Facets Agni Yoga, 1952, 2

Facets. Agni Yoga,1952, Part. II
Boris Nikolaevich Abramov's records, the closest pupil N. K. Rerich received from the High Source about what there is a confirmation E. I. Rerich. – Novosibirsk, – the Entity Algim, 2014 – 312 pages.

The book included Boris Nikolaevich Abramov's Records of 1952. B. N. Abramov (1897-1972) who lived many years (1917-1959) abroad in Harbin was the closest pupil of Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerich. A source of Records B. N. Abramov’ and books of the Doctrine of Living Ethics is One. It was confirmed by Elena Ivanovna Rerich, who in the 40th years got acquainted with the first Records.
By preparation of Records for the edition features of their style were kept.
The book will be useful to readers in search of answers to questions of appointment of the person and his responsibility to the Universe.
I thank the staff of Algim publishing house promoting issue of this book.

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Velichko N. N., 2014

It is devoted to the originator and the first publisher of a series of books "Facets Agni Yoga»
to Boris Andreevich Danilov.

Part II

430. (September. 1). As you reach bigger knowledge, you will become more confidential.
Write. Personal there is no place in space, but Identity is as the center of cognition. Approving Me you establish a prism of refraction of the ocean of boundless vibrations in the forms available to comprehension, and you subordinate them to the principle of the accord. I Am a crystal, the Stone of refraction of immense versatility of Space in accurate and certain adopting consciousness of facets, the regularities subordinated in the course of their implementation to the phenomenon. The thin facets the consciousness reflecting versatility of life is. In mentally people we see violation of interrelation of Facets. I Am the Stone of the Wreath of the Space Magnet, the Link of Reason of Space. I Am Essence the through your trifle on Earth to approve Indicate. You will incur Me to the world. You will incur the certificate on Me to people and powerfully again you will approve the Ladder steps Light lost by mankind as already claimed once. The messenger Light Send to the world to confirm you the World Mine. I Will give fire which doesn’t know barriers and obstacles in your hands, heavenly fire of spatial power. To them you will change life in Beams of My Spirit. Where how and when you will break life bread, I Will give the Decree. And life your of life of the inhabitant will turn into a way of fiery transubstantiation of My will. Yes! You are right. Wonderful it will be covered with a commonness raincoat because differently won't contain and won't accept. Their understanding and extent of expansion of their consciousness statement Light will go. Giving limit to a framework of width of their perception a cosmic of the. Miracles is for priests, and to them, hungry, only what will be able to be accepted. And wisdom of a serpent should be combined with small limitation of consciousness, but in your hands a sound, the word, pages of printed pages, a thought Light. Service to circulation of legs and length of a voice as was once isn't limited any more. The new step of a possibility of service gives others. Opportunities, you already this and opened in days prepare, are given for service. Therefore urgency of their value should be understood.
All of us Rejoice inalterability of your step and commitment to Me. The revealing steps are unique not repeatability, and won't contain consciousness of amount of the energies premised to that. Well the artist writes, and the hand, but how many work, cares and efforts of long centuries on the end of its brush and how many the millennia on an edge of an eagle eye easily goes! Forces are collected for service, but it is good to realize the power premised and concentration. Appreciation is result of understanding and understanding and now about terms. Terms came and accept reality outlines. In My consciousness staying will be protected from troubles and accidents of changes, prompt and immutable. Forms of their expression by clever men of a world stage aren't provided. Calm be in the Beam of care of you who accepted. Also keep spirit. There are events of great surprise. Smoke a snare of dark creations will dissipate. And We are who called you ready to approval of the Great Step of Life. Time has come.

431. Endlessness of centuries imposed on Us and our work a special print. On Earth we Live out of regular measurement of time. The same days, the same hours and minutes, as well as at you, but we measure by them the millennia. You measure for years, at best – decades. We are the millennia. A step of the millennia is our step. Both Our affairs, and plans, and the schedule of works go according to the thousand-year schedule. *Knowing inalterability of the law of causality, we Consider the sequence of days of next centuries as a continuous chain of causes and effects. Not foggy assumptions, but exact forecast rather discretion of pictures of future creations. Therefore stages of Our activities on Earth in covers of these or those historic figures are laying of magnets of the future which in the future centuries give the immutable investigations. Gave, give and will give. I Don't speak about activities of Upasika, who laid the foundation of what is given nowadays in the form of the Doctrine of Life. Term is too close. But Akbar is the Collector of India, Sergiy – the Builder earth Russian – two examples of activities of Hierarchy which last centuries put magnetic bulks of what nowadays takes the specific forms of creation of creation of planetary and space scale. Two colossuses people of one Hierarch united by Stronghold Light will give to the world new forms of unknown blossoming of culture on the basis of the principles of the New World. So Our affairs of century prescription have freshness in themselves fadeless because greatness of the future creations only a stage, or a step to even big heights of the future. Short formulas of My Doctrine which is referred to as with the Gospel for centuries served as food of the directed spirits. Giving them, Knew. On how many centuries the Fiery Doctrine of Yoga is given! How many the millennia there will be it a mankind torch! Giving the Doctrine is we Know. Therefore each our action is the thread stretched in space of time and going to depth of next centuries and millennia. We Live in time too, but we Measure terrestrial time in the millennia. "Tomorrow there will be so and so, – the inhabitant says, – I will go there and I will make that". "Next century, – We Say, – on Earth there will be phenomena of such order, which in so many centuries will yield the fruits". Told people two thousand years ago: "With glory I Will come to judge live and dead". Whether I will come? Yes. Already Came, and Hour of court approaches. Not in glory over cloudy, but armed with power of mighty Beams of fiery aura of My Spirit. Rose on Earth ends not for spittle’s and an abuse, but for transformation of the planet and spirit human. And pledged two thousand years ago, pledged with knowledge of steps of future evolution of Earth and mankind, nowadays pours out and affirms as dense physical conditions. Neither to consider Our opportunities, nor to measure by mind human. And only those, who go with Us know stages of fulfillments because We living on Earth in the present, Walk steps of the millennia, showing the world aspect of Eternity by conditions terrestrial. Staying in Eternity, we See time chain which isn't hidden by terms of human consciousness because Our consciousness is continuous and isn't subject to a wheel of time and its laws.
Therefore any more not a chain of causes and effects, but an action spiral, and in its core is consciousness of the Hierarch who won time. The spiral is visible from top to bottom. So Eternity in our consciousness is expression of timeless creation of life, and only stretched in time. Was Left and again Will come. So thinks of ignorance. Was, Am and I Will be. My consciousness which isn't interrupted by any conditions stays with the planet, directing its evolution. Didn't leave and in transcendental distances Didn't rise, but Was, Am and I Will be with you in all days till the end of time, close and available and obvious to everyone sincerely and to ardently directed spirit. Therefore in centuries you will find Records and certificates of My Proximity and a manifest of My Spirit, really, obviously and fiery the mankind feeding consciousness and consciously open for those, who found Me in the heart. "I Am with you" is the Precept and a formula of life for all centuries to all people, all people as the single solution of life.
432. (Sept. 2). Hi, son My. Let's write in a new way. It is a little more than tension, and fiery energy will pour down also freely, as well as usually. Singularity of fiery manifestations is unusual the fact that it overcomes difficulty of usual conditions always if the Contact is strong. To the will overcoming a scale of the lowest vibrations, is nothing not an obstacle. I Welcome each new difficulty delivered for overcoming. Joy of overcoming is joy of special wisdom. Joyfully there is a winner, and steps of overcoming compose the majestic symphony of a victorious song of spirit. The chain of never-ending victories is food of spirit and essence of a feat of life. The old person with all the weaknesses and shortcomings goes to bat, and the shining armor of the winner begins to sparkle through the rarefied covers of a former attire of spirit. It is necessary to fall in love with the sparkling armor of the soldier of spirit, it is necessary to understand that the fiery attire shaped in an overcoming hearth is true imperishable property Our, integral nobody. The feat of conscious approval of a fiery armor of spirit is big. When all are busy, temporary and unnecessary, and what will remain here, on Earth, in the form of splinters of spatial heaps, the warrior of spirit builds for the future, and fruits of its efforts forever will remain in case of it. We Will call the builder of eternal property him. How is to specify more clearly that affairs human are similar to carrying water a sieve. Result is anything. Years of efforts, experiences, to feel of small everyday affairs – and the final result equal to zero. Whether it is worth building on sand? We are to Add firmly also we Build for ages. Don't leave beauty and power of enduring essence your care. And shaping spirit attire, we Create the benefit because We approve eternal making among destruction whirlwinds. And the temporary short personality begins to grow dull and be erased and recede into the background. And affairs super personal; affairs universal replace a small circle of personal aspirations. Then breath of Eternity concerns affairs of spirit builder, and affairs human become affairs of Hierarchy, and a construction hierarchical, Hierarchy directed and for ages to plan, becomes the spokesman of essence of affairs of the begun to see clearly spirit. Mine build and compose my Affairs, and the feat forging fiery power becomes by and expression of life. On all plans and in all covers there is a work of spirit, and Light approved runs high in a powerful flame. To so overcoming Dai in hands the fiery energies directing a tide of life it’s surrounding. Inspect each link of a fiery chain armor of spirit a careful hand and strengthen. Forces of eternal youth of the spirit weaving attire Light won't run low. Forces I Will increase also joy to work of eternal creation of Ladies. In twilight and darkness of life to create a fiery tower of spirit there is an action, worthy the pupil Lords. My hand is over your works. There is no egocentrism in the phenomenon of space creation. The Cosmic of a task appears that around and on far space layers of thin matter are galvanized and waves of spirit change Wednesday. Magnetic waves of radiations of spirit create transformation of surrounding spheres of all three worlds.
Precisely and literally the devotee of spirit becomes a torch in darkness. And each overcoming effort, each victory isn't business personal, only concerning it, but act of cosmos-spatial value. Great the level of influence of the battery of the human device is big. It is necessary to understand all power of its thinnest energies, consciously directional to a definite purpose. The carrier Light is a transform of earth aura and rarefies incessantly refined and rarefying earth matter. Parallel and according to thinning of its entity and all bodies there is a thinning of environmental spheres. Carriers of my Light change crust. Therefore My Hand is given in continuous care to support the shining Light of spirit of the carrier of knowledge. I Won't break off and Won't to cease to send My Ray to the ashram approved. I Am expressed also by the Hierarchy Light approved and supported does by business of the life. In value of a fiery feat of spirit we will be approved and we will understand that we do not personal, but universal business of General Welfare.
433. Consonance to vibrations of My Spirit, where limits of power of a will? Anymore not overcoming but is approval of its regal power. The Will is the highest prerogative of a microcosm. The spirit is a Will, fire in operation. The Will created is everything. The key to understanding of a Will lies in understanding. The belief - this mighty engine – is only aspect, one of aspects Will. What power of a Will if the belief can be moved mountains! The belief is a form of the unconscious, had presentiment knowledge, an anticipation, or the same understanding. And the Will is form phrase knowledge. «Know Truth, and Truth will make you free". What will give freedom over matter of the lowest? Knowledge! Where will foundations? In knowledge! What? Space Laws is. The highest Will is a form of a manifest of Space laws in the sphere of vibration combinations of energies. Will is the center of the limiting and direction and form of identification to energies of space. What is a thought form? The thought form is the framework causing, or limiting, or specify as shall pour out, or crystallize fiery energies, or waves of spontaneous matter. The form is created by a will, there is no other creator. Spatial matter-energy joins this form. To create the power, or creativity capability is destiny of the person. In it is its divinity. The will is a divine attribute of the person. Will requires understanding, its recognition in him. The power approved by a will can't come to light without its understanding in itself and without understanding that the person is first of all the strong-willed center, or the center of a will. Having realized the power over unconscious uncontrollable energies of space, the person can tell: Let it be!", and so, truly, will be. But how? How exactly? In what form in what framework it shall come to light "as", the Will of the person determines
If the Will fluctuates, doesn't know precisely "how", then what detection of the energies subordinated to spirit of the person will be? They will answer with the same fluctuations and uncertainty. The approved form will cease according to the strong-willed force of consciousness. The law of reflection of a strong-willed impulse in elements is exact the smooth surface. The mighty Will generate mighty forms, weak – unsteady. What is sowed rather is reaped as it is sowed. But strong, strong, not inflexible doubts the thought form, or, better, a thought-basis, on the basis of the will also create the investigation, inevitable and inevitable as a current of stars. In depth, silence and tranquility, without any physical tension, without any participation of an astral the clean thought – silent, quiet, silent – creates powerfully. The highest creativity of a Will is silent and happens in the depth of spirit. The Will in itself isn't limited to anything. The thought in the sphere isn't limited to anything. Combinations of these of two generate the third, limited to unrestricted generate they flounder. For knowing it only material, or substance, for registration, or fertilization is a fiery thought. Therefore there are no such conditions or circumstances which wouldn't obey to a fiery Will of the learned spirit. Because any flesh is subordinated to it, and all spatial energies serve it smoothly. If somewhere results once aren't achieved, so will didn't realize the power yet, so the spirit still fluctuates: whether to recognize itself as god, the lord over matter, or the inhabitant and the victim of "ill-fated" blind destiny. "You are gods" – I Told! But it requires understanding, understanding and application. The parrot can repeat this most powerful formula of the fiery power too, but won't stop being a parrot. Understanding is feeling forces of the. Conscious approval of the power is entering of in the inheritance rights, to the son intended from the beginning of times. Come to Me to take property the My Hand!
My Hand!
***434. (Sept. 3). The most necessary condition of perception is to see, but a leading part is assigned to a thought. A face is the channel of rapprochement. It is possible to perceive, without seeing Me and only feeling is. It is better to apprehend a thought, without seeing, than on the contrary. It is more difficult to accept a thought, than to see. But also to see and to apprehend is will be already completeness of achievement of a way fiery. Spatial energy takes the form only adjoining to consciousness of the person. The center transmutation is his appointment. Energy, not issued by mankind is carried away in space without advantage for the planet. Degree of susceptibility indicates proximity to Hierarchy. The she is higher, the closer to top of the Scale of ranks. The perceiving and transmutation consciousness means the consciousness giving to Earth Sky gifts. The symbol Giving is the Hierarchy sign. Distorts and disfigure's of gifts of the Sky aren't giving. In a broad sense the flower brings a spatial gift to Earth in the form of the crystallized fiery energy which is obviously felt, for example, in a smell of rose. But we Speak about the highest fiery energy available only to a transmutation spirit of the person. To refract them, to issue and to give fruits to the planet there is a form of the highest service. Beams of spatial Light are as condensed. And this Light obtained and attracted from space, already obviously crystallized, shines from heart of Ashram. Sergey’s life has yielded result following: in the thick of the little-used wood at the center which is saved up the light knot of magnetic tension of big force has been put. Spatial Light by long, constant, persistent efforts, that is Service, was concentrated and built in one point invisibly to shine and be a magnetic (sacred) basis of the whole state and the great people. For distant future centuries the Great Devotee, the Great transmutation of space energy Has yielded fruits of the formidable life to the favorite people Give. Of course, plants too transmutations but all flowers of the world couldn't give what It Has Given is crystallized synthesis of the highest and thinnest energy issued in a fiery hearth of his Fire Spirit. Going his way assimilate to collectors of Space Treasures – Sky gifts.
Transmitted fiery energy feed Earth, not issued by consciousness is depart to Space depths, without having given anything to Earth. Great value of the transmutation force of mankind is big, but it isn't realized and not applied. I Teach you who have concerned knowledge to become on the way of a conscious gift to the planet of the fiery riches flowing from space. A stronghold Light is the most powerful crystal refracting, feeding Earth. The single wire connects consciousness directly with this center, giving spatial – with Space tank. The last more difficultly also demands strong ability to stand on own legs. Lords Us spatial wires. And their task is to remove consciousness of the pupil to the ocean of space. Once most of mankind will join the ocean of spatial Knowledge. For now is only units. But the spatial wire for the pupil is caused by communication with Hierarchy. Otherwise the consciousness which isn't limited to a form or the channel will scatter and will dissipate under a whirlwind of magnetic tension of immense variety. Because the Hierarchy is the Focus transferring and perceiving. You will find all threads of spatial communications in a tower of My Spirit. Therefore strong hold Me. Degree of fortress of paste of spirit is extent of receiving. Those, My Hand rejected, receive gloss of false stones. Also go, loaded with pieces of glass, taking them for gemstones. Experience and knowledge are necessary to distinguish stones. Here and you cast Treasures of My Spirit in a form to bring and give to the world. And the benefit to you who has understood the work. So all our envoys refract and bring to the world. And the consciousness is closer to Us the purer, clearer and crystal-clear transubstantiation of gifts of Hierarchy. Therefore protection of purity of a wire of your spirit is business of planetary value. Therefore keep firmness of tranquility that in a prism of a crystal of your consciousness hasn't grown dull and My Light wasn't distorted. As a precious vessel, protect the Bowl accepting. Don't allow shaggy invasion. And bear the Bowl not spilled. And you will see My Face, it is only necessary to work. And it is worth working. Among day fill empty minutes with useful exercise and time will appear much. My Face is a core of planetary life of spirit because He is external expression of My Essence. Adjoining to Him, adjoin to My Essence that is enter Communication. Therefore the Mystery of the Face of a bike is and is available only to the next. The Face is Light condensed. Entering the Face into heart and the third eye, you approve My Light in yourself. Great value of the Face is big – and you transfer the center transmutation My Power to the essence. Therefore I Say that I staying in you Create incessantly. And if you want to follow a way of power and the power, create My Face and his power, in you approved; Me create and make affairs by My force. I Give her! Not you are her carrier, but I, Powerful and Timeless in you, Bear the fiery force of the power. So, be in Me with Me, and My force will merge with you and will be yours.
435. Historical events go, submitting to two factors: to a tracing of stars and Our Will. When knots of events bulk up, rather insignificant reason for flash.

436. (Sept. 4). Write. The aspiration give channelizes. Aspiration is the best connector. The aspiration is a substance of which the wire is made. Purity and uniformity of metal – is wire advantage. Foreign impurity is inadmissible. Your task is another. Your task is to preserve a wire against foreign invasions. As well as what? Of course, mental. The whole rack of foreign thoughts are ready to hang on him, won't tear off him the weight yet. The Face by force of the radiations protects, disseminating bastards of space. This spatial slime is harmful. The tranquility chosen as a form of identification of spirit gives to a wire stability, protecting him from fluctuations. Me necessary lies stability of spirit. Instability creates the alternating waves which are painfully felt by Me. We appreciate a wire of constant steady tension. The wire is constant, in operation it or not. On him changes in aura are transferred. Therefore it is necessary to watch a condition of fluctuations of aura. The aura is a perceiving device, or the receiver of vibrations of My Beams. Her state causes acceptance. Tranquility it is possible to bring aura to a condition of the highest susceptibility. Perception of Beams can be unconscious rather subconscious. But it, of course, isn't the message. We Will call parcels and messages the moments of special conscious acuteness of usual contact which is always available. On backdrop usual communication they are as strengthening moments.
Correctly! There is no contact depth today. The reason is instability of spatial waves, or currents. The space can be silent, shout, facilitate and burden. Today burdens communication. These shouldn't be upset. Not in our power still to eliminate space influences and conditions. But you write. And it is already a victory. We will protect My Face with networks of the truth that couldn't see the waiting motes in an eye. The Face of the truth is the Lord's Face. Let's learn to show My Face.

437. So, the son My we will write about Dawn in the East. The East knows about Arrival Maitreya. Waits and knows proximity of terms. Therefore on scales future the special role is intended to him. Maitreya Will come from the East.
438. (Sept. 5). I Grant you fruits of eternal life.
About collecting of spatial treasures are created by a thought. Therefore, the question goes about and discern of a spatial thought, or fiery energy. Than? Spirit device; two factors (are required) is consciousness and a thought. Connect on the basis of a magnetic attraction. How? According to the accord! How to establish the accord? Reduction of a harp of spirit is in a condition of a certain mood. It is necessary to adjust her on a certain harmony. Introduction of the Face to the third eye gives tone as a tuning fork. The last too very much helps. Then all foreign thoughts are eliminated. The field of tension of consciousness is busy with the Face transferring, or radiating of vibration. Whether it is easy? To the pupil is yes. But usual consciousness requires training. But it is available to all.
Many receive on a prayer key, misunderstood too. Both a prayer, and all other methods only means for contact establishment. But the Image of the Teacher gives continuously, and it is always possible to take. But the rhythm facilitates. "To clothe in a constant prayer" means to bring itself to a state of continuous receiving spatial treasures of a thought. Riches are inexhaustible. Means, the volume of receiving isn't limited. All spiritual treasures of mankind –is only a part of the inexhaustible Treasures of Space limited to a framework of a step of human evolution and height of consciousness of the perceiving device. It is necessary to acquire strong existence of existence and availability spatial, or space, treasuries.
439. Write, My friend, writes. Your task is to catch vibrations of a spatial thought and, having refracted through a prism of the consciousness, to give to the world in the issued, ready look. It is possible to call this work of realization of spatial treasures, or assimilation of fiery energy. Let's not forget value of Focus of Hierarchy by which force there is a contact. I Am only the spokesman of power of Hierarchy. Each consciousness accords only the strings, or their certain combination. Receivers are of wide range when consciousness consonance on any harmony is valuable. Here the accord is established by a formula: "Thy will be done, Lord". I will give experience of sounding of consciousness on an unusual harmony. Ability of the person is the consciousness strings accustomed to sound on a certain key and in a certain direction. Makes fiery disclosure of the centers that is fiery perception, all scale of spirit in all width available is to the revealed consciousness. Descent of the Saint Spirit on Apostles is a manifest of this great transformation of usual consciousness in fiery. And then becomes available inaccessible earlier. But the essence of process consists in and discern and refraction of spatial energy of a thought. Synthetic consciousness cannot limit itself to the forms established earlier, but to give the color gamut and a new form of expression of the same uniform great spatial thought, or the highest fiery energy. Therefore a framework of the former human forms of its expression yes won't be for you either chains, or subjects to imitation. Give to the world, not repeated, expression of spirit by force of the Identity which gave life bread transubstantiation. So misunderstood implementation of spatial gifts from a church altar is transferred to an altar the temple of human spirit for refraction of the highest gifts of the Spirit on a heart throne. The symbol becomes life and dumps a dead form. And the stone temple turns into the temple of spirit and heart. But boundless we won't limit to a narrow and dead framework of church symbols. We left to the ocean of space, and the temple of spirit means the Temple Space, the temple of space understanding of life. So, creation of fiery perception is caused by the accord with the fiery tank of my Spirit. I Am that gate through which it is possible to come to the Boundlessness scope. Me and through Me you leave to the ocean of space. Starting the Hierarch in the course of familiarizing with spatial life it is necessary to understand. I want to approve strongly bridge foundations in Boundlessness that consciousness was firmly and unshakably. It is impossible to imagine power of spatial whirlwinds, both an infinite scale of a variety of fiery vibrations, and a boundless kind of various extents of evolution of different entities, sometimes even absolutely inaccessible to our consciousness. In a spatial chasm the directing and holding Hierarch's Hand is as the strong rock under legs rising in the raged ocean. Power of fiery energy is improbable, immeasurable. Will burn and will incinerate. Therefore without Hand Driving there is no ascension.
Much touched to fiery power without Hand Driving have burned, that is have burned through the devices. We go carefully and strongly we go in the ocean novel, the Lords protected by the Hand Lord'. To beloved Give everything, but as gradualness and the sequence that the device of spirit not only hasn't suffered, but also has become stronger. Lift your consciousness over the abyss of life to Me and don't come off not for a moment. So together, without being separated, we will reach knowledge tops. Who can boast of obtaining My Instructions? Who has established proximity of Communication? Who has found the Lord in heart? Who has a Beam? The son My realize the stay in happiness Beams.
Easily and just knowledge joins only tranquility of your aura. Remember: tranquility of aura is the mystery of purity, clarity and clearness of perception. "I Give My world to you" there is a formula of great value, too yet not conscious. It is a lot of treasures My given in the Gospel, still lie in vain. They should be lifted, cleared and given to people for the urgent application in life. Not comers are to Me and through Me won't have a part in anything. It is time to understand dreadfulness of Hour and inevitability of the inevitable choice. Shadows, blind, dark, sleeping spirit goes, stupidly go. Where? Will be tormented, won't cheer up yet spirit and rescue is only in Me. Go and tell and open eyes them, Me not seen. Your mission is big and is difficult, but not the winner to frighten difficulties. I was rejected and writhe in chains of ignorance and a hopelessness: both are exhausted and hungry spirit. Not for the first time to go by the Word of your Lord. Also the way isn't new. Also you will meet many old acquaintances. Be careful of agreeing. But directed are friends.
440. The tranquility itself you is perceives My tranquility. The rudiments of qualities nowadays as you approved you perceive and you approve Mine until you don't replace them with Mine. But the aspiration and an impulse shall proceed from you. Such is the law. Therefore only having, that is brought, receives; if people understood value of a gift.
The Lord, I can't come off Light of your radiations! – Also don't come off. The separation isn't necessary, and be in them: in a disorder of day, both in work, and behind food – the word, always with Me and in Me, and My joy with you yes will be!
I see on the ends of fingers ruby asterisks bunch. And fires on a hand are in case of records and transfer.
441. What ahead? Darkness for one and Light for others. Each sphere will attract and will absorb the sons. One – for the birth in life, others is in death. Offspring’s of darkness won't eat more at the expense of sons Light, thanks to separation any more. Goats it is necessary to leave on the deserved pasture. They gave to Light the chance to reveal and approve them. On Earth they have nothing to do more. Three bases, or three worlds, being not more divided, will create unity of life. To everything, the person to swung, measures of three worlds will be put. Each phenomenon will affirm and be considered from the point of view of three worlds. The triple thinking will be included into life. The inseparable and consubstantial Triad, or the Trinity, will become a manifest of life and a form of expression of thinking. The ignorance basis is denial – will disappear. The true understanding of life will affirm. Wars will terminate. The fear will leave. Darkness will be replaced with Light, dirt – purity, ignorance – knowledge. The secret knowledge stored in sanctuaries of Ashrams will become property of all mankind. Forbidden knowledge will be authorized. Attendants of Hierarchy Light will gain recognition. Fiery energies will be included into life friends. Collective occult, that is fiery, the creativity, perhaps, the whole people appointed to a certain hour and the moment will allow to accumulate mighty charges of fiery energy for a three-plan construction. And when it will come, this day, hour, and minute, then energy of consciousness of all mankind, for the short moment integrated, can be thrown on accomplishment of a huge planetary or space task. If two or three who gathered in the Name My could create the benefit, what can create all mankind which united (on a task) for a while in the Name My. There will be no concourses and conferences in the name, but in the Name My and also the investigations great will yield a fruit. The collective force of mental energy will carry out tasks and acts, for modern mankind absolutely inconceivable. Miracles will die because they will be replaced by knowledge of great Space Laws. Again there will be available mysteries of metals, plants and (stars) star beams. The transformation of the nature made by the three-plan principle will go with great strides. Single herd and the Pastor Which Am I, will create the integrated power. Let's decorate a terrestrial garden. Let's approve beauty of everything that is under construction hands human. Let's Feed and will Dress all.
Rush consciousness of mankind on a gain of spheres of the highest tension. Not to consider consequences of transformation of the planet. The Earth is poor, dark and unhappy in greatness Light and knowledge will become a transmutation of spatial Light. And children of Earth, My children, will become sons Light.

442. (Sept. 6). The right to life can protect and shall.
Time walks quietly, but brings forms of a manifest of our decisions. It is impossible to stop flight of time, it is impossible to interfere with the final implementation of Our plans. Go with terms that are with stars. Terms are hidden to leave a liberty of choice. But their approach is inevitable. In space is the reason everything. There it is also necessary to look for: both melancholy, and weight, and ease, and space life is reality. It, space, creates life and draws lives of the people. In it results of fulfillments of all deeds, and in it is the reasons made are put. Both ends of a chain go to space: both passed, and future. In it we will also look for the solution of the phenomena. The section of the present doesn't give anything. And if we want to kill reason grain, it should be destroyed in space and if conceived to generate the investigation, it is generated in a bosom of a spatial receptacle in the form of the conformable reason. It is open and available always. The mirage of time is hidden in space. Fixing of a past and the future is the chain stretched in space over that and another; isn't present neither yesterday, nor tomorrow. In space we see the rotating planet body which is consistently lit by the Sun and rushing on a circle of a huge spiral. Any point of a provision of the directed body planet never repeats - it is the fundamental law of a spiral. And therefore life never repeats. In the law of a spiral the reason of a variety of human faces is and identity of each being or a plant. There is everyone the spiral, as well as the person. Even the wave of light is a section of a spiral of the beam rushing in the same space. The spiral is a form of a manifest of fiery energies of space. The spiral contact of energies to human consciousness gives process of life of consciousness. And not only consciousnesses but also any life. And life moves spiral. In a spiral of time and changes of seasons of year life of flora and each separate plant is developed. The spiral channelizes, but on it is possible to move up and down, as well as in everything.
443. (Sept. 7). I Have life in space, and you live in space. Spatial life should be understood. Spatial life it has phases that is existence, or lives, on different plans of consciousness. A beam with you always is on all plans. Timeless life of spirit is also true. But the width and richness of spatial life collects by terrestrial experience. There are no two ways about it. Boundlessness develops and created in consciousness in case of means of terrestrial accumulating. So content of the astral world is cumulative through terrestrial, and creativity, there the events, besides happens on the basis of terrestrial experience. And even Builders of the planet, and even the Highest Plans storing forms of evolutionary prototypes of future ascension of mankind are created on the basis of the experience obtained and approved as Builders in their stay by people on planets of others. Only through the embodiments in matter reaches spirit of the highest knowledge: through terrestrial – the highest, through flesh – spirit, through limited – unrestricted, through limiting – Boundlessness – such is the Law of an evolutionary spiral of consciousness. Matters should be passed through Golgotha. In a vice of temporary eternal is won. Enduring is shaped and affirms as passing. Mortal life is the unique way of approval of immortality. The bowl of immortality is filled with drink of eternal life here, on Earth, among difficulties and weights of dense existence. And it is necessary not to avoid sufferings or inconveniences of dense conditions, but to understand and carry by consciousness of the spatial life, eternal and uninterrupted, through the temporary changing and interrupted forms of a material world. The task is to realize spatial life. The accumulated experience is carried away on the highest plans after each terrestrial death for the application. Death of covers on each subsequent plan is followed by crystallization of experience in the highest remained cover, besides for the application, everything won't be collected in spirit grain for a possibility of conscious life on the plan of its existence yet. And as in Space nothing is satisfied with what has already been achieved and the impulse of life pushes to new stays, again and again grain of spirit goes down to the dense world, consistently clothing in covers, the corresponding entities of its energies.
To refuse experience of material life and to show cowardice – means to refuse a possibility of ascension. To calm down on reached – means to sphere itself a hopelessness and stagnation. There is no other exit. Through life it is necessary to go, collecting experience juice. Than is more difficult and heavier life, than more in her pains and sufferings, that wealth of experience and quicker ascension. Blood of heart pages of the Book of Life register. Where and when there ascended the spirit without suffering and pain? Conditions of Earth, very grave and fruitful of planets are that, because if the spirit finishes the way on Earth, then, truly, his merit is big. On the Highest Worlds it is easier: there is no this terrible counteraction of matter which is more refined and rarefied there. Therefore the cross should be taken a firm hand and, knowing inevitability of its weight, nevertheless to bear to top of ascension of spirit. It is a lot of persons interested to follow, without having taken a cross. They aren't necessary. We Can't break Laws of mortal life is. The birth of the baby torment is as a symbol of a manifestation of fruits of life. That is through sufferings. So, the suffering is inevitable. But there are two types of sufferings: pro se and for others, for the world. Essence of process one is suffering, but sense and results different. For one and the touch the price in one case of people finds space consciousness, in another – narrowness of a personal hen house. Whether it is better to change a corner of sufferings is and if to pass life suffering, then not pro se, and for others. It is a way of expansion of consciousness and release from chains of the personality. Therefore the cross lifted not prose, but for the world, goes a gait of the judgmenting winner to a victory over itself and consequently, and over the world because I Won against the world.
444. (Sept. 8). Beam. What is the Teacher's Beam? The beam of the Teacher is a wave Light who reached a certain degree of tension. Radiations, or aura, all objects and beings have. Each person is also surrounded with aura. But from aura to a beam is huge distance, perhaps, eon of years. The beam of the Teacher is radiations of its aura, reached degree of extraordinary tension and height. A thought, passing through aura, it is painted in its color and will bear on itself the stamp of its spirit. Not just thought, but thought of powerful potential. The thought always is also forever connected with the creator. This thread of communication is as if a beam basis. The eye directed regarding forms the beam loaded with energy, easily and which is obviously influencing an object where consciousness is directed too. The same beam is established if the subject or subject to contemplation is far or is invisible. Causing a mental image of a subject in the third eye, we stretch to it hidden thread, or a beam. The beam is a channel of impact or communication between focus of consciousness and an observed object. All people possess this capability of impact on the objects caused in consciousness, and all use it unconsciously. When the fiery centers are open, that is the aura reached a certain degree of fiery tension, the thought is not just a thought any more, but a fiery product of the creating power of the centers and, being loaded with fiery force, purchases implementation force. The beam of such thought or the beam representing a flow of a fiery thought bears in themselves power of aura of its owner. The thought doesn't know restrictions of either time, or space therefore the thought by beam force powerfully creates at distance. The space is penetrated by thought beams, but as at people they are weak, a beam, in true value of this word, only Archat’s thought can be called. To a thought beam it cans this task to make this or that action for a moment, for time or for long term. As workers, being sent to work, carry out this or that task: accurately and not greatly. To create a capability in a varying degree there is a property of any thought, but the beam of a thought of Archat’s creates consciously, often on a certain task, and is valid in itself implementation. The Teacher's beam easily and just the power pulls down counteractions of all hostile energies and, being sent to the pupil, is a source of the creative benefit in the sphere surrounding it. My Beam is you’re Light and a basis of your benefit and prosperity. My Beam is your happiness. My Beam is power leading. My Beam is a manifest of fiery awakening of your essence. My Beam is a help Hand. Benefit Beam to receive.
End is of the world, but also weight of space conditions.
If personal ceases to mention, remains space. Thought-reading is good if a certain mental desire is the cornerstone. Events were about to happen for identification, but are dated for term. Correctly: old decays with amazing speed. At the end of October of change will take the tactile form. Chagrin personal is inadmissible. Fatigue not from. The net thinking is equal to collection of net berry who takes rotten? Don't worry, everything will be arranged on heart. But it is necessary to look forward which is close. Days not is months, but days.
446. The time of feelings of knowledge comes already.
Don't choose. We Choose your way. For the next there is no choice. The loving Hand carefully gives a way the best. What choice when we go a formula "Thy will be done". A liberty of choice for those others is. But to My children it is foreordained by My Will. And accomplishment of My Will is the highest joy. To create a will Sent there is no slavery, but the highest form of freedom. In My free Will you will find the freedom. But willfulness of egoism is chains and slavery. At people free will is called the condition of complete slavery and subordination by fury and to fluctuations of an astral that is a very grave type of slavery. At Us freedom is called the power and control over movements of covers. Movements of consciousness in the sphere of physical, astral and mental matter at Us are subordinated to control, complete control of a will. Will it is subordinated to laws of spirit. The highest degree of self-discipline is the highest form of freedom. Freedom of subordination to each whim of an astral is the strongest degree of slavery because the astral on the essence is insatiable. Means, slavery is hopeless and infinite as the astral doesn't know I will hold. The way of connivance and indulgence to the weaknesses is the most right way of immersion to a chasm. On the example of the drunkard or the addict we see results of a way of spiritual suicide. Therefore fight, overcoming and a victory are traced on our board and those who follow Us. To dismiss itself in sweet of calm or to selflessly send itself to the power of emotions, even the most sweet, not our way to the power over them, everyone’s, both the most sweet and most bitter. The iron self-discipline and control is necessary. Stand apart also a firm hand as absolutely foreign, harmful and hostile being, bridle movements and fluctuations of a cover of an astral. Here he is an enemy yours. Doesn't deserve either favor or mercy is. Asceticism is so destructive, as well as connivance. The golden mean is necessary in everything. Let fluctuations of an astral happen in the limits permitted by a will. Here in what the decision. You can, but at My Will because I Want and I Permit. Degree of the permission strong-willed is the best method of control. Let's finish: discipline of spirit is a prosperity basis.
In the evening heavy condition of dissatisfaction itself and the achievements.
447. (Sept. 9). But all conditions of ascension aren't for this purpose this to stand still. Write. Creativity is destiny of the elite. Everything yields a fruit. Such is the law. The parable about talents belongs to everything. Not bearing fruits we won't assimilate. The fruit seed is result of experience of life. For the sake of a fruit there lives the form. Not a form, but a fruit, a seed – the life carrier. Therefore only bringing of a fruit justifies existence. Therefore creativity is the purpose and meaning of life. Creativity of spirit is highest (creativity). For the sake of it – infinitely long evolution. A life justification is in creativity. Archat creates consciously. The tree which isn't yielding fruits is cut down. The dry fig is condemned for violation of the Space Law. Creativity of pupils is an indicator of their suitability. Going correctly on the way enters a spiral of creative stays. Fire requires an identification form. Creativity is natural result of spiritual accumulating and a sign of the fact that the centers waken. Infertility of creativity (pupil) is a sign of stagnation of consciousness. After the known step disclosure of creative capabilities is inevitable. To stop or suppress a creative impulse it is equivalent to suicide. In creativity the fruit of aspirations of spirit and thousand-year long experience is hidden. We will meet a fiery wave of growth of creativity consciously joyfully. Let's not assimilate to the person who became the own jailer. Freely the spirit song flows. Not the form of identification of creativity is important, but the most fiery process. It is possible to create only fire. The fiery flower under a hand of care blossoms all paints. It is necessary to understand a sense and value of creativity. Creativity is a song of the awakened spirit. Creativity is a gift of treasures. Creativity is a manifest of laws of life. Creativity –is a way of ascension. Its fruits, fruits fiery are truly life bread. Creators fiery are life torches, going and showing a way. To creators of spirit involuntarily, without realizing their depth, consciousness human lasts. Here they: writers, artists and poets – on spirit fire the life fruits yielding to people feeding them. Life bread giving – so we will call them. And you don't stop a fiery flow of creativity. Let the song of spirit freely sound and bears fruits fiery. Someone hungry and the person in need with greed will snatch on them. Not to you to judge their feeding properties if I Tell also to Show – Create!
Statement and encouragement of creativity in the New World in all forms and shapes and in all areas of life are execution of command of the law of life. A wave of folk art is a sign of great value. It determines the fiery potential of the people. It is necessary to understand the phenomena of life of the New World more deeply. Not improvement suggestions, but awakening of a fiery creative capability of national spirit. And, apparently, the terrestrial phenomenon, matters spatially fiery is and consequences deeply considerable. So we will build creativity in extent of the fiery manifestations of the spirit opening a way to area of boundless cognition and enhancement. The way fiery is a way of creative stays.
448. It is surprising how people destroy the future.
It is so much health ahead and pleasures. Soul My Russian rejoices to the created opportunities. And you become not at a western wall, but on a joy stone. Because go Light is winner. I Am the creating Light is in you from Light coming. I approve focus of the application of fiery energy of My Spirit. And you as a biconvex lens, having refracted the Beam My you will give Light and fire. I approve your happiness. My power and knowledge I Testify: let's sweep away matter resistance for a manifest of opportunities of the highest. Joy the future breathes and warms you reality and by power of invisibly suitable happiness. The son My rejoice proximity of term. Son My manifest understanding is of the moment of the Fulfillment. The son My approved in My Beams hour of execution has come. Collect your spirit to meet fiery Coming. Prepare a harp of the spirit for sounding of the great Symphony of planetary transformation is Revivals of the World and Revival of spirit. The universal Holiday has come. Reject all doubts. I'm saying: has come true! There was a Hour of the Gloom when the great event Has come true on Map Shame and the veil was torn apart as a symbol of destruction of the Temple. And nowadays I Speak: has come true. But in a Hour Great, in a Hour of approach Light, I Speak: Has come true! Hour Light has come. And you who were awake with Me and the next one of the first join his delight. The son My, I Speak: nowadays Light is approved by my on all space of the planet as Light victory over darkness. The victory has come true on all three plans. The Armageddon is finished on all three plans. Much you blow a victory on all three. We are winners of life. We great a miracle we Send a sign to you a fiery message that became with Us in Chamber of Joy and has joined our delight. The space sounds a victory. Sound joy of the sphere, world Heart trembles joy. Planetary terms have come. And a framework of a manifest of life will be a manifest framework Light. And for you, My beloved son and the pupil, days of grief and expectation have come to an end. Heavy payments of a karma it is removed, the iron circle is opened, weight borne won't press more consciousness any more. It is free, free, and free! The son My, I Welcome you, free, – your release in Chamber of Joy of Lords. I Send the statement of freedom. Accept a gift Light a gift by My.
449. The changed Earth will sound differently is and stepsons of Old Earth will be beloved and favorites New. In a root life is reconstructed. The next few days will disperse the last shadows of doubts of the events, and not only heart, but also an eye will see. I Send joy to come true, I Fill with joy. I testify Itself to your spirit a final and manifest victory Forges Light over darkness.
Darling who passed with Me through a gloom whether from you I Will cut out Greatness Light is and a celebration of Revival. And heart of Mother is also full of pleasures. You in are mute. With you will go to imprint the last feat terrestrial. I surround you with a belt of fiery transformation of spirit. And forms of future your stays on pages of your writing which is already earlier imprinted, the fiery My force, life, for an manifestation in the conditions of a material world I Fill for the statement: the form yes will become fiery live. I fill them with life of fiery energy for the statement by you in your days. Consider that the veil of the promised opportunities is lifted and that you enter possession of told. Remember: everything that you will wish in the Name My will be given. I Give, to Give, Give heavy rain of the shining opportunities of close execution. Not somewhere once, as earlier, but NOWADAYS.
The friend My forces collect also from dispersion charms that the treasure wasn't plundered. The rush of the heart giving is clear. But the torch remains and has to be indestructible in the inviolability. The sacred Saints, is inaccessible to nobody, except M remains an indestructible condition of protection Light. So was, so is so there will be My Monastery for access somebody is closed. Light are everything, but not the lamp and not the flame giving Light? Intimate it is necessary to understand. Bearing and giving joy, a source it we will hide.
From now on down with from shoulders unnecessary personal cares and concerns! Let's go joy of comprehension. So, with Me in a way of Joy.
450. (Sept. 11). So it is impossible. It is necessary to be ready. I speak: "Hold an astral from flashes unnecessary. Refrain and look". You destroy by unnecessary tricks opportunities. Very much also the discipline is very necessary. The rotten fruit is unusable.
The letter will be. We Will be on the Stone. Remained to time a little, and it is occult important to establish a form of the manifest now. The condition of the highest susceptibility is necessary. It is impossible under some conditions. Harmony of construction is broken.
Has told: don't worry about anything is. The most necessary is readiness of spirit. Won darkness can bridle it. The victory over itself is necessary. She gives persuasiveness brightness. I Will destroy a charm of temptation is and the remained prickles will appear to anything. The naked essence of temptation is unattractive. Clarification fires let powerfully yes will flash.
Won't give and will be very severe. The most important in life is to follow Instructions of the Teacher not greatly. Mine yes will fill consciousness! (Mine – that is Lord's).

451. To be ready is means to be in continuous wakefulness. So finding of spatial treasures in consciousness (is) our step. Correctly you think: My Proximity is integral. Not in Me delays. But the hour lost is equal to loss of jewelry. Why to believe that the catch mental occurs somehow especially. Process is simple to singularity. My beam covers aura of perceiving and sates it with the vibrations. It is only necessary to imprint on paper. I Give a thought. She should be taken. She is bright and distinct. It is easy to distinguish her from the. She bears the impress of My aura. The teacher is eternally new. His thought is eternally new. There is no repetition, but there is only a deepening. The seeming repetition is a thought spiral turn. Or complete, only the thought of seven turns of a spiral, or a thought seven-plan can be considered finished. Each thought Light has seven keys, as well as everything, the having life. Deepening of a thought not repetition, but deepening, is turn of a key. The septenary key has written sheets of the Secret Doctrine and all works of Teachers. Even three-plan, or three-key, the understanding of a thought opens the widest horizons.
Understand the phenomenon of perception of a thought not as the foggy, shivering, uncertain process with unknown and the fluctuating results, but as something simple, fixed, obvious is certain as a conversation on a The distant Worlds (distant legends is clear hearing). It is necessary to give only to the elements entering him the steady form. You, your consciousness and your aura in a condition of deep tranquility are strained, having concentrated on my Face, to perception of My Beam. The beam obviously and palpable surrounds your aura, enters with it interaction. Light approves light, and consciousness transmutation light-sensation in the form of a thought, because My thought is the condensed Light. These components of the sending and perceiving spirit device also should be held in consciousness, without allowing any foreign mental intervention: neither the, nor stranger. My thought is so strong that it can't but sink if it is sent. Means, it is (only) necessary to catch, that is to realize.
You can quietly write the beginning of the phrase, the end will be this also steadily, as well as the beginning. The merge of consciousnesses which reached a certain degree of tension excludes slave uncertainty of the beginner. But it is necessary to implement essence of process strong and firmly, exactly to implement reality and its materiality in the fluctuating terrestrial consciousness. It isn't necessary neither worry, nor to hurry, nor to be surprised. Before us the whole eternity of joint operation is. Where to hurry at the time of Contact? If knowledge hastily is given, then it doesn't mean at all that it is perceived in a hurry. Speed is not haste. I want to accustom consciousness to fixed feeling, so, and to perception of the Beam. I want that the ocean of My thought was available always, in all conditions. I want that process was brought to degree of the regular awake condition. I want fixed active merge of consciousnesses. And then to us it will be already indifferent, whether in Moscow we or New York, in the city or the village. I give experience, exclusive on the brightness for consciousness of your degree. But at the same time the faith in your Lord shall be unshakable, and prevalence spiritual over material is approved. Not I Speak about abstractness’s, but that spiritual vibrations, or vibrations of My Spirit, My Beam, shall master tension of material vibrations of the world surrounding you directly. Shall overcome and win against them. It is possible only under a condition if you by efforts of the will lift the center of the consciousness over the sphere of these terrestrial to tell more precisely, the next to you in the place of an environment, vibrations. And then it is already unimportant whether you will represent yourself with Me in My Tower, or some other place. Because we will get up over space and time that is we will overcome both as now, during this record, overcame distance. I Want to approve in your consciousness: the reality spiritual and the highest is more real than terrestrial. Also I Will claim. Because Told: Let it be. Here for this purpose complete and fixed READINESS is also necessary. I speak about readiness of spirit, consciousness, a body; aura is all three plans of your being. Throw out elements of uncertainty, uncertainty, fluctuation, doubts and a fog from consciousness. Let's make process of perception of my thought quietly simple and steadily real. Not for the sake of your welling, but for the sake of the great future the clue for a possibility of accomplishment is furnished.
452. Not for the sake of your welling, but for the sake of the great future the clue for a possibility of performance of a great mission is furnished. Welling and the shortcomings we will leave behind. I need fiery, ardent attendants Light, Me executed. To be executed by Me means to fill all the being with me and My World to extreme limits of capacity of consciousness. Only I Am, only My and anything the other. Because willing yours as the block which blocked an entrance. Transformation is full renunciation of itself what the person was, and investment of with new clothes. I will give everything, and you bring devotion, aspiration and desire of liberation from the old covers investing your essence. The king of glory is included into the monastery, is conscious to Him prepare. Let's renounce the past. For future Light in the past everything is burned. In Light My Wait you for the statement.
453. (Sept. 12). When already the third decision is becomes ripe, preserve consciousness. It is a lot of fused slag’s. Let's clean! Not without reason days of completion approach. Completion of a construction mental haunts. Requires special tension. Readiness for merge specifies the value of accumulating. To you indicate a way the Hand vigilant. Way of vigilant Glory. Comes only to those to whom it isn't necessary and who doesn't look for it. Glory not the purpose, but inevitable result. When consciousness is determined, nothing can detain perception. We will write about elevated creations. The space stores inexhaustible depository material for creation. The will takes this material and from it creates forms is prototypes of terrestrial manifest. For statement on Earth it is impossible to do without thin creations. That and planning is reflection of process of our creativity is valuable. But when We Create the thin creations, contractors are necessary. The contractor of our commands, manifestation a will of the Lord, manifestation on Earth of a form of the Hidden Hail is here your mission of life. Therefore, in aspect of its personal identification, it is necessary to leave the will. Our wills are merged for approval of planetary tasks. Who can prevent us and deliver barriers? Remember: there is nobody and anything, able to prevent Me. Therefore on the future and operating conditions of yours for Me look as at a way of unusually developing combinations which aren't depending at all on external conditions because my will causes them. From now on a will of the Lord is your way, both its conditions, and the direction. You in My Will are the contractor of a great mission. From my will don't evade. We stand at a side of unexpectedly new combinations. For the world unexpected, but Us provided is. To provide – means to plan. Events in My Hand, you are in My Hand. I combine them together for implementation of the Plan. New order: be in a Will of the Lord. This condition is necessary for big orders. It is necessary to merge so with consciousness of my will that any separation disappeared. Then I will create your will, and you – My Цill. Will our, merged in one – are invincible. Power of My Will in you to feel is force above all forces terrestrial. Direct to conscious merge to My Will. "Will Your, the Lord also will be My will". I can create only the will which undividedly indulged in Me. Only this way, the merged wills I Can make great causes. It is necessary to comply with this itself necessary condition of creation. You will feel power of My Will as mighty inflow of the fiery energy which within your power is. Prepare consciousness to a possibility of perception of fiery power of My Will. Prepare consciousness for inflow of fiery power. Having cleaned a trifle and the pettiness from a way, you manifest, you realize, you will find you will approve greatness and will power of Mine. Move away yourself rather disturbing to us together not to be. "Be rejected from you" – a formula of finding of space power in the form of approval of power of the Lord in the heart. The son My, how long you won't open the heart completely, smoothly for recognition Me how I Will approve force fiery? Your consciousness completely and entirely shall assimilate with Mine. The beam shall be assimilated.
The miracle of perception of my thought, you nowadays manifest, is a high level of achievement. Us especially valued. You go way of the Brotherhood. Without existence of this quality the Assignment is impossible. Before sending, shall prepare. Treat process of preparation of the device of spirit for the purposes of the mission consciously. It will help to clean the hindering slag’s. The elements necessary for the statement in the spirit device, in the Ray I Send. It is only necessary to accept and assimilate. So in My care you stay up to the depths of the being, nowadays yet not conscious. Received and realized by you is only a small part received and received, but yet not conscious. Because I Carry operation on all three plans, implementing new elements in your entity. Realization you help harmonization of the energies with energies of your microcosm. Don't forget connection of realization with mastering. I rejoice readiness of your spirit for acceptance of the higher energies. The way fiery in the conditions of earth is hard. But conscious, strong-willed with hunting perception of my energies strongly facilitates the task. Light are combined by Ma with your light. The status of consciousness is important. Consciousness is the prism refracting. Without it there is influence, but there is no assimilation. And when your battery will be given to complete fiery readiness, then existence of fiery power will become a reality. The stone this will be to show power of action. Let consciousness be not delayed on the terms of the passing present. It is only splinters of already passable way are also not necessary. For it close heart tightly. Let these shadows of the present will pass before consciousness in the last procession. The shadows going to oblivion is and forever. The world Light before us is and the world of action. Thread silver, a fiery wire of happiness, hold all strength of mind. And if you do everything possible whether then the following step of climbing fiery will be result? The friend My sounds happiness bell. Replying! Benefit to you!
454. (Sept. 13). Now are big changes. These (best) people defend each particle of the truth. And they will win. They are servants My. Life symbol is. Forward nothing hinders movement of spirit. But solves spirit is. Without spiritual awakening there is no shift. I Am to Speak: time came. My time came. Harvest-time has come, and days are considered. Also there are no forces in the world to stop My Hand. My decision is to the world to Inform. I Put the mountain of happiness. No, not to stop the river of life which shines with spirit pearls? I Will give aspirations everyone raised the head. I will connect by threads of Light with My World and I Will approve My Light on Earth. Term came. Let's clean unusable. I will strike counteracting. The kingdom of the truth will affirm as the Favorite Country. And the spirit will recover. Who speaks "no" when I Speak "yes"? Who goes against the Will of My statement? Will My doesn't have a limit in accomplishment of Command of the Highest. We Will approve Light by boundlessness of a will. Yes, of course, terrestrial eyes are blind and not them to judge and not to fill with a trifle greatness of the future. But on a shadow it is possible to judge Light. Let each spot of a shadow will be the certificate of brightness Light is the winner of darkness. Yes there will be Light! There will be Light! In the hour predetermined to a victory Light we will be glad. Light over a gloom. Light over darkness! Light over life is and life Light yes will affirm! I Testify Mine power to the final is come true victory Light. I! Itself! From now on wait for signs Light over open spaces of the revived Country My, Me manifest on the victim to the world is. I Approve by My power greatness it over all other people. Light, Light, Light will descend on fields of the Favorite Country. Light, Light, Light, be lit in the hearts of her sons. Light, Light, Light, affirm for the certificate of the phenomenon of Command of Empress World – the Light which won darkness and disseminating gloom shadows. Shadows in victorious beams of dawn are powerless. Shadows in future beams Light are powerless. I Approve a victory by number of My Name. Light!!!
455. The contacts I Strengthen your aura. Don't worry; everything will be not as you think. My Business conditions to be given for business, and not vice versa will be most necessary, so. And durability of situation will be, and time will be but as it is necessary and as I Want. And therefore we will write! I, your Lord, Rule: "Transfer consciousness completely to rails of execution of My Instructions". It is necessary to plunge into My opportunities. How it is possible to succeed, without having given entirely? Both at night and in the afternoon the thought of Me let predominates: from it, to Me directed, external living conditions will depend. Mine lead special life, and a framework human not for them. Was, is and you will be allocated in working conditions. Look and study. Evidence against everything that Told by Me, but evidence to Us is only material for registration, and will be not as evidence shouts and as I Tell to I. Give an object lesson of powerlessness of evidence before My will. I Will separate you, I Will put in conditions untouchable that not to interfere with preparation by My Day. It is right, believing that before thousand-year need knot of the developed external circumstances – nothing. Let speaks who wants also that wants, but your time belongs to Me and I Will dispose of it I. Have patience and belief. I will wrap up everything to the best and exactly as it is necessary to us – you and Me. And you don't interfere, and, above all, be not surprised and don't protest. Accept circumstances as they go to you at My will. From you the faith in the Lord is only required. Yes, it was difficult, but with Me, but fruits are big and considerable. But now other conditions are. Those tests came to an end: work with Me. All external disturbing, is eliminated with Me.
456. (Sept. 14). The bringing of to the Lord divides essence from passing that Eternity affirmed. Tearing apart ears, the market rustles, but nevertheless we go, and still we will reach. I Give My Face.
Before the Beginnings of Times I Am, Real: also Was and Is and I Will be out of a current of time. Came to Earth and Was on Earth, but always Was out of it, not from the world of Earth My World – eternal, as if concerned for a while the side a flow of the passing world, both two – eternal and temporary adjoined. And when I Am Concern Earth and affairs terrestrial, the Beam of Eternity concerns decay. Minor cycles of pulse of days and nights concern temporary. The cycle is longer it adjoins to Eternity closer. And the Manvantara Cycle already costs at borders of eternal. Of course, everything is shown in Eternity and there are in Eternity, but immortality degrees, that are consciousnesses eternal, vary. The more the cycle covered by consciousness the closer it leads the person to the Eternity gate. I also Stay in the World of immortality nowadays, as well as two thousand years ago. Life of Earth and its form, but I Am in the World My in the World of fiery unalterability changed. Affairs of Earth, evolution real and the future, directed by Me don't depend, and out of My World, and can't influence it. We Live in the world of special tension. Whether there passes century or the millennium, Our World is out of a current of time. Therefore Our World has no anything in your world. But it is possible to reach to it only through a gate of the world terrestrial, having overcome it. It is impossible terrestrial to bring in eternal, but from terrestrial it is possible to enter Immortality of eternal, having realized its essence. Being on Earth, I Was Eternal in terrestrial, immortal in mortal. I am a symbol of eternal Light in the current forms of a terrestrial flow. I Am on Earth a certificate and statement eternal in temporary, immortality in what is subject to death. Being Eternity or a form of eternal life of consciousness, Gave to people elements enduring for statement by them is in the consciousness. Both accepted them and approved also concerned a source of eternal life. Consciousness on firmly planned way from a wheel of never-ending measurements of three plans passes into the sphere of a timeless invariance. Not stagnation, both rest, and motionlessness, but movement, life and changes outside cycles of terrestrial limitation. So an invariable is fiery basis of My World of a shown steadily and the same in all Doctrines of Life of all times. In various forms and attires the invariable eternal Face of the True Fiery Doctrine of Life, single for all Space, but in expression terrestrial the perceiving consciousness of the mankind or the people which gained particles of Great Knowledge depending on a step was given. To see Eternity elements in passing forms of human knowledge means already to join and approve in it Immortality elements. Seekers of eternal Treasures or accomplices of eternal life are the people who directed to immortality. Exactly nowadays and exactly in life treasures of Intimate Knowledge affirm as consciousness human. To overcome cacophony of terrestrial sounds and to catch through their chaos the symphony of eternal life is achievement the highest. Will pass everything on Earth without having left behind anything is.
Everything will pass, without having left behind anything on Earth. But we will be. This in us staying eternally over everything that out is our uniform true Treasure and property. To accumulating and understanding of this Treasure the Lord Calls. Claim eternal in temporary. Do eternal justice. Understand what eternal is a rock on which it is possible to build strong for Boundlessness. To express and show eternal in temporary is the purpose of the person on Earth. I Am eternal. The inhabitant is temporary. The distance is big, but understood shall overcome and is urgent, collecting and realizing signs of eternal life, to approve them in terrestrial identification. All is good that you have than live, but has no value if it isn't imbued with spirit of understanding of Boundlessness which shall predominate and spiritualize the temporary forms of the same boundless life expressed by you. Have everything, but refracted in your consciousness through the Boundlessness prism. The doctrine of Life is a form in which the world is learned outside. It is the telescope, or flew down through which it is possible to behold, both to observe and to understand the world and life. To understanding of Eternity and immortality I Call you who forgot a way.
457. To realize – means to put into operation. There can't be a fiery energy effective without understanding. By understanding we bring Space energy into the sphere of a microcosm. Consciousness of own advantage, consciousness of the force is creation of the phrase shows that understanding and mastering are closely connected. If mastering is the end, then understanding is the beginning. In any case, it is necessary to remember well that through understanding we come to mastering. Therefore assimilation, that understands, Doctrines steadily leads to mastering those treasures which consist in him. The understanding is deeper, the mastering is closer. Even it is possible to tell that mastering is the highest extent of understanding – so they are connected. Therefore it is told that through continuous reflection about all-initial energy we come to her understanding that is mastering: a way of meditation – the same way to mastering. The statement in itself desirable qualities can be facilitated the same way too. Of course, so just understanding isn't given. And here efforts and work are necessary: The doctrine calls for understanding of his provisions. The way to everything lies through consciousness: the prism of human consciousness has to refract. Things, the phenomena and the truth which hasn't passed through this prism anyway remain out of a microcosm sooner or later. But ever conscious is deposited in the Bowl. Assimilation conscious the Beam is his assimilation.
458. (Sept. 15). Strengthen relations with the Lord to limits of possible. In it is all. Direct all strength of mind to deepening it. Fixed pre-standing should be made the life and the Beam – reality of everyday. The being approves stay in the Face. A continuous part of expression Me become. Be with Me inseparably be indissolubly not interrupted. It is necessary to approve not interruptibility of communication in life of everyday. Days of great value approach. Success of joint operation in accomplishment of My outlines will depend on depth and consciousness of uninterrupted communication. The doctrine shall become extreme expression of life. It is time to be the Doctrine and to be the Lord. If the superhuman effort is required for this purpose, it should be manifest. The consciousness sinks and disappears in Mine is sacrificed to me. Dedication becomes a form of expression of. I Approve you in greatness of the Mission assumed by My Word. Solemnity imprint the Word My. Also remember: where you were, in consciousness you’re his first I. Before all the rest of your microcosm approve My superiority. The banner of the winner which is taking priority I in consciousness of the pupil is to Garry flag winner. To become, it is necessary to become the Word embodiment. My Word the embodiment it is necessary to become. Quietly, solemnly and courageously bear the Lord's Face. The term which came obliges to show Light. Its statement goes My Face. I Am in you staying the contractor of space commands. I, in you staying am a magnet of a manifest of unusual opportunities. I Am in you staying, – the builder of the great future. I Am in you is the carrier of Great Knowledge. So, merged together, we will pass life and a mission of life for the sake of which this embodiment was this, we will execute. Focus of life of your being nowadays goes to a point of implementation of My outlines, and a point, having absorbed beams, will give three rays of light. By their force this implementation will go. Your beams, in My Beams generated, will become the power creating. We will direct the understanding to show of beams. I Am Create by force of Beams. You will create by force of beams. And beams you’re merged with power of Mine will be real expression of force overcoming any resistance of the environment.
Fluctuations Light no its constructive work. Changes of inevitable are. It is necessary to load consciousness. A key is in aspiration of consciousness to Me. Only at top of concerns there can be to show tranquility. Dare in son ship. Manifest aspirations to Me reduce ways of spirit. I Am to spirit fire. Disruption of communication is impossible for a minute. Communication with the Lord creates life and that that is knocked in calm, a miracle reality.
459. Clarity of My Instructions isn't denied. I Show Myself to the one who deserved in centuries. Long testing – for rapprochement. For what life? For finding is in the Lord's heart. Me approving – I will call your step. Both are in itself, and in the world out itself. The first is in itself, the second – in the world. To approve at first, then to notify to the world Me and about to Me. But as firmly it is necessary to recognize (or to accept) Me that My Light became light yours and anymore not for, but for people.
My presence at your life becomes obvious to evidence degree, and there comes the long-awaited moment when it victoriously merges with reality and I in your days Affirm. Not denied by heart becomes obvious to an eye. My presence in the spirit of yours reaches degree of tension of heart of the going Archat. I you are to Show at a step of the next. I Gave you knowledge of My Proximity, and I you to Indicate of a way of implementation of execution of My orders. We Call contractors of a voluntary mission them, merge approved. Sensitively catch my Instructions. Both spirit, and heart all being do them by make them is a part My. Enter the energy which is really sent you and received into the microcosm, immediately doing by its component of the essence just as the bricklayer from stones puts a tower. And you a tower of the spirit consciously, strong and firmly put from fiery stones of happiness. Me to you daily this is in the form of fiery energies of My Spirit in My Beam. Carefully pick up each baby, don't lose particles of precious sparks. Lost, are carried away by a whirlwind both where and when that hour, and that country, and that cover when you are able to pick up lost comes. You can, but never any more in the same form. Therefore be awake and strain the alerted vigilance not to lose. Who, except Me will give the Stone of the most net water? And where those people, manifest the rarest gift of direct receipt of Treasures of spirit? Who will give, except Me? I Appreciate fidelity and commitment is and you understand of uniqueness of My Cource. On consciousness and obtaining, and is even more if commitment permits. Therefore also heavy rain of sending because it is firm and persistent in understanding that for you, except Me there is nobody. The formula "I Am Way, Truth and Life" is a formula of inalterability of the stays composing an immortality Bowl. Let's enter with you the thick of life. You will incur a banner of the Lord which once already dawned on you the contact. Note dreams, matter special: and the, and relatives. We will understand the full-directed commitment as a form a showing possibility of boundless obtaining. Treasures of My Spirit because the son is are opened for darling. Aum.
460. As the elements specified are put into operation, the result is inevitable: cause and effect. But (in case of Communication) the main thing – to eliminate elements superfluous, they – as the freight put on violin strings. Everything it is more difficult to overcome environment resistance. The Face is for this purpose this. His vibrations overcome.
All creation is broken if power of the Face isn't realized and isn't called. Value of impact of the Face of the Lord should be understood. In life of the pupil there comes the moment when the Lord's Face victoriously and it is fascinating enters consciousness and fills life. This condition precedes the Lord's Phenomenon. To see it both to see it and to make these moments’ real steps of ascension there is an achievement the highest. To that we go. Means, the object set – to see the Lord and a mystery of the Phenomenon to make it the part of the life in its innermost aspect. On degree of aspiration of the pupil to My Phenomenon I Reply. And force directed going is equal to My force replying. And increase of force of this aspiration corresponds to increase of force of My replying. So key to a possibility of the Phenomenon of My pupil in hands Me. I reply, being called, and on force and intensity of a fiery appeal of spirit, heart of sounding. I Don't know neither on Earth, nor in the worlds of stays more valuable. My phenomenon, or the Phenomenon Me, in the conditions of dense existence is a spirit victory over a scale of material vibrations and eternal over terrestrial. The river of the world as if for an instant stops in the run, and breath of Greatness of Eternity concerns spirit. The stone of the Distant Worlds is found and, found, lit by fires of an eternal flame of life. So approval of the Face in consciousness, in addition to the transmutation value, is a direct way to a possibility of the Phenomenon. It is a lot of secrets in the pupil's life, fruits of century efforts are also rich. Also fruits of stays in the Hand My, giving happiness it are integral. And called and replying gifts are prepared. I Plan a way of stays in advance that consciousness got used to miraculousness of opportunities and assimilated them, having accepted in consciousness. Belief rather sense-knowledge realities of the future stays – the best ingredient in case of assimilation process. The belief brought to the Lord is the mighty appeal of spirit causing inalterability of obtaining. Therefore it is told: "On your belief it will be this to you". The belief is knowledge threshold. The belief is unconscious understanding of the Lord in heart. Belief, a unbreaking nothing, you will reach Me. The benefit to you who weren't seeing yet, but believed is. I Send the benefit to you. Me found.
Any life and any existence, eventually, are process of a number of efforts, fight and overcoming. Life is what overcomes itself. Without overcoming there is no life. Stagnation, rotting and decomposition isn't life. And the one, who has fallen in love with overcoming tension, truly walks. One of types of our work is research of ways of overcoming the lowest types of matter of three plans. We Have overcome them, and a lot of things are found. It is necessary to give to people. As well as to whom? So far only is to the few carriers of knowledge as a step to further expansion of a circle of worthy. Because the purpose – to acquaint once all mankind. Three plans of matter as overcoming purpose spirit of the person. "I" Am the center of will. "Not I" – what will influences. Means, the first condition is an office "I" "not I". "I" am not a body: neither physical, nor astral, nor mental. They are only subjects to submission. All will be dumped sooner or later. There will be "I" is a Silent Witness, their lord and the master, the center keeping particles of these three types of matter in a certain form in the form of bodies, or covers around itself, around the enduring center. You are Dumb Witness, and I – only we are eternal in great streams of three matters flowing through forms, or covers, our bodies. Matter flows in perpetual motion. Recorder staying inside notes this process of infinite changes, bringing results in the Bowl treasury. A bowl and the Silent Witness – I in you – here elements of eternal enduring your essence. From depth of inaccessibility of the internal stronghold He Looks, timeless Recorder, only noting and accumulating. And spirit grain, enduring in you, grows in deposits of the Bowl. Buddha researcher is the contemplator studying three streams, but who has separated in grain from all three. Conscious work on three plans in three bodies is available won himself three, three and – in itself. The victory in a microcosm of these three types of matter means the power of consciousness over them and out of itself that is out of the microcosm. And overcome we Call the winner of three. Insisting on need of restraint of covers, I Specify a way of the winner. It is necessary to go to the power through a crucifixion of that is submission, or overcoming in it all three types of matter. And control over thoughts, feelings and a body not in itself is important, but the power reached and realized in the sphere of fiery will. A tranquility wreath is a symbol of restraint of three. Let's look at qualities as on the attributes of the power of Dumb Witness revealed in the world of dense matter above that is in matter of all three plans. Qualities are properties, or a form of a manifest of Dumb Witness, attire in which He can come to light in three worlds. It can be expressed in greatness of solemnity, either tranquility, or love, self-rejection, or courage inflexible. Qualities are covers, or forms of expression of the highest principles in the person making elements of grain of his spirit. Expressing them, these qualities, the person expresses eternal and enduring in temporary and passing. Approving qualities of spirit, you approve Me in yourself.
Qualities of spirit, in approved, you express Me. It is possible to show and show Me identification in itself the approved qualities. Qualities are necessary to show My Face. There is no other form of expression Me except qualities, in it approved. Courage, tranquility, aspiration is you show Me and the more sharply and stronger, the closer. I Merge with you, so far forms of the statement Me and themselves won't merge in Mine. I go through life unshakably. So go also you. Personal in myself I Have no. Have no also you. Everything is given to mankind, give also you. I Have no, have no also you. I follow steadily the Hierarch, follow Me and you. On an eternal patrol and Service and you I Call for them. In you I Prepare monastery for Me your Lord. To My Phenomenon you prepare.
462. (Sept. 16). Passed 5 years as the Contractor of My commands left passed. Who will perform them also jealously and ardently? Who will replace it? Who will make My Case the life? Who terrestrial will reap glory, without getting poisoned with its fruits? Who life will pass, how on a string a chasm? There are losses irreplaceable. It gave My Light in a crystallized form of pictures. The condensed Light enclosed in a powerful magnet of the unique pictures. And these magnets on a face of Earth create great action of transformation of consciousness human. They establish fiery threads of communication between spirit of the person and the World the Highest: the live, trembling life threads. By force of his pictures the great cause is created. In the hidden, real, mighty, inspiring and ennobling force their intimate hidden power for ages pledged to create people lies. It’s time that it is invisible comes, but it is effective to give shift new to the Country. His name from edge to edge will thunder and it will be ennobled. The next will incur in consciousness of the people of treasure of spirit, mankind left to them on a consumer. Great Service and fruits gave great. Life beams, having penetrated the atmosphere of Earth, magnetic field, pearls of his creativity will bring to degree of extreme tension, and pearls will shine, creating transformation of spheres of people around and lighting hearts. From pages of printed pages will lift treasures of his thoughts and will incur them in life, implementing it. And left Earth will rise over it in all power of the spirit. Will rise the Teacher Life, and his seed will be immortalized. And as My Hand and force of My Beams over it and its affairs stays, they will blossom brightness of force and beauty unknown. And it starting power of the spirit will build the people to a new step of consciousness. Live doctrine will be seen realized in visible forms, and invisible, but mighty impact they will feel in heart. New fiery conditions of the planet hidden nowadays will facilitate and will make obviously notable. Carried earlier and even carried wonder-working icons in places and received the benefit. Nowadays Itinerants of a picture will carry on the world on all corners it, and they on all corners will incur Light My, condensed in masterpieces of his creativity. The condensed Light, the condensed fire, treasure of spirit of his works, fire creating and the benefit radiating obviously will be understood, both estimated, and we store reverentially as the royal certificate of power of the fire spirit of his creator. It accepted and approving will create My Case. Through it grace of My Beams will pour down to the world. His creativity will be one of great channels Light, spilling to Earth. And many will come to Me carrying magnets of his fiery pictures. They can be assimilated to beacons Light because crystals of Matter of Lucida are concentrated in their aura. The condensed Light, hidden, each picture is. Light is the winner of darkness. Light winning darkness. Light, from its light and Light Mine of coming. To the carrier Mine Light Me Approve recognition in centuries.
463. Well, the friend My, we will write, and directly in a notebook is. Correctly, elements of time and space from Communication can be withdrawn. To what is to encumber consciousness with excessive ballast. I and you and merge are here everything that it is necessary. Let's write about Service. Selfless devotion is necessary for Service, awareness of the importance of My Affairs and provision of the device of the spirit in the complete order to a will of the Lord. As the Lord Wants, as would like the Lord that arrived I. Completeness of the legend of on Service is very difficult. Contractors of My Will of the will have no because the will is entirely directed on carrying out in life of My Will, Once again I Speak: not enslavement, but merge, not subordination, but a free cooperation of the consciousnesses which accommodated Will Cosmic single for Me, and you and any attendant Light of all times and the people. Because Will be cosmic the highest expression of fiery consciousness. The Brotherhood Light is based on it. To be the Eolov' harp is means to sound on a space note. And the spirit is more big, the accord more full. It is told about the accord of wills. Unity of strong-willed expressions is a sign of space consciousness. Single is Will unites all Brothers Manking and those, who approach to them. Because your will, a will personal, being from Earth, terrestrial is also limited. What limited My Will? Boundlessness. Therefore, the aspiration to merge with My Will there is a way of merge to Boundlessness, or finding of Space consciousness. Merge to My Will gives My strength. Powerful is so we Call a step of merge of wills. The Obvious of My impacts in process of strengthening of strong-willed merge will become more real and more real until My phenomenon takes obviously notable forms. When you come for service to the world, you sense power of My force also it, in you I approve, I Will break and I Will break the centers of the counteracting energies of the consciousnesses going against My tracings. The stone to show force is. The stone will give fire and Light. The carrier of the Stone learns the force. Not the helpless blind inhabitant, a plaything of destiny, I Send you to the world, but my pupil and the son armed with fiery power of spirit and with a force of three beams, nowadays is in effect to yours approved. Be sharp-sighted, and note signs of the growing power, and it write down manifestations that to realize power of the spirit as hidden, but obviously shown and approved reality. Awareness of the power it is necessary to approve <ступнями> by the. Not obviously the power which isn't shown in operation. Therefore I Give the order of action. Act for the good, applying the power this by Me. These are only initial steps of understanding of the power. When you enter the son ship rights, the power fiery will become natural attribute of consciousness. In a formula "The power, give to Me..." great value is. Only those to whom to the power any it isn't this repeat it. But it can be truly this and is given. But bringing of all itself the Lord is the main condition, and force it is directly pro rata to extent of bringing of. Because the power is the victim and is given the one to whom it isn't necessary for itself. Because a burden, or a cross of the power, it is hard and responsibility is high. Only to those who were with Us in centuries it is given.
But bringing of all itself the Lord – the main condition, and force it is directly pro rata to extent of bringing of. Because the power is the victim and is given the one to whom it isn't necessary for itself. Because a burden, or a cross of the power, it is hard and responsibility is high. Only to those, who was with Us in centuries it is given. Also there can't be a refusal of the power as the fiery aspiration to Service is insuperable. And the power is a possibility of a manifest of Service. The devotee of the power is the spirit bearing a cross of the power for Great Service. I speak about the highest manifestations of the spirit. Whether many will understand? Egoism always wants to dominate. But for going to My Name the power there is a victim. Power of the fiery power, but behind the personal liability will be this. My Name made affairs; you will pass the winner and yourself, and enemies because My enemies are your enemies. You feel inflow of fiery power of spirit correctly. There is a statement. Me, I, Me go am in Me all. So, raise fiery wings of spirit and approve in yourself fire Stone force. You will finish so: "I Approve by My power your power for a fulfillment of acts Light".
464. (Sept. 18). Ways of spirit lie out of the blazed roads. Require a gift of independent thinking and ability to be self-controlled.

465. (Sept. 19). It is time the wide notification.

466. (Sept. 20). It is time to understand: there is no departure.

467. (Sept. 21). The friend My, everything is good in its season and not you know, but I. What is known by you about spatial conditions? You can feel them, but not know. Before storm calm is, collect forces. The sign of approval of Proximity Gave; isn't subject to either doubts, or assumptions. To write, plunging into the Face, it is possible. A face understands the Secret in operation. A face power begins to work when from the device of your spirit action vibration directs. He, who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill. In the consciousness which isn't directed to action the Beam doesn't direct. Therefore action is commanded. My children, in operation you will find both yourself and Me. Action is approval of fire as a shadow – Light. Light gives a shadow, fire – action. And the action directed generates fire. Action is fire expression form. It is necessary for expression of fiery potential, action is necessary. The feat is action fiery. The accumulated fire pours out in a chain of actions. I approving Fire Space on Earth Call My sons for action. I Give fire, but the spirit shall work. In operation spirit the free will comes to light. So I am giving. I want to see approval of My Light-fire in self-outgoing beams of action. Talents evangelical are this for the application in life that is the same action because forces are only in operation multiplied. Action is caused by a thought. Means, a key to action is a thought. So the Supreme factor of life keeps the regal prerogative.
I specify to keep records directly in a notebook as you do it now. The former method of records remains only for particular cases. Let's not wait for favor of the Sky. Take a feather and it is firm, and is sure, and strongly creates. To create directly a thought in merge to My Face is a step of considerable importance. Intermediate technical hindrances clean up. There is a direct process of a prismatic detect of a thought. All third-party reasons "as well as why" are rejected.
So, action is a key of fiery manifest. Everything, what do you want to approve or to reach or what to become, or to purchase, affirms only in operation. There is no other way of implementation. The plan picture of the desirable is created then action follows, then – implementation. "Tomorrow you will be healthy" – the first stage: picture of the healthy person; the second: words are fiery, cutting space; and the third – recovery already actual. The second stage action can be expressed as in this case, in words, or only on thought fire, or in a number of actions. Creation of a thought form – the first stage – differs from the second in the fact that even if after creation of a picture no visible actions will follow, and only execution expectation, that this expectation will yield results only if it is effective, that is penetrated by fire of efficient belief or, better, a faith-knowledge. As if continuous work of the fiery dynamo saturating with power of fiery execution the created thought form.
Then the third stage is inevitable. Only having applied three points of application of the law, it is possible to move Belief Mountains. The belief isn't passive, inert, fatal failure to act, but the fiery, intense, efficient condition of the spiritual machine of a microcosm penetrating fiery vibrations all its essence. All atoms of a body and spirit merge in single aspiration. So We Create also you so learn to create. My children’s is.

468. Of course, you are right: nobility Perhaps only Teacher. Every day everything will be clearer. Give time. Let speaks, and you listen.
Decided everything to provide to time and to wait for signs is.

469. (Sept.22). No, the highest can't refract through the lowest. If Caesarian to the Caesar, then and terrestrial, that is all terrestrial manifestations take the place. It is impossible to manage without terrestrial because and is, and it is necessary to drink. It is necessary to feed and dress a body. It has requirements, but to bring them to degree of blackout of all the rest, and, above all, the highest, will be a mistake. Thus, functions of a body shan't take places in consciousness. It allows only lf necessary its time. The hypertrophy of functions results in stagnation and stops. When job specifications, or thoughts about food, or another corporal matters occupy entirely consciousness, for life of spirit of the place doesn't remain is. Therefore to all due time is allowed. Don't think what to you to drink or that is or in what to put on. Whether "Soul is no more than food, and a body – clothes?" These words commensurability big and small, important and unimportant, terrestrial and eternal is specified. Of course, the body requires the, but it is possible to win even against hunger. Everything shall take the place and promote, but not interfere with ascension. If it is told that everything is permitted, then everything is permitted, but weighed on Boundlessness scales. Only then things take the due place in consciousness. Means, everything should be delivered on the place. And only then harmony of the elements occupying consciousness isn't broken. It is impossible to allow this violation because then promotion stops. So, we will approve commensurability.
470. Let's write about the waves returning. The law of a spiral is in everything. Life goes on a spiral. Spiral of the phenomenon is of the outside world. Seasons are caused by time spiral. One might say: spiral of human life. The rhythm will give rise to cycles. Cycles are subordinated to the law of a spiral. The sequence of the embodiments can also be represented a spiral. The spiral is an evolution basis, or, better to say, evolution expression forms. So mortal life of the person consists of pulse spirals that heartbeat day are and night and their changing rhythms, seasons. Emotional human life, both its feelings, and the world of thoughts are subordinated to a form of spiral manifest too. Even the hard drunkard is an object of these rhythmically returning spiral waves. The periods of rise and decline of creativity also depend on them. Waves of the phenomena, making the circle, go to space on a circle of a spiral and, again returning, concern consciousness again to leave. There can't live consciousness on the same wave of tension. From here rises and falls, burning and attenuation. People come to human life and, having played a role, leave that once and somewhere again to enter and disappear. And everything experienced and thought once and somewhere again will return. Knowing it and having set the claiming consciousness seal to this phenomenon, it is possible to meet the phenomenon returning spiral within that final decision, or conclusions which determined to itself consciousness as a form of the manifest. So, knowing the law of a spiral, it is possible to meet adequately going waves. We will beautifully meet waves of the going counter phenomena. All is familiar, everything, once already former and happened, but in the new forms answering to time piece. There is a friend. We know it, already were, already brought both fidelity, and commitment. And here enemy: and we know it, already struck blows, and more than once. And we will meet him by consciousness of the law. Again will leave and again will return. But a framework of manifestation of future meetings can be planned nowadays, consciously giving them, or planning, their form of manifestation. Having received the useful phenomenon of the benefit, it is possible to strengthen its root, and harmful – to undercut. It is possible, it is possible, it is possible to direct consciously the life, establishing these or those forms of its to show, approving one and destroying others. To meet the opposite phenomenon fully equipped with knowledge – means to cut it in a root. Therefore to set a consciousness seal approving or denying means to determine a form of its future returnable expression. It will be so possible to approve consciousness in everything and to put a will to a spiral of the vital phenomenon.

471. (Sept. 23). Modest and imperceptible, but is in life performing all completeness of the power. So we See it is the contractor. One should expect some changes no all life forms. . In light your - Lord Give Light. What to do? To wait for signs.
472. (Sept. 24). It is very difficult to be concentrated and write. Let's write about beauty of knowledge.
The law is the synthesis uniting all phenomena of the same order. The law one, but the phenomena, to it subordinates are uncountable. The phenomena are uncountable, but the number of Fundamental Laws of the Universe is limited. Everything is subordinated to laws. Studying them, we enter the world of boundless demonstrations into a framework of a certain number of the basic principles. How it is possible to study Space only by studying of its Laws? How it is possible to approach Boundlessness studying? Only beholding it through a law prism, the law is a form of manifestation of life of anything. There is a world shown – things and the phenomena, and the world of the principles, or laws on the basis of which there is a manifestation of anything, and the key to it lies in knowledge of the law. Comprehension of the law saves from need to study the phenomena indefinitely. Just as the concept of a tree includes all trees of Space, and the law embraces all that is subordinated to it. It is a little fundamental law but embrace Boundlessness. And the world as the highest point of a pyramid crowning her can be expressed in the Uniform Act. The lower, the therefore expression points and the harder and harder laws, and that they are less considerable less cosmic. Than above, especially the law is big. The bottom sinks in infinity of divisions. From plurality there is a way to unity, from infinity of rules and small laws rising above to the Uniform Act of Space. Perhaps, this law Love is or God. But it is the Uniform and Supreme Law of the World, or the Principle – is, and to them all Space keeps. The law, the stronger it synthetic essence and the synthetic consciousness comprehending it is higher. Means, synthesis comes down to knowledge of Space Laws through their forms to understand the world in single its manifestation, uniform acts. Great Laws have Life in Eternity and lie out of time and a transient of a material world. The law is aspect of Eternity, there is a Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life. Passes everything, but not the Law, submitting to which flows passing. Knowledge of Laws of Space is a way in Eternal, to immortality and Boundlessness because Boundlessness is expressed in the form of the Law.

473. The obvious and counteracting value of the phenomena will leave. The counteracting phenomena will leave.
474. I Approve the New Sky and New Earth. And it won't come up to the end. I Got up a pillar Light before a flesh infirmity. I who won the world. I approve its updating. External conditions are given for overcoming not outside, but in themselves. It is useless to change external if internal isn't overcome. What was made by you to overcome in themselves the old person? The thought is new, the highest, not overcome old, is the thought which didn't bear a fruit. Much they are plowed by consciousness. We appreciate a thought pre-realization and become an active and inseparable part of a microcosm. The creative thought of the benefit which became a microcosm component is the seed bearing a fruit under the law of the accord. Therefore, creation of the New World in consciousness is made by a thought. The changed consciousness creates New Earth together and at the same time with Space Command, that is with transformation and change of space beams. But consciousness has to be prepared for acceptance of gifts of the New Sky because without readiness of vessels for their acceptance there no will be to Hour Arrival. And only then human and space, having connected, will yield a fruit. To oversleep to Sunrise Arrival means to appear not the preparing the vessels. And if I Claim, also you have to claim and if I Give then also you have to accept are given Gift Space. But where they accepting Light? Preparing baskets will receive and will be saturated to capacity limits. Containment of spirit will be a receiving measure, and readiness – the Guarantee. Therefore I Speak about readiness. Also will come in a Hour that and will ask: "Where promised when I Am nude, and сир, and it is hungry?" Also I Will tell them: "All My riches, both all My treasures, and all My gifts – yours". But it is necessary to come, and it is necessary to take, and it is necessary to take at will to the, both understanding, and aspiration of spirit. But how to be with those brought neither desire, nor aspiration? But I Will tell them: "Comers to Me be warmed at My fire and satisfy hunger of spirit". Because received My gift d not will be thirst and won't know hunger of spirit. But it is necessary to bring or even only to come. To the comer to Me is the benefit. I collect to the term of sighted people because servants Mine, both Mine assistants, and performers of My outlines. And to them which came to term, the first Beams of My power. But not comers neither to term, nor after a part of greatness of My Light have no because chose the way. In Days of Court everyone has the judge in itself (himself) and this judge is heart. Heart, the live, trembling heart will lead spirit to a gate Light. But grief is to dead hearts. Died for life is and stink. In the area of heart the last division will go. And the court made is Court of Heart which all has. Means, it is impossible to evade. And the heart forgotten by mankind will be the Supreme director of his destinies. Therefore situation "You Have Heart" these days is a rescue formula. Through heart transformation and rescue of the world will go. Heart haves – My. Nowadays I Awaken hearts human by force of My Beams, and a grief the heart which is silent. In a century of Heart only heart we will pass. So My Beam, hearts concerned, creates transformation the people. Beams of life are stretched over Earth, and spirit not fee dinged reply with heart. I send the benefit of Beams on transformation of the world.
475. (Sept. 25). It is necessary to prepare by then when even once writes. Therefore the contact directs is important. It should be brought to tangibility degree. What now is most necessary? Proximity of Communication. We will strengthen it! How? Having approved pre-standing; it is necessary to learn to see the Lord. It is necessary to strain energy to it. To crave all heart. Above all is an opportunity to see Me. To punch at last matter wall to dare spirit and heart. Because plainness an anticipation of inevitable is. The Face is close and it is intended. Why not to accelerate? Let's light desire all fires. Let the microcosm burn with this single aspiration to approve the Face. The face which reached evidence degree is a sign of a victory and a symbol of merge of the worlds. I am knocked on heart, but as often its doors are closed by vanity of passing. I and My Face over everything, am the closest also itself first from everything, and already then – vanity of day. Through Me the life flow is perceived. I, I, I, with consciousness merged tensely and before affairs terrestrial, with you inseparable. I Am present invisibly in all that the karma and life brings, both only this way, and only then, we can, I and you, to rise and rise both over life, and over a karma. As it is possible to speak about continuity of merge of wills if each trifle becomes a wedge, or the screen, between Me and you. But if I in your heart first of all, then through Me refract a wave of life and, through Me refracted, doesn't wound consciousness. To deliver the Lord in heart first of all, in it from the outside of directing, means to find immunity of spirit. And waves of worldly vanity will break against the rock of Not made by hand Shape. So, we will beautifully meet waves, but through the Face. And the Face, first of all and all delivered, Light of power of the Beams Light will change them in waves: darkness waves in waves Light. I Am overcoming in you. I will change spheres around. Me you will win against the world. I claim in heart your First-essence I wash first of all, both above all, and it is the most necessary that is on Earth. Everything will go to time chasm, everything will be replaced with other and new, but I and you stand out of. In Eternity merged together, there are we, enduring a flow of inevitably changing forms. To pursue them, to deliver them closer is and before Me – means Me to lose. To Me it is necessary to tie strong consciousness, but not to splashes of the rushing flow. How to convince them of unreality how to specify all delusiveness of Mailly? The winner Mailly is given the Face. So all external, through a board of the Face of the Lord refracted, enters inside, but, cleared in the filter of Beams, is exempted from deceptive covers of Mailly. The life refracted through vibrations of the Face of the Lord will begin to become a reality. I call with Me to a victory over the sphere of illusions. And you, in Me staying, will see communication and relations between the phenomenon of Eternity and its section in aspect of temporary. It in Earth Days you will understand a true ratio between Boundlessness and an manifestation. And, having understood and having conciliated two poles of a single thing, there will be in the center an balance. Are designed to win against the world, And we will win against the world. We need to give the new concept of the world. In the center of two worlds.
Invisible and visible, we shall deliver the person, the lord of two. And when two will merge, there will be an approval of three: three natures, to three plans corresponding and in three bodies of the person expressed, will become a natural factor of life. From the field of foggy mysticism and an occult will pass into life, will become a part it and will be studied how are studied by science of function of kidneys or a stomach. Can't invisible, but real further to remain within unavailable. The sky should be reduced to Earth and to make real. There are enough imaginations and superstitions. In the shining sphere of spirit everything is available, everything is real everything is subordinated to the law. The future science, spirit science, will remove covers from the Hidden Worlds. Will deny hidden an ignorance sign. And a way to the shining tops of scientific knowledge you will lay, My soldiers. You will be in the world, the Mysteries of two worlds armed with immutable knowledge. On an edge of a sword of a sense-knowledge you will give the facts of invisibly real world and laws of the planes of spheres of the highest measurements. Through the Face of the Lord knowledge, unknown to the world will pour down. The face Giving will light darkness of otherworldly existence. The face will give everything required the moment. A face and the Name of the Lord you will shift mountains of ignorance. The Face will win. Its power is inexhaustible.
476. Knowledge is boundless. Let's approach so science of the New World. Even not to embrace terrestrial science to mind human. Therefore synthesis is necessary. We Will call science of sciences future science of synthesis. It will cover the field of space sciences, unite them with terrestrial. Knowledge Archats common; planetary Spirits own keys to single Space Science. Within terrestrial it is called wisdom. The fiery Doctrine of Wisdom is stored in Knowledge Stronghold. Centuries of persistent work save up it. Its essence is based on knowledge of Space Laws. Synthesis of all ever reached by mankind is stored there. The great science is and exists. Adherents of Great Knowledge live. They have pupils who already became those, and pupils who will become them in the future centuries. Beams over those and over others. Both that and others receive on consciousness. The way of a true apprenticeship is a way of direct receipt of knowledge of the channel of merge of consciousnesses. Books for obtaining it aren't necessary. Ways of spirit are hidden. Any wise man didn't leave universities. The genius isn't created by school. Fiery consciousness doesn't need visible methods. Books aren't necessary to planetary spirit. The planet will disappear, but wisdom of her sons will remain with them which finished a way. The way of true knowledge lies out of school walls.
477. (Sept. 26). It was said about mercy so much that the essence of a concept is lost. The robber, publicans and the loose woman were brought closer, had access and succeeded. Connected this concept with forgiveness; whether it is possible to forgive crimes? Whether to any robber access? Be not mistaken. Nothing can be forgiven anybody. Who will forgive when everyone to the judge? And how it is possible to forgive a sin that is to interrupt a chain of causes and effects and subjects to break the law? "Take the cross and follow Me" – a condition indestructible. "And coming to Me, I Won't expel owns" is a first condition. Means, first of all it is necessary to come irrespective of who you are, the righteous person or the sinner, that is to direct and, having directed, to lift the cross, that is freight of the reasons generated in the past to take consciously on the shoulders for their get rid. Come and directed I Accept also Direct a way. Thus, ascensions of fallen spirit the consciousness condition are decisive factor. And tendency it to Light solves a way. There is no refusal to anybody, but it is necessary to come and, having come, to direct. Bring only last accumulating to Me. And all cured by My force on My Ways were delivered by karma. The aspiration is a key from doors. For the directed consciousness the Lord's Heart on force and degree of aspiration opens. And as if low the person fell, a gate Light is always open for him if cheers up also force which is earlier directed in the darkness, rhinitis strengthened to Light. Even to a fallen Angel the way isn't ordered. But as powerfully there shall be its aspiration to the benefit to expiate a terrible karma of century acts. But the law is invariable for all. It is necessary to reach Us and, having reached, in the microcosm to approve the amount of energies of good in a pre-surplus and prevalence over the amount of energies of the evil. And when the potential of light energies prevails, an opportunity to go back to Light opens. And then the comer knows and sees that the Lord it is close and it is ready to reply in the amount of aspiration. The law is invariable. Will ask: "And how to be with a formula "Your sins say good bye to You"? But this formula was told only to comers and who from questioning can determine a condition of their consciousness, both aspiration degree, and bonds of the imminent karma?
478. (Sept. 28). (Answer). He knows that you will go soon. Nothing is postponed. We study. I am an elect.
Each elected is given ways. They don't depend on human creations of life, but bring to Us. The way is direct, but is difficult. Difficulty of a way is an ascension condition. Glad is to see hidden Contact and care. We accept everything on a consciousness condition. And if it hung, the receiver hangs. But the Great Plan is invariable. Contractors are planned. You are among them. Also it is necessary to wait. Unless they are Mine? Mine is the elite and delivered by Me. A life seed, having punched bark, gives shoots under all conditions. We won't grieve for them. They (that is these conditions) not we, and the beam of the Sun is falls to ascending. The Lord is unchangeable, the way, and we outside the conditions of what occurs is invariable. The lord – single criterion of life, and life – in It. Distracting from It, we plunge ourselves into embraces passing, final, mortal, that is into embraces of death. It is necessary to understand heart: everything that around, both will pass will come to an end – and put, and people, and things. And day future is complete of opportunities. But where is to take to endure forces? In Me! Terms won't be planned and changed because destruction will turn out. You are called to execute a certain case. Your future is imprinted by a will of the Lord. There are no reasons for concerns and despondency. Light is future. The present gloom only shades it more brightly. Opposite conditions came to an end is. Their echo is short. The head Know and energy Protects. It is necessary to trust the Lord. With belief till the end and through everything! Waited, and there were years, there were days. Nothing will concern you. Trust the Lord. I will carry by on wings over the abyss of the current hour. With Me neither human tricks, nor tricks of dark are terrible. We the winner Will decorate a way with opportunities and his forehead – a wreath of achievements. We Protect the elite. Let's not give, not give anybody the power over their destinies. Love brought to Me in My love stay. My Hand and protection My not replaceable is strong. New I Will give a harmony, but refrain from fluctuations. Consciousnesses of relatives sink in twilight of spirit. It is necessary to support. Tension is unprecedented. But it is necessary to resist. Whether firmness measures commitment and not difficult hour a criterion? Where confidence in the Lord? I am with you always, but we feel only in case of the clear, not darkened consciousness. Dark can stop ways of Earth, but can't stop a way of spirit or to limit them. And our way lies over the sphere of manifestation of darkness. It is possible to be free in a dungeon and the slave – at liberty. Whether in the spirit of the decision? I call to rise over a gnash of dense conditions because are intolerable for distinguished consciousness. I force Will allow to reach Me is immutable. I Am your happiness the Guarantor. In my Kingdom where your freedom and wings, you will reap the fruits of the long aspirations because the law of aspiration predominates there, in the spheres which aren't connected by flesh bonds. And therefore we will collect the thoughts around the Lord to opposite to darkness external. Temporality the darkness condensed, but is eternal the Lord. To a victory of spirit we go on the ground, and each burdening of spirit – an approach step to a victory. Replying! If knew the future and the part in it, joy of spirit would be big. It is, but is still hidden. But I See, both I Know and I Speak: "Rejoice!". Joy about the future is a victory over time.
479. It is impossible to think that access to intimate Knowledge is opened for all touched it equally. No! Everyone receives precisely in the amount of the consciousness and aspiration. Its nature is determined by aspiration, amount and degree – consciousness. Consciousness paints in the color and limits to a framework Boundlessness, implementing Laws it into forms. Two identical forms of expression of the Truth are absent as two identical consciousnesses are absent. But from various tools the orchestra is created, and different aspects of the single Truth show to mankind of a side of Boundlessness, single and unavailable to inaccessible even Arhat too. Knowledge flow allowed in the revealed consciousness grows in the power until the learning spirit concerns the great river of the Space Knowledge opened by Arhat. The river of life carries away consciousness from the sphere of absolute knowledge, relative in area, that is knowledge which isn't depending on conditions of finding of consciousness in this or that point of space on this or that planet. Outside human knowledge the area of knowledge of Arhat which essence doesn't change along with run of history of mankind begins. It is in limits of the circle occupying the centers learning all planets of our solar system. Before concerning it, it is necessary to recognize its existence. Knowledge of the Wreath of Space Mind of Hierarchy Light is single for our system planetary. Here to this knowledge the Lord also Calls. Spheres of Boundlessness are entered by the learning spirit and from an inexhaustible well of Space Wisdom scoops pearls of true knowledge of the Universe. Therefore only knowledge of Space Laws removes consciousness on open spaces space. The Hierarchy isn't limited to the minor planet, but the ocean of boundless Knowledge researched and learned by Hierarchies of all planets determines its width. Flights knowledge out planet on wings, enrich a treasury of the Stronghold of Knowledge of our Earth. It is much made Brothers of mankind. The true treasury is prepared for terrestrial mankind in the course of its future ascension on evolution steps. And now, so far it isn't ready. We Acquaint with it the elite from a thick it and we Train them as future teachers and mentors and contractors of a will of Hierarchy. Knowledge is imparted to mankind or the Hierarch directly, or pupils and messengers of Hierarchy. But source of true Knowledge always same is. And not for itself knowledge but for service is given is. We guarding evolution of mankind Send to the world of those who can give this or that part of our knowledge to people. And carriers of our knowledge always meet ardent counteraction of biped. Eventually everything is accepted and becomes common truths of life. But without fight our knowledge never before was included into the world. It is distorted always in centuries, and indulges in oblivion, and the corner of the application becomes terrestrial. And again our sent go to the world, bearing the order to clear old distorted and to give new. The mission is always same: to educate and add one more new link of the Truth. Its sizes and nature depend about.
480. (Sept. 29). The space sounds joy of proximity of the future Arrival. The space prepares for Great Hour too. The nature and matter will also reply and are brought to a harmonic ready state. From top to the bottom will cut through the flesh phenomenon a lightning of My Spirit. Nothing not replying will remain. Each atom and an electron of the planet, each type of energy anyway will cease on the great phenomenon. Planet subsoil will cease too And the Distant Worlds will answer. Planets will take part. And Hierarchy Show force of the Light. Arrival phenomenon cosmic is. Readiness of spirit is important not to cause a shock. In this Hour the consciousnesses able to make out value of the events will be necessary. The conscientious attitude to the phenomenon and understanding of the events will be very important. Crowds will rush about. Mine will stop confusion. When the wave of confusion fills in the world, Mine as tops of mountains, will rise over the spread elements and to them crowds behind rescue absolutely will naturally and inevitably rush the same as rush to a flood on sublime places. Worldly will recede into the background is. Spiritual will light up life fire, and great change will happen in consciousness human. Natural division of mankind on accepted and rejected Me will change the course of historical events, and the New World Light will obviously be included into life. Terms came. Neither delays, nor changes, nor delays of the Plan be can any more is. Prepare for the Arrival phenomenon. The twelfth Time has come.

481. The Armageddon ended. It is necessary to pass consciously from darkness to Light in everything.

482. (Sept. 30). Write. There is no phenomenon without preparation. IA Am the Eye of Omniscience. It is necessary to reduce dissoluteness footpaths.
483. (Oct. 2). Eternal in you in Me stays. It costs out of vanity, the worlds are opened for him; with it let heart will be.
With the clown to us not on the way is. I Am the Stone of the Eternal Basis of Life, indestructible in centuries Maya who isn't depending on a phantasmagoria. In volume My property: be out of life and above life, being in her heart. I – out of, but inside, I Am over, but under all external forms and covers. I Am life bread because without Me bread of Earth tears apart a throat. I Answer an appeal because is closer than close, is closer, than all around, seeming to the next. And as soon as consciousness establishes a true ratio of things between Me and external, my voice begins to sound. But if superiority is given to a market, then market evidence rises in all the force. Solves spirit, not magic efforts and concentration is and just the choice of ways. Heart, to Me adjacent, to a voice of My Spirit is opened. Diligence of heart to Me reaches constancy of Communication. But there are so much things, both sounds, and tinsel before eyes. Let terrestrial eyes be seen and terrestrial ears are heard – it is impossible to avoid life – but spiritual eyes and ears yes will be closed for the ordinary. Solemnity of greatness of boundlessness World My muffles shout and cry terrestrial. My hour let sounds understanding of eternal enduring value of life. I in it and in the world that. My World in your days is approved torment the births, and terrestrial not to avoid bitterness of drink of poison. How differently to estimate beauty, both greatness, and the world, and joy My World? Bitterness of life is enjoyed that the spirit could be averted easily from the sphere of hopeless hopelessness to My freedom. I want to exempt your spirit from chains of a material world. And if I Decorate and facilitate its bonds external covers, then how release will come? And you are necessary to me released. How you will fly if wings are tied by illusions of matter and the spirit is tied to Earth? Life of Earth is death life, and dead Is told to depart from life. My hand protects always, but not from destruction of seduction of time, space and things. Decided to succeed, but it is possible to succeed only in Me and with Me. The pupil can't succeed in darkness external and without Me. Let thousands of heavy, but with the Lord in heart. And then the way is direct. But thousands of achievements in the vanity environment without Me are service to destruction forces, and there is in it no advantage because everything is doomed to destruction by a trifle of a circle of the manifestation. We in our construction put stones of century extent. Thousand-year stones of bulks lie in its basis. Builders of Eternity are We. It is possible to live in the present, but on condition of understanding that the present is a continuous chain of links of the moments of Boundlessness directed in the future. There is no present which would exist in itself, out of Boundlessness. The biped present is the phantom and the ghost, not having life in the world. Live among ghosts and ghosts. Dance of shadows, fancy, instant, and unreal is life human. And when there come death and the illusive round dance finishes the dance, the gaping mouth of a chasm accepts the devastated spirit in the dead embraces.
For several years of the doubtful dreams called by human life, death is in the spirit of and blindness to life of the Hidden Worlds. The pupil consciously enjoys a life poison bowl, knowing that poison of life is drink of knowledge of Eternity and immortality. Therefore collect forces for further ascension. There is no other way as a way of sufferings and burdening of spirit. But My Hand with going is. I Go with you, being also bent under weight of a cross. But we go to the garden My, a garden fine, a garden of life of fadeless flowers of spirit of boundless cognition. The world to you is going with Me.
My days in your days yes will be approved. And days of mortal your life let will become a form of expression of My Days. Mine is brought and fills your life, but not the. The in My Days shouldn't be brought. Eternity breath will sing terrestrial flowers, but breath of my life will only strengthen and will approve everything that from Light. In My Days staying will bear the stamp of life on a forehead. My days in Earth Days – summer lightings Light over the condensed gloom. I – the Sun lives. I Aм out of terrestrial whirlwinds of days and nights. In whirlwinds of eternal change the minor planet is turned, making the way, but We – out of as the Sun in Boundlessness. And you are with Us, but we Call to rise consciously. The appeal is given, reply. I wait.
484. How can small contain big? How my World can contain consciousness? Only having extended. How to expand consciousness? Thoughts of unusual. My world lies outside regular. Our creation is creation on singularity. This singularity is shown in eternally new approach to the Truth. We Go forward; the spiral of consciousness is developed. There can't be a repeating where Evolution is based. Every day bears with itself consciousness expansion. Consciousness is enriched with new elements. Their accord gives a new note of understanding of the world. In total as if the same: the same Space, the same Great Laws, but eagle in skies and a mole in a hole look at the same world and as the worlds of the mole and eagle flying up are various. So the unity and identity of the world don't cause degree of the consciousness beholding it, but depend on it. Consciousness stays in where it is directed. The magnet of consciousness of the Hierarch attracts to itself, and to the consciousness directed to an orbit of Great Consciousness the possibility of expansion opens. Minor planets rotate around the Sun. The small consciousness directed to Great Consciousness starts moving, concerning space extents. Small consciousness begins to make movement under the influence of a magnet of the Sun of the Hierarch. Heart is the Sun Lords. The magnet of Great Heart rotates consciousness on an orbit which, directing behind the consciousness of the Hierarch rushing in Boundlessness, turns into a spiral. And then it is possible to tell that the way of expansion of consciousness is found. Direct for Me, and "Boundlessness shine will fill in you". To consciousness which hurries in the run for the Teacher, isn't present limits to expansion because the Teacher is "directed eternally" in a spiral of eternal ascension. Directed to Me doesn’t won’t be eager for ever because is his continuously flared consciousness is saturated with energies of the highest rings of the spiral rising in Boundlessness.
485. (Oct. 3). My world bears a spirit healings. Rings of terrestrial fulfillments, capturing each other, form a causality chain. They are diverse. The spirit forges chains. The center creating chains is the person. The creator and the carrier of generated – the carrier of the generations. In total in it is mute, in the person: grains of the given rise energies – the growing grains sprouting fiery energies. A fiery tree of spirit – the microcosm fires pledged in it is mute the generated, generate everything. All carriers of the karma, and Arhat is too, but conscious. Distinction only in that: one forges blindly, without knowing the law and being the victims of own generations. But Arhat knows. Knowing essence of the reason, expects the investigations. He is a conscious generate of the leading reasons. And chains of slavery become Light Bridge. Chain Bridge Light is thrown to coast fiery the Highest World. Silver Bridge, or bridge of happiness, is forged by the hands. And when it is held down – the way of ascension boundless is open. Highly over life turmoil its foundations, both are visible to a distance, and the Abyss horizon below is wide, and shaggy hands don't dare to touch it. But the traveler is lonely and has no on Earth of the. Ownership of terrestrial things doesn't take place in Archat's consciousness. So release from things is an ascension step. It is possible to have things, and in any quantity, but it is necessary, but it is necessary to exempt from them consciousness. For this purpose things are often taken away to show that it is possible to live also without them. All personal worlds surrounding us with all things and attachments can be rejected and still to be oneself as the traveler leaving the ship on arrival to the destination. Both the ship, and its conditions – only means for movement to the purpose, but not the purpose, as well as everything that we have around, both we see, and we consider or what are connected temporarily with. Freedom from things and circumstances lies not in them, but in consciousness. In consciousness we tie ourselves, in consciousness and we are released. The key from the dungeon lies in consciousness. Consciousness is a key to freedom of spirit. But as action consists in a thought, free as a bird, and not connected, freedom of spirit is winged freedom of a fiery thought. Only to think and realize: the thought is free in the being, a thought it is impossible to put behind bars, a thought – spirit weapon, so true freedom in a thought! And I crucified on a cross with the hands and legs nailed to a tree was free-spirited also in the spirit of, and they going around on two legs, moved, the slavery twisted with chains. Where and in what then freedom? Mighty weapon for release – consciousness and a thought is given. Chains of karma can be split only with a thought sword, but a sword fiery, idle time won't take. Let's look for so releases not in a body, but in the spirit of, not in terrestrial circumstances, but in a thought. My other-worldly Kingdom therefore also the way to it is created not by external material conditions, and contrary to them, both over them, and irrespective of them. To put itself into dependence external on what that and somebody means foundations of the bridge to build on sand and of sand. Won't sustain even the slightest loading is. There were you to Me through fog of the millennia and were a soldier, the plowman, the scientist and the mentor. How many clothes changed, but the fiery way of spirit which directed to Me was invariable in centuries and conducted over accidental and temporary conditions. And everything went to irrevocable: both things, and people, and acts. But I Am still with you. We together, the way is also invariable. Was Mine, is and you will be, and the kaleidoscope of the external phenomena will still be, worrying, a leak before eyes of Dumb Witness who is you. Chains of karma should be removed. And as soon as the spirit directs up, to Me, rings of karmic chains remain below, on Earth. Therefore it is told: "Come to Me all persons in need and encumbered, and I Calm you". I will give calm of freedom. Not rest, but peace of spirit and consciousness of freedom of spirit from heavy chains of flesh and the dense world. I am a Giver of freedom, freedom bearing and freedom giving to spirit. Come to Me that from slaves to turn into free. In what the life purpose? In release. To this freedom I Call you, freedom of forgotten. Given rise to creep doesn't know about flights, but aware aims to receive wings to himself. The winged thought raises wings to spirit. Not in the spirit of, but in a thought the decision. I my thought Light yours, and your thought receives wings. And that to us Earth and its burden when we have wings. On wings of spirit I Uplift you in My Kingdom and I Acquaint him with Light. We win against the world lightful essence of a thought. Yes, yes, to Me directed and in Me real opens a source of eternal cognition. I is far and it is invisible, and the same as always, there ascends the Sun and wind in foliage rustles and, apparently, nothing changed, but the fiery flow of My thoughts refracts in you and streams from a consciousness hearth already in visible obvious forms. And these forms imprinted by a feather manifestation in the visible world. With Me going has the periods of fight and grief, but everyone bears a lesson and knowledge. You study at lessons and experience of life. Me this. The payment corresponds to the value of the received knowledge. I Explain each lesson and testing. We study at my school on the life and the Teacher - I. Why can tell that he has the Teacher the Lord? Where they, pupils? Therefore realize value and Schools, and your Teacher. Also don't complain about severity of conditions. Let's pass through everything and we will join the future because in it is mute is, but the last ascension is always heavy. Wash from a century, in Me was, in Me is, in Me and you will be. Aum.
I Won't spare anybody and anything, able to block your way. Go with the world and be quiet in awareness of power of your Lord, the son My.
486. Heart – a wire the next. And where it is put in action, no artificial methods are necessary. Now century of heart, to him and power. Feelings are known too by heart, but not a brain. Heart needs freedom, that is not coherence, and it will recover. To live heart means to live spirit psycholife. The spirit lives heart and in heart. The brain dies, but heart lives always. Existence of heart beat at an exit in a thin body is especially characteristic. The physical body lies not movably, and heart pulses already in a thin body. Not in covers heart, but in spirit grain. All covers and their bodies only him quicken. The physical device of heart is only the conductor of invisible. Heart is the center of inexhaustible eternal energy of life. In him an immortality basis. Heart – a spirit citadel. Heart is the device fiery. Heart is the accumulator of fiery energy. The science about heart is a branch of future knowledge. Consciousness, but not a heartbeat can be interrupted. The pulsing center in the person, the carrier of three highest principles, or Ego, is uniform through all transformations, both transmutations, and change of all covers. Never the pulsation of invisible heart – the center of grain of spirit is interrupted. Therefore to live psycho life of heart means to live in the highest principles, in three.
487. (Okt.4). Events take place big; the people have risen and have taken destiny in hand. But I Direct I. Chas have come. Bequeathed comes true. Waiting for possible surprises I am awake.
And persons have risen – for new honor, for glory, for Light unquenchable, the future world a hidden message, with hope in heart wearable. Why to wait for the statement Light in the regular way? In My Hand is all. You will become equal and will go desired and with honor. Enslaving has left. Write. Events have begun on Thursday unexpectedly powerfully. We Knew. Also We Have caused them. Freedom as air is necessary, otherwise all construction collapses. Change of people. Everywhere there are those, who from the Beam. A beam board there comes direct. Darkness turns. Light is approved. To a powerful wave Light and nobody can opposite anything. Mine is approved. For world eyes change not obviously, but fast are also mighty the investigations. Also you can quietly sigh, at last, because bequeathed has come true. The same, but essence other is - Our. And people in power not those. Wait for signs clearly obvious. We welcome a victory.
And persons have risen – for new honor,
For glory, for Light unquenchable.
For the world of the future strange message,
With hope for heart of wearable.

488. Yesterday there were words: doesn't know about events yet. The song of spirit develops at liberty.
489. The more consciousness the closer than the Lord. Grows, coming nearer. I your Guarantor am proximity. I Mothers at love Approved. I you Don't separate in work. I Connected you by bonds indissoluble. Love even more. Love to It delivers above all terrestrial. Love you will outline a spiral of opportunities. The flaring heart love to It with Me you will become stronger in Communication. I, It, you, you, It, I am a powerful chain of transfer of fire. Approve it in heart as a symbol of my trust in service Light. You the glory in beams its feat will erect steps. Light you will be manifest its light. You will leave its monument to greatness of spirit for the millennia. A song of songs of the lit-up heart of her memory which sacrificed itself to you will imprint a feat it, the flesh betrayed to a crucifixion fiery. Fiery power of love you will give shape it, single and unique as a symbol of the shining communication with the Lord, all life it’s approved. There are bonds of love stronger than death. I See, both I Know, and I Rejoice to your feelings.
490. (Oct. 5). Restraint causes approach therefore ownership of is necessary. It is necessary to own covers, everything, otherwise they will sound, but not a Beam. Self-sounding excludes the accord, and filling by and the emotions interferes with filling by Me. It is impossible to be filled with the Lord, being filled with the, at least this also was high. Mine shall win first place. Approve tranquility, not flexible and perception will be included into the course. Look at everything outside as on a possibility of approval of repose of spirit. It is quiet because the concern around – let will be a formula of approval of tranquility of your spirit. Therefore it is quiet those whirlwinds around. But don't engender them. The citadel of spirit is based upon the base of tranquility. Without it is not to collect energy in focus. And powerlessly the Beam on unbalance emanations hangs as sharp stakes or hedgehog needles. Always go from them and from them, from egoism are radiated. And the external concern around yes will be the cause of fortress of internal tranquility.
Irrespective of any external conditions the Contact can be performed. Because at first you are the center of consciousness then I am realized and then already all the rest. Therefore, if force is found to reject external, there are I and you. My beam is stronger than vibrations terrestrial, but requires understanding and the direction of attention to it. I in your consciousness taking priority am Manifestation My thought. Therefore tension of forces you attract power of the Beam. Here also consciousness is necessary. What I want, it is necessary to give the report to it. If my Communication I want above all the rest, then nothing can deprive of Communication. It is difficult to overcome the world, but with Me there is no impossible. But the magnet of your spirit shall be manifesting the force consciously. A magnet of the spirit you attract My Beam. The magnet of spirit is force standing over and above material vibrations, regular sense organs of perceived. We will approve the power over them. Be not confused any obstacles. You are with Me and in Me a victory. Spirit we win against flesh also aspiration of a will. The will put in action overcomes. Also act with it. Victories incessant and everyday are necessary until life turns into a continuous chain, or a song, overcoming, or victories and remember: song of victories never-ending.
491. (Oct. 6). If the spirit is convinced of correctness of deeds, then the benefit to it. It is a lot of speak, but it isn't acquired. Filling of heart by the Lord solves everything. But the condition of the bringing itself to the Lord because then disappear: concerns, fears, chagrin, disorders and all other disappear isn't met. The hidden will of the Lord directs. To be quiet in belief is to be the dead in the Lord, both with Him, and in Him. If in It everything, then and tranquility too in It. Finding of all desirable qualities in the Lord, all – in the Lord, all is in Me is finding of a way intimate and guiskly. I Am the Way, the Truth and Life. Why consciousness after all looks for or wants something out of Me? And what can be out of Me when I am all. I Am your Lord, you in My heart. So, don't evade from a way of heart. Make Me more real than the life going. Only merged together, we perform the supreme law of life. And without Me you immediately become an inhabitant. From the pupil you turn in such as all. Therefore it is persistent, persistent, having collected all forces; approve My throne, My monastery in the heart; claim every-instantly. Time missed, time dissipated without Me is time wasted. My beam in your being is strong only conscious. That is why such special significance is attached to understanding. And if Abraham went before the Lord, then you go not before Me, but in Me. And truly, I Will call you "in Me real" because immortality life, life real, only in Me. Me you live and you have life, not biped vegetation, but life. Because life – only in Me. Do that it is necessary, word but in Me and with Me don't come of the Beam. And bad yours, the Beam lit up, will be implemented into good. Consciousness tension to degree of tension of the Beam does implementation it possible. Means, only through tension of consciousness achievement lies. Be not afraid of tension. Joyfully and joy learn to meet life waves. They bear opportunities. Everyone covers a stone of success and the bottom of a step of ascension. They, a wave, I Allow and the will indulged in Me with Me through them and to walk. So, this joyful confidence in my Hand driving is necessary. The pupil who is joyfully making the way is the pupil, especially successful. The condition of our consciousness is so important. What there were external circumstances; the condition of consciousness solves everything. And it is absolutely unimportant, good or bad, but as it is important beautiful to meet running past a wave. How many they were and how many went to foggy distances of oblivion, but beauty of a courageous peace of spirit ready it is joyful and to meet with Me all waves, will be already quality of the going Arhat. Be able to meet waves beautifully. To the favorite pupil Give of manual. Beloved to Raise is in extent of understanding My integral anything Proximity. To darling is the Beam at dawn and in heat of day, and in clemency setting the Sun? Opened always are for beloved of a door. I, in you staying am. I Create and Arrange fiery your body. Therefore let heart and your consciousness will be in a condition of fixed intense openness to Me. In the heart open tensely, the Beam as water through the failed dike joins. So, sound on My Call even more consciously, even more tensely. I reply always, but on degree of tension of aspiration. My world with you yes will be, and armor of a peace of spirit let gets stronger incessantly. The armor of tranquility is a form of expression of spirit of Arhat. To tops we go, and strengthen armor. Without armor and weapon the soldier is defenseless.
492. Yes, the friend My you are right: only unification it is possible to break a press of the surrounding sphere. In a unification force. And when you with Me what can overcome it? Consciousness, with Me connected and not allowing anything between itself and My Face, gives the Contact phenomenon. It is also proximity of direct Communication. Everything standing between cleans up. The beam enters consciousness, without meeting obstacles. The beam is continuous, but we speak about his conscious perception. It was told also about the Mystery of the Face. Whether many will believe in its power life-giving? And you don't trust, but know because you believed heart. And the Face My transfers you by power of knowledge. You the Face refract Light in thought forms. And as Light is always radiated by the Face and the flow of thoughts is permanent. So the Mystery of the Face becomes a reality. Extent of impact of the Face increases, amplifying. Therefore all that was told you will be performed sooner or later. And nothing will be able to prevent while between Me and you there is nothing. On tension of external vibrations we will give unification tension bigger and still we will overcome them – you and I Which in you. Also we will be in Communication, and we will write, at least the thunder roared and lightning’s sparkled. Learn to strain consciousness to Me despite everything and contrary to everything that storms and disturbs from the outside. And let Hour of Communication doesn't depend on anything external, but only on Me and you which in Me. So, overcoming resistance of spheres, we will approve the power over all energies inherent in them because the thinnest dominates and predominates over everything that below. Ma we will approve the power. It you see statement now when a will you’re merged with Mine overcame pumped chaos of restless lowest energies and that is especially important, mental impact of collective. I Welcome a victory and I Rejoice. So with Me we will turn everything on advantage, and the conditions counteracting will become us an ascension carpet. Accept Beam force. The beam My will light your beams. And when we will create the merged beams, all counteracting energies will be swept away as a whirlwind. We will begin soon. Observe signs of the increasing your power. Me it is strong. That to us signs of power terrestrial when signs of My power affirm obviously. The son manifest for acceptance of heritage. I Will approve you as the winner of the world in glory of the future Light. Accept gifts and store intimate. At first acceptance in consciousness, assimilation, then implementation and a manifestation is in life. On the example of today's record you have the certificate of a victory and overcoming almost impossible conditions of the sphere terrestrial, but resolved a task correctly. This also means "To go line of the Beam". And heavy locks of visibility scatter in ashes. Son My See winner! The beam of the winner will decorate a forehead. And so prior to the new victory following is in an infinite series of victories.

493. (Oct. 7). The microcosm is the mass of certain atoms which can react to external impacts through consciousness or by order of consciousness, conscious or unconscious, this or by order of, given once. But the determining condition nevertheless is consciousness and will. The protecting network on that both exists and is supported by a will patrol. The beam protects, but a lot of things depend on consciousness. Degree and nature of protection is determined by consciousness. The lowest spirits tear the Beam cover. Consciousness condition conditions – a factor the major. It determines degree and obtaining, and protection. But when the microcosm vibrates in harmony with the Beam, the protecting network is strong, the indifferent also is impregnable. The order of consciousness immunity of a microcosm and intensity of protecting network affirms. "Armed with the Lord it is impregnable". So patrol consciousness connects in a single whole and harmonizes the elements constituting a microcosm and entering it. It is quite enough to plan nature of reaction to any phenomenon going from the outside in advance that the microcosm answered external impacts within the desirable and planned. "I want that my microcosm reacted to these conditions quite so, but not differently exactly as my will wants". A framework of reaction of a microcosm is established by a will and in advance when it is possible that is when nature of the going impacts is known. Waves of external vibrations break against a crystallized form of protection. The monolith microcosmic doesn't vibrate in reply or vibrates, but is harmonious also in a certain key. The whirlwind of the unbridled emotions is destructive. Tranquility is a powerful board. There is nothing for the sake of what it would be worth rejecting this board and to be sent to the power of whirlwinds of astral matter. The unbridled astral is terrible by the destructive force. For distinguished organisms to indulge in its whirlwinds means loss only. Therefore the aura affirms tranquility. Neither mercy, nor compromise can be where the possibility of a break of Communication is staked. As the powerful warrior, rises a fiery will by protection of a regal prerogative of the power and freedom of spirit. The prerogative of the power over itself entirely belongs to spirit, but not external circumstances, but not the people who are torn apart by the emotions and who aren't able to manage them. We establish the power over ourselves and to nobody and to anything we won't allow to destroy it what it costed. And what to us they which destroyed our protection and left us with the broken trough? Will destroy and will leave, and we devastated will remain, and incinerated by whirlwinds. And what is the time it will be required on rebalancing? Therefore strong stand on a patrol, armed with the fires. Balances and tranquility don't allow to break to anybody. Why to someone or something to give the power over itself. Knowledge does you to sighted people. The beam gives strength of fires, but shall dispose of the treasures energies. Direct to arm with tranquility indifferent and, being in Me, to show degree of My tranquility because your tranquility – in Me and force it – My force. It is possible to replace the word "I" with the word "we" where "we" "I" will mean the pupil, merged with "I” Lord’.
Such everyone conscious "we" will be a sign of merge to the Lord in operation. Only in operation force affirms, that is there is an efficient approval of merge. Habits are chains of the past. But it is possible to call habits of this sort happiness chains, or the chain connecting consciousness with the future and the World the Highest. The more the communication is stronger than them connecting to Light. Not to hold down it suddenly. Let will become inveterate and firmly affirmed as consciousness. All negative habits are how destructive, so creative light-positive are dynamic. Let's get used to commonness unusual, to the ordinary that is naturalness laws of the Highest Worlds, laws of fiery consciousness. These laws approve merge of consciousnesses and Me in you. The law is applied in operation. Let's approve action, having crystallized it in a habit. And when conditions of the Highest World will become the everyday phenomenon, consciousness will begin to merge with it to become, at last, other-worldly consciousness. The Communication habit which entered life of the pupil and became his integral property whether not there is the most valuable stay? So, we will approve habits which can be taken with them far, in a long journey, up to the Fiery World. Regular because are harmful extremely crystallized essence of the forms which are holding down consciousness have no habit price. I Speak about a habit to be inseparably with Me always, everywhere and in everything. So daily bringing aspiration particles to Me, we put a fiery bulk of the temple of the consciousness. Butterflies, the moths and midges flying on fire that on it to scorch isn’t necessary. Fidget and pith little men aren't necessary. The firm, persistent, steady step is necessary the true pupil going to the Lord. Step, movement which isn't interrupted neither in the afternoon, nor at night, nor a dream nor wakefulness, nor life nor death. Steady commitment is necessary not only to Me, but also the chosen way. The sacrament of Communication is a promotion basis. I My power steadily Build the directed spirit in My Monastery, in Boundlessness real. You who accepted Me approved the way. To you who accepted I Pour the opportunities in fiery energies of your microcosm that there was it, your microcosm, Light carrier. Light of My Beam flowing in you is perceived, acquired and becomes a part you. What was Me and Mine becomes yours and you. The wheel of happiness works. The life-giving flow flows, there is an exchange. You direct the energies to Me, and I, Impregnating and Saturating them, I Send you. Law wheel in operation. The break of aspiration stops movement of a wheel. Without your aspiration I Can't saturate you, without My saturation, without Me, there is no ascension. Therefore it is told: "Look for, and you will be find, you knock, and will open to you, you ask, and it will be given you", that is direct, you manifest activity of consciousness, by force take the Kingdom Stronghold Light, or will and aspiration win Spheres of the Highest energies. Spheres Elevated, Spheres of Boundlessness wins, or realizes, the directed spirit. The doctrine of Life calls up, both Directing and Leading your spirit – I, the Lord of Shambhala. Time of Shambhala has come, and the first you enter it, My soldiers and pupils. Light, Light, Light, be approved!
494. (Oct. 8). In day memorable and Record will be memorable. Why the memory and why the chain of days is given are necessary? To remember also their chain going to the future, not to interrupt. These days in this or that form are communication with Twisting. About the Highest memory amplifies, and that whose memory is approved, replies remembering. These days it is possible to approach closer and to feel something, in usual days not caught. So communication amplifies. Consciousness is adjusted on a certain harmony, and the proximity goes deep. Therefore days memorable it is possible to consider as the strengthened signs of a way all there, to Tops. In days memorable it is possible to receive a far message if consciousness allows. Because when understanding insight of feelings increases. But special value of memorable days is covered in their collective uniting value. These days are days of a unification of the relatives connected by one idea or even consciousnesses of the whole people. And the more consciousnesses enters a circle of combination of the consciousnesses directed to one Identity the force directed up, force connecting to this Identity is more powerful and the essence of the reciprocal vibration going from above is more real. Days memorable in their correct understanding at the grown consciousness of the people are vital. So days memorable are the moments of collective accumulation of spatial fiery energy when the heads of many people are turned to the sky. The steps of the directed spirits are higher and more conscious, especially gathers fiery power and the service is more considerable. But at the usual narrow-minded relation of the investigation are poor. So the magnet of consciousness defines also the importance of memorable day both individually, and collectively. The driver Elected standing on a patrol of the benefit of the favorite people increases consciousness everyone directed to Him. These days it is possible to designate "Days of the statement of power of the Reverend Sergiy". He, live and real, guarding darling Earth's happiness, to her sons, to Him directed. Gives strength consciously and to join fiery great construction of the Hidden Hail, it is already obvious also on Earth approving sides of the manifestation. And fiery joined become his soldiers. The unification in the spirit of, unification fiery is a basis of light construction. Memorable days strengthen fiery process of hidden creation, opening a gate of the New World as if more widely. The message hidden receives everyone, but on consciousness and aspiration. Unifications of action are welcomed. And his Hand, the Leader Earth Russia, the Driver and the Builder – over all creative energy of spirit of her sons. Unifying value of memorable days in the future centuries of the joint mankind is big. Memory and the statement of a great feat of the great Devotee Earth Russia we will finish.

495. In My Day I Approve a victory Light. It isn't necessary to look at her through points of egoism or the personality. A world Eye doesn't mean the inhabitant's eyes. Over the personality and out of her meaning of world events is comprehended. Well what is good for evolution of mankind and the planet. It was bad when in a body nails and, live pierced; it has been left to hang on a cross. The personality suffered, human was crucified on a cross of sufferings, but in aspect space and evolutionary the benefit came true. Bringing personal in the victim to General Welfare is Archat’s way. Whether many can go them? But someone can, and someone goes, and this way is called by a feat. Aspiration, growing, reaches a condition when the way of a feat becomes inevitable and the grown consciousness with pleasure and voluntarily elects him. And the burden heavy, a burden intolerable becomes flight wings. Because It is told: "My benefit, and My burden it is easy to eat a yoke". A crucifixion feat not in measures human. But the next, without fluctuating, Teachers went Way. For the spirit which rose and dumped flesh chains there is no limit of the power and a victory over matter. Going with Me passes through all abysses because it I Assume burden. Waiting in failure to act won't succeed. But the hurricane of fiery actions covers a way of the winner. Therefore everything that I Give and I Put on the way of the favorite pupil, I Give for a victory. Difficulties of life are victory steps. As the rostrum cuts a wave ocean, so there is a winner through life. And case of counter bulks of waves to be cut by steadfastness of the directed ship course. Yes! Yes! Going with Me doesn't know defeat – it is always a winner. Therefore Told: "And among won I Learn delivered by me". Mine – winners of life. Mine made a victorious way of a feat the life. And you, the hand enclosed in Mine, go this way of the judgment winner. The winner isn't frightened by anything. It can't be frightened because knows that something ahead, it will pass through everything, having won. The song of never-ending victories is hard. But a way of going – with Me. Therefore the judgment winner is given the sparkling spirit sword, both armor fiery, and the power over spheres of three worlds. Three beams I Crown you, the winning world with M.
496. (Oct. 9). The unification with the Lord is a prosperity basis. It is necessary to bring the Image of the Lord to degree of ardent evidence. It is necessary to strengthen, strengthen, and increase quality and degree of unification. Without decreasing, but amplifying in the brightness and intensity, there shall be a daily Contact. The rhythm of unification goes crescendo. Arm with all desire of spirit to strengthen perception of the Beam. Go in the light of the Beam. The fixed, uninterrupted memory of the Image of the Lord transmutation essence of consciousness. The transmutation power of the Face affirms in operation. The fiery dynamo of Great Spirit is given to fixed contact with the fiery device of the directed microcosm. Process of a transmutation reaches rhythmic regularity. All devotees, hermits and pupils who learned ways of spirit went, approving these rhythms by prayers, chants, work or concentration. All entered these periods of intense contact into cycles of day and night, so far, having become a habitual and regular condition of consciousness, it entirely didn't fill life. Communication became fixed and uninterrupted. And if the phenomenon of the outside world tries to muffle and obscure the Beam phenomenon, strengthen unification. It is impossible to think that someone also somehow became directly good. Why then years of a privacy and long works of feats? Not in good case, but in capacity of aspiration steady. It is a lot of good people, but pupils – unit on hundreds of millions. Directed it isn't interrupted dumps a peel of three covers. Covers of three worlds as a part of the matter are clarified, the Teachers penetrated by Light of beams of the Image. And whether everything is equal in what country, in what body, in what conditions there is this fiery process of transformation. The most brilliant conditions nothing in case of stagnation of spirit, and the most adverse – the benefit if the flower fiery grows. Unless matter in conditions? It is necessary to understand essence and value of the phenomena, at last. What property or what, can boast not found the Lord? What is reduced to dust? I speak about eternal values of spirit. The pupil, treasures found, knows eternal inherent value of the spiritual property. But treasures are protected from plundering. Let's not interrupt guards. Awake the keeper of treasures stands guard.
497. The mutually attraction of consciousnesses is based on the law of a magnet. But the call always shall proceed from consciousness of the lowest to the highest. Until the call sounds, isn't present and there can't be an answer. In it all value of the address. As to call it in what form it pours out – not significantly. But before the Highest World or High spirit will reply, the call shall sound. We Answer only call. But we answer always in direct and exact compliance with call or an appeal. All sense of aspiration in this law. The more intense is and multilateral plainness, the more widely and polyphonic response. What is the plainness? Plainness is a condition of the directed consciousness under which the guarantee of the Highest World in consciousness saturation by response vibration takes place. Directed fearlessly to the most difficult nevertheless receives the desirable. There are no obstacles for saturation of the daring consciousness. Nothing can become on the way of a fiery thought of aspiration. It is the powerful magnet overcoming any resistance. To dare – means to receive. Plainness affects Spheres of the Fiery World for which energies terrestrial restrictions or difficulties don't exist. Over terrestrial manifestation there is a fiery process of a fulfillment. The way of plainness is a way the shortest. The daring consciousness doesn't limit itself to a conditional terrestrial framework. Accumulating of imagination is the dynamic force of aspiration. And the Teacher's Hand carefully preserves a fiery sprout of a flower of aspiration. The pupil shall understand all force which is covered in this most valuable and highest quality of spirit. Not to go back without it to tops. If spiritual obtaining is the answer and a response, then courageous plainness brings the answer decupled. Plainness is approval of not predicate. Royalty of spirit of a show is in it. I approve aspirations of spirit. I Give the guarantee. I Will saturate aspirations and I Will make the fruits borne by them a manifestation of force of My Beam. I welcome daring spirit. I welcome daring heart. A measure complete I Give the Guarantee to obtaining. The wheel of Plainness’s is falls of grace. When it in operation, is multiplied heavy rain of sending and signs. I speak: "Take treasures of spirit, but apply aspiration. Crooked shyness of the applicant is destiny of the sleeping consciousnesses. Anymore not the belief, not hope, but immutable knowledge of power of plainness notes a way of never-ending stays. "Dare, the child!" is a fiery formula to the fire spirit receiving the space heritage. Dare, the son My and the pupil. Dare knowing that the seal of My Spirit approved obtaining is.
498. (Oct. 10). Where Guru? With Me. Was on Earth with Me during lifetime and after leaving with Me stays. Approved on Earth proceeds in the Worlds Elevated. What you will connect on Earth, it will be connected in heaven. With Me connected it here with Me both there, and everywhere. I Live in two worlds. Consciousness is open for both. For the closest pupil dropping a physical body means only still big proximity to the Teacher when physical and terrestrial isn't stirred. So, with Me. Consciousness is strained in making. My Case creates, as well as on Earth, but the sphere of application of energies of spirit extended, being not connected by matter of the dense world. Stays with Me in the Stronghold open for all worlds is. The cooperation, manifest during lifetime, wasn't interrupted, but became only invisible. The invisible cooperation of members of the Brotherhood on all plans constitutes an important part of work of Lords. Focus of consolidation of employees is the Hierarch and Hierarchy. Consciousness passed That into the World, not connected with Hierarchy is carried away by whirlwinds of thin attractions. But directed and connected with Hierarchy, it is invincibly attracted to focus. So the way of otherworldly stay of the pupil to show, is open and determined. Even undeveloped consciousnesses, but directed to Hierarchy in the amount of the trifle remain in the sphere of its attraction. Invincible power of astral currents and whirlpools is overcome by the Hierarchy magnet. Work with Us is big, various and intense there. The consciousness which isn't connected by more terrestrial use entirely indulges in it. On the plan of the Invisible World room is made for the closest in Stronghold Ashrams. The energies of spirit directed during lifetime to stays are saturated completely under the law of a magnetic attraction. Each grain yields a fruit in the direction, in it pledged. The desires and aspirations which aren't applied on Earth behind impossibility receive implementation. For the Guru there is no limit in implementation of the aspirations. And as they concerned the sphere of General Welfare, work for evolution and mankind remains a basis of activity. Also unites the former terrestrial employees in the same work, but already expanded. His thought for the terrestrial plan because the thought fiery reigns out of spheres of restriction is also effective. For those who else can't establish with it spiritual contact, the intermediary I. I Can give your thoughts to it. Also the possibility of contact and personal, but with high fiery aspiration from Earth to it isn't excluded. Not it falls to you, but you shall rise to it. Therefore sending fiery to the left Guru is welcomed. Communication gets stronger. Only it isn't necessary to consider it separated and left, but – to relatives and it is high as well as Me. I am close, but it is felt with an aspiration height. Because height of rise is in consciousness unites. In the highest point everything merges. The higher, the closer and unite. The proximity to the Guru isn't caused by temporary conditions. Day memorable strengthens the communication threads stretched in centuries. The pupil approves by force of attractiveness of the Guru himself. The guru is a torch of mankind both My Confidential and the Envoy terrestrial affairs Guru Arrival.
499. I standing for. I know everything that happens to you, as well as what should be. Often we believe that we are presented to ourselves whereas the Teacher is anxious to give the best way. The teacher Rejoices to each moving circumstance, each right step. Teacher Wants of successful promotion. The teacher to Count that in whirlwinds terrestrial strong consciousness won't grow dim. The teacher to Call to become dense. The teacher Applies the force to protect a way. The teacher depth of secrecy Shows in shape, available to consciousness. On the ways integral it is impossible to get this knowledge from books the Doctrine this for all a form of the statement protects intimate knowledge. Yes! It contains it, but to see or find it among printed pages, it is necessary to have keys. Having reads and takes the hidden pearls, the inhabitant looks, looks, but doesn't see. But it is necessary to penetrate into the forms of presentation this by the Doctrine, and only then the synthetic understanding will begin to waken, that is sides of a single thing act in harmonious interrelation. Each separate provision acts in interrelation with Space as a part of whole. There are no separate phenomena. Each phenomenon of life only spark is or aspect of single great whole. Showing understanding synthetic, we open a gate to the area of intimate knowledge.
Didn't write is in the morning because it was necessary to rise in 5 h and to go to work. Tension and conditions in work are absolutely incompatible with perception conditions.
500. (Oct. 11). Between Me and you sounding on the Beam, the partition shan't be in any form. A beam Light is integral. The beam is many-sided. The thought you can turn its energy into any form, but having premised a thought of the desirable. If it is desirable to approve in himself tranquility by the Beam, then think of the microcosm in shape, it expressing. The beam for approval of the desirable joins it.
501. (Oct. 12). So, the friend My, life puts problems, and they should be able to be permitted. And whether not there is life a continuous chain of the problems and tasks requiring permission? How to resolve them? Directing to Me essence of a question. Sooner or later, in this or that form, but the answer will be given. Or just circumstances will be directed on the necessary course. But "you hold Me strong" in all steps. The question directed to Me for permission will receive due assessment and lighting. Of course, the Beam protects always, but in case of the consciousness directed to Me always and in all cases of life, the task of protection is immeasurably facilitated. Whether there is a help to open heart or hits in a blank stone wall, depends from receiving it, but the difference is big, as well as wasting of valuable energy. No press of a microcosm passes without advantage. Case is in how to force energy. Strain energy solemnly and courageously. Not a number of convulsive efforts, but rhythmical blows of fiery waves of spirit. The pupil's microcosm in tension is the flaring pentagram approving the power. Better to stand to nobody, confronting, on the way of this power because behind it Am I. Rower affirms understanding Me standing for. Means, all phenomena of life should be reduced to a possibility of approval of fiery force of a microcosm in life that is in operation. The possibility of approval of fiery force and the power is given for application on life and in operation. When the purpose of the vital conditions this by me is realized clearly, it is possible to strengthen and approve the force consciously and with pleasure. Joyful accomplishment of the tasks set by Me unreasonably accelerates a way of development of the fiery qualities planned by Me for statement. Therefore be able to meet joyfully waves, not in despondency, fear and concern, but victorious joyfully. The victorious condition of consciousness is necessary. Not in circumstances of life, but in consciousness – a victory. The victorious condition of the directed microcosm is the special condition providing success of overcoming. Let's approve a fixed victorious condition of consciousness. What is a way of immutable ascension as not a number of continuous victories? Here and there is a spirit of the winner from a victory to a victory. And in process of increase of difficulties and obstacles fiery power of spirit grows. How it is possible to reject that soil, or conditions on which the fiery flower of power grows? The crystal fiery requires certain conditions of the environment for increase because it derives the strength and multiplies it from the counteracting energies of spheres of people around. So, we will be mindful of inevitable and necessary conditions of strengthening and growth of the fiery Treasure. Carriers of the Stone multiply its power consciously and in operation.
Asked three questions in the morning is.
1). What means today's appointment?
Answer. Write. Even the ant can become the bulletin.
2). As well as where to live? Really with us?
Answer. It is necessary! Also will live. For big orders I Connect harmonious spirits.
3). How to be with difficulties on service?
Answer. To accept going as (it) is and it is vain not to grumble. I will arrange not arranged. Where belief in the driving Lord's Hand?
Raised questions before morning record, and yesterday very much were upset impracticable operating conditions of a teacher's room on service.

502. Combinations of elements of the Invisible and visible worlds give the chance of a demonstration. It is necessary not that it is seems necessary, but that I Will read the necessary I. It is necessary not that it seems necessary, but that Esteem necessary I. Therefore wait for Instructions. The principle of containment is necessary in everything. It is necessary to understand: there can't be Instructions without necessity, special to volume. Proofs will be incontestable. It is necessary to acquire singularity of ways. The channel isn't net? Don't accept superficial for the basic. Magdalene are frequent on the way. And who without sin? "And there is no best flour". Therefore don't philosophize crafty, an opportunity binding don't shun. With two guarding rags there can't be a trap. It should be lifted. An environment is improper? Bill of the husband? Even the hare can bite when to him it is painful. Don't argue much and don't judge, and look and use the given chance. Wait and will see.
503. (Oct. 13). Today you will show an example of how it is necessary to strain energy of the fiery device correctly. Energy shall be under control all the time. If tension breaks through control, destruction will turn out. The driver of the strong three strong holds reins in hand. The energies should be managed. Means, the task set is in establishing control in operation. Energies of a microcosm will be increased by energy of the Beam. It will be gradually necessary to learn to use the force Mine. And the most difficult is during action to stand out of that the person in you acted, and Dumb Witness observed. Establishment of control over itself is transfer of power to it which is silently present eternally. And we will consider days to come as a possibility of establishment in practice, in operation, that is in life, to the power over ourselves and people around. The effect will be strong. The life experience merges with a way, and life becomes by ascension. Earlier life went in a separation from a way, as if in it. Nowadays life becomes expression of a way. All phenomena of regular life become the elements this for its statement. And each of them matters. There are no opposite phenomena. Everything serves for approval of the qualities planned by Me to development. Senselessness and misunderstanding of the counter phenomena is replaced with accurate awareness of value of each of them for statement in a microcosm and manifestations in operation of energies of a certain order. Uncontrollable energies submit to conscious control of a will. Not languor of spirit, but forging of a sword. With Me process will be joyfully inspiring. Observe solemnity. I will help with making. Remember: we (I and you) act. We in is operation.

504. In consciousness not words is but thoughts lay down and it invests them with habitual expressions. Singularity of a thought causes singularity of expression.
505. (Oct. 14). Today we will write about difficulties of self-checking. Restraint, tranquility and ability to be self-controlled are necessary not in failure to act, but in operation. At the moments of tension of action and immediately later shall be manifested control over itself. It is important to understand that qualities affirm in operation. Abstract qualities aren't necessary. If tranquility is approved on a limit of tension or at concern top, then it is already a victory, and besides big. Therefore it is told about action. Only in operation there can be a statement. A number of actions for development of the planned properties are provided to the pupil by circumstances. The relation to the happening process is required conscious. In the Gospel to pupils it was specified that testing will come – shall come owing to the Word. Law one. Energy, caused is in a microcosm contact to the Doctrine, require approval if they are positive, and to get rid if isn't present. And immediately karmic the external environment under the law of a magnet creates counteractions, causing the dozing energies of a microcosm for overcoming by them going from the outside. If it is correct to consider the ways of spirit specified by Christ's Doctrine, then it will turn out that it is ways of approval of force, power and the power of human spirit over any flesh that is over matter. Ways of approval of the power of spirit over matter – so we will call them. Because I Won against the world and I Call to a victory of the following for Me. "In the world you will have grief, but take heart, I Won against the world". Such is the law of life, and a life there is a way to a victory. The essence and a form of the external resisting conditions doesn't matter – they shall be overcome in any form and under any mask – be it people or circumstances – it is indifferent. It is very important to understand value and the purpose of the surrounding conditions allowed for overcoming by the Lord's Hand. Overcome in one form, they arise in another, more difficult and distinguished, for new victories and ascensions, because as It is told, "God's kingdom by force undertakes, and making effort admires it". It is told about a spirit victory over a scale of the lowest energies. Therefore you overcoming go safely into battle because I for you. It is necessary to fall in love with this incessant process of overcoming himself and a victory. Eventually, not something is overcome outside as it can be proved to be to the inexperienced traveler, but and in itself. Therefore it is told: that wins all who will manage to win against themselves. The consciousness which is adjusted on a victory key, tensely alerted, approving the force is necessary. My hand will powerfully support the infinite overcoming which chose a way and never-ending victories. Strong holds it when in operation. Also remember: only in operation force affirms, power only in operation grows. Delivered by Me, approve power of spirit. Aum.
506. You will write about what you don't know. Whether you where and how wish is fulfilled know? Where the thought departs then to take the tangible forms? In what laboratory there is this invisible process? And who laboratory assistants? And why one thought creates and reigns, and another passes almost into nothingness, without having generated anything, except litter or dust? Yes, the friend My, thoughts at all, but as their potential are various. The pupil who seized its force becomes the tsar of a thought, the master of a thought. Eventually the power about which Spoke is covered in a thought the first that needs to be acquired, is that the thought is a product stele-and the full-directed microcosm. All microcosm, his all three bodies are penetrated and unite in the single creating effort: both brain, and heart, and muscles; both mental, and astral, and physical essence it is expressed one, vibrate monotonously and in one key. Neither the doubt, nor fluctuation break it integrity. Thought of a clearly-radiant the monolith is. The lit centers saturate it with energies fiery. And when it comes off the center which generated it, it is not the muddy slime fluctuating and uncertain, no! It is the bright, pulsing, shining fire essence, or the creation having the form of independent existence. She lives and pulses in space. And heart gave it force pulsing in it, force vital. Therefore their lives only the thought generated by heart. As well as as the thought amplifies is in space? Having a certain magnetic potential, it attracts to itself on force of the energy from space, it related, and grows at an attraction. As the umbilical cord connects the woman in labor to the child or the astral which left a body with a body, and the thought is connected by some kind of umbilical cord to the generate, that is the center generating it. Having arisen under certain conditions, it on an umbilical cord is attracted again to the center as soon as are created similar generated its conditions. And here it again at the creator, bearing him vibrations of the same order is but strengthened spatially. What is a thought? This is the friend sent to the world behind gifts. What is a thought? This is the enemy who went to darkness of night to call to the aid new enemies and to return with a force trebled. But I Speak not about the originator of darkness, but about the pupil with the open centers and the thought creating the benefit. The act deprived of a thought as an echo of some past in it isn't essential. But the thought, bright and certain, even not followed by external action, bears in itself and on itself all karmic threads because establishes and uses a causality wheel. Acts aren't important, but value of acts depends on a thought. I am the center of generate power. I approve regal value of a thought. It isn't necessary to deliberate. Unless the blow of a hammer is long? Unless the blow of a sword is long? Unless the blow of the arrow which pierced requires a lot of time? And blow of a thought. The thought shall be clear, accurate, certain, purposeful, but short as blow of a hammer. Such thought created for accomplishment of a certain mission shall be short.
And, as the arrow fired is in the purpose moments not to linger on a bowstring. To order a thought, it isn't necessary to spend on it time. Clearness, clarity and brevity, similar to blow of a hammer about a fiery anvil, generates sparks and creates necessary conditions for its effectiveness bearing in itself inalterability of execution. Why words, why requests, why claims, why fear or fears, when power of a fiery thought – the pupil's weapon. A spirit lightning sword is Archat’s weapon, and his power – in a thought.

507. (Oct. 15). The son My, the joyful feeling of inflow of energy was correct yesterday. Felt my energy, manifest in operation. By tension in operation and connections with Me it was succeeded to reach merge of energies. We are so accustomed to use the force mine. You are in the Beam. Act with "The told Beam". I Give strength of My Beam am in your order for application in operation, in life. Study. Life is the best school. The dream meant eradication of the black center by force fiery, already approved in your spiritual device. The phenomenal party of a manifestation of thin energies becomes available. It is known stage of your training – to combine unusual with regular, phenomenal with theoretical. Over the phenomenal party of the phenomena I Want to approve your power that not only trusted, but also knew. The feeling of power based on experience and life shall become a regular condition of consciousness. You don't need phenomena, proofs and miracles, so they both can, and shall, and there will be manifested to you. I, your Lord, told you earlier and planned Claim in your life on the examples and experiences shown. The theory is supplemented and explained by life. Teacher Know of a way of singularity, unavailable to mortal. As well the phenomenon of transmission of energy on distance shall be acquired firmly. Not assumptions, both guesses, and belief, but knowledge based on experience furnishes the clue to management of thin energies. I transfer knowledge to life and I Do it by life. Having established control over energy inside and having felt its force, you will direct it in the desirable direction as the beam of a searchlight directs there where the one who holds its levers in the hand wants. But understanding is required, based on life, but not on printed pages. Inflow of fiery energy of My Beam gives joy which is absent in nervous excitement of the inhabitant. Quiet joy of an obvious perceptibility of the fiery force is an award to the hero, because in days of a press, a gloom overcoming its slime – already heroism. So I Approve victorious your condition on life and in life. The winner is Ma the pupil who is trained the successful. Despondency, fear and fear, as well as concerns of fussiness aren’t necessary to me. We – you and I – we enter the area wonderfully obvious, wonderfully thin. I train you for directing people by force of the realized and approved internal power. Because it is delivered by Me. Be not afraid of counter waves and be not upset a trifle of the little things in life so obviously noticeable and disharmonious against the background of the growing wonderful forces. To conciliate contrasts there is Archat’s art. Socrates and Xantippe is not history, but life.
In the thick of day, in whirlwinds of small energies regular not for a moment doesn’t forget Me standing behind you and rejoicing to each successful step. I, your Lord, with you always am.

508. So, I Ask to observe complete self-control in the future events going not greatly, violently and unexpectedly is. I Remain invisible. And only through Me there is a Cosmic Ray. When I Learn? When accomplishment of Instructions follows immediately is.

509. I approve you on the way which is foreordained by trust of intimate Proximity. I Am Proximity My to Show. I in you am the horn blowing a victory. I Am the best aspirations a pearl chain. I Am lives over star the Herald. I want that you, with yours merged; rash actions didn't spray My will. Do everything, but under control. Not energy pumped carries away you on a rise wave, but you direct and control a fiery wave. How important and valuably to constrain it, to lock fiery power in the microcosm reservoir after partial and due, constrained a will, expenditures. Let tells who wants, at least before depletion, after tension wave, you be silent and keep force bridled for the following absolutely necessary expenditure. The energy tension which broke through control of a will devastate a treasury. Be silent! Be silent! Be able to be silent frostily on tension limit: frostily, having bridled a fiery wave. It is impossible, having awakened fiery force, not to be able to keep it. Will carry an organism, will loosen the spirit device. Force is valuable and necessary consciously reserved. That is why we Put restraint and ability to own itself in number of qualities without which further promotion is impossible. I give confidence in a victory for not excellent acquisition of the necessary quality. Reconcile and restrain, pacify the egoism which isn't wishing guidance of spirit. But we will win also against it. The spirit, My Will of betrayed, doesn't know defeat. "Yes will be, the Lord, your will a silver bridle of spirit of My willfulness". I standing behind you Give My vent, but in the heart full-opened to Me. Open heart to the Lord is invocatory there is a magnet absorbing the Lord's Beam. The magnetic essence of the heart opened to Me should be understood up to the end. It attracts on essence of aspiration. It attracts on the wave sent as the radio set on a certain wave catches the necessary sounds. And it should be understood and realized too. The wave is magnetic, consciously sent by heart, will attract vibration of the Beam on a task. The wave directed for receipt of knowledge will bring knowledge, the world – the world, pleasures – joy. On a scale of the sent feelings there is saturation because "The call of love brings the answer of the Beloved". In this short formula all essence of the great law of the accord reigning is in Space. Give one – aspiration. Give the directed heart fire wave, and an echo, or the answer, it is inevitable. In the amount of tension of a magnetic wave of heart there will be also response degree. Heart of the pupil is the fiery magnet which is continuously sending and receiving energies and up – to Me and down – to people. The magnet feeding space is so we Will call heart. We will finish with understanding of great purpose of a fiery magnet of heart.
You want to have and approve in yourself everything directly?
You want to have and approve in yourself everything directly? It is impossible! Why then why ascension ladder? Be not scattered! Realize a pressing issue and, approving one, build a step behind a step a spirit ladder.
The son My beloved, I is always close, I Am always ready to answer call of heart because I in your heart, but over vanity of day. And when noise of quickly rushing flow of mortal life becomes silent, I am close.

510. (Oct. 16). Approve force of My decision in operation and through action you will get closer to Me. What is a feat as not a number of actions? Action should be understood somehow by means of what desirable quality, either property, or achievement is expressed. The image of the approved quality is at first created, the action showing it and two poles of a single thing follows then – desire, or aspiration, and implementation merge in the achievement shown. Therefore the sign of an apprenticeship is a capability to action. Therefore it is better to be mistaken in operation, than to sit at rest. It is necessary to learn not to sit, but to work at rest. Tranquility of action is quality, especially valued Us. To fuss and all can do something, but work fiery at perfect rest, or tranquility, there is a destiny of the winner fiery. And still it is necessary to consider endlessness of opportunities of approval of the force in operation. When we in operation – you and I, when we in operation together what can opposite to our force? I call to consolidation in operation. It is difficult in the beginning. The whirlwind of energy carries away and breaks a unification, but merge to the Face and expression of through the Face helps. And there will be we merged in one, manifest them in a monolith of the directed action. The continuous memory is difficult, but it is especially difficult in operation. It is necessary to approve it. Big affairs can be made only with Me and Me. And as time is short, everything this by life of a present situation should be used consciously for the fastest crystallization of forms of true and powerful action. If with Me everywhere, always and in everything, then the way of accumulating of the most valuable force not only isn't interrupted by opposite or any circumstances, but, on the contrary, becomes stronger any and any conditions. Not in conditions case, but in the power overcoming our forces merged together. Also it is necessary to acquire nevertheless that the pupil deprived of everything, both lonely, and not having, like the Son Human, where to bend chapters, can be the owner of invaluable treasures and the tsar of spirit who won the world while the inhabitant staying in luxury and abundance and surrounded with crowd same biped to be the beggar and the slave. I claim the power and a benefit of spirit over everything that outside.
511. Yes, it is valid why not to test the power over circumstances and not to establish by the imagination and the will reaction of the microcosm to external influences? Why it is necessary to consider that this condition has to upset or please and another to weaken or work painfully? If the poison accepted under the influence of will can lose the lethality whether then precisely the situation and with all other phenomena of life so is? In other words, whether they will can define the nature of future reaction to these or those conditions in advance, and not vice versa, that is not these or those conditions in itself to cause this reaction? Why to consider that the work, any has to tire, but not inspire and not cause inflow of new energy? Why? Why not to give a task to creative will to approve such state of affairs, or such reaction of a microcosm at which the made work would cause exactly inflow of fiery energy and rise in forces? Why not to consider each work and each tension as rise and accumulation of forces and to really achieve the required reaction? Why to think and in advance to believe that the irritable and unbalanced condition of the interlocutor by all means has to cause irritation or chagrin, and not vice versa – rise in power of tranquility and neutralization of disharmonious consciousness? Knowing the program of day and the nature of external influences, most in advance by fire of will it is possible to define and approve those reactions which are desirable in the microcosm, but not those which for some reason or other have been reflex caused still, often saddening consciousness and discomposing him. Why not to take the power over the kingdom, over the sphere, that is over the microcosm, in own hands, but not to allow to dispose of them, that is these reactions, to the casual external conditions changing incessantly? Him I Approve the power of the fire spirit of the person over own world. Not external circumstances in itself, but you cast them in a desirable form in advance. Tell yourself simply, quietly and surely: this condition has to pour out and will pour out in such form which I approve by the will. And, having created a short and accurate image of the desirable investigation, already don't think any more of what will be either as will be or whether will be that in general. Will be, has to be, can't but be if you solve with Me which Costs for. "There is no such obstacle which wouldn't be overcome by will of the person". There is nothing that couldn't be sent to the desirable course and to receive the necessary investigation. There are no such conditions outside which could cause reaction of a microcosm contrary to fiery, realized the power, will. If something once weakened, let something from now on strengthen it and gives strength. If something once upset and brought into despondency, let this "something" will be a step of the statement of tranquility and joy of the spirit which has overcome one more weakness. Let, let everything, let everything serves for the good. This we will approve the power in everything and over everything in actions of every day.
And first of all is in the microcosm, in his reactions to surrounding, having approved the power over them. The world which has won him, won the microcosm is the winner and not itself any more, but the world. The winner of the world is won himself. And when this victory over the microcosm and in itself is approved, external circumstances of the power over winner spirit have no more. He, the winner, dictates them the will, and they won and obeyed, yield and bring a desirable fruit. Against who Have I won outside? Pharisee? Council? The crowd raging? Roman soldiers? Unless I Fought with them? No, Won not against them and I Have won, but Myself. And I who has won Him Have won against the world. I Have won against the world. And the world won by Me through a victory over Itself two thousand years ago nowadays will bear a fruit to Me, a victory fruit, Me foreordained then, on a cross when I in power of My Beams, both My force, and the power a victory over itself, over the world of approved. I will come to judge the world, that is to separate Mine from strangers, to Me comers and force of Beams My apprehended from those, others, rejected Me. But I Am Way, but I Am Truth, but I Am Life. Going My way to Me inherits. You following Me go way of a victory over yourself. I Showed an example and Have specified a way. Go in awareness of value of this only a valuable victory – a victory over by itself. Because I Won the world!
512. (Oct. 17). The picture which you see is so real, as well as a thought because what is a thought? The thought is expressed in shape, and the picture beheld outside and the picture seen in the third eye in effect don't differ with the. The crucial can look and to see something before itself, but not a picture even if to lower it in clear transparent water of an aquarium. The picture, as such, exists only for consciousness, and consciousness of the person, beholding things outside, immediately transfers them to visible forms. These forms as the subject seen outside, and the subject reflected in consciousness when it is cleaned from a field of vision in effect don't differ in the from each other. If to take the trained consciousness of the artist which is able to see and observe both processes of the Thin World then it will turn out that in both cases images of the form generated in the third eye it is impossible to distinguish one from another. Thus, the essence of the mental products of consciousness of the things dreamed and created by imagination of the person on the nature has in itself no distinction. The same energy, being crystallized in forms, creates these visible images. The microcosm camera – the best and the thinnest of all which are available on Earth – possesses an amazing and instant capability to imprint the vibrations of the dense world going from the outside in certain forms. And as soon as energy external concerned consciousness and poured out in a form, immediately this form receives the life in World Thin. Stability and duration of the form created thus entirely depends on clearness, both clarity, and vigilance of the creating consciousness. Yes, creating consciousness because we incessantly and tirelessly create new forms, continuously filling with them the World Thin. Creativity of new forms is destiny of the person. And the World Thin is the huge depository place of these power-educations. Vibrations of the dense world, the perceived colors, and sounds and so on, have a capability to crystallize in steady forms under the influence of consciousness. Usually this process is unconscious and automatic. But once consciousness encloses will and concentration in this process, the weak and in continuous form immediately purchases bright visible stability. The forms created thus live, and created consciously – especially. The wills created with the application, concentrations and for a particular purpose live especially intensively. It is possible to load the created form with such energy and to give it such distinctness and brightness that an eye of the inhabitant who is under impact won't be able to distinguish whether this form has a root outside, or it is net mental product of consciousness. The pulsation, life and dynamism of the created image depend on the fiery energy of a microcosm enclosed in this grain formation.
513. I, your Lord, Rejoice to each step on the right direction. Be not afraid of tension – in it a root of the growing your power. The kindle of fires goes way of tension. And you will see good fruits it soon. We by force merged on fire of tension arrange your fiery body. I Approve the correct relation to conditions in which it is delivered by me though they are hard. But we refused a lung. We chose your way is most difficult - the shortest to finish readiness for term. And it is joyful to see how under blows of a conscious will the fiery armor grows and gets stronger. Remember: on what were required for many years’ efforts earlier, nowadays comes true in the shortest possible time. So, we will continue about essence of the thought creating. She – a thought – the child of the Hidden World, lives by force of the energies enclosed in it by heart of her creator. Lives are and pulses magnet by attractive force. Sent by a will to consciousness of other person, enters it, becomes a component of his microcosm, becomes his own thought and comes to light in actions, directing its acts. Your child created by you falls within the scope of other microcosm as its own creation. Only the consciousness standing on a patrol can differentiate the newcomer. But regular human consciousness accepts others and foreign for own, and a grief not distinguished if it is the thought sent consciously by the darkness carrier. Sorcerers use it for slanders and a send of misfortunes. The thought sent by consciousness to the sphere of other microcosm can get there and sooner or later will bring the investigations. If My Friend Ache from dark counteractions of people of Earth then what vulnerability of regular human consciousness. It is defenseless absolutely because never knows from where the poisonous arrow can arrive. The net aura can serve as some protection. But how many good people perish from the dark thoughts sent from the outside. Only being under the Beam of the Lord it is protected. My beam is your protection. Absolutely the thought created for a particular purpose affects also the whole groups of people, the whole tribes and the people. Groups of the people united by the Doctrine are necessary for receipt of group impact of the Hierarch's Beam on them. The thoughts sent by me and which flashed in ten consciousnesses strengthen each other, as if merging in a single whole. Learn to move group consciousness, at first at least small collective, in the desirable direction. Not it goes where wants, but you direct it where you want and for the good. It is also possible to protect him from negative group impacts. The thought created by you and sent for accomplishment of a certain task will live and vibrate in an environment of this group of people and to direct their thinking and actions. And when this thought is created by you with Me standing for, whom and that can opposite it? Therefore Called you the winner. Through difficulties and tension, overcoming itself continually, you create fiery power. Therefore be glad to the difficulties which nowadays surrounded you and know that fiery wings grow at them. On a feat Called you.
Rejoice to a feat fiery, in twilight of life to create. In the usual is unusual created; in terrestrial and everyday is fire and boundless. Said: "I will not fall silent the Voice of the Lord, and see how your way blooms of fiery flowers of spirit». And when I Will make force of My statements your life, you will understand inalterability and power of My Word. Consciousness, to Me directed, is under a continuous stream of the thinnest My energy and, absorbing them, probably or is invisible, knowing or no knowing obviously grows in the synthetic ray media until three beams are approved in the force. The world human is the world of thoughts. They, thoughts, are his motive energy. The thought can be created, and the thought can be neutralized creation of another, opposite and bigger it on the potential. The thought of darkness can be extinguished a thought Light how to destroy a gloom the lamp brought in it. It is impossible to deprive of the carrier of darkness it thoughts, but to neutralize his potential of these thoughts both to weaken him and to deprive of ability it is possible to work. Why the strong meeting of dark hasn't destroyed Urusvati? Why there were they only at threats and in powerlessness? She was one. Think. As power Light, power of thoughts Light is big if carriers of darkness were powerless before her! Therefore be never afraid of anything and trust in the strength and strength of your Lord. Against us nobody is strong! Nobody is strong against you, in Me staying and with Me. Let's overcome everything and we will win. I Have told.
514. (Oct. 18). The thought of the Lord is a thought Light. The thought of Light gives rise to thought light, and the thought becomes lightful. So the thought connected to Hierarchy becomes the conductor and the carrier of the Highest Energy. And, pulsing on an octave of the highest vibrations, such thought forces to vibrate on the same key and all microcosms. The thought is lewd, rather strong, obviously causes reaction of a body, having passed through all conductors and having forced them to begin to sound respectively. In the same way and any thought which is more or less issued lifts vibrations of a microcosm on the essence. In what key the thought, the same way sounds also a microcosm. The thought is habitual, that is already crystallized in consciousness, both nestled there, and being in the spirit tank, easily reacts to a consciousness call, and sounds freely, and all microcosm on a mode habitual to it quickly forces to be adjusted. Therefore establishment of good habits of a spiritual order is generation of fiery crystals of a thought and their saturation in the course of constant growth. Groving of fiery crystals in himself is collecting of crystallized fiery energy in the Bowl, that is in spirit grain. Not the thought already, but the essence of a thought is deposited in the Bowl. The bowl and grain of spirit are connected forever and are never separated. The thought directed to Me and which became rhythmic to habitual gives a crystal the condensed Light and when this crystal reaches a certain size and tension, it gives not Light, but a ray of light any more – Light going on far distance. And the carrier of the Stone becomes the beam carrier. And the Stone – Treasure which inside, constant Light changes all covers will be thin them. But, changing all essence of a microcosm, it influences the centers, lighting them and forcing to shine, and sets their fiery wheels, or chakras in motion. That is why the words "Strive Co to Me, Go to Me" have the deep hidden transmutation value. Light creating a thought acts is immutable, changing the carrier it. As well as darkness thought. Therefore the shape of dark spirit at naked essence is terrible in the disgrace. But even the dense physical cover is disfigured substantially under the influence of habitually low thoughts. The difference in that what carrier of crystals is the person is big. Crystal deposits of black fire are peculiar to attendants dark, reaching time of significant force. They – dark – too act on a beam of the master. These dark radiations on a scale of fiery vibrations reach a certain degree above which can't climb the roughness any more, but the scale Light infinitely rises up, going to Boundlessness. In it force and power Light and weakness and hopelessness, and, above all, limitation of darkness. Darkness of course is also limited, but Light is infinite and boundless. Nothing can opposite to a ray of Light. Whether there is such darkness which doesn't disappear immediately as soon as Light lights up? There is no such darkness. Darkness against light vibrations is powerless. Everything put only in degree of its tension and force.
The flickering going-out sparks won't overcome a gloom, but even exactly and net burning candle disseminates darkness around. But as Light of the Sun is mighty! I – the Sun lives. I am Light from Light. I – Heart, Beams flaring am.

515. There is no such condition of consciousness from which it would be impossible to direct up. Where enduring feelings carried away consciousness, the aspiration shan't be interrupted and the rhythm isn't broken by anything and in case of any fluctuations of an astral. Was told about a permanency enough, it is necessary only to make it the integral condition of ascension. Of course, it is necessary to drink and it is necessary to eat. And everything put only that requirements of a body shouldn't be regarded as of paramount importance. Let nothing terrestrial take the place in consciousness. Let it flow before consciousness, let the known place and time will be allocated to it, but to take consciousness, but to fill consciousness, but only Light and the fact that from Light that the cloud of dust of the present didn't cover it will full-stringed sound let. It is impossible to avoid on Earth terrestrial, but it is possible and shall destroy a mirage of Maya aiming to obscure the world truly real and in every way spirit and heart to dare to Light, despite everything. Not in falls case, and not falls are terrible in itself, but violation of a rhythm of aspiration is pernicious. Therefore I Speak: "Direct to Me, despite everything, that can occur inside or out of you". Value of aspiration of a bike, uninterrupted to Me. Violation of a rhythm shakes communication thread. I require firm awareness of inalterability of a way and inflexible belief that everything will be overcome, even the most insuperable. Motes of day and enduring weaknesses as all of you are insignificant before greatness of an infinite way to stars. Are necessary? Yes, are necessary, but only as overcoming steps. Therefore I Will turn everything on advantage. Therefore we won't look back at anything. Therefore to us is a way only to Light. Therefore we win and we will win against everything.

516. Lord Am the center perceiving energies of the Distant Worlds and transferring to their people already refracted through his consciousness. Light assimilated by the Hierarch is transferred to Earth implemented for understanding of people of Earth. "I Came to cast fire to Earth". But this fire is reduced by the Hierarch and through It. There is no other way of perception of the highest energies. The Lord Costs the intermediary between Boundlessness and human consciousness. Without Lord Language of the Distant Worlds and Boundlessness would be too remote from human understanding. But in the Lord's Beams the highest vibrations reach consciousness. Therefore a way to the highest out-planet understanding only through the Lord is.
517. (Oct. 19). There are new energies. They will join human microcosms. They will fill them. They will motivate the person to act. To what actions? Where fiery power will rush? The hierarchy is focus of refraction of the highest energies and, being it, the Hierarchy also Specifies a way. The hierarchy Plans forms of expression of these energies that fiery power instead of destruction was directed to creation are. A cooperation or cooperation of all is in everything. Awakening of women and awareness of fiery mental energy – here manifestation forms mankind of new spatial energies because only this way planned and approved by Hierarchy, their force will be directed to creation, but not to destruction. The plan of evolution of mankind is cut down by us in Lon of a space receptacle. Thin Spheres of the planet are saturated with forms of future manifestation. And new fiery power will also join these forms through consciousness human. But the refracting focus I Stay is a Leader Hierarch of the planet. And the Precept "The Way, the Truth and Life" remains to I Am firm forever, but already in new, expanded, planetary and space understanding of the same single and invariable Truth of life. Therefore to term the Doctrine of Life is given. In the planetary value it to show by that lever by means of which the going energies of space it is possible and will shall turn in the necessary direction. Watch how energy of My Beam, refracting through a crystal of your consciousness on the course planned by Me, yields fruits which the mankind will eat but both in small is, and in big. And the mankind will apprehend and already perceives fiery trends of evolution, approving them in the forms planned by Me. Deserts prosper, work is approved, classes disappear, the woman woke up, art and national creativity is approved, and all study. So My Country already goes on the way approved by Me and, erasing imperfections, approaches by the time of conscious acceptance of My Doctrine closer and closer. And she, first accepted in life of its basis for implementation, the first will also reap its fruits – fruits Light. It is only not necessary to forget that new race won't go down from the sky on pink wings, but will pass steps of evolution a leg and a hand human, being enhanced and in process of forces getting rid of a remaining balance of former dark accumulating. And unless you going with Me became already perfect? Unless you shouldn't struggle hourly with yourself is and approving the future, to get rid of the past? Here also and Favorite my Country it is necessary to fight against dark heritage of last imperfection. But consciousnesses are released and already ready to perception Light, this by the Doctrine of Life.
518. Write, My friend, write; you spiritual to people cook food. Your mission is big. Realize the importance of the given treasures.
Their consciousness is already high. Old food doesn't satisfy spirit any more. New spiritual food should be brought hungry and eager for it strong. The dead dogmas and dead forms covered with bark of ignorance and misunderstanding aren't necessary. You are the bearing new bread of life you will give to the great people belonging to it by the space right. Therefore be going to be My elected and performers of My instructions. Put by Me and sent by Me will go on a Face of the Great Country and My simple will incur the word to the hearts changed in a hearth of sufferings, tests and work. And just as the beam of the morning Sun causes a reciprocal song of winged small our fellows – birds and little birds forest, and Light of My Doctrine, you brought to people, will light up them. Also the heart which woke up to Light will start singing a victorious song of spirit. Value of those whom I Send to an execution feat Light is big and is deep. And if listened to Me, will listen also to you if accepted Me, will accept also you and if uplifted Me crucified on a shame cross, then will uplift also you. Only in the light of the future Beams there will be for you neither crucifixions, nor a shame. There will be a joyful, intense and saturated work. It will be difficult, very difficult, but it is wonderful. It will be wonderful, and truly your life will turn into the wonderful fairy tale, into a wonderful fantastic reality. What can be more joyful than a feat of entering of Light into life of the people? Fencings of private life will disappear. Personal will become national. And light your, merged with light of national heart, will rise as the best gift to the Altar of the Great Mother of the World, with a smile and love looking at the children, her found and again come back to It again.
For now study how to approve the power over consciousness human and how to own it. Also it will be already indifferent, whether one person against you or hundreds because My Light which in you, will overcome any counteraction, both collective, and individual. But it is necessary to pass through it for the conscious statement of the growing power of the spirit. Was as Ilya Muromec: sat for a long time and didn't know the force. Now you know because I Gave, and you can apply to the adoption of understanding. Moist-muslin consciousnesses aren't necessary to Me. Soldiers are nowadays necessary, but soon, sowers will be necessary soon. A little the corner of the application of energy will change, but the principle will remain the same. My beam, having passed through the cleared and prepared your essence, will stream freely and brightly on all surrounding – unconsciously because the Sun can't but shine. And if I – the Sun of your planet, then and you, Me adjacent, are the sun of spirit in those spheres where I Will send you. I Strengthen the device of your spirit for especially hard work of the future. Be mindful of process of prepare to take everything from the conditions given for this purpose. I Conduct you, both your life, and its conditions in my Hand. Going with faith in the Lord the way of the winner is prepared. My Hand is careful, and the purpose is conducted by it. And you have only a victorious way to Light. Calm be in My care. And on life realize My proximity in life. Not in clouds I with you, but in life. Not in wishful thinking of rest, but in operation. I Enter your life and I Become the essence of your life. I approve Myself in it in all that from spirit in all that from Light in all that of the bright, better, great future. Now – you, then – you, then many and sets of the same growing uniform family of people, tribes and the people spreading until the herd truly doesn't become uniform also Are uniform the Pastor. My Beams will unite all accordant to Me the spirits able to apprehend Light. Devices are human, penetrated by new Beams, will begin to sound everyone on the highest octave. And, having begun to sound, will merge in uniform aspiration to Uniform Light.
Therefore I Speak: "Prepare!" Therefore I Speak: "I Will increase forces. Prepare for Great Service because nothing small is compatible to greatness of the future".
519. Keep in mind: These opportunities never repeat. Therefore don't miss. Missed it is possible to receive, but already on other wave and in other manifestation. The sent message departs to space. Yes, you are right, the highest cooperation is caught thoughts of the Teacher. When it is reached, the immense field of creativity opens to conformable consciousness. We will come soon to such condition of intensity when you are able always to write when you want, but not during certain periods as now. Degree of a susceptibility of My thought will increase, and the Contact to go deep, and, at last, there will come the moment when you are able to give, or rather to receive immediately the answer to the asked question, even despite presence of the interlocutor or even the whole audience. And then you will be in a message condition a conversation with anyone on any scientific, either philosophical, or any subject irrespective of, you know a subject or not. Complete merge of consciousnesses will allow to concern the reservoir of My Spirit and to scoop from there a free hand. But for this purpose the highest extent of Communication for which I Train you is required already. We take a way of singularity therefore doors of wonderful are opened for you. When you appeal to Me or express desire, I Approve it if it from Light, and follows already its implementation further. And when I Speak: "Dare, the child", – I Want to cause the daring power of the directed desires for saturation by their My Light and implementations. I give everything that promotes growth of spirit and accelerates promotion. Approve aspirations and shower distant anchors of daring desire for implementation them in the microcosm. I Will arrange three bodies, and I Will separate from three bodies, and I Will teach to act in everyone separately and consciously on all three plans. The triple aspect of life will become also available and obvious as open and the physical world is available. Also I Will give conscious access to My Tower. Unconscious already you have, though you don't remember "Hours of happiness", but them you collect fruits obviously. Today wanted to have experience of long record. Today this experience you will have also the sheets lying before you, you will fill though at present even you don't know, as well as that. But we go way of approval of opportunities to lives and action, and not theoretically, but practically we perform each opportunity. Already Told, what novelty of a source of the wisdom flowing in you is inexhaustible and the field of unexplored knowledge is huge. The thought directed to Me will never remain fruitless, but comes back, loaded with My Beam. So, entering the World of My consciousness, you enter the ocean of Boundlessness as the hunter with network. And where you will throw network, everywhere a rich catch. A bunch of the directed energies proceeding from your microcosm, adjoining to the ocean of Boundlessness, mentions subjects of answers, and everyone brings a catch. The magnetic arrow of the directed thought attracts to itself, or strikes that, it concerns essence of what, and returns with a valuable cargo. Once sent message was attached to an arrow, wrapping up it a staff. Here also and here, absorbing essence of the object penetrated by it, an arrow of aspiration returns to sent it. Therefore it is good to direct in Worlds Distant, it is good to direct to unknown areas. It would seem, what's the use from such aspiration, but the formula "Dare, the Child" is inexhaustible on the depth. I teach technology of the highest cognition. The psycho equipment – difficult and most interesting area of the highest knowledge, but without Teacher absolutely not available to anybody. Accidental breaks of a temporary also don't yield tactile results. But products and performing true art serve as a model of unconscious contact with the Boundlessness reservoir. Thus, it is possible to imagine what will give knowledge of the psycho equipment under a direct management of the Teacher. There is it, the pupil who doesn't have anything the, refused everything, not taking place even of the head to bend, but owning opportunities and treasures before which all richness of passing terrestrial existence turns pale and grow dim. Not our terrestrial richness, but our treasures of spirit. And even we fulfill terrestrial wishes of favorite pupils for the fastest and to get rid and releases from them. But the one, who carries in the bosom Boundlessness scales has immunity from Maya' illusions. Therefore I Speak, what everything is permitted learned essence of terrestrial gravitations. Therefore in glory Came terrestrial to the world surrounded with all gloss and richness of terrestrial greatness and worship. All terrestrial was around in a pre-surplus of her best fruits, but My Spirit which other-worldly, always and in all conditions Brought to Earth Light of the highest wisdom available then to people, and to them the people flourished. The book of My Life never gives the Shapes which passed mortal life’s in greatness of terrestrial glory or in works and feats, or in acceptance of the Bowl of sufferings, but everywhere and always execution Light and the Benefits of mankind on the Field Great, and nothing not interrupted Service, were their single and unique purpose. And you were with Me, and is far and close, both obviously and secretly, but always connected with the Lord silver thread of heart. Old employee and son. And here again before us the field of great work and a feat. And again you’re Lord Call you to great readiness that fully equipped with fiery power, nowadays in you approved to put out to sea human for execution of My Light. And the Book of your life, like My Book and will be decorated with again nice page of new approval of My Light on Earth.
520. (Oct. 20). Yes, it is right, energy of the perceived Beam can pour out in a certain, desirable to the perceiving consciousness form. Where to take courage, either cheerfulness, or confidence in a victory and how? When the image itself, owning this quality is created, it is necessary to provide as fiery energy of the Beam fills and recovers it. The vibrating force of the Beam joins the created form and gives it life. The same method not only concerning desirable qualities, but belongs as well to any thought form created for a certain impact on people or circumstances. And the form created by a thought lives and works with Beam force, in it enclosed by her creator over whom the Lord's Beam is stretched. Here that mean the words "Act with the Told Beam"... and for the good. Because the trust put assumes that strength of the Lord can be turned only on good. Thus, the consciousness merged with the Lord and which is in his Beam can consciously work with strength of the Hierarch. And when Lord Send on a feat in Beams The, is covered with force of fulfillments a way of the Envoy. I, the Father staying in you. I create. So the evangelical formula "I in Itself Nothing, but the Father Staying in Me He Create" is an eternal formula of life and communication of consciousness of the pupil with the Lord. Because each Lord is the Teacher in relation to the lowest him and the pupil in relation to the Lord who is above It on the Hierarchy Ladder. And so indefinitely. And this Hierarch is always his Father and the Lord. Only in the Beams They are merged together – eternally and inseparably. The lord and his Lord-father standing behind Him – One. Here also I Call for such merge to Me. And when merge will be reached, learn not only Me, but also the Father who sent Me to your world. Whether therefore it is possible to imagine all power of the pupil creating by force of the integrated Beams – My and My Lord? "To work with the told Beam" – means to enter awareness of the power. The power and power consist in understanding of the Beams sent. Therefore I Speak: you will make affairs which were Made by Me if force of your merge to My Beams is boundless.
521. Write. There was no case that consciousness, to Me directed, didn't succeed. As the law of the highest obtaining is simple, easy and immutable. It would seem, the clue is furnished, the door is open and it is only necessary to enter. But consciousness continues to persist, staying in darkness external. How many them knowing a way and evaded. So hearing My words and not approved them in operation there is a violator of the law. The intellectual understanding without application in life doesn't yield a fruit. Therefore we see great intellectuals – barren flowers they. But even simple and small consciousness, but strong applying the Decrees this by the Doctrine in life, is on the way of steady ascension. Why application is so necessary? The law or the Decree attached to life and approved in operation establishes a chain of causes and effects attracting consciousness with force of the approved energies to spheres of the Highest World in a microcosm. And when all human life is based on accomplishment of Decrees, the mighty magnet of the energies pledged in it which is invincibly directing consciousness up is created. Therefore ardent performance of Decrees shall inspire fiery. Joy of implementation of Decrees of the Lord is the highest joy of spirit. Contractors of my will, whether I Will forget you when changing times, whether I Will leave you in the Worlds when each my specifying performed by you uncontrollably attracts you to Me and brings closer? To follow Me – means to put My Precepts in life and action. It is a lot of listeners, it is a lot of agreed, but contractors, contractors aren't enough. But as it isn't enough of them, adjacent to me heart. Both admire, and proceed verbosity, and flash the bright, but instantly going out spark, but contractors, the word My first of all and delivered themselves, so it isn't enough, so inexpressibly it isn't enough. Therefore performs the one, who bent the will to My will and who not only listens to My Words but also, in my Heart I Approve as the employee Light. Also there are a lot of readers of the Doctrine, not contractors, but readers. The readers of the Doctrine who aren't performing it with printed pages will also remain, but not with Me. When all consciousness and all life are filled with aspiration to actions of the appendix of Decrees, the light-bearer of a microcosm becomes obvious. Light reaches visibility degree. Light-arrival Call way of the application of the Doctrine to lives. The way of statement Light is a way of execution.
522. Who will love the father, or mother, or daughter, or the wife it is more of Me, no Mine is worthy. Life will pass and will come to an end, all will leave human life, and at the time of Great Transition to the World That, Hidden one by one, and there will be a traveler one. One has come to the world, and one leaves the world. All will leave, but I Will remain, I never leaving loved Me heart. Therefore all: both fathers, and wives, and children – all temporary: today is, and tomorrow have left forever. But I am always inseparable. Closer Me there is nobody and anything because everything that is and surrounds, not reality, but Maya.
523. (Oct. 21). So on energy inherent in it the investigation of a thought is constructed: both spiritual, and material. As a matter of fact, everything is the investigation of a thought because all is directly or indirectly created by a thought. Cogitative energy condenses matter up to the condensed its visible educations. These educations stay in space and even conceive the worlds. An arrow of thoughts, piercing in beam-bearing substance of elements, generate from them the corresponding images even if the conscious or unconscious thought of the person didn't find time to give it a certain form. So vicious action in addition to the forms caused in consciousness gives a number of heavy educations, sometimes terrible and shapeless in the disgrace. The person shall think of Clearly-chine. The thought about fine and images generates fine. And the words pronounced are important the fact that each uttered word or a concept on the essence already creates in space something, to it corresponding. Words confidence, cheerfulness, courage, hardness already in to themselves bear these creating positive impulses having a counterbalance in the elements of educations created by them in substance. And these educations, strong or weak, always, anyway, but immediately cause response in nervous system of the person. Not about a sound of a voice it is told, not about sound impact which takes too place because magnetism of a human voice, but about impact of the spontaneous form caused by the pronounced word or a concept is big. And when it was said that the person shall give the account for each pronounced word, and was specified to refrain from pronouncing words in vain, there was [in a type] this the hidden occult creating value of the thought caused in consciousness by each told word. But if to add to it this or that charge of the warm energy which is often put in words, then it is possible to imagine the dynamic force of the created images. Thoughts and words of hatred and rage are the drops of poison poured in space. And this poison spatial should breathe the person and people, it to people around. Be saved from a disgrace. The thought is connected with the generate. Generation will always find the creator on the channel of the "umbilical cord" connecting it. As a bird on a thread – the thought generated only thread this can't be cut with anything. And the person, being inseparably linked with the generations, creates to herself the invisible environment, or the world in which it stays not obviously nowadays, but obviously and hopelessly after release from a body. The dungeon it or the palace of spirit, depends on the person. Because the person is an own jailer, or the person is an own creator of locks fine on wonderful open spaces of Boundlessness. Thoughts create an environment of the person on the essence and stay with the creator until on it exhaust the energy, him in them enclosed. Not to avoid the generations, both bad, and good. Therefore the benefit to the thinker kind, bearing Light and itself, and to people.
524. Well, the friend My, we will write and today. Today washing a thought reaches hardly. Disease state of an organism disturbs. Anything disbalance affects perception. But it is possible to overcome any disbalance and any state. It is overcome by Contact with the Leader Hierarchy. If I – your benefit, a smile and fortress, then, therefore, I – your all and any positive condition of consciousness. The beam will fill with Ma, will issue and will approve him if the unification is strong. In a constant unification under all living conditions it is necessary to look for the solution of all questions and problems. Heavy? Address Me. Difficult? Address Me. You don't know? I Will give the answer. You hesitate in the choice? I Will specify the decision. So all that is presented to you by life, we solve together. Without Me don't solve anything because without Me you nothing. And all that happens to you, directly and directly concerns Me. And when you, receiving blows from the outside, are strong with Me in unification, the enemy arrow hits in a board. The return blow is inevitable, and a grief to the one, who puts it. And you putting don't wish harm, don't think of the answer, and regret better because the return blow from My board is very sensitive for fragile covers of people of Earth. And you under a board. So, we will study an uninterrupted unification as lives of every day. Difficultly it extraordinary. And not in volume has put that it weakens, and that between Me and your consciousness the shouting vanity of day which is now interferes, and tomorrow it is replaced new. To keep in vanity tranquility and in tension consciousness of my Proximity already achievement and Maya's overcoming of the current hour. And she will pass by, and another will be replaced, and won't leave a mark from the, at the time of imperious and fascinating persuasiveness of evidence. But our way on tops therefore your enemy – a bright cover of Maya – has to be broken and the enemy is won. But when I Take priority in your consciousness, no enemy am terrible and all monsters of a threshold will part before you who are consciously going in My Beam. Everyone opposite, either the difficult, or unclear phenomenon of your life will cause an amendment or the Decree because you study and will study as lives. There is no abstract knowledge. Also you can be glad to the fact that your life, so far externally same, as well as at others, so wonderfully a fruitful under the Hand Driving Mine. From experience of life, with Me learn and divided, we remove fruits of Eternity and we fill with them a treasury. So there is an accumulation of the Bowl life juice. Be able from each phenomenon as a bee from a flower to collect experience juice lives-given. Also remember: the phenomena aren't necessary and aren't important, but the experience given by them is necessary and important. The phenomena will leave, will take experience with you forever. Therefore the pupil going consciously is called the collector of treasures. But consciously it is possible to go only with Me and only with Me to assimilate to a bee. Because fruits of terrestrial burden are bitter, and only the Beam of the Lord turns the most bitter into the most sweet.
And your microcosm as a transmutation of the energy going from everywhere truly becomes a fiery hearth in which in heap smoky coals and the fused slags the wonderful sparkling spirit blade is shaped.
Both slags will be rejected, and not burned down coal, but the sparkling spirit sword, on fire tempered will go out, will remain your eternal integral property. The sword-bearer – he, training of finished. Also the hearth isn't necessary, and the blows and a flame smoking and dense aren't necessary. Already it, the sword-bearer, goes to life free in the spirit of that won already most to strike with a sword blows and to strike darkness. And got under blow of a fiery sword of spirit because of counteraction Light let expostulates on himself. The fiery sword trusts in the closest pupil. In possession of fiery your weapon I Approve you.

525. Accept My gift and remember: each burdening of spirit external circumstances bears and covers in itself the gemstone brought to you in a crest of an opposite wave. Blows engines, hi to you bearing treasure of spirit.
526. Of course, the power consists in mastering the fiery power. Her understanding sets the centers in motion. The sum of radiations of the rotating wheels of the centers defines this or that degree of this power. How to call great, Uniform, All-initial fiery energy, has no value for this purpose who has realized her. Because the creating power receives reliability of reality that is force she is approved in operation. To the Fiery Winner Call. But first of all consciousness has to be directed to her. She feed by aspiration of consciousness grows and feeds him. The treasure demands understanding. Representatives of chicken breed pass by. Stare, but don't see, listen, but don't hear and listen very badly. It is necessary to look in hundred the face. Treasures on a market don't roll, and they should be found most.

527. (Oct. 22). No, there can be justifications to the considered acts made against the made decision only because someone wants it. You never know who what wants. If the will has told yes or no, then let so and will be. It is necessary to learn to stay steadily in time the made decision. Jumps of will are pernicious. They destroy a microcosm monolith. And the house divided in it can't opposite to a whirlwind. It is necessary to think well before to solve something, but having solved, from the made decision not to evade unless in exclusively special cases. Results of vague decisions lose magnetism of persuasiveness, and their generate assimilates to a stem, instead wind. We strongly Solve. We Don't cancel our decisions. The Lord is invincible. Study in the decisions to give the pointed blow of all microcosm in a point which, like a ram, all being directs to one decision. It is difficult to opposite to ram force. Punches any wall. Also and solidity of the decision breaks a wave of counter energy.
528. Write, My Friend. Write that in life of this, sufferings, has got down also heavy terrestrial, it is impossible to find to what it is so passionate, the spirit so ardently aspires. When, carrying a karmic chain, we come back to the world again has got down, all of us keep not clear, but powerful inclination to the Elevated homeland here. And so we go, suffering, through life, somewhat quicker terrestrial chains wearied by aspiration heavy to break. We are prisoners in the flesh gloomy, and only hidden Light going from Me with life dense somehow reconciles us also the cross gives everyone the chance to bear. But it here, and there when Maya's covers and the world carnal a dense veil are rejected, there we are free. There are no diseases, there is also no body so heavy in the movements. We fly there in space Light, we create, and everything that we want, we have. There only the thought attracts, only the thought by one force creates for us all what we aspire to. And force magnetic attractions we stay there only in what ours are eager spirit for. And I Am closer there. The Diatance preventing to be together don't take place there. There everything lives magnetic power of an attraction. And the one, who on Earth aspired, say, to fine sounds can live and stay in a fine kingdom of sounds unearthly there, but will creative its subject to create that them to live, and that who there creations of symphonies, solemn and strange, feasibly to decorate the Elevated World. We create there, and creativity, immediately joining the forms visible to an eye, becomes a reality for us. And there is no disharmony there, on the Highest Plans. Consciousnesses conformable in the Beam Lords there in the world stay, studying, working and learning endlessly. And each aspiration in the flesh approved now receives an manifestation there and the fruit brings obvious. We fly there and, without having the house, are free in the spirit of and we can be everywhere where the spirit wants. We fly there, but the thought, free as a bird moves everything. And chains the heavy broken on Earth it is free great freedom of spirit there. To flights, fortunately, to open spaces of the Highest Spheres I Call you, the sons, in Maya's embraces the Highest World of forgotten.
529. The Dawned Shape of the Lord gives life to everything, related heart threads.

530. (Oct. 23). From far away I Send the hi to both of you. Not far off promised, but how I Will strengthen forces, without having given a press? I Thought to involve you in collaboration much earlier, but circumstances don't allow yet. And expectation is heavy. There is nobody who would replace to Me you betrayed to Me and My Business entirely. It is correct that the life you build on Me and that Mine. Where they, devoted? Therefore I Give care. Your house lives future and aspiration in the future. And building the life on a future key, you won't be mistaken. I want to encourage you, the few which in My Heart take place. Who can boast of proximity to Me? And you in My Beam. I Enjoined to protect to invisible My employees you from everything, able to damage to you. I Know everything that happens to you. And your speeches reach Me. But I Guard your happiness. And not temporary, quickly departing, but happiness attracting you in the Native home. You will be with Me when time comes. You will forget burden of cloudy days. I Will fill with joy your vessels. A lot of evil is created, it is a lot of violence. Not of the future it, violence it. But on a frost shoots will wither, and a greenhouse framework is necessary. Severe hotbed and iron frames. But there is time when they already aren't necessary. On difficulties of life of the present day I Create stability of spirit. The ship which sustained all storms can be sent to a long voyage, and independently. Helpless travelers aren't necessary. But tempered in way I Welcome. And whether it is possible to complain about the training which is making out lightful your essence? With Me to undergo through all difficulties inseparably in consciousness – whether this achievement? Not always the way is heavy, the Lord isn't always far. I will give the chance, being in the world, to enter with Me clarity of direct visible Communication. I Speak about a thin-visual. It is your award for years of sufferings and heavy severe life. I Will make your life miracle. I will enter it already obviously because My House was created and strengthened fidelity to Me. And I, your Guarantor, for each tear of pain and each drop of sweat for good reason Will render Mine hundredfold. I speak about requital not because for the sake of it you go, but because when it is very dark, the benefit to think of inalterability of great joy of the future. With you I. Be not covered with ghosts of day. Let them others live, and you only Me, and about Me only one let your thought flows. And not only "Caesarian to the Caesar", but also to the requirement of day pays tribute not to come to court of day and not to undergo condemnation of passersby. Do honestly everything that demand from you living conditions, but between them and yourself put Me. And then you will undergo fight, without having suffered damage and only increasing in force. And the severity, more rigidly and more hopelessly surrounding, the closer I stand behind you and the Hand given for protection of Mine. My Dears you, but in a twilight of days of the last and heavy going understand urgency of My care and My Beam, to the benefit the leader. And so, in the Beam, firmly going, again forward, to the commanded happiness.
531. To create a will Sent – here a basis of the Scale of ranks. It doesn't mean that the messenger has no will and is deprived of it, just the opposite, him the will - it is the flaring fiery hearth. But this fiery will is so fully merged with a will of the Highest Hierarch that, creating a will of the Highest, he manifest the will. As if in a prism of its own will the will the Leader, but in a complete harmonious accord, without single dissonance refracts. And if who thinks that it is featurelessness and subordination or loss of the Identity, then he thinks incorrectly. The highest Claims and Supports each grain of individual aspiration if it is in the accord with Space Laws. And if the discrepancy with them still can be at the lowest steps of the Scale of ranks, then it isn't on the highest. Each microcosm is valuable the not repeated Identity, both distinction and a variety of Identity creates wealth and beauty of the Highest Worlds. There is no monotony in Space. What would be if all were only poets and would write absolutely identical verses? Creativity value in its version. Two identical human faces are absent at all. And so – in everything. The beam of each Lord is individual in the psychophysical structure and structure. And the purpose of the person, having approved in itself beams self-outgoing, to plunge lightful essence into Beams of the Space Father Hierarch both in these Beams and under their impact to manifest all beauty of sides of the spirit, to light up all fires as gemstone the light under the influence of a ray of light lights up. Not destruction, but the brightest approval of Identity and all its potentials happens in case of complete merge to a will of the Leader. And when it is told about the victims, refusals, and dismissals from something, all the person shall renounce, it is his animal heritage, it’s the lowest "I", his egoism. The lunar heritage of the dead planet is rejected just as the butterfly dumps a cocoon to enter new life of winged opportunities. It is impossible to fly in a cocoon of a dead obsolete form, and it isn't necessary. Brothers of mankind of an to show in the Brotherhood the fact that all express the same Single Space Will, harmoniously and full-confluence not repeated Identity of everyone refracted through bright. Therefore when and wherever the Doctrine Single by someone from Them, on a patrol of the planet of standing was given, isn't present and there can't be in it a contradiction. And this one thousand, two, it is as true ten thousand years ago as this nowadays. A difference only in what earlier this precisely corresponded to an era and a step of development of race, the people or the tribe to which it was brought. As well as nowadays this Doctrine corresponds to a spirit of the age and a new step of a development of humanity. It is necessary to understand Great Unity of the Single Source of Wisdom, and not only terrestrial, but also planetary and space all our Solar system. If the mankind purpose – Worlds Distant, then joins it them in Beams of the Highest Wisdom, single for all worlds. The unification and harmony of consciousnesses are forms of a manifestation of the Highest World.
532. The thought is the key which is opening and bringing closer that or to what or to whom it consciously or is unconsciously directed. But consciousness the increase tenfold investigations.

533. (Oct. 24). And it is necessary to pass through loneliness. Loneliness – destiny of the elite. Only strong in spirit stand him. The person alone dies. One dies, face to face with himself, as well as will be born, directing one in matter. And I on a cross Was One, and Joan of Arc on a fire – one. All great feats of spirit are made alone. And how many times the loved brotherhood left Sergiy of one, being separated Him in the spirit of. Even left them in the same inevitable great loneliness. Identity of accumulating causes this loneliness. And everything that the person endures or tests, he tests individually. It is possible to live with the person nearby, in one house or even in one room and to stay in absolutely various spheres and to lead life, absolutely unlike, other than it, in the world. Even in case of close groups of pupils or so-friend identity of testing and life of everyone remains separate of the next consciousness. The formula "I Will Reach One, I Will Reach in the Feat Shown" expresses availability of this condition. The silent Witness – the intimate center of a microcosm – always stays one, Silence Silence, separate of everything in the secrecy, writing the vital movie of the covers and everything, concerning them. It is difficult to combine contrasts, it is difficult to understand two different and opposite beginnings of a single thing and, having understood, to merge them in one. How to combine unity real with identity of accumulating and single indivisible life of Space with loneliness of the center learning it? How to combine cooperation with individualization and cooperation and unification with the Lord with loneliness? Small consciousness will hopelessly get confused in contradictions. But on the example of orchestra we see how identity and skill of the separate tool don't break, namely, on the contrary, increase general harmony. On the same tools and monotonously it is impossible to perform anything, not to mention difficult things. And the majestic symphony of life is performed on the most difficult tools of spirit the various of degrees of consciousnesses, and their distinction and a variety only cause complexity and beauty of the performed work which is called life. Harmoniously and skillfully to play the game, without bringing a dissonance, and only enriching and refine whole, and there is a task of the cooperative beginning. On the one hand, Identity shan't fall arms of egoism and drown in the sphere of restriction of the personality, with another – approval of greatness of the individual center shan't create either isolation, or isolation from single life of Space, nor a separation from people, their needs and sufferings. Therefore the formula "Be in Life, but not from This Life, Be in the World, but Other-worldly" is difficult for comprehension. Because there is somewhere a world where in great and eternal harmony of life merges together individual and space, without losing anything in the aspects of the same Whole, and being only mutually enriched in this highest merge. On greatness of OPPOSITE PRINCIPLES greatness of Space is constructed.
534. Write, My friend, and today. Let's overcome also influence of foreign aura. Not in itself she is harmful, but because involves foreign and external influence and prevents manifestation of mental energy. And if I, visiting these or those settlements in Palestine, Wasn't able to make in them miracles on disbelief of their inhabitants, then isn't it and you at contact with the lowest auras aren't able to show perception of thin energy? Be always on the lookout and remember that among people there are many quenchers paralyzing energy or being channels for quenchers from the Thin World. But at our mutual Contact the situation is a little differently. In case of the similar phenomena the Contact amplifies and third-party radiations with a force are thrown out of magnetic field of contact of our consciousnesses. Already Spoke: nobody and nothing can serve as a barrier to your Communication with the Lord. It is a lot of them, consciously and unconsciously encroaching on invasion into this sacred communication. But unification inflexible with the Teacher overcomes armor and can overcome any influence and stop all attempts of invasion. Their attempts or influences go from the outside. Our connection is established from within, on the plane, to their consciousnesses of inaccessible. Also it is necessary to pull out only the consciousness from a vicious circle of the lowest vibrations, having lifted him to Me. And it is even possible to look down and to see narrowness of terrestrial conditions, but the consciousness which is already merged with Me because the immunity generated by Contact won't allow a communication break. Pay attention to how external circumstances during record are aggravated also all the time what was absolutely impossible some time ago, nowadays you make easily and freely, having made only bigger effort. And already neither external noise, nor the human speech interrupts the course of record. There is a deepening and an aggravation of perceptions, and in passing firm hand wins accidents of the interfering external conditions. They, obstacles, in this or that form, from within or from the outside, will be always. Therefore I Welcome a victory over them. Let the will be accustomed to go the planned way, without reckoning at all with anything that is given only for overcoming as material for the statement of desirable degree of power of will. And it is only necessary to know precisely and definitely, firmly, distinctly and surely that is wanted by will. "I want that was so", – the tempered will says. And quite so, on a beam of the thinnest fiery energy people around the lowest energy of external conditions are combined. Can't but obey and not obey because the lowest. People can't opposite and keep because for you I, and to fight against my Beam, in which you and with which you act, not in power to weak human consciousness. And dark, and considerable degrees, would like to destroy you, but are powerless because are paralyzed by force of the Beam to a condition of powerlessness. Realize the power. Apply it in everything to the statement of the power in life on affairs of every day.
For what then this heavy intense life in so adverse and difficult conditions as not in order that in them and on them to teach your spirit to use of fiery weapon is given you. The feeling of force bridled and constrained in it was correct. Joyfully and cheerfully to realize in itself a pulsation of reserved fiery power. It is possible to give to be in words, jokes, chatter, offenses, chagrin and all and any lowest feelings, but preserve treasure. How many works and sufferings are necessary on that to find it and, having realized, to feel its presence. But time having realized a way of accumulating, it is possible to go further, only expanding extent of increase of force. Not actions, not tension, but lack of restraint and balance weakens extremely. On condition of strong-willed restraint of fiery force of tension and its fixed conscious reserve it is possible to sustain a long and strongest press, having kept at the same time joyful and complete feeling of the power and not having had burdensome feeling of waste and depletion. It is possible to be silent, delivering the longest speech, and constrained in energy costs, making the long line of actions. The silent speech it is possible to call the speech where not all invests in each word, and only the known part of its force. It is possible to sputter out in very short speech up to the end, and the lot of the devastated consciousness is pathetic. But it is possible and shall avoid at any cost in any action exhaustion. Exhaustion of action is equivalent to destruction of all inventory of the fiery energy, or ejection of treasure of mental energy under legs of biped. "Don't cast pearls before swine and don't throw treasure to dogs" – the precept having double value. And one of them is that energy should be issued exactly so as far as it is inevitably necessary, and is one iota more. The person who sputtered out immediately becomes subject to attack, and from those for whom it spent the precious power. Remember: reticence and restraint are the dams protecting fiery treasure from a leakage and waste. And not in the words pronounced true reticence, but consists in the process and a method of their pronouncing, that is in that, how exactly there is an expenditure of fiery force.
535. Shine of the Highest World is available to the one who thinks of him also in a twilight of night, and in the afternoon, and always and in heart approves him the.

536. (Oct. 25). Listen to My Calls and vanity don't distract. Vanity everything that not I. Vanity is given for understanding and overcoming its vibrations. Long ago Has told: "Because all vanity and languor of spirit". Mortal life is great languor of fiery essence of our, concluded in a dungeon lowest matter. But only in these conditions she can receive the registration. What is the time it was required on that the physical body was issued? Millions of years. Also and for an astral. The astral body is issued almost at all. Worse – with mental. At the majority it is in process of registration. And only opening of the fiery centers marks the great moment of the beginning of registration of a fiery body which one of all remains with us through all embodiments the spirit grain carrier. Of course, spirit grain with us always was, is and will be, but registration of a fiery body is connected with consciousness expansion process. Consciousness rises to the sphere of thin energy and already in them approves the world of the manifestation that is the fiery Bowl of immortality becomes property of the person. After so-called death many lowest consciousnesses sleep. When the astral body is dumped and the person remains only in a mental cover how the spirit can live and consciously stay in it if here, during lifetime on Earth, his mental activity came down to zero and only the lowest feelings filled consciousness? Therefore, accumulation of the elements making essence of this or that sphere: astral, mental or fiery, there is in the conditions of the dense world also a registration of the corresponding conductors, or bodies, causes freedom of their functioning on the Highest Plans. Therefore languor of spirit in the flesh, being heavy, bears fruits for the sake of which it is possible and has to accept a spirit crucifixion cross in matter. When the great purpose and appointment is realized, [burden] of dense existence can undergo. Awakening of a fiery body means a deep and essential change on the way of ascension of spirit. When among smoky conditions of Earth the fiery flower of spirit, joy at Us rises and blossoms. One more consciousness joins Us and becomes in our ranks. And if from billions of people somewhere and at someone fiery consciousness wakens, be it here, or there, or in any remote corner of the globe, all Brotherhood Knows about it, both the Leader Watch, and the Beam on guards. We standing on the Great Patrol carefully Preserve fiery flowers of a terrestrial garden. Therefore it is possible to imagine, the phenomenon of fiery consciousness is how important and considerable already in planetary scale. And as soon as the pupil is ready, the Teacher because awakening of fiery consciousness and the introduction in a chain of Hierarchy causes one another Is. Of course, we choose pupils and before disclosure of a fiery flower, but on a singular ray and with conscious aspiration to Us. We call them which fiery wakened, the sons because We from fire. Opening of the fiery centers requires special conditions. It is necessary to be out of the cities and lowlands. At heights, in the mode of cold and special prevention of spirit and under direct and direct observation of the Teacher there is a great action. Opening of the fiery centers of the ascending spirit is planet-wide joy. For centuries we Wait for the elite at the right time to give the necessary conditions and the next Management. Because the awakening moment – is our holiday.
537. Direct to Me because "I am your Defender, both the Friend, and the Father". Aspiration you come nearer. Live communication with the Lord vibrates opportunities and unexpectedness of eternally new combinations of the same great, single Truth of life. The source exuding in you – is eternally new. Any stream doesn't repeat. The richness of Boundlessness won't run low in the never-ending novelty. Spiral ascension of spirit, spiral consciousness expansion. The directed spiral doesn't repeat in one point. Calm be in confidence of familiarizing with eternally current source of Great Knowledge. Nobody can take away from you directed what belongs to you according to the Space law. The right human, but space – can never change and be violated! And I, your Defender, Guard that any particle from intended to you didn't pass by and was this to term. And as soon as readiness of consciousness of a show, you receive on degree of its capacity. The beam which is lighting up you is the Beam transmutation. Fixed understanding of stay in the Beam you strengthen process, accelerating it just as the revealing petals of a lotus absorb the vivifying force of a ray of sunlight. Mutually aspiration – success basis. Foundations of the silver bridge connecting us are based upon foundations of foundation of two centers: the center of the consciousness directing and the Center of the consciousness Replying. Reply on I. I call the center learning and the Replying Center – both of us rush in space of cognizable Boundlessness, continuously enriching consciousnesses with new elements of knowledge. The pansophy is the phenomenon at which in Space everything aims. And who can tell, even the Highest of Those Whom our consciousness concerned that It reached pansophy? The great Knowledge reached at a step this, available nowadays grows dull before another, new, comprehended on following and the highest. I approve Boundlessness of Knowledge, I Approve a possibility of infinite ascension. I claim that in Lon Mother of the World the most daring aspiration to the Highest Knowledge will get the response and it will be saturated. I claim: truly, it so. Also I Witness My Word about inexhaustibility of Space Treasures. When the fiery body and magnetic force of the energies of a manifest directed from a microcosm in operation is arranged, process of direct receipt of space knowledge becomes absolutely natural, simple and available. Also it isn't necessary to go to school or library. Why sheets of a garden when it is possible to taste fruits fiery? So the great formula commanded remains live and efficient in all the magnetic and fiery vibration power which was nowadays even more aggravated and urgent magnetic and fruitful essence: "Look for, and you to find, you knock, and will open to you, you ask, and it will be given you, and... a measure complete, pumped, settled and crowded". Mighty Space Law in operation always. And nowadays it is intense more than ever. Look for boundless knowledge.
538. Tell people: the statement of the world is the statement Light. We Use the international tribune to put him into practice all the people.

539. (Oct. 26). Many think: "Bad I Am a person. I have so many shortcomings, not about us writed the Doctrine, and not for us gifts of the Spirit". Incorrectly!!! Not for righteous persons I Came to the world, and not for perfect My Doctrine is given. And where they, perfect? But the robber, the loose woman, both publicans, and simple people with all the shortcomings and weaknesses surrounded Me. Both Has brought closer them, and they were necessary. Only lukewarm, perhaps, and good, were unnecessary. Because aren't necessary lukewarm to Me. So, the bad isn't an obstacle, but a cross. And this cross needs to be undertaken also with itself. The Bad should be taken with itself and, having taken it on the shoulders for overcoming, to follow Me. How to follow? To follow in the mornings, either in the evenings, or only in the known days, or the rise periods, or on mood? Uninterrupted following is necessary. Let in Light My make a way human. The chain of the reasons generated once karmic causes the inevitable investigations and acts, and they can't almost be avoided. In it is the burden of a cross. But not acts, but the thought accompanying them are important. And if she correctly estimates an echo of the past which is subject and to get rid, then the root of future similar manifestation is cut deeply. And not it is as important how it is important to understand: acts, has put, character and nothing of the past can serve as a barrier to unification with the Lord. The unification is approved and supported persistently, persistently and contrary to everything. To lose courage and to set aside to the Lord because of awareness of the unfitness means to stop the way and to send itself to the power of darkness. And in process of not interruptibility and tendency of following for Me, at first imperceptibly and little by little, and then and obviously, outgrowths of heavy dark accumulation of the past will begin to fall. My light at steadfastness overcomes darkness of consciousness which follows Me. And not those minutes of weakness and falling are terrible that a snare of the past has entangled the person, no, not it is terrible, but the separation from the Lord is terrible and dangerous. Follow without coming off, despite everything, contrary to everything, to all and any shortcomings, and we will win against everything. How many them which are broken under weight of own imperfection and disappeared. The cross should be taken and, having taken, to follow, despite its weight. To recognize itself unworthy following of a way, following behind Light because of the imperfections, it is worse than suicide. Because even the suicide, striking the essence, nevertheless has though some hope once to escape of horror of astral whirlpools and whirlwinds of the lower class and still somehow once to rise. But on what the one, who consciously stops a spiral of evolution of the spirit can count? And if consequences of suicide of a body because they many times over surpass all possible horrors of mortal life, what to tell about suicide of spirit are terrible?!? Anything!
No weaknesses and defects can serve as a following barrier for the Lord as all of them on condition of aspiration it are doomed by force on to get rid, overcoming and destruction. For you, bad and simple, and with all your shortcomings the Doctrine is given. Follow it not greatly. And your bad will turn into shine Light under the transmutation Beams of the Leader Hierarchy. In Light My you create your affairs, and there will be they is crystal fine.

540. The friend My, how we will direct the steps to lives? We Fell the fine Plan in the shining substance of elements, and We Fulfill also we Approve this Plan on Earth. And whether you how are you? Cut down the plan of the mortal life and post mortal existence? Whether you follow it? Whether took the destiny in hand or still you wait that somewhere and who - that will make everything for you how it is done by mother and the father for the newborn baby? The friend My, is time to realize both the force, and responsibility for the evolution. From now on you take the destiny in hand – firmly and irreversibly. The condition of the sponsored child didn't consign to the past finally. The former, and conscious, the destiny. The lord of the future. How to begin? As always and in everything – with small and low-slightest then to learn to move bulks. We Create the Plan, and you create the plan, the plan, and the life. The cycle of life is similar to a cycle of day. Also begin with it. Both in the evening, before going to bed, and in the morning, waking up, and draw up the action plan. Divide affairs on external and internal, in a microcosm occurring and out of it. And pay the first special attention. Remember: has no value what vibrations from the outside direct on you, but reaction of a microcosm to them is important extraordinary, and you also can control and plan it also to the plan which is drawn up to follow with strong, iron steadfastness. Not that profanes the person that enters him, but that leaves, that is the energies radiated by it in response to external impacts and generating the karmic investigations. The plan of accomplishment of the reactions planned for today shall be observed. In case of a deviation it is carried out or two-pole for tomorrow. Tasks are given themselves by itself for their strict implementation. Energies of a microcosm are put in order and balance. Waste of energy isn't allowed at all. It is possible to sum up the results of accomplishment of the plan in the evening and to note failures. It is possible and disaggregates, that is already in trifles before to make something, to specify still as it will be made or told. It is necessary to bring consciously control – planned control before each action. Neither words, nor actions, nor acts rash and not permitted by a will shall be. Reflex actions are eliminated absolutely, let those who want slide down on wheels of reflex manifestation. But a reflex – your enemy the oldest, ancient and the most dangerous because usurps your power over the microcosm. Don't allow the enemy to manifestation and statement in anything: neither in big, nor in small. Approve the plan of daily fight against a reflex and put into practice. Understand as soon as your microcosm obeys to plan your will and will perform planned by it steadily, you will purchase a capability and force also easily to plan already and external energies. Because their essence and a capability to submit to a will both inside, and outside same, only the field of identification a miscellaneous. Think how it is difficult to stop a physical reflex of physical movements. The head dangles, hands wave, legs are jerked, and all body shakes. This is the modern civilized person who lost culture of spirit. Try to take all energies from the dismissed parts of a body and, having brought together them in the center, to establish absolute tranquility and an immovability of a body. Difficult extremely. Only the few are capable, even pupils. Experience is very interesting and instructive. Energies clean up from the periphery to the center. At first in privacy, lying or sitting, then already in public. And when the center of a throat works, say, and the person speaks, hands, both legs, and a body remain in an absolute immovability. Energy fiery is firmly controlled by a will. And it is very difficult too, but it is necessary. It is necessary, at last, to learn to own the energies. The regular condition of a body is a complete quiet immovability. So the plan of transformation of and approval of the power over the microcosm will become urgent and will enter life. Life will become the most interesting laboratory of preparation of the Philosophical Stone of eternal life because from small and low-slightest will be born big and great. In the same way energies are taken from a thin and mental body in the center for restraint and management by them. But about this ambassador.
541. Let's write and today, but the cloud of dust of the present day dims purity of perception. What is more sonorous than Me? What again covers my Face and silent muffles My Voice? The fixed continence wins against vanity shout the third eye of Shape of the Teacher. I Call for approval of this most difficult condition also Direct that without it not to win against the lowest dense energies. Because only then the pipe of binding thin energies against which waves of vibrations of the surrounding sphere break is created as if. It is also a direct connection without foreign partition or alien elements. Indifferently, whether here I or outside distances, but thread from energies binding in case of the uniformity establish a possibility of direct Communication. And only the assumption of alien thoughts and splinters of regular day thinking breaks Contact. The psycho equipment – science the thinnest, also requires it observance of the known conditions, purity of a single wire is first of which. Concentration helps, but the main force in completeness of warm aspiration. To crave all heart, all being of merge to My Beam and means installation of this contact. All essence terrestrial growls, and everything surrounding rises against the Highest Interview, but "monsters – throne legs", and everything we will force the nature of a material world rising against us to serve us. And the above obstacles will be piled up and stronger to confront the lowest terrestrial sphere you will grow above and force your, overcoming them. On growth of obstacles and counteractions you can judge quietly and firmly the growth and rejoice to obvious indicators of the growing power. And if against you the fallen Angel, too once being Light Carrier rises surrounding, then against Me. Rejoice to the growing counteractions because it is a sure sign of approval of beams – three, self-outgoing.
The lord in you Approves a source of inexhaustible Knowledge which will stream to the world more and stronger in process of your growth. Whether in shape Records, the word or thoughts it will pour down through a prism of your consciousness, doesn't matter anymore. Filling of space is also important, as well as filling of sheets with Records. Also vibration of the pronounced word is also strong.
543. (Oct. 27). The law of the accord manages the world. This law in everything as related contrasts of a single thing unites according to the accord. It is possible to call it the law of compliance also. During creation and accomplishment of the plan of the life, big or small – it is indifferent, the form of desirable action, quality or a condition is created and the energy corresponding to it or conformable joins this form. For example, the pupil speaks to himself: "I approve the power over unconscious reflex movements of a body. Today I replace so-called nervous movements with a rest condition". Then creation of the warm and bright image of showing this property follows. Then, and it is necessary at the beginning, at certain one o'clock in the afternoon there takes place check. Accomplishment of the plan goes according to the schedule. It is possible to check it each hour. In case of the firm solution and sufficient vitality of a thought form of desirable quality inertia of lunar essence of a microcosm is successfully overcome. Even the separate periods of day noted by approval of the planned quality are of very great importance because, being psycho grains of future manifestations, already in itself implement the quality corresponding to a crystal of a mental form or property in a microcosm. As well as any work, this psycho technical approval process of the necessary qualities requires attention and costs of work. For nothing is given. But any effort yields a fruit corresponding. Without crops there is no harvest. The field of crops – a microcosm of the directed consciousness. Fiery grains – the energies of a thought cast in forms. Shoots – the energies attracted from space by the magnetic force of the created crystal formations of a thought. So images of the sewer, the field, a harvest kind and a ryegrass take scientifically specific forms managed by will and awareness of fiery spatial energies. The person – the congenital lord and the master of the nature, is called for the actual management of the energies of space thinnest, uncontrollable hitherto and approval of the power over the world surrounding it. The highest fiery energy of a thought at its complete order. It is only necessary to know, as well as where to direct it and what to put the lever of the great law to. Laws Space should be known. On them all life is constructed. And
it is possible to apply them and shall in life, on them only and based. Knowledge is given for application, as well as laws, and technology of their application. Process of application goes on a scientific basis of the psycho equipment, this new great science of mankind. Time will come, and it will be taught at schools, perhaps, of the following race. But its bases, at least in the electoral forms, were given always. All Gospel is constructed on knowledge and application of laws of the psycho equipment but adapted and expressed in shape available even to not grown wise consciousness in mentality subtleties. But nowadays, when mighty fiery energies are directed to Earth, the question of assimilation and management of them purchases especially sharp value because the organism which isn't able to manage them can suffer. The question of responsibility for thoughts purchases almost vital value and from book shelves of religious lectures or occult and philosophical treatises passes into life because nowadays without understanding of the spatial and space energies which are powerfully saturating life, already life not to pass. And if it was possible to evade earlier and to justify ignorance, then not to evade now when all microcosm is penetrated and vibrates fiery power. Where to direct it how to preserve the world and the sphere against shaking and destruction by fiery waves of space – here questions, it is essential rising and pushed by life before the person. The going fiery waves are awful if not to meet them by the prepared consciousness. It is necessary to be ready to management of fire waves. From here the most urgent task of understanding and assimilation at least elementary rules of the psycho equipment. Apply them in life and give to what to put bigger knowledge.
544. A transit to my instructions you will come to a space scope. And close conditions are good the fact that spirit, gravitated them, wants to escape from their limiting framework. They – as a springboard for a jump in Boundlessness, and the more closely, the stronger them the springing property. Therefore close conditions are acceleration conditions. The spirit seeks to leave the dungeon and to fly up. And whether everything is equal what gives take-off wings if they obviously grow? There is available a window of personal flights and a way of an evident research of a space subsoil. The spirit is exempted from a chain to one point of the globe, and the great freedom available to consciousness – freedom to be out of chains of dense matter is won. To this freedom and Call and a way to her of Direct. Spatial freedom! – who thinks of her and who aspires to her? And once you extinguish voices of Earth and to make unheard a ring of carnal chains, sounds and images of space-spatial life will begin to reach consciousness, amplifying and amplifying until it is able from time to time entirely to plunge into them. Here for implementation and achievement of this great and true Freedom these heavy, close living conditions are also given. It is difficult to reconcile the fiery prisoner with the chains, but understanding of a dungeon of dense existence and the chains is already the first step to release. And the benefit this sharp languor of the spirit which has scented the growing wings and fetters binding with matter. We are free are Lords Gore, and our Stronghold is freedom Stronghold. Finded of freedom of spirit will receive it. I Give the guarantee to the future release. And while sets don't think about any separation from Earth and aspiration to this uniform freedom and don't even suspect about heavy slavery, an emanation of the wakening centers of the pupil already begin to uplift spirit. And a harbinger of the highest flights is the fiery thought. It is necessary to remember that to any action, the thought has to be premised to any phenomenon, any freedom. Plainness is the message of a thought, and then already realization. The carrier of fiery life wakens, to it is close in the shell: efforts, more tightly, more and more, and... the shell is punched, and breath of Boundlessness rushes into narrowness of a cover unnecessary already. The shell is dumped, and given rise twice as the baby bird, can raise the fiery wings already on freedom to fly and in flights to gather knowledge. I call to freedom. I call to realize the chains. To tops I Call – from them distances are visible.
On open spaces of spatial life I Call. And close times yes will be blessed because they raise wings at those to whom to get rid flights. The son Moy, winged horses of wonderful opportunities expect you. Opportunities require their understanding before they can be performed. Gifts My expect the heir of happiness. Release – is in the spirit of.
545. (Oct. 28). The thought generated by egoism has no wings. The wide thought and impersonal is directed outside, out of limits of a circle small "I". My thoughts embrace all Earth and the worlds. I a thought – in everything. Therefore my World is wide and immense. And, directing in Boundlessness and covering it – shown, Mine "I" become boundless. Those impersonal and super personal thoughts are good. Leaving far away from the sphere of a microcosm, they expand it and enrich with new elements. Super personal consciousness is lived so in grand style out of former small by "Me" that on its place there is at first "I" world, and then "I" boundless, or space. And to join to World Mine, it is necessary to leave them. It, small, doesn't have the place in greatness of Boundlessness. Affairs small fussy narrow-minded life is incompatible with it. Therefore to live sufferings and interests of the country, the people, people of all Earth – already achievement, already destruction of a dungeon of egoism. Everything that removes us out of limits of a personal hen house is useful and is necessary. Identity – not the personality. In the depth of the past it passed through so many forms that the circle of its manifestations covers not only all Earth, but also areas of Invisible Spheres, and boundless space. Therefore the sphere of Identity is the sphere of salvation from small "I". Consciousness expansion is specified. It’s all types conducting for an egoism fencing can be welcomed. But the conscious aspiration of a thought to the area unknown and unexplored is especially necessary. Because the thought, mentioning an aspiration object, establishes magnetic connection with it, and on the channel of the directed energy the answer comes. Knowledge is so got from a world treasury. Only it is necessary to leave uncertainty and regular skepticism. The law is simple and effective. The thought directed to any area to any object it is rather strong and persistent, brings the answer loaded with properties and elements of the mentioned object. It concerns everything. It is only necessary to give a thought impetus in the desirable direction. As network for a distant catch. And as she is abandoned out of limits of borders of the personality, and her beneficial influence is big. Flammarion lived in the worlds. His consciousness was directed to space open spaces. The huge wonderful world was carried by it in the microcosm, learning and researching it and attaching to beauty of his soul of people of Earth. It was the true scientist and a true torch of science. Constantly broadening the world, called to it fascinatingly small consciousnesses, to Earth buried. We welcome true torches of science and knowledge. Also his separation from Earth was easy. Death for him was truly a liberator for life in star spaces of Space. Because after death consciousness already actually and obviously in the highest covers lived in that immense world in which his thought when it was on Earth pulsed. Because the thought conducts the person. Because a thought – the wonderful and magic flying carpet which doesn’t know any restrictions of neither time, nor space? It is only necessary to understand all reality, all value of a thought great. There is no time for her, there are no distances for her, and there are no borders for her. On wings of this magic bird truly it is possible to fly, and the sphere of flights is open in all directions. You raise wings of a fiery thought. She wins against everything.
546. I, your Lord approving you in your aspiration Speak: "To what years of long efforts when it is possible to be burned by uniform spirit and tension of all forces from Light Mine?". Tension is concentration of fire and installation, or attuning of a microcosm on the highest key of a fiery- essence. Ardently sounding there is a spirit when strings of intense fiery energy are tense. The tense string sounds. Therefore tension is reduction of a harp of spirit in such state when My Beam can cause harmonic sounding of your being, generating the orotund symphony of spirit. Only the condition of tension of spirit and all energy it can yield desirable result. Only the life which is carried out in tension, a fruitful. Only the Beam can impregnate the sphere of intense energy. Don't avoid tension. Welcome tension as a way fiery. Wish tension. Solemnly and powerfully strain spirit fires, sating them with consciousness of advantage and force constrained, understanding them. Tension isn't a spasm of a hysterical attempt of nerves, and equal, quiet, reserved strong-willed effort to bring a light-bearer of the microcosm to a state strong, exactly, but powerfully burning Light. Light-tension, or fire tension – so we Will call it. Don't avoid tension. It is a way the shortest. It is our way. Lord Leaded in the way. And who told that it is the way bringing to Me – is easy? The doctrine of tension is the Doctrine of a fiery way of the spirit based on the principle of a kindle of fires of the centers by the constant, their more and more amplifying tension until triumph a flame begins to rotate the flaring fiery wheels of the centers. Therefore life of the pupil is life of the constant extreme tension full-sounding all strings of its essence. Doesn't want to accept the lowest "I" tension. The mirage of rest and Maya of inertness is so sweet. But poky only with fathers, that is with the past and in the past. With Me a call of fight and intense struggle with the disturbing accumulation of the past. The way of overcoming is a way of tension. It is necessary to fall in love with fiery aspect of a manifestation of the light-bearing. Let's joyfully approve fiery tension. Not in chagrin, both complaint, and discontent, but it is joyful and vigorous. Same steps the shortest to My World. How its tension will sustain heart, without having accustomed itself to it here, on Earth? Why pupils carry out life of end in such superhuman tension? I will tell: to lift fiery vibrations of the being to such an extent of sounding to be able to accept and sustain tension of consciousness of the degree which is at Us in the Stronghold, usual and unique in the conditions of its life. So reached degree of tension is an assumption condition in the Stronghold. And without having passed through it, to Us not to reach. So only we won't reject a way.
547. Today day especially considerable. Day of establishment in effect yours of new tension. Delicate work of the Teacher over you has yielded results. Mental isolation from people is required. It is necessary to become isolated in armor of a mental cocoon, having consciously separated the microcosm from the outside world. Permit to nobody to get in him. It can be reached, stopping emotional reactions to influences of people. Be firm as a stone, and don't react to people in any way.

548. (Oct. 29). Letters! The fiery sign of the letter means much.
And that day will be 9 months from the date of obtaining the letter by me. Lord Speak: we are inseparable in his Heart – you and I. Combined us bonds of spirit and heart because the son.
Informative abilities of intelligence depend on the combinations called by skanda. They have caused different types of abilities and the intelligence is put into a framework, or limited. But the awakened centers, affecting the planes of the highest energy, aren't subject to restrictions of the lowest sphere. From here fiery abilities of spirit super intellectual. In the sphere intelligence and its tool – the kind plowman a brain, an essence unsurpassed creations of the nature, but are limited. As well as his tools – all terrestrial feelings – are limited to the surrounding sphere and a scale of vibrations available to sense organs. It is especially obviously expressed in a sound and light scale because neither infrared, nor ultraviolet rays are inaccessible to an eye. The prisoner in a dense case of matter sits and only through certain cracks it is reported only with those sides of the outside world which can be seen or apprehended through these cracks. The cut-down and incomplete idea of what exists outside is as a result created.
Fiery feelings are the same terrestrial feelings, but implemented: the same sight, the same hearing, the same sense of smell and so on, but these feelings aren't limited to borders of the sphere available to a case and its prisoner any more. An eye is boundless, hearing boundless and a sense-knowledge, not limited by neither space, nor other conditions. A fiery eye can see for one thousand versts also clearly and well surrounding, we will put, the pupil, a situation as though it was near, as well as to hear. But a fiery eye isn't limited to perception only of the lowest vibrations. The sculpture of spirit of the person is available to it. He sees the images created by other consciousness because spheres of the Hidden World are opened for him. Consciousness simply and naturally can stay in two worlds, without losing touches with one and without breaking the healthy normal state of spirit. Of course, the condition of an organism is strained and this normality can be rather called a super normality because a framework of regular is exceeded and destroyed. The sphere of thin energies is the sphere of special tension. Thin energies differ and are characterized by degree of intensity. But the condition of tension made the consciousness which passed through the necessary, important and inevitable mode of tension the regular form of expression of activity and by that already naturally joined the thinnest plan of existence. The world of unusual is open. The space and time terrestrial stopped being a barrier. Laws of the Thin World show the forms, and life becomes truly the fairy tale magic.
549. I give signs of close Communication and I Cover a way with flowers of experience. The flower of experience should be able to be picked because often people pass through him, without having used his results. Waste of forces turns out. The pupil makes use of each experience for extraction of knowledge from him. And his life becomes continuous process of accumulation of spiritual treasures.

550. Friend My, where confidence in a victory and where tranquility? It is possible to suppress the raging astral biped with full tranquility and disinterest in results. Except the main idea of a blue beam there were also strangers, and it is a lot of, and passionate desire to stop torture of an animal. This has also prevented full steel tranquility. You will repeat as required, having left a pity as superfluous. Not the regret is necessary, but the effective help.

551. (Oct. 30). For what qualities are necessary? What is the consciousness? Consciousness is a smithy of power. And qualities as it has been already told, are channels of obtaining knowledge and means of approach to Me. It is nowadays possible to deepen understanding of the phenomenon of qualities. But for this purpose the experience of life undergone recently was required. Everything is learned individually and on own experience. Experience is the statement of knowledge. Approving qualities of cheerfulness, courage, and joy in gloomy twilight of surrounding conditions, consciousness has to overcome dregs and slime of narrow-minded life. What here joy in a gloom, under heavy rain of blows and at gnashing of teeth the darking of hearts. But the winner overcomes all this both contrary to and counter to everything creates and approves vibrations of the microcosm Regardless of the fact that outside. Not external conditions create feeling of vigorous, joyful winged tendency, but will of the winner. Consciousness is a most powerful laboratory of all feelings. It is possible to create and manifest feeling not only pleasures or tranquility and purely physical feelings of heat, cold, it is possible to surround itself mentally with the thinnest matter of Light. It is possible to concentrate so that a surrounding situation rather the vibrations proceeding from surrounding objects and giving impression of this room or an environment will disappear, that is will be overcome by the vibrations established by consciousness, which are some remote place or My Tower. Qualities are approved contrary to evidence and win against the lowest energy, creating her. And when ability and force of overcoming are purchased by consciousness, this most establishes the power over the world of material manifestation. Qualities affirm as stages of overcoming these or those energies which nestled and crystallized in a microcosm, and consciousness is accustomed strongly, and is sure and to imperiously subordinate to itself energy of the lowest plans. There are no abstract qualities, there is no abstract theoretical power. Each quality and property affirms as life and on life experience. The consciousness which learned to create in the laboratory types and forms of desirable energies becomes on the way of power. But the way is difficult because it is made by a hand and the leg. Not a blade, wind ocsilated, not a weather vane for others wind, not a market doll on threads, but the powerful winner of matter. He dictates it the will, and she created to submit and follow, submits. But a way through. To keep force of joyful tranquility during at least day, despite surrounding concern, nervousness of people and whirlwinds of the dismissed astral emotional experiences of a biped order, already great achievement. The laboratory of spirit creating by force of fiery consciousness already it consciously establishes spirit manifestation forms, is independent both of people, and of circumstances. Not to obey and not to give in to astral whirlwinds biped, infectious it is awful, achievement necessary and necessary. Then the gloom is won, and then Light affirms. And having already dumped a body, in the Thin World, the consciousness tempered in fight and on victories won't become puzzled and won't give in to whirlpools of astral currents. Because overcoming there is a winner. The God's kingdom – Spheres of the highest, thinnest, most intense fiery energies – force undertakes, is won by a will and experience affirms as the Bowl. Both twilight of life, and heavy gloomy living conditions – the best springboard for the winner. The habit victorious and something winning consciousness conditions on the infinite way victorious is every day a condition of consciousness which the pupil shall bring up in himself. And when my Day will come, among won I Learn delivered by Me. Therefore each overcoming and a show of the power and force are an approach step to Me. Slugs isn’t necessary. Whiners and doleful aren't necessary. Dissatisfied it isn't necessary. The winners who won at first themselves, then the world are necessary. And who will take away from you a victory wreath when you go with Me who Won against the world?
And here, as well as in everything, it is possible and it is necessary to begin with small. It is necessary to provide it, showing desirable property or a condition of consciousness. The thought creates its form, the microcosm enters it and is it, everything, all the essence. The plan of a manifestation deeply, and is more thoughtful, and concentrated at the time of its crystallization, the more effectively. The laboratory of consciousness gives the chance to conduct a number of the diverse and most interesting experiments: it is possible to cause flavoring feelings – sour, sweet and so on; it is possible to strengthen reactions of nervous system to the said concepts, say, of balance, hardness, love to the Teacher to extent of obvious and their strong impact on consciousness.
And when reflex a spasm approves an undesirable type or a form of reaction, immediately consciously to approve and at the will. As a kitten in the sea – consciousness of the inhabitant under muddy waves Tamas. As the powerful castle operated by a firm hand rushes the directed winner on rough waves of the furious sea. Both it is firm, and the hand won't tremble, and the purpose is clear. This clear understanding of the purpose and understanding of each experience and value of vital usual conditions also gives this unshakable hardness of confidence. To suffer, worry and be opressed, without knowing why and to what – it is heavy. But when each phenomenon of life is used for the statement of the power and the power and doesn't become interrupted with a step of ascension victorious, then the way to Me, the shortest and the most true is found. What was made by you that to make essence of overcoming the life? I Wait also I Rejoice to each victory. Approved on this way regardless of the fact that outside, whether it is in the sphere of the lowest matter, either an astral, or mental – is a winner of three worlds, three plans, three beams approved. The first step – external is an outside world around; the second step – external are the movements of an astral body; the third – external is the world of the thoughts flowing by consciousness. And only He, Dumb Witness, never is outside. When the power is given Him and He Establishes it silently and powerfully, the Gate of the Fiery World opens. I Have told.
552. The son My, space is a factor which should be taken into account. The space has mood that is a mood too. It sounds. Sometimes certain note. And this note forces an organism to sound in unison with it. The thought is one, but the mood of space – it as if flew down through which the thought reaches and gets. It is difficult to take spatial joy when it strains in convulsions. This mood of space is determined by the astrological moment. And when constellations are heavy, the spirit groans. Today day heavy therefore and this time I Will tell the fairy tale. Once upon a time there was once tsar. Also it had people – small, but strong and aggressive. Also the tsar took in head to check vigilance of the people and guards from the enemies threatening from everywhere once. In the dead of night with protection he jumped to look to borders how soldiers on a patrol are awake. Found all on the place, but one slept, and exactly there, at mountain pass which closed access to the enemy. "The incorrect guard, – the Lord told, – all soldiers delivered by Me are awake, and you one on rashness and the not zeal the whole country and the whole people left defenseless and endangered. Appear the enemy the vigilant, and whole people would die from your not zeal – one all over the country". So also I Will tell: on rashness and not zeal of one soldier the Network of Light in heavy days of swelling of darkness can appear it is in danger. Let those whom it concerns and to whom its protection is entrusted will think.
What else to tell today you? The phenomena go waves, alternating. The wave of tension will without fail be replaced by a rest wave, and darkness waves – Light. Let's not grieve for the alternating waves. It is only necessary to remember: "And it will pass".
554. (Oct. 31). Write, without doubting, without interrupting current and without distracting unnecessary thoughts. It would be time to leave uncertainty.
Correctly! There is not only a movie of each human life and chain of lives, but also everything that ever happened on the planet. The history of the planet is imprinted in Akasha' rolls not only yours, but also everyone, disappeared, perhaps, a millennium ago. These rolls enrich Boundlessness, and the space is saturated with pictures of what somewhere was once shown on this or that plan of existence. As in the Bowl there is everything passing through consciousness of the person, and in grain of the planet there is a sphere of deposits of all on it the events. Akasha's chronicle – the most interesting area for a research, available Arhat or to the pupil under a direct management of the Teacher, requires strong consciousness and ability to concentrate a thought and to hold it on a certain subject. Life of the pupil is complete of miracles. It is given for knowledge and studying of laws of life. Versatility of life and its manifestation becomes the realized reality. Service isn't interrupted by anything: neither a dream nor wakefulness, nor in life nor in death which it dumped chains long ago. To cause a desirable event or a picture from Akasha' depth, it is necessary to direct a thought. It is good to have at the same time some subject connected with the caused era. It serves as a connecting link. Having released from vibrations of the moment, the thought directs back, causing in consciousness at least expected images of what it is planned to see. And, merging with them, it is possible to come into direct contact and to catch at first gleams, then already complete coherent pictures. With the Teacher it is simpler: process is Conducted by It, the pupil only perceives. The barriers preventing to see are Cleaned by the Teacher. But the known degree of Proximity and the right to an entrance to area of unavailable is necessary. Yes, of course, the Hierarchy is way and source of any obtaining. Without it to a nichesozha. Merged with Hierarchy continuously chops off terrestrial threads. And an attraction up, or the Hierarchy magnet, overcomes terrestrial magnetism. The aspiration to Hierarchy is entry into the sphere of its magnetic attraction. The solution of all opportunities of human spirit lies in the sphere of magnetic field of an attraction of the energies radiated from Single Focus. It is necessary to fall within this scope consciously and at the will. A gate is open, but it is necessary to enter most, the legs and the efforts. Nobody can enter for other person. The law "A hand and a leg human" remains firm. Let's add only: "... and the". This condition of the learning center of a self-efficient microcosm of aspiration self-proceeding from often is overlooked. Implementation of wonderful opportunities is assigned to someone and something, lying out of whereas a key to all opportunities in hands of the person. The key of aspiration is exact – opens a desirable gate according to the accord. To the pupil the clue, one from all doors is furnished, but with seven cuttings – it is possible to turn on any. Understanding of the opportunities is necessary. Before starting, it is necessary to know essence of the opening capability and what it gives that is to premise a thought. It was told: the threshold shown by a thought, very important. A threshold, a thought prerequisite in this direction. Everywhere conducts a thought, the thought, and already then – implementation is ahead everywhere. It is necessary to be able to direct consciously forward thought feelers, capturing by them an aspiration object. The thought always precedes the phenomenon. The leading power of thought isn't understood. Being the highest energy in Space, reigns over all conditions of the shown world. Invisible, unheard, imperceptible in hands learned its essence is the mighty, creating everything force. We Create a thought. The thought should be understood. Also it is necessary to learn to think. We Call monolithic thinking the thinking exempted from splinters. Each thought allowed in consciousness is thought over, comes to an end and, having received the granulation, is released from a field of vision. Consciously not arranged and not finished thoughts aren't allowed. Thinking scraps aren't necessary and harmful. It is necessary to order a mental garden. The sphere of a thought of a microcosm should be given to clearness.
555. To the pupil Answer always. The single wire works smoothly. It is necessary to make this process so obvious and real as phone conversation or to a radio telephone. On essence process is very close to television. Subsequently the element of clairvoyance will make similarity even more striking. Area of a manifestation of thin energy so obviously, as well as usual. The uniform of an uncertain vagueness from them should be taken off because overt more really than commonness. Understanding establishes reality of singularity. Singularity doesn't mean unreality. Entering the world unusual, we simply enter into the sphere of the cognition a number of the thin energy which are so specifically existing as electricity or a sound, but caught in a bit different way. By means of the laboratory device it is possible to define presence of the energy which isn't registered by our feelings. But the distinguished human device will already note her without any devices. And our purpose – to refine the device of human spirit to degree of more aggravated susceptibility. The human device – the tool fiery. Wires of nerves bear back and forth, from the outside inside and from within outside elekto-fiery impulses, either currents, or reflexes; not in volume business as to call them, but the fiery wave runs on a wire of nerves as current on a cable. Perfect analogy and in essence. Means, the device already is, but it should be refined, made more sensitive and susceptible. How? By schooling to vibrate on sounding of the highest energy. The difficult aviation motor won't use oil or even the bad and crude gasoline. Fuel has to be pure. And the device, the more thinly, the more purely is more difficult. Meat, and especially blood, enter strong fluids of terrestrial usual energy into an organism and impregnate with them essence of a microcosm. Fuel rough and heavy. Fire gives smoky, dense,
smoking densely. Already Spoke: two fruit and a little rough bread, and pure, without oil in it – pure food. With each step it is necessary will refine character of the eaten food. So, thinning depends also on a diet. Thoughts, feelings and aspirations are also refining. When the principle of beauty is their cornerstone – the way is right. Everything that from beauty: the nature, pictures, music – refine. It is necessary that all microcosm – this world in which we constantly stay and which surrounds us with the elements was fine in the being. It is necessary that beauty was and became essence of expression of everything that falls within the scope of a distinguished microcosm. – in everything beauty finds the expression in gestures, a smile, thoughts, emotions, feelings. Already you know what at the known highest step of people shape of beauty both in aspect of a physical body and are in all the conductors. But it is a step already the highest, it is for the present the purpose that on reaching it to become means to further rises. But it is necessary to reach this purpose. Also the way of beauty is specified. It is necessary to understand its powerful changing and transmutation property. It is not abstractness. No. Blood, fabrics, muscles, bones of a human body literally change in the psycho physiological structure under the influence of influence of beauty in all its types and forms. Beauty is the magnet transforming. If to surround itself with beauty and to make it uniform expression of the essence, at least even only in thoughts and feelings, full transformation and thinning of all human device, both physical, and spiritual will be result. Through beauty you get closer to Us. Through beauty you have Light. Emanations of beauty of any form of a Light-bearing. Beauty of the thin body rarefied by emotions and feelings of the highest order is especially convincing in the expression. Each lowest feeling as it disfigures aura. As spicy feels the darked freted the person or fallen under the power of an astral whirlwind of the lowest cover. The principle of beauty is broken, and immediately all shape of a thin body takes an ugly form. The person at such moments is simply ugly or is even ugly. Thinning of the essence, the informative device on the principle of beauty is a step of urgent need because through beauty Light is reached.

556. If in Me to stay incessantly and before my Face, then it is possible to write down continuously the thoughts going from Me, without repeating. Thoughts of My Garden will fill consciousness.

557. (Nov. 1). It is a lot of Secrets in the Lord's life. And He, staying in the Father, Learns constantly. The horizon covered by the released consciousness is only truly boundless. Greatness of consciousness can be measured by length of the thought thrown in the future and distance on which she can go deep into the past. And when infinity of the past and future merge in a point from where everything proceeds, the circle of infinite consciousness is formed. I call in the past to limits shown to approve the future to end limits. In such scales Lords Think. And always, in all centuries the section of the current hour is only the moment of aspiration of the shown Universe in any her point to the great far purpose of end of the Space Cycle after World Space Pralaya to begin new. And when consciousness will be accustomed to live in a section of the Great Cycle and will learn to think space, the spirit truly can find the place in Boundlessness. The grain mislaid in the ocean of infinitely changing phenomena. And this grain, incorporating a majestic picture of continuously developed life and gradually expanding the circle to Boundlessness limits, stays always in and over the great ocean of shown. In being mute, he over him, and being a part its small, it includes everything. And where he was, he is the spirit learning there is a center of cognition. The doctrine Our, showing the world a part of the great uniform Space Truth of life, lifts consciousness from a circle of the small closed hopeless hopelessness to the sphere of immense open spaces of a past and the future and claims: AVAILABLLY EVERYTHING. And We who passed away the legs and approved by his hand of implementation of the won achievements, Witness: appointment of the person is big, the way of stays is integral. In the spirit of the person all potentials of great opportunities are already pledged in his essence. And We standing on a patrol Wait everyone directed to Us to saturate aspirations of the wakened spirit. Nobody will be left from those which of a small circle of an obvious commonness lift the consciousness to the world, specified Us. Knowing ways of spirit to spirals of eternal ascension, we Wait when punches hour for everyone to take a life. Great guards! And the mankind isn't left Care! And our Proximity, waiting, is expressed by the short formula directed to people by each Lord: "Coming to Me I Won't expel won". Ancient formula, but always urgent live. Ignorance and ignorance of mankind doesn't exempt it from our Care. And nowadays, when hour of its awakening comes, scales of Lords – eternally waiting are strained and ready to give everyone, both to measure and to give it on aspiration. Not last acts of spirit, but the aspiration determines a measure of centuries. Of course, the aspiration brought was born in the past, but his wings are spread in the future. Value of aspiration is big. A winged thought, directing and embracing spheres of future stays, it isn't connected by restrictions of matter and, being not connected, creates possibilities of implementation impossible or rather seeming impossible to regular consciousness. We call to spheres of boundless opportunities.
558. The son Moy who told you that Lord Can to overlook something important, you concerning or you menacing? If I Am silent, so there is no danger. Blood – from tension of the centers – a good omen. But it is very necessary to be protected. Anything disbalance causes painful reaction of an organism. The disease is the phenomenon of disharmony of whole. And disbalance there is also a violation of this most harmonious accord of whole. It is possible to react to everything, but on condition of full tranquility and balance. Also any reaction or feeling is inadmissible and pernicious if it is a violator of the harmonious forward harmonic movement of all system. A microcosm – the world difficult. The combination of its mutually parts and bodies is caused by the correct polarization. The center of this system in its visible and invisible forms – heart. It also should be protected. The engine needs leaving, and difficult – in special. Heart also needs food, as well as all live. Cultural heart eats the highest feelings. And then it grows, won't embrace the whole world yet. Only the person who went beyond the personality can feel sufferings of others. Therefore the compassion is a great refine of heart. The true compassion is effective. The feeling of compassion causes action, assuming blow. Therefore the compassion and protection are connected. I am your Defender. Having assumed the blow intended to you and having discharged it, I Protect. Protection because each arrow of the evil directed in you, I Accept in a board isn't so simple. And the benefit that who the appreciation strengthens power of a board. The board demands understanding and is forged from two parties. It is possible to protect also without understanding, but it will decuple the sent power. Conscious acceptance of power of Beams – destiny of the pupil, unconscious – that, standing out of. Therefore the deep feeling of appreciation will refine heart and specifies extent of understanding. It is possible to merge only distinguished heart. Heart is accustomed to sound on everything. And the way of an apprenticeship becomes a heart life. Heart covers a way. Great Heart contains world pain. Ardent loudly it is. The measure of compassion measures greatness of heart. The lord of Shambhala Is Lord Compassions. Not the judge, not the terrible chastener, but feeling pity for the great planetary orphan – to mankind, the part destitute and not having to itself on Earth. Because the person comes to this world it is nude and leaves this world, having plunged into a phantasmagoria of his promises and Maya, without having taken with itself ANYTHING. Works, concerns, cares, a pursuit of riches, wellbeing and earthly goods – and in the end result when the mirage comes to an end, there is no nothing left. Because all vanity and languor of spirit, and the benefit to the one who understands heart passing essence of terrestrial things.
Because it truly refined heart. The heart which began to see clearly it is passable through life. Because heart – the judge. It, and only it, can break off Maya's cover. Because by eyes of heart it is visible through a veil of illusions. And in heart we approve by heart freedom from chains and the power of the lowest energies. Heart will teach to love. How distinguished heart can strike blow to the brother if pain from it pierces heart put it? Therefore thinning of hearts human is a pressing issue. Therefore there are so many sufferings because the suffering will refine heart. Only degree and its forms change and more and more pass into the area psychophysical. Yes! The way is difficult! But gives the chance of dismissal from carnal things that are from affection for them. Not things are terrible, but coherence of spirit, themselves to them attaching both with them and in them staying. In spheres of the Thin World it is possible to observe these connected consciousnesses shipped in mountains of the things surrounding them. Imagine the shining Boundlessness open spaces, beauty of the worlds and freedom of the awakened spirit and the dark lower class where sit as the moles in a hole surrounded with ghosts of things, them created during lifetime and still during lifetime tied themselves to them and with them under the law of crops and a harvest and staying. Because that is connected on Earth, will be connected also in the Sky. So easy and, apparently, happy abundant life of fruits and things terrestrial, in possession of the person being, can have consequences terrible if consciousness isn't free. I call to understanding of true freedom in the spirit of and freedoms of spirit.

559. Listen to My words. Dividing wall; partition. between Me and you shan't be.
560. (Nov. 2). You can receive this power by a delivery of your nervous system the word and a thought allowed themselves because force in them. Least of all acts matter. But the condition of consciousness happens either nutritious, or destructive, exhausting or accumulating a phosphoric tissue of nerves. At each this moment the condition of a mood of consciousness concerning its impact on nervous tissue happens three labors: indifferent, that is nothing giving, positive creating, or strengthening this basis of fiery conducting, or network of a microcosm, and negative blasting it, destroying, or burning through that electro-fiery network on which have to pass normally nervous, that is fiery, currents. The boring, for example, can burn out this tissue instantly, and the person becomes empty. Strong-willed currents or the nervous impulses going from the center don't have any more an opportunity to execute the function until the network isn't restored again. If the person only understood what harm he does himself some emotions, feelings and thoughts allowed in themselves, he would be terrified to the created destruction of an own citadel, or the device, only tool which is its property and by means of which it only also can be shown. Here the patrol phenomenon also rises in all the deep importance. If every moment the condition of consciousness allowed by us shows a sign of life or death, that is creation or destruction, and all properties, or qualities, spirit will bear on themselves the stamp of these signs conducting in life or death, then as then the qualities approved are important. Dream, firm, relentless control of will is necessary as the life-given creating factor of our existence. Who is sure for the will, let will enter. This condition certainly is in the inalterability. When ascending a fiery force of inadmissible is and destructive feeling-knowledge can do irreparable harm, and first of all to the own fiery device. But at the conscious statement of a patrol and the phenomena of a certain creative and life-given order the tissue of nerves is brought to the necessary working condition. And joy of feeling of the creating harmonious mood of our electrical wiring, or nervous network, becomes a constant condition of consciousness. The harmonious mood of a microcosm gives this special unsurpassed feeling of joy and the strength. Work it is thin and requires availability of fiery vigilance, and besides a constant. But in the world, in the microcosm, each lord. And it is joyful to approach and come nearer to the Teacher to harmoniously and sensitively adjusted battery of the fiery device of the pupil. And painfully to meet whirlwinds of destructive feeling-knowledge or the devastated device which isn't able to vibrate and sound on a due key. For preserving and deepening of Communication and approval of fixed unshakable Proximity this creating life-given patrol is necessary. It is possible to bring itself into it quietly at any time - a creative condition of consciousness when harmoniously adjusted device magnetic essence obviously attracts already from space same creating, energies giving and bearing in itself life which increase and increase power of the magnetic center and its network. It is possible to bring itself to such condition of tension and a condition of a combination to spatial fires that our essence becomes lightful and begins to approve and show already beams self-outgoing. It is important to begin and feel. And then it is permanent also a will to deepen this joyful and solemn feeling of a magnetic attraction and merge to spatial fire. Degrees of this condition are various: from initial to the highest. Evangelical transformation of the Lord on the mountain the Favor was deification of merge of a microcosm to space fire. And fire which united gave the phenomenon not uttered Light'. But both in big, and in small is. The principle is single. The magnetic essence of the harp of spirit which is consciously adjusted gives the phenomenon of the highest achievement. The person is a being spatial. It can't separate from itself (himself) real. And the phenomenon of spatial human life should be understood. Threads of Light connected it with space. Spatial beams, taking root into its organism through wells of the centers, weave its essence. Not to avoid impact of the shown beams. The person is a product of creativity of star beams. And when he consciously begins to cooperate with stars, absorbing power of star beams magnetization of the aura, familiarizing with life of space becomes obvious and yields the fruits. Derive strength of the shown beams, make it a part of. Build; build to yourself a worthy receptacle of spirit. But only well adjusted device which prisms and glasses are net can absorb and contain Light and crystals of refraction were fixed, both don't fluctuate, and don't vibrate from regular external impacts. The laboratory of spirit is really wonderful. My Leader Hand slightly opens one veil for another that ready consciousness could take it belonging. But the Kingdom Light’ undertakes by the efforts, and treasures can be taken, having only put them. Independent work of the pupil is a most necessary condition. And making effort receives. And when tension of all forces is applied, obtaining is big. Obtaining is a direct consequence of the made efforts. To hard work the Teacher because the Harvest Light' is big Calls. Wash, Hand My over you, and My Light protects you power of the connected beams. A reality the highest degree of consciousness that great harvest-time was fruitful. I Send my prosperity and on the way of stays I Welcome Joy.
And now about; how you think for what your ways were crossed? For the commonness phenomena are? No! The sphere of the phenomena, the sphere of the Hidden World sometimes demands original approach is and for absolutely definite purpose. And this purpose is conducted to me. By the received Instructions clarity will be established, and everything will get up into place. Accumulation is big. And the spirit requires approval. The alluvial, external person disturbs, but nevertheless isn't an obstacle. Follow precisely instructed and you don't bring the amendments. The personal element from purely scientific combination should be withdrawn absolutely. It doesn't have the place in the task planned for you for execution. How many great was destroyed by existence of personal approach to things? It is necessary to tell all: "Don't destroy the planned opportunities by the phenomena of an unnecessary order". Scientific approach, and not for your satisfy but for the future is required. Evaded tell: all ways conduct to Me but executing precisely my instructions the next chooses a way. And where it went up, on all ways I Will meet him if a way from Light. Therefore from the given chance don't evade and look to learn. The condition of your consciousness absolutely excludes any possibility of introduction of those feelings and experiences for which her soul still is eager. And is in your immunity the key to success of your scientific work.
All will be the base of the New Hail in water. Water is Fishes. A century of Fishes – Now and everything when old collapses. Because how to destroy in a century Light’, in a century of creation? Destruction is followed by suffering of destroyed. In a century Light’ won't be sufferings of destruction. The course of evolution will go smoothly. Speed will be slowed down. The acceleration wave will subside. Elements will be included into coast. But approached Hierarchy in days of unprecedented press and rage of darkness with Hierarchy will also remain, the others everything, Me recognized in Day of Arrival, will be in rays of light, but not in degree of Proximity of those, sustained with Me Fight.
562. Yes, son my decision correct: you will deepen Contact and purity of perception. The area of nearby interests will be replaced with the Sphere Space. The new century comes under the sign of Connection of the worlds. Also serve him. As well perceptions at clarification of a wire will gain systematic character and there will precisely meet lines of aspiration of your consciousnesses directing and establishing the course of a question and the answer. It is necessary to have patience. Signs will be given.
Press is carried by the next. Because Mine. If on the one hand is a press, then with another – receiving? On fire and under terrible pressure big diamonds will be born. And the more pressure the larger the Stone. And whether the carrier of the Stone can complain that his Treasure is multiplied? Your force increases. The aura gets stronger every day. Beams of shoulders amplify. The centers begin to shine. I Monitor process. The transmutation of your essence goes strictly planned way. Quiet be in awareness of confidence of a way immutable. I Know when there come terms of manifestation of each center, and I Create to each manifestation the corresponding external conditions necessary for his statement. It isn't necessary to doubt constant presence of vigilant Oka at all phenomena of your life. I create conditions for identification of sides of the Stone won't flash the beams self-proceeding from within yet and the Stone won't become the Stone Sacred. It is a lot of them shining also it are dazzling, light others, from the outside proceeding. But to give the light and to begin to shine the light, to fill Stone sides with the self-shining Light giving the beam is a step of Archat. Has approved three beams is. Heavy conditions give them granulation until the Treasure flashes all fires of accumulation. I will approve Light in you, any darkness overcoming. And you, the essence to the Lord given will be this Light. I the elected Mine the loving Father and Worry. I am a Giver of drink of immortality. I am a Leader through darkness of the present heavy hour in the shining halls Light.
563. My thought at strong Contact immediately impregnates consciousness, consistently pouring out in forms. The rhythm of harmonic vibrations of my thought transfers a rhythm of words and music of their combinations. The harmonious mosaic of words turns out. It is possible to catch a rhythm of my thought, its beauty, a form and a key.

564. (Nov. 3). Hour difficult let will be hour of the statement of Proximity. And let this statement of Proximity in difficult circumstances will become habitual. Consciousness so easily comes off under waves of opposite currents. But with Me it is necessary to pass both through a grief, and through joy. Through joy it is easier. But when darkness rises and clouds hung, the web of a gloom can touch, and then my Proximity is necessary. It is possible to become Me and the spokesman Me only by a constant memory. The condition is also important: under all circumstances. An essence in the fact that waves vibrating around energy and their character change all the time, causing the corresponding reaction of consciousnesses. It is necessary that fluid waters didn't mention a being of aspiration to Me and didn't concern it. Everything goes as usual, life the turn, but the Face my, introduced in consciousness depth flows, remains an invariable background, or glass through which everything is perceived going from the outside. I am a prism through which are passed energy, entering a microcosm. It is necessary to make an integral part of the Face phenomenon. When the person does something or is awake in general, he always, unconsciously even, has, or bears, in the consciousness feeling of. Here in the same way feeling or the integral representation not of him, but already Me it is necessary to approve in consciousness and to get used to it. It is necessary to merge with him. Consciousness in the atavism is persistent. It fights against introduction of a new element. It destroys construction all the time, coming back to a small circle personal "I". But process of the statement of the Lord in consciousness should be finished. Process of crystallization of the Face has to be finished to such an extent obvious that the Face has recovered. And then it is possible to see the Lord in the movement. And then paints will appear. And then the essence of Communication will become a constant uninterrupted basis of life. But heart has to be pure. It is a lot of them – the unnecessary emotions and thoughts darkening clarity of my Face. Violators of Proximity aren't necessary. But it is possible to direct all forces of the being, all thoughts to the statement of this great step, and it is necessary to understand all uselessness and a vanity surrounding, and especially trifles, both necessity and eternity of the established connection with The one Who Makes your essence. Therefore every day, with each turn of the Sun all process should be started anew, as if the person has opened something the most necessary and with pleasure and new energy starts his implementation. Every day stones on creation of the temple of Communication are brought. Also it is impossible to grow weak in making or to show negligence to the fact that more important and above all. Everything that affects today consciousness will vanish into thin air, but the Lord, and with us in the temple of Communication of Spirit, us constructed by everyday efforts Will eternally be. When Lord Will the center around which all interests and thoughts of the pupil when his heart concentrated on the Lord rotate then goes elevated construction of the Temple of Life island, having entered you and being in you, I the Light Will light up and paint week-days of gray your life, and life of everyday life will become life Light'. And where you were Light will be with you because you became this Light. And not you, but the Lord is in you staying. And you have only accepted him in yourself and became Him, having remained you. But not the subjects "I" to which was but new "I", the carrier Light' Lord. Light crystallized and Light', the Stone became a crystal, and you are his carrier, the Stone carrier.
565. Today day same, as everything, as thousands of already last days. But in the Sphere of other, Hidden, it is considerable the new phenomenon. One of your centers gave light, perhaps, weak and low-perceptible, but the beginning came true. It is result of tension, both the courageous relation, and desire to overcome heavy fluids of a forcing. You in the sphere overcame darkness spirit tension. And tension gave fire. The fiery wheel of the center begins to start moving. Where there was a shift? In consciousness. What caused a push? The condition of consciousness should be understood. The consciousness condition independent of something is the condition causing work of the centers and their awakening. When consciousness is directed to merge to my Face both intentionally and persistently incorporates vibrations of its power, all microcosm replies and reacts. It’s all essence strains in the slight-bearing. Than the prayer is strong? Only an aspiration element to the Highest! The person who found Shape of the Teacher in the heart becomes a pupil. The transmutation force of the Face is similar to a searchlight beam. On it the ship quietly reaches to the Harbor. Whether it is possible to know degree of the proximity? Also it is possible, and shall. Your degree is the Beam approving. To be in the Lord's Beam – something bigger, than only protection or support. This place in Boundlessness both nowadays is and forever and ever. This finding of a point of support is and center. And while consciousnesses, it’s not found, are carrying various the currents of the astral world insuperable to them, you, to the Beam of bound and in the Beam consciously staying, in him stay always, and on all plans, and in all conditions of consciousness that is irrespective of in what or through what conductor consciousness works at present. Finding of in the Beam of the Space Father, and conscious, is the moment of the greatest importance. He, the pupil, goes through life in the Beam. Each section of an organism and each atom penetrated by luminous intensity are in process of a transmutation. There is a depression of all bodies and their thinning. In depth, it is imperceptible for an eye terrestrial, regeneration of conductors is made. The one who under all conditions has learned to direct to Me and to be with Me has truly overcome flesh. Yes, the benefit to you who has overcome matter gnash.
566. Inexhaustibility is attribute of Boundlessness. Exhaustion is oneself property of the consciousness limited. The small circle can't feed spirit. Who wants to know, has to leave him.
567. (Nov. 4). And Benefit to your people. Time spiral is developed, and the consciousness spiral, manifest the new elements lying in over the being rings are developed. These elements, entering consciousness, become a part it. So expansion of consciousness becomes way of day because both time and movements of consciousness are combined in a forward rhythm. A rhythm of the ascending consciousness! Goes акселерандо. Only it is necessary to realize inalterability and an obvious of process. Not spasmodic jumps of inexperienced consciousness, not accidental arhythmic rises, and behind them – falls, but a quiet, firm, sure gait of the winner going to Tops of the Keeper Snows. It is necessary to enter this rhythm, it is necessary to grow together with it, it is necessary to feel vibrations of its magnetic increasing force. Symmetry of movement becomes cosmic-fine because, like rhythmical rotation of stars, it enters a rhythm of Space and becomes a part it. The spirit is a part of Space. Its evolution from whole is inseparable but the benefit to the spirit which entered rhythmic movement of whole. Harmony with Boundlessness is also merge to world movement. Familiarizing with Space rhythm, or rhythms of spatial fire, is such condition of heart when it becomes universal and fights a space rhythm. To join a heartbeat of the Lord and then to a pulsation Universal there is a step of fiery awakening of heart. The great Heart is in the Father staying one with It. So merge of consciousnesses is merge of the hearts living and fighting one fiery rhythm. Heart really feels Breath of Space. The phenomenon of spatial rhythms enters consciousness and becomes as obvious as a rhythm of day and night. The person, being a part of the nature, as well as all in it, lives its rhythms. These rhythms have different degrees, types, aspects and tension. In this or that form all matter and all life forms submit to them. The rhythm of planetary cycles causes all those conditions of planetary matter through which there passed and passes Earth for the long periods of the existence. These rhythms – Big Circles, Cycles, Pralaya and Obscuration of a planetary chain – are result of rhythmic spiral movement of Evolution. But the rhythm of day and night or an annual piece of a spiral is only small on time an umanifestation of the same great World Law of rhythmic progress of a spiral of development of this phenomenon. Obvious small rough rhythms, but are imperceptible thin and fiery. In Great Cycles the rhythm is as if lost and escapes the learning consciousness. But also it is subordinated to rhythms. And when the essence of rhythmic movement of spirit and it obviously is realized and noticeably enters a great flow of Space life, its ascension on an infinite Ladder of Hierarchy Light' becomes so immutable and cosmic fine as movement of stars in the ocean of world space. Movement purchases legality and regularity. And truly the way becomes way foreordained. And then all and any terrestrial conditions are only the milestones of a way or just terrestrial types rushing under wings of the flying plane. Because the spirit self-flying is in rhythms space isn't subordinated to terrestrial gravitations any more. It is the winner who overcame the essence of terrestrial magnetism. The rhythm is essence of the Beam of the Lord. Its movement is rhythmical. Rhythmically the fiery energies making it vibrate. And in Beams staying joins fiery rhythms of the Lord. Entering the world of Perfect Heart joins rhythms and pulsations of Great Heart. And My World is in consciousness of the pupil manifestation by essence of the Supreme Laws. The mode of tension attaches to degree and refinement of the Highest Fiery rhythms. Rhythms of spatial fire are here the sphere which is subject to understanding and mastering. The winner seizes new spheres and areas of thin energies. Also there are them neither end, nor a limit. And everyone by force undertakes. And everyone, won and realized, brings in a microcosm of the winner new difficult elements Light', single in the essence and infinitely diverse in the versatility.
568. Inalterability of a way is established by a rhythm and in beat. The rhythm established is followed by the signs claiming. The way is covered with signs. They should be noticed and noted. Unnoticed, vanish in vain. Signs facilitate a way and serve the statement undoubted. The sign isn't a miracle, but the satellite of good luck. Friends silent – it is so possible to call them. Each sign has a definite purpose and value. On signs it is possible to distinguish the direction. There are no incorrect signs is the fiery elements because Give I. Necessary signs vigilance aren't mistaken to distinguish them. Therefore it is told about vigilance. Powers of darkness always on the lookout that to interrupt with all measures available to them current of the energy going from the Lord. And in case of weakness or instability of consciousness succeed. But the winner fiery isn't confused nothing, any whirlwinds and attempts of darkness, and strong holds the end of silver thread. Not to distract him dark tricks. If to count how many dark attempts have been made and become to interrupt and break Contact!! These external disturbing circumstances aren't simple. Behind all is a shaggy hand. But the way of the winner is firm, and the course as huge ocean liner, through fogs, both darkness, and bad weather steadily going towards the aim and reaching the harbor is invariable. When communication is strong, all external disturbing easily it is overcome, but at preservation of internal tranquility. The valuable quality necessary always and is in everything. There are things and the phenomena absolutely valuable in the essence. The essence of tranquility is especially valuable. How to keep and protect purity and sonority of a wire? First is of all unshakable peace of spirit. Let the phenomenon which is tearing apart ears interfere in consciousness, he can be allowed and to pass as if by, without breaking a rhythmic pulsation of a microcosm. Nothing will resist against balance and nobody. In it invincible passive power of balance about which break and scatter in splashes all counteracting and opposite, and, above all, hostile to energy. Imagine only: on you strong hostile energy directs and, having hit against power of aura of balance – to this rock which isn't shaken and grown into the basis, right there both is exhausted and goes out, neutralized and instantly destroyed by her potential. Imagine it something at once become nothing, and its owner who has remained empty-handed. Feeling not from pleasant is.
Yes, yes, without risking to approach, hide for surrounding and choose them unconscious tools of a hindrance. It is necessary to pay the most careful attention to this telegraph. How to send the stranger? But the possible is. Yes, many people are objects and tools of dark suggestions.
Someone doesn't like style Perham. My pupil, his not accepting, doesn't accept Me. But not accepting Me remains not with Me but with it. Everyone is free to choose the way.
569. With Me, with Me we will resolve all traps.
I, the Lord of Shambhala, Speak: the way of direct Communication is fadeless. What can replace him? The beam introduced in heart creates Light in heart. The beam will give rise to a beam, from heart proceeding. The self-proceeding beam is created my Light. In a kingdom terrestrial where everything is mortal, the life beam, a beam of eternal Life in a mortal passing form will be born. Life beams over a gloom terrestrial weave protecting network of the planet, network of rescue, network of Light. For Hierarchy of the Benefit we will work light of the self-proceeding beams. Let's work for the sake of Light and Hierarchy!

570. Tonight be going to see something unexpected. Morning record let will keep a phenomenon.

Saw nothing at night. At daybreak dream: in the Balt the [Yeysk] sea a complication and, apparently, the requirement to the Homeland. I began to talk in sleep: "Listen that I tell. I foretell that Rodina will win. It isn't necessary to listen to anybody and to submit to nobody".
She should help to inform of terrible weight the close end.
Rhythm and constancy of Communication.
571. (Noyab. 5). Already Told: the rhythm of Communication isn't broken by anything external. Blows Contact durability from the outside is tested. Accepting blow or an opposite wave, communication should be strengthened especially tensely. Process of acceptance of blow shall happen in the conditions of strengthening of direct contact and clarity of the Face. The regular condition and feeling of Proximity of the Lord udesyateryatsya consciously. Then it is possible to bear any blow, without losing balance. How to teach necessity of incessant prestanding? How to specify that it is possible without any harm for itself and for affairs to postpone affairs of day and on the first place to set the task of a fixed pamyatovaniye? I am always with you. Be and you are always with Me, every minute, in all your affairs. Only in such incessant prestanding fiery communication is forged. "Also Abraham before the Lord went". Really only on holidays, or moods, or minutes of admiration of spirit? No, this "circulation" was a fixed condition of the lit-up consciousness. I call to an uyavleniye of a condition of fixed Contact. The abutment of the silver bridge from the Lord is firmly strengthened, and with yours? Perhaps, it is necessary to deepen the basis, maybe, to raise the level of the basic platform, having lifted consciousness on one height with an opposite point of support? In smoky whirlwinds terrestrial, in a twilight of the raged elements the silver bridge – single communication with the Highest. Except it there is nothing binding. The Bridge will disappear – and will overflow elements. Not to resist to consciousness without availability of uninterrupted communication. Therefore thread silver, the thread binding ezhemgnovenno becomes stronger. In it difficulty of fixed wakefulness. But degree it is Arhat's degree. All consciousness, all being the pupil enters essence of the this happiness. The treasure found and realized is protected and affirms in every way spirit. When Lord Zhivet in heart, is overcome insuperable. And the most difficult for overcoming is an inertness of the consciousness which got used to go on old blazed колеям thoughts. The world New requires novelty in everything, and, above all, in new ways of a thought and consciousness. There can't correspond the old form of an uyavleniye of life of consciousness to a new condition of consciousness. Don't pour in wine new in bellows old. The call of novelty concerns everything. On new rails, on new wings consciousness flies to the future. All that of the past, is thrown out of it, and all fills and is filled with me and my case. I, I, I am the leading force of consciousness. All is made by me and all is devoted to me. Both thought, and work, and dream, and care. In it is service. And when it fills all heart and all being, it becomes Great. Don't miss moments to unite and, having left the past, to direct in the future where for us all. We Call a measure of happiness an aspiration measure in the future. The son Moy, be always with your Lord, like Him, always with you staying. I am with you always.
r radio, a condition.
572. (Noyab. 6). Write about the importance of terms. Terms are caused by cycles. Cycles happen big and small, and also and terms. Great terms finish one Big Cycle and begin new. The size of a cycle is relative as behind the Cycle called big there is bigger. Cycles are connected with stars so, eventually, they have astrological character. The fact that the cycle of day and night depends on the Sun, as well as a cycle of year, is quite clear and clear to all. More difficultly with big cycles. The profound knowledge of astronomy is required. Science about stars – Sacred science. Scraps of great knowledge, having remained in hands of ignoramuses, are distorted and, having degenerated, like religions, lost the intimate value. In planetary system of the worlds of our Solar Universe all of them are connected in a whole, to one individual big world. They are connected by a magnetic attraction of the single center. But each planet, being, in turn, too the center, but already weaker attraction, interacts the sveto-magnetic beams on huge distances, separating from each other them. There is a fixed exchange, interaction and a combination of the radiated energies feeding each planet. Spatial energies are attracted on poles where the attraction is especially strong, and, being combined with magnetism of this planet, cause and generate on it a number of the magnetic currents and the magnetic phenomena causing planet life already in details. Spatial energies are distributed on nodes of magnetic attractions which plan movement of magnetic currents on a face, say, of Earth. These nodes, like the fiery nervous centers of a human body, being nodes of absorption and radiation, weave planetary life. Nature and degree of nodes and currents and their combinations are various indefinitely. These big and small nodes magnetic cause not only nature of the country or area, but even small separate points. Each clearing in the wood, each untouched natural young growth is a product of magnetic conditions of this place. And all of them depend anyway, in a varying degree on combinations of spatial fire which scale, rising from below up, in the version, like a sound scale, is divided into septenary octaves with twelve notes. Elements of Earth are also distributed on a scale that appears from an arrangement of elements in the periodic table of chemical elements. The principle of distribution at the heart of the same. From here – great compliance of atoms of various elements with light and color gradation of spatial fires. They созвучат, or interact, on compliance. Spatial fires are characterized everyone by the color as well a certain color of a range is appropriated to each atom.
And the ray of sunlight is great and still a little understood and researched unknown, bearing primary colors of the elements constituting a body of solar weight in the range bears in itself not only colors, but also magnetic essence, or energy light, so, and the highest, matter octave. It bears from space of mass of matter in its utonchenneyshy, or radio, a condition. Both these energy and tonkomaterialny radiations, being combined with an infinite variety of combinations of terrestrial magnetism and its nodes, create and regulate life planetary, or terrestrial, matters. But as matter, as well as everything, exists in seven types of depression and erases borders between matter and energy, spatial and magnetic combinations of energies in the infinite variety of connections don't give in to accounting by mind human. Rough movement of matter in spontaneous her uyavleniyakh only the small and slightest part of this great space process. But everything is connected in single great whole, and interaction happens under laws of harmony and compliance. A rain, storms, cyclones, changes of temperature, weather – all grubomaterialny, and is equal and the nezrimotonky phenomena of planetary life are caused by invisible currents of space and their movement on nodes of the magnetic centers. The magnetic centers of Earth, their interaction and communication with cosmic rays will constitute future science. The shining matter in Parafokhat's aspect is unavailable to studying by its terrestrial science, in any case, now, at this step of evolution of mankind because it requires prismatic sight which will be a gift of the future evolution, but the sphere of magnetic nodes and currents planetary lies in the area of the next stays and opening of mankind. In case of these, already near, researches it will be important to understand and establish their direct connection and interaction with spatial, or space, beams. It is already time to remove the planet from a condition of spatial isolation on Space scope, to find it in it the place and to acquaint her with a single family of our Solar system. Interrelation with other planets – live and reality, but not fog of creations of medieval alchemists and astrologers. But the law of compliance was caught and noted by them correctly. A lack of scientific tools and devices and terrible ignorance of masses prevented them to see the vital truth of this great Law of the Universe. But nowadays it is time when the science armed with all the power claims majestic understanding of space unity and communication of everything that it is. The term of understanding of space life of our planet came sight which will be a gift of the future evolution, but the sphere of magnetic nodes and currents planetary lies in the area of the next stays and opening of mankind. In case of these, already near, researches it will be important to understand and establish their direct connection and interaction with spatial, or space, beams. It is already time to remove the planet from a condition of spatial isolation on Space scope, to find it in it the place and to acquaint her with a single family of our Solar system. Interrelation with other planets – live and reality, but not fog of creations of medieval alchemists and astrologers. But the law of compliance was caught and noted by them correctly. A lack of scientific tools and devices and terrible ignorance of masses prevented them to see the vital truth of this great Law of the Universe. But nowadays it is time when the science armed with all the power claims majestic understanding of space unity and communication of everything that it is. The term of understanding of space life of our planet came.
574. And now about another. Who can tell that he knows or studied any phenomenon up to the end? And whether it is possible to study something up to the end, up to the depth, before? So when studying any phenomenon we rest against Boundlessness. Therefore it is possible to deepen and expand all. There are no end and a limit to any phenomenon. And the one who in each phenomenon already feels Boundlessness breath gets in a right way. Because each thing, being a part whole – Space, is connected with it, is inseparable from it and in is mute has the roots. Boundlessness in everything, and all is Boundlessness expression. And only human rather the consciousness which generated this anti-space horror cut off use itself from the eternal homeland. Therefore the consciousness shipped in Maya's fog lives in the world of ghosts, lives in what isn't present. In it the tragedy of mankind. To live in the bright world of evidence, bright importunate ghosts and heaps – here destiny which was chosen to itself by biped human thinking. And if it isn't visible yet and not absolutely clear here, on Earth where counteraction of dense matter prevents to clear up to creativity in a false manner of the directed will, then in Mira Astralnom where substance of spontaneous matter in the known limits to well creative imagination of razvoploshchenny spirit, the spirit violently creates the environment, heating up one imperfect image on another. The imagination unexercised and weak, not able to think accurately, inflamed by desires, creates often not clear, imperfect, incomplete and indistinct prototypes of desirable things, and they, these sometimes terrible in the absurdity of the form, are piled up as mountains, around the consciousness generating them. Having saturated with one, consciousness, and without having finished, rushes to another, and so endlessly. And it in the center. And what in the lowest where the created images differ in brightness and details of details, especially if during lifetime of people was able not only to look, but also to see. And all these forms live and pulse by the vital force of a human thought, and all of them are imperfect. Make experience. Let one thousand people will paint a picture of the house standing in a distance surrounded with trees. Only the accurate imagination of the artist will give similarity of reality. All the rest, all these hundreds of drawings, will be terrible misstatement of reality, sometimes pathetic and poor. And so in everything. And also with creation of images in Mira Astralnom. The reality can name Iskazitel the person. Therefore beauty affirms. Going стезею beauty won't be a violator of Space Laws. And there, in the world of plastic matter, he, adjacent to beauty on Earth and filled with its creations and expressions, will also think for the good. And the image of each flower which is carried away from Earth each sound, each type of the nature or the beautiful creature of hands human will yield the fruit there in the form of fine images because loving beauty, that is caught its elements, carries away them with itself in the consciousness. Therefore service to beauty is Service to the Truth therefore attendants of beauty are Attendants Sveta therefore going to a name of beauty goes to the Truth name. The benefit to them, Beauty bearing and Beauty arrival.

575. Fire sounds, foretelling the future changes. Tension of space amplifies. Weak won't sustain.

576. (Noyab. 7). Of course, the harp can sound all the strings. Of course, the accord can be orotund. The majestic symphony is valuable the orotundity. Full-sounding there is a heart replying on calls of space. But to permit to a harp of spirit to vibrate orotundly on trifles and trifles of a daily routine of life – it is inadmissible. The patrol will doesn't allow regular energies to mention all scale of spirit. One, two strings depending on need, and exactly so as far as it is necessary sound. To allow an ardent pentagram to flare all the fires in response to the phenomenon of vain life human it is inexpedient and is incommensurable to great purpose of a flame of the centers. From here both restraint, and reticence, and severe control over all three conductors, and understanding of neskazuyemy value of the fiery energy which is saved up by such works of thousand-year efforts. It is always necessary to remember the value of great energy, it is necessary to protect it as irreplaceable treasure, it is necessary to remember that we will give the account for each particle dissipated in vain. It is necessary to pay attention to that how many unnecessary becomes, it is told and thought when there is so much need around when it would be possible to benefit from the energy spent in vain. We have no unnecessary actions and unnecessary thoughts. At Us isn't present without advantage of the spent time. Every minute, is used every moment. Both work time, and silence time, and time of a conversation is filled a number of the conscious tension of these or those centers, tension which always are under control of a will and directed all to the same single purpose of Service. It is necessary to order life. It is necessary to bring in it a rhythm and symmetry. And then productivity of work and creativity will be striking. Already now, in case of not quite conscious value of rhythmic work, results of its productivity increased several times. What will be when the rhythm becomes a form of expression of life of consciousness. The fruitfulness of creativity exceeding all measures human is property and quality of the pupil. And what will be made by ten or twenty inhabitants it does one. As well as what they aren't able to make if they even united in thousands. Inexhaustibility of fiery energy in case of contact with its space reservoir allows to work without squandering of forces. The spent energy is replenished, but constantly increasing in the potential of the tension. Today it is stronger, than yesterday, and tomorrow is strained by new fires. Going deep, extending and increasing, continuously and constantly the fiery power which is consciously put in action by a number rhythmic of the repeated efforts grows. And once the established rhythm inertia of fiery force already itself bears the consciousness which generated and approved this rhythm forward. Of course, rhythms happen different, and also force and their degree, but their dynamic essence remains always in all the importance. The rhythm of negative habits is pernicious. In the zapoyny drunkard or the addict we see force of the rhythm established on ignorance. Black wings of the lowest fires, out of term and unnaturally woken at the drunkard, already out of control of a will. Already they, these black wings, carry him. Where? Whether in a chasm? Not better the situation and with small habits of egoism is. To whom and why they are necessary? But they, small, own consciousness too. And the way shall be net. Everything disturbing cleans up from consciousness. And rhythms, elaborately a will established, the force can easily sweep away the interfering former unnecessary accumulatings. The rhythm new over all old prevails power of new fires of the waking-up centers. It is the psychoequipment too. Fire requires not only understanding, but also abilities to treat it and to regulate it. And, having learned to regulate and enter into a rhythm of flash of small fires, we learn to manage flame waves. The fiery elements submit and as any elements, shall be subordinated to a will of the person, Light given rise to rule over everything.
577. What else to tell you? Unless about proximity of terms? Terms weave possibilities of life planetary. Terms caused forms of expression of this life. So all events on Earth, and especially a current of historical events and destiny of the people, depend on terms. Combinations of spatial beams, causing inevitable reaction in microcosms human, are approved in a number of actions, people under their influence of made. Not to avoid influence of space beams. It is possible not to know about them, but it is necessary to answer with vibration of the nerves their influence. The microcosm is some kind of resonator which always sounds on something going from the outside. And if on beams of the Sun life on Earth is distributed, then how to avoid to people and all live influence of the solar pulsations which are periodically flashing? Even solar prominences influence a nervous system of the person. So everything depends on terms, and terms – on stars. And not to avoid a new step of the planetary evolution dictated by space terms. A care only of that as well as where the potent fiery energies going on a mankind potreba will be referred. This bed, or an uyavleniye form, for adoption of the going energies We Establish. The doctrine of Life to term spilled to Earth is given energy of mankind to refer to the following steps of evolution. Only having accepted the Doctrine, the mankind will be able to promote. It is an anchor rescue. It is hope human. Urgently Doctrine. And joy is that many consciousnesses are already ready. As saving heavy rain after a drought, will greedy absorb in itself the Doctrine Sveta the yearned consciousness. Not of today this hunger. It is possible to remember both the fires of inquisition and which all are in vain tortured and murdered, and injured for the sake of Sveta. How many centuries the free thought how many centuries there lived the people deprived of some spirit food was suppressed. What is the time dragged the existence in a darkness suffocation! Really, hunger is big and thirst is big. In hour of the most urgent need and a general spiritual impoverishment Light from Light Great
of Space Knowledge streams. It is given for ages. And will of Lords not only elements, but also fires human will be included into the course. And then on Earth there will come my Kingdom and the Kingdom of an uyavleniye of the Doctrine of Life. To that conduct terms, unknown to people, but managing directors of each of them, even the most scientific and the cleverest, and even received academic degrees and ranks and recognition of the government. About value of terms inevitable, great, space we will think.
578. Terms come nearer inevitably. Also it is necessary to be ready. Readiness – in the spirit of, but with Me. Without Me there is no readiness. Means, it is necessary to be close to Me, more than ever. Degree of readiness is extent of approach. Readiness we get closer to the Lord. Eternal Predstoyaniya's temple – so we Will call the temple of ready heart, or the temple of readiness of heart.

579. Son my darling! To Chui your proximity. Beyond the measure of things, I am. The cooperation with the Lord is high degree of proximity. Therefore Called the next. In my Tower to you there is a place. In my Tower the few have access. You realize then when you become face to face. For now trust the Lord. Faith in Me of you replace with me. Therefore trust, without seeing, and know, without thinking. The mystery of direct knowledge – destiny of the elite. And I Chose. Therefore honor the Lord not the word, but case. My phenomenon approaches. Be awake.
580. Yes, of course, spatial treasures are available to the one who is conducted by my Hand. And the condition of access to them remains invariable: dismissal from. Itself, with itself it is impossible to take them. It is necessary to realize, at last, space injuriousness of a small world of the human, covering with itself the worlds and depriving right of an entrance to space. It is possible to see how each consciousness is surrounded with this sphere isolating it from Space which is cutting off live threads of communication with the Worlds the Highest. Egoism is harmful not to those that closes spirit in a sink, and the fact that it cuts off it from the Elevated homeland. Therefore we will look at everything, constituting a small world of the personality, as at the slavery chains imprisoning spirit light and joyful spatial life. Spatial existence is a natural life form of spirit. Consciousness quite naturally lives in two worlds, adjoining to both. It is possible to live in the world terrestrial, it is possible to see all its beauty and to enjoy them, it is possible to show the most tireless activity and to adjoin to people and still not to live in the small, limited to egoism world. In a word, it is possible to be in the world, but not from the world. As it is important to understand and be not from closed, limited to the personality, a small, unreal world, not from a personal nesting box, but from that great, immense, wonderful world which part is also the person with all richness of the microcosm and inherence of individual accumulatings. Even left a circle of the personal world in the world terrestrial is worth already on the right track of consciousness expansion. Only one familiarizing with the Thin World without expansion of consciousness doesn't matter, the prices. Mediums join too, but, truly, it is better to sit in a personal nesting box, than to be dirty number of the third-rate hotel which is handing over rooms by the day and even it is even worse. It is all about expansion of consciousness and termination of bonds of this protivukosmichesky world of personal illusions. From it, from this vicious circle, the spirit directs to the Lord, and this small world is left by it to enter an other-wordly Kingdom. This Kingdom from three worlds and, being from three worlds, it in each aspect of each of three indissolubly is also obviously connected with all, each of which is only a part of whole. Each part, or each of three worlds, is understood and comprehended against the background of whole – Space constituting a basis of everyone. Also there comes the moment when consciousness makes the choice obvious meanwhile – small and personal, both new – big and immense. A gloom, desolation and stagnation in one, and a way of boundless opportunities in the friend, again found. What would be told by the modern cultural person if to his consciousness suggested to squeeze into a narrow framework of thinking of savages of the Central Africa, some them which don't have neither "yesterday", nor "tomorrow" and don't even stock some food because can't move consciousness into the future? But still the big difference, still a big abyss lies between the consciousness limited to egoism, and the consciousness which left to the ocean of space. Strikingly steps of evolution of human spirit differ between themselves. Therefore I Call to the world of the future therefore I Want to release and pull out from a world of delusions. Also I Add: there is no return back. The consciousness which concerned beauty, freedom and scope of kosmo-spatial life, any more will never be able to return to the dungeon. Svoboda Zovem's sons dumped chains.
581. To be my World – means to speak and work not from itself both not pro se and as if mentally to see for itself the World That, zvuchashche-wonderful. As if the representative of the World of Togo and its laws to consider itself here, on Earth where there is nothing the and all others.

582. (Noyab. 8). The friend Moy, a mirror of the current hour shows an unprecedented nagneteniye. From here feeling of burden and illness. Badly in space. Consciousness is mangled as the sheet of paper on fire. And it is difficult to resist if not with Me. Waste of relatives at the vremenna darkness nagneteniye moments. Just consciousness doesn't maintain and looks for an exit in something outside, but not in where it is necessary. In Me the decision, but it is forgotten. Therefore I Specify a prestanding permanency that whirlwinds didn't take consciousness and didn't carry away it on the waves in funnels of astral currents. It is necessary to accustom itself to a condition of the person who found treasure which from it all aim to take away: both people, and elements. All and all takes up arms on the lucky person. Not to resist really? That is why such vigilance, both a patrol, and protection of intimate is necessary. All surrounding snatches, both comes, and restricts bearing the Stone. The essence of the lowest worlds rises and growls on Light carrier. Therefore stand strong. I Won't be tired to go on about necessity of protection of treasure. It is necessary to be protected with a steel wall from external impacts. The lot of the opened collar of fortress and the let enemy in a citadel is pathetic. Will ruin everything and will raze to the ground light creation. Therefore be awake on guards. It is so much attempts from everywhere, and the most unexpected. It is necessary to strengthen a patrol. It is necessary to increase both reticence, and restraint, and feeling of solemnity. Let the symbol of the Shining Face will become the leader in you. Also it is possible even to smile when the impact of opposite elements is especially cruel and gloomy. Invincible Called him winning waves of the lowest energies. So we will approve a victory and we will make it a meal of every day. We don't have departure. Remember: also the way there is no place to depart only forward. So temper the spirit on blows of each wave counteracting. So we will win against everything. Going with the Lord, покоен be. Not to pull out a wreath of a victory from hands of the one whom I Called the son. Not one you fight, but I am with you. Not you, but we resist to a darkness impact. It is a little at Me of them, strong and firm soldiers. But I Know: won't leave the battlefield and won't let go a sword Sveta. The whirlwind storms, and fight rustles, and without restraint rush on a wave attack. But all – in consciousness, and it, your consciousness, the indestructible beginning Sveta, in you staying, conducts a battle. In consciousness all. It, Light, Me lit, keep. Not for. It is necessary to keep Light knots, it is necessary to keep his network. Her the planet keeps. There is a Beam, pro-butting the haze surrounding Earth and joyfully meets them which are courageously standing on a patrol. And them which have kept themselves in hour of darkness and need and Me remained true, in a Hour of the future Light I Won't forget Love It, either Care, or heavy rain of opportunities. The son My, minutes of special tension remember the Lord, all your heart straining to Him. Heart tension to the Lord is a way silver. My proximity can be felt only as the heart strained to Me. Through Me and the Face meet by Ma counteraction waves. For someone the peace and rest, but you, the winner suzhdenny elements will also once come, know that fight and a victory will be your destiny from now on and for ever and ever, about one day "Be with Us". Therefore temper spirit and rejoice to fight. She gives rise to the promised opportunities. And blows of a sword give the sparks Sveta weaving a spirit attire. "On fight, on fight", – the Lord's appeal sounds. So I Give new strength. So I Multiply forces. So we go from a victory to a victory. Examine an armor. Generate a habit every morning, going to life whirlwinds, to examine the armor. You can't go into battle unarmed. Not the soldier the lost board or the forgotten sword. Be not protected only, but also strike. Blow on blow, a ray of light – a darkness wave. Darkness should resist actively, striking it with the beams. Already I Speak about your beams. Three beams grow and get stronger in the force. The armor begins to shine. Use the force mine and you will find power. I Have told.
583. A sense of the taking place events nevertheless in fight of two worlds: leaving old and arising New. The leaving energies are exhausted. In them there is no life. Are still strong a kristallizovannost of the stiffened forms, but a sense of any phenomenon in its growth and development. There is no growth in the stiffened forms. It is especially visible in forms of the existing religions. There was everything: both words, and dogmas, and ceremonies. Only life left, and once great addressed in a dead peel. As degeneration terribly walks. What force – national representation. But in what in what ugliness it degenerated in the West. There is a bribery of voters. The game of politics and intrigues replaced a will of the people. And the people still are silent, but will tell the word worldwide soon the people because the people woke up. What trade turned into? In a robbery of masses. A competition commercial – in predatoriness. Plunder already openly, grabbing a throat weak, and keep the whole countries in a suffocation. The whole falls of a lie stream. Corruptibility accepted the enormous sizes. The whole governments and ruling classes are bought. The people are silent. The woman of the old world wants only one: to become object of desire or envy of good friends. All is sacrificed to be pleasant to attract to be desired. Whom? Darling? Oh, isn't present. Everything, crowd. Teeth escape and are implanted new, beautiful, cut skin, soar the person, sew eyelashes if only wanted if only everything longed, everything, all. "I am pleasant, I am happy", – she who managed to involve to herself desire of crowd says then. Also the abyss between those who have everything, and those who have nothing is big. But it concerns nobody. You have no, that it is worse for you. The wolf morals triumph. And people gnaw through each other a throat, but already not alone, and by the organized force of the state. The world old, the world fateful, the world of the become obsolete leaving energies decays. The World New is urgent. Pobedna his gait. It is logical and convincing. And insolvency old becomes sharp and obvious. Electrons became obsolete. Goes to oblivion forever, in the last spasms fighting for the dying-away life.
584. (Noyab. 9). Write about happiness terrestrial. Everything aims at it, and all want it. But nobody finds. But why then aspiration? Whether there is it, happiness? Perhaps it is also absent? But from where aspiration? Also notice, happiness of people always looks for long and strong. And still never finds. In total on Earth it is limited to a circle, and, above all, a cycle of time of the manifestation. The cycle ended, and the phenomenon stops. Temporariness of manifestation is a form of existence of terrestrial things and the phenomena. From other worlds the person brings a dream of happiness, from there, where it is and where it isn't subordinated to laws of passing. Our Elevated homeland – the country of happiness. But not terrestrial, but fiery, and therefore strong. In it is mute, in this elevated happiness, there are no passing elements of Earth, and therefore forms of its uyavleniye stand out of time and aren't connected by it. Someone called it heavenly bliss, or the Nirvana. Unless matter in the name? It is important to know that there is a condition of consciousness which in terrestrial language is best of all expressed by a concept of happiness. And if ask whether happiness on Earth is possible, tell: yes! But not in his human understanding. Happiness it is possible to call the highest fiery condition of consciousness when the Stone of the Highest Worlds is found, and it joined sounding and harmony of the Highest World and, having kept found in the spirit of, bears the Bowl of fiery understanding of the Hidden Worlds on Earth which isn't spilled. And if my other-wordly Kingdom, then and happiness fiery too not from this world. From my World happiness terrestrial, unique on Earth. It is terrestrial because it is shown in terrestrial usual conditions, but it not from Earth because wings of consciousness touched enduring, and it the Light and joy of spheres forced to sound a spirit harp. And your joy yes will be perfect, that is is net from any impurity of elements of Earth. And whether the fact that this joy and this happiness on Earth were shown by people who were deprived of all terrestrial and all terrestrial joys and wellbeing is strange. And they deprived of everything rejoiced and were happy. Because true happiness in the spirit of. And deep popular wisdom noted this wonderful and, alas, the misunderstood phenomenon, in the fairy tale. People looked for, long looked for the happy person, and found, but he had even no shirt. Not in possession of terrestrial things happiness, but in the spirit of. Not from Earth true happiness, but from fire and Sveta. Hopelessness of a small circle of existence of each terrestrial thing and the phenomena connected with it imposes a hopelessness seal on any happiness which the person bases on what is doomed by the essence of things. Therefore all attempts to find happiness in this hopeless circle are doomed already in advance and by that can't be performed. And it should be understood and to direct aspiration above, there, where it is and where it can be found. Life shows that billions of people always aimed to find this happiness in terrestrial and on Earth. There were centuries. People died for a long time, and the veil of oblivion covered and put them, both thoughts, and feeling. They aren't on Earth, and all their creations from ashes of Earth and on ashes terrestrial turned into ashes. Neither people, nor things, nor circumstances – nothing remained.
About what it is possible to tell happiness when there was a full disintegration of all those elements of which people built it? They have left Earth, having dumped a physical body. Then have dumped a body thin. Also it has broken up. Then mental. And it has broken up. Nothing remained even from covers, wearable the seeker of happiness terrestrial, not to mention houses, food or clothes, that is all in what they looked for the happiness. So obvious, both obvious, and convincing is the fact that not there the person looks for happiness. It is and can be found only in spheres of enduring. Only finding and postponing Eternity elements in the depth of the intimate essence, in the Bowl, there is a person to finding of true unique happiness. Carriers of the Stone are happiness carriers because the Stone of Happiness is born. Collecting and multiplying the Treasure shining in darkness temporary and passing and bearing it through a chain of centuries, truly are holders of happiness. Neither rusheniye terrestrial, nor hopelessness of things, nor cycles of terrestrial uyavleniye can concern fiery Treasure and set to it a seal of death and destructions. It out of passing, and it in life: both the highest, and terrestrial because in a gloom and whirlwinds of the phenomena terrestrial shines with indestructible and eternal Light of the Stone of a distant star.
585. Soul of the person is Light of beauty of stars. Therefore even he unconsciously directs to beauty. And the human soul, even the most inveterate, somehow nevertheless sounds on call of beauty at least in any form. The people reached beauty. And each people in this or that look have imprinted in various forms this eternal, immortal aspiration to fine. That the culture of each people is also valuable that it has given to mankind crystals of eternal enduring aspiration to beauty, but refracted in centuries and temporary in forms, an era, both time, and nationality of corresponding. But eternally aspiration to fine because it is call of the spirit grieving and vzyskuyushchy the hidden Elevated homeland. The melancholy for beauty and an inclination to it is fiery call of the spirit, in the depths which has held in remembrance intimate. That world from where the person has come to Earth, is the world of beauty, and the homeland, that where the spirit has received the granulation, he can't delete from the best and highest aspirations. They – a part him, and he not terrestrial, but the highest. In depths of spirit threads of the shining communication with the Highest Worlds, and in the same place beauty throne are hidden. Therefore forms of service to beauty in an art form of all types were property of all people. Only external expressions changed. But each people the culture created the temple of beauty and truly served her, creating not repeated masterpieces of folk art. Served her and certain people, the genius expressed spirit of national aspiration of these people to beauty. Therefore in the New World sources and possibilities of folk art are especially protected. Beauty cult – the most widespread on Earth. Her attendants can't be bought for money. The fiery inspiration isn't on sale. The people which have answered an appeal to beauty will go the wide road to knowledge tops because beauty – at the sources of life. On her building builds life. We Approve beauty in all areas of life of the people of the New World. Because her they will go to Light.
586. Favourite Lord, Father! Yes, son Moy, truly so! Love you admire the World with Ma. And has approved proximity to Me by it. The love to your Lord is the magnet overcoming everything: both time, and distance, and frustration of currents, and whirlwinds of spheres. I am Lord Siyayushchego Lika. I Have made overcoming and fight the life basis, and beauty – the purpose. My beloved go my way. Him way fortunately. The son Moy, terms approach. Whether you realize? The future should be met in hundred eyes. It isn't enough to look, it is necessary to see!
587. The mystery of a sound is that the sound scale influences a nervous system of the person, and it begins to vibrate in unison with the sounding note or group them. Sounding of each note corresponds to this or that center, and this compliance between a scale of a nervous system and a scale of a sound goes on the separations into octaves and tone. Each tone or a note in turn corresponds to a sound, a smell, number, taste, a geometrical figure and so on. From here – value of a sound. From a sound of a human voice the nervous system begins to vibrate immediately. The voice of the person, each person, has the key and the chord, harmonious or disharmonious, depending on a consciousness mood in general and at the time of pronouncing a sound in particular. In it magic of a human voice, and in it sound magic. Rhythmically and monotonously repeated word generates monotonously rhythmical vibrations of nervous network. The monotony causes death or a dream. In this case – a dream. The person just falls asleep. The conversation of two people in the sound aspect has absolutely special and exclusive influence on organisms of interlocutors, causing and generating in them vibrations or nervous currents of a certain strain. The harmonious and musical human voice forces all network to vibrate harmoniously and carries health and joy. Not in a sound force, but in a tonality and combinations. The resonant box of lungs as the violin vibrating the tree, gives this tonality to a voice. And, vibrating a resonant box of a thorax, the person forces to vibrate and nerves of the interlocutor. Therefore any conversation and a conversation have also the purely sound adjusting or upsetting value. All bystry rather hasty and sketchy talk, any unnatural rising and depression of voice, all neurohysterical variations of its sound scale are destructive. The speech has to be smooth and quiet always. Even if the house burns or the world falls, nothing has to change harmonious tranquility of the human voice using a speech power, that is which seized power of a sound after millions of years of mute existence of the died-out races. It is necessary to understand this invaluable gift of evolution that adequately and to make thrifty use of the power which is at the disposal of the person before to realize it. I tell "power" because the sound of a human voice influences not only per capita, but also all surrounding sphere, bringing not only to a certain state all its own microcosm and everything that around, and bearing with itself or a seal of harmony and blessing, or breaking it a destructive dissonance. The delicate and sensitive flower can die from vibrations of a disharmonious voice. Very often likes and dislikes to the speaking person are caused by those vibrations which he generates in the listeners. And the generated disharmonious vibrations also yield negative results. It is necessary to learn to own the sound device. It seems about what loaded the sound beam designed in space. Each word sounding bears either the creative beginning, or destruction, even irrespective of the sense. Strengthened by the last already is weapon or Sveta, or darkness. The feeling is especially strongly given by means of a sound beam. The feeling and a thought enclosed in a sound make powerful impact. Both the feeling, and a thought are strong in itself, especially a thought, but the thought enclosed in a sound of a voice and consciously directed works obviously and strongly. And the feelings of tranquility, either tendency, or solemnity enclosed in words bear to nervous system of the person the beneficial, zhiznedatelny power. The attention to the standard of speech isn't paid. People, like parrots, stir irresponsibly. But the person is responsible for each word, and first of all with reaction of own nervous system. And if the tonality, both feeling, and a thought are disharmonious, then destruction and a disease are inevitable. Many are ill from abuse of the divine power entrusted the person by the right of evolution. The majority of nervous diseases is caused in women by this abuse. And in that case silence – the best medicine. Silence is the best store of energy. It is worth to remember what with each word of people gives to space and surrounding a part of the fiery force. It is possible to be uttered to a disease, depletion and death. Let each word will be only partial, that is reserved issue of fiery energy. If people knew how this control of the channel on which so much precious fiery force flows away is necessary. As they are tired of aimless flow of words as their eyes go out, shoulders will stoop and powerlessly aura radiations hang. It is similar to a peel of people, criminal devastated itself. And as often there is this inadmissible violation of the divine advantage. Each sound said by the person shall be under control. The energy dominating over itself and others shall be ordered and delivered under relentless and firm control. Dissoluteness, quite irresponsible chatter, quite criminal plundering of personal and others' force suffices. It is necessary to realize responsibility for the pronounced words.
consciousnesses. You Upasitsya from dead language. Also chatter and unnecessary babble is expelled. It is difficult to overcome the babbling which is so not beseeming a rank of the person. The person – a concept great. This rank obliges, and to much.

588. Slowly seize a sound wave, subordinate your to a will, and, having seized, apply knowledge for the good.

589. (Nov. 10). The son Moy, understanding of the future events let will be a key to understanding of the moment. Time when the accumulated tension needs to give vent came. Told: I don't like world situation because over your Homeland the threat hangs again. The new World requires approval. The last wave pre-dawn should be met by heart fires courageously. Together we will meet also her. Ma we will meet everything together, all waves of life. All phenomena of the world and all life are wavy. In alternation of waves life of Space and life of the world, and big and small consists. Are wavy and consequently, and movements micro and Makromirov are rhythmical. In total in movement, everything is subordinated to rhythms, and rhythms are wavy movements of substance which of combination this phenomenon is created. Knowledge of rhythms allows to meet the phenomena with understanding. Ancient astrology understood rhythms of spatial beams and combined them with rhythms of microcosms human. Rhythms go, accruing or decreasing in the intensity, giving two points: the culminations and attenuations, and forming manifestation circles which, moving in time, become a spiral. Means, promotion of a spiral is rhythmical. When consciousness goes in the accord with rhythms, it as if rushes on the roll, without being, it is flooded with elements. Knowledge of rhythms releases learning from inevitability to plunge into whirlwinds of the going phenomena. Having learned essence of the phenomenon, consciousness becomes over it and above it and doesn't merge with it any more and doesn't represent itself with each wave. Freedom consists in knowledge of rhythms of fire and in knowledge of rhythms of the nature. Great Laws, that is forms in which life uyavlyatsya should be learned. Understanding them, we understand also the phenomena, to them subordinates. Why to study the phenomena when the key to their understanding consists in the law causing them? And value of laws should be understood also. Not fabrications of leisure minds, but form, or frame, creation real. All events in the world occur within an uyavleniye of this or that law, people know about it or not. Because also the person, this most difficult device, and all its functions, visible and hidden, and all his life on all plans of life also submit to laws. Both all phenomena, and all phenomena of the Highest Worlds are made and can be made consciously only by those who study these laws. In it Arkhat's benefit. He knows the supreme laws of spirit, and his psychotechnician is based on knowledge. Many laws are given in the Doctrine. Especially Laws Space and manifestation of fiery life of space. But not everything because, using knowledge of the law, imperfect consciousness can do irreparable harm are this. And these laws only the tempered will can manage. Therefore and there are so much testing to strengthen spirit. Where the slightest fluctuation or disbalance threatens with accident, fluttering of weak moths is inappropriate. The severe tempered will which isn't frightened before anything and not confused any obstacles and any evidence – here a condition of receiving the power of Arkhat. To that we go, and we won't complain on any difficulties and burden of life because we go to the High Society which tension can sustain only the tested heart. The High Society for not tempered consciousness is intolerable. From here difficulty of the ascending way. But gradually we Accustom consciousness to the increasing and great difficulties and press. We enter him into a circle of the highest tension to prepare. Also the true soldier on difficulty of a fighting situation doesn't grumble. I want to bring closer, even closer. Anyhow I Will bring if doesn't sustain weak heart of enormous fiery tension of my World? Forces necessary for ascension, I Give, but it is necessary to put them in life most, and the hand. Whether to float in own boat or to stand on the legs – everything is single, but the principle of single, individual, independent opposition to the world shall be passed. As well as I left all, once one Protivostal to the whole world and, having antibecome, Won, and going my way, having antibecome and having met rage of elements of the lowest world directed on them, win because go my way. And the world can protivostat only single strength of mind. But I Won against the world. On the winner Vizhu's forehead victory signs.

590. Correctly, the son Moy, entering the world of our principles and laws, you get closer to Us. And such mental familiarizing is already approach. We live in the World of the Highest principles and laws. Being It a form of expression of laws Space, We represent the Law.
. By carriers or spokesmen of Space Laws it is possible to call Us. And what is the law? The law is a form of expression of Life of the Single Thing, Single. It is a form of expression Single, accepted responsibility for everything. Prior to the beginning of shown already there was a hidden form of the Law to which the shown Universe obeyed. Before the beginnings of things there was a Law form. Hidden, imperceptible, intangible and only comprehended by the synthesizing power of reason. Out of passing all three plans there is a World of Laws. In what the mystery of depth and inexhaustibility of the evangelical truth? That they are aspect of expression of the Supreme Space Laws, not human, but enduring. The fiery consciousness which concerned the Kingdom Eternal and Immutable, first of all comprehends eternal forms of an uyavleniye of life, that is the law in aspect of its variety. Carriers of Intimate Knowledge are carriers of the Supreme Laws. The higher and closer to top, the it is less of them and the action of everyone is more universal. The number of Great Space Laws is limited. This number – the Secret. Owning it has in hands a key to life of the shown world because the number and a measure built the world. Fiery Logos Create by Law force. Setting the thinnest fiery energies in motion, Direct them on the course of the law, knowing unalterability of the investigations. Therefore Told: "The sun will come, and the Moon will come, but any iota won't come from the Law, everything won't be performed yet!". Because the Law lies out of the sphere of a passing of the shown Universe.
In the Sphere of Eternity its sources. And if God Est Zakon, then truly He is almighty and Reigns over the world. The kingdom of Laws is area of what exists without form, it is the sphere of the principles which don't have the forms. Everything that exists, has the form visible and obvious. Even Light is Inexpressibly shown in the form of Light. It is inexpressible in words, but obviously blinds even the Highest spirits because exists obviously for fiery consciousness and still it can be beheld at least by the Highest spirits. Law it is possible to realize, but it is impossible to see him. The consciousness which concerned the Sphere of Fiery Laws concerns Eternity. The free of charge the mathematics and the world of geometrical figures and their laws is especially characteristic. On what scales it is possible to weigh them and where to see? Are non-material and available only to reason. Their external symbols express not essence, but only a conditional form of what exists out of it. Mind-comprehended essence of the Law, but out of a visibilities. To the Fiery Kingdom of the Highest principles and laws we will think of approach.
591. I report: events have begun. Situation threatens with dangers every minute.
Because all our and all belongs to us. But only on condition of refusal of everything.
To keep viability in these conditions is heroism.

592. The peace the manifested of opportunities is achieved by aspiration.

593. (Nof. 11). Isn't present and can't be other way as a way to the Lord. Where in this world boundless consciousness will go, without having the firm certain direction? For the sake of what to live and for what to work? For what this infinite series of days and tests? Whether was when it is easy to live if a disease, both the old age, and wars, and any dangers threatened to the person from everywhere? But everything puts understanding of the far purpose on the place. A compass in hands, it is also channelized. Only it is necessary to reach most. And sooner or later you will come to the Lord. It is impossible without Lord. And all those who have passed this way went with the Lord. All of them were Conducted by their Lord. They are seven – Leaders. At everyone the children on the Beam. One remember and know, others have forgotten. The first aren't enough. But their way is direct. The second consciously or unconsciously look for. Also find. So was always. When Came, the way and the next, found was facilitated, were near. One of them knew the past and the passable way, others have forgotten. But the magnet of heart worked powerfully and awoke the fallen asleep memory. And when soul eyes opened, not repeatability of a way and to treasures of stays remembered and rejoiced. But Lord Knew always and under fabrics of external and new covers Saw the heart which has indulged in It in centuries. Therefore the way of the last centuries which have approached, brought from depths shine of silver thread was immutable. And again went together. And, as always, the way was difficult, but communication grew and went deep, and magnets of far future constructions were put. He, the Lord, Put because Knew. Because the future as today lay before Him. And, as always, the world rose and collapsed darkness on Light Carrier. And He Accepted blow, and the next, standing near. Both He, and everything, having finished Service, Left Earth winners. Because Leader Byl winner always. And the victory was destiny of those who followed It on silver thread. And the victory yielded fruits. The world because there were they food to spirit ate their juice. So Light from Light the beams lit up the world. And the world, trampling on it the heel, nevertheless lit up with it and received Benefit sparks. As the Sun, the way of the Lord was light. Could see. And having seen, received on the trifle. But Lords the future Knew, and seeds were sowed on a field of the future centuries and even millennia. Different magnets were put. Magnets of far action – so we Will call them. There were years. Cycles were replaced. Terms approached, and magnets began to work, collecting energy of heart on essence of an attraction. So was always. So is and nowadays when fiery magnets start over again working. And he, the next, about the come terms gives a message. And again there are they on Great Service with the Lord. A great concelebration Sveta – their way, the next. And again will go, bearing the Benefit message. The christian message will be incurred to the world by the word of the Lord as bore in centuries already earlier. And who will understand the mystery of a fulfillment and proximity?? But Leader Knows. The Concelebration mystery – destiny of the next. The ray of light is given them, my feet going.
594. The space is filled with views. They can be caught. They are so various, as well as minds of the people who have generated them. They can be perceived in strict accordance with the thought premised towards to them. The premised thought will be a condition that decisive which will define character of the thoughts scooped from space. The string sounds, adjusted on compliance. Behind thoughts of a certain order the thought of the same order therefore process of self-attuning is very important is sent. He in effect the is simple, and in this simplicity all difficulty. If it is necessary to receive an explanation on any question, this question fills all consciousness directed to the Head and when the contact is come, the active thinking is extinguished whenever possible and the thoughts appearing in consciousness are registered. Of course, dismissal from itself and the termination strong-willed a usual stream of thoughts is required. Art to switch consciousness from one channel of thoughts to desirable or necessary it has to be developed. It isn't enough to transfer a thought, it is necessary it and to hold in the desirable direction. This deduction of a thought in this direction is equivalent to aspiration of the magnetic beam in space attracting conformable thoughts. In process magnetic property of any thought directed in space for absolutely definite purpose is applied. How it is possible to attract a thought? According to the accord. Than? Own thought. The thought sent always will return, and always not one. But here the lock for the whole stream of thoughts as if opens. From space not only thoughts, but also feelings, and sounds, and everything are in such a way taken that is wanted by will of the person. Space – great Daronosets. Gives all, but aren't able to take. Don't trust laws of magnetic power of a thought. Don't trust a magnet of human spirit. And the formula "You Ask, and It Will Be Given You..." was turned into tips to the begging and kowtowing slave. Also ask: "Give, My God" as beggars on a church porch, those whom Called sons bozhiy. As slaves, wait for either tips, or punishments. Who taught this horror? The tsar of the nature – people – kowtows in ashes, begging for favor and tips at the Sky. And it when can take by right. But the right should be realized and to be exempted from slave mentality. There is a century of freedom. Slaves aren't necessary. Any: God’s, human. The century of slavery came to an end in all types. Not slaves, but employees are necessary.
Here the person made an act, incompatible with advantage of spirit. And again writhes in a paroxysm of fear, remorse or repentances. And again is eager for forgiveness. Who will forgive? In himself, in the aura the person bears both an award, and punishment because the creator of both that, and another. Punishes itself and presents. Who can forgive him if its microcosm is saturated with energies of fulfillments? Whom to ask? About what? In his hands all threads, all levers, everything that he wants. It is time to understand both the power, and the responsibility. Long ago it is told: everyone has the judge in itself(himself). Listened, nodded and forgot. But it is time. It is necessary to remember, otherwise doors of evolution will remain closed for the grown dull consciousness.
595. (Nov. 12). Also it is necessary to understand that the national proverb Is "life is what you make it" deeper, than it seems. The power is this to the person. Not the slave, but creator of the destiny. Everything, all these thousands of people hunched by life with extinct eyes creators and creators of the poverty. Who are you? Person. Tell Me that you made the power this to you by Space of the life? What your regal will led you to, and than live and about what you think? Everything that surrounds you, there is a creation of your own hands and your aspirations, a direct consequence of tension of your will. You complain of destiny, of health, of people! But there are no such conditions which would lie out of your karma. And you created it. Your aura weaved by you from fiery aspirations and your fulfillments – this powerful magnet – case of your hands. And it attracts to itself surrounding on compliance. Lords of a karma Watch only that consequences of your affairs were in the complete accord with the reason. Therefore, in all living conditions human the person creates the life the will irrespective of whether he knows about it or not. The seeds seeded once yield a rich harvest. Means, it is all about understanding of the complete, not limited to anything power over the destiny and all external and internal living conditions. And if the reasons generated earlier were unsuccessful in the investigations if magnetic energies of aura attract and attract not that nowadays the creator and the creator want them, so the regal power to create the world incorrectly the person applied. And always, at any time it is possible to begin to create a chain of others, opposite, the reasons. It is already told: the solution of everything – in the spirit of. The spirit, this fiery magnet, determines everything. And as the spirit out of the lowest matter and over it, conditions of a material world create can spirit. It isn't necessary to ask anybody, it isn't necessary to be indignant, it isn't necessary to wait for favor from anywhere and from anybody, it is necessary to realize the power only. It is, it was applied and applied all the time, but unconsciously, without any understanding of force of the great law. And when it is realized when the person takes reins of government in the hand and the power in magnetic field of the microcosm establishes itself, the way to freedom is found. Because the power and freedom – synonyms. The ardent pentagram – this greatest force in the Universe, enters the regal rights. And it, great and immortal, being above and above conditions of an environment of all three plans: terrestrial, astral and mental, determines itself a fiery will psychomagnetic essence of relations with energies of surrounding spheres. And each magnetic fiery wave allowed and controlled established by a will and a will, gives an echo and the investigation of the channel established by a will of her creator. Force of conscious is big managements of own energiya. Business of energiya of external spheres, all three, only to answer, and only – in compliance. Realize the force, realize the fiery power, imperiously and firmly take in hand the destiny. To nobody and nothing give and don't give the power over yourself, over the microcosm. You, you, you, creators and creators of everything concerning you. And if you want to change something outside, change only a wave of tension of the corresponding order in the microcosm. And she will attract with magnetic fiery force from the outside that it is necessary. It will cause external. It is necessary to remember: by internal it is caused external always in everything. And – it is conscious – always in everything. The power is given all, but where they who have realized treasure?
596. There is no bigger delusion, than the aspiration to confer responsibility for the misfortunes on someone, out of the person standing. The magnetic essence of aurichesky egg of the person who is a single and invariable face of a karma is badly understood. Nemesis punishing is hidden in the carrier of the crystallized energies attracting to themselves the phenomena of a karmic order. And those external conditions which for one are a source of difficulties and complications for another, in the microcosm bearing other energies, can serve as the reason of the phenomena absolutely opposite. Because the essence of the phenomena is caused by aurichesky energies of their carrier. And not out of, but exactly in the person a key both to understanding, and to permission of external events. In it the terrible power of the person over surrounding. And he looks for everything outside. He everything thinks that someone and something, out of it being, solves affairs. It, "the power over any flesh" invested, causes all external impacts on the inner world. It, it, the internal lord – a transmutator of surrounding energies.

597. The friend My, in space isn't present the place to personal creations. There it is possible to build, but not for itself. Spatial existence excludes property in all forms.
598. (Nov. 13). Speak about overcoming a karma. Say about how to leave a wheel of births and death. Say that it is necessary to destroy desires. What means "to destroy desires" and for what? If the aura’s essence of a karma is weaved from the energiya deposited in spirit grain, then to kill desire means repayment of this energy and her reduction to silence. Energy dies away, that is loses the attractive force, and doesn't generate an infinite chain of causes and effects on the line. It is impossible to be exempted from a karma. On each plan of life the karma. It has been told that the karma is an action. It is possible to add: the karma is life. In each of more distinguished worlds of energy of consciousness weave the threads of causes and effects. And the worlds and are called: worlds of the reasons and worlds of the investigations. It is impossible to speak about destruction of a karma, but about her transmutation, about repayment of one energiya, more dense, and to replacement with their thinner, it is possible not only to speak about conscious regeneration of the sphere of karmic energy of aura, but to really approve in itself a number of the energe corresponding to this step of consciousness. The karma will catch up, that is the energy put and crystallized in the form of grain in a microcosm will attract on compliance sooner or later. But if she is extinguished and replaced another or if according to the solution of will other is channelized her, then and the investigations will change respectively. And her magnetic features will attract from space in the conditions surrounding the person already on the new channel, and something new. It is possible to change levers of magnetic energiya, it is possible to replace with one others. To get rid of something in consciousness or to transmutirovat means consciously to replace one type or the nature of energy with another, and here on the arena the psychoequipment – science about consciousness life acts. As a matter of fact, any Doctrine comes down to the psychoequipment. And the way of ascension finally turns into a chain of actions of consciousness in which the psychoequipment plays the main role.
The law is this: "You knock, and will open to you". Where to knock? At what doors? Unless not the mental clue is furnished? Unless it is said not about where it is necessary to direct consciousness and, having established in it a number of new energies, it is immutable nobility and wait for the inevitable investigations of their magnetic attraction. And so in everything. All Precepts are called for establishment in a microcosm of a number of the new centers of gravity. Both bellows new, and wine new – only symbols of again pledged energies and spheres of an attraction. It is time to review great Precepts of the past in the light of new understanding of life. It is time to put a scientific measure of understanding to what was given for the consciousnesses limited to the time and an era two thousand years ago. From the period of an infancy it is time to come to a scope of understanding of Space Laws. Each symbol, each parable hide in themselves exact mathematical laws of fiery energies which knowledge and which application in life of a microcosm and constitutes essence of the psychoequipment. Ancient spoke about iron fate, about inevitable destiny, about hopelessness of the person. All this so. But all this concerned earlier, as well as concerns now, only the person of the blind person or the dead. The gospel directly calls them the dead, speaking: "Provide to the dead to bury the dead persons". But that who follows the Lord – a life. And relentless fate – for the numb or not woken up yet consciousnesses. For knowing – a way Light and Freedom way. For them destiny is over what their victory affirms. Because Lord Pobedil world. And this victorious way over dark blind destiny, or death life, or in death, affirms the psychoequipment when a number of conscious consecutive efforts the microcosm human creates and approves in itself magnetic grains of the new energies which are forced to attract to itself spatial fires at compliance. So uncertainty and a vagueness die going стезею Light. Knows where goes, and trusts the Lord. And the way is covered a number of the firm, unshakable decisions bearing a number of the immutable investigations of the law of a magnetic attraction. And truly, the pupil as the magician, causes desirable karmic statements from space. He any more not a plaything of destiny and unknown hostile forces, he is a son and the employee Forces Light and fiery energies of space serve it. Fire of space serves it, the attendant Light. The person is called for a cooperation with space fire. And if Lord Prishel to cast fire to Earth, then the receiver conscious this fire is he is a tsar of the nature and son God’s – the person, the employee of space forces. Chains of century slavery are dumped, ignorance chains are dumped, the winner, the desired and invited son he who won darkness enters Halls Sweta. To break darkness of ignorance and to dump the chains truly a great victory. In the spirit of it because in consciousness the key from all gate to Light’ lies. To freedom we Call also freedom it is approved. There comes morning of mankind, and people shall meet him free from all and any chains.
599. With the aura sated with energy of various tension the person leaves from the world of it to the World That. Feelers are stretched to the world of plastic matter, and they attract to themselves formations of this thin matter by the nature of the and surround with fluids left a physical body essence. The person continues to live in the world of the same images and representations, as on Earth, but only is more aggravated and strenuously because there is no that strong resistance of the environment which consciousness encounters here. How many work and efforts it is necessary to put here to get or build the house, but there the house will wonderfully grow under the influence of creative thought and if such house already was on Earth, then it with all details and details is transferred to the World Thin and the owner it continues to live in him with the same brightness that he sometimes doesn't even realize the happened change. And as desires and aspirations often don't go beyond usual, life in the sphere of space with all his opportunities and doesn't go beyond usual greyish terrestrial existence. The souls connected by Earth and tied to Earth continue to drag connected, very similar on terrestrial, existence and there until force of the generated images and those energy which have caused them begins to be exhausted. And only then another world begins to make the elevated laws for it. Consciousness wakens to reality of the Thin World and enters an originality of new conditions, but not before terrestrial gravitations are exhausted. The energies generated during lifetime and concerning net terrestrial things bore the fruit. The person tasted from him completely nec plus ultra and, having tasted, both having rejected, and having exhausted, passes already to more distinguished life form. It begins to find freedom of movement and flights. Grows dull terrestrial before ease of movement and beauty of the world of nadplotny. And those aspirations which were generated on Earth and which didn't concern terrestrial things and conditions in that world where everything moves a thought, become real engines of life and compose its elevated conditions. All terrestrial, net terrestrial and material, having ceased, steps aside somewhere, down, the person rises over and reaps the fruits of the elevated aspirations. Each energy directed and generated during lifetime in a full compliance with the essence will be satisfied and saturated under the law of a magnetic attraction. Both the poet, and the musician, and the fan of beauty of the nature – everyone will receive wholly from vibrations of those elements which will be attracted to the sphere of his aura and will create to it illusion of the real world. And just as here, on Earth, the person lives in bright embraces of Maya, accepting dreams for reality and even without suspecting that behind its covers there is a world of true reality and where everything is possible and where more and more brightly and more colourfully and it is easier feasible, and he lives in deceptive, but even more distinguished Maya's world there. And again the moment when the energies of this of other generated on Earth and more highest order are exhausted comes. The person rises above, to the world of distinguished reality, the world of spiritual vibrations. A little they were during lifetime, and the imagination creating was poor. But also there he receives on crops force. Law: there is no energy in a microcosm of the person generated during lifetime which in this or that form wouldn't bring to it by the magnetic force of this or that type of implementation in the Worlds of the Highest. The sower reaps the fruits of the seeded grains, all energies won't be neutralized yet and force of attraction isn't exhausted. The benefit directed to knowledge and new stays in any area. Reap endlessly, the spirit won't be saturated yet. The benefit looking for intimate Knowledge. Only there comprehend reality of Boundlessness. The benefit directed to the Distant Worlds because there enter their auras and join life of other worlds in all its endlessness. The benefit directed to the Lord because enter the Kingdom of the Lord and fruits of Sadah taste it on the eagerness, on the aspiration, on the commitment and love to The one Who with them always and everywhere.
600. Find the place in immensity of Boundlessness to the dirt spot which is referred to as with Earth and on it, on this spot, and the place the low-slightest. It is the sphere of a body. And spirit?

601. (Noyab. 14). Everything is possible what and it is impossible to tell about. Let's go further. Be with Us in thoughts consciously and subconsciously. When consciousness is occupied (external), omit Communication in subconsciousness, but very strong hold (thread). In it your force and a source of force which is constantly flowing in you – the window opened to the world of fiery power. Essence of fixed Contact, especially subconscious, understand. You are busy with something external, but all essence of a microcosm is turned and open to Me. And then, even if you don't think of Me, in an open window of thin consciousness Gore's aroma reaches. Also learn to speak and act, in Me staying. You speak from Me as if. When we go to the Garden My, it is already necessary to be a thought in it, in my Garden, and with Me. I Rejoice opportunities to give through you fragments of Intimate Knowledge. For bigger success the uninterrupted Contact which new extent, that is Contact subconscious, strengthen is necessary. The order is given to subconsciousness, or in subjective mind. And then derivation of a thought doesn't disturb.
terrestrial consciousness was occupied, the communication channel is open. So conscious stay in the Beam amplifies and isn't interrupted even then when the external person is busy with affairs of Earth. Not to leave them, so and their departure should be entered into a framework. As the actor playing the role let knows consciousness that this life offstage and that impersonation, even brilliant, goes against the background of real life. I want to accustom consciousness to the most difficult condition of continuous feeling of communication with Me. For this purpose I Import Contact already into consciousness depths. Let on thread of communication consciousness on the phenomena of the outside world fly. Whether you know that your Lord is anxious to accelerate your way? I Find acceleration methods, but is legal not to damage integrity of a crystal of consciousness. Approved miraculousness. I Import a miracle into a kazhdodnevnost until all life becomes miracle, that is a face of the phenomenon of laws, but to people unknown. The Luchenosny magnet of the fire Spirit Mine works. The Beam-carrier magnet of fire your spirit wakens to action, and three beams – the certificate of the wakening power. I Approve them in you. Them you will change the world inside, and them transformation of life external will go. Consciousness, to Me directed, will succeed. On the channel of aspiration it is possible to receive everything, as well as any desirable quality. From you the attracting magnetic beam directs to Me, and I Saturate a beam of aspiration with required quality. But for saturation it should be premised. Premised attracts. Too psychoequipment. Ignorant asks, an aware beret by the right of knowledge. Consciousness of the pupil also differs from consciousness of the inhabitant in that, and it excludes an element of chance, fogs and uncertainty. Forms of an manifestation of the law aren't accidental as they aren't accidental cause and effect. Generated, yields result in exact interaction with a law wheel. Let the pupil will learn to wish circumspectly because desires will bear him on themselves the stamp of execution – a sign of the growing power. As in the fairy tale the wizard works wonders, changes people and objects, gives them – both things, and people – a desirable form and a type, and the pupil can put on on surrounding any uniform of their expression. And people, in it dressed, create and arrive agrees with it. Energies at all, but if the form from the outside is created, then energies of this consciousness will pour out in the form created by the pupil. This area of the psychoequipment is especially interesting. Experiments can be conducted, creating light forms of expression of the person, it ennobling. Also also private life is arranged. Also all words of belief, admonition and requests clean up. In a form, pomyslenny the pupil, experimental consciousness the actions has. Receiving Light, wins. Not enslavement of others consciousness, but entering of Light into darkness. And if they, inhabitants, realized the blessing force of these contacts, from Me and My pupils outgoing, could be glad about Light’, them lit up at least for a moment. To someone – the psychoequipment, and for someone – a ray of light in darkness. So it isn't necessary to be afraid of either names, or experiences over people because bear them the benefit. Not suppression of foreign will, but the direction of energiya of small consciousness on the worthy course. The psychotechnician Teacher – blessing, joy and happiness for those to whom she is directed. In his work Light’ on transformation of the world and people we will assimilate to Teacher.

602. "I want to know, I want to see, I want to feel the phenomena of the Thin World for cognition", – the pupil so speaks. Everything is possible and is possible, but for a definite purpose, that is it is expedient. Expediency – an advance basis. The person lives for knowledge. In it the purpose of his life. For this purpose life and here, and in the worlds is given. All is learned real in all aspects and in all worlds invisible and visible. For the sake of knowledge – both joy, and a grief, and sufferings. And on a key of cognition the pupil builds the life. Before him – Boundlessness. In her – all. In her immense and immeasurable open spaces – the worlds visible to an eye and physically boundless in the set. But spaces of another dimensions are immeasurably wider. This Universe in aspect of the past and the future existing nowadays, and not only our planet, but also far stars, and different and various degrees and steps of evolution, is too, too exists and too is subject to studying. The knowledge methods given by the Teacher in the pupil's hands, others and unlike methods of the regular cognition accepted by science. The pupil who rather promoted has access to Akasha's archives. He can see the past and can study it and the nobility. Or – life on far stars. We give knowledge true, single in centuries. Lord Knows. Went and Goes Itself way of cognition. Goes the way laid by the legs. The pupil goes his way. Right way. Way of exact cognition of Space and its Laws. The learning device, that is a microcosm, is brought to a certain ready state and refinement because the person without single device arms. Why rough tools when the wonderful fiery device of spirit allows to research that not in power to any device created by people? And besides not to take tools there where it is impossible to take with itself even a body. And all of them are limited to a scale of dense matter. But the spirit is boundless. The terrestrial science is welcomed, but only as a threshold to the highest knowledge. And it is very important to understand functions of creative imagination. It art is important. It is ahead of life, and it develops creative imagination. The imagination is knowledge harbinger, and besides in absolutely certain value. Before the nobility in the field of intimate knowledge, it is necessary to direct to the desirable sphere planned for studying. And only the imagination is the engine. It sends a thought on the necessary channel, it channelizes, it connects to the studied object. Value of creative imagination in the sphere of receipt of the highest knowledge is big. To the worlds where everything moves a thought, the thought directs, but the thought without imagination can't move a little and come off the learning center, and then the network of cognition can't be thrown. Before can, the thought movable by force of creative imagination is premised. Its force even isn't understood by those who already touched. Too people got used to mix imagination with the imagination. The imagination is deprived of creative force. The imagination is fruitless. The imagination is inexpedient. The imagination moves, it is dynamic on the essence. It is fiery energy, manifestation in shape and directed on a gain of the Highest Spheres lying out of the field of regular human experience. Therefore direct. Direct to impossible, to far, to unavailable, to the unknown. The pupil doesn't go the blazed main roads. Ways of knowledge are individual, and only fruits and results of individual stays become already general property. So everywhere. And always so was. And at Us. The brotherhood only supports a way of individual stays. But as it is important to understand the creating power of imagination. And We who cut down in the shining substance of elements of a picture of evolution of the planet and mankind Used all power of our integrated creative imagination. Evolution of Space also is based on the same principle. The imagination creative is a great motive force of the worlds. From small to great everything is set in motion by it. Without imagination force even the leg can't be set, it is impossible even to cross the street. It houses are under construction, it the nature changes, it there ascends the science. Because in imagination the essence invisibly is hidden Because in imagination the essence of hidden fiery power is hidden. We will think of power of imagination.

603. The thought has to be premised to each action. The thought pours out in a form. The form is created by imagination. Means, at the heart of each action and any action the imagination lies. It is that basis on which action is based.

604. (Noyab. 15). And time forever it is necessary to finish a question of honoring of images. What? Of course, sacred. The image in itself has no value, but serves as a connecting link with the one whom it represents. How to connect to the Teacher? Through the image. How to contact high spirit or essence? Only through the image. What differently inexperienced consciousness will grasp? Therefore veneration of icons can be approved as a way of communication with those high spirits whom they represent. The embodiment is closer to reality, the contact is easier. Gold copes and kamenye take away from reality and disturb. The simple icon is stronger.
Honoring of an icon can be accepted as the means of communication. Also the energies which are saved up on the image matter. But all this means, but don't aim. Are necessary so far as. Become unnecessary as soon as extent of direct Communication when begins to see an internal eye is reached. An eye sees directly and obviously that, a symbol of what is this image. That's all.

605. It is necessary to get used to independent ascension. In the beginning you will take material for Dai Ya. Potuom's Records itself from a spatial treasury, and the fact that you want. It is necessary to accustom itself to simplicity of process. You go and take. A key in hands. Only small are driven by a hand. The Neotryvnost in the Beam excludes a possibility of delusions. So, we will learn to direct energies in space for receipt of desirable knowledge. Process is absolutely specific, as on Earth, only a type of energies other, thinner. But their reality from it doesn't decrease. And your Records are the certificate, both an obvious discretion, and understanding, and statement in a visible form of invisible energies space. Forms of the received knowledge can be very various. All inventions and opening of science are obtained from there, from the same inexhaustible source. And if Atlases flew and knew the mysteries of metals, plants and compliance, then, therefore, all this already is in space and it is only necessary to take. Also take. We Arrange spatial images for use by their people, take ready. And a lot of things it is already prepared. The space is saturated with forms of future stays and waits for those who can take. The thought isn't limited to distance. Findings of mankind of the Distant Worlds also saturate space with the gifts. The treasury is inexhaustible. And those who can scoop are the most valuable focuses of the people. In them – the supreme value of the state. Their people will learn to protect. Receivers of spatial fire are rare. Are surrounded with misunderstanding. The relation is still barbarous. And those whom the planet keeps aren't recognized ignoramuses who live and move only thanks to them, planet Light storing. It is told that the highest principles of the planet are concentrated, or are concluded, in mankind. But their carriers are units so far, and they bear on themselves an emphasis of fiery energy. The cross fiery is heavy, and it isn't enough ognenositel. Bear units, and shall – all. But time of general responsibility comes. In the New Era pressure fiery will be distributed on wide circles of mankind. The fiery basis of life will enter life. Also Light carriers will gain recognition.
I will teach an experience nezrimost, I Will teach acoustical perception. I will furnish the clue from a gate of the Hidden World, I Will enter into the course of attention. I will give confidence of experience.
Avoid sharp movements. Break harmony of whole. It is possible to help a thought, in word and deed. Therefore let in force which can not only sweep away everything, but also create.
I Will open ears to my Voice. I will open the first.
607. Celebrate a victory. Full tranquility before people when spoke. You will speak also quietly always how many listeners was. The peace of mind is a victory over crowd. From tranquility we come to mastering mentality of listeners. But the stage of tranquility is necessary. So step by step you will note anywhere and everywhere steps of victories and overcoming. You will be surprised to milestones of achievements. They already are, but there was no case still to oyavit them in operation. Note growth of force. The power over consciousnesses is necessary for the statement of independent thinking. "Also He Spoke as the power having" – a formula of expression of the winner in operation. But it is necessary to go further and quicker. It is necessary to use each opportunity for growth of force. Becomes stronger only on overcoming all and any counteractions. Blows of a hammer of will strengthen power. In thoughts don't allow even a possibility of resistance and non-execution of your mental orders. Have to obey because to my force operating in you isn't present equal among those who are around and will be. Not suppression of someone's will, but superiority of a fiery thought over unsteady and weak creations of slime of narrow-minded thinking. Understand accurately: your thought is loaded with fire of the wakening centers. In it its power and force. The thought of the ordinary person which doesn't have that degree of an ognennost can't fight against it. Under the law of polarization it is just neutralized and goes out. It is necessary to realize the power. The phenomenon of ardent implementation of thoughts is Arkhat's degree. To that we go not greatly. That life is considerable that gives the field for experience of use of force of a hand. Where differently to temper, check and approve power? Yes, yes! Enter ownership of heritage and note steps of gains of spirit. It is necessary to know the force. The lord needs spirit pillars. It is impossible to become the creator of life, without having the power. It is impossible to have the power, without having approved it in consciousness as a stone of the basis of the actions. The power of the Lord is something that you shall be. Because – in Me. You show me the symphony of qualities. Accord of qualities – mighty force. And at the heart of manifestation of each quality the invincible force of tranquility, or balance of spirit. There is no limit of power of balance. To them Space keeps. To them there is a microcosm. But the power which is consciously put in action!!! What can protivostat it? So force of balance of aura neutralizes radiations of all people making contact. And the main thing – without words. It is necessary to leave the word absolutely as a measure of requests, admonitions or achievement of the desirable. We pass to a step of mental implementation of the desirable phenomenon. Let's not forget regal clarity and clearness of the images created for execution. I Approve by my power your power nowadays in life. Don't feel sorry for a payment. For nothing nothing is given. Burden and difficulty of life – a condition of receipt of imperishable treasures of spirit. In wellbeing nothing is created. Rejoice burden of life.

608. Because all our, and everything belongs to us, but on condition of refusal of everything.
609. (Noyab. 16). Darkly and violently. The ship hurries to approach the harbor. But the harbor – in the spirit of, in a spirit condition, in the Highest Spheres to which consciousness of the pupil is directed. Below, among whirlwinds and a haze of the risen elements, isn't present and it is impossible to find a peace of mind. Above, above, to Me, it is also necessary to rise over everything. There are spheres of eternal rest, not trevozhimy Earth gnash, and the spirit can sigh there. This rest is relative, only the fiery body can sustain tension of this rest. It is rest and remoteness from affairs terrestrial, but not rest. There is no rest in Space. But there are spheres where don't reach vibration of the lower class. Not all maintain stay at heights, the essence doesn't maintain. Also and tension of the Highest Spheres. Tension? Yes! But majestic, solemn and несказуемо fine and rhythmical, as movement of the star worlds in space. Speed and intensity of movement is immeasurable, and its complexity is inexpressible, but the symphony of rhythmic tendency of the worlds is solemnly majestic. There is no vanity of terrestrial petty affairs in it. Space greatness and beauty Space rhythm sounds. Combinations of Beams weave space network of Light, deepening the symphony new beauty of the highest fires. I call up, in the Elevated homeland of spirit. I call to become out of life. And the beam of the Sun can light a market, without losing touches with the source. And you in this mortal life, among whirlwinds and a gloom terrestrial, keep a consciousness beam neotryvnost from the Sun of my Spirit. Who says what is easy? Who can think of ease when waves of matter decaying and turning into chaos threaten to flood consciousness when tension of all forces is required to protivostat, and don't put day any more, but to planetary horror of the dismissed spatial poison. And than you can opposite? Only spirit and heart and in a unification with the Lord. So gradually I Export your spirit on the arena of spatial and planetary life. And those which vegetate in darkness external, don't know it, but you know and enter my cares of Earth. Joining my cares, any idea of ease should be dismissed, and about difficulties – to review. Space difficulties with difficulties terrestrial are incomparable. Are incommensurable. My responsibility for Earth should be divided. Planetary scales require other installation of consciousness. Care flows not about a personal world, but about mankind and its destinies. Consciousness grows for life wide, and together with its growth also power of implementation grows. I Temper your spirit to acceptance on myself burden of my cares. It is a lot of them and it is versatile, and assistants are necessary. Employees are necessary. But there are no people. It is a lot of directed to leave from life external, but directed to lift my burden inexpressibly a little. Therefore that who helps Me to bear the World Cross – the Beam. The cooperation with the Lord is hard. All enduring lunar essence rises against and calls down, in the past where was so quietly and irresponsibly. But the fire spirit, wings scented, is torn forward, up, in the future where for it all. Reconsider the relation to life. Review a sense of actions and acts, approve planetary understanding of life. From height distances are visible. Rise up, and the horizon will become wide. I Give food of day, I Don't leave care. Strengthen Spirit. Fiery wings of spirit grow in tranquility of solemnity and awareness of my Proximity. Approve awareness of greatness of tranquility solemn and be in this armor shining. Mortal turmoil life impenetrable. Reality degree of tranquility indestructible. Tranquility and balance inflexible yes will be your answer to waves of external impacts. To torment and everything will annoy. Why to be constantly tormented? Don't allow fluctuation of covers. Don't allow to vibrate him, the without - regal sanction of a will. Fight is difficult, but the victory is inevitable. About a victory It was charged. The soldier in the field of fight doesn't doze, but it is intense. Strain all strength of mind and the will to win. Not for long there was prior to a victory Light. But I Want to see you the winner who is nowadays winning a press of spheres. The victory is difficult, but in the spirit of it is achievable. And We Make a dense stand and winning a Helmet signs. Permission to us all. The attention of the Brotherhood is drawn to you. The mission of the future your future is connected with essence of the Brotherhood. For you – the Brotherhood. Any more not I, but Brotherhood. Whether you realize? Power of the integrated Beams of the Brotherhood extremely. Therefore your way of execution of our commands is covered with success. Like an elephant, you will pass through thickets of human artful designs because you know the way and Who for you. And the blow of a sword of your spirit will be striking. See the growing force. Leave former measures of. The acorn can be put in a chest but than and how to cover krone of a mighty oak? Know the power. I call to understanding of in aspect of the fiery essence. The brotherhood watches when the winner fully equipped fiery comes to the world scene to create life of the New World on command of Lords. To beams of attention of the Brotherhood be glad. For the first time I Speak. The magnet works powerfully. In the field of its attraction it is possible to create endlessly. The change is close. Affirm spirit as understanding of the Brotherhood standing for. Also know: who with Us – always the winner, but not without fight. Fight and a victory – our call. Victory! Victory! Victory!
610. What you want to write about, the son Moy? Isn't present and can't be refusal to the consciousness directed in space, but extent of concentration for extraction of the different phenomena shall be different too. Immersion in Akasha's rolls of concentration requires special and, perhaps, presence of the Teacher direct. Easier with the world of sounds. It is easier to enter it.

611. (Nov. 17). Isn't specified to sit by the sea anywhere and to wait for weather. The psychology of the expecting applicant is so peculiar to the person. And, above all, it is so simple: sit and wait whether the desirable gift will fall from the Moon. And it is good if still desirable because aren't even able to wish and don't want to be able. So, I Speak about accurate and exact desire – the aspiration sent to space. It is possible through Me. The network can be thrown and to pull immediately back, it is possible to throw, or to deliver, for a while, to come is later. But communication with the thrown network isn't interrupted before dredging. To throw and forget – means in vain to waste time. The more persistently the thought to desirable object of cognition is also more persistently directed, the results are more certain. Let's take mankind of the highest planets. Connected with a spatial thought and feeling it, people of distant planets accept active participation in life of our planet. Cooperate mentally and help. The thought directed to distant fellows falls within the scope of an attraction of aura of their planet and is enriched with new elements. A cooperation with the Distant Worlds – one of stages of human evolution of each star. Before to establish it, it is necessary to learn to live interests of terrestrial mankind in (its) whole, that is, having reduced private life, planetary to make a reality. The worlds are open for Us and connection is established, and our task – to involve mankind in the sphere of interplanetary messages. World language and interplanetary language human is single. Each terrestrial language represents itself no other than attempt to express hidden essence of the fact that he tries to express probably as sounds or tracings in more or less imperfect form. Language is a number of the sound or descriptive symbols expressing a thought hidden and bezbukvenny. Deaf-mutes express it by means of gestures, but from it essence of the language as the transmitter of a net thought doesn't change. At this step it is impossible to avoid mediation of sound and descriptive symbols for transfer and exchange of thoughts. The thought internationally has also neither nationality, nor linguistic restrictions. It as essence of the phenomenon stands behind external expressions. The thought not only is international, a thought of a inerplanetary, that is a space. Therefore the thought is available to all. The human device didn't reach yet that degree of perfection when thoughts can be perceived with the same ease, as well as the thoughts expressed in words and tracings. But the person can already perceive thoughts and perceives incessantly. The device is already ready though degree of this readiness isn't realized at all. Living in the world of thoughts and being surrounded with them, the person incessantly unconsciously perceives them magnets of energies of the aura. Thoughts related, peculiar, familiar, habitual and therefore miraculousness of process escapes superficial regular observation are accepted and attracted. But process is mighty and goes continuously. More than a half of acts of man is made under the influence of these invisible thoughts perceived by the device of the person without means of regular symbolics of language. The essence of a thought is transferred directly. It requires understanding and understanding. Because the phenomenon of the greatest importance, the events is obvious and playing a huge role in life of people, isn't seen absolutely and persistently suppressed by ignorant and one-sided thinking. But the mankind steadily approaches opening and recognition of international language of a thought. Time, and the secret, but real-life phenomenon so important for the person will come will become available, acknowledged and clear for all as, say, blood circulation. People will understand that intermediaries aren't necessary for understanding of a thought because it is easier and simpler to do without them and that it is possible to understand perfectly each other irrespective of what language is spoken by the interlocutor because the thought has no language. The highest symbol of a thought, or the energy consisting in a thought is its intimate, but too, in relation to it is concluded The highest symbol of a thought, or the energy consisting in a thought is its intimate, but too, in relation to the fiery energy concluded in it, the external form. The thought is given a shape. This form is the highest in comparison with language, but nevertheless external expression of a thought. And these forms of a thought will also be and are that international and interplanetary language of the highest symbols which uses now unconsciously, and will use then consciously, mankind both at communication with each other on Earth, and with the Distant Worlds. A thought, being expression of fiery energy, doesn't know obstacles. Thoughts, like a sound octave, differ with degree of height and refinement and a certain order of vibrations. There are thoughts heavy and motionless, the lowest octave, and fiery easy, winged – the highest. They themselves represent the most various degrees of variations of fire of space. Are real and concrete, as well as a sound scale or a scale light. Are perceived on compliance by the elements or energiya put and which are in structure of the perceiving microcosm device. Similar is perceived and learned by similar. The rough and undeveloped human device can't and isn't able to apprehend the thoughts belonging to the highest octaves because to perceive them he has nothing,
there are no strings vibrating in unison with the highest energy. But each human device, is as if rough it was, nevertheless is the receiver of thoughts of a certain octave of tension and refinement. So can perceive everyone, but on compliance and the refinement. The problem of international language in connection with ability to perceive thoughts and introduction of this process to the sphere of consciousness of mankind becomes vital and real. Process of perception of a thought is universal, all are subordinated to it, but isn't realized. Look and don't see, listen and don't hear, perceive, but don't wish to understand what is that occurs and what is imperiously knocked on brains human.
612. Not to avoid performance of the debt. The debt is understood differently. The highest form of performance of a debt is Great Service. The attendant Sveta becomes accepted him. The service begun isn't interrupted on all plans and fills a chain of lives. Fires created by its essence belong to the highest octave of fires. The microcosm of the Attendant Sveta generates fires the highest. Just as beams of a range give a ray of light in a harmonic combination, and the harmonic combination of the highest fires generates Light. Their carrier becomes the Carrier Light. The sphere of the fiery device radiates around itself Light, leaving forms of fires of huge duration anywhere and everywhere where it passed. Terrestrial fire lights the sphere around and warms it at the time of action probably and obviously. Fires of spirit are long in the action. And where there passes the Attendant Light on the ground, he leaves as if the channels Light dug in the area where his leg went. And where it stayed more or less long period of time, there are centers Light. The atmosphere of the area, either house, or monastery of lightful spirit changes. Honoring of places of life of Great Spirits has very deep value based on knowledge of impact of fiery aura on the surrounding terrestrial world. Light transmutirut the surrounding sphere. The so-called holy sites can be valid places of the special importance. Magnets are so created the lightful, operating centuries. Their transmutating force can be huge. Technically they represent themselves the condensed crystals Light of the highest lightful matter expressed in a certain form and staying in the place of concentration of fiery energy. Also and sacred objects represent themselves as if the clots Sveta which are saved up and collected around their material symbol. All things created by the person or which are in his use are sated with it its mental energy and become objects of blessing or a damnation depending on its properties or character. Because fires radiated by the person happen different degrees and properties. If to consider everything surrounding in its fiery aspect, then it is possible to imagine how objects and things, houses and clothes and everything that is around people, napityvatsya by their emanations. Because both above, and below. Only steps of tension of auras and an octave of fires of each microcosm differ extraordinary: from Light of the lowest fires bearing to dark carriers. But aura fires sate with the radiations space and weave the atmosphere of the planet.
Light fiery oases are rare. Around gray haze and ashes of the lowest dark fires. All feelings and emotions human are various forms and phases of fire, and everything leaves the indelible mark on surrounding. It is possible to imagine what horror surrounds the centers of a huge human assemblage and what their spatial harm. The magnetic essence of the layered radiations covers consciousness as if the sphere and if it unstable, subordinates and forces to vibrate in unison. Only strong consciousnesses can overcome tension of such spheres and – connected with Hierarchy. The others hopelessly sink in the fetid swamp heavy human emanations, accumulated for centuries. In these spheres everything is concentrated detaining evolution. It is difficult to probodat heavy stratifications. Therefore consciousnesses which by force of communication with Hierarchy break a nagneteniye of the surrounding sphere are invaluable and, overcoming her magnetic force, are the centers Sveta and the centers of a magnetic attraction of the highest lightful energiya. Pupil, living among ordinary people and in usual conditions, there is really a hero carrying a heavy feat of service Sveta. Being connected with Hierarchy and staying in its Beams, it is focus to which the Lord's Beam goes. He perceives the Beam, assimilates it, and itself becomes the luchenosny center, around himself radiating Light of the highest fires. The feat consists in fixed overcoming tension of the surrounding sphere aiming to extinguish and ugasit fires of spirit of its carrier owing to the nature. There is a terrible, fixed, continuous fight of the carrier of Light against surrounding darkness. Dim gray consciousnesses of people as to the bog, aim to tighten lightful essence of the hero. And he, one, costs against this terrible gray dragon of ordinary dim existence and power of the spirit, the fires not only doesn't incline before its force, but also wins against it, and first of all the consciousness. And, not угасив the fires, Sveta, one resists to all environment human. Therefore the way of the hero of spirit therefore its fire therefore the Lord's Hand with it in his fight against a gloom is powerful is difficult. Therefore glory to them, Light bearing because don't even know and don't suspect greatness of the sacred heroism of darkness. And darkness suppresses and Sveta extinguishes each flash, but the soldier Sveta is tireless, the hand in making isn't tired, sacred fire of heart doesn't go out. The winner overcomes darkness. The microcosm of the devotee of spirit burns with the Light as the beacon in dark night, and shines all.
613. (Noyab. 18). Why you weaken yourself unnecessary thoughts?
Each thought which flashed in consciousness forces to vibrate nervous system and, being fire, or energy fiery, generates fire at the accord. Also and the thought which came from the outside. Character and property of a thought causes character and property of fires created in themselves. Thin plastic matter of elements exists in various extents of depression: from dense, close to Earth, to the thinnest, from heavy and inactive to lungs and aspiring up. Therefore also the forms created by a thought on essence of its fire are created and differ on property of matter from which they are created. Of course, each thought of an ognenn, but a thought usual and terrestrial, a thought thin and a thought – a thought fiery, in full and literal sense of this word, differs from the Highest Spheres of the Fiery World in the highest properties of a flame. There are heavy motionless thoughts as a stone attracting down. There are lungs uplifting as helium. Ognenno not a metaphor uplifting a thought. Penetrating all microcosm, adjusting it on a scale of the highest octaves of fire, the thought literally rarefies dense matter and does all conductors and a physical body easier. Even gait becomes easy, air. High extent of impact of a thought on a body is sitting on water or a raising on air. All being of the person under the influence of a fiery thought directs up. Such consciousness won't be late in the lower class. Lightful fiery spheres will be its destiny. It isn't necessary to allow in consciousness of thoughts of the lowest order – as a stone standing or lead on wings. People with the connected wings – it is so possible to call them directed to Earth. The thought connects the poroditel with that object or the sphere to which it is sent or which concerns. Consciousness, entirely and completely occupied with terrestrial cases and of anything, except Earth, not thinking, is tied by all threads to Earth and its things and after death stays in this terrible coherence. But the generated aspiration to unearthly spheres, immediately flies to them as on wings, chains of matter dense are hardly dumped. The world Thin is divided on layers, from the lowest to the highest, and the consciousness exempted from a body immediately invincibly is attracted by magnetic essence of the elements which are putting on the microcosm which dumped weight to spheres in which there are objects of aspirations, desires, thoughts and dreams of the consciousness exempted from a body. To the habitual sphere, or area, thoughts it enters, being combined by energiya of the device with sphere energiya according to the accord and affinity. Speak about punishment or punishment. Incorrectly! Isn't present in Space of similar institute. Just everyone receives that he wanted, and completely, in full accordance with the generated desire. Also there are no judges. But there is a harvest of crops of terrestrial grains. And sowers of grains terrestrial on Earth also shall think of what will be a harvest. Sow, reap, and on the works. The wonderful fiery device of the person which is thinly sounding on those vibrations which are pledged in it in the form of grains, both causing outside and reacting to the energies going from the outside reacts only elements, in it pledged and in it being. Not only the physical body, but also an astral, both thin and fiery bodies eats. Astral – emotions and feelings, thin – feelings and thoughts. Therefore creation and saturation of all conductors goes incessantly. Therefore it is necessary to think, and it is good, than are saturated what elements or vibrations are entered into the sphere or into tissues of each of them. As well as than there is a saturation. Because the elements approved in everyone will be or a source of joy and blessing, or – on the contrary. So again we come to control. Again the consciousness patrol as means of conscious creation of substance of invisible conductors, or covers affirms. They are, they, they, being conductors, lead to the understanding center of energy of the spheres corresponding to them, but by the nature of the conductor and on as well as what energies he can carry out through the fabrics as well as on what they will be able to vibrate in response to the energies of the Elevated World which directed to it. The master of fate who created the conductors and this them this or that degree of conductivity, and certain vibrations is personally convinced of unalterability of a great formula "Be not mistaken: God we will scold doesn't happen that you will seed, you will reap". Only he is convinced of it not on pages of the distorted and misunderstood sacred writing, not from lips of the preachers who aren't believing in them, but in life, on himself when the relentless law of life begins to work precisely, definitely, mathematically, in due form a magnetic attraction and polarization of thin energies. In the manifestations and subordination to the law they are very similar to everyday occurrences of energies electric and magnetic and are subordinated to absolutely similar laws of energy. Not miracles, but the life of thin energies which is shown in the form of the law. And irrespective of church resolutions.
614. The son Moy, to your efforts will be an award, and considerable. And not an award, but a consequence of the directed energy. Still it isn't confident in inevitability of the investigations. But invisible threads already weave happiness cover. And also we Wait for Ma Raduyemsya. And now everything sank in a gloom of pre-dawn twilight. Standing on a patrol now, in days of a nagneteniye of a gloom, show a commitment measure. Whether also I Will forget them, not forgotten Me? And many will come then, in Day Sveta, and will tell: "The lord, we yours, we are ready to serve You as all measure of readiness and commitment". Also I Will tell them: "The benefit to you, to Me the comer. But where they, beloved my, not left Me in day of a great gloom when my affairs were in need? Where they, to my Heart indulged forever? I Want to deliver them in my Heart closer than others, nowadays come, in Day of Great Light". The son Moy, be not confused nothing; in beams of love of your Lord you are lifted over a chasm, you are lifted over life. You in the sphere of an attraction of magnetic power of the Stronghold. From celestial it is far I Send the Beam Ma for your benefit. To them yes lead Life Sveta. Hidden treasures of invaluable gifts to you grace of Uyavlyayu. Бессмертья I Prepare a chain armor for fiery fights by a skillful Hand. Clothes of Light I Will invest you that a smog among immortal you be. And, having given to Dara Moy, I Will deliver in power to manage a cause of peace. To Côme Dover power Sveta as not to the one who in Sveta Moy didn't stick to stay in a Hour the last. Here took away from you everything that is loved by your soul and what the spirit is eager for, and it is surrounded with darkness, and friends hung in despondency. But with Me, both it is right Called, and the sword in your hand is strong. The son Ma darling, firmness of spirit the Guarantee of the Lord yes will be a pledge. Wonderful destinies Knotted around you. A node of execution of my desire to give Light to eyes, to give Light to ears, to give three beams divided on natures of three worlds and merged in one. One in three, one in seven, one in twelve – the Secret. But in my hand, but in my Heart, but in my Kingdom to staying – a wreath immortal, won the world. I Will top a forehead with a victorious beam, and it will be familiar statements of power of the fiery essence which has begun a path of fiery transformation. My world with you yes will be in consciousness of the future Light.

615. (Noyab. 19). I Notice the atmosphere of special good luck around my affairs. Don't fade. Neither the frost, nor heat work. Also sprout under all conditions. Thin energy generate results over dense beds and despite them. The investigation is shown in dense conditions, but his roots out of them. We go always from thin to dense, from invisible to visible, in invisible engendering the reasons. Therefore roots of our affairs are hidden and can't be struck with opposite forces. And you, creating a thought, don't bring it out of a condition of secrecy either the word, or business. Let will ripen in the sphere, to nobody unknown and hidden from whose that was looks: both friends, and enemies. And when will ripen, will give roots and it will strongly be approved in the world invisibly real, then only, and only then, it is possible to speak about her. But nevertheless it is better not to speak, but to do, and – it is less than words. Words – the valves which are releasing construction energy. And when there is a lot of them, all energy proceeds words and then there is no structure. Therefore ours say a little. Don't speak about intimate. It is one of the reasons of a sokrytost of intimate knowledge. Who will want to lose force pronouncing excess words? Therefore silence is welcomed as the store and the guardian of fiery energy. Forces of silence don't know, prefer her visible action and force expressed in a visible form. But look at the person who has poured out the emotions completely in words and actions and the person who hasn't given them uniform gesture or the word. In the last you see and you feel force of reserved power. The accumulated fire is built and ready for expression, but in other forms invisible and a fruit bearing while in the first case force is dispelled downwind. Not therefore the astral is bridled that nevmestno to the lowest to operate the highest though it and so, but because invaluable fiery energy is wasted. Spendthrifts are all actions, words and emotions which aren't bridled by will and not being under her nedremanny control. Therefore restraint, both reticence, and self-checking is guardians of fiery force. And their antipodes – spendthrifts. There are acts, both actions, and the words which are saving up power and is it wasting. It is possible to give energy, but to the known limit after which there comes the moment when her squandering begins, that is it deprived of a magnetic basis flows away everything, leaving covers empty. The moment is dangerous. The devastated microcosm is defenseless. Be preserved against devastation of a treasury and you remember that each word pronounced is the spendthrift of fire. Words inexpedient are similar to self-burglarizing. Idle talk – the enemy of mankind. There is no care of the pronounced words. The solemnity has left the speech, and life has turned into a market. The person, being the highest, it can't be covered with a vanity raincoat with impunity. Vanity will give rise to fussiness, fussiness – babbling, babbling – obsequiousness. Fussiness, babbling, obsequiousness – enemies of the psychoequipment. The clown on the way to the Brotherhood isn't necessary.
Clowns of evolution aren't necessary. Therefore the advantage of spirit is quality the most necessary. This form of expression of spirit is a guardian of fiery energy. It is necessary to understand that qualities – an essence of a form of expression of spirit and, per se, bear and cover in themselves a number of energiya of a certain order, but measured on the highest scale of fire. Not external manifestation of sugary virtue and a horoshesta, but the fiery grains of magnetic energiya approved in a microcosm creating an attraction his life in all spheres real real fiery energy, ready to action, as tools to fight. The reflecting network of aura consists of them. They support force of radiations of protecting network because fires approved in a microcosm are effective silently.

616. Isn't present and can't be, isn't present and there was never a time, more difficult, than now, before great shift. Energy should collect everything and, having sent to one focus, to extinguish, that is to neutralize. And only then already to give the culmination final, for ages. Therefore We Are strained in huge effort to cause outside all opposite forces that, having caused to break. Now, right now all hidden is caused outside and the chance to show the face is given it. Good – for statement, bad – for destruction. And "Let's allow to a leopard to jump", but it will be his last jump. Having risen, will fall a corpse. Let's clean a support, and fall will be in a chasm. He prepares for a jump, the last, deadly. Deadly to it.

617. (Nov. 20). Lord Am of guards of hundred - an eye. Fiery consciousness Sees, fiery consciousness Hears, fiery consciousness Knows. The nobility – destiny of the person. And only fruits of knowledge are its legal property. He looks for another, he wants things, but shall want only knowledge. In it terrible deception of illusions of terrestrial things. The person doesn't possess them and can't belong as products of a dense condition of matter, short for the person and temporary. Perhaps, some things also remain after his death: both gold, and stones, and houses, and other property, but the person leaves, without having taken with itself an obol. Therefore release from things and understanding of their true place in evolution of mankind should be acquired nevertheless sooner or later. And as soon as to ownership of things the due place and their true value and value is found are weighed on Boundlessness scales, there comes the moment of release from the power of the things which were so weighing and connecting consciousness. They can be had, they can be created, it is allowed to think of them, but only in aspect of their true and passing value. Therefore own everything, but consider nothing. It is impossible to appropriate particles of space matter. But it is possible to use everything because everything is this on a consumerism of the person. The enduring feeling of property especially weighs the person there, in Thin World. Imagine the mental products of a microcosm created by it from plastic matter Hidden World in the form of images and the person applying that they belong to it. Tying itself to the phantoms created by him stops the way to further promotion as the miser sitting over a chest with gold. The person who saw a mirage and not the person interested to leave him, will consider the madman, but living in an environment of the mental products and persons interested to leave them notice the madness. And if here nothing belongs to us, then how where creates a thought and where creativity is destiny even of small consciousness? I Won't be tired to speak about overcoming illusion of property because – the most harmful and many live it. But not tied to something it is free. Free can learn. We approve all types of freedom. We exempt from all types of slavery. People live in cages them the created illusions. Human beliefs, traditions, fashion, customs, conventions – all of them decided by people of a frame of identification of spirit human, no other than slavery chains. So the person always lives under the power of various the potential of the crystallized mental educations created by him. And they are walls of its voluntary prison, constructed by his own hands to them. The merit of any revolution consists in destruction of astral heaps and, as a result, in destruction of already visible established physical shapes of life. How differently to release people from a dungeon? Therefore revolutions – as explosions cleaning. All is better to lose and to go to the World Thin free from things, than to have everything and to be chained to the ownership as the convict to four wheels. Therefore be frequent misfortune from the point of view of terrestrial can blessing in the highest and self-vital sense. Because the person doesn't know in what his true happiness. Beggar in the Highesr World the person surrounded with own things. So from time to time are taken away from people of a toy human. And the benefit to the one who can tell: "It is free because I have no anything". Then possession is transferred to the world of knowledge, and the person learns endlessly, already apart from boundlessness of the cognizable world the property. Remember that nothing belongs to you because all yours and you in everything. The fallen Angel read the planet – the whole planet – the ancestral lands and stumbled in to fruitless attempt to isolate and separate from it the worlds. Could make the temporary seeming success in case of the lowest condition of consciousness of mankind, but now when it comes to space open spaces, its defeat is inevitable. Great owner and father of generation of illusion of property. And owners – his servants. Slaveholding and slavery in all types – products of proprietary psychology. Even attempts to seize consciousnesses of masses for new slavery aren't alien to them, property darkness generated. Therefore the property in all types is destroyed. Only its neobkhodimeyshy types are left, but reduced to a limit and in new, expanded understanding of its prekhodimost and temporariness. When it is told about general ownership, means to claim consciousness in understanding that nothing belongs to it and everything is given in temporary use. There will be time, and everything will be general, all will belong to the Community, or society, and nothing – persons. But it is necessary that consciousness grew, and it is necessary that there was an abundance of fruits terrestrial. Of course, things of personal use, in order to avoid mixing of auras and stratifications, shall remain in the personal channel and even to be destroyed as, for example, clothes. But it is already details. The future bears to mankind freedom from any property, that is complete freedom of spirit from attachment to terrestrial things. Release from the power of things is an evolution step.
618. Yes, the friend Moy, ways the highest are inscrutable. And time the established Proximity truly doesn't rust. Time doesn't play a role, over time of communication of spirit. Also prepared and intended by the space law won't leave. There is something, reigning over the world of time, but in time shown as the rotating planet which is consistently lit up by the Sun in the parts. Also it is necessary to know that the Sun of my Spirit shines always, but action rather the yavnost of its impact, nature and degree depend on rhythms of a spiral of movement of spirit. I who was this and giving as the Sun with the planet, it is connected to you magnetic threads of spirit. And your spirit rushes in space in rhythmic spiral fiery movement aspiration. But I Remain the center of gravity I. Tak in Me all. And your love is only the Law feeling knowledge. Therefore not only it is legal, but also a cosmic in the being. And, being understanding of the great Space Law, is essence of the motive ascending force of your spirit. And two Beginnings generated it, as well as all real. Therefore your love to Mother is understanding of the great creating Beginning. Mother is Mother's symbol the World on Earth, and not a symbol, but confidential and an embodiment of its eternally this Beginning. Therefore knowledge is given to mankind through It – Mother of Agni Yoga representing himself on Earth Mother's embodiment World. The chain is a direct, and direct connection. It, Mother World, Is force giving. And in Mother of Agni Yoga suitable intimate feels this mighty power source giving. Fiery Mother Heavenly Fiery Mother terrestrial, her representing itself, Allows blessing to endow with fiery power of those who approach with understanding and openness of heart. The great Mystery of life is created It, the Face Hidden, and Mother Fiery of Yoga, the spokesman and the bearer of its in total - the giving Beginning, a hand and the leg on my command pledged fiery steps of new cognition of mankind. Great action was made by It which accepted in Stone hands fire and the power fiery invested. So in It in one two are merged: That whose highest power is expressed, and that which in heavy terrestrial conditions and a feat not predicate expresses itself the principles in dense conditions of matter of fiery essence the Face Hidden. Therefore Mater of Agni Yoga, My First-call, bears an manifestation of the greatest Order. In great works planetary fiery action comes true, and the cross because counteraction force a flame of the changed terrestrial matter of a bike and the press is heavy is insufferably heavy. And We everything, standing on the Great Patrol, we Approve the transmutating power of its spirit. Its high phenomenon should be understood not so much how many to feel heart when words are already excessive because they can't transfer all depth and secrecy of the made sacrament. But isn't present on the planet of the phenomenon deeper and higher, than Ee bearing our Assignment. Envoy Light! Ee I Announce to the world as the rescuer of the planet, Ee bearing in herself fires of transformation of life. Doesn't see the greatness because Light carrying him isn't visible. But you who is seeing, ochuvstvovavshy and understood, confirm Light Her life on Earth the oyavlennykh and approved as a prototype of the future transformation of mankind. And the truth of the future centuries, She
great spirit in the flesh and a body on Earth imprinted, the truth of the highest fires, in dense matter shown you will give to the world for understanding and comprehension, for the statement of a new step of evolution of mankind. You will confirm Her as to the Bearer Light’, manifesting the highest step of the fiery transformation reached on Earth in usual conditions of flesh. The great feat should be understood. The crucifixion corporal is short. But the spirit crucifixion in matter vice on a cross of her fiery transformation demands all neslomimost of ardent spirit. And I, Have blessed the life cross which has accepted on a feat of life of Ee. To the bearer of the Highest fires the Wreath Sveta is bequeathed.
619. (Nov. 21). Yes, the son My, is truly close: was, is, you will be. From here all your knowledge and all aspiration. But the treasury of the Bowl is opened not all. Accumulatings are very big. Not to reveal them in close conditions of flesh. And to anything manifest them now. Because everything is good in its season. But they your, collected by the price of great sufferings and works on thread of silver communication. We have no santimentalny tearful compassionateness to going severe path a feat because the true love directs and from thorns the victory wreath is weaved. But never we Leave the relatives in need, and the Hand of the help is ready. But the child should allow to learn to stand on the legs even, always, everywhere. So, knowing My Proximity, in centuries approved, you can quietly look at waves of the terrestrial events which are meeting halfway. Whether them you who isn't frightened feats in the past will be frightened? The lever of love and commitment to highest yours is, and it can lift even Earth, and there is no point of support which was looked for by Archimedes. In the light of its long prescription Affairs of day both its vanity grow dull and true values of life take the place appropriate to them. Everything becomes where it is necessary, and in the developed past spiral the present accepts the sizes pro rata to a great way, without covering with itself either the future, or the past any more, nor what is beyond a border of the sphere of direct evidence. And transitional the present moment – as the link of the long chain stretched in time appears at consciousness in the Two-faced troichnost. The present of evidence and the present of reality from World Mine and connected with Me, and the present of three worlds in three aspects of time lit with the moment of this piece. This understanding of things won't allow phantoms of a present situation, small and insignificant in to itself, to accept for reality and won't prevent to extract from them experience juice. I arm hastily with knowledge for a fulfillment of affairs of the next years. Will demand tension and skillful fight. But not to begin to get used to an eagle to flights over mountains, dales, abysses, breaks, both the woods dense, and dead deserts. Because flies over everything and reaches to the purpose. I Call an eagle of spirit you who enjoyed a bitter bowl of life of capture in matter, but the broken-off slavery chains. And therefore don't delay, flying by over a chasm, and be not late in summer if, having gone down to the earth, you hear a ring of chains. Many hands last from everywhere. But you remember: what you did where you were, whoever surrounded you, don't become attached to anybody and to anything – nor to people, nor to things, nor to affairs. Because only I am eternal and непреходящ. In Me and on Me build the Stronghold of Knowledge and experience. So it is possible to build only on the eternal basis. And the love threads stretched from the millennia of the past in Eternity will be happiness wings. But also small these don't forget, you the love and commitment bringing because in your love with Me will be if go to the Name My. Where they, devoted? Give each sign of commitment and readiness to Me, and I Will approve them, the driver who recognized you. Remember, not only mine you use the force, but also you can give My force to others for a ignition of their aspiration and fires of spirit. Yours is greatforce of impact on people. She should be ochuvstvovat and seen. So let each your word told the person will be an arrow Light or the beam which is lighting up a gloom of consciousness of your neighbor or the sword striking darkness. Words are fiery spheres Light, or the balls thrown around into space. Be careful and conscious in the address with fiery energiya. And never spend without the purpose of precious power, Me in your hands given for business Sveta. Intimate protect a thrift conscious.

620. Energy can be collected only under a nagneteniye, as in the boiler. And the more pressure, the is stronger action of collected energy. Each opening of valves or cranes escapes steam and lowers pressure. It is possible to produce also all steam. The microcosm can be assimilated to the boiler. Under a press fiery energy accumulates if all valves and cranes are closed. Each told word is opening of the valve, each shown emotion. Such phenomenon as irritation, is equivalent to opening of all outlets and the full expiration of fiery energy. There are feelings – spendthrifts of fire. It is possible to call them devourers of mental energy: fear, doubt, regret, despondency, concern, fussiness, babbling, obsequiousness, garrulity, uncertainty, chagrin, discontent, suspicion and all other shortcomings and negative emotions. Therefore all energy of human essence demand restraint and severe control. In the reason of the allowed feeling devourer the thought lies, of course. Therefore thoughts devourers and plunderers of energy are even more dangerous, than feelings and emotions because they, thoughts, channelize and release energy of a microcosm to manifestation.
The thought is always premised to emotion or feeling. Therefore and the threshold shown by a thought is important. To bridle a thought, and feelings will follow the tastes of a thought. The thoughts braking and the thoughts engines, thoughts which are giving rise to energy, and thoughts, killing it, the thoughts attracting up and the thoughts pulling down as weights – here two orders of thoughts because one – from Light others – from darkness. The fixed memory about the highest is continuous accumulating of fiery energy. Therefore direct to Me. This channel fiery force inflows. Each person bears in himself a crystal of mental energy. We call it treasure of energy. As heart fights always because its energy is inexhaustible, power of grain of spirit is also inexhaustible if accumulatings are sufficient and the crystal is powerful. In great acts of the world we see inexhaustibility of a fiery crystal of mental energy in operation. And when it is strengthened by communication with Hierarchy, its power is big. People differ among themselves with the sizes of cumulative treasure. It doesn't have the price. Accumulating process – process of thousand-year duration, and not one, but hundreds. We Determine degree of height of spirit and its accumulatings by the size of the Stone. The crystal of energy is connected with heart. The combination of two treasures – treasures of heart and treasure of energy – gives shape of the person and nature of his Immortal Identity. Let's direct spirit to accumulating of immense treasures. In them – world Light. In them – life.
621. (Nov. 22). Yes, of course, you speak My Name and on behalf of mine because it is this to you Me by right to space. The right to speak my Name is granted. And as you speak by right, and words will be valid special. The highest cooperation with the Lord is a sacrament of deep value. Deep because lies out of dense conditions and a prekhodimost, doesn't depend on them and it isn't connected by time phenomenon. And it is intimate because has the sources and the beginning in the Fiery World. Vnevremenna of an uyavleniye fiery. Here you on Earth, here are surrounded with darkness, but Light threads weaving immortality life are stretched from Boundlessness and in Boundlessness. So eagle wings grow to win against space. We live in space, and to life spatial it is necessary to adapt consciousness. Difficultly on Earth to create spatial living conditions, but without a home terrestrial and the principle of homeless circulation are a condition of kosmo-spatial life, but in terrestrial reflection. And also and refusal of property. And if terrestrial circumstances don't give the chance of implementation, then testing or approval of elevated conditions can be undergone consciously in the spirit of. Because in the spirit of the decision, but not in legs and not a pile of dusty things. So a final factor of any conditions and decisions is consciousness, but not something, out of it lying. Again we come to a microcosm as the center causing reaction to the energies going from the outside. The highest principles of the planet are concluded in the person, in him are shown, and the highest dominates and manages the lowest. But not to determine degree of this power mind human because also planets are created by Spirits-Founders who were also is once people. So the steps conducting to the power space should be understood. Dkhiani-builders Dominate over matter. Lifting your consciousness above the ground, I Open opportunities space.
Because directed in depths of space submits to laws of the highest attractions and approves the monastery in Lon of the Space receptacle. Are given to spirit of a possibility of kosmo-spatial existence. But it is necessary to put the world of the highest realities here, on Earth. From Earth there is a construction. Not from superficial passing stratifications, but from substance depths. In them and all basis of construction is based upon them. From depth not the doubting external waves of layers rises the base of the Eternal Basis, and, piercing spheres temporary and passing, columns of the Temple of Life go up, to Spheres Fiery, finishing already in them all construction. Therefore the big cycles which are above temporariness of these conditions are given. I speak about the Eternal Basis of Life. Not chants and glorification, but eternal construction of life in eternally directed spiral of the ascending movement. So on the Space Basis we Build life. Therefore for Us the chain of the millennia costs as yesterday of the cyclic star periods – too Days and Nights, but big. A century of Fishes – Night, the future century of Aquarius – Day, and so from the Cycle to the Cycle. Consciousness is accustomed to think and live in intervals of time, huge on duration, and eventually will rise over it. I import your consciousness in a row of the concepts and representations stretched from the bottomless past in infinity of the future that, having risen over life, found life. We Live in Eternity. Our scales – planetary and space, and Earth are in them the place. We Don't leave the earth homeless. Skillfully we Combine terrestrial and space, temporary and eternal because Earth is a step in Boundlessness. – gives to the orphan which she sheltered – to mankind the chance to join the ocean of cosmic-spatial life, but having passed through Cycles it Days and Nights. And they are also broken into separate notes, octaves and scales. Each note differs from previous, each octave – from standing nearby. Century of Aquarius, Century of Fishes, century of the pretsessionalny zodiac – time octave. Who thought about them, who pondered upon a time scale, as natural as a sound or light scale, and as boundless as a life scale, and allowing gray-haired time to play on it the majestic space and planetary symphonies. The time scale climbs the octaves also spiralno, утончаясь with each octave. Star beams play on time octave strings, developing before human consciousness of prospect of boundless opportunities.
622. You will approve the Lord in life and to confirm Me. You will tell that truly I Am, and not on pages of the dusty Writing which left life. You will tell that I – in life both with them, and in their affairs. That My Hand directs life and makes effort that to them who forgot Me and withdrawn Me from life, it was easier and better to live. Without Me there is no life, and is valid, that gray strap which they dragged, life it was impossible to call. Everything that they had good – from Me, bad – from itself or their enemy – a fallen svetonositel. Here you came to Me as did it in all the lives, and life was decked, having opened the horizons. And they which accepted Me will find, at last, that balance of spirit in matter which was lost. Me you will make a great cause the Lord's provozvestiya. You will ardently testify. And you will tell: "To the lord whom you don't know, but who was learned by me, I announce. I am way to the Lord, and you can approach through me, but if you want to go to It in the way, not through Me, go the way, but learn My Way that could make it in the way and go, independently". Also there will be no condemnation it, the person interested to go the way because to Me directing a way Dam. And still you will tell: "I approached in the way, but through the Doctrine. The doctrine will specify a way to the Lord. Go way of the Doctrine of Life". And whatever way up chose, approve this way wishing advance by My force, you this. Approve the value of work self-sacrificing. Also tell: workers selflessly on a field of the national Benefit – Mine. Yim Dam to reap the fruits Light even if they aren't skillful and are unusual to flights of a spatial thought. The benefit to them working on advantage of the people. Also your criterion for those who bring the work on construction of the New World will be wide let. Don't push away, don't drive away brought even the little on the trifle. Simple consciousnesses of a national thick in the trifle can show devotion and love great. Therefore I Speak to you having the power to create and strike: "Don't drive away small these, on service to bring the light to me wanting". Their trifle can become a fidelity stronghold. Especially when "big and reasonable" the heart was dried up in convolutions of the brain. Therefore my Blessing because small these were forgotten is taken away from them, rejected and trampled the heel. Know: they, small, will incur my Light and will accept your word about Me heart not numb. You will approach the people through the heads of clever men of this century. I will arm you with force great and knowledge. You will know because saw. Dam strength of skilled knowledge. And if who speaks because he trusts, you will speak because you know. I Will set the seal of knowledge to your spirit and Dam in hands fire. A stone you will feel fire. Its force is immeasurable. Yes, yes, and the Stone sacred you will see. A lot of things wait for you, not holding still nowadays in your understanding. Consciousness to greatness of the future Light and opportunities it prepare, without limiting its opportunities to the understanding from today. Becoming at life sources, know that life is fire. And fire in itself realized approaches sources of the creating power. I approve three times you in force of these beams. I confirm Itself power of the beams approved. In silence and tranquility wait for an manifestation of fiery gifts. Also remember: told by your Lord it is immutable as a way of the Sun.
623. (Nev. 23). You shall understand inevitability of periods. There can be changes in detail, but the main period isn't subject to changes. Each octave of time has the boundary, further which another begins. We approach limits of completion of an old Cycle and the statement new. What shall be made within old will come true now. The leaving energies of the old world will give the last flashout already to die forever, but shall give flashout, otherwise there will be no discharge. It is a completion Cycle. I Train you for periods. Also understand inevitability of the future destiny connected to periods. Of course, everything is difficult, and it is difficult to adapt a karma personal to a karma urgent, to a karma of periods and to agree on them with a karma national. Burden of waiting – from a mismatch still the not harmonized of karmas. We Wait for centuries. And when there comes the moment of the culmination completing tension is heavy. But we Stand a united front and we Call relatives to rally especially with firmness. We Will meet by a wall the last attack of the enemy. The last spiteful energies of the leaving world will break against a wall of our indestructibility. As well as always, focus of the concentrated shock – the Stronghold, and force its Stronghold assumes. Lords of a karma on guards to finish last mankind karmic scores. And someone will shall assume all burden of karmic discharges when shock is reflected. Enemies will break themselves by force of the reverse shock. The psychotechnique coordinates with psychomechanics, but the discharge and neutralization of forces of the opposite camp will be caused. Rays of the New star – to rarefyof the leaving energies and amplifiers new. Psychomechanics – space. Devices human as the reacting centers – in the thick of collision of energies of space will also shall cease on waves of the last collision of spatial energies. Spatial, because not from today they are roots leave deep into. But for sighted people readiness is required great because it is necessary not only to resist, but also to help that at collision the network of Light hasn't been broken. On guards great there will be closest mine these last days and vigilance won't be weakened about My Day. Therefore I Give an assignment: forces to meet the last decisive days, to collect, from the main thing not to distract nothing and silver thread of communication to hold with a firm hand. Attempts from outside to break communication and balance of spirit will be. It is necessary to see immediately, without spending forces and to resist.
What else to tell you? Unless about life elevated? For this purpose, who has reached a condition of not interruptibility of consciousness, and transition to the World Thin, and conditions of his existence absolutely others, than for usual consciousness. It should be understood. In new conditions consciousness is guided easily, quickly and simply. Everything is familiar for a long time, and nothing is new. Adaptability of consciousness depends on ability to subordinate to itself vibration of new spheres. The person who has become puzzled upon transition and lost spirit advantage be it for fear or any other emotions, is the victim of any astral currents. But owning himself on Earth and approved itself the power over the microcosm there – as the rock. Especially the established feeling of tranquility and balance helps. If people have only understood how each statement of tranquility is important inside, this power over by itself gives each restraint of covers, what force and freedom there. And the quiet mirror of continuous consciousness is quiet, harmonious and without distortion will begin to reflect and register impressions of the Sphere of the Hidden World also accurately and clearly as did it on Earth, but having passed a consciousness transposing step. There are our Ashrams, both the next and pupils appear in habitual, the known conditions long ago. After difficult life of terrestrial test deserved and necessary rest for restoration of forces is given. Him you have a prototype in the terrestrial period of a dream. And then habitual work under the Lord's Hand begins. And it is valid, death for our people no more, than a hairstyle of hair. And the consciousness is higher, the all this is simpler. Transition is simply imperceptible for spirit of the known height. But consciousness learns to come off Earth on Earth. There the separation is difficult. Both the easiest and easy way of a separation is to accustom the consciousness to life in all three worlds here, on Earth, and nowadays. For this purpose it is necessary to understand that yesterday with his all affairs goes to the World Thin, expecting us the energy generated by us there. There is no past. In total in the present. And our essence is shown not in aspect of days and nights there, but in all the integrity and with all the accumulation. Degree of completeness of manifestation depends on spirit height. Than consciousness is lower, especially it is limited in manifestation of the true Identity. But the consciousness which isn't connected by fetters of a true embodiment, that is hasn't tied itself to Earth embraces a number of last expressions. Accumulation break out by all the force, and the spirit reaps the fruits of the thousand-year works. And where for one grief and sufferings owing to parting with Earth and the next terrestrial environment, for another and learned – release for life in space Light, free, flight and orotund. Therefore the benefit him which has exempted itself from bonds terrestrial, heavy still being here, on Earth, and in a body terrestrial. It is good to remember that difficult terrestrial circumstances are the condition releasing. The one who has nothing to lose is free and there is nothing to be sorry. So the beggar in the world terrestrial can be the owner of treasures there if consciousness allows. Not in poverty business, but in consciousness. Not in wealth business, but in consciousness. But lack of things which it is owned, that is we consider the, facilitates a separation unreasonably.

624. Write, My friend, about proximity of the future Hour. It is impossible to postpone more. There is a construction destruction. And if not to give to the grains put by the time of heat, light and moisture, they will die. It is time to give Light and to change growth conditions. After shift of all and everything, hampering the growth of My affairs, I Will clean. Verna freedom. I will give rage of the statement of the Hidden World. I will give vigilance to an eagle eye. I will give strength to will manifrst Me.
625. (Nev. 24). We Act. How? Thought. Also we Manage big affairs. And We have conscious employees with whom We came into contact, conscious for them. Unconsciously all who not on dark service carry out. And even dark, without knowing that, follow our outlines. But conscious employees aware of it, inexpressibly a little. These are members of the Brotherhood and pupils. Degrees of depth and proximity of a cooperation of the last are very various. The closer, the cooperation is deeper. For high degrees there is no distance. Than closer, especially our sending refracted in consciousness of the pupil is exact and accurate. Heard voices of the Teacher are obviously and indisputably deification of Proximity which thinning doesn't have a limit. Therefore this step of proximity to the Lord should be deepened constantly and all available measures, without breaking limit of legality, that is without forcing the being. The contact goes naturally, but not violently. The teacher heard over disclosure of the centers, it is possible to help It with it well and consciously. The teacher , that a Specify number of qualities and advantages of spirit are a essentialist condition for awakening of the centers. We considered qualities from many parties. Let's consider still a new side. In order that fiery wheels of the centers began to rotate, certain conditions, both external, and internal are necessary. External can not depend on a will of the pupil. The Teacher Cares for them and Puts him in certain external conditions. But internal in very considerable degree depend on a will of the carrier of the awakened centers. And the main are the qualities approved by the pupil in themselves. Only in the presence of the conditions created by qualities awakening of the centers is possible. Tranquility and balance of spirit – the first, love, aspiration and commitment – the second, readiness – the third, dedication – the fourth and so on. Therefore we won't be tired to approve and aggravate in ourselves all qualities and we won't get tired in making because property of each quality – its boundlessness. Therefore it is never impossible to calm down on reached. And if I Go on every day about balance of spirit and tranquility, these greatest qualities Sveta and if the pupil in them becomes stronger and succeed every day, then though today, and tomorrow, and through one thousand years on this way of an incessant prosperity and approval of these qualities knows: he is a true pupil and the employee Lord that it will be able and it shall with new fiery pleasure and desire even more to deepen and increase these highest properties of spirit.
Because its ideal – power of tranquility and balance of the Lord. Therefore, having sent horses of morning to midday heat and a heat of fight of every day, fight for statement in the microcosm of qualities of degree of qualities of the Lord, let he remembers urgency, both necessity, and infinity of work of eternal ascension also let won't get tired and the spirit of the beloved, Me subsequent and to me inheriting, thinning, deepening and strengthening the specified of qualities won't be tired. The one who thinks to calm down on reached, not on a right way. The one who thinks that he reached – is mistaken. The one who will get tired in achievement not the true pupil, and his way is curve. Eternally to Me directed, and increasing in the aspiration, and insatiable in statement and deepening of qualities, boundless in the being, I See him going to Me and for Me it is eternal. Because if it is directed and there ascends a pupil, then Is directed and there Ascends a Lord. And the one who commensurates the run with eternal tendency of the Teacher and hurries all strength of mind – that is close to me. Having entered an orbit of the magnetic sphere of the Lord, it is possible to accelerate promptly the run to its center. And magnetic force of attraction will increase as approaching it. Therefore I Speak: "Become closer as it is possible closer because My Heart is open for you, to Me directed". In your aspiration to Me be not confused nothing external and by others voices distract. Let sound and they speak in spheres of your environment, not for you, you are mine. And it is necessary to listen only to my voice all being. So bend the spirit to Me and open the essence to hearing. I Require the distinguished alerted and most intense attention. And what you did and where you were, let all your being conscious or subconsciously, but will be strained to Me. A magnet of tension of spirit of the pupil to the Lord – a neobkhodimeyshy condition of an apprenticeship and the phenomenon which amplifies and increases everyday in the tension and force. It is necessary to remember that the note of tension sounds crescendo. So on the way of advance of the pupil Bespredelnost shows the Face in infinite expansion of a wonderful fiery flower of spirit. I call to my World, the world of special tension where feature of the learning fiery device of spirit is expansion and growth of all his qualities, properties and energiya. Because the growing qualities are GROWING FIERY ENERGY, being attributes of power of spirit. The fiery will increases in the power, from human becoming planetary and from planetary – space, increases, knowing no limit because the will fiery grows infinately. Therefore the purpose of aspiration of the fire spirit is Boundlessness, not limited by neither Cycles of times, nor the planet which has served as a temporary haven to spirit. I call to tops Light Call in Boundlessness shine, I Call to the World Light Lords.
626. (Nov. 25). There are big changes. The friend My, where you heard that rise on big heights was easy? It is necessary not only conciliate with difficulties, but also to get used to them as to an everyday occurrence as fishes of big depths got used and adapted to the terrible pressure of water or our organism – to atmospheric. Therefore we will learn to look at them as on an everyday occurrence, without burdening them consciousness. Assimilation and adaptation are qualities which should be approved in themselves too. And, above all – it isn't necessary to allow in depths of consciousness of curve living conditions. Let take its course, but outside. Let's not forget as well that only in difficulties training of spirit is possible. Also we will learn to rejoice to intolerable living conditions. There can't be easy life for the pupil. It is its payment for approach to Light. Means, it is necessary only to stand as the rock, it is resistant and it is indestructible among chaos of opposite currents. The symbol of the rock is good, but it is worth to remember about it in whirlwinds of counteractions of darkness external. Ma we know many good things, but when time to manifest them in operation comes, cowardly we forget, and then the spirit from poisonous breath of the world of death hangs. So once again we will remember what to go on to ourselves about same and it is possible to approve bases endlessly and tirelessly because where we rose in ascension to the highest, we are also far from it, as before, though we, perhaps, highly rose over former, overcome "I". We can't stop on anything, but improve and deepen we can everything that in us is. Someone considers that it reached and is already rather good. Regret the ignoramus! And if heart didn't fossilate in complacency itself, specify or only hint about a way of eternal transformation. The way of eternal transformation is a way of real. Call it evolution. Heraclitus called it process of eternal formation. Others called perpetual motion. It is better to call process of eternal transformation of life, either matter, or life in matter. In any case, everything changes, all types and forms of expression of life in matter. We will understand life more widely than wide. And in atom, and an electron the spark of life of immeasurably deep potential pulses. And life saturated forms of both the visible, and Invisible World. Evolution of forms of an animal and vegetable kingdom – a striking example of this transformation. But in the microcosm the pupil establishes an uyavleniye of the universal law consciously, unreasonably accelerating this process. Told: even it will pass. I will add: even it is necessary to pass through it for ascension. As soon as the heavy opposite phenomenon receives a sense and feasibility of the uyavleniye for us, with it not only it is possible to conciliate, but even to welcome. "Hi", – only the true pupil can tell difficulties. And to stand unshakably any more not contrary to them, but exactly thanks to them. Because steel of its spirit is tempered by them. And it is important not to complain in the spirit of. The winner doesn't complain, but with a smile meets an impact of violent darkness. And as it is careful, striking blows from everywhere to strengthen armor of firmness and hardness from all directions. Let's be glad to blows unexpected and from the unguessed party. They strengthen resourcefulness and a condition of eternal vigilance. To be always on the alert, to be always on the lookout, or in a condition of an intense patrol – the best way to meet adequately a surprise wave. The become puzzled traveler won't be able beautifully to meet waves. But the soldier, always ready to fight, won't become puzzled during any attack. It is impossible to dare to be caught napping. Also we won't forget the weapon entrusted: board of the Lord and fiery sword of spirit. And let expostulates on himself got under blow of a sword. Arrows fiery are invisible, and their flight is inaudible, but not to evade from the arrow striking. Therefore wisely to know the power and the weapon, the ignoramus inaccessible. But the highest weapon is power of balance. If people knew what his power. And not уголья burning gather over the head of the balance which has hit against armor, but fire hidden, powerful, destructive. You keep balance above all. Preserve this force. Tranquility is a spirit wreath. Tranquility and balance – Arkhat's qualities. Power of balance the world keeps.
627. I Want to tell you that I Don't know another, both I Don't think, and I Don't represent life, differently as the life which doesn't have the extremity, began. It, life, is always and always was, uniform under all forms. Its forms were various: from planet life to moth life. But also in the Sun, and in a flower the uniform principle of life but which through matter is shown and making its essence in itself is continuous. And when under the changing covers eternal pulsation of uniform life, uniform in a set is realized, as uniform under a set of forms, people and in itself begins to feel this beat of space pulse of life. But to feel it, it is necessary to come off an external cover, or the form expressing it and under external to see internal. Blossoming in the spring and it is possible to feel these periods of its pulsation in the dead fall. But also fall, and spring only external expressions of the uniform thing staying in what it expresses. These pulsations and in the phenomenon of an electromagnetic or light wave, either an atomic nucleus pulsation, or Ice Ages and the obskuratsiya’s of the planet. But the culmination of the phenomenon of any order is followed by existence of the phenomenon opposite. The spiral of the opposite phenomena moves in time, in space of the fourth measurement. And if to take the phenomenon in aspect of time, from its beginning up to the end, then we will receive the body too finished, whole too as an oak from an apex to roots, but to the world not able to be earth moved. Because the earth moment of the present gives only a section of the plane of this moment, as if cutting this long unearthly body of the phenomenon in half in a temporary point of its contemplation. But in consciousness it is possible to imagine this mass of the bodies or the phenomena of the highest measurements extended and existing in the unearthly direction and inaccessible to an earth physical eye. Here the person was born, and the person died, but people as you see him at the time of your contemplation him, aren't a moment section, but all person, from the birth to death. As if one body extended in an interval of time, say, 66 years. Such bodies out of the present extended, so to speak, in space in it exist and have the full finished form of long expression of the essence. And layers of a spatial form are his life expressed in it from the moment of the birth to death. As if the movie, but finished, this form, going from the beginning to the culmination and fading at end. But life doesn't come to an end with form death. It passes into another. And spatially the life form body extended in time already is the whole chain and chains of such long born and dying forms. And all of them, and any length, exist in space. And all of them have the extremity and the beginning going to infinity. It is possible to chain consciousness to an instant section of the present, it is possible to capture the body embracing one life, and it is possible – and all chain. Depends on consciousness. We call to comprehension of all chain and in aspect of chains we Approve a comprehension of a section of the moment of the body called present. Life is continuous. Why to limit itself to illusion of the present and to sink in its mirage?
The world of true reality is the world of infinite duration of vital chains, real in a spatial receptacle.

628. (Nov. 26). From here our Cycles, Chains of planets, Manvantara and Pralayi of various subjects to expression of life. We Consider the phenomenon which isn't separately snatched out from his chain, but all chain finishing this or that stage of an uyavleniye spatially of the body stretched in time. Atoms are especially characteristic. Why they are considered only in a section when duration of existence of this form in time in certain cases takes one billion years or near and this duration characterizes properties and features of each separate atom. In it the key to atomic energy because violation of spatial duration of existence of a form of this atom and releases atomic energy lies. Also and evolution of forms it is possible to consider as modification of this chain in her external manifestation, that is external changes spatially of the real center of life. And these changes undertake in aspect of transformation in all three worlds of a kernel of a vital form, or spirit grains. So, in the person we have the form of a physical body, say, of 60-year duration, a shape of a thin body, say, of duration from x years to several thousand, and mental, the known duration in these or those limits too. And over all three grain of spirit which temporary and spatial form covers the time period, terrible on duration, beginning in infinity and going to Boundlessness, that is expressing itself the phenomenon of Eternal Life shines. The consciousness, the bigger interval of time is higher it takes, so far, at last, in the growth won't identify itself with a chain of the longest. Therefore Am which has told "I before of the Beginning of times" "I" take truly real form of the expression, including it the center around which in spiral run big and minor cycles of an manifestation of the lowest forms of expression of life in relation to this center rotate. So consciousness, going to the eternal Center of Life, always real, becomes out of the worlds rather in the motionless point which isn't subject to transformation of three-plans visibilities, or a life stream. And then all streams become available to studying. The secret "I", in forms of time living, but out of time real, can begin to reveal only after transferring of consciousness to depth of intimate essence of spirit and his identification with the sixth and seventh principles of the highest scale of space energiya, eternally real in a bosom of a spatial receptacle.
629. If you want to write, then you will be. Whether in will a key from all gate? If washing Proximity I am integral and "With you always", then business not in Me, and in you. And if the will directs tension to Me, then who and that can prevent? Therefore enter Communication with Me firmly, surely, without putting a possibility of Contact [in dependence] from any external conditions. I, real in you, with you Stay. And as soon as consciousness is included into Communication with Me, the spring of the highest thought immediately begins to murmur and sparkle. Let's not be frightened of the conditions interfering because are insignificant. Barriers between us exist only in consciousness, and it is worth eliminating them from there as the Proximity flashes all fires. To understand that an obstacle only in a condition of consciousness, already a victory. It is necessary to establish a condition of constant openness and proximity. And then records can be kept at will at any time. Only in the beginning the rhythm of strengthening and certain periods is required to facilitate process for consciousness. The good musician can always play if only the tool has been adjusted. It is necessary to approve the constant working condition of the receiver.
630. (Nov. 27). Write. The certificate of proximity consists in its permanency, as if there, at the opposite end of a wire, the receiver always is picked up and attached to an attentive ear. Such attention requires compliance, that is it is necessary that and on the other hand there was not a smaller care. If results want to have fruitful, unilateral care, both keenness, and vigilance isn't enough because two wings are necessary for flight of a thought on silver thread and thread becomes stronger from two parties. And those who complain about insufficiency of communication or attention aren't able to comply with law conditions. Why It is told: "You ask, and it will be given you, you knock, and opened"? Because an eagle Eye and a nice ear over you. But addresses don't know and believe that the semi-aspiration is enough. But only the complete address all being yields the corresponding results, and at very strong tension it is possible to overcome even heavy spatial currents. When communication becomes way of day and enters life as its basis, accidents of external conditions cease to have any value. Over everything life thread sounds and vibrates. So yesterday even severe pain didn't interfere with the record made out of a regular rhythm of time. Unalterability of a space rhythm as movement of planets begins to purchase Sil Obshcheniya, without being interrupted by anything. Therefore we will remember: my ear is open and I standing in the distance am close and near. One more illusion of matter – space, that is distance is so overcome, and the fiery continuity of the phenomena of spirit affirms. One is very difficult to overcome illusion of distance, and only heart despite the fact that sees an eye and what isn't heard by an ear, dominates in the sphere of the highest measurements. I Approve chuvstvoznany, chuvstvovedeny and chuvstvoslyshany hearts, but the heart directed to Me not greatly. Ways of the highest cognition are open for the heart which indulged in me. Heart beat won't stick, and sounding of the heart directed to the Lord won't stick. If understood power and value of aspiration! Here, it is directed, here, with Me, and opportunities became a reality, and the Voice of the Teacher hidden is close. The thought sounding in you from heart going, is the certificate of my fixed Proximity. A thought the Teacher and the pupil adjoin. It is the highest form of Obshcheniya. Also another when chakra of the third eye lights up fire will come and will see the Teacher in operation and movement. But also then the thought will remain over because one visual, at least and the highest, perception without availability of sgarmonizirovanny mental contact isn't enough because a thought over everything. So in the sphere, nowadays to the device of your spirit of available, we will approve understanding of value and depth of the mental message and deep value of this channel for the purposes of joint operation. Already you carry out charged and appointment, or a mission, the life.
631. I want to approve the Proximity phenomenon. I want to make My World eternally present and surrounding your consciousness. I want to make this consciousness reflecting and expressing essence Mine of the Kingdom. Not dregs of the present day I Want that it was, but beauty World Mine, its solemnity, its greatness. All live the world and are in embraces of life dead. I want that led My life and led life Light. I want that it reflected essence and you expressed and there was Light bearing, the Carrier of Light would be. Than life heavy, life gloomy, life of difficulties is good? Doesn't tie to Earth. And easily the spirit leaves a dungeon terrestrial. Waits for transition to the World the Highest as releases. And there, free, I Meet him, and here, free, I Show, Myself in him. Therefore we will rejoice to the conditions releasing. In tinsel of your day it isn't interested, but Light which is lighting up in you, I Welcome and it carefully I Protect each spark. And everything that in you mine, both from Me, and from World Mine, I Approve in you for life which has no end, began. But with the dust of day not necessary to neither you, nor Me, from Me be not covered. Why present dust to you who concerned Eternity? I want and reconcile you with it and to bring your consciousness out of its power. People live under the power of various potentials. I Exempt you from the power of potentials of present (hour). Staying spirit in the Highest World, you make a separation from Earth in the spirit of. And it is possible to call the Doctrine My the Doctrine of release from the power of matter of the lowest octave real. I Don't want slaves in the flesh and before flesh of reptiles. But fighters and warriors against a dragon terrestrial strong Light Mine I Welcome in beams, Light bearing and Light in my sons approving. So, carrier Light See you and assistant to Me. Approve power of constant continuous overcoming mortal life hourly and remember that where you neither were and what nor were conditions of your environment: good or bad, happy or unlucky, easy or difficult – the way of ascension will always remain by overcoming the present and the statement of the future because life is what is overcome in itself, and steps of ascension are no other than steps of her overcoming. Both all your good and the best – as a gray cover before Light of the future transformation your, expecting you at each following and highest step. It is possible to be upset an attire of spirit of the real step what it [was] and to be glad Light of an attire of spirit of a step of the highest. Let's remember also that Light of an attire of hidden your and near yours can't be judged because who knows on what degree his leg, has stepped into the lowest or the highest that that was earlier. And if on the highest, though is much lower than yours, then as the one who doesn't know a way of his life can judge. Therefore condemnation and only overcoming is cancelled it is approved. Itself covering the distance it is approved to Light.
632. (Nov. 28). Who can tell whether not there is a new expression of the characteristic human property, specified on what further so can't proceed. There has to come the end to darkness and a celebration of ignorance. So far they reign, ignoramuses, but are considered days them. Let's not allow further ignorance to fill in the world. Knowledge will be incurred by you and as you aren't enough, and works will be endlessly. Whether will accept? Will accept because are sent by me. Whether will listen? Will be because terms have come. But when time to start talking will come, I Will specify. I combine it with terms space, and the way will freely lay down. Now obstacles are invincible because term hasn't come. As the ocean wave, approaches the future. Who can stop his run? But it is necessary to be ready to meet him, and to meet fully equipped. It isn't necessary to bring in future condition of the present transitional hour. It doesn't give in to measurement and representation in a usual framework of the current life. Singularity – his face. Fire of space gives a tone to consciousnesses, and impossible nowadays will become possible. Not on a trifle of the present we will think about the future.

633. So, both tranquility, and silence is specified again. Why? Silence – the store of mental energy. Tranquility – her guardian. A condition of consciousness and the behavior either we waste, or we save up and we collect. Unperturbable nothing external tranquility learns to store and preserve fiery energy against waste in all living conditions. To take it and to take away it from its carrier all aim and everything because it is not enough in surrounding and in people. The Sky gift is rare. But it is necessary in operation. Without it there is no action. To allow its leakage the fiery device of spirit means to deprive of an opportunity to work because works with it. And those who works with Us to tranquility should be learned or recognize the otioseness and to refuse a cooperation with the Teacher. So the question is put sharply and certainly. Tranquility shall be approved by all means and any price. Or it will be approved, or the possibility of joint operation with Us and confidential ours disappears. Any more not it is told about desirability of approval of this great quality, but about inevitable need of its manifestation for life of every day and in one and all. Forever tranquility a firm hand, resolutely and with firmness affirms as itself. Everything is better to lose, it is better to undergo and take out any press, having kept calm, than to win something and to lose it. Tranquility is a condenser of energy. Collected and pumped mental energy, reaching the known degree of a condensation, crystallizes, and the peace of mind is a condition of preserving a fiery crystal of mental energy under which sides of a crystal aren't broken in the integrity. The treasure remains untouched in case of the most ardent actions if tranquility isn't broken. And the tranquility condition is deeper, the concentrated it also is more built, the force of fiery action is more powerful. Like the lamp in darkness, the fiery device of spirit, showing action, doesn't waste treasure. Because the lamp gives light, but not a light source, a beam, but not the flame. And when preserving tranquility the energy beam, but not a flame in operation is given, but not fire, but not the source, or crystal of fire all-giving. Give a flame of the lamp – and your light will go out, and will crush the gone-out lamp. Give a crystal of mental energy, break it – and the fiery carrier of Treasure will turn into an empty extinct peel. Therefore tranquility as a stone of the basis of fiery action affirms. Therefore this quality is inevitable. Therefore it affirms any price. Therefore the employee who approved it in himself truly, both the brother, and the pupil, and darling. Because the feat of approval of a peace of consciousness, fire to the world of giving, is incomparable on the importance of the and urgent necessity with anything another that would be required so sharply by the introduction moment in obvious Service Light. Tranquility – a balance basis. And balance is what everything is based on. So, approaching approval of balance, we approach a spiral core around which the phenomena rotate and which they are made by the magnetic force of the central point. This point – the center, moving in time, also gives a spiral core. Balance is the greatest quality. Neither relics, nor forces, nor values consider it. It is a spirit lever point of support. It is a basis only. It is a basis of existence of any thing. The understood value of balance not only the carrier and the keeper of treasure, but also the one who is allowed to a fulfillment of Great Making. The next to us he approving balance of spirit. Silence is the inseparable companion both. Silence is superficially understood. Even relatives understand it as silence of language. But it is only an initial step. The step the highest is a silence in the spirit of and silence of spirit. Language is bridled and given to balance and speaks only on condition of tough control over each pronounced word. Then the astral is given to silence. And it isn't given the chance to speak, that is to show itself. Silence in case of a language immovability, but the raging astral isn't valuable. Therefore it is given to silence. Also the thought which sometimes is tearing apart consciousness is given to silence. And when it in the chaotic run is stopped and silence of a mental cover, a thought the highest, out of a flow of vanity of day rushing is approved, shows the face. Therefore silence is a form of identification of the highest essence of the person. Perhaps only on condition of control and a patrol. At the winner of spirit all three covers are brought to silence. And then the Treasure which isn't darkened by restless lowest conductors shines. And then my Light with you and yours. And the Treasure is protected. We will approve tranquility, balance and silence.
634. Why the Teacher Owe to have qualities? But how to learn, without having them. Won't listen. Therefore Teacher Est of quality approved.
If inexhaustibility is attribute of the Teacher, then insatiability of cognition is property of the pupil. Then the wheel of saturation can rotate, never stopping. Thirst of knowledge is the magnet attracting knowledge.

635. (Nov. 30). I, the Lord of Shambhala, Charge to you to testify to Light Her when time comes. She which has provided itself on test to spatial fire showed on Earth a face of the Great Feminine in his highest expression, but in the conditions of dense matter. Destiny of Brothers of mankind to show itself, a hand and a leg human passing life. And truly Showed Light in suffocations of a gloom terrestrial. The order of Mother of Agni Yoga consisted in giving itself an example of fiery transformation of the centers as the highest manifestation Light available to each person, and first of all – to the woman whose Era she heads. The feminine in a terrestrial manifestation is given by her in aspect of thinning, hitherto never before not able to be shown owing to planetary and space conditions. The begun Fiery Era and new beams – the reason of a possibility of the phenomenon of a new step of achievement. But the merit of overcomings resistance of the environment and singularity of experience, It the first on Earth passed, does Ee's merit before mankind and the woman of the world unsurpassed. Of course, and there were Attendants Sveta earlier, and very big height. But space conditions of transition from Kali to Satia the South, and this new turn of a spiral, in them cosmo- spatial value never was earlier because evolution moves forward. Therefore it is said that fires of the degree reached by Mother of Agni Yoga reached the sizes and scope space. In it their special value. Phenomenon of a planetary order. Earlier the sphere of a manifestation of activities or Risha's life in any country was limited to the place and time. Nowadays the scene of action of fires of her Aura – all planet, and time covers a piece of several millennia. In depth and value of its feat and its mission you will approve it by my words. The close witnesses who understood secrecy of the phenomenon are necessary. Otherwise people won't see the light. And you, the next, statement will give to the world of Mother of Agni Yoga. Only understood secrecy of the Great Sacrament of Life, It on Earth approved and shown, can transfer and tell about it to people. And if not the closest witnesses, would never hear the world about the Great torches which were lighting up it in the past. Because at the time of the phenomenon on Earth of the Carrier Light didn't understand and people the fact that it is Light, what is seen not repeated didn't know. Temporary flashes of human understanding had no price because today understood, and tomorrow growled on Light and required an execution of its Carriers. And only the few, very few knew, and only the closest knew up to the depths for the certificate on the innermost. Therefore its feat should be understood in aspect a Messenger of the Doctrine of Life. Messenger Light, Messenger Fiery, Daughter of the World and the envoy Lord – so we will understand the phenomenon of Mother of Agni Yoga. White Tara in her highest terrestrial manifestationand on Earth. Especially it is necessary to emphasize availability of terrestrial conditions. In the Worlds of the Highest there are no heavy conditions of flesh, and there a feat other. But a leg human we go on the ground. In it special difficulty of execution in space fires. The great quality "Simplicity" shown by It isn't understood by people and was never understood by them. Simplicity is quality of Great Spirit. Just there was Christ's Doctrine. Also It Was simple. Simplicity is reflection of first-founders simplicity of the fundamental Space Law of life. The formula of the Law is simple to degree of simplicity of primary element. Simplicity it is necessary to understand that is fundamental principles of components of which the difficult geometrical figure consists. As in figure "1" the beginning and a basis of all numbers is expressed. Under simplicity of Great Spirit it is necessary to see all complexity and depth of the accumulatings leading to simplicity synthesis. I Prepare for understanding of the phenomenon of Mother of Agni Yoga that you, the next to It, could uyavit all completeness of understanding. I Give the assignment. Expand understanding. Threads of heart will help to feel Light it. You approve her not as yourself, but My Light which in you. In my Beams from above and in your beams It from below will be in statement beams. And in these beams which are doubly claiming there will pass the way terrestrial up to the end. You will be with It and in case of It up to the end. And when will leave Earth, we will give to the phenomenon of statement of Mother of Agni Yoga, you and I, a form, worthy its Great Spirit, approving it from two parties, from below and from above, by the beams. Because your beams increase in the power. Love overcame past barriers because there are no barriers to it.
636. I Approve happiness phenomenon стезею sufferings and tears. How to come off what is pleasant what joyfully and gives happiness? How to come off vanity of the present day if it brings the mass of pleasant feelings in which consciousness sinks? The separation becomes impossible. Wellbeing sucks in as the bog, and is stopped a way of spirit. The whole people heated the spirit in fog of wellbeing and subjects broke an evolution spiral. Many went down. You see the degenerated and degenerating races. Whether wellbeing of material conditions stopped their ascending run? Whether matter subordinated spirit and absorbed aspiration fire in the elements? Therefore the way of suffering as a way of ascension of spirit is given. Only the strong, tempered spirit can not be afraid of a dragon of wellbeing and ascend, being even surrounded of the Attraction of matter is overcome by it. But the dragon of matter is hardy and terrible. And a fallen angel matter of the lowest octave won. Therefore the embodiments that the spirit neither to a body, nor to conditions didn't become attached are given, to things. The there is nothing. Even bodies, even astral and thin. And having only dumped everything, release from material covers gradually утончающихся matter octaves receives spirit. The sphere of everyone it is temporary and it is conditional and only for passing is higher. But possibilities of matter are diverse. And when it becomes only material for studying and extraction of experience of its cognition, that is only object of cognition, the way is found. It is necessary to pay special attention on this property of the worlds. Everything flows, both everything changes, and everything attracts the person the seeming stability passing and in the being of unstable forms. And the one who tries to construct on eternally current phenomena illusion something strong and long is doomed to bitter experience of loss only. Beauty of a body is short, is longer – thin, is even longer – mental, and only grain of spirit shines fires of thousand-year accumulatings. Therefore only in Mira Vysshem it is possible to find stability, and only on it to build, and only in it to create the base of the eternal basis. And only then in the world of passing forms it is possible to express and show in them fires eternal and enduring. Attendants of an eternal flame of life it is possible to call those who in the world of the swift-flowing phenomena are a face of enduring elements of Eternity. Everything changes, but the law of fixed change is eternal. Everything dies, but the principle of the life revealed in each mortal form is eternal. Passes and disappears everything, but passing and disappearing, eternally exists in archives space. Everything that is created by hands human collapses, but creative fire of the creating spirit of the person is eternal. The love leaves, and the love comes. But was, is and there will be force of a magnetic attraction of the opposite principles uniting for creativity, and everything that moves in constantly ascending spiral. So among passing we see the Eternity face, among mortal – immortal, among terrestrial – space. To understand, both to catch and to realize eternal in passing and immortal in mortal only the one who knows and whose spirit begins to rise over the world of terrestrial delusions can. We call to release from mirages of dense conditions.
637. (Dec. 1). I in you Approve Myself overcoming vibrations of energies of the environment, or the sphere of a present situation of existence. If I over everything and from eternal and if eternal reigns in all measurements of life of your consciousness, then can't muffle a gnash of the present the symphony of life space. And the thought reigns in it, and can't separate from your essence the reservoir of a space thought anything, except own your will if she desires to be in a suffocation of the lower class. Therefore the will is a decisive factor. The will is the wheel directing consciousness there where she solves is a fiery sovereign. The power is this to the person over all shows of matter and life forms lowest him on evolution steps. What is the power this to? To a will. The fiery winner affirms as the power. It is consciously given and handed over the reins. It, being expression of the highest octave of fire, a form of an intimate flame of spirit, can create from energies of surrounding spheres of all worlds of a form, corresponding to the tracings approved by it. The will is fire, the highest over all fires. The will is the essence of essence of the person. The will is a regal sovereign both in the sphere of the microcosm, and in spheres, out of its being and its people around in all worlds and under all conditions of life of spirit. It was told about treasure of energy, it was told about treasure of heart. It is time to tell about treasure of a will. And just as the crystal of mental energy, or a heart anthrax can be saved up and to become clear hearing treasure of the carrier of the Stone, also the Greatest value of human spirit – the fiery flaring center – the Stone – Treasure of the condensed flame of a crystallized will accumulates and formed by a number of conscious purposeful efforts. A crystal of a flame of a fiery will – so we Will call it. The treasure from treasures, intimate of intimate, power of the creating force, the lever creating everything that sees an eye and comprehends spirit. The will ardent created the worlds Ardent by Logos’s. A will, a will crystal – the highest Treasure of the person. We approach the Secret from Secrets, Intimate of Intimate. To that, by not uttered force of what the microcosm human keeps in the uniform, not scattered form. The magnetic power binding together elements, it components throughout all human life and here, on Earth, and in the Highest Hidden Worlds, is the crystallized force of fiery will. It is necessary to realize it. And, having understood and having realized its force, both value, and superiority over all other forms of an manifestation of energies, to start the conscious statement of fiery power in itself. There is nothing that the will of human spirit couldn't overcome. But before starting its manifestation, it is necessary to realize essence of the creating will flame up to the depth. Only understanding is followed by mastering. And only seized can apply. The man of little faith it is possible to call the person, not experienced in the heart of creative force of the comprehending ability of consciousness. "On your belief it will be given you" – it was so commanded. At your will it is given you – it ukazutsya so nowadays. The belief, even active, covers in itself elements of passive inactivity. Even the ardent belief comprises the moment of motionless expectation. But the will in the being completely is also entirely active. It is fire which is claiming, both creating, and not knowing obexes, and getting all. Properties of permeability of energies, or beams, vary depending on property and character of beams and from composition of matter which the beam of this energy penetrates or can penetrate. Alpha, beta, gamma-rays and beams of the Roentgen are various degrees of this getting ability of various energies. For fiery energy of will there are no bodies, either elements, or types of beams, or energies which would be for it impenetrable. For it there are no distances, for it there is nothing that it couldn't concern, penetrate and issue on the pleasure. The highest controls the highest, and all scale of materio-power manifestation of space life submits to the highest. The power is attribute of will. The power about which it was told and which is given is a form of identification and the statement of the fiery sovereign. And your purpose – to reach degree of power of will of the Lord because the purpose of the person – to become so-founder Ardent Logos’s. In power of ardent your will I Approve you. In possession of a fiery crystal of will I Approve also Specify a way of increase of fiery Treasure. Accept a gift, treasures a gift intimate charms intimate. And the secret press yes will be on lips. We enter the area of forbidden knowledge which in arms of ignoramuses can be destructive. Therefore I Speak: "Protect intimate, the son My".
638. Yes, yes, yes. Nothing, ever and under no circumstances can lay down a barrier between Me and you. Therefore be not confused the imperfection when we go in the way of ascension. It is given for overcoming. And if there is nothing to overcome, then where to ascend and how? But all unnecessary will lose the juice, and sweet will leave attraction objects, and the threads attracting to Earth will tear. Because My magnet is stronger than magnets of terrestrial gravitation. So the heart which has indulged in me does a way of fiery overcoming by the life. Sooner or later, easily or difficult, but the lowest "I" will be won by us, you and Me Which in you. Therefore be not confused by the voices pulling to Earth. Will always sound. Each person eats, but the glutton – the slave. So inadmissibly everything that shows a spirit slavery face. The measure of apermissiveness is freedom measure. Nothing enslaving is permitted spirit. Freedom in the spirit of. The same action can be an manifestation or slavery, or freedoms. Approve freedom and the force over everything that you make and that you do.

639. (Dec. 2). Means, it isn't acts or offenses, and in whether they are allowed with the permission of will or contrary to will, whether the will controls them or they out of control and to him don't give in any more. Therefore the sanction of will is necessary on everything and in everything, that is everything that is done by the pupil whether good this or bad, becomes from a will pleasure. Good – for the statement, bad – for eradication and overcoming. The person can't become perfect at once. Both wheat, and a ryegrass grow on one field, but the last leave. But to be remote, and they should sprout. And still time when will come grains of crops will be only the extra quality, and there will be no weeds in them, and the soil will be so a permissiveness fiery what not to get to weeds and not couch. But the field requires care. And care – control of a will. Nobody can boast of the perfection because each ascending spirit is imperfect in relation to the highest step which is coming above passed. So imperfection of one can be an achievement ideal for another. It excludes condemnation because it is senseless in the being. But going down already condemned himself. So, criterion of essence of an act is the will rather its attitude towards the will permitting. Everything is permitted, but from its pleasure. We don't speak about the evil will which is on dark service in the descending run. But we Approve the will overcoming an infirmity of the lowest "I". Fiery power wakens and put by each conscious strong-willed act in action. Weak-willed and self-flowing actions are avoided absolutely. The seal of a will is set to each energy of a microcosm. The will is deprived of emotions – endures an astral. The emotional beginning gets out from the sphere of strong-willed manifestation. And when the will plans this or that conduct or decisions, fears, doubts, concerns, regrets and all scale of energies of an astral scale is excluded because a strong-willed fiery scale and a scale of astral energies, or energies of an astral body – the phenomenon of absolutely various orders: one – intimate the highest even in the germ, another – adjoining on layers of dense matter. Therefore impassivity, that is such condition of action when the emotional element is switched off from it affirms. It is necessary to think over it and to learn to clear action of emotional litter. The cleared action is the action exempted from vibrations of an astral scale. The action saturated with vibrations of the astral energies bound with fires strong-willed is weakened in the force exactly so far as there is in it an availability of this impurity showing as far as it is dirty. Let's learn to purify will fires of fires of the lowest. The fiery decree this in all force of impassivity can't but be executed. As well the wheel of execution of desire or the created form which is started up in space for a demonstration obvious shall be also cleared of impurity of the lowest energies which, thanks to the density – as brakes on wheels. The reduction of an astral cover to silence which is earlier specified has especially deep value in an approval process and cultures of a will. The will is cleared of all foreign appendages, it darkening and connecting. The fiery envoy as the arrow with the freight imposed on it can't fly can't fly to the purpose and can't hit the target. So, the sphere of fiery strong-willed decisions is the highest octave of human spirit which on refinement of fires is above spheres of all three worlds. Cutting through spheres of three and dominating over matter of three, fiery power forms three beams, as if passing through striations of everyone and refracting in them in case of a combination, or, better to say, when mastering their elements. So a ray of sunlight, passing through variously/
640. (Dec. 3). Whether you know that consciousness can't penetrate into a median point of the phenomena without to seizing also the phenomenon? The median point is a rod of the phenomenon, or the central equilibrium point on which are based, proceeding from it, poles. Violation or corrupting of this center involves violation or corrupting of the phenomenon. The water tornado was broken from the gun a kernel, trying to get them to center of connection of two water columns – lower and upper. Having destroyed center, destroyed all twisted pole. The same center of equilibrium is available also in a cyclone. There it is silent, the cyclone rages out of and on the periphery reaches special rage. The axis of the rotating wheel is fixed, but the rim concerns and shall pass through each roughness of a way and concern each stone. On an axis the wheel, on the center – the phenomenon keeps. It is necessary to transfer the consciousness to this center of the center of microcosm – in it the base and force of equilibrium. Being itself fixed, it generates spirals of the phenomena. And itself is center of spiral movement of microcosm. From it beholds consciousness of the phenomenon of the outside world, being not affected by them. Between it lying inside and the events jackets, either conductors, or the cases intended for manifestation on three plans of life lie outside. On the plan physical the consciousness center through a physical body, on Thin – thin and acts on the plan of a thought – mental. But not the center always staying inside in equilibrium point of contrasts. This center is a will throne, from it fiery strong-willed rays proceed. Rays go outside, to jackets and through jackets, but not the center radiating them, always remaining indestructible and inviolable. Consciousness shan't leave the central cabin of control and, leaving outside, to represent itself with conductors of outside jackets. They, jackets, always live and vibrate on the entity. Everyone is assigned to live in the sphere, vibrations of this sphere, influencing it and being affected, in turn, by this sphere. But center – out of influences. From the fighting cabin of the ship there is a control of all huge machine of a drednot. The power over itself can be reached only in case of realization of this inviolable, intimate and indestructible center where strangers, that is nothing external aren't allowed. The center knows everything that occurs outside, but vibrations external aren't allowed inside. It is possible even to watch from this center, as if from the outside, either from outside, or on top, or from depth behind how jackets on external influences vibrate, and, having separated consciousness from their oscillations, only to write a flow of the changing phenomena which concerned this or that jacket, or the conductor. In a word, to rise away from all the bodies and, having separated from them, at center and the center of equilibrium, in an internal sanctuary, to seize and regulate from there oscillations of everyone. The power, but not to jackets, but over jackets, over matter forming them, and matter of spheres of which they are formed is this.
At first it is necessary to dismember and realize in which of conductors there is a movement, and or to extinguish it, or to claim how the will wants. It is possible to operate and seize vibrations of conductors only having separated from them consciousness and having risen over them in the center. Someone dominates always or something and over someone or something. Means, first of all it is necessary to separate something from something, that is the lord inside from over what he dominates, the one who operates, from what operates. To the lord, in staying, in the center of power fiery, it is necessary to separate from the phenomena and bodies of three lowest worlds. In a word, to separate "I" – the center, from "not I" – passing outside. The movie of the external phenomena of all three plans goes and is developed before the rekordiruyushchy center of a microcosm, without merging with the Recorder. Dumb Witness reserves the place in an unapproachable intimate citadel of spirit and, seeing everything, doesn't personify himself with anything. I am the center of fiery power, I am eternal in a fiery stronghold. I am an abutment of an immovability and unalterability in infinite the rushing ocean of the phenomena of the trekhplanny Universe. But I – in the middle, but I – out of, but I – over, but I Am a lord, real always, I reign over all passing. It flows and changes, but I stay for ever and ever. I, I, I Am the center of fiery power. I, I, I Am above time spirals. I, I, I Am the Silent Witness of eternally beating life stream. I was, I Am, I will be because I есмь real in you. And when your restless "I" will leave the restless and temporary covers and, having come to Me, will connect to Me, having merged with Him forever, then there will be a statement of the regal power of spirit over everything that outside. Live in Me, but not in covers, be approved on Me staying, but not on a passing of the current hour. Realize My invariance among what not for a moment you won't be able to tie consciousness without destruction to. Destruction and destruction everything that around you is doomed to death. Everything will pass, both everything will disappear, and everything will change, and there will be no trace left from an environment of the present hour, but you, in Me staying, will remain strong, both indestructible, and unaffected waves the external phenomena if you put in Me all force, the, all aspiration and all hopes, say, if a stronghold of the spirit you create all understanding on Me staying eternally, but not on passing, who is eternally changing and doomed to death and destruction. The lord stays in each human being, but the person betrays the lord in exchange for lentil soup of the external swift-flowing phenomena of life which are today, and tomorrow leave there where yesterday or last year's snow left. In staying, approve the Lord. Be not covered with a cloud of dust of the present day. Terrestrial don't accept a mirage of the present and dreams for real and remember: fire of fiery your will shall destroy walls of a dungeon of spirit and disseminate a mirage of material existence. You put in action a wheel of the law of a fiery will, and the power of the lord of fire, in you staying eternally, you claim.
641. (Dec. 4). Be in readiness.
I Am spirit immortal and eternal. I always was and I will always be. All worlds – My house. I have life regardless time and space and irrespective of them. I live in the sphere of matter over all lowest octaves and energy. Huge Cycles of time are replaced, stars will be born and go out, the whole solar systems finish the Circles. And I Am eternal over everything that changes in run of Space Days and Nights. I Am a citizen of the Universe. I boundless in the being. I am that before which face the great space stream of eternally new, eternally changing life flows. I on a star, in space... Whether everything is equal what is a star. I pass life it from the beginning to the end and, having studied and having acquired everything that gives a step of its evolution, I pass to another, the highest, and I collect on it juice of experience of knowledge. And, being invariable in effect the, the Body Light, the highest, the enduring, but continuously growing Identity, investing Me, invariable, I improve and I enrich with knowledge and elements collected by me in the form of the highest energy, or fires in the Bowl, storage of imperishable treasures of skilled knowledge. Treasures of the Bowl filled with crystals of deposits of the highest fires – Mine are also integral. How many forms of expression and how many bodies I will replace, but the Bowl and I, the owner it, we pass from a form into a form, without losing anything that from the highest Identity. And it "I" in you also am you, I am you. I – real over the world of passing shadows, and I Am your eternal Teacher, I want to teach you to identify myself not with external temporary and mortal your forms, but with Me, truly real. Because I Am you, but the real, eternal and boundless spirit. Why you personify yourself in phantoms passing why you take Maya's mirage for reality? Why you look at smoky life forms of the present day as on what will be and tomorrow? Yours "tomorrow" other also isn't similar on "yesterday". Both it is also insignificant and unnecessary and yours doesn't matter "today", as well as yours "yesterday" which is absent any more. Where it, yours "yesterday"? And where there will be it, yours tomorrow "today"? But I which in you both today, and tomorrow, and through millions and billions of years, I am that with whom you can create the temple of eternal spirit. Look at the body: here it in diapers, helpless and young; here it at the peak of youth and forces; and here it old, perhaps, sick and going to a life decline. It not you. Having dumped it, you will stand near, both to look and to think: here one worn-out, but well served to My spirit form is still dumped. I don't need it now. Let otydt in ashes from which it is created.
And, having separated from itself in consciousness worn-out physical clothes, the cover, you will see yourself in a body thin, you investing as obviously as obviously invested a physical body. And in it you will pass through life of the Thin World how many it is necessary to you under the law, and, having got rid of electrons it, you will dump also this attire. Also you will stand near and to think: here dumped also this cover, and it, obsolete and used, isn't necessary to me too. Not Mine it is. Let goes to the sphere which of energies it is weaved, and will give it the elements as gives a body to Earth. And, given the highest easiest shape of the thinnest matter of a thought, you will leave on the Plan the Highest that and there after term to dump also this highest cover of mental
the body. It isn't necessary to be surprised to either words, or names. Look in yourself, to the world of the thoughts. It is refined and weightless, but he is, and a body of the thought live in him. This body is real, has the form and so obviously expresses your features, as well as a body physical. Only his elements are more refined, than elements of a physical body. But look attentively: you will see his face, merits and demerits, abilities and weaknesses. You will see that easily and just the philosophy, either music, or mathematics was given, say, at full inability, say, to languages or an art. You will see that this form you expressing is very individual in the manifestation with all shortcomings and advantages of obvious self-sufficing essence. But it is only your mental body, your cover on this embodiment in three worlds. Her ability are caused by skanda, or a combination of the elements forming it. Accumulation of the Bowl of immortal yours can be big, and this karmic combination сканд can be not able to express all richness of your spirit. But a cover – temporary, your riches which are saved up remain with you forever and flash all fires when all three bodies are dumped and you are Immortal eternal Identity. This form of a mental body is given for the statement, development and a sharpening of certain abilities for their adjournment in the Bowl. The Plan of Evolution is wisely constructed, and understanding easily accumulates treasures of experience. But it is important remember that our covers and bodies – not ours – temporary
and are short in the duration. Briefly – physical, is longer – thin, and is longer – mental. But out of time fiery your body, the carrier of Identity, eternal and enduring and only increasing in power of knowledge and experience. With her, enduring, it is possible to identify himself without damage of spirit because it is the highest, timeless body, or a form of expression Me, your the highest "I" boundless. It is your stronghold, it is a shelter your, it is eternal in temporary. And when threads of consciousness are stretched to the Bowl and the highest Identity prevails, truly, you other-wordly, passing, but from the World of the Highest energy. We will approve in heavy conditions of flesh the World Fiery on Earth. We will approve my other-wordly kingdom, but the World of my Kingdom on Earth. Because our purpose, both the Our task, and sense of our existence – to change Earth, having brought elements it to thinning fiery. On transformation of firmament we will work. I, your Lord, Want to approve the lord in you, your lord because you go way of ascension to the statement and the Lord's uyavleniye in yourself. You will be Me until itself you become the lord. And where there are no borders, the lord in you and I am a Lord, you the leader, we will merge together in day of the great world. For now go, dismembering your essence and separating "I" eternal from temporary. Eternal you serve. You bring stones on creation of the eternal temple of life. Where they are builders? Where they – bringing? The desert of life doesn't shine with builders. Because there is a lot of fingers on a hand to count them. But We are builders, but our pupils go way of unalterability. But the temple will be erected.

642. (Dec. 5). Yes! You are right. How many the heads, are so much worlds, and each personal world surrounding the person is an iskazitel of reality. Everyone is limited, both is narrow, and is far from reality. Take the world of classical Greece and idea of Greeks of Earth form for an example. And all lived, ate and drank, and directed to beauty, but idea of a form of the globe was distorted and not answering to our representation. And so in everything. The whole people lived and died in ignorance and in the power of the distorted ideas of surrounding reality. And not the personal world, but the collective world rather the collective thinking causing and the personal world of representations, was incorrect. So there lived the people under the power of ignorance, obvious to us at our step of planetary evolution. In the same provision there is also a modern mankind in relation to future mankind because lives within false and incorrect ideas of the world around and its laws. And this collective general ignorance sets the heavy seal to the personal world of each person which, in additives to the general, it is even more distorted by color of personal points, wearable everyone. The general ignorance is aggravated personal, and the personal world becomes the world of ghosts. Slaves to the standard concepts, traditions, habits and conventions, having taken everything them on the shoulders, become moreover still slaves to personal restrictions and nedomysliya. And if still to add this or that extent of education or even illiteracy to it, wild, and sometimes intolerable, living conditions and all specific features of these people, either the tribe, or the state, then degree of a distortion of the world of true reality will become obvious. From this chaos of personal worlds, the small, limited and distorted by ignorant consciousness their carriers, I Call to my World, to the World of the highest reality which isn't depending on poverty of intellect of the real step of human evolution. We see and Know ignorance human. We see and Know how everything is distorted and perverted from top to bottom. We see terrible results of this gloom shrouding consciousness small, and we Call to Light, to the world of undistorted reality. How the person can see all pettiness of the, with such care and self-confidence of the world created by him, the prison if he doesn't leave him and won't believe in existence of other, the self-satisfied ignorance having life outside his stupid? It is necessary to understand a trifle, both limitation, and incorrectness of the world before directing in mine. Therefore the pupil dumps from himself chains of the standard ideas, representations and beliefs. "So all think, – he says to himself, – means, it is incorrect and false at the heart of the". Falsely everything, is incorrect everything, everything is distorted. The deadlock is terrible, both is dark, and is deep. Knowledge light brought by us and our envoys, isn't accepted and if is accepted, then immediately it begins to be distorted to unrecognizability. And Great Doctrines turn into a dead peel. All religions and all Precepts are distorted and terribly perverted. In them there is no nothing left from given by us. The dead letter deprived lives and Sveta kills sparks even of strong aspiration with the deadness. Preachers and heralds of the distorted religions hammer a death nail with extinct hearts into consciousnesses of the followers. Situation in the world is terrible. As the ignorant savage who isn't knowing neither yesterday, nor tomorrow, sits on a small island somewhere in the ocean, without knowing about open spaces of Earth and its form, and the mankind in the person of each member sits in iron cages of the thoughtlessness, prejudices and ignorances. How to destroy these torture chambers of a gloom how to bring consciousness out of a cage of the fossilated representations and prejudices how to attach to the truth – here our care. Also We Have started her with measures unknown that the abyss of a gloom of ignorance hasn't tightened in itself consciousness human it is final. Therefore we Destroy and we Will destroy everything that is constructed on a lie, both distortion, and thoughtlessness. Therefore the extreme tension therefore there is no return back to ossified life forms of dead is necessary. The greatest heroism of spirit has to be shown from those who understand scope of fight and monstrosity of human heaps.
Iskaziteli of reality have tried to pervert and disfigure with total dedication everything to impossibility limits. The spirit of religions has left a dead form. And small worlds human which still light up with their fading and smoking torches are the fantastic, wild, improbable forms reflecting dregs, slime in a curve mirror of small consciousness and the fluctuating phantoms of an unreal ball of mental garbage. Of this horror of dark restrictions, from all with what the mankind surrounds itself, I Call to my World, to tops, to Knowledge, to release from century bonds. Consciousness should be released. Revolution exempts consciousness from many of these horrors. In it her merit. But the tragedy is that human consciousness always seeks to cast itself into new bonds, into new restrictions, new slavery. But to term the Doctrine is given. In it is mute all hope human. Will accept – will be released, won't accept – will die, having sunk in own generations. The doctrine gives to the person the concept of the Universe which isn't limited to the present moment. This idea of the world based on researches of Those Who Know and invariable in centuries doesn't depend on ignorance human. It is the Truth, a part of the Truth available to people now and given them for creation of the world on bases of enduring Knowledge. We We warn: further freedom to ignorance development because it threatens with death of the planet can't be provided. The new Country will be and is already the rescue center. On her cleared soil wonderful shoots have already appeared. Walls of dark old restrictions are swept away, and the creative thought blossoms. Life pulses obviously and powerfully. Not all is obsolete, a lot more, many difficulties, but the basis is put deeply. Also those who know and who can give will be called on a structure. Therefore I Prepare for execution of a great mission. Therefore I Spill knowledge. Therefore be in readiness of understanding of the future great service. I will give through you, the next. To that I Arm with knowledge and experience. He is severe and is difficult, but the way of execution Sveta Moyego is hard too. I claim in understanding of a great task. I claim in force necessary for his implementation. I Prepare for the future.

643. There can't be a tranquility in covers because has put them – to vibrate on the essence.
644. (Dec. 6). The third creating beam is this.
So, between you – and Me, in you staying, the sredosteniye shan't be real. Nothing shall be put, both stand and block threads of this communication. And as soon as something appears between, communication in direct dependence at most of the sounding allowed in forbidden for all external the place of the phenomenon is weakened. So, accepting waves of the counter phenomena, in case of blow of a wave follows before itself as a board to hold my Face. If the wave doesn't refract through the Face and will enter consciousness without abutment breaking it, then she establishes the power over consciousness for this or that time depending on the tension. To make of the consciousness the reservoir for external heaps from which everyone sounds as wants and how many wants, means transfer of power over itself to waves of accidental external impacts. And still my Face should be approved, despite everything. There is no other exit for neutralization of external blows of substance. Brightly, steadily and continuously the bright Image of the Lord in your consciousness shall burn. Inertness of human consciousness is big, and easily it gives in and overflowed by foam of waves, contrary to all its short fragility. Foam of the external phenomena is always short-term, and still it imperiously takes consciousness. It is necessary to strengthen fight. It is necessary that internal vibration was always stronger than external. It is impossible to be controlled from the outside when the power is given and it is given to the master inside. We go on an attack, we go to mastering matter of the lowest scale. Why to immerse in it consciousness and to merge with what is this in order that over it to dominate? We won't indulge in rest rest under no circumstances. The dragon is strong, and atavism is hardy. The new step of consciousness requires approval of a primacy of spirit over everything that outside. Let's not be tired not for a moment in overcoming lunar heritage of a passive condition of consciousness. We aim at a condition of fixed conscious activity in everything.
And only perceiving my Beam, both my thoughts, and my love, it is possible to become passive at the time of perception. On the attitude towards a dragon of the lowest matter the fixed, active, overcoming force of patrol consciousness is necessary. As the bog of the deceptive forest swamp with bright colors on it is mute or a tempting emerald grass, it sucks in the careless and inexperienced traveler, and there is no salvation from its force, invincible for narrow-minded consciousness. Look with a circle, at these consciousnesses which are drained in by this terrible swamp of daily occurrence. They don't fight any more, already put hands and obediently go on a bottom. And you fight. Every day with new forces, ready always to fight, go for fight against a monster. There is no exit: either you will win, or it will overcome you. And then the way of ascension is closed, and then there is no Communication, and then to what all? Therefore stand strong. And, having delivered my Face between what outside, and you, enduring, cost as the stooky guard on protection of cumulative your Treasure. It grows, and the Stone begins to shine fires of imperishable accumulatings. Let's not give it on violation. The internal citadel is protected firmly. Nobody, except Me, is allowed in an inner sanctum. Otherwise will enter, and will leave tracks, and, having trampled on the legs, will address on you, and will tear to pieces you. Remember: allowing someone or something in a spirit citadel, you give the power to someone or something, the power over yourself. Therefore become isolated from external influences and remember that their vibrations are allowed only refracted through Light of my Face. Because I am the ram breaking darkness. The Beam ego-tripping in you, the beam self-proceeding from your essence is given. He can shine only on condition of full inviolability of an intimate light source. Therefore don't allow to heart of passersby and by the going phenomena. There is more: whether has acquired power of solemn tranquility? Or vanity still sounds, seizing consciousness? Last year's snow and yesterday with the burning cares has left. Where they? And there will also undergo day today's both his cares and troubles. And will also pass everything that surrounds. But, having indulged in them and having merged with ghosts of the current hour with what we will remain when they leave there where last year's snow has left? (Also will leave together with this snow). With what there will be he who has enclosed heart and the soul in the deceptive phenomena passing? Be with Me, the Lord. On the Stone of the Eternal Basis we build the World Sveta, in the microcosm approved. Go through life, admiring beauty of a way. Be not upset difficult or gloomy transitions. They are only accidents of the long road. Also know the purpose. It is necessary to reach.
645. In case of judgment of people We Don't look, good this person or bad, is pleasant he to us or not, its radiations with ours are in harmony or cause a dissonance – all this is necessary and it is important only for the next – but we Put an exact question: this person is valuable to evolution or not. And it decides its destiny as worker on our Niva. Working at it we Help and we Advance. We Aim to wash dirt. In case of success we Bring closer. Masks we Not be touched. Also are especially careful with again suitable. The person is difficult exposed. From here and due vigilance. Of course, Lord Znayet, but knowledge of people and a capability of recognition the pupil shall develop and aggravate. No attention is paid to words. And when speak, giving themselves a shape, false and desirable for them, look in the face, deep into, in essence, trying to catch under an external cover hidden and intentionally hidden. Also listen, watching so that tells your heart. Each person is a free or involuntary deceiver, and everyone aims to deceive and seem better, than is. Deceive for years. But nevertheless not to hide true essence. But nevertheless it is necessary to look in hundred the face. The mirage of words and fog of phrases should be destroyed also behind it, under their covers, to look inside. All are good, egoism isn't affected yet. Once you mention it, and the most loyal citizen turns into an animal. Animal (inhabitant) it is necessary to see and remove outside. It is impossible to allow to heart of animals. Like to get drunk hot blood of heart. And hearts live. Therefore Precept: "Not be touched masks. But the heart from them, in the maskaradnykh the job specifications going preserve that didn't do harm".
646. (Dec. 7). Write about tension limit. It is necessary to approach Boundlessness. And a step of approach to it is the limit straining. How differently to cause fiery reaction of an organism? Why animals are under blows of elements and especially sharply and alive shall feel both cold, and hunger, and pain? To bring an astral body to life and to strengthen its essence. It is the existence purpose in an animal form. It is possible to look how dogs fight obviously to see flash of an astral. The birth and strengthening of an astral body is caused by severity and difficulty of living conditions of animal forms. But it equally concerns development and statement and all other bodies. The demonstration requires tension. And it – anywhere and everywhere. There can't be a lightning without the extreme tension of poles. Only it gives connection and flash. And only the life lived in tension and difficulties, a plodonosna. It is difficult to conciliate consciousness with this law of promotion. It is difficult to convince himself that it is good to undergo burden, loading and suffering. But Christ Redeemer Suffered and Saints so simply are also called "martyrs". Not for pleasure suffered, but through sufferings – to Light, such is a life. The suffering is a scale deviation from a condition an uravnovesiya of forces, and for recovery its scale shall start moving and rise exactly again so as far as fell. The law of balance regulates fluctuations of a bowl. So nagneteniye and burdenings of spirit have uravnovesy consciousnesses in the conditions opposite to the lowest point of fluctuation of a weight scale.
Clerical requital is unconvincing. But the law of balance reigning in Space is the guarantee of space justice. Therefore let each burdening by circumstances will be the immutable guarantee of rise of spirit and rise on new heights of achievement. But the way, and only strong in power is difficult. Weak, don't approach, won't sustain weak heart of severity of a feat and counter wave won't break. We meet by heart waves of the opposite phenomena and heart we enjoy poison. Where to leave from its bitterness? Also the crown of thorns hurts. But I for you, but Give the Hand, but Proximity happiness – a joy.

647. No, no, no! There can't be a victory without fight and overcoming. They are absent – there is no victory also. And also and forces – without difficulties won. Everyone wants to have fruits of a victory. And how to be with a payment? It is necessary to understand, at last, that on a payment and achievement. Who will pay more, it is more and will receive. There are fans of free pays, but isn't present among them great. We will add chagrin of day to the Bowl of stays. It is easy to go down stream, and all float. But the pupil goes against, and always up. To go up – means to go against the stream. Means, pressure of a counter stream is inevitable. The quicker promotion, the is stronger a pressure of cross-currents. Laws in everything are identical. It is inexpedient to complain about it. But the reasons of pressure of opposite elements should be known. It is a progress indicator. To recognize own weakness and defeat it is equivalent to treachery of a way. But, having linked teeth and having collected all forces, to rush will be a victory sign further. Yes, it is difficult! But for whom it is easy from those who go ahead? We Call giants of spirit them opening the way. With smaller cares and difficulties will go going behind. And babies will be incurred on hands and in diapers. It is a lot of such babies and with long beards and gray-haired. The pupil, the cross which accepted not the baby. And the cross Sveta is heavy. Carriers Sveta are carriers of a burden terrestrial. Weight of the planet is born. Nevmestno with a feat the phenomenon of a protest and misunderstanding of the law. The feat comes true without grumble. The way is covered with thorns, and painfully legs. Also the spirit in a flesh vice groans. And gnashing of teeth tears apart ears. Darkness on Light carrier growls, and he meets it in private only by power of the risen spirit. But the beam over a forehead of the winner burns. But Light is unextinguishable. But the Lord's Hand over him which is persistently going to the Name My.
648. (Dec. 8). The board My over you. You are exposed to external influences, but within allowed and permitted by me. Black hands are given to you in a set, and many spiteful eyes watch to do harm. But I Am awake, and my board and always over you is strong. But the board is given for fight, and in a board blows of the enemy are accepted. The board doesn't mean the fight termination. And the soldier's hand is more skillful, the protection of a board is stronger. Board durability in his neprobodayemost and fortress. But degree of a zashchitnost which he gives depends on art of the hand holding him. If to reject a board or to hang up it for a back how we will be protected from blows of the enemy? Therefore in consciousness the Face my, protecting from a darkness impact strong keeps. Sent to energy protecting it is necessary to realize constantly. The board is forged from two parties. And if on the one hand – my fiery energy sent, and with another – a wet muslin, due connection of energiya doesn't happen. The board is kept by a conscious hand and all the time in readiness, in fighting situation. Weakening of a patrol or combat readiness means vulnerability. Who will want to set up voluntarily himself under blow of the enemy? The soldier who has received blow to rashness doesn't bear honor. So, a condition of the alerted sharp-sighted combat readiness it is necessary always. And then it is strong and защитен the board My. It is told about real-life fixed Communication and Proximity. But as it is difficult for the undisciplined soldier! One of the conditions facilitating is the rhythm, to others – uninterrupted aspiration, and the third – a fixed continence in the third eye of the Image of the Teacher. So again we return to bases. They are simple and are inevitable. Otherwise how to resist when everything falls? And in days of special swelling of darkness three bases require steady application. Here I Speak about direct aspiration to Me, the most necessary and urgent. But the spirit from astral spatial whirlwinds fluctuates, and the aspiration monolith is broken. Firmness is necessary superhuman. I Give strength, but without complete unconditional adjunction to the Lord it can't be this to a vseischerpyvayushchy yavnost of power of the Beam. Also it is necessary to consider fairly and without indulgence how many it is this and how many it is applied. It should be noted in consciousness gap degree, or discrepancies, between this and applied. The discrepancy, the closer to Me is less. Let's reduce this pernicious distance, from Me distancing, to opportunity limits. We will strain all forces for rapprochement. And only in case of complete application instructed the complete contact and unseparable and indestructible merge of consciousnesses is reached. So I Want to clean everything, standing between us and preventing Communication or lowering its brightness. And if you do everything possible and if I Send the Beam, then who and that can interfere with Communication? So, not in words case, but in their application. The subjects Doctrine also differs from all what people nowadays believe in that requires carrying out it in life.
Therefore it is called the Doctrine of Life. And when you will speak about our Doctrine, require application, specify it as on the main condition of following for the Lord. The applying my Precepts should. The dry leaves which came off a life tree who needs you, fruitless and razmetanny? Unless for soil fertilizer after you decay. So application of the Doctrine in life is protection against decomposition darkness. The most terrible phenomenon in Space is the phenomenon of decomposition of consciousness. It is possible to imagine the dead decaying planets filled with assemblies of the decaying consciousnesses. Darkness of spirit is terrible. Bottomless the whirlpool which is carrying away in a chasm. The magnet of dark attractions is strong. In brothels of addicts it is possible to see force of its impact. We will be saved from passivity and a whirlpool of reflex nonresistance as from the most artful enemies. Begin with small, but, having taken root, like an octopus, cover consciousness, and a grief got to their embraces. Therefore fight the constant which isn't stopping for a minute, sharp-sighted and intense is commanded. It is better to be exhausted in fight, than to become stupid a lot of wellbeing. It is better to go, smelling oats, than to recline on down feather-beds. It is better to hurry in hunger and cold, than to be burdened by magnificent viands at long tables. Better feat, severe and difficult, than happy mirages of illusive passing dreams of Earth. Will pass, and will come to an end, and will leave behind nothing, except bitterness a gift of downtime and impossibility to hold not belonging to us. But the life which is carried out in works of accumulatings of inherent values of spirit will give deposits of invaluable treasures in the Bowl, will increase our wealth and Light of Boundlessness will make life of immortality of spirit.

649. "I weary wearying мя!"
If the son keeps commitment and love to Me and Mother, he will be able easily to reach this most difficult step. His Love both Blessing, and help in everything.
650. (Dek.9). Boundless knowledge! There is no end to cognition and there is no limit. And by whatever top of knowledge the learning mind has risen, it will also be far till this end, as well as at the beginning of rise. Only the horizon of spheres of cognition will extend and will become even more immense. And the rise will be higher, the horizon of the revealing distances for new comprehension will be wider. Nothing belongs to the person, and only Boundlessness of cognizable distances is his space property. It is impossible to limit spheres of knowledge in any way or a type of his receiving: isn't present in Space of books and textbooks, but the Great Book of the Universe is open for consciousness. And the essence of knowledge consists in assimilation and assimilation of new types of energy and all types of their combinations and connections. And if the sound scale available to a poor ear of Earth gives infinite number of various combinations, then it is possible to imagine all inexhaustible richness of all possible connections of all types of energiya of Space when to a musical scale, not terrestrial, but infinite, the scale light, numerical, a scale of smells, temperature, a scale of elements, a scale magnetic, a scale of Matter of Lyutsida, Fokhat and Parafokhat's scale, the Matter Matriks scale and so on, all scales of infinite sides and aspects of a uniform thing joins.
There is no end to them, and infinity of all possible combinations of separate notes of everyone mind can't be imagined. Therefore we Speak about boundlessness of cognition infinately of the various world. Space is rich with variety of the manifestation. The differentiated iskro-monad, beginning infinite run on an ascension spiral, in atom, or a cell of mineral, or in primary form monocelled already finds a capability to react definitely to external impacts. It is also primary step of knowledge. It is wrong to think that only the person learns. Learns both an animal, and a plant, and any lowest organism, and even atom. Only forms of this cognition, or perception from the outside of the going vibrations, a bit differents, than at the person. But the desert stone heated by a beam of the Sun and which is cooled at night reacts in own way to a beam of spatial fire too. And not only reacts, but also remembers, that is imprints surrounding vibrations. Memory, unseparable from a cognition capability, is the universal phenomenon in the nature. Memory not only people, but also things have. And the clairvoyant-psikhometr, having taken an ancient necklace in hand, can tell all its story because, having united the consciousness with memory of a stone, he will see vibrations, or the energies imprinted in it in the form of pictures. Could tell the ancient stones lying on the ways of movement of the people much. And an spark-monad, passing steps of an immetalization and a gerbarization, saves up experience, or knowledge of properties of the lowest kingdoms of the nature to rise with a cumulative inventory of knowledge of matter and experience by more highest step eventually to reach a kingdom human. Therefore people aren't the being who graduated a ten-year school or the University and acquired knowledge for the short life. No! The person is the microcosm, the world covering in itself and comprising knowledge and a capability of mastering properties of all elements constituting it and entering it because all what it once passed through enters it seized, assimilated and acquired. This knowledge is deep. If there was no this knowledge – mastering properties of the elements consisting in once passed by it, the person, forms, then the hand by order of a will wouldn't move, an eye wouldn't blink, saliva wouldn't begin to flow, the fiery order to extremities wouldn't incur a wire of nerves. In a word, the difficult machine of a microcosm wouldn't start moving and wouldn't begin the life surprising, wonderful, complete of inexhaustible depth. But experience of hundreds of millions of years of infinitely long and slow evolution, since three invisible kingdoms and a kingdom mineral, vegetable and animal, is built and crystallized in a microcosm of the person, showing every moment essence of this most amazing pilot knowledge of all it passed earlier through. From here both extraordinary complexity of the device human, and its exact congenital compliance with nature elements, and availability of all kingdoms of the nature which are completely reflected and realized in it. And in each his ability, each property and each reaction – physical, physiological, astral and mental and spiritual, the essence and fruits of experience of assimilation and adaptation to from the outside to the going energy for billions of years, and not only on our planet, but also on through what the spark-monad has passed earlier is covered. It isn't enough to pass from the beginning to the end all kingdoms of the nature on our planet that to adapt to them and them to seize, it was necessary to pass through them also on the previous planet, saving up knowledge of matter and seizing with each step more and more irregular material shape. What terribly long chain of infinitely changing forms through which the spark-monad passes, saving up knowledge of a certain order in everyone. How many million years primary cage at an ocean floor has carried out before being given the corresponding shape, and to come to firm Earth, and in new elements to learn the new lessons of life and to acquire new knowledge. But experience and knowledge of everything passed is crystallized in effect the person in the form of the wonderful magnetic and powerful force which by force of the condensed fire and approved in a microcosm for billions of years of energiya builds the highest, most difficult form called by the person around the grain and holds elements by her magnetic force during the term put for manifestation in this or that sphere of each body. Having dumped all bodies, all covers, spirit grain – this center saved up by experience and crystallized energiya, having collected a harvest in itself, again directs magnetic beams in the lowest itself spheres, again coagulates around itself matter corresponding to these energiya and again is to the world dense in a human form with all the accumulation, infinite chains of lives, energiya to collect new knowledge in the highest and more distinguished form. Knowledge is boundless, the life bringing it is boundless. And boundlessness of the past, merging with boundlessness of the future, enters the person into the sphere of infinite cognition of Space, but cognition already conscious.
651. (Dec. 10). Intimate knowledge is knowledge available only to Adherents. It is strictly protected from the looks which are curious. It is inaccessible to crowd. People don't trust in his opportunity. People think: why to hide and that? To his majesty to ignorance the entrance is closed and sealed. For consciousness there is only the fact that it recognizes possible. Rejecting a possibility of secret knowledge, ignorance cuts from itself the world of the hidden opportunities.

652. Degree of difficulties depends on the consciousness overcoming everything oneself, without having lost balance of spirit. Who says that now it is easy in the world? There was no time more difficult. Everything has sunk in twilight. Maybe it is even worse, but Dumb Witness inside – out of a stream. If to connect consciousness to it, it is possible to leave muddy waters passing if to come off him, the muddy whirlpool will tighten him in depth. It is impossible to tie consciousness to curve living conditions. It will come off a light source. It will go out without food as a lamp to which wire is cut. It is possible to be outside, it is possible to meet whirlwinds heavy the darkness unbridled, but only in Me staying. The separation, even instant is terrible. The wire should be held with a firm hand. A beam over the pupil, but it is impossible to deviate from his understanding. And what can cover the Face My when everything is doomed to that, having sounded in consciousness to leave him there where everything that was earlier has left? But consciousness has to meet matter waves. But consciousness has to keep Light, despite them, and exactly thanks to them strengthen opposition to darkness. Temporary darkness, everything that around is temporary. Light My, in a life gloom shining is eternal because from Eternal Light isshet. In Light’ My Light beheld to waves of elements will oppose Me in itself. And I which in him, I Will be a winner. But the victory requires a unification indestructible, not dependent from darkness of passing conditions. Darkness external, seeking to separate My light from the consciousness which has concerned him will be always. But not to indulge in her. Will overflow and will sink consciousness in muddy waters. And you stand. Heavy? But stand. It became even heavier? And you stand.
Wonderful fire is forced by firmness of spirit. Indulge in all your heart Light Lord. Only up to the end resisted can be called the winner. There is a darkness! Where your sword, both board, and arrow Light? Where your weapon? Whether it is ready to meet her, on you directed? Or it is strong while everything is good? Where confidence in the Lord? Where the sword cutting? For what beams are given? Rise spirit, and this powerfully use weapon of beams, breaking a press. Form will a ball of the crossed disharmonious energy. Learn to operate them, unconsciously and spontaneously combined. Rarefy and regulate an impact. Meet each wave by a sword of a peace of spirit, cutting it and sending to energy it in you the cast and created form. There are no lambs. There is a soldier, severe and mighty to which are entrusted to overcome the rays of light overcoming and able any counteraction. External circumstances are insuperable to them, ignorant. But you know, and I for you. Therefore be ready to fight fully equipped with a powerful spiritual armor, the son My, and stand in fight more strong than the rock.
653. (Dec. 11). Today good day for a good dumaniye. Therefore we will write about an organism mood. It is easy to upset the device. For this purpose it is necessary to allow a number of inharmonious actions. But it is difficult to adjust. Strings can sound only under certain conditions, and these conditions should be met. The first – not broken, unshakable faith in the Lord, belief up to the end. The second – uninterrupted aspiration. The third – consciousness that Lord Hochet to give the best way. Not always he coincides with expectations of the crude thinking and enduring egoism, but he under these circumstances always is the best. The pupil can't know good quality of ways and where they, the shortest. But the Teacher from above Sees how the way lies to what conducts each transition and the direction of everyone. Therefore the faith in the Driver hidden is necessary. It can't fluctuate from accidents of ways. The microcosm of the pupil bears the Bowl of not spilled. If on strings of well adjusted tool plays each casual breeze, then how will concern it which is already sounding on something and under someone's influences, the Teacher's Hand? The aeolian harp of spirit sounds only from a touch of the Hand of the Lord. For all other it is closed tightly. The phenomena beheld outside follow a citadel wall. They are beheld from a watchtower, separated from inner world by strong walls. Spirit strings are vigilantly preserved against external touches. It isn't necessary to sound on growl of voices of a gloom. They can be heard and it is possible to see a grin of terrible appearances, but it is impossible to vibrate in unison with disgarmonichesky vibrations dark. In it a patrol and protection. To put itself into dependence not on Me, but on them, external, means to close ears to silent waves of my Voice and to stop access to the Beam. Therefore it is necessary not only to bring an organism to a mood state, not only to hold it, but also constantly and nedremanno to preserve against a possibility of external influences. At the becoming aggravated susceptibility only immunity of spirit is rescue. Therefore each external influence should be met and it to direct blow to board armor. A board blows are reflected. And then arrows of dark disharmonious energiya won't get inside and strings of the fiery tool won't force to vibrate. And then it is obviously and fully possible to sound on calls of the Lord.
654. "Be sure of My Proximity". The lord is close always. Yes, yes, you are right, awareness of My remoteness or loss of feeling of my Proximity not in Me covers the roots, but that sounds of Earth muffled and darkened My Face. But I am always with you. But not among a market sutolka. In the depth of intimate your essence My spirit and your spirit adjoin. And our task of the current hour – My World to make is more real than the growling evidence. And the voice silent shall win against sounds of terrestrial voices and muffle them. And the World Hidden – to become more real than visible. We live in the world of hidden realities and we approve My World in the thick of the dense world as the winner of the lowest vibrations. Look with a circle: there is nothing Mine. Look more deeply: everything keeps Me. And the world Me denying keeps and is alive only My Light. But the world doesn't know Me because it rejected. You know. Approve Me in yourself that then when punches Hour to approve Me to the world. You will approve as yourself. The being you will show the certificate of understanding and Proximity of the Lord. What is conducted to you, you will tell them. They don't know Me because lost thread. But you know. Specify a way of approach to Me. Tell that I Am close, tell that I in life, tell that only Me see, both hear, and feel, and realize because light of their reason – My Light, their once lit up. I am a Lord of Seven Beams, on the Beam of each Lord Light the him sending and giving, truly, there is a Life source. Don't think of how you will give. But light of three your beams, having concerned the Bowl of each comer to you, will awaken the fallen asleep memory. And even many words won't be necessary. Language of Light doesn't need verbosity. My Beam, in your beams realized, you will act when punches Hour. Now there is a severe preparation for Service of the new statement of My Name. Every year the tree becomes covered by new leaves. The form of My attire changes to term, remaining the same external, though new, a cover of a uniform Tree of Life and Knowledge. Leaves are visible to all, though they are replaced from time to time, but the essence of the hidden life is invisible to the eye seeing foliage.Yes, the friend My, the statement Light in a twilight of the spread darkness is difficult. But we will win.
655. (Dec. 12). Wait for the future in silence and aspiration.
In silence of silence it is necessary to raise spiritual wings. Break off spirit on all external. The victim of silence of spirit on guards yes will be an approach step. So, all serves us when communication with the Lord is strong. But once it weakens, power of darkness shows the force. Power of darkness consists in our department from the Lord, as well as force of opposite currents. And only with Me and Me you are strong by force invincible because in Me all. Remember that in itself you nothing that provided to itself, you will die. The spirit without merge to the Lord's heart can't fight. And heart in Heart merged, with Me it is invincible. Therefore call of hour – silence. Break off, but not lips, but spirit. It is possible to speak lips and language in case of complete quiet silence of spirit. Break off spirit on waves of external vibrations. Let darkness external tear apart ears, but an ear, to Me turned, deafly to Earth sounds, always disharmonious, always aggravating. We go стезею silence. The aeolian harp is silent. Break off, spirit strings, for noise and a sutolka of life and you sound only on energy of my Beam. I, life giving, Send fire streams. Its rhythm is refined, and the sound is found, and in case of the strings of soul sounding on external it is imperceptible. Therefore the ear, to Me bent, won't remain deprived of richness spatially of the sent sounds of the highest scale. There is a fight of two worlds for your consciousness: The highest, unheard and Hidden, and the lowest, dense and roughly obvious and obvious. In the World Moy staying becomes blind and deaf to everything that sees and hears. Silence of language is kind. But the highest step is silence not of a body, but spirit. We will learn silence of spirit. Silence of spirit is such condition of consciousness when humble, both the subdued, and bridled covers become silent and the internal lord and the lord rises powerfully and approves the power. The covers raging and reacting to all external reconcile an imperious hand. And what advantage to their carrier from their madness and an incessant condition of uneasy trembling? Break off, strings of the lowest harmony! Sounded enough, shaking a microcosm by whirlwinds of uncoordinated energiya. Silence of spirit is approved. Power of tranquility of the Lord staying inside is approved. You mine. You belong to me and Mira Moyema. Around you there is nothing mine and there is nothing yours, all our at Me, both with Me, and in Mira Moy. Therefore consciousness is transferred to my World and already from there, from the Sphere of Highest mine, watches your consciousness at all events outside and around. Having accepted a wave of external influences, don't react to it in any way. And full quiet silence of a microcosm will be the answer to her yes. If to scent and understand all power of this aggravated profound tranquility of all fiery our essence in response to rage of restless chaotic vibrations. As force majeure as fiery Volya Dkhiani can instantly stop the most terrible hurricane and leads to silence and silence the unbridled elements of elements, and will, tranquility of silence approved, dominates over a gnash of external conditions. And my World given by me, and given not as gives his world, is the World of power of silence, there is a World of silence of power of the Lord.
Its power because it is based upon equilibrium, this the superior quality, unsurpassed and difficult for comprehension, and attribute of the spirit exempted from circuits of the lowest matter is inexhaustible. So in you I Approve the force. Take the forms of its uyavleniye in the microcosm for the immediate and urgent application in life. Now it is necessary to resist. Normal measures are already inapplicable and effectless. The higher we Approve the power. And its carrier, by me selected and oyavlenny, I Approve you.

656. Saturated Luch is sent. Saturated Luch – Luch of a special purpose, or a special type of energy for the special job. For its perception readiness is necessary. Therefore it is told about readiness. Without readiness from the pupil Luch, not having the second pole, it can't be shown. Each singular ray requires special conditions for its perception and assimilation. If Luch for thinning of a certain center or slightly opened it is sent, and perceiving will be, for example to tell, under the influence of drugs drugs, we will suppose, bromine, readiness be shown can't. Closing won't turn out, energy of the Ray will spill in vain. The teacher is ready to give the best way. But for this purpose readiness from the pupil is required. Character and a level of this readiness in each separate case special. Teacher Ukazyvayet both character, and level. And only under a condition and existence of readiness of certain order saturated Luch uyavlyatsya in operation, that is assimilates the spirit device. To be in readiness – means to be in running state of the conditions specified by the Teacher and necessary and necessary for perception of a singular ray. In case of a diversity and feature of centers Rays of a special purpose can be very different. The whole battery of currents goes to the pupil's organism, both the level and the nature of readiness change all the time. The teacher Znayet, when and that it is necessary. The teacher Dayet what in these living conditions and at this step of development of the pupil is admissible. In the absence of readiness, and required degree, the given chance can't be approved. The teacher Posylayet the necessary energy – a condition the first. The pupil shows the necessary degree of readiness for her perception and assimilation – a condition the second. Without existence of one of these conditions there is no statement of the chance given. The beam is sent, it should be taken. Therefore, one condition depends on the Teacher, another – on the pupil. The teacher is ready to give the known chance and its Dayet, the pupil has to be always ready to create the conditions for its acceptance specified to him. The statement of the sent opportunity goes from two parties. Therefore I Speak: "Be in readiness". Exchanged a condition of the required readiness for lentil soup of the next flash of egoism loses the given chance. The teacher is ready to give the best way. Whether the pupil is ready to show necessary for this condition? So each step of ascension sets the certain tasks. The person can't become perfect at once, but perception of my Beam requires the known degree of concentration and tranquility, and, above all, the adoption of awareness of my constant Proximity, and besides over all external circumstances what they were. The condition of constant readiness demands constant fight for her statement, because as soon as the known ability is developed and approved, already new chance for manifestation and the birth of new ability in the conditions of the new readiness necessary for this order of the phenomena is given. So to a condition of constant fight and overcoming isn't present and there can't be an end as there is no end to improvement and thinning of the device of a microcosm. It isn't enough to awaken fires of the centers, they should be transmutirovat and refined. Uyavlyaemy you susceptibility degree in the conditions of the city is difficult incredibly. Therefore it is necessary to strengthen both a patrol, and degree of constant intense readiness. The teacher Vidit, the Teacher Znayet, the Teacher Guards, ready to help. It is necessary to show a condition of continuous wakefulness and sensitive vigilance.
657. (Dec. 13). Lord of Seven Beams. Seven highest steps of dedication give everyone the Beam, and synthesis of seven is a distinction of the Lord of Shambhala. His pupils acquire these Beams as gradualness and as approaching Him. Extents of assimilation happen various, from initial above. The assimilated beam gives the self-proceeding light painted by this Beam. The assimilation is deeper and the more Beams it is assimilated, the approach step is higher. Of course, those who are close have begun a way of approach long ago. The millennia are required on approaching. The proximity is result of the aspiration passing through many, many lives. From here and love to the Doctrine of Life. From here and his understanding. The space right is something, being above the sphere of a small commonness, and originates the in depth of centuries. Also and threads of communication with people surrounding aren't casual. Once and somewhere, and the reasons binding have been put very long ago. It is necessary to remove, at last, consciousness of their vicious circle of the real life to understand and capture a circle of lives last. To dig in present dust, missing an opportunity to capture a chain of lives, it is inexpedient. Therefore consciousness extends. Therefore measures are given great. How to approve the greatness and divinity, without having destroyed walls of the real prison? It has once been told: in total vanity and languor of spirit. Truly, the person in a dungeon of the ignorance pines. Truly, the prisoner strazhdt spirit. An exit only in release. And only knowledge gives freedom. Therefore direct to Me because I – knowledge bearing.
The consciousness magnet directed to Me attracts sparks of knowledge and saturates a microcosm with attraction products. In the area of the directed energies there is an attraction, and on nature and property everyone is saturated a microcosm respectively. "But where your jugs?" – the question directed to the pupil. Where in it those energies of aspiration which the Teacher of compliance with their force and essence Could saturate? Everyone brings to the Teacher the, and the pogloshchayushche-attracting force of each separate energy causes short circuit with the Beam of the Teacher and approval of the given rise thought psychograin. Therefore thoughts are sent. Therefore they should be caught magnetic energies of spirit. Therefore readiness and a susceptibility are psychomechanics in operation. And it is also life, life. Because vitally the Doctrine in effect the is also called therefore by the Doctrine of Life. Saturating with vibrations of the light, consciousness of the directed spirit gives rise to Light psychograins, fruits bearing.

658. Live in eternal. Not in the present and not in the future, but in eternal. Both in the past, and in the present, and something is in the future covered from egoism, some personal aspirations, either desires, or an attraction. How many chagrin and disappointments the present and how many them in the future gives. "Be awake because Bozhiye's Kingdom came nearer", – apostles said and directed in the future, in a condition of expectation of close Receipt. To them lived, to them directed and lit many hearts. But if before an eye of the souls directed by them in the future to develop these two thousand years of sufferings, blood, a gloom of ignorance and a kingdom of darkness, these long centuries of thick darkness, both nasiliya, and desecration of all human which of them directed by them would pass this terrible test lit with inquisition fires? Therefore a precept "Live not in the past, not in the present, not in the future, but in eternal" there is a precept the highest. It is good to direct in the future, it is good to be warmed by its light because the future – the great engine. But Dumb Witness, but Silent Recorder Lives and Has Life in Eternity. And then, having affirmed as eternal and having merged with Him who is keeping silence inside it is possible passionlessly and in great tranquility to meet waves of all phenomena and the present, and the future. We dress the future in pink tone, we set to it a seal of personal understanding of events and if they are developed is discordant with our expectations, then it is accompanied by inevitable feeling of buckwheat and the deceived expectations. How many the best aspirations Brought to mankind Great Carriers of Light in that present, perhaps, very far from us when they Came to Earth. And as the mankind with the Exercises Their and as terribly distorted cruelly finished and perverted them in that future which such light and wonderful was Developed before him by these Carriers of true Knowledge. Of course, without Light of this future Planned by Them the planet would die long ago, but that gloom in which people managed to distort Light filled in Light of each Doctrine throughout the next centuries. Therefore Light of Eternity is inaccessible to violation by his legs of biped. Therefore to live in eternal and to approve in him, and only in him, the citadel of spirit also is the highest solution of life. And then firmly it is also unshakably possible to direct in the future, without being afraid of anything, any disappointments, any tricks from izvratitel and iskazitel of Uniform Light, from time until directing to Earth the Beams. So, Zovu co to me, to the World of the eternal Truth. Otherwise how to sustain up to the end long way of a spiral of planetary evolution. We, directing in the future for the adoption of achievements, we Stay in eternal. Spirit grain, saving up Treasure of Identity and being eternal and invariable in intimate essence and in the potential which spokesman it is, covers in itself all knowledge, all achievements, the whole world from which an izoshl a monad spark. Therefore we will build on the Stone of the Eternal Basis. Therefore we will make the Silent Witness the friend because He is you collecting a harvest of the millennia. Because He is you who has dumped from himself all covers and clothed only in the Body Sveta. Because He is Light which shines over everything as the Sun over a gloom terrestrial. Dumb Witness. Learn to listen to the Silence Voice. Learn to adjoin to Him standing out of all passing. Approve his power, staying eternally in you. What darkens his dazzling Light what hides shine from your look what deprives of happiness uniform, invariable, strong, eternal and you by the right of belonging? What? They, covers your passing, in a snare passing living, they have eclipsed Light Uniform which you сущ. Break chains of the covers which have held down you, destroy mirages passing, in Me, Silently in you staying, find and approve the Stronghold. I am a winner in you, I have been given the power. I Show essence of the knowledge because I – all this in everything. The secret Me, in great silence of real, is the greatest Secret you and the Mystery of everything that is shown from depths of Space, in which center I Esm. At the Secret threshold – Silence. Learn to listen to the Silence Voice. Many secrets are hidden in is mute for you, and the Uniform Great Secret you, in Me real crowns them. For her expression there are no words. To comprehension of your Secret I Direct you directed.
659. (Dec. 14). So, we won't look for in covers. Each cover is only the tool, both often imperfect and low-suitable for Identity expression, or spirit grain which holds her by force of the magnetic energiya of the center as one connected whole. And as soon as this center leaves a cover and as soon as this, the beginning constraining her elements, leaves covers, they immediately begin to decay and break up to components. The center constraining them together has left, and the form breaks up. So each form visible keeps on the center. And the center is the store of energiya of grain. Of course, grain of spirit is both at animals, and at plants, and at atom as the center uniting, but in other expression. It is possible to tell, the center center, his point, an iskro-monad, it is uniform for all real in the being, but energy of grain, investing her, are already differentiated and differ not only at different types, but also in each separate case. Two grains are absent similar. Essence one, forms of her expression and stratification are various. The first – Space gift, the second – result of individual accumulation and experience. The evolution step is higher, the distinction is deeper. Brightness and a difference of individual accumulation can be observed on steps. A rose and a violet, a lotus and a dandelion, cherry and apple – an essence fruits of various individual accumulation of grain of spirit. The elephant and a butterfly, a seal and an antelope, an eagle and an octopus show striking examples of a variety of the energiya collected around grain at unity of essence of the space spark which is in each individual form. But spirit grain by force of the energiya which are saved up, concentrated and crystallized in him
attracts from the spheres surrounding it, or the worlds – dense, astral and mental, – elements of the corresponding matter and builds the covers of them. Therefore it is possible to speak about soul of plants and animals and soul of any form as expression of the material, astral or mental elements collected around grain. These temporary and for acquisition of certain experience the constructed bodies, or covers, are limited to a certain period of existence, various for each type. The butterfly phony company, either an elephant, or the Californian sequoia numbering several thousands of years of life are to that an example. But any external cover, both physical, and astral and mental, with any duration of the temporary identification eventually is dumped and doomed to decomposition, or disintegration. And the formula "You Are a Person and to the Earth You Otydt" is expression of the Space Law concerning any life form on all three plans of existence. From there is absolutely obvious the fact that consciousness of the person is in the closest dependence on where it puts itself what it identifies with and in what cover stays. If it ties itself to one of three, gets used to it, and considers itself by her, and "I" take its form for the, then it shares a fate of this cover, be it an astral, physical or mental shape, or a body. There are people putting all consciousness in a form wearable them clothes and the consciousness which tied to it, at least and temporarily. The absurdity of a similar condition is obvious.
Dress such carrier of a velvet, laces, silk and diamonds in common holshchevy clothes, and among the same biped such small consciousness will lose all the relevancy and inflatedness and, really, including itself nothing, will become nothing. Also and with covers. Putting in them the importance and the essence, forgetting that they are only instruments of identification our Immortal "I", we betray ourselves to death and embraces of the passing worlds. Where there lives the body? In the world dense and terrestrial. Where astral or thin body? Where mental? In their spheres, where each form temporarily and where each form is limited to a certain piece of duration of the existence. But true Identity, but grain of spirit lives in eternal. And the one who identifies the consciousness with it and considers himself by him, eternal builds life on the Stone of the eternal basis. Because the Body Sveta, from Light isshedshy, is the carrier of a form of Eternal Life. So there live people, and everyone expresses itself(himself) what he identifies himself with. When I Came and Have told that my other-wordly Kingdom, the aspect of the eternal Truth Was. Eternal in the form of terrestrial showed Light. And nowadays I Call you approving Me to show the Face Eternal in your fragile and temporary terrestrial covers as Showed it Ya. Synami the I Call you who have heard and guessed Eternity steps. Come to show my Face in a terrestrial garden of life. On Earth approve the Eternity phenomenon, you, winners of flesh. Show eternal in temporary, enduring in passing, immortal in mortal as I Have made it, having shown the world my Light. Therefore "I" Call you the Stone Carriers, Carriers of the Stone of the condensed crystallized Light collected and which is saved up by you in spirit grain in your true eternal Light.
660. Yes, the friend Moy, it is heavy in the world, and only Proximity of the Lord it is possible to resist, without losing balance. When everything fluctuates and there is nothing will be to grasp to consciousness, will find a basis of unshakable power in Me. But as it will be heavy that who believes a support of consciousness in the unsteady living conditions. Both will be unsteady, and there will be koleblema at the same time what have set the hope on. Before Ma, standing on a patrol of the planet and directing the course of evolution, nevertheless Stayed in a condition of some isolation, and only nowadays, in the conditions of the Armageddon, we Show to the world the Doctrine of Life and Shape of Lords in such measure as it was never done still. But a condition of the planet especially heavy, and measures are taken unknown. And it is possible to approach Us close, more than ever, everyone heard call and replying. And the burden and tension of conditions serve as if as the incentives which are bringing closer. Because when darkness floods the world, for directed there is only one way – up. I rejoice unalterability of a step. I see how heavy the stones able to crush weak consciousness, there are ascension ladder steps, and to Chui growing wings. I impulse of steady ascension of Ladies. I to wings eagle Will outline a flight wave. I from mountain my Top Will show infinite distances. And over terrestrial darkness you, in Me the force approved, will see eternal shine Sveta. Our Stronghold costs in beams of this eternal shine, and to it directed enters the world of unearthly values of spirit. Yes, We are keepers of imperishable treasures. Who has them more than ours? Where they which found and collectors? The magnetic center of Light is open for all worlds. Come to Us, directed to Light. Show readiness of perception. Bring at least small aspiration, and We Will saturate it, and we Will add to it, and we Will increase. But bring. We Can't give anything brought. Such is the law because the combination of energies requires availability of two poles. And the more widely, more fearlessly, more courageous and aspirations of your spirit are more immense, the more full and more brightly there is a saturation. Because each energy directed in you to knowledge is subject to satisfaction according to the immutable law of a magnet. If people only understood that everything surrounding them is expression of magnetic power of energies of their spirit, once and somewhere and, perhaps, the energies which unsuccessfully approved that type in an orbit of the aura which creates the disgrace surrounding them nowadays suffocating. Sowers and reapers, unless you don't see what was generated by you and for yourself? You don't see the reasons, but a yavna of the investigation of dark fires of the energies which generated them.
Unless it is possible to deceive destiny, or the law of space justice when the essence of the magnetic energies attracting external circumstances is pledged by their poroditel in the aura, in own essence each act, each feeling, each experience and each thought? Thought that someone and somehow can be deceived, but deceived only themselves. And when there came hour of a harvest of the reasons, in most seeded, the world of the investigations rose an inevitable wall for complete eradication and neutralization. Therefore eventually it is necessary to understand how it is unprofitable to deceive himself, even despite invisibility of the inevitable investigations. But benefit to the sower kind. It has no reasons to be frightened hour of a harvest. We call to a fulfillment of good crops because we Give grains kind and full. To the kind sower Raduyemsya and the field of crops we Warm it and we Light with the Beams.
661. (Dec. 15). Atlases knew the mysteries of metals. What is metal? Meeting of uniform atoms of a certain vibration key. Therefore, the mystery of metal consists in its atom. What is atom? It is the iskro-monad standing on primary step of evolution, and which arose under a beam of a certain star and directly related magnetic thread of its poroditel. Thus, the mystery of metal becomes the mystery of the star generating, or Logos whose beam loaded with microphotobodies of a certain order, having concerned the sphere of Earth, gave atom of this metal in a combination. It is so possible to speak about the stars which generated Earth by the combinations weaved from combinations of their diverse beams. Frequency, in other words, regularity of a material scale, or the so-called table of elements, specifies harmonious and precisely limited number of stars which took part in a construction and creation of our planet. Color of metal, or color of a range of metal, finds its place in a beam scale. And as the person is result of a combination of star beams of tens, infinite tens of the millennia, it is possible to imagine this communication, knowing that on a magnetic beam of communication the star obviously influences structure of star essence of the person at the time of his birth. It determines within imprinted by it on a plastic thin form of the person movies nature and amount of atoms of metal, to this beam of corresponding. But metals are basic elements of an atomic scale and therefore their combinations determine already and the structure and a physical body. So the law of compliance forms the basis of great communication in creation of bodies human. Having a horoscopal key to vibration essence of the person and knowing numerical expression of metal ingredients of this human form, it is possible to regulate substantially precisely a condition of the broken balance in combinations of elements that is to stop the disintegration phenomenon. The disease is violation of this balance, an old age – also. Therefore, knowledge of compliances and introduction to an organism of missing elements under certain conditions and the mode excludes both a disease, and the old age phenomenon. From there are strange and unclear statements that some Mahatmas live centuries, without growing old. The mystery of metals belongs to area of forbidden knowledge from which key is in Arkhat's hands.
662. "Who thinks about terrestrial, won't receive the answer about heavenly". Therefore "Look for the God's Kingdom and its truth, and the rest will be put to you". So all consciousness is adjusted on aspiration in search of the highest. The doctrine is this. It is much this in it. But this it is necessary to take. How? How to take the treasures offered? Treasures of the Gospel remained to lie in vain. Behind mountains of human heaps grains of space wisdom became visible. It is necessary to fill consciousness with the this gifts, it is necessary to get used to them, it is necessary to make them a part of. The spokesman of the Doctrine of to make, that is to apply the Doctrine in life of every day. But so there aren't enough contractors. There is a lot of listeners, but where they applying? Each applied thought approves energy in a microcosm as grain of future uyavleniye by the nature of the vibration. Fire requires approval. Not words, but their statement in life gives life. I Send the beam claiming in Doctrine force. I Give a beam fiery, changing all essence of the old person. But the Beam should help rather not to prevent to show the power. When I in consciousness of the pupil Pervenstvuyu, go approval of the Beam. Means, on the first place it is necessary to deliver Me. Means when something becomes or told, I who is taking priority Go ahead of the made action as a nasal figure of the ship flies ahead of it in case of any its progress. So, before fulfillments something the Image of the Lord gives tone just as the tuning fork gives right tone to the singer. The symphony of life is played by the person on strings of surrounding energies. That the symphony became that, and in the correct tone, and in the corresponding key, the main note shall be set truly. I am a key on which the pupil has to manage to execute the symphony of life. Therefore my Face becomes the Face leading. Is necessary each word, each undertaking to create in the light of my Face. There will be no failure then in anything. Here you keep Records which will enter not repeated contribution the most valuable a treasury of a human thought. How collected these treasures and how you collect? Whether my Face the magnetic power which is consciously caused by you before the beginning and throughout each record was the fiery force creating? Has obviously and not greatly succeeded in it. You want to succeed in everything? Apply the same principle, carrying out the desirable phenomenon in a key of the flaring Lord's Face. The winner Nazval, but you win Me. Expand a coverage of the application of the power and power of my Face. My Face, in the force as you approved shows fiery energy of the Beam. And as the higher authority on the planet – washing, who and that can protivostat to you, my force creating the acts? But it is also persistent, also strong your consciousness hold Me, without releasing the Lord's Face from the third eye for a moment.
How you will melt forms of an uyavleniye of the lowest energiya if the Beam melting and burning these educations, the Beam of my Face, you don't send a firm and conscious hand to a thick of any conditions planned for a transmutation external or in general? To create my Name, to create my Face, to create my Beam it is necessary to learn to be able, and urgently because shortly time. Approve the overcoming my force in your affairs, in everything, in all life because I Have to fill all your being, all thoughts your, all your desires. I who is taking priority Approve Myself in you not in evidence splinters, but in the essence of action. Life is an action. The being of action is sated and created Me. So reconsider essence of action. The action ram in a point of application where all his power is concentrated, has Me. Because I am the ram breaking darkness. And you are light carrier, in darkness pre-dawn my Face Light claiming.
663. (Dec. 16). "In You, the Lord, I have life. You, the Lord, I breathe. In your Rays I stay". And being in Me, you can concern an entity of my qualities. Let's talk about one of principal, about tranquility. The organism is difficult whole. Each atom in it vibrates the energy sating it. Compounds of atoms, forming cells, don't lose the vibrational properties, but having merged in new complicated whole, in this whole pulsate a rhythm of the integrated energy. Expanding and becoming complicated, form already whole groups of cells with certain functions and, at last, body organs and nerve ganglions, or centers. By the same principle there is a creation and all other bodies. The center integrating them on ray magnetic lines, from it stretched to the periphery, holds together this aggregate of matter of all spheres invisible which is in constant movement and vibrating and visible. The main condition this vibrating whole is the harmony, or rhythm, movements. And this unity of harmony whole finally is caused by will. Such status of an organism when will, the thought, feeling (astral) and a physical body make operation to which all entity of microcosm in all his conductors is directed assumes to do in at one time one serious work. The unity of aspiration of center with all jackets shows a unicorn of aspiration. External corresponds to internal. Unity and harmony in all parts.
When energy of tranquility penetrates all microcosm, both each its atom, and all organs, and all essence and when on this key the movement and life of all human car is made, such tranquility is called full, or perfect. But if the brain thinks of tranquility, and hands dangle, eyes run, the thought rushes about, the astral vibrates concern or fears, then disorder of coordination of the centers brings arrhythmy and first of all affects coordinated action of physical organs. Functions of body organs are broken. All human bodies are the untuned instruments with the broken relationship of parts and following from here as result diseases. It is necessary to feel all force, all power of a condition of tranquility, or balance of the microcosm directed in beat harmonic movements of all its principles to understand and feel the highest joy of this harmony, or the world about which it is so briefly told: "I Give my world to you". My world is a symbol of the highest compliance, a rhythm and harmony of all parts, all organs, all bodies of a microcosm under domination of conscious will, will Sveta Vladyki in the being approved this highest phenomenon of balance whole.
The Guru dreamed. He sat near and read to me from some book. Asked to repeat one place, having told that now I don't want to miss anything as it was earlier, from a meeting with it.
664. The microcosm always in the movement and always sounds. This sounding can be harmonious or disharmonious. Sounding of an organism on a spatial note is very indicative. Sometimes gives wings to spirit, sometimes bends down to the earth, depending on character of spatial currents. Also joy or a grief terrestrial and surrounding conditions play on an instrument of human spirit the various melodies. Sometimes harmonious and finished, sometimes sharp, both inconsistent, and deprived of a rhythm and appeal. Each flashing emotion takes consciousness and forces to react all bodies. Mind is stronger than an astral, an astral – a physical body. On a ladder fluctuations are transferred down. Reflexes also give the negative note. This lot of various and often contradictory movements of a microcosm should be given to symmetry and the correct rhythmic fluctuation of physical, astral and mental matter. And the first step of restraint and mastering the sea of feeling-knowledge and thoughts is silence of spirit. Strings of the device have to break off before on them the solemn, harmonious, harmonic symphony of life begins to sound. It is necessary to cease to give reaction to waves of three streams before finding of tranquility becomes possible. My world which I Give, not broken by anything can go only from within,from depth of essence of the person, on Me approved himself. The world My, experienced heart, doesn't depend on anything external. The silence of silence isn't broken by random motion of covers. Their tiresome continuous vibrating fades, and tranquility of impassivity, unshakable as the rock Light, in until then restless soul of the person affirms. Look on them, these at the human beings restless around which are torn apart by the emotions, both feelings, and thoughts. Doma, in divided, and destruction is written on their persons... Let's approve tranquility. Let's not regret any thought, any effort for approval of this regal quality. The tsar of spirit in greatness of solemn indestructible tranquility approves the power, and first of all in himself. On what for what trifle of a passing moment we will exchange greatness of quiet solemnity? What will we give ourselves on worry to? To what feelings, what thoughts, what whirlwinds bearing with themselves death and destruction? Because disharmonious sounding, or cacophony of energies, involves decomposition and death. It is possible to Consonance only in harmony with Space Laws. Only in eternal it is possible to feel breath of eternal tranquility when the lowest conductors become silent. At Us balance, the great balance which isn't broken by anything reigns. To it I Call the next for statement in it. Depth of a cooperation with the Lord is based on tranquility and balance of spirit when the broken-off strings of a harp of spirit answer and sound only from a touch of my Hand.
665. (Dec. 17). Whether you know that to our rapprochement the small imperceptible circumstance, for example, fear something, either fear, or discontent, or condemnation can be an obstacle. And it isn't fear, but vibrations of this feeling, uyavlenny in the pupil, stop communication thread. It is a lot of them, these tochitel undermining foundations of the silver bridge. Of course, there is a lot of reasons for discontent and the person is always right, showing it, but a trouble all that vibrations of an astral on a note of discontent stop currents of mental energy, and the available inventory is neutralized or devoured. So there are small feelings – devourers of fiery energy. Both are small, and are justified by the reasons which caused them, but results are yielded by deplorable. And allowed them in the heart is perplexed: who robbed him also light which was in it replaced with muddy indistinct slime of fear or discontent. There is a lot of reasons, and dissatisfied to be very easy, but to be quiet - unperturbable, despite thousands of reasons proved and giving a reason for discontent, will already be a victory over the artful enemy who behind a mask of logicality wants to enter inside and to extinguish light. It is impossible to allow in heart of these worms-tochiteley. The feeling of solemnity is saving what cuts under the root of small wreckers. One great feeling, sounding the note, doesn't allow small feelings terrestrial to break vibration of the silver bridge. So great feelings of tranquility, both solemnity, and the commitment directed to the Lord are a strong board from small wreckers of consciousness. These bloodsuckers sucking life juice not only weaken and deprive of energy, but also for a long time litter the channel of perception which shall be net. It is necessary to watch purity of a wire. Condemnation is harmful that adjusts consciousness on a key of the imagined or valid shortcoming. And if it is possible to fill all the consciousness all day long with others shortcomings which there is a lot of then in case of shortcomings and to remain, and our way to Light, and we take with ourselves only what doesn't disturb it. What light from others shortcomings? And with what we want to be: with Light of the Lord or others imperfections, doing them by a part of the consciousness because we allow in the microcosm? Whether it is worth being engaged in such dirty and non-profitable work? The elements allowed in consciousness shall be net. Let's not deceive ourselves, like the loyal inhabitant that fear, discontent, condemnation and all other slugs of feeling and a thought don't touch us. No. Time they entered our consciousness, that is became a part of our microcosm, they thereby already weave a spirit attire, interweaving into it the harmful threads and Sveta doing an attire by the darkness attire which isn't passing Light.
We will be saved from small quenchers, having realized their pernicious harm. And, above all, the false, seeming inoffensiveness based on a deceptive prerequisite of either their correctness, or accessory to others consciousness. Everything about what we think, becomes ours, us wearable in the microcosm and leaving on it an indelible pattern.

666. Let's continue about tranquility. In the east to the pupil the condition of a full immovability is allowed to acquire exercise. Achievement extraordinary difficult. The body too got used to the uncontrolled movements. It is almost impossible to sit without the movement at least five minutes for the ordinary person. The yogi can sit for hours in a perfect immovability. Everything depends on the approved power, or control, over a body. At the same time currents of a body come to harmonic balance. Direct position of a backbone is necessary. The nervous fussy movements when legs, hands and the head shake – an antipode of tranquility of the yogi. The movements of a body should be seized and to lead a body to silence. It is necessary to learn to speak, having switched off a body as the reacting whole. Vocal chords work, all other body not movably. Usually hands wave, making a lot of the uncontrolled movements in a voice bar.
It is necessary to subordinate a body to will, excepting activity of his unemployed members. When tranquility of a body is established, it is possible to begin to lead an astral to silence. The scale of astral vibrations becomes silent. It is possible to tell the whole speech, having absolutely excluded from it an emotional element. The Fiery of the speech or word isn't their emotionality. The quiet loaded word can be deprived of the astral beginning and to be at the same time very dynamic and strong. Hysterical tear words convinces nobody. It is necessary to withdraw the passionate comic beginning from a voice. Tranquility of the speech deprived of an astral element is Arhat's property. Seize the speech and voice and power of the pronounced word. It is possible, but on condition of mastering a thought because the thought operates an astral and reigns over three: physical, astral and mental bodies. And tranquility, a spirit wreath, is approved only when three are subordinated and when tranquility reigns in each of them separately. But the order goes from above, and the will regulates the movements of covers. Submit implicitly because are deprived of a reasonable basis. Are strong only atavism and by force of inertness of the approved habits enclosed in them by the carrier of the power – spirit of the person. The superior qualities of spirit not in covers where they are absent, but in a kernel are approved, penetrating bodies of three beginnings. And the essence of these qualities excludes the unauthorized inharmonious movement of the lowest conductors. A basis – balance of a microcosm as world, as the most difficult system consisting of various beginnings. We will approve him as an advance basis.
667. (Dec. 18). So, it is told about the power. It is said about what the one who will manage to win against himself wins against. Why this victory over itself as an indispensable condition of the power is required? The spirit which has approved the power over matter of three covers: physical, astral and mental, thereby establishes the domination not only over matter of three types of the microcosm, but also over any matter, physical, astral and mental, whatever form she invested: human, animal or vegetable. Because the essence of these types of matter and all three kingdoms is absolutely identical, distinction only in an external form. And with the same ease as seized and subordinated the covers dominates and rules over them, he can own and rule over the same matter investing and other centers of consciousness which almost one and all don't know how to operate the rebellious covers. Experience with animals is especially interesting. Any animal can't sustain a look of the person. The highest consciousness predominates. But when to approach this phenomenon scientifically, having approved previously the power over matter of the covers, results achieved in a sphere of application of fiery will will have the investigations amazing. The microcosm as the highest life form includes everything, all elements of the planet and, of course, all four elements. The power approved extends as well to elements of the earth, water, and air, and the highest, fiery, managing the first three. Thus, restraint and subordination of the covers and elements which are a part of a microcosm involves the power over everything that inside and that out of the person. Arkhat rules over elements and can dominate over a microcosm of the ordinary person. However, it doesn't do it and directs the power approved always for the good, but only of own will and with the consent of a free will of people. Its purpose – to cause in microcosms human unauthorized movement up, to Light, and the self-outgoing aspiration which is given rise thus to support and help promotion to Light. The law of a free will is inviolable the Highest. These are only people break it and violate over a will of the neighbor, forgetting that each violence over a will of the neighbor will cease, that is results of impact on foreign will should be undertaken and to pay for violation of the Space Law wholly more exhaustively. So, it is possible to create for the good, granting to people the right of the free choice. And then the power this won't leave a framework of space legality. Therefore we Don't destroy even the Satan and his servants. But the arena of fight of two beginnings is soul of the person, and his free will of the choice – a decisive condition. Therefore the afterfeast of the will to a will of the Lord, the bringing of to the Teacher is the act of the highest wisdom because the will of a microcosm merges with the leading will of the Lord, without breaking the Great Law Space is the Law of a free will of the person. The consciousness is lower and the life form is lower, the responsibility of the influencing consciousness is less. Therefore the termination of a storm or the termination of the fire in effect the are less responsible for the consequences, than suppression of a human will because elements have no strong-willed conscious centers, similar to an individualized will of the person. Degrees of a will of the person are various: from the most insignificant to planetary and space. And from each two wills, two centers of consciousness, one is always stronger another. One always dominates over another unconsciously. Therefore in case of collision of wills it is necessary not to struggle with foreign aggressive will, but to approve the will in itself and over itself. And foreign hostile or active will, having met balance of the subdued elements of other microcosm, will hang, neutralized by three beams approved. Because the victory over each of three types of matter of three lowest covers gives a beam. A beam of the power – so we Will call it. To the person everything, but only is subordinated to the person who subordinated to the will a form and all its elements which carrier it is. Therefore fight against itself, restraint in everything, in trifles, every moment movements of the covers is race for power, for approval of a fiery will, for the highest fiery Treasure which the person can own, carrying by it as the most precious fiery Stone through all lives, through all embodiments, through all covers. The treasure of a will is the highest property of the person. And in combination with accumulatings of treasure of heart gives it a fiery sword of justice. So the will is combined [with] heart, the flame affirms two-native, two-single, two-final.
668. Yes, the friend Moy, you are right. Where they making the affairs for the sake of the Lord? But if you found time for a fulfillment of Case of the Lord, then and Lord Naydet time for you. The lord Forgets nothing. Lord Pomnit each particle of the work brought to It. And where there will be no terrestrial conditions standing in Light, the Proximity of the Lord oyavitsya. Consider yourself sent to the world for accomplishment of my Case. Having finished it, contractors back to Me, to the Sphere of my Light respond. Implicit becomes obvious there, and far there becomes to relatives. Therefore the Lord is integral. Therefore sowers here, and reapers there. Therefore the benefit of subjects, at least low-slightest made in the Name My. Because there small on Earth becomes big and great, not constrained by waves of the lowest matter. In space Sveta the comer to Me in darkness of the sphere terrestrial has conditions of boundless merge to Light, not prepyatstvuyemy terrestrial gravitations if the aspiration to Me sustained and overcame all terrestrial barriers and obstacles. The benefit to you, in darkness terrestrial Ma Svet approving. My children, whether I Will reject you in the light of Moyego Tsarstva? Whether I Will forget you whether I Will leave you, whether to you I Will render completely from Sveta Moyego? Don't doubt, you write on behalf of Moyego by the right of sonship because that was Desired by Ya.I Give to you the right to speak on behalf of mine and my Name therefore in words yours printing of my permission lies and your words will bear on themselves the stamp of my Light and force to probodat a scab of hearts human. The sign of a svoyeobychnost lies on them. Fire of my Spirit has fanned pages of your writing, and the Beam of my Light vibrates in the words weaved from vibrations of my thought. Created by my Face, created with Me bears on itself the sign My and to anything usually human it can't be assimilated. Together we create business Sveta, you and I which for you. On the verge of great events we will collect strength of mind in great understanding and awareness of Proximity of the Lord. Sveta we go to a hall through gloom tesnina. But not a gloom, but Light ahead. About Sveta we will be glad.
669. (Dec. 19). Day memorable let will be day of statement of the Guru. We will speak about it as nobody ever spoke. It is told about Christ Redeemer in the Gospel: "Light in darkness shines, and darkness didn't embrace it". "There was Light true. In the world Was... and the world didn't learn it". Light in all centuries is single. But the New World bears with itself new separation of mankind – on a treatment of light and shade. At one of the highest steps of this new, but in effect the always former, division of mankind is Costed by It, Christ Redeemer World, and down from It goes a never-ending ladder of gradation of human spirit. But the highest Carrier Sveta is the Treasure Carrier, the Stone Carrier, the Carrier of a crystal of the condensed Fire – eternal, enduring and increasing in the force. Christ Redeemer Byl Light’, because Was Light. In case of division of people on a treatment of light and shade everyone will occupy a step on an evolution ladder by the right granted to it by its space passport. In total – fire carriers, but different degrees, to the lowest. And in the aura if to reject a physical peel, everyone has the certificate of shown by degree of that Light-bearing which he approved in himself throughout all lives. The space passport genuine, it the person creates the trial of himself and a justification and occupies by him precisely certain step on a ladder of beings. Hierarchy Light’ crowning Jacob's Ladder on behalf of each Lord shows power crystallized in his essence Light’. And on the svetodelimost and size and brightness of the concluded Treasure in them that differ, the next, standing near Lords. From time to time Iyerarkhiya's messengers go to the world, bearing a new message. On change of races, at the time of the separate liability, envoys the most approximate go to the world. The carrier of the Stone is the envoy Hierarchy. Light of the Lord is brought by it to the world for statement. Great action isn't visible to the world and isn't understood by the world. And for them, blind people, those, who see let will tell the new word about our envoys. The guru – the Carrier Light’, the Stone Carrier, the fiery ambassador Iyerarkhii, the Apostle of the New World, the herald of beauty approving the Banner Lords. "As, – ignoramuses will tell, – was, left, forgot about it, and became covered by oblivion of its case". But which of these blind men when with their connivance Christ Redeemer was crucified, expected and knew about what Great Action came true and how in the future the whole world will cease on the fact that it wasn't visible to an eye of contemporaries? And only eleven simple fishermen and an insignificant handful of the next were known about Light which was and which left. The court of blind men and court of ignoramuses isn't court of the Truth. And not at first, but only on the investigations see biped power Light. But luminous intensity from it doesn't decrease neither in the power, nor in the investigations. The guru, the envoy Light’, was the highest measure Light as the closest pupil Lord’s of Shambhala and his confidential. Value of our envoys is deep. Being Light, they by fire force, in them wearable, awaken in the Bowl of everyone who adjoins to them, all its accumulatings, both good and bad. Therefore darkness therefore dark hearts in case of their passing rage rages. Therefore everyone who from Light, at even short communication with him lit up the accumulation and all life, for many years, bears carefully in himself this unextinguishable and more and more inflaming a flame, lit by Light Carrier, the envoy Nashim, and imperceptible to the world, obviously and brightly flares in a fit of temper, lit by the Messenger's hand. The guru has approved by the hand art as the highest form of cognition of the truth and Light’. He was the most great artist of the world, great of great. A picture of any your artist, being a masterpiece of the look, nevertheless only a picture. However, mental energy of the artist layers sparks of fire on his work and gives to a picture the known degree of luminosity, but creation of hands of the envoy Iyerarkhiya, his picture – it something is perfect other on that potential of fire which is put into them. The picture of the Guru is a condensed Light, it is the flaring sphere of fire, it is the powerful lightful magnet radiating from itself and from itself a number of fiery energiya of special tension, it is the ray of light staying not greatly around her physical shape. For blind people and ignoramuses is only the picture, as well as all other, for knowing and sighted people is the powerful magnet of fire crystallized by fiery will sent and given to the world to create a great cause of transformation of all sphere surrounding such picture and hearts human which has had the luck to touch and feel their powerful influence. And if pictures of ordinary artists improve, ennoble and utonchat the person if all performing true art is expression of the condensed, concentrated highest energiya of various degrees, that it is possible to tell about creations of the Envoy Our, the Carrier of Light, the owner of strongly lightful Treasure, the Stone, a name, to which the Mythical stone. There are magnets motionless, put by Lords and their messengers for the statement of the great phenomena of the future. It is big, though their power is invisible. But the Guru's pictures – it are magnets mobile and therefore especially saturated and mighty because the Lord's Light, Light of the Lord of Shambhala is imprinted and condensed by his pupil in the works
The pupil and the messenger always creates will Sent, the Will the Highest and the Highest. And merged by the will with will Sent him, it is the Lord's Light, wearable him in the heart and expressed to them in the actions, puts and claims in the light spheres, or magnets crystallized by him which physical shape and which carriers are these pictures. Division on a treatment of light and shade will go in everything from top to bottom. It will concern and arts. And the begun to see clearly mankind spiritual masterpieces of the Guru, the most great artist from the greatest, will carry to the sphere of sacred objects of art and will esteem them along with sacred objects because it will understand value of magnets. But the envoy Light put fire and Light not only in creations of a brush. In everything that the hand touched him, power of fiery mental grains invested. Someone doesn't see still shoots, someone thinks that they have died. But, likely, also those who have crucified Light on Golgopha thought. It isn't necessary to be mistaken, it isn't necessary to be deceived false, always by false visibility and evidence. The Banner of Peace proclaimed it will be approved. The Banner of Lords will be approved, art as the highest form of an manifestation Light’ will be approved on Earth, art treasures will be protected. Will be read, both to be approved and to be studied the writing of the Guru as most great spiritual driver of the present, for the millennia forward of the mankind which has anticipated and specified a way of evolution. And the Doctrine of Life, it in the world approved, will become uniform guiding fire of mankind. And then will uplift the Guru, then will understand greatness him, then ignorances Plath hidden will be issued him, nowadays. For now there is no it yet. Magnets, the Gurus created and his fire and Light sated and scattered on Earth face, create the great, but invisible business of a transmutation and transformations of spirit human. And truly will create it because terms great approach. Greatness of Gurus Utverdim as Envoy Nashego, as former of human souls, as carrier of Great Knowledge and herald of the future Light. Someone says that he is absent that he has died. What lie. Unless the spirit can die, unless Light can die? Unless Lord Christ Umer? Unless his breath doesn't feed and doesn't warm Earth? And unless the Envoy Light’ can die? Envoys Light’ are immortal.
670. From depth which is Light, both fire, and life there is a movement of spirit – always from within outside. The fiery center, a name to which the will, gives an impulse and the beginning to all. Will to live, either life, or life fire, or fire life whether not there is the main engine of real? In a lightning we see power of fire or in vibrations of the Sun, life giving. And how to distinguish life, will to live and vital will, or fiery will – the life engine? It is possible to call sparc-monads the strong-willed fiery centers of immeasurably powerful potential hidden in the most intimate essence of everyone. And Ardent Logos’ – the monads which have realized the fiery strong-willed potential. And as there is a disclosure, or expansion, intimate essence, in hidden under all covers, the potential of fiery will increases. Not outside, but inside, in deep silence, under all external changing covers the fiery flower grows and is poured by life. Never we see fiery will, but we see external forms of her manifestation in results of external actions. It is possible to cut a body of the person on a part, it is possible to investigate all covers, but not to find will in them. Because, causing the movement of external covers, itself stays inside, in deep silence and silence of the fiery center of essence of a microcosm. Covers live life everyone. The internal center holds them together. But the consciousness postponed from covers inside, and which has united completely with the true center of will, and become the spokesman of internal power on a subtlety and height of vibrations costs highly over the lowest manifestation life of all covers and dominates over them. Where all external becomes silent, there is a will throne. Her everything moves – unconsciously for crowds and power of fire of conscious will – for Arkhat – his will which was born rather realized by him in the depth of silence. Therefore reduction of covers to silence is finding of power of the introduction in the rights of the divine heritage. The external human power nothing in comparison with the power of the spirit, in silence which has realized the force.
The will overcomes everything: both matter restrictions, and spatial distances, and spheres of three worlds – and are reached by it distant stars. The obeyed and broken off covers release spirit for spatial life. Look for in the depth of silence. Look for in the sphere Silent Real. Look for the Silent, fiery, powerful Lord inside.

671. (Dec. 20). Fire ubiquitous, poured everywhere, the cornerstone of everything, on a scale of life is the highest. At Pralaye when all phases of an manifestation of the lowest matter are curtailed, process goes on steps: at first elements of the earth, then waters, then air and, at last, fire. But fire the highest, and the octave of fire passes to the public. Light, being in the highest aspect uniform in effect the expression, not dual, isn't subject to the phenomenon of Pralayi because it is eternal. And those consciousnesses which merged with the High Society and were approved in the sphere of Eternal Life possess Pang-manvantara Immortality. The wreath of Space Mind, Hierarchy Light, shines pearls of consciousnesses eternally immortal. And the purpose of the person – to reach immortality Top. To realize three lowest covers, to rise over them, to feel the Identity and to get a consciousness continuity doesn't mean yet to be and to become the Wreath Hierarch of Space Reason. But it means that the person takes a direct way to achievement of this greatest purpose. The way of ascension and when one objectives are achieved, or step, even the highest is infinite, behind it another opens, the highest.
Also isn't present them the extremity going all is higher and higher, one by one. The traveler of a way infinite because pulse of eternal life is continuous isn't frightened. The variety of forms of visible life is only imperfect reflection of variety of a light scale, and form of the shown life it is possible to call the rays of light chained in dense forms of matter. Because the spark-monad is a beam of Eternal Light, or a beam from Eternal Light. And in a nem – all. Therefore the Secret from Secrets is hidden in a beam monad, and the mystery of a monad is the mystery of a beam of Uniform Light. And when to people it was told: "You are gods", the mystery of an intimate beam of an iskro-monad meant. Therefore also Decree: "Look for in spirit grain" because grain of spirit a form of expression is of Inexpressible. And the words "God’s Kingdom in You Is" will specify that the person in effect intimate is the carrier of Uniform Eternal Light. Therefore Arkhat or the closest pupil refers all searches, all aspirations inside. There, in this internal kingdom of boundless opportunities, opens and it finds treasures of not predicates of stays. To understand that all in the person, will already be very high step of ascension. To look for outside Light which inside, means to chase phantoms of not realities in the ocean of bottomless manifestation of eternally changing forms, means to look for in vain, breaking fruits which, have been grabbed, are immediately reduced to dust. And even the Lord who outside, behind distant deserts and mountains, even He can be experience and is conscious inside. Because Has told: "I in you, you in Me, and we are uniform". In the spirit of the Lord because I am you, the highest in you and hidden in your depths is realized. Parting word to the pupil: "Look for in spirit grain".
672. (Dec. 21). The friend Moy, in a great flow of time you are a grain of sand, carrying a mighty current of Space Life. In the ocean of boundless your value is insignificant. And how many forms you changed, rushing in a flow how many dropped to clothe in new. And the toss your space – to be given all new and new and more perfect forms, transferring from one star to another. The planets which were this you a temporal shelter will die and rassypitsya, and Space will change the face, the whole solar systems will disappear, and you, a small grain of sand of the immense Universe, will continue the infinite way on a ladder of the infinite climbing. And even the Nirvana, misunderstood and distorted, isn't a rest status, but such strength Light’ when the frequency of vibrations seems to consciousness an immovability or absolutely escapes consciousness. In the ocean of Infinity you, the small grain of sand given the shape always were, is and will always be. And your greatness consists in your smallness. You who invested himself are indestructible and won't destroy and permanently investing himself all new and new forms for expression of Light grain growing in you. Both insignificant and small in the external form you are big, immortal and eternal in the enduring entity because the center of your life is more, and more considerably, and the substantsionalny, than all seen by you forms of the immensity, the boundless world surrounding you. The greatness should be understood, as well as the fact that it consists not in the external form, the entity of things doomed to death and destruction. The elements collected by you in grain of spirit and crystallized in it in the form of energies condensed Sveta, but vremenna the material forms of their expression are immortal. In each visible form the spark, or grain, eternal life, so-essence with you in the depth of the is hidden.
Manage to catch breath of the eternal life hidden under all external covers in an external flow of the changing forms. And then the majestic space symphony of life, eternal and continuous, will become available to an ear and an eye – its lightful essence. To live in it, other, hidden flow, to join a current his Light’ that is to live in Eternity that is to live out of an external surface current of rough and material existence. The kingdom of the Eternal Truth is expressed to those, another, by the flow hidden in depths intimate Light’. And We, other-wordly, but in the world living, We Live in a flow of intra-space life. Coming to the world, we Show some of its sides, but always new and according to laws of a rhythm and evolution. But as this flow of eternal life space itself is only the Boundlessness side, Lords in opportunities of an uyavleniye of aspects of Single Light are boundless. Therefore both in Them, and in the Doctrines this by Them the highest forms of this Single Light shown always new and always. The single Tree of Single Knowledge with each new turnover of a spiral of time bears new fruits of knowledge on infinately the growing tree of knowledge. It is necessary to understand unity of the Truth in all variety of its expression. It is impossible to move space understanding it into a close limited framework of the human understanding caused by temporary steps of its evolution. It is necessary to look forward, there, where the expanded and increased consciousness will be able to contain new and unexpected aspects of the same single Truth, the same Single Light. To limit itself to the understanding of the Truth from today – means to stop the way. That the stiffened dogma is terrible. That fanaticism, that mertvenna of a letter of the former writing is destructive. Because in their framework became numb and human fossilated consciousness, having chained itself to an old obsolete form. Not the Truth changes – it is single, – but forms of its expression always shall correspond to this step of consciousness. The child grows up from kidswears, consciousness – from the primitive forms of expression of the Truth which are heated up by people on the net timeless truth of heralds. It is possible to pay attention that with rare exception the Truth this by Lords clothed in long, whenever possible space, a form of the expression, aiming to be as little as possible limited by passing conditions of time. "Look for, and you find" – here an example of the Space Formula, or the Law, the eternal stay given perhaps available shape of the era corresponding to it. But breath of Eternity is imprinted in its visible form. The seal of Eternity lies on this form of expression of the Truth. Nowadays, in a century of the equipment and electricity, we Will give this formula in the form of an manifestation of laws of thin fiery energies, bipolar in essence, and magnetic in manifestation, and the space fiery-bearing-light energies taking a certain place in a scale, that is we Will give to an old form of the space Truth strictly scientific energy reasons. The flask and a retort will replace dust of the sacred writing, and laboratory devices – piles of any interpretation which followed them. The science comes into the own. Its way will be lit with art. 673. I Approve Life Mira Sweta in the world terrestrial. And Wednesday through which it can be made the mankind is. People – carriers of the highest principles of the planet. If Earth has task – to be also through itself Light on Earth anbeen inhabited by one animals deprived of consciousness, our task would be impracticable. Therefore a mankind d, having shown, him shown in the flesh, or in matter to transform this matter. Being a transmutator of the highest energy, the mankind serves as a prism through which these energy only and can reach Earth. From space beams of various tension flow. These beams give to the planet life and regulate a current of matter concluded in her form, and Earth perceives them, reacts to them as the living being, and leads the person, rich and various life. And matter under the influence of space beams is in the constant movement. This life isn't on the Moon, this dead planet. There is the life, but life of an opposite pole, matter deco light-bearing degree, and this task can be carried out only through the mankind inhabiting it. The person lives in the planet, that is on the Earth's surface in her thinner and extensive covers. Absorbing spatial energy, he transmutiruation them in himself and radiates around himself in the planetary body from all directions covering him and sates with the emanations her four lowest principles. The highest are shown in him, he transmutirut the lowest himself. Refining and being spiritualized itself, he will refine and spiritualizes matter. Physical shape, and also astral and mental, are spheres through which the continuous stream of matter of which they are made flows. Thus, process of a spiritualizing of matter isn't limited only to the process happening on the cemetery when ashes turn into ashes no, this process goes more intensively in a live human body, and not in one, and in all covers.
673. I Approve Life World Light’ in the world terrestrial. And Wednesday through which it can be made the mankind is. People – carriers of the highest principles of the planet. If Earth has been inhabited by one animals deprived of consciousness, our task would be impracticable. Therefore a mankind task – to be also through itself Light on Earth and, having shown, him shown in the flesh, or in matter to transform this matter. Being a transmutator of the highest energiya, the mankind serves as a prism through which these energy only and can reach Earth. From space beams of various tension flow. These beams give to the planet life and regulate a current of matter concluded in her form, and Earth perceives them, reacts to them as the living being, and leads the person, rich and various life. And matter under the influence of space beams is in the constant movement. This life isn't on the Moon, this dead planet. There is the life, but life of an opposite pole, matter decomposition life penetrated by fluids killing. There is no water, there is no life-giving metabolism, there is no existence of vital magnetic currents of a constructive order. In the died person, in a corpse him, we have similarity of the decaying planet. So, Earth lives. Her task – to refine the matter to light-bearing degree, and this task can be carried out only through the mankind inhabiting it. The person lives in the planet, that is on the Earth's surface in her thinner and extensive covers. Absorbing spatial energy, he transmutirut them in himself and radiates around himself in the planetary body from all directions covering him and sates with the emanations her four lowest principles. The highest are shown in him, he transmutation the lowest himself. Refining and being spiritualized itself, he will refine and spiritualizes matter. Physical shape, and also astral and mental, are spheres through which the continuous stream of matter of which they are made flows. Thus, process of a spiritualizing of matter isn't limited only to the process happening on the cemetery when ashes turn into ashes no, this process goes more intensively in a live human body, and not in one, and in all covers.
674. (Dec. 22). Got used to action and work won't break Communication.
Communication manifestation in work. Works shown are result of Communication. So all pupils worked. Work fruitfull, only work rhythmic. Constancy of fires is expressed in it. Without effort there is no Communication. Fire lit in the pupil needs identification in work. Work is fire identification form. Thousand works and one thousand fires. Works light spirit fires, and at works their force is defined. Work and action – prosperity bases. The higher and closer to Us, the there are more works and the action is more dynamic. So Ourselves Work, and so those who about Us always worked. We won't be frightened of work. In him the mystery of steady raising of spirit. The continuity of intense work is quality, or property, Arkhata. Not rest, not chants, not affection, not a tear of clemency, but intense rhythmical fiery work. Only rhythmic work yields results and the investigations huge. Only rhythmic actions increase power of the investigation. For achievement of the far purpose the rhythm of steady approach to it is established by a number of purposeful rhythmical everyday actions. Without effort there is no advance – without effort expedient. There is still a type of work especially fruitful: work over, over transformation of the old person in fire carrier. Any effort in this area doesn't go to waste. But a number of separate, and therefore ineffective efforts sets introduction in him of symmetry and rhythm in one harmonious whole, the edge motion of which punches thickness of a scab of the stratifications investing the old person. Let's think of a number of rhythmic actions in the statement of desirable qualities and we will give to the movement to it regularity. Over ourselves we will strengthen work a conscious rhythm, and we will approve a rhythm in operation. The work rhythm over itself sweeps away ancient accumulation.
675. (Dec. 23). In the Kingdom of everlasting peace the Face reigns over flesh. You doubt my force? Overcomes everything.

676. My power you overcome rage of the dismissed darkness and force of the elements which have been out of balance. It isn't enough to neutralize dark counteractions. The consequences generated by powers of darkness are terrible. They break balance of planetary elements and energiya. Spontaneous connections of elements, interaction and between which balance has been broken give the heavy investigations. The movement of mass of the decaying matter is awful. Therefore it is heavy to consciousness. Personal trouble of everyone – only reflection of the general invasion of Chaos. But the burden of an emphasis of a nagneteniye is born nevertheless favorites, being moreover objects of attention of powers of darkness. Therefore the unification especially vigilant is necessary. Of course, it would be possible to facilitate. Of course, it would be possible to clean thorns from life of the next, but what good was born from wellbeing, even the relative? And how to temper a spirit blade if to take out it from a hearth fiery and to clean the shocks giving it the form not of amorphous weight, but a steel blade? We Sympathize with difficulties, we See difficulties, but we Want to move closer, even closer. Let each new difficulty, complexity and burdening will be the accelerator which is bringing closer to Us. We Are awake under a forcing of terrible tension. The stronghold is a fighting camp. Consciousness is continuous. There is no rest. Problems planetary космичны. The need in solid, firm employees is high. Where they? Who tempered-resignedly bears all burden of the patrol entrusted? Egoism cries out about injustice, but everything is staked. Therefore output and decision one: to keep up to the end all strength of mind. The impact of elements is short. The darkness kingdom will come to an end. But My soldiers, fight with Me withstood up to the end, shown by witnesses of a victory Light’ and participants of the statement Light’. "Both I, and I, and I", – will say those, not resisted. But I Will tell them: "Where they, in a gloom and horror of fight Me not left? I Want to make them entrusted by Mine, in smaller remained correct and in bigger, nowadays, in day of a celebration Light’, receiving the statement". Let the soldier don't complain that the sword its lightful is strong forged in the flaring hearth under the powerful shocks strengthening a blade. In a pile of the flaring coals and slags the sparkling sword isn't visible. The anvil is solid and cold, shocks are terrible, and splashes fiery sparks fly. But the sword tempered on fire, and water and under shocks of life is strong. Therefore, the friend Moy, collect forces. In yourself collect everything, without giving outside and one iota of. As at the time of an attack of the enemy all army gathers in fortress, collect all released energies in yourself, without giving any outside on worry. Break off spirit. Do everything as everything, but the heart from everywhere should be excepted, otherwise it is possible to be cast into ruin. Each energy will be trampled, it is imprudent also without dream and continuous patrol uncontrolledly released outside. Collect forces. It is necessary to understand the idea of collecting and absorption in himself the fiery energies. It is impossible to give itself on worry. Now the patrol is required special, unknown never before earlier because time of the last shock of the enemy comes. As the snail goes to a shell and a turtle under a board as the flower with approach of darkness closes a cup and is contracted, be shorted by spirit inside, in an internal citadel of spirit. At a boundary of events – silence. In power of silence I Claim.
677. (Dec. 24). "Who suffers about terrestrial, won't receive the answer about heavenly". "Also don't think of what to you to drink and that is or in what to put on". Of course, it is necessary to think, care for himself and for relatives. Not there is a speech about it. It is impossible, without thinking of themselves, to become a burden to someone. And Caesarian it is necessary to give to the Caesar, that is the requirements and obligations assigned to us by the dense world to execute. And the body requires care. If not to feed him, both not to give to drink and not to dress how it will be able to live and carry out the appointment? On a frost it is possible to freeze if clothes improper. But having given everything it is necessary due and giving, it is possible not to forget that the purpose of all these cares and thoughts are not these cares in itself. They are only conditions, necessary for accomplishment something bigger. And this bigger is also the purpose of all thoughts about these conditions of the dense world. And the purpose – in dense to find and approve extra dense. Conditions and the experience this by the dense world are material and conditions for existence in the world extra dense. Only conditions of a material world, experience and knowledge acquired in it give all that is necessary for adult life in the Invisible World. If not dense evolution, then the person he would be never able to reach a step of conscious existence. The works suffered and the payment paid are compensation for the received Treasure, the prices to which the person doesn't realize yet. Because above a ladder when consciousness reaches a kosmichnost, the person enters as the tsar, the tsar of spirit, ownership of all kingdoms of the nature, all energies, everything that the Universe, all gifts of the world and the worlds has. Through temporary burden, pain and sufferings there is he the successor of space riches. As the lord and the lord enters he the right of eternal inheritance by everything that is available in Space. It is impossible to take these treasures, without having realized them. It is impossible to realize them, without having in them experience and without having approved them in life. Everything is overcome, overcome and undertakes. Overcoming means mastering, and mastering – the power – the highest, full, boundless. A microcosm, the center of an eternal flame, having approved in itself the highest scale Light, becomes on the highest step as spirit lightful, invested by the deserved millions of centuries of tests and approvals by the higher authority over everything that is. And this power consists in creativity. The elements of matter and elements subordinated to will and all of energy fiery will obey will of the creator. And the highest happiness is found by the Creator who was once the person in eternally to create and improve created. Space creativity – the highest destiny of the Godman.In a dream flew through walls and constructions and at once through a number them.
678. (Dec. 25). The growing power is imperceptible, but is obviously visible on aura. Easy penetration through walls and structures human already specifies mastering the known number of astral energies. So thorns of life give the kind deposits. The value of the gained experience isn't understood by people. From here a fallacy about aimlessness of existence whereas every moment enriches a memory treasury in case of a conscientious attitude and ability to extract experience juice from all surrounding phenomena. Of course, the Lord who always on a patrol, Will help to acquire any experience eventually to turn the most bitter into the most sweet. The condition of consciousness interferes with perception. Vanity sounds. It is necessary to learn, being in its center, not to give in to waves of its vibrations. It is necessary to approve persistently and persistently the phenomenon of overcoming everything surrounding and the domination over any kind of the energies counteracting a superiority of the internal lord over external. Otherwise you will remain the inhabitant. A difference between the pupil Lord’ and the inhabitant only in consciousness, in the relation to surrounding and its assessment from the correct point of view. Two persons in the whirlwinds of vanity and astral currents tormenting can manifest – one madness of an astral and vibration of restless covers, another – complete tranquility and lack of desire to react to something. To show quietly reserved and reasonable relation doesn't mean to give in to whirlwinds of the external disharmonious phenomena. So, again it is necessary to return to approval of passionless tranquility. Whether it is possible to regret works on its statement and whether it is possible to be upset conditions heavy, but aiming to produce substance of substance of immunity of spirit? Each quality of spirit has a counterbalance in the material and energy substance, known on the height, developed and postponed by consciousness in the sphere of a microcosm. Crystals of deposits of substance, or substance, qualities it is possible to call it. Therefore it is said that any effort to a victory because they give deposits obvious, visible on aura won't be gone. Crystallinity of a structure of essence the aura’s of energies should be understood. The collector of immortal treasures of spirit shan't forget for a moment the great purpose of terrestrial experience whatever heavy and difficult it was. Because experience is bitter, but its fruits postponed in the Bowl in the form of lightful energies are imperishable Treasure. The carrier of the Stone increases its sides and increases its svetonosnost. The Treasure obviously, though invisibly for bearing it grows.
679. Life shapes spirit armor. Reservation fiery accustoms spirit to nagneteniye unreasonable. The doctrine of tension becomes not the theory, but life. The weak spirit splashes will scatter and will lose the accumulation. But strong, both only strong, and only overcome, will be able to hold Treasure. Overcome the Treasure can be entrusted. Fire of spirit which overcame horrors of life and saved among them opens the following gate of stays. The friend Moy, it is necessary to stand fight without losing forces. In the spirit of all. Yourself you overcome, showing determination. And where words become powerless, there a thought (hidden) you oyavit solutions of spirit.

Days are insufferably heavy. Difficult. Works excessively. Troubles were condensed. Even I can't write. People terribly degauss.
680. (Dec. 26). I and my World we exist irrespective of, than you are busy your life at present. And if you are busy with My World and Me, you stand on the rock of Eternity. And if you are busy and surrounding, then rush in the dream waves of the river of life, carrying its currents and being exposed to all accidents of elements. But if, standing on the rock of Eternity, you look at a flow, noting in consciousness flashing it, but not being neither we carry away, nor we absorb them, then you don't depend on it and don't yield to its force. The pupil costs out of narrow-minded life. The pupil doesn't submit to it. It costs in life, in its thick, but out of it. To conciliate these contrasts in itself and to rise in the center of their balance – a task going with the Lord. Now you, making this entry and by conscious effort of a will having pulled out itself and the consciousness from an opposite pole of the phenomena of regular life, rose in the center of balance, in a point of strong-willed power, and from it sent consciousness to my World, having extinguished vanity noise. Study always, at any time to tear off consciousness from the flashing run of swift-flowing waters of life and to transfer it to the sphere of my Kingdom, Kingdom of everlasting peace. For this purpose it is necessary to understand essence of contrasts, to counterbalance them and, having risen in the center of the power, to direct consciousness to an opposite pole of life, in the Kingdom of the Eternal Truth. So there are two flows: a flow of vanity of the ordinary and the river of Eternal Life, and you are the center of Space Light embracing, more precisely, able to behold both at the will. Understanding and studying life lessons on the life and testing its experience, you accumulate knowledge juice. Records are the result of this experience imprinted in Light’ by My way of the accumulating of the pilot knowledge synthesized and shown as result of your cooperation with the Lord.
Let the world of the present day sound the note. With Me you are impregnable also out of his sucking-in force, and one – as a kitten in the sea. From the Lord be not averted. Be not afraid of growl of vanity. With Me nothing is terrible. I overcome everything, and Me all also will be overcome. I approve power of your overcoming force. In power of overcoming I Approve you. Wash, be not confused nothing and passing indulge in voices. Has remembered correctly: Ulysses, having directed behind the Golden Fleece, has tied itself to a mast of the castle rushing on waves of the vital sea not to be the abstract and fascinated singing of sirens. Tie yourself to a mast of spirit and only then you will be able to leave ears open. Oarsmen sat with the ears closed densely.
681. (Dec. 27). The face of the Lord is an external form and expression of that, the Lord Is essence of what. Therefore contact of consciousness with this expression of the essence hidden behind the external form reflecting him also puts the pupil in a condition of Contact. Its depth depends on completeness of concentration. But attracting consciousness the Face, we attract also what behind him is hidden. So My hidden World is included into consciousness of the pupil. He, this World, not from the outside mortal world. He expresses himself essence of immortality. And the one who adjoins to him and enters him falls within the scope of immortality. Therefore, the consciousness which has untied itself from surrounding and tied itself to my chariot of Light already thereby becomes immortal. Dumping a physical body, consciousness, to Me attracted during lifetime, with Me remains also after death. And just as during lifetime, surrounding new won't be able to master My attraction. The sphere of the Astral World isn't able to overcome the attractions an attraction of My Light if on Earth terrestrial conditions have been overcome. Therefore overcoming force terrestrial gravitations there is force of communication with Me. Immortality threads silver – so we Will call them. Thoughts from the dense world as beggars, crowd at a threshold of the temple of consciousness. Let's drive persuasive and importunate beggars. Look at their dirty, soiled sackcloth. To the temple of consciousness they can't be allowed. Their place on a church porch. My thoughts can be about the dense world, but they not from the dense world. The beam for the adoption of overcoming is sent. It is impossible to come off him. To learn to stay in the Beam it is necessary. Because in him after death also you will be when consciousnesses are distributed on beams. But the statement in itself attraction elements, to the Beam corresponding, now, in life heavy terrestrial, in you is approved. And approved here it will be approved and there, and rejected there won't burden consciousness. Because it is hard to overcome an attraction of planetary conditions.
Yes, the friend My, you are right: consciousness on Earth feels what it is plunged by a karma and My hand into. And an eye sees surrounding. But study, looking, not to see and listening, not to hear. And then you will promote in internal hearing and sight much. Expelling unnecessary thoughts, and, above all, emotions, it is possible to facilitate a way much. Be protected with "an impassivity wall" and you will win against the world. Only internal you win against external. But when external fills all consciousness how the one can win who inside? To him, immortal, it is necessary to give both time, and the place, and conditions for manifestation from within outside – to light with the light dense, but not to be lit, that is tushimy him. So, approve light which in you, My Light
. 682. Dai to you the right at any time, among the most rough conditions when everything storms and worries around, to call Me that you could feel my World and in the world to be. The right to join tranquility of mine Mira Dai. Always it with you: both among a storm, and in a gloom of night. Having caused my World in consciousness, you can feel the world of great tranquility which inside. My world Dai. Accept M.'s gift. Having gone to an internal citadel, you will feel My World because with you it.

Dreamed that has received the letter from Mother. There it has been written about three beams. And still something about false beams.
683. Weapon of the enemy we finish him.
Everyone has to be able to overcome everything.
The statement of the Highest "I" am the statement of a primacy of spirit.

Days are heavy unknown. All has sunk in a gloom. I can't write. Everything is far.
684. (Dek.28). Let's write that it is far from Earth. Let's leave in the bottom of a thought earth. Let's leave below everything, than the present day was full. At top of spirit there is no place to thoughts everyday. Below the people crucified in matter in crucifixion of dense existence writhe. In darkness external, earth, crying and gnashing of teeth. Let's leave all this below. Let's go with Me to top, there, from where the worlds are visible. In interplanetary space where everything is filled with life, there is no burden of flesh. Flesh – from Earth, and the closer to it, the is more serious than its chain. Chains aren't necessary to us. In space Sveta, out of the sphere of terrestrial gravitations, the spirit is free. Exempted from restrictions, and the covers, and from the lowest worlds of three plans corresponding to them, the spirit isn't bound any more by either the place, or time, or chains of the lowest attractions. There is no matter of three in it, attracting everyone to the sphere any more. At the person wings grow, and boundlessness of space becomes we weed implications of its highest energies. He can even look at Earth, but being inaccessible its noxious radiation. And feelers of darkness can't reach to it. The abyss between the worlds – the lowest and the Highest is impassable. Earth affairs leave very far and just cease to interest. Consciousness lives pulse of space life. And a thought, remaining for it reality, creates its world. Itself creates, and itself in the place of the creativity stays. And the created images are as real as life. Creativity becomes a form of expression of life and its forms in which and among which "I" manifest the person. The sower becomes a reaper. Consciousness realizes seeded, realizing it in the form of the reality, unique for it. The world of thoughts becomes the outside world in which there lives the spirit. The objective world corresponds on quality of vibrations to the world created and is as if its addition or a background on which the mystery of spiritual highest life of consciousness is played. Conformable to spirit of consciousness of a related tonality and the same height supplement beauty and brightness of the world created by spirit. The law of an attraction of the thinnest lightful plastic matter regulates intake of conformable material for creation of the world surrounding it. Consciousness is saturated with completeness of life and life because expresses itself all it aims at. There are neither prohibitions, nor restrictions. Also there are no tears because the upper class excludes emotions of the astral sphere. Net joy, extra personal, becomes a regular condition of spirit. The spirit sounds on a joy key. Joy filled surrounding space. The Lord's beam явен the Light, is also close the Lord. The way to this Kingdom Light lies on the ground. Through a gloom – to Light, through grief – to the delight, through death – to life, through sufferings – fortunately. Such is a life.

End of Records of 1952.