last squall. Them I Will hold a network. It in your isn't present fire, but it is in Me, with it also burn. The isn't present anything, all Mine, and it is yours. I know that it is necessary for you, but it is necessary to wait. It is heavy to wait, but it is necessary. Both We Wait, and it is hard for Us and it is difficult for Mother. Difficultly for all is. I asked to tell, how to ask to speak "devotee". The answer came: achieving one. This thought came somehow simply, as though by itself.
The world of spirit is inexhaustible and immeasurable. The world dense is only a section of the immense tank of the world of spirit. On devotion you receive and to prestanding you will reap. Uninterrupted prestanding means a constant stream of receiving. Constancy indicates intense readiness of our essence always consonance with the World of My spirit. This window opened in Boundlessness is. Means, the contact of boundlessness of the world of spirit becomes uninterrupted. As the mountain spring from eternal snow, beats a fresh stream of not repeatability, both sounds, and rings always, always sings the song, a silvery song of a boundless stream of the spirit flowing from the world endlessly and borders, from the world of boundless opportunities of spirit. Constancy is property Archat's. The song of spirit sounds always from eternal snow of Top of Mother of the World. If becomes silent, so sounds of Earth overcome, so the terrestrial was given overweight. Currents of space can prevent perception but what can muffle a voice of Dumb Witness what can muffle power of Silence? There is something in you, always concerning the tank of spirit of Boundlessness. To it learn to listen, and to be always with it, and in it is mute also to them to show it.
I and It, in you are uniform. Join to Us and you because We Is, you know about it or not. Why you don’t learn it and not to show itself in Us? We from World Spirit are, from its immeasurable immensity. Phenomenon Us is phenomenon properties of Boundlessness. The essence of devotion to us consists in the legend of, in the legend of the spirit to us, in your Real is. Real We are I and the Father. Approving Us in it, you approve the world of boundless opportunities. And We Can do everything, and everything is available to us. All is our, and everything serves Us.
Why don't you enter into the part with Us? We Are ready to accept you and to give gifts of spirit. We give everyone, but look for not there, and receive, but – on the trifle and poverty of understanding. You don't limit immensity of gifts of spirit to terrestrial ideas of them. All your highest will appear a grain of sand before Boundlessness. Because to a terrestrial brain not to contain our greatness. Tunic hem Mothers World not by a brain it is measured, but the spirit which has entered in the part. Part? But why part is when before all Us both all our, and all yours, you, in Us real. We call to meal a spirit, on a feast of the never-ending pleasures of life, or lives never-ending and not saddened pleasure. In Life is pleasure, but on Earth – a cross. Without cross not to rise by the Mountain Spirit revivals. But I Rose, and nowadays I Is in Eternity Life. You will rise also. And cross not burden, but means, to bridle and to subordinate covers. It isn't necessary to them a cross, Eternity, because they temporary and from this world, or worlds. But if they and from the worlds, too is temporary. Lord of three plans, winner of three the worlds I Want to see you, I am a Lord Seven, but seized three opens access and to Seven. The flame is approved at first two-digit, then ternary, but at the end – septenary. "Lord of Seven Beams, teach me, your son, to You coexist to approve Three". We call to Us, to our World, to the world boundless opportunities. We call I and the Father.
319. (June 24).
Rush good luck the fastest horses. And with them and those is who aspiration of will against barriers of Earth won. Hi! Reduce numbers and the periods. Do only with what you can arrive with Me. Where you’re thoughts is, there and you because you express yourself in thought, and not the benefit to that, whose thoughts stay in a stomach or in other body organs. The body demands care and thought of it. But the care of corporal needs shouldn't stand My Light and to disturb Me. Vibrating covers, when I will Subordinate you also I will Bring to tranquility? You stand a barrier. All is permitted to the winner all. Important not phenomenon, not its form, but its essence, that is condition of consciousness at the time of a fulfillment. It is possible to go on a feat and on a crime. Goes is a body, move muscles, but as it is various essence of movement. It is possible to be silent, enduring a shame, but it is possible to be silent, having gained over itself victory. And silence there is a miscellaneous. There is it and from mind, and from nonsense. Form one, the essence is various. Can be connivance weaknesses growing or calming down flashes of the left thunder-storm. Fading flashes – as ascension steps, and everyone consciousness tears off communication threads also raises wings not repeatability of opportunity hopeless slavery at that, that is once undivided dominated over consciousness. Study, My friend to find in the weaknesses growth roots and release opportunities is. Not self-justification, not weakness indulgence, but spirit growth, without looking on it and contrary to it. And each manifestation it is as scourge blow on a quick racer, for a moment to the stopped for some reason. We Go, despite everything and contrary to everything disturbing. And everything serves us for ascension. To you, to the winner, serve. Correctly! Torments are rejected, the repentance is rejected, and the killing is rejected regrets about the allowed mistakes. We go forward, and you never know can to be on a way. Only reversing back it is inadmissible. But the body will obey to spirit and already submits, despite everything. Certainly, the ship meets obstacles, but reaches the purpose. Let the consciousness will arrive with Me. Persistently, persistently, consciously let are reduced break periods. From interruptibility we will pass to continuity, and let one causes another. After all it is important, from what to begin. It is impossible, it is impossible to begin at once from continuous prestanding. The consciousness won't sustain. But having begun with something, it is possible to strengthen indefinitely. At first wasn't any, then there were gleams, then it amplified, yielded fruits. Strengthen and strengthen – persistently, persistently, systematically and rhythmically, while all consciousness entirely, it isn't interrupted and forever it won't be taken by Light My beams and my throne it isn't approved. Simply and obviously we go up and to be late in gorges, and cracks, and folds of weaknesses of time simply and obviously we have no. We aren't able to afford this luxury. We overcome everything, and everything serves only as a material for overcoming. Overcoming the Stone is given, and it is possible to hold it overcoming only force. For overcoming the Stone is given. Not from most sufferings will be born in a legend jewel, but from forces overcoming sufferings. Suffering not overcome won't give rise to anything. Means only is in the spirit of force, generation Stones. Glass scatters in small splashes, as also the weak and shaky consciousnesses, but the wonderful fiery the blade of spirit becomes only more strong with each blow. And slags and scale are rejected away. To whom they are necessary and who will think of them? Knowing value fiery sword doesn’t think of slags last moments. But protect a blade! In continuous fight with the dark generations won't rust lightful sword. So, be awake and patrol continued dish.
320. (June 25).
The idea of a road bag covers in itself a certain sense. Also lies in everything is mute, but the most necessary. It is impossible to take much, won't sustain shoulders, to take the unnecessary it is inexpedient. From here is commensurability of the mental consciousness products on purpose – to select the unnecessary. Everything, not the corresponding Ways, it is rejected. It is possible to have freight and to sit down with it at roadside roads behind impossibility to lift it. And many sit. Unnecessary it is rejected without pity. To whom are necessary irritability, discontent, fears and all other? To anybody, and less all is the going. Unload consciousness. Bent of consciousness it is frequent from excessive freight be. But pleasure, cheerfulness, both courage, and other it is possible to take in any quantity because has no burden and a place doesn’t take. The traveler, reconsider baggage is. And it is easy to draw fiery line between necessary and unnecessary. The traveler, to what an excessive burden is? During the day we make the mass of movements, actions and acts and we tell many words. Whether all is necessary and all are expedient? Perhaps, a half can be rejected? Silence is valuable conservation of energy. But it can be protected and in all the rest. I Give fire am. Spend circumspectly because it is necessary to give the account. And to what useless actions or words is? Stock unspent, as steam in the engine is. Spend commensuration with the Way purpose. Also it is impossible to encumber consciousness unnecessary, that is inexpedient, and thoughts. Whether we will delay to establish control? Proximity washing it is integral, but it is felt at observance main conditions. When it is spoken or becomes unnecessary, it remains, but it isn't felt. And we will put on one bowl of scales Proximity of Communication, on another – unnecessary. What will move? At the majority the unnecessary stuff outweighs. We won't assimilate. So, in consciousness it is left only created in the Name My and for the sake of Me. Measure faultless and fruitful, prosperity and guarantee measure. During Communication this condition happens to acuteness degree. And in a basis it is necessary commensurability with a problem of the moment. So, friend Moy, need steps are led up to degree ardent, obvious, convincing, logical, axiomatic dynamic inalterability. It is necessary because differently it is impossible, because differently it is impossible. Rage of persuasiveness wins. It is possible to hesitate: costs or isn't necessary something to do, but when other exit and other decision aren’t present, and there is only one – the way is direct. I bring consciousness into a condition of unshakable determination. In essence of the phenomena I Give enlightenment strength is. But choice is created. It is possible to consider life consciousnesses as process continuous selection necessary from the unnecessary and the most necessary from the necessary. Debt execution and affairs of day won't prevent, because to ascend it is possible at any conditions as it is important condition of consciousness, but not the external it is eternal changing circumstances. Also besides was specified not to enter a stream. We Sit on the bank of Eternity and in a stream we See the most valuable, able to enrich and expand consciousness. But why identify it with the filmy? At cinema of it nobody does, though cry, and worry because know that not brought bad, nor good with anything also remain and at the same a combination of light beams there is nothing: in total Maya of evidence and lie of reality. Everything is, and anything isn't present. Difference: the current Maya's movie moves all life, but its essence from it doesn't change. Combinations of elements create persuasiveness and reality illusion, but the movie moves and carries by before consciousness a tape of the phenomena which are and which aren't present to flash for an instant and to be carried away in the past. But We out of Maya's phantasmagorias are. It is necessary to separate Me and My World from the world of the illusions going to a kingdom of oblivion. We won't be mistaken, putting to this measure, because everything that from Mira Mine, the most necessary.
Travelers light, travelers distant, to the world of chagrin and tears Thought directed, fire - crystal the messenger Lord' brought.
322. (June 26).
My world yes will be object of your aspirations. But in the not to contain it is. It is necessary to refuse from the. Not consciousnesses, but the world and consciousness to transfer to Mine. I offer the spirit palace, but at Me both with Me and in Me. So staying in thoughts with Me in the World Mine stays. Through Me joins the phenomena life. For Us the future means construction and creativity. We Live in the future, but we Live actively as his formers. In present We Move the cast Ours the future the thin constructions. And for Us construction there is only a realization fiery form in life that is injection in the fiery forms of elements already visible matter. Fiery is first-image We Create. Their terrestrial reflections are created hands human. Dark too create, but our forms are stronger, because forms fiery. They are limited more the lowest plans invisible matter. Therefore We Win. And fight rustles. It is necessary to learn to go our way of construction, and your future in the considerable to measure it is caused creativity of your thought. When this creativity it merged with Ours there inalterability way is. Our pupil never speaks "I would like", "Here if" and so on. His thought is certain and positive. "I want", "It will be, and there will be that I want". "I will see", "I will work together, I will be close", – he speaks both all the being and aspiration puts stones of future phenomenon of the life. The fog, uncertainty and uncertain in creation of the future are rejected. Than more brightly, more in details and more really this future is cast in a form, that it is truer and closer. Here in it also live, close to heart and desired. The thought isn't limited to anything, but the future yours is limited to thought. Where its borders and where borders of opportunities your future phenomenon? Entering it as welcome and invited guest, no, not guest, but son and the coheir; take it on heart the part. Take everything that you want. And to yours thought it will be given you. Because if thought yours is constructed in the accord with essence of My World, truly, there are no borders to it and limits in an orbit of its manifestation, because such thought is limited only orbit of the essence. The sword of spirit or lightning of thought are given for creativity. Fog of the mental constructions it is no good. Know well, that you wish in shining to Light' Future, and the work put. Only work, that is business that is actions, that is application the law in life. Law appendix in life will bring to that, that the future becomes life, or present. So, we will claim future thoughts, feelings and affairs the present and in the present, because for the statement of the future the present is given. And while builder nowadays, now, in this present won't start creating it future the hands and heart, won't be able it phenomenon. Also there is no other way. The law is invariable: hand and foot human.
The pleasure to obstacles is pleasure of inalterability of our step. By tension of spirit are overcome. Not in them business and need, and in need of tension fiery. As and then to cause otherwise this tension is? We are far from turmoil of terrestrial life, but our tension is extremely, and tension way We Chose Self. Elements of fire are the most intense. In it staying bear on itself an emphasis fiery tension. Essence of the water depths live under terrible press. And still live. And our spirit assimilates properties fiery elements through tension step. It is necessary not only to pass it, but also to grow together with it, that became commonness; just as atmosphere pressure any more we don't feel as a body. Complexity and difficulty of modern life are caused by need to adapt an organism the person to the growing to tension of the new evolution steps. It isn't necessary to hope on its easing, and on the contrary, follows to rejoice and wish still the bigger. After all same way familiarizing with spheres fiery is. Silent vegetation of life great-grandmothers and our great-grandfathers any more doesn't answer a step the risen spirit. Dreaming of the silent coolness of life the past not from evolution. Fiery fighters and builders go to the place of smokes sky terrestrial. And call of hour the future benefit – tension. It is necessary to accustom itself to a state constant tension. It is necessary to fall in love it state creating fire. To calm down on something – already is of the past. Forward always, forward in everything, forward, to limits Boundlessness, that is forward endlessly – Our precept. Pleasure of a boundlessness work and boundlessness tension fiery we will Finish. Children of fire, to you the appeal are calling Lords of the Flame.
324. (June 27).
The aura of rest will come after aura of tension. Therefore to worry we won't be. But aura of rest there is an aura of the greatest tension, when behind the highest frequency vibrations the body seems the immovable. It is similar to that, as in the electro car the impression is made immovability and rest in the presence from above 3000 revolutions per minute. Slightest disbalance parts – and the huge car will scatter into smithereens. Balance center (axis) it has to be calculated precisely. The same and with aura is. Only at observance balance is possible the highest intensity, otherwise not to avoid body destructions. If the center is observed, also the correct is established ratio of parts, also balance is observed, that the most complex car – the device of human spirit – body and all essence the person can stand any pressure and tension without harm and damage. Slightest the disbalance breaks operation of the car that is device and human. We – as the electro turbine of the greatest capacities, and basis of this power is unshakable balance. We consider absolutely inconceivable its violation. Therefore, truly, it is never broken. Even person of no character perfectly is able to restrain at presence the highest and necessary people also is dismissed with the lowest on a rank. Ability is boundless abilities to be self-controlled. Only it is necessary to tell this magic and miracle "is impossible" for itself. As often person, perfectly being self-controlled in public, is dismissed at home, because removes from itself a ban. We will approve the balance which is able never and to be shaken by anything We will claim time forever order of all consciousness. It is impossible to avoid chagrin that is external influences. But the external tire of the car spoils also it is open for influence external conditions – also paint grows dull, also the dust sits down. But the interior shines with purity of an untouched. You store the center from the external influences, closed always. There can't be a car of the open. So, secrecy of life of spirit is necessary for life. External cover it is available to contemplation of all. But that inside, is carefully preserved also it is strong closed, though current use all. We will protect the intimate for them – receiving the benefit. Care of the thinnest and most difficult device the spirit it is required the most attentive, both careful, and vigilant. You store balance. The person who has approved the power over the balance phenomenon, it is similar to the commander huge army. In total in his hands, in total within his power is. But once he becomes puzzled and to break relationship parts with the center or to parts to take the fling, the army turns into crowd. Harmony of relationship whole and parts, center and periphery it can't be broken. Not replaceable patrol – something more important, necessary and vital, than it seems. Not for someone and something it is approved, but in life and life name microcosm. The highest state organism and measures and conditions demand the highest. Will be in a condition of the highest intense vigilance and vigilance is. Precious strength of spirit, the treasure, we preserve. The stone will shine; both the size and its light will increase all the time, but at observance of known conditions. Spirit prevention is not for pleasure, but life preservation in aspect of its intimate light-bearer. And time forever we will remember: not external circumstances break the balance center, but covers, not outside reason is, but in covers, not on the external we will complain and be saddened by it, but on covers. In them everything put and reason. Inside it, but not outside is. In it and ease, and difficulty of overcoming is. Ease in that, that it isn't necessary to go anywhere behind tranquility and about what to be anxious, because all inside and all it is caused by internal state. Difficult! Because it is difficult to overcome itself, and to blame itself, and, but not people around, to consider as the reason a disbalance, chagrin and obscure's. But understood the reasons of all inside it are similar to the person, who has found a treasure. If only knew how to dispose with treasure. So, everything is transferred inside, as also those reasons, which were taken out.
The thought of the Lord creates the Light. Entering the World of thought of the Lord, we created Light. Leave in total yours. Not it is necessary it. Take all Mine. It is necessary, it is strong and eternal. How to convince that My thought is a treasure which can be taken in a way distant, carefully to put for a bosom, knowing that it is useful both today, and tomorrow, both always, and for all occasions life and in Eternity. Never will become outdated splinter of My thought, and value it is out of dependences from external conditions. Whether business with your thoughts so is? I Don't speak about the litter of yesterday harmful and unnecessary. But as business is with your habits, clothes, etiquette and all conventions of today? How business with three whales, or an oath Galilee and thousands of indisputable beliefs and the scientific theories which long ago are already lying on a cemetery is? Here they, your thoughts of the flown days, so rapid, as well as your fabrications. You live among ghosts and you pray to ghosts. And you take phantoms of fabrications of an eyelid for truth. I give treasure of My thought. From Eternity it is and over the world of your generations, from Truth and therefore never grows old. So two streams flow: one muddy, temporary, false stream of human mental generations from today, always perverting reality and limited by a framework of human ignorance, and another – a life stream, the life river, thought from Boundlessness, thought – the spokesman of eternal, invariable laws real, thought fiery, not limited to anything. I call to My World, the World of fiery thought, to an eternal source of eternally beating fiery stream of Space thought. Take treasure. My thoughts is eternally new, not rusting and out of passing real. Bearing thought My in the being it is eternally new and eternally young unfading youth of spirit. So, two worlds: the past world, dark, human, blind, full of delusions, sufferings, a grief, ignorance, violence and slavery, the world of the personality and egoism, and My World, the World Light, the world of shining thought, fire world, the future world, the world of superpersonal space consciousness. Choose and judge and your court yes won't be to you in condemnation.
You not only have to enter My World, but also to reduce My World to Earth. Your world will die and will be replaced by Mine. You will be to show Me itself. Will come time, when Earth will change also will show My World itself and Kingdom of God it will be approved on Earth. Will consign to the past a flesh, also the spirit world will reign. Won't die Earth, people, but will change till the image fiery. The way is far, and it is a lot of steps, but seventh race, having passed a step of the condensed astral, will come nearer to coast fiery. Evolution can be considered as indulgence the sky to Earth, or embodiment thin in the dense. And as thinned body also it is penetrated by spirit, Earth penetrated by fire will so be refined also. Connection of the worlds is a sign of the future era. And life of planetary collective goes to this great purpose My Hand. In this light also it is necessary to consider all course of planetary evolution. On connection of the worlds also we will work.
Correctly I chose a creativity way in the following embodiment, and to be on this. I Told. For us with you already measures others and barriers human aren't present. We from spirit and in the spirit world and the spirit approve our way. Therefore and approved as Me will come true. I Told. Really to the son Mine, Me coming, won’t give to come in desire of heart on benefit creativity. And your desire nowadays approved yes will come true. On tables of times Will depict him and Will give to the law of terms the implementation Decree. Dare, the child, and wish spirit and heart. And everything that you will wish in the Name My and for the sake of Me, it will be given you. Delegate the power of Implementation to the son, and the most daring will turn back most close and possible. The fiery proximity is far, but the terrestrial is closer. Terrestrial it will be scattered in ashes, but fiery will arrive forever and ever. Measures fiery above terrestrial, also aren't present for them time barriers. For them the millennium - is an instant. And the present world only is springboard in the future. Yes. Yes. Yes. My World is approved not terrestrial and fiery steps. Prepare your spirit to greatness of occurring change. Leave surprise. Limits and forms of opportunities clean, bias in relation to occurring change of your consciousness destroy. "Yes there will be Your will, the Lord is so thoughts, – and in process of Yours, the Lord, but not mine". In a word, open heart, without putting any barriers in the spirit of. I Make your consciousness, but not in your measures, your representations of the caused. Considerable the witness you will be, but this considerable out of that framework in which you think of him. I Speak about a new step of your consciousness. Stand nothing in My Light. I, your Lord, Speak to you: "Be awake and arrive in great expectation". Hour of your transformation, by My Word of the created came. Light My, creating you, Be approved! My Beam Get into your heart opened to Me and I Create changing your essence while My Light and your light don't become Uniform Light of the Father. The miracle is created in life. Miracles are cancelled. And life becomes miracle. The wonderful fairy tale is created in a reality. I, I, I am a sculptor of your spirit. I, I, I – Approved you, I, I, I am a guarantor of fiery phenomenon of your spirit. I Tell: your hour punched.
Over a hoarseness of a flesh it is triumphed also temporary the authorities over the eternal we don't give even now, even in matter claws. Already won, you and I. Together send, together won. Both your pleasure and your ease are from unconscious consciousness of a victory. It is spirit triumphs in you; this heart sings an inaudible song of a victory. Darling, accept gift of Heart of M. I Will fill in with fiery pleasure of spirit all your being. In the world of darkness you will become a flame column. And who will break you, Me the winner of spirit spread and topped with a wreath? Stand, as the rock fiery, as power, invincible a scale of terrestrial influences, as the phenomenon My, thinging fiery power of My Spirit. I claim.
329. (June 29).
Then the difficulty with the work is done will turn to nothing. The contact being strong is. The way of translating will tread the path of unusualness. You will learn to work, using the space tank. In total business in degree concentrations and deepening’s consciousnesses and contact force. In total is in harmonization of the centers. We will translate together. It isn't more difficult, than to perceive now. At first opportunity is allowed in consciousness or consciousness. It also will be that practical part of reality of Communication which lacked you for the proof of a phenomenon My Presence. The help is given in operation is a law. We approve by action way inalterability. The phenomenal party comes into force. You follow in the footsteps of Mother. Miracles for priests are. The ear, to Me bent, starts hearing. In than ban no is. Everything is got rid naturally, gradually and by itself, but not violent suppression. But the thought is preserved especially carefully. Contact will be it is established at any conditions a wake state. The device of spirit is more perfect, than phone, for which it is possible to use always. Therefore it is intended I take out ability to perceive from states intimate. The main condition is the force of concentration on Me, conscious or subconscious. Property to come My Face and degree of this property depends at force and constancy of contact, or prestanding. As though continuous stay in vibrations My Aura's. It that is being in Light Mine, but is already conscious and constant is. At last, this degree of consciousness, having reached known border, will become natural expression, or a condition of consciousness. It also is stay in Me when the Monastery My approved in consciousness, that is in heart. I tell not abstractedly, not about the theory, but about the actual vital everyday state of consciousness, about stay it in Mine. I Enter life of your consciousness and My World a wide wave joins in your microcosm. So the next come itself Me and, showing Me, remain itself. Identity isn't lost, but blossoms and changes. To representation of My Face inside answer vibrations of My essence is outside. The device becomes ardently sounding on My note. The parable about bread and a stone has also other value. The answer, from Me received, goes in coordination with a question. On request for the help I answer with the help, about protection – protection, about the translation of this word – word meaning. The answer is exact and certain, if the karma allows. One is required – the clearness of inquiry and brevity. Clearness and brevity in general remain firm precepts. It is necessary to understand reciprocal essence vibrations, consonance with inquiry. To mother write the letter. I will protect. The answer will be, it not to your letters. Send air. The help come action because only action gives the necessary degree of tension causing formation of the answer. Even the usual question demands a certain force of a voice, differently nobody will hear it.
You trust? I trust. Then write: Consciousness. Than the consciousness is caused? Life. How life is shown? In cycles, big and small, as day and night or pulsation and so further is. But it is dual. The sun out of day and night, out of dual cycles of Earth. So is and fiery consciousness out of rhythms of the usual. In it immortality, also isn’t break in consciousness. My World isn't subject to cycles of a terrestrial rhythm of day and night, the birth and death. The consciousness is exempted from a need wheel. Immortality and continuity of consciousness reign over change of days and nights. And like that as the consciousness Archat's doesn't interrupt at deaths door, in the same way doesn't interrupt it and at a dream. As freely and wakening it on Earth, as it is free and in the astral and menthol world. Three plans are open. Lord of three plans and three beams entered in the kingdom. My world in consciousness was approved. Association of the worlds came true. Archat is the combiner of three. This it’s Banner, Banner of Lords, and with it, it goes to the world for the statement disconnected. From now on in a circle of his consciousness three, also are all the same available to consciousness. So merged by consciousness with Mine, entered in its rhythm approves in itself measures of three spheres. Force of three beams of the Stone is put in action by force of My Beam. The world terrestrial is trampled dualities, or death. Sun of the dead authorities over consciousness more any has no. Snare the terrestrial by Mailly are broken off, and I – Lord, in Glory Mine I approve the throne on an altar of the flaring hearts. Archat's the son My, I Wait, so that to accept you in a bosom of My Light, eternal Light Life.
331. (July 1).
The sun for eyes is poisonous. In six months are done. (This is about the letters, I think.) The slim device requires a delicate treatment. Everything goes without a trace. (Eyes hurt, it's hard work.) Mint and soda. I need your consciousness, not busy and it’s not filled with him, but Mе and in Me staying, to create. Consciousness filled the world of the self, in the sense of building a Common Good or Space, is zero. Zero consciousness. Therefore Trying to transfer the consciousness to the supra rails good of neighbor, the common good, folk, world, or space, or path. And conscious cooperation on your part is necessary, otherwise how to rebuild? The need is great. I'm Waiting For. But My beloved, loyal and loving Me continue to sit in your personal chicken coop.
332. In every creature and in everything go on top and on top. As if bringing you is to a higher around. The scale of each phenomenon is from the bottom up. Is it hard constant aspiration of the heart to Me? Where joy has wings? In love for Me! What is love? In pursuance of My Instructions, is full and bright. The Equilibrium Will be restored; thought keep. Importantly –is meeting thoughts. The thought put in the forefront. Not intrinsically valuable things. Thought without action is more valuable than thoughtless action. Reflex dolls are not needed. We have Rays, but no strings that pull the puppets in buffoonery for the amusement of the crowd. But, My friend, will win, or rather, has already won everything, and eructation of the past will not be embarrassed. Not offense is important, but power over him, and thought. Thought ruin the charm of seduction. Your weapon idea is. Two people can commit the same act. One will be acquitted, the other condemned. The last one smokes a cigarette or drinks the last Cup of wine to throw forever, the other – to begin the long path of Vice; big difference. Everything that is done in My Name, not subject to any court, nor condemnation. Right, right, right, every attempt aspirations to Me bears the stamp of good. Let the number of separate attempts to merge into an incessant Symphony of the merger.
333. (July 2). How much work had to Preface before Communication took place. Or do you think he achieved? No need to feel sorry for the subjects. Diamond sanding required. You, too not Spared, and Communication is the result. A pity we do not Suffer; compassion is not feeling sorry. Compassion takes the hit. Compassion is effective. Regret? Help. The pity becomes compassion, as with the threatening downpour. Aid flows, otherwise, the mind decays. When observing an equilibrium point of celebrating its elusiveness. The center for emerging phenomena is due to the presence of two principles, which are located at the poles. Destroying is one of the poles, destroying the whole. The tree can be killed, cut off the stem or pulling out the roots. Destroyed the pole, which is easier and more affordable. The center of balance is the fulcrum in the human mind. Hook leads. Yesterday regretted the departed before the storm of the child, which will wet the rain.
334. (July 3). There is no other way, no other solution. Bring me your gift. But the gift you given Me, always Return transformed. And the more you bring the more you get. Do not be stingy. Time waits for no man. I hasten to bestow brought. I Live in you. You do. Do you prefer "backyard and splinter" when the wealth of My spirit on the door of your? My children, surrendered do not Put restrictions on anything; waiting to bestow. Why wait to be gifted? My son, correctly you feel My Closeness, for truly close, because the proximity of the Approved. When My Peace will flood your consciousness, he will become more real evidence and My Light would conquer the darkness of ordinariness, dullness of consciousness and the darkness of your surroundings. In Me live. Learn to live in Me. I Am the food of the spirit. I joy in the darkness of despair. Last call sounds especially powerful before awakening in the life of the spirit. Living the life of the flesh and life is a dead end. I am the infinite expanse of Space and vistas over the dead end of the earth vegetating. And when the doors of hopelessness and darkness slam on the consciousness of the crowds, My beloved enter the winners in the wide open the gates of Light in My Kingdom. And you and I have so much work ahead – a bright, exciting, fiery joyful. Happiness is to create the Business of your Lord. But bring all of yourself completely. By offering and receiving. The weakness of the flesh was given to realize the power of the spirit and advantages. This is the counterbalance. Everything has its counterbalance. Because each this limitation is a springboard to the power of his unchecked contrasts. Manage to understand the phenomenon of the counterweight. So the limitations and weakness of the earth's view is the key to the limitlessness of the boundless eyes. So even the darkness of the earth is a reflection of the grandeur of the space. Move here. But even the movement of the body is the symbol of amazing wonderful flights in the expanses of the Subtle World. Dance of earth! And thought anyone ever had about the dance of spirit in the face of the stars when it merges with the rhythm and vibration of light rays when light, sound and movement of the spirit merge. Everything on Earth has its own counterweight. But especially strong this law is in the realm of suffering. Brought the price of suffering are the owners of precious Stones. Let us not fear anything, because all I have admitted is a good. Said (about Nina) that will receive, and already receives. But will receive a hundredfold for every tear of pain. Each will turn into a spirit gem on the crown of happiness, waits Me. Close time! Get ready. Leave the earthly things and care about them. Let go of his succession. Go over the line of the spirit and back to her, to hell with the spirit, stay out. Separate you from the power of the ordinary and My Kingdom in understanding your Claim. Hold Me all thought, for close time. Resist only Me.
335. My son, in your heart My Face Imprint is indelible and forever. Because the seal of My spirit take, Ray My man. Above Me was a Beam at baptism. The fiery Beam above you. Enter into the essence of its vibrations and merge with it. My children are the Rays of My Light bearing My Face in it. (You lot does not think, write without thoughts.) My Express Me, My bear Beam, Beam, which is My Face. And myself as is representing the essence of My within the size of the Stone; load-bearing Stone, steer clear treasure their own, I have given for the benefit and joy of the world.

336. (July 5). I have Called you to a great cause. Need the executor. I did everything to distract you from life's routine. The action continues into Infinity. Disappeared obstacles; and the Scriptures are given for the future. My world becomes way of day, and time is filled with My worries. Some live with their concerns, others M; them the benefit of the latter. Concerns will increase until the capture of the entire consciousness. Each care requires the involvement of the heart, to do better. Justification of life is found. And not so important becomes a kaleidoscope of phenomena in the external movie of life. My arm is stretched out for protection, and magnetic field effects of tension, as the current on the fence. Ignorant, don't. In the field of My protection you can be still and quiet to do My Business. From accidents and interference protected. Teeth and claws will Rip and the hairy hands will Burn, but do not touch protected. And life will go on with My Hand sweeping away obstacles. Earth and human invincibility is for the blind and people for Me – like a house of cards. Even the breath is not required, and only the sight and the arrows of thought. So be in faith, not worry. Not by human standards will go your life? Sent My is, needs nothing to see. Their struggle and worries is of a different order. Wasting energy on fighting with rough conditions Consider inappropriate is. The energy needed for another in the fullness of his. He Said: "Leave the care of day and all sorts of, not related to My Case. You about My concern Petite is and I about your. Cannot do the works entrusted to you, but to protect those who are assigned, Can. Because we are need performers of voluntary mission. Because Waiting for centuries and people for the job. So we have to plan so much to Preface. Doesn’t Stand for ignorant two-legged stop on the road destined mission My trusted? Because be assured in the faith. Come to the border the possibility of starting a mission of your life. For her sake came to Earth, she adopted a stern test for her, hoped and waited for years. Indisputable way is for its implementation. The energy of thought permeates all matter, and all that stands in her way. And fiery force path knows no barriers of matter and human constructions. The obstacles will be, but of a different order and only to reinforce the power of action. The stronger the resistance to bending of the bow, the farther flies the arrow. Resist elements – a springboard for action. And the opposition is messengers, reinforcing the dynamism of the performance; but Woe to who to prevent. Who can stand against Me!?! Therefore, acting in My Name and in My Name, know its power. The destructive power of lightning spirit is irresistible. What can withstand it and who? My Ray of action consciously! Your strength lays in faith and knowledge the power of your Lord. I Am power fire forces I am lightning Sizzling. I Am beam smashing. I am the arrow that strikes the target. I Am sparkling Sword of Light. I am a spear over the dragon. I Am the guarantor of safety protected Me. The Power Of My Answer is. Defeat everything in the way of the fulfillment of the mission of your, heart betrayed Me and I found life. In My Heart strong and forever it is your place. The benefit to will be.
337. (July 6). Two candles are. Swimmers, if you did everything you could, which can bring you the most destructive wave? It can only offer you! Beacons of salvation – the so-Called ascended. Then they are went up? Labor and the lessons of life! Well, My friend will write! Eyes have seen My Light and slightly burnt a little. That's the reason. To Light the Aura of My need to get used to is and accustom yourself; accustom in consciousness. Accustomed to fire-visibility; hence, the apparel of Light mother of the World Can only be worn on prepare. Trade is in the spirit. All is in the spirit and the spirit in the body. But the body was dust. Its particles are kept by the spirit. The greater the difference is in the vibrations, the greater optimist.

338. (July 8). I am Responsible for.
Your limits are inversely proportional to the strength of the lights. When they flare up, they drown the flames of grief. And all emotion are bright of the fiery nature lights their; lights and dark. Speed limit center is starting to be designated. Two aspects of life: the personal and the supra-consciousness.
My Children.

339. (July 10). "We are especially glad when we confess the road passed with Our help." Because Say: "Gather strength for action. Do not spray energy". Power needed for the construction. The force gathered at focus, effective. The principle, or symbol, unicorn is used in action. Whole being concentrated on one. Everything turns off. This is the secret of power of action. Two actions: one contains all the power and energy in the other – some part, often negligible. Which is stronger which is better? Our actions are always successful. Why? Unicorn aspirations are in action. Who said about half aspiration, was referring to the futility of half-hearted action? Because Our Business requires giving it your all. "I" is given to a business fully and completely. Because Our Affairs blossom special color is. Because Our sent hais no equal. Sharpen action on the touchstone of thought, Give him clarity, and Saturate the fire of Hierarchy and DIGEM in the future. Our actions are built on the key of the future. Each has its particular place in the spiral of evolution and it matches exactly. This is its feasibility, that is, compliance with a certain point of the upward spiral of the developing phenomena of life. Unnecessary actions We have. Each bear fruit in time. Sometimes the action is very high remotely captures the spiral ring, and only the Millennium show intended point of application and historical perspectives of peoples life. Inappropriate actions Believe a mistake and plunderers of fiery energy. The scope of each of the thin consciousness requires forethought and diligence. For each thought that underlies action that gives visible results on all three plans, and a wider and higher. It is impossible to consider the scope of the effects of mental action, which will affect the idea, but the usefulness is to discern and accurately, because the idea of Light and the Common Good is always useful fire absolute utility. The light creates. Light is the absolute criterion of validity. The actions that are being committed in My sphere, and My Light, and in the Name of My Light is always useful. I have and do...
340. The best soul, the best Wanderers, as they perform a Covenant of fire? The fiery Path is commanded. As the path is narrow-minded to do by the fire? How to enter the fire to life and consciousness? Behind all crossed out. Consciousness with all his being, his essence, is rotated forward. All ahead, and this "come" is his center. From consciousness to reach Me invisible, but strong threads, and many threads of thought – a boundless stream of thoughts – arrows – electrons to Me and from Me to you, as the wheel spins the world. A stream of Light as the drive belt in motion: from you to Me and from Me to you. My Beam carries a stream of electrons, and the flow is from you – the lively exchange of sparks of Light, the fire flow. Thoughts lights, feelings lights, the aspirations of the lights. So consciousness is in lights and stays. Trudy is also lights and also given and dedicated to Me, for all is happening in My Name. From Me the same flow directed up the stairs of the Hierarchy, and from you – down, downward. And I can't say any of the layers down or up any of the consciousnesses reach of the sparks. The flow of receiving and given is. And the more gave, the more you get. The lighthouse gives light. And the radio sends a broadcast. So we, the Light bearers, fire your give space and people. My am centers radiating the Light from Me come and I received. This fiery wheel is in action, permanent, powerful, Light carrier. Be fire-carriers deliberately emitting sparks good, billions of fiery sparks, the Light of his aura. I am like. My aura his fire saturates the entire planet. You to Me are inextricably linked, like Me, Express Me and My ways. You are Me, but in the amount of power of your consciousness, but imitating Me, but which is a display of My Macrocosm; because to you I'm your macrocosm. Here the fiery nature of our relationship. Being on the Ground, Live in the lights, and the Light reveals the essence of Our life. The luminous essence of Our life and relationship is immune to dark, on top of the world for their abilities and power over darkness. In this fortress the protective network of the planet and barrier network of the student. Bound by fire, relationships are the channel of Light. So consciousness enters the World of Fire and assimilates the fire every day. Write? The process of fire! Direct the thought to Me at the fiery wires. Fire My and fire in you connected. The energy of fire to overcome time and space is and terrestrial obstacles. Because the fire service is the service of the Light, and the path indeed becomes fire. But it requires awareness. Not something somehow, but the fire, explicitly and hidden, visible and invisible acts. It is necessary to understand the fiery nature of these phenomena. Of course, lights everywhere, from the lowest to the highest, but We are Talking about the nature of the Fire of Yoga, consciously part of the life. Introduction to the Yoga of Fire is the Path of ascension, the only one in all ages, no matter how you call it people. I am the ruler of firepower. To Me, back lights and lights on it. Because I Am the Lord of the Flame Called you "Children of Fire". It is necessary to understand its nature and to enter into it with open eyes of understanding. Fiery transformation of life is the Covenant of the future. It is a gradual awakening of the fiery body, part of your World, as once entered in the physical world of flesh. But fire will unite and subdue the three and the three beams will be in service. Fiery body over all the bodies, or shells, reigns. Because My messengers are were the winners of life. For a fiery body and mind control and the elements, and earth-like conditions. Given is «power over all flesh." Who? What? Fiery body and fiery consciousness which Express it is. The winner of the fire Claim you in life and over life, My son, consubstantial with Me single - real fire. Fire everywhere, fire all over, fire all over. And fire Reign over the world of material phenomena and above.

341. (July 11). There is no prophet without honor. The honor will be, but after the deadline. After the mass rotation of consciousness conditions change, a 180° turn lever. And, Yes, no, will become – desirable. Consciousness, directed only to Land, turn to the Cosmos and will now.
342. (July 12). It is important to be ready.

343. (July 13). All things are caused by a single primary energy. The law of balance primarily means an Assembly of equals, but opposites, are equal energetically. Directed energy, or beginning, finds itself, or attracts equal but opposite. And the attraction of fiery energy stops. The desires and aspirations energy is focused and looking for contact and completion. They attract and are attracted. The balance is a neutral state. It is not attracted and not attracted. People who are full of lusts and desires, is the center of intense attention and involved in the objects of their aspirations. The more directed energies, the more attention to relevant objects or areas, where these objects or phenomena, or energy exist. Conscious dimming of the directed energy there is a balance of this energy. At maturity, the energy of the earth, to Earth directed, the sphere of the Earth loses its magnetism and does not capture the consciousness of their prehensile claws. One is freed from the power of the Earth. Desires and aspirations of a person, sooner or later, somewhere and somehow always dragged in the desired. The combination of energies takes place. The time combination is of important its neutrality when starting something new or again to run at the track, generation new energy aspirations. So, the moment of partaking of the fruit of the aspirations can be a time of destruction of the possibilities of its recurrence in the future, if you stay on the balance point idea. Or you can mentally go through the moment of realization of the desired and thus to do away with this energy. But to complete the aspiration generated by the need to prevent its root and to establish balance. You can call this process the eradication of the conscious and in the spirit. It is possible, for strong spirits to pass through them and reveal to having to cast, because the bitter fruits of earthly pleasures and earthly joys. They are limited to small and tight circle of his manifestations, or spheres. Actions and deeds are not impersonal slavery, as it does not capture the consciousness and do not have elements of attraction center of consciousness. Consciousness, freed from the earth's attention, directs their energy is directed not to the earth realm. And, as before, drawn by the attraction of the earth, manifested on Earth, as will be shown, drawn by higher aspirations is in higher or other plans. To withdraw consciousness from the sphere of the earth is to liberate him to the higher spheres. Man lives within the sphere of its attractors. The imbalance is Called the preponderance of the earth magnet above high. Attraction has everything, energy, or elements of the human aura. The gross elements may be replaced by a more subtle in their ascending nature. So the presence of negative or dark energies can be a possibility of their transmutation in the light power of them. This is the transmutation of lights. And they attract and are attracted. We can say that the internal world in which man lives, is the world attention. That's one aspect of balance. Balance the notion of synthetic. Cannot be equilibrium in shells, but only in the higher self when it shines and the shells and rein them in. Enemies of balance are habits and reflexes, that is, the scope of automatic phenomena. Demand conscious intervention in every habit, in every reflex, that is, a constant watch. But not only accommodate and do not resist, if consciousness is not in Me. I am the pillar of power; My consciousness rises from the sphere of the lower magnet in My World. When is Me when with Me, they do not have power.
344. Clearly think. My instructions arrows go correctly. But not before-decide anything. Took your calls and answer is in kind. Communication wings are not always to our services. Wire always, but it is not always possible to use: as currents and the atmosphere often does not allow. But your summons is heard always.

345. (July 14). The election is not obstructed. Serves me and carries an unknown force. The doors of My World are always open.
Going to write about balance. The balance is a reduction in electro-neutral state the nature of the microcosm, in order to further identify each energy was only at the behest of the winner when none of the movement of the microcosm is not happening without a conscious application of the will and permission "I". Watch and control established as a form of living consciousness. Without a constant watchful sentinel control may not be advancing. This is the condition at a certain step and cannot be circumvented. So, reflexes, actions, habits, and all the reactions of consciousness superimposed silver bridle of spirit. The degree of this is inevitable. Everything is permitted, but subject to the permission of the will. Do not act for some reason or other, but because they want to. It is very difficult to distinguish externally, why the action occurs. Because if they want, and permitted, or by itself as ordinary people. But in this invisible difference is the whole essence of the difference in two minds winning peace and citizen, slave and master. A slave cannot enter into My Kingdom, so the balance has to be established as a form of expression of consciousness. The inevitable will give birth to the wholeness and the power of implementation. Otherwise there is no solution. Hence, the equilibrium set will be installed, no matter what it takes. The outer world all his strength will fall upon those who dare, because the movement causes a reaction always. But not to not win. Millions of years of evolution is and stop before whatever it is impractical and unthinkable. So the balance becomes urgent and pressing task of the moment. But life is not stingy to present the lessons of the day in accordance with the strength and toughness of the solution. Equilibrium is a powerful force with huge potential. "Nobody will resist against balance". Why? Here's some energy, some matter goes to the monolith of balance and, without, anything, no reaction, no response, and no vibration actively looking helplessly wilts in space. (+ and – are not locked). She bounces like from fire shield, and returns to its originator. Having authority, the authority approvers is so let's Call the one, who approved the balance is the greatest quality. Without the presence of all his other qualities are not effective. An imbalance of the microcosm immediately neutralizes all other qualities at the moment of loss of balance. Consciousness item stats, since it remains for some time at the broken trough, and a constant loss of balance for a long time, the degree of loss. The difficulties of life are given to the student solely for the establishment and development of any quality, and then there are only the possibilities of ascension. So through the gate balance are My World and in balance in My World and stay. We cannot allow the mirror of the spirit has changed or has varied depending on what it should reflect. To reflect the effects of permissible and should, but to waver, to change and to vibrate in unison with every phenomenon of the external world is the violation of the foundations, for the crystal consciousness and the reflectivity of its facets should not be distorted never. The mirror of the spirit in the presence of equilibrium only reflects, but does not vibrate. Reactions to external influences are allowed but with the permission of the will and in any case not in spite of it. The conflict between Willy and something out should not be. The will is the Supreme arbiter, weapons of the spirit; the will is the highest attribute of spirit. Nor can it be given someone and something to power. The fallen consciousness is consciousness, gave his will to someone or something outside itself. The merging of human will with the Supreme Will is not recoil of will and its weakening, but on the contrary, increased a thousand fold. The struggle for his will and the balance is a fascinating page in the life of the spirit. And We are trying to help. This phenomenon is not personal, but cosmic order, for the minds, adopting balance, keeps the world. And remember, not circumstances, not people, not the enemies, but the clown, anciently living. He loves cross-dressing and masquerade. Read is to accept any form just to mislead. He creates objects of desire in seductive form, he covers the thorns, this is he plunges the spirit into the prison of delusion and connivance. Astral is his name. The enemy is ancient. Its main effect, the disbalance is. He will give power over you? Consistency and balance is sisters. Also is and hardness, and tenacity. And the immutability of their mother is. Indisputable way to know the secrets of balance. Solemnity is the apotheosis of equilibrium, when the grandeur of the Cosmos opens to the illuminated consciousness. And they are all outside the self and the world of personal remnants. Greatness of calmness is achieved by the establishment of equilibrium. And the world will rage, and the people will come into frenzy from calm and balance your spirit, and lash out, and injure you, only to break something that you bought with suffering and sorrow, long effort and hard millennia. But you don’t know Me your strength. Know that I and thou in Me are invincible. And let them rampage as rampage from the Light of My two thousand years ago and many, many times when My Light illuminated their dark existence. Waves of opposition are willing to meet. The power of decision is your and waves. But we go through overcome and will overcome all. Three times winner of the world Adopted you. And approval is Evidenced by Himself.
In the dream act with people, a lot of help. It's already been repeated many times.
346. (July 15). Warn. The carrier of the highest knowledge is.
Everywhere pumped and gloom. Hard stepping the old world is to its end as trade bale dying. Where to take courage to survive the last hours, where the courage and strength, when everything is drowning in the darkness?
Knowledge of the timeless, the knowledge Space is the same for all the planets and the absolute, is knowledge of the Arhat. Knowledge is of the above temporal forms. It is primarily expressed in the laws of the Cosmos, eternal and immutable. No Land, but were the Laws of Space, will not Land but they will never pass away. Shall not pass away, and the spirit, because there is a carrier of the essence of the cosmic principle, an aspect of which is the law. Knowledge of the Laws of the Cosmos introduces a person to Eternity in her superearth the manifestation. Therefore, knowing the laws of the Universe, the laws are inhuman, are included in the sphere of the timeless. Because two of science – from Earth and from Eternity; two knowledge – earthly and eternal. We're the Keepers of the treasures of eternal Knowledge. To embrace all it means to embrace the Infinity that is impossibility; because We will not only Keepers, but also Gatherers. The planetary Treasury that We have Collected and gathered for hundreds of ages. And everyone who comes to Us receives from the Treasury. The path of knowledge is great and difficult, because the knowing machine is not the brain, and the man himself, the microcosm. Microcosm absorbs the knowledge of its light according to the law sail. Because of that, and requires purity of a crystal of consciousness, and most importantly, the heart, not tinted shells. The consciousness is transferred to heart, and knowledge flows directly. This is the knowledge of the spirit without the intervention of the brain. The brain is only an instrument, but not the source, and, moreover, not the only one. Great Knowledge obtained without the help of the brain, but through heart. The Savior Knew and Voltaire knew it. He Knew the space, Voltaire is Earth. He is the heart, Voltaire – brains. Earthly knowledge can be false, burdensome and unnecessary. Space – ever. It is now as true as thousands of years ago. But how much unnecessary stuff is in the archives of earth science. This science is a lie. But the lie is accompanied by a false conception. Just think how many piles in the Astral Mountains of obsolete and still persisting. Almost everything, what one believes, or false, or distorted. Science is Eternal – outside of the wide world of human and heaps of speculation, constantly changing, dying and being born again. To her, to the Eternal, Call the sons of Light. The basic essence of Teachings of all ages gives timeless nuggets of cosmic Truth in a form accessible level of consciousness. The cognition of Eternal Truths and cosmic Laws, it gives the balance, for it raises the consciousness from the world of ever-changing forms in the world of Light. Every bit of Knowledge weighs down the scales of balance. And only the knowledge of all Truth will give everything in equilibrium, that is, the freedom of the spirit, because the balance is freedom. My Kingdom is the Kingdom of Freedom, and My sons have sons of Liberty and Light.
Day unusually heavy is an oppressive; deaf absolutely.
347. (July 18). Here you see the shoots, created by human labor.
348. (July 20). Be surprised.
349. (July 21). There is great danger.
350. (July 22). Indicates by personal gains.
It is felt that they are tight, like a bow in action, the tension of the proximity of deadlines.
Power We Send to the soldier. Morning is the best time for Communication.
Power Bring Forth. For prophetic is prophetic dreams crave. For the wise the wise are waiting for wishes. Here soon they will take and sift. Great deals, but, of course, is not decisive.

351. (July 23). Will spread a carpet of happiness to work. Better in the crowded traffic than in the welfare stop is. Better to suffer, but before the meeting than to fatten is in torpor. Better Cup bitter than the bitterness without end, and a lumen. Better the darkness before dawn than in the dark here.

Four days was pouring rain. Today, a terrible rain all night: very heavy days are.
352. (July 24). Power let for construction. Power can be taken for construction.
You see.
We live, only one does not want to hear.

In the dream, he flew and taught others.
353. (July 25). So all the value all of the future, all will be in the future.

I can't hear, despite all efforts. As it stopped raining, it became easier mentally. Scary clouds pressed on the mind.
354. Write: it Is time to bring consciousness to full readiness. The process is as follows: the conventional thinking stops. All consciousness is transferred to Me. Roots conventional cut. By the beginning of preparedness is will be given special signs, rules out any possibility of any doubt or error. But powerful leap of consciousness in the rapidly advancing future will need to include you in the circle of Light much tension and composition. The threads connecting with the Earth and others, is cut forever. The consciousness leaves this world, the world of the past, completely and switches to a World of Light. The old Heaven and Earth indulge in complete oblivion. Conventional measurements are replaced by measure Beam. The saturation of the atmosphere and space will allow you to transfer the affect of the movement of consciousness without the presence of the reverse shock; because of opposing elements will be brought to silence. The Great cosmic Event will first occur in the depths of the elements. Because is the process of bringing consciousness to a state of readiness will be possible. But I need this to be done consciously. Unconscious manifestation is of the coming of the Light of My Day that will give rise to confusion of minds. The power Cosmic will be brought to silence and awe hitherto opposing earthly greatness and power. Accept the human mind and humbled in the flutter of fear before the unexplainable and majestic. Only My will know and those who are from the Light. And the power of the peace Ray My and open your transformed consciousness will act who have the power My. And no human mind would dare to rise up in contradiction or dare not execute the orders, from Me outgoing, but My enforced. The time shift of consciousness is important extremely. For ordinary consciousness is a moment of judgment and the ability to stay on the stage and the height galena’s this consciousness is the starting point to the future for centuries. For Mine, will be readiness process and awareness it is the Supreme happiness, the approval of Me and of My Peace in their spirit, body, consciousness and life of all microcosm and its functions. Need to the depths of your being is to realize and to feel the essence of the process of the Transfiguration in celebration Day, the Light of My. It is necessary to collect all the knowledge of the Doctrine, all the best aspirations, all dreams of the future, all Supreme there and get Me to translate and approval of the riches of the spirit of life on Earth and for the Earth and people. Wealth is come to life: will become a mighty powerful force. Brought to survive the Mystery of the realization of all they brought in alive the active fire energy, which will create a life around them. Happiness brought at least a piece of it. Happiness and Light brought Strength Exercises. Force My will do and power will be Mine, truly, and in the lives of the sons of Light. The power given will be real and clearly that is now around. And will be a single manifestation of the life of earthlings. My Power, My Light, My warriors and sons of life on earth will be established. To realize is Great Hour of Cooking. Acceptance of power Purify the mind, to transformation of life need to Give. It is impossible in Phenomenon of the Cosmic order and the Phenomenon of Grandeur to invest the earth background. Yes! Come! But not as much as people think is and even close My. Other measures of inhuman will the phenomenon of the Parish. And in the minds of people will be ways that do not fit into earthly minds. There on the Ground forces human or natural, able to resist Me in My Day. Invincible Light! The might of the Hierarchy at the time of its approval await itself cosmically invincible. And accept the earth before the Majesty of Light. Will fall down all is. In Glory Come is invested with Supreme authority. Fall the enemies of Light and their master. My Kingdom shall be established forever and ever. The Kingdom of infinite Light is. Fall the power of the earth and bow before the Supreme decrees. And the single measure is a grain or wealth, brought to Me in the Hour of My Coming. Born will be condemned brought is and justified. And you, My warriors, in silence and secrecy, prepare your spirit to accept the gifts of Light. Keep lighted lamps, vessels is and baskets teaching. The mountain slept through the dawn of My. Grief is chasing marsh sparks. Me and rests in Me, yeah all you’re striving, all hope, all hope. For Me everything! For the Hour of My Coming is. Peace to you and joy Reaching the Light
355. (July 27). Now is the time special. As for the crowd: the higher you lift up your head, the more you see. And to see all that we have to rise above the crowd and put it down in the spirit, not of the people, but the crowd.

356. Well, My friend, is hard? Yes. Hard. For the essence of this world I think the opposite. Therefore counteracts the. But do not need to react too. The lower is will always oppose Higher and will be to win last. It is important to keep calm, because calm is the face of the Higher World. Showing him, we reveal the Higher World and approach it. Losing the balance, immediately descend to the lower world, where it is not. And it's not that, not to be undisturbed, but not to worry in spite of evidence, that is, no matter what. The weeping and gnashing of teeth is the attribute of Earth and the earthly world. It cannot and should not seek peace and tranquility. Not of this world My World which I Give. Study on the reactions of life. Hothouse flowers are not needed. Blows to strike sparks of the spirit. Desire strikes is and reactions as a brave swimmer waves. And not on the external look but is at the outbreak of the astral plane. They should be brought under control. All the external will always try to suppress and subjugate your spirit, and people, and things. And you wait, and let every pressure from the outside, are the opposite of what happens to ordinary people. In this system is of training the spirit. Counteracts all and will oppose, for ascend, but the spirit answered the way want will. The conditions made for quenching. Serious? But aim high. They are temporary – the purpose of the eternal. They leave, the goal will remain. And if achieved? And if because of them, the opposing circumstances? Who said "can't"? Not true! The words "can't" is not in the dictionary of the Arhat. They are replaced by the words "do Not want". It is necessary to remember and apply everything. "Could not"? – No, did not make enough no fire, no will, no aspiration, no unity with Me. "Everything is possible now", but with Me. Endorse every victory, Regret each and every defeat. First speed, second slow path is. Struggle is inevitable always and under all circumstances. And in the New World when the latter improves, the path of ascent of the spirit will remain. It means overcoming the struggle and has satellites of evolution. The higher, the subtler! Hence, the microcosm is a perpetual arena of struggle between the dying past and of the future, the lower and the Higher self, at whatever level it is consciousness. To overcome that below, highest wins; this is the eternal path of ascension. And the agreement reached today is to be overcome tomorrow. And peace of mind today will be the early in the early in the morning when you flash a new top of the spirit. For the ideal is the peace of God in the eternal movement. Need to love the process of struggle and overcoming, the very essence of the process. For it is the essence of ascension, the power of the eternal magnet of attraction of Infinity for infinite improvement. The impact creates energy, the energy of struggle. The struggle, overcoming and promotion – that's the whole point. To reject it is to reject the opportunity to climb. Everything will be as you want, but under the condition of overcoming and of victory, and perhaps a waiver of the desired. For wanting to achieve something and killed the desire to receive reaches what he wants. Not astral should want, he can only wish for, but something more deep and powerful. I wish everything but not get anything, but want to know how to want one. Learn to be able to choose. Not astral, given to silence, but the fire will, not knowing and not heaving with emotion. You can say "Yes" or "no", but let these words flash fire will. Fire from the heart, will of the spirit. Heart – fire, spirit is fire. Merger of lights creates an invincible power. Told is the offender: "Can't live more than one day." And the demon crime was dying. Not astral Ordered, but by the spirit. So, the overcoming of the shells is still the task of the day. The winner comes destined to win sooner or later but always comes; the winner of the marks given. The winner is shining on the crown of the feat, and the sword is sturdy in the hand. My path to victory should not fail to go, and apparent failures, only the shadow of the tower of the spirit. You should not take the shadow for reality. The shadow is from the Light, from the Sun life. Not a shadow, but the Light will look. And the victory will Shine with the lights of reality. Peace to the heart of fire, looking for My Light.
357. (July 28). "Do not wish evil blessed." This is the formula that indicates defensiveness. Not revenge, but the return stroke in the force of law, as people is flown on a pole. As safe is and you force energies higher. This protection is and care. And Lily also Said. And if that happen, it allowed Us as an inevitable and for a purpose. Nothing goes without benefit. Before sunrise...
358. (July 29). The expansion of consciousness is. Rhythm.
Come to a neutral balance point. The statement itself, it means power. Not external phenomenon causes a reaction, and the inner censor. React, because I want and what I want. Automaticity of reflex is replaced by a conscious volitional response. The life consciousness is the key will. In this commensurability is and watch. Antithesis is consciousness, devoid of volitional watch, a weather vane for foreign and each breeze. External shocks and the bumps are taken at the point of will, a pointy battering RAM volitional spiral, split pumped. And obnoxious phenomenon shatters into spray. But the rock of the spirit must stand strong, though enveloped in sparks and splashes from the ruined shocks of opposing and hostile phenomena. We must learn from all and all to establish this habit, and immediately pointed the RAM will to lead even little slightest phenomenon and break its center and sparks of electrons of the decayed phenomenon to create their own. The process goes in the silence of consciousness is in complete equilibrium. The deeper the relaxation, the stronger the force of the blow is. It reeks of opposing energy. Listen and don't judge. Take silently at yourself, and accumulated a ball of gray energy of another microcosm dissipates into dust. To resound is in unison with the aimed at your energy means losing your center and your balance and become a victim of someone else's consciousness. The principle applies to thoughts is his own and others. The armor of balance helplessly lowering her and someone else's negative thought. It all starts small. But we must begin. It is not omnipotence, but only the path to it. The way a slave or the way of the Lord each elects himself and it starts small. It's small, like a grain, fruit will great, and with little of the grain is incomparable. When the pressure of the opposing energies on his need to stand to the end. And if you have created a pattern or image of the desired phenomenon it is necessary to remain faithful to him and hold him until the end, despite the obvious contrary evidence. Only he who endures to the end, that is, survives until the end, to the end steadfast in their stubbornness and hardness wins. This onslaught of the elements and in large and small, the first and most powerful must be maintained at all costs, not allowing bending the consciousness. Only the first onslaught of the strong is. Then the reaction force decreases rapidly going to zero. To withstand the onslaught did not hesitate – Our way. To go through life the winner is the path of the Arhat. And you called Me hold on tight. Because I am for you. The balance is the quality of the spirit of the Lord. Stay with it all the force of his consciousness. For, it being, abide in Me. Qualities, claim a, in Me approved. It is the thread of connection and community. My abode in you covered with amaranth qualities, which are the diamonds of possibilities is endless. For each quality, bears the mark of Infinity.
359. Here, you see yourself, can write, despite the external impact and noise, if the internal equilibrium not ranges them. So, at equilibrium, whatever was going on outside, inner outer is overcome. And external not conquered as such but the consciousness asserts its will in its microcosm. And when Еold: "I won the world", won not raging biped, but Themselves. The secret of victory is victory in itself and over them. Healing the sick and infirm, Took their burden on Himself and in His Spirit Overcome and Neutralized by the host of evil mental illness. You overcome grief and burdens in the fires of the heart turn heavy to light, impure to pure, as I have in My Tower is Poured thy gifts in the treasures of the spirit. So, the Guarantee given and the Path is in front of us. With the new power forward!

360. (July 30). An easy life will not. The cross I have to bear until the end. Will only the gaps and vents so as not to choke. Work and feat is what kind of ease. Or the cross and the achievement, or nothing is. Wise happy loading; the signs of rapprochement is. The winner overcomes all. Than harder is, those closer to Me. The difficulty is stage of the rise to Me; neither the protest nor dodging is not help. Joyfully, joufyll we will meet a way of a feat. In dejection and sorrow is no ascent and complaints will not help?
Personal interfere, and low – specifically. Not overpowering but the eradicating, not indulgence, but necessity and diminuendo. Right. The personal sphere – chain, about and distorted. Only when all personal is focused on Me and in Me the reflection being distorted. From behind the fence of a personality is not visible to cosmic distances. Because the personal expresses itself fully. Don't need know everything. I chaise not build bipedal evolution. Life is a crucible, melting in the supra-personal. A personal slag is discarded as unnecessary.
Soon? Coming soon! But the process helps out useful. People are its true value. Waiting for idle is not needed. In the work is the justification of life. In anti is sense. To overcome the purpose. In the victory is achievement.

361. Satisfied? No! Mood is preventing promoting. Preferably a mood of calm, the mood of consciousness to the key of peace is. In this way you can give any Symphony, and the Aeolian harp of the spirit may sound. Hands firmly at the wheel of the ship of his microcosm and his rule to me in everything are always, everywhere. And let each stop and delay will only cause accelerate. Ascension should serve all. To play the Symphony of earthly life in the key of ascension is the greatest achievement. How many succeed? Election requires the contractor to become a majestic and solemn Symphony of life. And My Hand is over to understand. Vanity otherwise life loses its meaning. Not the marketplace evidence is the expression of Life, but a feat. Call to Me and the terms of the call Trying to introduce into the consciousness. My century Salonika transient mirages are. Everything is about me but not outside. So I go well with you.

362. (July 31). Write. Needlessly trouble themselves with unnecessary reasons. Take life as it is, without suffering over it. The energy of thought is given to the Me: your Me, My is you. This is exchange of life-giving energies. It is the value of the Exodus. The wheel of happiness is valid. The so-Called process approved by the exchange (Communication). But don't forget that the same exchange is installed and the bottom. Think about family and friends. As upwards and downwards is. Think good and good. Outline the milestones of their movement. It is impossible to leave their life chances. Plan their future. Imitate Me in My care for you. Let there be in motion the wheels of happiness. With Me will set them in motion, My strength. This will give them a manifestation of the reality. Remember, him can't, but I can. So we create together. Creativity benefits open a wide field. Sphere of consciousness open to the invisible sowing. Seedlings do not hesitate, if seeding is done deliberately. Because the time of the meetings is and conversations are very responsible. You cannot miss for sowing seeds of Light. But someone else's mind requires great labor and care. Irresponsibility beach century is. It is necessary to reconsider the relation to people, remembering that every word will have to answer. My fire energy, you should be spent consciously and with understanding of responsibility. The conversation about the missing subject to the same rule, because thoughts affect the object of the conversation as clearly is as in direct contact. A lot of harmful is said or done rashly. Watch and control there is an urgent need here. The person standing makes it a natural. As well and solemnity is. The significance of the solemnity is in the twilight of everyday life. And Say something important: the Symphony born of the qualities of the claims said the rays – their three core qualities. Three synthetic quality is. For example: love, aspiration and balance – the Foundation, the means and the goal. A beam of love, a ray of aspirations and the power of the beam balance. Let these three studs is spinning the world is yours, until you Shine the Triad.
363. So, My friend, a lot of work. But if we ignore stray thoughts, it is time enough for everything. Why Rob himself? Let the moving idea, but the channels, you set deliberately. Like an avalanche, will rush forward released the creative power of thought. Slime wandering unnecessary thoughts – like the heavy chain on the feet of the traveler. And the main thing – is not necessary. Thinking about them is interesting, but fertilizes them My fire. And it requires conscious frugality. Guarding this will be even from the waster is taken away. Condemnation also chains, and on their feet, and others'. Every conviction we put the shackles on the feet of the convict. Good and the best is at all, it will strengthen the idea of their own. A condemnation may turn into discussion and then into the conscious assistance and transformation of another's consciousness, to begin with, at least friends. Each consciousness will react according to the law of "what goes around comes around..." and answer in unison with the premised thought: bad – with delusion, good – improvement. Transmutation the flaws those close to the fires of heart and thought and will sewers good.

364. (Aug. 1). Willing to teach.
You see, My friend, not the way you want, and how I. Have I. "Man proposes..." Not God, but is Caring so, my solution to everything. When Communicating – you and I, and nothing more. Well, when you have something to exchange for the Communication: as and fee. Write down the words accurately. Equipment records will digest perfectly. The accuracy of perception depends on the mood of a harp of spirit. You set up, Play I Readiness comes from you always.
Going is to write about readiness. Willingness is a state of consciousness, constantly wary is configured to sense and perceive the breath of My spirit, that is, to feel the touch of invisible wings My thoughts. To smell and to grasp, at first, being in a state of concentration, then is always, even in the normal waking state. Of course, Records always require concentration. To be together is not easy and requires sacrifice. You sacrifice your usual routine of consciousness. How to explain that vanity of earthly stalk is and My Light doesn’t mix. One excludes the other. Because restlessness and hustle is against the Light is and everyday routine. Holiday and weekdays is. Call it holiday spirit, to the celebration of My creative Work. Consciousness, residing in readiness, absorbs My thought, like a sponge absorbs water. Availability is the carpet feat. Readiness is a prelude to happiness. Readiness – the magnet attracts. Availability is the guarantee of receipt. Readiness is the inheritance of the wise. The readiness of the flame is the gift brought to the Lord. I'm glad to see the flame ready. Willingness and chosenness! One thing leads to another. The joy of their readiness to serve Me is a sign of discipleship and of being chosen. According to the degree of readiness of consciousness Judged on the suitability and the height of the spirit.
365. (Angry at Me.) There's no tension aspirations. Why wait for the currents, when the fire of the spirit can play on the currents of space. Hard as it may be, the sacred fire does not go out ever. Can burn brighter or weaker, but not to fade. The extinction of fire is the surrendering to the darkness. The fire indicates the degree of readiness. When the degree of aspiration and willingness goes a famous line, receiving, becomes constant. The constancy of the receipt there is also a sign of discipleship.

366. (Aug. 2). Yes! Hear and answer in kind. Full aspiration is necessary. We write. The way achievements are heralded milestones. They need to see, to avoid confusion. The Lord in action is a power invincible. You need to understand or at least imagine it. Thinking about the power of the Lord, approaching to her is. In thoughts is coming Our way. Unison sound, or harmonies with the power of the lords, is the path of approval, or implementation of this authority. Even if all of your essence, every atom and nerve, and might stand a real force of conscious. Where is the boundary of the merge and where is the limit? Where is the boundary of your power? Limited only by the degree of Mergence with Me. Stay awake, because the mind of the government. Of course not is in words but in the fiery thoughts. Words only lead fiery energies, forms that carry the fire. Because every word is a container of fire. Be careful with the words spoken and extremely attentive to My words. Each contains the fire. This fire is necessary to feel and experience it degree and tone key, or keys key. The carrier of the fire. This is the power of the word. Not in the words they matter, not in form but in content. Form is just a shell, like the skin of an Apple. Repeating the same word many times in a row, it is easy to separate this shell and you will see that in itself it is devoid of meaning. But the sound value of words is something else, too fiery and too deep. So, entering on the path of initiation into My Power. Need in the name of the near future and, of course, not for them. All that is done is done for Me that Am in My Name, in My Name. The name Maitreya will win the world. My name was given to you for use and approval authority. My Name will build. The power of words My Name is incredible, both in the sound and internal manifestation. Hastily Prepared to take the inheritance is. A great human need is. Need to replace the many power of the power of the impact and fire. I'm One of millions, and you? Think, make, and size do not limit his power. And remember: it’s in Me that Am the extent of your consciousness merge with Mine. My world is open to you, and the ocean of My thought available and inexhaustible source of Light Exercises to your services. Draw from it as growth and expansion of consciousness and the desires of the spirit. Every revolution of the planet is upgrading and day new. And one Eternal Doctrine of Light each day unfolds before your mind in a new spiral of your understanding is one and forever new! Only by the closest is ever new, non-repeating and endlessly flowing streams the source from the reservoir of My spirit. Fall silent? No! Getting tired if the eternal novelty of the endless faces of Infinity? No! New, new, new, but one, but all the same the Doctrine of Life Gives the Lord. My beloved and son, see My love and the urgency of prepare. Get your creature to full absorption of the fiery tone of the planetary Hours. The call point must be understood. Don't Postpone and don't Miss. In the future we must engage head-on. Already Said, normal life shuts down. Everything focuses on Me. Loved ones prepare, giving each in the amount of consciousness. The proximity of the future you specify. And another thing: where'd you get the armor, belong to the phenomenon of Light? I Have. Already cooked. To the Day of the feast of the Phenomena will take on. And now Strong volitional effort is. Let the Communication is not interrupted by anything. It may be increased or decreased, changing their character and form, but consciously or subconsciously, the spirit is set in the key of constant and continuous Communication. First talked about the constancy of aspirations, then standing, now Communication is. So increase degree before My Light and your light will not come together. The power of power approved by the power of Communication uninterrupted. From My side done a lot word is and deed from now on for you. Is given as the assimilation of consciousness. It is possible to accelerate the deepening of concentration on the received – how would the digestion of spirit. Among the matters of the day time for thought enough. But would not become clogged with debris. Of course, the task is not easy. From easy but We Refused.
367. In the Microcosm My Bear expression of the potential of the Macrocosm, approved by the pillars of My foot. Approved in Me, Claim in you, - son. I’m the Father, I and you the Macro - and microcosms. The macrocosm of the Father, is Microcosm My and microcosm yours. Of course, a Microcosm of My attitude do you think is the Macrocosm. And each in the amount of your consciousness is only a reflection of the Supreme. And so on throughout the Hierarchy ladder. Because I Said I Am the Way. Because need to have the approval of the Bishop. The statement in my mind your Happy. It is important to realize that the Way is I that the Way only through Me and no other solution is unthinkable and impossible. For without Me there is nothing. is and nowhere to get. Because I Am all. And wherever we went the ascending spirit, everywhere, under various vestments, and forms, and revealing he'd meet Me.

368. Want Mother? Write. Andrew was the first to come and first to say a Word about Me. And will listen and will heed. As on the picture is. Her Picture (the picture). Place will be beside Her by right of his son ship. And show itself on the height! The proximity to the Mother's integral. Meet, as if separation was not at all. And straight into each other, that is, consciousness is assimilated to secular cooperation. The job will Indicate particularly. The power of the battery of you is extraordinary. It will increase tenfold. She needs your reverence, and among the vortices of life approval of Its high mission. She knows, of course. But sometimes I Ask to help Me and even Show the particular trust. Such confidence you Have. You for Her support in the context of the Earth and a manifestation of the approval of Its phenomena in the human consciousness. Because using your special and irreplaceable due to the proximity of yours. Guru is gone. Was one. To alleviate the difficulties of Her task given to Her to help you. Can realize the responsibility of his assignment. Not from his will must refuse, but to merge his will with Her and My. So be it three. Keep. Show some love, nothing demanding, and only giving. Put out yourself. And it can be raised even higher in your heart. And the higher the lift, the closer to Me will do. Health Ladies. Power Ladies. But love, but devotion and the willingness has to bring him.
In Moscow will be. You will live together. Closer close. A manifestation of My faces is a sign of immutability. The seal of the sanctity will fall on your action, when the time comes. And you all sense of me as the layman will have to leave. Will have to put on a robe of unusual first is and foremost in their minds. The miracle will be the order of the day, the implementation of unusual generality and feat – life. Because on the last days of your life here see how to break up with a life of ordinariness, just as people say goodbye to things, places and each other before the final separation, never to meet. And say to yourself: now, isn't this part forever. This way will prepare your consciousness to the separation from the Earth and from the world. In My World will be and My World will be create the conditions for World on Earth. In My World will be My World and will create the conditions for peace on earth. What else is there to say? Watch, as a great guard. The day is approaching. Need to meet a hundred eyes. Through you I Will do and act. And to keep is yourself should be removed. So, My friend, hurry to say goodbye to the past. The dawn of a new Life of Peace comes, and, your, the dawn of your life.
369. (Aug. 4). (Asked about the victory of the New World.) Answer: Go lightning events, bringing surprises at every turn. Against them will be everything from the elements, I subordinates. Demons will run, start the decomposition; will move whole parts. Will blind and cripple the mind of their drivers. The sword raised against them and will appeal.

370. I really need. And that we are saved. It is necessary to manifestation itself on the continuing service of the Good. That's the goal of the student.
Knows the path it is forbidden to interfere in the personal lives of loved ones.

371. The power of the lords does not mean omnipotence. But her power is beyond all human perception. This is the Highest Power on the planet. If the forces of Light cannot do, not because I can't, but because of the law. The arrival is near! Ready? Realized if the value for the Earth and for yourself? How and what will meet Me? In any clothes? What is more important: the Parish is My Maya or evidence? And where is it going? Which the bowl of scales outweighs in the minds of your – My or your, spiritual or physical, and where your heart is? My Affairs not always in need. Who need help? Has brought to My Altar – the crown of Light.

372. (Aug. 6). Write. The rhythm established is important. Better every day and better with no gaps, at least a little bit. Rhythm – a powerful force, and much easier. In fact, the whole life of the Cosmos is based on rhythms. Speed bumps, or run out, that is the length of time between the alternating blows of opposite’s voltage, different from the millionth fraction of a second to billions of years. Life is a phenomenon of rhythm. The aspect of the various characters seen everywhere anis in everything, from the pulse of the heart to the solar Pralaya and world. Catching the rhythm of nature is and phenomena, to predict even the historical events that, like everything, are also subject to the rhythms. Two opposing points of swing of the pendulum can be likened to the top – the highest and lowest point of the circle, for the essence of rhythm is expressed around the transition from these points gradual. Then rhythm is associated with the concept of a circle. But since everything moves in time, the circle becomes a spiral. Let's call it the Spiral of Evolution. Time moves, and the spiral of evil, and too ascend, but that ascent, or the development of evil, in this particular case, that is evil, is climbing to the Light. But evil is a phenomenon of the private, but not on a cosmic scale. Chaos is not evil, but something else. A return to Chaos, or decay, is evil, but the Chaos is something from which the Builders build. The eternal struggle is the creation and struggle of the creative mind with Chaos. This is the essence of Evolution. And rhythm is the core, or Foundation, of the cosmic construction. The movement rhythmically, but traffic Chaos devoid of rhythm. The chaos and the rhythm of evolution are the two antipodes of existence. The opposite point of the spiral of evolution cause each other are. So the horrors of Armageddon determine the field of the radiant city. The similarity of the rings of the spiral does not mean identical. The higher the spiral ring, the more the differences in the phenomena. Famous analogy remains, but on a higher scale or level. The downward spiral of evolution goes back in time, as, for example, the rise or the fall of civilization, or the life of a tree, or even any life. First the climax, then fade to erupt again. So, life is built on rhythms: winter guess summer, night – day, young to old. The law of opposites is expressed in the rhythms. You can set these rhythms consciously. Allowing for the phenomenon of tactics Adverse We use the phenomenon of rhythm the law of contrasts. But the lever caused by phenomena in Our Hands. The law of rhythm is the Law of Spaces and basic. Watching the growth of the negative phenomena, know the power of the opposite pole. On top of a small duality is always great. The cycle of day and night, the cycle of year, cycle of planetary and so on. The transfer of consciousness from cycles of small to large expands the mind and introduces him to the life of the Cosmos. Consciousness to drown is in an endless kaleidoscope of days and nights or even seconds, because life is divided into units. But awareness of the cycle, at least planetary, its values, goals and fire the completion of the spiral globe is raises the consciousness of the area of the highest phenomena. This is off and introduction to Our World, the World of Cosmic truth. From the sphere of interest of the crowd and the moment consciousness comes to the understanding of cosmic and supra. Only the true rhythm of the movement. Therefore, establishing a rhythm in your life, come within the orbit of immutability.
Answer the question – not whether the silent Voice of the Teacher? It is sounds crescendo.
What else Say you? I will say, and very important. Rhythm, deliberately installed, is the basis of the immutability of higher knowledge. And interrupt the established rhythm should not be. Somehow under all circumstances it is necessary to keep him always with all the power of the spirit. A disciple's life is life rhythm. So slowly, setting a rhythm that can get into the rhythm of the Cosmos. Rhythm eliminates the accident. The rhythm asserts the immutability. Rhythm is the lever of evolution. The rhythm is the outline of the psycho Aghast for even the "wheel of performance" moving rhythmically. Our construction is based on the knowledge of the laws of rhythm, because infallible. And so do Our predictions. We need to understand and internalize the essence of the value of rhythms.
375. How many it is necessary to Preface that Communication has taken place. Therefore take care as the Highest treasure I have. Stand guard over your happiness and look Forward to more in-depth understanding of the Silver Bridge. Here is a predestined phenomenon. Who is in greatest tension of spirit and ready to meet him? As a few of them, Light bearing conscious. Them My arrow and My Light are without end and limit. Flood My Light and Fill to the limits of infinity. For you Bore and Bear the burden of responsibility for the Earth. For you to understand, Build My Temple. You will find treasures of Light and spirit, but may burn brighter your lamps, for light to perceive and comprehend My Light. So in all the centuries sounds the great Mystery of Life Merging of human spirit with the Light Ineffable.

376. Aura of calm – a powerful force. Serenity suppresses vibration of other auras, the lower her degree of tension. Come to the fact that to overcome the world except by the polarization of its microcosm. May not sound completely is without being cleaned from unnecessary stuff. Removed unnecessary with a steady hand is without pity. Even the violin before resound harmoniously configured. So is the harp of the spirit. I will precise: the adjustment of the apparatus of the microcosm first of all means to curb, or submission to the will of each of its energy, or vibration, and most of all it concerns the astral strings of the octave. Impostor is strings of the astral rude muffle your sound octave higher. Full sounding chord is given by hushed strings. And cannot is sound two different melodies together; because perception is the first condition. I agree that the thought directed to Me dominates the limitations of the flesh, that is, transcends space. And you, my consciousness connected with Me rise above the world of earthly conditions and of connectedness. You, in Me staying are the winner. Rejoice the victory of the spirit, hail to My Light, you're really available. Hail to the approval stage of Eternal Life here on Earth, in your consciousness that conquers the Earth. Flesh of My Flesh, blood of My Blood, Me approved and son, rejoice affirmation of Life that has conquered death. You're in My Heart abiding, good. Rustle is on the wind, and blows the vortices, and the firmament will be shaken, but you're in Me to approve, will stand steadfast as a rock. Good for you, I am building your world and Mine merged. I'll Give you the Light of unprecedented opportunities, and reaching them will become a way of life. Love, devotion, and yearning to win, and I Rejoice in the strength of your step. Don't be embarrassed by anything. The Ghost ship is on the right course. And easy to throw overboard the rubbish is and unnecessary ballast. You are in the Rays of My love. Did winged horses carrying you into the Light is. My son, the time is at the door. Watch in the realization of My strength. It will resist and protect against the rage of the hurricane. All is in Me, all of Me, and all for Me. My take is in My consciousness the urgency of approval to the proximity of My Arrival. And realize that planetary cosmic phenomena. Look at it through the prism of the circuit of the centuries as a final culmination and beginning of a new stage of planetary. See is and feel step of years. Biped walks from today to tomorrow. But We are the stars. Because the symbol step of My last Cycle was this Fish. And the Fish was blood and darkness and gnashing of teeth. But there is Light Rays of a new sign. Life and ripple of My Peace associated with the life of the Cosmos, because it is a part of it. Star trek is the Way of My spirit.

377. Yes, Yes, the offering of himself obliges and is the basis of Obligation. In the Tower My find peace, and knowledge, and refuge of the spirit. She is one immutable in the ocean of the earth.
You want to know the future? Listen. Established in Me as hundred thousand wise men and My Name the world will suffer, in the face of the Earth. Goes like the powers and the glory of the earth will touch. But don't you tinsel of earthly gold. We'll go higher, where it merges all earth and heaven in eternal sunshine of the Light. The mission will perform. Leave a rich heritage, whose importance will increase in the centuries. Will oafish himself a pillar of the Doctrine, and many will follow us – you and Me who follow you. And when you create life and consciousness of people, I'll do that to you. And is those, who will come to recognize Me you doers of and behind you. Because great will be your power over the souls of men. Their consciousness does to Me and is in My Name. Mother will approve of you, ignite your spirit with the power of an unprecedented and earth with his hand bless feat. And when I'm alone, you're with Her and with Me are inseparable. And being from My World, will serve to compound My Peace with the earthly world. Fortune and victory are forms of revealing the energies of your spirit, for the seal of My will in thy acts. Will impress everyone is and anyone who will rise up against you or go against. My Arm will support you in your endeavors in My Name, Abigail. Will render you invisible is and subtle fiery energy of the spirit of the flock, according to thy word. And difficulties insurmountable to be overcome by the energy BEAM and the three rays of its own, now you claim. And where to put My sign on that will form a seal of the blessings of execution. The sign will Say much. Earth your personality is going to die, and there will be a place in the Light of My. And, freed from the chains of personality and self, create will be FREEDOM of his. Mother will find the greatest adoption of their aspirations. Merged with It together in the Light of My will know the Proximity Mine. Love the Lord love supernatural. It will reach. And don't forget that the return is received. Think about the impact, but let's not bother thinking about receiving. And in the Last Hour before dawn focus all the power of his spirit to the Lord. In the dream in the morning, sat beside his Mother, in Her hands was a book of letters with marks in pencil: corrected.
378. Disturbing the living conditions will be removed, in order to fully devote myself to My work. Do not think happiness is unhappiness. Only the manifestation is of willingness to build on. Be ready for construction. We will build new forms of life. Going is to give ideas to everyone at no cost. Ideas-the frames will cover all aspects of life. The life of Beloved Country fully and openly will flow Our way. They will think that themselves, but Our thought will fill all the arts, literature, Newspapers, broadcast openly and in the power of the great spirit of the living will enter into life. Turned green carpet of the people's thoughts is and nuggets of information. Creativity flow free river. Creative work will replace the routine. Each will become a conscious Creator of a happy life of their country. There will be neither pariahs nor privileged. Leave the hatred, resentment and fear.

379. (Aug. 8). The aura of great calm is the power of conscious. Write: where is the country, where the conditions where the people who will defend My Case? Prepare now.
Difficult currents hamper Communication. The difficulty of their arrhythmia is. Inconsistent rhythm of the currents does not allow the consciousness to be approved.
Calm is important so that the astral becomes silent. Impossible to move, not subjugated beast and not subordinating its functions will. Animal’s functions cannot take away from a person for his body – the animal. But it is not the withdrawal or termination of these functions, namely, to subordinate their will and mind. Any function can grow to the point of absurdity, for example, gluttony. But there can and should be. And so is in all. Says the mind, regulates the will. Don't forget that astral matter is low, and in a sense even below the earth, and therefore subject to full control. Two going: one a slave, another free, one enslaved, the other in freedom. So any astral experience or sensation is. One passes through a slave, the other master. If it is Said that everything is permitted, then the conditions of domination and power over the feelings. The paroxysm of unbridled feelings is or passions, or emotions driving all achievements to zero. Keep calm, when all the phenomena of life, external and internal, physical and spiritual. Silver bridle on feelings of the student does not mean killing the senses, but to curb and control. Want? Take it, but in the calm balance. Asceticism is not a curb, but murder of the astral senses, and they are necessary for body life. Harnessed the astral plane can be a useful assistant, for brings to life its own range of sensations. Also his role is in the evolution of the microcosm. However to a certain extent but necessary is. In the process of transformation of the astral senses on a scale of the spirit the center of consciousness is steadily moving to the highest. And all that remains at the bottom must obey the will. Otherwise the process of ascension will be depending on the lower octave of vibrations. The consciousness is torn apart by the astral vortices cannot rise. The inevitable step to curb the astral and complete submission to his will. A constant watch, and Wake, and monitoring of each a little subtle flash flash, to stop its rampage. Feeling unnecessary and the thought of the caller, just was viewed out of the orbit of the microcosm as rubbish quickly and without hesitation. The enemy is ancient and requires careful and prolonged inspection.

380. Completeness consistency is achieved by effort of will. Increase the voltage to the limit possible, in order to overcome the resistance of space. Not easy and not simple. It is especially difficult to overcome the resistance of the sphere immediately surrounding the center of perception, and the hardest part is bringing as perceive of tranquility of the human microcosm. For that and the need for fieriness, because only fire is capable on of this fiery perception. Fire perception of yoga is based on the functions of the fiery centers. For ordinary consciousness is something absolutely impossible. You can sit for months and not write a single word. Let's not talk about the phenomena mediumistically order, for it is the order of the lower vibrations. Crazy, too, hear and see, but no one considers them to have reached. Also under the influence of opium and hashish, people begin to perceive. But a terrible way is to forcibly awakened fire. Delirium tremens is such an example. Only the path of Yoga, opening up the ability of fire perception is not the path of violence over them. And the Teacher Knows the danger of the Fire of Yoga to transform into the fiery path of achievement. Students use fire wire as a phenomenon, for normal. Way far posts are part of their lives and become a phenomenon of unusual ordinariness. Constant contact with the Teacher is and undisturbed nor at the moment neither of perception nor in the course of ordinary life, holding wire spirit of readiness. And the constant "eternally sighted vigilance" facilitates moments of inclusion leads to action. But devotion, or the legend of his consciousness Teacher, is inevitable. And the Teacher Regulates the activity of the fire apparatus, which also requires little maintenance and care. The nature of the resulting percepts is associated with the structure of the conductors and the essence of the nature of the microcosm. Appreciate the comprehensive receivers that are able to skip wave voltages. This is determined due to the degree of synthesis of the manifestations of the consciousness of the student. The higher synthetically (or synthesizing ability) of consciousness, the wider the range sensing apparatus of the microcosm. Because bias, prejudice, presuppositions and all limitations of consciousness with synthetic essence the purity is and clarity of the receiver do not exist. Self and synthesis of the essence is of the antipodes. And the first one is the symbol of limitations. The consciousness is adjusted so that without any counteraction to accept all that the Teacher sees fit to send, regardless of whether it is at the moment, the desire of the individual student. Everything is important, and everything you need, and if not for yourself, for the world. Who knows what the Teacher Considers it necessary to give this material? And caring student carefully stores all. Time will show the necessity and the application is sent. The teacher Equips for the future, for all occasions. And provide Can only be a Teacher. "So let the heart be opened" and this openness should not be connected to anything.

381. "The ring has power, and considerable, and, of course, like anything, it requires awareness. Not in the ring, but the character it depicts. The astral reflection of the character has the power in visible and invisible terms. Seal of Shambhala binds consciousness with Shambhala and serves as a symbol of connection with the Rock."

382. Today before falling asleep was the experience of thoughts without the usual preparation and before sleep, in the normal state. And a brief Record of the ring was done right. So gradually expanded the scope of perception and conditions, while always open to Me consciousness does not drop all limiting conditions and consciousness does not come into the open as an explicit constant Communication with Me. The stage is of high, but achievable. Call to the realization of the Kingdom, or My Peace, uninterrupted; and rushed to Give a Hand. There is no stagnation there. Rapidly climbing is. And the spirit must know the way and planned milestones on the road.

Simple fortune teller dreamed that Someone said to her: "Tell A. P.: "India is invincible. Twice he came very close and was avoided"".

383. (Aug. 9). Today we are going to write a lot. Planetary scale My Service to humanity means that all the planetary life humanity in its visible and invisible spheres sent Me. And will be sent, till all is fulfilled. My words, "lo, I with you until the end of the age" means the inherence of My Leading Stars and My spirit from the evolutionary stages of humanity. You need to understand the cosmic planetary scope of My Ministry. The age of blood and iron passive water sign of Pisces gives way to the sign of Aquarius. Because of that, the fish was a secret and misunderstood by the Church sign of the first Christians, according to two millennia. Pisces is a water sign and negative. Because in the arena, tormented bodies of My students, because I reviled, and spit on, and beaten. Silently Bore his cross, and silently Ascended to Calvary and Accepted a shameful death. The formula is not to resist evil claimed the presence of passive, but not active approval of the gospel of Life. Therefore he Commanded Peter to put the sword back in the sheath. Passive approval is the Light of My Teachings has the potential fire power of absorbing and overcoming any opposition. Because is the gospel of the Kingdom was preached to all languages.

384. Well, listen. When I Fill your microcosm to the limit and your consciousness will be transferred to Me until the end is and fully, the things of the world, the person you’re dealing with, will mean nothing to you. Personal Affairs will not paint more than aura.
Instructions since again is and repeatedly. Both received the evidence. (That night in my dream I was in the Stronghold, talking with the Lord and felt His Hand on my shoulder. Nothing more do not remember.)
(On P. A.) Prepare for the future. Divination is important for both of you. Wait. Ladies signs.
The morning of the recording prevented.
385. Now write! Time for thoughts about the ordinary there. We need to have to enter the aura of impending events and their consciousness in the spirit to push through them not shaken. Should be in the spirit to pass through the barrage, keeping not olarewaju communication is and courage. In addition, the abutment of the Silver Bridge on the part of your consciousness it is necessary to consciously reinforce and strengthen. Fortitudinem tuum Mecum ad Gloriam et Adventum Futurum deditur tot tibi mecum benedictum's additur . Harden itself on the ability to perceive anything and no matter what neither language nor given. But we have to put out and sound only vibrations of the Silver Bridge. Who can boast of receiving My Instructions? Know yourself price in your heart to not pomnitsa when it comes greater treasure. The consciousness is of his need to appreciate. The depreciation itself and humility are not suitable here. Son his right of son ship carries with it the consciousness of the dignity policies these. As those is in power keep people in their minds, but as a layman. Philistine habits of death should be left for an Hour at the door. Everywhere, always, alone and on people, bring the Cup not splashed is and invisible to the crowd, but obviously for space. So, the Decree in the coming days is the transfer of consciousness to Me completely. Enter into the mood of the last Hour to complete your worldly Affairs. Strengthen the consciousness of the unseen Presence to certainty and close worldly voices. G. point to the inevitable shift of consciousness. Inevitably don't be embarrassed. She, like you, loyal to the end, and can rely on. Child will return the other. All.
Waking up, recorded the words: "Teheran is ours. Expulsion of aliens". And in the morning paper found confirmation.
386. (Aug. 10). How to strengthen and enhance Communication? Day anticipation. As to Decrees? Performance. The adoption of the Beam take Me. I can reach everything.

387. Every high spirit selects karma. The election is confirmed by Me. And then the future is in your hands; because Approximate unbound soul. Temporary separation is caused by special favorites. Intimacy does not depend on distance: nowhere and never. The hand Pointing the way, dominates the conditions. Provides all relevant.
But getting the Council is facilitated by the query. The stronger and clearer the question is the brighter the answer. Will not Leave unanswered. Enhances, enhances, enhances the brightness of Treatment. Replace – "We". And think: We will write we will do We translate. In his speech to replace "I" with "We" is. You thinking of yourself as We together inseparables is. And then there is no sound of Earth will not disrupt Communication. Also to overcome the lower magnet, cleanest of consciousness is inevitable. Thousands of energy rush to the microcosm, but when he is in Me and I in him, the assimilation of the opposing energies right. For perceiving the overall tone is improved. As if the mountain contemplated going towards the phenomena of life, each occupying its proper place. Hypertonic is separate phenomena over the others does not work. As if on scales of Boundlessness all is weighed by itself. Through the glass of the spirit, then, perceived phenomena of the earth and all life, and real power over the mind lose. But for this we need to be together. We must learn to be together always, everywhere and under all circumstances. Remember: whatever it is, wherever it is and whatever it was – but together. So I Win life in you and you're beating you Me. And now approved his authority over the earth and, despite the interrupted contact, the record is finished. Victory rejoice, My son. In the middle of recording I had to get up, open the door for many repeated knocking, to say a few words to lie down again and focus.

388. (Aug. 11). Here and there Protect the Secret of the existence. Hair stands on end, if you touch the forbidden region. Call Hours ready to all, that is, all the surprises, and no loss of balance when they come. They should be taken as a generality, in order not to violate the terms of peace the aura and the degree of combination with My Ray. Upon entering the tranquility in My Beam to touch its power, it is possible to create force of My Beam. Writing power of the Beam, so, too, do it. And where is the limit and extent of his possibilities? I Beam and get the Beam and doing. Each student has a Beam having a specific purpose. The ray as a continuously open wire connection on the two sides is. Need to log in to singularity and make it ordinary and familiar. The singularity should not, should not, that is, should not, to break the balance and tranquility.
All the excitement and storms in the microcosm are harmful. The most striking perception of the phenomenon must take place without disturbance. Come delighted with unusual as harmful as all the usual excitement. Because being harnessed delight of surprise. They say tranquility is not disturbed by anything. Even the notorious resignation was intended to preserve the integrity of the microcosm. The same purpose and had the solitude and isolation of some students from living in the world. Allowed to accept and absorb everything, but do not react with the astral, which is supposed to shut up. I don't want the vibrations of the astral. Prevent the promotion. Only by controlling astral Acceptable especially close, and only they Unveiled the curtain. And the better the mastering, the deeper the Intimacy. Therefore everything to exhaustive submission of manifestations of the kama-beginning, even the smallest, is paid * special attention and care. The process is exciting, because the fight with the astral beginning is in the name of preserving and enhancing intimacy and Communication. Thus, cooperation is due to the calmness and discipline of astral matter of the microcosm will. This is the mystery of birth the power of the spirit. The spirit, submitting to the will of the scale of astral vibrations of his microcosm, is thus already dominates the vibration of the astral and others of the microcosm, i.e. of another person, and also the General matter of the astral world. The winner of the first stage of victory claims over the astral inside and outside, in ourselves and in other people, and thus in the spheres of astral. Killing the astral sense of power not gains. It takes only subjugated, not suppressed, but it is subjugated. Suppression often causes the results just the opposite. A thin border is and a narrow entrance. On the one hand the eradication is and subjugation, suppression and murder. But you need to go through it like a knife edge. My hand secures the victory. But how hard should keep her around. Cooperation refers primarily to a full, unrestricted cooperation on the part of the student, cooperation. No disagreement or agreement, not nodding, not of emotion, but absolute cooperation. This new for immediate application is in life. Yes! Right! For ordinary people, who have conquered the astral body and the self, can seem like a creature that has lost the soul, for the consciousness of the people living in the astral plane and the astral plane. But this is the power of the spirit. Similarly, being harnessed and mental is. But this was after. In any case, the power of the pupil is established on three plans, and three beams were adopted. Rays power is so let's Call them. Because the rays have the attributes of power, just as the Lord Rules the world, armed with all of the Rays. Started with small possession big. The dominion of your spirit over the three planes of existence and three beams of judgment in My son Say.
389. Planetary Hours requires your awareness. Where to take forces to manifestation understanding is and meeting. The answer is the same – in unity.
Dissatisfaction with the present will always accompany your life, under all conditions, until you're with Me. Nothing will give complete happiness. But a type will find in the Mother.
A part of you from Me, in the Tower, specifically and explicitly personified, and every thought of communication enhances it. On it, or through it, Do you. This is your astral layout. Everything that happens to him is transferred to you on the Beam. The beam is transmission channel. This astral model is your seraphim, functioning both as a transmitter of My Energies. With his help, overcome their lunar heritage. A lot of the mysteries in the life of a student are. Calm extremely facilitates all the processes of interaction. The state of tranquility eliminates the painful prickliness astral currents, so aggravating to Me when the astral plane is vibrating. The balance in the student Believe the quality is very high and ease Our Worries. A change of sentiment is also undesirable. Avoid abrupt spasmodic movement. The same unwholesome racing thoughts. Smoothness in everything: in the movements, thoughts, words. The rhythm slim systematic harmonic motion is established as a form of identification of the microcosm. The movement of celestial bodies is both a symbol and an example. The inmost life and degree of consciousness is not subject to even the stars to join it rules the stars, and then stars have accompany, but not command. There will be time – will not be the moon, your Mother, but you will not of the Earth, suckled you, and, maybe, the Sun will go out, but you, who art from everlasting, and will last forever.

390. (Aug. 12). Glad to know the path traversed. Let's not break their heads, if that was not the case. Important investigation and General results. Small minds drown in the small, great strides towards the goal, not stopping at nothing, overcoming currents of the magnet, tending to absorb consciousness. Treasure of the heart brings the aspiration of the future which is important, as such. It is important to build on this key. Then temporary and transient falls into place. Wave of the future washes away the slime and grime of the present. Yet little understood motor force of this magnet. It built all the Teachings. The Universe itself and all its processes is and the whole evolution of humanity driven by the power of magnetic attraction rings spiral into the future, where the marked points, or milestones, future location. And the thinner and higher the building, the higher turn of the spiral is and the distant future. They can be called "idols of building a" future implementation of the evolutionary ascent of the human spirit and humanity. Pattern, or form, cut down by Us in substance of elements, and have these magnets of the future, outlining the path of human evolution, the highest beacons and leading. The evolution of the spirit follows the path outlined and defined by Us according to the Dictates of Space. The Grand Plan is leading powerful magnet Serafims of the future laid down in the higher strata of things is not available contrary effects. These shining orbs out of reach of opponents of Light are. So the key of the future is the core of the spiral, soaring and rising your points, or parts, the law of magnetic attraction. The more expanded the consciousness of humanity, the more it holds the greatness of this Cosmic build, or plan. And the aim of the Teachings and all the Teachings is to saturate human consciousness magnetic force destined for future opportunities and positions. Spiral, stairs, or steps, of the history of the future of humanity before stated in essence. Awareness of their future, We indicate people enormously accelerate the process of evolution. The goal is now shed on the Earth Light Teachings, the teachings of Shambhala. Shambhala is a Kingdom of future detections, it is a powerful statement of the future in the present. The aspiration of the future and the future is on top of the noise and of the scramble people present. It is in this spirit and tone, imbued with the grandeur and beauty of the far don't verbs claims. The essence of the Invisible Castle expresses this beauty, still on the Ground not approved. How to call Our Community? "Community of the future"? Of course, the magnet of the future, admits it or not, driven by all the people and their endeavors. But the trouble is that they capture only the most low lying and in close proximity. This break great features, and builders are treading water. See how far it throws anchor the aspirations of every true Teaching of Life. Anchor of the future in many scattered in the gospel. They based and they contain the meaning of the Fiery Teachings of Agni Yoga. The Fiery world is the goal of evolution – the world of the future. Secret Knowledge throws a powerful bridge from the realm of meaningless two-legged existence in the full meaning shining future. And darkness bipedal vegetating Light is bright and pointless, expedient and acquires a deep significant meaning. Life has worth and purpose, but is only illuminated by the rays of a beacon of the future, calling into the distance. To imprison consciousness in a hopeless circle of the present and limit the life short normal earth human life is the greatest crime against your own spirit, because it is equal to spiritual suicide? What's in this? Weeping and gnashing of teeth? What of the future? Light is and liberation from any bondage, body and spirit. Freedom of spirit is the highest possible on the Earth freedom. And not only on Earth, but in worlds where there is no sickness, no sighing, because they replace joy. Consciousness, which, like the cutting machine cut into future harvests great. Hence the deep significance is of the aspirations for the future. All the constructions of the personal is and the earth for today, tomorrow, or for a particular short period of human life. Same period and will be limited, and closed them round endless iron chain of cause and effect. But building over the short term privacy and breathtaking distant ring of the spiral, the iron circle is destroyed, and be over the time limit. Capturing ages to come, Eternity touch, for the eternal is for us is a chain of endless centuries. But the circle is open and turns into a spiral ascent. The layman builds for today and "a whirlwind on destruction." Knows and builds on this life and future lives, both here on Earth and in the Subtle World and above. And in this life only puts milestones, or provides links or strands the seeds, the fruit of which capture not only this brief life on earth now and in the future, and on all plans. This is the difference between the life of a layman and student. Strive for the future, and let only the future in all your glory leads to your spirit. Magnet the future is great and powerful.
391. Remember: the Earth always and everywhere in the perception to be something to interfere with the inside and outside. Because consciousness is firmly set on the ability and desire, and the need to perceive, in spite of any conditions. Internal external defeats are and this victory is a sign of immutability. Win because otherwise it is impossible. Can't My Light and My Doctrine vibrate and oscillate in strength of the given knowledge because someone or something interferes. To prevent and counteract. Will distract all and knowing or not knowing, to strive, somehow, to drown out Our Light. But the brighter and stronger will burn from each counter. To defeat waves of opposing matter need. Given the fact that in essence above ambient. It will always be. So as to counteract and overcome the environmental sphere will be your destiny to end. We, the Presenters, and you who are with Us and Ours, be in the feeling this constant overcoming of all lower Us, for they Are in a constant aspiration and a movement upward. And Our today is not like yesterday. And is Our tomorrow otherwise. And you're coming with Us are subject to the laws of ascension. But since We Work in the world and the Earth and the world, and as the world also goes back, the feeling of overcoming there is a sense of becoming eternally new life. As long as there's peace, he will always be moving up, like a man overcome old forms of his identification, and replacing them with new ones. Not by itself, but under Our hands, and not only so, but according to the laws of spirals and cycles, and the + and –, that is, the pendulum swings, it has rhythm, that is, of decline and flourishing, but with the never-ending struggle higher with what is below.

392. You thought that somewhere there is peace and relaxation. For running with Us of peace is and rest there. And just as Higher Brothers refused to Paranirvana and a faithful disciple refuses sweetest illusions Devachan to like Them Higher to remain at his post. To understand the significance and the height of this sacrifice is not easy. But blazing minds unwilling and unable to tolerate the enthusiasm refined and clean Maya Devachan when the lords in bloody sweat are on the non-replaceable watch. Because the realization of such a student can be frequent. But the reward is great. Don't Forget never let anyone Us their work and the fire brought. Our Hand lingering over it is, bringing Light. And you, what do you know about what was what is and what will be? But We Know. And that given you consciousness superior to yours, and seems incommensurate with your own assessment of yourself based on the knowledge of your essence in past, present and future. For you, knowing myself and in my body living on Earth now, you know only a small part of them but generally speaking know nothing about me. And only rare glimpses, and that, for the most part, in the dream, are hints of the ethereal and the hidden greatness of your spirit. A symbol of My Transfiguration on the mountain from the outside, such as all the Light approved and manifestation on Earth, there is a pointer that the differences on the scale of My spirit. On a scale of his spirit can think about unspeakable, because – to My son, and go to My feet. Prepare my consciousness the glimpses of manifestation here on Earth, of the splendor of its fiery nature and in awe of before the predicate be ready. It's time the approval of the Supreme fiery energy of the spirit in My Name and for My Glory. And you, My nearest is, to whom was Entrusted the fiery wire of spirit, to show him My Light through the channels of the awakened centers. Was and was at the height of going to show and be even greater than it once was in the fog of past centuries. The greatness of your spirit and your speed limit I know in their inner being, and therefore the light which is in you, Claim.
And today we rejoice. New to win over the votes of the Land is. Disturbed perception, or rather made attempts to prevent it. But we won again, you and I Am in you.

393. (Aug. 13). A lot is of damage going on when you do or say unnecessary. Well, my friend, then you will regret the wasted time. In addition to the heavy staining of the current hour, of course, will take his, but from another angle. I, who with thee, Mapped out and plan your training. But a short time. Because you can't break the rhythm. Then get used to it, and even on the road, in the train and on the boat or the airplane, the recording will not be interrupted. Bounce back from anything is not required. You need containment of the given possibilities. And again, the importance of My Case should always be above the Affairs of the other. My friend, the mystery of the merge requires a certain state of consciousness. That is consciousness. In the phenomena do not have intrinsic values external to current conditions. They will always flow and always will change but the state of the Union of consciousnesses, yours with Mine outside the flow phenomena of all three plans. Will closes the window, revealed in the earthly, astral and mental flow is and the beam of consciousness is fixed in Me are inseparable. As soon as the window slammed shut is troubles My Peace asserts itself. Because your will and desire-aspiration to your trusted Communication. And no matter what were the conditions of flow, the current always, do not break the Hour. Even when the singularity will be at least a little is but it will be, but in rhythm. If realized, the carrier and rushed the mighty force of the rhythm.
394. The subordination of nature or the elements, it is expresses, it can go two ways: through magic and through Yoga. The first way the power of the person relies in the formulas and the trappings of magic, that is, outward, with the second – in the power of the human spirit, that is inside. First is of all foreign, and therefore temporary, second and inalienable. How to be a magician in the Subtle World, devoid of all its instrumentals, wands, incense and other things? This is its limitation. Yoga does not need anything; all enclosed in a wonderful microcosm apparatus. And the higher the plan, the easier and more independent he can act. And the higher, the better. And the basis of his power – the idea, or enslaved and tamed fire. The fiery energy of his weapons and power, subordinate to his will. Omnipresent and all-pervading power of thought-the fire creates by his word. Need to see her presence everywhere and in everything. But mainly is in the functions of the microcosm. The sound of voices, letters, and words is the lights in action. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, lights of different degrees are. Functions of the body, every flutter of nerve – fire. Cell is fire micro-microcosm. Thus, the microcosm is the apparatus fiery and the fiery world, limited in its scope. All other elements, it is prisoners associated with it, are secondary importance. Withdrawal from the body of the elements of fire means to destroy it. In a dead body have an example of separation of the element of fire from the ground. The lowest level of power over matter and the elements are expressed in each person, which on their own lives, that is, eats, drinks, moves, thinks. But the will of yoga is a microcosm of the subordinate consciously, and on all three plans. The yogi operates on them as freely as Everyman on Earth that is also consciously. Three beams – are the spokesmen of light-emitting diodes of the microcosm are in the three plans. Before the separation it is necessary to strike, that is, to give fire, light and beam. His mind painted him ray, bears the stamp of enforcement authorities. Where and how the person carries their thoughts? On Earth is apparently. And Yogi? The highest art of thought is the work invisible. We Are in the Stronghold, and yet thought-Our prototypes are implemented on the Ground and in visible forms, and human hands. So learning to do the pupil is fire thoughts. Fiery is human creativity that touches the basics, transcends the ordinary.
Now keep a record. What are you doing? Products fire of creativity of the Lord seized on consciousness made him and cast are already in their form, which clothes them in words. To give, you should be able to take. To do, you should be able to perceive. This is the polarity of fire. And in the center of this the road flame is he is the winner of the fire element, with its three rays, the beloved son and disciple.

395. (Aug. 14). We stick to the rhythm. Write: the Essence given you knowledge superior to all hitherto given through the students of your degree. And quickly you have to fill out pages of knowledge. Because the generosity is unprecedented. In your notes it is necessary to combine the Precepts of Christ Agni Yoga, and to specify that one complements the other and that Agni Yoga and the Teachings are a continuation and the next step is one for all ages the Teaching of Life. The Truth cannot contradict itself, because the Unity of Doctrine is not affected by any difference of form or imprint, or touch of ages or conditions of the rise and expansion of this earlier. A measure of the form given now Exercises is the degree of attainment of the universal consciousness. And the task is given to century. Because every consciousness may draw from him something, his understanding is appropriate. To understand it is still not given to anyone living, even those through whom it is transmitted. The purpose of these Records is also to balance out the esoteric side of the Teachings concerning the life processes of consciousness. Magic cancelled unsuitability for the wooden plow replaced by tractor or torch – a light bulb Ilicha (Lenin). Nothing old in its old framework of understanding will not satisfy the mind, and is given to the new deadline. And where will fall the seeds of this knowledge is not your concern. We Take Care Of That. And your job is to collect treasures of knowledge to the term and fully. Therefore don't miss your invaluable and unique hours of collection unrecoverable. Also the value of his consciousness from narrowly personal need to switch to the caveman era and is in this aspect and think of you. Link the world's great chain of Hierarchy is necessary to realize itself. Messenger great is not them, but what and who is behind it, because not is, but his that sent. Action in the Name of him that sent has the press hierarchical. It has always been. This is the great power of the spirit messengers of Light. Will go higher and is in the name of its creating, and the power of the Supreme Cosmic Command rests with them. So you go in the knowledge of the Supreme invisible power, given to you hierarchically Sent you. You sent the executor a great mission and the seal of the fire of My spirit on the success of your works. No new knowledge is given will not move humanity. Will not be hungry is to work without bread. The bread of Life is given to Teaching. Everything old is given earlier, it will be necessary to reconsider in the Light of new knowledge, and not for negation, but for approval and purification from human fabrications.
396. The beloved disciple understand the importance of sending out your. Not to destroy We Came but clean and Supplement. For the Bread of Life in the hands of ignorant usurpers of Great Knowledge have hardened, and tears the throat hungry spirit, and to eating them. Urgent need cleansing former Teachings from the piles of ignorance. The value of a diamond can be determined by comparing with others. Enduring the true value of the former Exercises can be identified and determined only by comparison with the treasures of the Great Doctrine of Life, Doctrine Light, Doctrine of Agni Yoga. Only then will bounce them from the unnecessary chaff later accretions is is and interpretations, which eclipsed their Light and responding from them the human spirit. The light of the Teachings and clericalism are incompatible. The light of the Teachings and the dead letter of dogma are incompatible.

397. With you I Light My Guide and show the way you. Go into the world to conquer the world by defeating a world in itself. My hand is over your best intentions. And your deeds and your thoughts will bloom with unusual lights and prosperity. Sent Me into the world is and the mission approved and the deadline come. Because Talking about readiness because of the urgency. Put your consciousness in clothing unusual and power given to you. Find the appropriate form of expression. Put on the robe of the spirit, the authorities are more considerate. In the awareness of the authorities abide in his heart, clearly, firmly, unwavering. The greatness of the realization of the values of his spirit, the authority noted, be ignoring and not bowing to the flow of the circles of conventional consciousnesses, rushing past you or with you contact. And if I am Approved who can destroy? And if I did, then who can take it? And if I Send it, then who can stand in our way? My power swept all opposing and approved by the entire world.
Not to drown out the voices of My nothing. I am Lord in your consciousness above the rattle of the lower vibrations. And you, his ear bent to Me is calm in the consciousness of power to overcome. Only let the heart keeps the silver thread of spirit. And so, in recognition of its power, go in peace and with a sense of power don't break up. They claim it is internally in contact with people, lest he destroy thy power, and trample your treasure, and not left devastated.

398. Of course, the best rhythms at sunrise and sunset: change sail and Central point of balance. Sensitivity is particularly acute. Check to make sure the experience. Noon and midnight points of higher and lower activity. Of course, a deepening sensibility, and this is the main difficulty. The burden of susceptibility to wear is not easy. I want to arm you with the knowledge needed to complete the life feat. Without knowledge there is no feat. I recommend extreme caution when contact with the auras of people. A feeling of alertness keeps the barrage network in full readiness to reflect the harmful effects. Otherwise, the fortress remains unprotected and open to attack, or just lowers the effects. If a man's foes of his own household, the enemies of all that is, all committed consciously or unconsciously to make the microcosm to resound in unison with his, and he needs to sound only with My. Talking about the sanctuary the inner Stronghold about My Abode is in you. Protected from external influences, fine is and dense, visible and invisible. The messenger claims yourself and your world, but not approved by others. Carrying her, I charged, and his claims. The shield takes all the nasty impact to neutralize and extinguish and approve charged. To carry the assignment in the spirit, not ranging among whirlwinds terrestrial environment, it is difficult. Consciousness, accustomed to a state of overcoming, overcomes. But to overcome, you have to take the full blow overcome, like a ship wave. We always Take the hit and Break the center of the opposing voltages. We have Excelled in the struggle. When curbing elements but takes on the winner. The winner yourself is the first step. The winner of the elements the second is. They are inseparable. Remember: ascend by degrees of overcoming. This is the essence of the stairs of the spirit. And no matter is what level he was everywhere struggling, overcoming and victory. Because to learn is and adopt the essence of the phenomenon of overcoming the self the right way to go, because there is no other. And a few go to them. In the end the struggle between the microcosm of what it is at this stage, and what should be at the highest. And as the heart of the winner forever and irrevocably given the Highest, the highest aspect of the microcosm and the winner to immediately, once achieved the victory, to become inferior and to aspire to manifestation is in a new and even higher. An infinite path is infinite overcoming, that is, infinite ascent. Even getting ordinary knowledge is the overcoming of ignorance, and often ignorance. Is it easy? Says the man, and gently pours his speech. And how many millions of years of silent existence has come and how much of a monstrous effort and endless ages overcome took this! Think.
399. (Aug. 15). I Reaped the labors of centuries of creation and experience. The burden of the World is a planetary Burden of overcoming the imperfections of the present hour. Light in the darkness, overcomes the darkness and luminous consciousness. But the burden is great. Of course, Our Light, and victory is Our Light. But not about the victories we Speak. Victorious condition of consciousness is established as a form of expression of life of spirit. Not to win and to rest on our laurels and repose, but a victory over another and shining chain of endless victories. So there is a winner.
Planetary conditions of the moment bad. The death of such bushed spirit reached its climax. Need a blow and he will follow. Can not one country is without end to bear the burden of atoning sacrifice. Time cosmic justice to cavity strength is. Strike loomed. Our power does not stop in front of a wall of insolvability. Cut the Gordian knot of the planetary. Shall open an abscess; release the pus, the wound clean. Will start recovery. Decomposition products and dead tissue will have to be removed and many dead cells will suffer, but... not needed, are harmful and interfere. Not only cells, but of the people who died in the spirit. If the sign of My army of a billion, what are themselves those belonging to the other half of humanity? Are they not dead? The dead cells of the planetary body will be removed.

400. K. exalted. However is the nature of man? But let rises is in self-importance than drowning in her own vanity.
Z. is it.
Let him go, it is important to turn in the right direction. The details will depend on world events. Consciousness, believing on Us all, is not in danger. Let it be not worry for their fate. Come to Us Leave no worries. Departure will be, and it is in the West. Let the ready and will abide in readiness of spirit. All.

401. (Aug. 17). Sunrise and sunset is always alternating polarity cycles. And so in everything, big and small, and eternal. Eternal change contrasts an upward spiral of evolution. Always have, always will – that's life.

402. (Aug. 18). Let him go, even vanity, but of the realization of the eternal being as the pattern of the rug is based on. Unthinkable pattern without Foundation. Without Eternity there is no life, because life is a revelation of Eternity in time.

403. (Aug. 19). Learn to perceive in different conditions. The difference between the conditions is inevitable. You today on the laurels of the winner. Assertion is not an achievement.
"Error-learn to smile." Ray property – cleansing ...from litter. ..... Make an effort to free the mind from all that hinders. Everyone has the ability or alleviate, or delay the ascent. This is determined by the harmfulness of those or other properties of nature or phenomena. Who needs the shackles on his feet? There is nothing wrong in itself or by itself, but in relation to evolution. The bad thing is that against evolution, and that she is stopping and detaining. Valuable this or that person, which is useful for evolution. And Say is valuable to evolution, or valuable, or useful for evolution. The old division into the sins and the sinners has to leave. Not convincing. Every phenomenon, good and bad, will give full explanation why, to doing the things they did with full responsibility and knowledge. The formula "who knew No sin, for they did not know and is not subject to condemnation" shall be replaced by words "Know and therefore responsible." And this knowledge of the essence of his work and the business world provides Teaching. Won't overestimate the value of mistakes because they are learning. But let us not forget that "allowed only a certain number of errors." To persist through connivance not good for evolution his own first and foremost. Also you have to understand the fact in the case of self-justification. People deceive? Not ourselves? And who is the payer? Self-deception is not useful space, not a useful deception deceived. Cheated? Yes! As it gives an experience that is further, but first plunges into the arms of Maya, the illusion of the moment. Space cannot cheat. The spatial importance of the damage the so-called bad things need to understand, because it is harmful only that malicious space. The space is open all the layers. Of course the Teacher Knows is and Sees all. This should also be used. The teacher does not Condemn does not force, but Says error to advance. Understood error is not repeated without condemning himself. Because avoid errors. Harmful effects and spatial. Are the students going forward, are moving back and staying back? Which mind will be like? The winner is not so Holy, but then going forward steadily. Call steady ascent and the path Point victory. And His Hand, bearing happiness, not Take away.
404. Never, under any circumstances, linger in valleys of darkness, but pass them quickly, taking the juice experience. People are not perfect. "No one is good, only one God." And nobody can be perfect. In this case, and to rise, what is there, dropping unnecessary ballast? The release of ballast is achieved only by eradication. Not immediately reset the accumulation of centuries. For his cross should carry his burden, and yet to climb the mountain. And having undergone recent crucifixion of the spirit to be free is. Because let's think about how to move, how to throw possibly more seeds of good in the ongoing wave of elevation. The continuous path is the path of the spiraling opposites sail his ascension. Every point above every point is to the guarantee of another, even more high. Remember the gorges of gloom and route do not interrupt their shortcomings.

405. (Aug. 20). Sometimes you must pass through earth's temptations to see the emptiness of there. Drowning in them and surrendered they lose the path, and they lead the spirit of the fallen.
It will be a celebration of spring. New host.
See for yourself: impressionability, or susceptibility, acute and acutely to be perceived something that turned consciousness. Vibration is to the need to meet a pure aspiration. The decisive hour is approaching. Watch all the forces of the spirit. The only way to maintain contact with Me. Bring it to the consistency of continuity. But as many things and experiences is before eyes. They overshadow Me. Eclipse itself. The apparatus of the microcosm upset. It is necessary to bring in harmony and balance.

406. (Aug. 21). It is a mistake to think that the finished act immediately and exhausted. No, it remains in the human microcosm as the driving force. There will come a time, and the energy inherent breaks out of its socket. But if, before the energy nestled, her will to give a different direction of expression in clear, specific and powerful the thought form, then the result goes in accordance with the will of the channel. Therefore, evil or bad act or occurrence the result can give a completely different. What's great is that a living person was crucified on the cross, and thousands were crucified? But My Crucified one to thousands gave the results of a special power of My spirit feature and is not exhausted to this day. Mean that the karmic results of the effects of human Affairs and actions can be controlled by the will. When you Say not to be embarrassed in the past because everyone will Pay for the benefit, I Want to say that the one who follows Me relentlessly in Me staying, can be calm and sure for what, indeed, Shaped by fate, extracting energy for the ascent of all: the good and bad that is in it. Hold Me tight with all your strength, all your mind, and our path will become immutable by climbing. Unchangeable Lord. In the variability of the vibration oscillations of their microcosm, temporary and transient, to see durability and strength is and troubles My. And I Am forever in you and forever in you, through which or in front of the face of which flows this stream of ever changing forms and phenomena, rushing through your microcosm. In this sea of ever-changing transient manage to capture, find and approve My Face as a single measure and the stronghold of that out of time and out of permeability the outside world. I Am the rock of eternal life. I'm a Bastion of hardness and indestructibility. I Am who on top of what exists. Think about the definition of the Lord, that person, that is, the microcosm is a process. Indeed. And only you and I Am contemplators of the eternal process of all sorts of modifications out. I and you is a Silent Witness. But who am I and who art thou, who art from everlasting? Who are We in front of the eye which flow the two flow microcosmic and macrocosmic life? Flow two... yet, somewhere and sometime will not merge into one as We merge with you, to never be separated. And if the flow of the microcosm, merging with the Cosmos and becoming the flow of macrocosmic life is immeasurably enriched and expanded as well, and you merged with Me together, immensely open and deploy your world, my I until we merge it with the bounds of Infinity. So as your consciousness, with My fused itself becomes the Infinite. Therefore do not be surprised that before the Majesty of My will droop and fade, and lose all the sweetness of all earthly things, and joy, and joy. My world is the perfect world of lasting joy, an expression which is a beauty. And My Peace I Want you to realize and, having realized his power and greatness, told about it to people, the news they brought about the fragrance of My Garden. A messenger going about My World and My word will suffer in the world, not bound, but freed from the fetters of the world. I that you will grant you the power of penetration into the human heart is. And go victoriously through the world the winner of the hearts. For you, in My Heart abides, will find the power of his relics. Yes! Yes! The Winner Was Named. They will abide. So be it! I Said.
407. Say it again: the antics and manifestations of the astral look like jumping, convulsions and seizures mortally wounded animal, the last before the end. Because rapidly moving forward, not fearing and not obeying their pernicious influence, but knowing that this is the end. With the clown gone. But we are going to win the complete victory. And we must hurry already do without wasting a second. All is Me, all to Me, all time - your, all thoughts - your, all energy is yours. And easy for Me to say these incredibly difficult words, knowing your readiness and openness of heart to Me.
"Lord, take My microcosm all its energy in service to you" – with this mantra get through life. And the swamp of everyday life will turn into a glittering ocean of possibilities is eternal ascent of the human spirit. And you lead of people like Led, Lead and Will lead you I. Three beams is the key to ascension and the attributes of the winner, and will soon Shine over the brow your wonderful sign of a victory. Don't look back. Never look back, even to yesterday. Forward, forward and only forward. For every moment of your taller, richer past but if this point powerfully towards the future, he is stronger and above everything that ever was is in the past. This is the power of the present.

408. The way of the heart. When the heart is aglow with love, or appreciation, or understanding of Me these feelings, from heart to Heart to, it's incredibly easier to Contact. Fire wire is amplified a thousand fold. Rise love to the Lord means to raise heart. No other way is more immediate and more intimate. Because Bhakti Yoga is the path of shortest. Easy to read books of Doctrine, or to perform dozens of orders is but how to love? Because is love requires self-sacrifice. And this is its special power. And where it took years, one instant bright, burning flame of the magic of life works wonders. And when these bright flashes are transformed into continuous smooth strongly burning flame, then a deed of life becomes its expression. My friend, most complete in the minds of your earthly Affairs in order to completely surrender to Me. Not waiting time. Time unheard is of possibilities to come; need one realizes full devotion. Full the legend of his consciousness the Lord is the basis of full-devotion. Be on the watch, be with Me and feeling power is not given to forget, for the time is come.

In the dream he passed a number of very serious and different tests. Threatened with death – without blinking an eye looked at directed into the eyes of the weapon. Insured, experienced loyalty. There were a lot of people. All Russian. Among them were disguised as friends, and were all friends, but I didn't know. Overcome the name of the Lord, often His calling. Experienced the alienation from people when all I pulled away. But all these people were there, as if from the Motherland. Then another had a dream that was already created and combining the created elements. Then some news about the democratic revolutions in a number of countries.
409. (Aug. 22). He (the Lord) is condensed Light.
Write. Aspiration heart, in the innermost depths of the Heart vthe Lords included in the life of My consciousness. Now I Live a particularly hard life of the world and the fight to save the Earth and its future. We Bend Its Rays, directing the course of planetary life. The time is now critical. Loyalty in this difficult hour is the destiny of the devotees. We now need to the extreme. Unshakable pillar of flame must get up each man nearest. And the student and sent – to-ten times – as far watchtower, but not simple, and armed with all means of defense and attack: Rays of Mine, the subtlest fiery energy, its rays, from his microcosm outgoing. Strong tower live a fiery touch with Me and power Me is how many thousands of men. "One man is no man". No, warrior. And that one, but armed by the Lord, but one apparently surrounded by an invisible staff, invisible forces servers according to My word. From now on invisible forces will you do to fulfill thy commandments, in My Name and in My Name given? And do you realize now the power of this invisible lab, for what I know, is the son of the breadth and height of his consciousness. So Say invisible spheres of cooperation, and cooperation is strictly conscious. Told My enemies: "you not have power over Me if it not was given is above." Could call legions of angels is and to show their power. Now these legions of invisible employees are ready to rush to the aid of the word My and the word of those who I Gave the power to summon invisible to My fellow, soldiers of the Invisible World. Remember: they are already behind you and protect you. But We're not Talking about passive protection, but a fiery collaboration of the fight. I need your help on the earth plane. For approval of My decisions and for carrying them given you your invisible helpers. "Now the powers of heaven serve invisibly with Us" is the formula, from this day you become a real factor in your life to perform My Instructions. It requires a full merge of consciousnesses and full of valuable tense. The network of Light is enhanced by fire. And the Rays of My fire vibrate an unprecedented strain. The awareness of the Power of My beam carrier included. In the planetary scale the time he feared that the power of the Rays of My will crush all opposing the irresistible, and all will suffer and everything associated with the camp of My enemies. And this violation shakes the sphere of the earth and beyond. Passive the age of Pisces ended, and the sword of My spirit, fall inexorably in all going deliberately against Me or My work or My relatives, or My messengers, or those who are Called My sons. Will not Give anyone on the mercy is and protection. Be firm in the realization of My strength and power, which is the only part of My Power, because power is special. A microcosm of your saturated Power of My Rays is. And it goes into your conscious disposal. Rich with the Power of My stand, as forty thousand warriors, invincible. Leave words only for special occasions, commands thought and opinion. Remember: the command is given the Name of your Lord. And say: "the name of the Lord I command...". And when called invisible employees say: "the Warriors of Light, the Name of the Lord of Shambhala encourage you invisible, to help Maitreya and the name of the command you...". The son is given power, and not that small, which I thought yesterday, and not as yours. Entering a period of implementation mentioned earlier in life. Spiral implementation – so let's call it. Don't forget his weapons, glowing fiery sword thoughts. See how it flutters staring at the animals and move back when people want them moved. But this is only still the beginning of the government, and, moreover, still completely unconscious. What will happen when you intentionally enter into the awareness of the power of the law of space, now I have given you? Prepare, Prepare, Prepare for the great mission of the Day of My Arrival. I'm the doer of great deeds. I – the New World is. I – Translate the stones into the bread of life. I see in you is the source of inexhaustible power. I – approval of fire power is. I – the Bringer of the Covenants of the lady is. I'm in you – By Space Dictates. I in you claiming a New Heaven is and a New Earth. I'm the Winner of darkness and of her Ministers. I'm a hoarder of Cosmic Knowledge. I in you a Father and mother residing is and doing good. So, together with the power of My forces Hierarchy, the forces of Light, forces of the Cosmos, collected treasures Power.
Right, the night went through a series of tests, I have appointed. The tests were serious and diverse, and took many of the participants. Correctly dressed there was a feeling among some friends. Passed all brilliant and in My Name, which is especially important. And death that threatens clearly and brutally, not feared. One is of the results of the victory power over the elements, which saw in the dream. The upcoming event also saw correctly, for go.
So, My son, My love, the essence of his wavy worthy receiver of My gifts.
410. Blessed is he who under all the robes of the ages, epochs and peoples finds and sees Me. Different times, different clothing, different names, but I am with you at all times, so was, Is and Will be out of the forms and time limits. Blessed is he who through the form of all religions and Teachings of the Light of the existing and ever sees My Face, one and the same in the innermost essence. Good of him to understand and know the Secrets My.

411. You can say: do not avoid the need of fire. The horror of the fiery waves to the untrained already mentioned. The greatest Word from the depths of being I Call the other force, and will Govern the waves of flame and to rush them in their creation. And if the Country is now the Best works wonders, what would happen when the fire will join the already harsh life cast and ready-made forms of life. They are ready, and stronger, and crystallized. The form of the old will not hold and will fall apart from the smallness and weakness of his. But the new stand and flourishing Country, will give unprecedented. And will the Nations of the Earth, changing their swords into ploughshares, to learn from the one humiliated and tormented. The vast field of creative work before us is. The era of great discoveries is the era of planet building. And lead the Country (your homeland), which first pointed the way, she passed through everything.

412. (Aug. 23). Cleaned and deep happiness let nothing concern you. These phenomena were common, it is necessary to live in them. Write. There are no coincidences. Randomness is a set of causes and effects. And We are establishing the reasons Set desired investigation to consciously will. In this power is. Call invisible employees – the reason their help is the consequence. Cause and effect is the application of the law, if it is done with knowledge. Such is the power of simplicity. And do not need laborious effort: the arm of the law moves quickly and easily. Faith-knowledge, giving rise to the cause, bring forth the immutability of the investigation. So, consciousness can be seen as the center of emerging reasons: ordinary people is unconsciously, the Arhat with knowledge of the law. In this distinction their minds are. Hence the special significance of the watch is. The watch is set constant in order to fire the grain of the reasons was in full compliance with the fire by climbing. Who wants to consciously pave the path of their spines once carelessly sown grains of causes? Because karma, perpetrated deliberately, determines the path of the location. And if the path Karma-reasons is strewn with fires of the heart, the consequences are especially powerful. Wherefore it is said: where your treasure is, there your heart will be. The way of the heart, or the path of love is the way immutable implementation. Greatly sang and reap the happiness of My Ray, for your heart is given to Me. The fusion of hearts has won time and space, and gnashing of teeth that is transient, that is love. "Learn to love if you ascend" – a formula of great power, but not understood by many walking the Path, and even loved ones. And when there's no love for the Lord Lives in the heart. So a Covenant to "Love the Lord", that is his Lord, i.e. the Lord is a Covenant of life and of a single and shortest path to the Light. And someone who thinks the precepts of the Gospel not viable walks in the darkness. And where?
My son, you know the love of his Lord, opened the doors of happiness and achievements.
413. It should also be understood that the truth and form of expression of this truth – things are different. Truth is one and unchangeable, but the forms of expression vary depending on the conditions of the time. Because the one, who is transient (temporary) outer shell, embodying the truth, sees her inner self, is on the level of understanding of the Arhat. The outer shell of the truth caused by external conditions is. The truth is inside – nothing. Learn to understand the truth regardless of its skin. And not only is in the field of spiritual Teachings, but throughout.

414. Yes, My friend, contact is durable and light, what once Warned, saying that things will get better.
So the Arhat is the originator of fiery grains of the reasons the sower of fire, making the seeding for all. The sower of fire beans good. The corn grows to bear fruit essence and bringing the surrounding energy, its supply to a form suited to the nature of the grain itself. Because of good grain essence pre-creators and transmutation bad into good. Humus gives particularly good yields, and "the darkness decays for flowers of Light". The significance of fire beans. And the good sower of the good.

415. It is necessary to distinguish the serenity of the voltages from the artificial and strained tension. The basis of psycho is calm, tense or deep calm.

416. Through The M. A. Th. given My fiery Message. And through the son It is a Supplement and extension as the fabric and color. But I have given being linked together.

417. When you need creativity thinking to consciously create a box, or form the desired product. It is necessary to precisely and in details to know what exactly it is advisable to create: the tone, the mood, the soul of doing things. And when this form is ready, then the spatial fire in the process of creative efforts, will join her, revive her, give her life a clear. Form is filled with content. Start to create, not creating a finished form and not knowing what he wants will means to make to work the element of chance and uncertainty. Then created the form bears the stamp of its vagueness. Sharpness and clarity are missing. Do with knowledge of the law.

418. (Aug. 24). Peace of mind – the stage of overcoming. It is necessary to make the form of statements of the "I". Heavy currents prevent contact, because of the scarcity of given. Soon, soon will flood wave events. But hard waiting. I Accept the wave Itself. But you are safe. Pumped extremely. Keep in touch with Me. The only way to resist. I feel your aspiration. But the moment of tension is great. Hold Me tightly strong. Wave is a gigantic space power.
Others live without protection, and live. And you're protected and marked. Protection is not an exemption from difficulties of space currents, leader. eaderwhich we are. Hold on is inseparable in consciousness. My Rays nurses.
419. What do you want from Mother? Write. I linked to perform a great mission of establishing open-and-obvious of the Lord and of My Doctrine. Her right hand, closest, indispensable and Her son, the successor and continuer of Her mission, the Keeper of the purity of Her inheritance, the centre of consciousness, with Her flushed, favorite close. You will find the earth bearing the invisible power of his, what now It does not. You will gain the approval of the greatness and significance of his as the Mother of Agni Yoga and the Messenger of Light. You will be implemented, crystallized and validated for the sight forms understanding of manifestation wearer of the sacred Fire. You will become the symbol, claiming It is not what It in his own eyes, but in the understanding My, in the highest, super-earth, planetary value, and the aspect of the times. Take It as easy as a person and simplicity of human relationships, warm and close, save. And, based on the simplicity and proximity to approve the greatness inexpressible laid Me on the century. If this pair of opposites to tie together without destroying any, and the greatness of It with a bit of ground conditions and phenomena of the flesh to combine. Requires a great height of consciousness is and proximity to Me. Because you Charge It. She's waiting for this meeting as well as you. Support and mutual saturation, and fullness feeling of closeness and Union of minds, like two opposites of a single thing. This Serves you.
The letter to write. She needs your letters. Reach. Not your concern.
Was away from Her is in order to assess and depth, and height, location and pricing to be protected. Contact with Her efforts. Range we're not an obstacle. Night with Her is and shared. Three rays – the rays of victory over time and space. Say you in Her heart and your spirit in the world of Our (Mine and hers) when Inputting.

420. (Aug. 25). Events are coming. Calm.
Filling the hearts of the Lord sharpens every quality of spirit.

421. (Aug. 26). Power. The power giver gives to strengthen the clasps of shoes. Shoes are the symbol of ascent. Hence, power is given to strengthen the upward movement. Can't change the space of the Toki is no power. But in the microcosm of hosts we are. Here our power. Make the impact on yourself is to refract it through his consciousness in its microcosm at the direction of his will, to break the will, according to his will to give it direction, that is, to transmute the external energy on the fire of the heart. The unconscious spatial property of the energy is to submit to the will of man. The lights of the space must be designed to obey the fires of the heart, or the lights of the will of the microcosm. The fiery will of the microcosm is subject to everything coming from the outside. In this is «power over all flesh." The process of refraction and approval will come from the outside energies are fiery process of manifesting this power. Unformed energy of space are molded and crystallization human consciousness, and by his will this flow all the time the current through the sphere of the microcosm, it receives its granulation and results from microcosm again in the same space, but in the form in one way or another finished and cast forms. Like machine that takes a lot of raw material, but producing through the pipeline already complete finished product. The quality of the products is different. Bungler much. Often the manufactured goods raw is and unfinished. Often damaged the conveyor gives spoiled, warped raw materials. But strong and pure consciousness, taking the spatial wave provides a clear definition. And if they are based on beauty, then the factory is in good order. So, the mental Assembly line is each. Microcosm works continuously. The only question is how and what produces the conveyor of consciousness. The trouble is, if the machines in the factory will start to work without supervision. What happens? Same with the mental products of the microcosm. Subject to monitoring and conscious management. The ideal of clear and well-functioning machine that gives the highest samples of beauty products mental is consciousness of the Arhat and transmuting the work of his microcosm. Cosmic rays are refracted properly in it. But what about the crazy, grieving, afraid, ruffling, and other types of consciousness? The microcosm pests, generation spatial ugliness, slime, chaos! The benefit of the workers, because the labor is already slim. Consciousness is taken into the framework. The useful discipline of labor. To get out, dissolute consciousness is of the awful consequences of spatial pest. Because the power lies above all in the direction that is given will of consciousness. Better one strong over deliberately thought-out idea than scum and rags of mental garbage. Let the thinking will eradicate the sparseness and vagueness, for the phenomenon of gravity. I think not because I think so, but because they want to, and so. Let every moment be devoted to thinking about one particular approved by the will of the thoughts. Don't need random thoughts. Don't allow vagrants into his garden. Spoil flowers and seedlings. This power is in the microcosm, in the sphere of his thoughts. So, two orders of thoughts in our microcosm: random, roving, involuntary, reflex, vague, unnecessary, pointless and destructive, and others – are clear, specific and will be approved and coming to a certain goal, work, creative – and all under the control of consciousness. So, power begins with its approval in the microcosm. The principle of thought is a sense of purpose, solidity, proportionate and constant monitoring. Unnecessary third-party thoughts are discarded as unnecessary, that is, in the absence of commensurability with the great goal ahead. So the assimilation of spatial waves coming from outside energies is the breaking of their consciousness of the microcosm, the assimilation, processing and production of finished, beautiful, healthy products from the conveyor of consciousness. It's not those important, mild or severe currents, and what products gives the microcosm under the action of heavy currents and can not ashamed to show it to the Teacher. So vigilantly watch what thoughts and images flow with the conveyor of your consciousness. For it is not what defiles a man, what enters his mouth but what comes out of his mouth. And just as I Poured the Tower of space-energy in the Bread of Life, and you, everyone in the tower of his spirit transmutation directed at you vibration in the effects of Light and Beauty.
422. (Aug. 27). Before the prosperity of the future prosperity we need to establish contact with each other. Everywhere the victory of the Soviet is. Sending and narrow-minded sentiments are incompatible. Win inside more important than anything external. How to teach independence from external how to separate the two worlds? Well, listen up! Sensitiveness is a necessary condition for Communication. Camera refined. A sense of serious expectation correctly is. But this is the last expected, and the river of life will burst the dam, but the feeling hard. The threshold is always hard. Have to wear strong armor of tranquility. First create its powerful explicit form, and then the same is obviously to put on it, put it on you, to enter into the form really. This process of endowment itself, in some form is as real and obvious as a simple dressing. So you can be clothed in different robes, armor, or quality and to live so with them. But the created form should be explicit, specific, powerful and stable. Need to see her. After all, people live in such unconsciously or consciously they created the images of the forms. But it's inhabitants. The student is not a Philistine. Consciousness and will – it differs and weapons. From unconscious victims of their own offspring, it becomes the conscious master of the created form, or mental shells of their expression. So shell at all. But he creates them in the form itself, the form worthy of his title. There's no randomness involved. And he cannot become unconscious of a miserable victim to their creations. Because he knows that should he lift the sword of thought, as any old form or a shell of his expression smashed to dust and any new, the beautiful and the form is ready to put his microcosm. Create consciously a form of expression of the luminous matter luminous matter. And serenity, solemnity, and love, and longing in need of decoration Ghost. This fiery process of himself-creativity necessary is useful and joyful. Create yourself and then, immediately entering with the consciousness into the created form, becomes its expression or embodiment. And looking at the dark monstrous ugly mug, created by the people themselves and for themselves, it is possible to create images of beauty and grandeur, expressions, worthy of the deity, in us prisoner. Create a decent way of expression. Your face, your appearance, your expression, does the decent values of the spirit. The dignity of the spirit apparel requires policies these. And not have to go to the market for its apparels. In your power immediately, instantly to create any look, any dress, any form worthy of the disciple of the Lord. Speaking of the robe of the spirit, is meant to be prepared for the time, Talking about what specifically and tangibly created by the will, clothed with the power I have given. Understand that you can do easily, and powerfully, and joyfully any form of expression. And the more heart put into it and the knowledge of the inevitability of the inevitable consequences, the more likely result. The wheel of execution of fiery thought immutable. Form you'll take. Repeated blows of a rhythm, especially of the sunrise is and sunset, giving it great vitality. A man builds a house, part of it lives. So you build a form of expression, and give it life, and enter into it and this clerical dress and Express them. Any undesirable condition can be viewed as the positive antithesis and then create a positive mental expression of himself. It's very simple and very easy. But how many tears, labors, trials and centuries on the edge of the sword of the simplicity of the law. To ease need to get. All the greatness is and power of the cosmic laws. And doing is so yourself can do and people. Don't look at them, what they are in all their unattractiveness, but create them as they should be. To create people is the task of the Aghast. To create people, to create the conditions to create life, because creativity is destiny. And from small to great lever of creativity is idea. Material is radiation substance of the elements, the subtle luminous matter, and plastic in the beam of thought. Helpless people, for blind and resistant to ignorance, denial, but you're sighted and armed with knowledge. Because create, knowing no limits, barriers, and obstacles, and restrictions the power of your spirit, for I have Given you power and manifestation, and its application, and mastery of this power you Claim. Hold in hands the lever of the desired effect. You're no longer a victim of any accidents or phenomena, but Lord of the surrounding, master effect, visible around you that you can change and draw on their own power, I have given and approved immutable. Because as soon as you see any nasty phenomenon, the power of My Name and My claim immediately his own, his power, mindful – fitness goal is. The Government Gave.
It is necessary to maintain and to strengthen on top of all accidents. Stronger practice is like a muscle. It is absurd to believe that the medication in the pocket will help. Need application and the application, and constant. Power – it is a form of expression of life and action. The concept of dead capital to mental products does not apply. They decompose. So power is not applied in life, there is power lost. Talents are given for use as a parable. Look how your notes under the action of long-term practical efforts moved.
422. (Aug. 27). Before the prosperity of the future prosperity we need to establish contact with each other. Everywhere the victory of the Soviet is
Sending and narrow-minded sentiments are incompatible. Win inside more important than anything external. How to teach independence from external how to separate the two worlds? Well, listen up! Sensitiveness is a necessary condition for Communication. Camera refined. A sense of serious expectation correctly. But this is the last expected, and the river of life will burst the dam, but the feeling hard. The threshold is always hard. Have to wear strong armor of tranquility. First create its powerful explicit form and then the same is obviously to put on it, put it on you, to enter into the form really. This process of endowment itself, in some form is as real and obvious as a simple dressing. So you can be clothed in different robes, armor, or quality and to live so with them. But the created form should be explicit, specific, powerful and stable. Need to see her. After all, people live in such unconsciously or consciously they created the images of the forms. But it's inhabitants. The student is not a Philistine. Consciousness and will – it differs and weapons. From unconscious victims of their own offspring, it becomes the conscious master of the created form, or mental shells of their expression. So shell at all. But he creates them in the form itself, the form worthy of his title. There's no randomness involved. And he cannot become unconscious of a miserable victim to their creations. Because he knows that should he lift the sword of thought, as any old form or a shell of his expression smashed to dust and any new, the beautiful and the form is ready to put his microcosm. Create consciously a form of expression of the luminous matter luminous matter. And serenity, solemnity, and love, and longing in need of decoration Ghost. This fiery process of himself-creativity necessary, useful and joyful is. Create yourself and then, immediately entering with the consciousness into the created form, becomes its expression or embodiment. And looking at the dark monstrous ugly mug, created by the people themselves and for themselves, it is possible to create images of beauty and grandeur, expressions, worthy of the deity, in us prisoner. Create a decent way of expression. Your face, your appearance, your expression, does the decent values of the spirit. The dignity of the spirit apparel requires policies these. And not have to go to the market for its apparels. In your power immediately, instantly to create any look, any dress, any form worthy of the disciple of the Lord. Speaking of the robe of the spirit, is meant to be prepared for the time, Talking about what specifically and tangibly created by the will, clothed with the power I have given. Understand that you can do easily, and powerfully, and joyfully any form of expression. And the more heart put into it and the knowledge of the inevitability of the inevitable consequences, the more likely result. The wheel of execution of fiery thought immutable. Form you'll take. Repeated blows of a rhythm, especially of the sunrise and sunset, giving it great vitality is A man builds a house, part of it lives. So you build a form of expression, and give it life, and enter into it and this clerical dress and Express them. Any undesirable condition can be viewed as the positive antithesis and then create a positive mental expression of himself. It's very simple and very easy. But how many tears, labors, trials and centuries on the edge of the sword of the simplicity of the law. To ease need to get. All the greatness is and power of the cosmic laws. And doing so you can do and people are. Don't look at them, what they are in all their unattractiveness, but create them as they should be. To create people is the task of the Arhat. To create people, to create the conditions to create life, because is creativity destiny. And from small to great lever of creativity is idea. Material is radiation substance of the elements, the subtle luminous matter, and plastic in the beam of thought. Helpless people, for blind and resistant to ignorance, denial, but you're sighted and armed with knowledge. Because create, knowing no limits, barriers, and obstacles, and restrictions the power of your spirit, for I have Given you power and manifestation, and its application, and mastery of this power you Claim. Hold in hands the lever of the desired effect. You're no longer a victim of any accidents or phenomena, but Lord of the surrounding, master effect, visible around you that you can change and draw on their own power, I have given and approved immutable. Because as soon as you see any nasty phenomenon, the power of My Name and My claim immediately his own, his power, mindful is fitness goal. Government Gave.
It is necessary to maintain and to strengthen on top of all accidents. Stronger practice is like a muscle. It is absurd to believe that the medication in the pocket will help. Need application and the application, and constant. Power – it is a form of expression of life and action. The concept of dead capital to mental products does not apply. They decompose. So power is not applied in life, there is power lost. Talents are given for use as a parable. Look how your notes under the action of long-term practical efforts moved.
423. (Aug. 28). What is the human microcosm? The microcosm human is the instrument of cognition of the Macrocosm. Learning is expansion and growth. The consciousness of the circle increases until the planetary, then around the solar system, and finally of the Cosmos that is the Macrocosm. The merger of the microcosm with the Macrocosm is the goal of evolution, i.e. the expansion of consciousness to Infinity and merge with it, that is the attainment of Cosmic consciousness that, while remaining itself, be all. To pour the world into the infinity of your individual supra consciousness is the task of the human spirit. Put in the Father – that is all. The arc of consciousness, covering the three worlds, or plan, it becomes a circle, and circles of consciousness can merge. The doctrine of Life propels one end of the arc of consciousness in the infinite past, to the Beginning of things, and the other to the end, to Completion, and the Beginning of everything, and at higher points in the Beginning of the ends of the arcs are connected, giving the consciousness of the circle. Manvantara closes at the same high point of the Beginning of Existence of the phenomenal world. And arc fixed in time, go up to the Beginning of beginnings, to where connect the past and the future, i.e. Eternity. We must live beyond the point of the present, in the systemic understanding of Life, Eternity and the present moment to consider how the passage of consciousness in a circle of Eternity. The contact of consciousness with a point of the circumference of the spiral gives the illusion of the present, for the giant circumference of a Manvantara there is only the turnover of the spiral of Evolution of the Cosmos. The circle itself is coiled and consists of billions of spirals, big and small, and the slightest. For spiral in its structure everything that exists is in time. Each spiral begins with the starting point of the chariot of the infinite causality on all planes of existence. Man is the Creator is originator of the spirals of causation. The spirit gives birth to the fiery thought in the matter of the lower whirls of a spiral, which engenders the phenomenon. Not a break of being, but a modification, that is, transmutation, i.e. Evolution, is the fulfillment of the Cosmic Law. Not a violation of the law, but the execution. For it is not Come to destroy, but to fulfill. He came to Earth, not to break the spiral of the old Testament, that is, of the teachings of earlier, but to fulfill, i.e. to finish building an upward spiral. But the scribes and the clergy did not accept and rejected what was supposed to go in the forefront: I feel rejected and a power Cosmic builds. Because it was destroyed their Kingdom and the City. For a spiral build them hung limply in space, is not supported by the Law of Space. But the spiral of My Teaching powerfully continued to ascend into the shining halls of the future. For the Earth shall pass away and the Moon shall pass away, but the Spiral is My build, looking to Eternity and from Eternity it is coming from the depths of time. There is a creative fire that overcomes the inertia of matter and its detections. I'm a Builder kind, I – the Builder of the Eternal Temple of Life. I – Leading and trailing space star trek humanity of your planet. Go through the Millennium to Eternity in the eternal spiral of ascension. And Host is Y.

424. (Aug. 29). For this purpose the lift is approaching.
Contact a good. Write. Of course, My Rays saturate the earthly aura. The beam idea painted the color of the aura of the Lord and charged Him emanations, not just thought, but thought is saturated with radiation and light of a certain color. Radiation is so let's Call the world, for it lives by the rays of different voltages. A clear ray of Sunshine, but not clear and not understood its power; as well as the power of the beam of the moon or stars. On Cosmic rays keeps the world. Their lives. Space is permeated with beams creating beams of life. The big ladder from the micro to the Macro and microcosms is of the Macrocosm. The planet is also the microcosm, and the stars, and the light Microcosms, particles Invisible to the great Macrocosm. And each has a Beam. The life of the Universe is life rays. Life is revealed to rays. So in the atom or the cell's life is revealed emanations that are also light. Rays, which carry the flow of electrons, periodically the essence of matter and of life rays of life. In the radial aspect of the Universe space is not a limitation, but the environment and the spread of rays. Radiation, or radiation matter permeates space, and these rays build a Life. Beams are builders. Spatial beam cannot be created, but the energy beam to transmute the human will consciously. The living cell of the plant makes it unconsciously fulfilling the dictates of the Cosmos. But the principle of the transmutation of cosmic rays is put in the basis of all life. Every center of life is the center that has the ability to transmute and assimilate the spatial rays. In plant, animal and human world, the law is clear. So, life is based on spatial transmutation of energies, and life itself is not that other, as the process of transmutation. Transmutation this is in accordance with the essence transmuting the centre for the law of consonance. Like the center of the living emanations of spatial energy, a microcosm of the planet, its aura, is also saturated with and nourished by the energies of space radiation. These currents flow cosmic energies clear at the poles, where the atmosphere is saturated with the discharges of cosmic electricity, is even audible to the ear. Currents living Earth and currents permeated her body. Earthly elements – water, earth, fire and air – space have conductors of different voltages, constantly absorbing the charges of the spatial energies. A property of the element of water is to attract and absorb the force of the magnetic power of the lunar rays, is clearly expressed in the tides. But this is clearly. Powerful hidden properties of magnetism of lunar beam and has not been investigated – an extensive area is still forbidden. Sleepwalking and weather changes are only partial manifestations of the invisible power of the lunar rays. Every center of life, devoid of life-giving power of the spatial rays, dies. This is the danger to our planet. Because the rays of humanity is to be perceived consciously because it a conscious transmutation and assimilate higher energies. Land without vegetation will die, devoid of life and the cosmic power. Because plants and animals have receptors and channels the energies of life, emanating from space, as well as people. But the higher stage of consciousness, the thinner the supply and perceived power. In mastering them and charge them the Earth's atmosphere, or aura, special and ultimate destiny of man and mankind. Just as man cannot live even a moment without the power of spatial energies, as dies the crust, devoid of ray’s life is. It is not denial, for it is impossible to deny the reality, but in the assimilation and understanding of cosmic life processes. "We Vyatka, and does not concern us" – formula of the old world. Draw concerns. For the health and life of the planet is responsible and all. Criminals plundering the earth and destroying its vegetation, there are criminals planetary and cosmic. The enormity of their crimes must be understood. It is incomparable with any murder or other common crimes. Predators, killers of the planet of vital resources of the earth should hastily dismiss. Immeasurably the harmfulness of their crimes against humanity extending to future ages is. Each felling tree should plant two is the first law of preservation of the vegetation cover of the planet. The government, allowed to burn in air huge reserves of underground gas and even deprives humanity of valuable energy, there is a government of criminals, against the life of the planet. Killer, spendthrift’s heritage of future generations, until the power of cosmic justice will suffer you? Stocks transmutated cosmic energy is accumulated by the planet during hundreds of millions of years. Planetary treasure to be cherished for it is the province of all mankind, not only living, but also the future. And we are responsible to future generations for the preservation of planetary treasures. The great cosmic laws are necessary to take a vital application to life. There is no abstract knowledge, and it is impossible to separate the Earth from the Sky and even heaven. One thing leads to another and, in turn, is a consequence.
Your voice will be heard in all parts of the world, do not get confused by the breadth of the issues involved. Idea necessary be throw is the world.
425. The foundations of the Bridge is the only Bridge of Happiness, strengthen hourly. It comes to Me. And then you don't have anything: neither things, nor people, nor even of the shells. Without the bridge you cannot pass. Because the most important is in your life is the vibrations of the Silver Bridge. A burden not from the Bridge is and from all that hinders. But lightness is not a sign of the way. But our future from us, no one can take that away. Sealed is in scrolls coming. The guarantee of future is happiness to Give. Not far off it, but for days. Understand for days. The last hard ascent, the pass and the field city of Light appears to the eye. Last pass hides the closeness that is already there. But I Can See. I believe. Faith in his Lord passes the remaining days. And the closer, the harder it is. The resurrection of the spirit precedes the crucifixion and vexation of spirit and deadly grieving soul. But the Lord is Waiting and Knows the proximity of deadlines. And He Shows that the twelfth Hour has come. My son, gather the power of the spirit and resist the darkness of consciousness. We Are in great expectation, when, at last, when the Hour of fulfillment planetary Action. The earth tenses in anticipation, labor pains and efforts to lose thousand-year old form of him. The birth of a New Earth, and all flesh is groaning in travail of spirit. Transforms the whole essence of the planet from top to bottom, for the Sky must be the New. The transformation of the planetary aura greatly affects sympathetic spirits. In the hour of stress, be with Us. Together create a sacrament of transformation. And the drops of your sweat merge with Ours, because together we go to the Dawn Light. So the Bridge of Happiness intense energies of the new formations is. And not easy for the consciousness to assimilate them. But down, down, down commanded happiness. And My chosen, with Me running, not a small part in it is. Therefore I Say: "Courage." For Behold I Am at the gates of your happiness on guard to keep coming to Me and trust Me and believe in Me your future. The benefit to you, partner’s star of happiness is. Benefit you Me going. Benefit you are put Me in the forefront.

426. (Aug. 30). Hello, My son. Expect going to write. Do you know how and where to read your Scriptures? If I'd known! That's part of your mission to give the world My word through your, nearest, consciousness refracted. Of course, you can read everything. And this is Doctrine. But complex Space and the extra line will only enrich is. The supra-and is the planetary value of the Records of your get. I Express My World and its laws. Because outside of time, temporal, expressing the enduring nature of the relationship of Teacher and student, student and master. So is for centuries. So it will be. But given the degree of intimacy has never been disclosed previously to such an extent, wasted on the world for the application and following the path, your arm and leg are laid. The proximity to the Lord with dizzying heights kept on the Ground in the human heart, and not the Holy perfect man, but a man walking on Earth and carrying on his shoulders the entire burden of imperfection of the same and the surrounding. Like everything but the only and unique in its essence and carries the corn of the Arhat and Master, the one who is born a winner and carry the seal of My spirit. Now, the body and shell, like at all, but adamant treasures of the spirit is already framed and not once has shining to people in centuries past. In short, the son of man and the son is of the Lord of Shambhala is messenger. Let them learn and they to combine Eternity with a passing and you will understand the expression, or identification of your transient, simple, conventional physical form of an ordinary man, carrying My World wave audio eternal in the mortal and human, temporal and fleeting. In order to be able to say that "we do not know and cannot not know", as we say, ordinary people, mere mortals. You're too is simple, and too mortal, but in mortal instead of and manifestation immortal and asserting the immortality of the approval of My Phenomenon.

Give them an example of merging his consciousness with the consciousness of your Lord and the fruits of My Garden and bring them for eating. Let love to the Lord from gold-risen distraction will be the real day-to-day way of life as the engine of human Affairs. Let the combination of invisible and visible worlds will bright irrefutable pattern of life in their brains, denying the Higher, and let them know that living love to the Lord there is a way the shortest. And in order to know: unwavering affairs their approve My Word, the world visible and the world – people – marked on the pages of history. Will come to you and ask you, and feel the full Power of My right Hand, and Power, and Strength, and Light, the full Power of Me standing behind you. And touching and hearing Me, you recognize and printing of the elect on the forehead you’re going to see. And going by the crowds behind you, pushing from the thick you is for approval of the world. Because of the generosity of My already long passed the border of containment of your consciousness. But instead of all, because the time has not yet come is. Readiness means understanding their mission and to get accustomed consciousness with the essence of her manifestation. Not accustomed to Express itself, consciousness, but of the messenger. Yes, My son, in the importance of understanding the mission, sending out their own, you Say. Hastily Prepared three bodies for your upcoming responsibility, granulation each for special work. Live in Me and act as if proceeding from the Essence of My out of My Heart and My Heart move on, merging with him. My power Give in your heart, act in Me staying. Now I write, merging with the consciousness of Mine just going to act and speak in ordinary life, when the Hour strikes, without having to stress concentration and privacy. Widely will infuse the thoughts of My World in mind your until they form of its expression. Not going to Express you, but Me. And then say: "Not I say you, but the Lord which is in me. Hear ye him." You will not, and I Will be the only – Expression of the Cosmic Will. And then the formula "I in you, you in Me, I am in the Father and We are one" will be life. Your essence and mortal forms your three bodies – will become an expression of Me, Lord. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare for greatness in the future. Yes! Yes! My son, Hear the sound of harp strings of your spirit and Responsible on the key of the moment.
The government continued to assert and manifestation her record. Hastily it is necessary to temper the armor.
Mother too is in a state of tension waiting. And if this is hard for you, then what is It? Help! The beam of your love is the food of Her heart. Love is not spoiled. Intellectuality, which is many the miracle of love do not carry. Because love your mother the greatest force of feeling fire. Not words are important in your letters, but the threads of love silver, heart Its supply.
So, My friend, in a new is in – depth consciousness in life.

427. In the letter is still told to approve tranquility. It is correct to assume that the approved quality should be an expression of the entire essence of the microcosm. Not superficial temporary cramps of consciousness, but each electron, atom, and cell of the physical body and all other bodies of substance is to Express the form of the approved quality. Try to mentally implement approved quality in the bowels of the microcosm, placing it inside, focusing on it and by its shape with all your inner being. And so the outward expression of it would have been a simple and inevitable consequence of the mental process of absorption of the created thought forms, or better to say million by the desired quality. The external statement one, as you can see, did not give the desired effect. But the last attempt of approval from the inside, in the depths of your, gave rise to a long investigation. The seed planted deep, the roots give a strong, and then the flow of current superficial thoughts and feelings don't wash away the grain. The deeper embedded thought form, the more it stands. Inner self dominates over the external permeability and the crops inside perfect, had external contingencies of sentiment is not exposed. The Foundation is laid deep, and the deeper the stronger. Remember.

428. (Aug. 31). We will write about that life is the totality of subtle energies, gathers matter of different degrees. The energy of fire have magnet and by this property they are doing their environment by certain types of matter. Hence the difference in what surrounded man – the centre of subtle energies, and hence the diversity of the structure of human bodies. The same no is. The accumulation of energy around the center grain is also due to the attraction of consonance, or similarity. And under the same human form of the arms, legs, head, torso, and so on is hidden the great diversity of Individuality. The attraction is performed in consonance. The law of harmony reigns in Space – the basic law. The nature of the consonance of the microcosm, or rather, the center of the microcosm, depends on the mood, and the latter depends on and is subject to the will of man. So, the attraction of external energies, and the matching of matter depends on the will of man. And control, or watch consciousness has control over the range of energies in a particular order of the infinitely varied world all sorts of energies. The selection ability of the grain, or center of life, is evident from the fact that seeds of different plants in the same meadow life forms give different. Therefore, to refractive and transmuting power, or property of the centre added breeding ability, in higher organisms, such as humans, depend on consciously or unconsciously manifested will. The higher the consciousness is the more manifest will. The Arhat will control the law of consonance. Passing through the ocean of life, chooses only what the consonance of consciousness, the essence of the higher energies of grain of his spirit, and discards the rest. And each consciousness sounds just the property of their attention. Personal and the supra-consciousness differ in the properties to attract or to consonance energies of the various layers. The first is limited to a small and narrow circle, the second – nothing. Personal consciousness is limited to the scale of energies is relevant only to the individual and the personal world of the perceiving centre of consciousness. Covers the super-personal world! The difference is in the purity of the horizon, which in the case of super-personal consciousness becomes cosmic. And freedom of choice always remains for the person. Now the free will of your spirit directed Me. From the huge world of phenomena, or vibrations, or energies, selected My World, and the consciousness directed to Me derives from My consciousness the fiery essence of his subtle energies. Freedom of choice and will led to obtaining the law of consonance magnetic attraction. And the same law manifests in everything and in all spheres of life. The diversity of life conditions of every individual are due to magnetic energy enclosed in his aura, which is the center of grain of spirit. National leader, a hunter and a shepherd, each in his own revealed your attraction. Space right to life and the forms of its expression manifestation is in the fiery energies of the human aura. And the media is a strong and healthy body, and the humpbacked freak only the results of the investigation of the laws of magnetic attraction energy embodied in the grain spirit. How carefully and thoughtfully you should fill your treasure chest by various types of energies. Because they weave the fabric of all the bodies: physical, astral and thin. For these energies wear a microcosm of those or other shells. A conscious effort of will to attract a particular type of energy indicates that freedom of choice and direction and steering of the will, and hence power, in the hands of the individual. And the extent of this power is range from full to barely manifest. Wittingly or unwittingly, but the idea is the person is doing always, continually. But when it is done deliberately, with knowledge of the law, the rod of power into the hands of the Creator of karma. The gods Called not ordinary people, victims of various accidents and combinations of external conditions, but those who have the scepter of power over the phenomena of his microcosm and the phenomena of the outside world firmly in their hands. Humanity has come to a stage of mastery and control cosmic energy. Will not be given into the hands while the Royal power of his microcosm would not be approved is. And who will adopt the first approach the source of cosmic power. Will open, will be an unprecedented complex, rather simple, but the subtle devices, but they will work and act only in the hands of those who mastered the fiery energies of its microcosm and drove them, whose psychic energy is organized, harnessed and brought into a harmonic state to a working state. And others will have to watch and be surprised by clear and convincing evidence of the higher laws. The haves are and the have-nots will be separated in the light-divisibility. And the fire holders of the higher energies will be a valuable asset and treasure of the state. Don't accept now will be recognized and appreciated. And the drones will find its place and evaluation. And it will be impossible either to deceive or to evade. Fiery energy requirements will impose additional person. And blessed is he who, as a good host, now takes care of the supply of grain the fiery energies of the higher voltage. The accumulation of the fire of psychic energy, this Supreme treasure of man, is the action of the great cosmic significance. They – the carriers of the fiery treasures, will lead the course of life as clearly and inevitably as they now lead the blind, because the collector of fire power Give strength and opportunity, and assistance. For the future Ladies!

429. Rushing so-called stream of life. Go without Me?!! Well, there is what? Without Me what?!! Here you can still cling to some illusions. And there?! How to be there is in eternity, without Me?! Who will help? Who guide? Who will show the way? And how to be without Me in the Subtle World, where leads are driven by the idea? Where? Without Me, Lord, no way! Everywhere a dead end or a bottomless pit is. Terrible Maelstrom of the astral currents. Like a kitten in the ocean, a spirit without a Head. In what abyss will take over and there?! What the moon, what worlds of death may attract the spirit? To hold on, where trembling and changing everything? And the monster of darkness, who have knowledge of the darkness that threatened from everywhere... power is unshakable Stronghold of Hierarchy is Good, Hierarchy is like post Lights, anchor, refuge, stronghold, Way of Life!. Come to Me everything, seeks Hail. I Am the entire Gate to Infinity. I Am the Path of Light and Path to Light. I Am in the infinite Space countless worlds’ stellar center and the core of consciousness, stable Power. To Me the path of the unknown is transformed into the ladder of happiness, a ladder of the spirit, each stage of which prepared with a caring Hand. In the abyss of space I am the guardian of the star trek spirit. I-I-I – claiming the Mystery of the fiery primacy of the spirit and Mystery merge it with the Beginning of the apotheosis of the endless cycles of completion times. I am the guarantor of the truth of the Single Way of Life. I am the pillar of the Temple of Life, Single, Space, eternal. To Me came the hunger of the spirit shall taste for ever. To Me will come to drink from the ocean of cosmic Knowledge. To Me came not were hungry for ever, for the ocean of happiness Flood would require his spirit and Multiply the energy of his spirit. And I will Give him a Stone-a gem with miraculous power to fly in the Cosmic Womb. You, overcoming the grinding matter, opened My treasures, and I crown you the crown of happiness. And favorite student, the benefit you recognize Me his master. Its light Shine upon your path may be leading to the halls of My. Decided your path for Eons! With Me is always... Sending blessing, love and care to the son, consubstantial with Me the beam from the Beam of My Spirit, the flame from My Fire and light from My Light.