Грани Агни Йоги, 1968

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1968. 001. (Jan. 1). New Year, adopted by mankind, space does not matter, since the time of its beginning is conditionally. But the fact that he has a huge number of people is of great psycho spatial influence, as a unifying principle. In future collective celebrations will acquire the deep meaning and inner meaning, but of course one need to merge the consciousness took place with the understanding of spatial justice. The joint idea of mankind is very strong, if it takes place under the sign of coherence. Once mankind will be able perform amazing acts that way. National prayer and now could be relevant if uniting people around a single idea and definitely outlined goal happened deliberately, rather than mechanically. Collective, hot and sincere prayer can make a big impact on what and for what she is. The challenge for the future is an internal, harmonic amalgamation of bands in one coherent whole. There were many cases of science thoughts of one person. You can imagine what kind of power can provide disciplined thought the huge collective. It is difficult to talk about it now that the vast majority of people have not yet adopted the discipline over their personal thoughts. Many do believe thought abstraction has no forms, no tangible reason. Nobody thinks that idea is the fire power and the engine of progress that thought – it is a reality that creates real life, and that it affects the health and status of all organs of the physical body. Everything is studied diligently science but thought, this basic dimension of life, science does not pay enough attention. Thought is in a pen. What is alive and moves humankind, referred to the backyard and refers to either a non-existent, either to the field of mysticism and ignorant superstition. But the time comes to recognize and address the idea study. It is science should do it and take control of the direction and the study of this topic, so the required knowledge to people.
002. (M. A. S.). Inappropriate mood it is possible by closing access radiant parcels. There can be no excuses, if the Light is off. Because of this and want a tailed creature, causing intentional discrepancies decrease ambient conditions. Is it possible to fall for these tricks, knowing their purpose?
003. (Guru). Each home is from the light. The future of the world is of light. Through birth pains in this bright future is Earth. In the name of his live, and work, and strive spirit. When the old world and eventually dies on the planet will become a new, will dissipate the darkness, cloaking land, and old world, not be recalled again and won't come for more than the heart. We on the future of the light and the heart he will give up.
004. (Jan. 2). If the attempts fail, the dark allure miners are trying to divert attention from the mainstream, artificially inflating interest in things that do not harm, harmless in them but that they divert attention away. All that tends to separate from the Teacher usually occurs without the participation of dark. Evil is like: an Octopus has not let up until they are hacked off by the tentacles.
005. (M. A. S.). Think what is better: to have and nothing except his own and be in good increase-free to place, or something to keep and make hopelessly in it and with that load on My neck to go into the world above ground?
006. (Guru). And not just small stones, but whole jam lumps have to tidy up out of the way. Otherwise does not pass. Who says that the path is easy? It is very difficult. It initially seemed all light, joyful and achievable. But the higher the harder and even breathing hard. Feelings become aggravated and impressionability. And poison somehow how much spilled around! Condensed climate of lowlands to the limit, and obstacles are piled up like mountains. But, friends, take heart and good spirit store.
007. (Jan. 3). Meeting with the guardian of the threshold is a matter related to the field of Hidden Knowledge. You can only touch it in the amount of capacity consciousness, not more. When a person dies, his three lower principles leave it forever, and the fabric of their dissolved in corresponding spheres. It disappears from consciousness, and he sinks into sleep. From this dream he wakes up, the man has a physical death to a four when he is ready to meet with the guardian of the threshold. ČA four is composed of 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the principles. And the fight begins. All unclean and earthly ardent thoughts that he ever created and has developed during the life of the Earth and are not freed, appear before him in bright, colorful, realistic and calling images that surround it and demand that he was a communication and combination of them. All these images are concentrated in 4 and 5-m principles, matter which vibrates and pulsates to the effect of these mental formations. It is they, in conjunction with them, form a mental environment, integrating it with the surrounding layers of the astral world. Plunging into the education, thereby plunging man and in the lower layers of the subtle world, more and more getting bogged down in Chad these allure phantoms. Indeed, they become guardians of the threshold, not letting it go higher, for his desire to communicate with these elusive but extremely vibrant and engaging it in forms that entice the dark realms of get rid passions and cravings. These lusts and passions have before himself very rich material for the realization of all its lowest desires, and revels in the ghostly man that he had not yet had time but wanted to implement on the ground or dreamed about it. Engaging in the choking, he had not understood that his offers of flour of tantalum, as he, in spite of their imagination, unable to satisfy them because of the lack of a physical body. But the desire to stay, creating more and more new images of thoughts, reinforced and enriched with the thought-image, which are filled with these layers. And through it all have to go through all this and discard, reject, saying to them: "the spawn of the elements, I'm not afraid of you, can't block, me before- chowed." 6 and 7th guidelines will be fighting inferior 4 and 5-m, dragging up past the consciousness of these creatures and monsters of raw thoughts. The fight is to the death. Aspiration to the light, approved on the Earth, help gather strength for this fight and gives into the hands of victory. When a person knows that he needs to win at all costs, that option is gone, victory is possible. That is why it is important to already eliminated in the minds of all the things that can Captivate him down and force to join the mix in the past concerning the forms of thought, once generated by lust. That's why it's so urgently need to clear your mind from all litter before it on the ground.
008. (M. A. S.). In the subtle world crude consciousness more temptations and temptations, for there in bright uniforms reflected not only everything that is created on Earth man to meet his evil desires, but that created a crude human thought. And that is why in the world you can enter safely, only having passed rigorous process of purification. Lower classes are contagious horribly, - lowest layer is infectious terribly. One must pass through them quickly, without touching them.
009. (Guru). The thought and heart to hold on to a chosen image and night and day, all through the power of the spirit stick, because darkness is great, and you need to survive.
010. (Jan. 4). (M. A. S.). Two can look at the same thing. And while one understands the depth, beauty and importance of the phenomenon, the other, who also looks, sees nothing. Look at all, but see only capable of grasping. So, in life pass through path of life: some people are not seeing, blind to what's most important, others are sighted, see and collect the fruits of the most valuable experiences consciously.
011. (Guru). Memory and consciousness are not the same. You can completely forget a day from last year or from the distant past, say, 20 years ago. You can forget the week, month, year, and all save the fullness of consciousness and sense of life. You can even forget the whole past life, but remain in full consciousness. It's all in the mind. A good library can replace memory. The focus of life carries over into consciousness, not too barricading the past. Yoga fire burns it as superfluous, leaving only the most valuable. Not burden the conscience of piling-up of the past is so important! Consciousness must be free for new acquisitions.
012. (Jan. 5). You can delve into the future of consciousness, memory, cannot. You can touch the consciousness of distant and unseen corners of the world, memory is impossible. You can make new discoveries by consciousness, memory is not. So differ among themselves, consciousness and memory. You can forget the past and yet live. Consciousness is like the essence of past savings, but without burdening all that it once was, and perhaps very, very long time. Last incarnation does not remember and yet live, because consciousness expresses itself not the facts and details of the past, but the fruit essence, centuries-old Crystal no destroyed of savings. The hero cannot remember past heroic acts yet to commit new heroic act, expressing Undying essence of his. The Fiery consciousness knows, not calling a memory aid. Sense-knowledge operates this way.
013. (M. A. S.). In man to pull the tail of memories and regrets for past no usefully because it is a burden. You can remember that was a staggering rise to the light. But even this is not necessary if the recovery takes place without delay. The future – this is the area that gives dynamism to the promotion. For going to the Lord in the past everything is burned, and the look won't address any more to that is forever thrown. And go forward, thinking only of the future and having forgotten that was once and that attracted consciousness back.
014. (Guru). You floating on rough waves of the everyday sea know perfectly that it is necessary to reach. Purpose is the coast far. For the sake of it also were let in a dangerous way. Reject the purpose – and swimming becomes senseless and awful. Awfully senseless existence and aimless wandering at will of elements. The purpose defines sense of movement and channelizes. All actions of the person who knows where it is directed are defined by it also. It gives strength to overcome a rough impact of elements.
015. (January. 6). Sufferings and pleasure are inseparable from each other because are poles of a thing uniform. Long ago It is told that "your grief will be in pleasure". And if the pleasure sounds – means, the grief already ceased. In the world of dual contrasts it is impossible, being approved on one pole, to avoid another. Even being approved in Light, it is impossible to avoid collision with darkness. But the highest point of a triangle – over plus and a minus of opposite corners of the basis. It is a balance point, having approved on which it is possible to neutralize influence of poles and to operate them. In it power of balance. Therefore to rejoice too, sorrow we won't be. Popular wisdom says that "big laughter – to tears". Accepting quietly positive phenomena of life, we don't give the chance negative to influence consciousness. The poet correctly told: "Praise and slander accept indifferently", – understanding that if to be enraptured with praise then not to be saved from poisonous arrows of slander.
016. (M. A. Y.). It is right: pupils of Lords are an exception of the general rules to which one incarnation spirits submit. They are under direct supervision and the protection, everyone – it the Teacher. They are conscious full consciousness in the actions, - they or work, executing the Errand, or study, filling up knowledge. Idleness’s don't know. There is a lot of work that they often refuse the deserved rest. Live in Ashrams of the Elevated World, separated from crowds of one incarnation, and are in a continuous communication with the Hierarchy.
017. (Guru). More and more strain in aspiration to approach even closer and in aspiration it rejects ruthlessly the litter which has remained from the past. Each mote disturbs and detains approach. The feeling of purity and freedom brings feeling of pleasure, and the pleasure is wings of spirit. The highest Spheres sound spatial pleasure.
018. (January. 8). The held-down Prometheus symbol serves as a reminder what a little to steal fire from the sky, it is necessary to break still fetters terrestrial to use its force. It would seem, it is so simple – to wave wings and to fly up, but embraces of a flesh are tenacious and drive at Earth. Both sounds terrestrial, and thoughts, and thousands different things which should be done and to which the attention is paid, – all of them distract and hold consciousness captive at the dense world. But sense and value of dense existence too it is necessary to understand and acquire that situation that without accumulation of terrestrial experience and its subsequent assimilation in Elevated stay in it is useless and is fruitless. Collecting of experience and knowledge – on Earth, and a mustache Lord in the past, all burnt down. Collecting of experience and knowledge – on Earth, both assimilation, and their working off, and realization in qualities of spirit – in Word Aboveground. In it sense and value of Elevated Stay. Thus, are expediently combined both terrestrial, and heavenly because are connected indissolubly as cause and effect. Any effort doesn't vanish, but all bear fruit. Consequences correspond to the approved reasons. Fire stolen from the sky, demands mastering by it, and then it will exempt the person from slavery at a flesh.
019. (M. A. Й.). "Soul My sorrow fatally", – think of these words. From is where grief, really about itself? It is told clearly: "In the world you will have of grief". How many the fiery truth consists in these words. And neither the wealth, nor situation, the power don't rescue from reality. The birth of the New World doesn't do without sufferings. In torment new life is born.
020. (Guru). How the chaos impact was strong, he needs to be sustained.
021. (Guru). The future we will correctly consider as a leading magnet. It is important to understand thus inalterability of a spiral of evolution and the ways lay in space for ascension of mankind. The association of the worlds specified by Lords – not dream, not a wish, but is immutable a get rid step of future achievements. The median point of immersion in a matter is passed in the middle of the fourth race. Now the fifth – it already is on lifting. Behind the passable median the sixth race arises. At the same time to thinning and depression of a dense body of the person there is a depression and thinning of a dense cover of a planet. This evolutionary process of transformation of a dense matter in more plastic and being shone as can't be stopped, as well as Earth movement round the Sun. Both worlds will unite in consciousness of the person, and becomes available and visible Thin. And it will go at the same time with transformation of a dense body of Earth and a physical body of the person to a condition which was more rarefied. In the seventh circle in the seventh race this condition will reach a culmination point for this cycle. Now it is necessary to acquire firmly that this way of development of humanity and its advance to new forms of the identification Is traced by Lords as inalterability. This get rid future of mankind. Not dreams, not desires, not hopes, but fiery order of evolution. The press of inalterability lies on this order. It is reality of our fiery future; it is far reality of our changed world.
022. (January. 11). And still, despite all magnificence of the future, it is necessary to live in the present, and to see all imperfections it, and to face them continually. It is a lot of courage and force it is required on sustaining this collision. Keenness increases, the perception becomes aggravated, and it isn't visible when the elements which have flooded banks will equilibrate. In a consolation I Will tell: already not for long it was necessary to wait. Deadlines approach further, it is already which impossible to suffer revelry and fury of darkness. The current of stars will create those conditions which will change a configuration of star beams and will extinguish the centers of dark activity, - tension darkness before the end. Approach of the Light Eyelid as it is impossible to detain as it is impossible to stop a current of stars.
023. (January. 12). If a condition of one incarnation spirit in the Thin World on consciousness, it isn't difficult to understand as far as it depends on readiness or unpreparedness of the past. Even small knowledge helps to be guided with new conditions. But it is possible to imagine a condition of the person who never thought of it or, still than that is worse, I denied life in Elevated. Except a dense environment he knew nothing and in anything didn't trust. Both the dense environment and aspiration to routine of commonness will occupy still his thoughts. Vague and ridiculous condition because the thoughts embodied at images, will replace to it reality of the Thin World. Many inhabitants of that world don't give themselves the report as far as their environment changed and as it differs from conditions of dense existence. Each particle of knowledge in Elevated is very necessary. And many efforts are made by us to examine ignorant consciousnesses. Denials which cut off opportunities will be the main evil nevertheless. Even the smallest belief in life outside the world terrestrial gives something and a lot of things facilitate. Know, know, and know! Know as much as possible that expects you after release from a body, and try to become better and purer because only the knowledge without improvement and clarification freedom won't give one to spirit. Small, but the pure consciousness succeeds, but big, strong and dark stays in darkness and pleasure of release from the corporal world doesn't know. Not for dark pleasure, both happiness, and Light, and freedom of the Elevated World.
024. (M. A. Й.). It is possible to call some provisions of the ancient writing the fiery formulas approving Laws of life. For example: "On your belief it will be given you"; "on belief", speaking in other words, on consciousness, – this formula remains forever the law for this purpose who enters the World Thin. Ability to contain and recognition of elevated opportunities define a condition of the person born there for new life. Here, on Earth, that gives the consequences corresponding to the reasons in that world where the thought has predominating value and where she directs is claimed and created.
025. (Guru). Consciousness clarification from any litter and heaps includes also release from false knowledge, from the ridiculous standard conventions, from ridiculous superstitions, from denials undoubted, from conditional politeness and secular customs, from any lie and artificiality. Even it is impossible to imagine, how many restrictions are decided by people to lock itself in a framework of the stiffened conventions, all this should be seen and understood to dump. Neither physical, nor astral, mental cages don't suit for spirit. In a cage the sitting can't fly.
026. (January. 17). The person – part of the world and, being a flesh from its flesh, can't but react to the events in the world. The organization is thinner than it, the reaction is stronger. Anyway everything reacts, but seldom who does it consciously. Inexplicable feelings, presentiments, moods and many other experiences are caused by that the harp of spirit sounds in reply to far and close events. On flashes of solar protuberances the magnetic field of a planet and together with it and the person replies. Beams of far stars influence. The solar plexus from movements of underground fire shudders. In movement is all around. Disbalance of elements heavy influences consciousness. The planet is sick, and people heavy are ill. Hard is of the time.
027. (M. A. Y.). The chain isn't stronger than the weakest link. The person isn't stronger than the weakest or place open to injury. Therefore Show Teacher to strengthen weak links of a chain armor of spirit. Enemy sharp-sightedly looking out for them strikes blows to them. And, if the person approved many qualities, and in one any didn't succeed, not rise to him on a spirit ladder above the limped quality. It small cracks are dangerous. Through them the lightful gas flows away, able to lift consciousness up. Weak places especially need strengthening. Now very darkly, and the armor of spirit has to be strong.
028. (January. 18). Situation on the edge the gulf is not from the pleasant. Dangers threaten from everywhere. And our body is «the house close and fragile". The way is long and diverse. And not only abysses, but also wild animals, and monsters threaten. The sword of Damocles hangs over consciousness. All fluctuates. Only the Ladder of Hierarchy is unshakable. But understanding of reality shouldn't frighten. In consciousness it is necessary to be accustomed to tranquility in spite of the fact that the reasons for calm aren't present. Only having approved on Hierarchy, it is possible sense this tranquility. In a storm the ship is exposed to constant danger, but the captain conducting it is quiet. He can't become puzzled. When it seems to the traveler that the Teacher and that it one, try his force Left.
029. (M. A. Y). Usually life beats in the most sensitive place that it got stronger. It is gradually possible to notice, somehow, that worked earlier strongly and saddened, loses the force of influence. Something inside becomes to stronger and contradictory external blows. The armor of spirit gets stronger. Means, training goes correctly.
030. (Guru). Often we can't change external circumstances in which are put karmic, but the attitude towards them we can change depending on the will and the decision. Thus, in our hands there is a lever, using which it is possible to change the relation to karma. It also is one of those directions, using which it is possible to fight and be exempted with it from its power.
031. (January. 19). The objective condition of consciousness generates the reasons, subjective – consequences of these reasons. In the Thin World of people depends on the aspirations which are a consequence or continuation of the aspirations approved by it in an objective or bricking condition. To change the accepted direction and to approve the new reasons, absolutely excellent from former, it is almost impossible for one incarnation spirit, in any case, without assistance. Therefore it is extremely important to eradicate tendencies, tendencies, impulses and the aspirations attracting the person down, in the lower class of an astral. And it is possible to make it while their lives the person on Earth and is in bricking consciousness because activity of subjective consciousness flows on the dug channels, in full accordance with the nature of desires and aspirations of the person, to its peculiar and to it approved. Dream, being the phenomenon of a subjective order, often serves as an obvious indicator that, what yet not get rid consciousness and that is brightly shown when the brisling condition is replaced the passive.

032. (M. A. Y.).When to you happen too difficult and clouds are condensed, know that at these moments it is more difficult to us many times over. The higher, the loading, a press and tension is more. It is transferred on all chain of Hierarchy. Association at these moments strengthens a chain and helps to sustain this tension.

033. (Guru). While the storm storms and fight lasts, the flower of spirit can't blossom. And it is necessary to stand her up to the end, and it is necessary to come out the winner. Defeat is impossible where on the card future destiny of spirit is put.

034. (January. 20). Situation in the world won't improve, Arrival won't be made yet. And darkness tension before this Great Hour will amplify to a limit. Already you feel this press. Heavy is in the world. Your homeland remains hope of the people and a stronghold of forces against the old world. Its role in planet rescue is great, though is realized by the very few. The karma prepares crushing blows for going against evolution. Not at shortcomings you look the Great Country, and at the main direction of its activity. This direction conducts by a saving outcome. If all countries accepted it, wars would stop and instead of general separation there would come time of general cooperation. The old world is a hostility and separation symbol.

035. (M. A. Y.). Remember that told only escaped after ship-wreck: "Simply I paid for journey more". As also you are not confused, be not afflicted, be not indignant, and be not saddened that your payment is so great. After all it is a payment for rescue. And others to pay, but it aren’t a lot of. The one who paid much will be rescued.

036. (January. 22). Usually the person identifies himself with the personality, with the body, with situation which borrows, with an external appearance and even wearable clothes, say, with all that makes as a result of its idea of. When his body dies, it is necessary to leave all this. Becomes unnecessary and the identity card, and all that he considered as the property. And even his consciousness goes out, and it plunges temporarily into a dream. It wakens from this dream already in other environment, with memoirs that from the last terrestrial life left most scars. The consciousness changes, both the former personality and all connected with her die, and the person of it at all doesn't realize as feeling "I" remain, but already released from that personality whom the passport or the certificate was required. If the consciousness was expanded, process happens easily if limited and too terrestrial; the person continues to cling to scraps of terrestrial illusions. The great Spirits embodied on Earth, at all didn’t identify themselves with external expression, but led internal bright life, focusing the "I" in it, but not in an external environment, and considered nothing, that is the property, and it didn’t connect itself with things. This internal freedom when parting with a body allowed transferring uninterrupted consciousness to the World Elevated. They Were immortal because Identified Itself not with the personality who is doomed to death, but with the Immortal reincarnating Identity, which one for all embodiments and which brightly and fiery came to light in the temporary personality investing their Spirit. Therefore when someone tries to explain that Jesus is one, and the Christ – something another and that both in one, it must be kept in mind the temporary mortal personality and Immortal reincarnating Identity. Each Great Spirit embodied on Earth in a certain body and a certain personality, keeping thus not interruptibility of consciousness and the same Identity.

037. (Guru). The most important question for the person consists in the following: to that, mortal or immortal in itself it prefers and in which of them he focuses the consciousness and its aspirations; if, in mortal and in the identity of the small and mortal, dies together with her. If in the immortal – lives.

038. (January. 23). Thorns from the Way can't be cleaned, it is necessary pass through them, and to pass, without breaking the approved rhythm. In it also there will be a victory over difficulties, obstacles and barriers. It is necessary go through them, without changing a step rhythm, without stopping and as if they wouldn't exist absolutely. For weak spirit the grain of sand can seem about the mountain, for strong – the mountain as a grain of sand. In consciousness it is possible to make a small obstacle insuperable, or on the contrary, the huge – small and overcome able. Everything depends at most spirit and a condition of consciousness, on our weakness the enemy scoop forces, but is frightened by force and a spirit inflexible. Fearlessness of spirit is pledge and the victory guarantee. It is inadmissible in lack of will and powerlessness to incline before those difficulties which are put by life. Fight and victory – let will be the motto of the risen spirit.

039. (Guru). It is possible to concern in the spirit of someone only spirit. People think of spiritual contacts a little though unconscious occurs much and they are frequent. If to learn to watch attentively the feelings, a lot of interesting it will be possible to notice. For example: pleasure or chagrin of thoughts of some people; or the same feelings at close contact of auras. Everyone in the aura bears to people grief, either pleasure, or any other feelings. It is necessary only learn to notice them, and before consciousness the whole world of new perceptions will reveal.

040. (M. A. Y.). Evolution of mankind has no end. It covers the huge periods of time. It is difficult even to imagine, how many millions years were required to develop many abilities of the person. The external, physical form – only the temporary tool for development of these or those qualities and properties of spirit, it goes to processing as soon as will execute the appointment. The bottom of oceans real and former is covered with billion dead of covers once live organisms. And stone coal and of oil – products of the organic life which has enriched a planet with new stratifications and products of the activity. In itself each form of life matters only so far as carries out the appointment, that is enriches the life animating these form, new stays and experience.

041. (Guru). In total that really yours also is integral belongs to you, is not at you, and at the Lord. Because everything that at you, remains where it is, and you with yourselves won't take it. Therefore it is good to think that nothing belongs to you, even your body, not to mention things and property. The most harmful illusion is an illusion of property which each owner is permanently compelled to leave sooner or later. Why the compelled parting when in the spirit of everyone it can be exempted from this unnecessary burden. After all It is told: "Own everything, but consider nothing".

042. (M. A. Y.). The mankind is called by "The great orphan" not in vain because has no share on Earth. All come to Earth with anything and leave it, without having taken with itself anything from this, than owned. Also won't take anything and in the future. And when the minor planet will burn down or will freeze, will leave from it, everything that had, having left on it. But at the same time people call coheirs of spatial treasures. "The great orphan" is deprived of treasures terrestrial because to her are intended in possession of treasure of spirit. Deprivation in one always means receiving in something another. .

043. (Guru). If personal interest deprives mental energy of force of influence what then to tell about stronger emotions or the experiences breaking balance and in a root of stopping free and not its connected identification? Influences of mental energy submit to certain laws, and tranquility and balance observance will be the first condition.

044. (M. A. Y.). All have pass through sufferings going to Light. This law is inevitable. Therefore on sufferings it is better to look as at a way to Light the shortest and, passing through them, not to be saddened by this inevitability, and to meet it with understanding. Not reach the necessary thinning if not pass through life thorns. Severely and courageously accept this difficult inevitability.

045. (Guru). Cheerfulness and spirit fortress opposite to despondency and of darken these two devourers of mental energy.

046. (January. 29). People, judgment to terms, are connected not only with planetary events, but also with a condition of space and planetary currents. Their device reacts to a spatial note. It is impossible to charge these reactions to own experiences. The spirit harp mutually reacts to everything. Burdening’s and melancholy attacks are inevitable. Only the ignorant can think that thinning and inspiration are accompanied always by only pleasant and joyful emotions. Perceptions are two polar. Learning Light sees and feels horror of the dismissed darkness. Correctly remember words: "Because in much knowledge, much of grief and who multiplies knowledge multiplies grief". If here victoriously not goes through gloom waves, how pass through them in World Aboveground? The teacher is always ready help, but it is necessary have to what it would be possible to put. Besides, through inevitable inevitably it is necessary pass. Clouds, but not gloom ahead is condensed.

047. (M. A. Y.). Many seek to leave from sufferings. Properly it is quite clear. Even Savior Sage «Yes passes Me this Bowl ", but thus Added: "However, not as I Want but as You", having betrayed Itself entirely to Will Sending - the decision in it. It is possible to make everything to avoid sufferings, but before inevitable it is necessary to be inclined nevertheless without grumble, exasperation and complaints; victory over inevitable in that, what goes through it, not go out spirit fires.

048. (January. 30). It is unpleasantly to realize iron fetters of a karma because the person feels the powerlessness before them. Sometimes the power over people is given it and the destiny uplifts it. Sometimes, on the contrary, puts below low and in dependence on all. The last situation is especially heavy – difficultly to depend on a human arbitrariness and cruelty. Sometimes the pupil is put in such situation when even to be protected he almost that can't. Both high and low situation equally well learn and allow to save up experience. In all forms and shapes it is necessary to be able be protected from the evil. The pupil shouldn't be a defenseless lamb.

049. (M. And. Й). The main thing is keep hold understanding of the force, indestructibility of the spirit, inviolability and invulnerability anything to external its internal fiery essence. Under a shower of blows and it is possible keep this understanding of force in the most adverse circumstances. The body of the hero can die in unequal fight, but its spirit will be victorious. And the Savior Won against the crucified world, though it seemed to someone that the victory remained on the darkness party. It is important to understand, as a victory, and defeat – in the spirit of. Defeat in the spirit of is impossible, inadmissible because it means loss only. It is possible to deprive of the person of everything, strokes of bad luck, but if the spirit is indestructible can pour on him if spirit he doesn't want to break and spirit to hang, he will come out from tests by the fiery winner. External blows and external damage of value have no if the spirit isn't broken. About this opposite spirit and in the spirit of, about this inflexible anything to firmness of spirit tells Agni Yogi's Doctrine and for it calls those who understood in what the essence of a victory over the world consists. Not in volume business to live well, with concern and in wellbeing silent and peace, and in that, despite everything, on any difficulties, obstacles, burdening’s and of the martyrdom, to stand in the spirit of and to pass through everything, having increased the forces and increasing spirit on everything counteracting. Pain or the sufferings caused with a dark hand, don't consider as defeat and damage or loss – loss. All this is unimportant if the spirit resisted and only became stronger from these blows forging its power. Transfer all value and sense of fight to area of spirit and you will understand that there is nothing in the world that could break spirit of the judgment winner.

050. (Guru). The teacher Told: "Going with Me has sometimes hour of fight, but knows that it always the winner". Don't forget about it for a minute, and especially during fight. Reading of the Doctrine is followed by a step of its appendix in lives and accumulation of experience in this application. Here everything is read, it is necessary to apply only. And life gives the chance wide to it. Life won't disregard, life won't allow remaining empty-handed if there is the valid desire to go and walk upstairs Light because life is the best school for looking for Light.

051. (January. 31). From the pupil it is required to increase spirit on all obstacles in way which are placed by life before it. In process of their overcoming they amplify to make force of its overcoming of even more powerful. If something doesn't give in, it is necessary to strengthen tension of mental energy. Not for this purpose difficulties that to break it and to make it strong grow. And not to be afraid, but the skilled traveler given the chance to increase spirit fires will rejoice.

052. (M. A. Y.). Agni's saved-up treasure undertakes with itself to the World Thin after death of a physical body. Life in World Aboveground depends on quality and Agni's number. It is motive force of spirit. Freedom and speed of movements and flights depend on it. It is possible to put the purpose of the life on Earth Agni's accumulation. Each movement of the person in all his conductors wastes or multiplies fires. Some terrible moods of the person, and especially despondency, are similar to open valves of the boiler – through them precious energy flows away. It is necessary to be afraid of harmful moods especially. Courage and of joy, and realize of inexhaustible of forges of spirit, and it’s no destroyed help accumulate of fiery energy.

053. (Guru). The spiritual proximity, or proximity in the spirit of, is established over all mortal covers of the person and doesn't depend on in what of them he is at present that is whether he lives on Earth or one incarnation, whether is in a thin, mental or fiery body. The proximity remains under all conditions if it is approved in the spirit of.

054. (Feb. 1). The condensation of the atmosphere indicates approach of terms, - and We in tension unknown. Everything, but differently feel this press and differently reply. And all it is hard. The darkness bulks up in the last efforts to confront to Light. Process of a self-consuming of darkness will amplify because it will be impossible to maintain such press of decomposing energy. Space there goes the end to a black eyelid. Be not confused fury of darkness and those suffocating measures which the dark undertake to keep on a surface. Everything will turn back and wrapped against them. The return blow will be terrible.

055. (M. And. Й). That wings of darkness didn't touch, strong you hold Us. It is impossible to come off, even for a while. The engirdled darkness should oppose the no perforation front of Light Forces. Also it is necessary to reject everything separating. In the spirit of a monolith of a unification it is necessary to create from edge to edge between all, who on part of the world. To the old world the World New, integrated in the ardent resistance is opposed to darkness.

056. (Guru). I called everyone kept fidelity. When will punch Hour, then will rush all and everyone will assure of the devotion, but this devotion now when a gloom over of Earth and the darkness isn't broken yet is valuable. To you, Us not forgotten, signs it is shown that knew and felt that you in our plans. Be awake because terms all-time came nearer.

057. (Feb. 2). It is hard to be our pupil, especially in the beginning. Not without reason the initial apprenticeship is called penal servitude. By levity many touched the Doctrine would like to become our pupils, without having understood that, it is how difficult and what severe discipline will be demanded by it from them. Therefore preparatory stages are usually passed far from Us and in living conditions usual to approach then when the first steps are passed. There are a lot of apprenticeship and approach steps. It is impossible to balance all consciousnesses on a cliché; everyone demands attention and an individual approach. The persistent and fiery aspiration sooner or later, but nevertheless will bring to Us, and these far threads of communication don't interrupt any external conditions.

058. (M. A. Y.). The accord is established by every possible dismissal from itself and surrounding and immersion in aura of that spirit to which the consciousness directs. All the remains below, the thought lifts rises to aspiration focus, and the consciousness perceives vibrations of aura of this spirit and it’s though. From estrangement off it and it is lighter all reach by love, because the love with little effort, simply and naturally wants be with those or that, which loves, and aspires to them. Remember, how Christ Redeemer Sage about love. These words are imprinted in the Precept. This formula remains vitally essential and now and remains for all times. The love to the Highest serves as the bridge. Directing to ascension is able to love.

059. (Guru). Living on Earth, among the most usual conditions, it is possible in the spirit of in them and not to live, and to rise over them in those areas where singularity begins. Let this singularity also will be a key or the main note on which consciousness life sounds. It isn't so obligatory that it was noticed by the curious. Fire of spirit should be covered from a curious eye. But to lead spirit life, life of singularity it is necessary, differently the ordinary and commonness will extinguish fires. Go out them it is impossible because they serve as a binding thread with those Elevated Spheres in which it is necessary to live after death of a body. Than stronger it, this thread, and the more brightly, the will be easier to plunge into them after release from a body. To the most necessary time we will find and work we will devote that to hold it.

060. (Guru). More confidence should be had in our protection. Tests are inevitable, but it doesn't mean at all that the protecting Beam ceases to work. Devotion and fidelity can always count on equal degree of care, and it is necessary to fight often alone. And whether it when the front is so wide can be surprised? Towers of spirit of subjects also are strong that are indestructible and impregnable; Light radiated by them, strikes darkness, - therefore at times and heavy. Energy of heart is spent for defeat of darkness, because sometimes and fatigue. But in the spirit of all soldiers together and with them the Lord.

061. (Feb. 4). Luminous intensity not therefore don't claim the power that can't but because term didn't come yet. Prematurity and lateness are unacceptable because don't give the chance to reach completeness of consequences. We are very prudent and careful in an expenditure of precious fiery energy. If its source is inexhaustible, it at all doesn't mean that it can be spent imprudently. We even have a rule not to apply it, without having settled usual ways. Agni with great work therefore also care in its expenditure is necessary collects. Spent lawfully, it quickly replenishes again, but the spendthrift remains devastated. Saved up or devastated one incarnation spirits enter into the World Thin, and a grief devastated. Each action and movement of the person can be considered from the point of view of accumulation or waste of mental energy. Return isn't squandering. Agni's donation is lawful. Waste consists in other, in an assumption of feelings and the emotions devouring fiery force, in irritation and rage, in acts and actions dark, absorbing fiery treasure. We will be very circumspect and careful with this treasure which is given to each person that to increase it. It is necessary in all worlds.

062. (M. A. Y.). On the one hand, dismissal from itself, with another is required for contact, individual accumulation is necessary in order that Communication took place. Contradictions aren't present. Light reaches through aura, the aura is individual in the expression, and this identity, or an originality of its expression, and forms a basis for a certain nature of receipts or the highest perceptions. Pay attention to bright identity of creativity of those who had access to the highest perceptions. Everyone expressed the highest essence; in it value of identity.

063. (Guru). Yes, yes, it is right: exactly in itself it is necessary to find new force for overcoming of what earlier to overcome forces didn't suffice. That and then increase of the spirit on everything going against and disturbing to advance. Each such victory brings pleasure. As it is joyful go on the way the winner. Victory and defeat is in of the spirit. Spirit it is necessary to rise and spirit to admire against all aspirations of darkness and all dark attempts. Victorious condition of consciousness is pledge of a prosperity and fast advance on the way. By no means it is impossible to allow defeats in the spirit of, whatever difficult or even invincible the contradictory circumstances and the people going against seemed. Inflexible of spirit is an indispensable condition of a victory and over external forces, and over itself.

064. (Feb. 5). Are right, assuming that life in the Thin World is brighter, fuller, more sharply and more freely than life in the world terrestrial. Only those people who lived a body, his desires and appetites, won't find there opportunities to satisfy them. But imagine position of the composer or the artist which can freely create, being inspired without restrictions from spheres of sounds and paints! But terrestrial habits are similar to heavy fetters. It is good when flesh restrictions are realized. The spirit fights in them, as a bird about cage lattices. Truly, for someone the death is the end, and for someone desired release from prison of a dense body and surrounding conditions. Only to think, the person who has left a body gets rid of how many details of use and of need of the use! How many cares of it has to show. And it is necessary to carry or take it constantly with itself, to give to drink, dress and feed. Also it is ill, is tired and demands a shelter. It is necessary to think of in what there will be a distinction of stay in the Thin World from life of people of Earth. Live in stone boxes, in the poisoned atmosphere; be bored in the cities, among noise and din of a huge assemblage. Don't know silence and rest. Difficultly to distinguished spirit lead life usual, - but, many difficult from its people. Life is disfigured. The future will demand many cares and efforts that to change it and to make fine. Then on Earth will easier live.

065. (M. A. Y.). The atmosphere round Earth is constantly sated with thoughts of her inhabitants. Each city, each district has the mental atmosphere. It is easy to present character, knowing thinking level their living people. The Teacher often Sends pupils there where it is required to sate space with perfect thoughts and to bring a new stream during life. Be not surprised that those who know the Doctrine are scattered far apart. Think of Doctrines – as a contribution valuable in space – cement it and promote construction of the New World. Value of Beacons of Light is great, and especially at conscious communication with Hierarchy. Two after ship-wreck were thrown out on the desert island, and many tortures were undergone by them while there was one. But when the beacon was built, voluntary remained on the same island because could shine a way to the ships among a gloom and bad weather and to serve those for the benefit of people.

066. (Guru). You look at the stay in the place defined by the Teacher as on the Assignment. Not for the sake of himself, but for the sake of space and care of it the Teacher of those who is close to It and who can sate surrounding spheres with evolutionary thoughts Sends. In most cases thoughts human are so limited and so far from understanding of Bases and the evolution direction, what even the small contribution is of great importance. Work for Hierarchy Light and evolution is a debt of each worker of Light.

067. (Feb. 6). Both in a dream and during wakefulness always it is necessary to be ready to an active opposite dark. They on the guard always also are always ready to do harm where the slightest opportunity is though. Therefore patrol interrupts neither in the afternoon, nor at night. The consciousness is firmly adjusted on an opposite wave. It is possible, departing to a dream, to give itself the strong order immediately to ask for the Help as soon as the environment is felt by enemies of Light. The darkness is integrated on all fronts. Strong they cling to each crack, even the hardly noticeable. It small cracks are very dangerous. They see them on aura in the form of spots. The consciousness is very important that the darkness has no anything in to which it tries to come nearer. Especially the fear, irritation and other negative qualities give the chance to darkness to show the activity. About eradication of all these properties It was spoken long ago. It is necessary for self-defense from darkness and immunity or invulnerability creation by darkness. Certainly, the burdensome feeling during the swelling and approach dark can't be avoided because it remains at the strongest protection, but when the armor is strong, they aren't able to make perforation of a protecting network. How it was quiet and peaceful around, on vigilant patrol it is necessary to be always both in a dream, and in wakefulness. For this purpose also It is indicated the need to establish the provision of thought to Hierarchy before withdrawal to a dream. But also it is best of all to hold uninterrupted communication with the Teacher in the afternoon.

068. (M. A. Y.). When communication with the Teacher is strong, no dark attacks are terrible. Long ago would destroy you if could. But hands are short. You fix communication with Hierarchy of Light very much. "There is a Prince of this world and has in Me no anything", – ponder upon these words. Imagine a condition of crude spirit while the darkness seizes the property. What has to be force of opposition to these fiends and as the spirit carefully has to be cleared to have opportunity to tell that the darkness has in it no anything. Ponder upon it.

069. (Guru). Attack dark is useful for that pulls together with Hierarchy of Light. When it occurs, it is possible to move only in the direction to Hierarchy. Even during attack it is possible to force dark to serve Light. The step when everything starts serving the one who solved the way to the Lord is very considerable. You remember strong the Decree: "You hold Me strong, every minute, in all steps".

070. (Feb. 7). My time will come, and life on Earth will change. Prosperity and the world will return to Earth. Cooperation of all and in everything will be approved. Hostility will disappear. Wars will stop. All people of a planet will make one close-knit family. The garden terrestrial will change and will blossom. Animals will be pardoned. People will change. The false science will be replaced with the true. Three worlds will merge in consciousness human in one. The gloom will dissipate. Angry and dark will leave to Saturn. The planet will be cleared of any litter. The consciousness human will change. There will go Light kingdom. To it there will be no end.

071. (M. A. Y.). Great and bright future is fated to mankind. The benefit to the one, who through a gloom of the present begins see clearly it. It is issued already in Spheres Elevated. Mental association with it approaches it. If people could unite in understanding of get rid happiness, its implementation would promptly be accelerated. The best will unite the first and will be the center of builders of this future. Construction goes and now but as it is difficult to overcome resistance the last child’s leaving race. Let builders know that Light Victor goes.

072. (Feb. 8). Once to someone these records very much will help to go on that way on which followed written down them.

073. (M. A.Y.). But to whom that these records very not to of soul. Someone very much wants that they weren't at all. Someone very much would like them to destroy or to stop. And you look at all thoughts of uselessness of records as on thrown by enemies. Will be various attempts much to stop process. It will be much thrown weakening thoughts. Without having succeeded in one, having a tail looks for new opportunities and wants to finish by hook or by crook. Stand guard and know that it tries the enemy.

074. (Guru). Value of these records is in that, what written in one key, what and the Doctrine, and in the full accord with the last. Still it wasn't still written by a hand human anything similar off.

075. (Guru). Any act is preceded usually by thought. Reflex action is preceded by thought old, once allowed (and it is perhaps very frequent) in consciousness. That is why the main emphasis is placed on thought. The act – only a thought consequence, and at eradication of undesirable qualities first of all is eradicated the thought generating a consequence.

076. (Feb. 10). Each of bodies in which the person consistently leads conscious and full life, is limited to that world and the sphere to which belongs, and submits to their laws. So, a body physical, being in the world dense, can live only in it. It can't be taken with itself in the World Thin. After death of people passes to the thin body and it is shown and works in it in the world astral, limited to limits of this world. Then it dumps a thin body, passes in mental and lives already in the world mental, submitting to laws of the last, being limited to its sphere that then, having exempted from this body, to pass above, to the World Fiery, to Light World, and to stay already in Light body. All these worlds have the limits and the restrictions and to some extent connect the person properties of the matter. Even in the Fiery World the spirit is free in the manifestation only so, the matter of his fiery body is how refined and developed and is capable accord to these or those layers of this Highest and boundless World. Being in a dense body, very High Spirit Can be allocated and act consciously in all the conductors on plans corresponding to them. But, being in the dense world, in the dense body, He Submit he laws. However, It Can do a lot of things not available to ordinary people and as though overcoming usual conditions and physical restrictions: for example, to rise by air, to go on water, not to feel cold and so on, but nevertheless, despite it, his physical body has to eat and drink, and when It Doesn't prove as the Adherent, It is subject to usual laws. But, being in a dense body, He nevertheless internally Lives in peace, other than the world of the inhabitant. So, and in all other worlds its inner world allows it to stay in the upper class of everyone. Each of the worlds has seven main gradations on sparseness and thinning degree, and the matter of each of conductors, or bodies, the person, precisely corresponds to any certain layer. The body physical drunkards, the glutton and the sadist even in the physical structure and a structure sharply differ from a body of the ascetic and the devotee, precisely of degree itself of the sparseness and thinning. The body, got used to live at big heights and spiritualized, spiritually differs strongly from a body of the inhabitant of the big city. There are no two bodies, similar one on another, differ all. The same is observed and in all other worlds. Agni Yoga, ordering these or those standards of behavior, diets and other, means clarification, that is depression, or thinning, matters of all covers, or bodies, the person. A lot of time is required on this process, years and even the whole life because evolution of life and consists in thinning of those conductors which serve as covers to spirit. The rough astral body burdened by rough habits can't, rise above the lower class of an astral, to its precisely corresponding on structure. Free from a dense body, highly might fly only the spirit, which cleared off dense particles itself the covers on Earth. In the Thin World each one incarnation passes process clarification, and still, despite at it, no might raise he higher than height, him it formed. The law is faultless and fair.

077. (M. A. Y.). Each earthling can stumble on a difficult way. The skilled traveler will become straight immediately and will continue the way. Inexperienced will be engaged in itself eats and to waste time useless occupation. In the past many maybe happen such, that doesn't correspond to a step passed now. And these echoes of the past can recover memory and detain it advance on the way of improvement. But the skilled traveler will tell: "Past generations, I am not afraid of you, you can't stop my way of advance", – will tell and will continue a way, without being late for a minute.

078. (Guru). In life of every day of people endures a number of feelings and emotions and passes through the consciousness a set of thoughts. All these feelings and thoughts anyway influence all its covers: good and light – ennoble and refine bad and bad – отемняют. Task in that darkness not to allow thoughts and feelings in the consciousness, having put on their way inflexible will.

079. (Feb. 11). The feeling of lack of the house terrestrial rather attachments to it, exempts the person upon transition to the World Thin from an attachment to the sewed place. Without House on Earth it is valuable it. Wanderers homeless – the most free people. Everything than or in what their lives the person in the consciousness in a body, after death of the last remains with it, accompanying it further. When go to a long trip, take with itself only the most necessary not to be burdened by unnecessary freight in a way. The knowledge of future conditions in the Thin World is extremely important to take with itself that is necessary, and anything superfluous. If the person, strong accrete with the terrestrial property, goes to the World Thin, and its property crystallized in the form of thoughts in his consciousness, follows it and continues to be at it because on Earth the feeling of property lives in the person, but not somewhere out of it. It is a lot of mental baggage unnecessary for thin stay undertakes with itself there. And it is very important to distribute already in advance that it is necessary to take surely and what to leave. Terrestrial remnants are there very heavy freight. Even on Earth weigh unnecessary things. What burden are they there. By unnecessary subjects are meant as well many mental products and the views crystallized in consciousness by long cohabitation to them. It is difficult to some to dump from itself even habitual clothes which long wore at life or which strong grew into consciousness. As many habits, especially thinking habits grow also. It is told after all long ago: "If you aren't as children, you won't be able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven", into the World Elevated. And children are specified because are free from all what usually burdened the person. When arrived in a monastery, even on behalf of the renounced, without speaking already about all other. With it wanted to emphasize desirable release from worldly bonds that is from chains of a material world. Life showed as far as it is difficult to carry out it in practice, but the ceremony had deep value. Now the knowledge of laws and conditions of the Thin World is required to give the clear account that it is necessary to take with it there and what accumulation there will be necessary for them and what will be worse than a millstone round the neck. This question is important, and everyone solves it independently and with full responsibility. Is to think of what, and to think thoroughly.

080. (Guru). Service to Beauty will be the best way of approach to Light.

081. (Feb. 12). The personality dies in each cycle of an embodiment, and her everyday affairs and other details of life indulge in oblivion, there is only an experience. But affairs public and universal, affairs super personal, everything, as for mankind evolution aren't forgotten. Holders of the world live interests of people of the Earth, their affairs, take in them part and move evolution. All this as though towers over mortal, small interests of the personality passing, and those who rose over small "I" enough and joined life super personal and to interests of all mankind as a whole or the people, those enter a stream of never-dying life and earn by it the immortality. When It is spoken about chains and fetters of a material world, fetters of the personality and her environment, the personality leading the egoistical life mean. Leaving from Earth, such spirits continue to gravitate, gravitate to it to that "hen house" in which lived, to with what it was filled. National leaders, cultural figures and all those who selflessly worked on a field of General Welfare, continue to work and there, both this work and self-rejection serve as spirit wings, though are turned to Earth while appeals to personal memoirs and personal small interests terrestrial persons mortal will be spirit fetters. The words "I Is with you always, in All Days, Till the End of Time" indicate indissoluble communication of the Leader of the Planet with mankind living on it and its evolution.

082. (M. A. I.). And Origen pined in a dungeon. For the spirit which has kept in the depths of reminiscence of flights and spaces of the Thin World, terrestrial stay will be languor. When the karma current is accelerated to advance quicker spirit, languor and burden of the Burden terrestrial amplify repeatedly. It needs to be known, and to remember, and not too to grieve that strengthening of karma leads rather to a goal.

083. (Guru). We aren't judges, but sharp-sightedly looking behind how the spirit disposes of that is given it for advance. To the correct action we rejoice, but we mourn, seeing mistakes. And still not to do without mistakes because the one who does nothing isn't mistaken only. Each understood mistake inures to advantage, increasing and enriching stored experience.

084. (M. A. Y.). Someone forgot us, and someone both remembers, and celebrates day memorable on the understanding and understanding of our proximity. Those memorable days also are considerable that strengthen and deepen hidden communication. Whether many of whom we had to meet in life, remember, both honor, and don't interrupt light threads of communication. The communications supported on Earth with those who left Earth are important for the subsequent meetings in World Aboveground. Who wants to go to fathers, with them will arrive and who wants to go to us, will be with us and with That Who Sent us to Earth.

085. (Guru). That surrounds the person at present, has huge influence on his consciousness and a current of thoughts, filling with itself its inner world. Therefore it is possible to imagine as it will change upon transition of spirit to the World Thin. But main currents and installations of thought remain, and the thought continues to flow on the channels dug on Earth in space. There are the bases conducting a current of thoughts, and all other grows dull, disappears and indulges in oblivion. That most brightly and deeply sounded on Earth, and especially strong aspirations, will accompany a one incarnation further.

086. (Feb. 14). In simple dreams Are constantly instructed. Direct instructions we Avoid because they break karma and mention a free will. Besides, direct instructions often cause counteractions. On the way it is necessary to pass the feet. What coasted by everyone, is found when it is provided to itself. It doesn't mean at all that someone is forgotten and left is simply given the chance to find out the forces and at the same time and all that disturbs. Only strong spirits can independently move, combining independence with following for the Hierarch. Last, the lowest "I" demand attention to the desires and the impulses, the highest "I" don't wish to submit to them. All future of the person depends on a victory of this or that. Who will win, from subjects the spirit and will arrive. Only "I" will involve the lowest in the lower class of the Thin World, and the highest – in the Highest Spheres. So every day, among externally usual life the person creates the future, creates itself, own hands, and with full responsibility.

087. (M. A. Y.). It is impossible to make with low thoughts contact. The combination to them involves consciousness in an orbit of dark influences and opens doors for access of shaggy evil-make. The thought isn't abstraction, but the live essence influencing the person. Even the small and harmless thought of tasty food tempts appetite, the expiration of a saliva and allocation of gastric juice. It shows that the thought can cause even physiological reactions in an organism. It is impossible to track and mark out them everything. But, no be of mistake count that light and pure thoughts cause beneficial reactions, and dark – opposite of. Very many diseases are caused by negative thoughts. Even at small attention to thoughts it is possible to know unmistakably, they are good or are bad. Control over thoughts is necessary. Conducts thought on Earth, it conducts and in World Aboveground. It is necessary to think of where can get useless thoughts strong.

088. (Guru). Everyone, who struggled with undesirable thoughts, knows from experience that the thought is the really live essence possessing energy and will, beget enclosed in it. This will be so strong that the person not always finds in himself enough determination, that opposite it, to own generation, and especially if this thought is kindled and amplifies the dark whispers. But how such thought, nevertheless forces was strong and affectionate to confront it, the person can always collect. If the forces don't suffice, it is possible to ask for the help above. But it is necessary to win against each such thought by all means; differently it will seize and will carry away for itself consciousness to spheres corresponding to it.

089. (Feb. 15). It would be ridiculous to fall into enthusiastic and sublime mood when on Earth such horrors are created. Only severe intensity and uninterrupted patrol can correspond to the moment. Press of darkness reaches the apogee. Plot against mankind pours out in terrible forms. If not constraining power of your Homeland, unruliness of the evil and misanthropy would accept the unprecedented sizes and forms. The terrible reality should look in the face and not be touched devilish masks. Such is the grin of the old world not covered for an impartial look. That they if were given a free hand at them wouldn't make! It is difficult to store balance; it is difficult not to feel a gloom pored over of Earth. The evil in an attack of fury and frenzy can do many irreparable troubles. But We on the guard also Won't allow a leopard to jump.

090. (M. A. Y.). Shelter to spirit is in Elevated. Even the Son Human had no place to bend the head. A little that changed in the world since then. Unless became even worse. Therefore the unification with Hierarchy is especially necessary. It is impossible to come off. It is impossible to stop. It is impossible recede; differently the evil wave will flood. Black wings of falling in a chasm are ready to pick up each turncoat, - of the unknown time. All foundations of the old world fall. The Hierarchy Ladder is firm only. The darkness takes up arms and wants to enter the last fight preceding its checkmate.

091. (Guru). You are surprised that in our books more than three ten years ago the exact analysis of that situation which nowadays exists on Earth was given. Yes! We knew a lot of things and a lot of things we know. We know and about a get rid victory of Light. We know that the last convulsions of darkness will be terrible. The wounded tiger is very dangerous, especially wounded fatally. We know about darkness defeat. Know also you. Also you store firmness and firmness of spirit. The spirit is indestructible.

092. (Feb. 16). Certainly, human mind can't be compared to reason of the nature which constructed both human mind, and the thinnest, sensitive equipment of animals, insects, fishes and birds, as well as plants, it is thin atmospheric conditions defining change and many, many other phenomena. The electronic calculating machine on the roughness and bulkiness isn't comparable with a subtlety of bodies even a small midge. Therefore the person has no special bases to be extolled, but is, and very weighty to study at the nature and to imitate it. Anything new, being above physics and chemistry laws, to the person all the same not to think up. Communication and contact with the nature can give it a lot of things. But it carefully keeps the secrets, reluctantly, but gradually gives out their one for another. As it for the person ingeniously prepared the riches that he could use them. The mankind is on the threshold of opening of new types of energy which will give and warmly, and lighting. The equipment of a human body covers in itself many wonderful opportunities. On ignorance a lot of things are still denied now, but the course of evolution can't be stopped. The future stores many amazing surprises for mankind. Any, even the most impetuous, the imagination isn't comparable with them. It is impossible to limit future opportunities to the understanding from today.

093. (M. A. Y.) . Still the Lord the Buddha Told that the person is a process. It means that everything that is available in the person, is in a condition of continuous change and development of one properties and abilities and fading and a get rid of others. The mental projection of any property or feature of the person in the future unmistakably indicates its harm or usefulness and gives a key to its development or withdrawal in hands. Many small germs of useful or harmful qualities not open in the beginning, but, having presented their steady and inevitable growth in the future; it is easy to define their necessity and value or the danger which was stored in them. If to limit human life to one embodiment, it is possible not to care of anything in general. Whether it is worth troubling itself die. But the knowledge of a continuity of life allows to plan development of spirit and to provide the far future. Again it is necessary to remind of importance and value of small undertakings and in aspect of the future. Anything, any low-slightest effort doesn't disappear, and everything bears the fruit. Many unfortunate attempts to improve itself will bring implementation them in World Elevated and will pour out in the approved qualities of spirit because unattainable here it is achievable there. Let nobody we will get tired attempts to the self-improvement, whatever difficult and unattainable they seemed. All of them will give the good consequences.

094. (Feb. 17). The feeling on the edge of an abyss or under a sword of Damocles is very characteristic for some steps of an apprenticeship. Their purpose is to teach to pass such barriers of life, without losing balance and without changing a steps rhythm. Steps these are no hard. But, through them goes everything, lasting before; they as are inevitable, as and step homeless of the terrestrial. It is possible to pass all these steps actually, in the corresponding terrestrial conditions, and it is possible and in the spirit of. It is hard to say that it is more difficult. Test under a sign is so reflected in consciousness, as well as usual. All this becomes for movement acceleration on the way. Ask: why it is necessary to accelerate? The delay of evolution is perniciously reflected in planet life. Therefore the person has no special bases to be extolled, but is, and very weighty to study at the nature and to imitate it. Anything new, being above physics and chemistry laws, to the person all the same not to think up. Communication and contact with the nature can give it a lot of things. But it carefully keeps the secrets, reluctantly, but gradually gives out their one for another. As it for the person ingeniously prepared the riches that he could use them. The mankind is on the threshold of opening of new types of energy which will give and warmly, and lighting. The equipment of a human body covers in itself many wonderful opportunities. On ignorance a lot of things are still denied now, but the course of evolution can't be stopped. The future stores many amazing surprises for mankind. Any, even the most impetuous, the imagination isn't comparable with them. It is impossible to limit future opportunities to the understanding from today.

New space energy reached Earth. Not ready consciousness won't sustain their impact. And so many organisms fuse. And physical health won't be a guarantee and won't give fiery immunity. It is necessary to hold Us very much, without breaking constancy of communication. I promise rescue to all who follows Me.

095. (Guru). Each sensitive organism sounds on a spatial note. On the one hand, keenness is an achievement, with another, the Burden of this world increases respectively. The weak spirit will be terrified and will start hesitating, but strong will tell itself, as it is necessary to pass through it. The difficult strip of life should be passed, without fluctuating, without doubting, without showing discontent, fear and a clouding. Each test comes to an end when there comes term. There are no eternal tests.

096. (Feb. 18). Learn even in bad to find only the good. Better in bad find well, than in good to find only bad and be dissatisfied with destiny that it didn't take away and that it gave you for a while.

097. (M. A. Y.). "At Us dissatisfied isn't present", is one of basic provisions of the Brotherhood. Harm from discontent is great. It first of all cuts health. It poisons the surrounding atmosphere and consciousnesses of people adjoining to discontent. It complains and rises against karma. It happens nothing without the reason. That surrounds the person, is a consequence of its karma and all its last acts and actions. In case of the Assignment or special mission the destiny of the person is defined by them, but ordinary people bear on themselves past consequences. As for the accepted pupils, they are under continuous supervision and the guide of the Teacher, and at known degree of trust the discontent doesn't have a place. Be afraid of this echidna and try even in small to find pleasure. Even the beggar has a pleasure to the sun of a bike.

098. (Guru). In heart the pleasure contrary to sadness of the surrounding is approved. At first what could be glad is consciously found, and then the pleasure arises already in itself, regardless of the fact that outside. Pleasure source – heart, but not in itself, but integrated with Heart of the Lord. In this unification with Heart Great we will look for sparks of pleasure, pleasure strong, not saddened by anything external.

099. (Feb. 19). And one more mistake can be avoided easily if not to think that "as I will be happy if there is something if my life changes and that weighs me now" will leave. All this the self-deception – will leave one, another will come, and again the consciousness will find, than to be afflicted and what to worry because all this is covered in our consciousness, but not in external conditions how Maya tried to transfer the internal reasons to external conditions. After all that for one is bad, can be good and desirable for another. The optimist and the pessimist look on same, but perceive it absolutely differently. Therefore we will learn to perceive life at all as did it earlier and as dictates it a step of new understanding of the world.

100. (Guru). Our rule: if to do something, it possibly to do better. And if it is necessary to go through life, to pass through it and through all its tests and difficulties it is necessary too as it is possible better – "as on a string a chasm".

101. (Feb. 20). A little people think of in what impenetrable cover shrouds consciousness Maya. How it is possible to break a cover if not to feel it and not to see? It is correct to consider that terrestrial human life is only a dream. It is a lot of people on Earth, and its special dream dreams everyone. Realize life terrestrial as a dream passing – already achievement. To step thought out of limits it will be a spirit victory. And to dump Maya cover will be freedom that is release of consciousness from chains of the dense world. People look for freedoms, being prisoners in fetters of a physical body but as it is possible to be released from a dungeon, without leaving it! As it is possible to overcome a body, without having subordinated it to will and without having seized his desires. The habit to feed it and to give to drink is so strong, what even proceeds in World Aboveground. Proceed as well body infirmity, and it is hard to be exempted from them there. You are surprised that eremite’s yogis minimize all requirements of a body, especially in drink and food, but you don't think of as far as them it release the spirit for Elevated Stay. The sudden death in the prime of life, both health, and all aspirations of human subjects also is heavy that very difficult to be exempted from them mentally in World Aboveground. It is heavy to be there connected by terrestrial representations and to be wingless. It is necessary to be exempted from Maya illusions on Earth to enter the world fine the free.

102. (Feb. 21). The darkness is condensed. Events are heated up, as mountains. Without the conductor not take place in mountains. Insistently I Speak, become even closer and you keep inseparably. Really you don't feel a spatial press? The consciousness tries to grasp at different thoughts, as for an anchor. But an anchor one is of Hierarchy. Means and the thought should direct and concentrate on It. Splinters of thoughts not to take cover from heavy reality; badly is in the world. The fanaticism, fanaticism and cruelty turn into an atrocity, already obvious, nothing covered. Last child of the old world feel the hopelessness and, leaving; want to leave in a huff.

103. (M. A. Y.). The chaos tries to rush into consciousness and to break its system. Therefore and it is so difficult to focus thoughts on a certain subject. Toss of the spirit human under chaos waves. Any destruction, any disharmony, any manifestation of darkness indicate chaos invasion. The chaos is so far from understanding that it is impossible to master it. But against destruction, dissoluteness, unruliness, fury of darkness and all manifestations of forces dark it is possible to fight consciously, holding in every way spirit communication with the Teacher of Light. Only this way it is possible to have this hard time.

104. (Feb. 22). The main thing – not goes off the Teacher. To be together with It in the spirit of always at all doesn't mean that it is impossible to think of anything another. And at the same time all thoughts and our actions in life usual have to pass in understanding of continuous contact with the Teacher. Body often we don't feel and we don't think at all of it, however always we know that it with us and us in it. In the same way it is necessary to introduce in consciousness and the phenomenon of invisible Presence of the Teacher in the spirit of, consciously or subconscious, but always approving it. When this understanding goes before of the heart and in it will be approved strongly, and the behavior before the Face Great will change respectively. You think, what one, what the Teacher Doesn't see and don’t know? What delusion! Consider, that you live in the house glass and that the Eye of the Leader Sees everything. Not in words consider, but actually because I See and I Know. Severe school passes wanting Light. On a feat the Teacher Calls. And the feat way not is covered with roses, but thorns.

105. (M. A. Y.). It is good when, at least in a dream, you can come off usual things of use. But if in a dream of a thing you take with yourself, stacking them in chests and suitcases and caring of them, it means that in consciousness you weren't exempted from them yet and that possession of them accompanies you and in a dream. It is told: "Own everything, but consider nothing". The border is thin between possession usual and possession rather using things, without feeling of property. It is useful to practice in imagination on release from things, to imagine that you in World Thin and are absolutely free from them. After all there anything it is unnecessary. What great simplification and feeling of freedom cover the person when he can come off illusive property which even in World Aboveground is similar to heavy fetters? But the separation is made on Earth and has to come to the end on it. The separation occurs in consciousness. Process is made in the spirit of. In the Doctrine anywhere it isn't said that it is impossible to have things, but emphasis is placed on to considering something as the property.

106. (Feb. 23). In process of deepening in the Doctrine the thought grows and gets the increasing force and ability to influence both the creator, and others. Control over thought becomes necessary because thoughts negative bring heavy consequences. But if the grown thought of people can't operate, he becomes a slave and the victim of own dark generations. It is possible not to be afraid of light thoughts as they influence in the benefit, but control is necessary both over undesirable thoughts, and over the light. Though forms are very hardy. They curl and pulse about the founder and from time to time interfere in his consciousness and try to seize of. All achievements are good on condition of the power over them. That is why at a known step the will develops. The weak-willed pettiness gradually turns into Space litter.
107. (Feb. 24). It is possible to escape from wild animals, it is possible to escape from a fire, it is possible to escape at ship-wreck, it is possible to beat off from enemies, it is possible defend from dark but how to leave how to avoid own thoughts? The mania of prosecution and other manias, the notions of compulsion, houses of the insane obviously indicates how thoughts can strongly seize the person. Beget and generation is a single whole in space. Protection against own thoughts one is to seize them and to take over the control. There is no other way of protection against the thoughts if these thoughts are bad. Good and light it isn't necessary to be protected from thoughts. The question of mastering by thought is important extraordinary. The world Thin is the sphere of test of thoughts, and the one who didn't seize them on Earth, is given on worry to own generations. He has to win against them by all means; differently he will plunge into those layers of the astral world which correspond to thoughts dirty. Pure and light thoughts will uplift highly. As the woodpecker, hollows consciousness unrestrained and contagious thought, again and again interfering in it under various appearances. Also it is necessary under everyone, even as though and not bad to see its hidden harmful essence to reject without hesitation. All bad, ever thought over and accepted without reservations in consciousness, again will return and the place will demand in it to itself. Therefore it is so important to pass each doubtful thought through a consciousness beam for the statement or its rejection. It too thought as though sets the seal of a final decision of will and if this decision is really final, firmly and unshakably, the thought is neutralized and with recurrence any more doesn't threaten. It is so possible to observe how from time to time from depths of memory the thoughts shipped once in it come back and the combination to them demands. If the combination took place and its new acceptability is approved, the thought plunges into memory again to return for strengthening or denial – as though there is a continuous examination on check of consciousness and on clarification of that step which it reached. At self-checking and continuous patrol it is easy to reveal, which thoughts threaten most of all and from where danger. Useless thoughts serve as the channel for approach of the dark. They as if open windows for dirty suggestions. The most terrible slavery which only can be presented, is a slavery at own negative thoughts.

108. (M. A. Y.). The mental accumulation, in any case, for this embodiment, it is necessary to reconsider anew to separate kind seeds from the bad. Seed of future shoots is each thought. For the sake of the future it is necessary to take care of thoughts. The born thought pulses in space, gains in its strength and grows. This hidden growth of thought can be observed easily if to note that every time thought coming back to consciousness comes back stronger, persistent, persistent and enriched with new elements. It can be glad because thoughts good, creative, expanding consciousness, enrich it with new stays. Torches of knowledge inflame this way. Also giants and of the evil grow also. The thought demands very circumspect relation. Tell those who want to be with Us that observed thought, – such is the Precept of the Teacher of Light.

109. (Feb. 25). The chaotic thinking is harmful in the spatial relation. Disharmony is brought in the sphere surrounding the person. It is possible to note that round some people the light, calming atmosphere is created. About them it is breathed easily and even it is joyful; with such people well. About others the concern, alarm, fears is felt. They darken those who adjoin to them. They bring these feelings in the atmosphere of that room into which enter. Light and calm bring one, darkness and alarm – others. Thus, the thinking of the person isn't his private matter concerning only him, but also the business affecting all and influencing many people and on big space. The person left or went to other city, but poison, with it dismissed around, long will poison still the atmosphere. Thoughts catch not only people, but animals, plants, things and dwellings in which their lives the person of chaotic, or darken thinking. So, one people pass through life, being blessing for everything that the surrounds, and others –damnation. Everything depends on character and the nature of their thoughts. People of light thinking not only light up heat and light of others, but also трансмутируют the mental atmosphere, clarifying and clearing it of spatial litter. It is fairly possible to call them cleaners of terrestrial aura. Contrary to spatial poisoners and poison-bearer they serve Light phenomenon. All people make the contribution to the space storeroom, and everyone should be aware of what this contribution and what sort with thoughts it fills the sphere surrounding it. The atmosphere of dwellings on which people huddle is especially dense. Sensitive heart defines at once essence of that saturation which fills this or that house, the room or the apartment. In some presses and oppresses, in others it is breathed easier. More than once heard from men of his word: "As at you it is good! « By the principle of saturation thoughts of Light create Ashrams. On their creation a lot of time leaves. Sensitive heart warns against much. But it is necessary to know and understand that surrounds the person in the world in which he lives.

110. (M. A. Y.). Come off Earth and terrestrial gravitations not easily and not simply. The thought works. The thought binds, and the thought releases. From here care off thought. It is good to learn to be exempted quickly from any thoughts and to learn to transfer them from one subject to another so that the previous process of thinking didn't paint the subsequent. It paints not only thought, but also feelings. Means and feelings should be able to be operated. Question: than it is more difficult to operate, thoughts or feelings? It is necessary to think of it. And, if it is easier operate thought, off through it and it is necessary affect at of the feeling, if with feeling, – on the contrary. Everyone chooses that leads to the purpose rather. But it is necessary to realize nevertheless that the internal essence of the person was formed during the huge period of time and what to change it at once, without having the corresponding accumulation, it is impossible. This transformation demands years of works and efforts and not one life.

111. (Guru). The thought of the benefit of people tears off from thoughts of and exempts consciousness from fetters of the personality. It is possible to punch a shell of own aura, only having gone beyond the personality, personal interests, aspirations and reasons. It is so important to realize barriers, restrictions and walls of personal prison into which the consciousness is usually put. In the general scheme of the Universe not persons, but the taking priority place and a role is allocated for identity of the person. Because the personality dies as well as the body, and memory disappears about her, but identity with all the accumulation remains and continues to prove further, being embodied in new persons, so temporary and mortal, as well as what were before.

112. (M. A. Y.). The consciousness perceives in that key on which it is adjusted. Day sounding can't but be reflected in this mood. Therefore, and during the day it is necessary to watch closely that arrives in consciousness from the outside and on what it allows itself to concentrate and what to worry. Inutile and distracting thoughts too disturb.

113. (Feb. 27). Often some vital circumstances cause in us feelings and the experiences not corresponding to the reached step. And then it is necessary to get rid of them. External conditions as though develop so that to promote a get rid of these or those properties of character. In such cases they usually repeat until the necessary relation and while undesirable property not get rid and immunity of spirit on the relation to these phenomena wasn't created will be developed. From undesirable circumstances of life there is a wish to be exempted somewhat quicker. But the way of release from them one is to overcome in itself their power over consciousness, their force to influence it and to cause undesirable reactions. In itself reason is unimportant. But if it breaks balance, so it, instead of our will owns us. No reasons can excuse if not ourselves, but something foreign and external influences and influences us contrary to our desire and our will. From vital tests, chagrin and experiences not to leave, but it is impossible to give them the authorities over because won't release until we will rise by them spirit and we won't become stronger than them, that is we won't allow that they broke balance. If it occurs because of sympathy and compassion to other people, and it doesn't excuse as, losing balance, we aren't able to render to them so necessary help. Anybody also won't resist anywhere against balance, and it needs to be kept before trying to struggle with counteracting circumstances. It is necessary to keep balance, despite everything. This way forces the fiery power which is so necessary for opposition to waves of the opposite phenomena. Therefore Show: you store balance above all.
114. (M. A. Y.). The love is expressed in operation. Therefore we recognize only effective love. I put only in words, as well as love only in assurances – as a form without the contents. It is a lot of verbal peel and many imagined feelings deprived of the contents, occupies attention of people, and then Maya especially strong replaces with herself reality,- and live, surrounded with ghosts and illusive experiences. But Maya is even brighter, even more dangerous than the Thin World dense. Here the person only imagines them, and there sees their illusive, changeable and deceptive forms and takes them for reality, and in it danger. The pursuit of ghosts won't bring to good. It is necessary to learn to be exempted from Maya ghosts on Earth.

115. (Guru). As it strange sounds, but others grief, foreign sufferings, others weaknesses and shortcomings are overcome in it by that person who wants to help people. And others pain too should be assumed if you want to assist a suffering being. Without this condition both get to a hole and helping catches a clouding of the one to who assists. It is necessary so even to sympathize and feel pity skillfully. It is impossible to allow catching a condition of suffering consciousness. Help – doesn't mean to fall to it, but means lift it to itself, assume its burden, for neutralization it the force. Is inadmissible give in to oppressed mood of the interlocutor? The help and compassion consist in that to replace twilight of the saddened spirit with Light. And for this purpose Light it is necessary kindle and not to allow at all it’s of the extinction. It is possible to fall to the suffering person but only to lift him together with it.

116. (Feb. 28). Many details of use promote that the accord of the device of spirit wasn't broken. One of them is a lack of vanity and haste. Second – independence of foreign moods and ability to be protected from them. Third – deduction in consciousness of the main direction and a memory about it constant. Each person, being embodied, assumes voluntary certain task most often concerning its own improvement. But in vanity and turmoil of life forgets about it, that is forgets about for the sake of what it came to Earth. Then terrestrial stay loses meaning and life becomes aimless. Replacement of the purpose of this embodiment with Maya illusions will be the greatest self-deception, and many give in to it. It is better to learn to approve reality here, on Earth. For this purpose it is necessary to be approved before on Bases. Doctrine bases – as the base for the building, without them not to resist. Bases – as outline, on which patterns are embroidered. The pattern can give any drawing, but without an outline, without a basis it is impossible. When the press becomes intolerable, it is possible to resist only on Bases. For example, Bases is an existence of three worlds and inevitability of stay in each of them. If on it to be approved unshakably, whether that can something the events in the world terrestrial, even the heaviest and difficult, deprive of the person of understanding of that terrestrial life with all its experiences – only very small part of its existence and that the main thing and longer existence is in World Aboveground. Such person approved on Bases, and measures will apply others to everything that him surrounds, and will treat everything not as ordinary people. Its understanding will be other-worldly, but from the world of reality fiery. Remember words: "My other-worldly kingdom".

117. (M. A. Y.). Present itself in the World Thin. Present that you from it look at Earth, at yourselves, at the surrounding. Present that this world and that aren't separable one from another, only that, another, is wider, more free also independent, in any case, the person, in its staying, doesn't depend already on conditions terrestrial. This representation gives the chance to come off Earth and to destroy a vicious circle of dense existence with which people of Earth surround themselves usually. These are wings allows spirit to rise over this circle. In whatever world the person stayed, ability and ability over it to raise it is necessary to have because also the Thin World can close consciousness in a certain environment. Only the Highest Spheres exempt from opportunity to be closed by something. Freedom is in of the spirit. It also should be carried by untied through all temporary worlds. All of them task also are urgent, only Fiery World is termless.

118. (Guru). Let there will be no false impression at you that terrestrial it is necessary to run or move away from life in a lock. Terrestrial life should be lived brightly, saturated and tensely, taking in it the most live part and scooping from it the necessary experience. It is necessary to be released from excesses various, from any perversions, from all dirty and rough, from affairs and acts useless, not compatible to spirit advantage, but from life terrestrial, released from dirt and all other ugliness’s, it is impossible to renounce. By what then sense is embodied to Earth, if deny value and meaning of the life on it. Earlier the very many fell into this extreme and left from life. Now go into extremes another and, entirely plunging in terrestrial, reject Elevated. The median way to which wise men of an antiquity pointed is necessary.

119. (M. A. Y.). It is good and easy to direct when everything is good, quiet and peaceful around. But will already direct at a gnash of external conditions achievement and a merit. The considerable will is required for such overcoming of chaos. It is necessary to learn such overcoming as in the Thin World it is necessary to overcome even more difficult things. Here from them somehow and somewhere, at least for a while, nevertheless it is possible to leave, but there it is impossible. There it is possible to overcome and win against them only. Therefore persistently we will study art of overcoming of waves counteracting here, on Earth that to increase force of opposition and the will to strengthen.

120. (Guru). If it is possible to learn to keep balance under the most adverse conditions, it will be already much easier to store it in life usual. Each pupil wants to become the tempered soldier, but training process usually causes unpleasant feelings and even discontent, that is, speaking in other words, it would be desirable to get something, without having paid for it. But for nothing it is given nothing, everything is got by experience, tests and suffering. More paid will receive more.

121. (March 1). Travel are useful because allow the person to come off a familiar spot and give the chance to punch a shell of the aura, being exempted from the crystallized and habitual environment. Wanderers in this regard show a fine example of how it is possible to live, without being attached to one place. In India there are cases when people, having reached an old age and having fulfilled the obligations to a family and people, leave the house and a family and become homeless wanderers. They know that it is the best way to make easy having dug out from Earth when will punch their hour. But nevertheless it is possible to come off and in the spirit of, leaving nothing. However, this separation is more difficult, than any another.

122. (M. A. Y.). Communication is hardly achievable at disharmony of that around. But when we love, nothing prevents to think and direct to a favorite being because all heart is filled with this love. Therefore, and a disharmonious environment not a barrier, if of the heart flares this feeling.

123. (March 2). Without understanding of couples of contrasts it is impossible to rise to tops. On the one hand, it is necessary to depart from life and to destroy terrestrial gravitations, with another, it is impossible to come off Earth. It is necessary to lead this life terrestrial and at the same time not to plunge into it and not to be held down by it. Not in power to usual thinking counterbalance these contrasts in consciousness. The rules "Light on the Way" begin with the instruction on these contrasts and need of their understanding. The dialectics Real is shown in everything: in great and small. Each phenomenon is caused by it. To see both poles of a thing uniform will be already achievement. Rolling in wellbeing not see other pole. If saw, would begin to see clearly at once and would change life. Each violator Basis of Ethics doesn't see an opposite pole of consequences and inevitable payment. Would see, I didn't break. "Standing at a western wall let know that the pleasure goes". Glory terrestrial and shine at all don't mean glory in Elevated more likely on the contrary. One pole is counterbalanced by another. The law is invariable: after a storm – the sun, after darkness – Light.

124. (M. A. Y.). Thoughts create lines of a magnetic attraction to on what they concentrate. Concentration can stop, but the attraction remains, and the thought continues to work. Installing communication and communication channels, it is necessary to remember it and know that the channels dug in space, remain for a long time. Therefore going to fathers or going to Lords goes on these channels dug by his own thoughts and works.
On the same channels go and to the lower class of the Thin World if channels are dug there. All people the thinking break through channels in space. Question only in, where and what.

125. (Guru). As it is insistently necessary to monitor the behavior severely, knowing that each movement of the person is a consequence of the previous reason and the reason of the subsequent actions. Each reason generates conformable to it a consequence. To be the master of fate and the future is means to create such reasons which will give desirable consequences in the future. Mistakes in operation the Law doesn't happen.

126. (March 3). At night we Learn, and the doctrine Our in the Bowl and remains there. And only from time to time come up from there in waking condition fragments of the put knowledge. In certain cases this access to treasures of the Bowl is facilitated, and then the knowledge arrives more freely. In the Bowl many accumulation are hidden. Once they will flash all fires, but for this purpose the spirit has to rise very highly. Even memory of last embodiment doesn't remain the person, except for separate cases, but this memory, and not about one, but about many, is imprinted and is constantly shown in character and qualities of the incarnate. What is the quality of spirit, for example, courage and dedication or love to the Teacher of Light, as the memory not crystallized in it of the past? Whether can love the Teacher and direct to Him the one who never heard about It and didn't direct to It in antecedents? So, qualities both good and bad are last accumulation. In the same way, as before, they can collect and in a true embodiment. Work in this direction will be already worked for the future. Qualities of spirit are result of the antecedents, strengthened or weakened by the last embodiment. In qualities of spirit we deal with the phenomena, far passing out of limits of this terrestrial life. Here the child with phenomenal ability to music or languages will be born. It means, in any former embodiments it worked over them quite a lot. It should be noted, what not all former accumulation or abilities can come to light completely in this body – they come to light as required and according to problems of evolution of this spirit. But all earned is integral before and remains with it forever completely to come to light when time will come to that. Processes of accumulation of qualities and abilities are slow, but any effort doesn't pass in this direction completely. As a matter of fact, for the sake of it the person on Earth also is embodied, and in it and his life purpose consists.
127. (M. A. Y.). In each person it is possible to observe properties congenital, deeply taken roots, and alluvial, superficial, created by education and conditions of this life. It is very easy to see this distinction during any misfortunes when all alluvial flies from the person, and he is shown in the true essence, and only the sense-knowledge allows to define unmistakably true nature of the person and to unveil the outer, ostentatious side of human character. Sense-knowledge doesn't allow be touched masks. Sense-knowledge belongs to difficult earned abilities of spirit.

128. (Guru). Whether paid attention to how the people even working over difficult change. Certainly, properties and the features of education acquired in last, that is current, an embodiment to eradicate not so difficult, but brought from the past give in to processing with great work. Weeds are uprooted. It is necessary to pull out all roots and to grasp it that the weed didn't begin to grow again. You remember how It is told: "Look for root of all evil and pull out it". Superficial destruction won't yield desirable results.

129. (March 4). To how many influences, counteractions and currents it is necessary opposite keep balance! And strong it is necessary to hold Hierarchy. Otherwise how to resist? Each Attendant of Light is under waves of various influences; especially heavy-imperceptible going from the Thin World. As also thoughts live embodied by clouds rush over the world; impossibly present itself overfill Space. The simple radio fan knows what cacophony fills space. But after all he doesn't feel neither magnetic currents, nor beams of far stars, thoughts of incarnate and one incarnation people. He doesn't see that, than Earth atmosphere is filled, and still speaks about ruefulness of space. Ignorance of all this doesn't exempt the person from all these influences. Living in peace and being part it, it can't but vibrate mutually that pulses and lives in peace. The device human is difficult extraordinary. Many people unmistakably predict a bad weather on the feelings. And the sensitive organism shudders on a distant earthquake. It is impossible change of mood to attribute only to indigestion. Even the dog howls on the dead man. Really rough the dog is of people? The protecting network protects from invasion of much energy, and it has to be in a full order. There is enough fret, to be frightened, drink wines – and the protecting network loses part of the firmness. That it protected reliably, it is necessary to watch and keep behind it in a due condition. First of all it is influenced by own thoughts. Therefore, thoughts should be kept clean. In a word, the fortress of a human microcosm is protected strongly, sharp-sightedly and constantly. On vigilant, continuous Patrol there is an Attendant of Light, - in it its difference from ordinary people, and in it its debt before itself, Hierarchy and mankind.
130. (M. A.Y.). Every moment of Communication we leave a shining trace in space. The rhythm strengthens consequences and approves the continuous extent of this shining communication. This extent is directed in the future. The projection of future spirit directed in it is so forged. Be not afflicted with difficulties and burdening’s by circumstances. They help your progress. That is suffering for a body or a grief for the personality, can be the benefit for spirit and force, directing it powerfully up. Measures of spirit and measure of a body are various: for one – tests and difficulties, for others – pleasure and influx of new forces; for one – horror and death, for others this death – long-awaited release and transition to the World Thin, fine, - and implementation of all the most andacious dreams. So the relations of people to the same phenomena of life differ, because itself "the person is a measure of things".

131. (March 5). The person notes various indications of the registering devices created by it and writes down the indications having special value. But the most surprising device is its. And this human device is in full neglect, and its indications not only don't register, but usually to them don't pay any attention. But the device of the person operates constantly and gives evidences important. And if to pay attention to them, to mark out them and even to write down, something will turn out very unexpected and valuable. For example, at a meeting and conversation with any person it is possible to realize and note what reaction was caused by its radiations and as the organism replied on it. Or: why this or that person was suddenly remembered and what feeling accompanied this reminiscence. Or: what deposit leaves any, even small conversation with the relatives of the house. Or: as a certain habitual thought influences consciousness if it interferes contrary to will. All events with the person cause in it a certain reaction, and to define its character extremely important. Even overcast and weather obviously influence. Ability then starts growing when, like a muscle, it exercise and pay to it attention. Too many phenomena are accepted by the person unconsciously, robbing itself and impoverishing the world of perceptions. To observe and study it doesn't mean to rush with it, the experiences and to impose it to people. How many invaluable opportunities pass by the unnoticed?

132. (M. A. Y.). Internal essence of the person, as though carefully he she not conceal, somehow and in something nevertheless is shown externally. It is necessary to watch attentively only trifles of behavior, words, movements and gestures and to draw the corresponding conclusions.

133. (Guru). It isn't so difficult to store balance in silence and rest. But under blows of waves external it is much more difficult. Think of these blows as strengthening force and power of balance and don't allow anything to bring you out of it.

134. (Guru). Let's talk about a will press for action. Each action moves best of all awareness of its need. Thus, the thought that something has to be made by all means, will be the shown precondition to action. The strong thought way will support the decision, and it is necessary to enclose energy of heart in thought. The sincere, warm desire of self-improvement supported by rhythmic thought will yield the necessary results.

135. (March 7). The thin body is set in motion by thought. Thought be different, the different force and tension. In the Thin World many only go, as well as on Earth because think still in a terrestrial way and in a terrestrial way are full of denials and terrestrial habits. The physical body too is set in motion by thought. To raise a hand or to set a foot, it is necessary to premise thought; analogy very significant. Thin bodies possess various degree of ponder ability: is lighter and is purer, the easier and more movably. Thin bodies share not only on ponder ability, but also on degrees of the structure, or sparseness and thinning of a matter of which it consists. And this refinement or roughness of a matter of a thin body corresponds to certain layers of space and a matter making these layers. Thinning, or roughen of a thin body happens on Earth when the person is in the physical body. All influences a matter of a thin body: both drink, and food, both wine, and smoking, both feelings, and thoughts, both acts, and all behavior of the person. It is possible to tell that, living on Earth, the person builds for himself that house or a cover in which he will live in World Aboveground. It is possible to imagine what thin body of the drunkard or the person indulging in any passions or rage will be. Many don't understand what stuffy dungeon prepares for it. It is so important to abstain from all low and rough, and first of all, in thoughts because in the Thin World conducts thought. It conducts and on Earth, only it isn't so obvious and noticeable for a usual eye.

136. (M. A. Y.). Actions and the thoughts which are absolutely not noticeable for a terrestrial eye, have very great value for a thin body. Therefore the yogi eremite far from people and life usual deprived of everything that so strong is appreciated by inhabitants, nevertheless creates and has what can't be bought for all gold of the world. In general it is necessary to reconsider all values of the person and to establish on them the new point of view. The multimillionaire or the powerful governor terrestrial in the Thin World can be poorer than the beggar because values of spirit have another dimension. Values of spirit undertake there with themselves, but neither the authorities, nor gold there not to take. However, the power can be taken if it is the power over, the power over the covers.

137. (Guru). The understanding of three worlds opens the wide horizons before consciousness. After all the consciousness concerns all three, only people don't give to themselves in it the account. About the Trinity Consubstantial and Inseparable learned once even at schools, but to apply the principle of indivisibility to three worlds didn't occur to anybody. And meanwhile these worlds aren't separable from each other. . Only the brain human them divided it, actually all three – one, and triple of manifestation of a matter can't be denied, it is necessary to expand only this representation and to deepen, having come off habitual restrictions and remembering that forms of manifestation of a matter are boundless.

138. (March 8). On the aspirations of people depends not only in the Thin World, but also in the terrestrial. Only in Thin it is difficult to change aspiration extraordinary. Why? The world Thin is the world of the consequences seeded in the world of the reasons that is in the world terrestrial. In this last the reasons in the form of thoughts, acts, decisions and the actions which results precede in World Aboveground are put. Here the brain thinks and solves, there the brain isn't present, to solve there is nothing, there the thinking is made by a deduction method from the preconditions accepted on Earth and solutions of terrestrial mind, and there are reaped the fruits of these actions approved by terrestrial mind. Generally, division of mind on objective and subjective is correct, but action of the heart and value of its energy aren't taken into account. If the brain and terrestrial mind – for Earth, heart for all worlds, and the solution of destiny human in World Aboveground can be transferred to heart when it still fights in a physical body. Certainly! I mean the heart cleared of spiritual outgrowths. Therefore for the approval of each terrestrial or brain decision it is good to transfer it to heart that there was it there on the future. And still if the person got used to think dirty, and after release from a body dirty fancies will surround it and will demand a combination to them as it occurred on Earth. If on Earth he fought with them, will fight if rejected and rejected, will reject and there but if to them gave in and them lived, that, having surrounded it, they will influence it, yet won't settle on it all the energy which he in them enclosed once. Once he created them, once claimed, and accepted in consciousness, and got used to enter a combination to them and therefore there it will continue the mental movement on the track laid earlier, on the channel dug by it in space. It can't stop this movement because the deductive thinking of a thin body and the Thin World will involve it in funnels of vortex energy, to it and his thinking generated, and strengthened in the space megaphone, and attracted to conformable whirlwinds astral, and, in turn, aggravated and strengthened by them. In the Thin World it is very difficult to struggle with the aspirations put on Earth because the person depends on them. Fight against useless aspirations, desires and thoughts should be begun and, whenever possible, to finish on Earth because that is connected on Earth, will be connected and there. You shouldn't forget about it for a minute as all of them from time to time come back again, as though to be either accepted, or rejected, depending on that step of consciousness and height which was reached by the person at present. And the new relation to old thought decides its destiny. That is why continuous control over thoughts is so necessary and fraught with big consequences.

139. (M. A. Y.). Yes, yes, yes, it is so important, it is so necessary to reconsider all the aspirations ever arising in consciousness and imprinted in memory, and, having severely reconsidered, to reject unusable, having set to them the seal of a final decision of will. Because all of them will show in due time the account and will demand payment.

140. (Guru). Why to mark time? Really it is a pity to leave century litter? But after all water hollows a stone! Unnecessary stratifications of the past can be punched an edge of thought and gradually to be exempted from them. The Teacher Will help and Will support this kind aspiration. And together with the Teacher it is possible to overcome everything.

141. (March 9). The complete silence, both rest, and the strongest press of circumstances and tension can equally cause inflow of mental energy. After all the more strongly presses a press, the more oils give seeds. Therefore counteractions lead to lifting of mental energy; to fall in love with difficulties, counteraction and enemies is means to understand that they strong serve increase of fiery power and serve as bottom stones on which the foot goes when lifting up. Without counteractions mental energy can't grow and develop. I want to see you strong, won everything going against, and saved up in the Bowl Agni's imperishable treasure. And dark only then start serving the winner when he learned to take the fiery force necessary for its overcoming from each their counteraction. And I Will help to turn everything on advantage. It is necessary not to come off only Me, it is as though great there was a press of counteracting forces. I welcome winners here because there the victorious condition of spirit is especially necessary. There, in World Thin, fight is even more aggravated and strained. For someone rest and a place of pleasant pastimes, and for someone fight and the self-sacrificing help to those who needs protection and Light. There possibilities of cooperation because the field of activity which hasn't been limited to terrestrial conditions is wide are multiplied. It is so possible to prepare already in advance itself for work and a feat in World Aboveground. Workers are necessary there even more, than here because there it is more than those who needs Light.

142. (M. A. Y.). Being exempted from a body, employees of the Brotherhood are exempted from terrestrial cares, but assume cares spatial, even more responsible and heavy. In the Brotherhood there is no unemployment and the unemployed. In this is of structure of life of the Brotherhood. It is necessary to accustom itself to thought that everywhere work and that work infinite – the only way of evolution of spirit. However, in Devachan it is possible to have a rest, but also this rest temporary, both especially strong and self-sacrificing spirits refuse it and assume a feat elevated. The great Spirit which has told: "I Is with you always, in all days, till the end of time", – Assumed as well the Fiery Feat of Great Service to people not only in the world terrestrial, but also in World Aboveground.

143. (Guru). Continuous and rhythmic receipt of thoughts is caused by constancy of ascension of spirit and consciousness expansion. This constancy not as simple and easy at all as it seems even to itself because growth of Light of aura isn't visible bearing it, but Sees the Teacher and Rejoices to process. The pearl of consciousness should learn to be appreciated that with that bigger ease to clear it of all excess and unusable stratifications.

144. (March 10). My son, feeling of that the Doctrine of Life gives big knowledge and strong distinguishes knowing it from ignorant onegated of Intimate Knowledge, correctly and deservedly. From time to time understanding it flashes especially strongly. After all the Doctrine opens Boundlessness before the person and enters consciousness into a stream of eternal life while at onegated with death of a body all comes to an end, in any case, in their poor representation. Therefore they choke in that mental dungeon which created to itself. For knowing nothing comes to an end and everything precedes in the future, for the ignoramus certainly everything, including him. It is possible to call the doctrine spirit wings. And on wings it is possible to fly. As threshold of flights in a thin body be serve flights mental. They break through channels in space and give the directions to spirit in which it can easily direct in the future flights. It is thus very interesting to note one feature: spheres of flight of thought aren't limited to anything. The thought absolutely freely directs there where it is directed by will. As also the imagination if it is rather rich isn't limited to anything. Let it will serve as a hint on possibility of the Thin World where conducts, moves, directs and creates thought. If the thought is liberated, opportunities it are boundless. But it is possible to imagine stupid, limited and ignorant consciousness which anything, except a stomach and personal "hen house", wasn't interested or denied everything that over that small, pity and dark world in which it concluded itself. Person his own galore or the liberator. The false science and ignorant training too very complicate enlightenment in reality. But nevertheless a lot of things, a lot of things depend on properties of spirit. Why where, apparently, there is a full opportunity to get acquainted with spiritual doctrines why there such furious ignorance, cruelty and violation of all human rights. Why where people consider themselves religious and believing in God why there they armed with power of equipment and science, are ready to flood with blood the whole world, are ready to trample on freedom of the small people and for the sake of a profit to destroy everything and everything who in it disturbs them. But the Great Future is fated not to them, but the New Country, your Homeland. It will bring rescue to the world and will be the Leader. It costs at the crossroads great opportunities which will be given it and already are given.

145. (M. A. Y.). For completeness of Communication it is necessary to rise to us, to enter into the accord with our aspirations, thoughts and work and to merge with them in an orotund chord. After all you won't demand that we fell to you and were dissolved in that environment which surrounds you. Whom heart directs, it is necessary to rise, without trying to attract them to it. Only under these conditions contact is possible. Therefore Show aspiration as a key from all achievements and all opportunities. The Teacher Speaks: "Direct to Me". The main condition of approach and rapprochement consists in it with Light Carriers. Direct!

146. (Guru). Prepare itself for cooperation with Hierarchy of Light. The future belongs to you. In it a certain place is allocated for you. It is possible to occupy it at compliance of readiness with the forthcoming tasks. Who can give a responsible mission? Only to the one who prepared itself (himself) for its performance. Readiness is caused by the corresponding extent of expansion of consciousness. It is impossible to expand it suddenly. Time is necessary. Therefore the preparation will consist as well in work on consciousness expansion. While there is time, prepare. When Will call, will be engaged in preparation already late. For employees of Light has no value, they are young or are old, what skin color or situation in society both in what body and in what world. Service goes in all bodies and on all plans wherever there was their spirit at present. Such Service will be called Great.

147. (March 11). Experience of life demonstrates that Ashrams are necessary in the dense world as a stronghold and protection against chaotic and rough conditions terrestrial. And the Stronghold is necessary as the purpose of aspiration and spirit fortress, Light, balance and which tranquility not in forces to break anything. Therefore in Tibet and in Central Asia there are so much monasteries of various degree of a lightfull behind their walls people try to keep and hold that it is impossible to make in living conditions usual. And Sergius Cloister Based with the same purpose: To save up light and, having collected, keep as a spiritual stronghold of the state. As it is exact also each pupil consciously or unconsciously tries to create Ashram, or it’s any similarity where he should live. Certainly, in modern conditions this Ashram has spiritual character. It is possible to call it a citadel, or the house, spirit. By analogy to the Stronghold the house of spirit is under construction too in three worlds, and its main aspect – in World Thin above. For thin sight it is surrounded with Light and sated to some extent with lightful vibrations of his inhabitants and vibrations of beams from the Stronghold. Each Attendant of Light is as though mobile Focus of Light which changes a place if it has to move. Towers of spirit can be mobile. It surely occurs each time when the monastery extends and her members leave to the world. Towers of spirit support a planetary network of Light. Ashrams of all types of a lightfull have very great spatial value. It is very important to understand that the citadel of spirit is the phenomenon not a personal order. Not for the sake of itself, but for the sake of space and Hierarchy Light of heart is approved to shine where is dark. Therefore balance and tranquility deduction without which there can't be beneficial a radiation of a microcosm human is so necessary. Therefore and it is so difficult to hold them because the darkness takes up arms on Light Carrier. If Ashrams are necessary on Earth, it is even more necessary they in World Thin. And it is valid; there they are a shelter to the spirits which have concerned Light. There are the whole settlements protected with lightful protection which towers like walls round a protected place. Anything dark, spiteful, dirty won't enter. And if in the terrestrial cities it is so difficult to be protected from chaos and darkness invasion, in Ashrams terrestrial this protection is carried already out to some extent, depending on luminosity of Ashram. But they are strong and not perforation in World Aboveground. Stronghold, uniform for all worlds and the Highest will be an ideal of all similar constructions, both terrestrial, and elevated, that people have on Earth and in the worlds for the planet.

148. (M. A. Y.). Any burdening by circumstances doesn't take place without advantage for the directed spirit. This situation becomes especially impressive when the person learns in it by own experience. Consider it as an inevitable payment for achievements. Certainly, for this purpose in the being it is necessary to have the corresponding metal. Corresponding because, not to mention glass which from each blow scatters into smithereens, even metals not all maintain rage of repeated blows. But nevertheless the blade is forged by blows, and the blade of spirit consisting of valuable metal, bears all blows, becoming only is stronger from each of them. Be not afraid and don't avoid tests how they because everyone gives the new strength of opposition were difficult and multiply power of spirit.

149. (Guru). When you live under a sword of Damocles of possibility of continuous burdening’s of spirit, in your being surprising and wonderful property of readiness for any tests starts being born. At Us it is called "Silver I get down". It points to a high step of achievements. Only the judgment, devoted and close pupil reaches it. And then the words "yes there will be Will Your, the Lord" gain fiery value. And then the ardent sword of spirit starts being shone over the winner.

150. (M. A. Y.). How many thoughts, how many aspirations, how many works and efforts it is necessary to premise before the understanding of the Highest Worlds will take place? But the persistent aspiration nevertheless punches a wall of reparability and gradually enters consciousness into these spheres. This readiness allows easily and to be guided freely in them when time there consciously comes to work; after all worlds on consciousness. And the consciousness which has prepared for them, sang reaps from the aspirations, works and efforts.

151. (Guru). When your patience waiting for the future runs low, think that Teachers of the Brotherhood too Stay in waiting. They Know a lot of things, a lot of things See, See the judgment future of a planet which else isn't present but which will be, are and still compelled to wait, as well as you because the current of terms can't be broken. You remember the picture "Waiting". Only try to understand that expectation isn't a divergence and passivity. We recognize only expectation effective when the person consciously preparation to itself in it a place, refine the essence, broadening the horizons and consciousness.

152. (March 13). Through the periods of awful pressure too it is necessary to pass and stand them, without losing touches with the Teacher. How they were strong, they can't break spirit because the spirit is indestructible, and nothing can destroy it. Only tests give this inflexible confidence of inviolability of spirit. Through so many already passed, and all of them in the past, and the spirit remained. The river of life flows by, and sitting ashore, the pupil and the Teacher, behold it, without being involved in its stream and its whirlpools. It is difficult to learn to look, as though standing apart, as though being only the viewer, as if in cinema or theater. Both the person looks, and worries, and receives pleasure or is afflicted for heroes, understanding all the time that he – only looking, but not the participant of the events. It can be acquired if to understand that a kingdom of other-worldly spirit, but above. It is possible strong to note that all Great Spirits coming to Earth, Considered Themselves only as the travelers coming to the world and having the special way is farther in the future, in life which was Believed by Them eternal. And you seek to realize yourselves travelers of a way boundless, travelers in Boundlessness. Certainly, world events are of great importance for people. But after all there were they both hundred, and two hundred, and one thousand years ago; and too mattered for people of that time. And all of them passed and were replaced by others, having not smaller influence. Will be replaced and will consign to the past and events of the current time, but there will be a spirit which as will look at a stream of already new events, as well as former, doomed to oblivion in time. I want that realized thought of a transient of the current hour and of a not transient and eternity of spirit more brightly. Saying that "and it will pass", Solomon meant thought of inviolability of spirit and its superiority over all current phenomena of life of the dense world. It is hard to combine this situation with the importance, need and sense of terrestrial embodiments. On the one hand, Maya mirage and pass ability and seeming reality of terrestrial dreams, with another – a way of terrestrial embodiments as the only possibility of evolution of spirit and acquisition by it of experience and the knowledge which is so necessary for its development. A lot of things depend on ability to combine poles of the opposite phenomena because life is based on the phenomenon of contrasts.

153. (M. A. Y.). If only the Lord Lived in heart, and then forces will suffice to pass through everything, and to pass the winner. So the thought should be put to the Lord, but not to accidents of external conditions. Accidents will leave as came, but the Lord Remains in heart and Becomes not separable from it. To merge heart with the Lord of Light will be the statement of Light in itself. For overcoming of external counteractions of strength of mind it is necessary to direct on consciousness association with the Teacher, instead of on external circumstances, and then only it will be possible to find force in heart to overcome them and to resist of. Let each counteraction will teach constancy of unification. Really you don't see how living conditions strong push you to uninterrupted pretending before the elected Hierarch.

154. (Guru). Only communication with Hierarchy does invincible soldiers of spirit. The communication break already is defeat. Therefore the main care about that, so that strengthening all measures, all aspiration and all desire a thread of this shining communication. Even the thought about it already helps. It is possible to present obviously it stretched and vibrating in space. These threads are a planetary network of Light. Maintenance it is a duty of each employee of Light.

155. (March 14). Through mastering by though too it is necessary to pass as through a need step. The thought of growing consciousness becomes stronger and if not to have the power over it, over any thought allowed in consciousness, it will seize. In slavery at own thoughts be inadmissible, at least because psychiatric hospitals often give very convincing example of to what it leads. Many extremes in human behavior are caused by inability to operate the thoughts. Fortunately, it is possible to train in this art always, and exercises in it, persistent and constant, can yield desirable results. It is possible to begin with small gradually to get confidence and of the big. It is thus good to note as contagious the useless thoughts caused by any desire and as it is difficult to be exempted from them if they are habitual and have deep roots in memory. But the thought is generated by the person, and to the one who creates it, the power over it is given, given, so to speak, in principle, potentially, which and needs to be approved already practically, in application. The perfect analogy that is given to the person the power over any flesh, but too potentially, actually to some extent it was Reached by only Great Spirits and is very rare who from people. The power and over an own body, too potentially is also given to the person, but the majority of people became slaves to the body. But we will return to mastering by though because also the power over a body is reached too through it. It is impossible to pass the river, without having reached it. Need of preliminary approach specifies that not at once, but gradually and consistently, step by step, the person comes nearer to the purpose. Having begun with thoughts small, it is possible, having bridled them and having subordinated to will, to pass and too big and to practice in it persistently and constantly. Here something afflicted and hollows consciousness. What hollows? Though! It is necessary to reject it. Here something broke balance. What broke? Thought. It is necessary to drive away it. Here don't allow thought to fall asleep, thoughts interesting, fascinating, and good. Too it is necessary to be able to be exempted from them – from good as well as from bad. The will should get used to dispose of any and all thoughts. Thus it is necessary to have constantly in a look that it is easier not to allow undesirable thoughts in consciousness, than, having allowed, to be protected from them. While the thought is created, the person is free over it, but when it is created and let in space, it begins the independent existence as live essence pulsing by energy, and then it is almost impossible to destroy it. However, it can be burned, but fiery energy of bigger tension, for this purpose is required by something which generated this thought. From experience you know as some thoughts as they live in memory depths in ten years again to come back and arise before consciousness in all the force are hardy. Here someone gave up smoking, resolutely and irrevocably. The desire from time to time arises again, even in a dream of people sometimes smokes, but time passes – and the hardness of the decision wins against thoughts of smoking, and they already anymore don't disturb the winner of this habit. Memoirs about terrestrial and attachments to terrestrial things and places aren't necessary. There it is possible to forget about them and them not to remember, at all without feeling from this any damage, and it is rather – on the contrary, receiving from it freedom for the manifestation not dependent on attachment to the terrestrial. When won the lowest дуада disappears and the spirit will be exempted from it and goes further, it at all doesn't feel that lost or lost something valuable because it "I" he feels everything in itself(himself) and with itself(himself). As process and in all other where the person wants to be exempted from the power of habits, and especially from undesirable habits of thinking precisely proceeds. It is possible to force not to think suggestion of something that the more to facilitate this task. Work on in mastering by thought and submission her ox is very fascinating and interesting, and the main thing – fruit-bearer. After all both all undesirable experiences and emotions arise only with the connivance of thought that is with its assistance. Dissoluteness of emotions and inability to own the nerves is a consequence of dissoluteness of thoughts and inability to operate them. And as the one who can't operate itself (himself), that is the thought, can operate the thoughts of other people which are obviously harming and leaders to falling. So we will understand need of a step of mastering by thought.

156. (M. A.Y.). Expansion of consciousness is caused by a rhythm of new receipts. Let the habit to a stream of new perceptions won't turn into the ordinary and won't sink in daily occurrence twilight. Let singularity sound on a key of aspiration to new stays. That is necessary at present is given. But this necessary should be acquired practically, immediately attaching received instructions in life. Ask: why it is given very much? First, because it is given not for one recipient, but also for those who will go after? Secondly, it is given and for space because apprehended, both issued, and the crystallized thought becomes property already many able it to apprehend. In the third, even small, taken from all these riches, small, but well acquired and enclosed in life, will give undoubted advantage.

157. (Guru). It was already said that at inept sympathy and a pity felt sorry and feeling sorry – both get to an utter darkness hole. So and it is necessary to be sorry skillfully. The compassion consists at all in catching and be saddened by experiences of the suffering person, and in that, having kept the balance and light, and a vigorous condition of spirit to lift the sufferer to itself and that to clarify it, to facilitate his condition and to give an impulse to lift consciousness from that hole into which it plunged. It is necessary to learn the light compassion, not allowing falling to help time down.

158. (March 15). The person can forget that happened to him in any day, year, and a little ten years ago. He can forget to remain and still much itself (himself) because the quintessence of memory is expressed in his consciousness in the form of different abilities and consciousness. In the Thin World experience, knowledge and all qualities of spirit are necessary, but memoirs about terrestrial and attachments to terrestrial things and places aren't necessary. There it is possible to forget about them and them not to remember, at all without feeling from this any damage, and it is rather – on the contrary, receiving from it freedom for the manifestation not dependent on attachment to the terrestrial. When won the lowest дуада disappears and the spirit will be exempted from it and goes further, it at all doesn't feel that lost or lost something valuable because it "I" he feels everything in itself(himself) and with itself(himself). So cast off terrestrial outgrowths for free flights and full life of consciousness in the Highest Worlds. To read, it is necessary to know the diploma. To understand the higher mathematics, preparation too is necessary. Without preparation and knowledge it is impossible to have understanding and life understanding in Spheres High because the consciousness without the corresponding accumulation there has nothing to live. The deepest symbol tells nothing to unprepared mind. When I Say, that in World Aboveground life reveals on consciousness, I Mean readiness of spirit to life in World out dense. Who lived on Earth Beauty, will see it. Who lived in a pigsty, dirt and was covered with dirt, will see a pigsty and anything more, yet won't wash dirt. Everything that is on Earth, has the reflection in World Aboveground, but strengthened many times over. Ask: why the strengthened? I will answer: on Earth of people sees that exists while he looks. In World Thin the phenomena accumulate one on another, combining both last, and real the phenomena, and it they amplify in extent of impact on the person, consonance to them on the essence. That is why there everything amplifies and becomes aggravated and why there it is much more difficult to fight against that yet get rid and that attracts to the lowest spheres. It funnels of an attraction of whirlwinds astral; involving magneto in the whirlpool conformable to them spirits also are dangerous. The attraction to Spheres High will paralyze the lowest attractions. But it is created on Earth. It is impossible, directing down on Earth, suddenly to start directing up, having exempted from a body. The spirit will move in the direction approved in the dense world and of the good that, who on Earth try for Light, because, if on Earth something hinder, then attraction stand stronger and exacerbated. I want to specify this circumstance: on Earth it is necessary to eat, drink, and put on, to have tent and the mass of various duties purely terrestrial in relation to the body and people. There all this purely terrestrial disappears and the way for pure aspiration becomes open and free. It is good to think that makes essence of elevated freedom, and how to approve it.

159. (Guru). Everything remains as it was told. The great Plan is invariable. The plan isn't guilty that the consciousness of people, despite all misfortunes and disasters, still isn't ready. In how many million victims people estimate spirit awakening?! And after all disasters and disbalance planets will amplify. Madness of darkness consciousnesses - increases. The madmen don't see what fate prepares for it.

160. (March 16). Why to attribute a heavy condition of spirit to an illness or any personal reasons when it is so bad in space and when antagonistic currents depress so. After all every moment can give the clear account on character of a spatial note on which the organism sounds. It is spoken about it to that made thrifty use of an expenditure of mental energy. After all if attentively to track itself, it is possible to notice that is much told, felt and thought the superfluous. All this can be reduced, meaning economy of mental energy. Instead of ten words it is possible to tell three with success. Think and speak accurately, clearly, briefly – quality of the yoga. It is better to direct this energy on a useful wave. Only to think, how many unnecessary, harmful and superfluous in general it is spoken by people and how many becomes! Anybody doesn't think of economy of strength of mind. Why people so are afraid of silence? Quality of silence is usually inherent in strong and reserved people. Certainly, silence conscious because otherwise reticence of a stub it is possible to put down to credit is valuable only. In the same way valuably, when the person can do and doesn't do, but not when doesn't do because can't. Certainly, inactivity of the things not corresponding to the reached step means. Mastering by and control over itself, as a matter of fact, are necessary for economy of forces and Agni's accumulation. Notice how he the person who allowed irritation or fear or has fallen under the power of undesirable emotions instantly weakens. The victory over – the most necessary and that wins all who will manage to win against itself (himself).

161. (M. A. Y.). Let's gradually chop off or weaken threads of terrestrial aspirations. The most important is to understand limitation and a short of an orbit of their manifestation. One this understanding already exempts from many illusions, in particular from property illusions. There is nothing worse, than to carry away with it to the World Thin not get rid property and to be there attached to it. So many things are necessary for the person on Earth, and anything – there. But it should be understood not to take with itself. And what simplification of mentality when the person goes there free from a property yoke.

162. (Guru). As though to tell and explain it even stronger, even more intelligibly, as slavery and release – in the spirit of. If in the spirit of people it wasn't exempted from something though made it actually, there is to it from it no advantage. For example, refused gluttony and I passed to water and bread, and itself precedes desire to what refused. He creates such bright fancies of overeating which for a long time will tie him to from what he wanted to be exempted. And as precisely occurs in all other from what not in forces to be exempted the person in the spirit of. Not get rid in the spirit of remains with it though it seems to it that rejected and I overcame in myself an eradicated shortcoming or property.

163. (Mar. 17). Great Spirits as steadily Submit to Space Laws, as well as all Real. Also Come to Earth not break the Law but to execute. Besides, each of Them Has the certain mission connected with certain conditions and voluntary inevitability of its performance. Also They Could cause at times mighty forces for release from of sufferings, but Don't do it not break the Law and to execute the Assignment as have to. Ignorance believes that They Aren't ill, Don't suffer that laws of life of a physical body not for Them. But so people only out of ignorance argue. The highest Spirits are especially sensitive to everything. Refinement of the device forces to perceive all weight of surrounding imperfection and to reply on sufferings and addresses to Them coming. And if Solomon and Akbar carried out life in all glory terrestrial, even it didn't exempt them from the Burden of this world. The glory terrestrial matters for ordinary people, but for Spirits Great it is a heavy Burden. And whether Solomon told, what even "in many knowledge there is a lot of grief and who multiplies knowledge, multiplies grief". Terrestrial Great Spirits Bear a burden not only when Live among people but also when Stay in the Stronghold and out of terrestrial covers because Assumed great responsibility for Earth. Work to bloody sweat and continuous planetary Patrol both on Earth, and in World Aboveground – their lightful destiny.

164. (Guru). If mentally to present itself free from restrictions of the dense world, the spirit will direct there where attracts his heart, and to with whom connects its fiery feeling of love and desire to be together. So, the aspiration and love cause the spirit direction in space when the dense environment ceases to exist. Each person defines the future itself, and conducts his thought. Everything but as thoughts human and as those spheres to which they attract spirit are various are various between themselves think. In it great value of thoughts, and in same and responsibility of the person for each of them. The thought is the force attracting and directing consciousness up or down, in darkness or to Light. Responsibility for thoughts – here that urgent and urgent task which each person needs to realize.

165. (M. A.Y.). The most difficult art is an ability to treat people: both it is necessary to teach, and to point out the defects, or mistakes it is impossible because will take offense right there, and it is necessary to help, explain and advance. We try to avoid direct instructions and especially criticism, not to mention inadmissibility of condemnation. Condemnation pushes away most strongly, even at distance. To see, nobility, feel shortcomings of the person and still not to condemn – Arhat's property. And passersby it is close to heart it is impossible to allow. And so there is no wish to see in passersby suitable only because among them can be both companion, and friends. As it is impossible to suppress people and a trust bulk. From unreasonable trust treachery will be born. Mastering by approach art to hearts human is reached by experience and love.
166. (Mar. 19). The house divided in, – a symbol very remarkable, from here and incompleteness when the being of the person is torn apart by opposite aspirations. The spirit wants to rise up, and the astral pulls down to that it allowed in the past. Under various pretexts he wants repetition of that was once, and wants to saddle thought. Resistance and willfulness of this cover can be very strong. And dark at this time especially try to throw the worst thoughts. Discharged by will, they snatch again. To fall under their power – means to plunge into a bottomless bog. At these moments it is good to repeat any short prayer that waves beat off it a darkness impact. Completeness of the Help appears at completeness of aspiration and desire be exempted from sent influences. At a separate of consciousness and its incompleteness the Help reaches only partially. Solidity of thinking means sincere and strong desire to leave all "cockroaches in the bosom" and all other litter. How go forward when one foot walks forward, and another back. After all if the step is made not in reality, and in a dream back, it only shows that undesirable properties and desires yet изжиты in subconsciousness and aren't uprooted.

167. (M. A. Y.). How it was difficult, it is necessary to pass through everything, and to pass the winner. Who promised a way easy? Over thoughts – continuous and ruthless control, over everyone, over low-slightest. Iisusov's prayer – when the impact mental is especially strong. And constant readiness to reflect each attempt to influence your consciousness through someone from people around. Now darkness revelry on a planet, also it is impossible to weaken patrol.

168. (Guru). What to do? To arm with patience, courage and determination to undergo everything up to the end.

169. (March 20). Receiving the Help and asking for the Help, it is necessary bring itself into the corresponding condition. "When someone is unsteady" or allows other useless thoughts, "it drops out of the Beam". The firm and resolute order of will work smoothly. Harm turns out if any openings or desire to indulge this, or that weakness are left. The order of all consciousness reduces possibilities of connivance for properties subject an izzhitiya. But when something else remains and something even podsoznatelno there is no wish to leave yet, there is also the corresponding opening, or a crack for penetration of dark influences. Completeness of clarification of consciousness and memory from any litter is required. The expelled thoughts come back again for check of hardness of the decision be exempted from them, and, expelled repeatedly and not once, they any more don't disturb as doesn't disturb finally and completely eradicated habit to smoke. Constancy of the Help and Protection requires constancy of conformably adjusted consciousness which is constantly observing control over thoughts, feelings and acts. Give the compliance phenomenon that was where to send the Beam.

170 . (Mar. 22). For a physical body physical subjects possess various degrees of density and permeability. The piece of a tree is dense, has the weight, volume and so on. For thin body subjects of the Thin World possess density, weight, volume and the permeability corresponding to structure of a thin body. For a bird and fish air and water too are to the corresponding their nature Wednes day. Therefore often the dead don't understand that they died as, thanks to identical refinement of their thin cover and refinement of a matter of the astral world, they don't feel this difference. They as well as on Earth, take subjects of that world in hand and use them by analogy to subjects terrestrial. As it is easy or difficult to them go, or climb up the mountain. But for spirits of higher, both prepared, and able to observe, features of the Thin World become obvious. And for them property of permeability of subjects and these features of their own cover and ways of movement are made available for application. The ordinary inhabitant of the Elevated World can stop before a wall or the mountain as before an obstacle, knowing will pass through them, as if they consist of air. As it can freely change and and the thin body, giving it any form. Freely it can both go, and run, both fly, and move will subjects, and change their form. Properties of the Thin World depend on a step of consciousness of his inhabitants and change depending on experience and knowledge of the person. It is possible to accustom with an originality of the extra dense World quickly enough if the consciousness allows and has enough accumulation. Brightness and reality of this world for the person are so convincing, as well as the world terrestrial, and even even more. Compliance of a matter of a thin cover with a matter of surrounding his environment deepens this reality to such an extent that about the world terrestrial there is no wish even to think or look at it. Each thought becomes visible reality and creates a visible environment of the person in addition to that already is. Experience научает to distinguish features of the phenomena created by thought, from other subjects and things of the Thin World, especially from thin doubles, or thin forms of that exists on Earth. How many works and efforts it is necessary put, build the house or the car, or the new invention to invest with a flesh, but there everything is created by thought without any physical tools and muscular efforts. Creates thought! Imperfection of creativity depends on imperfection of thought also. The artist can continue to create there fine pictures, but the mediocre painter far won't go. Terrestrial desires and aspirations create the corresponding forms. Attendants of Beauty, thinking about fine, decorate the World Thin with fine forms of thought.
171. (M. A. Y.). Why all external sostrong disturbs? Whether disturbs? Perhaps, doesn't disturb, and, on the contrary, promotes. After all all abilities and properties of all live organisms are developed only thanks to environment counteraction. Probably, despite all explanations, usefulness of difficulties and counteractions yet don't realize. The more strongly presses a press; it more squeezes out of oil seeds. Hothouse conditions are for hothouse plants, but not for life severe. The Teacher Wants see you strong and tempered by life. And that is intolerable heavy for the temporary and mortal personality, very well and is useful for spirit and development of the corresponding qualities by it.

172. (March 23). The law of life doesn't allow break free will of people. If then they yourself him break, then and of responsibility yourself bear. Actions human are generated by free will, but their results already are subject to a karma and free will, they generated, and avoid can't be. Thus, the free will forges freedom or slavery chain that is submission of a chain of causality, her created. It is very important to note and understand it. On thought this condition is very brightly illustrated. The person creates thought is within his power. He is free to create thought of any order, but is free until creativity process is finished. When the thought is issued and started up in space, it begins independent existence and influences the beget and surrounding already irrespective of, he wants that or not. To neutralize such thought, he has to create another, but already bigger potential. The same picture turns out and with all actions human: it has to settle their consequences on itself (himself), sooner or later, in this life or in others, in this world or in World Aboveground. The only freedom, which is always inalienable from the person, is a freedom of choice. Where it was, in whatever conditions it appeared, but to choose aspiration to Light or in darkness it is always free. Thus, the person can always turn from an evil track on Light way. Gift of free will which anybody and can take away nothing from the person consists in it. All influences which are made on it from outside press on conditions surrounding it, on his body or covers but if its spirit is strong and we won't break also free will his statement of inviolability and invulnerability of spirit made the purpose, there is nothing in the world that could break spirit. We see examples of such inflexible courage and firmness on life of those Great Spirits which Carried by the Light not go out through all life, and neither torments, nor sufferings, neither abuses, nor couldn’t prosecutions, all darkness, on them up in arms, break them. They Gave to people an example of inflexible firmness of spirit. Their free will triumphed over everything that counteracted and that rose on Them from all directions. Freedom of spirit undertakes and won by force in the course of titanic fight against darkness. The free will creates a light karma which becomes any more chains, but spirit wings.
173. (Guru). I call on fight with myself because against darkness it is necessary to win Light fight not only dark opposite of Light, but also, that is to win myself against that yet from Light, what not get rid and that doesn't correspond to those light clothes of spirit in which it is necessary to meet the victorious and shining future, judgment New to Aura mankind. So, fight on two fronts: one – inside, another – outside, but the internal front is more important, because to what a victory outside, if inside defeat. So we will collect all the forces for bilateral opposition to darkness and we will constantly remember a judgmend victory.

174. (March 24). The annual Festival of Hierarchy of Light has very great value in lives of a planet and influence on a further course of world events. It is the Holiday of intense association of all Powers of Light, connected with astrological position of Earth. Earth receives a cosmic spatial impulse in the form of inflow of the new energy which action extends for going year. And We Gather in the Tower collectively to accept these waves and further to direct them to demonstration already in spheres terrestrial. Waves of this inflow go on all Ladder of Hierarchy from top to bottom, strengthening its power and unification. And wherever there were Day breakers, they unite this day in uniform aspiration to Light, straining press networks of Light of the planetary. The protective network starts shining special tension. The impulse for new undertakings receives each consciousness turned to Focus. It is possible to postpone all usual cares and thoughts in these hours and heart to concentrate on the Stronghold, holding before itself the Highest that we have. Force thus the integrated consciousnesses are indestructible and are a strong stronghold against gloom and destruction forces. Powers of chaos and destruction can be stopped powerful association of Forges Light and creation. The old world is doomed. Light will win against darkness.

175. Revelry of darkness is caused by awareness of its hopelessness. Therefore they grab the extreme measures adjoining on madness. It any more fury of rage, but madness when the attendants of darkness doomed to destruction both their supporters and helpers apply the most suffocating methods and ways of destruction of life. Madness of the dark indicates proximity of the end. Observe attentively.

176. (March 26). When it is especially heavy on heart, consider that in space it is bad. The device of spirit can't but react to spatial trouble. Change it not in will of the certain person, because it is a consequence of many and difficult reasons. One I Can tells: at such moments you hold Me strong. The only anchor which can hold in any storm is an anchor of Hierarchy. World tension and disbalance all the time amplify. Not to be kept by own forces anymore. Ocean storm is anything in comparison with spatial; its epicenter – in the Thin World. Mistake will think that there now rest. There collision of pole is aggravated. Inhabitants of the Elevated World are involved in it also. Worlds, this and that are strained, but the main thing occurs in that. The current of events is defined by all Triad. But the decision they are in World Highest. Let's indulge in Hierarchy finally and irrevocably. Self-will is to anything. The destiny of a planet is decided. Commonplaces lose the sense if to separate them and to isolate from the main bed of the world current. The destiny of each certain person depends on all-planetary destiny. The person, being a world particle, can't separate itself from it. Anyway, but in the phenomena of world life part is taken by all. Think that it is possible to separate from it, having become isolated in a circle of personal interests or a wellbeing stupor. But hearts human start sounding on trouble of the world, subjects already dividing it and bearing on itself part of the Burden terrestrial. Hearts wake up to take part in the events. In whirlwinds of events are involved all and are attracted to Light or darkness poles, according to the nature. Not replying on attractions isn't present, and it manages the solution of destiny of each certain person. And everyone decides the destiny itself, because itself both the judge, and a solver. But the choice is free – to solve what of poles to direct and adjoin in this unusual time on a change of Eras.

177. (M. A.Y.).Y.). How time was strained, it doesn't prevent us to continue to move in once and for all accepted direction. Fluctuations and swaying are admissible and possible only to a known step. When the way is solved, there is no return back, and it excludes the instability phenomenon. How it was heavy, nevertheless it is possible to do always something the useful. Let it will be something small, but the mountain is formed of small grains of sand. And when all the time which is and will be, belongs to us, it is possible to accumulate spirit treasures quietly. And in heavy days we will try to make something useful for the public good. Perhaps, it is necessary to help someone. Perhaps, somewhere it is necessary to send thought of a victory. Perhaps, witch the Highest to strengthen threads of communication with the World. A lot of useful it is possible to create in days of world nagneteniye.

178. (Guru). Travelers of a boundless way are called so because an evolution way, the way of an ascension of spirit has no end. Each achievement, is as though high it was, shows that it has to follow new, higher. And where, at whatever step the winner, this step temporarily, it only an emphasis for further lifting realized himself. It is impossible to calm down on one achievement because to stop is means to start going down back. It is possible to move only forward. Back the way isn't present for the risen spirit. Thus very well also it is useful to realize the imperfections at this step that it is better to that to see perfection following which can appear imperfections for steps, higher. Condition and feeling of an ascension, constant and obligatory in all conditions and in all worlds, it is necessary to approve as the essence of life. It is the supreme duty of spirit before by itself. When the ascension is made on the Beam, advance becomes lightful, bringing the gifts to space.

179. (March 27). Persuasive dirty thoughts show that the thought is not abstraction, but reality that it possesses force, capable to resist, and is besides very persistent, to strong-willed effort to be exempted from it. The thought grows in space, and to the energy enclosed by her creator, energy of growth is added still, and eventually it is possible to receive on itself the giant of the evil which has grown from thought, in the beginning the more or less weak. Each its return to the poroditel and a combination to it, that is its acceptance in consciousness, increases its potential while it so won't increase that will already absolutely seize the poroditel. Therefore it is necessary to struggle with similar thoughts while they yet didn't seize will of the person. It is impossible to give them the new food, a new food, even for short time. Because, having become impregnated and having received a new charge, they again will go to space to return again. All of them will wait for the creator at the Threshold in the Thin World to show it the account and to demand a place in his consciousness when it will be exempted from a body. Light and pure thoughts will uplift, but dark is cast into the gloom abyss. It is necessary to understand this hidden reality and power of thoughts and that fight against them isn't easy. It is easier not to allow thoughts of a known order, than, having allowed, to subdue them. All people act under the influence of thoughts. The thought usually precedes each conscious movement of the person. Without thought it is impossible. The thought is a great gift of evolution to people, it is creative strength of mind. Danger arises when this force directs the person on the evil. The will has to seize thoughts and take them under control. The person was given the power over any flesh, as well as over a thought matter. Not the person has to become the slave to the thoughts, but their lord. This understanding of a superiority of spirit over a matter of thoughts demands especially deep understanding. It gives also strength to seize that by the nature is subject and subordinated to the person. The creator of thought is always stronger than the creation if he understands hierarchical relationship of this order of the phenomena. Only the neoconsciousness of value of a primogeniture of spirit and its superiority over all of them created leads to shameful and weak-willed slavery of the person at the thoughts. The purpose of evolution of spirit – to bring it to power over a matter of the dense, Thin and Fiery World and to make the lord of all three worlds.

180. (Guru). All antigoing – outside, spirit – inside. It isn't vulnerable anything external, even that goes from covers investing it or through them. The Otdelennost from covers should be realized sooner or later because all of them will be dumped, but there will be a spirit. Kernel of spirit eternally, covers временны. With destruction and death of covers it isn't destroyed and the spirit doesn't die. When the consciousness is transferred to spirit area, it immortal becomes conscious. It also will be a step of uninterrupted consciousness which is Arhat's fiery achievement.

181. (March 28). Suzhdennoye rapprochement of the worlds compels to stop on this question more often and more deeply. The world terrestrial is available to human understanding, the World Thin – only in insignificant degree. Therefore also it is necessary to stop on it so often and long. Density of population of this last in many, many times exceeds the terrestrial. The approximate ratio can be established, knowing that Elevated Stay is much longer, than on Earth, and that razvoploshchenny essence pass there. It is necessary to be ready to meeting there a great number of people of various eras and nationalities and all shades of skin. It is possible to become puzzled before this variety and those remnants of thinking which were brought by them with themselves and which leave marks on their forms of thought, and everyone finds to itself(himself) a place on compliance. It is impossible even to imagine, these places or space layers in which spirits are distributed conformable by it how are various and various. Everyone finds on itself(himself) and is attracted uncontrollably. Who to what directed, that both finds desirable and is attracted to it. From here becomes clear, desires and the aspirations of the person approved by it on Earth are how important. Directed to knowledge will receive it, directed to Light will see it, directed in darkness the darkness and will absorb. The aspiration here becomes there the mighty motive force, bringing spirits to experience or the desirable purpose. But the aspiration to terrestrial objects, either emotions, or desires though involves the person in the world of forms corresponding to these desires, but doesn't give satisfaction due to the lack of a physical body. From here Tantalum torments. The condition in Devachan exempts from torments, but doesn't exempt from illusions. Arkhat's fiery consciousness is exempted from illusions of all worlds and lives cognition of fiery reality. Imagine inhabitant Devachan shipped in subjective experiences of delight and happiness while actually in the world of terrestrial and Thin so many sufferings and there are so much needing the help. Those relatives to it souls which he sees happy in the devachansky dreams suffer, perhaps. Employees of Hierarchy of Light stay in continuous works, thus keep clarity of the consciousness exempted from any illusions.

182. (M. And. Й. ) . To the dream phenomenon after death of a physical body it is necessary to treat as need, so inevitable and necessary, as well as a dream usual the ordinary terrestrial inhabitant. The dream is a rest and opportunity to derive new strength. People are tired both on Earth, and the worlds and need rest, especially before change of elevated conditions, that is upon transition, say, from the world astral to the world mental. In the same way and at the birth to the world the dense person plunges into a condition of unconsciousness. Plunging into a usual terrestrial dream, the person isn't afraid of itself to lose, in the same way and the dream periods in elevated conditions don't threaten the person with life loss. These phenomena the Law of great expediency operates.

183. (Guru). The aspiration to Light is firmer and more persistent, the environment counteraction is stronger. On force of counteraction it is possible to judge power of aspiration to Light. Whether it is possible to be surprised, what there are so much attempts from everywhere somehow to violate movement up? They only serve as the certificate to the hardness of the decision to go on the way, despite everything. To each such certificate we will be glad, after all it is milestones of a way and the proof of that it is chosen truly.

184. (March 29). The purpose of each test consists in that through a victory over it to increase spirit, to become stronger than it that it didn't break balance and didn't influence the hardness and a progress rhythm. And when such force of opposition is developed inside, test stops. To rejoice to tests – means to understand their sense and expediency as spirit engines. It was already spoken about it so much, and still, when they come, everything is forgotten, and the person will manage both to be saddened, and to be afflicted, and to show discontent. Where here to think of pleasure. So life disperses from standards of behavior which the pupil has to approve. The only way to be exempted from undesirable test is to stand him successfully.

185 . (M. And. Й. ) . Cognition of reality exempts the person from many unnecessary heaps. This release comes without couriers of the thoughts which simply as a result have been correctly apprehended and approved Bases of the Doctrine of Life. So, for example, understanding of two worlds and brevity of stay in the world terrestrial exempts from feeling of property or, in any case, puts things on a place belonging to them. Gradually the consciousness напитывается understanding of life both terrestrial, and elevated also draws from this the conclusions defining behavior of the person in the usual worlds. Growth of consciousness is imperceptible, but consequences of this growth it is available. Only the expanded consciousness leads to synthesis. And synthesis furnishes the clue from an entrance to a gate of Intimate Knowledge.

186. (Guru). It is possible to judge the value of thought on that, it ennobles or belittles, clarifies consciousness or saddens. Torments past to anything. Grief or pleasure about itself give to the Teacher and you remember that it is easier the robber and мытарю to enter into Light Kingdom, than of that who considers itself(himself) perfect and worthy and is proud of the virtues.

187. (March 31). "The silver tear" means readiness to meet any tests without complaints, exasperation, discontent and the other feelings stopping advance of spirit. It is one aspect of quality of readiness. Let's consider another. If unexpectedly to shoot over an ear of the person, it will cause shock or very strong shock. If to foreknow that the shot will be or that it is possible, shock almost won't be. The Ozhidannost of this or that phenomenon excludes or strongly reduces possibility of a shock. The shock surprise can be avoided anticipation or readiness of consciousness for everything that it can provide. It also will be readiness not only for surprises, but also in general to all and any phenomena of life. This readiness can be brought up and approved by will. The tranquillity and balance will be its basis. On a wave of readiness it is possible to meet any surprises or tests quietly. It is possible to adjust constantly consciousness or strong and unshakably to adjust it once and for all. It means surprise to turn into an ozhidannost. Shock of surprise is very painful. It will paralyze will and deprives of the person of security. Such degree of readiness to meet quietly any circumstances can be approved in itself. It is useful in any worlds, and especially in Thin. It will serve as a strong armor to spirit.

188. (Guru). When it is very dark, a reference point, ukazuyushchy the correct direction, the being shone compass can serve. Such compass is heart if in it there is Light. And how it was dark, it nevertheless указует a way true. The love to the Chosen Image too lives in heart. The aspiration too is concentrated in it. And when outside there is nothing that would remind of the suzhdenny future, heart nevertheless will bring to it through all obstacles and barriers. "Heart is given as a leading magnet" to the Highest World. Therefore also Zapovedoval Uchitel to go the heart road.

189 . (Apr. 2). Evolution isn't considered with forms in which life is shown, and destroys them in billions to replace new. In the same way it isn't considered and with creation of hands human, sooner or later destroying them everything. Life forms die, but life continues to exist. The creations of his hands created by the person collapse, but their thin form passes to the World Thin. And if it decorates and serves evolution, it remains is more or less long if isn't present, collapses and there. Upon transition by the New Era the destructions happening in the Thin World, are huge. The whole constructions not corresponding to a new step of evolution will be swept away. I speak not about Akasha's chronicle, but about forms of mental creative activity of the person, not conformable with Epokhoy Maytreyi. The astral world abounds with such heaps. Clarification of a planet and spheres, it surrounding, will concern also this area, and already concerns considerably. Often revolution as the cleaning whirlwind, will sweep away the stiffened thin constructions. In parallel with changes terrestrial a lot of things change in the conditions of the Thin World, at least, in that its part which reflects terrestrial layers and that is created and under construction the person. In process of evolution of structures and creations of hands human their thin reflection in Mira Nadzemnom changes also. Besides, creativity of the Thin World in which his inhabitants who have left the world dense, too take part changes depending on consciousness expansion. And that the modern person creates there and is created by the person, say, a bronze age, one very differs from another. Process of evolution mentions all parties of space. Responsibility of the person for products of the creativity in all worlds is great. The artist, the poet and the writer, creating fine images of Beauty, can be absolutely quiet. Beauty forms, conformable evolutions, decorate with themselves all spheres in which are shown. The fine picture can burn down, but the thin form will continue to decorate it the Thin World. But thought all create people. It is possible to imagine as responsibility of the person for those forms of thought which he creates is great. Understanding of the responsibility before space will be a new step of evolutionary advance of mankind in the future.

190. (M. And. Й. ) . It is so important to approve on Earth communication of the person and mankind with the Highest World. The consciousness which has been torn off from it, stiffens and stiffens in the movement. All trouble which is observed on Earth, occurs from violation of this communication. The world the Highest – is that sphere where the projection of evolution of a planet is forged. Not the standard religiousness or recognition of the stiffened doctrines, but following to calls and commands of evolution is this hidden communication with the Highest Spheres. Thus, by this communication also is defined, whether the mankind follows evolution Real. It is possible to call the requirement of evolution expression of Space Will. Before it named Volya Boga. But it isn't words, and in effect understanding of the phenomenon of evolution and its indissoluble communication with world space processes. In understanding, free from any restrictions, able to belittle it.

191. (Guru). At definition of an evolutionary step of the people be guided not by that is written or told, and, whether there is it with evolution or against it. No external forms of its beliefs can acquit him in the opinion of history if forces of the people are directed to a delay of evolutionary advance of mankind. Where the country keeps in line with a current of an evolutionary stream, there is an execution of commands of Space Will. On this sign also you judge. Obscurantists and opponents of Light very much like to be covered with the highest concepts, but put them, being accompanied cruelty, a chelovekonenavistnichestvo, bloodshed and means of mass destruction of life, not only human, but also vegetable, and animal, obviously testify that these enemies of Light, the nature and mankind represent themselves. Our homeland of the Teacher Call the New Country, the Leading Country because it goes together with an evolutionary wave.

192. (Apr. 3). When people adjoin with each other, always there is an interchange of energiya. Aurichesky radiations enter interaction. It is easy to imagine degree and nature of these contacts, knowing at least approximately an emotional condition and thoughts of their participants. The rage, irritation, envy, lie and all other similar feelings will give a repellent picture of interchange of the negative energiya disfiguring auras. All good positive feelings and goodwill will strengthen auras mutually and will lift a svetonosnost of radiations. If only people understood, they how many lose at mutual hostility and not goodwill. Certainly, the light and kind aura too loses in the svetonosnost at contact with dark and angry, but thus it should be noted that the evil doesn't increase, and decreases because it is to some extent repaid by aura light. At mutual hostility the evil, on the contrary, increases and increases in the tension. This interchange of aurichesky radiations has very great value in life of people. It bears with itself(himself) pleasure or a grief, an illness or health, tranquillity or alarm, concern or fear. Even Mahatmas Are ill at long contact with disgarmonichesky or hostile auras of human groups if are compelled to contact with them. Each Carrier Sveta Znayet from experience as far as people degauss. Therefore the question of self-defense is important extraordinary. Besides spatial loading it is necessary to bear and discharge burden human. Everyone suitable, though unconsciously, nevertheless seeks to take and gather from energy of light radiations. Some do it especially persistently and dexterously, without giving itself the clear report why them so attracts to a certain person. People a lot of things know Podsoznatelno. Even the dog knows, what grass he should eat when gets sick. The first step of self-defense is not to allow to catch negative emotions, feelings and thoughts of the interlocutor, in every way seeking to keep balance and a light condition of the aura. The second – stability and tension of a protecting network are maintained by continuous conscious communication with Hierarchy of Light. This question is difficult. Let's concern it yet time. But, the main thing, you store friendliness and kind mood of consciousness.

193. (M. And. Й. ) . You appreciate people who give you pleasure and bring the world. Usually people both sadden, and disturb, and weaken. The coordinated auras powerfully strengthen each other. The first condition for mutually strengthening is a coherence. You know how seldom it happens. You know that it is reached for a long time. Coherence hierarchical, that is coherence up through Hierarchy will be the highest form of coherence. Coherence with the Teacher and coherence between pupils belongs already to coherence hierarchical. The silver Thread is kept by coherence.

194. (Guru). You are convinced everyday, what fine school life. What rich food it gives for reflections. It would seem that good can give conversation hours-long burdening and unnecessary you, but the consciousness draws the conclusions, the consciousness reflects and enriches itself with new stays. And encumbrance is a payment for receiving new experience and knowledge.

195. (M. And. Й. ) . It is possible to feel how the directed warm thought прободает the space and establishes connection with the Chosen Spirit. So the communication channel breaks in space. It becomes stronger constancy and a rhythm. In work takes ardent part heart. The love generates the powerful energy which isn't knowing barriers in the worlds. Both time, and space are won by it. It can't but cause a response to the call. The High Spirit on love call, to It turned Can't but reply. At the spirit world the laws. The love law – the highest. The hierarchy of Light is the uniform powerful monolith the love will be which binding force.

196. (Guru). When you represent yourself free in space, naturally there is a question where to direct. Certainly, first of all, to Light Center, to the Stronghold, that already later and already from there as from starting point, to choose the desirable direction. If to break it and at first somewhere to direct consciousness, it is possible to come off Focus and even to get to undesirable layers of space and to be attracted to the phenomena of unexpected character. The aspiration to Focus of Light exempts from dangers of aimless wanderings and the correct channelizes. The channels dug in advance by constancy and a rhythm of aspiration, will help to move freely in the chosen direction. Where the spirit which at all doesn't know where to direct will go?

197 . (Apr. 5). Chaos and raznovesy – the phenomena very close. Dark cause chaos to bring raznovesy in consciousnesses of people. Fight with raznovesiy becomes fight against darkness. Balance is the force capable противостать to forces of decomposition, destruction and a raznovesiya. No reasons can excuse assumptions a raznovesiya. Only own tranquillity and balance can destroy these reasons. But it is almost impossible to fight with them if it is allowed raznovesy if the tranquillity didn't manage to be kept. It is necessary to understand that balance and tranquillity – the best protection against powers of darkness. Also it is necessary to acquire practically that pity and sympathy are unacceptable if they break balance and plunge consciousness into a hole of a gloomy clouding and send the person to the power to dark influences. Better, without feeling such pity and sympathy, light-and firmly to help the one who needs the help, than to get into a hole of despair at the same time to whom it has to be rendered. It is necessary to arrive so not to multiply darkness. When the darkness is forced, the equilibrium state becomes need. At Us the invincible tranquillity and balance not broken by anything because violation would cause them accident reigns. As often balance violation in a human body causes fatal heart diseases. How many people perish from heart troubles. Allowing in consciousness darkness, and behind it and power of chaos and decomposition, people lose balance that first of all is reflected on body health. Harmonious mutually activity of body organs and their functions is broken. Mental and physical a neuravnovesiya are connected closely. One generates another. It is necessary to be protected from invasion of chaos by all measures, all ways. Not for the sake of itself and the wellbeing, but for the sake of people and space it is necessary to conduct this fight. You can imagine, what force of balance if Lords Sent the pupils to the districts threatened by earthquakes or other natural disasters. Energy of a human microcosm and elements too are connected closely. Mastering by elements – a space task to mankind. Elements яро are expressed in a human body. And before passing to mastering by elements in planetary scale, they should be seized in an own microcosm. Agni Yogoy's mastering leads to mastering in itself elements of fire. Seized elements of fire already easily seizes also all other because the elements of fire are higher than others. Without mastering by it it is impossible to reach those tops, which суждены to the person. Agni Yoga is a key and Call of the New Era, Epokhi Maytreyi, the Era of Fire, the Era of transformation of a planet and the mankind staying on it.

198. Victory at any cost. Victory – that it costed. Victory by all means. Other decision isn't present and can't be. Such consciousness also go to the future. Now the gloom over a planet was condensed so that everything sank in darkness, and it is necessary to collect all strength of mind to come out the winner from collision with darkness. Not dark, but powers of chaos threaten a planet. Emphasis of Hierarchy of Light – on the New Country. It bears on herself burden of this world. . The task facing it, – to bring mankind to Space Ways of Evolution, difficult extraordinary. Ivan Stotysyachny bears an unreasonable Burden. But for that the victory will be more nice.

199. (M. And. Й. ) . Whether you understand, what huge, immense field of work lies before you. You know a lot of things. But hundreds millions don't know. And it is necessary that knowledge of Bases joined all. How many works it is necessary to put in this world and in illuminating the ignorant. Being exempted from a body, people don't become it is better, is wiser. Otritsateli lives lose also that had. We work and in this world, and in that. Sets need food for spirit. Without having it, choke in own generations. It is necessary to prepare itself for infinite work among mankind. It is necessary to prepare itself to become employees Sil Sveta. How many efforts it is necessary to make to show this readiness and spirit, and a body.

200. (Guru). Work for the public good remains work, but it is necessary to pay off on old personal scores and it is necessary personally to the debtor. Nobody can exempt from payment of old karmic debts. On the one hand, it is necessary to bear a karma cross, with another – to work, carrying out Business of the Lord. Also it is necessary that one didn't disturb another. Often external conditions can't be changed because of karmic consequences, and then work for the Teacher becomes complicated need to distract on process of repayment of a karma. It can be facilitated and accelerated. The conscientious attitude to a karma very much helps advance. Karma – fetters and chains, a karma – wings and Light directed. Different karmas happen, but they are created by free will of the person.

201. (Apr. 6). We Recognize compassion and sympathy only effective when it is expressed in the active help to the person or an animal. Verbal the sympathy, being limited only words, often border on hypocrisy or indifference. They can be justified only when go from heart that is when the help appears delivery of warm energy. Such help too will be effective. It is sometimes much easier to help external actions, than to spend mental energy.

1968 202. (M. And. Й. ) . The aspiration to Focus is necessary because, the farther from it, the density of beams becomes more scattered, but at approach they amplify. Especially in big cities this absent-mindedness of Light is great, sparks reach only, and is far not to all. The aspiration to Light focuses them and creates the brightened-up atmosphere. Light can be condensed and strengthened. Light is attracted from space. The magnet of consciousness can work, using attraction force. Each thought causes Light or darkness, the magnet human so works. Don't imagine as the microcosm human is difficult. And how many it is necessary to study and learn still! On a wave of continuous studying and cognition adjusts itself going. This mood proceeds in all worlds. It undertakes with herself to the World Thin where all opportunities extend. The pupil, that is learning, remains to them everywhere and always, because before him boundlessness, that is a way of boundless cognition of the world, a way which has no end.
203 . (Guru). Even you are surprised to that everyday there is a receipt of the new thoughts expanding and enriching former perceptions. It occurs from constancy of contact. The thought possesses ability to grow. The thought directed to Light, acquires Light elements. And the thought turned into darkness, acquires elements of darkness. Both thoughts магнитны. Magnet of a pole of Light and magnet of a pole of darkness constantly in operation. It is important to know to which to direct. The conscious aspiration strengthens an attraction. The chosen pole of Light perhaps is quiet for the future because Light is infinite, but is limited and certainly darkness. Those who chose a darkness pole, finally are doomed to death and destruction because eternal life is life of Light and in Light.
204 . (M. And. Й. ) . The free will, karma and Space Terms cause mankind advance in the future. When there came the prosperity periods, they corresponded to cyclic terms. Everyone the South leaves the mark on a tide of life of the people. Now transitional heavy time from Cali to Satia Yuge. And all terrestrial events are made under the sign of this transition. It is impossible to expect that it will be made without serious consequences and instantly. The free will of people and izzhivayemy karma of the past bring the streams in a course of a course of evolution. Hard time. New energy cause the special tension and a nagneteniye of events. Everything which is subject to clarification and processing, has to fuse and be cleared or become Space litter. Destinies of participants of a world mystery of life are decided.

205. (Guru). Deduction of own balance will be the first victory over aggravating circumstances. It having held, it is possible already to try to change and the circumstances, but at all before or when it is already broken. The teacher Told that "nobody will resist against balance", but never Spoke about force a raznovesiya, that is about that condition of consciousness when balance is broken and the device of spirit shows the powerlessness and vulnerability. The success in fight against counteracting conditions or aggravating circumstances is determined by extent of preservation of balance also. It consider in the course of fight against them.

206. (Apr. 8). It is possible to talk to animals, to plants, and especially to flowers, and it is possible to talk even to subjects and things, filling them with good aura. Sacred subjects weren't in the beginning sacred, but thoughts and addresses of people made them those. Everything indicates it the communication existing between the person and everything that it surrounds, as well as that it, being a being fiery, through elements of fire influences a matter, which too after all in a basis the fiery. When from a stone the spark is cut, it serves as the proof of that, as in a stone fire is hidden. Reaction of compound of metal sodium with water is accompanied by fire flashes. After all atoms consist of a kernel and electrons, particles of a being shone matter. The atom center – too ognenno a pulsing kernel. Thus, about the fiery basis of a matter many proofs also aren't required. Both heart of the person, and heart of atom vibrate or pulse fiery energy. From here both affinity between the person and a stone and opportunity to influence a matter. The aura of the person influences, and the especially strongly concentrated thought influences. The thought can be destructive and creative. About unhealthy aura flowers quickly perish. About unhealthy aura of the person things which he on itself(himself) carries quickly become useless, all is short-lived also that surrounds him. Thus, mental, or fiery, energy of the person bears in itself properties creative, life-giving, well influencing everything that round him, or, on the contrary, decomposing its environment that they concerned. The fiery nature of healthy aura and light thoughts very much promotes long preservation as things, and clothes. At some people wearable things literally burn, and it doesn't mean that it is fiery people, but even on the contrary. Destruction and the evil – the phenomena which are very close each other. It is possible to talk to things and subjects, strengthening their durability. One people – old men in thirty years, others keep cheerfulness nearly to hundred. It is possible to wonder: why? The question is actual because a lot of attention is paid by science to a problem of extension of life. Happens and so, what even in a relatively young body something in the sphere of mentality shows all signs of an old age, or, on the contrary, in an old and weak body the spirit is young and vigorous and full of vital energy. It is necessary to think of much before learning to prolong human life. The science of the future will open doors in this wonderful area.

207. (M. And. Й. ) . Many confusing, interfering and stirring thoughts can appear on a rapprochement way with the Lord and us. How to be with them? They can seem the very convincing. How to be protected from them and to neutralize them? It is necessary to do nothing. It is necessary to put simply them aside and to pass by them the same as you pass by the different subjects standing on the parties of the road on which you go. Movement proceeds as if would happen nothing. And then the casual thoughts, risen a barrier, but thus set aside aside, won't stop a way. Bases are unshakable. The hierarchy isn't shaken and not рушима by anything, and nothing can stop a way of spirit which solved this way forever.

208. (Guru). It is a lot of not reaching. Imagine the traveler who has gone to distant travel, to very far purpose. Imagine that it stopped in the roadside settlement, got acquainted there with people, entered into their life and interests and so plunged into all this that forgot about travel and about the purpose far. Whether such traveler will reach the planned purpose? Whether there will be interests, it surrounded, desires to go further are stronger? Whether will decay and whether distant calls will die in his heart? Everything can be, and all may be. And so often happens. Therefore and there are a lot of not reaching.

209. (Apr. 9). We Determine value of the person by that, he is valuable to evolution or not, and according to it we Help. If all energy of the person go on channels of personal, egoistical interests, in case of assistance our forces will spill in vain because all personal, small is doomed. But if the figure is useful to General Welfare, We Help even when he is far from our Doctrine. Our help appears widely. Both inventors, and writers, both attendants of art, and public, and religious figures often receive the help from Us. Among dim auras of people of Earth We Find what start being shone to direct them and to help. We have many assistants in all worlds. The troops of Light is rather numerous, among them position close to Hierarchy is held by pupils. The part them lives in Ashrams, both dense, and Thin the worlds, the part is in the world and takes active part in affairs of both worlds. Especially important role is played by our envoys. They usually carry out missions of historical value and bear our Instructions. The stronghold and Brotherhood live and work for the sake of mankind and its benefit.

1968 210. (M. And. Й. ) . When we live on Earth, are obliged to be engaged in terrestrial affairs and to fulfill the duty in relation to people, a family and society. How took the Doctrine and how the aspiration to the Distant Worlds was strong, it is impossible to leave Earth. Here also balance between terrestrial and elevated aspirations of the person, between spiritual and material is required. Full immersion in a matter stops spirit ways. The full separation from Earth deprives spirit of opportunity to gain the most valuable experience terrestrial for the sake of which it and comes to Earth. Ability to establish balance between a body and spirit, ability to find golden mean, or a median way, will be the correct solution of life.

211. (Apr. 10). We Speak about Beauty because the disgrace will be its antipode. The upper class of the Thin World is saturated with Beauty and its images. The lowest, on the contrary – images ugly and repellent. Service to the fine creates round the person and the corresponding mental educations, and a magnetic attraction to conformable them to space spheres. Angrily, as that, ugly, and the evil thinking disfigures the forms those spheres in which it is shown. Externally the lie and hypocrisy can be accompanied by a false smile, but their thin images will be very unattractive. Their creator will appear in their environment when will get to the world of these educations. Service fine is favorable to the attendant because connects it with Light. We want to teach people to withdraw from life any disgrace: both in thoughts, and in feelings, and in affairs, and acts, and that they create the hands. We want that the Beauty became the leading principle of life. We want that human relations became too fine. Unless violence, murders, crimes and defects are combined with Beauty? But feat perhaps the fine. The beauty of spirit will be the highest achievement of the person. At an end step the beauty of spirit is combined with beauty of a body. Both dense, and thin forms become really fine. On High Planets people are very beautiful, their environment is beautiful: dwellings, clothes, use subjects. All this corresponds to a step of beauty of spirit. The beauty there is expression of essence of the person. Also there are there no the diseases tormenting and disfiguring a body. It is difficult even to imagine, what changes will happen on Earth when people will direct to approve Beauty in life. The inhabitants of city slums surrounded with a disgrace, dirt and stench, are a shame on conscience of those who allows such phenomena. Everything who lives in the best conditions are responsible for them. There comes time of need of transformation of ugly living conditions the terrestrial.
212 . (M. And. Й. ) . If to spend at least one day, conforming the behavior and thoughts with representation about fine, it will be very useful. First of all it will be found out that a lot of things in life usual are contrary to Beauty. And if to take a detached view of itself, and impartially to look, it will appear that one of Space Bases – Beauty – яро and is cruelly trampled by the ordinary. How to enter into the Garden Fine if not to follow the Beauty track? It can be brought in use. It is possible to decorate with it both feelings, and thoughts. It can serve, in whatever conditions there was a person.

213. (Apr. 11). The words "poor in spirit" are understood incorrectly. Ordinary beggars know that they want. They know what need: who in food, who in clothes, who in a shelter, who in something another. And they constantly ask. They thirst and алчут for they don't have what, and "poor in spirit" means the person too thirsty and thirsting constantly, but thirsting and thirsty spiritually, and constantly directed, asking and wanting receiving spiritual gifts, spiritual stays, spiritual achievements. Such spiritual aspiration and thirst will have satisfaction. The magnetic law of aspiration gives to spirit the desirable. Such poor in spirit isn't a pettiness, there is no poverty sincere, there is no that spiritually insignificant and poor person about whom It is told that that has will be taken away from the poor also. It is impossible to put spiritually poor person, but looking for and thirsting gifts of spirit, on an equal basis with a spiritual pettiness, nothing wanting and not aspiring to any spiritual stays. The difference is great. The thought of the Teacher is expressed clearly and precisely.

214. The compassion and sympathy as the structure of words shows, mean sufferings and experiences at the same time the person to whom the compassion is turned. Compassion in words and sympathy in language are equivalent to hypocrisy and lie because don't express that is enclosed in these concepts. The valid compassion, assisting, assumes to some extent sufferings of the being needing this help. It also will be true compassion. Rendering such valid help, the person assumes burden of the neighbor and, having taken them, facilitates foreign sufferings. Rendering such help, it is necessary to be ready to renounce something, as though assuming part of others karma, as though paying on the account something special for a good deed. It is impossible to render to the real help, something without having renounced. Therefore such help is called sacrificial. If the person gives nothing and something doesn't endow from itself, the help such is equal to zero. Even at simple sympathy it is necessary to give part of warmth or energy of heart that verbal sympathy became valid. Therefore, assisting, even mental, it is necessary to have this condition and ready to be valid to renounce something and to assume something. It is told: "Help always and everywhere where the thought" can fly by, but at the same time the Teacher Assists not to all and not always. Manage to understand these antiprovisions and to adopt them in consciousness without a contradiction.
215 . (M. And. Й. ) . The help the strongest – in the spirit of. It keep in mind and you remember that, giving, you receive, and the donation always means new receipt of the spent force. Distribution of gifts of spirit externally isn't visible to an eye, but leakage of forces is felt obviously. Given-out expediently mental energy quickly is restored. But commensurability in its delivery has to be observed. Devastation of a treasury dangerously. Harm will cover the best parcel. You know, the space and how many poison around is how pumped. One are ready to exhaust unconsciously others energy, others are ready to do it consciously, the third rage flare, that it угасить. It is necessary to be яро on the guard. When the treasury is devastated, the person is defenseless.

216. (Guru). The prayer rises, the address rises, the aspiration rises. In total energy, proceeding from the person, consciously go up to Uniform Focus of Light. And then the echo and the answer to the address or call turn out. Call and response – one, but the aspiration sent to Focus, establishes with it magnetic connection. It is impossible to sit and indulge in vain hopes. The active aspiration is necessary. Not the Teacher Comes, but come is directed to the Teacher. The teacher Comes when the aspiration to It reaches the necessary degree of force and luminosity.

217 . (Apr. 12). Immersion in the past is undesirable, but check of to that was once, is necessary. Such check finds out that is perfect изжито and doesn't mention an astral that lost the force and the power over consciousness and already any more doesn't attract to itself, and that still vividly and awakes the fallen asleep feelings and desires. After all Thin it is necessary to enter the World, having exempted from terrestrial gravitations and memoirs which bind hand and foot of the person. It isn't necessary to speak about good feelings and the attitude towards people, they do nobody harm. But about bad it is necessary to think because they specify that else it is necessary to overcome in itself. Especially the rage and hatred to people burden and connect spirit. The chains of hatred tying hating people to each other are strong and strong. All dark feelings connect participants them between themselves. Very painfully and painfully from them in Mira Tonkom. It is necessary to finish all this scores on Earth. Forgiving something to someone makes favorable business because exempts itself from dependence on these wreckers and need to be attached to them exactly thanks to the neizzhity feelings. And on Earth this coherence can be very strong, but on Earth it is easier to be exempted from it. On Earth it is possible to depart from the offender and even to go to other place, but the magnetic attraction of thin bodies to each other there works and forces them, at reciprocity of such feelings, to be together against their will and desire. In general any release from all small and big feelings of malevolence gives to spirit wings. It is necessary to finish terrestrial accounts on Earth.

218. Also it isn't necessary to be confused if the past still attracts with something as it shows what exactly is subject to an izzhivaniye. Would be much worse not to know, what unexpectedness of last inclinations can arise in the future, and be against them not armed. All these enemies of advance of spirit, and the enemy it is necessary to know and study that with it successfully to fight and win. Already one knowledge of an otioseness in Mira Nadzemnom of terrestrial desires and about impossibility to satisfy them gives in hands the weapon with them to fight and not to allow their emergence. After all the past what it was uyavleno actually in the dense world, doesn't exist any more: everything changed, its participants, and consciousness grew old or died, plunging into the past and something enduring, deals with ghosts which aren't present. Maya of the past can order to recede.

219. (M. And. Й. ) . Yes, you are right, about the worlds the astral and Thin is spoken within the legal. A lot of things are simpler, than it seems, and closer much. It is impossible to tell about much because knowledge it will bring not benefit, but harm. How? As it is exact as the knowledge of nuclear energy threatens a planet with unprecedented accident as it is turned into the evil. For this reason the Ban on some areas of Intimate Knowledge is imposed. Also there is nobody even to ask to receive the answer to questions interesting so sharply. But I can calm: time will come – and you will know. In the Thin World it is easier to increase greatly and expand knowledge.

220 . (Apr. 14). Through mastering by and through the power over the person comes to the power over over what he wants it to approve. It is possible to begin and continue this statement in any conditions because it is process internal which can go regardless of the fact that occurs outside. Usually the person – the slave to the moods. Moods change spontaneously which has obviously expressed reflex character. The person simply submits to influences or from people, either space, or own reflexes. But his will can interfere with this current. It is possible, having put aside any mood, to create own, opposite this, independent of it and constructed by creative imagination and will. The world which above usual understanding, from the outside won't come. It will come from within, from spirit depths. But it should be called, it should be issued in consciousness power of imagination, and besides without reckoning neither with moods of people around, nor with something going from outside. Mentally ill people can live own moods and emotions, regardless of the surrounding. Really the healthy, normal person, having called the will and desire, it can't be protected from negative or dark impacts. Interior – its kingdom. In it he if understands can freely dispose that the higher authority in this kingdom belongs unseparably to it. Wants to call the world – will approve the world, wants tranquillity – will approve tranquillity, wants pleasure – will approve pleasure. It brings a strong-willed stream in the reflex current of the moods, directing them effort of will. To be a weather vane for others winds doesn't beseem the winner. The wind will be let, created by his own will. Ordinary people usually live, consciously or unconsciously submitting either to own reflexes, or the influences made on them from everywhere. And you think nobody volume that, at least in, in an own microcosm, to approve the power over. How to maintain balance if not to call the will for action? How not to become a market clockwork doll which everyone can pull threads of reflexes if over them not to approve the will? The person – the lord of the power. The power is given it over any flesh, that is a matter, from the beginning of times. But after all in the right of inheritance, space inheritance, it is necessary to enter, and in it to be approved, and to make it conscious, knowing that this space right is integral. It is better to lose everything, but to get this right, than to get the whole world, it, that is space this right, having lost. Many look for any other ways to this power. Many want to find it in magic, in any mysterious formulas of the secret knowledge, many want to receive it from someone, many in the power of the terrestrial look for the solution of this question. But the way to power of spirit lies only through itself because the person, the person, with all his amazing inner world, and is this way. The formula of achievement of power of spirit remains to the same, and this formula says: "That wins all who will manage to win against itself (himself)".

221. (M. And. Й. ) . All currents of space are sent to the winner. It begins them созвучать, having established this accord from within. It starts cooperating with space, the virtuoso musician, perfectly knowing a musical scale both causing desirable sounds and the whole symphonies. Agni Yog plays on space currents. Mastering by brings it to spatial power and does him by the employee of Space forces. From space invitingly it is possible to take not only pleasure and to begin to sound on its wave, from space it is possible to cause fire. Mastering by fire of space is the highest achievement of the person. Prometheus symbol is infinitely deep.

222. (Guru). You can suffer and be subjected to difficult tests, you can rejoice or be indignant, you can enter into communication with different people, you can live here or there, you can be young or old, healthy or sick; whether a little that can be and can happen, but study you are obliged everywhere and always, if you the pupil. It needs to be remembered strong and lives to seek to learn lessons from everything. It is necessary to be adjusted on a key of a constant apprenticeship. Time and tide wait for no man. The employees, going a track of a conscious apprenticeship are necessary to us.

223. (Apr. 15). Mastering by we will understand widely. After all it is necessary to seize not only the moods, but also a physical body and its functions, it is necessary to seize bodies astral, thin and fiery, the word – all the microcosm. To time for it it is given absolutely enough. If to sum up to that is made in this direction for one life, for one embodiment, becomes obvious that achievement of this purpose will require many lives in all worlds and on all plans. The traveler on a way to boundlessness understands that the eternity has absolutely enough for any achievements if the direction is chosen correctly, each step on it approaches to the purpose. And anchors can be thrown far forward. Certainly, important extraordinary, that in this direction all microcosm of the person moved. If the spirit is torn forward, and the astral looks back back and demands the, symmetry of movement is broken. The microcosm human becomes the house divided in. Therefore all covers are given to submission to spirit and one leading idea. Let's call it idea of Service to Light, Services not small, but Great. When all being of the person submits to this idea, it becomes the leader. And then all achievements happen a natural way and is lawful. This way will be Light way.

224. (Apr. 16). You live in peace the ghosts, surrounded with Maya. Everyone lives in the personal illusive world. Billion people and billion illusory worlds and same experiences. And everyone is other one than another, though яро is painted by Maya. But Hierarchy of Light not ghost. Hierarchy of Light – fiery reality. Bases – too not Maya, but reality of all three worlds. Even those who got for a veil of a cover and adjoined to all three worlds, even they perceive them individually and on consciousness. There are no two consciousnesses, identical is perfect. The Maya of the dense and Elevated worlds equally hides reality. Concerning Bases and on them being approved, we are approved on reality. Adjoining to Hierarchy of Light, to It coming nearer, we approach reality understanding. The doctrine of Life is expression really Real in shape, the real step of human consciousness available to some extent. Therefore, living in peace the ghosts, surrounded with Maya, nevertheless you have opportunities and ways not only to touch reality, but also to study it. Already aspiration to get for covers and to learn reality points to opportunity to find the correct way. Pyramids exist forty centuries. There can't be a ghost so long. Mathematical and astronomical bases on which pyramids, not ghosts are constructed. So, among Maya of all worlds Light Stronghold, reality expressing by fiery in aspects of the dense, Thin and Fiery worlds rises. The hierarchy of Light, the Lord isn't Maya ghosts. So, there are in hands of the person keys for approach to reality. All Great Doctrines of the world bore grains of fiery reality to people and still store them under heavy stratifications of the subsequent heaps and distortions. Everyone can take Ariadna's thread in hand and follow it. Also it is necessary to depart from itself because the personality and the egoism is Maya center. As древен the Precept "be rejected from itself and follow Me" but as it is far from understanding mankind. But, without following it, it is impossible to escape from embraces of ghosts and illusions, terrestrial and elevated. What sense to be exempted from Maya terrestrial to get under Maya influence elevated? It is told: "I am the Way, Truth and Life". The truth isn't Maya expression, the Truth is reality. And the way to it is laid by a hand and a foot human that had eternal life going for Called. Death – too Maya. But the fiery uninterrupted consciousness is reality realization, and understanding of eternity of life, and immortality finding. So, on Earth can and has opportunity to collect and accumulate the person elements of immortality and to be approved on bases of fiery reality. The way to Boundlessness is open.

225. (Guru). The image of the Teacher before a mental eye is the Image of the leader to Light. On Earth – dreams terrestrial, in an astral – monsters, both guards of the Threshold, and deceptive and escaping shadows of various thin educations, but the Face of the Teacher, in heart entered and being constantly before eyes, Will carry out through unreality of the lowest worlds to fiery reality of the Highest. Heaps of the astral world are even more dangerous and магнетичны, than illusions of the dense. Also it is necessary to pass through everything. Armed with the Lord, will pass and will reach the put.

226. (Apr. 17). The past is understood as the sphere of the reasons, the present – consequences, and future – as a new combination of that and others. In the past it is impossible to change anything, in the present – too, but the future is plastic in hands of the person, and it is formed in the present. Not the present changes, but in the present the future by creation in it, in the present, the new reasons corresponding to desirable consequences changes. Thus it must be kept in mind that energy of last reasons has to be изжита or is settled on itself by their poroditel. It is possible to change the attitude towards them and that to change a consequence. The person bearing on the shoulders a heavy cross of a karma, can damn the destiny, but wise exclaims: "Gratitude to the Sky, I can pay former debts". So трансмутируется karma. Wisdom understands that sufferings of the personality can be blessing for spirit because lead it to Light. And then there is a full revaluation of all values – the relation to life changes. The relativity of all representations human about everything, their instability and fragility is amazing. That is why it is necessary to speak all the time about Bases and to approve on them consciousness. How many it is necessary to change the mind, experience and worry to give all property and wealth, and to go to uncertainty, and to be given to spirit life. And such cases happened and are noted in memory of people. Without heavy freight of terrestrial property it is easier to concern reality and to raise Maya cover. All live, but don't know, from where came and where go. Also don't know that from all directions are surrounded with the Invisible World in which there is brighter and intense life, than on Earth that a big half of all meetings and communications on Earth goes from the past that threads of the past don't interrupt death of a dense body. What freedom and scope open before the person even living on Earth if he seized the covers. Freedom as restrictedly and imperfectly people understand it! The most healthy, the most provided, the strongest this world the person possessing all power terrestrial, can be the most pity slave to that it surrounds and than, he imagines that owns. The highest freedom is freedom of the spirit which exempted from the power of the covers and has seized them. It is possible to fly by the most perfect planes, but in a thin body it doesn't give free flights. It is possible to own huge riches, the whole billions, but billions won't exempt from the power of a body over consciousness and diseases, because true freedom – in the spirit of. People forgot about it, differently would live, instead of vegetated in gloomy slavery, both ignorance, and reality denial. Nowadays advance baton in the evolutionary future is passed on to science. It has to bring mankind to a way of cognition of space reality and approach to understanding of Bases.

227 . (M. AND. Й. ) . It is possible to facilitate and strengthen process of Communication with Us not only self-dismissal and concentration depth during the Communication, but also the behavior during for. If day is spent in sublime thoughts and understanding of our proximity, it very much will help an attuning of a harp of spirit. Use and usual routine of day have very great influence on nature of Communication. Think: "Here when there will be so and so, then we will show power of the spirit and height up to which we can rise". But it is self-deception. In a kazhdodnevnost, in usual use, in the most everyday little things in life height or a spirit pettiness is shown. They as a litmus piece of paper, show the valid qualities of the person, instead of imagined which are shown it isn't known where and when. About imagined qualities already It was spoken. The imagining man of courage can appear the greatest coward. Therefore check itself on thoughts, words, feelings and affairs of every day, knowing that the true essence of the person is shown, approved and becomes tempered on them.

228 . (Guru). Communication of two worlds is undoubted. The immediate task and step of evolution is to pull together both worlds in consciousness human. Therefore I say "in consciousness" that actually they are indissoluble. Psikhizm is an unhealthy spatial penetration into the Thin World. But future association of the worlds has to go by natural and healthy thinning of the human device, without any mysticism, magic, sorcery and other any far-fetched methods. Children with distinguished mentality will be born, conditions of demonstration of the thin phenomena will be facilitated, many scientific devices promoting penetration into the Invisible World will be invented. It will be proved scientifically. The new World will bring knowledge to people.
229 . (Apr. 20). The free will of the person will be read by us sacred. We Don't interfere in karmas human. Therefore it is so difficult to direct. We Avoid direct intervention and impacts on will of people. When the will and consciousness of separate individuals are directed to Us, violation of the law of free will doesn't happen. And still We Take part in affairs of the world and we Send events to a certain course. The question of cementation of space is understood insufficiently deeply. And meanwhile, it is the best method not to suppress a free will, providing to the person a free choice of action. We Sate space, either this or that sphere, or the country, either the district, or the dwelling with certain vibrations and we Strengthen them the corresponding mental educations, creating thus the mental atmosphere or an environment of the electee of a place. The mental atmosphere of brothels is saturated with the emanations of their visitors which are heavy influencing those who there happens. The mental atmosphere of temples has already other saturation. Each dwelling is saturated radiations and thoughts of his inhabitants. Degree and character of these nasyshcheniye are very various. Speaking about cementation, We Meant conscious, strong-willed and purposeful filling of this or that place by fancies or the pictures vibrating on the approved wave and as though loaded certain tasks. Such saturation can bear the obvious and accurate Assignment put in it. When our arrows rush to the chosen country which сужден fate the best, cementation of its space has especially intense character. Then the consciousness of people gradually starts perceiving these vibrations and, in turn, to vibrate in the set key. There are no personal influences, but there is a spatial perception each sensitive spirit of a tonality of the next evolutionary wave sent from the Stronghold. This phenomenon of planetary scale, but also in small sizes We Follow the same principle. We Sate dwellings of our pupils and relatives to us spirits with our Aura. Otherwise resistance of environment and dark gold prospectors could угасить the centers of Light which are so necessary for maintenance of a planetary lightful network. And our people, in turn, follow the same rule. In case of need they don't influence directly and directly will of people, they don't suppress it, and sate is impersonal the atmosphere of this or that place or the dwelling.

230. (M. And. Й. ) . When the Teacher Speaks: "A hand and a foot human", – He Wants to tell these that everything is reached by own efforts, the work, the diligence and aspirations and the personal experience. The teacher Can give knowledge, but to approve it it is necessary the hand on life experience. No abstract knowledge which hasn't been enclosed in practice, will advance spirit on Light way. It is required to lay the hand to everything. Failures and mistakes anything when the Doctrine is attached in life. Everything is Used by the Teacher for advance. Mistakes, perhaps, learn even better, than their absence because are remembered strong. As well failure always covers in itself ignorance something that it is very important to learn and acquire. Investigate carefully roots of such failures – and, eventually, you will find the reason and you learn something very valuable and useful to you. There are no consequences without the reason. The understanding of the reason opens new opportunities. The understanding of the reasons of failure eliminates it, creating the right and correct reasons, defines inevitability of the necessary consequences. Be especially attentive to each failure which has comprehended you because in its understanding the knowledge is covered. Also try to store balance not only at failure, but also at good luck because then you have the power to operate both poles of a uniform thing.
231 . (Guru). Yes! All this so. But the aspiration and love to the Teacher need to be strengthened to such an extent that impulses of last fulfillments couldn't raise the head any more and отемнять consciousness. And aspirations are overcome by a power of love last properties subject an izzhitiya. Actually fight happens between a power of love directing to Light, and willfulness of the lowest covers needing submission to will. In love to the Teacher of Light – a key from all achievements. It can be judged force not according to verbal statements or feelings, but on as far as the will seizes the lowest human nature.

232. (Apr. 21). The feat – is Light good bringing to people in this or that form. Evil act won't be a feat. In a feat the victim, perhaps, even is always covered with life. Greatness of a feat consists in the sizes made a sacrifice. Therefore the feat always is sacrificial. This sacrifice by the personal interests for the sake of something lying outside them, is very characteristic for heroic acts. Feats happen great and small. Truly, selfless life consists of a continuous number of feats of the different size merging in one shining chain of life. Such self-sacrifice is more difficult than one separate act because demands the constant and long tension of forces. Carriers of Light go on such constancy, and it кульминирует in a final, finishing elevated or terrestrial feat. On strength of mind and on its height – and a feat. The feat is always voluntary. The compelled feat or by order of already loses in the svetonosnost. Both Great Service and the Feat are always voluntary and are defined by the solution of heart.

233. (M. And. Й. ) . Revival of spirit is the purpose of all great doctrines. It Imprinted this idea in the hearts of human forever the Life. For the sake of it the shameful death was accepted. Any Doctrine needs the statement not words, but affairs. Words only then remain for a long time in consciousness human when are accompanied by the actual statement. It really Itself(himself) Showed a next world which It Bore to people. To speak about truth and to be truth far not same. Speak about Truth of its Doctrine of a set, but It Was this Truth in its full size one only. Therefore so ognenno she also was depicted in memory of mankind. Will tell: "That from this that was imprinted when the people calling his followers, яро trample on his Doctrine the affairs and a terrible chelovekonenavistnichestvo". Answer: "The finishing culmination of for the sake of what It Came to Earth, didn't come true yet, it will come true when term" will come.

234. (Apr. 22). The material phenomena and matter far cross out of limits of the Mendeleevsky chemical scale of elements. Borders of manifestation of a distinguished matter aren't present, and its mankind never will reach limits. All worlds, from the most rough to the highest, are material because out of a matter exists nothing. The infantile materialism was guided by certificates of five sense organs. But since then feelings were added with the invention of new, very sensitive devices, and Council of Federation. The infantile materialism was guided by certificates of five sense organs. But since then feelings were added with the invention of new, very sensitive devices, and spheres of a matter are moved widely apart by opening of new elements and new types of energy, many of which aren't visible to an eye, but are registered special devices. The quantum theory and even antiworlds approach science closely to borders of the Thin World which too is material and too can be studied and investigated by means of scientific methods. The invention of spouses of Kirlian gives the chance to start in hands science by means of devices studying of radiations of a human body not seen to an eye, bodies of animals, fishes, birds and flora. The new World reveals before the person, but already at purely scientific approach to it. From area of blind belief many facts pass to the area available to the scientific analysis and research. Time will come – and will photograph not only radiations of heart, a brain or hands of the person, but also a form and images of his thoughts. The matter of thought becomes a subject of scientific cognition. It isn't so obligatory to put on a clerical cap everything so far the mysterious, wonderful and inexplicable phenomena. Miracles aren't present. All phenomena are material and all are explainable from the point of view of scientific approach to them. The wonderful equipment and laboratory of a human body at scientific, and the main thing, impartial approach to it will open the amazing properties and possibilities of boundless development and improvement. But it is necessary to leave denial and ignorance, as well as fear for firmness of bases of true materialism. These bases are unshakable because if something is non-material, it and isn't present and it can't exist. But if it is claimed that something the most wonderful, the most unusual exists, so it material and can be studied and proved. National it is possible to find roots and gleams in many superstitions and beliefs valid, though the forgotten knowledge. Is born from nothing anything. But approach to studying of many phenomena has to be unbiassed. The reality and matter with all its laws remains invariable and independent of from what point of view the people look at it or approach to it. The true science isn't afraid of reality and studies it impartially.

235. (M. And. Й. ) . Light disseminates darkness therefore the darkness so яро fights always against Light. By the light of its true nature comes to light. And the darkness in the person, at a contact with Light Carrier, comes out in this or that look. There can't be people near a svetonosets, without having revealed itself. Each our employee is a faultless reactant for identification not only the, but also our enemies. It is one of the most difficult types of cooperation with Hierarchy. It serves as developer of suprotivnik of Light. It is a lot of being covered, and it is necessary to force to reveal them the essence because now time of great division and all people are distributed on Light and gloom poles. Sword dividing which the Lord, not Brought a symbol, but reality, and any more only that, last time, but also the present. It also is Court which everyone creates over itself(himself). Creates itself because everyone has in itself(himself) the judge. Time of great division also is Court time. From the decision and a choice of the person to become on part of the world or darkness all his future as the mankind is on demolition of the old world and transition from Cali Yugi, Yugi of darkness, to Satia Yuge, Light South depends.

236. (Guru). Your task – Light which inside, to carry by through life the neugashenny. Task of the dark – it угасить. From here continuous fight for Light and the continuous, persistent, dark counteraction going from the party and through those who generally unconsciously, but already gravitates to darkness. It is necessary to understand spatial sense of this fight and its value for a planet. Everyone, even small, Focus of Light strengthens a planetary network of Light. Its maintenance enters and a duty of the one who follows the Lord. It isn't created without fight. Therefore the Lord following Him soldiers Calls. The rank of the soldier is honourable, but and it obliges to much. Each soldier of Light knows that means to fight alone. But the Lord – behind him and therefore firmness and his persistence are inexhaustible. Wars of the Shambhala are invincible.

237. (Apr. 23). The transition state at release from the next cover is accompanied by a condition of unconsciousness or a dream, and then the consciousness comes back. It occurs at a sbrasyvaniye of physical, thin and mental ph. And every time consciousness undergoes some modification. It is possible to realize how the attitude towards all surrounding at deaths door a physical body if the consciousness is rather expanded changes. On Earth of people very much depends on people, their situation, the dwelling, prosperity and a set of various circumstances. There all this loses the value in very strong degree. Wealth – anything, situation – too, a material environment – too. Any material dependence disappears, but there are all feelings: sympathies or antipathies, love or hatred, friendship or hostility, and they already magnitno connect people. There are aspirations, desires, desires, passions and all other feelings. The person can express them and live them. Relationship emotional remains, but the expanded consciousness rejects a lot of things as superfluous or impossibility to satisfy them. Here, on Earth, talking to the powers that be, the person can feel the dependence on them, there situation sharply changes – strong this world the friendship loses the importance, and only, the respect or indifference matter. Therefore, having analysed the attitude towards people, it is possible to define in advance those threads which will connect or will push away passed there from each other. Thus it should be noted that hatred and strong hostility connect people not less strong, than love. Going to fathers – with them will come. Having enemies – will meet them there. Going to the Teacher of Light – will see it. But experiences are so individual what to compare or foresee something very difficultly. In darkness departing and the evil – it will be surrounded by them, in Light – Light. The one who lived Beauty and it truly served, will be surrounded with it. So, everyone can plan the way in Elevated the life on Earth. The causality world, the world terrestrial, causes the world of consequences, the World Elevated, and life in it. What reason, such is and a consequence. If people only understood, on what they doom themselves the bad acts, thoughts and behavior, they would change them in a root. All their actions set the seal to radiations of covers, and these radiations magnitno approve in Elevated communication with spheres corresponding to them, involving uncontrollably the person in an orbit of their attraction. Other exit isn't present, as soon as to spheres of consequences of own actions.

238. (Apr. 24). Mental energy – a sword two-edged. At application it grows, and the will can direct it both on good, and on the evil. The cleared consciousness isn't endangered, but while process of clarification isn't finished, it is great. The last accumulation which are subject to withdrawal, but not eliminated, show the rights and, strengthened by arriving mental energy, demand to itself attention, soliciting manifestation in actions, thoughts and feelings. And there is a need of their restraint. The victory over them, both mastering by them, and consciousness clarification from them become necessary because their further growth and strengthening threaten to stop a spirit way. Deprived of food, the person dies, also the desire deprived of a food by thought in the same way dies. As force will lose and the thoughts awakening the undesirable past if to them it isn't given a food will die and the consciousness refuses a combination to them. Undesirable thoughts jump out of consciousness and burn down. But control and the final firm decision to be exempted from any litter are necessary.

239. (M. And. Й. ) . Let's welcome each aggravation of spirit as a step to the statement in themselves the necessary qualities. In a stupor of wellbeing and sorrowless existence not to approve them. Way one – through difficulties and spirit burdenings to training and education of the will. It after all too can grow, but only not in spoky, content and abundance. It is necessary to speak almost about same and even to repeat as abstract recognition of these or those provisions isn't their practical application. As though there was a wish to see each of you acquired this understanding of need of the appendix of the Doctrine in life. All enclosed you will take with yourself, all abstractedly theoretical remains behind without any advantage for advance. The world rolls in flow of words of the best intentions accompanied by the most evil affairs.

1968 240. (Apr. 26). The karma of the person is imprinted in his aura. One bear in themselves good luck and success grains, others – on the contrary. One overcomes easily and freely all obstacles, another stumbles on the small. One influences people and subordinates to the will them plans, another submits to human willfulness. The karma works in the direction of the magnetic energiya put in a being of the person. It is possible to fight against a karma only by a transmutation of these energiya. Putting in the Bowl new crystals of deposits, we channelize a karma. Having chosen a transit for the Teacher, the person defines the karmic future. The choice is free always, and it establishes connection of spirit with its karma. Choice – the reason, a karma – a consequence. Even the thought can or be accepted any hospitably, or to throw out from consciousness. But the karma is under construction, mainly, thought. The one who seized thought, takes karma levers in hand. And if the past can't be changed, the future is plastic in hands of the person who has seized energy of thought.

241. (M. And. Й. ) . Let each undesirable thought going from the past, or from surrounding people, or from dark, sent by them for the purpose of influence, serve as the reason to change it on opposite and to use force it on creation of a useful and light fancy. It is so possible to learn and get used to turn any thought on advantage, it is so possible to imitate in it to the Teacher, so everything it is possible to force to serve Light. Why to waste time on harmful and unnecessary thoughts when each thought can be turned on good, on something light and creative. This way it is possible to change and people, thinking about them positively and calling from their depth an image, worthy the person. Creating power of thought is used practically a little. The theory and practice disperse too widely. But thought to services of the person always. In the mental world he is the Supreme master. The person in all its importance and indivisibility has to realize this power over an inner world and the thought. It is impossible to give this power to anybody and anything. It is impossible to refuse the phenomenon of a primacy of spirit. To give it to someone – means to become the slave. Mentally in the power of someone to be inadmissible. The person – the lord of the power, in the microcosm it – the higher authority. This power is carried out by thought which it seized.

242. (Apr. 27). Physical, astral and mental bodies are trained in these or those experiences, thoughts and emotions by the person. On this training were required both energy, and time. And whether it is possible to be surprised that its covers behave as it was encouraged and allowed in the past. If the real step of consciousness believes, something or other behavior is inadmissible, covers should be retrained anew, putting in this process bigger effort, than was enclosed in them earlier. Otherwise not to win against the past. If last impulses are still strong and don't give in to efforts to extinguish them, so training didn't show due, degrees of tension of the efforts. But to recede or put hands by no means it is inadmissible because it will be defeat and return of in the power of the last fulfillments which strengthened and have increased in time. Seeds both good, and bad acts and therefore they need to be uprooted grow. If weeds appear again, and they are very persistent, eradication repeats until they won't cease to give shoots. Danger that along with merits of spirit unextirpated negative properties grow and are poured by force. Only their creator and the founder can destroy them, understanding that they can block a way of an ascension of spirit. The vague decision can't be because it will cause not success in this fight.

243. (M. And. Й. ) . The evil can derive strength of opposition only from Hierarchy of Light. If not conformable thought with Light to replace everyone lightful, to Uniform Focus of Light, and thoughts such the place in consciousness won't be directed. One is simple is replaced with another, useless – lightful. Don't think that you one should conduct this fight. All passed or pass through it, and the step is higher, the fight is more intense. The small consciousness is resisted by small powers of darkness, and to spirit big – iyerofant of the evil. All difficulty of fight because of them, because of dark gold prospectors who яро inflate each shortcoming and everything that yet изжито inside. And this fight gets not personal, but spatial character.

244. (Apr. 28). Travel are good and useful also because the aura of the person comes off a familiar spot. It is difficult even to imagine as far as it grows to the habitual and rendered habitable conditions and it is how connected by them. The environment becomes so grown into consciousness that the prison of spirit isn't noticed any more at all as normal atmospheric pressure isn't felt as a sound body. Similar increments to a place become especially dramatic upon transition to the Thin World when the person mentally continues to stay in a habitual terrestrial environment. Wanderers are in this regard absolutely free because have no terrestrial house. Wellbeing terrestrial affects chains in Mira Nadzemnom. If to reconsider usual life from the point of view of conditions of the Thin World, it will appear that their assessment and usefulness can be absolutely opposite to an assessment terrestrial. Therefore the award of wandering and begging monks at the heart of the could have the correct understanding of coherence of spirit property and the dwelling. But, of course, freedom and coherence are concluded in consciousness. If it is rather expanded and lit up by understanding, things can have it free from attachment to Earth and from slavery. Many types of various slavery exist among mankind. And the main trouble that it isn't realized. Sitting in a dungeon it is torn to freedom, but the one who doesn't realize it, never will be able to direct to release. Also it isn't realized that the physical body is too prison for spirit, or a strong case which it is impossible to leave, a case having five openings for external perceptions. The case, able to move, eat, drink and lead mental and animal life, but a case, constantly wearable with itself, with all its awkwardness and weight. Flights in a thin body and stay in it give an idea of elevated freedom, however, too limited, and only the fiery body provides to spirit boundless freedom of manifestation. A lot of things need to be understood, to be exempted from much and to acquire a lot of things practically before learn to act consciously in the more distinguished conductors. Besides all of them have to be issued, differently conscious activity in them is impossible. The way of Fiery Yoga opens these opportunities before the person and sooner or later allows to carry out them.

245. (M. And. Й. ) . All is permitted to the winner. The measure of a vsedozvoleniye extends on the spirits which have reached very high step. But it doesn't extend at all on ordinary people. For them there are measures terrestrial and elevated if they want to have the correct idea of real value of things. The wealth is good in hands of the developed consciousness, but it will be a damnation for small spirit, in the same way and the terrestrial power and all that have and that so яро people solicit. Only leaving a body, the person understands, how unnecessary there is suddenly all that he up to this point considered necessary, important and considerable. These minutes there can be a revaluation of all values. But even it seldom happens. Leave aggravated by terrestrial remnants and unnecessary stuff. That the few which realized all this and told about it, considered as odd fellows, mentally ill people, charlatans. And their voice remained a voice scandalous in the desert. Now the world is again put before a problem of revaluation of all values, and again people stupidly and ignorantly rise against truth of life and recognition of life of spirit by a basis only. And if it was possible to wave away from this knowledge earlier and to continue to live in darkness, now, on change two South, it is already impossible. It is necessary or enter into a new Era of Fire, having recognized Bases, or to exclude itself from evolution and to become Space litter. Now the middle won't be. Two focuses of an attraction of consciousnesses work powerfully: the pole of Light and darkness pole, and choice is possible only this or that. Great division will allow to stand aside to nobody. The planet fate, and with it and each spirit living on it and connected with it is decided.

246. (Guru). The mankind pays for denial, an otverganiye and misunderstanding of Bases heavy: wars, bloodsheds, natural disasters, diseases and various misfortunes. But, despite everything, eyes are still dropped to the earth. Obscurantism and cruelty not to overcome power of elements. Exit in other, an exit in raising the heads up and to address from darkness to Light. Neuravnovesy the human will be called by explosions of elements, balance, that is harmony of the consciousnesses which have apprehended Light, can bring elements into a quiet condition. Energy of the human battery are strong extraordinary. Their collective energy can return to a planet the lost balance if instead of destruction it is turned on construction and creation.

247. (Guru). It is good to establish a habit to consider some concepts and the phenomena from the point of view of the Thin World and to determine by it their valid value. For example: concept of property, or high situation in society, or terrestrial distinctions (titles, blood), hostility and kind relations. A lot of things can be reconsidered thus and to understand real value of things and the phenomena. A lot of things will appear in absolutely other light. A lot of things will lose the value. The thin understanding comes nearer already to the space. Space consciousness – destiny of those who was exempted from illusions dark. Well and here to make conscious efforts for liberation of consciousness from any ban.

248. (Apr. 30). Heavy and slowly thinking dense, easier and quicker thin, but vnevremenno and immediately fiery. Certainly, calculating machines can compete with a brain, but the thinking of the Fiery World is made doesn't need time and can't be measured even seconds. Kovalevsky I solved problems instantly. And the chuvstvoznaniye which is so close to the Fiery World, too isn't measured by terrestrial time. So, each of the worlds differs from another an originality of the thinking. It, so to speak, psychomechanical party of thinking. But the material of thought too is excellent in each of them. Usually thoughts of the person are occupied with that surrounds him. It concerns, mainly, the dense world. In thin this dependence changes, and already environment is created by thoughts of his inhabitant. In Mira Ognennom the thought is its expression, and its creative power reaches the apogee. And still it is possible to get used to measures of thinking of the Thin World already on Earth. It, first, will exempt from coherence terrestrial conditions, secondly, will prepare for conditions of the Thin World. The relation to everything should be reconsidered anew and to find to each terrestrial phenomenon its valid place in the general scheme of things. And then the gold coin won't cover the Sun, and terrestrial dreams and experiences – reality. Without thinking about that world, people will assimilate standing on one foot, forgetting that on one foot far not to leave. One recognition that there are two natures, still it isn't enough. The understanding of the nature both, and sense and a role of each spirit in evolutions, and aspiration to Light is necessary. Dark iyerofant perfectly know about the Thin World and apply this knowledge practically. But it is better to know nothing, than to serve darkness. In the analysis of conditions of the Thin World it is possible to note as many conventions of dense thinking disappear as superfluous. Lack of terrestrial borders, visas, passports and other differences human, transport, conventional dwellings and all other features of the dense world forces to change and thoughts of all this and to reconstruct thinking anew. Better to it to be prepared in advance and the nobility from what to be exempted. Are especially burdensome and связывающи terrestrial habits. To what imagined smoking or an objedeniye? But there are habits worse. The thinking should be exempted from so many terrestrial remnants, it for unprepared spirit work heavy extraordinary. But some come there the already free. The person kind, ready to share with others the last that has, comes there not connected by property. It is also free from it and the one who knows that all terrestrial things are given only for time and only until the person in a body. But usually of that world don't think, and pass to it with thinking terrestrial, and stay in its environment. Situation and condition – unnatural. It is impossible to list all cases of coherence of the consciousness imposed on it by the personality. It is good to learn to represent itself in the Thin World released from a body and to adapt the consciousness for new conditions. But for this purpose it is necessary to fall in love with this wonderful world, and to direct to it, and at the same time, without coming off Earth, to fulfill on it the duty to and people. For life of spirit both worlds are necessary, but at understanding of each of them.

249. (May 1). At each more or less considerable change in life of people reconstructs the thinking, being accustomed to new situation. In the childhood, youth, mature age he thinks differently. In the war or in a peace situation the thinking goes differently. On travel or houses of thought flow not equally. And upon transition of Great Borders the thinking human changes. There is no brain and a body, and the person continues to think and create fancies. Creative ability of thoughts amplifies many times over and gets new aspect. In that world where everything moves thought, it gets and the special value which is very differing from the terrestrial. For inquisitive mind the field of researches extends, and the process of knowledge of that world becomes fascinating and interesting if to it tendency is shown. Everything is new, everything is unusual, all differently, than on Earth. There is no prospect in its terrestrial expression. Things are visible from all directions: both from within, and outside. Permeability of subjects of absolutely other order. The proximity and range of people and the phenomena are caused by magnetization of thoughts. Cognition of the phenomena and contact with them go according to the accord or affinity. It is easy to study, and it is easy to have the instructors corresponding to inquiries of spirit. For this purpose, who loves beauty of the nature, to eat than enjoy. The surprising world interesting, fascinating, attractive and fine if the consciousness allows and can sound on the Beauty wave.

1968 250. (M. And. Й. ) . Only recognition of the Hidden World and understanding of communication between both allow to establish the correct relation to life and the duties – to that surrounds the person. The one-sided understanding does it blind and irresponsible. To what a debt, either self-improvement, or abstention from something if with death of a body for the person all comes to an end. Life loses sense. If to live for others, and they after all too will die, and too without any sense. Means, eventually nonsense already planetary and universal as will die sooner or later all turns out. That doesn't make final sense, deprives of this sense and all intermediate links or separate lives of people. Great ignorance, insolvency and absurd of human thoughtlessness because it logically deprives human existence of any sense and the purpose consist in denial of the Hidden World and immortality of spirit.

251. (Guru). Not on shortcomings them we appreciate people, but on advantages and spirit merits. It is possible to get rid of shortcomings, and to increase merits. Therefore Ukazuyet's Teacher to direct forward, without stopping and without being confused the imperfections. If not to follow this Instruction, it will appear, as anybody as perfect people aren't present can't move further. You know that Teachers Approached to Themselves imperfect, and you know that, despite this circumstance, many of them directed forward and much reached. Only ignorance can stop the advance because considers itself unworthy to address to Light.

252. (May 2). Inclination force by the opposite beginning can have both the highest, and the lowest manifestations. In case of the highest creativity in the field of spiritual and intellectual is approved. Force which hasn't been directed down, directs up. Close auras unite for creativity. And then it as though is warmed up and eats invisible fire. In the world animal creative force is shown in a reproduction. The genius seeks to remain fruitless because force him is directed on creativity to the Highest Spheres. The teacher Sends force to the pupil, and He Means that force received was spent for spirit advance. If the pupil isn't ready or didn't justify trust of the Teacher and directed force received from It down, further receipt it stops.

253. (M. And. Й. ) . About balance it would be possible to write the whole book, so this quality of spirit deeply, intimate and amazingly. Therefore so seldom it meets in people. Therefore also the understanding it so seldom lights up consciousness. It can be developed infinately. And pleasure it is possible what to begin with the small. Each success in his statement will bring pleasure. When so much time is wasted in vain, always it is possible to find minute for exercise in this necessary quality. On balance the world keeps. The greatest Planetary Spirits Show the highest extent of manifestation of this quality.

254. (Guru). Sometimes it is very useful to think what to direct in the future and possibly to ascend in any living conditions that process of an ascension is internal psychological process which can go irrespective of external circumstances, and it is frequent and contrary to of. The way of spirit can stop only spirit. But whether there is something in this world and volume, on what it would be possible to exchange the opportunity to move to Light, to expand consciousness and to enrich it with new accumulation? If someone is seduced with something, be sure that it is waited by bitter disappointment when ghosts of a prelshcheniye will dissipate and there will be it about the broken trough. The way of Light is preserved by all strength of mind and knowledge that behind each phantom of a prelshcheniye poison, prickles and darkness are hidden.
will be possible to find in them presence of some gases, very various on the properties and specific weight. Soon and such researches become available to science. Kirlian's photo allows to register radiations of also animal and vegetable organisms. But it will be possible to fix radiation and some other subjects. All things of the dense world are surrounded with aura of this or that order. Many people understand that a rope on which the linen dries, and a rope on which someone was hung up, differ from each other. And even the otritsatel of the thin phenomena won't want to put a rope of the hung up under a pillow. People instinctively feel a gratefulness or repellent properties of some subjects.

255 . Garrulity is no other than dissoluteness of the mental energy causing its leak and squandering. Use of mental energy in the small will teach to apply it and in the big.

256. (M. And. Й. ) . "The lips honor Me, their heart is far from Me". Long ago it but as яро these words approach to the current time was told. How many words are said at the appeal to the Highest Spirits and as hearts human are far from to Whom words are turned. As also the Teacher Doesn't need words, even the most sublime, but Needs the warm address if who wants to come into with It contact. Without such address communication is impossible, because bridge foundations – on both coast. And words anything – at heart silent. And in general words it is necessary less, people speak much. And the more speak, the do less as the energy necessary at making, is spent in words. There can't be a talker the good worker as can't give the boiler full of holes working steam. Pupils have to understand the value of silent restraint.

257. (Guru). To understand beauty or ugliness of the acts, it is necessary to take a detached view of itself and to imagine, you as though belonged if somebody another arrived as you arrived. And then the picture will be clear and any explanations it isn't required. From themselves people usually ask very softly, but from others is very strict. To correct this injustice, it is necessary to depart and look from itself at the behavior as if acts absolutely the stranger were subject to the analysis.

258. (May 5). Materialists can calm down – thin bodies have the weight and volume and are quite material, only density of this matter is excellent from usual, both its structure and chemism more difficult to find and study, than it becomes in chemical laboratories. This matter isn't visible by a physical eye, but after all and many gases too an eye it is impossible to see. The high-frequency photo invented by spouses of Kirlian, already allows to catch, see and study radiations of a thin body. Soon and auras will photograph, and also some subjects of the Thin World. All worlds are material, only different extent of thinning, a sparseness and a type of a matter. But if scientifically to investigate the atmosphere of the temple, a concert hall, sports stadium and card or any other brothel, it will be possible to find in them presence of some gases, very various on the properties and specific weight. Soon and such researches become available to science. Kirlian's photo allows to register radiations of also animal and vegetable organisms. But it will be possible to fix radiation and some other subjects. All things of the dense world are surrounded with aura of this or that order. Many people understand that a rope on which the linen dries, and a rope on which someone was hung up, differ from each other. And even the otritsatel of the thin phenomena won't want to put a rope of the hung up under a pillow. People instinctively feel a gratefulness or repellent properties of some subjects. But they feel appeal or trouble of radiations of human aura always and speak: this person is pleasant, and that is very unpleasant, not nice. Don't want to realize why in their organism at contact with these or those people there is absolutely certain reaction to invisible radiations of foreign aura only. But it is possible to learn is thin to note as own aura reacts to counter radiations and why exactly so, instead of differently. Field for supervision wide, and opportunities – endlessly. The world Thin will allow to study itself if the attention and thought are paid to it.

259. (M. And. Й. ) . Yes, it is right, to Us it is necessary to rise spirit and to direct to Us to enter into Communication with Us. But at the same time it is impossible to lose sight that people are surrounded by inhabitants of the Thin World and that many of them seek to inspire incarnate the thoughts and feelings. The thin World the barrier dividing the worlds takes the hottest part in affairs of the dense world, and only, doesn't allow to see much. But persuasive images or thoughts and heavy feelings are often sent exactly from there. Dark are in this regard very active. Not always spatial conditions favor to them but when a current of stars adversely for Earth, the darkness is dismissed with might and main and the spatial burden is felt obviously. According to it and surrounding live people are adjusted in the accord with a condition of space and willingly reveal the negative properties. Ability to own the astral approves the power and over some currents of space, but usually people are weak-willed victims of spatial influences and don't try to fight with them at all.

260. (Guru). Yes, and once again yes – we demand Doctrine application in practice. It can be so wide and versatile, as life. They can find in all moods and conditions of spirit conformable an appendix point. I want to tell that it is necessary to find skillfully that quality on which the consciousness willingly sounds at present, and to find for it time for practical exercise or application. It is impossible to interfere a dissonance neither in the, nor in foreign mood. It is better to find and mention conformable strings.

261. (May 6). The natural way of disclosure of internal abilities and a vozzhzheniye of fires is safe while violent, by means of different exercises and breath, – it is dangerous. In the first case development goes parallel to expansion of consciousness and its clarification, in the second opened forces can be not corresponding to moral level. And then falling is inevitable. For an example it is possible to take ability to create the bright mental educations permanent and active. If they appear dirty, saturated desires, they will carry away the poroditel in a chasm. Perception thinning too isn't less dangerous because the accord with various spheres of space goes on compliance of openness of the receiver with that, on what or to what the spirit is directed. If the aspiration is insufficiently high, contact with undesirable spheres of an astral is inevitable. It is better to go a natural way, than, having developed in itself some abilities, to become the victim of dark enslavers who it is constant on the guard and we are ready to use each spot on aura that through it to influence the person.

262. (Guru). Each envoy of Light or the pupil, being embodied, assumes a certain mission which consists in leaving on Earth after itself fruits of the work in this or that form. Each Attendant of Light leaves after himself something necessary and useful to people. Only in time the value of the left wealth is learned by mankind. Only in time the svetonosnost of such spiritual inheritance inflames in consciousness of people. Such spirits often pass life unnoticed, pursued and not understood contemporaries.

263. (M. And. Й. ) . It is difficult to protect a kazhdodnevnost from the ordinary, and especially concerning Communication. But the ordinary deprives of fire, and from it communication grows dull until then live and pulsing novelty of new receipts. The Kazhdodnevnost is necessary for advance, and many efforts should be made that the gray ordinary didn't interfere in it. Why close spirits reach for you? Feel a live stream of life spiritual which ordinary not in forces to overcome and ship in gray twilight of a commonness and an obyvatelshchina. It is correct to consider that the ugasheniye of fire of heart of death is similar. But you know how it is difficult to support him in the conditions of the old world poisoned by breath. The old world prepares for the last, resolute, but hopeless fight with the World New. In this collision are involved all.

264. (Guru). Behind each human character and its properties there is a number of the lives consigning to the remote past. Therefore so difficult also give in to property influence human, and it is impossible to envy someone's abilities or the talents earned in the past by long efforts and works. Usually in the person see his present, forgetting that he is walking crystallization of the last accumulation. If it is good to understand them, it is possible to cause the best stays from the past and on them to build spirit advance in the future. In total not peculiar and alien to spirit long won't keep of. But the kind last accumulation caused to life, will yield good results. The understanding of human essence is difficult, but the canon "Your Lord" will be a key to soul of the person. It applying, it is possible to bring a lot of advantage to people.

265. (May 8). The dense environment can be absolutely identical. But in one case the consciousness can be strong pinned to it and out of its limits not to aspire anywhere, in other can rush freely mentally on planet open spaces, live in the future and direct to the Far Worlds. Freedom or coherence of spirit depends not on external conditions, but on aspiration. The one who in thoughts learned to come off them on Earth, in Mira Nadzemnom where everything moves thought, learns pleasure of freedom. Some anticipate it still here, in the world dense. Only the Doctrine applied in the day will give skill to apply its manuals and at night. Doctrine exempts from much, and terrestrial remnants disappear, as an unnecessary peel. Well also it is useful to think from time to time of what the incarnate condition from razvoploshchenny differs, and to imprint this distinction in memory. Going to live on the far North or in tropics, the person considers distinction of conditions, both adapts, and prepares for them. Here the same fair idea needs to be had and of travel farther, of transition to the world of another dimensions. Be not surprised that it is necessary to tell very much about it – too far terrestrial consciousness from understanding of the Elevated World. Unpreparedness of the people passing there is terrible. How many the unnecessary stuff brings with itself, and encumber with it spaces of the Thin World, and disfigure it instead of decorating. The beauty both terrestrial, and an elevated garden in many respects depends on the person. If now poison and загаживают the terrestrial house, the planet, the same do and with those layers of space which are available to influence of uneducated consciousnesses.
266 . (M. And. Й. ) . The behavior alone or before the Face of Space shows knowledge of Bases. Hypocrisy is bright expression of ignorance. Whom does the hypocrite want to deceive? Deceives only itself because the space sees and hears. Everything is imprinted in Akasha's rolls. And the meeting with own dark generations is very unpleasant. The hypocrite is surrounded with the creations and here and where secret becomes obvious. The external, terrestrial form covering them here disappears. And the internal contents it becomes visible. Who was deceived by the hypocrite? So, cognition of laws of the Thin World exempts from commission of many mistakes. All angry remains in aura of the person and accompanies him. Difficultly with such baggage to stay in Mira Nadzemnom. It is possible to understand an urgent and imperative need of release from any litter.

267. (Guru). That is brightest and long, was conscious and persistently imprinted in consciousness, will accompany the person in his further wandering after release from a body. Therefore everyday rhythmical Communication with the Hierarchy has great and deep value. The rhythm established can proceed and there, pulling together even more closely with aspiration Focus. Restrictions terrestrial disappear, and the Proximity becomes possible. The aspect of Communication not seen to a terrestrial eye becomes visible there. Let's be glad opportunities in life terrestrial to strengthen and approve elevated communications.

268. (May 9). What it is most necessary to people? Certainly, recognition of a continuity of the life which is showing in all three worlds. And if knowing about it nevertheless in the acts are far from perfect what to tell about the ignorant? And still the knowledge it, even with some imperfections, very strongly influences consciousness of the person. If all people had it, life on a planet would change in a root. Therefore the mankind so insistently needs adoption of the Doctrine of Live Ethics. Accepted and recognized, it changes the person. However, all not at once is eradicated crystallized in the past for eyelids, but its good influence on consciousness is undoubted. You are surprised why accepted the Doctrine appeared not such perfection. But whose wine in it? Whether tendency someone's be touched masks? We Teach severe cognition of the person. This cognition demands to reject all personal preconditions, biases, prejudices. The self-deception at affection isn't less harmful, than suspicion in what isn't present. As carefully at school of life faces human as if someone forces people to reveal the hidden essence reveal. One approach and become closer, others approach and become ill-wishers. Besides everything, everyone defines the relation any more to you, but to Focus from which you receive the Beam. It and you take part in the Great Division happening in the world. It was told that "I brought to the world not the world, but a sword". The sword of spirit gives strength to help with process of planetary division and distribution of spirits on poles. You accepting – Me accept. You rejecting and going against hostilely – go against Me. Not division, but a psychospatial tonality of spirit is defined by personal measures. Not you condemn someone, but everyone, consciously or unconsciously, makes a choice and determines by it the future.

269. (Guru). The body can't forbid to feel hungry and other corporal feelings, but to correct them, to own them and not to allow them to dominate over consciousness and it is possible, and has to. Not the ubiyeniye of feelings is offered, but full control over them. Opportunities to check of are given constantly. Thus it is necessary to remember that this or that corporal mood suitably can adjust and consciousness and to open it to any foreign influences. Control is necessary as self-defense from third-party influences.

270. (May 10). It is good to take itself for the rule everyday to note any phenomenon of a thin order. At the attentive attitude towards them they will be noticed in increasing frequency. They are noticed and so, but the inattentive relation doesn't detain them in consciousness. Everything to what there is a love or tendency, stops on itself supervision of the person. Similar exercises aren't dangerous and don't break balance. It is good to listen to silence. It is good to concentrate on perceptions blindly. Certainly, usual life and use distract. Eremites went from them to a privacy. But now it can't be done. In the middle of life it is necessary to manage to feel both worlds as one unseparable whole; they are disconnected in consciousness of the person, but not actually. The reality of real this division doesn't know. Even some animals are very sensitive to the phenomena of the Thin World. And signs the circle scattered a set. Let's increase attention.

271. (Guru). The self-discipline is always good, but it is especially valuable and deep on value when it is shown alone. And for people, but, mainly, for the person it makes the special sense. Ignorance believes that, remaining alone, it can behave somehow. But after all everything sees Space and everything imprints obviously and heavy. On Akasha's film the person writes down неизгладимо all the actions, thoughts and feelings which will invisibly accompany it in the future, yet won't settle on him put by it in them energy.

272. (May 11). Only in comparison it is possible to understand as far as people are far from Hierarchy and knowledge of reality. A lot of things would be facilitated if there would be a desire and aspiration to know. But the stupid persistence of denials or simply ignorance shows at times almost invincible barrier in attempt somehow to help, light and bring consciousness out of a circle of hopelessness and spirit twilight. Is useless to try to punch this wall. Let will reach. But each question testifying to desire to find a way out from this mental deadlock can be glad. And after all such consciousnesses set. Live, having turned looks to Earth, and go to that world, having learned nothing, both the same dullness and limitation carry away with itself to that world, the world of boundless opportunities. Means, the new blows, new heavy rain of misfortunes are necessary to awaken spirit. And in such situation – rather quite good people. What to tell about bad, selfish and spiteful? That is why such trouble in the world. Bases are rejected, and terrestrial existence of the person became senseless. No measures will help, the consciousness won't be examined by the spirit Doctrine yet. Bases have to be accepted by mankind and life of spirit is regarded as of paramount importance. Other exit isn't present.

273. (M. And. Й. ) . If you want to become even closer, fill the consciousness with ardent, unrestrained desire to attach the Doctrine in life of every day. After all it will be the statement of energiya of Light in itself. Light which hasn't been received from the outside, but self-proceeding from your essence. Light connects hearts. It is Light your self-proceeding for association with Light of Great Heart. Than differently to connect? Not darkness! And your Light will shine then to people. They very much need Light. Not in words, not in podchineniye, not in manuals, but in the light of burning heart. Without this Light, the word remain an empty peel. It is possible to shine always and everywhere. Without words it is sometimes better because heart radiations reach better. Where words are unacceptable, but heart didn't die, there it is possible and to keep silent, and even to talk about other, but mentally shining such consciousness with fires of the heart. Such silent process of a donation will yield the kind fruit.

1968 274. (May 12). It is necessary to pass through a grief and pleasure together with Me, that is to pass so that neither a grief, nor pleasure didn't separate and didn't distance from Me. Whatever occurred, our Proximity – over all personal experiences, atop because personal experiences will end and even the personality will die, and over time will be replaced new, but our communication remains strong and indestructible. It is a lot of determination and self-rejection it is required for this purpose. And we won't be afflicted too that, through what it is necessary to pass. Everything will come to an end, and life becomes another. Eternal tests don't happen.

1968 275. (Guru). As you understand words: "Take the cross and follow Me"? Whether there will be they direct Instructions of the Teacher that a destiny cross, or karmas, it is necessary to take on the shoulders and to bear it, whatever heavy it was. The cross of the Lord is much heavier. The karma can't be rejected. It is possible to change but if to go together with It. And how to learn hardness and firmness if balance isn't opposed to falsities of life?

1968 276. (May 13). It is impossible to serve Light and darkness at the same time. The choice is made absolutely certain, and the Highest is given preference in everything. The Maya creates bright illusions of the importance of life usual. All inhabitants the usual live and roll in daily occurrence. The world the Highest – over it. And to it the will directs consciousness. The false commonness can tighten in itself so that for aspiration is higher than forces any more doesn't remain. Maya these ghosts need to be disseminated understanding of senselessness of life terrestrial if to take away from it that elevated future with which it is replaced after release from a body. As though strongly and tensely it sounded, to terrestrial stay there comes the end. And then at once everything becomes unnecessary and all is left. And it is very important that external leaving was accompanied also by internal release of consciousness from terrestrial remnants. If it is carried away with itself terrestrial, the person continues to live terrestrial Maya ghosts, but brought already to the World Thin. Again found ability of creativity of spirit strengthens Maya, but already Thin World. And ignorance creates new heaps. It is necessary to understand on Earth that if terrestrial it is possible to live in peace dense, in the world where the thought reigns, terrestrial remnants should be rejected. And terrestrial Maya power should learn to be dumped, for the present in a body, without allowing terrestrial remnants to capture consciousness entirely. The strong unification with the Teacher helps to fight against ghosts of both worlds.

1968 277. (M. And. Й. ) . Towers of spirit are torches among the huge mass of uneducated consciousnesses. And whether it is possible to be surprised that is so difficult to keep at height. What enormous resistance meets from everywhere Light self-proceeding and as яро its darkness tries угасить. The tower assumes strong protection. The beacon on the rock costs and is strong security from a furious surf of waves. It is possible to resist if the basis is strong. Therefore preserve Bases. Waves can't reach a beacon. The consciousness rises up and becomes not vulnerable for blows of a surf wave.

1968 278. (May 15). Mountains are given to people as the phenomenon bringing out of conditions of the three-dimensional world, the aspiration to mountains indicates desire to leave a usual environment. Lowlands, valleys, gorges and abysses are as well in the Thin World. Huge crowds wander and there in various places, often without knowing where go and why. But knowing won't get lost among these unsteady shadows. It also will direct there to mountains, to settlements celestial, located at heights. The thin World is divided into layers. The world of Light is in Spheres High. The higher, the there is more than Light. The aspiration to heights of the knowing carries away with itself from Earth. Many ignorant huddle on cellars of the astral world, but knowing яро and powerfully directs up. The celestial settlements located at heights and in High Layers, are protected from invasion dark and all what vibrations don't allow them to rise highly. There can find spirit a shelter from whirlwinds astral and noxious breath of the lower class. But for this purpose it is necessary to direct there, first, secondly, to be able to rise up or to fly. This ability is possible only in the presence of Agni. Flights during a dream are a threshold of postmortal flights in a thin body. Pay attention as there is a lot of in life terrestrial round you circumstances of the various shades, obviously trying to detain you in the tenacious snare. They firmly should be overcome, persistently and constantly. At the moment of death all strength of mind should be directed on aspiration up quickly to pass these layers, without being late in them. It is necessary to rise above, above as it is possible above as far as the saved-up Agni will allow. Attraction of the lower class especially strongly, and they are infectious awfully. In general in the Thin World there are a lot of temptations, much more, than on Earth, and deception of a prelshcheniye is often applied by darkness. Under attracting external forms terrible spawns, and a grief to the one who gives in to delusion can disappear. In the Upper Class of this danger isn't present, therefore also Ukazuyetsya aspiration up.

1968 279. (M. And. Й. ) . In the world terrestrial it is possible to deceive itself and others, but the World Thin is the world of test of thoughts. The self-deception is already impossible because dirty thoughts and the desires constrained, but not destroyed on Earth, there is immediately attracted conformable by it forms and will give illusion of their satisfaction, involving the person in experiences of Tantalic torments. So, other post-nickname which is internally longing to food, will be surrounded with forbidden viands, tasting which it the hunger won't be able to satisfy because products of imagination of attacks of gluttony угасить it is impossible. So, only the full izzhivaniye and clarification from unworthy thoughts will exempt the person from their power in Elevated. Not to do something – doesn't mean yet to be exempted from this undesirable phenomenon. The thought of desirability nevertheless still remains, and it and will attract from what the person so strongly wanted to exempt himself. Therefore the rejected habit of thinking only then loses the power over consciousness when it, like the given-up smoking, already at all doesn't tempt when it изжита finally doesn't come any more to heart more. Should be studied well, that the nobility against what to fight and as and what to betray to burning on ways of Fiery Yoga.

1968 280. (Guru). The symbol of the elephant breaking thickets, Is given by the Lord not without reason. After all and follows everyone following It to move apart and break thousands various obstacles which a barrier become to it on the Way. To go, despite everything and to all contrary to, is means to stick to it steadily and to continue rhythmical and continuous advance. It will consist of small overcomings at first big, and then and great. It is necessary to realize what there is one only overcoming of inertness, stagnancy and ignorance of environment. Everything is denied, there is no belief in other worlds, the spirit is trampled, and external visibility dominates over everything. How many thoughts heavy and dense radiate such consciousnesses, enveloping everything darkness. To keep the self-proceeding beam of consciousness in these conditions will be a victory over it. To winners of a gloom hello!

1968 281. (M. And. Й. ) . At contact with departed it is necessary to learn to sound on their key. What advantage of if to bring the experiences and the mood in process of this communication. The and without that sounds rather strongly. But after all the communication purpose – to concern aura of far spirit and to gather from its radiations and vibrations. Self-dismissal is very necessary at similar contact. Then it is possible to gather something new and to concern essence of razvoploshchenny spirit. Many try to impose the thoughts and a chuvstvovaniye at establishment of contact and are surprised that desirable consequences it is impossible.

1968 282. (Guru). It is told: "Be filled with the Lord". It is necessary to avoid self-filling, that is filling by, the experiences, diseases, chagrin. All this ball of personal feelings of egoism – as a dark cover in the eyes. Some people who even have touched the Doctrine, become blind and deaf to cognition and as they limit to it the opportunities of perception and consciousness expansion. It is correct to repeat prayers when the personal starts sounding too loudly. Many devotees chose a prayer Iisusova, the consciousness was exempted by this way from a ball of thoughts unnecessary and concentrated on the Highest.

1968 283. (May 17). Let's get used to thought that pomyslenny the person, from spatial slime to bright and accurate fancies, has the expression in Mira Vneplotnom. It is necessary to be prepared for variety of mental constructions not to be surprised anything. Among these heaps we won't look for the. All existing and existing on Earth has there the reflection. The Stronghold which it is necessary to reach on the ground and in the worlds as to the only valid shelter of spirit will be the purpose of searches let. Heaps – for ignorant. They attract inexperienced travelers. But the one who knows that goes to the Lord, won't stop before that is created by ignorance. Many look for on Earth and find satisfaction in creations of limited human mind, but going to the Lord looks for over human fabrications and finds the required. It any more won't seduce neither external ceremonies, nor forms, neither magnificent ceremonies, nor rituals, any other types of external honoring. Also he will manage to find a direct road and among intellectual artful designs, various beliefs and schools. Its way is direct and conducts directly to the Lord. As well among a huge number of various intellectual currents it can see the particles of uniform Truth scattered everywhere. The beam will help to separate all valuable from unnecessary heaps. It is a lot of wandering in search of Truth and many the mistaking. The one who found a direct way to the Lord, won't wander. It won't be seduced with others calls because others voice is alien to the true.

1968 284. (Guru). The measures of all three worlds applied on Earth, will allow to destroy restrictions of dense visibility. On terrestrial understanding and evidence there is only that sees a corporal eye or hears the same ear, but dense visibility can be replaced thin and fiery. Thought – already in the field of extraterrestrial measurements. Thought it is already possible to get out of limits of the dense world and to establish elevated connection. Certainly, such thought differs from thoughts usual because enters consciousness into area of the unusual. Recognition of three worlds opens in them doors and shows, what close and indissoluble connection exists between all. After all and the person of residents of Troitsk, and all three worlds are brightly expressed in him, it is necessary only to be able to see features of everyone. After all the person was given heart, body any more three, but more measurements. Unless love to the Teacher – dense feeling, unless it doesn't overcome space and time and doesn't bring desired messages on the wings? Power of this feeling wins restrictions of the dense world, because it from Fire, from the World Fiery. So, elements of the Highest World can be claimed and revealed already in dense existence. Three worlds are a basis of understanding real. Proceeding from Bases, it is possible to get for the covers hiding from the mortal person fiery immortality of spirit.

1968 285. (M. And. Й. ) . We lead a bright, rich life. Personal is absent at all. Lords are busy. All are given to energy on Service. Rest isn't present. Tension is great. But and the need is great in our work. The consciousness of the necessity and usefulness gives wings. While sets roll in personal experiences and feelings and cling to last memoirs, we live only future, are directed in it and for the sake of it we slave away. Prepare also you for hard and hard work. Knowledge acquire for the sake of it, all is useful and with advantage will serve. Don't dream of rest and calm. They aren't present in fields of activity of Lords. Prepare for intense and dedicated work.

1968 286. (May 18). When the person died, before it the mind's eye in the greatest order and sequence carried by in bright patterns all his life, to the smallest details inclusively. This process are involuntary, and over flow it the person had no power. The objective consciousness faded, and the will could not influence process. And that sounding in human life especially tensely and strongly, those leitmotives on whom the vital concordance were play it, and will continue to sound for it more strongly than all and in it post@ existence. Nevertheless the remaining will be forg and will recede till the moment, very far moment when all will be recall. Over these leitmotives, yaro embod by spirit, last no power any more had, and they will be t, extend, develop and to sound in the direction put in them. Them the distinctive singularity consisted in deductive development of thinking who proceeded from the accept premises. As the let-out arrow, either a shell, or a train on a track, it moved at the given course. The posthumous state are characteristic subjectivity of thinking, which by the nature deductively. In mortal life, in a pattern of the reasons, the inductive thinking dominated, and the will could dictate the decisions. In the subconscious activity the person nevertheless started with the premises accept in an awake state. He, if will want, much could change meaningly will. In post@ conditions of this freedom is not present. Channels of advancement of thought and the creativity, install during lifetime, will deductively direct it on the channels, and that remaining in it to entity most sound and bright, will entail it and further to logical completion of the beg. Izzhivaniye and redemption of the bright wrongdoings ma during lifetime, consisted in that for the Earth to adjust consciousness so that even possibility them repetition would be eliminat absolutely and completely. All should be complet and clear, for the present in a body. Le in consciousness will accompany spirit both further, and let nobody deceived itself(himself) vain hopes – s should reap, if on the Earth there were no izzhivaniya, either redemptions, or cleanings up.

1968 287. (M. And. Й.). If to the person will suggest to replace it the dirty, w-out tatter with new, clean, sound clothes hardly there will be someone who will refuse such transaction. The same and with a vestment of spirit. When possibility old to replace with new vestments, light and sh who will refuse to make it are g? It are necessary to realize only worthlessness of old clothes and advantage new. Realization of qualities of an offer vestment that the decision to get rid from old becoming final and irrevocable are required. The spirit invest with a tatter of the past day will not be li. And the question on that are a leah «I will be li?» – it are rather actual. So, time came to think for each spirit of new clothes in whom it would be possible to enter into the future sh by Light adequately.

1968 288. (M. And. Й.). Time flied as a bird. But it are not always us expediently. Much should be stat application, and besides so it are strong, that driving in the stat direction c not be chang. Much should be reconsider from stored luggage that without a regret to throw out all insalubrious load. After all it will not lie without driving, it will raise and amplify in the latent influence on consciousness. People was more likely ready to leave with stored mammon and things, than with cockroaches in the bosom. The unnecessary and harmful rubbish burdened consciousness and are once a stumbling stone for driving of spirit.

1968 289. (May 20). It are good to take to itself for a rule to speak on particular subjects only when you asked, and thus to avoid any imposing. The sermon departing, there were a life. It are necessary to conduct conversations circumspectly and to give no more that comprised a question.

1968 290. (M. And. Й.). Each accept Doctrine of Life could wonder that it making adequately to enter into a gate of the New World. To everyone the place are prepared in it, but in the complete correspondence with brightness the aura are more its. The world New will bring with itself join of all three worlds, and in each of them the person will take the place, but according to the nature and a level of cleaning up of the entity from any rubbish. Why cares of the present day so yaro shielded horizon of the future? Why further words the understanding of what so persistently repeated the Doctrine why reality of the future receded before Maiya's ghosts are not spread? And why availability to meet this suzhdenny future did not express in solid and constant aspiration to make the aura lightful? The one who brought to the Teacher the work on ministering of life, put the strong steps conduct in New Life of Light.

1968 291. (M. And. Й.). Somebody, for something, and especially friends, it are necessary to begin each condemnation with itself, and, ha s in itself a consider lack or wrongdoing, it are possible to find forces to refrain from condemnation and to replace with arguing or the analysis of the g phenomenon. It are easier than all to be releas by this path from desire to denounce. The nobility of the person are severe and it the true entity did not mean at all to denounce. In condemnation often there are a lot of not goodwill.

1968 292. (May 24). The person led a third part of the life in the sleep. If development allowed, the dream could turn to wakefulness in the Thin Pattern and to become second, and too conscious, life. Many in the sleep really slept, but some was awake and conducted very interesting and instructive life. Achievement of it are facilitat, if the aspiration are direct for the public good. As and to be remember dreams begun easier. Difficulty of storage depended as well that it are necessary to deal with a reality of the Thin World. Through a window of personal thin impressions it are possible very many to learn. It are possible not only study, but also to learn. Many crowds wandered aimlessly, as well as on the Earth. It are necessary to learn and there, and the ha knowledge could carry education razvoploshchennym. It are erratic to think that, ha drop a body, that is ha transit through a gate of death (very ridiculous word), the person became wise and kn. Accumulation Was for this purpose necessary. And if they was not present, the ignoramus or otritsatel same remained. Only the knowledge and spiritual purity given freedom in the Thin Pattern. But as people of a particle of knowledge of reality difficultly perceived. They was ready on all if only to lose boundless possibilities of spirit. And yaro was ready to pursue those who could give them it are knowledge. Each carrier of knowledge are ready to share the treasure, but are empty around.

1968 293. (May 25). The threshold show by thought, should precede all achievements of spirit. Conducted thought. It put the base whom already further creations followed. And whatever far or difficult were the achievement, it are feasible in boundlessness. The thought grew in space, both moved, and approached implementation of the beginning put in it. Comparing with a seed very precisely transferred this property of thought grow. Smallness of grains put in a space receptacle it are not necessary to be confused, if only it there kind grains. All are accessible, but in time. Bases of the Doctrine the Lives which accept in consciousness and have been strongly stat in it, was such grains future and, perhaps, far shoots. Transfiguration of the person at once if there was no appropriate accumulation could not be ma. But kind crops will once bring the same harvest. As often resort to this comparing of Provozvestniki of Great Doctrines. The nature followed an outline of Space Laws. At the Nature it are possible to study and почерпать from it knowledge. And the main thing are to have unshakable confidence that each thought accept in consciousness, will give the corollaries. Therefore constant monitoring over thought are so urgently necessary. After all they was thr often from outside by opponents of Light. As it are possible to admit, that bad thoughts interfer in consciousness easily. Dark adversaries perfectly known, with what exactly it are possible to confuse the person whom they plan object of the attack. Stains on aura was similar to holes through whom influences dark inside penetrated. Only carefully and carefully support countercurrent network will be a strong board from indirect influences. But inside should be purely. The complete cleaning up of consciousness are accessible. And the threshold show by thought on it, will lead to the desirable purpose.

1968 294. (M. And. Й.). Great Teachers sometimes Approach to Themselves people rather not perfect, but direct wherefore Kn that at aspiration of grain of Light, put by Them in consciousness suitable, will give the light shoots. So it actually also are. At aspiration the transmutation of spirit were a consequence of that Covenants of the Teacher accepted by spirit and transfigur it entity. Often polarization of energies on an opposite pole pushing people on exploit and heroic acts. And the one who were cold or hot, were not thr up from a flow of evolution. And only the lukewarm were threaten by danger to become Space rubbish.

1968 295. (Guru). Poison of doubt could express as well that the confidence of the forces started to hesitate, or that a leah the Teacher are close, or that all efforts to come nearer to Light will lead a leah of by all means desirable purpose. All are results of the same doubt. And a leah all are equal, in what form and as the doubt delayed advancement. Ognenno we will remember: the Teacher are close and essential, the selected path are correct, and sooner or later will reach the suppos.

1968 296. (May 26). In practice was convinc that all nobility are impossible, all branches of knowledge so expand. But it are possible to select those branches of knowledge who most sounded, and all remaining to try to embrace not in details, but in synthetic understanding are more their as parts of a single whole. At synthesis and the sense of particulars became clear. Fiery consciousness in a state to envelop very many, but the nobility all are impossible. The speciality without synthesis are similar to development of an one part of a body at the expense of others and to the detriment of all remaining. The knowledge of Bases on which the Universe are based, gave synthetic understanding of the whole. Certainly, realization Real individually. The true science approached to the superpersonal or impersonal approach to the phenomena. The small person are not present a place in Space. Therefore the personal are replac individual, and not the person, but individuality had the part in boundlessness. Therefore We Wanted, that our pupils d not burden themselves personal experiences of egoism, but in process of growth of consciousness would join life superpersonal. Therefore We Wanted, that they separat temporary from not transient and learn to collect and accumulate elements of immortality. People was mortal, and, however, immortality of spirit – the fact. We Ukazuyem of a way to achievement of immortality. Really meaning of the life in liv 60-70 years of the senseless, depriv goal of our temporary life and then to depart in a non-existence? But immortality, conscious immortality, are simple so are not g. That from this that the spirit of the person are immortal, if it are not realiz. That are not realiz, for the person did not exist. The person restricted itself to the understanding from today. And only acceptance in consciousness of those or other positions of the true knowledge opened before it a gate in boundlessness and a continuity of life. The main thing – the nobility that there are a possibility to reach conscious immortality of spirit and that there was people who reach it and could specify a path to it to achievement. People done not feel sorry time, and are frequent also the whole life to spend the energies for trifles. But if to direct them on acquisition of the knowledge grant the right to an input in sphere of immortality of spirit each direct could reach in this area of absolutely specific results.

1968 297. (Guru). Each attack dark accept as a sign on uyavleniye of your brightness wherefore Light are hated for them. Will not leave alone, underst that in the light of exist they could not. Victory of Light – for them death. Rage and – the infinite attempts to extinguish any display of Light from here are more their. Looked, how they persistently and persistently tried to extinguish any aspiration to knowledge of reality, and any good undertaking – to convert into the bad. How many fine undertakings perishing and perished under a dark hand. Correctly mark that there are no where the dark, destructive beginning would not aspire to penetrate. New building needed special protection.

1968 298. (May 27). In persistence of aspiration to the purpose far growths of spirit disappeared gradually and the entity are clear of any rubbish. Imperceptibly, but probably for the Teacher there are this process of cleaning up. As the cocoon so habits and affections in earth custom fallen off bec unnecessary rolled off with the butterfly. That are necessary for a body, are not necessary for spirit. Life are transfer to thought. The body became only the executor of will of spirit and lost over it the power. As well the astral submitted to will and the willfulness moderated. Amazingly, to what level this irrepressible envelope could seize the person! More difficultly with menthol. Mastering by thought became complicated that it are very mobile, and environmental circumstances forced to concentrate on things, apparently, unnecessary and uninteresting. But it not so. Life are a school, and it laid down in such conditions which was especially necessary for transit and thanks to them to something to learn. All these particulars was very instructive and at the attentive relation to them enriched consciousness with new findings. As people and as these burdenings wherefore научают to learn the person, and this most difficult knowledge was useful often burdened. Very well before a withdrawal to a dream, complet the liv day, to wonder, and to that he teaching that the new giving, than enriching accumulation. The day le without favor and nothing g, will be I will lose precious time. Though are much more its ahead, but in vain to spend it it are inadmissible, wherefore the favor are convert into harm. Not forward stopped and started to move back back. Instructively to watch choirs human. What clever, kn something those who actually appeared rastochitelem of the, even few, spiritual accumulation considered themselves. To collect they collected, but values and things earth that all it to leave when will punch hour. Access wherefore was fenc off from reality глухою by a wall and negations are difficult to such people. And lived, cut off from truth of all three worlds, and blind left in the World Thin. People of yaro needed education. And yaro started in pursuit to pursue that the few which carried them education. But life are a school for all, and sooner or later, but time came to wake up for each spirit. There came the Epoch of awakening of sle consciousnesses. R Space Waves of new energies tensely accelerated this process.

1968 299. (M. And. Й.). It are necessary to learn to combine Celestial and earth and to everyone to find time and a place. While on the Earth, earth demanded attention and care, but also spiritual it are impossible to leave, wherefore without spiritual sense earth became absolutely senseless. Some philosophers named it "golden mean" when in consciousness was equilibrat the world this and that and to everyone the place inherent in it are le out. More simple not to divide them at all, but to unite in the understanding nonseparably one from another wherefore they represented themselves parts of the one unseparable whole. Thus, join of the worlds happened in consciousness of the person who are we weeded meetings of earth, thin and fiery energies.

1968 300. (Guru). Someone, once and somewhere very much will regret about the miss possibilities. The world earth – the world of the reasons. The world Thin – the world of corollaries. Generat here, on the Earth, the reasons will give the very durable corollaries in the Pattern Elevated. Therefore all that the person on the Earth the thoughts, feelings, desires and actions stated in itself, showed those reasons who on character of the entity will bring appropriate corollaries. That is why so carefully and circumspectly it are necessary to concern to tvorimym to the reasons, s thus, what corollaries they could bring. All accept and stat in consciousness will cease in the key. Therefore all are subject to the most severe monitoring. Only that from Beauty, could be pass uncontrolledly wherefore in Beauty – Light. And if Beauty – the reason Light which is li up consciousness, will be a corollary.

1968 301. (May 28). It correctly: three-planned entity, that is the person embod in a body, more strongly, than it razvoploshchenny. And the imagination are more its too more strongly. Therefore that are creat by it in an incarnate state, could not be simply and easily neutraliz in razvoploshchennom. Therefore the reasons creat in the dense pattern had the imperceptible corollaries who settled the energies of poroditele on them. This circumstance spoke as well the law that that are connect on the Earth, will be connect in Heavens, that is in the Pattern Elevated, after release from a physical body. Poseyannoye in a pattern of the reasons, on the Earth, are reap in post@ existence. That is why so it are important to pass all under constant and rigorous monitoring that arrived in an inner life of the person and are accepted there for the statement. The thought accept what it were, good or the poor, will demand in the Thin Pattern the right to implementation. And as there the imagination created a mental surrounding of the person who became for it visibility from the thoughts accept in an incarnate state in a thin state not to leave anywhere. It are necessary to reap a harvest with crops once the admit earth thoughts. Therefore also struggle of the Higher and the lowest duad so are dramatic and should end mandatory with victory, final victory one of them. As the person carefully should protect the earth actions. Everyone will give the inevitable corollaries from which not to leave anywhere wherefore the reasons was concentrat in the most person. How many wisdom and knowledge consisted in Ancient Covenants. And as it are important to put them into practice. As it are important to apply the Doctrine in application on life. How many read and as there was not enough appl. The underst inevitability of action of the Law of causes and effects will change all life. After all mortal life are so short in comparison with Elevated existence. Leah costed for the sake of indulgence to the weaknesses or limitation to pay off then with so durable process of redemption. To avoid the Law, people invent paid administering absolution. But, as It are t in the Ancient Covenant, «God we will scold did not happen, one must reap as one has sown». Discard the religious form of expression – and receive the scientific and space formula of space psychomechanics. It are time to translate many not clear and foggy religious positions to purely scientific basis. The religion can be recogniz or den, but to deny a science and that well-foundedly Space Laws, will be a sign on ignorance and obscurantism. The pore on scientific ignoramuses and otritsately reality to hang labels of obscurantists, ignoramuses and the tupogolovykh. It are time to stop possibility to be cover with scientific illiteracy. A leah they rebelled against learning of thought and are more its than laws, that thought which perfectly used for the ignorant negations. Real it are not den. All facts, whatever fantastic they seem, was subject to scientific research and learning. It are necessary to discard only ridiculous bias and to understand, how a little the science even still knew about secrets of a matter.

1968 302. (M. And. Й.). Yes! The complete cleaning up of consciousness from any rubbish became an inevitability fiery. Purposely also it are underlin I speaks – "fiery" wherefore only fiery pressure of all strength of mind probably to produce this cleaning process. All that did not correspond to the reach step of consciousness, entering once into it at known pressure. It are necessary to exceed this pressure which was t place in the past that new, clear pressure c overcome it. The fiery clear rise which had exceed former, subject cleaning, in a state will already burn unnecessary accumulation and to replace them new, eliminat the phenomena of relapse. It are more best to finish this struggle, for the present on the Earth that clear and updat to enter into the World Thin. After all it – on consciousness. The cleared consciousness will see all in forms fine. The law of a consonance controlled patterns. It are possible to understand that will see the consciousness which had mir in defects and rage.

1968 303. (Guru). To transit life «as on a string an abyss» – meant to transit it promptly. Precipitancy we will understand not in feet, but in the direct flight of spirit in the future, in the direct advancement forward and in prompt release from any growths and stains on aura. And if haste are inadmissible in disclosure of centers it are laudable, are useful and necessary in the course of cleaning up of consciousness from harmful results. A lot of insalubrious load c collect in the past far and even the close. All are necessary for eradicat without pity and indulgence. After all, if the Teacher Asked: «And what it at you?» – it are necessary, without ashamed and at once, to answer. But as it to make, if something else were sav, from what the burning shame could fill consciousness.

1968 304. (May 29). Half measures done not suit. From depths of storage of memory on the former fulfillments will rise again from time to time and to break orderliness of aspiration. For years men of faith restrain in themselves the lowest nature and pulses it subordinat to will. The character of the monster, which chop-off heads gr again, very visually illustrated difficulty of this struggle. From biographies of some sacred known, through what tests they transit. But it were nevertheless not so it are difficult, wherefore c be deleted from life normal. Now from the hero of spirit it are required to be in a pattern, among people, it are frequent in the infect atmosphere of a city, and still to overcome not only revolts the lowest "I", but also the unclean imaginary atmosphere which is strongly influenc mentality of those who got to it an orbit. With thoughts it are possible to struggle thought, oppos to everyone unwanted opposite, but high potential. While there are a struggle and resistance to these imaginary influences and pulses, there are a possibility of victory. And when victory became a single possible and admissible output from this struggle when defeat, even in thoughts, are inadmissible then victory are close.

1968 305. (M. And. Й.). In an awake state the person could perfectly own the thoughts and feelings, to supervise them and to stifle unwanted pulses. But in the sleep that are stifl by will, but are not g rid, could lift the head and seize it feelings. Not g rid reasons continued to nest in back streets of storage and to creep out therefrom at the first opportunity. Danger that after release from a body all not g rid will declare the right to existence to the poroditel. And as there all amplified and became aggravated, also corollaries of similar process could appear rather pitiable. All not g rid should be g rid on the Earth.

1968 306. (M. And. Й.). It are possible to pass in the World Thin with thought: «The lord, Teach in space of Light». The world Thin are sphere of realization of thoughts, hence, and study there both are possible, and are accessible. When there are an accurate aspiration to knowledge and desire to expand it, the aspiration it are implement, and in a selected direction. So it are important, which aspirations and desires was carr away with itself by spirit in Elevated Spheres. All, both good, and the poor, are sat accordingly. The law operated on a consonance. Laws of the Thin World was exact extraordinary. The analogy with laws of the world earth are more their are rather instructive and demonstrative. For example: the seed of a rose gave a rose, an apple – an apple-tree, a weed – a weed. The same turned out and with grains of the thoughts br with self, feelings and desires – all of them will give shoots or corollaries agreed to the nature and quality of the grain put in them.

1968 307. (May 31). When heart flared the fiery aspiration, all not overc inside seemed surmountable and really receded before a fiery impact. Therefore the success and victory over itself depended on ognennost of a state of spirit when all are accessible and all submitted to the higher "I" the person.

1968 308. (M. And. Й.). Even that known, specified in the huge shifts happen on the Earth everywhere and in all areas of life. But after all known so a little, and about stolkom there are no representation. The sea human are stir. The spirit searched an output from many lockups. Searched often at all there where it are necessary. Many ulcers corroded the modern society, for example: the narcotism, drunkenness, gamble and ruthless maintenance feeble the strong, and often victims become the whole countries. The mankind going mad. And the religion any more are not constrain beginning for those who considered itself(himself) as the believer. It specified all in inevitability of large changes in all life.

1968 309. (June 1). Yes! It are very important, that personal moods and experiences of egoism d not interfere in Dialogue. The mental body separat from an astral, did not import unnecessary and hinder emotions. Contact turned out superpersonal. At rise of consciousness to Us the load remained at the foot of a mount, and the consciousness assimilated to a surface of the quiet lake, reflect are undistorted vibrations arriv in it. At the modern space neuravnovesiya to meet this condition it are difficult enough. The chaos tried to interfere everywhere. It are possible to name this time fight for holding of equilibrium. It are necessary both in planetary, and in individual aspect. And it are good, if ability to separate experience of an astral envelope are reach, concentrat center of consciousness in menthol. Everyone neuravnovesiye are destructive. Powers of darkness aspired to import it everywhere, where probably. Attempt are often more their begun to harm with it. It are much easier to influence the sadden or detuned person, than on sav equilibrium. Watched closely a state of an astral, without allow it to react too yaro to waves of indirect influences. In other words, stored calmness above all. The concern and experiences helped nothing and nothing facilitated. As a matter of fact, they was absolutely not necessary. They very much hindered Dialogue. Calmness exterior, calmness internal, calmness of a body, hands, feet, motions, calmness of thoughts. Calmness of motions of an astral, calmness of a sight, words – as raznovidno and variously quality of calmness. The person, among the greatest concern and a storm the sav calmness, will be the winner power. To be a stem, koleblemy whiff of each breeze, not only it are not convincing, but also it are harlot for the person aspir to victory over self.

1968 310. Very many people with whom pushed together life, was, normally unconsciously, transmitters of rather unregulated vibrations. The tool of transmission the aura ministered. At some the aura in such unstable state that already in itself, and without assistance dark, imported concern, omracheniye and sadness. With healthy radiations generally it are a little people. Therefore at each contact with them it are necessary to be on the alert not to perceive pernicious influences. It are possible to help, where it are possible, but normally people was deaf and blind to such help. The uninvited or impos help are inadmissible. The known level of an acceptability are necessary.

1968 311. (Guru). The main thing not to stop. And if the person in accordance with the circumstances are anchor to an one place driving in the spirit of not be hinder by anything if it are underst in what freedom of spirit consisted. One, s in place, could quickly move ahead; another, mov on a bark of a planet, could be in good spirits it are fixed and inert, as a pack. Not in exterior driving advancement of spirit. It should be underst. Certainly, travelings was very necessary, wherefore expanded consciousness. But if, on expression of the Teacher, «people mad scurried about on a planet», what favor of it? Driving internal are more necessary exterior. It are good, when both motions coincided. But if there are no possibility to change a place and to move outwardly internally it are possible always.

1968 312. (M. And. Й.) . Disharmonious space currents very much hindered displays of our closeness. Raznovesiye the planetary broke possibilities of more bright communication. It are necessary to be restrict сферою thoughts. But after all humanly often simply it would be desirable to see and feel this closeness. I can tell that that day when space currents will change are not far and the walls hinder more the close dialogue will fade. The person, wanted it that or not, took very much the active part in space life. So, for example, it yaro reacted to the space note, and the mood are more its, the state of spirit and health was under it constant influence. This path all should take the active part in life of all mankind wherefore all spirits was in constant interaction though it and are not realiz. Besides direct space influences was available also indirect, and besides so diversiform that they even cannot be consider. Each subject which ma a hand of the person and had transit through set of hands, carried the stratifications who was invisibly transfer through it to other people. Breath human are poisonous. Products it arrived in atmosphere and by air was widely deliver by a wind. Not to enumerate all types of correlation of people. Everyone carried out in aura of a planet from the psychophysical device of a particle of the dense, astral and mental matter which could be either cleared, or poison. After all breath of the spiteful person are poison even, not to mention separation are more its than various secretions. So people was tightly connect between themselves. So they or poisoned each other, and besides on huge distances, or, to the contrary, improved. It are possible to write the whole book about yadonosnost or blagostnost of human interactions, and any more in personal, but in vseplanetnom scale. All people was responsible for all and for all and carried on itself heavy corollaries of the otemnennykh of acts.

1968 313. (Guru). Responsibility of those who touching the Doctrine of Life, for the thoughts and actions are especially great. Who as not they, will meaningly import the light stream to the common flow of world thought and subjects it to clarify. It already will be cooperation with Forces of Light. So again we come to an imperative need of monitoring over thought. It should operate and waking or sleeping. It are in the sleep more difficult, wherefore the solid order of will are required. But monitoring should be double-sided – and in this pattern of wakefulness and in in what we plunged into time of a dream. If in reality all are good, but bad dreams prevailed against, meant, monitoring are one-sided, meant, one doors was clos tightly, and others was open for gatecrashers. It are necessary to think over two aspects of monitoring well.

1968 314. (June 4). It are impossible to speak about any independence of the person of the world when it are essential it a part, entered into it and in all displays of yaro it are connect in all envelopes with all patterns. Still the Lord the Buddha Telling that the person are a process, and this process consisted in incessant interchange of human microcosm with the Macrouniverse. Unfortunately, the modern science doing not come yet to understanding of influence of the most thin astrochemical energies and rays on a human body. So, much are still den on ignorance and if the dense body consisted of elements of the Earth the term «the star body» specified in composition it from energies of the Distant Worlds accumulat in it during millenaries. The most difficult phenomenon in Space are all the same the person. On service of learning of the person all sciences wherefore in it all are concentrat should be deliver. It would seem, what relation the person to mechanics, electronics engineering, cybernetics, astrochemistry had, astronomies, and, however, laws of the same mechanics was reflect in a structure it a body so are explicit, and calculating machines was incomplete attempt to imitate perfection it brain, nervous and other equipment. And any most ultrasensitive film could not be compar with perfection it the visual device. Certainly, the person besides t as a part of Space in aspect should be object of learning of a science are more its than all three worlds. Many secrets was concentrat in the person. In it a key from understanding of the world.

1968 315. (M. And. Й.) . Any learning consisted not so much in storage of the facts, how many in realization of a stud subject. Mechanical studies without understanding of entity of the stud phenomenon often led to terry heyday of ignorance. Therefore even the science could be explicitly ignorant and complete negations as it were often watch in the last centuries. However, and now it still suffered affliction relapses of the past. Of it feeble places refusing of reality are one. Instead of the scientific approach to many not clear displays of thin energies they was simply den. But it is necessary to recognize them, and a science as it the equipment already allowed to come nearer experimentally to that were den still so recently. Now putting already in the otritsatelyakh which still done not want to refuse former positions when it were possible to shout loudly about refusing of the doubtless. New devices and new discoveries will force much to recognize and carry already to area of the facts certif by a science. To it evolution of human thought directed.

1968 316. (M. And. Й.) . The feminine are necessary for completeness and efficiency of creativity of spirit. In it the higher aspects the involvement of a feminine in creativity opened possibilities of the infinite extension of knowledge. Presence of man's and female godhoods showed that presence of Two opposite principles ascended and in the Higher Spheres. The Mater Pattern, the Great Feminine, Took the highest place in the common circuit of things. At creation of the worlds It Took an equal place with the Beginning, to it opposite. Words «man's and female», «the active and passive», «the positive and the negative» only rather not full and not absolutely expressed majesty of Two Beginnings in aspect them displays in the Higher Patterns. But now it are necessary to acquire strongly them equivalence in processes of space creativity. Violation of this understanding in spheres human leading to that raznovesy, which nowadays уявляется in a pattern. The understanding of equivalence of majesty of Two Beginnings are necessary for stat again on the Earth. It will be to zarey Nova Epokhi, Epoch of the Mother World.

1968 317. (Guru). To pressure unknown be not surprised, be not sadden by them and be ready them противостать to vsey силою spirit. About them notif. And here the warning becoming a fact. What to do? How to withstand these nagneteniye? Answer one: a unification with Hierarchy and the Hierarch Leading. It are necessary to make so that the bright Image were more its permanently in heart. Whatever d, whatever fe, whatever worr and in what position would be. The image of the Lord in heart became an imperative need. Otherwise waves of the opposite phenomena will flood consciousness. It are necessary to find in itself forces to concentrate. All can be discard that to it hindered. Without a thing it are possible to transit, but not without the Lord. The choir will be more its both a board, and protection, and focus for aspiration and communication.

1968 318. (June 6). Correctly marked gain of pressure in all displays of life. Nagneteniye will amplify. Fiery waves reach the Earth. Both good, and the poor in the person will reveal itself to the full. All feeble will fuse. All poor will reach that a limit where self-destruction of harm will begin. Envelopes human could withstand only to known boundary of pressure in them new energies. Self-expansion of darkness will happen owing to this reason. Sets will leave. Scorpions started to sting themselves when was environed with fire. Them to an example dark zlodelatel when waves of fire will surround them will follow also. Sil Svetlykh will raise as well activity. And if now many mighty of this world – from darkness then will be from Light. The darkness could operate and eat only for the account svetlyakov. If it to give most to itself when somebody will egoistically oppress, exploit and use and in harm, ardent process of self-destruction and a self-consuming will inevitably begin. Imagine that all throws of mankind was assembled in an one place and was g to itself. In it hopelessness of the dark. Still they now could show the madness wherefore was in the middle of life, among normal people. New Rays and New Space Waves, influenc powerfully crockish human jackets, it are put them on trial fire. Awful pressure was fe from space influences. The end of Cali Yugi will be an end for oppressors, destroyers and sowers of harm.

1968 319. (Guru). So it are important to pass from words to business, from the theory to practice, from obtaining of instructions to resolute execution. To time remained just barely enough. Also it are necessary to have time to be prepar. The lord Went. The level of readiness gave a step of approximation. Distributors of Ego Light will be necessary. It Will come Invisibly Visible, but assistants will be visible, warriors and people Was more its. Through them will pour down in the world of a wave of Light in adding to invisible Rays. Transformers of the Higher Energies should be able the complete consonance with Focus of Light.

1968 320. (June 8). The higher ideal of immunity of spirit from the dark influences, reach on the Earth, are put Into words:« There are a Prince of Peace of this and had in Me no anything». The microcosm human are so cleared of elements of darkness that, even ha c nearer, it could not find in it anything, for what c grasp, on what to influence, through what to penetrate inside. Impregnable for a filth became then spirit of the person. Well, and if such level of purity not to reach, what then? Then at approximation the dark will try to throw the hooks or to push claws, to catch the slightest speck, both to expand it, and to cause to the active detection of each weakness, a lack, the imperfections who yet have not been g rid by the person. It are good, when much are not present, for example, absolutely teetotal person and not ha propensity to wine, or non-smoking, or neskvernoslova, or not irritable it are impossible to cause on detection of these weaknesses. And dark even will not rush and influence these sides of character. But if earlier they in it to nature and overc and g rid, attempts was more their all the same will clear. Therefore at struggle with тьмою or other limitation of test was inevitable. Dark will attack and aspire to penetrate through that still completely are not g rid and that they could inflate again to involve the person in an orbit of the influences. The amount of those are uncountable, «who wanted to suggest people the most shameful thoughts», if only only to find in them at least the slightest speck through whom it would be possible to creep. So, the consonance with darkness or Light created a communication channel. Not important, what exactly created this consonance, but it are important that the elements of the darkness that have not yet been g rid in consciousness, ministered bridges for penetration of darkness. That is why cleaning up from any filth so strongly are necessary. That is why the Teacher Caused from depths of consciousness of the pupil all properties doz in it to reveal all that are subject to an urgent izzhivaniye and the statement in the end result of immunity of spirit. That is why dark sometimes was called as ashmen. It are authorized to them, but within legal, to tempt and test the person. The Teacher will not do it when there are so much interested persons to perform this vital operation and it are not known to that for to help business of Light. Tests was inevitable, wherefore it are necessary to check, the person how much were clear of that or other limitation.

1968 321. (M. And. Й.). Let's not grieve, if something else are not reach at present. Ahead whole eternity. On this way sooner or later all are accessible. All achievements, all desires will give the harvest, and there will be they in the complete correspondence with природою aspirations. And even it are good that mental energy doing not reach that force which are desirable wherefore only completely the cleared consciousness could apply it power safely. Otherwise reverse shock are inevitable. Wisely the Teacher Conducted.

1968 322. (Guru). That level of power of spirit whom wanted to reach dar heart, are possible only for Spirits very High. Fakirs something could, but, ha rather restricted consciousness, further miserable focuses done not go. Psychics too penetrated into the World Thin and could easily be select, but normally become victims of forces dark. The path of Agni of Yoga conducted тропою mastering of Agni, and first of all, in most to itself. This path lay in kazhdodnevnost and consisted in the statement of all qualities of the spirit necessary for mastering by mental energy. In qualities the level of mastering by fire are show. And qualities come to light in life normal. Difficultly in a commonness to state the unusual.

1968 323. (Guru). At everyone the path who are so individual, as well as spirit of the person. Is not present on a tree of two identical leaves, there was no two identical persons human. As people on character and properties of the accumulation was various. Therefore the Teacher Spoke: go the path. It also will be float in the boat. The teacher Appreciated individuality of aspirations. It are impossible to replace the selected path with the stranger.

1968 324. (June 10). Correctly that on the Higher Planets the mankind reaching a sixth circle, both even seventh, and even are even higher. But correctly and that on the Earth to people of a fourth circle still far to this step. Once they will enter a circle fifth, and then and in sixth, but it in the far, very far future. While the Adherent are a rare flower among normal people. The adherent nobody will be born, and only work throughout long millenaries led to this result. Separate properties and abilities could be show at separate people and earlier, but too not without huge efforts of the side with them. The adherent reached many abilities and possibilities, but nevertheless could not be the great writer or the poet. Meant, and normal people, without Adherents, shown exceptional bestowals, talents and genius. But also each of them earning these properties in prior lives. It are necessary to mark that fact that properties, a singularity and ability of the person, say, quality was more its than spirit, unboundedly gr old the body, education, formation and all stratifications of the g embodiment with whom it are connect in the last life are more its. Two persons in the one: one old and much accumulat both good, and bad properties, and another young, оперившийся only in the g embodiment. And a two lived in one, and young revealed also properties and singularities old, former, accumulat the characteristic earlier. That from this that he remembered nothing, when will power are more its, fearlessness, the aspiration and many other qualities was br from antecedents. The aspiration to a particular ideal, for example, the Adherent wherefore then life behind life accumulated gradually spirit of property and the ability, conduct it to this though also far, but certainly attainable aim are especially important. Adherents will not be born, but become on a way of boundless advancement to the future.

1968 325. (M. And. Й.). The one who are confused the imperfections and thereof stopped, it is not necessary in pupils. At the suzhdenny pupil the aspiration are so powerful that it went forward, despite of everything and without considered with what, able it to delay. In aspiration heavy particles and a dirt disappeared, and wings become snow-white. Not time and again as at the moment of fiery rise of spirit these heavy, not g rid particles disappear and freedom from many imperfections were fe. It are possible to imagine that one more effort to rise of spirit – and noises on paths it are abandon you.

1968 326. (Guru). Even the Lord Telling that It «In itself anything», but Created the Name Sen. As also we as also you in itself anything but if you and we gone the Name of the Lord also our significance wholly depended on as far as our activity are really ma by the Name of the Hierarch for whom we gone also which Conducted. So, our all life depended on a recognition or refusing of the Name. Rescue are promised to everyone who will follow It. And even if at the moment of a recognition of the Hierarch the Sky what to tell about all remaining who solving the path with Vladykoyu up to the end promising to the robber? «Think of indestructibility of those who went the Name of the Lord».

1968 327. (June 13). With Us – all currents of space and secret of far Rays. Yes, da, da! Will satisfy the hunger spiritual and the thirst with Me. If only only desires of spirit overc desires earth. That will overcome, will characterize equally effective, mov spirit. It are possible to move in different directions, and also upwards or downwards. Only realization of values of spiritual achievements could belittle and neutralize force of terrestrial gravitations. The magnet of the Earth are very strong. Done not pursue phenomena – they given nothing. Let there will be they a natural consequence of increase of spirit. And if they was not present – meant, there are an internal growth who will be mark in due time by signs. It were t: The adherent – not distant fairy tale. The phenomena of phenomena was not the certificate of the Adherent. It are necessary to think about the volume, what qualities of spirit and property of character will make the characteristic of the future Adherent. In the Kingdom of the Father of mansions there are a lot of, and the spirit direct fearlessly to the farthest and fiery purpose, will find on itself. Not recurrence of individual accumulation of ukazuyet on swimming «in own boat».

1968 328. (M. And. Й.). The consonance of spirits on steps of the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light – that could be higher than it! And time for it can be f. Also there are nothing in life more necessary and more important for the person. But people supposed that many other things are more important, and remained in darkness. The great rusheniye all of them card creations came immutably before turning point of parting with a body. Then became convincing and clear all difficulty to replace values of spirit with earth Maia illusions. Falsification are not possible. Waste falsifiers of spirit beggars in that mysterious world which they d not recognize also left where all earth mammons was destroy and where the values of spirit br with self with the Earth mattered only. Earth dwellers to words «Those Who Knew reality» was deaf and blind. It are difficult to help not to hear and see the interested person, but the interested person the help went and a gate in area of Secret Knowledge are open. So it would be desirable to give to people as much as possible, and so few want to give heed.

1968 329. (Guru). Sometimes it are necessary to fall from the most high thoughts to the Earth and severely to check up that from them it are enclos in life. Such check will show rupture between words and affairs if it existed, and will help to eliminate it. The mankind suffered affliction great mismatch meanwhile that are sa, and that became. If all govorimoye it were carr out, paradise on the Earth would come. But it are not present. And in this rupture – tragedy of the present. And often so-called believers was thinner than non-believers wherefore something known and consequently had no justifying. The non-believer, but the employee of evolution in the opinion of the Higher World are more valuable than the believer, but against it. Ha ears let heard and, certainly, applied on the present day.

1968 330. (June 15). To lift a sword of cleaning up it are possible only when it are realiz, for the sake of what it became. One changed on another; the old, dirty, w-out clothes – on new, light and sh. If it would be desirable to retain still some of g rid properties and to abide with them at least in thoughts if it are a pity to leave with them, it meant that the person that he lost did not understand, persist in desire to be with them. But on two chairs it are inconveniently to sit – it are possible to fall down. Either Light, or darkness. It are impossible, отемняясь unwanted thoughts, to state a svetonosnost of aura. Cockroaches in the bosom could appear more lovely and more expensively than new achievements. Severity of the analysis of own consciousness will show the real height whom reaching spirit. While on the Earth, stains on aura was not too noticeable, but in Elevated they will explicitly and inevitably involve the person in appropriate layers of an astral where it will be releas from them much more difficultly. For the present there are a possibility to get rid of all not g rid on the Earth, will correctly use it and to enclose in it all will, all desire, all aspiration and all understanding.

1968 331. (M. And. Й.). The principal appeared sometimes in very difficult situation. On the one hand, he wanted to advance the pupil further, with another, the free will of the pupil on whom it had no right to put pressure, did not wish to release consciousness from some limitation or weaknesses. The situation when advancement of the pupil became impossible turned out. A time delay not in the principal. It it are necessary to search for the reason more close.

1968 332. (Guru). In the Pattern Thin there are the test of thoughts solv the further path of the person. But it are good, when it are test it were withst already on the Earth. The content of the thoughts and character are more their everyone knew perfectly. Therefore everyone could unmistakably judge what it reaching in this respect and what those conditions will be more its than abiding in the Thin Pattern who will appear in the complete correspondence with природою these thoughts.

1968 333. (June 16). Neuravnovesiye the planetary are reflect in neuravnovesiya, instability and uncertainty of affairs human. It are impossible to plan private life for the whole years as it becoming earlier. All fluctuated, the Ladder of Hierarchy are unshakable only. An emphasis and a support – on it. Therefore it had more than attention, it are more than thoughts and more care. Ha anchor itself it are strong to it, it are possible to calculate for that universal neuravnovesiye not too will affect. Otherwise not to resist. The chaos interfered everywhere. Even in music disharmony and irritat dissonances sounded. It are necessary to show special care to support equilibrium in the microcosm. On what exterior it are impossible to rely. And to put in dependence on it a state of the consciousness it it are very difficult, but the ardent aspiration to Hierarchy will help to retain equilibrium. And at contact with an unstable state of associates it are necessary to be preserv especially not to catch it disharmony. Badly in a pattern. All carried on itself burden of planetary neuravnovesy. The rhythm of Dialogue ministered protection against chaos. But it are necessary to put in it all heart, all aspiration and all love. The spirit – this consciousness are indestructible and indestructible and go. Then the base appeared construct on a strong stone, instead of on sand. Both curls, and storms, and corruptings of shaky human creations will not break a stronghold of spirit. And consider that the rough flow of life rushed by, both the Teacher and the pupil sat on the coast and flicker streams looked in it.

1968 334. (M. And. Й.). It are extraordinary important to decide what to consider as the house and where it. The concept of the Father's house are g for the statement of a magnet attract to in Elevated. And the character of the prodigical son wander in twilight of the dense world and in the same layers of an astral, are specif not without reason. It are a lot of the vagabonding spirits who without the purpose and have forg about the House of the Father. The purpose should be clear, accurate and particular – and then there will be no aimless walks. Many had before themselves definite purposes, but these purposes was restrict only to Zemleyu, that is life in a physical body. But the simple logic and even without any philosophy showed that duration of these purposes are restrict by rigid periods wherefore all extraterrestrial are persistently den. And a leah it are possible to be surprised that people among dark heapings of own ignorance choked. The circle are closed, and the output are clos from it. The Elevated Fatherland of spirit will not be recogniz yet, the circle of hopelessness will not be open.

1968 335. (Guru). Let's not denounce themselves for occupations by purely earth affairs abstract from thoughts high. And to depart from the Earth it are impossible, and it are impossible to plunge into it too. Equilibrium of spirit also included also an equilibrating of earth and elevated pressings forward. The present pupil are vitally very practical. And at the same time it are so active and in the field of high thoughts, and in flights of spirit. Both was the phenomena – earth and Elevated – was equilibrat. Even ascetics yogas done not abide permanently in heavens, but taken the most live and active part in purely earth affairs of the world. So the one are equilibrat by another without dominance. It also will be a median path.

1968 336. (June 17). When the person for the sake of achievement of the purpose are ready to sacrifice all, both to give all, and to renounce all, and to be releas from each lack, imperfection and all properties which are subject to izzhivaniye then, I Warrants, the even not accessible will be reach. But often happened that desire something to reach are, but to leave with an insalubrious load nevertheless it would not be desirable. And then the pernicious incompleteness delay advancement turned out. In this case it are good to recall a proverb "by hook or by crook", that is, despite of everything, all measures, both big, and small, nevertheless it are possible gradually, but persistently to be releas from unsuitable accumulation. On big forces could not suffice, but on the small will suffice always. So, permanently eradicat from consciousness all that did not correspond to the reach step, it are possible to enter eventually on a track of a constant prosperity and constant overcoming in itself the former person. Whatever height reaching spirit, the path of overcoming remained immutable, only tasks grown and Ministering became Great. To the big ship – the big float. Majesty of exploits of Spirits Great are difficult for envelop consciousness human. To them imitat and follow Them, we entered the band of Light which had been li up by Rays of Hierarchy and then paths back already was not present.

1968 337. (Guru). If the magnet of thought operated so are explicit in a pattern earth as it are powerful in the Pattern Elevated. The key to understanding of it consisted in words:« In the Thin Pattern all moved thought». Only ha th over and ha experienc up to the end all depth of this statement, it are possible to come nearer to understanding of conditions of post@ existence of the person. It are caus it by thoughts. Hunting grounds of the red-skinned Indian could exist there, called it thought, along with interplanetary spaceships or the most complicated electronic devices of the future. All are carr out there by thought in images and the forms creat by it from the most thin matter of the mental world. The range of human consciousnesses, aspirations and ideals are so wide, and the distance from a pole of Light to a pole of darkness are so great, what even it are difficult to imagine that are creat by human thought in space who contained in itself all that were that are and that will be. But conducted thought. And the thought are powerfully magnetic. And where will result thought of the g person, wholly depended on it aspiration. And if on the Earth the person generated the will the aspirations in the Pattern Elevated already they conducted it in those spheres or layers of space which corresponded to these aspirations of spirit. But creator he.

1968 338. (M. And. Й.). To the teacher pleasure to see in the pupil the statement of all better qualities of spirit. Everyone are more its victory over herself – pleasure to Thom Who Conducted. Concelebration consisted in some aspects as well that there are a wonderful interchange of pleasure. The teacher Sent to the pupil the Ray of pleasure. The pupil, overc and conquer itself and receiv pleasure from each victory, gave this feeling on the Silver Thread to the Teacher. Communication of Spirit of the Teacher with spirit of the pupil are secret. It could be conscious and direct. The pupil brought to the Teacher gifts of the spirit who consisted in release from different imperfections and the statement of the necessary qualities. And then this interchange of lightful energies became especially life-giving. The silver Thread of communication pulsed then are intense.

1968 339. (June 18). One special property of thought are not mark – the vsepronitsayemost are more its. Property very interesting. It are possible to concern with thought all. The distance of value had no. Especially these touchings affected people. Imaginary shells flied in different directions and produced the actions. Interesting and that the thought affected the person of ability on it созвучать to it, instead of any another. A consonance – on relationship. Sensitive organisms was especially adoptive to thoughts and imaginary atmosphere of the g place. It are possible to be protect from thoughts, strengthen pamyatovaniye about the Teacher. The thought created and destroyed. Each person are oblig to think of the imaginary pattern and character are more its than magnetism.

1968 340. (June 20). At release from a body the lower class of an astral are necessary for transit quickly, without delay in them it are perfect. Therefore often pass in that world immersed in a dream. Under condition of uninterrupted consciousness speed of rise rescued from time delays in the Higher Spheres. The lower class are infectious awfully, and they left very heavy sensations if them to concern.

1968 341. (Guru). Will and lack of will – two antipodes. To which of them we will prefer? If to will putting and acts have to correspond to the decision. Lack of will are denounc irrevocably. Lack of will – loss of spirit. It are more best to be the strong in errors, than weak-willed in beneficences. Lack of will are destructive. Corollaries of lack of will often happened was awful. In addicts, alcoholics, madmen and in other Space rubbish we seen results of lack of will. Certainly, on a path of lack of will the will, but the will direct in harm too directed. It are necessary to mean that some dark entities, and in particular dark iyerofant, was especially strong. At collision with them them force are fe very much. But it are not terrible, if communication with the Teacher are strong. Reflect on lack of will of the fallen consciousnesses, it are impossible to forget and about the strong malicious will of iyerofant of harm.

1968 342. (June 21). The invisible doctrine went according to the extension and growth of consciousness. It individually, and each pupil are conduct by the special path. The more yaro also are successfully appl the Doctrine in practice, the more and the g material are wider. Let's not complain about that phenomena was not g in a desirable type. Ninety years ago they g in the significant amount. And whom they convinc and of what? They caus a wave of counteractions, suspicions, slander, osuzhdeniye and betraying. And what for phenomena there where the spirit of the pupil knew the path and succeeded without them. The rhythm of everyday Dialogue or Interview are more important than all phenomena. Fakirs could produce some phenomena, but them the consciousness so are not develop and restrictedly that about any growth of spirit it are not necessary even to speak. Matter is not in phenomena, but in that process of the extension of consciousness going steadily and without time delays. The main thing – to feel the citizen of space, and to enter into a rhythm of space life, and, without c off the Earth, earth duties and a debt, почерпать are wide and free knowledge from a space treasury. Access ha to it could scoop easily therefrom all that ever were pomysleno the person, and not only on the Earth, but also in patterns. Cells of knowledge existed and in the Pattern Elevated. If people kn, what wonderful and inexhaustible possibilities was available there for the spirit direct to Light, they would change the life in a root. Our purpose – to inlighten mankind. The periods of decline and heyday of knowledge alternated. Soon there will come the period of heyday of Secret Knowledge. Seen that how there are a life on the Earth, could not proceed further. Great revolution of spirit will sweep away the old world and all that so persistently and bluntly counteracted and hindered with evolution. Ahead Light.

1968 343. (M. And. Й.) . The imagination of the person are restrict it by accumulation. And if they was rich enough, for creativity of spirit ample opportunities opened. Especially widely the writer also could freely create. Words as characters of thought was restrict to it. And than the thought of the liberat consciousness are restrict? Now, behind very rare exceptions, written on a cliche. The cliche should be br. Patterns of the higher measurements was not connect by a cliche. Even the astral world are full inexhaustible possibilities. The thin World took very active part in affairs of a planet. Why not to accustom and are more its to products of creative imagination of the writer. But the three-dimensional logic prevailed against and clipped wings of imagination. Someone already tried to be releas from it restrictions and arrived correctly. If the past existed in the present, and the realiz future became a past, that, meant, all existed NOWADAYS here again and there are necessity to connect itself three-dimensional thinking and normal representation of time whom even the modern science already recognized the relative. We wanted to liberate imagination from normal frames and ринуть are more its on mastering of space life and are more its than laws.

1968 344. To whom are your purity necessary? To me. To whom your accumulation and a prosperity was necessary? To me that I C, ha accept them, to direct powerfully you to new peaks.

1968 345. (June 22). Each thought which had receiv the form in consciousness, formed the dwelling elementala and became independent space live entity. Therefore mastering by thought meant mastering by a kingdom elementalov and subordination are more their to will. Otherwise the person submitted to them and became more their a victim. I Does not speak about thoughts pure and light, they was not dangerous. But even they should be under monitoring. Mastering by thoughts are a step, to pass which it are impossible. Retreat back are impossible, wherefore meant falling in an abyss. Thus, the path remained only forward and only to victory. It will give birth to solid determination to defeat by all means. Eventually the thought easily submitted to will if the decision it to seize irrevocably. After all the asceticism and self-sacrifice are an infinite and difficult struggle with itself. Subordination of thought became a lung after victory. When fires of heart flared, there was no such hindrances who would be not not prevail against by it. Our path only forward, and anything, are positive anything, could not delay fiery aspiration of spirit. It are possible to watch, as all creations for whom the person from reality hid was scatter in ashes. It are impossible to grasp for what, it are impossible to lean on as it are impossible to chase Maiya's illusive prelshcheniye, without ha f out all uselessness of these attempts. Danger of all of it that the person created round itself the illusive world of thoughts which powerfully influenced it consciousness and are creat to it by illusions of evidence. The body died, and the illusive world of imaginary formations remained and created to the person an actual post@ surrounding. And, while it will not overcome the energies puls in fancies once creat by him, and will not drop all that hindered it to advancement, it are stimulated to remain in this vicious circle, endur again and again what these images of thought vibrated. Only inevitability of achievement of victory and a hopelessness, in case of other decision, could force to achieve victory любою the price. For the sake of this victory on a card all are put, and the neslomimy decision of will to pull out from the entity root of all evil, in it increas are born eyelids.

1968 346. (M. And. Й.). And dark hindered and will hinder until in consciousness remained though something, for what they could catch to penetrate there. That is why so the complete cleaning up of consciousness from any rubbish are necessary. The teacher Gave a role of ashmen to the dark. They helped with it, and are rather zealous, and to those ministered to Light. They given possibility of constant self-examination and detection of that are not g rid yet and are subject to eradication. Let and they will work in glory of Light, but let also done not forget, what fate prepared for itself.

1968 347. (Guru). The karma of last fulfillments will hang over consciousness until the will will not destroy them illusive attractiveness. That the person creating, it could destroy. Before construction of the new house old, rotten and unsuitable, it are raz to the ground and communicated. But it are more best to build on a new place, and old it are necessary to leave.

1968 348. (Guru). From an anticipation of the future it are possible to experience pleasure and even release from omracheniye circumstances burden spirit. Such pleasure above all. Not without reason the aspiration thought in the future were called as wings of flight. Protect these white wings. It are immutable, inevitably will transit all that now showed you the rights to attention and that so persistently aspired to burden spirit. The future are free from conditions of current hour. The future belonged to you. In this future could build wonderful locks of the future osushchestvleniye. And if in the Pattern Elevated all are creat and formed by thought could create clearly there in advance and nowadays all that your most derznovennye, the most courageous, most unrealizable aspirations on the Earth allowed.

1968 349. (June 25). For achievement desirable the polnoustremlennost and completeness of return of heart are necessary. Incompleteness will hinder. At incompleteness all efforts will appear fruitless. At love to the Higher places for small everyday feelings any more did not remain. Small it are replac big and great. The formula «I loves You to You, the Lord» – the great engine, My God, are devoted. It are necessary, that the aspiration to the Higher forcing out all lowest. Otherwise not to reach. It were t:« Only the Image of the Lord could rotate all centers and minister a board». And at all aspiration, at all desire nevertheless them it appeared insufficiently permanently to hold this Image in the heart. Why? It are necessary to give to itself the severe account why it are persistence yet doing not affirm. The constant pamyatovaniye are interrupt by affairs by earth and small everyday interests. But after all It were already sa that it are necessary to do all jointly, all together and together always. Meant, efforts to join of consciousnesses should be doubl, trebl, that is to finish to such level of pressure that already anything divid doing not interfere. We studied as lives. Perhaps, therefore it gave so bitter and difficult lessons to teach a unification uninterrupted and to prestanding constant. «Not to the Mansion a leah of Light restricted us?» – so it are possible to ask the burden. The trust to the Leading Hand will help to understand, what exactly circumstances admit by the Principal moved more well. But the trust are important. It are necessary to check to that the path the best Are g. The best – did not mean light and sorrowless. It were t: «Among searches and trouble my Board – over you».

1968 350. (M. And. Й.). From each burden contact with people try to derive to what it learned. So simply nothing happened and nothing happened. Unpleasant learned more better pleasant as the last are quickly forg. And the rage cannot be ha on caus troubles. When for спиною – the Brotherhood, it are possible to be confident that will not remain without protection. And still it are necessary to study how to struggle alone. The formula «even will transit it» in many respects will help.

1968 351. (Guru). Completeness of a concentration and self-oblivion – where are more their a limit? A leah they led to a gate of Boundlessness? It were much t about a concentration of attention. Now we will talk about a concentration of will. The will too gathered in focus. The will are strain by ognenno. But thus the will are transfer to heart, and heart operated. With evening the thought suppos on heart brought next morning the decision. Hence, for more complete and free action of heart the normal consciousness are eliminat not to hinder. The normal consciousness very much hindered both to action of heart, and action of the separat and independently operating mental energy. It are necessary to release heart up, and mental energy – on freedom.

1968 352. (June 26). Many thin phenomena which are worthy, passed by consciousness, without le a trace. But they demanded the attentive relation to. Only they provided that will start to be multipl and become more bright. Important them to mark not in a lift-off, but in connection with the dense world. Both the sides of a medal made the whole. So, thought also it exterior display was not separable from each other. It are erratic to think that the latent secret thought sooner or later, anyhow will not prove. The normal error are show as well that tried to change environmental, influenc it while it are possible to render the strong influence, polariz or adjust own consciousness on a particular wave. For example, at the phenomenon of frighten appearances it are enough to adjust of it on a wave of fearlessness and thought that behind the back there are a Brotherhood. Or, when the impact of external events fell from outside, a strong link with Hierarchy and ability to hold on nonseparably will neutralize, and will paralyse them force, and охранят. Polarization of own consciousness and accumulating it forces in focus played a predominat role, but not attempts to operate outwardly. After all all exterior phenomena was called the internal, hidden, thin reasons. Therefore also struggle with them, mainly, are conduct too not outwardly.

1968 353. (M. And. Й.). Why so often it are necessary to repeat something? Because it are not acquir. For example, time and again It were sa that it are necessary to learn to take a detached view of itself, as if it someone another, outside, and you – only look. Some spoken and thought of itself in the third party. Demonstrativly very much. Or at all done not use a word "I". Too it are rather useful. It are necessary to moderate somehow the egoism and to deliver small "I" into place that it doing not fill all circle of consciousness, excepting all remaining. Not the egoism should be br to us at a meeting, but individuality and are more its than accumulation. The egoism concerned affairs of the most normal, everyday and for ever the le. To what they to us? But all connect with area of spirit, aspirations to the Doctrine are expensive, close and interesting to us. A question that will bring.

1968 354. (Guru). I tracks for рекою a pattern, it are very restless. Not all, not all on it are how it would be desirable. The malicious will of people leaked as if a lava. To stop – to cause explosion. To give the complete freedom – will burn all live. So it are difficult to retain equilibrium. Here and there we given vent, let more best the abscess and all decay will be br through will flow out outside, than all organism will inflame. Before period we will retain pressing forward of harm to be spread and cause a fire. Periods gone.

1968 355. (June 27). The real help are always ma at own expense and normally attracted behind itself the expenditure of mental energy. Such help demanded this or that level of self-sacrifice as the pain or burden of the one to whom it are assist, and трансмутируется on fires of the heart are t up. If on itself undertook nothing, also the help appeared invalid. Also it are necessary to be able to give the force. It are not enough interested persons to take up another's pain when also there are a lot of the tyagost. But everyone truly help mandatory should renounce something the. If it are ready to it, the help will be effective. Many was ready to help in words. To what such help. People liked to take, g to nothing in exchange. The compassion demanded a victim from the fe pity. Remembered it when rendered or received the help. Big she or small, depended on circumstances, but self-sacrifice – an inevitable part of the present effective help. That трансмутировать something from outside on fires of the heart, it are necessary to have these fires. And when they was li, burn heart, even are invisible to itself, already carried self-denying ministering a pattern, repa darkness surround it. It are ministering, first of all, it are mark dark which selected such heart a target for the attacks and various shifts. And if was not mark dark, meant, the spark are feeble. To this sign also judged.

1968 356. (M. And. Й.). The sun should shine are the duty are more its. As and burn heart should be a benefactor the environmental. It are necessary only that were it Light are stronger than environmental darkness. Otherwise the darkness угасит are more its. Exploit of execution of Light consisted in, that охранить a flame of heart from ugasheniye. Leah easily it? Only life experience will show, exploit of execution of Light how are difficult. Great Heart and Light Brought a pattern Great. In it value of the Great Victim. On greatness or smallness of heart and a victim. Let everyone aspir to Light will think of that the victim were more its than not belittl.

1968 357. (Guru). To whom was these records necessary? For itself? But after all they often was not read for the second time. Meant, was necessary for others. This consciousness also go. All for others, for those who will go after. Will be more their much, and will be hungry hunger of spirit. There are a lot of books, a lot of paper for recycling. Only the skilled traveler could clear up them. Especially valuably that are inseparably linked with Hierarchy and the Doctrine of Live Ethics. Once to someone they мерою will serve the complete.

1968 358. (June 28). Inertia of the stat rhythm in process of the growth are sat with the force which is invincibly carr forward. It will transfer and through the Great Threshold, it will direct and further in the same direction. Many efforts demanded observance of this rhythm. It are necessary to know that any, even the slightest, the effort did not go to waste. And, when it is necessary to give the report for all ma, t and pomyslennoye, energy of the stat rhythm on a bowl of scales will appear rather sound. And at the moment of struggle between the Higher and the lowest duadami the rhythm will have the solv. The accumulat force it will help to rise in High Spheres the magnetic attraction to which were creat by a rhythm. People a little thought of value of a rhythm though known that the rhythm based operation even the machine. The rhythm are put at the heart of life of the Universe. Even heart of atom pulsed ritmicheska. Illness are violation of a rhythm in functions of a body. Arrhythmic music are destructive. Harmony and a rhythm controlled the show world.

1968 359. (M. And. Й.). Let's not fear seduc thoughts, which as if monsters, guarded an input conduct to a ladder of achievements. To them it are possible solid and to tell safely: «I is not afraid of you, could not stop a path prespecif – your force apparent. Was strong until was honor by those. Whatever persistent or attract seem, I will not stop aspiration to Light, I will not extinguish desire to go and I will not stop struggle that you to defeat».

1968 360. (Guru). The constant pamyatovaniye about the most necessary moved unrestrainedly. So much baits was scatter everywhere to abstract attention, to weaken aspiration, to fill consciousness суетою the present day. As it are careful, as it are persistent, as it are th over interest to things transient are kindl artificially. All became that the most necessary to replace with the surface content, and the far fine purpose – affairs narrow-minded, which as soap bubbles, was inflat with the apparent significance. But importance and the significance not in them, but in life of spirit also are more its than evolution. Only for the sake of it life earth which without this single became more its than the purpose depriv of any sense also are g.

1968 361. (June 29). Yes, it correctly: normal people considered all event with them with the point of view of a gratefulness or trouble, pleasure or grief whom those caused, conveniences or inconveniences. While the pupil which had promot enough on the way, discarded this point of view and acquired another, suppos already that value of each such phenomenon consisted in it usefulness for development of spirit, for advancement, for enrichment of consciousness. He already understood that in itself they had no sense as those, but was full of deep value – as t it to something and help to accumulate experience and to enrich consciousness with new findings. The phenomena pleasant and sorrowless could be absolutely useless, whereas heavy, burden and caus travails – rather valuable. The pupil deprived of them the self-sufficing significance and estimated everyone as the engine of spirit. It released it from the power of circumstances over it and from danger completely in them to plunge and be tighten by cares of current hour. The pupil all that happened with it and round it, considered at an angle usefulness and nuzhnost for it of climbing and possibility of ministering to Light.

1968 362. (Guru). Even the good and skilled pupil are not inclin to accept the formula «than more poorly, it are more best than subjects» wherefore it contradicted earth thinking. But why then all Carriers of Light put судьбою in the most difficult and heavy conditions? Why? And why They c out power winners from these the trudneyshikh of conditions? A leah from Them invincible power, a leah They were born klinok of spirit, a leah They Temper bec steps of a ladder of climbing, the Ladder of Light?

1968 363. (M. And. Й.). Merge in the spirit of could be finish to the higher level of a reality. On the Thin Plan it showed hidden reality. Unseeing, but accept, the blessing to you. After all the faith are not that other, as not realiz chuvstvoznaniye and sensation of that are, though and not probably to an eye. The channels of spirit which are br through in space, too was not visible rough sight. But they was, and on them advancement of spirit in Elevated will proceed. This operation are full of the deepest value and it are more important than all affairs earth. When hidden nowadays the visible it became explicit, then realization of importance of this operation and became more its than results actual property of spirit.

1968 364. (Guru). Our attention are g mainly to those affairs and actions who proceeded far beyond one life. Th of the future, we in it directed a corollary of the efforts and operation for the blessing of mankind. Short terms and such affairs was depriv of vitality. Butterflies something ephemeral done not understand short of the existence therefore flitted. But the person are beseem by other relation to life wherefore all for it consisted in the future. The present t separately from the future, are senseless. Therefore to the future was g particular attention by us and care. All are ma and creat for the sake of the future. We generated meaningly particular reasons who inevitably should give corollaries correspond to them in the future. We lived for the sake of the future in whom we put energies of our spirit in the present.

1968 365. (July 1). Some dreams from, apparently, g rid past was execut or aspired to be execut in the sleep. It specified in how easily in the Thin Pattern thoughts was carr out. That are not eradicat, that is are not uproot from consciousness, could appear again before it and demand involvement in his life. It will help to understand that the meeting with guards of the Threshold also included and I will meet with images of the own thoughts which once have been th over, experienc and very desired, but the storages forg then and le in depths not extinguish new achievements. They revived, risen in all growth before the person in the bright, attract images which are carr away consciousness in vortex funnels. And the person which once had admit them in the inner life, fell again under them the power and are combin with them. It also will be defeat at collision with guards of the Threshold. If they seize the person and will carry away it downwards will mean it as well defeat of Higher Duady. Therefore to struggle with all not g rid inside it are necessary, for the present on the Earth. It are necessary to struggle and defeat. Dreams shown, the person how much succeeding in this struggle wherefore a dream – very sincere state who is f out often what exactly defeating itself(himself) spirit and that still had any power over it. Dreams was demonstrative very much. They ministered as though test for completeness of izzhivaniye of unwanted qualities and given the chance to undertake them eradication with new force. All ulcers of spirit should be g rid and heal on the Earth. In the Thin Pattern after release from a body to get rid of them it are very difficult, wherefore luminance and a reality of thin imaginary formations rather hindered with it.

1968 366. (M. And. Й.). We "will be overc", – the strong spirit in the face of difficult test will tell to itself and in this decision will find new forces. The state of struggle on the Paths are continuous. And than rise are higher, subjects it are test more difficult. The end of struggle are not present. After difficulties earth there was difficulties space. The path of Light are a path of constant struggle and constant overcoming.

1968 367. (M. And. Й.). «To fathers – with them will arrive, to Us – with Us». It are more best to rise at once promptly, strain by all entity to Focus of Light, to the Lord, and then, ha master with a new surrounding, it are possible to go down from time to time and more low to meet with to whom attracted heart and a coma it would be desirable to help. Many will need the help. The higher form of the help – impersonal. But also personal desires to help, and to particular persons with whom connect in life, was quite natural and admissible. It now on the Earth your possibilities was restrict, but there where the thought reigned, there it are possible to make in the blessing much.

1968 368. (Guru). To create thought in the blessing studied now that then action freely beginning to flow on the channels d in space. Flammarion worked over creation of a new planet. Why? It all life directing to stars. It digging these channels of aspiration on whom operated nowadays. View the channels which have been d earlier. Could happen that some should be f asleep, some to correct and change them a direction. In the past much were d, and not all there where it are necessary, and not how following. The imaginary creations in the past it are necessary to reconsider and destroy all unsuitable. Abandon the old dwelling, rubbish removed and burned it that a place to leave pure.

1968 369. (Guru). It are necessary to install for a rule every day, on it the termination, to wonder, to that he teaching and that giving, than enriching consciousness and what experience bringing. Otherwise all are forg very quickly.

1968 370. (July 5). Immediate Dialogue superimposed the obligations, and the first of them – observance of thought. It are not easy, wherefore the consciousness open to space thought could perceive thoughts of the different nature. Unwanted was thr out by and by, on them it are impossible to stop. Hence, monitoring amplified and became the continuous. Too there are a lot of round interested persons to suggest most shameful thoughts. As if in a huge drugstore where along with zhiznedatel and the useful medicines there was also poisons. The space infection demanded discretion. When elements was remote microcosm, not conformable with the phenomenon of Light, danger is not present.

1968 371. (July 7). The worthy behavior in the Thin Pattern are possible only when were worthy in a pattern dense, and especially in thoughts wherefore promptings carried out thoughts in both patterns. Also we Done not advise anything to worry too. Let will be that will be or that are, but to encourage willfulness of an astral it are impossible. As well travails, more truly, the relation to them, demanded any level of calmness. One suffered affliction, sav worthiness of spirit, another – r into fury. The transient person that the Higher Triad c derive the useful experience and a lesson from these travails suffered affliction. Great Spirits Suffer affliction, that in the Higher Patterns these travails flar up with fires of unprecedented beauty. The legend that from human travails jewels will be born, are deeply symbolical. And it are valid, the Treasure of the Stone grew from travails. However, humanly the Spirit Spoke:« Let this cup pass from me», but nevertheless meaningly Accepted the inevitable. Yes, yes! Even in travails it are possible to retain any level of equilibrium. And hunger, also I thirsts, and other tests can be transfer easy, without los human worthiness, as, however, and all. Matter is not in volume to avoid, and in me adequately. Finally all this discipline of spirit are necessary not for the Earth, but above. To store equilibrium of spirit and in a mount and pleasure, in travails and rest, in deprivations and excess, in the ponosheniyakh and honor, in poverty and mammon, say, at all oppositions on whom the spirit became tempered, will be great achievement. All earth, good and the poor, will leave, and achievement remains with the spirit which had stat it. As though to tell even more better, even more intelligibly, what not the event with the person mattered, but that it gave to spirit and than enriched it. It are good, when already there are no affection in environmental dense conditions and the aura doing not grow neither to things, nor to the places of residence. It already freedom of spirit, also are not a pity to leave anything. It are heavy to leave in the World Elevated when thousand threads anchored to the Earth. And wanderers and ascetics can be underst – they aspired to be releas from terrestrial gravitations. To love the Earth and life, beauty of the first and sensations – did not mean at all to be in slavery at them. The love depriv of experiences of egoism, released from all types of slavery. The superpersonal love are Lyubov-Osvoboditelnitsa.

1968 372. (M. And. Й.). What wonderful, mysterious, mighty force consisted in a word "Light". Think of Light, wish Light, aspired to Light above all, and it will illuminate you, are magnetic the attract. The thought on Light already caused it. Greet each sparkle of Light, each asterisk. Fiery bulks in due course will grow from small fiery formations. It are necessary to want Light to have it. The thought on Light generated Light. Light thoughts attracted it from space. The space are great storage of Light and Fire. To derive Fire from space able in ancient temples.

1968 373. (Guru). Flights on wings of thought could become customary and natural and will become reality of the Thin World. Fl about thought about a planet, we concerned those it points on whom the thought stopped. These touchings not imagination, not a fruit of idle imagination, but the mental process involv particular corollaries. Thought far it are possible to be a benefactor not only distant friends, but also the people, and the whole countries. The thought are actual force, or energy. Action are more its invisibly and are refin, but nevertheless corollaries of this action was quite specific.

1968 374. (July 8). Cleared heart could successfully withstand collisions with тьмою, but if there was still any zatsepka in the form of the unwanted properties not g rid completely, struggle are at a loss. Enemies and counteractions was necessary for approximation to Focus of Light. Let's not envy roll in well-being, they will not reach Us, and what for to them to go, when around all so are good and pleasant. The difficult karma and hard life led to us spirit.

1968 375. (M. And. Й.). In a unification – force. But what favor to repeat this true if it are not appl on life. The complete unification are continuous. A leah it are good to unite in the mornings, and to forget about a unification in the afternoon. The t-off circuit lost force, and an anchor to it not to retain. And the preemptive unification will not retain an anchor of Hierarchy. About not interruptibility of a unification with Hierarchy we will not be tired to repeat until it it will not be carr out. Let each dark attempt to wound, restrain and sadden yaro reminded of a unification constant. That favor of the most vigilant guards protect a strong hold, if guards not always on patrol if the whole clocks the strong hold remained open for the enemy during absence of those with whom patrol are guarantee. And the unification interrupt during the day or nights, left the person open for shocks from the dark. Put t immediately.

1968 376. (M. And. Й.) . When it are t about mastering by the person by the elements show in it microcosm, the higher form of this mastering, wherefore even in normal people the power over a body of uyavlen already substantially meant. The person moved, spoke, ate, drank and made mass of various actions by order of the will. It are necessary to think only of that, how many millions years required to people to reach this step of mastering by the physical and mental device. All seemed so are simple: opening a mouth and starting talking. But after all there mute races. And before to acquire ability of speech, how many it were necessary to lead millenaries in these attempts to seize a sound. All it are so difficult, so durably and so difficultly for a gain, it are impossible what even to imagine. Evolution conducted mankind to peaks of development of power of spirit for whom was seen even more high, even more wonderful and exceed any human imagination on the beauty.

1968 377. (Guru). The understanding of last way of development of mankind conducted to understanding of the future who are fated to it. The further the thought penetrated into the past and realized it, the it are easier to direct it in the future. In the past all are burn for Fiery Yoga, but the personal, small, restricted past of the g embodiment pull it back, to the not g rid imperfections in this case meant. But we here spoken about the superpersonal past, about history of development of the races preced the present race. Such deep knowledge ministered the base to the future achievements and specified in a direction of evolution of earth mankind. The world law of development of all real directed mankind by the way of the infinite improvement and growth of all are more its than forces.

1968 378. (July 10). With people it are necessary to remember each contact. Each thing receiv from people, carried the stratifications. Not only gifts transferred properties of donators, but also generally all subjects which have visit another's hands, was sat with emanations of these hands, depending on force are more their than owners. Immunity – in the spirit of, it are possible to be shield meaningly. But as the majority of earth dwellers thought and felt otemnenno emanations was more their, le on subjects, done not carry on itself light stratifications. Therefore We Could not long abide in cities. The best board – purity of thoughts and feelings.

1968 379. (M. And. Й.). When uyavleniye of darkness will reach the apogee, the Hierarchy of Light will state the power. The poisoning with gases threatened a planet. To poisons of the chemical armor tortious bursts of motor transport and many industrial productions was add. The poisoning of atmosphere amplified with amazing speed. Chemical, and especially radioactive, throws represented themselves awesome danger. But people as if blind, and scientists was silent, though the debt are more their not only to notify, but also to take the active measures in struggle against this awesome danger.

1968 380. (July 12). The enthusiasm, an emotionality and any excessively show feelings, whatever good they seem, broken equilibrium and, in case of ineradicableness, done impossible for the pupil to become the Adherent. Both in pleasure, and in a mount it are impossible to pass known boundary concerning emotional experiences. An ideal there are the equilibrium which is not br by anything. And a leah it are necessary to rejoice or grieve too, if all circumstances, them caus, so vremenna and преходящи. Besides, mastering by an astral did not admit too the strong motions in this envelope.« The calmness are a crown of spirit». The crown are a peak of achievements. The main thing that feelings under monitoring that the bridle that willfulness them detections stopping were impos on them. They was admit, but under monitoring of will. Worst of all, when they was willful in an inner life of the person. How many tragedies happened on this soil. Wisdom said that there are nothing for the sake of what it would be necessary to lose calmness that life are a dream transit. But how many efforts and work it are necessary to put, that it are calmness taking place.

1968 381. (M. And. Й.). We very much appreciated understanding of indispensability of hierarchial links in the pupil. Not recurrence of individual accumulation created this condition. If someone wanted to change links of this circuit, meant, in a choice there were an introduced error, meant, heart were silent, meant, the pupil are yet ready. But the ma exact choice already will never search for someone another wherefore anybody another will not give the necessary level of a consonance them closeness.

1968 382. (Guru). Finding of the hierarchial link not so are simple, wherefore accumulation and assimilation of consciousnesses in previous lives was required. Closeness are install at long teamwork and life, in works, struggle, tests and hardening of spirit. But, if in the past it were install, anything could not separate from each other spirits conformable any more when it time to be again together.

1968 383. (July 14). Each of call will be ask that it making for lifetime of the on the Earth. Also it is necessary to give the account for all ma: both good, and the poor. About the good we will be glad but how to be with the poor. Perhaps, still now, yet late, much can be correct, from something to be releas, something to refine and be clear of rubbish. The rubbish on a threshold will not allow to transit through it. T with itself(himself) in Elevated, it will litter a path. It are useful to think occasionally, with what it are necessary to leave immediately to continue easily the path to Light.

1968 384. (M. And. Й.) . It are possible to forbid for itself to think of some things, but the desire will be more their nevertheless to decay somewhere in depths of consciousness, to spark at the first opportunity and to deprive instantly of what it were possible to reach by long efforts and struggle. Only honesty of a recognition of the not g rid properties will help to eradicate them. Not about suppression, not about the prohibition, not about exterior elimination of unwanted quality it are t, but about eradication, about exception are more its completely from depths of storage with all appendixes and backs. Who could tell, it increasing in what remote past and taking roots. But, if it are available, it are necessary to be releas from it. All heavy, heavy, rough went on a bottom and pulled downwards, all lung, light lifted up. Allocation on layers happened automatically. The dense heavy particles of a matter of envelopes admitted to rise only to that layer to whom they corresponded, not above. And everyone appeared there where it could rise. The pass the composition of envelopes vest spirit and a level ministered purity are more their.

1968 385. (July 16). To punch a shell of aura – meant to quit personal prison on freedom. There could be no freedom while individuality are conclud in a vicious circle of the person and personal interests. Thoughts on shorted this circle firmly. On such locks people both in dense, and in Thin patterns also sat. To quit on the open space it are possible only under condition of release from circuits of egoism and an union to life superpersonal. All who lived for the blessing of others, for the blessing of the people, mankind and "I" in the service placing small of another, gradually dropped puta and given the chance to come to light to the higher "I", the Immortal Individuality. The spirit are immortal and eternal, but if the consciousness are immers only that are connect with the person finite and it most are involv by this in a circle of death and births and became. Elements of immortality gathered the person meaningly and purposefully, accumulation enriched them Individuality and allowed to transfer consciousness to it sphere. And then the higher "I" taken up a place finite, small, "I".

1968 386. (July 17). Miracles of magic and miracles of technique ceased to be those when arrived in universal use. Both photographing of aura, and transmission of thought to distance soon become universal property. The science will punch an input in the Thin World and will embody it forms in pictures. Devices for contact with razvoploshchenny spirits will be invent also. The world Thin will enter into consciousness of mankind and became an integral part of Space learn by it. Miraculousness will turn to a commonness, and potustoronnee became natural. The consciousness – the meeting place of all worlds – will extend enough to contain all. The transient period are very difficult that many energies of the various order faced in consciousness of the person. These energies demanded the durable assimilation. Much should be recogniz and accept, but the level of development did not allow. Rupture between reality and evidence turned out. Old paths le mankind up a blind alley, new at narrow consciousness done not hold. But life went forward and carried away people in the future. It are impossible to stop a gait of evolution. Soon New World victoriously will start to affirm in consciousness of the person. After all the consciousness also are a field of struggle of the old and New worlds. This struggle are more and more transfer on the ideological soil. The swirl of collision of thoughts and ideas turned out. A wave of evolutionary ideas not to stop any more military force. War of ideas – so we Will name a new step of evolution. Certainly, new ideas will defeat, and how trying to protect and save the old world the positions, defeat it are predetermin. After all once and inquisition trying to delay flow of thought, and to make the Earth fixed and center of the Universe, and to restrict age of a planet to six in thousand years. The analogy are rather significant and very similar to current time.

1968 387. (M. And. Й.). Looked at current time as on a step of passage in the future whom nobody could take away from the person. In the future all are accessible. The aspiration led to achievement. But before to direct, it are necessary to realize and understand – to what and what for. Therefore acceptance in consciousness of the following evolutionary step and desire will seize gifts of evolution by a necessary threshold to this step. It are impossible to direct, without kn where. The Yoga gave to Agni an outline of the future paths of mankind, it opened a gate in this wonderful future, opened for all. From the lockup which had form on a planet – an output only in the future, and besides under condition of dismissal from the old paths of the old world which sputter out and have prov the unfitness.

1968 388. (July 18). The family, the environment and an epoch left the strong marks on the person, and still through these exterior stratifications appeared through individuality it, show it the true entity. Levels of detection of individuality was various. To see the internal person through it the exterior form and temporary palls difficultly extraordinary wherefore the internal are shield by the exterior. Life of promot enough spirit can be consider as constant efforts of individuality to state both the singularities and properties in a pattern physical. Great Spirits Set seal of the Individuality to the whole epoch and on many nationalities. To the exterior person purely auxiliary role of the executor of will and decisions of the lord inside were le out. No prosecutions, travails, ponosheniye and mockery over vneshney an envelope c break power inside. For the best understanding tr to divide the person into dense, earth and heavenly, nam him the Godman. Many attempts ma to partition an entity of the person on a part and to understand them correlation. Divid into a body and on soul, on spirit, soul and a body, on the animal and spiritual person. We Install dual, triple and more difficult division of the person, consider as the core the septenary. For practical application it are necessary to understand, what principles participated in selection of an astral body, what – mental, what – fiery. What died at the first physical death of the person what died when dropping an astral envelope and as well as what – when dropping mental? In what immortality and what types it consisted was reach by spirit? In what they consisted? All should be stud and acquir it to avoid any uncertainty, a vagueness and a fog. This area of knowledge as scientifically, as well as the so-called exact science and, perhaps, even more wherefore the Secret Knowledge demanded extraordinary clearness and exactitude of understanding. It are based on knowledge of firm Space Laws and demanded from the person of return of all of on ministering to this type of a science: The person became the tool of cognition, and from improvement are more its than the device, both physical, and mental, the success it advancement in this wonderful area of boundless possibilities of spirit depended. Improvement of spirit went parallely with utoncheniyem and improvement of a body. Our pupils transited this difficult process. Process of estestven and consequently occupied the durable time envelop not an one embodiment. At school normally people studied years, our pupils – centuries.

1968 389. (M. And. Й.). Muscles needed exercise, mental energy – too. Only constant exercise and application it are possible to strengthen and strengthen it. For this purpose the person are g day. During the day how many time it are possible to apply meaningly fiery force, without resort to normal methods. Life gave the infinite possibilities to raise Agni. Do not forget that mental energy are called as "the Great Prisoner» thanks to that the person hid it, without admit the free and conscious detection are more its. It are very sensitive, it amplified even from an one pamyatovaniye about it. She demanded realization and are ready to minister to the person. This mighty armor of spirit. Only it are not necessary to forget that the armor this two-edged and with it to wound very easily. It demanded solicitous attitude and the big discretion. They should learn to be own in perfection.

1968 390. (Guru). Exposition of aspirations of spirit to Hierarchy of Light like everyday watering of flowers – they blossomed all possibilities. Persistence уявляется in beat. The rhythm allowed to support an unextinguishable flame of spirit. Influence of the normal narrow-minded environment could extinguish any flame, and only a rhythm withstood an impact of a commonness. Those who, ha direct in the beginning, going out, d not affirm in beat. Stat strongly, the rhythm carried as on wings. Life of the Universe of uyavlen in rhythms. The rhythm of life are eternal.

1968 391. (July 20). It are necessary to be very confident closeness of the Teacher to go through life, often without me a recognition even from those who followed by same means. It are necessary to withstand burden of non-recognition, sav thus former tendency and a rhythm. For some reason people normally wanted to belittle. Without receiv the it are immediate from the Teacher, they supposed, as others could not do it. From here both refusing, and detracting, and non-recognition. Had certificates of a recognition from Me and Mother Agni of Yoga, but otritsatelyam are more important than them own conjectures. Joyful in it it are not enough. Certainly, only personal contact are convincing. It are more best to have a recognition of the Teacher and the links nearest to It and to be not recognized someone on the side, than to the contrary. Human recognition temporarily and superficially. The teacher – for ever. Also otritsatel wherefore reliability are not den in due course recognized.

1968 392. (M. And. Й.). At non-recognition even from relatives our recognition and a recognition of the Most Lord increased in the significance and value. We become closer, wherefore we shown understanding of secret entity of the pupil. For Us also kept. Non-recognition by that good and are useful that pull together with Us and learned to understand, where there are all yours. «I knows my closeness to the Teacher and I has It a recognition», – spoke to myself not recogniz and multiplied the forces. Only it are not necessary to make mistakes and to try to convince someone of something. Sensitive heart did not need belief.

1968 393. (July 21). The future of mankind are trac in stars. The periods of decline and heyday of the people followed appropriate configurations of stars. There were Babylon, blossoming and falling, there were Egypt, blossoming and falling, there were Rome, there were Greece – the same heyday and the same falling. As will reach heyday the people nowadays occup a planet, and the modern civilization will be replac another, and the true culture became property of mankind. The century of Fishes will be replac by an eyelid of Aquarius. But now the considerable change consisted that Cali the South came to an end and Satia of the South took up it a place. How people persist in the negations, each person to some extent depended on the horoscope, depended on it and destiny of the people. Extraordinary falling of morals, a distemper, collisions and wars foret on the verge of merge two South. Predictions carr out. Others will be carr out also, sp about unknown spiritual heyday and rise of culture. Mankind, a part of Space, should be subject to those great changes who happened in Space. The skilled master in winter prepared for summer. Dark long nights and a cold done not confuse him. He knew – there will come spring and new life will clear up, there are heat both are light, and will start singing birds. And the autumn will give a rich crop on all works it which ma by it, kn immutability of flow of cycles of time. We Known that Light ahead and that the joyful sh future are fated to mankind.

1968 394. (M. And. Й.) . For ognenno of the direct spirit all concentrated in the Lord. On the Earth anything the, anything belong to it, all are only for a while, just now. To leave all earth it are easy, wherefore nothing are honor by the. It are freedom from the earth property. So easily, at ognennost of aspiration to be releas from habits and unnecessary mental heapings. At speed of aspiration they simply disappeared and was carr away by a curl. Wings was free. And the care what to leave after itself that who will go then. The spiritual inheritance le by the person to people which will live after it, characterized internal entity of the le. All people left after themselves a trace, or a pattern, spirit. Great left a great pattern and the rich spiritual inheritance to the subsequent generations. A mental pattern of the liv life we will not efface. The question are very important, and everyone should set it to itself(himself): what leaving and I leaves to people after myself? And the blessing to what le gift to mankind shone.

1968 395. (Guru). The aura of a planet are sat with products of mental and physical creativity of the person. Writers, poets, artists, inventors, designers, architects, builders, thinkers, philosophers, spiritual leaders – all filled aura of the Earth with that created. Good, light, fine creativity created fine images and lit up thin spheres not predicate Light. The earth garden and hidden layers of space blossomed under these radiations. On a dark way created the images of darkness shroud with a gloom spheres correspond to this creativity. They contributed in formation and a condensation of yadonosny, terrible brown gas. These are murderers of life and the life-giving beginning. It are poroditel of darkness, a gloom, despair, illnesses and afflictions, droughts, flooding, earthquakes and other neuravnovesiya of the nature. Each person of ezhemgnovenno and permanently created Light or darkness, carr out radiations of Light or a gloom from the entity and reveal them in products of the mental or physical creativity. All people was carriers of darkness or Light and all continuously and permanently created, sat with energies of Light or darkness all environmental Earth space.

1968 396. (July 22). People united Light and in the light of and was divid тьмою. Where sharing, there and darkness. Join of mankind will come in the light of new rays. If only people desir Light. Then join would come to an one vseplanetny family of the people, uniform cooperative society also, or, sp language of ancient hagiographas, in uniform flock. Now there are too much uncoupling, and it operated perniciously on welfare of the people. Last crops of harm was great, and time that it becoming obsolete are necessary. Counteraction to a pattern of the whole world still very strongly. And time doing not come to quit yet to sowers in the field.

1968 397. (July 23). Despite the ungirdl darkness, it are necessary to believe in the future victory of Light solid. The future are light. The gloom of the present, on the Law of opposition, could provide guidance on Light who will come in the stead of it change. But forces it are necessary much to withstand a constant impact of darkness. Comfort that strength of mind grew on opposition to darkness. Fiery energy amplified at constant use by it. If there was no forces something to overcome at present, meant, the spark are still feeble, meant, it are necessary to show pressure still big and it to force until resistance of the dark will not be br. Strength of mind are inexhaustible, when are call. Dark hoped for your weakness, that add in powerlessness of a hand. But if will see that attempt everyone them met the increasing and big increase of power of mental energy, they will be stimulated to recede. And if they was persistent in persistence of the wrecking you show persistence still big, still big a unification with Us to operate силою объединенною. Your force – in a unification, in join of consciousness with Us. The darkness are strong only to a known limit for whom powerlessness are show it, and it defeat, will recede. Show courage and a faith in invincibility Sil Sveta. With Me it are invincible.

1968 398. (M. And. Й.). What fine possibilities to exercise strength of mind life of kazhdodnevno gave you. The lord Wanted to see you the strong and conquer. Trust completely in wisdom of the Leading Hand. Neslomim power of spirit. Strain it, it are possible to increase spirit on all counteractions. And if any of them it were not possible to break today, it will be possible tomorrow. Strain energy solemnly, courageously, with firmness and in a unification with the Hierarch Leading. And if it are difficult, if gone on a limit of forces if seen that was environed dark, meant, светоч hearts increasing, meant, Agni flared, meant, the selected path are correct. Fiery power will not increase in rest and well-being. Be not avert from sen possibilities to increase and возрастить treasure of Agni. Force grew in struggle and overcoming. Helpless lambs itself do not show. Struggle fearlessly, courageously and with firmness when seen and felt an impact of dark zlodelatel. With you the Lord.

1968 399. (Guru). The normal consciousness behind normal things of anything, except normal, did not see. But you ha a certain experience, already known, felt and seen, how behind the most innocent and everyday occurrences the dark hand and as it, cover with a commonness, skillfully disappeared and spitefully threw the tortious inventions, tr to sadden, wound, discompose, weaken and anyhow угасить Light burn in you. Only experience allowed to distinguish these artful, dark tricks. For the inhabitant anything all it, all are simple and easily explainable. But corollaries of these tricks was rather poisonous. And, if from them not оберечься and not to be protect, the damage will be great. Patrol should be strengthen, it are necessary to have hundred eyes and hundred ears and to be constant on the guard.

1968 400. (July 24). The spear who is not doz over a dragon, the character of a constant dozornost of consciousness and availability are more its to struggle against darkness. Persistence of opposition to the dark demanded constant vigilance and patrol. It are impossible to calm down, it are impossible to die on lauruses of victory. Warriors I Names mine because they shown voitel of spirit. The chaos interfered everywhere where fiery protection fainted. Struggle with chaos of kosmichn. If not constant and not changeable Patrol of Hierarchy, a wave of chaos would flood mankind. Danger from dark that they caused chaos and opened to it access to consciousness. Protection double – both from chaos, and from dark. The chaos are impersonal, but dark selected the purpose of the attacks of all in whom there are Light. Than more than Light, the attack are more furious than subjects. Calmness meant vulnerability. Late to think of protection and patrol when harm are already put. It are necessary to understand accurately necessity of persistence of patrol and constant availability for opposition and struggle with тьмою. Wakefulness are necessary not only in expectation of the Bulletin, but also for reflection of dark attacks. Wakefulness nonconstant, wakefulness temporary, spasmodic could not охранить from enemy shocks. It are necessary to keep as during an attack. I will send all protection, but under condition of wakefulness of spirit. I will send all possibilities, but at a unification the complete and unseparable aspiration to Me. Special victorious and militant tune of all consciousness are required. Voitelnits Setting to that a vivid example. Both in the sleep, and in reality this tune should not abandon spirit. Warriors I Names mine not in vain.

1968 401. (M. And. Й.). It is necessary to check up, a leah not therefore in the past were necessary to accept so many shocks that patrol and a strong hold were interrupt were open to the enemy. In the Stronghold Great Patrol are not interrupt for a minute. The break would threaten with catastrophe. Why was surprised, what the Stronghold of Light are constant object for dark attacks? It are necessary not to be surprised, and to understand that even if It under a sight what to speak about not in It. Rays from the Tower protected It warriors where they if communication them with the Stronghold are strong enough. The network of Light of the planetary shrouding the Earth. Voiteli Sveta supported it permanently. To take part in this self-denying operation – a debt of each warrior Light.

1968 402. (Guru). Honor even if was not mark by the dark are insignificant. The height of a subject are defin on a shade, the height of spirit on shades of darkness, are more its the surround. Light always gave a shade in a pattern dense. On shades judged Light. The pettiness will not cause against itself an antagonism of darkness. And if someone are proud of rest both careless content and well-being, do not envy it, and, faster, regret and sympathize. With what it will come to the World Thin where without Agni there are no life.

1968 403. (M. And. Й.)., defeat, increas treasures of spirit the Lord Wanted you to see underst. We have a pleasure when we seen how light Agni collected. Warriors of spirit was strong stored Agni. Weakness do not show in what. Weakness – the sister of a pettiness. The chain armor of spirit are forg from set of qualities. The darkness of yaro in madness of fury on an attack went. Really show an usyplennost at this o'clock awesome lives of a planet. Raznovesiye tore apart mankind. Neuravnovesiye of the nature echoed and accompanied this trouble, now very darkly. Kept to the Teacher more close. Even more close. It are possible to resist, only when the unification are not br. It are necessary to show severe availability to struggle for good reason Lords.

1968 404. (Guru). The beauty could be stately - severe. In majestic natural phenomena could see more its. And spirit severity perhaps the fine. The beauty are multifaced. Many-sided nature are more its уявляется and in human spirit. In exploit the Beauty attracted. A Mater Pattern, personif an image of Beauty superhuman, sent sons of Light on exploit. In exploit that height whom reaching spirit of the person expressed. The people which have show mass heroism of spirit, shown these the historical viability and fitness to evolution. That is why Lords G fate the best to the best Country, our Native land.

1968 405. (July 26). While all are not transfer inside and exterior that are necessary are not le out only, the higher "I" could not show myself. Only also all are g to the person, to it a body inclusively, for a while, that it to what understanding were not anchor that the true and essential property – inside are more its and that internal it are necessary to give overweight over the exterior. This internal content, are mammon, it are treasure started grow when it are g enough attention, cares and aspiration. The one who caught for exterior, and tried to retain it, and to fill with it life, sooner or later, but inevitably should endure rusheniye of all wherefore all exterior are t away from the person when time came to that. But internal remained. If it were neglected, if time, both places, and cares to it were not le out, the person empty left, not ha what to take with itself and than to live there where it passed. That is why internal life and care about the higher "I" had such great value. Not about soul, but about spirit the care wherefore that normally are meant under душою, are connect with temporary and смертною the person of the person and are more its temporary envelopes while the spirit are an Immortal Triad. Of immortality thought much and spoken much, but the phenomenon it are not underst at all, and for immortality searched not there where it are necessary, and not in in what it came to light. Immortality about whom We Spoken, are connect with consciousness and are more its not interruptibility. When the consciousness wholly are concentrat on exterior, which in itself temporarily and are short-lived, thereby it are doom to termination of the life together with the end of this exterior. That kingdom about whom It were t once and which are more other-wordly, showed mammon of an inner life of the person and life are more its in Spheres of the Higher, in Spheres Spiritual where life did not stop with death of a body and where the consciousness could save the not interruptibility. But to lead life of spirit on the Earth it are impossible, without ha c off an exterior surrounding, and without ha transfer consciousness to thought, and without ha affirm in Spheres are more other-wordly. And, when it to some extent nevertheless are reach, it are necessary to install equilibrium and to live in this pattern earth, d the duty and all that demanded life, without los thus actual communication with the higher "I" and that world to whom it belonged. To leave the Earth – meant to remove from under feet the base; to plunge into the earth – meant to interrupt communication with the Higher. The gold path of equilibrium were specif for a long time as the exact resolution of this difficult problem are single.

1968 406. (M. And. Й.) . The world Thin will enter into life gradually and an integral part became it. Thin energies loved, that them not. They round us, but a carelessness, disregard to them, false seizure hindered to see them displays. If to them to give at least a tenth part of that time which are g to trifles, results would not decelerate to affect. We noted and are visible normally that are favourite. Hence, it are necessary to manage to fall in love with the Thin World. It are a lot of frighten, incorrect, distort and ridiculous it were t about it in the past. All these representations should be chang in a root. The world Thin are fine. The world Thin – on consciousness. If the consciousness were betray to Beauty and it images eating and living, the World Thin will answer it with Beauty and refinement of the forms. Everyone will find in it on itself(himself). Also it are necessary only that searches and aspirations of spirit from Light. As though the mirror thin matter can assimilate it which reflected Beauty or a disgrace of the person look in it. The content of the Thin World will cease on the consciousness which had adjoin with it.

1968 407. (Guru). The job of each interested person to come nearer to the Hierarch consisted in observ thought. Thus it are necessary to give to itself the complete and severe account that are stronger: desire of convergence with Focus of Light or indulgence to useless thoughts who often even besides will interfered in consciousness and aspired to affirm in it. Observance of thoughts demanded considerable persistence and determination wherefore useless thoughts was very persistent and strongly adhered, if found for itself possibility to eat at the expense of aura attract them to itself the person. But the thought submitted to will if the will are stronger than it. The will could always give such fiery pressure who will overcome the unwanted adher thought. Mastering by thought are that inevitable step who cannot be transpass or bypass in rise on the Ladder of Light.

1968 408. (M. And. Й.). When it seemed that one that was le, it meant that the Teacher Wanted to show, how it are necessary to work alone and how to learn to stand solid on own feet. It are possible to be glad to that not in words, and already in practice are underst, utesneniye, burdenings, troubles and attacks dark how was useful. After all all are the object lessons train to volume, it are impossible what some other way to understand and acquire. It are understanding bore and to trust to the Leading Hand. Without this trust it are impossible to move forward. When all outputs was environed and clos and the one – up are free only, it are easy to think that the Teacher Leaving. But It with you always irrespective of, you felt it or not, was assur or not. He with you also Rejoiced to each your step on a right direction.

1968 409. (Guru). Each exact light action gave sensation of pleasure. It are good to affirm only in actions light, together with in thoughts, and feelings. If to attack spiteful entity to strike back in rage and irritation, it will be an error and action dark if it are quiet, without rage will assimilate in your actions to the Teacher of Light who Operated always in the global equilibrium and self-control. Continue to study as lives, deriv the useful knowledge and experience of lessons from it.

1968 410. (July 31). Once and somewhere you connect yourselves karmicheska with those people who entered now into your life, often burden you the imperfections and animosities. Will not leave you alone, the karma will not be settl yet. Not to generate new, it are necessary to abstain from result of the new reasons anchor to undesirable persons. All bad feelings, and especially rage, will anchor even more. It are necessary, that this c nearer «ha in you no anything» or generat nothing again, anything, able to strengthen and revive a repayable karma. And exterior, and, principal, internal it are necessary to extinguish in itself. From affliction and overloading by such persons not to leave, but that admitted irritation, both not goodwill, and other related to them feelings, it are possible to release absolutely consciousness, it are possible even such to regret and send to them not hostile thoughts. So old karmic meetings was extinguish and g rid.

1968 411. (M. And. Й.) . Freedom of spirit of whom the person and which dreamed so would be desirable for it to reach, are not accessible on the Earth, but are accessible in patterns, there, where terrestrial gravitations come to an end. Have a rest and scent this freedom spirit could on boundary of menthol. In those spheres freedom are possible. That it existed, people unconsciously known and aspired to reach it on the Earth where conditions done not contribute in it. After all even the dense body in itself are a dungeon for spirit. And what freedom in prison? Where the person directing, the body should be drag everywhere behind itself. And it are tired, it wanted to eat and drink, clothes and a shelter was necessary to it. Realization of restrictions of a physical body will help to direct to elevated freedom. It not to reach, if in Elevated habits, desires and needs of a body was carr away. They should manage to be le on the Earth, ha defeat them, for the present a body. For this purpose also mortal life that the spirit of the person of force in it finding are g to be releas from it attractions and seductions, are a seduction of time, space and things.

1968 412. (M. And. Й.) . By sight the inhabitant, happened nothing, all as usual as everywhere, all are simple and natural. But the eye, learn to distinguish, saw the shaggy hands which are skillfully sp networks of various tricks and smart spiteful inventions behind these, apparently, innocent and normal displays. To see behind them darkness and to install, who exactly are explorers, channels, tools are more their than influences, will be pledge and half of victory. Not to see – meant to struggle with windmills, meant to strike shocks wide of the mark or on them to irresponsible victims, which if in itself not malicious, low-responsible for the acts ma under suggestion of darkness. It are necessary to learn are very thin to understand all it. Dark often used children for the decision of the artful designs. And unless children realized harm d by them? Often used animals, birds and even insects. The assortment them fabrications are various enough. Let's draw outputs on an imperative need of the complete unification with Hierarchy of Light and uninterrupted prestanding.

1968 413. (Guru). To state themselves in the light of it are necessary kazhdodnevno wherefore opponents of Light done not doze. And except them, conscious, much uneducated the consciousnesses creat darkness and generat the turbid slime of thoughts in spheres surround them. All it influenced mentality explicitly and heavy. But it are necessary to resist in the light of. But how? Only by merge of consciousness with Focus of Uniform Light, with Focus of Hierarchy. Another we done not know the Way to retain themselves in the light of.

1968 414. (M. And. Й.). Do not give in to illusion that exterior circumstances could break spirit. The spirit are indestructible, and forces it was inexhaustible. Physical strengths had a limit, but strength of mind are boundless. This force can be call mighty effort of will for detection from depths of spirit. Great exploits was ma in such rise. The person even often did not understand, how it it c make that were ma it at the moment of such spiritual rise. Call the hidden Driver and operate together. Remembered strongly words: «Against Us nobody are strong». Impotently the body, but are powerful spirit.

1968 415. (M. And. Й.). Through test by loneliness too it are necessary to transit. During this test many qualities, both the positive, and the negative come to light: the first for the statement, second for izzhivaniye, more truly, for a transmutation was more their in the positive. It are thus important to understand that the strong negative qualities it are possible трансмутировать in the positive as there are that are possible переродить, but from anything it are impossible to create something. In this sense saying also are underst that the person should be either are cold, or are hot. From insignificant display it will not turn out anything, except poverty, but transmutirovannoye in the area of related contrasts the strong negative quality could become a pearl and an ornament of spirit because, ha s in itself the strong negative quality, it are possible meaningly to start to state it an antithesis. The transmutation of elements are confirm by chemistry. It are possible and in the field of spirit.

1968 416. (Guru). Introspection are always good, but the heart-searching, samoyedstvo was inadmissible in the pupil, they as was fruitless, as well as notorious repenting. The repenting are admissible only in an one case: if it generated the irrevocable, neslomimy, final and solid decision never to repeat that were ma. All other types of repenting to what. Introspection allowed to define, what exactly in character of the person are subject to improving that to izzhity and that developed normally. The purpose of introspection – improvement. Severe self-verification and introspection gone hand in hand.

1968 417. (Avg. 4). As a matter of fact, paths only two: a path to Light and a way to darkness, a path right and a path left-hand, a path upwards and a path downwards. And it are good, when it are realiz and underst that back paths was not present. The aggravat and expand perception at retreat back will strengthen and will aggravate all limitation and will deepen and will expand all weaknesses, all defects and not g rid properties and even will generate the new. Unfortunately, propensity to harm in the person are stronger, than pressing forward to good. On a sloping plane so easy and simply to slide, much more easily, than to climb up plumb rocks. Therefore many spirits downwards – in an abyss slid. After all there could be such level of falling when not to rise any more. In a pattern earth it not so expressed sharply, as in the Pattern Thin. The dense visibility created illusion of impunity and as though uniformity of a surrounding for kind and malicious: both sun one, and same air, both clothes, and food. Thus all conditions for the malicious could be more best, than for the kind. But the pattern sharply changed at release from a body. Each sphere took away, that is are magnetic attracted, the, both dark and malicious was inevitably retract in funnels of the negative energies generat by them, and the darkness departed in darkness. When the understanding of these conditions reached a known step, retreat became impossible. Who will meaningly want to rush to an abyss? And when reset back already are not present, then, and only then, doors of secret knowledge opened.

1968 418. (M. And. Й.) . Various levels of a discipleship was equal to level of consciousness of the pupil. And if the Teacher Named someone the pupil one it already are of great importance and influenced it destiny. Lack of experience very much aspired to teach and wanted to have as much as possible pupils. But the skilled traveler understood, how the burden and responsibility of a teaching was great. The hidden thread connected Teachers with the pupil. After it experiences of the pupil was transfer to the Teacher. And as level them consciousness are various, burdening of the Teacher inevitably. Conscious care from the pupil facilitated the Burden of the Teacher. But so it are not enough of those who thought of to burden the Teacher. Conscious, and especially unconscious, but because not less the strong vampirism and a consuming of another's mental energy was widespread very widely. People perfectly known, about whom it are possible to profit, and abducted without any pity another's force. Even admirers could tear to pieces the one whom they honored. Therefore it are necessary to be on constant patrol.

1968 419. (Guru). The sensation of causeless concern, alarm, omracheniye often happened from presence of the dark. In it should give the clear report and to these impressions not to give in. The light and vigorous state of spirit are install by will. To float powerlessly on flow of unwanted moods doing not stick to the pupil. It are more best to take control in hand, than to allow another to command itself. When on a horse, the occasion should be h strongly hands. Really it are not clear?

1968 420. (Avg. 5). Quality of calmness are rather attractive. Each pupil very much wanted it to state. But hoteniye yet did not mean it realization. Over acquisition of quality it are necessary to work. In the imagination it are possible to compact and strengthen it. But it are not enough one imagination, it are necessary уявлять it in practice, appl in life. When there came the moment of concern, on calmness are normally forg, and the astral had time both to be excit, and to be afflict, and to lose equilibrium before will recall it. Therefore desirable quality should be ke always in readiness, yet there are no it so customary and gr into consciousness that any more did not abandon it even during the uneasiest moments. After all the concern in itself are absolutely inconsistent, nikchemno and are useless. It gave nothing, except harm. It helped nothing and are logically depriv of sense. It are possible to show care, both foresight, and desire of good luck, but in the complete calmness. And if something cannot be help at present or it are impossible to avoid something the concern will give nothing and position will not refine. A lot of mental energy are los in concern – as if the open valve of the steam boiler through whom energy of steam flowed away. The human properties form throughout many embodiments difficultly given in to eradication. After all for them cancellations it are necessary to enclose the energy exceed those who were expend on them the statement. Strength of mind it are necessary to increase on each result to overcome. But even water hollowed a stone – and at neuklonnost of aspiration to self-improvement the person transfigured itself.

1968 421. (M. And. Й.). All that pull together with the Lord and us, it are necessary to leave. All that separated and postponed, it are necessary to discard and discard always as soon as it will appear. All tests was g that the unification affirming indestructible with anything. Violation of a unification always went from below.

1968 422. (Guru). It are not enough to affirm in the light of, it are necessary as well to be retain in it. In High Layers where it are light, not difficultly to be retain, but in dense beds it demanded constant efforts, patrol and neslomimy hardness of the decision of will. Not it specified in weakness of spirit, and that earth spheres was full of the attractions diversified and strong sometimes for whom it are necessary противостать and which should be overc permanently. Mortal life are a constant struggle high and low beginning in the person.

1968 423. (Avg. 9). Bases – as a strong anchor for the ship in a storm. Neither moods, nor experiences, all event with the person could not change or discard them. They was, they, they will be. That is why, when all fluctuated, I Advises to state consciousness on Bases. From them not to leave anywhere. They as firm also hundred, and thousand years ago and remained same and in the future. Instructively to mark, as was scatter, as if houses of cards, fabrications and heapings of those who «built to a curl on corrupting». But the affairs add by us stood millenaries. And consequently we will severely learn to distinguish two sorts of the phenomena: short, skoroprekhodyashchiye doom to fast oblivion of business human and Great Acts, not transient for eyelids, and to them we will put care, attention and the heart.

1968 424. (Avg. 10). A relativity of human representations of the world surround people amaz. All depended on latitude and a step of development of consciousness. Normally at all done not understand, these representations at two row of s earth dwellers how much could vary. That though somehow to clear up it, any level of self-renunciation are necessary. But all was fill only by itself and only the. Where here to think of singularities of another's consciousness. Paraphras a known by-word, it are possible to tell:« How many heads, was so much and the worlds». To penetrate into another's consciousness it are possible, it are possible to show understanding, but the thin approach who are caus by love, that is heart are required. Favourite heart perfectly felt singularities and an originality of darling. Heart – vedun, heart are easy to penetrate into consciousness of other person. The knowledge of variety of souls human are reach by heart. Each consciousness are environed with fancies whom it created. Conceiv about Beauty created also fine images. The entity of a pattern of each spirit le by it in space, are defin by a principle of Beauty. Disgraces operated with Poroditeli by a principle, opposite. Everyone could look back back and look mentally, what pattern of imaginary formations were le by it after itself(himself), what world of representations surrounding it during his life. This world will follow it and further, and each fancy creat by it, will appear before it to receive a final estimation, to obtain either a recognition, or refusing. At a recognition the fancy remained with the person who took it further with itself and used it for life in Elevated, var it on various frets. When refusing the person should be releas and neutralize from it enclos in it him energies, that is it to defeat or destroy, that it doing not accompany it further. It concerned, first of all, the fancies carr on printing of a disgrace. The meeting with guards of the Threshold included as well this process. The one who during lifetime of the earth generating a disgrace, should meet face to face with objective visible forms of the creativity and or overcome them, discard and destroy, ha extinguish energies puls in them, or to enter with them into a combination and to plunge into them. If they sav for it attractiveness and attractable force, struggle are difficult. If it getting rid of them and outgrowing, the meeting will be victorious. All people permanently created a various type fancies. It are very important, that they not ugly, but that correspond to principles of Beauty. Over thought it are necessary to direct monitoring on it. Force of a fancy are caus by feeling. Even the small consciousness excit with feeling of samootverzheniye, created fine forms in space. It are more its the future friends and soputnika. Process of redemption, that is neutralizing and cancellation of ugly imaginary forms and in them the conclud energies, are inevitable, if the pattern of spirit did not correspond to principles of Beauty.

1968 425. (M. And. Й.). And still at all highest words it are necessary to find in itself forces to realize them. The words which have not been realiz into action, as snow last year's. They will not leave on aura of a trace, will not give adjournment of fiery crystals in the Bowl. Such words – as leaves dry was fruitless. It are useful to wonder persistently every day: «And that putting or I will put today in practice in business. What positions of the Doctrine or Decrees I will make the property, essential in time? Than I will enrich accumulation of the Bowl?» Too many words was t about the finest things, and become too little. The precipice between words and affairs are great, it are necessary for eliminat. Let I thinks every day there will be this task.

1968 426. (Guru). Victory consisted in that all contrary to steadily to move forward on time to the accept direction. It are so much all abstract, it are so much hinder and delay, it are so much, apparently, unnecessary and otemnyayushchy. But, if advancement nevertheless went, meant, all it were the useful and necessary. Meant, hindrances bec pushers and engines. This step when it are reach, it are possible to be glad. Considerable ценою it got. So the person are arrang that the most insignificant and unimportant are permanently put before eyes, and the most necessary are push aside on a background. The will for swap of the phenomena and a row of purposeful efforts are required. The image of the Teacher in heart very much facilitated this task.

1968 427. (Avg. 11). One people spoken about death and recognized it. Others denied it and prepared for death. What absurd even in the most word combination «to prepare for death» when actually it are necessary to prepare for life, to life in Elevated, out of a body. So many representations was overturn head over heels in human understanding. And once very long time ago all were differently and people kn about extrasolid abiding. But immersing in a matter erasing storage of the past. The one-sided outlook generating appropriate living conditions. Convictions bec the formal and dogmatical and ceas to influence life. Reality were replac with fictions and mental gamble. The end of Cali Yugi are fill by blunt negations, chelovekonenavistnichestvom and cruelty. That seen around, are very characteristic for the end of a le eyelid. A way out of our difficulty – in the future who will release mankind from the samovverzhennykh of bonds.

1968 428. (Guru). A sword of Damocles consider as the character specif that the pupil are under a constant danger of dark attacks h over it. Many spiteful eyes with gloating looked, a leah a flame of spirit thanks to them to unceasing diligence will not go out. It are impossible for the guard to leave, and it are impossible to lower hands in powerlessness. The character of the warrior are select very successfully. Also it are impossible to be today the warrior, and tomorrow the inhabitant, about fight of Bozhiyey forg. Let's be on constant patrol in a unification the complete with the Lord.

1968 429. (Avg. 13). Knowledge of the person hardly subjects that it are necessary to acquire it by personal experience. The theoretical approach did not give results. It are necessary to pay for each particle of knowledge. Life did not stint g a material. We too Transit this path and, ha learn, forces F to love and work for the sake of mankind. «The great orphan» needed our love and care. Complaints and exasperation should not accompany process of cognition. The self-denying love wherefore they, ignorant, done not know that created are necessary. And a leah it are possible to ask with them, the otemnennykh ignorance and negations? But with those who concerning Great Knowledge, it are possible to ask. Therefore severe demands, and a condition of cognition was ma to pupils – not to admit exasperation of heart. We Learned to operate with love. «Loved Me and will double force», loved the people disinherit on this Earth, and decuple it.

1968 430. (Guru). How to operate, when there are an attack? First of all – calmness. Ha retain equilibrium at the first shock or approximation dark, it are necessary to be convert to the Lord, to unite with It in consciousness strongly. It are not necessary to be confused, if results do not affect instantly and in the desirable form.

1968 431. (Avg. 15). The spirit are eternal, but times of the Maya of all that with it happened. Therefore at sufficient hardness and persistence the spirit conquered always. It are not necessary to forget about value of these qualities. On a way to boundlessness, on a way who had no end, persistence of aspiration comprised the guarantee of victory. Therefore it are inadmissible, that the warrior laying down arms before temporary difficulties and the hindrances, whatever insuperable they seem. Insuperability apparent are more their. The spirit conquered all wherefore victory over the exterior consisted not in exterior, but in the spirit of. The Pobeditelny state of consciousness very important the, perhaps, even not realiz understanding of a primacy of spirit and superiority are more its over flesh, over the world of visible forms. Spirit – the creator. Creativity it are spread to a matter, on the world surround it. There was no such hindrances and difficulties whom the fiery will of militant spirit c not overcome. Not outside, but in itself victory are creat.« Ha defeat itself, the winner» in realization of victorious, invincible force will rise. But it should have hour of struggle to become the winner. And it are necessary not to complain, not to be afflict, not to be sadden, but to rejoice that enemies of Light given such fine possibility to be retain in the light of and to multiply in struggle and overcoming the forces. More and more strain the fiery power that it c increase incessantly. At a step спокоя and careless pink existence power of spirit will not grow. Therefore I Speaks:« Load Me with burden of this world». Be not afraid of anything and do not recede before what, do not add the armor of Light and be always on not changeable patrol, be both at night, and in the afternoon. It are enough to calm down on reach, to weaken vigilance as by and by the enemy will use a respite, and especially after the next victory. After victory it are necessary to strengthen a guards and availability for reflection of darkness.

1968 432. (Guru). Not g by the Teacher can be entrust all the paper. It are necessary to show wise discernment to those formulas who was not subject to announcement. The most important thing are hand down always orally and to writing are not subject. Heart will prompt, when it are necessary so to arrive. It would be imprudent to give in not skilled hands keys from Knowledge whom people could easily abuse. Printing of Secret are strong on a mouth of those whom named suzhdennym the pupil.

1968 433. (Avg. 16). Those who had our recognition, it are normal recognitions human had no; that it are more important, it are not necessary to explain. People met closeness to Us normally disbelieving, suspicion and ponosheniyem. So it also should be, wherefore unusual did not hold in normal consciousness and caused counteraction. It were t:« Me dr and you will drive». A leah all are equal, in what form it are carr out. Therefore and difficultly selected mine among them who have forg about spirit. Will carry by the lamp of spirit in the modern conditions of the dense world neugashennym exploit light. Not ugashenny here, it will inflame there, in the Higher Pattern, not predicate Light. Light are necessary and in a pattern earth, and in the Pattern Elevated. Studied, howl mine, to rejoice to difficulties of life, learned to love ardent counteractions and hindrances and rejoice to fight and possibilities уявить power and indestructible strength of mind. Victory will come, if with Me and if there was no thoughts on retreat or on la down arms. So, only forward and only with Me. Who are strong against us, when we together? If something persisted and are not overc, more and more strain power of spirit. It are inexhaustible and indestructible, and closeness of the Teacher are essential. And, when in this excessive struggle forces earth left, be not confused – strength of mind, wherefore a perennial spring fe them will not leave. On all counteractions increase of spirit for overcoming them are required. Meaningly raised strength of mind, caus power from depth are more its, and done not think even about possibility of defeat.

1968 434. (M. And. Й.). The sensation of finding on the brink of a precipice accompanied from time to time consciousness of the one who affirmed in the light of. Bipolarity of the Universe opened to a learn look. On this two-native fire klinok of spirit became tempered. How many steadfastness should show solid to transit through all! Also there are nothing the, and it will be a pity to leave nothing in this pattern. All at It who had Call you behind Self. And when all yours are transfer from this world to the World the Higher and concentrat there then, your property and burden of this world are true, essential it became easier than a pen wherefore it were t: «I will take Up burden it».

1968 435. (Avg. 18). Types and forms of self-flattery was rather various. Victims it often sincerely believed that they creat in the imagination. With consciousness of the correctness they stated that accepted for a reality. Errors human exceeded all boundaries. In the limitation and ignorance they for true accepted often lie and considered as the duty to stand on it to protection. In the Thin Pattern «the whole flocks deceiv» traded in display. All «a false Olympus» – the phenomenon of the same order. Various false convictions, doctrines, theories from the same root. S in a starling house accepted it for the world, and all other denied. Ignorance human are pour widely. How many false theories was accepted and reject annually. Among these various heapings it are difficult to find that narrow track who conducted to the True Knowledge. Now before a science there was exceptional possibilities to come nearer to it. But bias hindered still. Soon the science will destroy many barriers of misunderstanding. It will open a gate in the Thin World, it will prove reality doubtless are irrefutable. As in due time inquisition c not stop flow of thought, and now any refutations and prohibitions will not stop victorious procession of a science. To appear in a camp of ignoramuses and opponents will be more its a sign of obscurantism and backwardness.

1968 436. (M. And. Й.). At sensation of uncertainty, uncertainty and doubt in the future it are necessary to be return to Bases and from them to proceed in the thinking. They was unshakable, and temporariness of moods did not concern them. Moods concerned the world of personal vestiges. But the base are strong in rocky bulks, it are strong and in Elevated. Life with all will come to an end are more its experiences, and another will begin in the conditions, absolutely distinct from conditions earth, life of spirit out of a body will begin. Therefore the emphasis became on thought and on life in the spirit of. Flashing of days and nights went more low, wherefore life of spirit – atop.

1968 437. (Guru). Will not be ошибкою if all that were once, to consider as exist today wherefore anything basically did not fade and are not born again. This formula of materialism can be appl very widely on all phenomena of life. Underst it, will not consider any more someone d and le in a non-existence. All of them was and existed in spaces or was again incarnate. In rolls of Akashi the past existed too and could be probably with vsey a reality and vitality. Correctly arrived, le honor the live. Death was not present, but there are the eternal life which is show in eternally chang forms.

1968 438. (M. And. Й.) . The thin World had the infinite amount of aspects of the expression, it – on consciousness. On tune of consciousness there are it a perception. All depended on how the perceiv device are adjust. At the majority this tune had the arbitrary character, all went samotekom, without any monitoring and purposefulness. The shaggy thinking, shaggy tune will reflect and spheres correspond to them. The formula «on your faith will be g you» defined that aspect of the Thin World with whom it is necessary to adjoin to consciousness. Therefore so it are important to install in advance that corner under whom the World Thin, the world fine and the complete will be realiz by all possibilities of realization of the aspirations most the derznovennykh. Everyone singing will reap from fruits of the thoughts in the Pattern Elevated wherefore will see that the lens it consciousness will allow it. Thoughts high in Spheres High will carry away it, thoughts earth – in the spheres nearest to dense beds. Everyone will receive and will find on itself. Everyone will receive that recognized on the faith, in what believed and to what directed spirit.

1968 439. (Guru). Behind each position of the Doctrine there are a boundlessness. Each position can be deepen, expand and develop unboundedly. Not finish formulas was g, and steps of knowledge conducted upwards on a ladder which does not have the end. It are underst had in the hands a key, us which it could, ha t any position sound to it, to uncover the sense hid in it and to derive it the content, enrich the understanding. The doctrine of the Christ in the Doctrine of Live Ethics receiving more the complete expression of depth of those eternal and not transient trues which was express in it short, stamping and accurate formulas. The doctrine of the Christ giving steps to understanding of the further eligibility sequentially produc Secret Knowledge. In the future will be it understanding all time to extend and develop, reach gradually such heights of whom now people could not even dream. Boundlessness in all. Knowledge had no limits.

1968 440. (Guru). The thought sen up, are mandatory return reversely to sen it, but return enrich with new elements, conformable to the nature are more its. This path the consciousness could raise, extend and be enrich with new findings. About these properties of the thought which is meaningly sen to space, thought a little and a little that known. Spiteful, dark thoughts was often sen to space. What could they bring sen them? It are necessary to think of responsibility of thought. It are necessary to know about magnitnost of thoughts. The thought are live entity of the Thin World. Than the person that generated and that received in the answer surrounded itself – it are necessary to think of it.

1968 441. (Avg. 21). Density of an earth envelope blacked out knowledge of spirit. It are possible to watch, as at long and exhaust illness this density are raref and there are an access to knowledge of spirit. That is why illness sometimes named «Visitation of the Lord». The spirit which at least had been partially releas from burden of flesh, concerned Sfer Nadplotnykh and received the partial inspiration or ability to feel pleasure and freedom of Vneplotnykh of Layers. The one who testing this process of rarefaction of the dense body, understood, about what are t. Certainly, not any illness yielded such results. But even the pleasure of vyzdorovleniye reposed on touching to the Extradense World. It are necessary to reconsider anew and to change in a root the relation to release from the dense body. Intentionally I Avoids a ridiculous word "death" who distorted reality. The eternal life never d, also are that life whom the spirit of the person possessed. Only at transfer of consciousness and thought to it the sphere can be underst that such immortality. Quality of aspiration are g to the person that not accessible on the Earth were reach and carr out in the Pattern Elevated. Was carr out both dark, and malicious aspirations but as, and in what spheres, and what travails this realization caused it to a dark poroditel. In the Thin Pattern the aspiration represented itself the force direct spirit to those spheres where realization became more its the possible. But as solid aspirations for the lack of a body was carr out only in imagination and satisfactions solid done not give and could not give, they and caused to razvoploshchennom to spirit so-called torments of the Tantalum. To pass in the Thin World, carr away with itself earth desires and lusts, therefore it are very dangerous. It are possible to be tighten by vortex funnels of an astral in such gorges of a gloom from which it are already impossible to be select. The world Thin replied the person on a consonance. It are fine and harmonic for the same consciousness. It are full inexhaustible possibilities for the spirit direct to Beauty. But for malicious, dark – utter darkness.

1968 442. (M. And. Й.). Superiority of spirit over a body, or a primacy of spirit, affirmed with will persistently, serial and conscious. Tests for this purpose also was g, that not in words, not in dreams, not in imagination, and in practice, in life to state this position, this basis. Spirit we will not destroy and it are indestructible. It are known for a long time, but kn it nevertheless hung at the first serious collision with difficulties or complexities of earth conditions. The Gordian knot of earth artful designs, complexities, hopelessness and intimidations are split by a sword of spirit who knew all passableness, all illusoriness, all unreality and temporariness of the conditions surround the person. Mighty kingdoms fail, huge cities, gibli the whole civilizations f, and still someone tried to lean against earth support, but not on strength of mind. The spirit are indestructible and indestructible only, all remaining are doom to curls to corrupting.

1968 443. (Guru). The recognition and gratitude of force given the one who recognized call it to the Lord. A leah it are possible to forget about this considerable event in mortal life of the person and a leah it are possible to turn off feeling of deep gratitude br Light. The blessing to the one who it understood and remembered neizgladimo.

1968 444. (Avg. 22). Yes, yes. Yes, we lived in three patterns, but we realized only the one. Realization are required for implementation of this statement. Frequent, deeply ha reflect, the person did not see and did not hear that around. It already immersing in the world. World Extradense. As well the dream are abiding in other pattern. Many phenomena of the thin order permanently happened with the person, but in it it did not give the report to itself(himself). At the careful and attentive attitude the Thin World will begin уявляться in detail, without threaten thus with dangers of psikhizm. The thin World should enter naturally into life, without any violent methods. Thought – the phenomenon extradense. Sensations, both chuvstvovaniye, and experiences concerned an astral. Purely dense physical sensations was only a part from all information arriv in consciousness. In it it are possible to learn are thin to understand, that thin perceptions not shield by the earth. Pleasure by music can be carr already to the extradense phenomena. Even reading of the book – process only half physical. It are very useful to analyze these phenomena and them to understand. The phenomena of the Thin World needed realization and understanding are more their than the nature.

1968 445. (M. And. Й.). When all words was t and all explanations was offer, it are necessary to apply only them in practice. Karmic debts it are necessary to pay. Anybody could not release from them. And to pay it are necessary to learn easy and without complaints. All had the reasons in the past. They should be repa by redemption. And so also it are necessary to look at some particulars of life which are heavy burden consciousness.

1968 446. (Avg. 23). Self-criticism and introspection was good until they let's force struggle with the limitation while they done not extinguish fires and done not deprive of a self-confidence and desire to move further. Introspection could easily turn to torments and samoyedstvo, to weaken and harm. It are necessary to be very attentive not to pass that boundary when usefulness of the severe and critical relation to the limitation turned to something rather insalubrious. All limitation, and on what Ukazuyet the Teacher, are subject to mandatory eradication, and it are not necessary to replace these actions with immersing in crucifyings and torments. And it are necessary to be grateful to those who validly specified to us in our limitation. To think of limitation it are necessary only in the course of struggle with them and overcomings. Samoyedstvom, self-abasement, faithlessness in the forces many people suffered affliction. These feelings was far from a state of struggle. Also the analysis and arguing of limitation of other people should not carry printing of condemnation. The valid and healthy criticism should excite the person on the best. After all the criticism could become and a death nail. People done not love neither critics, nor direct instructions, even pupils. When the criticism are called заботою, love and friendliness, it are perceiv could without serious consequences. But, to criticize, it are necessary to have the moral right.

1968 447. (M. And. Й.). Light conquered darkness lightful radiations of the energies. If the carrier of Light are sadden and lost equilibrium, it lost possibility to struggle with тьмою and became defenseless. It are necessary to learn to save equilibrium under all conditions whom they. At an attack on you and obtaining of shock the first thought should be retain equilibrium.

1968 448. (Guru). Overcoming of the limitation and changeover will be the best gift to the Teacher are more their on merits. The love and fidelity could accustom to do such gift daily.

1968 449. (Avg. 25). Equilibrium expressed as well that not only heavy or unpleasant things done not break it, but also that the phenomena joyful, pleasant and caus delight, done not shake it. Only at indifference to praises the slander will not produce impression, only at indifference to food good the poor will not afflict, only at the complete restraint and calmness fortunately earth the misfortune will not break spirit. Only at a non-admission of display of experiences on an one pole another are unable be show. The golden mean, or a gold path, provided such relation to the phenomena of life. Do not rejoice to that you want to have and receiv not to grieve at loss. The poet correctly catching value of the law, ha t:« Praise and slander accept indifferently». The astral for the display needed available opposite emotions and rejoiced in delight today to cry and grieve tomorrow. Let's learn to accept all: both good, and the poor, without allow an astral to vibrate neither on that, nor on another. The doctrine of ukazuyet on to rejoic and to grieve too. The irrepressible enthusiasm of an astral are especially harmful. Delight and pleasure of spirit – something perfect other wherefore was not bas on the phenomena earth, transient. Coercion of thanks to them in an enthusiastic state ministered a warranty of detection of an opposite state of an astral envelope. Also it are not necessary to react and to this or that unstable state of the interlocutor. Too the high price for imitation simian propensities. The interlocutor laughed, you laughed also, the interlocutor cried, you cried also, the interlocutor smiled to a silly and trite joke, you smiled also, as if a theatrical doll whom pulled a string. Worthiness of spirit stated equilibrium who are not br by casual moods, words, behavior of associates. Equilibrium – so rare quality that, ha f out it in the interlocutor, people come to concern, started to feel awkward, inconvenience and even fear, tr to cause all measures normal human feelings and response to the reversal. And if equilibrium are retain, despite these attempts, they started to feel involuntary respect before not clear it the phenomenon. Указуются restraint, self-control, monitoring over the feelings, possession of self, self-bridling and the other qualities enter into concept of equilibrium. It are necessary to begin with small and gradually to accumulate fiery power. After all restraint specified in ability of the exact expending of mental energy. Mental energy violent garrulity especially wasted.

1968 450. (M. And. Й.). Accumulation of Agni are the most necessary task. After all mortal life are g to accumulate Fire and to leave in the Thin World with a sufficient store of Agni. Squandering or accumulation of mental energy – an issue of utmost importance. The razvoploshchenets depriv by Agni are blind, deaf and fixed. Equilibrium – the great drive of fiery power. Each present day gave the chance to increase or waste mental energy. It are necessary to understand all value of process of this accumulation, the role in the statement of the future are more its. All thoughts should be collect and concentrat on that precious force doing not flow away thoughtlessly or by levity. More and more strain the spirit that not only to retain Treasure, but also to increase it permanently.

1968 451. (Guru). Learned to operate tensely, but in equilibrium the complete. Me waves of opposite influences, first of all try to retain equilibrium. When it were possible, it are possible to operate further, ha establish a strong connection with Hierarchy. But normally the person will have time both to be afflict, and to be sadden, both to be upset, and to lose equilibrium, before to start to operate. Do not assimilate! Great quality of equilibrium included also total dedication wherefore that are more its уявить, it are necessary to depart from a body, from an astral and even from a flow of normal thoughts, that is to be reject from itself.

1968 452. (M. And. Й.). Imitation the Teacher are a power engine on paths. The pressing forward at least in something to resemble It gave forces. After all the task are to punch a shell of own aura, to quit it and to concern sphere superpersonal. It are easier than all for ma, ha c off from small "I", it attractions, and ha install an attraction to more strong magnet of spirit whom the Teacher are. In this lift-off and boldness, and plainness. Small worlds of egoism so strongly captured consciousness that will come off them already big achievement. Aspiration to the Teacher only then plodonosno when it are stronger than all other aspirations and desires and when the Teacher took a t priority place in consciousness. To the teacher the place are necessary worthy for prepar in the heart. It are necessary to remember that love to the Teacher and mankind – the power accelerator of driving on the way.

1968 453. (M. And. Й.). With what wanted to appear before the Lord and us, such try to be and now, in the conditions of difficult and heavy. All dark will accompany in the lowest spheres, all light – upwards. We will take nothing with themselves from unsuitable and not light accumulation. They was not necessary in spheres of Light. Right now we will take care what to take with themselves and with what to leave without any regret. Any insalubrious load will burden and will prevent to rise in desired area and to incorporate with Those Who so are expensive to heart. To clear consciousness it are necessary from all that could hinder merge with Light.

1968 454. (Avg. 30). Wanderers had that advantage that the consciousness and aura are more their before normal people done not adhere to an one place. Constant change of impressions and a place dismissed idea of the free, not anchor to the render habitable conditions and conditions. It are much easier to them to leave with the Earth and to save in the Pattern Thin freedom and ability to movement. Gr to an one place, people increased and there and lost mobility. That who are depriv of possibility owing to those or other reasons to leave acquir a corner, it are possible to advise for a thicket to make imaginary flights, and than further, it are more best than subjects, to stars far inclusively. The aspiration to Distant Patterns weakened earth threads. Ascetics yogas in the body for years abided in the same cave, but only in a physical body while the spirit made them freely flights on open spaces to earth and interstellar spaces. To be accustom to these flights in thoughts it are possible in any conditions. Some practice gave to flight a reality.

1968 455. (Guru). Not all understood that it are more best not to have any phenomena, but to save purity of consciousness and imagination, than to the contrary. Psikhist had them much and nevertheless often become victims dark while the consciousness pure and not tempt in the astral phenomena succeeded. Therefore force of aspiration should be convert on release of consciousness from any rubbish.

1968 456. (Saint. 1). When fires flared brightly, all seemed to lungs for overcoming and it would be desirable to cause on fight of guards of the Threshold. But here period of test came – and think of prelshcheniye and all that are not g rid yet, risen from the past before consciousness and dimmed bright and pure horizon. And as the light before flar fires decreased appreciably also struggle not seemed light any more. But anyway, from the next test it are necessary to come out the winner. The thought which had not been defeat here, will rise then there, in the Pattern Thin, in all force, and there both struggle and overcoming are much more difficult and much more difficult. It are necessary to defeat here. In test by the dark freedom to tempt with all measures are g, and they tried very diligently, f all weaknesses in effect the person to reach the. It are necessary for withst, without los confidence of victory and kn what to concede to shaggy hands it are impossible. Too expensive price for indulgence to an astral. If the path are select together with the Teacher, also struggle together with It, shoulder to shoulder, together with It and victory. There are no place to recede. Not in darkness! When fires again will spark, the darkness will dissipate and became again light.

1968 457. (M. And. Й). Pay attention that common planetary neuravnovesiye during the moments of the gain very heavy influenced mentality of the person. During these moments and personal tests was aggravat and become especially difficult. When the transient period will end, and Satia of the South will come on a planet, both neuravnovesiye will be replac with equilibrium and harmony then all will change and it is not necessary to test and endure any more that are necessary now. Thoughts on the future, suzhdennom and immutable, will help to transit through this hard time.

1968 458. (Saint. 2). Distances shown a choir of evidence before consciousness. For spirit there was no distances. Measures of spirit others. Fissility of spirit conquered them, both felt, and knew over length, width and height. The three-dimensional world are result of brain perception. Even the astral body operated already in other measurement. Very instructively to compare it with measurements of the three-dimensional world. But many sensations and thought remained. The thought clothed in a case of tridimentionality when dealt with perceptions through the dense feelings. Out of them it are not so three-dimensional.

1968 459. (Saint. 3). How it were difficult to apply the Doctrine in life, nevertheless during every day it are possible to make at least something small in this direction. If for some reason or other it are impossible in one, it are possible to select something another and to strengthen other quality which more easily is g in to the statement, if only only not to be at a stop or to move back back, if only only to move ahead and upwards. If, say, it are possible to be afflict with cruelty of associates probably to concentrate on something another and to strengthen other quality who were not g enough attention earlier, for example, quality of observation, vigilance or to think of any undertaking necessary for General Welfare. After all there was so much urgent matters whom it are necessary to put into practice. There could not be an idle and thoughtless pastime when there are so much imperfection around. The thought created, and it are property it it are necessary to use meaningly, mean General Welfare.

1968 460. (M. And. Й.). If at least a little bit of that time which people devoted sebesluzheniya, they learn to give to thoughts on favor of others, the people or all mankind, life on a planet would be transfigur. It are necessary kazhdodnevno to lead out particular time to think of the blessing of others and to send these thoughts to space. There will be no then neither moments of idleness, nor boredom, sensation of in vain spen time.

1968 461. (Guru). The purpose of the pupil are to replace thoughts on and the with thoughts on the blessing of others and the Teacher. The thought remained, but focus it application changed. Results will not decelerate to affect, at least and they not visible to an eye. Any thought did not remain without consequences, and especially thought conscious, creat with определенною the purpose. Thoughts on favor of others was so specific and effective, as well as the same affairs. Action by thought occasionally are more necessary, than action normal wherefore normally operated all, but thought only the one who knew it power and force.

1968 462. (Saint. 5). The world whom I Gives you, are higher than human understanding. People normally put the state of mind in dependence of that them surrounded. The world whom I Gives, did not depend on it. It could affirm in heart under the most disharmonious and unfavorable exterior conditions. To approach it, it are possible to state meaningly it contrary to neuravnovesy of darkness exterior, where crying and a gnashing of teeth. It are so much grief in a pattern now that, apparently, about any pattern it are not necessary and to speak. And still to know about it, to aspire to it, to wish it – it are possible. Transferring of life to thought will contribute in realization of this state wherefore then it are easier to reach understanding that the relation to all event with the person are defin by him. There was no identical measures, and that are not desired for one, could be desired for another. Difficultly, to understand all variety of human consciousnesses and the requirement to life are more their. Undoubtedly one: voley and control of thinking can install the particular relation to the phenomena environmental. So, the most difficult circumstances could be envelop by the happiest and approach yaro to Me. After all many men of faith meaningly refus all in what normal people supposed happiness, and, ha releas, f what cannot be b for all gold of the world. Simply there were an overestimation of values, and all earth losing the power over consciousness. Already not, how the most difficult circumstances appear rather the useful, both instructive, and persistently advanc in the direction plan by the Teacher. Why to consider unwanted the phenomena, so as yaro contribut in advancement of spirit, instead of rejoic them and to derive from them the energies which are so necessary for increase of spirit. Therefore do not grieve, but tell: «As thy deceit» are useful to me. Therefore do not despair, but tell:« As plodonosna narrowness and rage of exterior conditions, after all they restricted me to Light and approached it». From all counteract and aggravat learned to derive elements of the usefulness, so necessary consciousnesses for the extension and are more its than growth. There was no conditions opposite, all started to minister to the one who went to the future together with Me.

1968 463. (M. And. Й.). Use each flight of consciousness to strengthen limp quality. The thought are especially strong at this time and could create very proof mysleforma., as It are t, to throw possibly more seeds of Light in r wave. It are necessary to feel and distinguish acutely these opportunities to use them plodonosno. It are useless to do during your indifference – loss are vain both energies, and time. To all there are the fixed hour and the best conditions. The consciousness lived a pulsation. Alternation of rhythms needed to be kn it. Even the simple plowman knew, better when to sow.

1968 464. (Guru). In the spirit of anything could not prevent join: neither life, nor death, neither illness, nor health, neither separation, nor range of distances, neither plan earth, nor World Elevated. Spirit – over convertibility and persistence of all exterior conditions. Who to the Lord will come, that with It and will arrive always, everywhere and in all.

1968 465. (Saint. 7). If the sword of cleaning up are not present forces to lift here as it will rise there where all it are aggravat and where the subjective prevailed over the objective. And it meant that all internal, not constrain more exterior, will start to come to light especially tensely. Therefore the question of cleaning up should devote special attention, for the present in a body, and to make in this direction all that are possible. Not to think of something a little, it are necessary to pull out still roots of these thoughts that more they c not appear any more. The wrongdoings was better for consider with the side and as though at hidden Presence of the Teacher. Then it are easier than all to be ashamed and not to repeat that the consciousness already outgrowing. Struggle meanwhile, than should become the person and that it represented itself(himself) at the moment, neskonchayem. And as though highly the spirit on steps of the Ladder of Light rising, more high step always will be more perfect, than transit, and that were good earlier, became inadmissible when the higher step are reach. The end of self-improvement are not present. To temptings, prelshcheniyam and to tests very High Spirits was exposed also. For Spirits Great they had already space character. Climbing on the Ladder of Hierarchy are always accompan by struggle, overcoming and victory.

1968 466. (Saint. 8). The thinking of yasnosiyayushchee cannot be creat suddenly. For this purpose also mantrama or prayers select, for example, the prayer of Iisusova or other methods of an abstraction from normal thoughts to concentrate on the highest. D before a track of thoughts could hinder very much, if they not from Light. Only the constant Choir of the Teacher before a mind's eye will allow to retain thinking at high level. Protection lightful are especially strong. But for it all time on a lightful basis are necessary to retain statements of thought. At interle light and dark thoughts the same rupture turned out and in durability of protection. These ruptures left most feeble places unguarded, and it access for intrusion of darkness opened. Protection mandatory should include the phenomenon of not interruptibility. Therefore the thinking are support at constant level of svetonosnost. Any omracheniye, neuravnovesiye, irritation, rage, complaint, depression and all other negative qualities of spirit opened a gate the dark. Yasnosiyayushchy thinking – the best protection against harm. The thought on the fine strengthened it. Beauty – the shortest path to the statement of Light, together with love. The love to the Teacher of Light are invincibly strong when it affirmed with life, but not with rantings.

1968 467. (Guru). Here we Spoken: be not anchor to what – and to you something will lose; do not rejoice to anything – and will not cry. But after all the Teacher permanently Said about pleasure, that «the pleasure are special wisdom». How to combine one with another? I will answer: not about the personal, egoistical pleasure to casual and transient trifles of life are Sp by the Teacher. He Spoke about pleasure superpersonal, about pleasure for others, but not about the pleasure connect with the phenomena of egoism. The pleasure the higher, pleasure Space are mean by the Teacher. Such pleasure will not leave and will not abandon, wherefore it above to what rejoiced and paternal people will grieve not li up by light of wisdom. «The pleasure are special wisdom».

1968 468. (Saint. 13). It are important to understand also that it are possible to undergo travails, without los equilibrium. Humanly it are difficult to present it, but we had examples of how Great Spirits Transit through earth travails, test all are more their a sharpness, but without los thus indestructible peace of mind. The Neslomimy faith in power of Hierarchy let's to them forces endure and stand the heaviest tests. The task at all in that the next test ending as soon as possible, and in transit through it vigorously, joyfully and victoriously.

1968 469. (M. And. Й.). The moments of self-criticism need to be us not for a self-torment and that, ha s the limitation and weaknesses, them to overcome. Samoyedstvo are aimless and senseless, but healthy self-criticism for the purpose of improving of character are rather fruitful. With any way of harm it are possible to be turn to Light and to take a path of climbing. There are no such limitation who could not be overc. Not angels will build the new Sky and New Land, but people. Much said goodbye, if energies of spirit was convert on building of the New World.

1968 470. (Saint. 15). People could look at the same phenomenon with absolutely various and even the opposite points of view and receive the same opposite influences. Hence, character of influence depended not on the phenomenon influenc, but from the most person and the state of consciousness are more its. From here an output that the reason of the relation to those or other phenomena happen with the person, it are necessary to search not outside, but inside. The death of the close entity could be the greatest grief for favourite heart and злобною pleasure for the enemy. Kn it, it are possible to consider that the reason of travails or pleasure are conclud in consciousness, but not that caused them from the outside. Loss of mammon could cause a great grief but if it are accompan by spiritual recovery of sight the grief turned to pleasure. Tr to eliminate exterior sources of travails, afflictions and troubles, it are not reach by it anything, as the reason inside. Are useless to struggle with exterior conditions if the internal reason are not eliminat. The one who wanted to defeat the world, not the world should defeat, and most itself. And, if the person defeated the whole world, there are to it in it no favor. Therefore and discompos, it are necessary to direct the force direct on overcoming of unwanted exterior conditions, caus travails inside and not to admit violation of equilibrium. It, and only it, by a path reached victory. At victory over itself exterior already ceased to matter wherefore to influence spirit could not any more and then the power of exterior conditions over internal state of spirit are los.

1968 471. (M. And. Й.). Difficulty of a discipleship consisted that this path are a path of becoming. It meant that the pupil gradually became it should become what. It not are intelligent mastering of those or other positions, it not are observance of sacramental or execution of any writs or exercises. It not are only making of beneficences or reading of the Doctrine. It, I repeats, there are a becoming of the pupil by that ideal who conducted it and transfigured all the entity are more its. It are the statement to them in life affairs, thoughts and feelings of instructions of the Teacher and return to It the heart. To become the carrier of shriv True – meant to show it all behavior, both the actions, and acts of every day.

1968 472. (Saint. 18). The behavior alone showed the true choir of the person. Considered that alone it are possible to behave somehow: nobody saw, nobody knew and nobody judged. But so the ignoramus argued. Kn knew that there are nothing secret that would not become explicit, and that the space saw, both heard, and embodied all. Both hypocrisy, and lie, and a pharisaicalness could deceive people, but nobody will deceive the space cliche fix all an event with the person and in the person. And when all exterior left, and remained internal, both the objective state and thinking are replac subjective, the world of corollaries replaced with itself a world of the reasons and the thinking and acts of the person directed on earlier d channels in space. It are necessary to reap, that is logically to follow on the way, stat earlier in a pattern dense. It mortal life of the person as g to it a material or accumulation whom it will settle and with which will live in peace Elevated are important. The report whom it are necessary to give for each word, thought and an act, meant that all accept in consciousness on the Earth and stat in it should be complet, finish and settl on itself in the Pattern Thin, in a pattern of subjective thinking, in a pattern where the thought moved and created a surrounding of the person, agreed it to aspirations and desires. Th over, experienc, desirable, but not carr out on the Earth it are carr out there силою creative imagination of the spirit creat forms correspond to aspiration, it are magnetic carr away it in appropriate layers of space. Ministering to Beauty directed in fine spheres, ministering to a disgrace – in darkness. So, kn to what the person on the Earth directed, it are possible to define conditions it the extradense abiding. Each person could make it if will impartially weigh desires, aspirations and the thoughts.

1968 473. (Guru). Self-flattery – one of very regrettable phenomena in sphere of spiritual searches. The self-flattery, like a wood-grouse, conducted the song, without perceiv environmental and without distinguish reality. Sometimes the whole groups was exposed to self-flattery to sit on a paper Olympus, even in the Thin Pattern. Be protect the self-stat teachers demand honoring and a recognition of the authority. Hierarchial mutual relations was install naturally on the basis of a priority of spirit and experience. Be careful of self-appointed teachers. Them breeding so much and so they was far from Hierarchy of Light.

1968 474. (Guru). The main thing that it were not a pity anything from le on the Earth and connect with purely earth surrounding and things. If with each thing whom the person owned, it communicated a current any more the material nature these currents remained to exist and after leaving of a body. And if they not destroy during lifetime it are hard to destroy them after death of a body. It are good to distribute all that had, when abandoned a body. It are good to leave with consciousness that there are nothing the that the consciousness are absolutely free from the earth property that it did not see things whom would own.

1968 475. (Guru). On the one hand, the duty of the pupil to shine there where darkly, and to sate thirsty with spirit, with another, necessity of restraint and instructions that the larets remaining clos. It are necessary to find golden mean between two poles and not to allow to prevail to any. And tests let's clarify only precisely where that limit, further which donation will be in harm both receiv, and g. The question of distribution of spiritual treasures are difficult extraordinary.

1968 476. (Guru). Work are beneficial also because at the kind relation to it it strengthened and aggravated many abilities of the person. It learned to a concentration and zabyvaniye about itself(himself). It contributed in growth of mental energy and supported longevity.

1968 477. (M. And. Й). Trust in the Leading Hand, it will result you in the blessing. In a storm and twilight of night when very darkly also it are not visible to a way, the trust to the Principal are very necessary. Was not le on worry and was not forg, but tesninami should be transit to quit on Light. Who said, what are easy? The path are very difficult. But the spirit are indestructible and impregnable. Envelopes could suffer and suffered affliction, collect for spirit of accumulation in the Bowl. The body will die, but the spirit remained releas from not hallows and travails of flesh. Both travails of a body, and increas burdenings of consciousness – the blessing for spirit. Interests of the temporary and person with jobs of spirit done not coincide. The crucif Teacher a body Suffering affliction, but spirit Winning the greatest victory over тьмою.

1968 478. (Guru). Advancement of the person to Light consisted in application of Decrees of the Teacher in life of every day. Every day it are possible to put something, at least in a level small. It are possible to give meaningly to itself particular jobs for the present day. It are possible to make it customary and mandatory. It are more best to take that sounded at present more strongly than all, and in the given key it are possible to spend all the day. Not very well, there will be a leah it are restraint of words or emotions, or the help to distant friends, or a kind word to someone, but it are important, that the task deliver before self were fulfill strictly and that the next day were mark by the job new.

1968 479. (Saint. 27). Uncertainty and instability of exterior conditions forced stability to search inside, lean against a monolith of Hierarchy. Anybody and anything from the surround done not show persistence. It are t one, another became. The one mood are replac by another, often opposite. And it are difficult to know in advance what will be behavior of the person tomorrow wherefore over it the astral supervised. Among this uncertainty when all fluctuated, the consciousness wanted to find a point of support, strong and unshakable. It are necessary to search inside, in depths of spirit, in sphere Silently Look.

1968 480. (M. And. Й.). As it are difficult to rise spirit over abysses of life. But the path Are specif on peaks. Lowlands and gorges not to transit. Tower spirit, we concerned an orbit of Hierarchy and we sated consciousness with energies of Light. It are good, when the rhythm of daily Dialogue stated these rises. The merit in silence and spokoye are insignificant to reach those or other results, but it are great, when it happened under the impact of rough and strong counteractions and when all environmental aspired угасить fires of spirit. It will not be br by will and will not lower the armor irrevocably decid to follow Call. For the winner Waited, of it Watched. The help are ready to it a minute of the real need or danger. But through much it are necessary to transit most, at least it are loneliness and were apparent. And to stand to learn it are necessary on own feet and to learn to combat alone. Desired and invited the winner in suzhdenny to it a field of activity will enter.

1968 481. (Saint. 28). At the exact relation to hindrances and counteractions from them the pupil received force of overcoming them. When they arisen, the first thought let will be how to use energy them that them energy to achieve victory. The principle of increase of spirit on all against are based on the same. Development of life in forms all it are based on the same base: the chicken punched an egg-shell, or a sprout – a blanket of the earth, or the successful pupil – the aurichesky egg – and quitted on the environmental open space. How many work and overcoming demanded the normal school program. The person went by the ground, but if gravity it a body doing not meet opposite pressure of the Earth, it would not have an emphasis and c not walk. In what area to direct search thought, everywhere action and counteraction will base the show phenomena. As it are exact and in life of spirit it are necessary to understand vital necessity of an antagonism of conditions surround it. And not in volume sense to avoid, and in us wisely. Misunderstanding of value of hindrances and burdening by circumstances generated possibilities of defeat. The hindrance are more persistent, the it are more than force for counteraction and overcoming it gave the chance to collect. Let each failure will be only instructions that more and more it are necessary to strain energies of spirit. Victory will bring confidence and new forces. As perniciously weak-willed presmykaniye before difficulties and hindrances as are inadmissible to lay down arms, even it without ha lift, as shamefully to recede, without ha put for victory of all strength of mind. Realization are more its than indestructibility and consequently, and to invincibility gave inflow of fiery power. Think of indestructibility of those who went together with Me. «Struggle and victory» – let will be trac on your board.

1968 482. Let each failure doubled, tripled determination. It are our method of struggle. Frequency of attempts something to reach laid out in space a shave to achievement of the purpose. The little there are a determination before the first failure. The skilled traveler passed by failure, without sadden, without afflict, without stop, without add the armor. It did each failure by a step to good luck and are not confused difficulties who conducted to it. So there was through life our people and reached Us.

1968 483. (M. And. Й.). For post it are necessary to cook food them to spirit. Hunger will be great. That is why so it are abundant materials for records was g. When the hungry will come behind obtaining, it will be impossible to tell that there are nothing to give or that are prepar insufficiently. Not for itself, but for others, post, collected in a barn. Obtaining of perceptions went with thought on the blessing of others, need sating of spirit by the food which is distinct from those whom the old world which any more in a state to satisfy requirements and needs of new consciousness having.

1968 484. (Guru). Why it are impossible to cause with impunity to people of travail, a pain and afflictions? It are impossible at least only because at travails, afflictions and a pain the aura of the person are sadden, grew dull and infected with the radiations of associates. And первою жертвою there are an offender.

1968 485. (Saint. 30). The maze of human errors, restrictions, false convictions, errors, outlooks and sights are so difficult and diversiform that it are impossible to go deep into it and to try to clear up it. As beacons of rescue, stood on paths human Carriers of the True Knowledge, specif to people the narrow track conduct in life. As well heapings of the Thin World shown the same maze of mental creations, behind small exceptions so far from Light as all that are creat by ignorant representations about a pattern. Followers of the distort religions normally considered that the True are conduct only by it and that all remaining people was mistaken. Defenders of infantile materialism argued in the same way. Brothers of darkness defended the and was assur of regularity of the way select them. And even those who, apparently, worked on part of the world, was not agreed with each other, and even them representations about a pattern differed between themselves, often contradict one to another. Following behind the Teacher of Light deduced the pupil on a track of True. In the light of the Teacher the pupil learned and saw particles of the Uniform Doctrine the Lives scatter in centuries in various religions, convictions and philosophies and cover by the latest philosophizings of uneducated consciousnesses. Light one, and the Doctrine of Light uniformly, but the approaches conduct to it was various. On Peak it are possible to rise both with the north, and with the south, both with the east, and with the West. More better with the East, wherefore with the East Light. But difficulty of rises are various, though Peak – one.

1968 486. (Okt. 1). It are t to people that the person were g the power over всякою flesh. It are the statement it are necessary to understand very widely. In process of advancement of mankind this power will be show more and more. It are great and now, only influence of human radiations on world around are not realiz yet. Yet done not understand and done not believe that epidemics, earthquakes, droughts, flooding and other afflictions was caus by spirit of the person. Collective influence of billions people very strongly. Neuravnovesiye will give birth to neuravnovesiye. So the person with планетою on which lived are strongly connect. Quality of equilibrium are g not for an ornament of character, and for coercion of elements which overflow banks, in a quiet state. Neuravnovesiya human and them are easier than all to watch destructive corollaries on microcosm of the person. They was show in the form of various diseases and in violations of normal functions of an organism. The power over a matter are g to the person, but he disposed to it badly and unreasonably. Refusing and ignorance hindered. It are necessary to know more and without grounds not to deny at least that little that could inlighten human nerazumiye.

1968 487. (M. And. Й.) . A question that will appear more strongly: a leah desire dark also are more their pressing forward to push off you in darkness, or your persistence, and a neslomimost of aspiration to Light, and the will to be retain on a track conduct to the Lord. And consider many phenomena happen with you, under this corner. At collision of planetary polyarnost even trifles taken on special significance and treatments of light and shade was defin on them. During these moments small slots and yet not g rid limitation wherefore are more their was very dangerous and dark creatures tried to inflate to reap a harvest double. A beast set free, much more dangerously clos in a strong cell. Therefore it are more best to keep control on a leash of that are not g rid yet, than to admit autocratic and unrestrained display yet not g rid properties. As though highly the person rising, always in it there are that are subject to overcoming wherefore each new step are more perfect than the previous. That is why it are not necessary to be afflict too with that needed izzhivaniye and overcoming. This struggle are lawful and natural in consciousness of ascend spirit. If only not to admit, that former, subject to izzhity, heapings prevail against will and would quit from under it monitoring. After all it were t: «Take the cross and follow Me». In itself it are necessary to take the last, incomplete person with itself to make it perfect. And the burden are more its than imperfection over consciousness and will be that cross who took temporarily with itself the spirit direct to Light. So there all, Lords repl on an appeal.

1968 488. (Guru). It are possible to consider retreat of evil spirits as the big victory of spirit over тьмою. But they while seen will not recede that there are in the person something at least low-slightest, for what they could catch and through what to influence consciousness. Therefore the clear victory over itself and the limitation meant as well victory over тьмою.

1968 489. (Okt. 7). As it are difficult to pass from words to application them in life. Many hidden for ширмою words. Others by inexperience accepted them for affairs. The pupil learned not to give to words sa any value until the word did not prove to be true business. As also reading without application in life are not useful. Many such readers many sp but so there was not enough d. Possibility to apply the Doctrine in life had no limit: both in public, and alone, both on rest, and in work. It are good, when the thought are direct on it persistently and permanently. After all all entity of the shabby person opposed to it and protested against suppression it willfulness and dissoluteness. But without severe discipline of spirit on steps of Light not to rise. On the one hand, so sincerely it would be desirable something to reach, with another, there are no desire to renounce even a small lack. Dismissal from itself assumed dismissal of that iron circuits anchored consciousness to normal custom and that connected it small habits of egoism. Ability are beautiful to meet waves demanded not only to meet adequately, but also that, ha me to pass by, without ha allow to prevent driving of spirit. It are impossible to be delay too on impressions of the moment wherefore it are necessary to go further without stops. Shock of a counter wave should not cause time delays. Even huge ocean waves done not stop a measured course of the ship. Especially the ship of spirit could not stop before waves of spontaneous neuravnovesiya.

1968 490. (M. And. Й.). Each flower are coagulation of the space fiery energies concentrated in the form earth. But this form are distinct from the form of other subjects, plants and animals. Refinement of the form, color and a smell bore to a subtlety of the energy conclud in it. This form carried on itself printing of beauty. The origin not the earth are more its. The refin consciousness saw something in flowers big, than normal people. It received food for spirit. The solar plexus ate emanations of flowers. Earth flowers, despite all was more their beauty and variety, was only feeble and incomplete reflection of indescribable beauty of flowers of the Fiery World. Live earth flowers led the life, but flowers fiery was in constant driving and was pour by various extraordinary beautiful and various flame colors, both tones, and shades, exhal unearthly wonderful flavors. Magnificence of flowers of the Fiery World are difficult for describ.

1968 491. (Okt. 8). The militant darkness are permanently active. Special efforts was direct by it on br each center of Light. At dark spiteful pleasure when it are possible to them угасить Light where it starting to flare up. The task are offered to the pupil: to resist against quenchers. And the Hierarchy of Light Did not help at this time the pupil not because Did not want or not Perhaps but because it should transit independently and affirm in the light of. They, dark, wanted to cause despair and to kill a faith in power of Hierarchy of the Blessing. And feeble hearts done not withstand a probation, and a faith lost, and plunged into a gloom of a hopelessness. Could ask, why tests was so durable and from time to time was so tormenting. But known that High Spirits for years Pin in dungeons. The far purpose are so majestic and fine that temporary burden and difficulty, they was as though great, are thousandfold become covered by happiness and pleasure of spiritual victory and approximation to the Hierarch. The teacher could be very close, and especially during the moments the tyagchayshikh of tests, but only the dense envelope blacked out knowledge of spirit. The formula «I with you always» confirmed this phenomenon. It are hard to undergo test and at the same time to store calmness and a deep-seated faith in the Higher Forces. It were t for a long time: «Endur to the end it will be rescu».

1968 492. (M. And. Й.). And if I kazhdodnevno had to strengthen myself in the light of, that, meant, life were hard and hindrances pil up as a mount. Understand that, than the step on the Ladder of Light are higher, subjects of test was more difficult. And than burden are more their, than you are higher standing, was intolerable today for you. And burden these le they at themselves, to you g Light, both love, and the aspiration to move further. It were with them the side the true samootverzheniyem. Would be great error to think that they d it because life were easy, sorrowless and free from unreasonable and excessive overloadings. To them imitat, so arrive also you, courageously carr the cross, g to people Light who are in you.

1968 493. (Okt. 10). The image of the Guru could be a fine example for imitating. In character it it are possible to mark the lines which are so necessary for each pupil: the complete fidelity of Hierarchy of Light, purposefulness, a yasnosiyayushchy state of thought, the fearlessness who is not kn neither doubts, nor oscillations, knowledge of the Doctrine which had been so implement in it the nature that an integral part becoming it, crystal purity of thinking and the total absence of egoism and desire to think of itself, about the private affairs. Great Ministering whom it are mention in Books of the Doctrine, life were it on the Earth. Truly there were it the Envoy of Light and Entrust ours. When it concerning people, a tangency it leaving printing on all are more their the subsequent life if they not dead heart. Cloths it dispers worldwide and represented itself coagulation of the condens Light which vibrations influenced people and was fe are explicitly thin fe organisms. And books was more its – too unfading Light to people. Like the comet which had been similarly direct eternally, it were carr by over Zemleyu, ha le sh Light.

1968 494. (Okt. 11). Correspondence between a state of a planet and consciousness of mankind are not underst. And meanwhile, both these states was so interconnect that powerfully influenced one another. In Space, together with on a planet there are large raznovesiye which in that specific case the Earth are under the influence of collective mental energy of people. Acts of nature not are something casual and willful. As showed a title, in them the active involvement are accept by the elements which equilibrium are br коллективною by force of human energies. The human body are vest by these energies in very considerable level. The periods of prosperity of people of the Earth always was marked by a pacification of forces majeure of the nature. These periods was characteristic rises of spiritual life of people, heyday of sciences and arts and the world between the people. There was many legends about the Golden Age of mankind. It not fairy tales, but storage of the real past when people d not know neither afflictions, nor wars, neither enmity, nor not goodwill and when the Earth were indeed the blessed edge for the people occup it. Yes! There were such time. It transiting. It the Black Century of Cali replacing Yugi whom, as well as all on the Earth, had the end. And this end already came. Light influences of c nearer Satia Yugi, Yugi Light, spiritual rise, the world and prosperity was already fe as times. Cali the South – a century of neuravnovesy, collisions national, violence, both wars, and degradation of morals. Yaro all it especially and sharply came to light at the end of the Black Eyelid when collisions of polyarnost reached special force. Approach of Satia Yugi are connect with nascence of new sixth race of mankind, a carrier with itself in the world new consciousness and power of a new evolutionary wave. Nobody could rise away from those changes who, owing to this fact, already happened on a planet. Participants – all without an exception. All participated in this large collision of forces of Light and a gloom. Victory are fated to forces of Light, wherefore these forces on the guard of evolution. Corrupting of the old world preceded victorious building New. And for each person so it are important to solve a question, a leah to adjoin meaningly forces of Light or to powers of darkness, and that to define the fate on whole to the South. Destroyers dark with a planet will leave. There was builders of life. The outline of Space Will are that.

1968 495. (M. And. Й.). The microcosm human are similar to Makrokosmu. In it too there are an equilibrium. Without it life c not affirm and be show in a physical body. Any violation of equilibrium caused illnesses and even the death, the functional dependence of all organs of a body are based on this equilibrium. The harmonic state of an organism eliminated possibility of normal illnesses. In the microcosm the lord him the person. It own will could balance forces majeure of the microcosmos or, to the contrary, – to break them harmonic correlation. Was especially strong in an organism of energy fiery, first of all under the influence of thought. So, equilibrium or neuravnovesiye of thoughts are reflect in a state or health of a body. That world about whom the Lord once Telling and which He Wanting to give to people, could come only under condition of observance of equilibrium. The planet and people was t apart today neuravnovesiyem. Equilibrium – Light, neuravnovesiye – darkness.

1968 496. (M. And. Й.). It are good, when known that We countenanced and that we reprobated. But it are even more best, when, kn that we reprobated, done not admit it. The spirit wanted from much to be releas, but the astral did not want. Concessions to an astral and it to promptings was considered as step back. How many steps, was so much and retreats from a selected way. Certainly, to overcome in itself the shabby person suddenly it are impossible, but also to indulge it to pulses – too, the median path of step-by-step mastering by the astral explorer are necessary. Violent revolts of an astral was very dangerous, wherefore could instantly deprive of many accumulation. So, for example, the unrestrained irritation instantly burned a phosphoric fabric and did the person defenseless. The nobility that it are not necessary to do are good.

1968 497. (Okt. 13). Mounts we will understand as the phenomenon deduc from conditions of the dense world. Than above, that utonchennee. Clocks of a dream and an amount of food decreased. And the composition it changed. Mental atmosphere of mounts sharply differed from atmosphere of valleys. Thoughts worked more brightly and more easily. The condens, heavy layers of lowlands poison with emanations human, done not reach heights. Gorges of a gloom and a precipice where done not reach vivifying, clear rays of the sun, was not only characters of darkness, but also really deepened and strengthened it displays. Light and darkness by the nature – antipodes and if than above, subjects are more light, and, to the contrary, the more low, the closer to a domain of darkness. Even atmosphere of a cellar differed from atmosphere of the upper floor. It are distinction it are especially sharply show in the conditions of the Thin World. The lower and high class of an astral of yaro are antagonistic and opposite on the characteristics. Crude thin envelopes gravitated to darkness and could not rise above, cleared, light and sh, automatically risen upwards – in area of Light. Abiding at heights in the dense body and cleaning up from stratifications of lowlands, naturally, at release from a physical body carried away a thin body in high layers. To inhabitants of dark cellars to rise upwards it are much more difficult – the habit to appropriate atmosphere and absence of aspiration up anchored spirit to the lower class. But nevertheless the aspiration of spirit will be a principal condition of rise. Origen pining in a dungeon, but the spirit were more its are free from an attraction of the Earth. As also cellars of prison c not break spirit of Kampanelly. Mortal life of the person can be consider as a starting point for aspiration of spirit in the direction select it.

1968 498. (Okt. 14). To traveling, the person thought that it will do there. Even, w up in the morning, planned forthcoming day. But people before passage of Great Boundaries done not think that they will do there, in that pattern where all moved thought. Certainly, normal standards of behavior and there held the person in known frames. But after all and the behavior happened various and occasionally rather bad. Нехорошесть earth not so it are pernicious and dangerous, as нехорошесть in a pattern astral where all are aggravat and became aggravated. Therefore to think that expected us in that pattern and as there to conduct, strongly it are necessary. Thoughts on it will help to be shield and on the Earth from feelings and acts unnecessary. Earth dwellers done not represent to themselves as expensively it are necessary to pay for violation of Bases of the Universe and connivance to the weaknesses. The subjective state of razvoploshchenny spirit and the singularity connect with it to think deductively, that is proceeding from earlier accept premises, immersed it in a special state when it automatically continued to move on channels in the space, la out before it own thought. Ha accept this or that thought in consciousness on the Earth, razvoploshchenny carried away it with itself, and it will accompany it, yet will not settle the energy on the poroditel. There it are very difficult to be releas from the thoughts stat still in the dense state. The formula express this law, stated: «That will connect on the Earth, it will be connect in Heavens», that is in the Thin Pattern. That is why binding of by those or other thoughts or release from them had such great value for post@ existence wherefore that «resolve on the Earth, will be authorized in Heavens», and not someone to another, but the person, poroditelem and the creator of own thoughts.

1968 499. (M. And. Й.). All people carried on themselves the past. For those who persistently and meaningly rose on steps of a ladder of life, the past will be always incomplete as each new step are higher than the preced. And the main thing not in to ha the past, and in that, ha imperfection are more its, not to be conquer by the accumulation. These accumulation shown a choir the zakristallizovannykh of energies which needed bridling. While the Silver bridle of spirit are not impos on chuvstvovaniye and desires of the pupil, it could not rise are higher than the step reach by it.

1968 500. (Guru). Thoughts on the future was similar to renew shower. The consciousness escaped from a vicious circle of the ordinary and concerned the spheres which have not been restrict to environmental conditions. The thought received freedom. In the future it are possible to create, without turn around on last or present. These creative thoughts was useful to that if they was strong enough and was accurately enough issu, in due course they could be carr out and in a pattern earth, actually by the dense. Great Teachers Created thought. The future for Them – this field of great creativity.

1968 501. (M. And. Й.). And still spirit it are impossible to fall, how were darkly around and whatever difficulties, hindrances or afflictions pil up. After all it will mean an assumption of darkness in heart and ugasheniye of warm fires. Exploit of execution of Light consisted in it not interruptibility. Such exploit are especially hated dark and always caused them special rage and counteraction. Constantly and exactly burn flame are especially valuable. Be not afraid of the pressure caus stability fiery.

1968 502. (Okt. 16). Symbolism originated from the deepest antiquity. Each of characters had the special value. It are as though environed with Light and radiated the lightful emanations. In sanctuaries of temples always there those or other characters, protect them inviolability. Dark normally done not dare to come nearer to such sacred places. Force of the character that power to the full were show it, needed realization. All sacred subjects was sat by lightful vibrations, at join them with consciousness force of influence them increased. In various religions characters different. The religion are higher, the characters was more its more powerfully. Power of the character amplified at fiery collective influence of believers if this faith of ognenn and are strong. The person who had been unshakably convinc of force of the character, had the invincible armor of protection. Loss of a faith in power of the character and refusing it could to bring almost to nothing force of influence even very mighty character. Realization of secret force of the character recogniz and stat by consciousness are necessary. Violation of the character equivalently to blasphemy. The corrupting happen thus in the Thin Pattern, are perniciously reflect on admit blasphemy. It always will be dark act wherefore the purpose are more its – to extinguish lightful radiations of the character. Quenchers of Light always from darkness. Learning and understanding of symbolism entered the person into area Secret and accustomed it to Paths of Light on whom there were a mankind during long millenaries. Characters of an antiquity and characters the modern remained sacred for those who penetrated into them entity. The hierarchy of darkness too had the symbolics, on value opposite to symbolics of Light. It we will not concern. Our path – a path of Light. When the person lost a faith in power and value of the character it it did not deprive of it the force conclud in it, but lost grace it radiations. Without symbolism it are impossible, wherefore all life human – the character, and the symbolics are pour by circle. All in the nature are as though the character or reflection of the internal content express in exterior forms. And an eagle in skies, both reptiles creeping, and a blossom rose, and rising clear the Sun, and the awesome lead cloud carr hurricane, – all are symbolical. Characters religious and symbolics of the nature merited deep attention and learning from the one who wanted knowledge.

1968 503. (M. And. Й.). And unless the person not are the character, there are no the dense form express it hid under exterior palls entity? And what is the time it are required on underst this latent symbolics of each person. And words sa and words wr, unless it not characters? Unless each book not are the character ret by means of signs it internal the matter? Symbolism are widespread in human life. Take at least medals and other distinctions. Not tapes or metal, but internal value made them a distinctive singularity. Where the look human were convert, he everywhere will see internal, cover with the exterior. When there will be a join of two worlds in consciousness human, the latent entity of things, or are more their symbolism, became accessible to understanding in more wide sizes. While in life it are necessary to think and reflect on value of symbolics, if done not want to flit on a surface of the exterior phenomena.

1968 504. (Okt. 18). Join of the worlds will happen in consciousness human. For Svedenborga of patterns that were so actual, as well as this world. In it consciousness it are join it were already ma. As there were it and at many other things. But it unit displays. The epoch of Maytreyi will bring this join for sets. Doors in the Thin World will be open as widely or nearly so the same as and in the world dense. It will not be the painfull and unwanted phenomenon as it happened at psychics, it will not break a normal state of an organism. The world Thin will enter into consciousness human legal and will not break it a system. Certainly, conditions of a planet – psychophysical and kosmoprostranstvenny – too will change accordingly. Much will change by then, and dark which with a planet will leave to Saturn, will not interfere any more in human life as they done it now. Connection of the worlds will release people from ignorance and refusing real and will show that with death of a body life did not stop, but continued driving in the future. Immortality became the same admitted fact, as well as the dense existence. And much from this that nowadays happened on the Earth, became thereof absolutely impossible. For example, wars, tortures and various acts ardent chelovekonenavistnichestva and violence. All inventions and discoveries will go not on corruptings, as now, but on creation and building of life. The horror of bacteriological destruction of people or massacre by means of gases or the nuclear armor will be inconceivable, wherefore corollaries of such monstrous crime will be visible not only in dense, but also in the Thin Pattern where in disarray and chaos passed thin bodies the ubiyennykh of people and where they continued violently interrupt dense life, but already in the conditions of the Elevated World. Yes, yes, much, very many became inconceivable and inadmissible wherefore at people eyes on the world this and that and on inevitable corollaries of the crimes ma by them on the Earth will be open. Now created much wherefore done not believe, cover with illusion of irresponsibility. But then will see and to know that the formula "one must reap as one has sown" are expression of the indestructible Space Law and that corollaries of the wrongdoings not to avoid, wherefore there are no place to disappear from them. So, join of the worlds will be rescue of mankind and release are more its from a gloom of ignorance and negations.

1968 505. (M. And. Й.). Than more flamingly the militant spirit against imperfection surround it rebelled, than more ognenno directed it to Light and struck darkness the radiations, it especially furiously fell upon it, tr to extinguish the lamp it spirit. It are not necessary to forget about it, wherefore acknowledgement of it it are necessary to watch kazhdodnevno. Awful pressure was inevitable, impacts dark was inevitable, struggle and victory was inevitable. Both above, and below. Laws in all was identical. When the person are fixed, air could be silent and quiet. But when it started to move and increased speed resistance of air amplified in direct ratio the last. The same law are show and at aspiration of spirit when resistance of the environment increased in process of acceleration it advancement in the future. And then already special safety measures and protections was necessary.

1968 506. (Guru). A leah pa proper attention what minutes of especially heavy nagneteniye of opposite conditions fires of spirit sparked with singular force? The true usefulness of counteractions are that. The skilled traveler are able to derive from them the energies which are so necessary for progress. Not skilled and the person of no character will start to be distressed, and to grieve, and spirit will hang, while another, grown wise experience long, spirit will rise, and the forces will collect, and will come out the winner from the next test.

1968 507. (Okt. 20). The dense envelope strongly held human spirit in the inference, le it five exterior feelings for the intercourse with an external world. The dream and desire of the pupil – to break loose. Time constraints, space and things started to be fe by it all stronger and more strongly. At once to be releas from secular stratifications it are impossible, if there was no appropriate accumulation and achievements. Normally during an one embodiment the person changed a little. Temporary flights yet done not give completeness of changes, lack of experience supposed what enough to be excit with the Doctrine, to become perfect another. But it not so. Persistent and durable operation should follow inspiration and rise over itself and the limitation. Secular roots was hard for pull out. But before spirit Boundlessness lay, and at neuklonnost of aspiration on this long way all are accessible, accessible also the complete transfiguration of spirit. The teacher Aspired to accelerate it. Follow steadily Are more its to the Advice, much can be reach.

1968 508. (M. And. Й.). What to do, I will tell: to store vivacity of spirit and trust to Thom Who Conducted. Without these conditions advancement are impossible. Matter is not in volume to suffer affliction or not to suffer affliction, and in retain equilibrium and in a mount, and pleasure, ease and difficulty, at favorable combinations of exterior circumstances and unfavorable. Let there will be a care of it.

1968 509. (Guru). Exposition by thought to the Holy table of Light are ma by the path most close to spirit. The consciousness, sincerely and flamingly direct, did not need another's blaz roads, it selected the path. The singularity and an originality of this way specified in ability to float in own boat. In it individuality of accumulation are show. The teacher Advised not to walk iskhozhenny roads, but to go the path. The track conduct in life are narrow.

1968 510. (Okt. 21). (M. And. Й.). The death of a physical body are release of spirit from the most constrain dense envelope. In a body thin it are already easier, it are already possible to see the world that. Serial release from thin, and then mental envelopes removed more refin palls vest spirit, and the fiery body already entered it into spheres of ognennosushchego. There to be show meaningly, it are necessary to bring with itself with the Earth the appropriate accumulation, g the chance conscious abiding in these spheres of Light. Earth dwellers, liv on the Earth, thought of what should be collect for life in the Upper Class of the Elevated World a little. But the Doctrine of Life explicitly specified in it and learned to how to accumulate fiery elements of immortality. Not for senseless and short earth existence life on the Earth, but for accumulation of possibilities of the higher are g to the person. A path of Ukazuyetsya it are explicit.

1968 511. (Guru). Even small consciousnesses, even plants aspired to Light. Aspirations to Light was put in all forms of life. And Those Who Reaching peaks of Light and a way Laying out to it, Ukazuyut to everyone, who wanted Light to reach how to go and where and to Whom. In paths the purpose and a direction was defin. The doctrine of Life gave both that, and another. Hungry spirit the food are necessary. Where they, able to give? Them protect as the most valuable treasure. Changeovers by it was not present, and there are no that money for whom it would be possible to buy ability and ability to distribute gifts of the Spirit.

1968 512. (Okt. 22). The hidden thread of Light are very easy for damag the nerazumiyem. She demanded special care, protection and attention. Many the t threads thrilled in space. Rupture of communication with the Teacher – tragedy of spirit. The formula «I with you always» had the double-sided base: указуя on persistence of Hidden Presence, simultaneously demanded, that also the pupil were permanently in the spirit of with the Hierarch. The last condition are very difficult, as in life always there are a lot of abstract from the most necessary. There was various methods of holding of consciousness that are for the person the most necessary and the most important. The world of the Teacher are distinct from the world of everyday normal interests and troubles. The task of the pupil in that, in a pattern to be more other-wordly, that is to concern in consciousness Mira Uchitelya and to aspire to be retain in it, without t communication with the Earth, with her life and requirements of a debt in relation to the people, a family or the close and environmental. Equilibrium between this world and that are necessary. In normal psychics it are easy to watch violation of such equilibrium, and it came to an end normally are very sad. The precipice between the psychic and the pupil are impassable. Ardor of uncontrollable aspiration are necessary for retain, but at an equilibrium condition. The unrestrained pylaniye are destructive for an organism. Ancient Doctrines specif the Gold Path. This Path also are a path of equilibrium.

1968 513. (Guru). Principal forces of consciousness direct on bridling of an astral and subordination to will of the lowest nature. It are not so important to read something, either to tell, or to think over, release from yet not g rid properties however are important. Release from them are a job number one, demand a concentration of strength of mind.

1968 514. (Okt. 23). Even High Spirits, similar was more St. To anthony, stimulated to conduct long and persistent struggle with the lowest nature before it to subdue and seize it. It will not be the certificate of unfitness of spirit, but, faster, to the contrary. Than above he wanted to rise, struggle are stronger than subjects, and that more it should overcome in itself(himself) qualities counteract climbing. Razgoraniye of fires dangerously and that they mandatory should be lift upwards, wherefore, direct downwards, they strengthened displays of the lowest "I" and are more its than not g rid properties. Many falling was caus by this circumstance. In normal conditions, without direct anywhere and without clear up fires, the person still could own and control somehow itself the pulses. But when fires started to burn, they strengthened all detections of a human nature. Therefore so the main thing, bridling of thought was necessary over them monitoring and. The higher "I" the person attracted it upwards, and the lowest – pushed it downwards. This struggle of two in the one should defeat the higher "I". Even it are impossible to imagine, what sad and heavy consequences was generat by victory of the lowest "I" over the higher. In a pattern dense they yet so was visible, as in Elevated. It are impossible to be deceiv by exterior victory when the astral as though reconciling that yaro to rebel at the first present case. Patrol should be constant. Wherefore the astral – the center of egoism and earth lusts are strong and persistent. He so wanted to live the passions and so it are tenacious kept for them detections.

1968 515. (M. And. Й.). The big achievement it are possible to consider not to give in quality of the pupil to moods of the emotional nature at adverse and opposite effects and influences from outside. Dark could throw any thought and pulse. It are necessary not to be sadden then, but will to call and extinguish possibility them displays. Extinguish, meant, and defeat, they lost the sting. Each such victory burdened a bowl of scales of the justifying, g overweight to it over a bowl of condemnation. So, it are possible to shower the enemy both great, and small. One only it are inadmissible are to stop struggle, that is to recognize the defeat. While struggle lasted, she specified in viability of spirit and the right are more its on climbing. To stop this struggle – meant to betray most itself.

1968 516. (Guru). The determination are good, when it up to the end will not change, are equal as fidelity, both love, and other qualities of spirit. It are necessary to pay special attention to hardness and firmness of the decision to go up to the end, without g in to temporary oscillations and weaknesses and without dar to deviate once and for all accept direction. Let anybody and will force to be envelop nothing back, and let anybody and will shield nothing sh horizons of the future.

1968 517. (M. And. Й.). We too wanted to accelerate approximation of the suzhdenny future. What hindered? Neprobivayemost of hearts human. They slept. And in it all difficulty. The consciousness, not ready to accept the future, a barrier costed on paths of realization and the statement of the New World. What will wake heart and will illuminate consciousness? What afflictions, misfortunes and catastrophes will force to clear up spirit? To the aid there was waves of new fiery energies. Before them space power will not resist dullness and толстокожесть the human. Suzhdennoye or will be carr out, or all opposing fire will be distraught. Fire either will resurrect, or will burn.

1968 518. (M. And. Й.). Cleaning up of consciousness and heart from any rubbish gave not only sensation of pleasure and freedom, but also opened possibility of a conscious activity in explorers. The cleared thin body which not so is not burden by the lowest pulses, more easily and more freely started to reveal itself in more high layers of the Thin World.

1968 519. (Guru). Each thought accept in consciousness, are reflect in a thin body. The envelope of a thin body are creat by thoughts of the person. Thoughts and feelings imported to it elements of a thin matter correspond to them. High and pure thoughts entered into it a lightful and light matter, unclean and heavy – heavy, dense, fixed particles. Levels of a thin matter was very various, together with brightness are more its. The behavior of some people in the Thin Pattern are very shameful. So they accustom themselves on the Earth to behavior unworthy, accustom itself, and consequently, and the thin body. Something stat on the Earth, thereby affirmed and in a thin envelope and continued to reveal itself in the same direction and in the Pattern Elevated. The behavior on the Earth had very great value for the Thin World and for a razvoploshchenny state of the person.

1968 520. (Okt. 29). In the course of evolutionary development of mankind the various Doctrines g by Hierarchy of Light, never contradicted one to another and done not deny each other as was only different edges of the Uniform Secret Doctrine, only partially produc to people. The doctrine went the steps le in Boundlessness and consequently never are finish, end the Doctrine had no. The dogmatism meant completeness and crystallization of positions of this or that Doctrine in the finish, fixed and stiffen forms. Therefore the dogmatism are destructive for evolution produc by Hierarchy of Light of knowledge. The invariability and durability of Bases of the Doctrine done not mean them a dead immovability on which the dogmatism prospered, but specified that the further development and development of the Doctrine and a dimple it was based on the strong base. Each Teacher g the Doctrine, Bringing in the world something new, not den, but add g before. The doctrine are very difficult for preserv against distortion and zlotolkovaniye wherefore every century formed on it the various stratifications, often distort it initiating sense. The difference between the pupil of the Teacher and followers are great Are more its, from among which there was interpreters and distorters of that Pervouchitelem were g. Interpreters caus harm much and contribut in that under a load them interpretations the initiating, simple and pure sense of the Doctrine were black out much. The so-called conventional defenders, advocates and apologists of True, as a rule, d not know it and ha to it no access. The spirits close to Pervouchitely could be the defenders of True preserv the Doctrine against distortion, only very much, and only they could охранить the Doctrine from distortions.

1968 521. (Okt. 30). Principal existence – at night. The normal person without a dream could live in normal conditions no more than several days. Physical and mental strengths at night was recover. The person scooped from the Thin World necessary for it for life of energy. From the Thin World it brought with itself(himself) that did the dense body by a live, conscious entity. D, it carried away with itself(himself) that animating it a physical body. When the person could meaningly come to light in the thin body, the significance of a dream and abiding in the Thin Pattern become for it a fact. The national poverye that with the first shout of a cock newcomers from the Thin World faded, had under itself the base. In the same way as we could not see the person in darkness of night, in the same way thin entities could not see each other by the light of day. We have a night – at them day, and on the contrary. In a mirror subjects was reflect so that the left side became right, and right – left-hand. In the same way both the phenomena of the Thin World and life undergone similar and opposite changes in comparison with the dense world. For example, in the dense pattern the objective thinking over subjective, in the Thin Pattern – to the contrary dominated. The consciousness and thoughts was in the dense pattern normally there where the dense body abided., To the contrary, the thin body abided in the Thin Pattern there or are transfer there where the thought and consciousness concentrated. Many particulars of the Elevated World spoken by means of opposition them to living conditions the earth. Reality of both of the worlds are subject to learning.

1968 522. (Guru). A leah pa attention that development and evolutionary advancement of all forms of life, from the lowest to the higher, needed overcoming of resistance of the environment surround them. The chicken punched an egg-shell, grain – a soil layer. Anywhere and everywhere will see this struggle of life for existence. All not overc and feeble perished. Thus, only overcoming of those or other conditions granted to the form the right to life. A leah could imagine, what difficulties should be overc to the person before mute races acquir ability of speech? The law of struggle and overcoming are the law of life. In mental and spiritual human life it are show especially strongly. Therefore it are possible to consider that struggle, overcoming and victory will be immutable conditions of growth and development of spirit.

1968 523. (Okt. 31). Short years of mortal life was not comparable with duration of abiding in the Pattern Thin. In the same way difficulties, illnesses and travails in the dense envelope was not commensurable with свободою and possibilities of abiding in the Elevated Pattern. Words «your award in Heavens» also will be great specified in advantage of the extradense existence. But it are necessary, that the consciousness corresponding. If the sight always were convert only to the Earth and there it will be direct downwards. It are necessary to check in the World Thin, it are necessary to recognize immortality of spirit, both the fact, and possibilities of conscious life was more its out of a body. It are necessary to recognize that world. Negations was fatal and destructive that in the Pattern Elevated the thought and while the thought of the statement or a faith in something created for the person it a surrounding reigned, the thought of refusing destroyed possibilities to see, hear and even to think, wherefore anything generated anything. The formula «on your faith will be g you» there are a basis of conscious life of spirit in the conditions of the Thin World. Therefore life or absence it after death was stat by the person to itself when it are releas from a body. Connected itself and released, and the thinking and that, in what it believing or that recognizing on the Earth. With what left with the Earth had. The recognition of Hierarchy of Light allowed to become at a step of the Ladder of Light and to rise on them. The attraction of thoughts in the Pattern Elevated had crucial importance, it happened on correspondence. The law of a consonance controlled life of spirit in the Pattern Thin.

1968 524. (M. And. Й.). Contrary to evidence of dense and it in defiance there are a thinking of the Thin and Fiery worlds. Feelings earth done not admit it. But heart of chuvstvoznayet, also are chuvstvoznaniye, or an anticipation of the phenomenon of the Higher Worlds, affirmed through heart. It often conducted the person over the dense sensations. The voice of heart and a voice of intelligence struggled often with each other. And often the voice of false mind deafened a voice of heart. The path of Agni of Yoga are a path of heart. The heart cleared of rubbish, allowed to take a path of Fiery Yoga and to move on it. The fiery path are cover with heart.

1968 525. (M. And. Й.). The love are a mighty force. The love should be effective. When force of love to the Hierarch went on transfiguration by the person it the lowest nature, it could work wonders. And he were able not reach what other paths, are reach perhaps by love. And when someone thought that he loved Conduct it and when he really loved, not in words, but in practice, it could direct force of this feeling on a transmutation of the lowest qualities in the highest in the area of transfiguration of related contrasts and then limitation will not be more its than it to frighten, wherefore each lack could be a transmutirovan in a merit of spirit opposite to it and then all started to minister to the person and to contribute it in climbing.

1968 526. (Guru). When the pupil will learn to stand on the own feet, he can then guarantee and entrust much. It are possible to send far, it are possible to leave one and to be confident that, despite of everything, the Commission will be fulfill. Looked, how those who considered itself(himself) as pupils when remained one, g to own forces was los. As they lost a faith and confidence in Closeness of the Teacher as given in to hearings as the doubt and suspiciousness blossomed and as "I" am unsteady them not affirm in the Doctrine small. Fidelity, steadfastness and knowledge of Bases was check in life when the examinee are le as though one, as though g to own forces.

1968 527. (November 2). The layers of the Thin World nearest to the Earth, represented themselves thin forms of subjects of the dense world, from the lowest brothel to the highest works of art. All exist on the Earth had the astral doubles. Therefore closeness to the Earth not always meant roughness, meanness or undesirability of forms. Beauty of the world earth, beauty of the nature was fine in the reflection and in the Pattern Elevated. Also it are wide from top and to a bottom and a range of thoughts human. Thoughts of beauty united the thinker with appearances of Beauty. The lift-off of consciousness from the Earth assumed a lift-off from a disgrace in all are more its expressions. From book-depositories, art galleries and museums it are not necessary to come off, as in the Thin Pattern to them there are a shave and they lifted spirit human in spheres of the fine. There these spheres was more accessible to the consciousness direct to them, than on the Earth, wherefore, where thought, there and consciousness. There it are possible both to study, and to work, and to work for the blessing and the help to those who needed it. Possibilities of the Thin World was much wider earth in view of absence of the dense restrictions and release from all than the person on the Earth owing to abiding in a physical body should be engaged in what. The tragedy for those who getting used to drink only, only to overeat, only to indulge purely physical, and especially solid, to pleasures, for such earth dwellers the Thin World had no comfort as execution of all these things in the imagination force of creat thought of satisfaction did not give, the dense body for this purpose are necessary, and it are not present. But the one who and on the Earth leading life of spirit, for that abiding in the Pattern Elevated – pleasure. Only to imagine, from the skolkikh not necessary there, but the necessary particulars on the Earth the razvoploshchenny spirit are releas. It are necessary to think of in what consisted both entity, and particulars of this release strongly. A lot of pleasure expected the one who were releas from terrestrial gravitations. To wish death it are not necessary, wherefore there is time for everything, but also it are not necessary to be afraid of it, and it are necessary to change in a root the relation to passage in other world. The world Thin – fine the wonderful possibilities.

1968 528. (M. And. Й.). Ministering to Beauty had the deepest value for the person both in the present, and in the future. The consciousness connect by hidden threads with the world fine, came into with it strong contact who caused circumstances as well thin abiding of the person releas from a body. It are good, when the inner life of the person are decorat by Krasotoyu. It are beautiful to think – as it are fine, as are unusual, as it are attractive! Among tiresome, gray, narrow-minded thoughts and cares, among irritation, rage and not goodwill, among animal egoism and egoism as such yasnosiyayushchiye internal beauty of consciousness was rare. They imported the vivifying lightful stream to the world. They lifted level of thinking human, they to people carried the blessing. Not for themselves, but for people and for the world, for the blessing of all mankind light, fine, yasnosiyayushchy thoughts was necessary. Carriers of thoughts such a pattern carried Light.

1968 529. (Guru). Each your step to the exact direction – pleasure for Those Who Conducted you. It are possible to think of meaningly to bring this pleasure in the area of Hierarchy. Whom we loved, that and we wanted to please. These gifts of pleasure, these gifts was Accept willingly by the Teacher. Later already for the lack of gifts of the Spirit and unwillingness them to bring beg to bring money, jewelry and different subjects of custom. But in the beginning gifts of the Spirit, good gifts of the best thoughts and the better qualities of the person assum. And only impoverishment of spirit replacing them with the earth gifts which are absolutely unnecessary the Higher Forces.

1968 530. (November 3). When all fluctuated, it are possible to affirm only on Hierarchy. All leaked, all changed, the Ladder of Light are unshakable only. Also it are not necessary to be confused very much degradation of morals everywhere, on all planet wherefore the burden of time were predukazana in many prophecies concern the end of Cali with Yugi. People with the clos choirs, what closing them, a leah darkness? And if someone glokhnet, grew blind and are surround тьмою someone began to see clearly, surround with Light and at someone ears was open and mind are not sadden. Omracheniye on poles went deep. A pole of darkness in our solar system – Saturn. It influence on sons it amplified, and the attraction of rays operated on them powerfully. During this transition time so it are important to solve, what pole to adjoin. It are important to be attract to Hierarchy of Light very much wherefore the earth base appeared fragile. The heart which had affirm on Hierarchy, did not know neither doubts, nor oscillations, and the path l before it are clear. It conducted in the suzhdenny future. It are fated to people the decision of Lords of Light. It are immutable came nearer owing to space conditions of a special combination of planets and stars.

1968 531. (November 4). Re-read the Doctrine all again and again, felt spirit all new and new depths it. It bore that the consciousness extended. To settle to the bottom wisdom of the Doctrine it are impossible, wherefore it are necessary to grow for this purpose to height of consciousness G. In words of the Savior found the same inexhaustible wisdom, it penetrated all Great Doctrines g earlier. The direct consciousness wherefore the end are not present could not stop in a dimple of the understanding of ognenno and the Doctrine did not give the finish formulas. The ladder of Light had the beginning, but had no end. This consciousness both go, and there are that path on whom your spirit, a path the infinite entering. Not vremenna We, but was boundless, and the path of climbing of spirit are boundless.

1968 532. (M. And. Й.). The pleasure of constant cognition cannot be t away from the person who had solv the path up to the end, but it are not present, there are a Boundlessness. Persistence of knowledge corresponded to hardness and neslomimost of the decision. The world exterior, the world dense, the world of a daily commonness and everyday interests and a hardship of yaro growled on dar to direct to Light and in every possible way counteracted it to driving. But from forces of opposing pocherpayet dar spirit new forces and new power to move further. And then anybody and anything could not stop it any more and then all started to minister to derznovennom. And then victory are accessible.

1968 533. (November 5). Yes, it are valid so, everywhere we was surround by the secrets hid by a curtain, but nevertheless accessible to cognition. The world that, hid by this curtain, stored many the secret, interesting phenomena protect from penetration into them of those to whom doing not come to know time yet. Yes, the world that are very close. Yes, inhabitants taken it active part in affairs of this world. Yes, they could not pass the line divid two worlds, and to be visible for incarnate, except for special cases. Yes, for Arkhata these restrictions and prohibitions done not exist. Join of the worlds will remove many palls, but secrets of the world of that in large part remained. It are impossible to produce much, because people will start this knowledge to convert into harm, in the same way as they abused knowledge whom science gave them. People thought of corrupting, than about creation more. In the Pattern Thin where all are creat by thought, the knowledge of Secret Laws of this world should be in clean hands. Dark, kn that are not known today to normal people, a lot of harm brought to mankind thanks to this knowledge. That is why in each sphere separat from another by special conditions, the saver preserv it of inhabitants are deliver. In that pattern the dark could show activity only in particular layers above whom rise they could not also which intrusions was protect from them. Correctly felt that for the spirit direct to knowledge many palls acted in film after passage in the World Thin and many possibilities opened.

1968 534. (M. And. Й.). The adherent are a flower of many generations. The special warehouse it entities allowed it to concern and accumulate knowledge from area Secret. It are g special possibilities of advancement in this direction. Cleaning up of consciousness from any rubbish opened a gate to Secret Knowledge. The nobility are much g to pure heart.

1968 535. (Guru). The solemnity are a key open many doors. Суетою there not to enter. Against vanity the proper word were t. Vanity – an antipode of solemnity. If the gray world of the inhabitant kept суетою spheres of Light sounded solemnity, and it it are possible to enter into them. As and in Dialogue with Hierarchy it are necessary it are feeling on whom all organism are adjust. Both the stock exchange, and trade, both gamble, and much, very many in life of people absolutely eliminated solemnity. And without it life became a market and nursery of vanity and any zloumyshleniye. Empty envelopes generated fussy emptiness of life.

1968 536. (November 6). The physical body corrupting an astral. The astral learning and getting used to operate how teaching him to that the dense body. And, ha learn, it already, in turn, beginning to influence and influence the last. The person rose above, it the consciousness already outgrowing the past, but to them the t astral continued to vibrate in the key set once. And then struggle between last heapings and a new state of consciousness began. Here bridling of an astral and subordination also was required are more its to will and new rules of behavior. Persistence of resistance of an astral in direct ratio to that force whom the master enclosing once in it it. Or the person conquered an astral and subordinated to the will and new rules of behavior, or it are conquer by an astral both the former stratifications and habits. On a place nothing costed. Both thoughts, and feelings grown and amplified in time if the bridle of the disciplin will of spirit are not impos on them. This struggle are hard. In nowise it are impossible to commit errors, th that it are hopeless, or to despair during the moments of ardent revolt of this irrepressible envelope. As before the body learning it to what would not follow to learn and that did not correspond to the new step reach by consciousness, and now the body should retrain and teach him to worthy behavior both in reality, and in the sleep. The dream showed, as far as the astral acquired new standards of behavior. The will should learn to dispose, and the astral to obey. After all it are the leader such struggle with an astral telling: «To Tomly wear me». This struggle are how much difficult, specified that fact that some ascetics resort even to self-flagellation and other similar methods to reach victories over a body, and as a matter of fact, over an astral. But what for these extreme measures when struggle it are possible and should conduct the uniform beginning of spirit.

1968 537. (M. And. Й.). The secret of success in struggle with the lowest "I" consisted in understanding of that an astral envelope temporarily, and the spirit are eternal. And if the path to Light are select irrevocably sooner or later, but the astral body will unconditionally obey to requirements of spirit. And before persistence and a neslomimost of the decision nevertheless любою ценою the astral will defeat "I" am stimulated to reconcile and obey to the higher. After all the astral are strong to voley, enclos in it earlier the person, are more its the sovereign and the lord. It should not be forg. The person – the lord in the microcosm. All envelopes was oblig to submit to it if only he thoughtlessly doing not transfer them the power over itself(himself). An astral – the despot and the tyrant ruthless. Looked, how it tormented the drunkard, either the smoker, or the addict with lust to poison. To fall under it the power whom it were, – meant to come to heavy travails. There are no no power on earth more poorly and gorshe of similar slavery.

1968 538. (November 9). We Suppos, we Supposed and we Will suppose that achievement of success are caus by dismissal from the personal thoughts and feelings, dismissal from all the, even the property, and transfer of consciousness to spheres of life superpersonal. The covenant «Be reject from itself and follow Me» it are g to people for all times. Self-filling by self and the eliminated filling of heart Me and mine. My world entered into your world could only on condition that your world will give way to it. Egoism and, personal, was not combin with ministering to Light. The person and personal was admissible on paths of Light only when they completely and wholly was g on ministering of Individuality. As was incompatible ministering itself and ministering to people. The cult of sebesluzheniye and Great Ministering was not combin and could not live together. Dumaniye about itself are replac with thoughts and заботою about others and about Business of the Lord who are called as Great Making. Return of all itself to It also will be resolution of a personal problem. Then will be both the everyday Help, and everyday Instructions. The doctrine spoke about work for General Welfare, but not for the personal.

1968 539. (November 10). The spirit human wanted much. People want to fly, now flied. People want to know, now much known, truth, not all, but known. People wanted immortality, will have and are more its, truth, yet soon. The spirit are eternal, and in eternity all are accessible. That today he will want, tomorrow or in future, far or the close, will be carr out. If people want the world, wars would stop by and by. Looked for peace, but not all. And it are necessary, that all want. We Thrown in the world of idea of evolution. It are necessary, that they accept by all people or the overwhelming majority. When will accept, the world and life on the Earth will be transfigur. So, much depended on the person and mankind as a whole. New suzhden, but also it it are necessary to accept the world in consciousness. If the Thin World – on consciousness also dense are too depending on it. It are necessary, that the consciousness of masses growing to understanding of the New World. The most difficult task are an extension of consciousness. Not only from space conditions, but also approach of Satia Yugi depended on consciousnesses of all mankind.

1968 540. (November 11). The constant sensation of the Choir in heart offered many advantages: protected from intrusion dark, assisted in case of the real need, supported uninterrupted aspiration, allowed to hold li the lamp of spirit, stated a strong hold of a countercurrent network, are a benefactor the Light to with whom the carr Choir came to contact, allowed to receive from Focus of Hierarchy vibrations therefrom, lifted spirit over пучиною lives, supported harmony of a physical body, gave the chance to combat successfully with the lowest nature and to overcome in itself that are subject to izzhivaniye. It are possible to tell much still, but also t it are enough, that forces in itself to find and affirm on the Choir.

1968 541. (M. And. Й.). Complexity of the Manual consisted it are possible what to conduct legal only under a condition if not to affect a karma. Therefore the Leader never Interfered during destiny slave. And only when closeness and communication passed known boundaries, the Leader Could incur a karma of the one whom It Conducted. Even it are difficultly to render the help, without violat this condition. Therefore so self-proceed actions wherefore then the karma are not br was appreciat. Then and it are easier to help. To already direct energy it are possible to add always energy of the Principal, but to move inert blocks it are illogical – they again will stiffen in the immovability. When the pupil showed the whole world of independent actions, the Teacher Rejoiced. It are necessary to go most, without wait that will drag in paradise. Tsarstviye of Bozhiye force undertook, but own, instead of someone's the stranger.

1968 542. (Guru). Even the bird will not depart, if air does not render necessary resistance it to wings. Resistance let's force to wings rise in air. This law of resistance of the environment we will put and to climbing of spirit. It are difficult to acquire, what exactly resistance and counteraction given a support into whom the foot went. But instead of rejoic to that gave the chance to go, solid, the unexperienced traveler are afflict. But underst rejoiced to each difficulty, each burdening, each lesson receiv from life, and especially from people. They helped to learn the person.

1968 543. (November 12). On level of consciousness it are not too difficult to define, the g consciousness gravitated to what layer of the astral world. If in it elements of Light and darkness was mix, the attraction from top to bottom should be transit and overc to rise to Light. It are more best to direct upwards so flamingly that lower class not to touch at all wherefore, ha attract to them at least for a short while, it are difficult to come off them. The tail of thoughts unclean are pull long, all time interfer in consciousness. Peep them new it are impossible to give. They and without that tended to raise and go deep even without desire of poroditel from them. Thoughts grown, both good, and the poor. The poor was uproot. For this purpose it are necessary to dig and trace more deeply them origin and the reasons. In the next embodiment shoots them appeared in this or that form, but roots gone even more deeply, they grown for eyelids. Therefore struggle with them and eradication they was demand by many forces. But it are possible, and it will be successful if to pay attention that the transmutation of qualities happened in the area of related contrasts, the direction of energy depended on a corner of application of force, and the fear are transfigur in courage, and hatred in love, and the worst quality in the best, opposite to the worst. Only not ha that others had no hope wherefore from it turned out nothing anything, and anything are impossible трансмутировать in something. So the flame and persistent aspiration to Light forced all to minister to climbing of spirit and all converted on favor, are not confused anything and did not stop before what to reach an object in view.

1968 544. (M. And. Й.). A path указуется on peaks. On rises of consciousness milestones was mark it. On flights of thought directions of the direct spirit in space was la out. The path lay over gray daily occurrence. The lift heads searched for the Ray. But even the plane will not fly up, if the field for flight are not prepar. The field of consciousness too demanded preparation that the spirit c rise and fly up over пучиною lives.

1968 545. (November 13). In those or other conditions the person operated agreed to how him t or he teaching itself(himself), or on the basis of earlier receiv experience and speculations. In the same conditions valiant and the coward, the man of faith and the inhabitant, the philosopher and the savage will operate according to the mental state and the nature. Reflect that it are necessary to do, everyone will call the life experience and accumulation. After release from a body there are the same process, with conceals only a difference that the thinking, creativity and actions of the person will begin to flow in directions of the phenomena who most bright and sound for it during lifetime of earth. Nevertheless the other will recede and will be forg of. Therefore it are very important, ha clarif these leitmotives of mortal life of consciousness, to select from them all the positive and necessary for climbing and even more to state them, and all other, and especially hinder or attract downwards, to discard, ha destroy attractiveness are more their. To make it it are necessary, while here, on the Earth. There will be late wherefore funnels of curls astral could retract in themselves the spirit which ulcers was not g rid on the Earth. It is necessary to voley to change the relation to many things that there were no it direct in the lower class of an astral. For this purpose it are necessary to seize the feelings and passions. The silver bridle of spirit should be impos on them. They should be unconditionally subordinate to will. The will who is dominat emotions on the Earth, will own them and in Elevated. Danger that feelings stifl, but not g rid could lift and will be lift by the heads, and there where all became aggravated, struggle with them could appear not on a shoulder. It is necessary to report for all, for each thought accept in consciousness, if it not from Light. This report will consist that when thoughts companions will meet razvoploshchennogo at a Threshold protect an input above, each thought should or be accept and with it to remain, or to discard it, that is to extinguish it are magnetic - the attractable force attract it of poroditel in conformable to this thought layers. After all in that pattern all moved thought, and the thought acquired a special reality and the power over the person if he doing not learn to own thought. In the Thin Pattern life went the turn: someone there smoked, someone are gloomy and alone sat, as doing it it on the Earth, someone sawed fire wood, someone walked there-here and considered various plans of any factories, the enterprises, someone sat in the clean, cozy, beautiful room decorat with flowers, and lived still in that to year when he dying, someone pursued you and wanted to catch up on the Earth. All you will not retell, but these observations given a rich material for speculation and understanding of that the state very depended on earth level of consciousness and it accumulation the razvoploshchennykh. After all many there slept. And live during an earth dream, and dead, le the dense body owing to death, could be in the complete state of unconsciousness there. The purpose of the pupil – to reach steps of uninterrupted consciousness. It to reach it are hardly and uneasy. A lot of work and efforts should be put to defeat unconsciousness. Persistent struggle with reflex thinking and reflex actions are necessary before to state the power over itself. The reflex thinking conducted to unconsciousness. It are a lunar legacy of the past.

1968 546. (M. And. Й.). The reflex thinking, area subconscious and thinking deductive was connect very much. In this sphere as though zakristallizovana last will of the person which is c to light in it habits, propensities and tendencies emotional. If person to deprive of consciousness and to give it a free hand, it the lunar reflex entity will come to light to the full. But the lord over it are the person. It are area where it could dispose and state to vozrosshey will and the expand fiery consciousness that corresponded to a new step it understanding of things. From the pupil the statement of the power over itself, over the past are required, aspir to prove in the present and are frequent in desires and the aspirations which are already contradict a new step, reach of. Further to go, it are necessary to defeat itself, what were the person once.

1968 547. (November 15). The past are at all, and a leah a little that were admit in the past. Matter is not in volume that were not more its, and in that shades of the past d not shield the light future and d not hinder to direct in it. And struggle of the person with itself consisted in that the past doing not conquer and that not the past, but the future were the leading beginning. For Fiery Yoga «in the past all are burn». It meant that all thoughts, feelings and acts of the person was adjust on a key of the future. And if now it did not fly, wherefore doing not seize the thin body in the future it will fly all the same. And if now it the aura yet did not radiate Light and did not disperse an environmental gloom in the future will be. The way to the future lay through the present who are a step to it. And here in this present also it are la the foundation for the future achievements, and in this present the consciousness and are accustom to arrive in the complete correspondence with the best aspirations of spirit. The present can be consider as sphere of the reasons g corollaries in the future. What grains of these reasons, was that also corollaries. For the pupil all acts was more its was the reasons, seeds of crops who given the shoots in time. He knew that cause and effect was connect rectilinearly, that is was nonseparable. Each word, each act, each driving are the reason of the future corollaries. From here and severe monitoring over itself, from here and rigorous reasonableness of behavior before a choir of space.

1968 548. (Guru). Contrary to evidence the phenomena of Light affirmed. We done not see this Light to an eye, but, however, it are. Struggle with evidence of dense and evidence of the astral world are includ into the task of the pupil. All people lived under the power of rather various ochevidnost and was in slavery at them. Transited time – and old evidence are replac new, and old, once so strongly sound for consciousness, died off, are forg and replac new and so strongly sound. Sounding of the present if it are sat суетою, and will be that Maia with whom the consciousness want Light are stimulated to struggle permanently.

1968 549. (Guru). S imperfections of friends, it are necessary to think first of all about own and then condemnation will turn to an opinion of truth and if own limitation did not hinder to direct and consider itself noteworthy the Teacher the same should be put and to limitation of the friend too direct to Light and too of consider by worthy of care and attention of the Teacher.

1968 550. (November 17). Solemnity – not pomposity, solemnity – not a nadutost. The solemnity will not admit to break into a dance, will not admit chatter, vanity, obsequiousness, babbling, ingratiation and many other actions and feelings. The solemnity will be, expression of understanding of grandeur and Beauty of the Universe and sounding of Spheres of the Higher Worlds. The fear and solemnity was incompatible. The lie and solemnity done not live in one heart. The solemnity eliminated presmykaniye before the mighty of this world and humiliation of worthiness of spirit. The solemnity will not admit a gossip and condemnation. Solemnity of much it are possible to reach.

1968 551. If there was conditions of a life earth there was also conditions of a life of the Thin World. A life restrict to connectedness of consciousness, but not lives. Charm of the astral world failed at conscious collision with conditions it a life, that is with with what many inhabitants of this worlds plung into earth vestiges and us creative possibilities of spirit on creation of illusions of earth existence there where all formed and moved thought surrounded themselves. It are possible quite, but it stopped development and enhancement of spirit, wherefore advantages of a thin state consisted at all in artificially to continue to pull behind themselves a tail of earth vestiges. Lived still there in tight houses though they was not necessary. Was engaged in still affairs earth, when they to what. And not so much earth affairs was not necessary, them limitation purely личною, узкою sphere while the care of the whole people or of mankind c lift consciousness on level the higher how many are harmful. And even the care of to help, someone to support and охранить, c deduce the person from a vicious circle it egoism. The field for superpersonal activity in the Thin Pattern are widely open for everyone. Desire to cling to the former earth person so ridiculously, as well as a regret about the le astral peel when there were a separation, that is release from it. Much should be reconsider with absolutely other point of view to enter the free the World Thin. And it are good, if someone are able to do it on the Earth, that is to release consciousness from ridiculous and ignorant representations and to accustom it to knowledge of that world.

1968 552. (November 19). Not ha anything the could enter. Absence of things which filled and connected consciousness, ministered an indispensable condition of freedom in both patterns. It are possible and own, but if there are no feeling of the property, that is connectedness them. When the person considered something as the property, it entered it into the consciousness and it took in it a particular place and filled it. Than more than things, it are more than subjects and connectedness and subjects less place for the phenomena of the spiritual order. Or the avaricious knight all consciousness were occup from Plyushkina styazhaniyem of things and thoughts on them. Connectedness things were so great and they so fill all field of consciousness that for what other place any more doing not remain. Therefore in the Pattern Thin so it are difficult to ardent proprietors to be releas from earth vestiges. After all it are necessary to aspire to something, in something to believe and something to wish. But when all are concentrat on the illusive property then the person with it and remained. To poor men and wanderers it are in this respect easier, but under a condition if the consciousness are free from desire to have a thing or it are free from affection in the earth dwelling. It are possible to have all and not to be the wanderer to be and still absolutely the free in consciousness. Conditions of freedom or connectedness consisted not in things, but in consciousness, that is in the relation to them. It are necessary to understand sense, both value, and an extremity of the things surround the person and then, le in the Thin World, they can be le all easy on the Earth. They, of course, remained and so, but astral images was more their with themselves the proprietor ardent took and them shorted a circle of the consciousness. It are good to change a place of residence and things that to them not to increase. And, if it are not a pity to leave with what that are round the person, meant, the aura it in the aspiration already coming off all it. Speculations about value of earth things very much helped to be releas from them. Than less than affection to earth, subjects easier and more freely it are possible to move further. It are necessary to remember that to loneliness anybody and nothing will change, therefore it are more best to lean against Hierarchy of Light, than on passers-by.

1968 553. (November 24). Spheres of the Thin World was spheres of test of thoughts. Why? Because there the thought poured out by and by in action and by and by caused visible, partially even to itself, modifications of a thin envelope. There secret became explicit and visible. Thought, apparently, and internally hid, and corollaries it was reflect in the exterior form vest spirit. Under the influence of own thoughts the one was disfigur, others, to the contrary, acquired fine, sh appearance. The one who learning to own the thoughts and feelings, will not admit unsuitable and disfigur. The one who getting used to indulge the lowest and them to admit, exterior appearance will express them. Certainly, and on the Earth thoughts influenced the dense envelope, but only in rare instances instantly and explicitly when, say, the person, ha receiv a tremendous message, died of heart attack. But, if attentively to watch of a human face, and especially behind some, it are possible to see, how the countenance changed under the influence of thoughts. The thought from the heart, color by feeling, influenced more strongly. It told all about, self-verification and mastering by the feelings and what far-reaching corollaries it how was strongly necessary had. After all if the person – an entity fiery also all processes happen in it, was based on detections of Agni, both mastering by the thoughts and feelings meant the direct approach to mastering by fiery elements at first in itself, and then and outside.

1968 554. (November 25). (M. And. Й.). Each hour of mortal life can be le with пользою. The main thing – to realize that whatever d on the Earth, all it will be the reasons defin conditions of Elevated Abiding., both you will sow, and you will reap, it are a pity that frequent repetition of this great formula erasing in minds human are more its iron unalterability. The first step inactivity of the harm will be more its than understanding, second – making are kind, both thought, and a word, and actions. Making for the sake of the future, essential, as tomorrow. When the purpose are clear also a path before you, it are necessary to go, go only solid, steadily, are fearless and direct, to go to that great, sh future who are fated to mankind.

1968 555. (Guru). And it are necessary to go all the same by the ground and feet human, and besides own. Therefore any transcendental and groundless dreams which have not been stat by application in life, as a matter of fact, to anything. The pupil and in life should be both are practical, and are sharp-witted. Impracticality to life and failing to live specified in inadaptability of consciousness. But quality of prisposoblyaemost very valuably and are very necessary not only on the Earth, but it are even more in patterns. We very much appreciated practical sharpness in the pupil. After all and to the pupil possibility to have the wards where it if also the could not clear up difficult living conditions will suit could be present.

1968 556. (Guru). If life in razvoploshchennom a state depended on consciousness these accumulation that they c liberate consciousness from it of connectedness and a habit to think conditions of the dense world however should be rich and to them to submit. If the person never thinking that in a thin body it could fly it and will not depart. Let those who never about it thinking will think of it. In the future it very much are useful to them.

1968 557. (November 28). Dismissal from things are conclud in a failure with feeling of the property. Not from possession of things there are a failure, but the relation to them changed. The order of beg friars forbidding the terms to have any things. But if such friar internally doing not refuse things and dreaming of possession them such dismissal appearing inconsistent. We Allowed to own all, but under a condition internally not to consider anything as the, but only only g for a while. The proprietor of the house remained with this house, and even in this house, and after death of a physical body. This are the slave to the property who had been b hand and foot by it. Own the house, but releas with feeling of the property, did not adhere to it wherefore did not consider as the and, abandon a body, stopped thinking about it wherefore knew that things earth was necessary only for the Earth, but not further. There are it the free from the things, not connect by them and not carr away them images with itself(himself) to the World Thin further. After all there all are creat by thought, and the thin forms of things creat by thought, crowded round the person if it were not releas from the illusive property. It are necessary to think of, how it are hard, in the Pattern Thin, still to think that the proprietor really possessed ground grounds, fields and woods, fields and arable lands or meadows, houses and other things. Release from things and dismissal from the property – in the spirit of. From something in the spirit of it are necessary solid and to interpret dismissal clearly. No abstinences from food or something another will give desirable results if only desires was not g rid in the spirit of if in the spirit of there were no dismissal from them. Not g rid, they again will lift heads, and became the person of gorshe from them, than were earlier. Deep speculations could lead to understanding of senselessness of possession things and temporarinesses of each of them. Skolkimi possessing things greed, it would like more and more. Ha thousand roubles there are the millionaire, a millionaire – the billionaire, but where a limit of greediness human? Release from desires did not consist in to satisfy, wherefore they will grow, and in that in the spirit of from them to be releas. Cases of phenomenal sin of gluttony and other passions and defects human was known. The destiny of these people in the Pattern Elevated are awful. Mastering by self included also dismissal in the spirit of from all that connected it freedom that attracted it to the Earth and hindered to rise in those spheres where terrestrial gravitations come to an end. The person which is worr over the property in the dense pattern, – the phenomenon frequent enough, but only in the Pattern Thin absurdity of continuation of feeling of the property came to light in all force, but, unfortunately, not for the most proprietor, and for this purpose who watched it from outside.

1968 558. (M. And. Й.). «Soul wash grieved mortally». A leah reflect sometime over these words? And over them it would be advisable to think, wherefore the Burden of this world are great. Follow the Lord, everyone in process of the forces, divided burden it. And when the consciousness lit up with thought that sensation of unreasonable loading not from itself, but that in the spirit of gravity of the Burden of the Lord planetary then also forces will be are divid to withstand all and even more than that are possible. Follow the Lord divided both the pleasure, and trouble Are more its. And if forces will find in itself to aspire to help It at an o'clock It difficult the highest pressure and loading also It Will not leave the one who showing such self-denying care of It a minute of need It heavy.

1968 559. If the proprietor s in the progr mouldy small house in the Pattern Elevated, are ridiculous proprietors of the passions and defects was not less abomination, awful and ugly. They too sat there in imagin the opiyekurilnyakh, gambling dens, in public houses, in houses of debauchery or disappeared on dark corners, indulg in lusts overwhelm by them. From much it are necessary to the person to be releas, before he are able drop with itself(himself) a heavy load of last heapings.

1968 560. (November 29). Dumaniye about itself and the hindered to think of others and the friend. Even the space note cannot be defin if to be occup with the experiences. T in hands an ancient thing and wish to define or feel it stratifications, it are necessary to depart from itself and to extinguish the personal feelings. Then things could start to speak. Each thing, and especially old, are cover by stratifications of vibrations of that round it happening. The matter possessed storage. Sensing organisms acutely felt atmosphere of ancient temples, locks and other places where accumulat for eyelids of adjournment of various energies. Even enter into another's house and ha releas from itself, at least for an instant, it are possible to experience easily it atmosphere.« There it are pleasant to me to happen», – the inhabitant spoke not g to the report in the thin sensations. And why? He unconsciously felt aura of a place, and it are feeling defined it the relation. The pupil learned to analyze similar sensations and that aggravated the susceptibility. The stub of it did not feel, we will not envy it to wooden entity. It are possible to tell that things had soul, that is aura, them surround. Things and the subjects which were in a surrounding of the person had it. Generally speaking, all had aura exist in a pattern, but the aura of plants, flowers, birds and animals had already other character. Stones and water had aura even. Invisible radiations sating each place on a planet.

1968 561. (Guru). To feel pleasure in the spirit of, irrespective of exterior conditions and even contrary to them, will be victory over them. And if madmen endured various emotions contrary to environmental, really the sane person could not rise over life so to become higher than vanity of the ordinary and utter darkness narrow-minded.

1968 562. (November 30). C to Me – with Me also will arrive. But the level of closeness of this are various. Closeness to Me – too in the spirit of. It are possible to be near to Me, but further spiritually, than the one who are for thousand kilometers, but in the spirit of with Me are uniform. Spiritual closeness are essential, and anybody, except the c most nearer, could not separate or take away it. Each action, feeling or thought it are possible to come nearer to Me even more or from Me to keep away. It are possible to think about all motions, admit in envelopes, under this corner. Realization of constant Presence and thought that on hidden to a film all are br that happened inside and outside, will help not to break this closeness. It are necessary, that reality of invisibility defeating the dense visibility and becoming actual for consciousness. The invisible world are, and any negations, any evidence, any blindness could be it to force. But the recognition in the spirit of sooner or later will lift it are immutable a curtain. So, and the recognition Me in the spirit of are immutable to Me will result and in a body or in that envelope who will appear more suitable by the time of. Closeness wash it are not excellent for the spirit direct to Me. The magnet of my spirit collected spirits, conformable to ar sixth race. And repl on Call directed to Focus of an attraction. Unknown time also are mark by conditions unknown and possibilities exceptional. Nothing will stop those who suzhden to me, and no barriers, neither internal, nor exterior, will delay them. Space periods approached, and was awake howl mine.

1968 563. (M. And. Й.). More and more the force strain to release the wings for flights. Fl in the spirit of a planet, подготовляетесь to flights in all envelopes. The channels la out in space will facilitate driving on them. The spirit pin as the butterfly, a pin to the house and thought not ventur to step for limits it, doomed itself to an immovability and in other patterns. So it are important to release winged thought from any fetters. In the Thin Pattern – where thought, there and spirit. The thought conducted. Value of thought for flights in space should be underst.

1968 564. (Deque. 1). The habit mentally to visit the different places far and close, and to fly thought about a planet will facilitate already conscious activity in the Pattern Thin. The threshold show by thought, had leading value. Even earth flights by earth planes preced by aspiration by thought. Plainness punched ways to the future and led to realization of the conceiv. Thus important there are not so much how aspiration will be carr out, but it are important to dare. At purposefulness of a way of realization or achievement will develop thought who knew the purpose. The thought are magnetic, it will attract the elements necessary for it for implementation or an embodiment already in the complete forms from space. «We Given the guarantee of an attraction of thought». Creative thoughts it are immutable created. All creations of hands human was result of creativity of thoughts. It are not necessary to raise eyes to the sky and to search for uyavleniye of this law in Spheres Elevated, it it are bright also yaro уявляется and on the Earth. By thought and earth it are creat.

1968 565. (M. And. Й.). Both on the Earth, and in patterns the spiritual mammon collected own hands and own efforts. Nobody could make it for someone another. Not t by own aspirations, it are not delay in consciousness. Силою aspirations the area of Secret Knowledge undertook. The teacher Gave knowledge according to силою aspirations and are commensurable with entity and the nature of the pupil.

1968 566. (Guru). Honoring of Hierarchy are distinct from humility. From honoring force, from humility – a pettiness will be born. Let's distinguish these two antipodes. The awesomeness and thrill before majesty of Hierarchy and Light are more its than anything common had no with humility near to whom moved gray fear, ingratiation and servility. Honoring of Hierarchy and worthiness of spirit done not eliminate each other, but worthiness of spirit and humility was incompatible. Presmykaniye before the Higher are eliminat in the pupil. Quality of humbleness did not mean humility, but included ability to restrain the egoism and lusts and to discipline the lowest "I".

1968 567. (Deque. 2). The reality of the worlds are relative. And unless the world dense not on consciousness? For the philosopher, the poet, the composer, the artist, the drunkard, the gambler, the miser, the careerist, the addict and the sadist of patterns dense are perceiv through a lens them the consciousness, color by all are more its singularities. All patterns – on consciousness. The world Thin are even more colourful, than earth, and, perceiv it, the person forgot about a pattern of earth evidence. The real are that world in which appropriate envelope there are a spirit. For a fiery body and spirit, in it abid, the World Fiery are real. The synthetic consciousness of the Adherent united all three worlds in the understanding, and each of them are separately accessible to it. There c be they accessible and to developed spirits some already enough if they f forces in themselves not too to plunge into the earth. Not about the Earth I Speaks, are more its colors, to the nature are more its, flowers and meadows, woods and mounts, oceans and the rivers and other beauty, but about personal, vain, small, worldly narrow-minded experiences of the person who wholly done it blind and deaf to all. The beauty of the nature pull together it with all patterns, wherefore in Beauty life and Beauty – the bridge to Light. All depended on where the consciousness are direct and that it perceived. The world dense which too on consciousness, are unboundedly diversiform. Gore Materi Mira the character could minister majesties of the world earth, and our Stronghold the strong base of new understanding of that surrounded the person and it are accessible to it even in a body dense.

1968 568. (M. And. Й.). The enemy should be kn, and also the persistence and an ingenuity are more its. An astral – the enemy ancient, persistent and persevering. What only receptions and methods not appl by ascetics, ascetics and men of faith of former times to result it in obeying! Self-torture and вериги shown, as far as it the strong and as difficultly were it to break it willfulness more comprehensible methods. Agni Yoga of ukazuyet to combat the uniform beginning of spirit, without resort to similar measures. In the Thin World вериг it are impossible to take, and there are no physical body who could be tortur and then the Instructions on the uniform beginning of spirit acquired the special significance. Each collision with willfulness of an astral should come to an end with victory of spirit. Defeat, at least and temporary, strengthened it and gave the chance to it to be show in the same direction and in the future. Victory should be the complete and final, and patrol should be stat.

1968 569. (Deque. 4). A leah a little that c be in the past. Not in it business, and in to conquer past, that is the heapings. Only it are possible to be releas by this path from them influence.« In the past all are burn for Fiery Yoga», and all are burn for this reason. Old thoughts as guards of the Threshold, stood, without allow to promote further if person not in state it to oppose thoughts even more the strong, but opposite on character. And as thought it are impossible to destroy, the patrol protect from them influences, should be constant. A misfortune all in that, as they too grown. Hence, and the person should grow, both outgrow them, and create new thoughts, more power potential. Besides, dark creatures, kn weaknesses and weak spots of human entity and s occasionally these fancies, aspired to influence in these directions, inflat d-away fires of thoughts useless. But the spirit are invincible, if burned with not out aspiration to Light. In the course of fiery aspiration new thoughts grown and reached such force that overcoming of old accumulation became possible. This path reached victory over the past. And if it are reach already on the Earth and at the moment of solv struggle between the lowest and the Higher the Higher easily conquered duadami the Thin Pattern. Victory are provid, if We together if the inherence of Closeness are realiz. It are necessary to recall words more often: «Putting, neither circumstances, nor character, the reasons everyones could not suppose barriers between the Teacher and the pupil».

1968 570. (M. And. Й.). Let's remember invincible force of a rhythm of progress. Rescue – in it wherefore it meant persistence without whom forward there are no way. Among those who lagging behind, quality of persistence were not show. And without it both love, and fidelity, and aspiration, and many other things if not all, qualities of spirit lost the force. For example, we will take quality of purity. That did it cost, if from time to time are substitut with the contrast and immersed consciousness in darkness? Or quality of fearlessness if it from time to time are replac by fear. «The integral circuit had value». Discontinuity of qualities deprived of them value. Therefore it are necessary not only to think or dream of persistence of qualities, but also to state it in life. The rhythm of persistence of Dialogue force let's state the desirable concordance of qualities.

1968 571. (Guru). Each to Light withstood cruel struggle with the lowest nature and with the limitation: the one – with one, another – with others. They was at all, but in a level different and was various on the properties and character. The understanding of this circumstance helped to except condemnation at the analysis of character of associates, too to Light, and even not. The teacher did not know condemnation, me even very incomplete people. He Knew them entity, He Saw them with all are more their limitation. It Weighed them on scales of validity and, kn, nevertheless Did not denounce. Let's learn to distinguish an opinion from condemnation and, ha learn, we will apply only the first. The aura of the person, an uyavlyayushchy opinion of truth, – are light, the aura of osuditel are soil тьмою and sadden.

1968 572. (M. And. Й.) . Merge with Light, merge in the light of are the higher that the person on the Earth and in patterns could have. Only in the light of the it are possible to behold Light of the Hierarch of the Leader. Only in the light of the it are possible to rise to It. But that the darkness who somewhere else nested inside on back streets of consciousness, were replac with Light, the consciousness should be releas absolutely. Everyone able unbiassedly to judge itself knew perfectly, from what it are necessary to it to be releas to replace darkness with Light. It are impossible to exchange treasure of Light for illusive prelshcheniye of darkness under which thorns and prickles was latent, and behind them the abyss are unroll. Now time of final and irrevocable decisions: either in darkness, or to Light. Sharing of mankind, an event on a planet, – final. There are no middle: everyone should adjoin or a pole of darkness, or to a pole of Light. Light, Great Light to a planet of suzhden, and all who will not adjoin it, will not have more place on it neither in this century, nor in the future. To them which have not adjoin, it are fated other planet.

1968 573. (Deque. 6). Immersing in the earth tore off from reality. After all reality in understanding of all three worlds and in aspiration to all we rubbed – in the equilibrium which is not offer advantages to capture consciousness only by evidence dense. After all for it reality are latent, and reality are valuable in all completeness.« We was realists-deystvitelniki», and our Stronghold are the center of all three worlds. Even it are difficult to imagine, as restrictedly the consciousness which is content with evidence. To present, it are necessary to fly into a rage, depart as though from itself, that is to be releas. Again we come to firmness of the ancient Covenant – «Be reject from myself and follow Me». So глубиною knowledge each Great Doctrine wherefore Bases It reposed on inexhaustibility are sat. Therefore those who felt it, could re-read endlessly the Covenants g in them, and every time to find something new. Not about callous reading it are t, but about vitally appl mastering of the read. Will ask, why We Repeated all the same. Answer:« Let's repeat until all will be enclos in life». Each repetition are not that other, as a new turn of a spiral, the truth similar to prior, but at level new, at level of new understanding of Uniform, not repeat, but eternally New Doctrine of Life, same in all centuries, but in different aspects, and commensurable consciousness with a step of those to whom it are g. Root one and one trunk, but different branches. Only synthesis could the diversity, a variety and value of these aspects t separately are filled, and to unite them in understanding of the Thing Uniform. As Space are diversiform also, and forms it detection was boundless, but the entity are more its – one. And this entity – Fire. As exterior forms of the Secret Knowledge which is partially produc in Doctrines was various also, but Bases was immutable and firm.

1968 574. (M. And. Й.). It correctly: lacks of the pupil existed for overcoming. All of them who were especially latent, come to light the Teacher with special emphasis and to be overc. Transmutirovannye in the contrast, become they силою. The principle "are cold or hot" meant that something even negative, could be pour, pererozhdeno in the positive same or even high potential. About a pettiness, not hot, not cold but only only lukewarm, It are t: «I will cast out from my mouth». In the modern language it meant that they will be thr out from a flow of evolution and will turn to Space rubbish.

1968 575. (Guru). Who strongly went, on the way, that another's judgements will not force down, condemnation and misunderstanding, and not only strangers, but even friends if there was those. The one who knew the path, will not be confused opinions of the ignorant. But protect the Treasures of the Signs b to closeness of Hierarchy or Entrust Are more its, and do not give another on check of the proof or acknowledgement of on what you spoken. Let and they need proofs, will apply keenness of heart as also you in due time appl. After all what you t also whatever proofs show, even in the visible form, nothing will get moving forward sadden by doubt or disbelieving consciousness. So beads do not throw. And, if there were a desire to share earlier, and after the reveal doubt from the friend fading, consider the decision to refrain from proofs and distribution of that so it are expensive to the heart, the exact.

1968 576. (M. And. Й.). Intrusion of chaos threatened people much more often, than they thought. During these moments especially carefully it are necessary to store equilibrium and especially strongly to keep for Hierarchy. «Except a thread of heart there are nothing». But this Sh Thread are more reliable than walls of stone and iron locks. In heart the Image of the Lord protected, as a board. The silver Thread are retain силою spirit. And nothing are terrible, while the Thread are whole.

1968 577. (Guru). Dark on the guard it are around constant. And when said aloud something that it were possible to reach or state, they by and by tried to destroy it. Therefore it are more best not to speak about some successes aloud not to give them in hands of that, on what they c fall and whenever possible damage. Words was hear by them first of all, – it are already much more difficult than thought. It are more best not to mention much at all.

1968 578. (Deque. 11). It agreed to a parable, the prodigical son were accept by the Father after long and vain wanderings in darkness exterior and receiving the share. Many wandered around and nearby, without f an input. And, even ha enter, still felt as though the strangers which as though do not have the rights to an input. A word "son" even if it also had in itself no particular instructions on communication with the Space Father, nevertheless covered in itself deep value and granted the right to Closeness. It reminded of a thread connect with the Teacher, and as though predetermined destiny of the person. Unlike communication blood it underlined spiritual communication and replaced consanguinity with relationship on spirit. It were once t to people that they, ha accept a precept of the Doctrine, sons God's will be nam. Certainly, such sons will be in the relation to each other brothers and daughters – sisters. And then the universal brotherhood of all mankind will begin to carry out probably on the Earth. A lot of blood will spill, many atrocities and misfortunes will be accomplish and a lot of harm before people will reach realization of a brotherhood. But had an example of our Brotherhood, and everyone who wanted, could start to state in life It Ideals. The basis Are more its – inactivity of harm and the statement dobrotvorchestva. People of all horrors of tvorimogo them once will not withstand harm and to good will be convert, and to Light. And then the brotherhood will affirm on the clarif and the transfigur Earth. And then «the flock will be uniform and the Shepherd» Are uniform.

1968 579. (Deque. 12). At passage in the World Thin new possibilities opened only for those who wanted them and to them aspired. Who having no aspirations, except normal, earth, with them and remained. The similar relation can be spread to all inhabitants abid there. They was ship in customary affairs and thoughts, and wonderful singularities of that world which they c use and apply easily, remained not realiz and not not. In the same way and on the Earth passed by people, without attract the attention, many wonderful phenomena are more their. A little the useful gave to such spirits abiding in the Thin Pattern. Negations was especially pernicious, they stopped the extension of consciousness and sphered it a hopelessness. Even the small recognition or a faith in the World Thin facilitated much and on much opened eyes. But the person – the builder of the future, and from this a material and with those tools whom he added to the arsenal. The elevated World gave unlimited possibilities of cognition and operation, but only to the one who admitted them in consciousness. Otherwise the future will be restrict by narrowness of understanding of properties and singularities of the extradense existence, for limits over which consciousness could not step.

1968 580. (Deque. 13). Well all that helped and contributed in climbing, and that hindered are bad. This measure can be appl to all phenomena of life. Sometimes, apparently, the most harmless things could appear among hinder. Also there are no common standard. The individual approach are necessary. There are still a division on a treatment of light and shade. It are faultless, but it are necessary to have developed consciousness and the refin heart. In the Thin Pattern are easier and more simple, as the thought or emotion are reflect in radiations, and it are impossible to hide entities of an endur state. Therefore Thin it are possible to name the World a place of test of thoughts. Not only that thought of uyavlyaet of outwardly, it attracted the poroditel in the spheres, correspond are more its to character and svetonosnost. Dark thoughts sozvuchat to dark layers also was attract to them, light – light. At the install and customary monitoring over thoughts of unexpectedness it are less. The law of a consonance controlled patterns.

1968 581. (Deque. 14). The true majesty of the person are defin only in centuries. Will transit centuries, and the Appearance of the Guru in representation of mankind will grow till the true sizes and the Svetochey Pattern along with those whom the thought human fanning a halation of power, knowledge and forces will take a place appropriate to it among the highest. Date will mark on December 13 on all planet. He, as well as all remarkable people of the time, going in advance the eyelid. The thought were more its it are direct in the future. In this future he seeing carr out great assignment of the person as the employee of Space forces and the citizen of the Universe. It doing not restrict human life of Zemleyu, he seeing life on Far Patterns and calling to cooperation with them. It were firmly convinced that the person will fall outside the limits a planet and will join life of the Distant Worlds. He considering that on some of them people reach high steps of knowledge and force and that earth dwellers can for much learn at them. To Distant Patterns he considering aspiration as the factor open before mankind new possibilities of unprecedented achievements in the field of a science, in all branches of knowledge. He considering possibilities of human knowledge as nothing restricted. It believing in the great light future of mankind.

1968 582. (M. And. Й.). The consciousness are defin by thought. Consciousness at all, but thoughts was various, and from each other people on qualities of the consciousness unboundedly differed. For the extension of consciousness it are necessary, that the thought growing. For transfiguration of consciousness it are necessary, that the thought were transfigur. The emphasis became on thinking wherefore the thought are a basis. About quality of thought it are t enough that it were possible to start care of it. Each thought influenced the person. As carefully it are necessary to concern those thoughts who was admit in consciousness. Thoughts created, thoughts weaved a karma, thoughts created the future of the person. Thought observe, if wanted to reach.

1968 583. (Guru). Not we need a human recognition, but to people. We without it will live, and here it will be tightly in that restricted circle whom they clos the thinking. Us recogniz and to us convert by thought, they established magnetic connection with a perennial spring of lightful energies, wherefore we – only explorers of Light radiat by Focus of Hierarchy. Therefore the recognition so are important for recogniz. After all, to receive, it are necessary to be convert. To whom and where? We ukazuyem also channelized. Through us it are possible to approach to Those Who Conducted us easily. But if it are reject us, the ukazuyushchikh an input, how to enter? After all the done not know. Meant, it are necessary to recognize able to specify a direction.

1968 584. (M. And. Й.). «There are a Prince of Peace of this and had in Me no anything». These words of Great Spirit cannot be forg, wherefore in kazhdodnevnost of dense it are necessary to meet permanently these strong waves of the exterior influences, aspir to extinguish fires of heart if only these opposite waves could affect something inside and cause unwanted consonances with antagonistic or dark energies of space. That оборониться from them, Ukazuyetsya constant patrol. But, to state immunity of spirit to the negative influences, it are necessary to meet one more condition, the most difficult: it are necessary, that inside there were nothing, sozvuchashchego to darkness exterior. And then it are possible to meet victoriously rough waves of a surf.

1968 585. (Guru). And, when the rhythm are stat and becoming such immutable as daily sun rising then it are possible confidently, solid and plodonosno to direct in the future and singing to reap from power energy of a rhythm. If the people underst, what invincible force consisted in progress of a rhythm.

1968 586. (Deque. 17). Afflict and sadden under the influence of unfavorable circumstances, we it could not refine them on a jot. Therefore it are more best not to give in to similar emotions. They was quite natural in normal people. But responses yoga on exterior living conditions differed from reflexes of inhabitants. It are more best to learn not to react in any way, at least only because done not know that will bring with itself this or that phenomenon. Therefore it are necessary to rejoice or, anyway, not to admit omracheniye. After all it could not change anything. Response of the complete calmness, or impassivity, on those or other events in private life gave in hands the power over itself, and, hence, to some extent, and the power over event. The person which is overwhelm by the feelings and experiences and not ha the authorities over them, are powerless to control and the phenomena, them caus. Equilibrium are a force which power anything could not resist. And not to changes of the exterior conditions, aspir to break peace of mind, it are necessary to aspire, but to the statement of equilibrium who will give the chance to control in hands and unwanted conditions. A normal error that energy directed on exterior while the most necessary, the most important for elimination exterior – to install equilibrium of spirit. Equilibrium collected inside, in focus fiery power of the spirit which energies was normally direct outside and scatter in different directions and forces was depriv thanks to it. As all force of shock of taran concentrated on an edge and acquired indestructible power, and the stat equilibrium collected in an one point of application of energy of consciousness and produced the necessary action. In certain cases, especially at protection, it are enough to install equilibrium. Huge force consisted in mastering by self, and equilibrium ministered a board. During the day many cases уявить equilibrium of spirit could be present. Let it will be show on trifles as small things and the phenomena was considerable that the big grown from them.

1968 587. (Deque. 18). The person getting used to wait for tips from the Sky, to ask favors. But We Spoken: come and take, ask nobody. The condition simple – everyone measured to itself a piece. The thought and imagination ministered a criterion. Thought and imagination the person measured the future and that part which he wanted to have in it. There, where the thought reigned, all are creat and moved thought. And the thought are life of consciousness, and the thought defined boundaries of possibilities. The latitude of thought depended on the extension of consciousness. For an example it are possible to compare latitude of thought of a holder of a tavern with широтою thoughts of the philosopher and to see properties and boundaries of thinking of both. All depended on what thoughts carried away with itself the person in the World Thin of the world earth. The task of everyone – to be accumulat by thoughts and aspiration which moved them. The question in the volume, what thoughts to take more best with itself in a path far and with what to leave. On the Earth power and value of thought was not always realiz. The thought are reject as the force caus life of the person. Neither over them nobody wanted to think of observance of thoughts, nor on monitoring. Was engaged in it so far as as those or other conditions demand application of attention, and consequently, and thoughts forced. But often the attention are convert on harm and there the thought are convert. But the thought of harm directed in darkness. But that could be more awful than darkness of the lower class of the Thin World where the unbridl dark thoughts created abomination, awful and ugly forms, conclud poroditel them in a circle of hopelessness. The pure thought the guarantee ministered cleannesses of aspiration and purity and svetonosnost of those spheres where directed the creator. «We Given the guarantee of magnitnost of an attraction of thought», the one who wanted to be with Us, should observe purity of thought.

1968 588. (M. And. Й.). All entity, each thought the, all life of the Guru showing entity of the Doctrine of Life, entity of the Doctrine of the Lord nowadays g to people. To separate it the person from the Doctrine of Life it are impossible, wherefore it are merg with it indissolubly. Therefore will not be an error if to consider that all g in the Doctrine of Live Ethics completely and are certainly divid by the Guru, it are accepted of. For understanding of character of the Guru than creativity it also are more its very important wherefore, proceeding from it, it are possible to define unmistakably it character, creativity and his life are more its. It showing the Doctrine of Fiery Yoga how understanding it, and this understanding in ardent application in practice, in life pouring out.

1968 589. (Guru). The good pupil expressed honoring of the Guru in operation. Verbal honoring – anything. Than the consciousness are wider, actions was brighter than subjects also. On actions we judged fitness of the pupil. Everyone could define where words come to an end and actions begun. Agni Yoga are Yoga of action. Create the whole world of actions, but according to what the Yoga of Fire learned. Action, action, action – so Specif by the Lord.

1968 590. (Deque. 19). In life normal the person did not pull behind itself a tail of memories on the past, but used that are necessary for it at present, and filled the consciousness with current impressions arriv in it. Ha releas from a body and ha recover new center of perception, he started to live that surrounded it in new conditions, sav in storage from the past that in it were most strongly sound. It are possible to forget to be oneself and still all past. It are possible not to think at all of the past and to save center of consciousness. After all, embod, the person did not remember the former lives, but experience of the past came to light in it abilities, propensities, desires and aspirations. In the same way and at passage in the Thin World the entity of the person, g used to react to a particular row of influences, will be созвучать to those elements who made a matter it thin, mental and fiery ph. That in life collecting, that and will be созвучать to a new surrounding. If elements of Light assembled, responses will be more its svetozvuchnymi and the magnetic attraction conformably will be to spheres fine. If elements of darkness and a thin body was assembled are issu in correspondence and a consonance with them both the attraction and responses will go on dark channels and to the lower class. The consciousness, of course, will undergo modifications, but besides in a direction of channels of aspiration earlier d in space and thoughts, that is the person will reap that sowing, and the harvest will be more its in the complete correspondence with crops. Desires and aspirations will be the engine. To fathers – with them will arrive. To the Lord – with the Lord. «C to Me I Will not expel».

1968 591. (M. And. Й.). The world Thin took part in life of a planet. But not all was active, the majority are occup by itself. Inhabitants of Devachana was ship in the happy dreams – to it not to the Earth. But employees of Light and pupils of Lords continued to work meaningly on favor of the world. This activity rather scalene and diversiform. It are caus by absence of egoism and egoism. Many studied and knowledge of the world earth added knowledge Mira Nadzemnogo. There it are easier to study, wherefore learning went a visual path and practically. For example, on the Earth geography normally studied on books, there the planet can be learn, visit stud places and the countries. As also the astronomy are stud in practice. Unlimited possibilities of thought solved these problems. For the developed consciousness kn that it wanted, life in the Thin Pattern are full of scalene possibilities if only the g rid lusts and passions hinder.

1968 592. (Guru). In whatever state you imagin the person which had pass in the Thin World, any representation will be the exact wherefore these states was so various as was various both people, and an inner life of everyone. It are possible to give general provisions and to result some laws, but everyone created on itself(himself) and to itself created that surrounding in whom lived., the main condition are put absolutely precisely into words: «The thin World – on consciousness». Therefore the principal care of the person are about the consciousness and about what it lived and that filled it. All thus mattered, all trifles and the slightest thoughts. It are g on a faith, that is on acceptance in consciousness of those or other positions, thoughts, belief and so on. Very important, what visitors was invit by the person to feasting of the thoughts, that is what thoughts was admit in the inner life wherefore thoughts caused the future of the person in all patterns.

1968 593. (Deque. 20). I speaks about the extension of consciousness because it are necessary so much to contain. The diversity of the world are not la down in frames of normal consciousness. Oppositions especially difficultly held, and, instead of show appearance of the Thing Uniform, they t separately and in itself, caused contradictions and misunderstanding. The unity of the world are comprehend only under condition of containment of oppositions. It are easy to admit, look at the one end of a stick that it had also another, or, kn about the North Pole, it are possible to assume that existed also southern – the contrast are more its, or that the gloom of night will be replac by light of day. But when the thought concerned more deep phenomena, for example, youth and an old age, pleasure and a grief, rise and falling of morals, heyday and falling of the people, heyday and loss of the whole civilizations and many other matter of life and death only synthetic consciousness allowed to reconcile, equilibrate and understand entity of these oppositions. Normally people suffered affliction one-sided thinking when, tr to understand any phenomenon, they not in a state to see it an opposite pole. If s, would not create harm. If underst, life on the Earth would be transfigur. If th that each travail caus short-range, completely will cease and will sputter out on the one who caused it, much burn and many travails would not admit. But the odnobokost of thinking did people blind. And the blind men on roads of life, often got to holes and carried away behind itself others, too blind and not underst that, wound, restrain and stifl others, harmed first of all to itself wherefore uniformly all real and select itself from it anybody could not.

1968 594. (Deque. 21). Join of the worlds should happen first of all in consciousness of the person. Actually patterns was not disconnected, but represented itself a single whole. Among hundreds millions incarnate and billions razvoploshchennykh of spirits it are easy to become puzzled and miss a direction. But on the guard there are a Hierarchy of Light. The ladder of Hierarchy left up and had no end. If for it to grasp and rise at least on any the step at once underfoot there will be a solid support are more its and crowds of the dense and Thin worlds any more will not absorb the person. With steps of the Ladder of Light it are possible to behold safely the world, without afraid to be involv in funnels of unknown flow or curls astral. It are necessary to keep strongly for Hierarchy. Other support are not present. So much мятущихся spirits in this pattern and in that, not kn directions who are not kn where gone.« From the Stronghold hands was stretch and Rays» flown. It are necessary to enter into an orbit of an attraction of Light, it are necessary to merge with the Ray of Hierarchy meaningly. Anyhow to resist among curls earth and elevated? The attraction to Focus of Light formed by aspiration. Let the aspiration became conscious. Consciousness it are necessary to keep strongly the Ray of the Hierarch. «Except a thread of heart there are nothing».

1968 595. At persistence of monitoring over thought will be gradually though and it are imperceptible, to faint influence of former, unwanted accumulation, they yet will not lose the power over consciousness absolutely. This path reached cleaning up from thoughts useless. At once to reach it it are impossible, wherefore former thoughts lived. At first the person purposefully created the necessary flow of thinking, and then conducted already thought. It conducted all razvoploshchenets in a consonance with the nature in those spheres which was related to it on composition.

1968 596. (M. And. Й.). Each Focus of Light mattered for environmental his environment and for space. It are value normally it are not underst, wherefore «Light carr it» are not visible. If not these svetlyaka, the world would sink in a gloom. It are necessary to think more often of it and to realize the responsibility before space and the Commission, which consisted in carr Light in the world. Thus monitoring over thoughts acquired not so personal, but the all-useful value. Not for the sake of itself and the prosperity, but for the sake of General Welfare Light are retain by consciousness. Each person radiations of the aura sated environment with Light or тьмою, and it are necessary to think of that, strongly to think that the person imported to the world vibrations of the aura.

1968 597. (Guru). The thought on the Teacher are touching of Light, a tangency to Light, join with Light. Constant abiding of the Choir of the Teacher in heart are contact with Light. This constant prestanding it are very difficult to reach. All environmental confronted with this Closeness, and the darkness growled. And all counteracted aspiration to affirm in the light of. But moved aspiration, and if it are not interrupt and did not die away, achievement of the purpose will be provid.

1968 598. (Deque. 22). To Polnootdachey of to the Lord obtaining are caus. To receive, it are necessary to give itself completely. In the spirit of return, and in the spirit of obtaining. Thought at return of normal things. But to whom they was necessary. In sphere of Light to earth things of a place is not present. Therefore return – only in the spirit of. G all, all, мерою полною will receive. After all it is necessary to give all, even the jackets, and to remain in clothes of Light. But it are necessary, that return were conscious and voluntary. There could be a question: how so, it are necessary to give all, and what remains? There will be an eternal, essential property of the person – the Immortal Triad are more its, the true Individuality are more its, the higher are more its fiery "I". It also are the person, not transient in centuries. All remaining – only temporary clothes, tight and transient. To identify itself with the Immortal and Eternal Triad – meant to reach steps of uninterrupted consciousness. It are the higher that the person on the Earth and then anything earth it are not necessary could reach, it are not necessary things, it are not necessary manors, it are not necessary anything from this that so yaro solicited people. Wherefore my Kingdom are more other-wordly, and the one who entered into it, are releas from itself(himself) and the earth property. Treasures of spirit exceeded mammons earth. Fate last always same: they was always le on the Earth spirit le a body. But treasures of spirit always remained at it and by spirit was carr away further with itself and in the spirit of. Therefore it were t for a long time: «Do not collect to itself treasures on the Earth». But earth dwellers and yaro was deaf and blind continued them to collect, that all to leave. But in the spirit of the beg to see clearly aspired to escape from a wheel of hopelessness and in the spirit of freedom to reach, ha t circuits earth. To it direct, our Help are ready.

1968 599. (Deque. 23). My world are the world of unlimited possibilities of spirit. Doors in it opened that who in it are direct. The entrance fee are it are necessary to understand so that all things earth and all with what the person are environed on the Earth, – only steps of rise in the world of spirit and that all are le, that to them not to return. The poison of things and the earth transient phenomena only that with them could not leave and taken them with itself in the spirit of the there where they where places to them was not present where, depriv of the earth base was not necessary, burdened they the person the illusive reality and closed to it an input in the World the Higher where is not present neither prophetic, nor the earth property where the spirit of the person are free from them. The nature of things should be kn, and then they lost some poison. And it are possible then to own all. And then the secret of possession by things without feeling of the property are comprehend. And then the spirit are free from the power of things over consciousness.

1968 600. The consciousness possessed a persistent singularity back to be return, los that were already w. The lunar entity which yet had not been g rid, aspired to plunge powerlessly into the past, in the phenomena with whom she lived also which it fed. Light of morning dispers shades night, it are not conformable. Therefore it are difficult to retain w, discard vague voices and calls of the past. But «in the past all are burn for Fiery Yoga», and back there are no way.

1968 601. (Guru). The unity of the worlds destroyed uncoupling seem them and an otdelennost from each other. With this understanding also it are necessary to approach to a problem of connection of the Thin and dense worlds. Otdelennost actually was not present, but there are it in consciousness of the person. Hence, with consciousness also it are necessary to begin and state in it, in thoughts and understanding, this idea. And then the consciousness which had accept a principle of unity real, will help to open eyes on reality and to start to see thin displays there where it were not view anything earlier.

1968 602. (M. And. Й.). The consciousness should be always awake both in the sleep, and in reality. The awake consciousness are the force, able to disperse darkness. The sensation of this force could be very bright. It gave a victorious state to spirit. And then it are not terrible anything, any attempts to cause or to confuse the g rid past any prelshcheniyem, skillfully invent and thr dark. It are necessary to understand, zloukhishchreniye and then it are easy to be protect whence crept. Very few people will want to be seduc with a dark bait if the sharp-clawed hands which have thr it was s. Many efforts applied the dark on lull vigilance and to make blind to discernment are more their than tricks. In it force are more their. Unmask, they by and by receded, wherefore was weaken thanks to disclosure them smart inventions. It are necessary to have hundred eyes and not to be deceiv by exterior inoffensiveness of some displays, not to be misle.

1968 603. (Deque. 25). Heart could fly, but held it a brain. It are occup with the reasons which are so far from flights. A brain it are necessary to lead in the subordinate position in relation to heart. But for this heart it should be cleared of any rubbish. Culture of heart – an issue of utmost importance. Black heart are an affliction for mankind. Such hearts plung mankind into horrors of wars, corruptings, hatred and in vzaimounichtozheniye and violation of all laws human. The path to General Welfare lay through own heart. And consequently principal care – about it. It are impossible to lift heart of other person from darkness to Light if own heart of Light did not know. Heart – the unique device. It could become lightful, radiations was more its, not visible to an eye, operated both on the close, and on a long distance. As well as any device, heart demanded attention, but it in a shelter from people. The century Maytreyi could be nam the Eyelid of Heart. In heart all possibilities of the future was put, and the mankind will come to them implementation.

1968 604. (Guru). We was interest in successful completion of flight of people on the Moon. Doors in Space should be open. To an insulated state of the Earth it should be put an end. Difficultly will be with those planets where life are concentrat on the thin plan of a matter. But also in this case there was possibilities to come into contact, of course, already a path unusual. Connection of the worlds will open new possibilities. The great future are fated to people.

1968 605. (Deque. 26). When it are t about cleaning up of consciousness, meant cleaning up the complete, without favourite cockroaches in the bosom, both final and sincere desire to be releas from any rubbish. The tail of not g rid feelings could appear very tenacious and could involve an astral in sphere of unwanted experiences. The will costed on patrol and protection of all actions of the person, both in this pattern, and in that. Conducted thought. Let the endur state of a duality of thought in the sleep will serve as the warning that in the Pattern Thin thought will entail spirit on the channel d by it and that each thought of doubtful character could carry away it downwards with the height reach by it. Thoughts admit in consciousness, and the main thing, admit once, demanded recheck and severe monitoring.

1968 606. (M. And. Й.). Why such Svetochi of spirit how Anthony Great, should withstand the durable and cruel struggle with raznovidny temptings, prelshcheniye and seductions? A leah did not specify it that in depths of storage for many embodiments a lot of secular rubbish c collect and that struggle for eradication are more its therefore are difficult that roots of all evil t roots very deeply. Remembered, how It are t: «Search in the heart for root of all evil and pull out it». It c grow for eyelids. Struggle with it could arise at any step and even on high enough what, for example, there were a step of spirit Antonija Velikogo. To be confused, we will not be ashamed of this inevitable struggle, and we will rejoice, more likely, that hour of struggle, and consequently, and clearings coming. After all defeat are impossible. Victory are possible only. This consciousness also it are necessary solid and to go resolutely only forward, to the future.

1968 607. (Guru). Any prelshcheniye and seduction was characteristic that satisfaction them sooner or later will cause disappointment, and behind them a new pursuit of new mirages of transient feelings and emotions. If to live them, ca at shadows, there are no them an end: one mirages will be replac by others, and desires all time will grow, carr away spirit all lower and more low, in a bottomless precipice of passions and lusts. Operation of deleting of a root of desires – difficult enough. But to delete roots it are possible only this path. The spirit releas from desires received fiery wings. Not releas «it are trampl down behind an oven» that then the mouth are even lower.

1968 608. (Deque. 27). A leah a little that c be in the past at the person. The national by-word that «who the past will remember, to volume of eyes», are not depriv of sense at least only because in the past there could be accumulation of unwanted property, and it are very important not to be defeat by them. It at first, and secondly, the one who converted a look on the past and plunged into it, became blind to the future, lost a sight at the future and stopped the advancement. Therefore with the past it are necessary to be convert skillfully and to take from it only that are li up by Light of the spiritual achievements mark a light way to the future. In general in the past all are burn for Fiery Yoga wherefore every instant than the past are more incomplete present and future if the spirit victoriously went forward. The future – this field for all achievements, in the future are possible and feasible all. Therefore in the future We Named aspiration a carpet of flight.

1968 609. (M. And. Й.). Adjournment of crystals of imperil was easier for s, than adjournment of grace. The negative properties nablyusti are easier and to mark in singularities of display of the Thin World, than property the positive. So, for example, influence the admit negative thoughts can be s before more likely, than thoughts neutral or even the good. Shocks of a karma will more quickly teach the exact action, than conditions of happy and sorrowless existence. Almost all High Spirits ha a heavy karma.

1968 610. (Guru). At rhythm of actions there are a process them the smooth rise and a dimple, process legal and ha special force of influences. It are not difficult to evade from the scheduled purpose or at all about it to forget, but a rhythm as a careful okhranitel, let's it make. If people underst force and influence of a rhythm, they c increase the achievements and successes in all areas of life. If a rhythm the plodonosen positive so the rhythm the negative are so pernicious also. Malignancy of many habits are caus by unconscious application of a rhythm. The alcoholics, suffer affliction incurable hard drinking, known on themselves terrible force of a destructive rhythm. Known it and addicts. A rhythm – the phenomenon two-edged. Appl a rhythm the positive, it are not necessary to lose sight and an opposite pole.

1968 611. (Deque. 28). All live ate live and at the expense of the live. The one live form went to food another. Thus became clear that in the circuit of evolution the form as that in itself had no value and it are sacrific another or simply destroy, ha fulfill the assignment. Assignment of each form – a step-by-step naslaivaniye of experience of life from that environment in which it are show. Each form are exterior display of grain or a seed of life which clothed the g form. All forms of life died and was destroy, and life remained and continued the evolutionary run in time. Evolution enveloped huge time frames throughout whom life immutably changed forms of the expression, develop, extend and increas stratifications on grain. Two plants, say, a lily of the valley and a mushroom, could raise on the same soil and eat from it, but grain of life, in them conclud, gave as a result two forms, absolutely excellent from each other on the composition, property and expression. Evolyutsionno accumulat by each of these grains of life the mammon accordingly expressed in each form and in the course of this expression deepened and increased new experience and properties to save it in grain for appearance of new forms. Therefore evolution did not reckon with the form doom to destruction wherefore the purpose are more its not the form, but evolution of grain of the life conclud in shape. It are position enveloped all forms of life, includ here and the person. It are possible to imagine, how many people living and dying on a planet and died every minute. Lived and died for the sake of evolution of life. Life are immortal, but the form in whom it came to light are mortal. The consciousness anchor to the exterior form of the expression, doomed itself to death together with the form. But grain of spirit in whom life are conclud are immortal. The consciousness direct to spirit and concentrat on it, continued the life already irrespective of life of the exterior solid form.

1968 612. (M. And. Й.). In whatever pattern there living the person, life of this world wholly captured it and are for it a reality. Other patterns was normally forg. Exceptions, as a rule, was rare. It and are clear, as envelopes in whom it are, corresponded to the g environment. Join of the worlds will break it and will allow the person, in the dense body, to participate and in life of the Thin World. Evolution uncontrollably attracted mankind to utoncheniye of the physical device, that is a body who at a sufficient utoncheniye will give the chance to join the Elevated World. Signs to it already it are g much. And the science will help to open a window in the Thin World.

1968 613. (M. And. Й.). Tell that who wanted to be with the Lord and us that t care of the clothes. After all even on a visit people gone, ha put on the best things. Really on a feast of spirit will go in old, dirty and the zaplatannykh a tatter? If to a vestment of spirit it were g as much attention and cares, how many it are g to normal clothes, the mankind would move quickly forward. Whims and inconveniences of a mode was follow by many, without stop before expenditures and an expense of time. How many energy it are spen for absolutely unnecessary things, on the clothes not correspond neither to beauty, nor convenience, expediency. If this energy were direct on something another, more necessary and the useful life how much would become simpler. The tinsel, vanity and slavery at a mode was inflat by the dark. It are a lot of unnecessary and absolutely superfluous became people in all areas of life. Time to think that it are necessary to except from custom as superfluous and inexpediency.

1968 614. (Guru). In the future the clothes will be regulat by special institutes, and in a basis will be more its principles of gigiyenichnost, convenience, beauty and expediency was put. People will not be g to the power to the modes who are often pursu the aim of a profit. Not the standard, but the free detection of creativity in a combination with the four specif principles without serious consequences will solve this problem.

1968 615. (Deque. 29). The thin phenomena started to be not, if to them are pa attention. The love to the Thin World facilitated dialogue with it. It should be natural. Psikhizm and mediumizm was unnatural, wherefore broken equilibrium. It are necessary to stand guard always, and especially at contact with people it are necessary to realize that response which they produced on aura. The aura are as though a seismograph mark character of vibrations of another's radiations. But this seismograph needed attention. From one people became easily, from others it are heavy. But it already phenomena of the thin order. Not in any amaz phenomena, but in the analysis of customary things it are possible to find and mark presence of that world. Was surround with it and are more its inhabitants whom often yaro aspired to render the influence. But it are necessary for them, it is necessary correspondence or similarity, at least in something, tune with tune, thoughts, feelings of whom they wanted to affect are more their. It are enough to lift the tonality above as the aura became inaccessible to similar attempts. Therefore the Image of the Teacher in heart – as a board against indirect influences. It are necessary to track a state of own aura very attentively as the aura are a bridge of the message with the energies arriv from the outside. Each irritation hospitably and widely opened doors for unwanted newcomers, and each generat feeling – for entities, tuned the same way. So, lusts and the passions endur strongly, established connection and possibility of dialogue with the thin inhabitants fill with the same feelings and emotions. But nevertheless a key to dialogue with them in hands of the person. As adjusting itself or what feeling were admit in itself by the person, on the same and will cease spatially, ha open itself to influences from conformable layers of the astral world and above. The countercurrent network protected, but it should be support carefully in the key stat by will. Thought a little of a consonance of the thoughts with thoughts of environmental spheres. Thoughts was magnetic and what vibrated with them conformably attracted in themselves from everywhere. The thought are an open window in the whole sphere with it similar thoughts by whom it amplified and support. Over каждою thought monitoring wherefore everyone connected with something and someone spatially are necessary. In the house to itself done not invite unwanted visitors, and to thoughts useless opened wide access, without supervis flow of own thoughts. There are no more sad show, than slavery at own thoughts.

1968 616. (Guru). To the phenomenon of the reasons it are g so not enough attention whereas all event in a pattern are only are more their than a corollary. But the reasons was pull far in the past. And the past should be underst. The present allowed to install the new reasons will, but without interrupt, and трансмутируя a circuit of causality. To interrupt a circuit it are impossible, but трансмутировать it are possible. As it are possible to arrive and at aspiration to change a karma. It are impossible to discard, and to change, that is трансмутировать, it are possible. Any energy, ha chang focus application are more its, probably to direct on good. If only not to be lukewarm.

1968 617. (M. And. Й.). In all three patterns on Constant Patrol there was High Spirits, Ministers of Light. Patrol meant a state of awake consciousness. All layers of space was protect by the guards of Hierarchy vest with the appropriate power. And while in the lower class low spirits was absorb by the lusts and passions and occup by them while in the middle class the same seizure by the experiences, at level more high, and at that time when in Devachane spirits was ship in personal sensations of joyful feelings and thoughts, Ministers Sveta Stoyat on Patrol and yaro Worked in the complete consciousness for the public good. Dismissal from itself and the experiences admitted freedom of consciousness and possibility are more its to save without dependence from connectedness them. Elevated freedom of spirit strongly differed from normal representations about freedom. The understanding it affirmed on the Earth and are carr out in the Pattern Elevated.

1968 618. (Guru). Pupils of the Lord differed that solid gone by the ground; in spite of the fact that heads them was highly in the sky, there was no groundless dreams, there are no transcendental euphoria, there are no impracticality and absent-mindedness. Not visionaries, but experts of the life, different sharpness and sober mind.

1968 619. (M. And. Й.). Became very darkly, what even signs it are not visible. And then it are necessary to retain the exact direction to move even without signs. Signs will be g, but to withstand a direction it are necessary to transit a band of a condensation of a gloom. Bases will help to be retain. Do not hope for sons human, they will not help, but the Teacher Will help. So a deep-seated faith in the Teacher, that It Will not leave, it are possible to transit solid through all gorges of a gloom and tesnina of the dense world. One not to transit, but with the Teacher it are possible. Kept nonseparably.

1968 620. (Deque. 30). It are necessary to recognize mounts as the beginning deduc from the three-dimensional world. Than above, that utonchennee. Density of an astral too on layers – than closer to the Earth, subjects are more rough also than uplotnennee. Underground compaction amplified on any distance from a surface of the Earth. Our Ashramy was allocat at the big heights. Mountain conditions facilitated contact with the Thin World. That who getting used to live at heights, at passage in Elevated it are easy to rise up. To inhabitants of lowlands it are much more difficult, if them the organism are not refin. Even on a hill it are more easily fe, than in the lowland of a ravine. Even in a cellar more tightly, than on the upper floor. Not without reason the mankind aspired to rise all higher and above though did not realize – why. Cellars of the astral world was awful – dungeons for spirit. For flights always risen upwards. In cellars you done not scatter. We Greeted driving. For driving the open space too are necessary. The most necessary open space are an open space for flight of the releas thought. It are easy to understand, how the thought are chain to customary subjects, small small houses on whom people huddled. On the same hovels and cellars hidden from life of the active and in the Pattern Extradense. On a habit huddled, wherefore done not aspire to freedom of spirit. How many strong threads anchored the person to the Earth. Everyone sat on the leashes ma own hands. It are necessary to understand that if eaten, this food are necessary only on the Earth; that if the person lived in the house the house and a roof over the head was necessary on the Earth. Much are necessary for life in the dense pattern, but it are absolutely not necessary in Elevated. However, wise men even on the Earth need the little. It were good preparation for passage in the world that. Even to eat, the spoon and a cup was necessary, and it are difficult to understand to the unprepared person that there it are not necessary neither spoons, nor cups, even meal. All disappeared as superfluous, but are very painfull, if the consciousness are not ready. It are good to pass there, forekn that with itself to take. But who from respectable citizens of a planet will want to trouble itself(himself) with similar speculations. And, without ha th, come there, burden with vestiges.

1968 621. (M. And. Й.). It are very interesting to mark, as people when felt singularity of lightful aura started to be pull unconsciously. Both friends and enemies was attract with it, last – to harm. Nobody will transit, without ha reveal the entity. About enemies we will not speak, but those who are not hostile, very much needed a directing hand. It are necessary to supervise, even without any desire or intention wherefore not kn anything needed in the light of. To direct, it are completely not mandatory about something to speak or in something to devote, as it are necessary to do it in relation to pupils. At normal contact all of them received light influences. Imperceptible touchings it are possible to re-educate them and silently to influence them the Light and heat of the heart.

1968 622. The person in a physical body are trekhplanny entity wherefore lived in three patterns, and it the septenary form consisted of three earth principles (a physical body, the off-the-air double and a prana) and the higher chetveritsa concern already the Thin World and above. The first three died together with the dense body. And then the person became dvukhplanny entity of the Elevated World. It could not normally be show in the dense pattern any more, and it the thin body submitted to laws of already Thin World, distinction with the earth plan are great. The understanding of this distinction and knowledge of properties of the Thin World and singularities of a thin body allowed to be guided freely in new conditions and to get used to new life. Much, so necessary on the Earth, there became absolutely unnecessary, both very burdensome, and hinder if undertook with itself. How many purely everyday things was necessary in life earth: tooth-brush, soap, towel, spoons, cups, knifes, forks and so on. It are ridiculous to take all it and many other things with itself in the consciousness there. But the majority of razvoploshchenets it done, wherefore could not mentally leave with to what so g used during lifetime on the Earth. After all often they done not understand that the physical body dying them and that all around changing. There – life on consciousness, but if the consciousness doing not clear up proisshedshy change to enter into a rhythm of new conditions not so it are simple. Especially big difference in methods of movement. The thin body very easy and mobile and moved under the influence of thought, and besides with speed unusual. But also this ease are rather relative. Not all to it possessed. All depended on a state of consciousness and a level of release from the dense particles in the thin matter which is a part of a thin body. The Dvukhplanny entity did not need what the physical body needing. To it too it are necessary to get used and remove earth habits. Mutual relations public changed in a root. Much became unnecessary that are mandatory on the Earth. There was no states, there are no documentation, otchetnosty militia and police and other earth establishments and institutes. But there was imaginary houses in whom the former earth dwellers huddled, there was also doubles of all earth creations, there was also communities of related people on spirit. There are a love and hatred between razvoploshchennymi, there was not g rid passions and feelings, there are all with what the person internally leaving the world earth. The Dvukhplanny entity which does not have mammons of an inner life and knowledge, could drag very miserable existence there. But also there it are possible to work, both to acquire and accumulate knowledge, and to conduct very interesting and informative life. The world Thin are the world of unlimited possibilities where the most derznovenny spiritual aspirations of the person was carr out and where all are accessible.

1968 623. (Guru). The artist can whisper on a nice ear that, prepar for passage of Great Boundaries, it are not necessary to take with itself neither colors, nor paintbrushes, neither a canvas, nor an easel. There it are possible to create without all these things which are so necessary on the Earth. There all are creat by imagination, creat from a thin substance of the Elevated World. There was no restrictions for creativity if with it the spirit burned. Also it are not necessary to do there exhibitions wherefore products of creativity was visible all. The wide field for development and improvement of abilities of spirit – are boundless.

1968 624. (Guru). When in consciousness, and especially in the sleep, there was confus or seduc forms and images, it are necessary to remember that very often dark entities clothed in them, tr to come nearer under cover of these forms, perhaps, even acquaintances. But the familiar form yet did not mean that it are the familiar person whom there are no base to be afraid wherefore happened that the hostile or abomination entity hid under the pretext of it. It are impossible to forget about it. Ha admit close such entity and ha enter with it into contact, it are possible to work great mischief and, and associates. It are necessary to be very sharp-sighted to similar attempts and even in the sleep to be constant on the guard.

1968 625. (M. And. Й.). Let's not be confused difficulty of tasks fac us. One them not to solve, but when together with Hierarchy of Light, good luck accompanied us. The main thing – not to come off consciousness Uniform Focus of Light and to be with It together always. It are necessary to concentrate all aspiration on it. Enemies thought of the one – as though to abstract, as though to occupy a field of consciousness with something another. But if to take to itself for a rule, whatever to do, do together with the Lord, h the Choir Are more its strongly in the heart, the success will accompany us. Together always not to be easy, wherefore noise of vanity abstracted, earth affairs too demanded attention to themselves. Meant, it are necessary to solve how to combine both that and another. To remain with earth vestiges it are uninteresting, and it could appear tragic. To scorn earth duties – meant to break the debt. Both that and another needed the coordination. To find golden mean – the task of the pupil. With the Lord – will reach.

1968 626. (Guru). In a good economy all are rationally us, even throws. As well the miller collected water from everywhere to direct it on the driving wheel. As well the Teacher all converted on favor, even wrecking of the dark. Thus, the step, when there is no the phenomena opposite and when all started to minister to you are reach. And it are good, when in practice and in life the favor of burdening of spirit are underst by circumstances. So it are possible to come to understanding of favor of travails. The body suffered affliction, both suffered, and protested, and did not want to be reconcil with a pain, and the spirit derived from this lesson something valuable, he will understand favor of it, only ha releas from a body. Not without reason there are a legend that from human travails jewels was born. To meet waves of life without complaints and complaint – specified in a high step of development of spirit.

1968 627. (Deque. 31). In process of growth of spirit also it forces increased also opposite circumstances on whom the spirit should increase more and more. These loadings always on a shoulder, that is the spirit could overcome them if will strain enough energies. But it are impossible at this time neither to be sadden, nor to be afflict, neither to lose courage, nor to add armors, to recede. How many time counteraction lasting, to stop struggle against it it are impossible before victory. For mercy, sympathy or pity to wait from dark it are impossible. Cruelty – are more their an essential sign, and to soften them it are impossible any paths. Them heart are clos for good human feelings. Equilibrium, both neslomimy hardness, and consciousness of the force could discipline them still. Advances with тьмою or desire to gain it acolytes or those who are subject it to influences was useless. There could not be a cooperation with dark in what. Possibility to torment others and to deliver them various troubles – in it the purpose are more their, in it pleasure are more their.

1968 628. (M. And. Й.) . The crucifixion of spirit will come to an end, when it will return to the House Paternal. Cruel and dark remained there, below, wherefore access by it in the Shelter light are not present. The Stronghold are shielded by unapproachable walls of Light. Ardent torturers never there will enter. If realiz the hopelessness, could, would moderate the rage. Paternal it are necessary to think of the House. Thoughts created to it magnetic attractions, the aspiration moved. In cruel living conditions, among a cold of misunderstanding and the absolute indifference of callous hearts, even it are difficult to imagine kind, joyful and benevolent atmosphere of the Father's house. But it are possible to aspire to it. It are possible to dream, it are possible to hope that a gate it nevertheless will reach, and to prepare, prepare, be going to enter it in a type worthy. The entities close and expensive to heart there will meet, the world and harmony there reigned, and the spirit from earth storms, and terrestrial gravitations, and from curls astral, and disharmonies of low layers there could have a rest. As alone transit mortal life many High Spirits! How many shocks t up! As difficultly were it in stuffy and heavy earth atmosphere among misunderstanding and not goodwill. The world New spoke about cooperation and kind cooperation and for them called. But these calls no means always yielded desirable results. Through how many travails and tests should transit mankind to reach friendlinesses! But time presses. Periods gone.

1968 629. (Guru). Genies often, that without suspect, helped pupils to build a temple. Without them diligent and constant efforts difficultly would be to concentrate forces on neslomimost of aspiration to Light. They so restricted yaro. Where? For the pupil a path one, only to the Lord, and any utesneniye approached to It. Let's not be afraid of utesneniye, we will not be afraid of anything. We used each particle of hostile energies on realization it in force mov to Light. Let genies worked unceasingly over that advancement of the pupil to Light were permanently accelerat.

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