24. Brama-Jehovah is blood-greedy killer.

Chapter 24. Brama-Jehovah is blood-greedy killer.
Seven Archangels - seven Beams of the Father of the Universe and the eighth, given rise from the Chaos chasm, was called Lux, Lucifer, future devil. Why it was so called... The Lucifer - Light bearer!?

Brama (Chaos), Lucifer's patron - a roof of a planetary satan of Jehovah. Jehovah is the shown Lucifer. Bramah intercepted the word the Lucifer at Spirits of the Flame, representatives Light. In grain of spirit of Jehovah is put energy, the expressing defects all types: manifestation of lie, evil, cruelty, vanity, revenge, all types of perversions. Jehovah's essence was put by Brama, Chaos - unrestrained elements; their gods pacify and turn in the worker force. The impression that Jehovah devil - a guinea pig, the idiot is made, having occult knowledge - it is very dangerous!!!

In Revelation of John the Evangelist which author Jehovah, in chapter 22/16 it is told: "I, Jesus, star morning.", - Jehovah-devil dictated to "prophet" that after a crucifixion to legalize itself Christ's father. Christ really the Carrier Light's, Jehovah - the darkness carrier, a satan, a devil. Words the Lucifer and a satan aren't combined.

In 1887 E.P. Blavatsky let out the first issue of the magazine "Lucifer". The name of all shocked. The name the Lucifer usually is connected with a devil, or a fallen angel. The Lucifer
Light carrier is the name of a star of morning, a messenger of a bright sunlight. E. P. Blavatsky wanted to rehabilitate this word. Extremely clearly she speaks in the letter to the native: "….this fine name! Lux, Luxis - light; ferre - to carry: "Light carrier" - that is better? » Alum is the evil, ferre - to carry. A real name of "Lucifer" is the carrier of the evil, Malumfer (Latin). "Lucifer" was never an angel Light, the word the Lucifer isn't combined with the word a satan. Jehovah is the shown Malumfer, the evil Carrier. Jehovah - Malumfer!

Spirits of the Flame brought to mankind light of reason and great gift of immortality.
Therefore they had to be called as Light bearer and Lucifer.

It is rather known of existence of the Brotherhood of Good (Hierarchy Light) and evil brotherhoods (power of darkness). The brotherhood of the evil tries to imitate the Good Brotherhood in ways and methods of action. The person can distinguish the angry brother from kind if visibility and words are identical? Manifestation of mental energy can unmistakably distinguish internal essence of the phenomena. Can't is in total initial energy to show negative to the positive. Recognition consists in fires heart, in a feeling-knowledge. Such recognition is called as light weapon.

Lucifer is Light bearer.
Corresponds to Jehovah word Lucifer? We will ask Bramah, what he meant, naming future devil Light bearer? For such blasphemy Brama deserves release from a post. Brama is one, who write scenario of the human fate.

Lemuria. Adam and Eve had sons. The first son was called Cain, the second Avel, - Michael the Archangel's embodiment. Cain was the farmer, Avel - the pastor of sheep. Jehovah of t of the Ainu put on Cain's body. Once they made a sacrifice God’s: Cain - fruits terrestrial, Avel - the best animal from the herd.

Avel made a sacrifice God‗s in all sincerity, Cain made a sacrifice as custom. God accepted Avel's victim and didn't accept Cain's victim. Cain began to envy the brother, called Avel in a field and there killed him. There was the first spilling of blood. Cain (Jehovah) was damned for this murder by God. Cain i- the first murderer on the Earth, and not only is the first fratricide. On the continent Lemuria Jehovah spread demonic culture: godlessness an all-allowable, than caused volcanic eruptions and the continent left on an ocean floor. Astral bodies don't sink; they left the person, and after clarification were embodied on the continent Atlantis again.

Atlantis. Jehovah created "a darkness brotherhood" - sorcerers and black magicians. Lemuria history repeated and Atlantis was covered by a wave. Some of Atlases escaped (among them there was Jehovah) and lodged on Laski’s (Ceylon) island.

Ravana-Jehovah on Lanka spread the same as on the previous continents: the demonic culture, godlessness and orgies reaching the last stage of moral decay. Gods solved it physically to eliminate and rescue people from its harmful influence. A Rama (the seventh Avatar of Vishnu - an embodiment of the Great Lord of the Shambhala) relieved Lanka population of the demon Ravana. With this time Jehovah-Ravana made the Plan of revenge to the Lord of the Shambhala:

1.To carry out recruitment of the population to Saturn.
To blow up the Planet.

To forget all past is and to determine new date from the beginning of creation of the world of Jehovah.

In September 2014 are executed 5775 years from creation of the World for Jews. To Lemuriya, Atlantis, Lanka the devil forgot, but from pederasty it won't be released in any way, and on the contrary this devil method applies on others for replenishment the army.

The word Bacchanalia has come from a name of Bacchus and his hobby; orgy …, a loose feast which Jehovah in Ancient Greece in the honor arranged, - an orgy, the rough and chaotic manifestation of any forces reaching extreme degree - group sex with all types of perversions. (Lat. Bacchanalia).

Greece. Dionysus (Bacchus) repeated himself, as well as in the previous embodiments; the same orgies and the same sick vanity - planting of worship itself favorite. His contemporary there was Orpheus, high priest of Greece, Invented music and versification. Orpheus's music subdued wild animals, forced stones to move a little, plants - to decline branches. Orpheus had a big and hospitable house in which his friends gathered. But Dionysus wasn't a guest in this house. Orpheus didn't take part in Jehovah-Dionysus's orgies. Cause of death Orpheus there was an anger Dionysus for that, that the high priest neglected Dionysus's "cult". The head and a liver of the singer were thrown into the sea. Orpheus's death was mourned by animals, birds, the woods, trees, stones. Orpheus is the embodiment of the Great Teacher Cut Humi (the one, who was Jesus) the eternal friend and the Pupil Great Maitreya. Jehovah secretly entered the body of Dionysus, the adult son of Zeus, in the hope of becoming the heir, but miscalculated! The way it was shown as Orgy and murder; werewolf! Zeus is the embodiment of Great Maitreya.


Osiris – is the representing Air, the first radiation of the Highest Deity; Amon, Primary Light source. Osiris the son of god of Earth Geba and the goddess of the sky Nut, Isida was his spouse. Having inherited the father's kingdom, Osiris operated it wisely and fairly. Angry demigod of the desert, demon Jehovah secretly put on Seth's body brother God's Osiris, envying Osiris, killed him, and a body threw into Nile. Isida found the husband's body, but Seth stole it and, having cut on 40 parts (on number of nom), scattered across Egypt. After long searches Isida collected them, and by means of magic spells recovered Osiris … Jehovah is killer; arms his is axe.

Osiris - is the Son Seba and Nate (the following embodiment) - is the Greatest God - self-real and self-created. The first shown deity is. Jehovah (violent aspect) put on Typhon's body, the brother God's Osiris's.

Typhon killed Osiris and dismembered on fourteen parts (two on seven). He scattered parts of a body across the territory of Egypt. Subsequently Osiris revived as Christ. So the Owner of land Jehovah devil with those, who bore Light to people finished. Osiris is one from of Saviors of mankind; it is given rise in this world. It came as the benefactor … and to there is no hurry defeat, Him kill … Osiris is buried … The grave serves in its millennia pilgrimage. Upon termination of three days, He revived again and Ascended to the sky. … It is history of his humanity.

Osiris (Pharaoh) was twice embodied in Egypt under this name. At this time the Jew repeatedly went to Egypt from "the cleared-away place". Remained one is knee of Iuda‗s. But also this knee looked for protection at God. In the Old Testament there is Jehovah's threat to the Pharaoh. Look "The book of the prophet Ezekiel", the Chapter, 32/5. "Also I will scatter your meat on the mountains and I will fill valleys with your corpses". Jehovah tried to return in any ways Jews under the influence because without them he is anybody and to call him in any way. Jews is the tool in hands of a devil, with their help he materializes the mean plans. Jehovah killed and dismembered the axe: Abel, Orpheus, Osiris (in two embodiments).The pederast of Jehovah is killer, arm his axe!

Demon Svarog – pederast Jehovah
(in astral body on lover astral plan).
After fast distribution of Christianity a devil Jehovah – Svarog has decided to be ahead of him, and has imposed himself to Kievan Russ'. Blood-thirsty and prudent, ruthless and cruel he inspired fear on rusichy, demanding a gift of the victims, burning on a fire of children, sometimes even chest. During government of the prince Svyatoslav Igorevich, Dobrynya Nikitich has offered rusicha for worship polytheism and has weakened Svarog-Jehovah's influence. Dobrynya Nikitich and his colleagues: Ilya Muromets and Alyosha Popovic have saved rusichy from the blood-thirsty murderer. Rusich from polytheism have again chosen for worship of God of the Sun Ra (the Giving God) – Michael the Archangel. For revenge Jehovah was pasted to the tribe of Khazars. Khazars are mentioned in the Bible how the tribe "Gog and Magog". Khazars are Roma. Two the tribe (Roma and future Jews) have been expelled from India BC in connection with adoption of Judaism, worship of the demon Jehovah. The demon Jehovah has remembered Roma at the time of Kievan Rus' that repeatedly to acquaint them with Judaism. Khazars - Roma were shown in Europe. Their Jehovah has moved to do harm to Slavs. The territory of Kievan Rus' has never been populated with Khazars. Khan's camp of Khazar-Roma occupied Caspian steppes (Kalmykia), the mouth of the Volga River and northern Ciscaucasia (Alania). Khazars (Roma) and Pechenegs (Kalmyks) have got under Svarog'-Jehovah's influence. Two constantly did to the tribe attacks on the territory of Kievan Rus'. The Kiev prince Svyatoslav Igorevich (by an example of the prince of "prophetic Oleg") "has revenged unreasonable Khazars; their villages and fields for violent attack, it has doomed to swords and the fires" in 965 and has put an end to lawlessness. Since then Khazaria has disappeared as the khanate. Jehovah has lost one branch of Jews and can't still forgive to the prince Svyatoslav elimination of the Khanate of Khazar-Roma. Where now the prince Svyatoslav is embodied? It is embodied in Ukraine on August 22, 1954, - Alexander Sergeyevich Efremov. Jehovah knows him therefore hands of obsessed have discharged him of just affairs. What in Ukraine could be the President! Slav, clever, patriot of the Homeland! He is representative to Hierarchy Light'. The one, who executed criminal decrees of a devil of Jehovah in relation to the embodiment of the Prince Svyatoslav, will be punished; The Karma will overtake.

Historians and geologists of Russia surveyed more than five years the territory of Khazaria, but haven't found any proofs of their accommodation at the mouth of Volga. Ceramic looked for jugs, bowls, but it is vain. Khazar Roma was robbers and weren't engaged in production of household goods. They preferred to plunder metal products. The metal products stolen at the next people by Jewish demons on these canons are listed in the Bible plundered also Roma. The mentor of Roma and Jews (demons) is one, Jehovah.

Khazars within one year transferred yurts from one place to another twice. It is difficult to store ceramics. Khazaria was in Kalmykia, haven't found any proofs. In the territory of their Kievan Rus' wasn't, especially there are no proofs. Conversations on the fact that Ukraine is the ancient Judaic khanate of Khazaria are nonsense.

There is a fairy tale on the Internet as Muslims and Christians have advised Khan of Khazars in the X century to accept the "best" religion of the demon Jehovah - Judaism. The chronology doesn't coincide. In the 624th future Muslims have refused worship of lunar demons. A bit later future Christians have refused the demon Svarog – Jehovah. So councils are the liar Jehovah's invention.
Later Jehovah has taken Pechenegs (Kalmyk’s) under hypnosis and this tribe began to make attacks on the territory of Kievan Rus'. Pechenegs were led by Jehovah directly to Dnepr, on the Zaporozhia Island and the prince Svyatoslav has been killed. The devil has dismembered Kievan Rus' on three states to push together them for contentions. Partition is a method of Jehovah.

Slavs haunted Jehovah. Two tyrants (Napoleon and Hitler) made a campaign to Russia. They were Warned by Michael the Archangel (the Great Lord of Shambhala) not to go to the east; haven't obeyed. The end of their life was awful: Napoleon has been expelled on St. Elena's island, and Hitler was burned together with Ewe Braun.

The Duma of Russia has adopted the Law on recognition of all religions (influence of the demon Jehovah). In India other vision of a subject; they have recognized Hinduism (God Krishna), the Buddhism (Great Maitreya) and Christianity. Christ - Buddha. All religions of India are from the Father of the Universe. Indians have moved all who accept a devil Jehovah out of borders of the country. After separation from India of Iran (Persians have accepted Islam), Indians have regarded it as treachery. In the territory of Iran there were shrines of Indians: the house in which Krishna, Akbar's palace and a grave of Mother Teresa Was born. Mahatma Gandhi (prime minister) has allocated from the budget to Iran $5 million waste. Opposition has begun. Believers protected the God! All three religions are from the Lord of Shambhala.

After the article "Our Plans concerns Slavs" - Menachem Schneerson, in India all Jews would be moved out of borders of the country long ago, and at the same time and Orthodoxy was cleaned from a demonism of the Old Testament (Torah). Therefore in Russia spiritual disorder, sects and dvorkins because in the Duma atheists with zero knowledge of religions sit propagate, and have adopted the law.

In Liveinternet the text of history of Khazars and praise to Judaism is laid out. Jehovah has dictated to the next Jew-rakshas false history. Jehovah considers Kievan Rus' - the ancient Judaic state of Khazars. Jehovah mentions the southern Dnieper Bank to prove the creation reason in Ukraine of "New Jerusalem" from five areas: Dnepropetrvskу, Zaporozhsky, Khersosky, Nikolaevsky and Odessky. Why Jehovah creates "New Jerusalem" in the south of Ukraine, but not in Caspian steppes and northern Ciscaucasia? Jehovah needs the Black Sea to enter the fleet of NATO. The devil wants to bring together all Jews in Europe to burn them alive during the Apocalypse, and to drag off consciousnesses to Saturn. But he isn't sure that he will collect to drag off all therefore wants to blow up Earth and all population to Saturn. The text is laid out in a social net with the purpose to kindle opposition between the people, and to carry out recruitment. The envy causes large reserves of raw materials in the author of the text in Russia. Thanks to the Creator and Creator of our Planet, to Great Maitreya (to Michael the Archangel is the Lord of Shambhala) for huge care of Russians; Have provided such riches for Russia! Low is bow to Him. The patron of Russia is God of love and compassion, God Good and Light, Great Maitreya. Therefore Russians people kind, sincere and toiler; never applies on others, supports all people and spiritually. I address all citizens of the Planet: "All remain on Earth (Roma and Jews) we will use together all richness of Siberia on the basis of trade relations". Condition: Worship of the Creator of our Planet, to Great Maitreya (Christ), Lord of Shambhala. Jehovah, being embodied in Adolf Hitler's body, gave instructions to fascists that they commodity cars took out a soil layer (black mould) from Ukraine in Germaniya. Where the evil prevails, deserts are formed or there are volcanic eruptions.

The wars in Iraq (2003 - 2011) and Syria are mentioned in this text (2011 – 2017); it is modern information, pay attention to date of death of the rabbi Schneerson (1994). The text
on social network "Geniyneizvestny" is in the section "Literature — History", 2009. After goes from Syria by troops of ISIL was left weapon warehouses: production of Israel and USA. Who has sent to ISIL to Syria? Jehovah!

On an assumption of the author of article that will be in 20 – 30 years, it is possible to give exact information. All who splash saliva on Slavs will burn down alive during the Apocalypse and will leave our Earth together with the zoophile, the pederast-pedophile, the murderer and the swindler Jehovah!!!

All worshipping Great Maitreya will be taken out to safe places. To remain on Earth and to continue evolution of the person in "Golden Age", Worship of Great Maitreya is necessary!!! Aum, Amen, so Will be.

In 988 during government of the prince of Vladimir there was a Christianization of Kievan Rus', and rusich have adopted Christianity. Christ – Rossul Moria (the embodiment of the Great Lord of Shambhala). Slavs! Remember the roots and return to the sources!! Jehovah touches upon this subject is in the book (coauthor Istarkhov) "Blow of the Russian gods" with the artful purpose. Dobrynya Nikitich is Malusha brother. The prince Vladimir is Malusha's son born out of marriage from the prince Svyatoslav. Jehovah extends a lie about Malushe as if, it is a daughter of the rabbi and garbles origin of her name. It casts a shadow on her brother and the son. The liar Jehovah introduces a thought to Jews that still in those days in Kiev Jews have come to the power. The woman's names Mavka and Malka have been widespread in Russia. They could be international as Maria, Ekaterina, Elena, Elizabeth and others. Jehovah inspires in Jews that they "are chosen" to govern on the Planet, pours balm on consciousness before sending Jews "on a stage" to Saturn. The website "Dawn of Svarog" – result of a condition of the Pederast Jehovah; he rushes about in an agony after exposure of his activity. Registration for the website is possible only through e-mail of the moderator.

Gregory Rasputin.
Gregory Rasputin served as a cover for Jehovah; the devil put on weight of the victim and applying hypnosis, appointed ministers, organized bacchanalias (drunken orgies with the subsequent sexual group perversions). The family of the tsar was in a condition of obsession: the purpose - to isolate the tsar from government and to take reins of government in hand. Miracles and orgies, Jehovah made, using spiritual ignorance of people. Gregory in a bath "sultry took a steam bath", "stupefied and excited" with the reek of alcohol and boots (greased with tar), struck ladies with "sanctity" - the devil Jehovah sat in Grissini’s body! The devil had a bestial endurance. Jehovah spreads rumors in Russia via the websites of shvonders-rakshas's about fast canonization of Gregory Rasputin, following there will be Adolf Hitler – two embodiments of the pederast Jehovah with breaks in time.

Adolf Hitler.
Adolf Hitler – the next victim of Jehovah. Jehovah perverts
Hitler (desires), have created under him fascist Notional-socialist party, I have made him the Reichs chancellor,
and then I have united this post and the president's post, and have established in Germany mode of fascist terror. Jehovah trained Hitler under myself, – have united all state mechanism and have established one-man management. The devil put on Hitler's weight with breaks in time: spoke at meetings, held meetings, I made the main decisions; have completely taken over control under the beginning. Hitler was sick – Parkinson's disease because of the difference of vibrations of bodies of Jehovah and Hitler. The scenario of war with concentration camps has been developed by Jehovah. Hitler and all attendants of the third Reich were under powerful hypnosis of a planetary satan. The method of a devil – at first will lower below a plinth, and then gives positions, using person zombie.
Hitler (Jehobah) was the pervert and the masochist. From 1925 veins from the young niece Geli Raubal. He forced her to tie him to a bed and to beat with a belt. One of Hitler's rivals in Nazi party, Otto Shtrasser claimed that the Nazi dictator forced the niece Geli Raubal to defecate and urinate for him. (The devil was in the Fuhrer at this time, confirmation to that is the movie from space). Hitler was a medium, every night left a physical body and traveled on the lowest astral the plan (the medium is the main property of Hitler which to him at the request of Brama Lords Karma in the circumsolar sphere (the God's Kingdom) have put in consciousness before the embodiment). Jehovah so was fond of Hitler's niece that he has forgotten the purpose of the arrival. That the devil has recovered the Demon of the Universe Brama has inspired Gels to defecate on a breast of the "Lord" Jehovah. That she has told nobody, Jehovah, applying hypnosis, has forced Raubal Gels to shoot oneself. The woman for one day has succeeded; – she was comprehended by the same fate that nobody has learned that the Fuhrer – reflection of a devil of Jehovah represents.

Following I was – Eve Brown, the wife properties. Adolf Hitler and Eve Brown have together committed suicide – the devil Jehovah covered up tracks.
In the book by Desmond Seward, "Napoleon and Hitler" author
draws an analogy between two tyrants. As who unites them?
1. The purpose – to subdue Russia.
2. Obsessed same is devil Jehovah. He operated Napoleon, and entered Hitler, but unsuccessfully. Russia can't be subdued because her Patron is God, Great Maitreya!!!