27.President of the Russia is V.V.Putin.

27. President of Russian is V.V. Putin.

Light is in the form of a white cloud. The white pigeon flies, in a big way covered also with dazzling white the head, sat down on a cloud, and behind it V. V. Putin (head) appeared. White pigeon is a message from God, the embodiment … from Shambhala. And so why "The traffic controller is angry" from New-York Jehovah-devil decided to organize opposition in Russia, using "obsessed" as main oppositionists. It always pursues representatives Forces Light. Is afraid of economic blossoming of Russia and it means a superiority of our Patron is Michael the Archangel. 96 The victory Light is inevitable!!! On my request: "Who was Putin V. V. in the last embodiment, I am received the answer vision. The huge Russian three-colored flag, and nearby develops before numerous crowd on a tribune V. I. Lenin speaks. 14.02.12. "Rerich and Lenina made related what can be called planetary thinking. Therefore it is possible to get into Lenin's secret only planetary thinking, only relying on space Doctrine of Living Ethics. The word "Mahatma" came to us from India. (Rerich, Lenin, Karl Marx, Gandhi is from Shambhala). If thousands of the Sun – light in heaven flares at once, is it will be only we will pad radiating dawn light of fase Mahatma". Concept cosmic it isn't applied to mere mortals. In their XX century was two: Gandhi and read on the Internet tactless statements to the President of Russia, sticking (lips they are told by a demon Jehovah), and there is a wish to tell: "Spiritual ignoramuses, you have no abuse to say a name of Putin, your consciousness and language falls short of word level Mahatma". The mahatma is the Great Soul which contained the phenomena of the New World. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the embodiment of divine essence from Shambhala. Russians you are proud of the president. Don't allow any evil spirits to concern it light entities. The Soviet Union was result of the embodiment of V. I. Lenin. Unconscious attendants of darkness always discredited our country and tried to strangle her arms race. You thank the Patron of Russia - the Great Lord of Shambhala for the fact that He Sends is in Russia such embodiment. Our God is Maitreya, God of Russia and all Slavs. Who is such Slavs? N. M. Karamzin, in the book "History of the State Russian", (twelve volumes) tells us that the people of all Europe came from the Volga region. Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Finns, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Serbians, Germans is one people. Slavs shall unite everything under guidance of one God and not be at enmity between the former socialist consolidation was consolidation of Slavs. V. V. Putin it is absolutely devoted to the work Vladimir Vladimirovich – a gift of Russia from Great Maitrea. V. V. Putin's words: "Time when nothing is necessary (for itself), if only Russia comes it was stable", confirm its essence. There is in Russia a leader who all he devoted for the Homeland benefit. Very heavy burden is to hold on the shoulders Russia in time of such opposition from the USA. Such leader will always have an opposition from darkness. Darkness doesn't want blossoming of Russia. But it doesn't matter. The Animal will leave our Earth soon. Russia climbs a spiral, and the USA and the West of Europe dvi-gatsya on a deadlock circle therefore rush about in an agony, and machinate against Russia. Russia ascends economically and spiritually. Our God is Great Maitreya, Helps us! After leaving of darkness to Saturn, consolidation of the people will begin. The Buddha - Maitreya and single herd - the Planet population Will be single. Russia will be the country around which all people will begin to unite. The new Soviet Union, socialist camp outside the died Europe will be created; all population of the Planet will unite with Russia including the USA. Russia will lift on an ascension spiral (material and spiritual) all countries under guidance of Great Maitreya, Creator and Founder.

Great Maitreya Worries about the country, He Sent us one more embodiment is Peter the Great. "Peter the first was realized in Russia of 20.05.2012. V. V. Putin gains steam for ascension of Russia, and Peter Great will lift Russia".
Vanga's predictions.
In 2015 about Ukraine: "The brother against the brother will go … What united, will be scattered on pieces. It will be near Russia". Wrote down words of the prophet Vitka Petrovs, who is helped Vanga about the house the last 15 years. Vanga about Russia; in 2015 after annexation of the Crimea to Russia: "Everything will thaw as if ice, but only one will remain untouched - glory of Vladimir, glory to Russia. It is sacrificed too much. Nobody will be able to stop Russia. Everything will be swept away by it from the way; and not only will remain, but will become the LORD of the WORLD". Glory Great Maitreya is to the Patron of Russia. Will be done the Lord it is eternal in three Worlds!


Note attendants of darkness. So far Jehovah devil spun a web of capture of the Crimea and Ukraine for NATO (the significant place for military bases) to surround Russia in a ring and spread the power obsessed in Ukraine, Great Maitreya performed invisible management on department of the Crimea from Ukraine to salvage the Planet and mankind. At all messengers from Shambhala one fiery center through which they obtain information is usually slightly opened at least, - it is the SILENCE VOICE. The president of Russia carried out the Decree of the Great Lord of Shambhala. Don't blaspheme against Russia and its President, - the Karma will punish if even Jehovah devil pushes to it. Putin's admirers are Putin's SUPPORTERS, supporting to his politician. It is necessary to worship The one, Who Gave to Russia such embodiment from Shambhala - to Great Maitreya, the Lord of Shambhala. Time will come, Ukraine will be grateful to Russia, its President V. V. Putin, Shambhala and Great Maitreya for preservation of peace on Earth. Those, who unleashed war in the east of Ukraine and implemented reforms genocides for needy pensioners will leave to Saturn - it is their Karma. By then Europe (including and the Crimea) will be at an ocean floor with perverts, "reformers" and warmongers led by Jehovah in 2046! Those, who destroy monuments to Lenin will be burned alive during the Apocalypse with the generated energies. Citizens, pacify you for the benefit of the Planet and mankind. Read and tell others ….