23. Den.

Chapter 23.
The tsar Alexander III and the queen, considering deterioration in health of the father, have decided to assign care of Russia to the eldest son Nikolay. In Russia entered the rights of the Sovereign at the age of 21 year. Alexander III and the queen – mother have given advice to the son: "The tsar has to be married". From Germany there has arrived to Russia the princess, Hessen – Darmshtadskaya. According to the tsar, Alice could improve their sort. The bride was mystical nature, but had domineering character and at once has subordinated herself the husband. Alexander III has died in 1894.
Nicholas II was under vigilant attention of the Owner of land. The reason - is the tsar the embodiment from Shambhala. Jehovah has taken the young tsar under control at once. A problem of a devil – is to ruin economy of Russia and at the same time to organize bacchanalias (the pederast' Jehovah's hobby).
About the weak-willed and incompetent tsar Nicholas II Jehovah was engaged in distribution of rumors, but activity of the tsar will dispel this lie. Actually the tsar was not only the strong-willed person, but also perspicacious which all energy has been aimed at providing welfare of Russia:
1. Nicholas II was the author of the program of development of Siberia and the Far East.
2. At him construction of the plants in the Urals and the Far East is begun.
3. Construction Baikal-Amur railway highways.
4. The project of the oil pipeline of Baku – the Persian Gulf has been created.
5. The tsar has achieved reduction of armaments and Hague Court has been at that time created. Nicholas II proved firmly and resolutely in those questions which concerned interests of Russia.
6. The Plan of electrification of all country has been accepted. V. I. Lenin has continued his business and called the Plan of GOERLO – the state plan of electrification of Russia.
Expansion of borders of the territory of Russia in the Far East, an outlet to the sea – acquisition of spheres of influence: political and economic. To weaken Russia and to lull into a false sense of security the tsar, the devil (using mystical nature of the queen) has prepared a landing - Gregory Rasputin.
In 1902 rumors among students of Theological seminary for the first time have gone that somewhere "the great prophet, the perspicacious husband, the wonder-worker and the devotee by the name of Gregory" appeared in Siberia.
There has come the era of government of Gregory Rasputin, more precisely, than a devil, the gay Jehovah.
For fornication and theft peasants began to demand to move him from the village to Eastern Siberia. But Jehovah - a devil has advised not to wait for him when he is called to account. Gregory barefoot has gone to pray to the Verkhotursky monastery where have very strongly worked on his lopsided mentality. After to pray to God he was obviously abnormal; sensuality explosion as if the evil spirit has lodged in it a demon lascivious.

In parallel with preparation Grishki Jehovah prepared provocation of war of Japan with Russia. (Demon) Zinoviy (Zyama) Isakovskiy born in Russia ракшас was sent by a devil to Port-Arthur on purpose, to entice City map with layout of navy. The admiral Alekseev was the tsar's deputy in the Far East. At that time considered that "Japan is too poor to wage big war. And nobody will give it money for such problematic enterprise as single combat with the Russian colossus". But, in the printing there was already a message on provision of a large loan of Japan by America. England in one and a half years prior to a loan concluded the alliance with Japan directed against Russia and China. The union and a loan had one common goal – to increase military power of Japan and to provide it the back on a war case. Soon in newspapers the message flew that the Japanese integrated fleet put out to sea in the unknown direction. Only British knew about this flickering information.
Zyama was implemented into a family of the admiral Alekseev. The admiral was the exemplary family man and very much loved the children. One daughter Zyama poisoned with poison, and she began to wither. Zyama bribed the Chinese and he cured the child. The admiral told Zyama: "Ask that you wants". And Zyama asked the Plan. The admiral Alekseev betrayed Russia under the influence of hypnosis of the gay Jehovah. The cosmopolitan Zyama sold the Plan to Japanese and passed to service into the English intelligence. Without declaration of war Japanese attacked Russia. Russia lost war and devastated treasury. Russian-Japanese: war on January 27 (on February 9), 1904 — on August 23 (on September 5), 1905). Draw an analogy between the Russian-Japanese war and World War II. Both wars began without declaration – the gay Jehovah's method.
And at this time … in the village in which a devil Jehovah decomposed Grishka Rasputin desires the new priest appeared. "The father Nikolay Ilyin actively opposed the priest Gapon for what it was banished to Siberia. Sincerely, wishing to avert Grishka from debauchery, I began to entice it on a cup of tea in the evenings; acquaintance did Grishka good, - he got from the priest of words, dexterously ground about relics and different miracles. He became the diligent parishioner, long fasted (for show). Not belief, but fear I moved Grishka to official temples.
Exhausted with debauchery and church vigils, Grishka lost weight, and circles under eyes appeared. He took a shovel, went beyond a village fence, dug out to himself a hole, jumped on a bottom and from there declared: "The demon completely exhausted me... Now here I will begin to fast". Once fellows villager came to visit it, and the satan threw to it two city young women who to it broke all sanctity.

The national Duma undertook the obligation government. To the state arena there was Peter Stolypin with offers of a political and economic reorganization of Russia. It, during a reaction era 1907-1911 defined a government policy; the organizer of the third of June revolution 1907, the head of the agrarian reform called Stolypin. But he didn't manage the reforms "push" in the Duma. It is killed in 1911 rakshas from Jehovah. The murderer is Mordechay Bogrov, in the world Dmitry Grigoryevich Bogrov; the pederast Jehovah knows names of those who executed his decrees. Russia for Lucifer – Jehovah was always a splinter because her Patron is Michael the Archangel. The developed devil situation has also pushed out on a surface of the Russian political life (by means of a devil) the person from the people.
The representative of the monarchy has found "silver-tongued orator' ‘To Grishka and has brought him at first to Moscow, and then to St. Petersburg, and has presented to society. Never, without application of energy of powers of darkness, the man from depth of Russia would step over a palace threshold not that imperial, but even, the impoverished nobleman.
Having appeared in the capital, Rasputin has pretended to be devout. All women of quality considered a duty to talk to him about sanctity. Dirty, unkempt, dirt under nails, the smell from the body and boots greased with shoe-polish isn't brought up, not formed - has subdued Grishka the capital by means of hypnosis of a devil – Jehovah. The queen loved in Russia only wanderers and foolishness.
Паук Иегова As the poisonous spider, Jehovah spun the web long before it was twisted in a ball, and has confused uncountable quantity of families and characters. I have organized all and have arranged everything!!! The great Russian psychiatrist Bekhterev who was engaged in Rasputin wanted to know a secret of his influence on women. I have decided that "his force consisted in his domineering character, in ability to put itself at once to familiarity it is close to any person
female. Except ordinary hypnotism, there is also a sexual hypnotism what was possessed by "aged man" Rasputin. Only it is not Rasputin's, hypnosis, and Jehovah – devil. Field of activity for Rasputin has been already prepared by Jehovah. Jehovah has wide experience of application of sexual hypnosis - his "skate".
Jehovah's task was in founding a den in Russia – the dolls strengthened on a wire in a two-story box – was set in motion a vartanik. The word "B" is also used for designation of a slum, a brothel. So Jehovah can be christened one more name – the main planetary vartanik!
To humiliate Russia, the devil has chosen, similar, a pettiness – Rasputin Gregory and pushed him on the Olympus of government. Vartanik-Jehovah put on Grishki Rasputin's weight (there was a substitution of Thin bodies and the Highest Reason), appointed ministers, made decisions state to the detriment of Russia. Grishka himself repeatedly repeated: - "The demon has tortured me …".
Revelry, Grishki Rasputin's wine parties have spread out female half of society. Princesses of high society, countesses, pole-nobles went to embraces of Gregory impregnated then and the wine reek of alcohol. Went, driven by a devil as frogs is in a mouth of a boa. Jehovah is the procurer and the libertine (it is corrupted with permissiveness and not punish ability) I delivered fans for Gregory, who has got to millstones of a planetary satan. All people involved in an imperial den was obsessed with a devil long before the culmination when Gregory became "Gregory the First and Last, the horse thief and the All-Russian autocrat" as it has been told in "Acaphist". Matter and desires, here one of types of obsession of Jehovah - a devil; all of them conduct by premature death.
Rasputin's "prophecies" concerning misfortune which could happen to the tsar's son (the next day the chandelier has broken), too Jehovah's tricks, but not "prophecy". Using mystical nature of the queen, Jehovah has subordinated her to the hypnosis.
True prophets is the Highest embodiments of representatives of the Himalaya White Brotherhood, their essence – the genius, aristocratism, culture, love to all creation, self-sacrifice! "Prophets" of the Old Testament (Torah) aren't prophets, they wrote down threats and instructions from Jehovah's devil. It is chronicle, paralipomenon!
All, who have got under Jehovah's influence deserve compassion. Once the chief gendarme of Russia has invited Gregory to demand from him to leave urgently the imperial palace, and then and the capital. Gregory has come to reception and has so looked at the gendarme that that has shrunk under his look. Gregory eyes the devil - Jehovah looked at the gendarme. The satan put on Gregory Rasputin’s weight with breaks in time and committed all crimes against Russia; appointed ministers and decomposed morally female half of secular society. And chuvyrlo (evil) all Christians take it for the father Christ.
Bursted the February revolution and, appear, has come true old threat of Gregory to tsars: - "Already! I won't become and you won't be". It is true, after Gregory murder the tsar has held on on a throne exactly 74 days; 7 + 4 = 11, - number of a devil! The corpse of "aged man" was hidden, but soldiers – Red Army men have found and have betrayed executions, have burned his body and have made to him posthumous big service. After burning of a physical body, people it is cleared. Hypnosis of a devil, without support of forces Light, can't resist to the mere mortal. It is necessary to have personal God.

All plots and murders of tsars of Russia were organized by the demon Jehovah. Found dishonest people in government, inspired in them danger, organized a revolution with murder of the tsar: Peter III – is killed in 1762, Paul I – is killed in 1801. Alexander II is the reformer and attempts; it is killed in 1881. Nicholas II together with a family is shot in 1918. The tsar was warned, and advised to go to England with a family, but he has refused.
Nikolay II Orthodoxy canonizes. The imperial family was under obsession of hypnosis of a devil. And Gregory served as a cover which Jehovah for crimes entered. To be born in the tsar's family, future successor of a throne, it is necessary to have high consciousness, experience of the previous embodiments as the statesman, it is necessary to be the leader of the nation. Lord Karma before the embodiment defines the purpose and tasks. All emperors of Russia were the embodiment from Shambhala, and all of them were reformers and Patriots of Russia. Each of them was pursued by the Owner of land. The devil have created the movie "Matilda" with financial aid of demons – rakshas; one of them the humorist Vinokur (he will long cry on Saturn). The purpose is of the tsar's compromise. The pederast Jehovah advertizes the hypnosis.
V. Pikul considered the novel "Evil spirit" a greatest luck in the literary biography, but at this novel strange and difficult destiny. V. Pikul hasn't started writing of the book yet as has already begun to receive anonymous letters with threats that for Rasputin will deal shortly with him. Warned not to touch Gregory Rasputin and his best friends (Jehovah through obsessed sent letters). When the novel has been published, the author hasn't learned it. The name was another, "At the last line" and the reader has received not reduced novel, and only fragments from him.
The government was afraid that the reader will find "regrettable analogies" between events of the novel and crying shames which were created in a circle of government "elite". It was the main reason which has caused furious resistance in "higher levels". The word "echelons" - figurative; at once in imagination you represents the echelons rumbling on rails, and in them there are bribe takers of the state scale. And all this power! (Expression "echelons of power" were sounded by M. Gorbachev. For what the people need "echelons of power"? Will be one car of honest, hardworking, competent patriots of the Homeland enough.
"Echelons of power" didn't accept those pages of the novel where it was told about bribery. "Echelons" were analogy to the imperial yard. The den is a kind of obsession also leads to destruction and in isolated cases conducts by death.
None of obsessed will be able to escape from Jehovah's chains – a devil without the assistance of Great Teachers from Shambhala. Jehovah knows of whom to take notice the devil; at first he silently operates, then imposes the thoughts so carefully that the person of his thought takes for the.
Jehovah was we operate "Lucifer". All instructions proceeded from the Demon of the Universe Brama. How there can be such cruel monster among gods? Doesn't guard them what he can crush under himself the divine environment eagerness to dominate? With a certain purpose he has taken seat in the Lotus in a crown. It is time to pacify him! Jehovah in this game is the six, the hitman killer!