20. Caligula and Neron - incarnate Jehovah (active pederast).

Chapter 20. Caligula and Neron is embodiment Jehovah, active pederasty.
During sleep the astral body of the person leaves from physical and costs at a bed, or goes
on the apartment. At this time the demon can enter him. So it happened to Kaligula, Neron and other victims in whom Jehovah throughout the entire period of the board was installed.
After Jesus Christ's crucifixion Savaof (Jehovah) has gone down to Earth from the lower astral plan for the embodiment in the emperor's family the successor of a throne - the typical devil scenario. All characters will act under his management.
Affect is Kaligula's eyes. So watch those, who are shipped in the thoughts; they see nothing and don't hear. Jehovah put on weight of the Emperor, and Kaligula left and watched from outside actions of the physical body. When there was the return replacement of Thin bodies (inside there was Kaligula), the sorcerer and the black magician Jehovah filled Kaligula's head with black energy.

Caligula is the Roman emperor with 37, from a dynasty Yuliyev-Klavdiyev, years of life 12 - 41 AD. Kaligula's father is Germanik, the stepson Tiberiya. Jehovah spread rumors; allegedly Germanik had chances to become the individual emperor. Several months prior to the death, Germanik saved Romans from starvation. Contrary to Tiberiya's will, he opened the state granaries and bates down price of bread. The saved people carried it on hands, damned Tiberiya. The popular commander was poisoned by order of the emperor Tiberiya (Jehovah inspired in him to commit murder in the future to prove Tiberiya's poisoning, allegedly because of revenge). In army the revolt was about to happen: dump Tiberiya and revenge for Germanik's murder. Soldiers and commanders were seized and executed. The wife Agrippina, sons and daughters were taken out on the island of Capri; later killed mother and brothers. Tibery rooted out all family of Germanik, except for two daughters and the minor son Caligula. Caligula with sisters had related relations. Confirmation to it is the movie from space.

In 17 years Jehovah helped Caligula to reach Rome and to enter the emperor's family. The owner of land was in an astral body on the lower astral plan and sharp-sightedly watched the emperor of the Roman Empire. In 37 new eraa stomach and he recovered. Jehovah applied hypnosis; Caligula forced to enter Iberia’s room, to strangle the emperor a pillow and to remove "a ring of the power" from a hand.

Young and attractive Caligula ascended to a throne not "at will of the people", and according to the scenario of a devil. Romans called it: "Our sun". He reduced taxes, announced amnesty to political prisoners, cancelled system of denunciations, and an animal became for the unique terrible night. But what or who made a monster of the young emperor who was famous for the wisdom? Savaof (Jehovah)!

To prove the crimes, Jehovah slandered Caligula and created the false myth about his disease. Jehovah to fill Caligula’s brain black energy of destruction and the head cracked from intolerable pain. Actually the devil cooked the victim for him with the purpose to pass a way of the Animal and to carry out recruitment of the population by sexual perversions. For group sexual perversions (recruitment) Jehovah needed a young body of the emperor. The power and comfort was applied to situation. The devil doesn't during the same period at Great need the kind emperor, the favorite of the people.

Jehovah entered in an astral body a physical body of Caligula and committed all crimes; to it there is a confirmation too – the movie from space!

Savaof-Jehovah (Caligula) forced sisters, the hands sawed condemned by a stupid saw, put out of sufferer’s eyes, cut off to women a breast, and to men genitals, to the cook chopped off hands and hung up on a neck. Chikatilo!

"Beat so that the guilty person experienced as dies" - favorite expression of Jehovah. Caligula (Jehovah) began to turn into the monster, it is more terrible, than that whom Jehovah killed. Caligula (Jehovah) turned into the cruelest governor. Sex with the sister is and orgies in imperial baths, he executed 40 senators. He sent people to forage to lions and tigers. Jehovah (in Caligula’s body) raped younger sister Julia Agrippina in the face of the husband. She gave birth to the son in 37 – future Neron - son Jehovah's; the devil prepared for himself a young body.
The husband recognized the son, but didn't love him. The boy will grow happy until in him lunar influences begin to be shown, the lunar demon - Savaof (Jehovah) will enter him. The husband (Gney Domitius) in 41 new era killed Caligula. The emperor before death lightened – he was quitted by Savaof (Jehovah). Gney Domitius died on the 40th year of life because of the burst dropsy; Jehovah killed Domitius for the fact that he deprived of him a physical body for 13 years to make lawlessness – murders and bacchanalias. Jehovah attached Yulia Agrippina with the child in wives to the emperor Claudius. And everything will repeat. Savaof (Jehovah) will poison with Yulia Agrippina's hands Claudius, and to a throne there will ascend 16 summers Neron – the next victim of Jehovah. For the entire period of government of Jehovah in this book only 11 embodiments are exposed.
Maitreya, Lord Shambhala – 1500 creative embodiments; duration of each

40–50 years. Jehovah in Caligula’s body was 4 years, in Neron's body – 14 years. On average its entrances continued 10 years with the same breaks in time. Period of its board – is 432 thousand years. How many Jehovah's crimes are stored in archives of space! Being shown in the material world, he wasn't born, and put on weight of light entities, showing properties of the pervert, the murderer, the swindler; imposing a brand on the victim, I carried out recruitment of the population.


After Jesus Christ's crucifixion apostles Paul, Peter and Maria Magdalina have gone to Rome to preach Christianity. At this time Jehovah left Caligula’s body and has departed to the ancestral lands, the lower astral plan. Those rumors haven't crept away that he is a devil, Jehovah wanted to strangle Christianity in a germ, and bacchanalias are important for the Pederast Jehovah! It was necessary to be embodied in the YOUNG physical body native son. Young Neron! 13 years the devil spun a web; Has attached Julia Agrippina, Neron's mother in the mistress Imperator, later have appoint the wife. At achievement of 16 years by Neron, Jehovah has organized Claudius's murder and has put on Neron's throne.

Neron (years of life 37 - 68) with 54 Roman emperor is from a dynasty Yuliys - Klavdiys.
Jehovah "was installed" in body Neron's in the 54 year the devil entered violently in an astral body in physical body Neron's (forced out an astral body of the victim) and became the emperor of Rome. Jehovah - the Death angel, - it committed the next murder.
1.“At the beginning of the dominion it reduced penalties and taxes, tried to fight against corruption, was fond of versification. 2. But Neron is more became famous for the cruelty and unusual habits". The first offer concerns to Neron, and the second to Jehovah-devil.

With 54 Jehovah - Neron was the emperor of Rome. In 14 years of board Jehovah - Neron was cruel, vainglorious and dissolute. Continuous repressions, orgies (orgy), confiscation restored against it all layers of the Roman society. Jehovah (Neron) indulged in defect with a great number of the citizens, beginning from boys and finishing respectable married matrons. In a passion attack it could rape even the priestess-vestal. I lived together with mother (Neron), and killed her later. Sharp change, event in behavior Not Rhone, noticed mother, relatives and the teacher Seneca.

1. Applying hypnosis, Jehovah lived together with mother and later killed her. The emperor Jehovah (Neron) ordered to destroy the aunt to Dimities by means of an excessive dose of laxative.

2. The arson of Rome was organized by Jehovah (Neron). After a fire of 64 years in Rome, the emperor Jehovah (Neron) laid all blame for an event on Christians, slandered deliberately. It arranged terrible persecutions on believers, tortured and killed them. To methods punishments it is possible to carry crucifixion on a cross, mending in skins of animals and persecution by dogs. Besides everything it Neron love «natural lighting" is. He ordered to crucify the person on a cross and to pour over it oil, then to oil set fire, and the person alive burned, shining gardens opposite to the palace bright light of a flame. Jehovah (Neron) was the first in the world who began total persecution on Christianity. Jehovah (Neron) in 65 in Rome executed apostles: Paul and Peter, - cut them the heads.
3. Jehovah (Neron) decided to stop life of the brother, at dinner poisoned him with poison.

4. Teacher Neron - Seneca died when he was about 70 years old, keeping determination. He could live more long, but Jehovah (Neron) sentenced him to death through suicide. Seneca coolly opened to himself veins (under Jehovah's hypnosis) on hands and feet.

5. Having the wife, Jehovah (Neron) in the face of the amazed public got the novel with
a plebeian the Acted and even wanted to marry it.

6.Drunk orgies were very widespread: Jehovah (Neron) put on in an animal skin, then jumped out from a cage and in turn forced the naked men attached to columns and women; women, but also young men were his sexual partners. Sexual perversions are one from options of recruitment in army of a devil. Jehovah applies also others: organizes spread of venereal diseases, drugs and AIDS, brothels and houses of prostitutes. And this monster, from whom the evil proceeds on all Boundlessness, worship Jews and sectarians

7. Having decided to change once again the wife, Jehovah (Neron) executed the first spouse Octavia. The spouse of his best friend became the second official wife of the emperor. But also it didn't hold on long. Second wife Poppeya Sabina, patient and pregnant woman, it killed, having kicked.

8. Jehovah (Neron) has found the cute slave similar appearance on the killed wife, castrated him and married on him. Jehovah - is the ACTIVE PEDERAST - GENERALISSIMO in the PEDERASTY. On the Internet on Jehovah (Neron) speak: "Pshaw, pederast. « Fourteen years the devil sat in body Neron’s and committed all crimes under his name. Jehovah physically destroyed all who close knew Neuron: mother aunt, brother, wife, teacher Seneca. Neron was absolutely another, he had music education, composed verses. The devil dishonored Neron's name for ages. When Jehovah (Neron) learned that it wants to eliminate physically, and all left it, it cut to itself (himself) a throat repeating words: "What great actor perishes". After an exit from Neron's body Jehovah departed in astral body in the bottom layers bottom astral plan. And at once dictated to Generalissimo Jehovah the prophet on the earth "Revelation", but under name is John the Evangelist's - the prior of a monastery in
the Efes, near Rome. In all embodiments Jehovah (Cain, Bacchus, Ravana, Dionysus, Set, Typhon, Caligula, Neron, Gregory Rasputin, Adolf Hitler, billionaire Georges Morgan) his ways were shown as orgy and murder. Foolish Jehovah deliberately exposed in the Internet some series movie "Emperor Neron", that after viewing to carry out recruitment to Saturn. This movie - is provocation from a devil.

The organizer of wars and revolutions - Jehovah devil is the main pervert planet of ours, the propagandist of fascism and generate of all sects. The swastika detaining evolution and a cross of scientology - is its "award". Such swastika was carried by fascists of Hitlerism Germany. Hitler - is Jehovah's generation.

If mankind it will be indifferent to crimes Jehovah, the size will terrify them the world. The planetary satan told me 13. 08 .14 that, if you write about is, I in the Internet will slander the President of Russia and showed vision is the victim next. Long ago it is known that all insults on the Internet to the President of Russia flow from that a*tear where there has to be Jehovah's mouth (after a word a tear Jehovah has increased lips silicone). There is no city on on a post - the Soviet space where there would be no sites "Gays City of In Contact". These sites false; Jehovah's trap is a method of replenishment of its army, recruitment to Saturn are issued by color images and false correspondence of false visitors with false surnames. Jehovah does crops through the victims perverts. "In Contact" works the gay executing decrees of a devil. On the site Fasebook "Group of Admirers of Putin" there are words of the young man: "I am proud of Russians, among us there are no gays". Jehovah already planned parade of gays in Russia. Parade already took place in Kiev. On parade of gays in London, the Clone (effigy) of Putin, with a naked torso, stood on the tank and "shot" gays from army of the zoophile, the pedophile, the pederasty Jehovah. It is a hint that in Russia accepted as a reality of gays. The satan planetary drags the army on the leading posts; don't know gays for what purpose, they will be covered by a wave soon and they will leave on an ocean floor.

Today again the main PEDERAST of our planet - JEHOVAH was before me, and showed teeth. And teeth showed it. Fish goes rotten by the head, and the mankind decays from the Owner of land - Jehovah.

"Well, keep". The Owner of Land wants to dismember Ukraine as Yugoslavia and to fill the earth with destructive energy for explosion. Unconscious performers of his plan have to retire; differently the whole world is threatened by trouble.