1. The Council of the great Lords: for weary hearts take Valerian tincture every day twice a day, morning and evening (before bedtime) on 40 drops at once. It is recommended that you take the drops throughout life, and not miss a day. After a three week course a Valerian root can be added to the evening dose of five drops of valerian tincture and accept strophanthus medicine for three consecutive days, each week, for three to five months. So four days a week take a valerian and the three remaining day of the week with Valerian strofantom. (Helena Rerich "letters" volume V111)
2. Best treatment consumption-pure frosty air. (Warm climate has a relaxing effect on the body and good cause cannot). Where is the snow there and health. In Siberia frost-bitten limb successfully treated with snow, the morning sun to rub prior to burning. Treatment of rheumatic disease and widespread snow-snow much Meteor magnetism – that wonderful is medicinal.
3. Fern gives a lot of mental energy, but it’s very poisonous fluids can poison, particularly in the spring when it begins to awaken the new life, new juise motion. Particularly is dangerous fern with white spots on the leaves. Therefore, you should not keep it in a room, even as a decoration. Fern is the snake plants behind him like hide Cobras.
4. Goat's milk contains more mental energy than cow's milk.
5. The prostate. Carefully check all the teeth and remove all invalid under local anesthesia-dental pus penetrates the organism and, above all, affects the prostate. After that, there should be a special regime. Within three weeks, you must daily to take hot tub waist at 38.00 pp session duration – 40 minutes. During the session the water temperature is gradually increased to 400 c, the water level should be just below the abdominal diaphragm. The bathroom should be warm, but not hot. An hour before the procedure to use the extract strophanthus:-first week – 3 drops, second week-4 drops third week – 5 drops. After a bath it is necessary lying in bed. After three weeks of procedures, a break of three weeks. During the break to take Valerian tincture drops 35-35 drops in the morning and before bedtime.
At the same time take perandren tablets or pastilkah, but not in the injection method:-the first week – 2 table on the day the second week-3 table. The day third week is 4 table, - on the day. You must slowly revolution′ their morning and afternoon, but not tonight. After a three-week break, resume the procedure from a bathroom. But now the number of drops of strophanthus is:-the first week take 5 drops; the second week is 6 drops third week-7 drops for an hour before taking a bath.
If the heart is arrhythmia, strophanthus dose should be increased to five drops in the morning and five drops of an hour before taking a bath while the heart will not return to a normal rhythm. (Helena Rerich "letters")/
Strophanthus is one of the best regulators of blood pressure and does not accumulate in the body, in contrast to other drugs.

6. Tincture strophanthus – strengthens the heart. Strop Xanthus is a part of the "Elixir of life", strengthening the heart and most important nerve nodes that bring longevity. Strop Xanthus can be for an entire month twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed as follows:-the first and the second week to 5 drops, third, fourth, and the remaining days of the month-7 drops.
7. Against the disorders of metabolism, liver disease and even the first symptoms of cancer patients, prescribe two glasses of carrot juice a day, congee and two glasses of milk. Take six weeks and during the initial stages of cancer eight weeks.
8. Are the only means for Strop Xanthus removal, misty gut. It is proposed that the following mode. Take every seven drops of strophanthus twice a day. If there is a weakness, you can take and the third time seven drops. Continue this dose for a month. You must monitor the freshness of strop Xanthus; he shall cease to have effect if for a long time. Daily enemas from 4 to 5 cups of water with boil thoroughly well manganese sourly potassium and salt. Aspect ratio is in a glass of chilled water to dissolve one small crystal of potassium permanganate and a pinch of salt. Water should be pink (not red). Enema does empty stomach early in the morning. As and strofant the first reception is early in the morning. Then take three times a day before meals with a Magnifier and a pill-pill pepsin portion. Once a week, take a good laxative, fruit salts "Eno" ("Eno") or "Mouth" with magnesium pinch of salt. Recommended proportion-up to two teaspoons per Cup. You will feel that such an unpleasant phenomenon as belching, nausea and swelling decreased after taking a Magnifier, and pepsin portion. During severe abdominal stomach can be taken of magnesium with soda. Well to make port wine. One shot glass port of 70 grams, to divide on three receptions and to accept with salol and pepsin. Their combined effect is amplified. Duration of the treatment is per month. If you notice a significant improvement, the dosage can be reduced, a Magnifier, cancel, leaving the pepsin, and colon cleansing, whole life, once a week. Strop Xanthus take second and third month, but with short breaks to continue depending on health.
In carrying out the above recommendations following diet:
Used in small amounts not fatty food. It excludes all meat, especially pork, any fatty sauces and pies. Just sweets, is chocolate and caramel. Beet sugar is better to replace glucose. You can use chicken broth and boiled chicken, and light not fatty chops, but cooked in butter. Boiled vegetables with added butter, macaroni, gnocchi dairy products and Kisser very approved. Kisser can be seen as a remedy for bowel. Good fruit and Berry Kisser, orange and milk. Milk jelly, if well prepared, gives a feeling of cream ice cream. The bread is fresh. Eat only fresh butter. Stick to the monotonous diet. After the treatment you can afford occasionally to take good corned beef and to salt smoke-dried
after treatment, the virus goes along the mucus from the stomach and liver. Not beware of strop Xanthus. Strop Xanthus – elixir of life. Do not eat raw fruit, especially pineapples. (Tibetan recipe is).
9. Motherwort and series of neurosis; When headaches in the frontal part of the head with swelling upper eyelids. Need one teaspoon herb series and one teaspoon of grass motherwort pour cool boiled water (250gramm) at night and in the morning drain, divided into three parts by 50 g and drink three times a day for half an hour before a meal within a month? After it is necessary take a break for a month and then repeat; month, month break. Treatment lasts for one year.
10. Pain in the stomach – the herb St. John's worth. BREW and drink before a meal three times a day within a month. (Tibetan recipe).
11. In order to strengthen the selection bile used grass tan acetum. Brew up a pot with boiling water, insist and drink three times a day before meal.
12. Preparation of the cheese. The milk is heated to 95 degrees by adding to rub cheese. When milk curtailing and is positioned away whey, mixing and heating stopped. When a clot has settled to the bottom, hot caseous, and merge serum lot lay out on a soft cloth and to unroll quickly, pressing the remnants of whey. Further mass shift in the pot with the melted butter and stir, slowly add the mixture of eggs, sour cream, salt, and cumin. Then heat to form a homogeneous mass. The finished cheese is put in greased, round dishes and put in cold. You can wrap the cheese in a wet napkin to form a circle and stand under the pressure of the cold. Little cheese cut into slices and serve with honey and jam. Necessary ingredients: cheese-1 kg, milk-5 l, egg-2 pieces, butter-100 g, salt, caraway.
13. .Preparation of Apple vinegar. (Recipe is doctor d. Jarvis). Wash apples, remove the damaged part and grate a large float. Crude Kašipu put in a glass jar and add hot boiling water (1 l 0, 8 l water - Alice gruel). For every liter of water add to 100 y. Sugar or honey, and to speed up the fermentation for 10 Gr. yeast or 20 g. dry black bread is. The first 10 days to keep an open tank at a temperature of 20-30 degrees. Should be in two - three times’ daily jumble of wooden spoon. Then shift the mass in gauss bag and squeeze. Juice filters through gauze and pour into the jar with a wide neck. After the Bank closes with gauze, knotted and put in a warm place to continue fermentation, usually expires after 40 – 60 days. Then filter, champagne bottle, tightly closes the plugs. Yoga is not recommended to eat food fermentation.
14. Treatment of skin diseases: prepare ointment from one yolk, one tablespoon of vegetable oil, one tablespoon of acetic acid, and mix with mixer and let stand in closed jar to clotting. Smear the lesions in place and cover with a cloth so as not to stain clothes. The recipe used for rough skin (treatment of heels and soles). For medium skin you can apply instead of acetic acid acetic essence. Apply vinegar to a gentle skin.
15. Are the only means for Strop Xanthus removal, minty gut? It is proposed that the following mode. Take every seven drops of strop Xanthus twice a day. . Brandy strop Xanthus – strengthens the heart. Strop Xanthus is a part of the "Elixir of life", strengthening the heart and most important nerve nodes that bring longevity. (Tibetan recipe is).
16. Cancer – barley, carrots. Eat barley porridge and drink fresh carrot juice. (Tibetan recipe is).
17. Prevention of eye. Every day wash out eye with a solution of three times a day; per cup of boiling water, warm, and ½ teaspoon salt (below the cut).
18. "The body of a man is his property, which he can dispose of. It is subordinated to the will to govern, or direct all processes occurring in the body. To do this, is to make your own mental energy. The idea, with some training, there is no better laxative; insomnia is easily overcome by concentrating on the heart. In the case of hair loss, scratch them before combing (wooden!) fingers of both hands, quickly, one after the other, from the forehead to the nape of the neck. In case of pain in the body is sick, or charge, or talk, or a psychic energy, which is alive in every organism. The idea was to act, will serve its purpose. " (Boris Abramov, "A.Y.facets".)

19. If eyes hurt, it is difficult to work, - mint and soda is recommended. To make mint, and soda in boiled water to dissolve; to wash out eyes warm infusion of mint, or solution soda.

In medicine metals have very broad application. Locks treat in various ways, missing most simple and natural, namely: simple baking soda with hot milk. In this case metal sodium works. Soda is given for broad consumption to people. But don't know about it and often apply the harmful and irritating drugs. It is important to establish what the organism needs. For this purpose it is necessary to know the Law of 20 compliances …. (B. N. Abramov, Facet A.Y., 1970, item 327).
Great Maitreya is the World Healer. Thank him a prayer.


Two astrals from Jehovah devil on his assignment want to get rid of me. How many openings on a body, - they brought infections in everyone: in an ear - стаффилокок; in an eye - a pydevidny tick; in a mouth - pork infections (and others, I don't know what). I close ears cotton wool because through an ear (an ear, a throat, a nose, an antrum of Highmore, an eye, and bronchial tubes) there is a free penetration of infections into all internals. The left side of the head is lunar (Jehovah - the lunar demon, and all worshipping to it - demons, rakshasa). Inject an infection into an eye - a dust-like tick (I put on the glasses fitting big and I cover an eye). Brought infections in a mouth, - it is necessary to stick for the night a mouth with an adhesive tape and from above a pharmaceutical mask bandage.

When I sleep, remove a bandage and cut an adhesive tape. It was necessary to bind a bandage under a scarf. At night a scarf, and in the afternoon a beret because the head is smeared with something, hair drop out. Pinned all head with introduction of an infection …. All body; the head, a back, hands, feet are pinned. I wash out salty water of a gpaz, a nose, a mouth and I do other procedures.

But the main medicine - is Initial Divine Mental Energy from Great Maitreya!!! Volunteers, the believing people looked after patients with plague, cholera and none of them didn't get sick - were protected by Energy from God.

This disgrace lasts some years since I threw out books which to me were imposed by Jehovah devil. Kinds of a revenge of a devil are boundless. At the request of the Owner of land Jehovah astrals hands bring infections in genitals. Poison is thrown into food: porridge, tea, pour poison over bread, апельстн, apple. I don't cook and don't preserve - there is no opportunity. I expel them a hose from kitchen, I will prepare something and quickly I cover with a towel.
With tea inject poison, a cover into a thermos pans are removed and thrown peas with poison, then scoop gather water pour in bubbles astral (invisible), then to pour chtyuba in food. Here so Jehovah for exposure of its actions and lie revenges. But it everything trifles, I adapted: in a drugstore there are spirit tinctures of a eucalyptus, I do ointment itself (the recipe for feet). It rages that I under protection, differently it would smear me and a wet place didn't remain (if could). And this pettiness pulls the wool over the eyes to all readers of the nonsense (Old Testament) that it Supreme, the Almighty (SATANII). This monster was known only in the Middle East, and now he stuck to Christianity as a bloodsucker and I offered myself "father", and "people eats".