Agni Yoga's facets, 1968

  • user warning: UPDATE command denied to user 'piv1691_db'@'' for table 'cache_filter' query: UPDATE cache_filter SET data = '<p>**1958. Boris Nikolayevich Abramov record, the next pupil N.K. Rerich, received from the High Source about what there is a confirmation E.I.Rerich. — Novosibirsk: The Algim enterprise, 2007 – 553. Originator is B.A.Danilov.<br />\nThe book included earlier Boris Nikolayevich Abramova\'s not published Records of 1958. B. N. Abramov (1897-1972), who has lived many years (1917-1959) abroad, in Harbin, was Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerich\'s closest pupil. The source of Records and books of the Doctrine of Live Ethics - Is uniform. It was confirmed by Elena Ivanovna Roerich, in the 40th years got acquainted with the first Records. Later Boris Nikolayevich perceived also Nikolay Konstantinovich and Elena Ivanovna Rerich\'s messages: in the book they are marked out by the words \"Guru\" and \"M.A.Y.\", - (Mother Agni Yoga) at the beginning of the corresponding paragraphs. The paragraphs noted by \"M.W.\" — messages of Mother of the World. By preparation of Records for the edition features of their style were kept.<br />\nThe book will be useful to readers in search of answers to questions of appointment of the person and his responsibility before the Universe.<br />\nThe Algim publishing house thanks the employees promoting issue of the present book.</p>\n<p>PREFACE<br />\nOn August 2, 2007 110 years since the birth of Boris Nikolayevich Abramov — the next pupil Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerich, the great Russian scientist, the traveler, the artist, the thinker, who approved by all the life Culture and Beauty as the Way to Light, the way of evolution conducting mankind and allowing to stand and survive in the most difficult every day whirlwinds and to preserve our Planet from a global disaster are executed.<br />\nThe present book is published as a tribute to the memory and appreciation B. N. Abramov, the pupil, who has passed a difficult way, daily approving Bases of the Doctrine of Live Ethics under the leadership of the Great Guru. \"You in our Plans\", - Mother Agni Yogi\'s these words point to the importance of his mission. Its greatness is confirmed also by the extraordinary Decision to conduct Boris Nikolayevich on a spiritual way at the same time under three Beams — the Great Lord, Mother Agni Yogi and the Guru. Especially it is necessary to point to participation in this work of the Great Empress, Mother of the World (M.W.) which gave deep information on Space life and value of Space Hierarchy. Leaders learned and passed on experience of application of Space Knowledge, but this invaluable Gift didn\'t become property only the pupil — Abramov. The spiritual experience gained by it was reflected in Records for several decades. It was great work and a great feat for which execution the big will and fiery aspiration to the Great Teacher was necessary. But they gave strength to overcome all external and internal hindrances arising many on its way. Light, which was accepted by Boris Nikolayevich from the Leaders, was intolerable for darkness. She raged and was ready to tear to pieces the receiver, but the Beam of the Lord protected the pupil and powers of darkness had to be satisfied the only created difficulties which, being overcome, finally too promoted spiritual growth B. N. Abramov.<br />\nGreat Wisdom of Centuries was generously transferred to Boris Nikolayevich. To it was explained about the Universe structure, about Space Laws, about responsibility of the person before these Laws. A number of Records explains a role of Hierarchy of Light as fundamental core on which all Universes keeps. Leaders pay a lot of attention to questions of a primacy of spirit in human structure, temporariness of terrestrial life and need of collecting of inherent values for life eternal, aspiration roles to mental contacts with unearthly civilizations of the Distant Worlds. Boris Nikolayevich Abramova\'s records became available today to a wide range of people through the books known as “Agni Yogi facets”. It is not new Doctrine. Records should be understood as diary notes of the pupil whom wisely and patiently conducted on the way of spiritual improvement by the statement of bases of Agni Yogi by life of every day. \"Once to someone these Records very much will help to go on that way, on which followed written down them\". These words the Great Teacher stretched a continuity thread. The way accelerated on which there can be a mankind is shown. Evolutions have to go in a stream everything to one person of our Planet; there are no two ways about it. All of us should acquire it firmly. Either evolution, or degradation and leaving in space debris — are the Space Law. Everyone makes the choice — where and how to go. In the XX century the mankind received from Forces Light Doctrine Agni Yogi. Many Secrets are revealed to people and Are given the chance to choose the way consciously. Experience which was gained by the pupil and employee Forges Light B. N. Abramov can help with the solution of these formidable questions. \"Lord! Your world I want to approve in days of my life\". And the Teacher Answered: \"Be rejected from it, take the cross and follow Me\". Let\'s ponder upon sense and value of this great formula.<br />\nIs in Records is of the word of Mother Agni Yogi: \"We left the dense world, but we continue life in the spirit of and we perceive your thoughts, aspirations and your love sent to us\". These anniversary days we will especially penetrating think of life feat of Boris Nikolayevich who showed an example of Service of General Welfare and inflexible devotion of Hierarchy of Light. Let\'s send it thoughts of our appreciation and love.<br />\nHuge love and appreciation I send it and Me to which the happy share dropped out to pass two decades under Boris Nikolayevich Abram ova’s spiritual guide.</p>\n<p>1. (M. W.). To children of Earth I Send in Beams of energy of the New Era. They should be accepted, realized, assimilated heart and then already to approve them on Earth. Let\'s track as there is this statement in masses. New Beams of the woman of heart concerned, and she woke up, and nowadays on a face of Earth there is an awakening of the woman, and the New Country ahead. New Beams of heart concerned, and art prospers. New Beams of a brain concerned, and the stiffened heaps of the centuries, held down spirit freedom fall. So my Beams change the world, both people, and life the force. People persist and fight against them but where the terrestrial person against space forces to resist. Life, despite everything, on any resistance will change, and the New World will win against the world old. Because My Beams over Earth. It is better to adjust consciousness in a concordant acceptability towards to Beams and to become that on the party of the New World — the New Sky and New Earth are promised people, both the New Sky and Novaya Zemlya will be given of. And force of powerful Beams of my Star will change life. It already changes obviously, and only not see blind where spirit evolution is directed. The will of heavens is traced in stars, but is carried out on Earth. And to children of Earth not in power to break a way of evolution or to stop process of its implementation. But it is better to accept it in the spirit accord, because what should be, inevitably. Forces of evolution are collected in energiya powerful and directed to Earth, they should be accepted good will, differently will break and displace they contradictory. The surf of waves of the space ocean is powerful, and it is possible to direct with a wave and even on its crest, but a grief going against - will sweep away and away from Earth will carry away in space chasms where the space litter jumps out. But those who will go with evolution together, the victory over old life terrestrial expects.</p>\n<p>2. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, and you become closer still, even closer, the seeming separation let doesn\'t confuse you. It after all from darkness, but in the spirit of we are close and merged. Give to heart freedom to feel this proximity, and heart will open to it a way. Neither the cold, nor life twilight let don\'t confuse you, we are close, and with us love and heat. And the same as earlier, we together, but are deeper, more strongly and closer we merge spirit in understanding of life terrestrial and Elevated. Nobody left, nothing is lost if Maya to reject a cover. As tensely there is a life-giving exchange of thin energiya between us and you, it is necessary to see them only. And, when your heart especially brightly feels this proximity, listen to heart, - the right it. We will so be approved in understanding of reciprocity close, growing in process of expansion of consciousness and spirit ascension. Live, instead of the dead us read, and relatives, here, about you, among life going, concerning us the same as it was on Earth, the highest and the best that is available in you. We are connected by the highest and in the spirit of. Spirit and in the spirit of this communication you who haven\'t forgotten us among difficulties of life current fix.</p>\n<p>3. In the spirit of a victory over complexity of life. They (these difficulties) can be not touched because curve not to make direct, but having dumped the power them over spirit and having become over them, that is in the spirit of them having won, it is possible to win against them and outside. Difficulties of life are won themselves, life is won itself, and the world is won too itself. I Won against the world, without touching the world and without fighting against it outside but only inside overcoming the external. In it, in the spirit of it winning, and externally we win against the world, which around and, without having raised a hand in protection of, the world Won. In itself all is overcome, inside, before overcoming it outside. In the spirit of the victory, in the spirit of fearlessly, victoriously and safely meeting halfway life is hidden. In the spirit of beautifully meet a wave. Be approving always a victorious condition of spirit as the decision with fight life.</p>\n<p>4. In the World of the Highest measurements all here and all nowadays for consciousness fiery. Time isn\'t present, there are no distances also, but there is a space where the eternally real is in process of continuous formation in the present. And where there is a consciousness, there and the Life center, or feelings of the world. The sequence, or alternation of the phenomena exists, but time isn\'t present because time is a form of cognition of the dense World and in each of the visible Worlds has the special relative expression. It is possible to tell that time is attribute of terrestrial consciousness of the person. Time is a framework limiting freedom of spirit. Time is chains on spirit. Time, distances and things terrestrial is walls of a dungeon of spirit. In the depths can overcome spirit these barriers, plunging in it and as though escaping from close prison of dense conditions to spheres of space freedom. In the depths, in silence full when steps of a material world terrestrial calm down, on freedom channel from restrictions dense it is possible to concern consciousness open spaces of other space.</p>\n<p>5. Yes! Yes! In the spirit of it is necessary to manage to come off the surrounding visible and invisible sphere to join Me in the Tower. The consciousness union with the usual direct environment is very strong, and the phenomena to overcome magnetism of things attracting it very difficult. But it is necessary to study. Where spirit, there and I, because I — spirit. To things and the phenomena around the spirit becomes attached consciousness. On what it vibrates, with that and is connected. But if to withdraw all this from consciousness will and to fill with that it wants, will change and received perceptions and thoughts. This freedom in the space, deepened by understanding and experience, today it was succeeded to scent even better. It is impossible to allow to aura to grow to the environment. It has to be free. Freedom from thoughts, freedom with feelings, freedom from feelings of people, circumstances, subjects and everything that around, will be a basis of freedom of spirit. And difficulty that the susceptibility and keenness become aggravated more and more and strong allow in consciousness of a wave of the phenomena directed in it. The severe control which isn\'t allowing them too to affect consciousness is inevitable. Otherwise not the will seize them, but they — will. So again we come to bases of bases — to a peace of mind and balance. The spirit prosperity is based on this basis. Without balance fire will turn into a fire and into fire of eating, and a current of thoughts — into chaos, and instead of coherence of all microcosm human disbalance will torment. But the solution of everything is at Us. Means and it is necessary to address to Us when something threatens Light phenomenon. Recent concern and clouding — from influence of people around from which the consciousness of didn\'t protect previously. Now it is necessary to be very careful with people and to remember that the condition of their consciousness is especially chaotic, disturbing and uneasily and it is possible to enter with them communication only under a condition if the reservation of spirit is strengthened, the board is lifted and the visor is lowered. Any openness, thanks to very big difference in radiations, will be very notable and is harmful and will deprive of balance of spirit. Someone helped to forget about patrol. Whether darkness, and thanks to it the treasury devastation was allowed. Silence is the best guardian. It isn\'t necessary words if it is necessary to pay for them, and right there. Given loses that force which is so necessary to it to resist most in these unlucky days. Doorpost always and everywhere with all is. That is necessary is said only. Harm of excess words at least has to be understood now. Application ardent My Instructions can help so strong. In process of growth of fires and crystals of Treasure fury of darkness grows and increases also. We Do not allow to destroy you, but not to avoid small blows and pricks because they are a consequence of smashing of focus of tension of the darkness directed on you by us, but broken by us. But also small pricks are painful too, though aren\'t dangerous. Harm on trifles, but it is constant, - from here need of continuous wakefulness, or patrol because the darkness not doze follows. Everyone disbalance spirit at the expense of it carry because the darkness promotes chaos invasion. How to be to you? Together with Me! What to do to you? All to approve by force constancy of contact.<br />\nHow to be protected? Communication with the Lord that is unification with It indestructible! For that wait? Obvious victory over dark rack and the new circumstances accelerating a way and giving the chance new! On our Board the victory is traced. You go with a board of the Lord, so to a victory. How many attempts were made you to break, and all of you go, you won\'t reach yet about my Day that in the light of it to see the won and prostrate darkness.</p>\n<p>6. You remember that everything hesitates, unsteady and changes, but the Lord is unchangeable. In its constancy find a support for spirit to itself and, if all collapses round you and your personal world, is indestructible the Lord and his world. On it also build the basis of the house of the spirit.</p>\n<p>7. (Guru). There is no compliance between aspiration and behavior. The gap is too great. And the understanding which hasn\'t been approved by the appendix in life, in deposits doesn\'t give fire energiya that is the knowledge which isn\'t bearing a fruit. That is why the Doctrine doesn\'t give abstract knowledge. Everything has to be enclosed in life. The understanding moves only when is applied in life. Energy of thought gives a crystal in the Bowl. Mental process gives adjournment obvious. The abstract knowledge which hasn\'t been approved by life and in life is useless. It does rather a harm, than advantage, and even destroys mentality rather coordination of the centers. Better, having small, to apply it, than, owning big, to leave it not applied. When winds will blow and whirlwinds, they displace everything that round the person, and everything will rustle that in him isn\'t cast in the form of indestructible crystals of fire. And niches there can be a person even, apparently, owning brilliant and outstanding intelligence. You know that is told about terrestrial wisdom and its hostility against God that is against the Highest that is in the person. Wisdom terrestrial that is won\'t give the intellectual knowledge which hasn\'t been embodied in indestructible forms of crystal educations, immortality to the person and the spiritual pettiness won\'t make the wise man. Shine of intelligence often happens false. You know brilliant speakers talkers, showing a type of an empty peel, a form brilliant, but deprived of the contents. Fireworks by time are reminded by them — flashed quickly to go out, without having left a trace. Only ardent application of given instructions can rescue. And if covers disturb, they should be bridled, subordinated to the firm solution of will. Repeatedly and a rhythm approve it in the power of it over willfulness and insolvency of covers. Covers will be dumped once, as worn-out clothes. And if by actions and acts it isn\'t postponed in the Bowl of energiya of life, the Bowl will be empty.</p>\n<p>*8. If not to be protected from darkness overcome. And it is necessary its turn. Protection not is the purpose, but means of success at collision with darkness. Collision is inevitable if Light flared up because the darkness doesn\'t recognize Light in anybody and strong always attacks those who has it. Protection against darkness — already attacks because Light at contact with darkness strikes it. That is why the best way of protection will be Light strengthening in itself. Silence — too protection as it doesn\'t allow dark to be hooked for the aura closed by silence from their attempts. But the main thing is a restraint, tranquility and balance. Balance above others, its symbol is a sphere. Silence gives to aura the closed curve. Balance strongly closes it, without leaving sharp ledges and roughness’s for blows and catches. The sphere can\'t be wounded. At detection of dark focus of attack it is necessary to put retaliation, a beam sending striking to it. It is very dangerous to represent itself the nonresistance center. Strong snatches darkness on an opposite, if it kept light sparkles. It is better to attack most, than to show vulnerability of an opposite. The soldier who only is protecting from struck blows, but itself their not putting, not the soldier and victories will ever have. The board lifted for protection against darkness, action only a half follows it blow to opposite dark. Light arrow, piercing in the center the forward, causes explosion, and light Agni the creating turns in burning, eating and destroying darkness.<br />\nThere can\'t be a mercy to those who wants you to destroy. It is possible to regret the passive victim, but active employees of darkness, to you doing harm and blows, don\'t deserve pity because you will break if don\'t show ardent active protection which includes need to use the weapon fiery. It is given for continuous application in fight against darkness. Realize word meaning \"soldier Light\".</p>\n<p>9. (M .W.). Children of Earth, even the creeping ant before himself has the purpose and furthermore her person has to have. The purpose, or appointment, has everything in Space: from atom to stars, both planets, and the whole systems, and galaxies. Especially her person has to have, and not so much have because it already is, how many it to realize. This purpose and appointment it is specified by words, words of the one Who Assumed responsibility for Earth. He Told, addressing to people: \"You are gods\", Having pointed to a step superhuman. This step means a cooperation step space and it allocates the person with the actual power over a spontaneous matter and four elements of these elements. This power is given to people for creativity. So the purpose and appointment are given and defined by Space Will; for this is and life, and works, and chain of embodiments. Some aspire to the power, to the statement of power of spirit, but the power is the purpose has cooperation Space. The accord with the Highest Will approves it, but not in itself. The Hierarchy of Light creates this Will; her spokesman on your Earth is the Lord Conducting the Planet. Lords and those, who round Them, create this Highest Will. And the purpose of the person who has realized a way and the appointment, with this Will to merge and become its performer, that is the employee of Light. Will Mine envoys of Light, and to you, children of Earth, Specify create a direct way of aspiration to my spheres for association with Powers of Light. In close contact with Me Seven sent execute Will My, and those, who with Them, those also with Me and access have opened to Me. Light center, because I in Them is uniform. \"I in you, you in Me, I in the Father and we are uniform\" - there is a formula of Creating Light and Those, Who creates Light. It is a formula space. Formidability of spatial distances of value has no, because communication in the spirit of, which out of restrictions three-dimensional. For what we live? - Guest ions ignorance and continues to remain in darkness! I Call to Light that in Light Your light, Lords in you approved, merged with My Light together. The end isn\'t present, as well as there is no beginning. There is no end to steps of a ladder of power of spirit. When you will come to the Space Scope, possibilities of spirit will be really boundless because it won\'t be connected by the spheres of the dense world limiting it. At first these dense spheres are Wednesday in which the spirit but when wings grew grows and develops, these spheres become to spirit prison as the egg-shell for an eaglet — won\'t break it, not leave in space and won\'t begin to fly. And the Sphere will be the first sphere from Earth for the spirit which has found wings, washing because on My planet people have wings and can fly. You can fly also, but yet didn\'t realize your opportunities. Children of Earth, to you Spheres My Specify I for flights. You I will meet, to Me directed. To you the Beam I send that on It reached. Beam of Mother of the World for your Earth is Light Bridge in Space.</p>\n<p>10. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, the darkness surrounded you and of light seeks to deprive. She wants to suffocate you in the embraces. Native, you keep! Now is very darkly. The darkness surrounded you, and each your aspiration to Light meets ardent counteraction and all of you keep. Not honor if the darkness overcomes and yours will extinguish fires. Not honor if, having approached with us, in darkness address. Not honor if ardent evidence deadens the threads of light binding with us. Not honor if you betray business of the Lord and you will leave the guards. Are surrounded, and the darkness strained in terrible effort of light wants to deprive of you and even in you to extinguish its sparkles forever. Us you keep, the Lord you hold thoughts, feelings, essence all. The last fight with darkness will be furious. To tricks of darkness don\'t give in. It from everywhere and through all comes on you. You look fearlessly to it fool in the face through whoever it came nearer to you. Not at the person you look, and at darkness which through him wants creep up or come nearer to you obviously, having secretly been behind him, - and, looking in the face of people, darkness of carriers and performers of her will, darkness strike a ray of light. Light weapon in a beam collect and act with this beam. Firmness, fearlessness and understanding show these dark days. Also you strike darkness without mercy. You remember us and the Lord. In the spirit of be with us.</p>\n<p>11. (Yan. 28). I approve the phenomenon of Light of the future among darkness of the present. In the present it still isn\'t present. But, being approved in the spirit of heart fire, it in the present shines among darkness with light hidden. We go future and for the sake of it. Hasten. If reject the future and to take darkness in its real scale, and it would be impossible to live because the darkness would cover all undertakings of spirit. But We Approve what isn\'t present but that should be. Fight for the future strong goes on planet spaces, and each heart — its arena; so Light of the future struggles in heart human with darkness of the present. Two poles of forces show an attraction of spirits to itself. But focus dark is deprived of head of Hierarchy dark. In it is victory approaching in the world of Light. It is reality, which can be opposed to evidence of the moment, whatever heavy it seemed. In what to find forces? In thoughts of the future! All that, what would like to have either to see, or to carry out in the future, see, as if there was it already in the present. Each negative phenomenon light cover, as a dome, covering darkness that it couldn\'t grow and extend! It too it cut off possibility of further expansion, as though erecting a barrier before it. It is possible to stop water a day or a dam, darkness — light barriers. To everything with what pushes together life and what not from light, it is possible to put this limit of light limiting growth and expansion of the phenomenon. Process is reduced to that, actually, already in the present in World Invisible the forms which display in the world dense is repugnant for an eye spatially collapse. In the present they can\'t be denied because they exist, but, having destroyed them the astral double in the present, future manifestation them you stop. In the future to Light the victory, but not to darkness is traced in stars. The darkness has not space, but only local, terrestrial value. In Space Light struggles with chaos for the statement you’re of in visible forms. The chaos means without a form, lack of a form, though is that, from where, or from what these forms of the visible world were born. To create from chaos the shown worlds is space purpose of spirit. It also is a problem of creating Light. Light is opposed to chaos, Symmetry is formlessness’s, and the Law is disorder. Victory is of Light over chaos show in myriads of the star worlds, in boundlessness of the real. With creative Will of Light the spirit in boundlessness of the future can direct, creating in it everything that to Light is conformable.</p>\n<p>12. (Jan. 29). My son, the first place to the Lord is in everything and in undertaking everyone. The thought of the Lord that it was successful is premised to each undertaking. Certainly, Light affairs, but not darkness, because my hand in business wrong not with you are assumed. It is possible as well to the aid to count only in right causes. But it is better to be in Light and with Light always then the Help washing it is constant. It is good when all hope, all hopes and all future are concentrated on Me and in Me. It also will be full return of heart to the Lord. So again and again we will begin a memory uninterrupted and prestanding constant. It would seem, all this is known already well but why it isn\'t applied in life? Why during the day the rain of vanity forces strong to forget about the major? So we will collect again thoughts round the Teacher of Light before the person of vanity and before its face so persistent and ardent with a bigger force and big persistence we will begin to approve again Shape of the Teacher in heart. Live as lived and do everything that life forces you to do, but my Shape in heart you hold above all. And then vague and heavy breath of vanity won\'t concern you. And then the Face wash with a barrier becomes its celebration. And then the ordinary terrestrial won\'t muffle the sounding going on a silver thread. And then the Lord will be close. Fight for Light doesn\'t weaken and doesn\'t stop for a minute because then the darkness wins and interferes strong in consciousness, with the poison poisoning him. I see that is difficult, both affairs were condensed, and try to cover and separate Light from Me; I See also Specify a heart eye to Me to turn and from Me in thoughts not to separate. With Me, with Me we will reach it is immutable about My Day.</p>\n<p>13. My friend, magnitno and heart are defined perception degree. Force of a magnet depends, at most fire and its aspiration. But if the consciousness became entirely concentrated on Me, so heart by the house, in itself divided. What stirs at least minutes of Communication heart entirely to the Lord to betray? But there are so many things before eyes and so many cares, but not mine. And thoughts flow about themselves, but not about business of the Lord. The egoism litters wire sounding. To concern Me, it is necessary to leave it. Egoism Light isn\'t conformable.</p>\n<p>14. I have to Tell the following: now not current, but whirlpool. It tightens even the strong. It is worth keeping improbable efforts, from here constant feeling that pulls down uncontrollably. But the chasm pulls. The bottom isn\'t present. It is a death way. And many go of. But force of resistance to an attraction of focus of darkness in itself approved reaches for Light and magnitno keeps on a surface of the last field of collision of two beginnings — Light and darkness. The Armageddon came to an end, but the darkness still remained and strong time counteracts Light in remained it on Earth. The last division strong on the world goes in the hearts of the human. Danger that who not with Light, that with darkness. Also it is worth forgetting about Light as the darkness takes up its place in consciousness. And every moment the life each of you is on service to darkness or Light. Very sadly, when, darkness concelebrating, someone considers that it serves Light. Justice scales at everyone in the bosom, and everyone will measure itself, the hand. It is a pity if thus he generously adds to a bowl of service to darkness. But division the last has to be complete. And therefore so uncontrollably start pulling to itself conformable souls of a pole of Light and a gloom. So always happens before the end. Proximity of the end you judge on rage of strengthening of elements of the evil in people. Because the militant darkness takes control of the property and those, who it judgment is. The moment is dangerous rage of a display of hopelessness of the won darkness in the person when the will can\'t, and the main thing, doesn\'t want to accept Light way. So there is a process of the last division on a planet, and to heavy sensitive heart from a set of the hearts which have indulged in darkness because with poison of the poisoned radiations they strong fill space. Focus one — Hierarchy of Light. Its top for your planet is the Lord. From It — Beams. In the Beam to keep now will be a victory.<br />\n15. Absence of perceptions is a sign of that communication is broken. Certainly, we Prefer realized value of the Beam, both the Silver Thread, and the Face. These are three bases of Communication. Radiance strengthens consciously. For nothing is given. The mystery of life comes true in the person. It is invisible visible, there is (It) on the guard of the world, the Beam is sent same, as It, to consciousnesses standing in patrol. There is no escaping fate: both will find, and will overtake. And the nobility it isn\'t given where she will be better.</p>\n<p>16. The solution of life not in being perfect, and in going to perfection, despite the imperfections and in it a merit, and then the person is more imperfect, and the in him the unrestrained fire of aspiration going, the more merit more strongly burns. We determine by this measure suitability of spirit to evolution. So, not perfection of the person, but aspiration measures its value. Therefore I Speak: \"Only direct — and the light of spatial fires will fill in your consciousness\". Aspiration strongly power magnetic. It barriers of the sphere pressing, you surrounding closely and densely are distressed. The aspiration is a pusher for consciousness. It moves it takes away it out of limits of the present and for borders of a direct environment. It removes locks and breaks locks at which people in the dungeons sit. To approve freedom of spirit, it is necessary to direct to it. Without aspirations there are no achievements because how to reach to what the consciousness doesn\'t aspire. Aspiration fire in heart light if you want to reach. And let this fire, as a flame of an inextinguishable icon lamp burns. After all it is told about inextinguishable lamps of temples so much, but people in temples light fires, about the lamp of heart having forgotten. To what the temple fires if heart went out. And nowadays you see the temple fires at the extinguished hearts. Better on the contrary. Dead life became, and dead persons question why it became so dark and the temple doesn\'t give a consolation. Even the prayer without heart is dead, even sacred books, even the belief covered with ashes of disbelief and denial of light. What life left? Spirit fire! Nowadays life strong is knocked on hearts that to awaken it. And any more has no value, as well as in what form and where and at who fire spirit starts flaring. And it starts flaring, but not where it expects, and not at those who applies on an exclusive selectness. In laboratories, behind a desktop, in work intense, under clothes simple start hearts being lit. And We Look and we Wait when the moment will come and on open spaces of the New Country spirit lamps that the Word of Lords to unite them in chorus powerful conformable hearts and consciousnesses will be lit. We Wait and we Wait the moment of because terms go Steadily and this moment approach.</p>\n<p>17. Spirit measures. About the rock of objectiveness former ideas of things will break. Spirit measures others, than at all covers. The spirit is ubiquitous, both out of measurements, and out of distances, out of time, out of top and a bottom, out of concepts far and close, here or there, because everywhere because can realize magnitno itself anywhere. Also he can know over covers. It is knowledge of spirit. Feeling knowledge is attributing of spirit. Division of spirit isn\'t its division into parts, but presence everywhere, partially and sketchy reaching consciousness. You in the person and God are too, but - in the spirit of it. \"Nose the\" - learn itself. From within outside the spirit flame makes the way. Bottomless of its depth, the knowledge is inexhaustible. The spirit life-giving, and a flesh doesn\'t use at all - so you taught once. The flesh — is all covers. The spirit — is God in the person. Will — attribute of spirit. It can is possible spirit. Spirit all is possible. In the spirit of everything it is achievable. When Told \"nowadays possibly all\", I Thought about spirit. It is possible to concentrate consciousness in any cover, but it is possible - in the spirit of. It is possible to consider itself by a body, and it is possible also spirit. It is possible to read spirit of, in a body living, as in the house. In the spirit of and spirit there is a Communication with Me. When the flame of spirit makes the way through covers, in spheres around it is show Light. When it is show Light in the person, becomes it Light carrier. The spirit is fire. Light is attribute of a flame of spirit. Unfading light of the Flame of the spirit, changed fire the covers shines. Limit spirit of a cover, even though because magnitno gravitates to thoughts conformable. The world Fiery - the spirit homeland, and a fiery body - it’s not replaceable carrier, spirit. The fiery elements consist of the energiya subordinated to spirit. Spirit, them applying, the power claims over them. Covers — it is conductors (or tools) for manifestation of fires of spirit at a rate of the power reached by spirit over them. In principle, this power is boundless, but demands understanding. The belief, moving mountains, is a display of this understanding of boundless opportunities and relics of spirit. \"All is possible\" is a spirit approves boundless force in the face of an infirmity of a flesh and limitation of the covers by which it is temporarily invested. In Light space, not limited to them, the spirit freely works. To work in the spirit of, having been obese, and to subordinate covers to itself - a problem of the real step of evolution of the person.</p>\n<p>18. (Guru) - the Way of spirit is marked out by force. Therefore I want to teach you to be strong spirit. Firmness, firmness, devotion inflexible, fearlessness, hardness, ways a steady — all this is a display of fiery will. To be strong it is possible if the will is strong, and the will is spirit fire, displaying in operation. Action in the spirit of can be externally hidden, but nevertheless consequences have seen obviously. One makes action externally, all noticed which cannot give desirable consequences, another, knowing, externally itself doesn\'t show, but silently works in the spirit of, and consequences follow it as inalterability. It is necessary to learn to move external actions in inside when it is demanded by living conditions. Certainly not to do without internal process neither in that, nor in other case as differently actions will be empty. But here it is a question of other. Depth of action depends on this internal process because the silence of silence moves and gives to action power. Belief, knowledge put in your actions. How many efforts are spent by people in vain because doesn’t know the correct departure of actions. Rely on external whereas fire giving to action life, goes from within. First of all the invisible prototype of the action, forced to appear in visible forms, is approved in the sphere Elevated, Hidden, approved accurately and is clear, finished and in details, without everyone’s conditional \"if\". Being approved in space, it bears on itself (himself) the printing of the fiery order of will. Ancient expressed it a formula: Let it be. The word \"amen\" has the same value though people forgot about it and repeat it, as parrots, without any understanding. Aum has the same value. It isn\'t to a formula and not in its external expression. It is important to understand approving force it. The prototype approved in space, it will powerfully work if the doubt doesn\'t disturb it. Rhythm it is possible to strengthen it and to strengthen infinitely or so that force overcame it counteraction of external conditions. Its main property is that this force works silently, silently and silently, and nobody knows that the prototype took effect, and especially those who, knowing, could show easily to it resistance and neutralize its force. If simple disclosure of the plan to strangers deprives of its force of execution, in a case with activity of a prototype it is especially harmful because destroys a basis. The true leader \"casket\" holds the closed. Truly popular wisdom noted that \"silence - gold\". In your actions about silence don\'t forget. Without it is easy to turn into windmills. How many they uselessly wave a hand. You learn to act in silence if you want that consequences of actions were the inevitable.</p>\n<p>19. Well future to determine by thought and thought to make out it, as well as future way of achievements. Then, as on the blazed road, direct energy of spirit and pour out in the necessary forms (thus prepared). Otherwise in space it is necessary to punch a virgin soil. Know the way. It in the spirit of and its external forms isn’t important. The spirit pattern, but not dense environment on the way matters. Usually at spirits considerable, big and Great it (way) is difficult and outside too. But to people usual they leave fruits of the life, works and fight, achievements. Also their way is light.</p>\n<p>20. Consequences of each thought are inevitable. Their force is proportional to power of thought. These consequences submit to the accord law. The thought, poured out of energy in words, is weaker than thought silent. The word is the valve opening an energy output, concentrated in thought. Therefore it is better to be silent. It is easier to hide thought from essence thin, than words. Not the thought-reading is available to all time incarnate. Impermeability is quality necessary. It is bad if reading you is easy for a foreign eye. Openness in the pupil is unacceptable. Openness endangers it, - because on the whole people are bad. Simply they should know neither your feelings, nor thoughts. And relatives too because stumble often. Usually openness does more harm, than advantage as gives the chance to influence consciousness on the openness channel. Restraint and impermeability is sisters. The word usually causes the answer. And if the consciousness is dark and the answer won\'t be light. Arhat is the closed book. It is open a little for the next, but it is no more, than it is necessary. Only full-devotion inflexible grants the right to proximity. Through Hierarchy heart has to be open to the Leader, but not on the contrary, and is opened in process of need to subordinate. It is possible to note as on degree of openness of heart to conduct from them received blows when they started being unsteady. It is possible to take for the rule never to give an exhaustive formula. Otherwise - double harm: simplicity of receiving will give rise to neglect, and completeness of delivery makes the exhaustion phenomenon. But worst of all, when thanks to inability to constrain the thoughts and feelings an inner world of people opens foreign to violation, Impermeability should study. As though the protective cover shrouds the person for which it is impossible to get. Reticence, restraint, self-checking, ability to own itself and impermeability — qualities of spirit without which at a known step it is impossible to do.</p>\n<p>21. There is nothing about what it would be necessary to worry. Would be, would Warn! Even anything noteworthy, (it is the answer to my question of one unpleasant business). Attention another - disbalance deserves an astral and indulgence to his desires. Think of how to Light to advance it. Readiness for everything will be born thanks to understanding of inalterability and mobility of the Plan. At each this moment to be ready to any combination of external conditions, without losing thus balance, will be a suitability sign to Great Service. I am always ready to everything. To be ready always to everything that allow, or Specify the Lord, there is a conscious application in formula \"Yes There Will Be Your will\" life. In this consciousness also it is necessary to meet all waves of life, without showing fear, without losing balance, without breaking a rhythm of Communication and a work rhythm in the Name My.</p>\n<p>22. (M. W.). Children of Earth, knowledge are the purpose of the person. To create, it is necessary to learn the world, which out of you. Micro and macrocosms are subject to studying. On this way of the end isn\'t present because Boundlessness has no it. Work and knowledge endlessly - such is destiny of the person on Earth and in the Worlds. I rejoice when I See: consciousness, having directed, goes out of Earth. Not it one the spirit human is live, but we feed from above. Beams and magnetic currents feed it from space, - also they feed and Earth. Also there is a great exchange because both Earth and the person give to space far to the energy, radiated by them. If the far star sends to Earth the beam, and Earth too the beam sends. Its scale is rather low, but people are responsible for its quality. This beam is saturated as well with emanations of collective radiations of all mankind and, mainly, thoughts. The thought rushes far. As also your Earth receives thoughts from the Far Worlds. The exchange of thoughts between mankind of planets is very intensive. To find not pleasure, than feeds space your planet. Energy of planets interacts. The mankind takes their ardent part in this process; on Earth - for the present in masses unconscious, on High planets - conscious. From the Distant Worlds people of thought light send you and that ennoble a planet. With the Distant Worlds it is possible and consciously to enter communication. Thought to them it is necessary to direct, filling up and waking up. And then it will be possible to catch thoughts: fragments at first, and then already whole phrases more. If it is possible to catch thought of the neighbor, it is possible to catch it and from any point of Earth, as well as from any point of space because the thought rushes in space quicker than light. Children of Earth, act with thought, knowing that think of nothing a barrier.</p>\n<p>23. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, you in my thoughts, and thought I send you. Consider that is close I with you and strong care I have about you. In total that disturbs, reject to become even closer. Understanding of proximity strengthen, there is no limit to rapprochement in the spirit of. You judge it at least on a negative pole of these phenomena, on obsession. If at dark obsession, we have a merge of consciousnesses in a chord conformable and merge wills, directed to the Lord, to the purpose uniform and light. And if the darkness is strong obsession and obsessed wants to strengthen itself, we are strong a unification and merge of souls and the consciousnesses united by love, devotion and aspiration to Focus of Uniform Light. So be not afraid to strengthen itself consciousness of our proximity and strong it approve in the face of evidence dense. The statement of two worlds in consciousness of the person will be a key of the New Era. So arriving, you work for association of the worlds. It is necessary to transfer your feel to life and to make them life that the World Thin was included into it as other party of the phenomena on which the world is based; too idea of people of the world, denying its aspect invisible to eye became one-sided. But we also testify that the world that is close, and that your consciousness is a field of a meeting of two worlds. Now here in your consciousness your thought is combined with mine and communication between us is approved strong. Not visions, not a voice, not astral feelings in work, but thought and a fruitful exchange of thought - feeling, I repeat, an exchange because in turn I receive from you a number of thoughts and feelings in exchange for my thoughts, you sent. Instead of love, aspirations and devotion, to me turned, you receive a sheaf of my thoughts, and contact comes to the end with record obviously. To relative’s hello and reminder: we remember those who don’t forget us.</p>\n<p>24. Balance isn\'t present in the attitudes towards people. It isn\'t always identical, as a fir-tree. And here too the astral, Is covered all way not with roses, and thorns and therefore we Call it thorny. Crown of thorns not symbol, but life. My way you go. It isn\'t easy to overcome the nature of things and it isn\'t simple. The lit centers allow. We will light the centers, and you them preserve. Also you will see. And my Voice you will hear. Everything will be, give time. We don\'t repeat you, as well as Mother. The combination skands is unusual, - as I perceived much, but never I suffered from sharpness of perceptions.</p>\n<p>25. (January. 30). It is necessary to understand and remember well that everything that occurs and happens to the person, aims to teach him to something, to approve or develop in him this or that quality of spirit. Life has no other value. It is process of continuous test and check. On themselves the external phenomena of value have no and therefore all of them go to oblivion, leaving the person experience fruits which they to it bore. Therefore each phenomenon should be considered under this corner and from this point of view. The teacher Cares of that the lesson given by each event of life, was understood correctly and yielded result expected by the Teacher. When this result is reached, the Teacher Takes away the phenomenon from life of the pupil. And all works with which the person works, make the same sense because in itself all of them, that is fruits of hands human, are doomed to final destruction. What blossoming will be reached by culture, recession will begin and will be replaced new, and from the real culture remains no more, than remained from ancient civilizations. But fruits of culture of spirit remain in the spirit of her builder. In it is purpose and sense of terrestrial embodiments and terrestrial affairs. In the pupil this aspect of life is accented especially. Life for it a continuous series of the most different tests: sustained, are immediately replaced by the new. Balance of spirit and impassivity strong help will be exempted from them, because the purpose of these tests - to approve balance unshakable quicker. The tranquility is a spirit wreath, and balance - wreath stones. So since the morning a thick of life entering, it is necessary to remember it and this memory to comprehend life and each act. And then it is possible to tell that the will takes life levers in hand, turning a current of the counter phenomena everything to the same only purpose to increase knowledge and experience. Strong it is necessary to study as lives, greedy drawing from external events her necessary knowledge and experience. The hand of the Teacher carefully directs a stream external the phenomena and the Teacher Rejoices when meets in the pupil understanding of occurring process with it. To look in hundred faces with limit vigilance not to miss the next opportunity to learn something, will be the correct understanding of an every day.</p>\n<p>26. It is correct! If dark whispers access have when the ear addressed to them as easily light contacts can reach spirit when the consciousness is turned to Light and its carriers. It is all about that, on what the consciousness is turned: in darkness or to Light. Are open for the person of the sphere of darkness or Light, and thought magnitno he draws according to the accord from spheres of these darkness or Light and with them fills consciousness. The law of the accord it is in operation constant, at every moment of existence on Earth of the person. And Light or darkness strong are available because the thought magnetic and attracts to itself elements, it corresponding. The magnet of spirit works precisely and constantly.</p>\n<p>27. There is more: let any lesson doesn’t pass without advantage, but leaves a certain trace on consciousness because to what to study if the doctrine not for the future. The pupil — is the pupil consciously, and strong, and is constant. And life — is school for spirit which should be passed that the purposes to reach.</p>\n<p>28. And nevertheless be careful in the conversations because reach negative ears. Conversations amuse an astral, but uselessly. Over each word control. It will help also to thought to keep under control, both feelings, and moods, that is to own an astral. Mastering by an astral will give balance to spirit. (Behind an astral) it is necessary to watch it.</p>\n<p>29. Into the future there will enter and enter quicker, than here, and earlier. And therefore there easier spatially new people will replace the old. New is closer to Beams. In new hope. Listen to steps - can begin to sound. Thought in space in the future to itself the way you lay; let it will be Mine, with My way merged. Way together, and aspiration too is. And so up to the end. It is necessary to steep in My affairs, but not the. My Business and urgently is great. It is great My Business and builders waits. And everyone will bring the stone on construction. The gift on construction of the New World so important that depends on it all future. What you every day brings to enclose in My Business? I send you energy of spirit for realization them to construction materials. Even the sun apple-tree realizes beams into fruits. And you? In what in your laboratory you energy turn mine, to you sent by Me? On what you spend, on yourself, or for the public good? You are transformers of spatial energiya and beams in forms which you give to the New World on construction it. What do you give every day? What descends from the conveyor of your consciousness and then you fill and you cement space? From the space sated with thoughts of light, builders scoop a material for construction. What material you knowing about the Plan of Lords give them? Your responsibility is great because will ask from the one who knows. Both ignorant and not hearing, but the kind material on building brought and the hand laid in work, will outstrip knowing, but work of not brought. Why preference you give to the affairs, but not Mine, and with thoughts of you fill yourself and space? To whom are you necessary with your small thoughts, concern, cares and vanity? But My Business strong needs builder’s kind and knowing business. Let each your word and thought serve as the statement of the New World. Torment he will be born yours to Earth. I call to my World and on my Business, on construction of the New Sky and Novaya Zemlya. Hand a human, hand you will create New Earth and the Sky, having realized New Beams and spatial energy into New Forms. With old consciousness it can\'t be made. Therefore, inevitably full reorganization of the World. Tensely there is a process of shift and replacement old New. Someone tails after the Country New. Not honor trudging behind. Someone disturbs and fights strong against evolution and advance. Confronting to the Plan of Lords — enemies of Light, with whatever fabrications they were covered. Claim strong everything that on advantage of the New World. Claim out of any dependence on that, it is pleasant or it isn\'t pleasant to you and even if it intrudes upon leisure and convenience of your personal world. In life superpersonal you will find the solution of life. So there lived all Great Spirits, given for the public good and a full Bowl of General Welfare having accepted. Are given you in energy hands fiery not for a humor of, but for life construction. And you knowing the Future and Plans of Lords, you can wisely build. And they, ignorant, will follow you if, having rejected from itself, you will give a body and the soul to My Business entirely without the rest. You will follow because will scent the press of my Spirit over you, and you will be strong Me because you will go to the Name My.</p>\n<p>30. (Feb. 1). My son, you have the sign of everyday Proximity of the Lord. In itself, without the Beam, long ago would sputter out. But the Lord is inexhaustible, also I Promised boundlessness. Vessels, vessels prepare to fill with space gifts that were in what to me to pour from my inexhaustible Bowl. Today you want to write, and especially there is a lot of. Also you will write if you want, and to thoughts there will be no end.</p>\n<p>31. Each new undertaking of spirit has to meet the counteraction of the darkness equal to the directed force of this undertaking. It is necessary to this counteracting wave opposite and to sustain its impact. This pressure of darkness is short usually, though is strong. Having met it and having rejected of it pressure, it is possible to see how the darkness quickly sputters out. And if the decision to carry out undertaking is firm, it is possible to continue it. The first impact will be followed by the second and the third, but each time, in process of repulse, its force will weaken, won\'t be settled yet at all and the darkness won\'t start looking for new approaches, that go out light, which brings it into a condition of continuous opposition to it. In process of growth of fire and light darkness counteraction amplifies also, but it in the general scale. Separate undertakings are exposed to attacks with a decreasing force while the will won\'t triumph over them completely. It is possible to note, how many was ardent attempts to prevent records or even to stop them at all. But the will overcame all these attempts, and this undertaking is carried out, and the darkness received defeat. So observe in everything: where the will is strong and doesn\'t recede, the success, because the darkness against creating light is powerless. Already I Said that the darkness can\'t resist to the Ray of light and dissipates, as something not existing. And it is right because life the darkness has, and only no existence. It should be meant at collision with darkness. You know a case when the unknown eremite safely and successfully could opposite to the Satan, and that, having thousand-year experience and knowledge and being strong, I couldn\'t break lightful heart. In it is powerlessness of darkness before luminous intensity. After all the Satan was the Eighth and still at War One to him and all assembly dark confront, and all darkness couldn\'t break courageous Heart. I speak in order that realized power of Light and indestructibility of essence of the spirit which has betrayed to Service to Light. The force realize — it is immeasurable and is inexhaustible when is based on the Lord who corner Stone is. Fight against darkness requires inflexible persistence because, having won one undertaking, it is necessary to be ready to reflect its evil-shift in others. Don\'t forget about frequency force in drawing blow and a rhythm of parcels. The beam burning darkness will be at the same time and a creating beam. Darkness burning and destroying its heaps, cover perfect destruction by a creating beam. The striking beam is accompanied let by a beam creating because we destroy for creation. Destroying, you create. One only destruction is half work. You act wisely, with knowledge of the Law.</p>\n<p>32. The darkness recedes when sees that each its attempt to extinguish light in you causes the return results and the doubled efforts of you to claim that she wants to destroy. And then the darkness works for the statement of light. And as it isn\'t included into its plans, it recedes, recognizing the powerlessness. It won\'t want to create to darkness good. It is the best way of fight against militant darkness.</p>\n<p>33. My world — the world of My actions: Sheaves of Beams Energy Moikh, to the world sent, affect hearts and consciousnesses of people with My Light. My House ancient, is more ancient erected by the person. My Business is widest, deep and great. Scatter on Earth face also it is connected by light wires threads with hearts of people. These wires don\'t decay, don\'t collapse, don\'t rust and aren\'t torn in the regular way because are imperishable. Are torn and collapse spirit. But on them it isn\'t enough conscious receivers. Silver Thread is the phenomenon rare. Know Me under many Names and Shapes. But I am One and the same in last and future centuries. And a way My, conducting to Me, ancient, as mankind, and a way is that one. My people is the few from sets, Mine is the millennia because centuries served Me, from life in life. (They) differ between themselves with degree of proximity to Me and furiously execute My Will. Execution is voluntary. That also are strong that their will in Will My show strong, and My Will — in them. Also are combined merged will in the beams self-proceeding from them. Go to the Name My and in My Beams. That also is strong. Go on fires, on tortures, on a feat. I follow, of itself without thinking. The next is on Great Service. Through the Next approach and those, who is farther than them come nearer? Mission of My relatives are great, because to direct, direct, conscious perception of the Beam the rarest people are capable. 0 them we Tell: \"know the Teacher of Light\". And another, ignorant, it is necessary to look for those who know that through them to approach. But, if who knows the neighbor approach, to it not disturb. But nevertheless proper words about Me find that and here to light. Light gravitates to light, and light merges with light. More often and more long you seek to be in good spirits with Me. And, a body having left and in the spirit of to Me having directed, it is possible with Me in Dialogue to stay fixed time. Spirit division: and there it, where a body, and here it, with Me in the Stronghold, here, in My Tower. Nothing disturbs the Dialogue when the spirit is ready to deliver to the Lord in consciousness first all and above. My friend why you try to present yourself in my Tower either sitting, or standing and in a body? Spirit is out of position of a body, - about its care leave. Merge by light and in light — spirit and in the spirit of. All have bodies, but in the spirit of Communication, So in the spirit of to Me direct through density of conditions terrestrial.</p>\n<p>34. (Feb. 2). Why to indulge in doubts about what to be and not to be. Better in trust be waiting in the wings. It will come, is immutable will come; will come as result of the energiya enclosed in creative expectation. Expectation can be on the essence double - destructive, devouring forces and killing spirit, or creating, directed in the future and fruits bearing. The formula \"Yes There Will Be Will Your, the Lord\" enclosed in expectation, gives to spirit balance and the tranquility which is so necessary for the correct departure of actions because creating expectation is full of actions. The consciousness which has entered into the World of the Lord can\'t remain inactive. I speak about spirit actions which are possible always and to which nothing disturbs and can\'t prevent from the dense world if the spirit is ready to them. When hour, the world of actions external will come and the world of actions of spirit will merge, but before its approach the barrier and external actions is delivered to external expression by terms are limited to a framework of the Karma early. It is better to consider a waiting time as time the best for accumulation of forces and life experience. Conscious accumulation of mental energy can devote it because without fire the come terms can\'t be used. To give, it is necessary to have to have, it is necessary to save up to save up, time which is inseparable from expectation is necessary. So it is necessary to consider expectation as a step, or a threshold preceding approach of terms. 35. To go or not to go? Go, of course, and to prepare itself for severity of days. Not on picnic, not on walk a trip, but on a feat heavy and full of works. At a think about departure all thoughts flow about themselves, but not about Business of the Lord and not about the future of the New Country. It not a feat but if all thoughts and feelings are concentrated on the future and on helping to carry out it, and the personal karma will be other, and the Hand of the Help won\'t slow down to create the necessary living conditions. The proximity obliges the Proximity promises and the Proximity gives the guarantee to that your destiny will be unusual. But it is necessary to believe and in trust to wait for coming term. 0 than concern, cares of what? Bowl of General Welfare accepted not of itself thinks, not of personal conveniences. On a feat of the Lord Called, both Calls, and Waits who will respond nowadays.</p>\n<p>36. Each material phenomenon has the visible and invisible form. Without the last the first can\'t exist.</p>\n<p>37. (Feb. 3). Let the anticipation and feeling of a final victory fill consciousness and give strength to sustain up to the end. The final, clear victory of Light is traced in stars, a victory over darkness. Feeling-knowledge of the future goes through darkness of the present. Will be, there will be to the best country a great blossoming. The hand to that is laid also by you at a rate of your opportunities. Opportunities will be given. Meet opportunities these benevolence in heart acceptability, with hunting and in pleasure of spirit. Behind them others will open, all are wider, both more, and better. But in head of affairs of Light put my Business, and before your affairs. Heart full-return to My Business demands vigilance, vigilance and ardent desire to serve Me. The purpose you know, the Plan you know and you know, where and how to apply the forces at a rate of expediency and commensurability. And my Hand with you in all undertakings your, approving the World New on old Earth.</p>\n<p>38. (Feb. 4). It is good when limitation of expression of the spirit concluded in a physical body is realized. The understanding is deeper better. How to be exempted from fetters if not to realize them and not to wish them to break. As in the dense case having only some openings, the spirit in the cover is concluded. Through openings of eyes and ears he is able to perceive a number of the vibrations limited to the scale of perceptions. Touch still already, than eye or hearing. It is possible to expand these limits, but behind body border. When the spirit starts pining in the case as an eagle in a cage, then it is possible to tell that time comes to destroy to it a cage. In the spirit of restrictions of a physical body collapse; Clairvoyance, clairluhear, clair-smell and feeling-knowledge is a knowledge miracle, spirit vision, spirit-understanding and so on. It is necessary tensely and strong to want to break a dungeon wall to come to a space scope. It is necessary to withdraw consciousness from the surrounding sphere &lt; ... >; possibly more stoutly to perceive vibrations of other spheres. Certainly, the thought because thought it is possible to concern any subject or the phenomenon is closest to it. The thought will be followed by feelings. Sensitivity transfer outside is the direction, specifying a way. Transferring of sensitivity means consciousness transfer, that is full and its perfect concentration on the desirable phenomenon and full dismissal from itself, from small \"I\", in close prison of the prisoner. Freedom should be wanted before to achieve it. Wish free to become from chains of the dense world.</p>\n<p>39. I Distinguish you from others. I thoughts spiteful and strange, to you thoughts sent by darkness hostile streams Light I will cover Beam, in the light of the Beam them burning. You, knowing it, of these thoughts be not afraid. But to Me help openness of heart to Me to destroy them. My son, I am your Lord, the Father and the Defender. I\'m saying: \"Strong, it is active also the spirit flaring in Light, you guard to Great you entrusted by me Protection of the Network of Light of the planetary. Strong in Me is approved under wave’s darkness, their courageous spirit meeting with the open visor, of darkness not being afraid. You are a winner judgment, and (darkness) won\'t be able to overcome you. Me keep, for Me. Me you are strong and invincible. Me also stand\".</p>\n<p>40. (Feb. 5). Great M.W., I Know that You started being our planet; I know that their Eight You is Sent on a feat. I know that your Care of our Earth didn\'t interrupt for eyelids and in millions years. The mankind honored You under different Shapes and Names, You Uniform, standing on Earth protection at the Space Ocean of Stars. And nowadays You Send again the Beams on our planet that it could new enter in New to Ayr the life. Energiya of your Star human consciousnesses to understanding of purpose of life and Life of the person on Earth and in the Worlds, because you’re Beams over Earth waken. That time when the awakened heart will direct to You again as it directed in centuries is close, and will do to You justice understanding of Space your Mission on our planet. You will be read by Lords and people honor You, the consciousness directing to You in desire fiery Your World rather on Earth to approve.</p>\n<p>41. (M.A.Y.). Native, show patience due, it is a little still. After all it was spoken about until the end of the undergone. Means, it is necessary to suffer. 0 patience creative to you I speak, both creating fire, and aspiration inflexible. In them you change and your life which flows in you as the stream directed to the ocean. Reach the ocean, and to join it, and to become its part, itself without losing and having kept the Identity and the accumulation — the purpose of our life terrestrial. To it also you aspire, without forgetting not for a moment that whatever happened to will in the conditions of your, difficult and heavy, the purpose remains to the same. You will reach it and you will leave to the space ocean, because over you Lords Beams. To the public them plunging consciously, Terrestrial and Elevated, because in Beams you unreasonably accelerate a way always, everywhere and in all covers and forms of revival of the spirit.</p>\n<p>42. (You) furiously beat off from thoughts third-party. The darkness bulks up in the last effort. (But) my Sun, the Sun of the World, will shine and for you. Spirit-conducting, the feeling-knowledge, or knowledge of spirit when all covers are dumped, it is show is free, full and without barriers. Brain it isn\'t necessary, its center (learning) — heart. It is possible, it is possible, it is possible both to see, and to hear, and the nobility. Dare, the child, to knowing so, worldly having closed voices. They muffle a spirit song, a life song. You walls of a dungeon break and spirit rise over dead life, as a phoenix from ashes when all terrestrial will be burned by you on fire of aspirations. When the Magnet of My Spirit is directed, your spirit and with It consonance is. You spirit show then prikrovenny essence in living conditions (usual) terrestrial. You know, you feel, you understood that means openness of heart of the Lord to reach when the being is adjusted on an accord key with the Teacher of Light. We together when you are indestructible and your force is great. Resist now to one among millions ignorant, it is necessary to be strong extraordinary. In Me your force. Anything! Be afraid of nothing also of anybody; nothing will muffle Light in you mine. And so, in unification full, you will reach about my Day.</p>\n<p>43. (Feb. 6). My son, steps of new opportunities are carried out practically and in the appendix in life. The instruction should strong be applied and — without delay. If want to see I to hear Me, it is necessary to work. The narrowness, burden and narrowness of external conditions and isolation push their spirit to Me, restricting it up. Stopping opportunities below, life opens them in spheres spiritual. The balance and compensation law - in operation. Therefore rejoice to narrowness of external conditions, rejoice that it is deprived of that nowadays has to have and the person thanks to science and equipment has. You have no, but in the spirit of you receive more than that the equipment of the world can give. I want to arm you without the uniform device and I Arm. And a lot of things in your organism already work and, first of all, a thought radio set. I put in action, but gradually, cinema, both the TV, and the detector of radiations of human auras, and mental wires of a long distance. And you to Me help, from it being released, to bring them rather into a due working condition. You find too much time to thoughts of, without using therefore and losing opportunities to use wonderful opportunities of spirit. The field of consciousness can\'t be at the same time occupied and (the personality), and research of the phenomena of the spatial or physical far. For this time at least the personal world from consciousness should be switched off. It very much disturbs, occupying a field of perceptions with garbage of unnecessary thinking. It is necessary to exempt consciousness from unnecessary litter. Then &lt; … > is clarity and width of perceptions far and close, but the highest things.</p>\n<p>44. (Feb. 7). The ardent, changeable, changeable and chaotic strip of external conditions and circumstances burdening spirit persistently seeks to carry away consciousness in a funnel of terrestrial gravitations and to tear off from the only Abutment - Hierarchies of Light. Darkness external where crying and a gnash tooth, fights for superiority and possession consciousness and for domination in it. But something outside, tranquility it is necessary to store, both stability, and understanding of Proximity of the Teacher, won by so heavy price. Let waves of the external phenomena by rush. But it is everything Maya, all dreams fleeting evidence dense. That is inevitable, should be passed through it, and from it not to leave. Concerns, excitements, fears and a gossip won\'t help. It is better to be silent, the forces preserving against an unnecessary expenditure. To what are words? Circumstances will specify when action time will come. Not to pass the bridge, without having reached it.</p>\n<p>45. It is impossible to enter a dream, being in doubt. It will poison consciousness with poison of the logicality and inevitability of the facts of evidence shown. Truth and lie, reality and evidence are antipodes. The reality seen by a brain doesn\'t reflect reality. Evidence of truth doesn\'t show. We invisible and actually real, in your evidence are anything for an eye denying Us. Even the myth admirers and admirers of the obvious want to make the Savior. For consciousness there is only how they see the world. For someone it stood on three foundations, for someone was flat, for someone the Universe center, for someone the sun and stars rotated round it. Many delusions reigned in consciousnesses of people and will reign while the Knowledge of spirit won\'t appear; you rely on Us knowing and knowing that you don\'t know, and to us trust if life and evidence dense doesn\'t want to be slaves.</p>\n<p>46. (Feb. 8). Show understanding to the events in scale all-planetary; it is necessary to rise during the Space Stream of evolution. Earth and the people, it occupying, are involved in this stream. The litter, dirt and heavy particles settle on a bottom or jump out of a stream the coast. Everything who doesn\'t go with evolution, become space litter and will be compelled to leave from a planet because terms dictate the solution of destinies not only Earth and the people, but also certain people. The choice is made by everyone freely and voluntary. The choice will cause selection. Selection is on a treatment of light and shade. Sign of my army billion, and everyone — with the spirit press on a forehead. And from two, left in the field, one will be taken, another is left. But the life field, and all-planet selection is wide. But everyone solve; also the made right choice Be taken. Of a thicket violent I Make grove and you will help Me with that.</p>\n<p>47. (Feb. 10). Whirlwinds of doubts, fluctuations and impact dark (because were caused by them) were carried by, and again it is possible to write and be freely again together. These phenomena have to pull together even more because there is no way without the Lord because it is dark without It because it is possible only together. And experience passable will show that only in unification full and without cracks possibly spirit prosperity. The way Proceeds in a unification full, and all separating is rejected, whatever convincing it seemed, as in it death of spirit. As and in a circle association goes round my Affairs, in not the, and to the Name My; everything that is created in the Name My, out of private matters of your small. It is necessary to realize that I with you always, But am felt it only at the full, not darkened and Directed openness of heart to Me. It is possible to move away from Me thousand moods, and then we not together. These breaks of consciousness are sad; better without them, better the rock granite to stand without hesitation and bifurcation. It is a lot of fluctuating about the Lord, but it isn\'t enough being claimed in Him. The unshakable monolith of each of you that could restore from it a monolith big is necessary to me. Without this condition there can\'t be affairs. On unsteady foundations of a stronghold of spirit not create. The circle has to become firm and unshakable basis of affairs. From anybody it isn\'t required anything, except a unification between myself and Me that I could create a unification through you. Not on casual passing affairs unite spirit, but in practice we wash. Not accidents of a way, but a way - a basis of this unification. Reject unification and you will disperse who were. And when hostile activity will hit about unification armor, the return blow will be heavy. And when it is put to you with enemies, take cover behind line of a circle, in which center I. In a board I Accept those blows — on it the Name My is traced. Defenseless don\'t remain, that is without the Board. Manage to lift the Board of my Name for protection of my Affairs. The soldier protects himself that protection of to protect common cause. By this consciousness be protected also you. Your security any more your personal matter, but the general. Inutile the soldier, not able protects itself from the enemy. The soldier only being protected, but not striking to the enemy of blows isn\'t fit. Be not afraid to send an arrow of light or to wave a sword. The lightning of spirit trusts only in the one who in perfection seized that is given. At first spear, arrow, sword, and then already spirit lightning; soldiers of spirit is you I Want See, fearless, brave and courageous.</p>\n<p>48. My forces spending as required think of how to find for them the best application. Act with a formula: \"Not I, but the Father in me, He Create, and I in itself anything\". It is a formula of Lords. It should be made a working formula of day. Itself having set aside and having united the consciousness with Consciousness of the Lord, to use the force it. Just as \"The flesh doesn\'t use a little, but the spirit\" as not the, but Strength of the Lord create affairs works. We call such action intimate because it isn\'t visible its essence (is invisible). Not for the sake of itself and not in the name, but for the sake of General Welfare and in the Name My, My Name creates it. The Bowl of General Welfare in your days is so enjoyed. The Bowl of General Welfare in your days is so enjoyed. Let\'s distinguish so my Affairs from the affairs and to mine we will prefer.</p>\n<p>49. (Feb. 11). To use the force mine, to work with my Beam, to work or create My Name, means to move away itself, having provided to Me staying in you, opportunity to show My Power. For this purpose it is necessary to understand that the person in itself — anything, but merged with Hierarchy of Light — force. And when Speak \"We\", I Lean on the Ladder of Light and Luminous intensity I Create. In the concept \"We\" is great force. If the person speaks on behalf of the powerful party which behind his back, he feels the force. As it is can be strong, when behind a back the Brotherhood. Merge to such Powerful Collective gives the necessary strength. It is necessary to feel as part of this Stronghold of Light itself. One man is no man, not the soldier for itself, but the soldier for Common Cause. Not dissolution small in big, but strengthening of the Identity through a conscious unification with the Highest. Going to Me gets used to this thought and merges with it. It not in itself, but is the representative of Hierarchical Power at a rate of its understanding and merge degree. Unification It was spoken much, it is possible to deepen this understanding even more, After all depends on it: both way, and Proximity of the Lord. Having come off Earth and terrestrial, the support should be found in the Highest. And strength of mind will grow in process of deepening and expansion of this lightful communication. They are strong and sure those whom or that they represent, and you — Hierarchy of Light and the Lord. It our Envoys and World Torches were strong, whose names and acts remained in memory of mankind. And those who fearlessly went on fires and sufferings were a Lord and the Brotherhood is strong. It is necessary to destroy incorrect and ridiculous concept of the separate from This Source of Power and Light. When I Speak: \"I in the Father, you in Me, I in you and we are uniform\", I Approve the Face of the Space Truth. The consciousness combined with Hierarchy of Light, is connected with It the Beam on extent of understanding and Beam force. Solemnly, this communication is penetrating and profoundly approved. Realized it, in each act and action has depth of this understanding. The constant memory about the Lord and continuous prestanding before the Face Great indicates Communication depth. It the circle keeps, on its Fiery Power proceeds, and It increases. By it is show in life the superior qualities of spirit, it is reached unattainable, Light admires it. This Communication is so far from understanding of the inhabitant and multilevel \"competent\" that to them is useless to speak about It. But among masses there are children of light, children of fire. These words will be close to them and are conformable. They will tremble, having heard, and heart will be lit at them by the aspiration shown to Light. You who have already realized the Beam, to that apply forces that in practice and in life to accept and approve force of given power.</p>\n<p>50. (Feb. 12). (M.W.). The person lives on Earth and on planets in the physical bodies differing between with extent of depression and thinning of a matter of a body depending on a step of a planet. Extent of depression depends on a spirit step. As and you have on Earth this difference between people of a bike. Externally bodies at all, but the distance between Arhat’s body and the speculator, the drunkard or market money changer is great. Usually it isn\'t taken into account and it is considered that the difference isn\'t present. It can\'t be caught modern devices and devices. But removal of auras will give proofs of existence of a being shone matter at more distinguished ph. The matter is rarefied by spirit of the person and nature of its activity. From environment particles of a lightful matter are attracted by Magnitno. It is possible to tell that in such body there is more than light, than in usual bodies. There are no two bodies identical. One is filled with light, others - darkness, deposits of crystals of black fires. In a rough undeveloped body its elements are rough, but presence of crystals of darkness - feature of attendants of darkness. To finish the way on Earth and the body to rarefy respectively and to be ready to pass to other planet, the body and all covers have to reach known degree of lightful. Division on a treatment of light and shade is division space. It is caused by the Space Right and points to a spirit step on the Ladder of Life Universal and that height which was reached by it during the evolution spirit-monad. The top of this Ladder goes to not Predicate area, and there is no end to it.</p>\n<p>51. (M.A.Y.). Spirit and heart accept the Lord as a basis of all life and all your affairs. People give the heart to various affairs, and you - to business of the Lord. On extents of return is and receiving. This law is immutable. To receive, it is necessary to give heart to the Lord. Many are afraid to give heart or give half. You know such vague attendants of light and even the pupils, who are considered as those. But the pupil in our sense — means given completely and without the rest. Only such given heart to the Lord can arrive on Great Service and accept all Bowl of General Welfare. The frightened returns, not wishing renounce everything, before Great Service isn’t allowed. The heart given to the Lord will be filled with his Light and on Sacred Patrol doesn\'t become. In the field of spirit commensurability and the accord are a life basis. There is no it in affairs human, but in the field of spirit by what measure will measure, such and will be measured to you. And in life usual too the spirit measures, but on a scale of the dense phenomena. Everywhere the spirit and a measure of spirit is measured life.</p>\n<p>52. (Feb. 13). My son, the phenomenon of happiness we will consider. Happiness of spirit and happiness small \"I\" is concepts not equivalent. Warmly, the full stomach and corporal wellbeing can give temporary and short illusion of happiness because everything that becomes usual and every day, as happiness any more isn\'t called. Blind understands happiness to have sight. But able to see too I got used to consider it as happiness. So is in everything. But the one who transferred this concept and feeling from area of the dense phenomena to the spirit sphere can be really happy only. Pleasure of life sounds the Upper Class of space! The highest pleasure and the highest happiness, spiritual delight, самадхи is a full separation from terrestrial and release of spirit from the power over it material conditions. Not to be released, without having passed through everything burden of a flesh and without having realized value of terrestrial gravitations. It is necessary to pass through all layers of the lowest matter to learn its highest aspect. And, when Matter Lucida\'s and Matter Matrix becomes the sphere of understanding, the happiness then is achievable because Spheres of Eternal Light are entered then by spirit. The condition of religious ecstasy and condition самадхи is experience by spirit of the person of a condition of the highest happiness available to it on Earth and in the Worlds. Church language speaks about pleasure of so-called righteous persons. But it isn\'t names and words. The consciousness invested by Light and living in a body of Light, whether it be in a flesh or out of it, knows that the happiness of spirit, because in the spirit of it, but not in a body means. Anything terrestrial won\'t be able to give it to distinguished spirit, terrestrial not in forces to find in anything it that pleasure of life which the Highest Spheres sound. May you meet many happy people in life? It is only possible to find them in fairy tales and that not having even shirts it is very symbolical. By order of the tsar in his country found the happy person, but it had even no shirt to appear before the tsar. So popular wisdom correctly notes the main condition of happiness is dismissal from material welfare in the standard sense. The possession things of happiness don’t give. The terrestrial love too, because love by terrestrial many, but isn\'t present among them happy. In Communication with the Lord Happiness look for and in the light of it! Light the Highest can become a source inexhaustible happiness, but it in the spirit of. But people refused spirit and plunged in terrestrial, and the happiness abandoned them. But everyone wants to be happy, and everyone aspires to it. Aspire all fortunately, but nobody finds happiness because look for not there. If energy of these aspirations to transfer above, having withdrawn them from the sphere material and the lowest, to spirit Spheres, the happiness would be reached. The one who is happy in the spirit of, that will be happy in all living conditions, because its happiness not from a body and not from Earth. Look for understanding of thin energiya, their Sphere — the Sphere of the highest tension, tension Fiery - Fire Sphere. Severe and heavy terrestrial life also prepares for that chosen a spirit way. The way difficult, thorny and heavy directly fortunately conducts and happiness as pledge to you serves. And each particle of suffering, and each drop of tears the guarantee will be that the highest happiness goes a thorny track of sufferings. And you, </p>\n<p>53. (Feb. 14). I consider unnecessary loss of time for conversations with the people which consciousness is closed for your words. If the acceptability is absent, silence is best of all. It isn\'t necessary to convince violently. There are such consciousnesses on which relation words, even the most convincing, even the most true, truthful and logical are useless and powerless. If conditions or karma compel, you speak with them, following in the area of the smallest resistance from their party or on those questions where there is acceptability. During the periods of open Service the Teacher Speaks to people far not with all meeting It at way intersections, but only with in whom Feels the elements of the accord causing an acceptability and understanding. Even if He Demands a full disclosure of heart from relatives and understanding for the adoption of rapprochement, the acceptability is necessary for mutual understanding. How many cases were when the best feelings and thoughts broke about the closed heart? On the attitude of the Teacher towards you study the attitude towards people. Unless the Teacher equally Gives all Light, which in It? No, not everything, but on ability to apprehend Light, both on aspiration, and at the request of heart. The closed heart as a stone it is, deafly, stupid and impenetrable for light influences. Needles of a hedgehog or prickle of egoism can though whom to push away. The violence in the field of the spiritual is absolutely inadmissible. When the wall of stupid and stubborn misunderstanding or hostile counteraction meets, it bypasses. After all inside it is possible to get both from above and always there is a silence. Silence is stronger than words, and silent influence has force. Already I Spoke about uselessness of words when it is possible to influence thought. But often it is forgotten, and the person resorts to words, causing on itself the whole streams of spiteful and spiteful thoughts. It is necessary to speak less and to apply words only in case of lack of direct </p>\n<p>54. A question I Answer: \"Nothing is given by gift\". To get knowledge from space doesn\'t mean to sit having put hands and to perceive precious formulas. No! Each particle of spatial wisdom is attracted by consciousness magnitno. To generate a magnitkny wave in consciousness, it is necessary to sate it with energy, counteractiona product of a number of strong-willed and consciously efforts, that is work. Without effort nothing is given. Each ability is result of centuries-old aspirations, works and fight. And if something is shown now, so the corresponding work was attached to that in the past. Someone wants to take so simply, without fight and efforts. Such attempts to have illegal knowledge are vain. It is necessary to pay attention to how even at conformable consciousnesses the wisdom if they aren\'t ready by spills, that is didn\'t prepare itself for that previous work. Therefore I Speak: \"Make effort if you want to receive. For nothing anything it isn\'t given\".<br />\nthe vague</p>\n<p>55 . Friends, the Teacher Was tired of your incompleteness. All your aspirations, both feelings, and thoughts, works, ра¬бота and the efforts directed to It, the vagye. There is no completeness of aspiration in anything. And results of a vague are also. And duration of action of the Beam is short and quickly vague lifting and vague aspiration sputters out. If you want to reach and make achievement to constants, fight against the phenomenon of a vague and destroy it. Tiresomely and not fruitful is service vague and for the Teacher, and for pupils. One foot you go forward, and another aspiration back. Marking time turns out. Opportunities are given big, but incompleteness comes to naught zero. Vague service and thoughts does vague. And the forked consciousness — as the house, in itself separation, and destruction expects it at winds and storms going. Both failures, and neglect, and a black outa consciousness- all this depends on incompleteness of Service to Teacher Light. The root of incompleteness is bad, and its fruits are bitter.</p>\n<p>56. (Feb. 15). When the consciousness is silent, it isn\'t necessary force it. It gains strength. Пралайя consciousnesses - so we Call the phenomenon it. It isn\'t necessary to consider it as rejection and to be afflicted. Waves &lt; ... >; the periods, calming down and inflaming, the life phenomena move; on damage it is possible to think of it about lifting, and on lifting — throwing more seeds into fixed time. The symbol of day and night is very indicative; by the same principle direct in the future and consciousness of the person, making a next spiral. It has four points: two points of opposite poles and two points of a different actions, or balance, upon transition from one pole to another. Cycles are divided on big and small, as time — for days and nights, years and the periods astrological, Manvantara and Pralaya, big and small, about one Day and Nights of Bramah. It is necessary to manage to see the Great Law even in slightest, not only in pulsation, but also in an energy pulsation in the center of atom or its slightest particle. Everything pulses, extending outside and contracting inside. Silence of consciousness is lawful. Anyhow it will be able to collect forces for a new push in the future and new stays. Wisely it is necessary to understand life and the principles of its manifestation. It having understood, it is possible to scent that the heavy strip of life will be replaced by another, light, joyful and opposite the first. The pursued, suffering, to the burdening, deprived rights that others have, to you the benefit, and also looking for and not found, the directed, but the aspirations not sated, the thirsty and thirsting, but the comer to Me. The benefit to you pining in a vice of dense restrictions. The benefit everything, Spirit suffering, because their harvest ahead.</p>\n<p>57 . (Feb. 16). If you enter into the future nepodgotovklenny and unaided, to what then all? In a vsekoruzhiya of spirit it is necessary to meet it, tranquillity having approved, balance having approved and being able to operate fires. The Lord among you wants to see soldiers of spirit, but not inhabitants shy when your time will come and you will leave for crops. A lot of courage should be had to face ignorance planetary. Friends will be a little, but it is a lot of averted stupidly, and it is a lot of inert consciousnesses. If you, receiving very much, so often you look on the parties and back what to tell about those, not znayukshchy light. Even the signs which have received many escaped strekmitelno in the wood what to tell about not received? So examine the armor and an armor of each other. Not honor to escape before the end. Someone wants to lay down arms, referring on a flesh infirmity. But your motto: пре a reality up to the end, fidelity up to the end, aspiration up to the end, patrol till the end and fight up to the end, to a victory. The eagle on flight won\'t put wings and the soldier of spirit of a sword in continued and never stopping борь¬бе with life won\'t lower. But life also is fight for spirit ascension to heights, everything is higher and higher, there, where the Stronghold in century of times allows reached, the few and always lonely soldier of spirit, the earth in itself won. Called many, it is less going but as it isn\'t enough among them decided to reach the end. To these last про¬тянуты Hands also flow Beams to help them to reach the Stronghold. But the Help receives wanting, and Beams — directed. Why so it isn\'t enough daring want? As small children try to keep step with toys as called to Light are fond of life baits, carefully of the shaggy paws prepared for them. And then the inexperienced traveler turns aside, or moves back or promptly in the wood escapes. Both words are powerless, and preventions are affectless, both the Help is useless, and the Beam is rejected. Pursued for mirages illusive life plunge into Maya and in it stay, having descended from a narrow track of Light. Light and darkness constantly fight in your consciousness for possession of. And that wins it at present, everyone can see if thinks of that. Closer become it to the Teacher of Light or departs. So on patrol permanent sharp-sightedly you look where your foot, in darkness or to Light goes.</p>\n<p>58. The boat which lagged behind the ship and has got to a cyclone perishes. As also the pupil who has left Teacher and in a storm got, loses chance of rescue. On that I Speak: \"You hold Me strong\". It is a lot of whirlwinds, cyclones and storms it is carried by on Earth face. Don\'t come off the ship of my Spirit. My Halls for looking for the truths are open. The separation, even temporary, can end with loss only. The separation means the termination of a food of spirit by Light of the Beam. Without a food the fiery flower of spirit dries, hangs and fades. Specify Teacher that fluctuations of spirit didn\'t break Vibrations on the Silver Thread. And we to you Come in the ardent spring; we Come to Approve in proximity coming change. The period of a threshold comes to an end. Let\'s not give ото¬рваться if hold communication. The ship Our everyday sea of life leaves. Wait for Instructions, they not slow d own. Today the Decree is given: \"To keep vigilance because you will be noted by attention dark\". Masks should be taken off from itself. It is given the chance to see itself without covers and it is better to understand. It is better to see not good the, than be touched imagined advantages. But over everything we Appreciate spirit fire. It creates great causes. Fire call spaces when you want to show powerful action of spirit. People a prayer called it, the address to the Highest. It is correctly told, to keep a rhythm. Keeping a rhythm, understand patrol vigilant. Hold strong communication with Me. I will surround strong with armor, but direct. I love you and I will protect. Tranquility, patrol, aspiration, rhythm!</p>\n<p>59. (Feb. 17). Will approach Light understanding. What is Light which is in the person? All live and all real is shone. Even fishes deep-water, even stub, even worm’s small. But they are shone, and their light under certain conditions while a lightful everything possesses, from atom to the sun is visible. If electrons are shone, therefore, all matter is shone. The fiery aspect of the Universe shows this luminosity. Why should, think, that this luminosity is defined to the eye. Often she isn\'t visible to an eye though actually and exists. The Reyshenbah established luminosity of plants in the dark. But after all they radiate light and without darkness, and are constant. The astral double of each thing is visible thin sight thanks to the luminosity. Even in the lower class of the astral world everything that there it is possible to see, it is visible thanks to any degree of an exceptions of audible vibrations. Only the absolute darkness merges with darkness, and Light absolute — with Light. Distance between them it is so great that is measured by concept of an absolute Non-existence and Life absolute. And somewhere between these two poles is pipel. Its purpose - collect in itself Light to enter and to join to the public the absolute. All thoughts, both feelings, and mood of the person are connected closely with Light and color scale it. There are thoughts, both feelings, and moods gold, pink, silver, brown, gray, red, the black. Dark thoughts don\'t give light, or feeling hatred — blue radiations, or fear — red gold. Compliance between flowers of radiations both their character and properties is full. Bright representation colors, shrouding person, immediately causes in it and the corresponding reaction. Irresponsibility, it is peculiar to people, leads to a space disfiguration gray, black, blood-red, the brown beams of the dark consciousnesses. And beauty spaces are responsible for purity people and light and colors of positive scale will be its best cleanerl. They are harmonious and light-dawn. In a rainbow you see their main of tone. The area of light and color beams is very extensive. It the person has to study the law. </p>\n<p>60. (Feb. 18). All people breathe, absorbing spatial fire. When does it the person in anger, red flashes of fires is generated then by the person. When in a prayer is gold, blue or silver; when heart flares love — pink, etc. The transformer of spatial fire in forms of new fires is the laboratory of the person. This transformation happens constantly because physical breath interrupts only death. Pure and stinking there is a breath, burned fire on the character is various depending on property of fires. Besides exhalation, light or dark, aura radiations, light or dark, direct to the sphere around. All surrounding atmosphere, subjects, things, walls, ceilings and floors and everything becomes impregnated with these emanations, for what the hand of the person undertakes. Everything is sated light or dark fiery\'s it. The transformer operates powerfully. At the heart of color radiations the thought lies. It gives to radiations this or that coloring. Auras human are dim and their deposits on things and subjects are gray. Shining auras are so rare. The sacred places sated with adjournment of an emanation of aura of Great Spirit, living there or their visited, won\'t without reason be read by people because people know, without knowing that, about power of aura\'s radiations. In total around, especially in the cities, it is densely filled with deposits of these vibrations. They exist in the form of crystals of different degree of density and stability. Stratifications at schools, theaters, music halls, hospitals, brothels, slaughterhouses are very various. They enter interaction with aura human and give reaction, notable is obvious, but realized not always. Even small supervision could give striking surprises. All these deposits have absolutely certain color character, and this character causes their essence. In prisons not see joyful gold radiations, and in passion brothels — silver tones. Heavy and obviously for thin sight emanations of a human body on everything are deposited that it surrounds. So it isn\'t enough light auras. Even the “good” person, but in mood heavy, gray leaves traces. We speak about tranquillity and qualities other because they светоносны and paint aura in positive tone. Constancy of qualities gives constancy of radiations. The qualities which have been strongly approved in the spirit of, sate an environment of the person with light and flowers of a light scale. Light carrier constantly is blessing for that district where he lives, for people, subjects, plants, animal and the Earth, the space atmosphere, and a damnation - spiteful heart. Black heart — disaster for the people. Its harm is very wide. It is necessary to glance for a veil of the dense world to see that occurs around. The rage, hatred, irritation and all dark properties of the nature human strong fill with poison of its radiations all surrounding, poisoning and destroy what not in forces to resist to these terrible emanations. Day breakers, on patrol standing, have to understand against what they should fight and why fight is so difficult. The conveyor of spiteful heart onstant, without fading, pours out in space The conveyor of spiteful heart it is constant, without fading, pours out in the space venomous energy. Harm done should be realized in all its completeness and depth. Not to opposite should leave. Innocent sufferers and sufferers often appear bedet and nurseries of such darkness and an infection that they should be separated simply from ordinary people. A lot of evil in the world is created, and much it isn\'t understood and not realized. All strength of mind it is necessary opposite against carriers of the evil and strong from them to be fenced. Half measures won\'t help. Only the stronghold of the devoted patrol heart which has been strong tied with the Lord of Light, can opposite to them, sowers of the evil. But we will overcome the evil. Its days are considered. You be awake on patrol. It is a lot of stinking hearts.<br />\n61. You have the way. Nevertheless you are a son mine. Decree My: \"Dead to leave all difficulties of life. Not follow to immerse consciousness in them\".</p>\n<p>62. I approve change of the phenomena which have sputtered out for consciousness that is not able not to teach it to something else. I approve necessity of the heaviest, most the hostile circumstances as an inevitable condition of an ascension of spirit. I approve power of spirit in the face of most difficult and hardest. I approve inevitability of tests, fight and victories. I want to See heroes among you, but not rush about spirit in whirlwinds astral. See Want you going safely, fearlessly to Me over life the abyss. If before and after everyone a test you are able tell yourself that became closer to the Lord, so victoriously passed through him. And the one who during test will keep feeling of my Proximity, that winner judgment. But usually at first to be irritated, will at first be afflicted, at first will become gray for fear, at first into a hole will get, having covered itself with a black flame, and then will already remember Me. But it is at first better to remember Me, and the fear won\'t be, and the scarlet flame won\'t flash, and the clouding passes, and in a hole covered with black, spirit not will want to climb. </p>\n<p>63. (Feb. 19). (M.W.). Too am possible to communicate with Boundlessness. The person is in Boundlessness, and all from it, and all in it. Spirit patterns in space, patterns planets, systems and the whole galaxies in it exist. It is great a space bosom from top to a bottom; from the beginning times up is to the end. And the Eternity too embraces Boundlessness. It is the spirit house. The spirit to concern each phase it, has to clothe in the conductor corresponding to this phase: for the dense — in a dense body, for thin — in thin, for fiery — in fiery. Below chaos not shown, great darkness, and above is light noting this border; further infinity of the shown forms and worlds. Is eternally real Boundlessness in which fire creates eternally new forms of life. Nothing repeats, but everything moves forward to forms more perfect, nothing is limited in the development. Nothing has the end, and nothing has the beginning. But this great immensity nevertheless can be embraced and limited, i.e. to understand. It is possible to conclude Boundlessness in a certain framework and in them to behold that differently would escape supervision. And where the spirit directed the thought, the Boundlessness concluded in this framework, be it is available to studying and a researches. This limit of Boundlessness, its framework, it, the Law because all real lives will be the covering, pulses and develops within the Law and obeys to it. The space Laws causing life of Space and its each particle, are cogitable the person. It not human laws, to it the invented. They existed how on Earth there was a person. They existed always. These basis Laws, moving the worlds, are shown and in micro and macrocosms, in big and small, above and below, in a movement of electrons and the whole systems of galaxies. Let\'s call some of them: Frequency law, or inflow and outflows phenomena; The polar Law, i.e. existence of two opposite principles causing existence things of the uniform; The spiral Law, i.e. aspiration of development of the phenomena in time from forms of the lowest to more perfect; Life and death Law, i.e. to dump each focus of life gets rid external forms for replacement its new, more perfect; The Law of an evolution real and aspiration of everything that is shown, to more perfect forms of the expression. These laws are called the main because everything is subordinated to them that exist in space. All are brought here not, but even the given give understanding of how within these Laws there is possible Boundlessness comprehension, i.e. those forms of life and phenomena which in her exist. It is impossible to study and understand all phenomena of life taken separately, but, comprehending law to whom their display submits, we are released from need to study all infinite chain of the dankly phenomena. If comprehend the Law, each phenomenon, to its subordinated, becomes clear. That is why studying of the Cosmogony demands, first of all, knowledge of Space Laws. They are uniform for all Worlds as the matter in all the gradation and aspects is uniform. The matter is subordinated to these Laws as life is uniform, the vividly creating this matter. Measure and number also is a framework of the shown Universe. Scale light, a scale sound about their family the main and five the additional elements, a scale of chemical elements, a scale (vibrations) of energiya invisible to an eye and hidden the Beams — all this too a framework in which life is shown. So immensity of Boundlessness is limited to a framework of the Law within which Boundlessness studying becomes available quite, opening the person a way to boundless opportunities of spirit.</p>\n<p>64. (M.A.Y.). Hand Driving see that every day the impulse is given also forces for further advance. That is necessary at present for spirit is given. It also is bread our essential, food for spirit without which its ascension is impossible. Only terrestrial the spirit can\'t be sated with food. It is necessary to accustom itself to this aspiration every day that heart open to perceive food of the present day. The beam of morning sent by the Teacher of Light, bears in itself this charge. On fiery requirement of spirit the Teacher the Beam sates Magnitno with those elements, in which need. I rejoice, seeing that it is already realized. Food terrestrial to a body of forces gives, and food spiritual is to spirit. A food by the Beam to spirit gives food and strength to move further. The flower will decay without watering as also the spirit without a food by Light will hang. Derive consciously Beam strength, to you sent every day. In it the new elements necessary to spirit at present are sent. Sharp-sightedly the Teacher Watches that this Luče-bearing diet corresponded to requirements of spirit, displaying in its magnetic directed energiya of heart directed to the Teacher of Light. Interchange by thin fiery energiya between the Teacher and the pupil because it is carried out according to the accord with a warm magnetic inter consistency is lawful. You receive by right. We call it the Space Right.</p>\n<p>65. (Feb. 20). \"One more mastering by went, the Lord\". Itself to seize it is necessary, if can be seized in something, so it is possible in everything. What disturbs? What counteracts? What constantly and persistently fights inside against the solution of spirit? The same enemy ancient, an astral which is getting used unruliness of dissoluteness and not wishing any control. The spirit wants to approve balance, tranquility, mastering, and the enemy ancient doesn\'t want. His astral will should be broken. She should be subordinated to will of spirit, Will Highest. The will and desire of an astral are crystallized in habits and in a habitual line of conduct. It is necessary to leave an old track. You have an example as the firm not excellent order all consciousness within nine years never allowed irritations in a case known to you. If it could be reached in something, therefore, the same results can be reached both in everything and in anything. It is necessary only irrevocably and unshakably to decide that this or that order of the phenomena never, under any circumstances, for anything not will repeat. Attempts of an astral to break the solution of will, of course, will be, but the slave is afraid of the owner, and an astral — spirit. This cover inside should put an end, a limit a willfulness, a limit to disobedience, a limit uncontrolled itself to identification. Both people around, and circumstances, and conditions, and everything will positively demand and cause an aping of an astral, its grimace, the clown activity but if all strength of mind passed the decision to put to it the end, possibly to consult with it nevertheless. It is worth imagining only to what will lead the further connivance, unruliness and willfulness of this irrepressible cover. On the example of people around you see as he owns people as forces them to rage and as torments them with the violence you see. The majority of people are full slaves to an astral. Forces should be found it to bridle; differently he will stop a way further. And ascension fires, spirit fires will turn in fiery eating. Something, but should be owned. The decision is it is necessary to sustain up to the end. The main thing not to catch an emotional condition surrounding and to whom it is necessary to adjoin constantly. If their fieriness and weaknesses can find a justification, there is no justification to itself and indulgences and there is no apology to any low-slightest flash of astral inspiration. With small it is possible to begin, but to begin resolutely and irrevocably. It is worth thinking of for the sake of what the own spirit, and that this treachery the Highest \"I\" in the power астрала is inadmissible indulges. What forces to wriggle астрал when the spirit of the person of it doesn\'t want? It is necessary to think of it. It is necessary to understand more deeply why castigated itself, tortured, chains and vlasyanitsa* carried, a post изнуряли themselves and vigil the people finished to these by kraynoskty inspiration of this violent cover. Seeing an uporkstvo it and impossibility to fight usual ways, they allowed extremes that though somehow it обуз¬дать, both to appease, and to seize it. But our pupil conducts this fight by the uniform beginning of spirit. Not the body should be tortured and exhausted, but the astral which stands behind it and pushes it on the next flash. Monkey in itself, the clown, a doll this constant shame and a reproach to spirit — it is necessary to win and bring in itself to an implicit obedience. How many attempts already were to bridle, and still the persistence of an astral destroys all best decisions, but it is won has to be, and will be won nevertheless. Life, яро испытуя solutions of will, many opportunities allows with astrakly to fight. Why laughter to answer with laughter, a smile a smile, after all it is followed logically by the answer to irritation of the interlocutor irritation, on rage - zlokby, on fear, etc. Why to be a pity puppet in foreign and often bad hands. After all it means that movements of own astralkny cover someone operates another. Each time, giving in to mood of the interlocutor, his laughter, smiles, tears and all other feelings, refuses че¬ловек the will and the stranger submits to will. To what can lead such persistent and continuous refusal? Certainly, becoming a weak-willed marioknetka in foreign hands. It also you observe round yourself when one live only to cause in surrounding these or those emotions, and to obey and them to endure others. It is better to float in an own boat and without the indication of others. The way means independence and freedom of foreign moods, both good, and bad, both quiet, and beskpokoyny. Whether everything is equal, in what look the slavery of spirit and its dependence on a condition of astral covers of people surrounding it is shown. The slavery is a rabkstvo and shamefully always. Tactics of adversa will show what it is possible to reach, what humiliating condition if a firm hand not to stop a svoyevolstvo of the clown. The clown on a way to the Brotherhood isn\'t necessary. It is necessary, it is necessary, it is necessary to bridle any Price of. Itself without having bridled, in drukgy not to appease an astral. Not appeased, it will torment consciousness until to it by will won\'t be put an end. It is good that experience the last caused spirit revolt. Spirit revolt against tyranny of an astral this threshold of a victory. The spirit itself voluntary gave the power once астралу, the spirit and will take it. In the itself astral of the power any has no, because anything, a cover, a peel. I gave, I and took - so tells myself spirit, against an astral of vosstavkshiya. It is possible to track attentively, in what проявлялось astral domination over consciousness from outside It is possible to track attentively, in what проявля¬лось astral domination over consciousness from a sobkstvenny astral and from people around and as за¬ражали they the vibrations this violent cover. Holodoterapiya — the best means against dvizhekniya in an astral cover as the, and the stranger. The Hoklodnost stops this movement and stops it. Astral feelings submit to cold of restraint. The cold is lack of life. The cooling beam, nakpravlenny in the center of a neistvuyushchy astral, заторма¬живает the movement which is occurring in it, also stops it both in itself, and in others. Holodoterapiya — mighty Means of restraint of an astral body. To be given to the astral power — means to lose everything therefore better any price, any victim to bridle an astral and to seize it, having rejected all conventions, any connivance, any accord with its uyavleniye and grimaces. Strongly in the person a herd instinct and aspiration to arrive and behave as everything, but swimming in the shuttle исклю¬чает a formula \"as all\" in its astral aspect. Not \"as all\" Great Spirits, not \"as all\" lived and arrived.<br />\n Vlasyanitsa* - is clothes of eremites from plants.</p>\n<p>66. (Feb. 21). Certainly, any concourses strongly influence on aura, degaussing it if special measures of protection aren\'t accepted. It is possible to be in the world, but other-worldly as it is precisely possible to be with people, but not from their number. Allowing conductors to vibrate in unison with vibrations concourses, the pupil of a track narrow loses and enters on the proceeding road noted by traces of a set of feet. On proceeding ways there can\'t be individual stays. Fire of spirit grows dim, and the gray cover of a commonness shrouds consciousness. Isolation is necessary. It is possible to protect the Highest Triad from violation it only internally having protected and without permitting to an astral cover to sound in unison. That loneliness of Big Spirits which they test among people also is explained by this circumstance. Many of them intentionally left to the desert, to mountains, in the woods in a solitude and asceticism. But this separate of consciousness is even more difficult at usual contact with pupils among life usual. On the one hand, it is impossible to leave life fields, with another — it is impossible to be dissolved among commonness and to become the inhabitant. The feat among people is much more difficult, than a feat in privacy. It is possible if not to allow that the lowest four submitted to an astral and sounded with it in unison on a key of the environment surrounding. The key for consciousness of the pupil Is given by the Teacher of Light, and only to It to One consonance the consciousness can, not only without losing the accumulation, but, on the contrary, them multiplying. The best measure of protection, the best protection and protection — is severe control holding the astral conductor from its furious aspiration to catch those movements, or vibrations which happen in astral covers of surrounding people. As independent manifestations of own astral if they break symmetry of a way aren\'t allowed also. Narrow track of life it is preserved it is sharp-sighted; differently it is possible to lose it.</p>\n<p>67. (Feb. 22). Not external factors, but movement inside make a spirit Way. External, as that — anything if the Way is direct. But if it is curve, no external conditions will make it to straight lines. And I Speak: strength of mind makes the Way, but not by force of external conditions. And if external conditions preserve spirit, means it for the Way isn\'t ready and, so Call on elite wasn\'t approved. You spoke about Way conditions which were outlined, but weren\'t carried out and I Speak about the Way unconditional and about an apprenticeship certainly. The unconditional Way is advance under any CONDITIONS. The plan of evolution is generally carried out firmly. And if someone appears out of work, not wine in that the Great Plan and not wine in volume of Lords. Carry out the Plan performers, and if you not among them, whose fault in that?</p>\n<p>68. (Feb. 23). My Way is the shortest. If separate everything caused by karma, there is a small sphere where the free choice is possible. Karma we will consider as a result of own actions. The Iron Law of the Karma can\'t be discharged. Having made a choice and having changed something in the life, the person gets to an iron vice of karma. Freedom is illusion. The spirit in the sphere of thought and in an inner world if it is rather strong to be protected from external influences is free only. It is possible to decide to make walk, to go to the right or on the left, but everything that will see an eye, will be karmic an inevitable consequence of the chosen direction. Consequences of a free choice can be expected these. Possibilities of a choice are very narrow and limited too to a karma framework. Where \"crying and a gnash tooth\", it is impossible to find freedom. Freedom can be looked for in the world of spirit and in the field of thought. People should be considered as slaves to karma. Freedom from this slavery is only in the spirit of.</p>\n<p>69. (Guru). It is possible to be strong in misfortune and happiness, and it is possible to be weak and in that and another. Our task not in that, what breaking karma, and in that? What remaining strong, whatever it was. And care not about karma, and about that spirit not to fall when it (karma) becomes too heavy. Yes! Both at you and at us everything developed differently, than thought. But if to lay down arms of spirit and to hang spirit, it is possible to destroy the way. Therefore, a task it is necessary to the same strong to be despite everything. Let life develop will of a karma (its laws you won\'t come), but strong it is necessary to be always, even going to death. Nor the karma, nor life, death can\'t break spirit because it is eternal and indestructible. The most terrible illusion it fear that external conditions what they were, can destroy spirit in the person. All these conditions by will pass as that were earlier passed already, and the spirit remains still their viewer as remained, having passed that already was in the past. Everything was, and everything passed, everything is and will be, and everything will pass, and there will be only a spirit the contemplator of the passable and passable life, as well as that life which else is necessary to pass. Whether it is worth too real considering this constant the current stream of the external phenomena? One transient it would have to force to think that a spirit indestructibility, in its impassability and that it over everything that passes by it as a dream fleeting. Where all what the scarecrow, burdened, disturbed and saddened consciousness five, ten, twenty, thirty and more than years ago? Everything passed! Because everything passes! And it too will pass, will pass all this, the burdening consciousness nowadays is so heavy. It is necessary to be participant more looking less. It is necessary to depart aside as though and to look on it and on the events from outside. External can\'t affect spirit and deprive of it accumulation. External will pass through the spirit periphery. Let the will over a karma and its current will be transferred to hands to the Lord, and the spirit remains only the contemplator of that a relentless karma prepare in this life short, terrestrial. It is possible even to observe with interest, and then still the new will burden circumstances consciousness. And when the burden becomes really unreasonable, spirit suddenly forces will find to dump it, having rejected dead life of embrace and the center of the Life having transferred to thought. Freedom is only in the spirit of more anywhere.</p>\n<p>70. The thought cuts space with a speed the big velocity of light; serves as the bridge for connection with that sphere to which it is directed, or with the phenomenon, either a subject, or the person, or a distant star. What doesn\'t know restrictions? Thought! What doesn\'t know barriers and limits? Thought! What uplifts to tops or overthrows in a chasm? Thought, thought, thought. What quicker than light it is transferred on a silver thread? Thought! What with Me connect? Thought is lightful, from heart the going. The thought weaves communication between the Worlds. The scale of a display of thought is wide. Its color tonality passes over all Worlds from Spheres of the Highest, lightful, to lowest astral layers. The thought fiery differs from thought dark and heavy, as Light from darkness. The horse white rushing thought can whirl away to stars, and a crow in an open wide chasm. Who strives for Light that has to the nobility, on what racer it sits down and where it the swift-footed rushes. Thoughts is, as horses huge herd on a pasture corpulent.It is possible to choose any. Pasture a field, space of thoughts in it a boundless scope. Sit down on any and rush where you want. Each thought as the horse, bears on himself consciousness. Where the not bridled horse will bring? The reality of evidence is created by thought. The thought ennobles and humiliates. It is necessary to learn to separate itself from thoughts current. From thought as it is easy to be released how to get down from a horse. To get down and observe how this thought that just bore consciousness, remains one, provided to itself, without having a opportunity to carry away on itself the horseman. Also well to learn to look at the life phenomena, without identifying itself with them, without merging with them. It is possible to note thus as the phenomena slide on external covers, not mentioning essence of spirit. Furiously huge waves about the granite rock fight. They break in splashes, are rolled away in the sea and again seek to break the rock. But the granite bulk is indestructible, - also spirit under waves lives. Let splash and fight, let without restraint, яро they seek to destroy the house of spirit. But the spirit, as the rock, as the granite rock before rage of waves is indestructible. They will again be rolled away in the sea, from where came, and the spirit the way will continue far and urgent, ready again to meet any hurricane and rage of elements, as the rock, indestructibly and with firmness. </p>\n<p>71. (Feb. 24). Badly everything, that distances and separates from Me and that disturbs advance. All bad and disturbing is removed from consciousness. You shouldn\'t hesitate with it because every moment carries back. The stop is dangerous that the person remains on a place, and the Teacher always directed forward, Leaves further and distances the dividing increases. It and is so huge, but it is possible and to lose absolutely from a look the Torch Leading. It in first is. Secondly, anything in the world isn\'t in a condition of an immovability: the stop usually means regress, movement back. That is why it is constantly spoken about aspiration. Well everything that generates it or strengthens. The hope of apostles and the first Christians of fast coming of the Savior didn\'t come true and wasn\'t executed. But this hope gave the chance to them to come nearer to It steadily and with honor to pass all tests. They are severe and were heavy. Having passed them it is successful, on wings of hope they reached to the put. In whom the fiery hope didn\'t die reached. The hope phenomenon already this one is good. And it is absolutely unimportant, whether it was carried out, if thanks to it’s reached the approach purpose to the Lord of Light. Therefore if to consider hope as the spirit engine, having taken its essence, but, having rejected an external form, it is always good because gives to spirit fiery wings. On pages of the Scriptuses it is possible to find a fiery triad belief, hope and the love given to people for advance. The belief in the future and honoring of the future is based on hope of its implementation. About the future It is told much. It is impossible to separate from hope. Having rejected hope, the person of the future will lose. Climbed up человек top on a rope and it isn\'t necessary more, but without it would remain below. And hope as a rope on which it is possible to reach top it is impossible where differently to ascend. Purpose is not rope, but top. From a rope that it sustained all weight of a body and freight, which behind shoulders is required only. Whether also it is possible expostulate on a rope if it helped on heights to get, though not on the top. That is why the conducted are given hopes, though not carrying out in their life, but powerfully leaders everything are higher and higher than them. That is why murder of hope equivalently to spirit murder. Without hope of the future impossible there is an advance. If any hopes weren\'t carried out, then it is necessary, probably, it is rather to replace new and remote that it was more long possible to go their force. Also it is necessary to remember, what not the hope, but business conducts builders. Business will help to put hope in a framework of reality and to relieve of groundless dreams. From the point of view of the inhabitant, the Doctrine of the Christ is unreal and not vitally, from the point of view of knowing, it is reality. But it, as well as any true Doctrine, as well as Life Doctrine, the consciousness in the future directs and gives it hope of implementation. It isn\'t necessary to refer only this implementation for these days. For these days it is possible and has to refer those affairs and acts which are connected with Doctrine application in lives as the only possible way of implementation of the desirable future on which the hope is based. Let the hope will clothe in a working dress and will make an everyday a carpet of a feat on which the foot of will step in what heart fires of hope flare. Without affairs and the hope is dead and if glimmers, nevertheless has to &lt; … > it is immutable. That there were no hope pipe dreams, it is necessary affairs dream to support, and then will finish and hope to a meeting desired with the Lord of Light. It also will be hope of all hopes, hope; it is feasible at any combinations of external conditions, hope, and fiery advancing spirit to Light. </p>\n<p>72. (M.A.Y.). Those who approached to it with thought not about improvement of and the covers, but receiving something besides spiritual gifts, something terrestrial, material, improving its living conditions usual terrestrial, and, not received terrestrial are disappointed in the Doctrine only, is disappointed in the spiritual. Usually want to shift the karma to shoulders leader, and to follow in sweet rest from terrestrial cares and difficulties; but unless the Doctrine somewhere speaks about release from them and about ease of life? It is told it is necessary to pass the feet, behind the responsibility, the will and the decisions, without being assigned to anybody. Also it is necessary to pass it wisely and in the accord with the Plan of the Lord and decrees of the Guru. It is necessary to be able to combine the Doctrine with Life and in the most difficult conditions to show a face of firmness, devotion and inflexible aspiration. Spineless it isn\'t necessary for the Lord. It isn\'t necessary to It rods. It isn\'t necessary poisoned with doubt poison. It isn\'t necessary swhisper gray. Devotion inflexible, directed and determination to go to end - here that is necessary to the Teacher of Light from those who want to follow It.</p>\n<p>73. (Feb. 27). My kingdom other-worldly, because this world not is coordinated with It is at all. And everything that occurs in this world is in an ardent contradiction with tension of Spheres of the Highest. From here continuous fight in the person between two worlds for superiority. Hardly among dense conditions to keep top-level consciousness as the swimmer with freight standing or a bird fly with freight on wings. Soul of the person as a bird in a cage: also wants to fly up and can\'t, conditions don\'t allow. They are curve. And people and people curve ways go. It is necessary to isolate even more stoutly consciousness from poison terrestrial. It is impossible to be discharged of a bowl of poison, from it drank all Great Spirits, but the spirit to separate from a body crucified in a matter, it is necessary. For spirit and for the sake of it the body that it could raise over life goes to bat. Without having risen, not to overcome life and not to leave a dungeon. Be not deceived, the end of fight isn\'t present. Fight of the lowest against the highest will proceed until the spirit ascends on an improvement ladder. Where the spirit ladder comes to an end? And whether space fight against elements or against chaos is easy? It is necessary to fall in love with a condition of struggle constant. It is necessary to get used to it. Constants should go the winner through life, without allowing anything to break consciousness. Let\'s not break spirit. Emphasis on it! The darkness directs it to break, tormenting him covers. But even if the body is crucified, nevertheless the spirit is indestructible. Rate is on spirit, but not on covers. It is possible to resist in the spirit of if with Me, But not to resist without Me. Giving a formula \"I in You, and You in Me\", a unification I Approve the indestructible. To them win, to them make the impossible. For usual consciousness the feat spiritual is impossible. With Me impossible becomes possible. With Me we will win against life. With Me we will make a victory way of every day; but only with Me and in a unification full. Otherwise to a victory not to be. </p>\n<p>74. (Feb. 28). Show understanding to shifts. They conduct to acceptability. Unacceptability consciousness of the new detains evolution. Covers should be helped. It isn\'t enough one understanding, the appendix understood is necessary. The spirit is Fire. The covers deprived of spirit are deprived of Fire. They are empty, a peel, and a form without the contents. Throne of Fire is heart. Heart dies when it is left by spirit Fire. It is a lot of live covers at numb hearts. Them also It is called live dead persons. About them also It is told: \"Provide dead to bury the dead persons\". If the hope to heart doesn\'t allow dying, the hope is blessed. Always in everything before you is only the Lord. The belief will light hope, the hope will give the fire, and heart will rise for new victories. Tatter of commonness false is swept aside by will that to fire didn\'t prevent to burn freely. And if it is necessary to take away everything to estimate a spirit worthiness, everything if it is necessary to give everything that terrestrial to learn a vanity will be taken away, everything because the purpose of deprivation and the purpose of possession to show an ephemerality both, It is necessary to see Maya both poles will be given: abundance of fruits terrestrial, wellbeing and prosperity and absence them. Both conditions shouldn\'t shake spirit and reject from the chosen way. Everything I Will give, I Will deprive of everything that saw that all is passing as a dream, and all not yours, both everything is transient, and to all there comes the end that in the world sublunary it seems to us life real. This consciousness also it is necessary to go through everything. If, all moment illusion, whether that it is worth betraying spirit in the power to that has to is immutable pass. After all even it will pass or that to us seem our and inseparable from us with what we grew together in desires, thoughts, feelings. But also desires, thoughts and feelings all is passing and too not ours, but illusions of an instant gift. There is nothing ours from this that round us both fills our covers and lives and pulses in them. The witness Silent, inside staying, seeing everything, but with itself anything and nobody taking on a way of life in life, from one body, It, only It, our property, because I this Eternal \"I\" in the person. Here for It as for a lifebuoy at the ocean severe and rough, the lifebuoy which only has escaped from all ship also has to grasp consciousness, as at the only hope of rescue at the boundless ocean of Eternity. Otherwise not reach the coast. The spirit — is a core, round which covers, and in the spirit of, in its depths — the Silent Recorder, the spirit center. If they (dark) act, work not directly.</p>\n<p>75. (March 1). It is hard to overcome environment vibrations, especially, when their tension amplifies. It can amplify to such an extent that contact with the Teacher can be broken. Here it of what it is necessary to be afraid. Nevertheless forces should be found them to overcome. There are no to ask for the help From above. Attention it is necessary to tear off from aspiration it down and around and to direct to Me. And as soon as and vibrations it will force out my Face the vibrations going from a dense environment, contact will be come into again. It isn\'t necessary to forget that a decisive condition there is a will and the direction, it established. Today\'s experience showed that Name repetition, the Face in heart, representation of in the Beam, representation of the Silver Thread and aspiration to Focus of Great Heart is enough in order that perceptions went in the regular way, neutralizing counteractions. My name wins against darkness. It should be understood in the annex to life, as well as that the darkness of this world directs on Light carrier on purpose Light in it to break and replace it with ordinary twilight. The ordinary shouts, the ordinary growls and strong directs on bearing Light. But the world is entered into heart, so it is possible opposite. Its power over consciousness is so taken away at passing and transferred to the Highest Triad. With It having united and its citadel having chosen, it is possible to meet life waves safely. Their force is directed to the lowest four, and the consciousness is vulnerable while it is concentrated in it. But once you lift it up, having withdrawn from four, there is it impregnable for whirlwinds of the lower class and dense conditions. It is beautiful to meet waves, means to meet them in balance full, with firmness, unshakably and knowing about inviolability of spirit. \"There is a Prince of this world, but has in Me no anything\". This formula should be understood. The prince isn\'t present, he is destroyed. But the waves lifted by it, are still strong and very much. Also it is necessary not to have from them in itself anything not to begin to sound with them in unison. It can be reached, having lifted consciousness is higher. Waves can break the ships, but birds flying they won\'t concern. The eagle in skies is impregnable because highly rose over conditions of lowlands. On wings mighty, eagle, the spirit rises, and lives of the abyss and a wave of the everyday sea to it aren\'t terrible.</p>\n<p>76. It is better to address to Me all heart, than to be unsteady in darkness. At check of understand that the mistake in one destroys advantage in other. Whatever was the atmosphere, it is necessary to wipe eyes from an evidence dust to see reality. Swaying the bad adviser in everything because then the way isn\'t direct. Harm is great when black out consciousness concern shoots on a field My or - My shoots. I show care of that, what could move. The right to it is granted elite, when all is permitted and anything won\'t be able to stop any more neither a directing Hand I wash, nor advance. But better it (is necessary) to think and be mistaken less. then a way with Me when together, anything to us barrier won\'t be. Then mistakes — anything. But it is necessary with Me, but it is necessary merge, but it is necessary, that two — as one. Why, being coming before Me, to ask when it is much simpler and it is easier simple to take, having merged with Mine cinscioueness together. Then there is available a width of My World. It is possible, because I in you, and you in Me. When it is allowed, then any more Earth sand, but songs of spirit start sounding on a key of My harp. The heart which has been constantly opened to Me, be constantly with Me. </p>\n<p>77. (March 3). There is nothing obvious that wouldn\'t have the hidden, invisible party. And this party has much bigger value, than obvious. To see it, means to see a thing as a whole. Even physical subjects of eyes sees only outside and only one surface and that turned to it at present. Imperfect is sight of the person. But an internal eye it is possible to see a subject at the same time from all directions, and also inside, as well as his astral double, as well as the form stretched in time from taken place in future, and to see it on all plans of Life. The eye sees paper and letters in the book, but understanding opens internal book contents, either pictures, or a piece of music, or any phenomenon of life. This understanding allowing sometimes seeing and feeling the contents of the manuscript or the letter, without looking at it and as well that, on what the consciousness is turned, is called as a feeling-knowledge. We call it knowledge of spirit. Certainly, there is it through heart, the spirit center. If more often to realize that tells heart, and more attentively to listen to it, the feeling-knowledge could develop quicker. Especially stirs this development an astral, filling heart with the vibrations. And then it is difficult to distinguish a low and clear voice of heart among whirlwinds astral, distorting perception spontaneity. From whatever point of view to look, for the developed consciousness an astral only a hindrance. Therefore it’s to silence is an urgent necessity. The task is difficult to that the ordinary person identifies himself with him and considers that it and is it \"I\". And the astral uses it, giving out itself for the present person and strong sating consciousness it with the experience. Actually, they to nobody it is necessary, and less all to the person. It could do beautifully without them and still to remain itself (himself), losing nothing in the identity. Therefore it is necessary restraint of this violent cover devote all new and new pages. Here something happen, heavy and unpleasant, but the astral is bridled, both the tranquility is approved, and the heavy phenomenon goes to the past, without having done harm as everything leaves there, but puts wounds if the astral isn\'t bridled. But happens worse. If astral whirlwinds of fear and fear seize people, it magneto attracts to itself (himself) what he fears, and that does itself harm still bigger and bitter. Balance of spirit quietly could meet danger face to face and to neutralize it and to win, but an irrepressible astral, representing to itself focus for an attraction of conformable energiya, will cause on itself the blow attracted with vibration of fear. That is why precept courage and fearlessness. It is the best bridle for an astral. Fire of fearlessness of heart burns the directed on its energy of the evil. It is good to destroy the fear phenomena to the root. It is good to lead each attempt of an astral of to approve to silence. Well iron hand to hold constantly it on a bridle while he irrevocably and completely won\'t obey to will. From two people equally strong the one who is quieter will be always stronger. And the person of no character, but tranquility not lost, will be stronger than the strong, not kept balance. Therefore I Say that balance — great force. This that and does weak strong and strong by the giant of spirit! Nobody will resist against balance. As it is necessary be ready to that, having dumped a physical body, Thin on death to enter into the World in balance full. Also this discipline for spirit is necessary. As wings it for it. As chukgunny weights standing, vibrations of an irrepressible astral. Neither to think, nor to think, to work quietly and fruitful the person discomposed and getting under the power of an astral can\'t. How many is poison spreads around, how many darkness, a clouding, a grief, concern, fears and discontent. Balance, in itself the approved, and cold of restraint it is possible to treat successfully disbalance an astral in people. Its flashes hang powerlessly, having met armor of balance of spirit. At a known step of evolution of spirit the astral conductor becomes absolutely unnecessary. The same as it is possible to go absolutely fearlessly even to death, so precisely it is possible to pass also life without any movements in an astral, losing nothing from its completeness as the hero loses nothing because that will win itself against fear.</p>\n<p>*78. (March 4). Artist, actor, musician is builders of the New World. Each person with consciousness new is the builder. It is all about the consciousness. Consciousness updating is task urgent, without understanding of evolution and the Great Plan not to understand and everyday details, leader to its implementation. The personal Benefit and General Welfare always coincide. The personal benefit of martyrs of science and all pursued for execution of Light doesn\'t coincide with the Benefit the General. The personal benefit small \"I\" don\'t hold in General Welfare, But there will be time when it, being in a consonance full with the Benefit general, won\'t begin to get a stumbling block in the way of the person. It is possible only when all covers will be subordinated to the Highest Triad, they have no will. And then the builder of the New World will move forward with great strides. Backwardness of consciousnesses and ignorance nowadays disturb. Clarification of consciousness is necessary. Light clothes — a symbol of the updated consciousness. Not to enter in an old tatter into the World New. It is necessary to leave them. Updating of consciousness means also its expansion. The Future World is wide, it has no limits. Boundlessness — the sphere of its aspirations, boundlessness in everything, as well as in growth of powers of spirit and opportunities it. Everything is possible, and everything is available — slogans of the New World. They are applicable in the field of spirit, searches of mind and achievements sciences. The science of the future directed by heart, mind and the spirit, merged in a conformable chord, will open unprecedented opportunities before the person. You look there, to the Country New where nowadays there is a statement of the New World because the Leader — it. Reject a grin of the old World. Days it are considered, and in the New Country there is no place to it. Leaves, the World old leaves is immutable and is true from consciousnesses and hearts human, and leaves forever, and memory of it doesn\'t remain and more won\'t come any more. New, new, new a gait light goes, a place for it prepare in your consciousness not to go blind from its Light and, having gone blind not to accept Light approaching for darkness. Many so arrive, and then, often without knowing that, serve darkness. From Light everything that in the accord with the Plan Great, and everything that against — from darkness or darkness serves consciously or unconsciously. Great division is deeper and more dramatic, than it can seem in the beginning. The fate of those who, imagining itself on Light service is sad, serves not to Light, and darkness. But the merit of the one who, without knowing about Light is great also, to It already serves.</p>\n<p>79. (March 5). (M.W.). Yes! Yes! Billion worlds, billions systems and galaxies, and a name to them Boundlessness, and everyone is a product of creativity of Spirit which once was the person. The same as the spirit on Earth, a flesh, that is a matter, invests itself, the same as it invests itself and being out of a body in the Highest Worlds, in the same way in boundless space of Spirit Creator Creators and Builders, invest the Essence a matter of a different type of density and a sparseness, to Building round Itself Worlds. And the same as bodies and faces of people aren\'t similar at each other and differ on degree of roughness material and other covers and their refinement and sparseness, in the same way differ among themselves and the Worlds. Also there are no two identical precisely. Similar is as faces of people sometimes are similar at each other, but isn\'t presenting identical precisely. Because \"a star from a star differs in glory\". So, directing to any of them, it is possible to enter into communication with the Driver of everyone, assumed for it Space responsibility. The responsibility is that in Space all is connected between by itself and everything depends on this harmonious a combination, and to bring any planet out of a chain of planets — means to stop on it life and to bring interruption in the general harmonious movement and development of all chain. Everything is common. On health of separate cages depend; balance all body of the person? In the same way and balance of the whole systems depends on health of each planet entering into its structure. The brotherhood of systems means as well the Spiritual Brotherhood of their Drivers, or the Brotherhood of Spirits Planetary; among them there are Seniors. The ladder of Hierarchy goes steps. Space is open for the thought directed in its depths and will answer, that is the echo on the appeal of consciousness to Boundlessness on your Earth from the Brotherhood of Spirits Planetary is the firm Law of space. The accord is carried out by power of the magnetic thought taking from space conformable it elements. The space is opened for thought, and the thought works in it. The thought turned to the sphere, directly surrounding the person, in it both stays, and fights, and pulses in it, is as though small and narrow there was this sphere. But the thought directed up, to high spheres of space, in them stays, constantly acquiring new, but conformable it elements, being connected by a magnetic thread with that who generated it because, having made a circle, comes back again to the creator, fruitful loaded with its elements attracted with magnetic force. The one who managed to create thinking of the Distant Worlds, knows, how fruitful the thought directed to them and as it increases in space. The inner, invisible world of the person is limited by limits of his thought. And if his thoughts are directed in Boundlessness, by it its inner world will be limited. So the spirit is given boundless opportunities. Not everything can be carried out them in a body, but, having dumped it and having received spatial freedom, the spirit in Spheres Elevated can stay, concerning those sides of Life and space to which reached or can reach it thought. Thought not it is limited anything. Only ignorance, either ignorance, or absence of aspiration concludes free and immortal thought in that small personal world, in which as in a dungeon, usually their lives the inhabitant. But Sent by Mother World Lord to Earth Came that chains to break held-down thought and to release spirit, having acquainted him to space life. Terms go. The comer Will execute will of terms. The lord of a lifeline Gives, ukazuyushchy to people the Way to Boundlessness. This way Accept as a step new, a step of the Space Life giving to the person Space consciousness and doing by his citizen of the Universe. In it great value of the Era of Mother of the World, in it Empresses the Highest Decree.</p>\n<p>80 . (March 6). We Win love and therefore we Call her \"winner love\". Love, compassion, indulgence — Arkhat\'s qualities. Three assume all burden of neighbors. And then Trans mutating on fires of heart needing, both the burdened, and Light collecting, to Its direct. As also I, Accepting your imperfections, I Pour them in My Tower. Therefore I Speak: \"Load Me more strongly\". Not about assignment and being assigned I Speak, but about the cross accepted and following Me. Life is difficult. And you dissect lives heart knots fire, to Me directed. Here complexity arose, here the exit isn\'t present, Me call, and in Light Mine Maya ghosts will dissipate. Also I Go on about Beam force, it won\'t join yet heart and it doesn\'t become part. Assimilation of the Beam demands time. Being it is assimilated gives a beam self-proceeding. Beams of the main are seven. Assimilation of Three and ignition of three self-proceeding indicates the going Arhat\'s step. The beam of the Lord means the radiation of energy of his Heart. Aura radiation has everyone. When under our control of radiation of three, bridled and the subordinated, Beams of the Lord also are assimilated; the step is called beam-bearing. It is necessary to assimilate Three that self-proceeding in to approve three beams. The lit centers give light beams, painting them each thought. The color beam turns out. Force it auras human change. And then blessed there is a way of the carrier of Light. Icon lamp of the Desert We Call him, going heart fires.</p>\n<p>81. About a victory already I Spoke, nowadays it I Approve pokvtorno. Nowadays again I Speak: against everything we will win if you go with Me. It isn\'t necessary to come off only, despite everything: neither on thought, nor on feelings, on difficulty of life, strong aspiring from Me to tear off you. And you them overcome constancy of a rhythm. All these phenomena opposite, occurring outside and inside, have the turn: that they appear, disappear, amplify, and weaken that eventually at all to leave life. And if the rhythm is immutable, force it will sweep away sooner or later all these counteractions and then the victory is approved. But the winner is the winner always. And when by law speed of ascension new obstacles in life will arise, a rhythm approved and they defeat; as it is successful, as before. Therefore on My Board the victory is traced.</p>\n<p>82 . (March 7). (M.A.Y.). When the accord is full, there can\'t be mistakes in judgment. For you the way to the Garden Fine Lords lies through the native land.</p>\n<p>83. (March 8). Failures of an astral happen from a vigilance and control absence. Vigilance and control over itself only then are good, when they are constant. The break in them is similar to the broken-off chain; astral on her not to constrain. Therefore patrol constant is approved.</p>\n<p>84. Both the river flows to the sea, and the present - in budukshchy. The river can\'t be stopped, it is temporarily possible to detain. But nevertheless it will find an outlet to the sea. The future it is immutable comes nearer; on it and calculation. After all even today can\'t be held further the put term or to be fenced of day tomorrow\'s. Inalterability of the future should be understood and on it to build the life. With an iron steady the present joins the forms approved by us. Inevitably a current of the events approaching to our future in everything: both in big, and in the small. Many considerable escapes eyes. Change goes quickly and in those directions which often aren\'t visible on a life surface. If the visible is caused and created invisible, it is possible to be quiet that the Great Plan will be carried out. Even in visibility of its dense cover it not to see force of simple grain; as also the currents of life going at a depth. It isn\'t necessary to apply to them personal measures only. When persona interferes in all-planetary and universal, distortion of reality turns out and the prospect is lost. It is necessary to believe that destiny of the New Country it will be approved in final unknown blossoming. The hero going to death gives life for the sake of the Homeland as also minister of General Welfare refuse from personal for the sake of superpersonal that is General Welfare. Not about himself the Christ on a cross, but thought of people. Not about itself thinks the one who gave the heart to the Lord, but about his Case and of the Future for the sake of which gave the Life Doctrine. There comes the moment when the personal and superpersonal beginnings in themselves have to face in fight deadly. And должен then to solve the person to whom he will serve the General or to the personal benefit, or Lord? The cult of itself service is developed widely, but attendants of Light aren\'t present among admirers of this cult. The last the divided sharply will put border meanwhile and another, and everyone will measure to itself(himself) share of participation of the in creation of the Great Future and according to this share will reap. The law remains invariable. By what measure you will measure, such and it will be measured to you.</p>\n<p>85. (M.A.Y.). It is necessary to leave condemnation. Ivan Hundred thousand bears excessive burden. Each condemnation use dark that exactly to do it harms. Not harm who is condemned by the condemning, but bearing all burdens for the World and implementation of it is precepted fairy tale is done to that. Condemn not know that the best way conducting to a victory — it to cover the undesirable phenomenon with an understanding dome, small to replace big, having carried out longer line. And then everything will be understood, as well as sense and value of that heavy burden which was charged the shoulders by Ivan Hundred thousand. We Approve association of consciousnesses on the principles of General Welfare accepted for all. The more common ground and acceptability, the better is. Therefore in our works you won\'t find disconnected condemnation anywhere. Better and the construction to claim everything that good that already is to strengthen and strengthen the best which won\'t slow down. It is a lot of good; it is a lot of construction, it is necessary to open only eyes. But someone rolls in heaps of yesterday and on them imagines the future. It is necessary to leave condemnation, as well as all separating. The phenomenon considerably moved forward, and someone tries to condemn it on that was once. The new Sky and New Earth won\'t hold in such consciousness. Light is future and not darkness ahead.</p>\n<p>86. (March 9). Each carrier of Light should pass through treachery through free and involuntary, conscious and unconscious, close and distant. Enemies, but friends in what it is more opened betray not, and is more entrusted, the treachery is stronger. The one who knows nothing, that can\'t betray; betrays the knowing. Therefore, meeting coming, sharp-sightedly you watch, whether the traitor. To be preserved against treachery so difficult. Traitors noted all Great Spirits. And the more the spirit, is more treachery. Not without reason Judas and Devadat the mankind became history. Dark strong work on that treachery blossomed in all possible forms. And where it was shown, there a dark hand you will find always, at least and it is hidden under a mask of the friend. From there are so much unconscious and forced treacheries. But honor to the traitor even to the involuntary isn\'t great. Honor to become the unconscious tool of darkness isn\'t great. And if betray standing near as sharp-sighted it is necessary to be concerning passers, the showing desire of Light to concern. Whether traitor? So the highly experienced traveler wonders, meeting knock being knocked and seeking to distinguish, whether the being scraped wants to get. Unconscious and involuntary wrecking is dangerous that it can\'t almost be foreseen. Certainly, We Know always, but it is difficult. In the basis of these last treacheries the egoism, itself service and unwillingness to think of others, betrayed unconsciously not understanding lies. But not understanding doesn\'t facilitate a consequence of treachery and doesn\'t relieve the traitor of the Karma to be devoted too, and too involuntarily. But your debt warns. After the prevention unconscious treachery becomes already conscious. And a grief branded the treachery press, because once the traitor — the traitor always.</p>\n<p>87 . (M.A.Y.). Native, I will preserve, but the will is free, and everyone has to come to light up to the end. It is difficult to constrain rage of egoism; mistakes follow one Another, generating a tail of consequences. Harm personal grows dull before the harm caused to General Welfare. Hands of friends the darkness strong seeks to put the Doctrine in a camp of our opposite. For the present not late, it is necessary to correct an error. Responsible doesn\'t realize it. It explains a debt of the next. Dark are very active. Harm, mainly, from the astral plan. </p>\n<p>88. (Guru). Tricks dark can be stopped, but before it is necessary to see and distinguish essence of done harm. Ability of reflection is very valuable. It is available to the little. Without this ability the person grew blind. It is necessary to go on about harm of their evil. I praise for patrol heart. Together we will stop harm, but not to avoid consequences as the wheel is used. Yours to them the proximity and mutual understanding allow to estimate the phenomenon almost unmistakably. Means, it is necessary to explain. Rejected the help accepts on the shoulders all difficulty Karmas. Because won\'t be able to tell any more that didn\'t know, and to number not knowing that creates, any more won\'t belong. So the last division will reveal faces, and everyone will define a place to itself (himself) in the future which goes. The hard time, lately, responsibility of a choice decides destiny.</p>\n<p>89. The law of balance is fair. Deprivation in one is acquisition in something another. And you deprived of achievements and improvements of a modern civilization, know that all devices inside. Them improve and aggravate in application constant because all terrestrial devices will collapse, and time will destroy them, but the internal wonderful device of spirit and its conductors put in action and sub office spirit, remain the obedient tool in hands of the person always on plans of manifestation corresponding to them. Thus conductors will be replaced all new and more perfect and distinguished in process of improvement and growth of the spirit. I want to arm you without the uniform device.</p>\n<p>90. (M.A.Y.). My son, message of heart I feel. I reply immediately. Break off a strong hand Maya veil, having shrouded your consciousness is dense. We in the light of the Lord live, and joyfully spirit. Maya veil and Light of the Lord not are combined. Reject evidence of the surrounding sphere that to get into our Spheres, - reality of the dense world reject. The reality truth is at Us, in the Shambhala. Seek to merge with it and with it live.</p>\n<p>91. (M. W.). All human ideas of things are relative: time representation, representation of space and bodies, in it being. Plunging into Space depths, it is necessary to refuse usual ideas of the world, and the main thing, itself in the usual sense itself in relation to environment. The consciousness, but separated from a body and its feelings and perceptions is transferred. Each heavenly body is focus of the center of a matter in its various conditions and combinations, as well as energiya. The aura of a planet is synthesis of its radiations. Auras of heavenly bodies interact with each other in the same way, as auras of people. To contact with aura of the Far Star - means to apprehend to some extent its essence. It is possible quite by concentration of consciousness on the chosen object. The consciousness then starts perceiving the beams going from an elite star. Character and degree of perception depend on sensitivity of the receiver of consciousness. The consciousness as though contacts with Spirit Planetary, at the head of this planet to which it is directed because the highest principles of a planet are expressed by its mankind and the Hierarch Leading, force of Beams of his Identity. Influence of stars on essence human is great. Contact of the person with his leading Star can be very bright and real, but the aspiration is necessary. There will be time when the Horoscope will know everyone and thanks to it to have at the Space Ocean conformable focuses for aspiration of spirit. The highest Drivers — Hierarches — Everyone is connected with the Star. So are approved ways of Space Evolution of the person by communication with force of aura\'s radiations of the Distant Worlds. At communication magnetic rather strong spirit, having dumped a body on death, strong directs to the Distant Star with which consciously it was connected during lifetime in a physical body. The person is the citizen of the Universe, and Space — the house of its spirit.</p>\n<p>92. (M.A.Y.). The rhythm reaches the unattainable. The phenomenon grows in waves of rhythmic aspiration, outgrowing possibilities of commonness. Also go deep a rhythm and possibilities of the daily contact approved on the Ladder of Hierarchy. It isn\'t necessary to think in a terrestrial way as it occurs because terrestrial measures they can\'t be measured immeasurable by them. Measures of spirit show. But compliance between aspiration of spirit and expression of its energy in the dense sphere, that is commensurability of affairs, words, feelings and thoughts for the purpose of final to which the person is directed is necessary. Discrepancy generates destruction whirlwinds, and work should be begun once again. But the rhythm approved will help on turns, and acute angles, and to keep commensurability of the word and business in difficulties of life (when reading all lines became violet. - B.N.A.) .</p>\n<p>93. (March 13). Yes! Yes! Yes! The understanding of the Doctrine of Life decides on Me and Proximity to Me by the accord. And if the track is narrow and the way is uniform and it through Me lies how to approach without Me to understanding of life and everything that occurs in the world. Correctly scented pseudo-sophistication of remote people, Me remote am. Correctly noted that is existence of the personal beginning in the works concerning area of spirit indicates a step of development of consciousness. It is correct to understand that the sun shines equally both over kind, and over angry, that is the dome of space understanding of the phenomena terrestrial covers contrast of human one-sided and limited idea of things and about the Life Doctrine. In not judgment Entrusted by ours of that occurs on open spaces of the New Country, the space of understanding of Future Epoch Maitreya and inscrutability of Ways of Space Will, the Wreath of Space Reason, and the Space Magnet affects. Truly, Ways are inscrutable, and not to terrestrial consciousness to understand their depth and value. Therefore the Way specified Entrusted ours, preserve against violation by his ignorance of remote people. And strong see intervention of a dark hand. It was hard to Create conditions in order that the Life Doctrine see light, but is even more difficult to protect the Doctrine from an evil -interpretation Small knowledge — the enemy of knowledge great, also closes it the width of understanding of life as the coin before eyes can close the sun. I claim that Proximity washing gives clarity and understanding depth to everything, on what you turn a look. With Me always, with Me everywhere, with Me in everything - you will ascend so on life steps. And everything, Me consonance, care have only about that to preserve the accord and Proximity to approach because the end isn\'t present to rapprochement of your consciousnesses with Me. I rejoice to depth of understanding of the events and consciousness of those who strives for Light. All ways, up leaders, take to Me, but it is a lot of curves, towards taking away, it is a lot of leaders back, it is a lot of directed to a chasm. It is hardly to understand a way of directing consciousness, especially, if it without the Lord. Only the highly experienced traveler unmistakably distinguishes curvature of ways, and especially that conduct to a chasm. You stick to me these difficult days steadily and firmly because My Day not come yet.</p>\n<p>94. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, to the accord of close hearts nothing barrier. Strengthen it rhythmically and continued. Sang you will reap from the efforts. On the channel of the accord my thoughts flow and you fill. Today I will tell only that devotion of heart and fidelity to the Decree will hold you close. On crowding near attention don\'t pay — not they are predicted. But among them don\'t miss are predicted and small knowledge at heart burning don\'t take for unfitness. Unpreparedness not a hindrance is worse a statement and arrogance, knowledge false. So distinguish them from strangers. And mistakes aspiring heart in fault to them don\'t put as the Teacher Doesn\'t blame of you your mistakes. It turns everything on advantage; turn also you if you feel sparks of fires of the directed spirit.</p>\n<p>95. Greatness of spirit уявляется in tranquillity full.</p>\n<p>96. (March 14). My son, you are sent to the world that to win against the world that as to tell how the Teacher Told: \"There is a Prince of this world, but has in Me no anything\". But the Prince of this world already isn\'t present, but the world and life terrestrial remained, and it directs and sends the waves on going to Light. If not to win against them if to give in to their force if the consciousness plunges into them and will drown, so the world won. If to find forces to reflect these waves victoriously, I who has Won the world can assimilate then. And life won\'t stint and, sending a wave behind a wave on consciousness going to Light, will seek to break it. That is why it is spoken about undergone that are stood in the spirit of up to the end. Secret of firmness unshakable that it is necessary to win against life, the world it is necessary to win not outside against itself, but inside. To fight against the world outside, trying all and all to change and make in own way, means to fight against windmills! But, itself having won against these waves and everyone having met beautifully and adequately in tranquility full, balance of spirit storing; also will be a victory over the world. And I, the world Won, Won against it, having done nothing in protection of. Not on that Specify, it is impossible what to be protected, it is necessary to be protected from darkness, and that a victory it is reached by overcoming in itself energiya surrounding spheres dense. But if externally the world to win and achieve from it everything that it can give, having forced both circumstances, and people to obey to it, but not having seized, there is in that from this victory no advantage. Much they Knew, carried out the life in all glory terrestrial, but beggars gone to the spirit country, because in the spirit of a victory over the world, but not in foreign affairs. Not the phenomena the external define a victory, but the attitude towards them. The same phenomenon met by two consciousnesses, can bring one a victory, to another — defeat. I repeat, it isn\'t the phenomenon, but in the attitude towards him. It is so possible to rush on a crest of waves of life, without plunging into them. Already I Said that our Proximity over everything that happens in life and that it brings daily. I will add that in the spirit of a victory it is reached by understanding of that spirit - over the life, that life which in the conditions of dense, astral and thin the waves directs on the consciousness going to Light. Over three it is necessary spirit and in the spirit of to rise, then the victory is achievable. And, meeting the next wave directed strong, it is possible to tell quietly to itself in balance full: \"For the sake of the Lord and Force him and this I will meet adequately\". In tranquility full spirit advantage is approved. Tranquility understanding, awareness of balance, understanding of advantage of spirit will give ardent waves to meet the necessary forces beautifully.</p>\n<p>97. (M.A.Y.). The feat consists not in external acts, but in the spirit of. Spirit life goes line of the Beam. It (line) it is necessary to pass it is immutable, without changing the step rhythm, whatever obstacles and difficulties met for ways. Whatever thoughts, feelings, affairs and conditions, troubles and pleasures would meet in life, the rhythm of progress isn\'t slowed down by anything and not put in dependence on anything; as well as fidelity and love to the Lord. They are constant, they are invariable and don\'t depend on that, in need and a grief, or it is a lot of and pleasures the spirit stays in this life earthly. So selfless devotion to Called in all living conditions will be and is sign of a victory over life. Focus Light is the Lord, essence of life is all in it; because, in truly, It is all knowing, the Alpha and Omega of life of the person.</p>\n<p>98. (March 15). The darkness was up in arms not only against you, but also against all our undertakings. Treachery goes wide scale. Dark strongly became stronger in consciousness of some, and those, in dazzle thinking that serve SLight, to darkness help. It is necessary to explain everything, to explain and dark tricks to open. And if relatives everything between itself will agree, it is necessary to concede also to them and to agree with you. The darkness manages the affairs, using misunderstanding of the gone blind. You passed severe school and you can struggle with darkness. The main thing expose their tricks and to find out the purpose of their attempts, their value and character. And when frauds will be opened, everyone is free to choose the road any, to Light or darkness, but behind the full responsibility. The logic of darkness is insolvent and full of contradictions. In it is their weakness. To work, as I Will specify, but darkness you and here I surrounded and strong on you comes.Be protected by tranquillity full, having quietly accepted a darkness impact, the Name My repeating, first of all you seek to keep balance. They should distract you from Business of the Lord, to separate from heights of Light and then to break. You keep to Me closer. Be with Me continuously. Together we will break darkness.</p>\n<p>99 . (M.A.Y.). Our force and our victory that We are impregnable, and in it is invulnerability of the Great Plan from attempts of enemies. Whether from Light darkness? But the darkness liftered everywhere and light does dark. I shared thinking in two and intruded in our Affairs. It is necessary to explain cards also dark to show. In whirlwinds you are dense conditions. The darkness surrounded around. And you direct in the Stronghold, with us arrive and, over life having risen, become over a storm. Below there can be a hurricane, and in an upper atmosphere silence, rest and Light from the sun which hasn\'t been closed by clouds of lowlands. Or it is possible to imagine that you with Us, and your small \"I\" act there, among life, meeting a pressure of its waves. You learn to look at this life as you watch the movie at cinema: interestingly, fascinatingly and even experiences causes, but nevertheless it not the real life. The real life of reality is at Us, in the Stronghold, below is ghosts Maya. Those for reality don\'t take. The Maya is given in the conditions of dense in order that you could understand its essence and from it to turn away. From it being averted, you depart from life dead and you join Light. You stick to the Stronghold — in It Light stronger. Let it is difficult and heavy, but is closer to the Lord. Let the darkness come, but to the Stronghold restricts. Let the storm, but courageous heart can\'t be frightened growl of darkness furious. The Lord to a victory Conducts; with the Lord we will get a victory.</p>\n<p>100. (March 16). The mirror reflects an unprecedented distemper. All grew dull. The darkness goes the integrated front, seeking to extinguish each sparkle of light. Waves of brown gas creep on the ground, seizing all new and new areas, In these waves the consciousness of the person chokes and sinks. There is no light undertaking which would be not surrounded by darkness. Through weak and not the approved in Light it creeps in our undertakings and shakes them to the basis. Difficult few remained to constrain an impact. But a feat manages, on itself accepting blows of hostile elements. Elements and affairs human are connected closely, and nowadays — more than ever because experiences with atomic energy break balance of elements in planetary scope. Disbalance of the nature go deep explosions and all is unsteady. Under these conditions the raged elements will be not included into coast. The chaos rushes into Earth atmosphere, threatening terrible accidents and cataclysms. The era of Fire gave in hands of people its strength, but Fire this, applied for destruction, becomes an eating. Certainly, atomic energy is energy fiery, and its release by explosions generates terrible confusion the rushing about electrons. Waves of chaotic vibrations extend widely, infecting with harmful radiations Earth atmosphere. People will pay for not the reasonable the heavy diseases which will begin to amplify day by day. The destructions made in the world astral, are awful. The whole spheres will be swept away by a blast wave. Release of such huge number of fiery energy tears space spheres, and inhabitants of thin layers heavy suffer. Analogy full with the cities destroyed during the last war. It is broken as well interposition of spheres, and that the chaos goes deep. There is as though a mixture of layers and the darkness spreads in the insalubrious direction. It is necessary to close up huge gaps in spatial creation of the Thin World. Threat of death of the world is always on the mind. People went mad. Spiritual life stood. Few people strive for Light so that their light everything becomes more difficult and more difficult to constrain a pressure of underground fire. Gloomily is in the World. It is difficult to constrain madness. Also people on Earth open spaces rush about, and happiness anywhere don\'t find, because in the spirit of it. Therefore the happiness is lost. Position of the World is heavy.</p>\n<p>101. (Guru). And you direct to the Stronghold. It will resist, and costs are immovable. It is possible to destroy everything, but we won\'t destroy spirit. Stand, as the rock, consciousness of a stability of spirit. In consciousness it the forces we will find. The ladder of Hierarchy of Light conducts in heavens, concerning stars distant and the sun. It grasps. Light Ladder is firm. To rise on It and it is possible to leave Earth if it is lost (Earth) from madness human. In total in the spirit of, and you spirit be strong. And then more than confusion around, that spirit the stronghold let will strong. Rally round us and the Lord. And before more than once, rallied together, we strong stood before (under) a darkness impact. Let\'s resist and now, if together. The consciousness should be cleaned from the sphere of a direct environment and to transfer to the Stronghold, having approved in It a place a spirit abiding. Act in the spirit of. Nowadays time came дей¬ствовать spirit when the terrestrial are closed ways, and in the spirit of we together and are close, and already nothing prevents strength of mind to claim then over passability of dark hour.</p>\n<p>102 . (M.A.Y. ) . When there is a shift, from a bottom the darkness to be destroyed by Light rises. The darkness is overcome and got rid in consciousness of the person. Therefore the periods of shift are so heavy and a lot of gloom over the movable countries, but islands of light are especially valuable during these periods, because through them Light по¬ступает to the sphere surrounding them. The burden of the current hour should be understood: the shift purpose — Light approved. It will be, It will begin to shine when term will come. But the spirit has to find forces to sustain an impact of movable darkness.</p>\n<p>103 . (March 17). The aged man of the Mountain told Genghis Khan: \"Become covered by payments of all people, but drink from one Bowl\", In it great wisdom of centuries. It is impossible to serve two misters, it is impossible to have two Teachers, and even it is impossible to sit on two chairs. There is a lot of false sources. Who has a Teacher and who knows the way can understand them only is immutable. Will nod оди¬наково everything an indicator of inability to distinguish. The doctrine is given on a change of Eras. It is incomparable with all that was to it, and with all that proceeds from usual minds human. The temple of consciousness and searches of looking for consciousnesses aren\'t comparable. The phenomenon of Mother Agni Yogi isn\'t surpassed by any of her contemporaries and therefore put her on one level with others, means to show an ignorance sign. Reproaches that the Doctrine is put above creations and thoughts of ordinary people, can proceed only from those who doesn\'t know. Dispute is useless with such people, and it isn\'t necessary to argue, but it is necessary to know and deeply to store in heart proclamation the New Era. Let small consciousnesses go the way even if this way read the great. If the way is direct and not from darkness, the benefit is chosen it. Let live in a fool\'s paradise the, won\'t begin to see clearly yet. It is possible after all to break consciousness if it isn\'t ready to contain understanding of reality. It is necessary to leave condemnation. Example let follow our Envoys. The doctrine should be accepted as the Basis of the New World. With a past tatter not enter into It. It is a lot of pseudo-sophistications, and it is a lot of false doctrines as you will understand if you reject the Basis. It is a lot of telling, but it isn\'t enough knowing. Be able to distinguish behind words their essence, differently you will be cast into ruin. The belief doesn’t impose anybody, and everyone who not from darkness, accepts, but preserves the Doctrine against violation of its darkness who else didn\'t grow to it. The doctrine of Life should be separated from misunderstanding of small consciousnesses.</p>\n<p>104. (M.A.Y.). Others voice is alien to the true, - but you, who not listening to an alien voice, so it isn\'t enough. Unite in understanding full. Unity is force. Over you Beams. One in the field soldier; loner soldiers is heroes. Teacher on fingers Considers pupils and on a set never Counts. Collision with darkness and fight for Light is conducted individually. Solved history the strong spirits;sets only followed them. You study alone message fight. For you the Lord, and the Brotherhood is a support. It isn\'t enough of you, there is a lot of them. But that from this. The Christ was one. Loneliness destiny of Spirits Great. Everything had to punch a way among a terrible misunderstanding.<br />\nPlural misunderstandings and counteraction. And all won.<br />\nPlural misunderstandings will help you.</p>\n<p>105. (Guru). Strength of mind consists in fire. It is possible to force fire the only saved up. Qualities are fire stores, allowing collecting in focus, like incendiary glass. Tranquility and balance — powerful collectors of fiery energy in focus uniform for the appendix. As though in a fist concentrates energy spirit for the appendix in a demanded point. Certainly, then force of its bike is. . Scattered on the parties, say, in the phenomenon of concern or balance violation, it doesn\'t yield results. It is necessary to learn to collect at any time in focus of energy of spirit. Strength of mind is necessary anywhere and everywhere and on all plans of existence. You learn to bring together her, the force approving.</p>\n<p>106. To the son My Beam I Send also happiness to it to join and to stay in it. You I Approve in a step of merge of consciousnesses when the struck darkness already any more in forces from Me to separate you. In the Beam approved and the Beam approved in it is here essence of a step. They exercised the wit in attempts to destroy you, having brought division, but succeeded only that in Light Mine claimed, and claimed in the Beam even more and more deeply. The darkness is so trampled and serves as Light bottom (and as legs serves a throne). So at it also look as at a shadow of a treatment of light and shade that Light was visible and by it was shaded. Treatments of light and shade in a picture give its shape. So Light, which in you from me, darkness the shaded has to be to begin to shine with even bigger force? It is necessary to merge with the Beam in a constant without coming off so to feel in It always and everywhere. Then you will act so: consciousness - in the Stronghold with Me, consciousness in Me, and external your form — in the conditions of dense conducts the role and carries out decrees. So, having separated in the spirit of from three, you will approve the power over them and, having approved three proceeding beams, you will be then Lightful (fearful). You believe that a heavy karma — a hindrance, and I Claim that the heavy karma will serve in the shortest way. And where will pass many lives before the Beam will be approved, you reach in one embodiment. Remember it when it becomes too heavy. The cross having accepted in understanding full, power you approve the and a victory over the world of shadows and dreams passing and Maya covers you remove from the phenomena lives.</p>\n<p>107. (March 18). Yes! Yes! Yes! The consciousness, to Us directed, brings the gifts to space, sating with them aura of Earth. In it is essence of Spatial Service. But where they is, these attendants? It isn\'t enough of them, too little, and therefore our Care of them. We Allow burdening by circumstances, but not over a lawful limit that the consciousness didn\'t break. Let the understanding of it of force allow sustaining up to the end because forces will suffice, and the Lord following It doesn\'t want to break a burden super strong: when I Speak about burden excessive, the hidden strength of spirit I Want to Cause to action. This hidden strength of spirit is great, its potential is boundless, and then the excessive burden becomes easier than a feather; forces mighty spirit from a subsoil spirit to Cause I Want for statements in life. Unusual to be difficult and it is hard to show strength of spirit. It is simpler and easier to go down stream with all. But the main hierophant in ancient temples made movement against the sun whereas others moved by the sun. In it a great symbol of the Great Spirit, going against the stream lives usual and made singularity a consciousness meal. And when the pressure of windy waves becomes too already heavy, it is necessary to think then of inexhaustible power of fiery potential of spirit. It is necessary to understand that it is possible to sustain everything and still spirit not to break. Also it is necessary to understand that outside can be anything if strength of spirit is unshakable. External the values has no because passes. But the spirit which has resisted against of rage of the external phenomena, the force and fire I showed in their indestructible power. Life sends a wave behind a wave, testing both the hardness, and courage, both firmness, and the decision to move further. But the one, who back doesn\'t have return that it is immutable goes towards the aim far, to the Lord.</p>\n<p>108. (M.A.Y.). It is necessary to preserve the heritage left by us, against an evil - interpretation and against violation by its darkness. I will instruct, more than ever it isn\'t necessary to act under others banners, it is necessary always under the. We have a Banner, the World Banner, and the Banner of Lords. Denying nothing that from Light, without condemning anybody, We is sharp keep separate from darkness, from her attendants and from dark currents; with darkness cooperation is inadmissible. Therefore it is better under the Banner. The doctrine is given new, unique. The lord conducts a new way. Don\'t pour in wine new in furs old. Going on old paths with Us not is on the way. The doctrine with a concession isn\'t on sale; all good we approve, but let\'s judge to us, where it is, good, and where the bad is. Don\'t try to judge, with Us you judge, Us calling. Together we will judge, and without mistakes. But those, who without us and Lords, that are dark ways if rejected the Doctrine of Life or try to darken its Light pseudo-sophistication of small consciousnesses. As ```` treasures it is necessary to separate the Doctrine from fakes. Many take false stones for the presents and glass — for brilliants if only the frame was good. But you put on protection of the Doctrine, fakes you won\'t carry out; unmistakably scented unusable impurity. And now protect Purity of the pearls Given by the Lord. Don\'t allow to mix them with the counterfeit. Sincerity of small ways approve, but dark attempts should be stopped severely.</p>\n<p>109 . (Guru). I approve concentrated fire of solemnity in all your actions. Levity and babbling don\'t have a place in this terrible hour. I claim, it is possible to bridle myself. It is necessary to reject unnecessary words, smiles and all irresponsible acts which interfere in life. For a start let everything goes as before, but under control. The same, but under control. Each word, each smile, each gesture, each thought. Uncompromising struggle with a reflektornost of actions appears. The astral clown won\'t be allowed to us. It is necessary to bridle it and to subordinate to the will. It covers with itself affairs. It humiliates, it forces to lose a peace of mind. It deprives of Light. With it and fight up to the end without mercy.</p>\n<p>110. The thought invested by Light Spatial, with the sphere of Earth getting, can become or property the person, or again to go to depths. It is possible to call the hunter of star thoughts the one, who is able to make thought this and to give to people. Interstellar language of thoughts is universal. The transmutation of thought spatial is that fiery energy of thought is transferred to words and gets a form. It also will be process of registration of thought. Not caught and not properly executed, it runs low for Earth. Aspiration way I Specify, Having given to people an example! Everyone approves implementation and following ways itself, the foot and the hand.</p>\n<p>111. (March 19). (M.W.). Spheres of the Distant Worlds send the Beams to Earth. They are measurable. Laboratories of star Beams is future establishments. Star Beam we will spread out, as well as solar; on both sides of a visible range the area of invisible beams lies. In invisibility force is. They strong influence nervous system people and nerve ganglions. Studying should be conducted an experimentally way: object of influence - an organism people, the influencing agent — the isolated Beam separated through a prism. The impenetrable screen will cause allocation of beams of a range. Modern apparatus aren\'t suitable. But the thought directed on a right way, will help to find and certain ways of implementation of these space researches. The astrology will specify a field of the appendix and will give a fast material. Studying has to be conducted collectively on different sites planet. The brotherhood will help to approve new science — psycho - astro - biophysics.</p>\n<p> 112. (M.A.Y.). The dark force participates in each separation, whatever forms it carried. On this sign also you judge. The phenomenon determine not by him, and by consequences. Consequences will indicate its force, value. Often small by the form the phenomena of a consequence have considerable, and in them their character is expressed obviously. To understanding of the phenomena apply always this measure. The essence, value and character of the reason which have generated it are determined by a consequence. But heart feels at once, without expecting consequences. To it also listen.</p>\n<p>113. (Guru). The dream about Me — is indicative very much. Certainly, you we watch who is devoted to us by heart. You are in our cares and plans. It is possible still to deepen feelings of this care, but it is already conscious, having simply directed thought in this direction. Thought as the searchlight beam, will shine that is felt vaguely.<br />\n114. (March 20). So gradually our work extends, and the orbit of influence of the Beam grows. We come to a planetary scope. Mother left. That Gave through It, and that It gave, and that flew through the Guru, partially you should assume and serve as the receiver and the transmitter of their fiery energiya and energiya my, earlier connected by a small orbit. From now on all the most necessary, demanding the answer, you will write with Me or with them — Mother and the Guru, precisely in the same way as these records are conducted. We will strike them with surprise and miraculousness of new ways and opportunities new. They think: \"I will hold isn\'t present\", - but my Hand we will hold the darkness revelry, rushed that is subject to protection. You don\'t look at a fate of those who suffered for the Name My. You are under a singular ray and your karma other. And I will protect from darkness invasion. If not the Hand washing strong protection, you would dare. So under the Beam and in tranquility full you will create My Will. Relatives I will leave and all at you. New forces I Will send. I deepen a possibility of fiery work; let in the Name My proceeds. Darkness I will expel, but from attempts shaggy disposal won\'t be that didn\'t leave vigilance.</p>\n<p>115. (M.A.Y.). That you specified and as, anybody to it won\'t specify because there is all from us and the Lord. Zinusha and Yuriy about the same go on. In words of the Lord you I approve and again I validate thoughts three times written-down by you. &lt; ... >To Zina of one not in power in view of the fact that the accord isn\'t present between her and those who aside looks. Care of a reality, but of anything be not anxious, become even closer and rejoice our proximity.</p>\n<p>116. (Guru). The curve mirror distorts a beam, and muddy glass doesn\'t pass its purity; therefore the care of purity of consciousness which is a lens refracting a beam, has be severe and strict. Litter consciousness of thought and feeling, and then already I put. It is good to learn mentally to come off affairs when business is complete. The thought of affairs often nags. Consciousness transfer in other work or to the sphere of other thoughts and feelings are very useful. Small practice gives experience to a hand. They are ways of mastering by thought, i.e. mastering by force.</p>\n<p>117. I approve tranquillity among a storm. I approve possibility of Communication among the most impossible conditions. I claim that the alarm for current your state is generated by Maya. I claim that this formula — \"I with you always\" — is the basis of continuous, uninterrupted, eternal communication with Me, I Claim that the fear can\'t be where Presence in the spirit of the Lord is realized.</p>\n<p>118. The reality should look severely in eyes. We Do not deny anything, but among true values, both the Scriptuses, and there are a lot of good things weed, false and angry. Among the western minds of receivers, conformable consciousnesses it is few. We consider on fingers to understand. To Us become closer and to Us direct. To us devote the work. Our spirit is display in our creations. But if not ours they and not from Us, the accord isn\'t. Also you won\'t be able to judge without mistakes. It isn\'t volume and care not that is a lot of good and that among this good a lot of things occurred from darkness and it is necessary to manage to distinguish. Hand I wash see in words sent by Me. Stupidly be not averted because the house then will be empty (the house of your spirit). To you I Speak, to you I Help to approve your work on the basis strong. I Want to see you in the Beam, in the consciousness merged with Me. As you will become stronger Me. You appreciate especially those who not gives the others, but hall-marked my Spirit. On call we Open the Gate and an appeal we Answer. Us call in work, and there will be your work fruitful and are light.</p>\n<p>119. My son, отпиши to it, it will scent my Spirit and becomes another. What to you it happened and whatever made everything cover with a dome of our Proximity, because — with Me and Proximity — over dreams passing lives current. I Approve you in your right by my Name and on behalf of mine to work in our affairs. They act with the name, and affairs and their words are low-power. But Words my, sent by you, will have the power to create and strike because fiery all this and is saturated My Force.</p>\n<p>120. (March 21). Its result will be a consequence of each action. Cause and effect is parts of a single whole, as the ends of one stick or a rope. On a consequence the reason, and is determined by the reason — a consequence. The second is more difficult because the reason is visible to usual consciousness not always. We See the reasons and we Know consequences. But if you see consequences, on them it is possible to get into essence of the reason. In Alice Bailey\'s works about Hierarchy of Light you see results; you see provisions, strong contradicting the Doctrine and statements of our Envoys. The contradiction means something going against. What goes against Light? Whether darkness? So you see the dark hand, which has risen against Us. In words We admit, both the Doctrine Our, and Mother, are in practice disproved Words and Statements of the Lord and Entrusted and Sent it. Absence of logic and discrepancy of actions is obvious sign of influence of darkness. When the Teacher Opens someone eyes on actions dark, the one which from light, begins to see clearly to understanding. But fallen unconsciously and given to influence dark, and still continuing after Instructions of the Teacher to persist, becomes on a dangerous way of the conscious concelebrations with darkness. But the house, divided in it, won\'t resist against Light. Temporary houses standing not an indicator because crowns business the end. The obvious enemy Light It is preferred by Us because it is open. But, as though recognizing the Doctrine Our and right there disprove as its provisions denying the Word of the Lord, endanger it and bring a dark distemper in the sphere of the small consciousnesses, not able to understand complexity of the phenomenon. The darkness way is twisting, and many go of. If — unconsciously, it is necessary warn, for the present not late. If it is conscious, darkness concelebrant will reveal the face. It isn\'t difficult to get to a dark snare if to come off Us. The separation from the Doctrine also is a separation from Me because denial of my words denies Me. I Say that on hands there is too much fingers to count My pupils, and they say that there is a lot of them; I Say that We gathered in the Stronghold, and they say that We in dense bodies in the countries various. They juggle with Christ Redeemer Mira\'s Name and impose It what It Doesn\'t do. I Spoke about two-three light priests; they claim that among churchmen there are a lot of our pupils. See that concept of the Teacher the dark hand didn\'t play. Their seven, Great, and no Tibbett’s is present among Them. It which has given something, strong contradicting the Life Doctrine - is also from darkness. In Tibet there is a Black Brotherhood. All reasoning’s about Hierarchy of Light at the basis of the is pseudo-sophistication. About Hierarchy by us It is given, why to look for it where there is no She Light. Data on S. Jermen are incorrect. I claim that the tolerance isn\'t cooperation with darkness and there is no its admission in the middle of light undertakings. When with your prayer the dark comes to your temple, a grief not distinguished; therefore Specify, where darkness, let show understanding to the events. The last division can to appear for someone fatal. Correctly raise theosophy against A.B. The persisting tells: \"Come round, for the present not late. Understand, into what jungle of a contradiction came\". Really want that the Lord from them was averted.</p>\n<p>121. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, I see, both I feel, and I know. That, we will fight. We are very strong, when together. On consequences you will see power of the generated reasons. We now generate them and our integrated force we pour in in an execution wheel. Those, two, against our force won\'t resist. A.B. from pages of the collection it is necessary to clean, the right, will be more useful to give a place to our friends.</p>\n<p>122. (Guru). The loner soldier - such itself consider. For you we, both the Lord, and the Brotherhood, and near isn\'t present anybody on whom could rely quietly, knowing that at the difficult moment don\'t leave. Both want, and aspire, and thirst to help, but the flesh is ailing, and the spirit, and in need leave usually is weak. As if any Law in the most difficult moment of life forces to conduct fight by the uniform beginning of spirit and alone the full. Be strong one. Be strong always.</p>\n<p>123. (March 22). Pay attention to how the Word My lights up consciousness Light and as it is gradually put out the light at contact with life in the conditions of the dense. It also is process of repayment by fire of heart of surrounding imperfection. Truly, in the life desert this Light an icon lamp will be, but the sun ascends every morning, and every morning the Lord Sends the Light, that to feed an icon lamp. But also you learn aspiration rhythmical and constant as sunrise that Light wash heart could apprehend. Without a food by Light heart will go out because surrounding imperfection strong absorbs it. The feat of execution of light is hard because the darkness is great. In beat following the Lord, against darkness you win obviously. My children, coming off in consciousness the Lord, you lose light and dim there is everything that with a dense wall you were surrounded. But it is constant in the Beam of feeling; you moderate rage of the darkness which has surrounded you. As if I Speak about one, all about the same, and I Repeat one. But not it, and the statement, and every year the new adjournment (stratifications) new, forming the increased crystal gives repetition. It isn\'t necessary to be confused before complexity of life because what to do, the Decree Is given. You have other purpose, to reach with not spilled Bowl Us and who judgment you, with to bring.</p>\n<p>124. In anticipation of a New Year Hochu Ukazat that fiery work Is planned by me for you. We transfer it to open spaces terrestrial. Think of nothing a limit. Responsibility is great for it. Therefore are inevitable a tests. Who will resist remains and will continue the way. Who won\'t sustain, will depart and will go the road. Tests won\'t slow down. You have already certificates obvious results appendices of the fiery energy strengthened by a circle. Understanding of it gives strength to a hand. Work shouldn\'t be looked for: life itself for another will put one result. It is necessary to separate only them on urgency and importance degree. These are tasks not yours, these are our tasks, yours I Mine. Therefore my help you will urgently have. Lords Work not for the sake of Themselves. You work also for Business of the Lord. Also your power in annexes to life will grow. Yes, you such as everything, but are marked out by Light. Consider to work for Business of the Lord by happiness. Look at them: they work for themselves and for the sake of themselves or for the sake of someone, and you for the sake of the Lord and for the sake of him. Noise of day vanity fills in your consciousness, and you Me call in affairs and there will be we together because vanity becomes silent and the darkness when your call reaches Me recedes and the consciousness is ready to reveal to Light towards. Fire press, Me call that My Beam was included into all your statements. Force of a circle of a bike if it is applied it is conscious and with understanding. The success is provided, if with Me. I send Blessing on the planned way.</p>\n<p>125. Proclamation sent Mother Agni Yoga is to Earth. I showed courage of the devoted heart, not frightened to cause on fight of power of darkness. My son, the accord it is difficult because of a difference in vibrations of Wednesday, you people around, and Us. Therefore it is better to transfer consciousness to the Tower. I will sate my Word with the fiery force that there was it a hammer breaking darkness, a lightning piercing a gloom, a sword sparkling spirit. Know that words can be saturated my power. You in the word put the force, and I — the Power. But those, who murmur, no those force of the word have. We from the Sky Called fire from Space. We Gave you in hands Fire. Words as fiery shells, cut layers of the atmosphere and thought with themselves bear. But the mere words deprived of fiery thought. Therefore to catch my Thought and to invest it words, Fire means to catch and to conclude in the His form — as though crystallization of a spatial flame. This work is hard, demands, besides everything, assimilation of My Fiery Beam. The Beam the centers assimilate. They have to be slightly opened to any degree. Roughness of dense conditions strongly disturbs. But found in it those to overcome forces will be the winner powerful. Therefore there are so much tension and efforts it is required to put almost every time before the wire with Me starts working. Rejoice to these difficulties because your power grows, them overcoming. You can note today as the darkness strains to prevent a vospriyatiya. Be glad also to it because unification with Me you win against it. — Light to extinguish the darkness purpose from Me proceeding, which in you. But to Light We Won\'t allow dying away. At diligence and the help of darkness it will inflame everything brighter. As the bottom of Light the darkness will serve us. From here — her powerless rage both new tricks and shifts. You left that darkness to win, hands against My sparkling sword, and on a forehead — the winner (My sign is traced). Organism saturation by the Beam goes incessantly, but is realized most brightly at the moments of dialogue. The purpose — to make understanding is to constants. It also will be prestanding uninterrupted before the Lord of Light. Yes! Yes! Yes! Would go, despite everything, what thoughts flew to the head. Thoughts will come and will leave, and I will remain with you. And feelings will come and will leave, and people, put (them), and everything that you surrounds. But I won\'t leave, and you won\'t leave, and there will be we together serge. Rejoice, the son, Proximity of Light. It is not at all. And let the Word My with you will arrive.</p>\n<p>126. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, time came, prepare to that to direct all efforts on service to Lord. In this consciousness also expect the Decree which will come. In the Beam you it and the Decree won\'t slow down.</p>\n<p>127. (March 23). The number of happiness approved by Me, starts working. Here and the decision I made. It is already good. Here already and terms came. Everything will develop accurately and simply. But it is necessary to be to term of departure ready and not to delay any more then. Your destiny I Take in hand. I advance events, clarity I Give understanding of proximity of terms and Specify in readiness to be, aura having come off a hahch nest. Predictions come true. You have the right to choose the way and desire to reveal hearts. To Me it will help to move you into the future in the accord full. Arrival of terms and you intended to terms, puts in conditions of commensurability immutable with everything that to conformably Decree. The decree My go is. Adopt to execution the Decree, but wait for instructions further, concrete. Promptly terms go, events, but not for eyes of strangers rush. There is no justification to a biennial delay. It is necessary to correct now. Yes! Yes! I understand, but it is a pity for missed time. More trust should be had to our Words. I weave threads an event into is necessary pattern. It is very difficult and very beautiful, and your patterns of your spirit I interweave into it. Everything that was against, everything will be for. So your life will turn back the fairy tale and there is other. You at this time aspiration to Me strain to strengthen affairs. Your fate is forged mutually: you and Me, in the accord full. But the will is free to solve. Give Me the desire, aspiration and future yours. I will weave from them the best combinations of threads. But in will indulge my will free and voluntary. The accord is approved by will free. No! Delays any more won\'t be. Streams will promptly merge events. Year New to you bears new life. It is so much hope, it is so much expectation, it is so much works and fight, and there comes desired time. Whether you are ready to meet it? Gift I will allow to see, but even before manifestation partial you will have. The essence of all written down doesn\'t correspond to understanding of reality because everything is understood to yesterday measure. New measures will measure time of terms of the come conditions of others, unusual and strange. Our time came, friends, your time, native, that holiday on your street about which It (wrote Mother of A.Y.). I give understanding of new conditions. Rejoice, children, a burning dawn. Rejoice terms to arrival. Rejoice that are predicted fairy tale (already) is included into life for you. You waited for it and worked. On works receive.</p>\n<p>128. My friend, it is necessary to learn to meet messages in a disbalance the full: both good, and bad, both joyful, and sad. For this purpose consciousness preparation, i.e. training and the will order is required.</p>\n<p>129. To them tell: in My cares incessantly about all of them I am baked. All of them are necessary. But the proximity to Us let now approve, when Affairs of the Lord in need. Wonderful opportunities in hands are given them, manage let to grasp them. And you will help them, but also they let show desire and force the work to bring for Business of the Lord and Business of the Lord to put above all put that life gives them to execution. I rejoice, Seeing when in them light of aspiration burns. Let heart maintain it.</p>\n<p>130. (March 24). (M.W.). It, to the Lord, I Sent Light brings (to Earth) and Will Terms to execute. Their beams, to Seven, Sent by me, this Day World my Force become. Festival of Light it we Call, the Festival of Hierarchy of Light. And We on the Far Star it everything Take part in the Holiday because Hierarchical it is the Holiday, Universal because to your Earth we Send My Light charges.</p>\n<p>131. The tradition says that the Holiday this It is established by Us long ago, long ago. Let\'s call it’s the solar- sidereal. Life wins against death. And this Holiday of triumphing Life and Light is the Festival of Hierarchy. This day statements of Light are strong. Our Beams on planet open spaces because there comes the equinox moment, i.e. balance of two beginnings. And then in its central point it is possible to turn the lever of a current of the phenomena in any part of the world and darkness. This Day We Light Approve also it’s beginning on a going cycle of year. In powerful associations of all forces Light Creator My in consciousness of Great Action this Day light dawn, merging in one with all whom with Us goes. We Plan a way of a tide of life of the planetary. This year will bring unknown shifts in consciousness of people. Strains light in efforts victorious, strains the leaving darkness! By victories new for happiness of people we Approve year going we. We Approve spirit, both happiness number, and the Banner of Lord Maitreya. Hello to you, native, from our light it is far. Our range not far off, not behind dales, but is beyond the Stronghold, and the spirit directed there, will sweep away sides of space, and We become closer. At the beginning of a going cycle we will approve our proximity mutually, we will approve our communication, we will approve aspiration to Light that the cycle coming pulled together us more. And not for you and for Us, but for them, to Light gone blind, this Proximity is necessary. We also will think have them heart because it is very dark, and people need Light. Let\'s begin this year with thought of how we have more the Lord to help his Light to approve on Earth among peoples</p>\n<p>132. Write, the friend. Friends, this day it is necessary to remember all those who strives for Light, about those who below, and those who above to unite all standing on the Ladder of Light, and hello to send them, far and close (friends). The word the friend and friends replaces to us the word another. One of the future, another is from a past. We go to the future; both the word the friend and friends let will be to us the word calling under the Banner of the Lord, under the Banner of friendship and unity of all people of the Earth in the light of Lord Maitreya.</p>\n<p>133. (March 25). Spirit flights! In aura of spirit it is possible to fly — the rarest achievement. But the threshold shown by thought is very important. Even not to raise a hand if not to premise thought of it. Even to a step not to make. People began to fly, having premised creating thought of possibility of these flights. As well flights in aura of spirit demand understanding of this opportunity and the thoughts premised strong. The thought lays a way to achievement. Here the thought of the friend far flashed, here to the friend sent hello. Both the thought reaches, and the friend if it is thin and able to see, can see the person sent to the friend hello. The separated parts of spirit work. To fly about the world thought - means to fly about it in the spirit of. And when process goes deep and becomes more fiery, little by little, and at the beginning — partially, begins realize flight. The phenomenon of divisibility of spirit should be considered thus. The sent and separated particles of spirit, its energy work. When flying in aura of spirit the consciousness is completely transferred to spirit and in the spirit of flies is achievement the highest. To the purpose of any travel conducts any way. It should be passed. As and to the purpose of flights in spirit aura conducts a way of gradual and consecutive achievements. To Us greetings and parcels to friends, the help spatial too far and close people are directed in the Stronghold, mental flights on planet open spaces — all this conducts to the same purpose and prepare consciousness to flights in aura of spirit. To the Distant Worlds the aspiration to the same purpose conducts. So, all types of a fiery brainwork, creative imagination and the spatial help to people lead to possibility of these flights. The spirit and consciousness to object, a place or point of aspiration is instantly transferred and felt there as subjects, plants, animals or people unconsciously. But the sensitive device could to find impact of energiya of the directed spirit on everything to what it is directed in distant or near flight. Even the simple thought instantly connects a thinker to object of the thought the channel shown. When you speak about dark and their victims or assistant, often and at once you are exposed from their party to small pricks, stings and attempts to do much harm because you create the channel, connecting yourself to object of the thought. Speaking about them is circumspect. But not about them speech! About the fire spirit, wings found, I with you Want to Speak! It is difficult to fly in the beginning to a young eaglet. But wings grow, and with them and forces. Becomes distant weeds! Study, study! You study on everything, always, every day to multiply the force that fiery to make all essence.</p>\n<p>134. It is possible to think that Bozhiye\'s similarity in the person can be expressed in spirit omnipresence, i.e. that the spirit can feel or present itself instantly everywhere where he wants, and in itself to carry away impression of a place and time.</p>\n<p>135. (M.A.Y.). Enclose your aspiration in accurate forms, and heart enclose in them, and life. The Lord Told that it is necessary issue the desires at the time of approach of terms. Desire and plans you’re, coordinated from Desire the Lord, will find the powerful force of implementation. Under stone lying water doesn\'t flow, it is necessary to issue desire. The coordinated will — is force. At first the will be coordinated in itself, i.e. display a unicorn of aspiration, then this not scattered on the parties and in a contradiction the monolithic aspiration will be coordinated in full harmony with the Plan of Lords and the Decree of the Lord, and implementation of dream directed then follows. Approach of terms means an embodiment of the Great Plan in further forms when the spirits intended to terms, become in places for a life performance of the mission. The moment is very considerable, and accord of desires of consciousness with Consciousness of the Lord will play a crucial role. To the lord pleasure to grant your desire if it is conformable with the Plan Great because where they, consciousnesses, sconsonance to the Plan? From here and the value of all of those who knows and to Us it is directed. I will tell still something: \"About all of you the care also is that will be possible for you where head to bend\".</p>\n<p>136. (Guru). You see often in public as break off their unrestrained energy storming, in yourself you can\'t operate them, and it is necessary. So every day the force approving in practice, the power approve the over itself. As the Teacher Will give to you the Strength if you still didn\'t learn to possess own force. Means, self-mastering grants the right to Forces of the Teacher of Light. The care to energy of the spirit indicates its understanding values. Therefore It is told that to the having it will be given, and at not having, i.e. chiseled it, that has will be taken away also. The zealous host of spirit the Teacher Wants to See each of you. We were charged for you before It, us to It approached and if the approached forgot as well as through whom it approached to the Teacher of Light, it is impossible to tell already that appreciation possesses much. I rejoice, seeing understanding of and the show incommensurability. Appreciation to call you on a meal of life will be oil for your lamps.</p>\n<p>137. Certainly, to us inventions dark aren\'t terrible, but demand energy on neutralization them. Some phenomena can\'t be destroyed differently as with the consent of those who generated them. From here pledge, paternoster, or the mental protection of the phenomenon. They can extend on a number of the phenomena. Forces protecting them are various and depend on a pledge fieryful. The beam of special function works by the same principle, bearing in itself the order of the consciousness radiating it given for put term. It is a lot of secrets in Arhat\'s life. Imitation the Teacher in everything enters consciousness into an orbit of its actions. To power of fiery aspiration nothing barrier! Force of a circle gives strength of implementation of the conceived phenomenon. That two or three will ask in the Name My, that should be. It is told: \"Child! Dare! «But it is better to dare, knowing a way of execution of aspirations. The law of the accord is powerful. The law of the accord is deep. The law of the accord moves life (display). Direct to the accord with Us.<br />\nIf We Begin to sound on your wave or a wave narrow-minded, what advantage in that? But your accord on our wave moves world evolution. So be in the accord with Us always, and your life becomes other.</p>\n<p>138. (March 26). And there comes moment of life of the pupil when the tide of life on all plans in coordination coincides in coherence full. It is preceded by coherence of its microcosm in monolithic aspiration to unification with the Lord of Light. The phenomenon of life dense faces in the direction of aspiration of will and consciousness. The way is covered with the phenomena of executions of fiery desires, and all of luminous intensity and darkness others start serving it voluntary — owing to things. The formula \"nowadays forces heavenly with us it is invisible serve\" becomes a life formula. Former, difficult and heavy stage when everything was against and everything counteracted spirit and burdened it is passable, and the way of implementation of dream fiery begins. It too is hard because space counteraction of elements should be overcome and spatial work becomes way of day. Its orbit extends gradually, seizing all new and new spheres. Spatial Light and Fire is brought by spirit to Earth and transferred to spheres it. Service becomes planetary and spatial. Work becomes complicated that the mission of life planned by the Lord enters the period of its ardent implementation. The burden is great, but the ardent spirit isn\'t confused it because knows that the fiery potential of its power is inexhaustible. It goes a formula \"everything I can do for the sake of the Lord (and in his glory)\". And the forces multiplies, and its forces grow, and fiery directed to the purpose great victoriously there is it through life, executing Will the Send. Will Send execution — finds the spirit betrayed to the Lord in it the highest happiness. And the Lord pleasure finds messages the heart directed in the full accord. This pleasure mutually grows, doesn\'t turn yet into pleasure space, not saddened by breath of the dense world. The consciousness seeks to join completely Plans of the Lord and to become their integral part. Truly, life when the magic staff of spirit hand wave suddenly starts operating a tide of life becomes the fairy tale then. So coherence of essence of all microcosm of spirit leads to three-plan coordination of life in all its manifestations. Tensely and powerfully bears then fate the spirit appointed to terms to execution of Orders of the Hierarch. The instructions showing expression of that purpose for the sake of which in this embodiment the spirit came to Earth. My hand in all actions your, made in the Name My, also is great your force, and great depth of your happiness is.</p>\n<p>139. (M.A.Y.). Show appreciation of the Guru for everything that you have through him. Appreciation — wings for spirit. He loves you though it is severe. It gave a ring to you and in the light of you claimed. It the Messenger was for you. Name it on the Board of the Lord we will lift, and it you will approve. Your assignment is intimate. Proximity to us it is feasible. Its success depends on proximity of this. Therefore, strength of spirit strains that to strengthen Proximity. We to proximity of this are open by the beams directed to you. Now it is necessary to approve it on your coast, as an abutment of the bridge connecting our consciousnesses. Represent tension due in aspiration to the accord with us and time find for it. Also remember only means, only a way of performance of mission of your life by you. Not we, but to you need it that our force you became strong. The treasure of energy and heart treasure the forces send you for association them in your spirit for the power appendix, this connection given rise, to that the Lord Charged to you. Severity of a reality! Severity is not moderation and callousness, but expediency and commensurability. As the whirlwind will sweep away houses of cards, so your beam of our beams integrated will be in the light of Beam of the Lord to sweep away everything arising on a way of implementation of Will Lord. But the accord full with the Guru, with me and the Lord is necessary. And then you will be strong the fiery force of our integrated hearts. This step of a fiery conducts to execution of fiery thoughts and desires. With thoughts be careful. To what burden itself with execution of dreams passing. Before your Business of the Lord, to It all efforts direct. I rejoice, seeing as consciously you deepen the desirable accord with Heart Great. Remember: \"To them all of us - one, and you including, unseparable\". This force we also will create that is necessary by the Word of the Lord.</p>\n<p>140. (Guru). My friend, follow through life as the hero, because we you. Remember in your speech creating \"we\" more often. \"I\" too poorly and a little, replace it \"we\" when \"we\" is spoken in consciousness full of value creating \"we\", you are strong then our force. Strong you I want to make, to life sending on a feat. Weak heart, on small \"I\" leaning, not strongly, but powerful becomes heart force creating \"we\", and powerful there is a will. And so the will you can increase in claiming \"we\", us calling in affairs.</p>\n<p>141. (Guru). The will becomes stronger a rhythm and, especially, a communication rhythm, or with us contact. Undertakings ours it is necessary to enter a rhythm into everything. I speak about work. It should be noted to enter a rhythm and into that fiery work which with you there began the Lord. You approve it by a rhythm. Let everyone from you will establish the individual rhythm, most to it suitable, but let will establish. The scattered , casual, spasmodic efforts on the sledkstviye are equal to zero, though forces are spent for them. But the rhythm, even small, consequences gives the obvious. To Preuspeekta rhythm. In beat the will grows as a flower, the watered it is regular. You will break a rhythm — and the flower will dry up. Honor to work for Light and Hierarchy. Rhythm is a way of the appendix of this work.</p>\n<p>142. The stone given by us for execution of certain tasks has a counterbalance in the Stone hidden, wearable Light Carrier in a breast. Which is more important how you think if they identical force? But if the Stone of the Distant Star is stronger, it strengthens the Stone invisible to degree of the lightful.</p>\n<p>143. (March 26). (M.W.). The son of Light in space where Light reigns, finds again to himself the eternal Homeland, the spirit Homeland, and happiness to be in Light free from bonds, both chains, and covers of the dense world. Everything is close in it and is conformable, and free thought, merging with light, creates. Return to open spaces native is happiness for spirit. Creativity of spirit is the highest happiness in Space Spheres: \"I\" - No, am only \"we\" and \"they\", the conformable spirits which have been harmoniously distributed on beams. In my Beam being approved, the place prepares for itself the spirit directed to the Star of Mother of the World far, far, but close for those who it accepted the Beam. Accords the mighty Law operates Light phenomenon. It having approved on Earth in application wise, in space prepares for itself the destiny spirit, for the Far Worlds the directed. And the happiness finds to itself, and the Homeland again finds. \"Great Mater, I give You heart and the thoughts, on fires directed in the spirit accord with You\".</p>\n<p>144. (March 27). It is necessary to sow in fixed time as and it is necessary to throw seeds of new opportunities into run wave. Time of the beginning of the New Cycle gives this opportunity. If to pass it, sickly shoots will rise. The new song on broad lands of the country is born. But this song is from spirit. The song of the risen spirit we will call it. The spirit fell down, nowadays it wakens everywhere on open spaces of the Great Country. Supported by Powers of Light, it will sound freely and powerfully.</p>\n<p>145. (M.A.Y.). Events to the uniform course of implementation of the Great Plan merge. Join It and streamlets of your life. Execution of will of terms is implementation of the Great Plan. Precipitancy will be a sign of this time, - and unexpectedness of the streams rising by a surfaces of life. They weren\'t visible, but here the current directed them on a surface. The lord enters everything into a stream and so that knew the moment and understood essence of the events that in readiness and foreknowing meet could go time. Also couldn\'t tell that didn\'t know and weren\'t aware of events. So gradually adjust consciousness on a demanded wave to meet going happiness it is conformable.</p>\n<p>146. (Guru). Friends, the Magnet of Spirit of the Lord will bring together you in due time and where you should be. Call will sound at the right time, and a nice ear in readiness of its signs. Lines of a magnetic attraction start working, amplifying gradually. Force of an attracting Magnet is moved towards by the spirit appointed to terms. Terms, terms, terms go, collecting spirits conformable. We in a pressure extraordinary, because our time came! This tension is transferred also to you, and you feel proximity of that approaches. It is so much preparation, and here day comes. Whether we are ready to meet it? Readiness of a material order — the turn and not so is important. I speak about readiness of spirit. Whether you are ready?</p>\n<p>147. To isolate aura from influences of people, radiations shouldn\'t be directed it to them needlessly. Each word turned to other person, opens aura to it and substitutes it under reciprocal influence, as well as thoughts, and feelings. From here is advantage of silence, not judgment and movement repayment in an astral. From here is and retaliation. All surrounding shows resistance to the directed spirit, from here is and environment counteraction to each new effort of spirit. And main is thing, from here and darkness resistance. The spirit standing still or receding back, doesn\'t meet this counteraction. Therefore so easily there is a process of falling of spirit. But the spirit ascending at a step of kindle of fires, ardent counteraction from everywhere meets. Especially it is always strong there is the first pressure of a counter wave because it is necessary to overcome, to crown it all, inertness of elements and to force their substance to vibrate in unison with will and aura of the showing action of spirit. Action is equal to counteraction. When this last is overcome, it is possible to move further. At obvious burning of fires it is better to be closed even from relatives that not to substitute a sacred flame under blow. Relatives can contain not everything that is given you through Communication with the Teacher of Light. Not containment of relatives means resistance, maybe, often not the conscious. Therefore it is sometimes better to be silent. From here Council: \"To cover spirit fires\". Inexperience wants to share immediately everything that receives, but the skilled traveler gives Light received from the Teacher only after assimilation of the received. Then harm can be avoided. Otherwise the return reaction is inevitable. It is very painful because a fortune of the devastated treasury makes covers the empty. It is necessary to be able to distribute received treasures wisely. As well containing, even in the absence of a contradiction, can harm. As to small children, gradually and in a known order, the spiritual food is given. To give everything — means to destroy. The full disclosure of consciousness means his vulnerability. Anyone will enter into the doors opened wide open. Restraint is approved as the best way of protection. Garrulity and verbosity are condemned because all burden of consequences them bears on it condemned. For experience it is possible to try to spend at least one day so that not to tell any excess or unnecessary word.<br />\nThe devastated effigy the talker among the neighbors and surrounding it, as well as the one who gave out received from the Teacher before term goes! It is necessary to tell on consciousness that it not feather to burden. Commensurability often suffers, and it is necessary to pay right there. Wisely manage to distribute.</p>\n<p>148. (M.A.Y.). Everything is told. It is necessary to wait for force accumulation. Excess conversations it is possible to degauss opportunities. At full understanding from the interlocutor it lights up light and the light strengthens the speaking. It also will be fruitful transfer of light both mutual strengthening and support.</p>\n<p>149. (Guru). The condition of their constant restraint, as if a bridle, a strong hand will be the best method of preservation of strength of mind from dispersion. The heat of a fiery racer restrains.</p>\n<p>150. (March 29). You look at each event and shift as on a step of approach of Epoch Maitreya. This time will come and goes steadily. Therefore, everything that is made in time, is immutable approaches are predicted Light. And raising of coming day everyone the sun by approach considers approaches of My Day. On a decline you look as at a symbol of a leaving Era. The old sun sets that the new sun ascended. These days will be marked by fast change of events. The surprise will be a key. In it grains of opportunities new are hidden. Breath them you I Fan that you could enter into the building of the New World. In advance know about that, what understanding of a karma going the put commensurability. Also look who is close and the accord is marked out. On degree of my Proximity also you judge. They judge on newspaper sheets, and you - by the Word of the Lord. And the Word will specify on time when that should be. Reins of events in strong Hands, in the Hand of Lord Maitreya! What it is necessary to you now? To be in the accord full with everything that conducts to an embodiment in life of it is precepted fairy tale. Pages of the strange story are developed by relentless fate, relentless, but the best because it is given to the best country. The reality will surpass all your courageous expectations because considerable you will become witnesses. To you intended to terms, in hands I Give keys from understanding of going events because events and terms are connected closely. Those are uncontrollably involved in them who judgment to terms. The magnet will work powerfully, crumpled all interfering and clearing away an inalterability way. In a united full with Me come going time. Unification we will meet counteraction of external conditions. And where you will go to the Name My and Name mine you will demand, the phenomena, people and stars will incline there before Will Mine. We will win against star your karma merges full with Me because My time comes.</p>\n<p>151. (Guru). Difficulty will be not in how settle on a new place, and that the consciousness human is a little ready to accept M; here gifts this readiness and it will be necessary to create. It isn\'t enough to distribute gifts and insufficiently if there is nothing to give. Care of how to find a shave through heart to consciousness. It is possible to distribute generously, but what if gift isn\'t accepted? It is necessary to show sharpness to cause clarity in heart. After all it is necessary to learn to speak words of to whom the word is turned. After all the thought has to be expressed clearly, simply, briefly and accurately, and the main thing, to comprise situation that everything becomes for this purpose, \"that to you it was good\". It will approach a practicality and applicability of the Doctrine in life. Can leave complexity of understanding, simplicity, both usefulness, and clarity of the Doctrine should be given to people, - any abstractness’s, any reasoning’s. Everything is given that to you it was good. Don\'t cause pain to another. It is necessary to explain that radiations of suffering aura direct to the sphere around and influence on people around, and most heavily the one who causes pain. Therefore the heart causing to the neighbor pain can\'t be happy. Where someone suffers, there the burden of radiations of suffering auras is born on themselves by all. About happiness of all mankind the Teacher Thinks. At the best minds of the World care not about itself, but about people and about the benefit of all mankind. Under everything clear and accurate psychophysical laws are brought not abstract and moral, but. Abstractness’s aren\'t present a place in future constructions. Everything occurs here — on Earth. But, doing it and so arriving, you accumulate the highest knowledge, the most distinguished, the most intimate because will grow and to it, but the main thing — simplicity, clearness, brevity and a lucidity of mind and, of course, words. That is told on consciousness, crashes into it as the knife in oil, and becomes its part and already own property listening. Will come, and will listen, manage to specify. Know a little, Knowledge should manage to be reported in the form of the available. Abstract philosophizing we reject. It is necessary to speak even more shortly. It is the Decree of the Lord for life.</p>\n<p>152. (March 30). See in the evidence available to an eye and a brain, reality, to them inaccessible, and, having seen, you hold it. Otherwise Maya will hide it. To accept as inalterability reality of the begun shifts and in consciousness of it wait. Rage of darkness is caused by its hopelessness because the way to the future is cleared away. When charges of Light are passed to dense spheres, resistance by it strong is supported by darkness. You are receivers of light energiya; the darkness also falls upon you. On the one hand, it is necessary to accept, with another — to protect that is accepted, from violation by darkness. Each spiritual lifting and light strengthening inside causes evil rage. The main opposition to the evil happens contrary to the influences creeping from the Thin World. In dense they try too, but with thin more difficult to fight, and it is more difficult to distinguish it. Knowledge tries to cover with a stupor of denial and to interrupt with that communication with Me. See the shaggy hand given from darkness that to cut your thinking from Me (from Mine) and to collect a plentiful harvest.</p>\n<p>153. (March 31.). Children my, beloved children, you are close on devotion, love and your aspiration. The more faithfully, the closer, the directed, the closer, the more love, the closer. So the Proximity is approved by heart. The Proximity is nowadays approved. When It was spoken about love to the Highest, the shortest way Was specified. And you succeed love. It would seem, the invisible, intangible feeling — and all life at the heart of becomes perfect other. Let\'s be solemnly, is directed, sacred to raise this feeling to the Teacher of Light. With this feeling we while the fire won\'t fill in it us will grow and won\'t merge with the Flame of Great Heart. My children, love flare and light you create which is lit by love.</p>\n<p>154. (M.A.Y.). Correctly you feel that we should become now as it is possible more closely to each other, and also to the Lord. Time came, and it demands unification strong, close, not the shake any whirlwinds of the outside world, its conditions and circumstances. Everything will aspire to that it to break unification. But it is necessary to stand, as the rock. At relatives look how their rough and thin contacts of life shake. On them see as it isn\'t necessary to answer them, and, having learned, it is possible to teach them also. It is possible to teach and teach to that only in what you will succeed. Otherwise is not doctrine and destruction. The word which hasn\'t been applied on own experience in life is unconvincing. For life preparing, seek to approve itself by Doctrine application in life. Each application of the principles of the Doctrine inside deposits a crystal of the applied energy of the thought, being a basis of fires approved in a microcosm. Accumulation of these fires causes disclosure of the centers. So Doctrine application in life is a way of fiery yoga. The love to the Lord gives aspiration to ardent application in life of the Decrees Its. Therefore I Speak: \"Succeed strong love\".</p>\n<p>*155. (M.A.Y.). The spontaneity, clearness and definiteness of Decrees and Councils are defined by Proximity to us and the Lord. Difficulty in that a message and at the same time not break a karma. Only when the going and Conducting are so merged and connected strong that the Teacher Assumes going a karma, only then instructions become such with what would like to have each conducted. In the Doctrine they are given the general, regardless of the one who applies them. In case of an apprenticeship there are they individual, amplifying in this feature more and more in process of rapprochement of consciousnesses. The phenomenon of an apprenticeship includes the management direct with the exact instruction in certain cases how to arrive. Now the Decree Is allowed to suit relatives closer to approach the management. So on time of terms understanding of the Leading Hand amplifies also. Through us approached, through us and come nearer.</p>\n<p>156. (Guru). Who wants to be with us and with the Lord that has to create a basis for proximity of this now? And if now it thoughts with us and heart and if in the future to us doesn\'t change and with us arrives, and then, having dumped a body, will lawfully and simply be attracted to us and there will be it with us. After all it is told clearly: \"Where you’re treasure, there and your heart\". The treasure of Heart of the Lord your shelter becomes, your monastery, your Stronghold if now in your life terrestrial you strongly approve it by the affairs, the words, the thoughts, the feelings and aspiration, and is still told: \"That you will connect on Earth, it will be connected in Heavens\", in other words, that claim in the heart on Earth, will be approved for you in World Aboveground by law the accord and compliances. The one who chased Maya illusive visions, remains with them, i.e. with anything but who the life basis delivered to the Lord, that and will arrive with the Lord. To give all itself to the Lord, on service to Him and its Business, will be the guarantee of the Karma Elevated. So, consciously, own hands build the future the pupil. Any uncertainty, ambiguity, uncertainty disappear — we know where we go, and we trust the Lord. The last that is to trust, it is more difficult because bright evidence eclipses way clearness, and then tells the going: \"The Maya, recede\". The law is immutable, works precisely and definitely. Accords the Law is immutable, and the one who with us now, in the run-up to going events, that with us and will be then and always if holds a communication thread. Not easy to hold it and it is hard. Thousand hands reach for it to tear. If knew, how many crowds round you, evil – shifting to stop your way to the Lord. If saw only. But we also won\'t allow cutting you. But tests are inevitable. Strong holding us, you will pass them successfully, you will come off us — don\'t resist. In unification strong in the spirit of and heart all of us with you will reach.</p>\n<p>157. Were successful in silence of silence, in rooms of the inner self. There you will find possibility of communication with Me. There vanity noise calms down also. Anything on Earth not display to a star miracle is conformable - the sphere of elevated fires. There is nothing that in life usual it would be possible to consider indestructible. But the Teacher is unchangeable. </p>\n<p>158. (Apr. 1). With everything humility to Brad before you, because with humility is affairs are solved from Us. To Me not most, but to it to help! Changes aspire. Direct thought creative on realization of the next tasks! You are forced by will of destiny to withdraw yourself strong from these conditions. There is no time more to you to expect. Run of events advances your actions. You sort that already is. At first there are phenomena. I will specify. I will specify how in time to be. I will remove silence locks. I will establish other essence of forms of the presents. Everything I will change not on forms, but in essence. Form I won\'t touch; it is good, elastic, gives ample opportunities for the foreordained shifts. You out of work will be at affairs; you not in honor will be in honor, not for yourself, but for business. All will change in your life on wave of a magic staff soon. Firmly be guided by the Word My, On to the past don\'t judge. That was time not ours, and the holiday on our street didn\'t come yet. Now holiday! Rejoice. Going such strength to you gives also belief to the Lord, in Him that you will move mountains. If I trusted then, when not anything obvious, that as you will believe, when it will be? - Show understanding. Wait for execution of My words, belief have in them! And it is good that you doubt perceptions, differently would deceive the dark. To us with you now it is good, everything inures to advantage, and everything serves us because your time came. Counteractions will be, but will serve as support to affairs, as air for wings eagle. Power of the Right hand you will see Mine and My Voice you will hear, and it is confidence will give; having strengthened it is thousand fold. With Me only be unseparable in thoughts, affairs and words. Very difficultly in be with Me, as though from Me speaking. And speech then becomes other, others of the word and affairs. And in speech there will be no mistakes, and it becomes fiery. And Me you will replace in all that make yourself a hand. And you will change obviously, and you will show My Face. It is spent is so much My energiya on that there was you Will Lord’s executor. Cover the fire now from people because, having scented it, you won\'t lag behind and will in vain burden. There is no understanding of the events. When the foreordained will come, the mosquito the messenger will fly. Yu. not I wrote to preserve the events against dark hands, - will write soon. Everything will prepare for you, and the call will be. I will Stand behind you as Stood behind Darling. You operate will be in the accord full and ardent with Me. You passionately aspire to that and in it your force because it is strong Will Mine performance which will be ardent expression of your will. Creating Will the Send, power you find. But it is necessary to be unseparable with Me in affairs, both words, and thoughts, and feelings — in everything. So Specify!</p>\n<p>159. (Apr. 2). (M.A.Y.). Experiment will show that Communication can occur in during all life. The management should be able to combine submission with amateur performance wisely. Not clockwork figures, but employees. However, on changes and in special cases of the Instruction Flow plentifully, but in usual conditions of permanent job a lot of things depend on own sharpness. Too it is impossible to lean, feet will weaken and the will won\'t be developed. Bad habit in everything follows the tastes. It will deprive of an initiative, enterprise and a free will. It is necessary to stand on own feet, strong to stand. But the accord with the Leader will be expressed in the correct actions. Therefore, first of all, accord. Without it there is no cooperation. You appreciate employees with an initiative.</p>\n<p>160. (Guru). Proofs it isn\'t necessary. Address directly to heart. The aura will light reciprocal fires. With interchange light is so act with that that it is foreordained to you. There are a lot of them, will come much. Words won\'t suffice, but light and fire will suffice on all because the torch shines, without giving the luminosity, and fire lights fires, remaining in the integrity. It is necessary to learn to distribute wisely, differently will tear to pieces: will steal fires and will extinguish the lamp. Therefore don\'t allow an impetuous flare and treasure squandering. Light, but not the lamp is given, fire, but not a torch fiery, a flame the giving is given. It is difficult to save up, but it is hard to distribute wisely.<br />\n161. (M. W.). Construction of the New World on your Earth is in full accordance with the astro-physicist moment of a planet. It is a step Space. Builders are spokesmen of Space Will. Beams of the Highest Planets tensely participate in it. The great cause of Hierarchy of Light is created by Beams. And the benefit not knowing that create, but executing the Highest Will. Their merit is great. Leaders Know, but they don\'t know, builders that create. Combinations of Star Beams gave the best fate to the Country of the Best. Construction goes promptly in the accord with the indication of Stars. The consciousness of masses is under this influence. And We Help. All (Planetary) Hierarchy of our Solar System takes part in it. It is impossible to accelerate even more because the consciousness of masses lags behind, but the culmination came nearer to that stage when the material dense has to connect with hidden and spiritual. At this moment power of Hierarchy will be displayed Light. Winner light human will get into consciousness and will make in it revolution. It approaches uncontrollably. We are strained. The beam of understanding gets into conformable consciousnesses, and then the Appeal to full readiness of spirit replying on my Beam is distributed, and then is given the chance to rise in ranks of conscious space employees of Hierarchy of Light. Such each and all because they are performers of our instructions and Envoys (sent) ours. We will solve, you will carry out. The Highest Will is so carried out.</p>\n<p>162. Character of the current events will sharply change situation. Everywhere there will be the friends meeting halfway and helping with everything. Will receive and they are Instructions. There were they to you strangers — there are. Trust them in it. The new relation and new care you will meet from their party. They are servants yours, but not ill-wishers.</p>\n<p>163. About My God if to reach a decline, darkness without having increased.</p>\n<p>164. (M.A.Y.). I with you always! Wait for a message. Be joyful pleasure of spirit. Life becomes the fairy tale wonderful. Yes! Yes! Everything I tell in future time, because the future the life engine, and in the future all. And we always go forward only future. In the past everything is burned for fiery yoga. You will be a hero. I will be proud of you. You don\'t know the forces, how an elephant young. I will increase your opportunities repeatedly. We with you should make so much. Be Arhat your appointment. Your future is cast in a form, it is necessary to enter into it the accord. It that is is in the Plan Lords as Its harmonious part. The news will be winged — will give wings to you, pleasure wings. In our World all is possible. The country of the carried-out and carried-out opportunities we call him. Dare! We will help an aspiration from our World where everything is possible, these opportunities to transfer to yours. This way carries out ideas in the world of forms dense, in the world your terrestrial. Dare on unattainable because all is achievable. The dense environment submits to fiery thought, fiery will and takes the form of a fiery prototype of fiery thought. The fiery thought is carried out.</p>\n<p>165. (Apr. 3). They standing on a stage that they know about the regal power of spirit. The power is given only in hands of the winner of the world. The power is over a matter and combinations of combinations in its phenomena the life. They occupy presidential chairs, leaning on the illusive power, but the yogi unknown in a cave far in mountains inaccessible — the holder of a victory over the world and the authorities over it. \"Also He Spoke as having the power\" — was so told about the Savior. He Won against the World. Very few people thought that this victory consisted in a victory of fiery thought over a matter and display in ability to create its desirable forms in all three worlds. Thought victory is to it also I Call, on its Specify and that fiery work, about which already I Spoke and will be the approach beginning to this regal power. It which didn\'t have anything, Had this power. They having everything, have nothing, because this power in the spirit of. It is given that, and a measure full who entirely gives itself on service to Light and not the will creates, but will of the Highest, and not for the sake of itself and in the Name, but for the sake of the Lord. You look how they come to the power and as to an oblivion go. Losing everything that has. And, the deprived authorities terrestrial again become that, who were earlier, the ordinary people not allocated with the power. But to our power come and taken in hand, her owner remains both in life, and in death, which isn\'t present. But, having dumped a body and in the spirit of having remained, it can continue the power and display in the sizes which not haven\'t been limited to conditions of the dense world. This power consists in spirit creativity. It is available and display in all worlds. Invisible, hidden, it gives the chance to operate a current of dense events, making out them energy of fiery will. So, approving an invisible form and introducing it on Wednesday of material conditions, it is possible to set in the motion Law Wheel, the Wheel of Executions. And the created form is realized. The Plan of Evolution of life Is so created by us. We Cut down it in substance of elements. It is carried out is immutable on spaces of your Earth. It having joined and his heart having accepted, it is possible to create the fiery power with It in the accord full. And your power will grow because you will be supported by us. Creating Will the Send, unless you don\'t feel Power of these words and force, in them concluded. Way to this power accepts in the accord with Will of the Lord. It is possible to start exercising the will, having begun with affairs small. Great always grows from the small. I told I Will put you at sources of events that could manage all affairs. You didn\'t know then, what not about the power terrestrial I Speak, but about the spirit power. The savior too wanted to see the ordinary tsar, - terrestrial and with a crown! And, truly, there was he the tsar, but the tsar of spirit. So regal spirit is invested by the higher authority of which hands human won\'t be able to allocate it and We, in the Stronghold far. We Know how to govern to Earth and a tide of life terrestrial to direct according to an evolution stream. Everyone, come nearer to Us and concerned consciously our Orbit, enters into it and gradually starts gaining those qualities and properties which his Teacher owns. The pupil is potential expression of qualities of the Teacher which it begins display more and more in process of the advance forward and approximations to the Teacher of Light. To some extent it itself shows shape it, its Light in itself display. The ultimate goal is determined by a formula — \"You are gods\" to which understanding conducts an ascending way of spirit.</p>\n<p>166. It is necessary to be approved in inalterability and depth of concept of a all-achievement. In time all is achievable. Between a goal and a starting point of consciousness any interval of time lies. With Boundlessness this piece, whatever long it was, it nevertheless final and is small. But the spirit is boundless therefore everything is achievable if the purpose and spirit is set resolved the purposes to reach. In time even the mountain can be transferred handfuls. In time everything is achievable. There is no such god, who once wasn\'t a person and didn\'t pass on steps of evolution of life, as though it was high.</p>\n<p>167. (M.A.Y.). To show aspiration in achievement of everything that wants spirit. Throw threads it out of limits of one life. Strong tie itself to a chariot of Hierarchy of Light, having torn off ropes terrestrial. On the ground it is necessary to go firmly, but why by all means with weights standing or having tied itself to the dense world. To free spirit is to fly more freely. It is good if aura you can come off not only a hatched nest, but also any conditions terrestrial. It is good if, leaving a body; it is possible to tell it: \"It isn\'t connected by anything\". Nowadays approve the freedom from the power of terrestrial gravitations. And when approve it, spirit freedom, and then only it is possible to tell: \"All is permitted\". The measure of permissiveness is a measure of freedom of spirit from coherence that is permitted. To the slave it isn\'t permitted anything, but the yogi has no ban because that is forbidden, has no power over it. I want to see you in freedom making actions your terrestrial. So shares the world on slaves and free, but this freedom is from Spirit.</p>\n<p>168. (Guru). Devotion up to the end, aspiration till the end and trust up to the end — is the life conducting to Called. If you have examples of such unshakable fortress of spirit, follow these examples. Rate does on the best racer and the Teacher is in the Plans Counts on the most faithful. Moving itself into the future, become irreplaceable, will display the specified qualities of spirit. The help appears in direct compliance with them. I mean not the help to passersby (they too should be helped), but the management direct. But, the main thing, continuously tie itself to the Beam of the Lord and merge with the Beam. Nowadays time such — is given everything. Able will take let.</p>\n<p>169. (M.A.Y.). I love you. I warn: the dark want to extinguish understanding depth. The device (your) spirit is adjusted, as mine. Your soul spirit I concern mine, and here you start both hearing, and to see.</p>\n<p>169A. (Apr. 4). (M.A.Y.). Native wash, write. There are no phenomena opposite which couldn\'t be overcome if communication with the Lord is strong. Also something reach desire has to be in consciousness taking priority. Vague desires don\'t lead to the purpose. The desire has to be monolithic, without a crack, purposeful and not interrupting in time. If it today flares tomorrow to go out, then to flash again and again droop — such desire, in itself divided, results won\'t yield. The unicorn shown let a symbol becomes how it is necessary to wish. And if desire it - to become closer to the Lord, to see it and the Voice it to hear, and it is executable if force it is sufficient. The fiery desire will be granted. As though I wanted that you understood that the desire and execution of desire is two poles of a thing uniform, the beginning and the end of the phenomenon of the same order and that in the aspiration are already put all elements of implementation, or achievement of to what the spirit is directed. Therefore I say that it is as though far and unattainable there was a purpose, it if the aspiration doesn\'t change will be reached. Speak, the hell is covered with good intentions. I will add that only because the aspiration went out to finish intentions. Constancy of persistent aspiration is Arhat\'s quality. Therefore there are a lot of statements in words of the Lord. The consciousness fluctuates, mind is uneasy, heart is disturbing, and all is unstable. The approving Word of the Lord is necessary to go. Whirlwinds will sweep away crops. Without the Driver not reach. The unprecedented persistence is necessary to hold the direction. We will show and we will give to devoted heart everything that it will be able to contain. To us it is joyful see as among forgotten and departed remained as spirit Towers, they loving and remembering us, ushedshy. And to whom as not it, we яро send to energy света. The kind, directed memory is fruitful. They the dead will read us, and you live, and a life-giving, thinnest exchange of sparks of light claim you between us. It isn\'t enough one our desire and aspiration. The consciousness acceptability on your coast of a flesh is necessary. It is possible to throw a board through an abyss, but the emphasis is necessary to it. Give on what to rest to us thought in your consciousness and there will be a desired contact. But the best wire the connecting is the love. Force it you will pass a side of the worlds. Force its Business of the Lord you create. Force against it you win against everything. Therefore we call its winner love. There is a wish to pour in forces in you to go all the way it is immutable. You will reach, native, over you the Hand and the Beam.</p>\n<p>170. We don\'t have business before why something doesn\'t become on devotion. To us all the same, than Decree non-execution is caused. To us the fact is important, and then we Speak: \"Ignoramus, you have only yourself to blame\". Non-execution of the Decree involves a tail of consequences, and then the overdue regret because there is no emptier occupation begins, than to repent of deeds. To recognize a mistake and to correct it — this one, to repent and aimlessly to be tormented — something is perfect another. The repentance always seeks to avoid consequences. But it is impossible, consequences can\'t be avoided, but to use wisely them it is possible. Because everything I Turn on advantage, even mistakes. Therefore be not confused mistakes, but you ascend understanding of my Proximity. All mistakes anything when the Lord because then maintaining will be replaced by ignorance and force — shameful weakness is close. Correctly you feel My Presence at Words sent. At a wire is I. You wanted to feel Mother, but counteraction of currents opposite and darkness are so strong that my intervention that not to burden it in vain was required. To communication with them, which have dumped a body, a lot of things can disturb. But be not confused. We with it are merged in one, and then I reply — you’re Lord.</p>\n<p>171. (Guru). The echo gives everything in your World, and in ours the echo gives everything that in yours is created. Each thought directed to us, causes reciprocal reaction. It also will be an echo. It isn\'t necessary to any magic: it is worth thinking. Angrily about the enemy who has dumped a body — he immediately answers with rage the evil, rage doubled trebled, decupled, as sounds and kindly, but on light key. The thought of the left acquaintances, friends, even about strangers, strangers, always causes in them response. Our World is sensitive very much to thoughts and the feelings going from the terrestrial incarnate. You think kindly about those who left Earth, to them it is good from thoughts your kind and it is heavy from angry or dark. So, remembering left, be not too lazy to send them kind thought every time as you mention them even at least in simple conversation. Compliance, accord and proximity of the Worlds invisible and visible are the striking. You strengthen them in good or the evil, they strengthen you answer, but to you it is easier, because you are live in physical sense and your thought is steady more densely. To them, who haven\'t got used still to conditions thin and not understanding them, to them to think so firmly and definitely much more difficultly, than to you, incarnate. Therefore your help is necessary and very fruitful. The prayer about left always is good, if from heart. Your signs of attention and memory there are appreciated very much. About dead it is impossible to forget because they are live also their oblivion — them afflicts. Our situation is other. We know much, and the Lord, and our tasks others, than the mortal usual is close to us. But even we appreciate a memory about us, not derogation, both love, and devotion of relatives. People break off life on terrestrial and otherworldly, and life one, indissoluble, unseparable, integrated, going in two worlds. The party of Earth shined with the sun, is so real, as well as unlit because the whole — is Earth. In the same way and life, in its whole, includes both Worlds — the World this and that, and interrupts only in understanding and understanding by her person, but not actually. Life here and life there is aspects of life uniform. Death isn’t present, but there is a life which is constantly changing forms of the expression. Life is eternal, but temporarily a form. The death doesn\'t exist.</p>\n<p>172. Let hard times be blessed for loving very much the Lord. Difficulty is something loaded with energy of counteraction, resistance or inertness. Overcoming gives them this strength in hands overcome and does it stronger in a size by the size of the won difficulty. So fiery power in hands of the winner of life gathers and collects. Continuous fight and continuous overcoming leads to a victory over the world. Force aspiring and force counteracting it, in heart gives rise to fiery force. I send you attention and proximity signs, see them. I smile to persistence of your constancy and desire to be ahead of life. The beam directed on something and on someone, on the phenomenon, the person, a subject, a plant, animal, transmutation it, and it is especially strong if in it the thought with a special task is sent. The consciousness projector (consciousness searchlight) transmits it through space. It is possible to call it a transmutation of souls human. These projectors in operation the constant is. It is good if they work in the benefit because at dark beams of their thought work in the evil. Look in eyes and you will see immediately that they radiate. Face — and it radiates energy of darkness or light. Let your way will be light and is covered with light sparks; at least all darkness was up in arms against you in effort ardent to fill you with a gloom. You will receive the letter, and there is all clear. Readiness terms we will approach! - Confidence it is necessary to show to the foreordained miracle. Life, your life devoted to Business of the Lord becomes wonderful similar suddenly. We never doubt correctness of a way and Decrees of our Hierarchy. They at all don\'t know how to receive the Decree. You knowing don\'t show doubts — they destroy your way.</p>\n<p>173. (Apr. 5). My friend if you with us are is with us in everything up to the end. On Earth of it is possible to consider or sent with an assignment or the traveler distant and then on all surrounding the look changes, the relation changes to everything. People usually grow aura to the environment. But, having stayed at the hotel for some days, the person perfectly understands temporariness of these conditions. Its aura is free from the power over it of things and conditions. But in life usual as if chains, chained the person to the place, things and people. This coherence usually isn\'t realized. But the consciousness is in the environment, as a bird in a cage. The difference is in that, the bird is torn from a cage to freedom, and the person is content with the voluntary prison. Subjects, things and people of this environment hang on its aura and deprive it of freedom movement, and connect its spirit, and don\'t allow it to escape in free flight. It is coherence dense. Precisely in the same situation there is a consciousness and in relation to the feelings and thoughts because coherence of spirit extends and on them. Plunging entirely and with the head in the personal experiences and feelings, the person already voluntary gets into an astral cage which, though is invisible, but is strong, and in it stays. Aura increment to the feelings can be even stronger and stronger than increment to things and subjects, this slavery the second. Often you observe not so much on it, how many on strangers as tensely their lives the person in an environment of the feelings and emotions. The third slavery is this slavery at thought. The notions of compulsion are a striking example to what even at strong desire it can\'t be exempted sometimes from undesirable thoughts. This slavery threefold at three covers forced Platon Speak about the connected souls. When Specify to come off aura a comfort-able perch nest, I Want to deepen understanding of life, I Want to claim on experience that it is possible consciously to start tearing off the grown aura from its environment, dense, astral and mental. All three intertwine closely and are strong connected between it. There can be no freedom, yet didn\'t learn to tear off daring spirit consciousness from Maya any phenomenon. Because all this Maya, and this affection is ghosts passing. It is possible to live and love life, but why by all means in a condition of gloomy slavery. All this can be done in freedom from things, both people, and the phenomena of life current. \"The Lord gives and the Lord teeth away and the Name Lord\'s will be blessed\" — so in language of the ancient writing approved daring spirit freedom from things passing. People like to live in wellbeing full and in surplus of things. But the aura which has grown to them upon transition to the World Elevated with them also leaves there, and this freight unreasonable, concluded aura as in a cage, it not give the chance to be exempted from it because to be released, it is necessary to realize the slavery first of all. And here on the plan astral on the corners such voluntary prisoners usually sit, having chained itself in strong fetters of terrestrial remnants from which didn\'t exempt itself on Earth. And It is told clearly: \"That you will connect on Earth; it will be connected on heavens\". But a wise formula of the life, freedom bearing to spirit, perverted, interpreted in own way and that chopped off to itself wings. And in the World of the Elevated freedom, deprived of wings, they stay slaves in fragments of terrestrial remnants and heaps heavy. Selflessness in stone bonds begins here, on Earth, and there the begun only proceeds. Therefore Specify on life, things, both passersby, and feelings, and thoughts to study a separation from them. The brotherhood consists too of people, but brotherly bonds of friendship, love and aspiration to Light are stretched from life in life and don\'t come to an end with death and not to slavery, but to freedom conduct ascending spirit. So among things and the phenomena small and passing there is something giving to spirit freedom and possibilities of flights through them — it concepts of the Brotherhood: Brotherhood, the Teacher who Conducting or has Called you in the world of boundless freedom; them, messengers of Light, don\'t take for chains of slavery of the forging. Realize the fetters because, without having realized, be not released. To freedom the Teacher Calls.</p>\n<p>174. (M.A.Y.). Burden and headache from crossing currents is as salty water on an open wound. Breath of the leaving world is poisonous. It is stinking as breath heavy sick and dying, cut on heart. And to us it is hard from this pressure. Quality of opposition, i.e. stability and firmness, allows through narrows to pass. What was lifting and feeling of proximity of terms, but currents changed, and dark hands hung that to deprive of Light and it seems again that everything moved away. Didn\'t leave and didn\'t move away anything. Everything is close also nearby, but behind the dark veil stretched by darkness, it isn\'t visible sparkling distances. But the skilled traveler will be not confused any more by Maya dark veil. But the body should be helped! Well strofant and musk. Less contacts with people, especially with passersby, during this period! We with you, it is dark or light-, well or badly. We heart with the Lord. It with us is always, we will be and we in unification with It are constant. Heavy currents will pass, and the proximity of Great Heart remains with us.</p>\n<p>175. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, I feel your aspiration and the light threads reaching for me. Leave concern and couriers of a thought about the future. Do everything that is necessary for its implementation and, doing, wait. Everything will develop better than the best. There will be a letter. Everything will be solved simply, on wings the destiny will incur.</p>\n<p>176. (Guru). Going to the Lord! — As it invitingly sounds. Where there are they, scurrying about is so occupied and fiercely in a snare of triumphing vanity where hurry? But urgent is our way to the Lord. And over vanityis. Both thoughts, and feelings, and all aspiration it is possible to give to the Lord, and these thoughts, both feelings, and aspirations will grow, yet don\'t become fiery directing. The river directed to the ocean, in process of a current becomes more and more widely and inflows to accepts; as the consciousness of the person directed in the World of the Teacher of Light grows and spreads. Beams from the Stronghold magneto is attract conformable consciousnesses and change them in Light. The stronghold serves as a reliable support for to it the directed spirit.<br />\n177. (Apr. 6). Usually the reason causes a consequence on the sort. If somebody told something ridiculous, people laugh, deplorable — mourn, unpleasant — are afflicted, disturbing — worry, and so endlessly. Under the influence of a reflex and a habit a known number of external influences are answered by them on a cliché. Also it is possible to tell in advance, and all already know that in these or those circumstances of people will react to them definitely usually accepted at people. This blazed a track are so persistent, ordinary and don\'t demand any efforts that consciousness human and its feelings slide on them steadily every time when there is the corresponding reason. The yoga is a singularity way. On the unusual and new relation to the phenomena of life it is possible to exercise itself. The consciousness as the horse, turns on the old road, to consciousness should be specified a new way of singularity it in everything concerning a reflex of thoughts, feelings, and actions. The Reflex is ardent heritage of an animal condition. The doctrine learns to be identical in good luck and failure, in need and wealth, in the mountain and happiness. The doctrine learns to rejoice to difficulties and obstacles. The doctrine learns heavy lives surf and waves it simply to meet. The doctrine seeks to replace the past future. It approves life in the face of death. In a word, in everything, both in big, and in small, the Doctrine is a call to singularity. Unless usually to rejoice death and not to be afraid of it? This singularity in relation to life can be entered into way of day and into the attitude towards people. Balance of spirit is rare singularity. It is possible display at contact with people. Without reacting in any way internally that they speak, do or arrive. If you are told amazing news and you don\'t react in any way to it, your balance is kept. And people usual somehow feel ill at ease and even it is terrible when they face the balance phenomenon because balance of spirit terrible force. Having kept balance at contact with people, consciousness, it kept, immediately holds such position when can dictate the will to them, balance not kept or it’s not having absolutely. \"Also He Spoke as having the power\". This power relied on unshakable balance of spirit when even the Prince of this World who has risen on Light, had in It no anything that would give the chance to it to break this great balance of Fiery Power of Spirit when levers from management of the phenomena of life are in hands of the winner of the world. In life usual all surrounding seeks to bring spirit of the pupil out of an equilibrium state. Balance and tranquility is effective system of protection. It is possible to reach that poisonous arrows only slid on a protecting network of aura, without getting inside. Balance will be the best armor of spirit and the best armor. And so waves of life meet in a condition of spirit the return to in what ordinary people meet them. For example: to rejoice to obstacles, losses, separation and even diseases, - because on everything the spirit becomes tempered; in a root changes all relation to life. Behind everyone the disbalance there is an astral. It at times does it the person powerless and devastated. Balance subordinates him, and the person gets then the power not only over an own astral cover, but also over all others because others astral submits to the will which has subordinated own. Not to the power over people the yoga but directs to freedom from the power of their unbridled astral over it and his consciousness because astral whirlwinds of the dismissed covers are infectious very (awfully). The aura — complete equilibrium and tranquility if it is necessary to bridle rage of others astral is required. But people usually can\'t make it since at once catch a whirlwind of astral emotions and fall under their influence, and dance to tune the others. You store tranquility and balance any price. Let think of you that want. To sacrifice to fleeting thoughts and feelings balance of spirit — it is inexpedient because the payment is too great. Here the person — he cries, laughs, jokes, talks, behaves, as everything, as thousands to him similar. The pity clown, puppet, weather vane for a wind of the stranger — where greatness of spirit, where understanding of the force, where understanding of great appointment of the person? Everything is sent to the ordinary power, everything is made to trample on the advantage of Spirit and to make the person biped. If to understand that is lost by spirit minutes of immersion in commonness! Therefore I Claim that the way of regal yoga of fire is a singularity way: in total differently, all not as at all. At the heart of everything the most unusual is established, the most rare and difficult to people is great Balance. It display both in big, and in small, and in the most insignificant little things in life. It is possible to approve it, especially, if to begin with the smallest; the way to the great lies through the small. Value of small things still is understood badly. But we on the small will learn and to begin with it. It is vigilance will strengthen also constancy of patrol because with trifles are surrounded.</p>\n<p>178. (M.A.Y.). At we balance full because its loss threatens with accident reigns. Rising to the Lord on steps of a ladder of life, the spirit ascending has to approve in itself this quality. Without it the ascension is impossible. When fires of the centers start lighting up, balance will be that form, or a framework, in which are shown these fires. Will burn the fire hidden if not to keep balance. To bear fires very dangerously. Many covers are burned with impossibility to contain fires which aren\'t constrained by balance. All organisms are loosened, and its functions and the fire creating collapse turn in fiery the eating. At Arhat\'s step balance is a condition without which there is no growth. With a new force and in new understanding we will raise this remarkable quality of spirit.</p>\n<p>179. (Guru). About reflexes I will tell: \"They copes will\". The animal of the power over reflexes has no, but the person has it. It is good to study area of reflexes, but well and to remember thus that it is put by the tsar of people over itself and over all nature. Any reflex will can be stopped. At animals process goes automatically. If it is possible to send thought or to allocate an astral or mental body, to consider the person deprived of that, it is impossible what to measure and weigh, will be insolvent, denying immortality of spirit are similar to the person standing on one foot. The conscientious attitude to all phenomena of the life, based on own thinking, at continuous control will help to reject all reflex and imposed by foreign thinking. It is better to stand on own feet and to float in the shuttle.</p>\n<p>^*180. (Apr. 8). So let your thought of the Lord that the first He entered into your heart will be the first and took in it the first place. Yes! Yes! Depends on directing consciousness very much, is from it the initial impulse proceeds. The answer only a consequence of that was directed from the consciousness directed to Light. And care of the Teacher of giving to light this first directing impulse going from heart. Whether a prayer it, whether words, or simply thought and desire of heart — we Will call them the address. Such address never remains without the answer because the Law is put in action. Laws of the fiery energiya are immutable, work precisely and are based on the principle compliances, accords or coherences. Those, who says that their prayers remain meek, those pray a brain, but not heart. But thin energy access goes to the World through heart. Who when says that loves a brain. Love monastery is heart. Love to the Lord — a key opening doors, tightly closed for efforts of a brain. And where it is necessary to believe, there heart will believe and where it is necessary to solve, there heart will solve and where it is necessary to reach, there heart will reach. And therefore, having left all reasons and reasoning’s of a brain and it’s all representations about possible and impossible, it is necessary to accept simply heart that the Lord that in heart of the Lord is close that there is nobody, than anything it is closer. The proximity realized and accepted by heart, can\'t be destroyed by a brain though these last many attempts to that will make because it is accustomed to dominate over heart. But nowadays a century of heart, and to heart it is expensive, and in heart the flaring Shape of the Teacher of Light (Lord Maitreya) is approved. He, the future Lord approved in heart, will be the spokesman of that future, which precepted to people. Future the Fiery Image by Going to the World of the Lord is approved accepted in heart. And then the magnet of the future starts working powerfully, involving destiny of the person in an orbit of his attraction. The individual karma by the appendix of conscious efforts of will is so forged. When all consciousness is directed in the future and adjusted on this key, the magnet works powerfully. So in hands people the lever are given to direct energy of karma (at his will) will of the free.</p>\n<p>181. Stability in Me also is force an oppositions dark because while with Me, all darkness and streams of opportunities are powerless is open for consciousness. Anyhow to explain that wings when the Lord is close are forged, and forces are felt, and all seems available, both possible, and close. Direct connection is established then with Spheres Light, and a gate to the Highest World is open. The ocean of spatial thought is available, and breath of Boundlessness concerns the lord of open heart. So the ascension of spirit goes communication of the next with the Lord. The wire far sounds, and the Voice silent informs.</p>\n<p>182. (M.A.Y.). If knew how strong and passionately I feel yours to me aspirations. I answer immediately, and you feel my proximity. The exchange life-giving energiya then occurs, going from you and me and strengthening Light Bridge. You records to children read, let know that are close that each their address to Me will be supported (Lord). So let they in opportunities new will be approved more strong to stand on the feet. Fluctuate very much pressure of waves ardent every day and heavy, and dark attention ardent, - one not resist. And I will help to sustain an impact: both dark, and gray, and lives hard. But time will find let minute of communication and a rhythm it to strengthen. When all of you together also are soldered strong, you are very strong, but the force you don\'t realize. And you realize it and act quietly, surely, firmly. Before force of this barrier — anything: will sweep away they directed the ardent spirit. Power fiery is invincible.</p>\n<p>*183. (Guru.). Potential of will of human spirit is huge, inexhaustible, and boundless. It is concluded in the person, as a flower in a seed. It is necessary to create only the necessary conditions to cause its growth. When in heart fire flares, what strong then there is a will and it seems that all is surmountable. And the most difficult living conditions there pass then the person quietly, victoriously and simply. The will and fire are connected closely. The will also is fire in operation. There is no fire — there are no waves also. In total that fire multiplies and forces to burn a flame steadily and strongly, all this strengthens also will in compliance full. The proximity of the Teacher forces will fire. Weak, helpless and defenseless there is a person who has forgotten the Teacher of Light. To be strong always and not to know fluctuations, it is necessary to keep only strong Lords. All force in It. By Will Lord they will it is strengthened.</p>\n<p>184. (Apr. 8). Specify to accept the following to execution: each time when it is necessary to adjoin again to the people causing irritation, indignation or other feelings, and especially what force strong to vibrate an astral cover to meet these people, having shrouded itself in an isolating cover of coldness. Coldness, impassivity, astral silence — is aspects of balance. If the dark succeeded at least once to influence you through someone, be sure that they will try to do it every time, when this person adjoins to you. If collision also didn\'t happen, harm is done silently that is even worse because the way of influence is imperceptible. With such people it is necessary to be always on the alert. Injuriousness of their bike, and not so much own, how many going through them. Each person is the channel through which vibrations of that environment or the sphere where his consciousness usually stays are transmitted. Fluctuations of this sphere transfer the vibrations to consciousness adjoining to it. It is almost impossible to avoid contact, but it is necessary to be protected. The main thing to see the dark hand lasting because of aura, fallen under dark influence. Dimly in the world, and there is a lot of the dim. Light which in you, protect?</p>\n<p>185. If to weigh good which is in the person and the evil which spires to show and if the balance is in favor of good, it is already good. It means spirit progress. Perfect people aren\'t present. In everyone forces attracting up and pulling down are available. If the equally effective directs up, a way of spirit is of good. So among a great number of people there is only two looking: going up and going down, and it is extremely important to define which to a look with whom pushes together life concern. The way of each ascending spirit can be accelerated, a way of each descending — to slow down. It is possible a thought about that to put how to help those who ascends or descends around. Only conscious attendants of darkness, яро indulging dark, aren\'t subject) to the help deserve. The rests can be helped all. If words are powerless that at times happens, it is possible to help silently, simply to send thought of Light. It is possible to help affairs and feeling. Types of the help are various. But, adjoining to people, it is good to think of what they can be useful. If angry or uneasy person, anything to him without speaking, it is simple to imagine brightly and accurately quiet — the good is made. Any negative manifestation of a human nature is mentally replaced positive, to its opposite, and by that is neutralized by law. If neutralized energy is stronger, the advantage of influence is undoubted and great. It’s any degree to show in any conditions because the angry are neutralized to some extent energy. Appreciable error of property bad will multiply, approving them in the person by thoughts, condemnations and feelings. It is better to think of the bad person kind, having caused to manifestation that good that in it still isn\'t present, than to think bad, and that to strengthen it, and to make it even worse. So each dark in the person can be corrected Light and better to make it, and that to help it. So arriving, you strengthen light in people also you serve Light, Many serve darkness, that without realizing, but knowing it is necessary to know, as well as than Light or darkness amplifies. The essence of condemnation is harmful that puts out the light in the person, doing it is even worse, than he is. It is necessary to leave condemnation. It is better to think in the benefit or not to think absolutely. Be able to cause to manifestation Light in the person — Arhat\'s way. And not his fault if this light, in them caused by its Light, people becomes covered by darkness as often happens. \"Hosanna\" follows \"crucify him\" — people between Light and darkness poles so rush about.</p>\n<p>186. (M.A.Y.). The thought of the pupil grows and becomes powerful. Thinking of people, it strengthens their properties the thought, about good — good, about bad — bad. Responsibility for thought of a bike is. It is better not to think absolutely, than to multiply darkness. Certainly, the correct judgment should be had and it is necessary to know the person, but the knowledge isn\'t condemnation. Knowing badly, it is possible good in it to claim. It is possible to see it behaving as it is necessary to the person. Not influence it on will, but the appeal to the best feelings. Difficult with people, but it is better to work with Light.</p>\n<p>187. (Guru). The meeting with the envoy of the Brotherhood it is foreordained causes bright flashes of Light in spirits. The aura starts being shone and shine, and the spirit directs to light all fires. It is property to cause Light in consciousness of those, with whom adjoined. Dark darkness cause, light — Light. So the pupil can assimilate to envoys of Light in the life, bearing Light that that is capable to apprehend it. The lamp bearing bears its Light and with Light of his people endows.</p>\n<p>188. (Apr. 9). Star spaces Boundlessness — to spirit boundless area for research. The parts of spirit sent to space, to the sent come back, bringing distant messages. Certainly, this is miracle from the point of view of people of Earth, but naturally for this purpose, who thinks space. The secret is concluded in the essence of spirit. Secret of pansophy, in total understand and omniscience. The listed properties don\'t limit spirit potential, it is possible to call and others, as, for example, omnipotence, an in total approachability. Disclosure of this potential goes very slowly and gradually, according to consciousness expansion. Consciousness Boundlessness embraces. The phenomenon allowed in consciousness, is fixed in it, starts up roots and grows. Bears fruit and develops further. And the thought directed in spheres of the Star of Mother of the World, will grow also and also will yield to spirit fruits of the growth. It is very important to fix in Boundlessness thought on any distant planet, having made it a residence of the sent part of spirit. The Leading Star or Star of Mother of the World can be this planet.</p>\n<p>189. (M.A.Y.). What can we give them following us? Knowledge and experience through which passed. The knowledge gathers not for itself, but for them which aren\'t able and not able to collect. Terrestrial many books are devoted to knowledge and elevated — there is a lot of, but among them it isn\'t enough presents. From here the value of those who can give. It is impossible to give if giving itself isn\'t able to take. Therefore ability to get spatial knowledge was given so much place, thoughts and time. Anonymous thoughts of space can be caught, but it is better to have contact, and besides constant, with a source, or the focus radiating the highest thought. These focuses are given to people for association with them and for a food of spirit and thoughts. They are hierarchical. These are focuses of Hierarchy of Light, focuses of consciousnesses of Spirits of the Highest, Standing on Light Ladder. To Them having attached, it is possible to become the intermediary, or Their Light transmitter to Earth. They call pupils, messengers, envoys, but their essence from it doesn\'t change. They transfer to us, we — to you. But it is better to be able to take directly, i.e. without intermediaries. Direct communication is valuable, well few, and opens a way to Boundlessness, and conducts to boundless Knowledge.</p>\n<p>190. (Apr. 10). Fight for itself and for the soul, and further — fight for others: for friends both for relatives, and for their souls. With darkness fight for entrusted you and trusted in you. Between darkness and Light there is this most intense fight for consciousness of the person. The darkness seeks to seize them, and We protect and we reflect dark attempts. How many they were and how many will be! Fight not has the end. The darkness rejoices, when the blow is struck not to them, and to victims. It too is their purpose. Spin a snare: you tear, they again spin. Rage strong you surrounded. And you everyone hold Me and those who over you, differently will erase. What would be become with you if didn\'t protect you? Protecting you don\'t push away and у be careful from their treachery. Once the traitor is the traitor always, - once incorrectness shown, for darkness strong it is open; once to darkness of use, the darkness is considered them property. As the property the darkness of those who indulged in it considers, and strong for them fights. And the slightest fluctuation in them and instability again betray them in embraces dark because those wait for these desired moments of weakness and swaying. Know that if someone and something goes against you — it from darkness because you serve as a litmus piece of paper for identification of darkness and dark influences. People are blind. I give the chance to you to begin to see clearly to see dark activity. A lot of things already you see, but not everything, and especially that concerns nearly you. But know that all saddening, everything going against, everything, depriving balance, everything separating from Us and to Us next — all this from darkness. More than a half of people are obsessed, the others almost everything under influence. It is possible to imagine horror of the dismissed darkness and difficulty to be preserved against it.</p>\n<p>191. (M.A.Y.). No, you are right. Strong steps on you darkness. It is heavy to stand under darkness blows. Blows go through relatives. In it all weight. Easier direct collision with darkness, than knife blow in a back or in the heart opened to the friend. In the heart opened in trust the blow is struck often. Spoke earlier: \"Be afraid of enemies\". Nowadays I Will tell: \"Be afraid of friends even more because treachery creeps through relatives\". The enemy is artful, and against him — defense, but to the friend heart is opened, and a grief to open heart, when betray consciously or unconsciously the friend.</p>\n<p>192. (Guru). The citadel of spirit is closed both for friends, and for enemies. Isolation internal is necessary. Why to put itself under inevitable blow heart disclosure to somebody. Preserve it.</p>\n<p>193. (Guru). Certainly, we want to see you and to make you better. Strong and devoted you we want to see changed in Light. And therefore to you it is good with us during those periods of your life when close contact is possible. In dense conditions there was it, but impossible in a body, in the spirit of probably. So our communication and people proceeds, despite the lack of a body terrestrial and impossibility of the phenomenon for terrestrial mind. And in the spirit of possible is all. Begun once, it can strengthened be infinite because there is no limit to contact deepening in the spirit of. It is necessary to remember only that we visit consciousnesses of relatives according to the accord and compliance. It means that we supplement the thoughts of spiritual aspirations directed to us and we strengthen everyone by the nature of and to nature of the aspiration. Thoughts of force fill with consciousness of force, about art — deepening of understanding of creativity, about love and devotion — strengthening of these valuable qualities. So everyone receives the answer on essence of the call turned to us of a question. And let won\'t delay and throw networks more, that also the catch was considerable. And we — we are always ready to help and we answer in readiness full.</p>\n<p>194. My friend if you with Us, be with Us in everything up to the end. It is possible to consider as the inhabitant itself, or sent with the Assignment, or the traveler distant. Then on the surrounding the look changes and the relation changes to it. People especially grow aura to the environment. Just as the rivers flow, joining one ocean, the fiery stream of life aspires forward in time, joining Boundlessness. From there comes, there each moment of life, there day yesterday\'s, in the same place and tomorrow\'s also leaves day. There past, and there future. There all. The moment of the present is only a section of time which is constantly leaving there. The terrestrial consciousness flows separately real from a past and the future, but it as is incorrect as, having cut out a circle on a rope to tell that it and is all rope. The phenomenon, snatched out from Boundlessness in a present section, the person considers everyday occurrence of life and under this corner, and in this aspect also considers them. It, of course, incorrectly, the Phenomenon it is possible to understand, only considering it as a unit, extended in time from the past in the future. Some consider it as the fourth measurement of space in which there is all. The space is Boundlessness function, it too exists in Boundlessness. For understanding of the phenomenon taken in time at the moment or at any moment of its demonstration, it is necessary to try to see it whenever possible everything: consigning to the past and directed in the future to see both parts it, both ends. Otherwise the judgment will be usual, terrestrial, and narrow-minded. From here is the analysis of causes and effects and their association in one integral understanding of a thing uniform. \"The past should be forgotten\" — so murmurs ignorance. As it is possible to forget and reject that constantly and inevitably rejects the shadow on the present i.e. that proceeds in the present, bringing the consequences. And as it is possible not to think of the future when even for one minute it is impossible to detain run of any phenomenon of life because the stream it invincibly flows in the future, carrying away in itself everything that is in it. But the present is valuable what has no past is opportunity to bring in its new ingredients and that to change character of parts making the phenomenon, as well as that will it is possible pour out a stream of the directed particles of the phenomenon in a form other, excellent from real and corresponding to the form approved by will. The chain can\'t be interrupted, but to change links it is possible, or rope threads, interweaving into it already other coloring and quality. Rope this threefold. Three threads are combined in a single whole. And it is easiest to begin new changes with the most significant — from the world of thoughts. If in it change character and coloring of threads, they will change and in dense expression. Last aspect of the present isn\'t considered in the analysis of the phenomena. And the judgment turns out one-sided and incomplete. So the phenomenon taken as a whole will be the phenomenon extended in time in all the triple essence: dense, astral and mental. The received analysis of the phenomenon is given not for abstract philosophizing, but for possibility of understanding of any phenomenon of life in all its completeness. And when something unclear or inexplicable arises on a course of life of the person, this approach will help to understand the phenomenon and, having understood, to work according to understanding. Especially in people and their actions this depth of communications causal, going of their past is shown. How understand actions of the person if not to consider that in the present to show its past. Is useless to try to throw out it from memory, the chain is continuous; one link is connected with another. It is unreasonably to forget because every moment the present will be past continuation. Probably one —interweave into it new threads, or to replace links of metal with the best metal, more noble. Anything low can\'t become great round the person, but the strength of mind directed on the evil, with equal power can direct to Light phenomena, a condition the will be decisive. The thread of a rope or links of a chain can make light and shining, and to make a heavy rusty chain other, precious. And it was heavier in the past; the value will be added value and will increase in the future. In the area of a transmutation of related contrasts there is a change. Transmutation that is in the person or in his environment, that has to become on their place. It also is that cross which everyone has to take with itself that there was it that burden, about which It is told: \"It is easy to eat my burden because I Will assume weight it\". So power of trans mutating will, to Me directed, can change the past and the present in shining Light. And make the New Sky and New Earth real in life.</p>\n<p>195. (Apr. 12). Isn\'t present and can\'t be restrictions for spirit, and the spirit which has realized the boundlessness in Boundlessness, feels free itself from restrictions of fetters of the dense world. This feeling gives pleasure of a separation from Earth and ease of possible flights in a spirit kernel. The spirit has to release thought. It destroys also walls of prison, in which the consciousness is concluded. Flights in body astral, flights in body mental, flights in a spirit kernel; everyone has the limits, but the spirit is boundless. (Before record in a dream I flied. ) The released thought in space breaks through channels for flights of spirit and when the body is dumped, finds spirit the space freedom. It is necessary to remember and understand that each body, or a cover investing spirit, limits it to that sphere to which it belongs. The astral body of the person embodied on Earth is concluded as in dungeon, in astral cover of a planet, and to stars far not in forces it to depart. It is necessary to realize opportunities and restrictions of each cover skillfully to use them, - but thought is over them. Thought - attribute of spirit. The today\'s dream showed how power of thought and will the thin cover overcomes terrestrial gravitation and rises over Earth. But there has to be an availability of fire. Without fire it is impossible to fly in the Thin World. Fly there not all. Many even don\'t suspect about possibility of flights. It is better to assume that all is possible — will be barriers and locks less. The dream was so real that when awakening there was a desire to repeat flight experiment already in a body dense. Well, and the dense body can rise by air if fire is rather powerful. The device of a human body is wonderful. Gives unlimited opportunities of flights is in all covers. Better and more true than rocket shells it will reach a distant star. The right, it is worth putting all life on mastering its most amazing properties. But who doesn\'t believe that can fly, unless only in a dream. But also flights in a dream serve as a threshold of conscious flights in hidden bodies. When all consciousness is transferred to aspiration to achievement of the wonderful opportunities hidden in the human device, results will be reached. The guarantee we Give! But the aspiration human is short. Won\'t be too lazy to spend years that to stop or money to save school, but to work at development of opportunities of the organism time at itself won\'t find. But the Yoga of Fire is given at the right time, and among masses human many wait for unconsciously expected appeal to development of properties of a dense body and all prisoners of covers in it. You can, you can, you can fly, both to see, and to hear at distance, and to see the events on a far star, and in a planet to get, and others to read mind, and to lift the veil the Thin World, and to treat pressure hands, and to treat at distance, and to the friend far to help in need. I repeat you can do everything that your spirit possible considers. But take the trouble to make effort achievement of that the majority considers impossible. We know thousands examples of the most wonderful achievements. You know a lot of things and you, only synthesis don’t suffice to generalize all this in one person as a display of the potential hidden in it. To you listening to us, We give wings, flight wings to the country of achievements and that sphere where impossible becomes possible. Terrestrial your mind seeks to go on a habitual track or it is trampled down on a place, - we Break barriers of thought habitual that it became free and with ours together flied to a kingdom of boundless freedom of spirit. Laws of the Thin and dense world are various. Comprehending them, you open ways to their application. Thin it is necessary to enter into the World as in something long ago studied and familiar, with ardent desire to begin to apply in it the knowledge acquired on Earth. Entering there to ignorant that also remains. And long, long time passes while it starts mastering features of the world surrounding it. The mighty Doctrine of Life will teach to take in all worlds of life reins in hand. Powerlessly going through life where you go, and what your purpose? But fiery directed our pupil knows the way and knows where goes, and knows that prepare for it on a way of achievements. Access is open to Us (to everyone directed) for everyone the directed. Come to Me, everything directed by spirit!</p>\n<p>196. Therefore the ardent aspiration to improvement because imperfections of the present are too awful is given. It isn\'t necessary to mourn about them too because can stop a way. Your way — to Light, through all ugliness’s, horrors and imperfections of life going. You with Us go. All of us See it and we See more than what you see, and still we go, without being confused a dark scum of life. If to plunge into it and to fill with it consciousness, advance becomes impossible. It is better to go with Light and with Those Who to Light Calls. All bad and negative has to come to light strong before undergoing a transmutation. It is the transmutation Law. Be not confused shadows of a leaving gloom. Shadows will leave, shadows leave, leave at you in the eyes, and there is no such force in the world which could stop their leaving. Everything will leave, and all will leave unsuitable to evolution and not according to moment requirements. The mighty Hand directs a current of world events. Not biped to oppose to pawns. We Operate a current of the millennia, and they living of 50-70 years, have too short interval of time in time to change a course of world evolution. And if it changes, ours in that is hidden the Hand. Therefore quietly go to the future, remembering that the Hand of the Lord over you.</p>\n<p>197. (M.A.Y.). It (Ю.) too waits that to give news at the right time. Conditions are very difficult, and not everything is simple. And the hand human clears away a way to the future; it is necessary in a terrestrial to make a way to it passable for you. And we are anxious with it. Duration of preparation of consciousness serves as the guarantee of that the place to it in this future is planned absolutely special.</p>\n<p>198. (Guru). The thin World takes active part in life terrestrial. We are anxious with an exhibition. In the Thin World it already took place, and its expression is issued. We wait for the moment favoring in the conditions of the dense. We have a thought about that, what in ours to the country occurs. And we should bring together you in due time and in the right place. Dense conditions aren\'t always elastic because it is necessary to face free will of people. It isn\'t to suppress it, and in adjusting conformably. Even you to force to begin to sound on a future key in Day of the Annual Holiday, it was necessary to adjust especially. And it was very hard to someone to help us in this case — to shift consciousness. Sounding in unison with our aspirations, plans and consciousness actions easily and freely will enter into the future. The instruction keeps consciousness in that key of a mood which was given in New Year. In this way also the symphony of life of people, to terms the foreordained, so, and you will be played. The one who won\'t hold itself (himself) at level this, not the first will enter and not on a near place to us will rise. Let\'s call also backward, but not for them the first call. But the place will be for all which even have disappeared, even forgotten about us, but not in the top floor. Threads of communication you fix if you don\'t want to lag behind events. Let the consciousness fly ahead of them. It is easier to that to move will be it in the necessary wave and over life to lift. Time is short — you think so.</p>\n<p>199. (Апр.13). We strengthen your light through contact with us and we destroy that darkness. The holiday of revival of spirit is a holiday of a victory over darkness in a microcosm and in macrocosm planets. Festival of spirit is pleasure. But the pleasure left, both the spirit didn\'t revive, and the holiday of light revival simply in a fit of temper the human didn\'t come yet. But these memorable days of memory of It, in the spirit of Revived, the spirit you approach to Light Day of Coming of Great Spirit. Let this holiday a symbol will be Arrival, spirit revolt, and a victory over darkness, both awakening, and spirit revival to life eternal, in boundlessness real.</p>\n<p>200. (Apr. 14). Day of a circle had to show the yesterdays obviously that only in ardent contact with Me we will feel Light. Once tension weakened is and immediately the alarm, concern and a black out crept. From this it is possible to see, the dark environment is how active. And you still big and even more constant should show intensity that from darkness defends. It crept out that to extinguish everything and, having extinguished, to destroy. Blackout, you are defenseless — only my Light serves as protection when you are conscious in it. From the Tower Hands are given and Rays of light flow, from darkness sharp-clawed shaggy paws are stretched and darkness beams, beams arrows of black fires, and you in the middle, and in your consciousness as a gnash of swords, the lives going from focus of Light and going from a pole of darkness face energy of two poles are directed. The consciousness with those will arrive and to what heart is turned, doing itself to that inaccessible and impenetrable for beams to which heart is closed. Closeness of heart means lack of an attraction. And if you can tell: \"There is a darkness of this world, but has in me no anything\", by that you claim that the darkness in you has no attraction elements. Then it is powerless. So strong to the Lord you stick.</p>\n<p>201. Be afraid of service to darkness of the unconscious. If they saw themselves as carry out dark suggestions, whisperings, would sincerely be terrified to the ignorance and spirit blindness, and the main thing, to misunderstanding created by them. To you I Open eyes on dark tricks that could explain to them executing dark will. Proximity washing, realized strong, the best protection against the evil. Why you feel it minutes of Communication, forgetting about it during the day. The proximity of Communication should be kept in itself for all day and on all night long, up to the hour of Communication approved by a rhythm every day. You don\'t think constantly of those clothes which on you as it is exact and the attire of your spirit will be constant on you though you don\'t think of it. In the morning, having put on an attire of light and having covered light with armor, in its remain all days till the next morning. From time to time during the day thought it strengthens, approving by will existence it on itself. To waves dark oppose light and spirit attire armor and this consciousness darkness reflect. Ardent its attack, and anymore don\'t grant respites. It is necessary also measures of protection special. Remember that, it protecting, you protect also those, who is close and reaches for you. Not requires standing against darkness, but for the world. If focuses of Light go out Mine how without them to support a planetary network of Light? Stand, stand, stand more strong rocks, are stronger than the rock, rocks in Light Mine, in Light Mine, in Light Mine are stronger.</p>\n<p>202. No fear against darkness have. The fear is most terrible than dark tricks because does you defenseless. And the wave of intimidation can be told: \"I am not afraid of anything, because with the Lord\". The Name My make the Board of all your actions, brightly My Image in heart holding. Against my Face the darkness doesn\'t dare. Fiery power it itself protect from rage of darkness. Repeating the Name My is rhythmical, waves of Light you send from itself towards to waves of darkness and you destroy it Light. The darkness creeps from all cracks — entrances those, who near, and through them, which have left guards, inter frees darkness leave opened. Having protected one, and having opened it eyes on the events with it, and having pulled out its spirit from a hole, it is necessary to look sharp-sightedly, who again got into it again to help.</p>\n<p>203. To Force Your Send in the Beam, force such that anybody and anything, and no darkness of this force will be able to master. To force Given against darkness to resist in collisions incessant! Sword of Light taken in hand I will approve as the winner powerful. Yes! Yes! We will win against darkness. Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory over darkness and is Light Arrival.</p>\n<p>204. (M.A.Y.). Crowds at a gate of the New World but to enter as don\'t know. Whether you understand all difficulty of a task understanding to enter, having specified an entrance? It is necessary to find both words, and expressions, and thoughts it close, both clear, and intelligible that into heart entered without a delay. If you speak by the own words and in the understanding, you won\'t understand and closed there will be an entrance, - but, if continue any their understanding, which from light, to a known limit, it will merge with your and ours. Before them and you Boundlessness, so can be approved mutual understanding if to direct it in the future. On a future platform a lot of things suddenly become clear, possible and accepted. The future is so great, widely and the containing that the place will be in it to everything, what not from darkness. So, claiming good in everything, even in small, you will come to mutual understanding of the great. It is necessary to leave denial only. Even intrigues and denials of darkness should be covered with the statement of Light.\" You speak that aren\'t present anything that to an eye invisibly, but exist a matter, it is impossible to deny it, but properties its polnost yet didn\'t study\". How deny that science yet didn\'t study but what to master it begins just now and, mainly, in area is invisible the existing. Photons weren\'t seen by anybody, but anybody not deny them, and also an alpha, a beta and other beams. Perhaps, you deny radiations of a brain and energy of thought? — overturn logic the denuding them the weapon because against science won\'t dare any more. With science in the union the Life Doctrine to the World Hidden will lay ways for people.</p>\n<p>205. (Guru). On each force going against a wave it is necessary immediately against to send big force, to send a wave of the force, but still bigger potential to suppress an impact opposite. Spirit it is necessary to increase on each phenomenon directing hostilely on consciousness irrespective of through whom reaches consciousness it is the phenomenon. Patrol of constant readiness reflects these waves uniform strength of mind and will be an indicator of vigilant wakefulness. I repeat, it is necessary to be strong always and ready always it is beautiful to meet life waves. It is beautiful to meet them the spirit armed with fearlessness full can only. Usually fight against the phenomena inspiring fear, outside, out of reflecting their impact while it is necessary to struggle with fear in itself, pulling out its root. Because when the root of fear is pulled out, anything external, even the most frightening, any more won\'t frighten spirit. So, at the slightest manifestation of fear immediately try to kill him in the germ, and exactly in itself, without thinking of the external reason which has generated it. And when he is killed, destroy an external occasion to it thought, burning the phenomenon fire and neutralizing its force. There is nothing more terribly than fear. With the ghosts of fear nesting in consciousness, Light can\'t serve because the fear saddens, fear a clouding, the fear of light deprives and fills consciousness with darkness. Be afraid of fear, as poisonous reptile as his sting is harmful at least already to that does the coward defenseless against of what he was frightened.</p>\n<p>206. (Apr. 15). It is a lot of grief in knowledge much, but it is a lot of pleasure in it. Told about grief, about pleasure I didn\'t tell. Grief from Earth, pleasure — space. The grief from knowledge of much will be in pleasure when terrestrial will leave. It leaves in World Highest, when attractions terrestrial lose the force. But it is possible to study pleasure already on Earth. The book testifies to pleasure that the pleasure should study. For the pupil the highest pleasure in dark oblivion of, in return of to Business of the Lord. Only having rejected from itself, it is possible to follow the Lord. Communication is impossible at a reflection about itself. The consciousness filled and occupied with, won\'t be able to contain the Lord. Quality of self-rejection isn\'t understood. Consider it as the victim to someone or something while it is a gift of all of: consciousnesses and hearts — the Lord. When all being of the person is directed to merge to Heart Great, the devotion turns out full and the Lord then is close. How to contain the World of the Lord if, small, occupies all field of thoughts and feelings? It is difficult to learn dismissal from itself full, instant, self-sacrificing. Self-rejection also is withdrawal from itself, from small \"I\". Without departing, big not join. The way in that also consist that personal \"I\" to break off bonds constantly, being exempted from them. There can\'t be an understanding of the pupil and conditions of his display in time if the consciousness wasn\'t released. From here is and mistakes, and misunderstanding, and treachery of My Business. The egoism a barrier costs on a narrow track, in life of the leader. It is correct to give heart to service to our Business entirely. This return of by the guarantee of Proximity will be, and it will bring pleasure. The pleasure to Great Service will be a dismissal consequence from itself. Therefore I Speak: \"Rejoice, children\". In pleasure about my Business we will find that pleasure about which Told that it is special wisdom. Rejoice, children. </p>\n<p>207. (M.A.Y.). He too thinks of you and too prepares for you opportunities together to work. Work one, but its spheres are various. Each of the elite the Lord takes a place to himself in future plans. The life stream aspires in the future, sending the foreordained people to the field of activity appointed by it. If expectation is accompanied by work and work on Common Cause, expectation will be creative. The ready state deepens it. Lack of swaying and fluctuations strengthens readiness; the help is from above to flow in what. But dark hands seek to beat out consciousness from a saddle of readiness and often succeed. Sadly see how possibilities of fruitful expectation which turns in narrow-minded to be dissolved entirely in vanity of day and affairs passing leave.</p>\n<p>208. (Guru). The Assignment in unsteady hands is unreliable, it is unreliable in incorrect, it is unreliable in forgotten about the main. Swaying’s of consciousness are very harmful. They loosen affairs. They from us distance. They ruined so many good undertakings. We want to see firmness and force in people out and close to us.</p>\n<p>209. (Apr. 16). (M.W.). Where morning and evening in space, where top or a bottom, where the North, the East or the West? Where it is close or far, where here or there? Space laws others, than three-dimensional framework of Earth. In space, where we, there is and house. The center learning is in it a starting point for comprehension of surrounding conditions. But this center has to be free from methods of thinking of the dense world. The first condition for space thinking — any property, anything the, even products of mental creativity are given to space that they didn\'t connect freedom of spirit; there is no house, there are no things, there are no thoughts habitual, terrestrial. The cosmic-space already can join the consciousness released from heaps. The phenomena are understood by heart, as though comprehended at once, without special mental process. Close that, on what the consciousness, and it where thought is directed. To stay in thought there, means to live that creates or with what connects thought, and to live as it is real and bright, and, perhaps is even brighter, than their lives the person in the world dense. Truly, there not having anything and the poor in spirit has everything because it isn\'t connected by anything, -but this poverty special, anything the general with terrestrial poverty not having. Spirit of niches because gave all terrestrial. There the spirit lives, without having anything. Will read nothing the. Means, you can own everything, because yours everything. The terrestrial is person, which consciousness grew together with thoughts that that entire he has, it, protects itself with an impenetrable wall from treasures spatial and mentally owns a tatter of terrestrial heaps and representations with, which surrounded itself in life dense. There it isn\'t enough free consciousnesses because that connected on Earth, connected remains in the sky that is in space when the body is dumped. The spirit has to refuse each thing which you own nowadays, consciously, that is not consider the, and only being in its temporary use, while it in a body. This relation or consciousness of it, magnetic communication between the person and things which he owns tries indissoluble some other way. This communication which hasn\'t been destroyed on Earth will be the cement fastening in space of a wall of its self-approved prison. Those who live lived in all glory terrestrial are even more connected or in power stood and read these terrestrial phantoms reality of life and property the integral. It is possible to imagine the despot of the ancient world esteemed by his citizens by the son of god and believing that everything belongs to it. He, suddenly all this power and power deprived and continuing all this to claim, will be in space the slave to dreams passing and won\'t be free. Win against feeling of property itself very difficult. If the palace, and lands under it, both fields, and meadows them owning reads the as it will be exempted from this illusive property if doesn\'t make it in advance when on Earth. There, in space, the statement of that was with spirit on Earth proceeds only. Free, going there, finds freedom, connected — chains. Therefore Specified nowadays to children of Earth: \"Own everything, but consider nothing\". The particle of spirit shipped in a thing, in it remains and with it if considers spirit this thing of the. The each time of people saying the word \"My\", communication claims, or a chain attaching it to object of possession, - but process this mental is. Things can use absolutely equally as those who considers them as the, and the one who is free from them. Illusion of property collapses with death if to take a detached view of the dying rich man because everything is left by him on Earth and with itself takes nothing. From outside it is visible and it is clear. But if the dying leaves in an ardent environment of those fancies of property with which lived all life, and bears an environment it in space and in it stays, energy of the fancies created by it won\'t be settled yet and prison walls won\'t collapse. But even, if the dungeon wall will collapse, than there will live there the person, nothing having, except terrestrial representations, and never directing above. It is necessary to enter space prepared in the spirit of, the armed knowledge and released from terrestrial remnants. Then all riches of spatial life become available to spirit.</p>\n<p>210. (M.A.Y.). The wave New Year\'s left to wander that again to return to you with a new force and you to uplift on a crest it. The waves of the New World going from space, will amplify in the power, the world old won\'t fail yet. Sensitively listen to surf of spatial waves — the rhythm of terrestrial life and events depends on them terrestrial. It is necessary not to be late to rise with a wave, differently will overflow. If to rush on the roll, speed of movement gives feeling of a surface equal. Then the wave isn\'t dangerous, it is as though great was, and abysses between waves aren\'t terrible. That is why the Teacher behind Him that you could fly ahead and on the roll events Urges to direct.</p>\n<p>211. (Guru). Everyone judges itself (himself). We have no condemnation. All court that acts or help aspiration and move further, or disturb. Other acts — as standing weights, but will it is free. Be proud we would like acts of those, who are called by us to the Lord. But fidelity and devotion are valuable atop even mistakes. Heavy time is in the regular way not to pass. You will pass only with us and with It, we called.</p>\n<p>212. (Apr. 17). We approve the phenomenon of Forces, in life of nowadays entering. And We claim that these Forces will serve the person who has recognized them. These forces, or Space Energy of Fire, direct on your Earth for shift old, get rid, leaving. It is possible to notice how life leaves undertakings &lt; ... > while aren\'t conformable to waves of new energiya and as pulse it and is filled with fire where activity the human is in harmony with them. If energy these joined in old forms of life in the conditions of former, there would be it ardent fury of darkness and strengthening of what doesn\'t have a place in forward run of evolution. To imagine am possible, this would come to what absurd old, gets rid, but it is illegal and opposite to an evolution the exaggerated forms of life. From here is inevitability of shift and replacement old the new. How endeavored old to squeeze the world in the forms new energy life, anything, except ugliness, it won\'t turn out because old forms are vicious in itself the backwardness from a century. That absurd and extremes which are observed in the old world, are a consequence of rejection of forms new: cooperation, cooperation’s, freedoms of women. Where they are rejected, for progress don\'t wait. And the world of the whole world, the world rejecting, will be destroyed. New not accepting will fall into a pettiness and from a proscenium of history of life will leave. Either to accept new, or to be lost behind full discrepancy and unfitness to new claim of an era. You look there where it is forged new consciousness in new living conditions. There our Hand and our Beams, there both success, and victory.</p>\n<p>213. It is necessary to leave care of and to show care of the world. The world new needs this care. The World New thought lives. Thought that Is sent by us in the perfected, crystallized forms cementing space. Everything who accepts our thought, strengthen and approve it by the thought — cooperation spatial. Those who our thought having accepted, expands it and rises, those help Us with this work. Spatial cooperation, and besides conscious is destiny of the few. But unconsciously with Us the best people, the best minds and builders of the New World. You know number of signs of my army. It is a lot of the assistants who have responded to an appeal. Their ignorance it isn\'t necessary to be confused because work strong and move business forward. In process of thinning of dense conditions and people approach others, meeting the requirements moment; key of the general activity for every period is the different. But each new time refined above than the previous. So life of the New World in systematic development of the forms improves. Difficulties much, and much is cares , and much of enemies the ruthless. Against difficulties we Win, both enemies we Operate, and darkness from a planet to Sweep away. Wait for the miracle phenomenon in life usual, but not in usual ways of a u display of New energiya of the Era of Fire.</p>\n<p>214. (M.A.Y.). It is impossible to settle depth of communication with us if the love didn\'t die away. On threads silver it our thoughts flow and the contact sphere extends. We think much of you; prepare your entry into the new sphere for you. Now don\'t grieve that didn\'t leave in time. Everything is reparable, and future your appointment can\'t depend on this step. Yes you also are right, to the big ship — big swimming. Irreplaceable people aren\'t present, but after all someone from you couldn\'t be replaced nevertheless. From here and conclusion: in tranquility to wait the Care display. When the karma national merges with karma personal, then, as the mighty stream, bears lives of the people appointed to terms. Care leave about that, it will develop that. Your destiny in the Hand of the Lord, He also Operate its current.</p>\n<p>215. (Guru). They remember the dead on the chosen days, you, my friend, and every day. And if the thought to heart left is intelligible, you can understand and imagine, so to our heart is pleasant to see and feel that doesn\'t die away nor fidelity, nor devotion, a memory about the left. You live consider us and into communication you enter, as if there were we near you. Correctly heart whispered that we are live. In this regard to us who have left, the understanding of the approved pupil is shown. Also it is logically possible to see, as well as you, having dumped a body, you will simply continue only that is now approved by you every day. And if there was thought you with us and if there was you thought with the Lord with whom you will arrive thought when great transition will be made? With us, of course, and with Him who have Called. Thread you weave so elevated outline in everyday communication with us. We are pleased by this devotion. All of them forgot or remember that was and passed irrevocably. You move a past into the present and by that you approve future cooperation between us to which even death not a barrier and even you remember number, for me significant. Significant will be &lt; ... > it and you because these days — the seventeenth every month — were significant in My life. And you obviously feel a fundamental and ease of contact. Certainly, and Mother, and I will act through you. Therefore also contact is deepened. Your force in mutual understanding fulls all of us, colleagues to the Lord. Our and your thoughts and will are directed to the same purpose, do you strong. Understanding of force will grow, and to get stronger an emphasis under feet. And so already a lot of things you know and you see that is very close, inaccessible to them even knowing Me. It is result of our hidden cooperation. Wait for a message in tranquility full and in trust to the Leading Hand and remember that we for you.</p>\n<p>216. (Apr. 18). Display of inconstancy in the pupil deprives of his constancy of the Management because, being unsteady, it drops out of the Beam. Beam as in egg, puts him into light sphere. Round it darkness, understanding of in the Beam has to be continuous prestanding. About it is possible to notice that tension of the surrounding dense environment amplifies in process of growth of fires of spirit — as though a counterbalance to force growing inside. The enemy always is on a shoulder and circumstances too. Growth of obstacles and difficulties of life is explained by it. Usually at the child everything is simple and easy: will give to drink, will feed and will lie in a bed. But the Son human even didn\'t take a place where to attach chapter, both all darkness and the evil of the world rose against. So growth of spirit you judge on growth of forces antagonistic and conditions opposite, going on you. On them on all it is necessary to increase spirit, that is to overcome them in itself, without allowing them to suppress a spirit flame. Spirit increase on aggravating circumstances of life also means a not go out of fires of spirit under whirlwinds of dense beds and under force of whirlwinds astral. On everything going against, it is possible to look as at aspiration of surrounding spheres hidden and visible at spirit go out; from here and continuous fight for imperishable property, and its protection. Meeting life waves victoriously, you approve light. It is necessary to remember that while the tranquility and balance of spirit aren\'t broken, all darkness and everything going against are powerless. The inexperienced pupil of energy the direct outside and out of itself tries to overcome forces counteracting it and to fight outside while actually fight happens in it and about any victory out of the question if balance is lost. The overcome external obstacles at loss of balance and tranquility mean defeat. Not overcome, unbeaten, but at balance full — a victory because against balance anything won\'t resist and anybody, - so, crucified Teacher Became the winner of the world, and those, who assumed responsibility for violation Light — slaves to darkness. Let the main care will be about that to store balance of spirit in close, pressing living conditions. The protecting network of aura is strong only until balance isn\'t broken. The person believes, that something occurs out of him, where as everything, concerning external, has reflection in him, and these internal reactions to influence of the outside world and will be that represents itself a way of the person on Earth. The victorious way means the correct reaction of consciousness going in balance and tranquility full even in the most difficult and most impossible living conditions because in it they aren\'t important and have no value, but it is important as the spirit replies on them.</p>\n<p>217. (M.A.Y.). The sign is understood truly: not to write time. Conditions to term ripen. Terms of your personal karma didn\'t come yet when they will incur you on wings. But your future is already cast in crystallized in ready forms. It is necessary to enter into them conformably. Another is necessary also — firmness of trust to the Driving Hand. When everything will be concentrated in us and to the Lord, barriers will disappear from a way. Unification of consciousnesses we win against life.</p>\n<p>218. (Guru). The enemy is this unknown in people. While they didn\'t give out themselves, special vigilance and vigilance is necessary. At times you show these qualities when harm is already done also the unknown poured out poison on heart. That from this that harm if it is already caused is seen. The knowledge is backdating useless. It is better to foreknow and see in advance, the darkness from where creeps up. Special vigilance and continuous patrol are for this purpose necessary. Received blow to rashness doesn\'t bear honor.</p>\n<p>219. (Apr. 19). You are in heart we wash, their monastery creative to itself! In consent with Will Mine all will begin to flow differently .Fire, in heart burning, merged in the Beam with Fire of My Heart, gives strength of execution and implementation of thoughts (thoughts). Already you notice it and in the small. You will see in the big soon. Wish circumspectly because force of fulfillment of desires gives the power over a matter and its combinations. Our merged the will, approved in heart we wash, will operate your double that you hold at Us (c) spirit particles, will operate you (i.e. your astral) and covers everything, will operate people, circumstances and a tide of life and its events, directing in the direction wished to us. The terrible power is received by the consciousness which merged by heart with Heart of the Lord and has given to Heart to Great the will. \"Having the power\" the power realized, and then already applying it in the course of performance of the Assignment or life mission means, first of all. The success of Envoys our and Entrusted can be approved by the power of this. Rotating round it consciousnesses of many and evolutions of the necessary people, they create will Sent them to the world.</p>\n<p>220. About the power today we will write. It is given to the winner in the spirit of. The Press of Spirit of the Lord is given on whom. My track, the winner, goes him to a victory over the world. I created and Create affairs not my will, but Will the Send Mine. And \"in itself Me is anything\". This formula imprinted still in the Gospel, remains firm forever because \"I\" disappear, and mighty creating We Hierarchies of Light its place takes up, and then the power is approved. \"Also He Spoke as having the power\" — so about the Christ was spoken. So you when from Me you speak or on behalf of Hierarchy of Light speak also. In this creating \"We\" force of the conscious power put, having kept at itself all intimate depth of understanding of this great formula of life, but the power approving in words, affairs and thoughts creating. \"Not I, but the Father staying in Me, He Create\" — other expression of the same formula (life). The words \"I in Itself Anything\" mean a little and powerlessness of the passing terrestrial identity of the person because the flesh doesn\'t use at all, but all in the spirit of, accepted as the Law Will Leading execution. Sharp-sightedly you look how this power is approved in life in practice. Accident of good luck and each success refer to execution of the thoughts directed by will to space. Learn to want, both to dare, and to be able to wish, bearing in mind a merge of will aspiring to Light. Therefore the main aspiration —merges of consciousnesses. It is necessary to forget about weakness, vulnerability and a pettiness personal \"I\", it replaces big, concentrated in the Immortal Triad of the person and realized in the Beam of the Space Father which will be the Great Lord. The sonship and the eternal bonds binding the son with the Father and the Father with the son are so approved. The space heritage is transferred to hands of the son who long wandering in darkness external, but has found, at last, an entrance to the House Father. Ardent continuous understanding of in the Beam brings these gifts of space, approving right son ship. I advise to note these small in the beginning power signs because will grow. Desire of heart we Will support and ways of implementation it we Will approve if it from Light and is merged with our Will.</p>\n<p>221. (M.A.Y.). In Heart the Bike of the Lord, my son, we are close and merged with you. Its Light connects hearts. Association it is in the spirit of, and therefore over death and temporariness of dense conditions.</p>\n<p>222. To the son is Decree: \"To collect forces for reflection of new tricks and darkness shifts. Vigilance strengthens and be surrounded with loneliness\". How to fight? In total as, with Me keeping unseparable, in Me staying! When is end? When My Day will come! While to fight be ready. And, forces in fight multiplying and kindle fires of new force cost the rock of Mine up to One Day stronger. My day will come. There is nothing in this world that Day My, judgment to Earth can, from Earth to separate and deprive of it Light. In consciousness of proximity of My constant it is necessary to seek to Arrive waiting for an hour. It is the Decree for urgent, ardent application in life current. When in constantly realized Beam, dark hands won\'t reach, though those, who pull them, crowd around. The decree for protection is given from violent darkness. It is necessary to condense and crystallize a fancy of, in the Beam staying, and to see itself in it as in clothes usual, having made it clothes of day, - but these clothes not replaceable nor at night, nor in the afternoon. Protection — the circle outlined by the Beam. My beam will close your microcosm because it is sent to it. Further you there are beams already you’re, self-proceeding, My Beam the generated. You are strong, invincible and you serve as an abutment of our Affairs, when unseparable with Me. Without Us you anything, and without My Power can\'t create anything; We for you is. You Us are strong and impregnable for darkness. I Want to Specify to you a way this next. The first is total absence of concern for the future; the second — patience; the third — trust; the fourth — expectation of Call and readiness for it; the fifth — singularity of a going karma.</p>\n<p>223. (Acorus. 20). It is necessary to tell the next that prepare of to the future consists in an ardent statement of communication of the closest, hidden, and in the spirit of with those who over and term is appointed, and with those who under and who becomes performers through Hierarchy, both up and down. It is necessary to erase border meanwhile the World and it, and it is necessary to erase dense illusion of distances. For spirit there are no these borders. The spirit is boundless. As sweep away barriers of time and the future approve in the present and nowadays. Having cleaned three barriers, act with thought and hearts fiery\'. Let Maya will recede: time, distances and a division of the worlds — dense and thin. Having forgotten time and a place, nowadays and here, in the spirit of approve in images obvious you what should be. But your readiness show in ardent association of hearts and consciousnesses, to the future the foreordained. Will take to take even going in the tail, even hobbling behind, even the gone blind-lagged behind, but not in big affairs and not in a family near the standing? How to approach the one who in due time when are under construction in the future bridges, the hand won\'t lie that to prepare the bridge for itself. After all transition only on it. Otherwise it is necessary to walk other ways, around. And when one will already pass, others won\'t be able, already you see lagged behind and lagging behind. But someone even from far away lasts strong: doesn\'t want to lag behind and feels reality of the moment. And when time the Lord will come and Will ask: \"And where they which haven\'t shown in time an attire of readiness of spirit, where they? », — because them it won\'t be close. Who and that now to you prevent ardent aspiration of heart to show in the statement and deepening of your readiness that it to enter into the future. Or you think to enter for someone else\'s account? Or decided to remain in darkness? Or strong indulge in trifling affairs? Or direct heart in the direction opposite to the Decree? What embraces you Maya, friends? Also you can\'t tell that didn\'t know, or the managements or cares are deprived, or ignored. What you keep at a gray and gloomy distance from Me? Perhaps, darkness? What baits again stretched dark hands to distract from Me? Don\'t miss a wave fruitful to rise on its crest. Round you the darkness will rage to cut from Me, really to darkness you will give in? Unless the Teacher Gives an excessive task, Specify to find for It time? There is a lot of it at you on trifles; really not you will find it for the most important? Really you don\'t understand still that if you lose Light Lord, everything will grow dull for you, as well as the trifles which now attract you and seem interesting only because are shined with the heart fires, lit from Light of the Lord: Light you will clean — and it becomes dark. The Teacher Warned enough, - but remained with Me even if it will be one, I Will claim, as hundred thousand wise men and PI will Put an abutment.</p>\n<p>**224. (M.A.Y.). Light, which in you is, in people surrounding you, awakens energy for manifestation. The same Light, but infinitely greater, revealed in people good them and angrily, and angry shouted \"Crucify him\". So were shown energy of light in dark hearts. The law is identical. And you see &lt; ... >; people round you and from your light come to a strange condition of the raised activity. Weak devices of your tension can\'t sustain, and are shown signs a disbalance, randomness’s and throwing from one extreme to another. All dark, all weak, all unbalanced is shown then strong while sooner or later there won\'t come a transmutation in the benefit or final turn in darkness. You watch these signs of influence of Light which in you, both human disbalance and swaying be not confused. Division on poles proceeds, accompanied by internal fight, and not all address to Light. </p>\n<p>225. (M.A.Y.). Stronghold, and Brotherhood, and we in its show a whole, the monolith of spirit merged in mutual understanding full. Nobody’s thinking isn\'t separated from Focus of Great Heart. We it are strong. Approving the readiness strong, you seek to reach with us the possible closer mutual understanding. To them you will cause to us the proximity. Let\'s agree later about it when to work time will come. Understanding now approves and proximity you fix that in readiness to be. You learn to use the force not the, but force — for you Standing. Such help is necessary, because a hand and a foot human lay the Way on the ground. Also think more of us those thoughts to merge more closely.</p>\n<p>226. (Guru). To us imitate and try to be similar to us that to consciousness and spirit are conformable. After all and we in us spirit an example take the best qualities from the Lord. And we wait for the same. In Elevated private matters lose the value, but all-planetary and universal rise in all the depth and relevancy, and the spirit takes part in them by the size and consciousness capacity. It is correct to think that nowadays we even more in affairs than when were on Earth. But we can show energy the better only through those who is able to apprehend them. To thoughts of susceptible consciousnesses there is a lot of, but conscious employees we consider on fingers. The value and the value realize in hidden cooperation with us. From here and there is so much attention to you, because — our assistants. Certainly, it would be desirable to see deeper understanding, both more serious relation, and closer and long cooperation. Including us live, though without a dense cover, and being with you in close mental connection, you approve reality which will become day by day for you more and more obvious. Remember Swedenborg. Its contact was mental, i.e. based on a psyches, your contact mental that much more difficultly and above. But though it is necessary to all, and mental contact strengthens consciousness, instead of weakens it, as psyches. Could notice already how the soil under feet becomes stronger and hardens. If all perceived arrived through astral feelings, the mentality couldn\'t sustain. Many psyches finish either obsession, or full wear of nervous system because from poison terrestrial can\'t itself to preserve. Therefore emphasis is nowadays placed on thought. Think rather think all and all can perceive and perceive thoughts, but unconsciously. We do this process conscious and by that we approve cooperation between the Worlds — to these and that. And you are to us assistants and pioneers in great process of association of the Worlds.</p>\n<p>227. (Apr. 21). My son, you to win against darkness left. Here it comes. Win! Already I Said that the usual mistake is that for achievement of a victory seek to fight against something outside. Not in it a victory. Feeling the hung darkness, it is necessary to polarize itself on a wave of awareness of the indestructible fiery power united with Mine. That from this that is dark, if in a breast the Treasure of the Stone shines and the Lord is close. One in the field is the soldier. This consciousness it is necessary to go. And the help has nobody to wait. All are occupied by themselves. But it is possible to show tranquility and balance too. Tranquility — force, balance the fiery power collected in focus of the Stone, and collected force able to break darkness. It isn\'t necessary to wave hands, it isn\'t necessary to activity external, it is necessary to collect only in the center, in the Stone circle, all forces. In darkness external let will be that will be, but the darkness is distressed fiery power and its tension inside, without any external attempts if the moment comes, similar come nowadays. If to direct outside and to show a number of actions, fight against windmills and terrible waste of forces will turn out. But power of balance, concentrated and collected in the center, will be the decision for the shattered darkness. The press of fiery force can study from spirit depths, having united on an internal wire with Hierarchy of Light; it is possible to become indestructible, like the lonely watchtower put on border of spheres of Light and darkness. Whirlwinds rustle, and the gloom is condensed, but the tower of spirit costs unshakably. At these moments all of energy of the spirit, scattered on the parties, gather to the center and keep in it, without directing to external objects. Silence is best of all. But if it is necessary to speak, let words, both the avaricious, and circumspect extremely will be rare. On a sphere it is impossible to rise and to be hooked for it — too until flatness of its surface is broken. Words, thoughts, the actions directed outside, break smoothness of a surface if complete equilibrium isn\'t observed; because the sphere is a balance symbol. Words, actions and thoughts can be expressed in shape or complete equilibrium, or a disbalance. And if there are no forces to observe balance a form, it is better to be silent and abstain from actions and thoughts, having pulled together them energy inside, and to be, as a collected spring or the person who has prepared for a jump. Readiness, intensity is necessary because helps to concentrate forces in a fist. Also the person then is the onions strained by an arrow. So I Learn to arrive in days of tension awful, in days of the darkness which has dismissed swelling and chaotic spatial currents. Much of attempts are created at these moments from darkness, but about balance armor splashes will scatter, having hit, black shells.</p>\n<p>228. (M.A.Y.). Than the spirit is higher, especially it is heavy struggle with coming against a wave, because a wave on a shoulder and the opponent on forces. The law of related contrasts it is immutable attracts equal, but opposite forces. But internally in light all Day breakers can unite. It also will be an internal circle. It is insuperable to darkness, because in the center it’s Focus of Hierarchy of Light. It is insuperable Stronghold, and are strong the patrol<br />\n towers.</p>\n<p>229. (Guru). It is possible to exercise and develop the force only on the phenomena opposite. And when the darkness, a case a good sword pointed takes up arms to lift. The blow of a sword of balance of spirit has force such that against it nothing can resist. Fire of intense balance will sweep away, burns, destroys and extinguishes any opposite activity which has concerned it. Fire of balance neutralizes it and of force deprives: as if muscular energy in the hand which has risen for blow would be extinguished. Only highly experienced soldier of spirit can act with power of balance. But there are conditions under which a different way of action doesn\'t remain, and then force of the approved balance is used. Lords act in the great tension of balance and tranquility and therefore their power is invincible.</p>\n<p>230. (Apr. 22). Each tension of space is fraught with consequences. Invisible knots of events bulk up and weave life patterns. And only later time their echoes reach terrestrial consciousness, but the sensitive device human feels the events behind a veil and notes process. It is necessary to be very attentive to the phenomenon of spatial waves. They cause a press of the centers which is distributed on focuses of a network of a planet. Everyone has to sustain a spatial press and трансмутировать these energy in lightful beams self-proceeding. Task in volume and difficulty that reaction has be lightful. Easy on spatial pleasure to begin to sound pleasure, but to answer waves of the dismissed poison or heavy pressing crossing currents with a wave lightful radiations of the microcosm sometimes happens difficult extraordinary. And nothing can improve a present situation. Rescue is in unification ardent, intense, and steady, with focus of Uniform Light. Everything takes up arms at these moments on bearing Light. But it is necessary to stand and to sustain an impact. Already you know about value of balance. This balance is active because at this time the protecting network of aura reflects influence of the surrounding sphere. Its vibrations keep in own key. It is impossible to permit to itself to begin to sound on a wave foreign or to lose tranquility. In break of aura will rush chaotic energy from an external environment and will flood it. Protection of the protecting network and its maintenance in a due condition it is so necessary, as well as maintenance of a network planetary. The army is strong tranquility of certain fighters, a network of Light of a planet - firmness of spirit of its focuses, or knots, Light. To put silent at the crossroads ways means in patrol to put the tested and devoted heart on protection of a network of Light. Certainly, thus in communication uninterrupted and intense with the Lord it stays. There are moments when it is best of all to reject any thoughts that it is better to that to hold this communication. It isn\'t necessary to think that with Great Arrival there are perfect around all people occupying Earth. The consciousness can\'t become at once other. Degree of its inspiration will depend on last accumulation. But, of course, focuses of darkness will be destroyed by fire, and it becomes easy to you, on protection of a network planetary standing.</p>\n<p>231. Maybe will arise a question how to be if protecting becomes a little? Our heroes knew how to death to stand. And so also stand. Difference only that the death isn\'t present, and stood it will be up to the end rescued. It both is clear, and it is logical, and it is fair. Because spirit,broken by an impact external phenomena, it will be unsuitable receptacle for fires.Because occurred outside, resistant heart vnekshny opposes the force to influences.</p>\n<p>232. (M.A.Y.). The power of the present over consciousness is strong extraordinary. It should find any counterbalance. The Teacher Will is this counterbalance. So, each wave of the present going against, it is possible to extinguish the Face of the Teacher entered into heart. Its Light external will destroy darkness on understanding force proximity this and Face brightness. So on influences external it is possible to answer strengthening contact with the Lord. As Waves Sea about the rocky rock, the wave of outwardly influences about power of a lightful Face will break. Name repetition thus adds also understanding of in the Beam. Threefold protection will help to cause own light and the strengthened tension of a protecting network to reflect a darkness impact. So see, where enemies, where friends and where those from the last that give in to darkness. To manage to distinguish mistakes and misunderstandings from unconscious submission to dark influences. There are times worse than war. Time can be worse than the Armageddon. Now precisely is the time; before Arrival be very darkly.</p>\n<p>233. (Guru). Yes! It is right, very much it isn\'t enough of you, but unless in quantity business? You see the spirit torches, alone passing life. And fight conducted alone, and wasn\'t on spirit around. Loneliness is strong destiny. Alone into prisons plunged, burned down on fires. Followers, pupils, admirers appeared later. When you think of Business of the Lord, it keeps in mind. Many will come, but relatives won\'t be much. Fingers on hands you remember strong — on them and consider. Thought that «I will consult one\", in essence, is correct: possibilities of the spirit which has realized the force in Communication with the Teacher of Light are inexhaustible. And sets therefore don\'t look for also followers too. And invite nobody on the yard. Only them coming, meet that to give everyone on consciousness. But after all it is better to give less, than it is more to be preserved against treachery. Treachery is always generated by donation incommensurability with containment. And if keenness whispers about unfitness someone or something, it is better to obey, than after to expostulate on it. Often, without listening to itself, but listening to others, we make mistakes for which it is necessary heavy and pay long. Especially sharp-sighted be with called by you because if them accept, you will answer.</p>\n<p>234. (M.A.Y.). Same answer: at the first possibility to go. I transfer the Decree to prepare to surprises, - for them wait unexpectedly in readiness full. Don\'t determine inscrutability of ways. In Will Lords indulge? Don\'t solve now anything, for you will solve the future. It is now most important to be unseparable with the Lord.</p>\n<p>235. (Apr. 23). (M.W.). Feels the conformable heart that is somewhere in the Worlds, over small to Earth the stream rushes Great Space Life. And in this stream, which over the terrestrial, passing phenomena, the spirit can find the stream and with it merge, in its having directed. Also it is possible then on Earth, terrestrial affairs making, to be in good spirits in space, on the Distant Star under a cover hate Mothers of the World. Terrestrial affairs and life events then will get them an inherent place, without covering with itself all Space and its Truth. On great open spaces of the Space Ocean the spirit directed finds a support to itself in opportunity to lead spatial life. Thickness of terrestrial aura is punched, and the kingdom of elevated freedom available, but ahead goes thought, as light before the directed light source. It perforate spaces layers, uncles consciousness with itself(himself), the Collector of fruits of terrestrial embodiments is the temporary inhabitant of Earth, only temporary because actually he is a traveler spatial, boundless, going from a star on a star. Star and spatial value is realized then by the person and, esteeming it boundless, any more doesn\'t close the spirit in a close framework of Earth. On Earth the tasks and opportunities to study and acquire knowledge and experience. But it is only one aspect of life of spirit, other its party is shipped in boundlessness, and in it is concentrated for spirit of possibility of boundless development of the potential hidden in it. We call it the fiery, lightful potential of spirit. Earth can\'t give everything because the final sense of life of spirit not in it is concluded. But, being a space step of a ladder of spirit, as the bottom serves it for aspiration in space. Without Earth it is impossible for you, on Earth incarnate. Earth — is the house of spirit, same temporary, as temporarily each terrestrial house for the person. I lived one life and leave a body, leave the house of people. As it has to leave also Earth, when a chain of terrestrial embodiments it is complete. And the spirit finished leaves a planet for the Highest Worlds and planets. But someone solves the way on Earth that to help people as they are helped by Lords. Self-rejection the highest because it is heavy be to the spirit which has finished the way among the lowest consciousnesses. But already now to them which has taken a way of Arhat, doors and access open is given to spatial life. Beam of a distant star for going spirits - Light Bridge in boundlessness of space distances. On the Beam reach and enter into an orbit of influences of a desired star. The law of a magnetic attraction works with Light tensely, and the spirit directed in space finds conformable to spirit a stream in a great stream of spatial life.</p>\n<p>236. My son, at Mother of the World, in her spheres нахо¬дишь you are the access, open for thought. And everyone flight it to the sphere of a star remote brings a rich catch. Not imagination, but guarantee of the law of inclination of thought. Remember: on each accurate aspiration of spirit you will receive the conformable answer, one aspiration - one answer, one thousand aspirations - one thousand answers, boundlessness of aspiration — boundlessness of answers, and, therefore, and cognition. So by force of the law of aspiration of spirit magnitno are taken from knowledge space, conformable to a magnetic wave of aspiration. It is impossible to compare them to knowledge usual because their space doesn\'t allow them to clothe in terrestrial exact formulas. But even sounds of space can be issued in the symphony of sounds terrestrial, i.e. to reveal in life. As also spatial knowledge, though it and other-worldly. Wisdom terrestrial and wisdom space are various. But wisdom of the Distant Worlds doesn\'t prevent to go firmly on the ground and stronger to go, than people of Earth go. It is difficult to be able to combine terrestrial and space, but it is necessary that in admiration not to hurt to itself a nose and not to go with a nose broken. Commensurability and balance in everything - such is Arhat\'s way.</p>\n<p>**237. (Apr. 24). We consider, harmfully littering a space complaints to something. Complaints in it are aimless. But it no other than, the next grimaces of an astral complain, when the person responsible for everything. But the astral wants to be shown in the conductor and wants to seize consciousness. This conductor can look at tendency to complaints and discontent as on to be shown consciousness submission. That causes complaints, can be somehow improved or used for force extraction from it for an opposite-action. It is best of all to look at everything, how at the next opportunity to increase the forces on living conditions opposite. The good owner to all will find application in good economy. As also the skilled pupil from any phenomenon of life takes experience useful, knowledge, and the main thing, force of overcoming of that rises before it at its this step for permission and passing. The solution of any phenomenon of life lies in its correct understanding and in the correct attitude towards him. Not for complaints difficult life but in order that on all these impossible difficulties to look as at something which is subject to overcoming and a solution is given, and thus at full tranquility and balance of spirit, as if life goes the usual track. The decision in that in the most impossible conditions the consciousness felt as always as when everything is good and quiet. Business at all in difficulties, either in troubles, or in chagrin but only in that not to give to an astral cover will and a silver bridle of spirit not to remove from it. And when all force of consciousness is directed not to the next difficulties, and to operating an irrepressible astral cover, the next problem of life is understood correctly. Tasks are given not for the sake of them, but for the sake of spirit progress, both the correct understanding and their permission is necessary, differently they won\'t leave, yet won\'t be are solved correctly. Good training demands duration. But as soon as it is finished, old tasks leave and are replaced with the new. I want to claim consciousness of that all external phenomena have no value in itself. They are given or allowed by the Teacher for detection of not gets rid or undesirable properties in the pupil and replacements their desirable. They have to cause right healthy reaction in the pupil and approve him in new qualities of spirit among difficulties new. Therefore on all external it is necessary to look as at a working material from which the spirit stronghold as on clay from which the sculptor molds a desirable form is created. Task one: to take from all this life experience and force. Force can be taken from each counter circumstance if balance is kept. Then counteracting energy of counter conditions submits to will and inures to advantage to the winner. In collision with an opposite wave balance should hold and be not to given to flash to movements in an astral. The life lies through itself. Believing it outside, you allow delusion.</p>\n<p>238. (M.A.Y.) . Native, I can tell only about patience till the end and about storing balance, a vigorous and resistant condition of spirit. Well to do if the desired time didn\'t come to light yet in desirable forms. Time it is impossible to accelerate also consciousness development too. Abide in great patience.</p>\n<p>239. (Guru). — Fires to save up the life purpose, to strengthen will and through terrestrial to pass, having increased Stone Treasure. Only for this purpose life on Earth that the Stone of force gave is given and the way shined behind going. Only the purposes also serve this all circumstances of life. And people try to find their self-sufficing purpose in these external conditions. There is no such purpose because the planet will disappear also everything that on it, and there will be a spirit with the saved up experience of life. Time to all: to create and destroy, rejoice and mourn, to war or peace, but their one — qualities of spirit to increase the purpose. And you look at everything that from the outside directs to you to enrich you with new achievements.</p>\n<p>240. (Apr. 25). At the collective beginning all is concentrated. In the concept \"We\" is all future of mankind. Force united \"We\" is opposed personal \"I\" the person. Power of the integrated auras is expressed by a formula: \"Where two or three gathered in the Name My, there I in the middle of them\", there Forces Teacher Light. And if two, not three and if hundred gathered for the sake of the Lord, two hundred, one thousand people - that what force of such collective gathered not? And if millions, or tens them is? So we see that association of consciousnesses through Hierarchy of Light can be expressed in a huge force of mental energy, in its accumulation and its aspiration to a certain course: purpose and phenomenon. Earlier it was spoken about church, about a prayer cathedral, about association of believers. But the church didn\'t execute the appointment. Great formulas of life turned into dead dogmas, both Light and Force It left an unusable receptacle. The same is nowadays approved, but in forms of others, released from connecting, gets rid and already unnecessary limitation church. The collective force of mental energy of powerful association of consciousnesses replaces gets rid forms of dead officials. If two integrated auras can work wonders, what can create thousands and tens their thousands? So time will come to start creativity collective. Now it completely isn\'t realized yet, builds life on the physical plan, but boundlessness - destiny, and the point of application of force can be transferred to area of the mental appendix of fiery power. Certainly, at first it is necessary to acquaint masses with this force, it to explain laws and to show results. Unconsciously life conducts people to these new appendix forms of the energiya put in the human device, but there will come the moment and conscious application of forces of these in practice. The science will help to move concept of mental energy into a framework of the reality visible, notable and obvious. The world old, rejecting the collective beginning, to awareness of this power never will come. The collectivism beginning, and then the united, coordinated thought of the whole people collected in uniform ardent aspiration is necessary can work wonders if it is concentrated in at one time in one focus. Possibilities of collective creativity are inexhaustible. Support of such collective will mean a powerful force of energy.</p>\n<p>241. It is necessary to work much before people will understand, what force own and before realize that this force - in a unification full. The century of cooperation and cooperation of all and in everything becomes an eyelid of blossoming of mental forces of the person. Still darkly, but the future horizon is light.</p>\n<p>242. (M.A.Y.). The new Country should bear fruit of spatial thought, having brought together them for it. Not can to collect everything, but able a task — to put forces to that. The native land should bring not only flowers of a garden of M, but also its fruits, fruits of practical, applicable knowledge to life. Events go in time, aiming to prepare consciousness of people for adoption of the Doctrine of Life. That rises from Earth a hand human, having reached known height, will merge with that above: invisible, spiritual, with terrestrial, material, will merge in uniform understanding of life. So there will go an association of the worlds.</p>\n<p>243. (Guru). It is necessary to work over mankind association on everything that from the benefit. It is correct to see in the World Banner a symbol leading. It is correct to approve the world. Correctly thought and heart to be with those who against war. It is correct to cement a space thought of the world. Correctly in this space declare war to war. Staking on the destruction will be distraught. Going against the New Country - are struck. Lords powerfully Rose it in defense. I see defeat of the old world. I see that soon the bowl of scales of justice quickly up will go. Victory the New World is fated full and in everything. It already you see obviously. But this beginning is. The end old will sweep away the world.</p>\n<p>244. (Apr. 27). Yes! Yes! Yes! It is necessary to light thought everywhere, where probably. And it is possible everywhere, but at commensurability observance with a consciousness capacity. It is possible to speak only on consciousness, differently words and thoughts will spill in vain. This art is difficult. Only highly experienced traveler knows how to apply him in life. It is possible to invest thoughts the newest, the most unusual in words habitual for consciousness, and then thought will be intelligible. But as in them something which isn\'t entering into a circle of thoughts of usual, attention they will be felt unconsciously will draw and somehow consciousness is mentioned. It is necessary to know much that, storing this knowledge at itself, to give out only that its part which is conformable to the moment and it is given in a form accepted for consciousness. But conditions remain the same: the thought has to be clear, accurate, and certain and short. The greatest of True can be given in the simplest words. But it is necessary to know as it is possible to tell at the right time and to a place. To exhaust opportunities completely given by life - means to understand commensurability and to be able to put it.</p>\n<p>245. By actions for today we determine the way for tomorrow and we cover it with opportunities or we lose those. The main thing - not to allow anything to cover a way and the way purpose, the main thing - not to come off the Star of the Leader — the going ahead Hierarch not to lose sight of the main thing. All surrounding seeks to eclipse the Leading Star and to distract consciousness from the most necessary. But, despite darkness of night, a fog, storms, a bad weather and a rain, the ship of spirit goes to the purpose, as a vessel to the appointed harbor. Will hold steadily correct direction the solution of a question? And counter waves to a good vessel not an obstacle if only the engine was powerful. The engine of spirit is fire, and the most powerful fire is fire of aspiration. Of atoms in spiral movement there are stars, systems of the worlds and the whole galaxies. And the spirit-monad in spiral movement in Boundlessness collects round itself the whole world, a microcosm of the person to become once starting focus of creativity of the whole worlds. For creativity the knowledge and experience are necessary. That and another are given only by life both in life, and in it is its purpose. If this to realize the purpose and not to deviate it and not to forget about it not for a moment, human life becomes purposeful, i.e. intelligent. As number of those who knows there isn\'t enough where goes and why understands sense of roadside flashing signs. If only the consciousness could experience that everything going by it, in itself anything and is doomed to destruction, but it is important only as an inevitable and necessary condition for achievement of the purpose. People believe sense and value of the current phenomena in them and that connects itself with them and plunge into them. And many sink, choking at the ocean of the phenomena of a material world, meanwhile as the decision is simple: mine isn\'t present anything, nothing belongs to Me, everything is given for a while, for limited rigid terms of time of using, all this from life will leave, having left only an experience and knowledge fruit if the way is passed successfully. If isn\'t present, all it is necessary to make a fresh start, passing again the experience not acquired earlier. The dumped covers once forms living on Earth covered crust. They transmutation themselves also refined rough covers of a planet, but their vital principle collected once, passed to new forms of a the vegetable , animal and human kingdom. Fasten the consciousness to a temporary form in which it lives, is inexpedient and doesn\'t correspond to spirit of things and evolutionary mission of the person. Mine only that mecum Porto, and only in the spirit of wearable — mine forever. So the traveler of a way boundless learns to distinguish true, constant values of spirit from the phenomena temporary and passing and freedom finds in the spirit of. He has to respond to rage of external conditions coming from everywhere powerfully: \"Even it will pass\". \"It\" will pass, but there will be an experience and the knowledge brought by \"it\" for spirit. The knowledge it gives strength with firmness and courageously to go through life, without deviating the purpose.</p>\n<p>246. (M.A.Y.). Correctly, correctly, correctly! It is rather, rather, by flashing phantoms of life flowing to the purpose far rather! On the one hand, everything because it is passing, on the other hand, without this passing is impossible for the purpose not to reach. Means, passing and it is important, and it is necessary. To find this importance it and will be the solution of sense of this embodiment. Each of them has the definite purpose and appointment. Spirit, being embodied, in the depths this purpose already knows, terrestrial consciousness is not always. And when the knowledge it is absent, the spirit way isn\'t certain. Arhat knows the way. The pupil knows it. The Lord and Specify as it is possible to comprehend the stay on Earth knows. About for what this embodiment is given, it is possible to think. The purpose becomes clear if to direct to think on this problem.</p>\n<p>247. (M.A.Y.). Friends, the way of spirit doesn\'t do to be put in dependence of that can be that can\'t be or that will be. External circumstances - only accompaniment for consciousness, but the conductor — spirit. And if, the will wants, and the most bitter will turn into the most sweet, difficulties is in ease and unattainable — in achievable. Levers from consciousness switching in will hands, but it is necessary to want them to turn. And then the most tiresome work can be made interesting and the most undesirable work - pleasant and carrying away. It is necessary to want only, it is necessary only to wish to want. People have these or those feelings only because it wants, but without realizing power of the desire and therefore become toys of the feelings. The person cries or laughs, he does it because so wants because in the phenomenon it isn\'t concluded any feelings, the fact in itself insensible, i.e. is deprived of emotions, feelings are imposed on it by the person. I rejoice not because this or that phenomenon causes pleasure but because I want. It is a lot of sad and sad in the world and that in them not to drown, it is necessary to approve the feelings contrary to evidence dense, remembering that the person is a laboratory for all feelings, and disposes in it the will.</p>\n<p>248. (Guru). Russia mighty not settled for great works collects forces. They, great, is still ahead. Athletes in Russia weren\'t translated, - arose also new, only forces powerful yet not realize. And time of understanding of great works, feats and affairs heroic comes. The power will be a torch for all ours. Already reach for it from everywhere, already feel мmighty it. Ice will be opened, and the mighty river of life will carry away after Russia all people of the Earth to the ocean of new life because the leader - it, and already conducts and involves in the orbit of everything who was averted from the old world.</p>\n<p>249. Each effort to enter into Communication with Me plodotvorno.</p>\n<p>250. (Apr. 27). Thought concentration on any part of a body causes inflow to it of the blood, the strengthened pulsation and even as though an easy pricking. It occurs owing to inflow of mental energy, or fire. The thought awakens the strengthened activity in body sections, regarding it, being object of concentration of thought. At successful concentration all consciousness is transferred to point of concentration and their energy fiery is forced. Any diseases can recover this way if the reason, them causing is thus eliminated. Sections become the being shone, and thin sight can see, how amplifies luminosity of body on which the thought is concentrated. The thought a certain order can be sent to any part of a body, long concentration will strengthen this order, having caused tension fiery. Body sections on the whole at ordinary people sleep. Their way it is possible to cause from hibernation and to awaken. And the body becomes then being shone and blinking. All organisms will start moving, and the fiery body can begin to show if process of its registration already happens. It is necessary to consider that the person a being fiery. From each section, from every time of a body it is possible to cause fire. Hands of one people hot, at others — cold. The reason is in existence or lack of mental energy. As well auras happen hot and cold, taking away vital heat from others, having more. Fire the awakened is fruitful if the will knows how to operate it. Unmetered, can turn into fire destructive and as though break off it on part of the unlucky carrier? In nervous, uneasy, the rushing about people it is possible to see how tears apart them on part fire which the will didn\'t seize; fire not applied, fire unused, fire of the power of spirit not the subordinate, the Awakened sections on condition of balance of a microcosm human will be the displayed benefit for their owner. As the commander in which army there is a cast-iron discipline, can dispose the person of the body, giving it the orders which aren\'t subject to discussion or non-execution. The body is obliged to execute the spirit order, the slave is afraid of the owner. Possibilities of the power over a body should be realized. They are boundless. Process of mastering should be begun; begins, as is always, with most the small. Small successful statements of the power over a body lead to big, big to the great. Not hatha-yoga, but input in heritage and the space right. Everything is given, but it is necessary to master. Everyone knows, how much time you need to master any musical tool, either any branch of science, or specialty, but the person doesn\'t want to approach mastering by fiery energy (spirit) to the main specialty of the person - with the same measure. Everywhere work, both effort, and the put pases to practice in life. Each outstanding person in the area much at first worked before success I achieved. But someone believes that can to succeed, work without having put. Efforts not the put, further words in language won\'t go. Awakening of sections of a body can be conducted every day, rhythmically, devoting to it some minutes. Balance - a steady condition, differently fire creating turns into fire of the eating. The silver bridle of spirit on thoughts, feelings is necessary certainly. Concentration on one anybody without the special reasons on that can cause violation of the general magnetic polarization of a body and entail for itself an illness. Concentration on charkas is unacceptable without the direct guide of the Teacher because the infringement of fiery power polarization of an organism can cause very dangerous consequences.</p>\n<p>251. Friends, pay attention to how your thoughts are carried out, desires and aspirations. Usually always look at big affairs and the phenomena which are evident, and you look on small as in the small the thought is carried out, and you that will see small thoughts, both bad, and good as the hardworking ants, everyone brings something on the sort and quality. Round them there is a lot of, and in effect, everything surrounding you, it is weaved from thoughts, desires and aspirations you’re, shown once. Perhaps, you don\'t need not that they brought. Perhaps, your desires became others, but ants worked, and that they brought, you surrounds now. It will help to understand to you, the thought is how strong. Even each subject in your room got to it thanks to effort of your thought or someone\'s the stranger. So understand that everything round you is created by thought and that the thought is valid to be embodied in visible forms. Not magic it, but life because human life and mankind and an environment of the person and a planet are created by thought human. Having seen the principle of action in small put it in the big. Thought - the lever to the phenomena of life current. Future levers to the phenomena of life approaching in hands of the person also are concluded in thoughts it. As well levers to the phenomena of your future life in your hands also are set in motion by thought. Thought observe and you keep in the direction necessary, if you want reach to Me.</p>\n<p>252. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, life doesn\'t stint tempering you to burden you to prepare you for future happiness, having granted on it the right. Already you understand that your environment is deprived of final sense, but those severe lessons, to pass which it gives the chance, are necessary to you as approach steps to the Teacher of Light. That is why life in a position intolerable and difficult also puts you. Difficulties always on a shoulder, if the will before them doesn\'t recede, more precisely, doesn\'t want to recede. Of your future without us any more you don\'t think, but that you do to approach it and to approve in it to them a place. With itself it is necessary to be perfectly honest and to be aware, how much time you per day devote to the Teacher of Light and its Business; if minutes, and carelessly, and with a reluctance, and as though under duress, whether that seems to you, as results of such relation will be conformable to it. Only joyfully, directed, voluntary work for the sake of the Lord and for the sake of It gives fruitful shoots. Everyone remains with that and thus, with what or whom his thoughts stayed also his heart during this period before arrival. And if now you didn\'t find time to give hour to the Lord when Matter of the Lord in need, that, probably, as It for you Won\'t find hour when dark time passes. The law of the accord and compliance works is commensurable. And everyone now measures to itself (himself) the share in the future. But if now time and desire were found by you heart to help Business of the Lord, the benefit to you, work bringing on creation of the New World</p>\n<p>253. (M.A.Y.). The Beam is sent you, but have to realize itself in It. Anybody for you it to make not in forces even if very much would like. It is possible to help, it is possible to explain, it is possible even to repeat, but the heart towards to the Beam has to open. And to us you open heart too at the will. And in the accord full with call tension is the answer. Popular wisdom expressed the Great Law simply: \"as the call, so the echo\", or: \"there is nothing to expostulate on a mirror if the ugly face is curve\", so curve mirror of consciousness will give both curve display and the accord will turn out distorted.</p>\n<p>254. (Guru). Exercise on everything and everywhere congenital force in you. Life on Earth gives to those infinite opportunities. And it is valid, life is a school, only in classes it isn\'t present neither changes, nor breaks, rest - occupation continuous: both at night, and in the afternoon, and even in a dream. Opportunity to study all the time and endlessly is so given. And the pupil so consciously also will be called as the pupil of life. Very much try, having passed through the next experience, strong to remember it, to realize and postpone for application in the future. To what all experiences and life, if they pass by consciousness, without having born a fruit. On experience of relatives you study. On our experience, on experience of the Teacher of Light, imprinted is on pages of the Doctrine of Life. But you study. But go forward and fruits you bear, multiplying a gift in life this talents. And we to you will help not to deviate from a way and to hold the direction if you are with us. But if from us you depart, we will be not in forces to hold you on a way. Therefore, decision one: to go all the way with us together, without coming off us heart, in thoughts.</p>\n<p>255. (Apr. 28). We Believe that maintenance of an uninterrupted Unification with Us will be the best exit from any difficult situation. In this condition the energy necessary for overcoming of difficulty, and secondly is given, first, existence of contact protects from consciousness immersion completely, without the rest, in vibration of the environment generating difficulty. The consciousness rises over it and sees limits it and finds ways of overcoming. And not in the difficulty matter, but in understanding testing spirit its essence and to increase on it spirit. Certainly, it is necessary to show efforts, or work, because without effort and efforts not to generate energy of a overcoming. But work intense will give the energy necessary for overcoming. To be idle and think that force will come it isn\'t known as well as from where, will be a mistake. I will help, I Will give the Help, but make efforts. And if life put in conditions difficult, so time goes the accelerated growth of the fiery device of spirit. Aggravation by circumstances for growth of spirit is given. And when this moment comes, it is necessary to give to consciousness right tone of a mood: confidence that everything is surmountable if the will wants, understanding that the effort to put, i.e. work, balance unshakable to counteractions of the environment and constancy of understanding of Proximity of the Leading Hand is necessary. People in these cases arrive in everything just the opposite and, losing balance and forgetting the Teacher, behave the same as all: both are lost, and complain, and discontent show, and forget the Teacher of Light, and time for a clouding spend, say, do all opposite to that have to. And the next lesson of life doesn\'t bear fruits, but is dissolved in moods and experiences of and the astral cover. Impassivity should be brought in the relation to everything that you concerns personally, to show reticence and restraint, to rely in everything on itself and the Teacher of Light. To rely, I Speak, but not to be assigned because the hand creates affairs.</p>\n<p>256. It is very difficult to rise over a scum of life current. The consciousness has tendency to roll in it with the head. The care of day and rage of the present hour of terrestrial vanity seek to take and absorb the consciousness which hasn\'t left places for this purpose that lifts it over life turmoil. Then the consciousness crumbles under the feet and it is necessary to shake to the person and to bend under a wind, as a blade of grass in the open steppe. With Me arm, and Me stand, and My Face you hold between yourself and them, directing to cast you into hopelessness circle; when such moment comes, strong you fix communication. The purpose of they are you from Me to tear off and same - a test objective. Me and with Me resist, strong holding Me every minute in all affairs. Not for the sake of affairs are given but to learn, how to go on the way without being unsteady and without distracting from the purpose anything. The next an obstacle or test is not the purpose, but only means of the purpose to reach. Taking it for the purpose, you pervert essence of the phenomena. As though strong this phenomenon of life sounded, the purpose lies far beyond a limit of the current phenomena. The phenomenon is only the means conducting to the purpose, giving strength to reach. Not the efforts should be directed to waves of life going on you, but from them to take away their force of a pressure for their overcoming. From each opposite circumstance it is possible to take its force and that grow by it spirit; without conditions counteracting spirit not increase. So we will understand conditions of growth of spirit and we will be glad to everything that to it helps to increase the forces.</p>\n<p>257. (M.A.Y.). Today the same I will tell: about firmness, about cheerfulness, about firmness of spirit, about inviolability of fiery essence of spirit, about not destruction its niche that outside. Rage meeting life waves; remember always that they can\'t break spirit, as waves the sea the granite rock. They break about stones. And Stone you have, it brightly flares in a breast and waves of fury darkness on you attracts, and then becomes more meter and the will burn more brightly; the surf of waves opposite will be more furious. What huge darkness wave The Christ accepted on itself! The going Arhat goes through waves of ardent counteractions and fury of darkness. It is possible to measure by this measure growth of spirit and to rejoice to force of an opposite wave.</p>\n<p>258. (Guru). I want to be proud of your force, both firmness of spirit, and ability of a wave it is beautiful to meet. They, your opponent, want you to make a pettiness broken by their diligence, and you become only stronger and stronger spirit from each their next infringement of will and your force. I want you to see strong always. And when chagrin and troubles falls down your head, not of them think, they to anything, but about force, not wanting to give in to them. Victoriously pass up to the end through any difficulty, by spirit and in the spirit of before it without having inclined — here, the friend, your task.</p>\n<p>259. (Apr. 29). Tension fiery shouldn\'t pass for legality limits. It is impossible to allow burn out of nervous fabric. From here is council about tranquility. Tranquility of tension is so we will note. The doctrine of tension provides that its growth went gradually, accustoming the device human to the capacity of a fiery force. Control is necessary both here, and, perhaps, still bigger, than usually. The ordinary car has the driver regulating its work. As and the difficult car of a microcosm human at the control panel has a spirit - her owner. The will sends the order, turning the device lever, - and the difficult car starts moving, following instructions. In principle, everything submits to will, it is necessary to train only it in this direction. It doesn\'t matter, if in the beginning the device not in everything to spirit is obedient. It is necessary to understand only that covers of the will have no. That seems their willfulness, simply to eat &lt; ... > the will enclosed once in them by the person. Means, it and can withdraw crystals of the will which has taken roots in its psychophysical organism. To destroy crystals of habits, and actions habitual, and that became usual and the second nature of the person, sometimes hardly. But it is worth understanding only that all this is generated and destroyed by will, and to will to begin to enjoy awareness of the power and the power over forms of the expression in which it lives as the beginning to unlimited domination of will over a body and the bodies will be put strongly. It is necessary to understand — will available all and all submits to will, even movement of stars, even movement of galaxies. In the nature the potential of will is boundless. The will is fire in operation. Certainly, the will of the inhabitant and will of the founder of a planet or will of the Lord differ immeasurably between itself, and their nature one. Firmly and persistently it is necessary to approach to understanding of that all is available to will and all submits to it. This understanding can be destroyed easily on difficult feasible things if to begin will training with them. But also here, as well as everywhere, we will begin with things small; remembering that all great grew from small and with the small began. A number of small victories strong-willed and a number of small successes to will confidence allow dare to the big. About value of aspiration already you know. About power of thought is too. But the will be the engine both. The person, will deprived, is a pettiness. The person thinking that he can\'t do anything, on the will tramples and destroys. It is better to go a formula - I can do everything. With unshakable confidence in power of will and by means of ours really it is possible to reach results considerable. Call it self-confidence or in the Highest Forces, whether everything is equal if the person brings the fiery force combined with Force Highest, into such condition when the desire of will is carried out. Even the prayer is carried out only when it fiery. The fiery prayer by means of will reaches tension necessary. In all affairs human you see the will put in their basis. The Stone treasure in a breast is power of will crystallizing by eyelids. The will is fiery attribute of spirit, force it realizes in all infinity of its fiery potential, but in application every day and since the low-slightest things. From small to great in everything — such is a way of the inalterability approving a spiral and evolutionary ascension of spirit on steps fiery?</p>\n<p>-. Experience yesterday\'s was quite successful: earlier seeming boring work was performed in tension fiery, bringing feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Freely the hand wrote, and work went very successfully. But the mistake was in an excessive overstrain that easily could cause irritability and balance loss. Balance and tranquility always and in everything — let it will be a practical formula of life. The task to give any work to carry out in a desirable key, and also to react to all surrounding not automatically — reflex, but according to the instruction and the will order is possible for itself. But for this purpose it is necessary that the will accurately decide that it wants that \"sutrarma\" itself I showed and as arrived, and behaved behind a stage of a vital scene before people and before itself. As though rehearsal in the imagination and planning of the actions and a behaviour in the conditions of dense and thin. Approved pour models of future actions, near and them will easily and freely pour out in life actions already actually. It is necessary to think, think simply, resolutely and firmly of how to arrive in everything, in all affairs, both great, and small, and together with the Lord because He with us always.</p>\n<p>261. (Guru). Treasure of my will with you I will share that you could increase treasure of your will. The will, the fire can be transferred to conformable consciousness. This magic is simple, and not occult magic it, but magic of life. From history you know how soldiers followed the commander and managed big affairs and feats heroic if he was able to transfer fires of the will to the fighting colleagues. Remember Suvorov, Ushakov, Pozharsky with Minin, remember all those who ardently the will awakened will of people to life actions. But coherence of consciousnesses and in a case with the Teacher conscious aspiration to Communication with the purpose exact and expressed obviously is necessary. If the thought is directed to the Lord with an obvious task will to strengthen and increase, obviously the answer will be conformable.</p>\n<p>262. \"Look for and обрящете, you ask and it will be given you, you knock and will open to you\", ardently direct and ognenno learn to want to receive wished from the Lord.</p>\n<p> 263. (Apr. 30). (M.W.). The consciousness merged through gifts spaces; we will give rise to its new understanding. The space is a receptacle real, there is great my Bosom. And this space for free spirit is the sphere of a display of its activity. People dream of an rrest and of that in rest to rest. But the boundless space of fire is the sphere of tension of the highest energiya, and rest isn\'t present in it to Me to the directed spirit. In my Spheres to Me the directed spirit its work waits intense, but conformable for essence. You know that the matter is passive and that the will forms it, pouring in in all forms of the invisible and visible world. Not I, but my children work on that to their spirit in power. Not in itself, but the Will of Hierarchy of Light and the employees it supports a harmonius order of the Universe. Space is great, and the number of the works demanded from the employees of Light is great. And everyone is waited conformable to spirit by work. And there, on Earth, on your minor planet, spirit fires straining in work, the spirit prepare to tension of Spheres of the Highest. In the Doctrine of tension the essence of on what Space is based is expressed. But it is necessary to enter into a rhythm of this fiery tension gradually because it will burn a dense body if to accelerate process. And thin won\'t be able to cease on it if on Earth tension of fiery energy of spirit wasn\'t included into life as usual way of day. Tension doctrine therefore is a basis of the Doctrine of the Life given to people through Lords, Me Put on protection of your planet; they nowadays enter consciousness of mankind into a new rhythm of space tension. Waves of spatial fire in the form of new energiya powerfully direct on your planet, and not to fuse, they should be met the consciousness, ready to contain rhythms of new tension. Space tension is shown in balance of fiery power and in a harmonious combination of these energiya. Balance of spirit the person has to show, accepting streams of waves new. Otherwise will fuse the wire of his nerves or will be not sustained by heart. Task planetary and space to spirits leading not only keep the balance, but also to give to people a fiery impulse to mastering by. Only provided that Earth will be able to escape, differently explosion is inevitable. And that once people considered as laws of moral and morals which as they believed, they could execute or not execute with impunity, nowadays becomes an indispensable condition of their life further in aura of the terrestrial atmosphere in both worlds — hidden and visible. Tension fiery will is so great that at non-compliance with balance of part of an organism human will start being loosened and the device of spirit will come to full worthlessness. Tell people about essential and urgent urgency of the statement of balance of spirit. Time presses, time flies. If aren\'t ready, accidents not to avoid. Fiery spatial the energy, not assimilated by spirit and not bridled by it, will rush outside and, having entered into a combination to underground fire, will cause explosions. It is so possible to understand that the statement of balance is for the person both terrestrial, and space need. But those who passed through tension fiery, having kept balance of spirit, waiting and desired will be met in My halls.</p>\n<p>264. If you resist with druginy, affairs will resist therefore our care of you, and yours about them, after you idukshchy — as though concentration of our efforts to the few, able to contain. You see how depart unsteady, not approved and recognitions not shown. But to these we won\'t be confused — not in quantity business. But if is in quality, it is necessary to show qualities of spirit these difficult days before Arrival. The main thing from them is balance and tranquility. Without them all other quality is to anything. To unbalanced consciousness of guards of the world we won\'t be able to entrust. Tendency and devotion too, to the Lord Love and hearts openness - the word, it is necessary to show the symphony of qualities, but on moment conditions — balance first of all. Also it is necessary to remember constantly that when we together, nothing can break you because against Us nobody is strong. The force realize, powerfully born from a unification, my favorite pupil, Me put at the crossroads is dear before Arrival.</p>\n<p>265. (M.A.Y.). Darling, with you it is happy - you spirit over terrestrial. You spirit over those movements which go in covers, with the Lord and with us, over accidents of life current. This proximity gives vigilance and understanding of the events both is close, and is far, both with relatives, and with the far. Merge of consciousnesses pours out in understanding of reality. To the friend tell: if vigilance I left and doesn\'t show recognition remains in the black glasses which have been put on by others hand. And if to your words doesn\'t show trust, let shows to mine. Strong will tear to pieces, because crept up through relatives. If the internally to heart it isn\'t protected from them, will tear to pieces completely. It isn\'t necessary to trust to charming words, behind them another. We don\'t trust words. And where affairs if words and business to divide? If auras even adjoined a little, danger is all the same great. It is unreasonable to calm it that everything is good also passions get rid. Not simply all this, and in words not to get rid of that, on what years of persistent fight against, works, tests are required. To spirits big and to spirits strong this fight not always on a shoulder. Why to be deceived by words? Behind words conscious or unconscious lie, behind lie the shaggy hands reaching for his poor, tired heart. Let you will better ask. To you not for the first time from faces to break masks. But not in it trouble, and in behind it standing. Everything, on what nervous force left and leaves, is caused by dark rack. Let heart to us will closer open and is closer to you, but will close from the dark influences, nowadays opened by it, thanks to undeserved trust to the close. Otherwise to it won\'t be able to help.</p>\n<p>266. To fight, fight, struggle with itself and with everything that is given by life for overcoming, and to win. The symphony of life consists of a pattern of the spirit which is weaving from constant victories. Himself the winner foreordains, and then already wins against the world. It is wrong to think that is necessary someone and somehow outside to win. But in itself the won of another, against it wins and out of. Also there is nothing to expostulate on people, against going, it is better to expostulate on itself that forces didn\'t suffice to increase spirit on them and to overcome them in themselves. Unless the Savior fought against a Satan? No! But in itself (himself) It Overcame everything and when that passed, Christ Redeemer Tell: \"There is a Prince of this World, but has in Me no anything\". In itself Won the Lord the going evil on It. And you, the friend, learn not to struggle with people and against to go, but in yourself to overcome them energy directed to you. </p>\n<p>267. Let’s give a sign to changes. To me time is conducted when to begin. You Me keep, for Me all consciousness. I will keep about My Day, I Will closer approach and I Will give the statement of Proximity new. - \"The father, You My heart is opened\". — \"The benefit (you), who has opened to Me a heart. And if you are exhausted, forces I Will increase it is hundredfold\". - \"The father, is unsteady everything that remained\". - \"And you become stronger for all and you will be all a tower where to the friend the shelter and protection, but a tower patrol is ready. I will give 49 eyes and 49 strings of understanding heart, and there will be resistant you guard over My Business\".</p>\n<p>268. (May 1). Now not current, and whirlpool is. And many consciousnesses sink. But there\'s no evil without good, because there is the last selection. Glass is split up, splashes scattering, but the spirit blade is forged. And you for sinking as lifebuoys — are for what to grasp. Someone holds strongly them; the majority powerlessly goes to a bottom under pressure of a dark hand. My friend, our Communication first of all and over everything, the Lord the first thought and the first place. The future isn\'t known by anybody and terms aren’t known, only Lords, but also only are conditional because the changeable factor of the general consciousness of mankind causes our decisions. To give something before term, the will break capacity of consciousness, means illegally to give and not in the benefit. The fire creating then turns in fiery the eating. It is necessary therefore to wait unexpectedly, staying in readiness full. And finally, it is absolutely unimportant that is, either was, or will be outside if life of spirit goes tensely, crescendo. But if in external life everything was executed, but ashes on heart and fires, to what then all and even execution of terms died away. Because the God\'s Kingdom and richness of the Worlds — in the person, and external everything to anything, if in his harm. Let\'s learn to lead so internal life of spirit, looking at the phenomena of life current as on something such, why there is no advantage to the person if it loses the soul, at least and the whole world got. Transferring of the center of gravity and the center from the outside inside will be the correct solution of life terrestrial. Because when all external will come to an end and will leave and the person remains face to face with the internal wealth and internal life, correctness of the solution of it will rise before it in all its importance. While overweight you give something external, until then the support under feet won\'t be because outside it is impossible on what to lean. Unless Lord outside? It in heart and heart is realized, and in heart of the Lord a throne. And understanding of all phenomena terrestrial inside happens as differently they don\'t exist for the person. For deaf and blind there is no outside world of sounds and paints, it lives out of it, and still lives. Both birds, and animals, and the person — live everything, but depending on the internal content of each focus of life.</p>\n<p>269. (Guru.). The current of events goes waves. It is necessary to see the next wave. Their rhythm will become frequent. The return from space of waves former will fall down. Pressure of waves new will amplify. And gradually one it will be replaced another. We waited, but waited, you wait, but you will wait. But it is necessary to go after all and to think of it.</p>\n<p>270. (May 2). Be careful. There is nothing that can cause us harm, if resistant vigilance on the guard. You, the phenomena opposite meeting blow, try to distinguish, whose hand puts it, the enemy or the friend. The enemy isn\'t dangerous, because he in a camp of enemies. But the friend, striking blow, already is on a service at of the dark. Very dangerously bear fire stumbling and falling: it is possible to do a fire and to burn itself. Open enemies It is preferred to rotten friends. It is difficult to understand, what not enemies, but are dangerous friends and through them — the main harm. Enemies if friends are strong are powerless, and are resistant, and for arrows of enemies aren\'t open. Harm gets into our Affairs through putridity of friends. Therefore power of recognition should be directed on relatives and their environment. It is necessary to know with whom business have, it is necessary to know who to their heart is close also to thoughts and who borrows and as their field of consciousness. If the consciousness is occupied from the close friend by that who obviously or secretly serves our enemies, the friend is unreliable and in business by a support won\'t be, especially, if the stranger is subject to will influences. Influence of will or violence over will is always fraught with consequences, and consequences bad if the will is dark. It is necessary to show vigilance hundred - eye, if you want to stand on guard Del of ours. It is very sad that often don\'t know that create. But when know and still create and created by lie hide — there is no justification interfering implementation of our Plan. Certainly, consciously interfering - our and your enemies. Our enemies always are yours. Knowing the enemy, don\'t take in head with a smile to address to him. The smile to the enemy will say goodbye only when it is the disguised friend, differently it will turn into a grimace of pain, horror, despair or hopelessness. From your acquaintances or your familiar friends of the benefit don\'t wait, if they on service at dark or their victims. Time having received blow, stand guard since then a constant against put to you to neutralize able to be put harm. But relatives should be rescued, showing the patience equal to patience of the Teacher. With you the Teacher is tolerant infinitely; the same measure is shown also by you. But refused you and the management rejected more anymore don\'t disturb the care. But all measures settle before cutting. So wisdom show in the relations to those, who to you the soul I entrusted!</p>\n<p>271. (M.A.Y.). Watch itself and look that you bring the healthy radiations in it — patients. At contact, and besides constant, with sick aura it is necessary to sate consciously it with emanations of health and vital force. Then even the simple silent presence will be improving. It is possible for these much to help. The help can be strengthened conscious Communication at these moments with the Lord and, looking at the patient, follows in the thoughts in images accurate and clear healthy to represent it. To respond with the word of health to his each word and thought of an illness, hopes, vigorous, light thoughts of that to premise. The sick consciousness can\'t fall by no means in conformable a condition and to catch it. It is necessary to adjust constantly, on the contrary, it on an own wave of health, cheerfulness, hope and improvement. Barriers of impossibility and heap of painful images, feelings and weakness should be destroyed the wave absolutely, with an evidence of their reality without reckoning. Fight against an illness is fight against evidence for reality of the approved reality in the spirit of. So powerful, unseperable statement of health, contrary to seen eye evidence, the Savior of people cured. But power of spirit should be called, but fiery creating, but all of consciousness of all and will the order it is possible to work wonders with force. With Me are created, and My Force, and the Wills Our, merged together. Who knows, perhaps, to you the Lord a possibility gives the strength to test for ability the Beam, the Sent them, to apply on your neighbors and in the Benefit. Testing the forces on everything, then we multiply. From this day every time as it is assisted someone, it is necessary to create it in ardent communication with the Lord. Not I, but we, you and Lord.</p>\n<p>272. (Guru). Here the case new is given the force to apply in the help to relatives. Prana taken from Lord, you report to a sick organism. Consequences are inevitable, and improvement won\'t slow down. It is necessary to show persistence, equal to persistence of an illness. The patience, persistence and work everything will grind.</p>\n<p>273. (May 3). It is necessary to take always into account character of spatial currents of the present day; the perception of thoughts very depends on them. Magnetic currents and thoughts of space interact among themselves. On currents spatial it is possible to play if the consciousness of force found itself to operate. In itself it is possible to overcome rage of antagonistic currents because over any flesh that is over everything that outside the power is given to the person. Question only in as far as it took it in hand. If to give itself on worry to currents opposite, that consciousness will drown in them, being tightened<br />\n in funnels of astral spatial whirlwinds. And then in World Thin, at an entrance to it, forces will successfully not fight against them anymore. As the current of a rough stream dry carries away leaves and streams of astral whirlwinds involve consciousness in the funnels and carry away in depths of the lower class. That is why to opposition of darkness, the evil, chaos not shown, interfering in terrestrial life, follows against to become all strength of mind. Any disharmony, both disbalance, and concern and astral explosions from the same family harm of the giving rise phenomena. It is possible to understand that in the citadel the spirit the chaotic energiya cutting thickness of dense conditions if its citadel is strongly protected is impregnable. Our Stronghold is impregnable for chaotic vibrations of the lower class. Our Stronghold serves as a prototype of a spirit stronghold which is created and approved by spirit in the citadel. The inviolability against rage of external conditions and whirlwinds astral the spirit has to realize and approve jealously understanding it as the life basis on Earth and in the Worlds. So inviolability of spirit, its boundlessness in an infinity of life eternal, the being shown in life temporary, terrestrial, and in other covers, on provisional plans hidden, realized strong, persistently and constantly, will give strength to spirit to pass through everything that life in the waves brings. Truly, in variability and inconstancy that around, finds spirit confidence of an enduring basis from which depth the Dumb Witness inside staying eternally looks at external life. The Teacher of Light sitting on the bank of a stream of life, let a symbol will be the one who from spirit depths, invariable and eternal, Looks at everything that outside, without identifying itself with anything that has a smell, color or a form.</p>\n<p>274 . My son, you correctly understood that proximity your difficult. And if compared everything that was It isTold by Me to you and you will look as it is empty around, both everywhere, and everywhere, you will obviously see that the son I Call not in vain and even as the next I Consider. From proximity of this occur a lot of things, as well as the understanding in a root of everything that round my Affairs occurs. They should explain, to you everything is clear, frequent even without any explanations or knowledge of details. Spirit you feel essence of that is hidden under a form verbal or that is hidden in the letter under an external form. It is useful to note also reaction of heart and thoughts at thoughts about close or distant friends then to compare with feelings from hidden perceptions. It should be noted and what strong and deep impression leaves the words, letters and, especially, that is transferred by us or Entrusted by ours. Each word bears in itself powerful charges of Light, that is why and their influence is so strong. Consider growing power and use it wisely. My light, which is in you, is given for crops good. Manage to distribute its grains wisely. Correctly as well that the part of Maternal care of my Business lays down on your shoulders. From here both pressure heavy and unreasonable force. Cross of life you bear for yourself and for it. That is why its help to you and its proximity are so available. She assumed terrestrial cares of the left Guru - and you and its and its, but, of course, partially. Full loading wouldn\'t sustain heart. And it is so hard. It closes and distant, you will be the eyes, capable to distinguish the phenomena of Light and to distinguish them from darkness. It is available to the little; differently there would be no so many terrible delusions and blindness. On them who aren\'t seeing the truths, don\'t complain: not everything gave that to you. But explain, explain and patience have the friend in darkness not to leave even if he persists. Condemnation separate from discussion and the first leave to the enemies, the second —. And take your time to consider dark the temporarily gone blind. Also remember while with Me and without doubts, anybody and will stop nothing you.</p>\n<p>275. (M.A.Y.). I will tell, and I will tell much. First, position of the distant friend is worse, than you think. Threat to health because of endured recently and expenditure in vain forces on consciousness inclined to unconscious vampirism. &lt; … >Words hid essence. Sees in it that so there is a wish see but not that is. But let it it will be convinced. Time will show soon in what the friend wasn\'t right. Secondly, air and the sun are necessary to a flower.</p>\n<p>276. (Guru). Any work performed fiery, gives a flame force. If this force passes lawful borders, the Teacher Speaks: \"Care\"! Work it is possible to force fire until it is in full submission and under will control. In operation has to to be expressed only that its share, which it is necessary for action, but it is no more. If action feather it is saturated energy not to avoid a wave of hands, neither excessive movements, nor the other disbalance, the actions which were expressed by a randomness already third-party, unnecessary, aimless and harmful the uncontrollability. It is impossible to refrain from unrestrained actions if in the main action it is enclosed fire more, than it is necessary, excessively lawful. Intense fire can cause painful symptoms in that part of an organism or those bodies on which loading lies down. So, in this case eyes because it wasn\'t shown commensurabilities between force of force fire and action capacity suffered. The insufficient absorptivity of fire action directed &lt; … >force it on organs of vision, having burdened them and having tired without advantage. Therefore fires should be owned. It is otherwise better not to cause them at all. Otherwise, as in the fairy tale, I called a magic demon, and couldn\'t cope with him. Fires can be caused, but on condition of complete control over them. It is already possible to understand that very powerful force of a flame is possible, and it is already easily available, it is necessary to own only strong this fiery force that fire creating didn\'t become fire the eating.</p>\n<p>277. (May 4). The Lord and enduring is unchangeable. Passing through life and its tests, the pupil that the Lord moved away that there is no it near thinks sometimes, and then can seem — whether a dream all that He Spoke, or groundless dreams. And Maya then approves herself in the reeled consciousness. But it is worth understanding only that everything put only to thoughts the casual or thrown dark hand as Maya ghosts depart there, from where came. It is very important to realize that they are concluded only in a cover of thoughts casual. Once you banish these thoughts, and the feeling of reality comes back again. It is necessary to accustom it to that with these thoughts not to be considered and not to pay to them any attention, it is impossible to allow that these tramps became between the Teacher and the pupil. Vagrant thoughts can be very harmful. When something occurs and covers the Image of the Lord, it is possible to tell it firmly: \"The Maya, depart! I know that the Lord is close, and no thoughts, any feelings, any phenomena of life and circumstance can interrupt communication this or to convince me that the Lord\" left. Because Told: \"I won\'t leave\". It is so possible to look at everything that seeks to separate consciousness from the Lord, as on something, testing degree of the statement of the pupil in the Teacher of Light. It is necessary to understand in life that Proximity of the Lord - over all movements happening in a matter of three temporary bodies of the person, and that extra temporariness of this Proximity is concluded in the Immortal Reincarnating Triad of the person which enduring light gives up reflection on the screen of the terrestrial consciousness concluded in three lowest covers. Therefore the statement enduring in itself is the statement of the immortality and a victory of immortal Ego over elements passing, it’s fitting. \"I know that the Lord is close, and I trust Him\" - let there will be it an overcoming formula, a formula overcoming the next approach of Maya, a formula, put forward every time when something tries or someone wishes to separate thinking of the pupil from Consciousness of the Teacher. Many attempts already were, both will be even more, and there will be they even more refined and distinguished. Not the reality becomes between, but casual, passing thought. Thoughts vagrant, thoughts casual, thoughts of the present day, today you are, tomorrow you aren\'t present, but the Lord with me forever. \"Both thoughts, and feelings, and words, also I put, and all environment of spirit — all this passes and at summer will leave, but there will be with Me a Lord\", - the pupil in understanding of a fiery validity so approves himself and in it is approved strongly. </p>\n<p>278. Whether the Teacher can be sure of fidelity and your firmness? Whether were resistant and unshakable always? And whether there can always be you confident in firmness and firmness of those who follows you? Think over the answer and you will understand why the Teacher Speaks about patience and tolerance to following you. If all perfect were, the Teacher wouldn\'t be necessary. So imperfection going to It not serves as a barrier to the phenomenon of the way. For Us \"good\" the person isn\'t a sign of its suitability. And often We pass by so-called good people and we stop the look on less perfect. From the pupil are required the qualities which are giving the chance to it to go. Good people are often inert, often only are warm and therefore aren\'t suitable for evolution. That is why among our people isn\'t present perfect and standard «good» is absent. That is why our measures others. And We Are anxious not so much with shortcomings with Us going, how many subjects that these shortcomings to them didn\'t prevent to go. And if they don\'t disturb, We Know then that there will come the moment when the increased fiery will easily and freely sweep away the next shortcoming. Therefore our Care - to approve the qualities, directing spirit to an ascension that all of them overcame, disturbing to advance. For shortcomings we Do not condemn, but strong Specifying that prevent to go.</p>\n<p>279. (M.A.Y.). There is nothing worse, harmful and terrible, than thought that any imperfection in the person deprive of him the right to take a life. Why then the Christ was among tax-gatherers and sinners, and even the robber and the loose woman were approached. Let it will serve as confirmation of that access is open for each directed spirit, out of dependence from shortcomings it. If power of aspiration overcomes detaining force of shortcomings - it is possible to go. The one who is cold, forces should show more to become hot and fiery, than to the one who only is warm. And therefore cold and a gloom in itself overcome more merits has, than that, who has nothing was to overcome, if even it was good. I tell it to that,that the shortcomings not consider as a condition stopping a way, but ascended a way their overcomings of the detaining forces, developing force ascending movement bigger potential, than force attracting back.</p>\n<p> 280. (Guru). My friend when come humble itself think, it is good to remember, how I was to us and to the Lord I am approximate, how those which are standing at some distance are far, though were called as the proximity becomes closer, and the fiery thought grows. Thoughts weaken humbling, and it is necessary to us strong who could as emphasis stones, to support burden of all affairs. And I put these much, and all are urgent, there is no time to waste time on something depriving spirit of force. The force in itself claim, my friend, contrary to everything that prevents you to be strong. Fiery power of spirit, having the basis in depths of its immortal enduring essence, dominates over accident of external conditions. The force approving in the face of evidence dense, you claim that is despite the fact that it seems under the influence of Maya.</p>\n<p>281. (May 5). I approve necessity of My phenomenon among true, necessity of the phenomenon of signs, necessity of fiery aspiration to Me and a constancy rhythm. The magnet which is powerfully attracting in the orbit, My Spirit for betrayed by heart (for true) — an attracting Magnet to Light Spheres is. Process of magnetization of spirits of the sixth race is invisible now, it goes tensely. The leading Hierarch collects a kernel of New Race. Beams of Great Heart flow from the Tower far towards to wakening hearts. And any heart, able to begin to sound answer on this appeal, won\'t be left or forgotten. Degrees of an answer are various: from hardly realized, before open, obvious and conscious cooperation. The century of cooperation and cooperation of all and in everything needs the pioneers. Cooperation of spirits, conformable with Beams of Great Heart will be the highest form of the cooperation. When on its note all hearts, foreordain to Light will be able to begin to sound, Great Arrival will be made. The space is sated with new formulas of life. Are burned old, gets rid. Forms of new thought and leading evolutionary ideas are condensed. And these images filling aura of a planet, start getting into consciousness of mankind. In increasing frequency from different corners of Earth the voices speaking about the world, cooperation and mutual understanding, about fight against destruction forces are distributed. It hearts human reply on an all-planet Appeal of the Lord. This process will amplify, extend, and to deepen billion begun to sound hearts, and will be the answer to the silent Address of Great Heart. Sounding heart starts being shone. This Light lights up it and that surrounds it. When everything who foreordain, the gloom will be replaced by Light will begin to sound and foreordain time will come to pour out in dense forms. Therefore it is necessary to understand essence of hidden work as the heart open for the Lord, your Earth created in aura. Certainly, heart such is on service obvious. Bikes and loadings it, bearing on itself all burden of repayment surrounding imperfection. But it is great both an award and honor to be in the forefront.</p>\n<p>282. See each reaction of heart to all events out of you. And where the eye won\'t notice and mind will keep silent, there heart will tell the sensitive word. Certainly, vigilance is necessary also consciousness wakefulness, but the guard — heart. It on patrol costs also ready to reply consciousness transfers the messages. Numb a hearts it is deprived of keenness. By fire it is generated and refined keenness. Flaring heart vibrates answer on all currents of space. It feels vibrations of human auras. It will warn against darkness of the creeping-up evil. Therefore I Speak: \"Be a wake heart, that its fire not are urgent, there is no time to waste time on something depriving spirit of force. The force in itself claim, my friend, contrary to everything that prevents you to be strong. Fiery power of spirit, having the basis in depths of its immortal enduring essence, dominates over accident of external conditions. The force approving in the face of evidence dense, you claim that is despite the fact that it seems under the influence of Maya.</p>\n<p>281. (May 5). I approve necessity of my phenomenon among true, necessity of the phenomenon of signs, necessity of fiery aspiration to Me and a constancy rhythm. The magnet which is powerfully attracting in the orbit, my Spirit for betrayed by heart (for true) — an attracting Magnet to Light Spheres is. Process of magnetization of spirits of the sixth race is invisible now, it goes tensely. The leading Hierarch collects a kernel of New Race. Beams of Great Heart flow from the Tower far towards to wakening hearts. And any heart, able to begin to sound answer on this appeal, won\'t be left or forgotten. Degrees of an answer are various: from hardly realized, before open, obvious and conscious cooperation. The century of cooperation and cooperation of all and in everything needs the pioneers. Cooperation of spirits, conformable with Beams of Great Heart will be the highest form of the cooperation. When on its note all hearts, foreordain to Light will be able to begin to sound, Great Arrival will be made. The space is sated with new formulas of life. Are burned old, gets rid. Forms of new thought and leading evolutionary ideas are condensed. And these images filling aura of a planet, start getting into consciousness of mankind. In increasing frequency from different corners of Earth the voices speaking about the world, cooperation and mutual understanding, about fight against destruction forces are distributed. It hearts human reply on an all-planet Appeal of the Lord. This process will amplify, extend, and to deepen billion begun to sound hearts, and will be the answer to the silent Address of Great Heart. Sounding heart starts being shone. This Light lights up it and that surrounds it. When everything who foreordain, the gloom will be replaced by Light will begin to sound and foreordain time will come to pour out in dense forms. Therefore it is necessary to understand essence of hidden work as the heart open for the Lord, your Earth created in aura. Certainly, heart such is on service obvious. Bikes is and loadings it, bearing on itself all burden of repayment surrounding imperfection. But it is great both an award and honor to be in the forefront.</p>\n<p>282. See each reaction of heart to all events out of you. And where the eye won\'t notice and mind will keep silent, there heart will tell the sensitive word. Certainly, vigilance is necessary also consciousness wakefulness, but the guard — heart. It on patrol costs also ready to reply consciousness transfers the messages. Numb heart is deprived of keenness. By fire it is generated and is refined keenness. Flaring heart vibrates answer on all currents of space. It feels vibrations of human auras. It will warn against darkness of the creeping-up evil. Therefore I Speak: \"Be a wake heart that its fire didn\'t go out\". Hearts fire the extinguished are deaf and blind to that nowadays invitingly sounds on spaces of a planet and unites spirits foreordain in new race, in a kernel of new race. The appeal under the Banner of Lord Maitreya nowadays goes, and heart replies.</p>\n<p>283. I will tell still something: \"Now approved in Heart we wash thousands costs others, with the answer zakpozdavshy and after comers on call\". I will accept all, but with honor different. I will render everything, but on rage of aspiration. And all I will sate on extent of hunger of spirit and capacity of the baskets brought with. Bread not five, but it is prepared much, and not on five thousand. Where wishing bread to receive baskets?</p>\n<p>284. (Guru). The same quantity of fiery energy in the person does it strong if it is bridled and under will control, and — powerless if on the contrary. Inflow of forces will be given, but that advantage if mastering by treasure doesn\'t accompany it. So mastering by fires should pay special attention, both time, and work. Energy is, to its access is open, the force of spatial fire became possible - remains the power of will over it to approve by a way of mastering it by force. It is dangerous very much in hands not able to them to operate.</p>\n<p>285. (May 6). Each phenomenon of life can be met adequately and beautifully, and the main thing, it is necessary not to allow it to capture consciousness, that is to seize it and to have over it the power. The real step also is a step of the statement of this power over rage of energy of chaos, darkness, destruction and all disbalance which are showing in the sphere surrounding spirit of dense and thin conditions. Because and difficult. There is on you a world, but against to become it is possible for it only strength of mind. As if everything rises and growls on Light carrier: both ruthless enemies, and rotten friends. Here rage and complexity of external conditions falls upon you. Show eagerness, it isn\'t necessary neither to argue, nor to convince, to be afflicted with this attack violent, but it is necessary to reflect it tranquility full. And the main task not in performing this or that work successfully or not successfully, anyway, but only in keeping balance. The dark try to change a task facing spirit, having directed forces it to anything, but only not to the main thing. And if the consciousness gives in to them on these tricks and the forces will direct on accident of external difficulties, but not on in every way to keep balance, the sense of test of this step will be nullified. So, a problem of the present day — to keep balance of spirit and, observing it, to carry out that gives life as need. On others it is well visible as loss of balance devours their forces and turns them into empty covers. It is necessary to understand it in the annex to. And even if it wasn\'t succeeded to keep balance internal, externally it anything it is impossible show. Will snatch immediately also will tear to pieces. At balance loss integrity of a protecting network is broken and in the formed break the dark host directs. It is necessary all forces to collect, that to reject strong pressure to each attempt of encroachment with parties each on balance of spirit. It is necessary to collect forces inside, it is necessary to show coldness of restraint and understanding of, how are harmful a disbalance. It is better to look at them as on the enemies attempting on most valuable that we have. Want to rush inside and to trample the heel on all this light and fire that is collected by works of so many years. It is necessary to take off masks and it is necessary to see, who the friend, and who the enemy. Also it is necessary to understand that among counteracting and harm doing does not know that create. And if friends in life bring very few pleasure what to tell about them which are standing outside. Therefore prepare itself for tests gorsy and mentally pass through them, keeping complete equilibrium and tranquility, cold of a look, the word and a sound of a voice meet feeble efforts them. And strong become isolated: any excess word, smile and gesture. Not friendly will grasp emotional identification of your energiya a hand and will do harm, getting out of limits of a protecting network and to those doing harm. Heavy so because on them, harm doing, is pressed by the dark, which has surrounded them that wound you. Look as it cleared up, both creeps from everywhere, and presses consciousness heavy. And you one in the field the soldier and Me Are put on a crossing of ways. The force collect in itself and a sword prepare for blow, but with blow don\'t hurry — one directed edge often stops the most ardent attack. And cares of our affairs grow and need strongly the help and council. Forces and time have to suffice on everything and on all because we together, you and I are your Lord. Show ardent internal readiness power of reserved force, understanding, to reflect all attempts your spirit to break. You don\'t look that around ordinary people. If friends serve as channels for dark influences that to destroy you what to tell about all the others, you surrounded with a wall. In each my Word forces to you inflows oppositions to chaos of dissoluteness and rush about energiya astral. So, it is necessary to show restraint and it to be protected from encroachment; should be protected as if business goes about protection absolutely the stranger, but not about itself. Well sometimes, but it is quite conscious, to think and tell about itself in the third party, as though not you, but someone another, out of the standing. Actually so it also is. Sutratma is not you, but external your form which you use temporarily on a vital scene for the next exit in casual roles and conditions of the vital drama. This external form if to depart from it as though aside, it is possible to force any role imposed by external conditions, well to play and even it is brilliant and as the will wishes and as the will solved. You can even tell yourself: \"Sutratma, your exit is! Desire to carry out a role in a due key\". Body you send for ten kilometers, and the body goes because it is subordinated to will. Eats, drinks, puts on — all at your will. Will large powers. Everything submits to it, and сутратма - the actor on a vital scene. The actor — it not you, but your slave, your servant, the performer of your commands. You — his lord, he are your slave, the performer of your commands. Thinking of itself in the third party, and sometimes speaking, it is necessary to have a clear view of this form separated in external expression from the one, who lives in it as her master. These are forces to you will allow to operate an external form; it will help you to bridle an astral and to bring all covers into full submission to will. As a matter of fact, life only for this purpose also is given that the spirit a matter of all covers and movements, in them occurring could seize. So, my friend, on the next wave of heavy external conditions and spatial antagonistic currents look as at new ardent opportunity to approve power of the spirit and its power over them.</p>\n<p>286. (M.A.Y.). Darling, everything I see, but, seeing, I want to be proud of you and to see you winning with firmness all difficulties of life going. The burden of my affairs on your shoulders partially laid down, therefore also such counteraction from everywhere. But and force washing to influence people, their hearts lighting, already I became yours. Pay attention that when you speak from My Name and My Words, impact of these words on people very strongly. To it you tell: \"Could go far and highly fly up if the force and the talent I didn\'t spray on the parties and I didn\'t spend them that aren’t connected through us with Business of the Lord and the Doctrine Given by It through us\". Only strong holding the Life Doctrine, strong it opens in itself sleeping forces.</p>\n<p>287. (Guru). At contact with us your thought directs to us, sounding in a certain key, and magnitno, on an accord tonality, is sated with our fire answer. Question and the answer, call and response is the same way to get knowledge, using the attraction law, but on a conformable wave. Extent of receiving depends on tension of a magnetic wave, that is power of aspiration, and the acceptability is caused by consciousness capacity. Ability of containment means spirit filling because having, and only having, it is given. Not brought anything, will receive nothing. The law is relentless.</p>\n<p>288. (May 7). (M.W.). It is necessary to think now about spatial life while the spirit is incarnate on Earth. The thought from the present day, but directed to Me, in Boundlessness, to spirit will serve the bridge to my Spheres to direct when there will come the moment of release from a body terrestrial. For this purpose it is necessary to understand, while a body on Earth that the spirit house where spirit. But it not that house where he lives, and not a body because the body is a house close, temporary and threatened. But this house, the spirit house, is a body of its light. It is its stronghold in which it is also it will be always and everywhere, on Earth both in the Worlds, and in the light of space. And the house this eternal in itself approving now over other covers, temporary too (as clothes and the house terrestrial), are created in space a monastery for spirit. It is possible to enter into My Spheres, but into what item possible and how? It is possible to enter only in light body. The purpose of life of spirit on your Earth is creation and approval process in itself light bodies. How it is created in your days that in my Days it could begin to shine? It is created and it is under construction in work every day and understanding of that each thought, an act and the word brings in the essence of people life or death elements. If its forces are directed to creation of its temporary covers investing spirit, creation for the sake of them only, the person brings then elements of death, an extremity and destruction in the shown essence. But if, creating and supporting the bodies, terrestrial, thin and mental, he understands, what not for the sake of them, but only for the sake of the Triad Immortal him, for the sake of a body of light growing in it applies the works, it in only case when enters immortality elements, eternity elements into Immortal Essence and enriches it with new ingredients. Then, truly, being on Earth, the person becomes the collector of Light and the builder of the Space house, a monastery of spirit, a body of its light in whom the spirit can live in Light Spheres in space. Is in space and darkness spheres, the dead moon where spirits - space litter (very low spirits living only in covers and accumulating in them elements of death) are carried away. Brain and its products – too are mortal, because wisdom terrestrial, from a brain, isn\'t Wisdom Space, from Light. And a mental tatter the terrestrial lives limited to understanding, a cover for spirit can\'t serve in Space spheres. And, if to track in centuries as lives on Earth and wisdom human changes, being mistaken, stumbling and denying today that claimed yesterday, and plunging into darkness of new heaps, it will be easy to understand, what not about temporary and false representation, about the really real I Speak, but about true reality of life and about Wisdom Space, about Knowledge, Uniform for all Worlds Invisible and Visible. This Wisdom Space is scattered by light of shining sparks is reserved on pages of your terrestrial intimate writing, it sparkles at times in thoughts of poets, your writers and in set phrases of great people beats bright stream. With elements of immortality its sparks are saturated, them incorporating, light body is created from them by the person. But in your everyday it is impossible to concern these Sources always. And then, I Speak, it is necessary to address and think to action of for what action is given to the person. Actions are expressed in thoughts, words, both affairs, and all feelings. Each action comprises elements from darkness or light, death and immortality elements. So is all actions human creation and strengthening process or light bodies, or its temporary covers. Covers have to be strong and healthy, but their purpose not in them, but in service to the Highest Triad which consists that bring and accumulate in it elements of the enduring. If there live covers for the sake of themselves, focusing in itself the purpose, sense and appointment of the person, they thereby doom the person, thanks to an extremity and the temporariness, to death, because owing to things are limited to known term of existence on plans corresponding to them. But collected in light body the from experience of Earth and on provisional plans hidden elements enduring and eternal, the spirit enters Highest Sphere of space released from bodies temporary. And then My Spheres open a gate for your world of the won spirit.</p>\n<p>289. The problem of psychoequipment of spirit is deeply fascinating. - The Stone to increase the purpose, the purpose - to become strong. — Life to turn the purpose into constantly and consciously going process of mastering by fiery power. From life in life the Stone can grow, multiplying strength of mind. Look at strong people. Not at once strong became, but in distant centuries from life in life they saved up will treasure but when this process is conducted consciously, the will starts growing, as a fiery flower under a hand of the careful gardener. For culture of will psych equipment it is necessary to perfectly know. It is necessary to understand it and to see how it enters into all relationship human as their integral part and a basis, however, absolutely not realized by people. Believe that everything goes so itself, it is simple and beyond exact, clear and accurate laws of psych mechanics. But actually it is not so. If to take aura human and to track interactions of radiations it with the sphere surrounding it and radiations in it being people, it is possible to see how the karma works and as it is caused by energiya of aura\'s radiations. To change them it is conscious also will — means to change karma. But who from the mortal thinks of conscious, strong-willed management of the radiations. They should learn to be owned. After all only won, that is fire of the radiations seized only it wins against everything. Therefore the understanding of process of polarization of consciousness and consequently, aura\'s radiations which are from it in a straight line and close dependence and are connected with it indissolubly, is the first step to domination over itself, over the covers, their elements, to domination over the world that is its four elements, fire, air, the earth and water. All these elements are concluded in a microcosm of the person. Covers consist of them. Them in itself having seized, the power of people receives them to own out of itself. So, first of all and at the beginning of everything, mastering by psych equipment it is reduced to ability to own the fires and to subordinate them to the will order. Everything is permitted, all feelings, acts and thoughts, but only from the sanction of will and under its iron control. It is possible to smile, but even the smile let will be not involuntary, but the manumission, that is at will. Involuntary actions are expelled at all. In tension extreme aspirations and desires to seize itself at vigilance ardent and vigilances of a constant there is this process of restraint of all operating energiya in itself. The equilibrium state also is that condition when all energy of the person are taken in hand as reins from hot horses, and any of them without will control isn\'t allowed to manifestation any more. All people of their feeling and thought own. And our task is to own them. Aura radiation, concerning other person, causes in it a certain reaction of his aura. It usually occurs unconsciously. Feelings of sympathy or antipathy, respect or contempt, fear or fearlessness, pleasure or the despondency, healthy or painful feelings, etc. are so created. But it is possible the thought, the consciousness and therefore, and to polarize the aura on a desirable wave with the purpose to cause the corresponding reaction of a certain character in foreign aura. It isn\'t necessary to influence the person thought, it isn\'t necessary to inspire, it isn\'t necessary to speak, it isn\'t necessary to touch absolutely him or to suppress his will, it is necessary to demagnetize only itself and to polarize the aura on a desirable wave of radiations. And then foreign aura by law magnetic polarization will change tone and character of the radiations. It is possible to make experience. Having taken away the sad person and strong having polarized the aura on a pleasure key, having noticed quickly as color of his eyes changes and gray shadows leave, the person brightens and all he becomes another. As the pianist on a grand piano, it is possible to play upon heartstrings and thoughts of people, mentioning the necessary strings of their harp of spirit, but not hands, but not impact on them, and only polarizing the will order an own microcosm on the necessary wave. But for this purpose it is necessary to be able to perfectly know itself.</p>\n<p>290. (M.A.Y.). Here you see, native mine as our cares grow, your and my, connected together, in focus of our affairs. You see how there are a lot of the hearts needing the help urgent. You see their weakness, mistakes and you know how they should be corrected. I will help to understand essence of these mistakes. Our proximity will give rise to mutual understanding. From here is and knowledge of what others not know, no see and no understand. Here consequence of our communication. To go L. it isn\'t necessary because will burden. Corporal close pushing probably only in cases of special need or at neobychay no full coherence of auras and ability to own itself, itself you know to what they brought in the past. People, not burdening relatives, so is a little, that you wonder. Awful pressure of two last days was caused by two reasons: the first — it was necessary to give valuable record and the valuable advice, based on regular experience and the test, the second — fights by circle against dark. Simply is entrance across fee in area necessary a knowledge. We pay for all in heart blood the price. For nothing is given. The burden left — experience remained, and knowledge it was increased. The correct decision gave a consequence fruitful. Us and the Lord put over accident of the present day and dark attempts and I won.</p>\n<p>291. (Guru). I see that force grows; I see that the will got stronger; I see my work, bearing fruit. The instructions of the Head applied in life, grant the right to the new. The right of the pupil to the guide of the Teacher is got by steady execution of its instructions. It is necessary to think of how it is better to attach Decrees of the Teacher in life.</p>\n<p>292. (May 8). My son, accept from Me a stream of my thoughts. If the spirit wants to approve in itself any quality, property or a trait of character, it to finish aspiration it to such an extent has to intensity when its implementation becomes already inevitable. If something doesn\'t work well and any quality isn\'t approved, so fiery force in the desire it is necessary to enclose more. The formula \"all is achievable\" should be understood in the annex to life. And I Speak: balance is achievable, the tranquility is achievable and achievable itself possession. So, the statement of desirable qualities begins with acceptance of this formula. If any quality is achievable, there is also an achievement way. It isn\'t enough only one desire. Desire is only one party. Another is a work of continuous use of approved quality in everything, everywhere and always. Let in the beginning in big affairs and, especially, at the surprise moments experience be not always successful, but in affairs small and low-slightest good luck is possible quite. At steady constancy of ardent, intense desire to approve this quality it isn\'t so difficult to achieve success in small affairs, but it is impossible to achieve at once everything. But if it is possible to approve in this embodiment at least one quality, say, balance, it already will be great achievement. But the symphony of qualities and at every moment is necessary, doing the main installation on the chosen quality, it isn\'t necessary to forget, whenever possible, and about others, especially about small and low-slightest, not demanding too big expense of energiya. It is necessary to watch yourself, and it is necessary to know that you want. Also it is necessary to turn special attention to little things in life. If in big affairs to show the full tranquility, and in the small suffers it, a chain not wholly. But only integral chain which all links are equally strong has the price. It is necessary to pay the attention to the behavior in small affairs. Always there are a lot of them, them endlessly; exactly they also cause that small a disbalance. Small feelings terrestrial, not subordinated to will control, as the lead seals on wings. They constantly force to vibrate an astral cover on a wave of irritation, discontent, concern or fear. This rack of feelings small, their willfulness, it is necessary to constrain a firm hand. They are so small, so imperceptible that often escape from attention of patrol consciousness, though do harm, and thus harm considerable. This locust of small feelings should be destroyed completely. They aren\'t necessary. It is difficult even to imagine that without them it is possible to live, and thus losing nothing in completeness of the expression. Them having destroyed, it is possible to think of feelings big, for example, sensation of fear and or horror. Feelings big aren\'t necessary also, many of them aren\'t necessary absolutely, on extremely measure, as, for example, offenses, hatred, rage, despair, envy, jealousy and other the saddening of spirit. Their nest and nursery is an astral. Not in big feelings and small harm I am trouble, and in an astral which generates them and them lives. Destroying small feelings, at each victory over them approves spirit the power over an astral. The mankind reaches that step of development when there is unnecessary an astral. It isn\'t necessary to the sixth race. The sixth race goes, and the sixth principle — a basis on which it will develop. The statement of balance and the symphony of qualities will nullify movements in the astral conductor, and it, having played a big and significant role evolutions of the person, from a scene of his life will descend. That is why for the spirit directed in the future, fight against an astral and a victory is the next and immutable task. Having begun with small victories over low-slightest, it is possible to achieve big and great. But it is necessary to begin...</p>\n<p>293. My friend, remember we will reach everything that you want, but... want. When the person learned to want, the Teacher to him helps to carry out conceived, if it in the accord with Its Will. It is possible to be sure always that each good undertaking will be supported by us. It is good to learn to feel the Hand of the Lord helping with affairs. It affairs and the best undertakings of spirit prosper.</p>\n<p>294. (M.A.Y.). Gradually our instructions from the general will pass to more private and from the distracted — to concrete. For these last the following degree of proximity is necessary. Certainly, in case of special need the direct, concrete, obvious instruction won\'t slow down! It is possible receive a message about the Far Worlds with bigger ease, than to learn that sell on a market, or about something another, directly and directly mentioning a karma. I send you a message that knots of new events ripened. Sharp-sightedly you look not to pass. Force shown often it is only weak display on a life surface when tension of fiery waves will amplify more, people will start rushing about and in you, in the light of standing and knowing, will look for rescue. These waves of fire if aren\'t realized are awful, aren\'t assimilated and not met by heart fires. That is why the Lord calls for mastering by, that is waves, this fire which is already getting into a microcosm human. Uncontrollable, it can cause chaos of destruction or a number of the disharmonious phenomena. Nowadays mastering by, that is the energiya of the microcosm getting into it from space, is already space urgent need, to avoid which anybody won\'t be able. The Teacher Specified to me in days of tension fiery to store complacency. Not without reason He Told that came it is time to approve friendliness because the consciousness costs on the devil of explosion. Be not confused that it is necessary to write down the thoughts which have appeared the day before or even earlier. But these thoughts are sent by us and not all whether it is equal, when to write down them. To us and with us going go with all the shortcomings and the karma, having as though taken the cross on the shoulders, and gradually rejecting the shortcomings, and getting rid of karma the in process of spirit ascension.</p>\n<p>295. (Guru). Management of elements and their energy is caused by fiery will. As better to say that the will is a basis of bases that all in the person that his essence which is showing on fires. God is Fire, is so spoken in the Scriptuses. The person is this god, so the Savior Tell. Means, fire — is God in the person, but it is light fire, light Agni, because black fire not from light, but from darkness. Light fire governs the dark because the scale of black, lowest fires is limited to limits of the identification while light Agni is boundless, rising and going to Spheres of Infinite Light. Fires of fear are neutralized and extinguished by fearlessness fire, concern — tranquility, irritation — blue fire. On each dark fire is light, subordinating to dark. Fight of fires is process of mastering by, occurring in soul. Balance fire, tranquility fire, fearlessness fire - so for today we will remember.</p>\n<p>296. (May 9). Approving in itself desirable quality, you cause its shadow, its contrast which potential grows according to growth of its antithesis that is approved quality. And the more quality grew; the contrast is stronger than it, immediately becoming active as soon as the main quality reeled. On the other hand, the directed body causes resistance of the environment in which it to be, resistance is proportional to power of aspiration. This resistance should be overcome to move further. The mouth cans only the one who rose. And the lifting is higher; the falling is more deeply possible. Fallen Angel — a good example of falling of High Spirit. Here you approve fearlessness, and immediately there is something causing or able to cause fear to frighten, check. And so is in everything, at the statement of any quality of spirit. The antipode of growing quality is as though continuous threat and a reminder of that as though highly the spirit flew up; always it is possible to fall. As if the way mountain would go on edge of a chasm in which it is possible to fall down. This feeling of proximity of a chasm and its reality are very characteristic for ascending spirit. Therefore and specify a spear not dozing over a dragon. Therefore and specify wakefulness constant. The chasm constantly threatens with falling to ascending spirit. The monsters of a gloom guarding an entrance are an antipode of approved qualities, - and only learned Proximity Teachers can to learn all gloom of a hopelessness and horrors of darkness if the Teacher reject. Therefore I Speak: going from Us return isn\'t present. The way is back barred - or falling in a chasm, or ascension to shining tops all of new and new achievements, to light of new victories. Forces antagonistic and their ardent resistance not dreams, but the reality opposing the power to power of spirit directed to light. From here, is inevitability of fight and inevitability of a victory? The victory is as though the indestructible obligation of the one, who time forever, solved the way to Light. The knowledge of it let doesn\'t frighten, but forces allow going unshakably, because a way only forward. Tendency of progress already protects from falling. When phantoms of antagonists, these monsters of a gloom, to show the face and force, equal to force of the approved quality (spirit), it is necessary to increase on them spirit, that is it to increase force of this quality and degree and force to break it a ghost. It strong will appear again when quality it will amplify more. From here constancy of fight, constancy of tests and a so-called temptation and even a allure, which powers of darkness because antagonists service as though gloves for attendants of darkness, or forms in which they clothe to stop a way of spirit and to follow ways a barrier to light use. From here and necessary of patrol and vigilance of a constant, because monsters around. Their rage is directly proportional to power of fiery aspiration of spirit and desires its light to approve. But, knowing the law is not confused. In this world earthly there is no light without a shadow because all is dual. But there, in Spheres of the Highest, there is a spirit area where there is no shadow. \"Light without a shadow\" — so specify to remember. Also there are no monsters there from a gloom, and there are no terrestrial gravitations there, and there is no that terrible resistance of the environment surrounding, which each going spirit should overcome constantly. You fight be not confused. To this fight the satellite is a victory. Victory, victory, victory over everything and in everything — here a fiery way of the foreordain winner. To the Victory I Call, it I Approve and with a fiery sign I Crown a forehead darkness of the won spirit.</p>\n<p>297. There is nothing more terribly than fear. And in case the fear shows the face, not it is necessary to fight with that outside that the fear causes, but with the echidna of fear inside. And inside it is necessary to destroy it, then immediately will dissipate and the shadows which have surrounded outside of fear will leave. Inside striking the enemy, in the heart him we strike. If to battle to it outside, to the place of each cut head another immediately will grow, and to battle there will be no end, and the unlucky soldier in unequal and fruitless fight will begin to be exhausted. The fiery way to Light lays inside, and the fight arena — soul of the person. Striking the echidna in itself, you strike with that surrounded shadows. Therefore destroy not fear, but its root not that outside frightens, but that trembles with fear inside. Against itself having won, the winner for light as a phoenix rises from ashes.</p>\n<p>298. (M.A.Y.). If can\'t frighten in reality, in a dream frighten when the terrestrial consciousness sleeps and patrol if special measures aren\'t taken is weakened. On dreams it is possible to check itself that is still strengthened insufficiently strongly. It is necessary to reach that and in a dream, and in reality reaction to influence of a certain order was absolutely identical. If in reality the consciousness victoriously passes by allure and temptations, and in a dream in them indulges, so harm roots yet gets rid from its depth. These poisonous backs become stronger in covers, and especially in a cover astral. In its roots also are destroyed. The post-nickname cherishing thoughts of food, and the person who has refused something only externally, but inside, at least even in a dream, wishing what refused, are an example of how these roots live in sub consciousness and with the poison system and wait, wait persistently that sprouts, silently and invisibly growing inside, to be beaten out again outside and there for itself to approve. Not refused, but contained, - it will be so better to understand.</p>\n<p>299. (Guru). Influx [aspiration] of fiery force it is very characteristic at the statement of the phenomenon of will. As if the mighty magnet is put in action by spirit and attracts fire. Fire approved inside, attracts with the magnetic force fire from space, and fire force in the person is combined with spatial power. To space all strong spirits appealed, calling and attracting in itself waves of a flame of Spheres. Even lamps in temples were so lit once. Fire which has been so called can be directed by will in the desirable direction and on the necessary object; but before it is necessary to learn to extract fire from space. It can be forced from within, but it is possible — and in connection with space fires. Then it is very strong because it is force double. The address to the Lord or prayer, in effect is intended to attract waves of spatial fire. It is necessary to learn to understand essence of the phenomena irrespective of a verbal shape which they are given by people. The prayer is an appeal to Fire and a flame force, as well as any address to the Highest how people called it.</p>\n<p>300. (May 10). Has value not is karma on itself, and relation to its person. Weight or its ease is caused not by karma, and the attitude towards her, reaction to it from bearing it. The karma not always in hands of its carrier, but reaction to these or those karmic phenomena entirely depends on it most, nobody will be able to tell, how there will be react a person on karmic blows and as it has to do it because in the power of will to approve nature of desirable reaction. To the same phenomenon going from the outside, it is possible to rejoice or shed because of it tears, that is to show consciousness in the sphere of a polar of feeling. But lack of any reaction that is impassivity will be the correct relation from the one who seized the karma. The fir-tree is identical both in the winter and in the summer - because doesn\'t react in any way to weather changing. As and won doesn\'t react in any way to the external phenomena of a karma, effort of will forcing itself to leave an iron framework of need of a dual polar of the feelings going from one pole of an display of two opposite, concludes consciousness in a circle of a hopelessness the exit from which isn\'t present until the consciousness rushes about from one pole of evolutionary reactions to another. The external phenomenon often doesn\'t depend on will of the person, especially, if it was already made, but reaction to it — in hands of the person. It is possible to imagine as the consciousness will react to any phenomenon as the will want that, and it is possible to make representation it reality, that is to approve in life. The person and so treats these or those events of the life anyway only because unconsciously once earlier or at present decided to belong exactly so. To it and to mind don\'t come thought, it is possible what to treat him absolutely differently and as the will order. The close friend deceived and betrayed - as it is good, as what fine lesson it will serve on the future as will aggravate vigilance and recognition of faces as deception is useful. So argues and the one who decided to win against the karma thinks. Can simply order to treat any phenomena of life not as earlier, but absolutely on the contrary or according to the will decree. At first the winner learns to operate poles of the reaction to the phenomena of the outside world, electing at will any, and then already, having withdrawn consciousness from poles and having approved it in the center, to show fearlessness of spirit that polar deprived of a duality, the relation to life. Rejoicing today to one, thereby we doom themselves to tears when there comes the inevitable moment of the statement of an opposite pole terrestrial, temporary, pleasures. The pleasure of proximity of the loyal friend is equal to sharpness of a grief at its loss or its withdrawal from life. Approach to mastering by karma will consist in that, meeting life waves, to learn to react to them, that are to meet them as that is wanted by will. From the outside to transfer process inside, to laboratory of the microcosm, to create or create desirable reaction. It is possible quite; especially in this case the will doesn\'t encroach on anything the external, and only doesn\'t answer the vibration generated by a cinsciousness in the covers. For these experiences life gives opportunities endlessly, from morning to evening every day. It is so much chagrin, the troubles heavy and easy strokes of bad luck that it is necessary to understand for a long time that further so can\'t proceed because won\'t sustain heart. The susceptibility and sensitivity are aggravated and will be still be refined, and an exit from a hopelessness circle in stopping incessant swings of consciousness from one pole to another. They should be stopped by all means. Otherwise they will loosen all devices. Having approved will by a no display of emotions on poles and having imposed on them a silver bridle of spirit, it is possible to start approving impassivity that is balance not experiences by waves of the external phenomena. Look at that burdened you yesterday and attracted consciousness to poles, deprived of balance of spirit. And today the consciousness, keeping it in the central point of balance, don\'t direct to one of poles. If it is difficult at the beginning, try to rejoice to that afflicted yesterday tomorrow not to rejoice, to be afflicted. For an encouragement I Will tell that the karma immediately leaves as soon as the will triumph over the dual nature of this phenomenon, that is against it will win itself. Recent experiment I showed as hard and boring work by the order of will was made interesting, fascinating, pleasure of the giving. It is so possible to arrive in everything. But it is in the beginning. The price of finding of impassivity and balance full when the consciousness is given the immutable order already more not to show on poles in vibrations of the covers. In swings arrhythmic from tears to laughter, from sympathy for antipathy, from condemnation to praise and from a display of all other feelings to feelings opposite passes human life. But the pupil, who has taken a way of Arhat, has to seize and approve as himself the balance of spirit which is expressing in impassivity full. As it is difficult to refrain from these swings when all around is unsteady and chaos the disbalance tears apart consciousness surround the ordinary person plunges into despair, to future Arhat inalterability becomes guarantees of a new victory because other decision as already win, be can\'t any more. Throwing’s on poles, becoming aggravated everything is stronger and stronger, will be fatal for not managed to operate themselves spirit. So, the victory now is already the obligation of will, other decision isn\'t present. Problem of current day: the reactions on a wave of the external phenomena approve to determine by will, will their character and will to stop them, causing in consciousness realization of the feelings opposite usual and tested earlier. It will be the first step to impassivity of spirit on balance and tranquility.</p>\n<p>301. (M.A.Y.). Day of the person is a kaleidoscope of small feelings, sometimes alternately with big. Small feelings as a locust devour energy of spirit because the ordinary person has them bad. Small feelings terrestrial are replaced with feeling big - love to the Lord. This feeling will be the powerful engine of spirit. Small feelings terrestrial devour fire. Love to a Tell of Light - a life-giving fire. Small feelings terrestrial can occupy all field of consciousness, but when they are given to silence and the polar of their display is stopped, the field is free and the flaring love to the Lord occupies it completely. Whether it is marvelous, love and balance of spirit? But balance of spirit exempts consciousness from heavy tyranny of all small feelings, giving way to feelings big and great. The love is an engine of spirit if it is directed to the Teacher of Light or his Envoys and to those who costs at steps of the Ladder of Light. As in to subordinate the love can inspire, and inspire if it is impersonal, that is has a basis Service to Light.</p>\n<p>302. (Guru.). Setting a task, the Teacher Gives impulse to it to performance and instruction, how execute. Aspiration of spirit is sated, or magnetized, such I will turn by the necessary energiya, the way is designated accurately. And already it is impossible to tell that are left without the management. Whether many can tell, what the management have? That achievement is more valuable, should know the price that is it is correct to estimate a pearl of the consciousness. Not self-conceit it, but statement of reality. So it isn\'t enough semi-precious stones. In the face of ignorance internally itself approve, differently will suppress consciousness the dullness. People muzzle all who adjoins to them. Ignorance and derogation muzzle the worst. It is necessary to approve itself over opinion human. Confidants to the Lord can\'t be content with opinion of passersby on them. But our opinion is valuable to you. And we marked out you among sets and the press of Spirit of the Lord on close to It. Therefore to itself the price knows and don\'t reduce to please to ignoramuses.</p>\n<p>303. (May 11). My son, I Welcome your decision to write in the most impossible conditions. It also is a victory over rage of tension of the dense environment. To show rhythm force at the time of tension arrhythmic happens always hardly. The extraordinary force of concentration and Proximity understanding contrary to evidence ardent is required. But dare, the child. In aspiration courageous, not stopping before anything, wings grow. I Speak, everything is possible, because with Me. In the depth of the woods, in mountains lonely, at inaccessible heights it is easy to unite with Me and to hold communication. But in turmoil of city life, in minutes when sets to show collective activity, it is almost impossible for usual consciousness. We with you go by singularity. You are unusual in everything, and also in a victory over rage of darkness. Such minutes it is necessary to overcome will tension of chaotic vibrations of the environment. Not to reach one it, but with Me it is possible, straining to Me all being. We Smile, seeing all singularity of circumstances under which there is a record. But record goes, and contact is come into, and there is it under the sign of a victory. About fiery will to you I Spoke. Here nowadays it displays in operation the ardent. My son, we will overcome and we will overcome everything, when together. Proximity sews anything as a barrier can\'t serve when tension fiery is shown. The key of tension solves everything. With tranquility and balance full learn to reply as chaos outside. Strong tells itself: \"Balance I approve, despite everything\". The wave will subside, but balance remains with you and with you will arrive and if at such moments it was succeeded to hold, how many easier will store it when waves will calm down. Keep consciousness in tension extreme, but in tranquility full. At Us balance indestructible, not broken reigns, not able to be broken by anything. It is impossible even to think that balance of the Lord was broken because it would entail for itself planetary disasters and accidents. It is in big, but the same and in small. And if your balance of spirit is broken by something, it too won\'t pass imperceptibly, without leaving a trace. Somewhere and someone will receive blow of a spontaneous wave and will suffer. And this blow will be equal to fiery your force, displaying at the moments of complete equilibrium of spirit. With the sufficient force it broken, can cause a hurricane or a whirlwind, displace someone\'s crops or to wash away someone\'s house, or to fall upon the mountain settlement, or to cause diseases. So disbalance spirit in the one who goes on the way to Arhat\'s, it is fraught with big consequences. That is why precept to store balances at any cost to the one who follows the Lord.</p>\n<p>304. (M.A.Y.). I praise for unprecedented persistence of determination to communicate with us contrary to everything, contrary to impossibility obvious. Sang you will reap from your efforts. And we will call Arhat\'s way by achievement and a realization impossible. What this victory confidence gives you and in the future strong always to win and go from a victory to a victory. Remember how it was difficult in the beginning even at the slightest violation of silence of record to do and as became now. My son, the growing your force I approve in you, know: you are necessary to us, you strong are necessary to us. You are necessary to us now, you will be necessary to us always. With death of my body my need in you didn\'t disappear, on the contrary, increased because what in the physical sphere I nowadays can\'t physically execute, you because you to me the assistant, the necessity realize will execute. You are necessary to me now more, than ever earlier. Necessity and the indispensability you approve by proximity obvious, growing day by day. For persistence I praise.</p>\n<p>305. (Guru). You strong wanted to become. Here nowadays, now, it is given the chance to approve your force in the face of evidence dense, and you approve it. I learn, and I will learn because I see that the doctrine for the future. You strong wanted to become - you are strong already persistence of aspiration to the purpose. You understood that will — it everything in the person, and powerfully it you approve. And I the force share with you, Treasure of the will to approve in you stronger Treasure of your will. Let\'s reach everything that you want because the will lies in the basis of all achievements. I praise for persistence and hardness on your aspiration to increase will Treasure.</p>\n<p>306. (May 12). It isn\'t necessary to believe words, but that says heart, and to that it feels under a mask of words. It is necessary to pay even more attention to the silent voice speaking inside. It is necessary to ask it more often. It is necessary to listen sensitively to it. It is so possible to aggravate perception of the impressions received from people and their radiations. It is reached by training when to usual external feelings the internal are added. And while usual speech of the person sounds, it is possible to wonder, what feeling or a condition is hidden behind an external form of words. This way the mask from words is removed and their essence is bared. Are dual the life phenomena, behind each visible form there is an invisible. Association in consciousness of two worlds means to see and realize both aspects of the phenomenon, to see two poles of a thing uniform, action and its reason, on a consequence - essence, in an external form — its contents. The external form for a sharp-sighted eye speaks much. Eyes, both gait, and voice - spokesmen of that inside. But usually there is no time to look because the consciousness is occupied by itself. But if to forget about itself and from itself to be released entirely, from the thoughts, feelings and experience Singular experience<br />\nPlural experiences, which it is importunate and stickily fill consciousness if to exempt the consciousness from itself completely and to concentrate on the interlocutor, on external and his internal expression or identification, without premising to that any personal thoughts, the hidden essence will start telling it for itself. And when it is felt that from you the person externally wants to be closed, it is internally possible to open him a key of the aggravated keenness. People should be known - most difficult of all sciences because the knowledge of the person is long. Masks carry everything, hiding under them true essence. If under them to glance, it is possible be terrified sometimes, so internal expression doesn\'t correspond to the external. Hide the faces because know that they are unworthy the person. And therefore you see around only masks. Manage to glance under them. Usually eyes can\'t lie, can\'t hide a predator fires them, even having put on a skin sheep. Also ordinary people astral and therefore astral breaks often give a full picture of essence of his owner can\'t perfectly know. In a question of knowledge of the person special vigilance and self-dismissal is necessary. Experience will give skill to a hand of a mask to remove imperceptibly because don\'t forgive carriers them to the one who knows them without masks.</p>\n<p>307. My son to study on everything and is always continued - here the purpose of embodiments terrestrial.</p>\n<p>308. (M.A.Y.). During yesterday\'s noise when tension of all forces was required, it was easier to write, than today, when silently around. Why? Whether not therefore that external counteractions causes fires of opposition to it which give impulses to action while lack of resistance of fires doesn\'t give rise. So the pattern of life of spirit is weaved from contradictions rather from the contrasts which understanding gives in hands a key from all gate. The phenomenon is as though covered as a whole, and it’s both poles and the center of an equilibration of polar from which it is possible to operate them are visible. Having refused a consciousness display on one of poles, we don\'t give the chance to come to light to other pole, and then consciousness, not showing on poles, to show in the center of a bipolar thing uniform, that is in a point of an equilibration of two opposite principles, from where it can operate phenomenon demonstration on poles. From here a precept — to store balance of spirit. Because balance means the power over poles of a thing uniform if the lever is applied to them in the center. That is why in days of chaotic currents, both any disbalance, and dark attacks specify to collect forces inside, having pulled together them from poles with the annex to the center, being as though closed sphere or sphere. Usually from the sphere of a microcosm human the whole sheaf of energiya outside is directed. At the moments of special tension they should be absorbed, figuratively, in itself, having pulled together to the center. Then blows of elements and external energiya can be sustained without damage and defeat of internal fabrics of covers. Even the ship during a storm removes all wind age, except for sails of the small area not to set up itself rage of a hurricane. Precisely also is and with the ship spirit; it is better to furl all sails and to put the fiery engine of spirit in action.</p>\n<p>309. (Guru). There is no apology if in something weakness shows spirit. The strong person, as well as the strong linear ship, is strong always: in calm and a storm, in big and small, here or there. The strong hand can concern very gently, without losing thus the force. Only weakness of spirit is inexcusable under no circumstances. Force is, but it is shown in the actions demanding or application of all forces, or their small particle. But a little applied force isn\'t an indicator of that force is small. Power and power of the Lord if is shown implicitly and in degree small, it absolutely doesn\'t mean yet that Its Force is small. It is great Force Lord, and it should be understood too.</p>\n<p>310. (May 13). The future will give Perilya’s tripod to each sensitive spirit. Therefore, potentially the ability of perception everyone possesses and everyone has access to spatial thought. Denying this access closes. Recognizing can succeed. Recognition is a step to understanding, understanding is to mastering. It denial because kills an ability in a germ is deathly. Containment the widest will clear away a way to achievements of spirit. It would be possible even to ask: \"The child that you want? » Because, the wanting will receive! It is possible to call a new Era the Era of opportunities new. Key from them in hands of the person, but it is necessary to know that wanted by spirit. Certainly, I Speak not about material things, though will be satisfied the need completely well as and in them. But you shouldn\'t wish them because the necessary will be given. Forces direct, go on the phenomena of a thin order! To take, it is necessary to give. Therefore I Speak, give me everything disturbing to you. It is easier to go without load. At things much so many before eyes that ability to move is lost. There is no desire to leave mental stuff with which it is encumbered and the consciousness is arranged from all directions. Heroic cleaning is required. I told if you aren\'t as children, in Light Kingdom not to enter into the fiery future. How to accept Truth of Fiery Yoga if the consciousness is hammered with mental stuff as a bench of the ragman old stuff, worn-out things and subjects of last day. See not pleasure, than souls are full at the majority of the biped. New it is necessary to give them. But who gives? Those, who have, that are why to you, the little, it is given so tensely and a measure full - that you could distribute, both would be that, and your stocks wouldn\'t become scanty. From here and inexhaustibility, in opportunity receive endlessly. The generous Hand now distributes Treasures of spatial thought. And at every turn there you will meet isolated food for spirit. For the sake of them also it is given, but not for the sake of a donation. The purpose of a donation received — service and the same generous distribution received what was generosity of receiving; so, receiving not for itself, but for the sake of them waiting. Those to whom it is necessary will understand soon that people of other want that crave and thirst for fiery food of the Doctrine of Light. And then the Doctrine of Life recognize because in recognition of the Doctrine of Life there will be a rescue and to it, to borders of its weight finished. Inalterability of plans of evolution can be seen already, if an eye not prejudice. It is a lot of signs of the general readiness of spirit, and thirsting there is a lot of knowledge. And the knowledge which is, sated with fiery thought of the Doctrine of Life, becomes Knowledge, which will be Light ahead.</p>\n<p>311. (M.A.Y.). Write how heart dictates, having given full freedom to a hand. Yes! Yes! I am close nowadays very much, more than ever, because conditions spatial allow. And proximity I wash your heart feels strong and it is obvious. Whether you feel that to me and you the Lord gave the Assignment full of hearts and consciousnesses to transfer to the country fruits of its Garden in merge. Our proximity is necessary not to you, and not me, but for the sake of the purpose great. For the sake of General Welfare it amplifies nowadays tensely. The great Lord to you the right allows to communicate with me when heart of that will wish, the right get councils and instructions. Its beam obviously are affirms this right in space. It display in our mutual understanding full, in a conformable chord of hearts. All spirit realizes that proximity washing it is approved by the Hand of the Lord. And that was promised to you and in dense conditions didn\'t take place, nowadays, strengthened in numerous, is given you out of restriction of three. You my proximity approve hourly. You are necessary to me very much. You mine. In the accord full and having merged in consciousness, we will manage a great cause of the Lord. To you the right allows to write and tell from my name and my name. In total that the Lord and gave you on what the right you have, I grant also the right and I in all that concerns me and Business of the Lord. You realize as you are close, realize in new and broader understanding depth and width of this proximity. In mine you beam, strong on you directed. Combining my beam with the Beam of the Lord, you will be able to realize the force. Be in thoughts with me and in the morning, and in turmoil of day when at work when you have a rest or you depart to a dream. Think strong that we as though together, - but only all this on the plan hidden, but so real, as well as terrestrial. Let\'s fix our proximity from plans of both: you - on terrestrial, and I — on hidden, we will fix this proximity love, aspiration, understanding of opportunities new and ardent desire to serve Business of the Lord.</p>\n<p>312. (Guru). Clean everything, preventing to become closer, and approve a shave. Everything that was distancing us from each other, it is necessary to clean completely. Called and called can\'t lose time for that once to become an obstacle was closer to each other. Urgent time, and every moment it is valuable. Мother and I, over us the Lord — construction space correct, a triangle top up, and in the highest point him the Lord. And below, in a rhombus point the fourth in focus of the center of beams of mother and mine. The bottom edge of a rhombus is turned into the world dense. Focus radiates beams. Their action, especially on ready consciousnesses, will be striking, because we for you, and for us the Lord. And when you speak - remember construction it. In it force of awareness of power of beams.</p>\n<p>313. (May 14). (M.W.). In a spatial space monastery, created by the thoughts and aspirations in my Spheres, it is necessary to direct rhythmic, that is or every day, or on certain days. This rhythm will approve communication and will strengthen it. So though already on the ready spatial channel the thought begin to flow; as the channel the conscious Beam My and approved in consciousness serves. On it also there is a vividly-bearer exchange of Sparks of the being shone Matter of Lyucida between Me and spirit, to Me directed. Lyucid\'s matter serves as the interchange environment. Its granulation — Fohat\'s Sparks. It is possible to see them when contact is especially intense and spatial currents favor. The body of light is invested by being shone Matter Lyucida. Its spirit attracts with the magnet to itself from space and clothes It. From space, this great receptacle of everything, it is possible to take anything, but according to the accord. In cosmic-spacial life the accord law beyond all bounds reigns over everything. Elements of the Matter of Lyucida, entering into being shone substance of which My Spheres consist, magneto are attracted by spirit in its microcosm and go on creation of his body of light. And these elements which have been already approved in the spirit of on a conformable wave, reach my Spheres in aspiration rhythmical. When communication took place and contact is, the spirit on my planet is included into that area which elements are already collected by it earlier and are united in a single whole as stones and a material of the temple under construction, but this temple, the spirit temple, of course, nowadays isn\'t completed yet, and the base is put only. This construction can be considered eternal — not by the sizes, but in essence. The sizes will grow, the form to change. But being constructed of elements enduring and out of dense conditions terrestrial, it really is the Space House for spirit when dense dreams on Earth will be replaced by spatial existence. To approve in itself essence of My Beams in a body physical, dense, in living conditions terrestrial will be heroism for spirit because Light of My Days in twilight of your days уявляется it is rare. They, Great Spirits, the Lords Sent by Me to your world, Light of my Beams Brought and Bring to your Earth. Force of these beams and this Light the mankind received understanding or consciousness gift. And the lunar person deprived of consciousness, Sil Luchey Mine made by spirit understanding. Light of My Beams was Brought in Themselves and with Themselves by Lords on your planet. The mankind received a new step of consciousness from Me, therefore children of Earth - my children and I - Space their Mother. The sixth Era of Earth, Era of the sixth race, is called as the Era of Mother of the World, my Era because on this Cycle the consciousness human is sated with the new Beams, forced to enter into its essence and to give a step of consciousness space. Communication with my Planet will be approved tensely and consciously. And someone from you has to go ahead for the Lords of Light Put on Earth by me. The task is great and urgent because the consciousnesses which haven\'t entered into waves of a kosmoprostranstvenny rhythm, taking Earth, will be compelled to leave from a planet. Performance of a new task- assimilations of new spatial beams - it is assigned to Lords and those people who in it to help Them with forces. The problem of each spirit which has realized the cosmic-spacial moment of a planet is so great, wide and deep. As also you, the son of the Lord, can understand, how a responsible mission it and why the Proximity the Face Hidden became available. You feel, both you know, and you see that you can enter with Me into Communication obviously. Lords by the press it is noted, and over you his Beam. Therefore also my Beams are available to your spirit. Conscious availability of Beams - the phenomenon among people of Earth the most rare. Unconsciously all perceive, even dark because they painfully burn down dark souls. Proximity I wash and possibility of Communication should be deepened still, even more ustremlenny and ognenny, having left thus all terrestrial reasons that is possible and that isn\'t possible. For the Face Hidden on your Earth impossible isn\'t present. A little the uniting with my Power, you become itself space powerful. You know how Strength of the Lord to create, to Me directing, and merging consciousness with Me, and Me calling in affairs, and with me filling consciousness and heart. With the beams I Will cover you. From now on you in my Beams consciously staying will be. And opportunity Is given with an appeal to address to Me. Realize My Power. I am Honored worship by Lords, read also you, Mine Carry out Commands, and you carry out. In Light Mine Stay always, and you, My son, be not greatly, without missing a communication thread. My Beam over you, the Stone the carrier, because the Stone - the receiver of Beams.</p>\n<p>314. The reciprocal flash of an astral caused by reaction of an organism on neuravnovesy of people of people around, it is necessary to extinguish in itself because at this moment raises the head of snakes ancient, and stings a thin body and consciousness, poisoning them with the poison. The reason isn\'t important, the fact of defeat of a thin body and a clouding of spirit following it is important. At these moments light which inside, goes out and the gray veil entangles consciousness. These phenomena because are harmful spatially are inadmissible. How to convince that are responsible not before itself, but before space which everything sees, everything hears and everything imprints indelible! Each word, each movement, each act, each thought, each emanation and feeling. The spatial device fixing on a tape of record for the Chronicle of Akasha is in continuous action and removes on the movie all movements of spirit - both external, and internal. It is necessary to contain that fact that all is depicted in consciousness and that can see pictures both a character, and the stranger and as in acts of almost each spirit there is a lot of such that it carefully hides from the neighbors, being masked, a lot of courage is necessary to appear before people the naked essence. This is one of the most heartrending experiences of post mortal existence. Very strong spirits pass through it much easier. But the one who got used to incline and cringe during lifetime to foreign opinion to reckon with it and to put itself in dependence on it, it will be difficult to that because usually from blame in the Thin World of mercy it isn\'t necessary to wait. But power But the power of human opinion dumped from itself on Earth, there comes free, and not to impose a condemnation muzzle on it anymore. The mistakes it is necessary to understand and condemn all bad, but the judge-. The authorities it is allowed to judge to nobody from people. Lords of the Karma Can judge only. Therefore this power which has been illegally appropriated biped, from them should be taken, and now because in the Thin World will be already late. That is connected on Earth, connected remains and there. \"People, from you I back take your power to judge and me and others\" — Arhat so claims, - \"because this power you have only because condemned out of ignorance to the power this to you gave. And you condemned by them, you are exempted by me from their power to judge you\". So, having broken one more chain, we interweave one more monasteries into a laurel wreath of the winner of life. When the power to condemn from people you will select, look as they deprived of this power will hang. We give to people the power over. Who gave that and took if it is given out of ignorance and illegally. The rights to spiritual freedom it is given nobody by Arhat. \"You want me to condemn, there is no power at you on that, anybody didn\'t give it to you, and therefore remain one with your condemnation, but without me. Farewell, blame self-shown, me to go, my way urgent further, I go to the Lord. It to me uniform judge, but not you. He Recognized me and Designated close and even the next. And you who? If I without you with the Lord remain, my life Light is full. But if with you and your condemnations and without the Lord, what then? Away from My way! You can\'t block a way, to me specified, and at least collected here all blame of the world. I am free in the spirit of from all your condemnations. To me the Lord the judge, but He isn\'t a judge, and the Father and the Defender\". So approve the freedom from infringement of it from part of the world of the deprived.</p>\n<p>315. (M.A.Y.). The one who recognized the judge in itself (himself), from the power of human court is exempted and from slavery of opinions human. Laws of spirit differ from laws human. The measure of an all-permitted attached to the inhabitant, will cast it into a darkness chasm. But the free spirit should go freely, testing each experience and without being bound hand and foot by ignorance prejudices. \"All is permitted! » But who will be able to contain this relativity. It will excuse moral unruliness and dissoluteness. The one, who has no ban, won\'t begin to abuse the freedom. The freedom doesn\'t have need to be judged foreign freedom.</p>\n<p>316. (Guru). We aren\'t judges, but observers as the pupil will dispose of the received knowledge and force. If it is correct, we will give more if was mistaken - we will correct. And the main thing is necessary that, despite everything, progress remained. Any price, but it is necessary to move. When force grows, mistakes aren\'t important. But they are important at delays as everyone can become a chain, to themselves the chained and deprived ability to go further. Not in the mistake matter, and in being free from it, from the made mistake. Not from mistakes it is necessary to be free (who can avoid them), but from the mistake if it is already made. It is impossible to tie to it consciousness, but, having realized it, and having drawn a conclusion to the future, and having made the decision, it should be rejected, having removed from consciousness, - otherwise will burden unreasonably. Mistakes are inevitable, but it is necessary to learn to address with them skillfully.</p>\n<p>317. If the floating boat is threatened by an ice floe, it is possible to take away a hook it. Experiment will show what ice floe is dangerous. But it is necessary to stand on a nose and it is necessary to look forward. In the same way and in life: if experience of the present day or last already showed that something disturbs or can prevent, this hindrance can as be taken away as a hook an ice floe, will moving apart in future, close and distant, meeting halfway and stirring or able to wound spirit of the phenomenon (not spirit, of course, but physical, astral, thin, mental and even a fiery body can be wounded). But will it is possible to take away blow as a pole an ice floe, and to pass the phenomenon or an reason by that an acute angle it didn\'t damage the case or an external covering that water didn\'t rush inside and I didn\'t stop movement.</p>\n<p>318. (May 15). My son, show compliance to that you receive, show the extreme tension of compliance of Specifying qualities with desire and aspiration of your will show in life. And if I am your Lord, something Approve in you, approve it and you by all strength the spirit. Task in that from depths of your fiery essence to cause outside to manifestation its fiery potential in all its power. Dare, My son because Itself I Will supports your audacious! Safely dare to everything that wanted by spirit. Forces it are inexhaustible and boundless. In total the one whom once you will become, already is, is already put in you from the beginning of times; it is necessary to reveal only from depth the approved phenomenon and to fix it in application in life. Not caused from spirit depths, that is unconscious and not applied; there will be it sleeping, and the formula \"you are gods\" remains a dead letter of the record not understood by you. Dare, but with Me, without stopping before anything and without limiting itself to anything. Fiery grains of audacity will yield in due time a fruit. And it isn\'t so already important when if crops by them are made. It is more, it is necessary to manage to throw grains into the next fruitful wave as much as possible. Let they will be small — from small big grows. Dare, My son, on everything, on what rises will, it sleeps at people. Your will I Want to awaken to ardent manifestation in life. Responsibility will grow in process of the will growth but if crops of these grains with Me you make, with you we won\'t be frightened of responsibility. Me call and in affairs, and thoughts, in all that creative because with you always but in order that action became fiery powerful, ardent understanding of this continuous My Presence is required in the spirit of. With you I, My son, with you are, when lines of a writing-book are filled with fiery record of spirit. With you I always, but your understanding of My constant Proximity interrupt often a chain of the phenomena terrestrial. The consciousness misses a thread, and then you - as all... same as everything who aren\'t know Me, but unless you want, at least for a while to renounce itself for the sake of those who doesn\'t know. You know and the certificate you have My Proximity why prestanding constant isn\'t approved by you in life? I speak, in your entire affairs act in common with Me - and in big, and small. What such affairs you make to be ashamed of my Presence. Don\'t consider anything small or insignificant. Even the small pebble can dump in an abyss. Remember: isn\'t present neither small, nor big — all is important. Because from big and small things and the phenomena it is weaved and your karma is weaved. And as your fire display on everything that the consciousness and will concerns, matters all and on everything consciousness reaction is necessary correct, supervised by will. So, be with Me in all that you create, and you will be successful, be with Me and in letters which you write, and that you speak and that you think, say, everywhere and in everything. Coming off Me at least for a while, you do yourself vulnerable for influences of foreign auras and you pay for it much more, than would pay if there was you with Me unseparable. I give the Assignment to be continuous per day with Me in everything, without missing a thread for a minute. I ask to note then results and to compare them to those feelings when about Me forgot in vanity of affairs human and usual work.</p>\n<p>319. (M.A.Y.). The garden watered every day and a careful hand, fruits will bear and will please heart as well as proximity our, approved every morning it is invariable, as the sun rising. The guarantee strong I give fruitful of aspiration constant. Pleases heart when among them who have forgotten, but knowing once, fiery heart stores a thread live silver Proximity, triumphant victoriously over death, over rage of external conditions and over evidence dense. I rejoice and speak: on aspiration and results. Into the future we will enter in merge full and unseparable that together to create the future. The seed of blood grows to give a fiery flower of spirit. Happiness bottomless recognized the Lord and recognized of.</p>\n<p>320. (Guru). Correctly I scented court, having told S. Jermaine that doesn\'t understand that \"commotion\", which about It occurs. Only it is not \"commotion» and tension fiery, occurring in a magnetic field of Great Spirit. It strengthens the phenomena to a limit of their expression. Truly I thought of that, as round me occurred, but In degree smaller, the same phenomenon of the strengthened currents. I saw and felt it repeatedly and you, with me communicating. Fire deepens everything and does far to relatives. And that future, in which I called you, it is about us pulsed and fluttered the fiery proximity. As if the veil was removed from consciousnesses to me coming. Wings felt everything, everyone in own way: who eagle, which chicken who duck — but wanted to fly up everyone because were sated with fire of my aura. Some started grunting and undermining roots strenuously. Potential traitors became actual, and not recognizing obviously rejected as the consciousnesses which have entered into my orbit, settled down on darkness and light poles because for me the Lord. I speak that knew, as you are and you will be in similar situation. Be not surprised, be not confused, but be an abutment of the bridge thrown from the Stronghold to the people.</p>\n<p>321. (May 16). At the statement of desirable quality, doing itself a task for the present day, it is best of all, more useful also fruitful to imagine all \"sutratma\"fulfiling a task, already seized this quality in all its completeness. Then even at failure nevertheless there is something; will be continuing a lesson easier. Certainly, it is better to approve small, than to imagine itself seized big, but not about careless dream it is spoken, told about creative thought and of the creative imagination trans mutating the old person in. If the task of day about restraint full and pledge of silence is given, during the day the task it in a measure any nevertheless will be carried out. It is necessary to put only in the order of will more than forces. It is good to strengthen the statement of quality a rhythm calculated on some days. The rhythm belongs to a rhythm of the order of will. The distance meanwhile is great, than there has to be once a person, and that he represents itself(himself) now, but it is less meanwhile, than he could become if wanted, and that it is, but it can disappear absolutely meanwhile that it is, and then his will ordered it to be today. It happens when the will be accustomed to dispose, and covers to obey. Covers are servants, slaves, subordinates of the person. They are obliged to obey implicitly. And they will obey if understand that their resistance is caused by the crystallized will enclosed in them once by the carrier by their, their lord. And the former will operating in habits and reflex actions, starts struggling with will of the real step approving and introducing in a microcosm the new relation to things and the phenomena of life. Knowing it, \"sutratma\" it is necessary to specify that former instructions are cancelled, and how, and in what. Firmly remembering thus: the spirit — is the owner and the lord of the covers. Experiences in this direction are very interesting. They will find, the power of the person over how is great. Potentially it is boundless - and it should be understood, realized and applied on a growing scale. Limit for spirit exists only for today, further it is possible to rise, having begun from the level reached in previous your experience. Also it is possible not to get tired in making, when success every dayed. The creative thought creates ideal shape of expression of the spirit, contained and approved in itself the symphony of qualities, - it will be the purpose. Achievement it will be everyday carried out on the instructions of will which has to always to surpass the actual performance. If the person appointed to pass 30 versts, and will pass only twenty, it will be better than if appoints one and won\'t pass any. But even if will pass this one, twenty will lead it to the purpose quicker. More widely wide sow. Why to limit to small measures the boundless potential of spirit? Ideal — exact performance of the set lesson, but for this purpose has to be persistence. Each person creates the shape free will. But Arhat creates this shape consciously, knowing power of will and seeing the taken shape essence it in each movement, thought, feeling and an act of the person.</p>\n<p>322. From time to time in each house cleaning is necessary. A lot of things should be shaken up, both to clean, and to throw out stuff. But daily cleaning is necessary. Just the same relation demands to itself and consciousness. It is a lot of unnecessary litter and stuff accumulates in it. To see the shortcomings not corresponding to a step of spirit, it is very useful if it is possible to collect enough force to throw out them from the consciousness littered with them.</p>\n<p>323. (M.A.Y.). It is possible to see the thin cover left spirit and being in a stage of decomposition. Show not from the pleasant. It is the same corpse, only not dense, but a thin body. Even the dead tree of eyes doesn\'t caress, even leaves dry or a last year\'s grass. The life recovering them, left, and breaks up forms, not withheld by spirit together. The species of dead trees doesn\'t frighten, though is unpleasant. Why to be frightened these effigies, life and consciousness of the deprived. Corpses if aren\'t burned, are based in the earth, there breaking up to earth components, but a thin effigy, as if borne a wind as if the tramp, is unsteady within that sphere of which elements it consists. Same law: the physical body departs to the earth, ashes to ashes, thin in a matter of thin layers. When leaving a thin body (death of the second) the order of will it is possible to accelerate process of decomposition of the left cover. Having appeared in Thin the World, doesn\'t follow these left covers accept for people. These are only thin corpses; it is ridiculous to be afraid of them. This fear we will leave to ignoramuses. Arhat is armed with knowledge and fear doesn\'t know. If the thin form gives the conscious answers deprived of a reflex and automatism, and is spiritualized by activity of consciousness, so it is manned and isn\'t dead. But vague reflex reactions of the thin cover replying on external influences automatically and weak-willed inertness specify it that the thin form is left spirit. The inexperienced consciousness not in forces to understand these display and therefore there is a lot of confusion in Thin Layers. The main, it is necessary to destroy fear, awe, worship and many other false feelings concerning the Thin Plan. There people same, as well as here, and as much know and as are empty as are angry and as itself display, but only in the conditions of a bit different. Admire or tremble before inhabitants of the Thin World as it is ridiculous as it is ridiculous to do it and on Earth. Charm of an astral should be destroyed. Everything is much simpler, than it seems. But the knowledge, differently consciousness is necessary will be it is involved in Maya mirage astral, there is a lot of more ardent, than Maya terrestrial because a lot of things there are created by thought. The pupil armed with the Lord, by passes heaps of the astral worlds, without being involved in an orbit of their attractions. But to be exempted from everything it is necessary to begin on Earth. Otherwise not avoid purgatory, illusive, but real for ignorant consciousness.</p>\n<p>324. (Guru). My friend, I want to make you strong. Strength is given by knowledge. Therefore we exempt your consciousness from false ideas of World Aboveground. It is necessary to enter into it with the strong consciousness realizing the force and approved strongly on the Lord. Among fluctuating phantoms of known layers the Image of the Lord will be the strong rock for spirit. Exactly there, having united in consciousness with the Teacher of Light, it is possible to create and strike, crumpled illusive heaps of ignorant creative thought. There all create. What creativity it if the consciousness is angry, ignorant and limited. Cleaners of space are here our pupils. It is too much ignoramuses and ignorance among inhabitants of the Thin World, however, as well as on Earth, among people of Earth. Both there, and here the sword of spirit has to be pointed and always on call. Condition of intensity sharp-sighted in combination with understanding of the force, capable to operate any combination of external conditions, \"I\" want to approve in you and that to prepare for the future.</p>\n<p>325. (May 17). It should be noted one feature of a passable step: once the consciousness concentrates on any phenomenon or even it is simple to stop thought on it as it starts extending and going deep and the face of boundlessness acts behind it. The consciousness as though directs through its further development and expansion on the spiral of its manifestation directed in the future. The spiral of thought directed in boundlessness of the future, takes and realizes evolutionary opportunities of the phenomenon which have drawn attention in consciousness. It is Arhat’s way. It is a way of Spirits Great. It is a way of the great people, directing consciousness of mankind in the future. Arhat is always directed in the future. The future for it -is flight wings. It trembles and is pulses boundless opportunities. Aspiration in the Future with Me fruitful is always. The thought attached to the past as bird to Earth — not in forces to fly up is dead and, even having flown up, falls again, withheld by a past magnet. The past is good only when it serves as steps for the Future, lifting steps, but not descends back. If creations of thought are saturated with elements enduring, they are immortal and endure centuries. It is necessary to give peoples the calling formulas of life which are promptly carrying away them in an evolutionary stream of life, rushing in the Future. But to give, it is necessary to know, it is necessary to know more, than those whom direct on steps of evolution of life. From here is need of the Highest Knowledge, Knowledge synthetic, deprived of narrow specialization, the Knowledge giving wings. A lot of ardent nowadays are allowed everyone able to contain to spirit gifts from a treasury of spatial thought. This source never will run low, while in heart — a flaring Image Lords. Fires of spatial thought are realized by it into forms and that makes available them for people. That special Assignment which is carried out by Arhat on Earth also consists in it — to realize fire of spatial thought in accurate, clear and to people available forms. The thought which not refracted through consciousness of Arhat and hasn\'t been issued by It, is inaccessible to Earth. In it is all difficulty of assimilation of spatial Beams and new Fiery Energy, nowadays reaching Earth. These receivers of thin energiya without which evolution will turn into involution are necessary on Earth. It isn\'t enough receivers, and therefore on them, the few, such heavy emphasis. Distributors, transformers, a little, and therefore loading and tension of everyone are great. Our Care that the device of spirit didn\'t fuse from overstrains. It is possible to feel as there is an organism on a limit as if on the edge of an abyss; but how many new opportunities, and what inflow of forces, and what rapid growth. Fruits of the Garden of M became available, but Fiery They. Also feels intense heart as opportunities a hundred times increased. And when not contained will fuse or rush about in confusion, to us devoted the time in darkness pre-dawn, nowadays will start reaping sang and strong from fiery waves from space. You receive everything that is able to sustain covers and all device of spirit, without being endangered. We Aren\'t going to burn the wonderful equipment of spirit and when we Tell \"care\" — means, it is necessary to strain forces to keep balance. Balance is an inevitable and the most indispensable condition under which only and process of assimilation of New Beams and Energy is possible. Impulse I Allow to approve it strong.</p>\n<p>326. The way is urgent and urgent, but someone in darkness remain and rest tepidly. It is necessary to go and hurry, despite the lagged behind. Already you see these lagged behind, both lagging behind, and going to lag behind. Whether it is possible to detain the quick ship only because another, lagging behind, didn\'t find time to lift all sails? Warn that able to move quickly will go quicker, and lagging behind remain with that detained them, but not with Me. If delays in a way you prefer Me and you put their first Lords, whose fault if you tail after. Urgent is time, fiery time, time of possibility of big achievements; waited for years. Here time came, where jugs? Where baskets to collect in them fruits? I speak, check your employment. Would give a hundredfold, but where completeness of opening of heart to Lord? How din that you remain and you stay with what or to whom heart is opened and was given thought. If didn\'t know, but after all you know, and still you don\'t please Me.</p>\n<p>327. (M.A.Y.). It is bad when small things force to lose balance. As it is strange, but in great causes it is easier to store balance, than in the small. But we will study as the small. It isn\'t necessary to be afflicted too. Let everyone disbalance incentive will be to keep balance in the future in the conditions of the similar. The order is simply given itself that in the future in similar conditions balance of spirit is broken already any more won\'t be. Such way the lesson taught by life, will be acquired, and consciousness - armed and prepared to meet it, without losing balance.</p>\n<p>328. (M.A.Y.). What with relatives to do? Let go. It is possible to go and stand only on the feet and the steam; if go only energy of the Leader will assimilate to pith little men. There is a current — move, there is no current - grow stiff. Uncontrollably the life stream aspires to the am fated coast. Not to stop it. Force it out of control wills the human. Vigilance show sees inalterability of the forms which were realized already of the future, precepting Lords of Light. Not near you look, but are wider. Goes, there is a gait firm am fated time for you. You to them tell: without carrying out at least in a measure any Decrees of the Lord, opportunity to receive the new lose and if Instructions go through you, not them in it a merit. It would be desirable to see going all. Also tell: if the knowledge would put to life, would succeed strong. Let all force of aspiration will direct to application of in practice given Instructions. Energy the applied are deposited by crystals in the Bowl and serve as that rock on which the spirit under a furious pressure of waves of life will be able to resist. The lake tells: \"Bifurcation of thinking is pernicious for advance\". It is necessary to concentrate everything in one channel if thinks to resist.</p>\n<p>329. (Guru). I will tell secret of success in overcoming of. Any failures not be confused, but, having appreciated a mistake and having weighed it, immediately to move further. The main thing is not give in to its clouding devouring force. We came to conclusion, it is necessary to be strong always and in everything, and it is necessary to keep. To keep in the correct direction is the key to success. Then each movement and each act, even small, will move forward. It should be remembered strong. Then move even mistakes, as them and we study. Here secret of success: it is provided, if Fiery Shape of the Lord always before itself (himself). And where then the person went the direction will be correct.</p>\n<p>330. (May 18). Difficulty of the management is that things which are contrary to essence of Instructions of the Teacher become, told and thought. If they brought pleasure or satisfaction! But it isn\'t present; that is more senseless they. It is necessary to ponder, what force forces to do absolutely unnecessary and for the sake of what. It is necessary to pay right there because all organism protests against violence over its tonality reached by so long way. It is necessary that external corresponded to the internal. When compliances, owing to the conditions which were created besides will, no, from them it is necessary to be protected tensely. Not gets rid particles in him reacts the person on an external environment also starts vibrating with them in unison, and the puppet for each thread which is attracted to not get rid essence of the lowest covers twitches. Sad is show. The clown comes to life and starts wriggling. Achievements recede.</p>\n<p>331. (M.A.Y.). Dark strong protect entrances to Light kingdom that nobody could enter. Also interfere strong, using all opportunities. From here such fight and need of continued patrol.</p>\n<p>332. (May 19). (M.W.). When in the Kingdom we wash consciousness wakes up to the reality, really then a far and heavy dream all terrestrial life seems. But why to wait for this awakening to reality there when it is possible to force itself on Earth to think of an extremity of everything connected with dense existence. The residence is so temporary — and consider. You look at everything - as it will pass, on everything, what not from spirit. The slightest evidence of dreams dense is importunate. Only intense understanding of in Beams of Lords and mine exempts from Maya shadows. Beams keep in consciousness because they disseminate Maya fog which prevents to see that behind it.</p>\n<p>333. If the consciousness is entirely occupied with thoughts about dark, there will be no place in it even for the Teacher. It they too win much, drawing attention to. It is necessary to find for them time and thoughts, but to fill consciousness exclusively with thoughts of the dark it is inexpedient because then it will darken. It is better to fill it with light. Consciousness filling by light is the best method of fight against darkness. Beam, cutting darkness, it isn\'t filled with it, but, on the contrary, destroys it. About dark it is necessary to know, and it is necessary to destroy their constructions. But with Light of the Face of the Lord we fill consciousness so that the place wasn\'t to enter dark into it anymore. And the consciousness armed thus with the Lord, simply in itself won\'t allow darkness as light and darkness at the same time can\'t exist. If the small candle disseminates the most ardent darkness what to tell about shining Shape of the Lord. The lightful Shapes introduced in consciousness and heart, do light carrier by a spirit torch. And when the darkness comes and closes a hopelessness circle, strong then my Face approve, having switched off from consciousness everything that prevents Me to approve. It will be the best reception of destruction of activity dark. And the darkness, the left is more active more ardently and more brightly the Fiery Image of the Lord in the heart which has contained it shines. All thoughts, all reasons, everything, everything connected by this activity, it is possible to leave for a while, but to strain heart to Me and to fill with me it, both consciousness, and thoughts. The Shape of the Lord will be a ram breaking darkness. Force Its Lightful it is so great that torment dark because Face vibrations are painful very much for them immediately recede. It is one of the reasons why they (dark essence) don\'t come nearer directly and hold about you the protégés. Believing that these protégés of darkness act not on a dark pointer, and in itself, and an edge of a sword directing on these intermediaries, you make a tactical mistake and you deliver pleasure to spawns dark. Set they poor the blind, and stand apart and out of blows, rub hands and rejoice that deceived and achieved the. Not on deception victims, but on dark it is necessary to strike blow. For this purpose it is necessary to see a dark hand and to it to chop off claws. Blows to victims, even a spirit sword, are useless; the cut feelers of the evil will grow together and again will stretch to you. If the victim relatives became, to them explain that with thought of the Teacher of Light of protect from the evil. But thoughts of intermediaries or people, darkness colleagues, connect itself with darkness and are given to influences it. Having cut dark threads with a way of the ardent adoption of communication with the Teacher of Light, are exempted from the influence rendered on them. But if to intermediary’s dark hospitably open hearts, you are powerless to help them because then the blow should be struck already to them, but not dark. In cases of extreme obsession the blow struck can have heavy consequences for both, an obsession and obsessed, and to end with death of the last. Therefore it is better to appeal to heart of the victim involuntary that it addressed from darkness to light, and then already to lift a sword of spirit not on it, but on an the obsession from whom it was averted.</p>\n<p>334. I approve full uselessness of the majority of those thoughts and feelings which usually occupy a consciousness field. If to stop them and to be exempted from them, their place can be taken thoughts creative and creative. These should be engaged, and thus without postponing as too much time is wasted in vain.</p>\n<p>335. (M.A.Y.). If you could exempt completely at the communication moments consciousness from the thoughts and it to make the screen absolutely pure and smooth, answers to asked questions would turn out accurate. But the thoughts disturb, interfering in the message. The pure screen of consciousness should be turned to us, and on it we will project our thoughts which haven\'t been mixed with yours. Abstract it is easier to transfer thought even if it interrupts own thinking. But the question demands the clearness of the answer and is defined of. Therefore it is much more difficult. The dark essence was found yesterday in space between you and that person who served as the channel for its approach. This channel is unreliable, on its dark influences flow. Often brings with itself guests having a tail. Bifurcation of thinking bears the poisoned fruit. Trouble proceeds.</p>\n<p>336. (M.W.). I approve eternity of life and temporariness of its forms. I approve eternity of energy and frequency of its manifestations. I approve not measurability of spirit and measurability of the shown worlds. And Specify that the Law is a form, in which display the shown matter, and an antithesis of chaos not shown. The spirit purpose, in space real learns Universe Laws. To Me directed in Beams of One of Lords the right has on access to Intimate Knowledge. The knowledge is the purpose of existence of spirit in its covers for mastering by Laws of Space Creativity. It has to pass spirit through all forms of life, from the lowest to the Highest to leave in area of Space creativity. This way is long. But also there, on your minor planet, you study creativity to it in the forms available to consciousness. Firmly acquire that creativity — destiny of the person both on Earth, and in the Worlds, both each business, and each work in which you put creative energy of spirit, it is conformable evolutions and brings pleasure. Otherwise this works not is fruitful for spirit also not conformable to the principle of evolution. Therefore I Direct creative sparks of fire to put in your affairs that there were they food to spirit. Yes! Yes! Yes! As food of spirit the creative activity accumulating in the Bowl crystals of immortality serves. Think, think, on your Earth in works staying that the right to immortality of spirit is earned with work. Work by the sweat of the brow means the creative activity demanding energiya of spirit, crystallizing in the Bowl in the form of imperishable accumulation. So, work is divided into work creative and work deathly. Live dead persons execute this work deathly, work hated. But in what consciousness and heart is combined the Beam of the Lord with My Beams, that fiery secret of the creative activity bringing immortality, comprehends and enters into the Space Brotherhood of the immortal spirits, which have realized the immortality and not interruptibility of consciousness in all covers in which the spirit temporarily lives. The human life purpose is creativity space, a way to it — creativity terrestrial. Its highest form on your planet it is shown in art. Therefore art understands of life and accumulation in the Bowl of crystals of immortal fires.</p>\n<p>337. My beam and Beam of Mother of the World in your consciousness are combined and form a magnetic field for manifestation Highest Energy. Energy of these Beams is inexhaustible. That is why the fruitful of creative your thought becomes inexhaustible. Consciousness strengthens this creative process and unites your consciousness with Carriers of these Beams, with Focuses of the Consciousnesses radiating them. It would be time, the friend to understand that the fiery, creative spatial thought in our integrated Beams meeting in your consciousness, became strong available. Light of these Beams is great. By contrast with Them the darkness realized by consciousness seeing light is sharp and dense. From here is at times melancholy and burden on heart and ardent attention from conscious and unconscious attendants of darkness. But darkness terrestrial is the phenomenon local, a terrestrial order. But Light of our Beams, the being shown in your consciousness, - darkness not to be, - because our Beams — the phenomenon of an order not terrestrial, but Space. The orbit of attractions of darkness leaves spirit, our Beams realized, and approves by that a final victory over darkness. The victory doesn\'t mean disposal of dark attempts, but specify that no shifts of darkness will be able to stop a victorious ascension of spirit. The winner am fated actually becomes that, invincibility of the spirit realized. The beam works continuously. In a conscious combination to Beams of Mother of the World it infinitely can strengthen this integrated power. But understanding is required, profound and constant that waves of the everyday sea terrestrial didn\'t overflow the receiver of thin energiya and didn\'t absorb it. From here is the Decree about wakefulness constant. It isn\'t enough to have achievement, it is necessary to hold it. The victory is kept by persistence of inflexible constancy and a rhythm. When waves of darkness direct on the consciousness which has learned light, it becomes the arena of collisions of two poles, poles of light and a darkness pole within their display on Earth; but, when the consciousness concerned the Space Beam of Mother of the World in the light of My Beams, then for a victory I Warrant. Therefore Specify to store confidence full in a final victory and in an infinite chain of those constant victories which conduct to it steadily and constantly. To the am fated winner of the world a victory over everything and in everything to claim my decree that to spirit as a barrier serves to am fated Light to go.</p>\n<p>338. (M.A.Y.). As precisely my Beam and the Beam of the Lord in your consciousness are combined and the light gives. Certainly, Light of Beams of a scale of Mother of the World is higher and broader, but isn\'t so closing available. Availability of steps of the Ladder of Hierarchy is relative and on consciousness. I trembled also before the bottomless depth of the Space Knowledge so difficult combined with clumsy conditions of Earth. Dense everyone should bear weight of a cross of stay, concerned spirit bases. The payment for the Highest Knowledge is inevitable, but grants the right to an entrance. Spatial service consists in bringing to Earth of elements of spatial fire, Promethean fire, from the Sky. To extract this fire from the Sky and to hold it, being attached to Earth is a problem of difficulty unusual. Let\'s call it a feat, a life feat. This feat is made by Arhat; it is a feat of Carriers of Light. It is a feat of the one who in the breast will feel this fire, reducing it from the Sky to Earth that is the aspiration magnitno having attracted it from space. Let\'s study conscious process of attraction of spatial fire. It is easier to do it by a circle, but it is difficult to create the coordinated circle meeting conditions of fiery work. In any case, we won\'t put individual advance in dependence on it. At an individual method it is easier to establish not broken rhythm going &lt; ... >; having presented itself in the Beam focus of an attraction of spatial fire; it is possible to attract it, collecting in a solar plexus. Deep breath with retardation and at concentration on being coagulated fire helps. It is good to be hit thus in heart heat, as though liquid fire spreads on all organism. Fiery breath is of great importance, but in the conditions of the city it is inapplicable. Concentration on fire strengthens its manifestations. Thought is of fire magnetic.</p>\n<p>339. (Guru). The fiery Treasure demands constant care and attention. And if to give it as much attention, the person how many gives to affairs every day, it would began to increase according to the made efforts. But people are so occupied that for the most important time at them anymore doesn\'t remain. And Treasure it is necessary to lie in vain, like evangelical talents. The thought should be directed on how to increase it and this process in consciousness to approve strongly - process of multiplication of Treasure fiery. And I will help.</p>\n<p>340. (M.M.). Destiny of spirit is creativity, and creativity - the purpose of its life. Everything that exists in Space in the shown look is created by thought, creative thought of spirit. As well the Invisible World is full the forms created by thought. Each star, each planet, and each sun it is created by their Creator, Spirit who once was a person. It isn\'t enough to create, it is necessary created to bring to its end. It is a lot of cares at Ardent Logos about the Worlds created by them. With these cares They are helped by Hierarchies of Spirits. These are cares Space. Creativity - destiny of the person in all Worlds Invisible and Visible. The person on Earth creates, but is even more intense and is free, having exempted from a body. Products of his creativity in aura of your planet too settle down on Light and darkness poles, as well as the phenomena of a dense order. In my Spheres the polar is, but it is other than yours. Pole of the shown forms пopposition to a pole of not shown; the chaos of not shown serves as an antithesis of creating Light. Ability to create is gained by embodiments in the dense world. Created by thought in space is of a form live. Nature of creativity is caused by height of spirit and force of the saved-up Treasure. Creates spirit Stone Fire. That is why multiplication of Treasure of the Stone is the purpose of the Terrestrial embodiments conducting to mastering by process of Space Creativity. But creativity spatial, creativity invisible, is available to the person and on Earth, in a body physical because thought of people constantly creates and creative thought he plans to itself (himself) ways in Spheres of the Thin World. And for that period of time when it will be exempted from a physical body, it is necessary to know a lot of things that creativity it was in harmony with Space Laws, they can be studied on Earth. The fiery Doctrine My given by Lords of Light, enters consciousness into a circle of action of these Laws. Anything from the events with the person on Earth and approved in his consciousness, doesn\'t remain without consequences after release from a body. All matters thought over and experienced by spirit. It is expressed in your writing by thought that for each word it is necessary to answer in World Aboveground; only not to God, but because the thoughts accepted in consciousness and approved by spirit on Earth, its way in space, in Elevated is defined. Connected on Earth, remains connected there, and recognized on Earth, there it will be approved by spirit. The law is invariable, seeded, seeded in the consciousness containing everything and able to cease in compliance full on each energy of spirit. One will reap what he\'ll sow — a formula not Terrestrial, but Space. It is possible therefore to sow quietly and surely, knowing that the great spatial receptacle gives shoots in full accordance with character of the seeded grains.</p>\n<p>341. We work to bloody sweat, and assistants aren\'t present. There are units, and thousands conscious employees are necessary. Therefore and it is heavy this the little, adjoined Us forever. Consonance to Us is a lot of, but even butterflies consonance to light waves. I speak about the conscious, approved cooperation. Weight of loading amplified very much with leaving entrusted ours.</p>\n<p>342. (M.A.Y.). Each big expense of mental energy is reflected in handwriting and in nature of creativity of spirit. It is necessary to leave any reasons about punishment or rejection: simply excessively the spent energy deprives fire work. Not punishment and direct consequence of the reason. Fire will collect - and work will begin to flow, as before. But the reason should be understood.</p>\n<p>343. (Guru). When fire on damage, it is necessary to pass silently this period, having involved in itself all directed usually outside, energy of spirit. At these moments it is necessary to store especially balance of spirit not to be wounded from the outside.</p>\n<p>344. (May 22). (M.W.). Space Laws are identical to all Worlds; studied on Earth, given the chance to use their knowledge in any point or the space sphere in their septenary nature and spheres corresponding to them. The intimate Knowledge also is Knowledge Space, uniform for all planets and all mankind, them occupying. It the Planetary Spirits which are at the head of the Worlds possess in degree different. Its particles available to this step of evolution of mankind on this planet, Hierarchical people receive. These particles are scattered according to pages of the ancient and new writing and flash in thoughts of the people, capable to perceive these sparks of Space Wisdom. The book sated with elements of this Wisdom, out temporarily that is doesn\'t lose the relevance during the millennia if in it there are no elements terrestrial. Books of your Great People are long in time so far as sparks of Space Knowledge are put in them. Books have the age depending on it: the above and fiery elements, it making, they are more durable the book. Wisdom Space is not from your world of the passing phenomena terrestrial.</p>\n<p>345. Yes! Yes! We in the Stronghold have the books, the existing many millennia. Their value is great. Depth is inexhaustible: it is sated with Wisdom of Space Knowledge. Particles it we Give out to mankind, but in strict accordance with the step of consciousness reached by it. Given out over spills in vain, but in a case the worst it is used in the evil. Book &lt; … >— a bright sample of the Space Wisdom crystallized in short lines. Archaic book this so is nowadays live also it is necessary, as and the millennia ago, because it is applicable in the first part to all Worlds our solar system. Even it limits herself to a statement of history of your planet and already loses in the Cosmic, but not in necessity and the duration for Earth. The doctrine of Life is given forever and the millennia, but different parts have it various duration because it was necessary to take into account the cosmic-spatial moment of a planet and the special needs of people caused by the transitional moment of change of races. It is necessary to be able to distinguish these elements of duration and a kosmichnost in books, ideas, in thoughts of people and their creativity and in works of art. In architecture of pyramids and a sphinx you see attempt to express eternal in temporary, space — in terrestrial. As and in people as in books, elements eternal and elements of the temporary are expressed in a measure various. The consciousness can be combined with these or those and to be temporary or immortal. By thought the person approves temporariness or eternity of the life. But thoughts of eternity can leave as came, and to leave mortal mortal. And thoughts immortal, visiting consciousness and again leaving it, often leave the person such what was him earlier — the helpless victim of death. As well on the photo movie which hasn\'t been recorded in special solution, doesn\'t remain any trace. Fixer for consciousness of thought thought of the immortality, the eternity sated with elements, its realization, its appendix, its application in life when fiery energy of thought crystallizes in the Bowl in the form of crystal deposits of fire will be immortal and becomes thanks to it the integral property of the person. So each applied thought of the Doctrine of Life approves by life and to some extent approaches spirit to the phenomenon of not interruptibility of consciousness that is to the actual immortality. Also there is a person applying the Doctrine My in life, the builder erecting the house of the spirit on the Stone, but not on sand. In Words of the Savior you have an ardent example of Space Wisdom, not passing in centuries. Degree of wisdom given to people depends on a step of their consciousness. But consciousnesses are very various. And therefore that who can contain and put more received in life, it is given more. From here is the apprenticeship phenomenon, and Carriers of Intimate Knowledge, and our Entrusted, knowledge to people imparting. It is given all, but it is scooped and it is perceived by people on consciousness, and strong the contained we note the Beam. Our beams on continuous patrol distinguish where they which have contained and wishing to contain Wisdom. It is easy to see them on fires of the heart which have directed to Us. Lit up and directed to Us immediately It is noted. We render on degree of tendency and heart burning. Anybody isn\'t left, even a spark the show. The law of a magnetic attraction in the sphere spiritual works powerfully, unmistakably and smoothly. Therefore I Speak: \"Come to Me everything, and strong I will sate you on degree of your aspiration\". And if fire of aspiration burns powerfully, whether that everything is equal, the person or with friends on spirit because on eagerness of spirit color of spiritual clothes is given is lonely and the spirit with light - fire answer is sated and is immutable. It is necessary to leave all doubts and any uncertainty in inalterability of commensurability of action of the Law. The strong Space principle of accords and compliances is based on this Law. Therefore to the directed heart I Will tell, let it will arrive in absolute confidence of commensurability of the Law and that in the M Garden many fruits for it are prepared by care and works of the Teacher of Light.</p>\n<p>346. My son why when the wave of lifting is followed by its inevitable and lawful recession before a new wave, confidence of unalterability of the way approved by me leaves consciousness. The rhythm of waves is inevitable, it is necessary to learn to look at it scientifically and passionlessly, without putting personal feel and feelings. It is told about how it is necessary to be able to meet waves beautifully. Behind each wave a failure, behind each failure a shaft new. It is necessary to meet beautifully and a shaft lifting consciousness on a crest, and a failure following shaft. In it display life polar. On fire and water steel becomes tempered. Spiral rings, but a core its one curl. Waves rise and fall in a chasm, but spirit in balance full meets lifting and failure of spontaneous waves of life. It is necessary to accustom consciousness to inevitable change of a polar of the phenomena. In it is their essence, in a transient ardent. But not transient the spirit and the rock will bear it blow of waves of any power and size because the spontaneous essence of a kernel of spirit and waves is various. About the Stone of the eternal basis of spirit waves worldly break and are carried by or rolled away back to the matter ocean.</p>\n<p>347. (M.A.Y.). We not forgotten aren\'t forgotten also by us. We are close to them, and they to us. It is a little more conscious efforts to approach more, and obvious become both our proximity, and our care. Means if heart wants us to have closer and news to have, let to us directs in conscious effort to us to become so close that any doubts in our remoteness disappeared. We are close to what heart full thought of us and who it is thin listens to that we speak to it through his heart. Also it isn\'t necessary to grieve if there is no book of darling, after all we near, and think our consciousness yours become if heart us merge. All thoughts well: both proximity of darlings, and thoughts wealth. Why in books to look for that it is possible to receive through heart, in love directed to us.</p>\n<p>348. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, in are far each thought of me strong I perceive and I feel your proximity. The rhythm everyday very much strengthened our communication and strengthened. Conan Doyle I send thought of the book. Read. A lot of things are right, but he knew a little and therefore there are mistakes. Hello to your relatives. Difficultly to them too, as well as you. From approach of the dark anybody isn\'t insured: nor Arhat, nor the Lord, we, and you, and furthermore the people, who aren\'t know Bases. Can come nearer, but it is all about, whether there are elements, conformable to dark influences. If is, it is necessary to reply with them on accord degree. But these soundings in unison with darkness can be stopped will as soon as they are seen by patrol consciousness. Not to avoid dark attacks and dark blows, but damage to spirit thus possibly to avoid, if the Image of the Lord constantly in your heart.</p>\n<p>349. (Guru). If advance goes steadily and without stops, unless received blows, chagrin, burdening’s and mistakes matter. If advance is made, despite everything, no matter disturbing, be it inside or outside. The inalterability rhythm let won\'t shorten a stride anything. It also will be a gait of the am fated winner. Whether there is time to deliberate and be distressed about the mistakes or failures when it is necessary to go hastily and a caravan doesn\'t wait. Therefore have no crucial importance any mistakes or weaknesses if only advance is unshakable. Power of determination can be put in process of a steady ascension. We won\'t begin to spend time for those who goes, and tomorrow about a way forgets. The tested travelers we appreciate, and good besides walkers. So it isn\'t enough fast walkers.</p>\n<p>350. (May 23). (M.W.). Let yours won\'t be strange a little and my greatness. In Light space great and small, but consubstantial, merge in unification full because in the Kingdom of Light there is no all uniform neither big nor small, but all is unite.</p>\n<p>351. How to reconcile greatness of the future with weight of the current hour? Only understanding of that, the current time is the bridge in the future, connecting to it, or a step conducting to it, without them not to enter into the future. Means, they are inevitable and necessary. It is better to consider that the current hour is the carpet plane flying to the future with consciousness directed in it. Speed of flight depends on aspiration, and burden of the moment - the generator of forward energy. Imperfection of the present an impulse and incentive especially ardently will direct forward. And if something isn\'t present in the present, in the future there will be it because the future belongs to us and is made out by will. It is necessary to decide only that wanted to approve for itself in the future it. If terrestrial and things terrestrial - them we have if the desire from spirit, desired is if Treasure of the Stone we want to increase and force of the energiya to concentrate on it, Treasure you will have in all its shine and force. It is all about to what are applied energy of spirit at an o\'clock the difficult current. But a wall separating the present from the future, it is possible to punch and enter into it nowadays. It is possible to see it possessing Treasure of the Stone, both its crystals, and fiery deposits of the energiya realized nowadays from thoughts into elements of Treasure of the Stone. If all strength of mind to ruch in the future in this direction who and that can prevent us when the aspiration goes, Connected by the Lord. And then it is possible to feel as among difficulties and burdening’s by circumstances, and thanking it, the Treasure by conscious efforts is multiplied and grows. At most, burdening consciousness, its energy undertakes and is realized into an increase crystal. \"As your deception is useful to me — it is possible to tell to the deceiver, - as everything is useful for me, everything that so heavy lays down on consciousness and presses it\". Them burdening, them saddening, the striking blows, and dark it is possible to thank, that opportunity give the Treasure to increase; not to increase without them because they give and generate the necessary energy of opposition, fight and a victory, being deposited in the form of fiery crystals in a breast. And the karma should rejoice heavy because it provides growth. And if today something developed was overcome, so tomorrow this not overcomes will be won and approved by new crystals in the Bowl. Nor the age, nor health, neither situation, nor circumstances, can prevent strong to collect nothing fiery crystals and to accumulate Stone Treasure. The obsession is inadmissible, it is impossible to give the power to own this thought itself because the purpose is great, and above it there is no purpose another in the Universe. With this Treasure and here, and in the Worlds his owner is immortal, rich, and winget, and the creative force of fire can have everything that the spirit will want. When Spoke: \"Don\'t collect to itself treasures on Earth\", - I Meant imperishable Treasure of the Stone which only one is worthy that to save up it.</p>\n<p>352. (M.A.Y.). Stone, to me given is symbol of that power, which I will have and without a Stone, transferred to me by the Lord. The stone received is given for a while when performing especially responsible Mission; in It is concentrated force of spatial fire. It is as though the accumulator loading with energy the electromagnetic device of spirit and forcing fiery charkas to rotate. It affects powerfully and the people adjoining to the carrier of the Stone. It is given to especially entrusted people. In the history I know many examples when force it made big affairs. Light to Light, the Stone to the Stone — it is necessary to bring also receive. But it is possible to think of what is more valuable if they identical force.</p>\n<p>353. (Guru). I like to speak about heroes; I like to speak about heroism, about people strong, about their feats. It is possible to achieve everything and even without the squeezeed-out efforts if to concentrate all strength of mind on the desirable. The victory easily gets, and, first of all, over itself if the mighty effort of spirit is made reaching. At first there is an understanding of that the will can do everything that everything is achievable, and it is followed also by achievement. But it is necessary to want all strength of mind, all will. For learned secret want is means to have. Power of will of limits doesn\'t know if the will is able to want.</p>\n<p>354. (May 24). (M.W.). Spirit-monad, plunging into a matter, builds to itself the conductor for stay on the corresponding plans, finally, having rejected four the lowest, with all gained experience to remain in three for the long periods of existence in a matter. It is at end of a cycle terrestrial and then again a chain of embodiments on the highest, planets. The end of evolution isn\'t present. For new Pralaya goes new Manvantara, and so on.</p>\n<p>355. I consider unnecessary all conversations on, and the experiences, and on everything that enters consciousness into a vicious circle of the personality small. All speak and like to speak only about it, imposing the world to people. It isn\'t necessary to take out it to people. It is useful to get rid of a personal world absolutely; it has to be closed for others. It is possible to speak only with a definite purpose (if it is inevitable) the experience of a personal order to help the person. To speak for itself, for the sake of itself and own pleasure, without reckoning with advantage of the interlocutor, for the pupil it is inadmissible. On extent of imposing of people can judge spirit height. Ardent self-affirmation specify on rage of egoism approving. Difficult is with such people. For guidance don\'t suit. \"I\" fill with myself everything. For an apprenticeship too it is a little suitable. While rage of egoism won\'t cease, the Teacher the direct management will not burden Himself. So the egoism serves as a barrier between the person and the Teacher of Light. It is necessary to clear consciousness from all the before with the Lord you will be able to fill it; so simply also it is cleared by ejection of personal litter. All personal litter because has no valid life as is a product of limited understanding and, and the world. It is possible to judge at least on what there is at present a personal world of the Pharaoh Ramses II, which isn\'t present on Earth, as well as his kingdom, how many such worlds sank into oblivion. When the Highest Triad took from personal experience and the personal world everything that could, a personal world as that, in it, becomes absolutely not necessary. And it is possible to look at it as on something, having temporary usefulness, if the purpose is clear. If the purpose isn\'t present, the whole embodiment filled with experiences of a personal order can be deleted from the life book even, but for the Highest Triad not the necessary is perfect.</p>\n<p>356. (M.A.Y.). I have to show the following: never and under no circumstances is it necessary to lose the power over. Especially the surprise beats out consciousness from balance. Against surprise it is necessary to be armed in advance and to take itself for the rule to count at least to ten before reacting to any unexpected phenomenon. The order to consciousness can be so strong that already automatically at surprise shock it will start counting: time, two, three and so on, keeping that balance of spirit. It is possible even to work if it the circumstance demand, but repeating quietly: one, two, three... This mechanical reception can bridle reflex reactions of covers.</p>\n<p>357. (Guru). Once you concerned secret of achievements and ability to want, the opposite pole of consciousness proved in operation opposite. The inexperienced traveler will lower in powerlessness of a hand, but skilled will tell itself: if contrast of are show, so the way is free and it is possible to go further, approving its antipode. Mistakes for the advance which isn\'t stopped by anything are so used even.</p>\n<p>358. (May 25). (M.W.). The space Law of a polar in creativity of spirit is expressed that there is a focus creating and a matter serving as a material for creativity. Two merge in one. In it the Law of Unity of all real is expressed. The spirit which has invested by covers is expressed in them and \"I\" speak, often meaning by it everything by what it is invested. In the same way and Ardent Logos, rotating round the Focus the whole world, that is a star or a planet, the essence Show in the matter which have invested them, as the person — in a body. The principle of Unity remains invariable because all matter involved in an orbit of Creating Focus, is united in a single whole of. Two poles generate in the magnetic field the third, those forms of life which start arising and developing on a distant planet. Uniform it is in many respects claimed that this principle of creation is shown in all forms of life - from top to a bottom - two generate the third. The law is universal, concerns all spheres. To it submitting, the thought, not only children is born also. To it submitting, the spirit in my Orbit is attracted to put force of the Great Law in action. So, attaching Great Space Laws to itself, lays itself spirit the way in space. Laws work steadily and powerfully, therefore, the way if the principle of action of the Law isn\'t broken is invariable also. The spirit which doesn’t know the Law is a plaything of destiny which she plays as wants. But the karma is taken in hand by the one who consciously puts the Wheel of the Law in action and uses it, knowing about the principles of the accord and compliance. From here purpose of embodiments of spirit: to comprehend World Laws and comprehended to apply in life to the statement of inalterability of the way to stars. Accidents aren\'t present in destiny of the person. Action, consciously applied in life, bears the fruit, and there is a person himself the master of fate and the sculptor of own karma.</p>\n<p>359. Rising by thought heights, the person is inclined to forget about thoughts low-slightest, thoughts terrestrial. The fiery consciousness contains everything: both big, and small. So when at heights and in small affairs it is necessary to be too at height — in small affairs and in thoughts small. Often happens that the person speaks about the Worlds, and itself - as the pig or still even is worse. Compliance between in word and deed, between thought and the word, between thought and business isn\'t observed. The yoga purpose — that internal expression corresponded external and that it was worthy; so all essence of yoga is reduced to practical application in life of the received knowledge because the yoga is a way, a life.</p>\n<p>360. (M.A.Y.). To departure a lot of things will change from this that you disturb now. It is necessary therefore to know, but it isn\'t necessary to be anxious. Life steadily goes by that moment when the notification of the Doctrine becomes possible. After all for the sake of it everything also was allowed, and only for the sake of it by Lords Was assisted builders of the new world and It appears them and until now. Question all in when there will come desired time. That soon it, it don\'t doubt because you, you are sowers, and your years already come nearer to a limit. Means, in your life it is necessary to make crops. Tension all-planetary the index serves that, the desired approaches time. So and live, seeking to approach terms of Light Time.</p>\n<p>361. (Guru). It is possible to move, but limits of legality of speed of advance can\'t be broken nevertheless. Any squeezeed-out effort is useless and even is destructive. It is required to gain skill quiet, sure, slow, not bustling, but continuous and invariable advance forward. What there it happened and how there were affairs, advance proceeds at all, both everyone’s, and any external and internal living conditions. Often conditions of internal life of consciousness strongly disturb. And it is necessary that didn\'t stir anything. The chosen way becomes a core of life of the person directed forward, to achievement of the purpose, and everything that around, only as the bottom serves a foot firmly to go to the purpose.</p>\n<p>362. (May 26). (M.W.). It is good to think of in what view and from what the spirit can enter into my Spheres. It is possible to think of the expression on Earth at present and of, whether it approaches and whether it corresponds to conditions of Spheres of the Highest. And on Earth, in the conditions of dense, can show spirit shape worthy and conformable with the Highest Plan of Life. And not in clothes, not in kind of work, but in a condition of spirit and his thoughts the accord it is expressed. Light - sounding, lightful, adjusted on the highest wave can be consciousness of the person in any living conditions terrestrial. This condition will be selfless, and life - a feat, because in the dense world of people of Earth difficultly to be the highest aspect of Light improbably. In the spirit of Earth having come off, in my Spheres it is easier to imagine extraterrestrial existence, than to show it on Earth. For this is necessary the heroism of spirit and desire a feat purpose! The Mother World ordains heroes on a feat. The beam to heroism of spirit gives my impulse. In my Beams realizes spirit immortal, extraterrestrial essence and fire in itself eternal life. The highest Triad is approved to manifestation and attracts to itself energy from the lowest conductors, being the center of a center of consciousness. The consciousness has property to focus the focus in any of conductors, and a problem of the Immortal Triad to hold it in her even then when it is in a body in the conditions of the dense. Both the Lord, and ordinary people, being in a physical body, the consciousness differently in them show: Lords — at level the Highest, people of Earth — only on terrestrial. It isn\'t a body, but in a step of the evolution reached by spirit. It is possible, it is possible on your Earth and in a physical body itself to show aspect of the highest life, but the heroism and inflexible determination not to give in to environment influence for this purpose is necessary. The lord told that won against the world because, being in the world, there was it other-worldly, but from the Highest World, in the Immortal Triad though was obese. Way this victorious for you It, people of Earth, laid, a way passed on Earth in a dense body, but with the consciousness concentrated not in the lowest four, but in the Highest Triad. The task is clear - to transfer consciousness from four lowest covers to the Highest Three Principles, to Them and through Them itself are show. Because in Spheres Light Mine, extra dense and the Highest, and can be shown your spirit.</p>\n<p>363. Each manifestation of consciousness in the lowest covers strengthens them, in the Highest — strengthens the Highest. Ardent manifestation of astral emotions involves consciousness in limits of an astral cover and closes it in it. Also the person feels then the falling. Actually so it also is. But it is possible to feel hungry and not to be won this feeling, it is possible to feel cold, it is possible to feel anything because the person not a wooden block, but, feeling it, it is possible for the power over not to lose and not to immerse consciousness in these feelings to dark oblivion of the human dignity. It isn\'t not to worry, either not to feel, or not to feel, and that, feeling, to keep consciousness not in feeling covers, but in the Highest Triad. The hero going fearlessly to death, and the coward writhing in a paroxysm of bodily fear before inevitable death, are examples of how the consciousness endures the phenomena of the same order. Covers demand strong submission them to will that the Highest Triad could be shown freely. From here ardent need of tranquility and balance of spirit. The superior qualities of spirit are a form of a display of the Highest Triad because these qualities impose the veto on uncontrolled movements in the lowest conductors. As also the power over the physical body specify that the body doesn\'t cope itself, but the will operates it and regulates its functions at will. The body can be completely subordinated to will. Theoretically it is correct. Practically them it is necessary to approach to the power over covers and mastering from life of every day, from the phenomena low-slightest, approving on everything and in all this the power in sizes the available. The principle of aspiration remains in force. Experience yesterday\'s with a bleeding stop from a cut on a finger was very successful. Blood stopped almost at once. Between the first experience of this order and the last passed more than twenty years. They were only a little, but results are very good. Here so arrive in all that touches a body: the firm order of will to anybody or part of a body — and results can\'t but be. The order of will can be strengthened a rhythm. Many opportunities are concentrated in the person in the field of his power over the conductors. The thought dominates.</p>\n<p>364. (M.A.Y.). The feeling is correct: every morning Communication with the Lord new gives an impulse moving further. Without this impulse the consciousness will freeze, surrounded with real former forms of thought. To ascend, it is necessary to leave them, and the Beam of the Lord disconnects this closed sphere, Specify way is farther. By this isolation is explained that often the writer is used up and has no subjects new, and the inhabitant simply stands still because at all doesn\'t know that it is possible to move somewhere. The leading strength of the Teacher is necessary to move, it is transferred to the pupil in the presence in it aspirations when current becomes isolated and there is a flash. Now the condition is so strained and currents are so adverse that if contact with the Teacher isn\'t present, advance is impossible. To miracle I at times am given to your persistence which you show in Communication with us and in Communication with the Lord. On it both award, and stream inexhaustible thoughts. The sower sows grains of light not only in space, but also in own consciousness. Each kernel gives shoots, let there will be it even a little. It is good to attend to that kernels were more and the best quality. It is important to seed, shoots will ascend. The thought can consider as light grains, if from light they. From here is need of control over everyone. It is necessary to consider thought everyone thought-over and accepted in consciousness as a seed of future shoots. It is much spoken about Doctrine application in life, and in intervals it is approved and applied in practice things, not conformable to Light Doctrine so much. It is necessary to think of it. After all there are also crystals of dark fires, thought dark the given rise. Different there are crops and different shoots, but the sower and the reaper - at the same time and is in the person.</p>\n<p>365. (Guru). I fill with determination heart with us to go all the way. The ring was given not without reason. On the Assignment gave. It is given to the am fated pupil. When everything is unsteady that remained, it is joyful to see strong standing. The spirit rock - inside. Emphasis and stability — on it, but it is necessary to keep as there are a lot of attempts from everywhere to shake and shake. Power of the Lord you keep. In It - all.</p>\n<p>366. (May 27). (M.W.). Specify to accept Me in life as a magnet attracting in Boundlessness. Also it isn\'t necessary couriers of thoughts - simply direct to Me and in the spirit of with Me stay. The contact thought Me fruitful for spirit because, to Me directing, enters consciousness into my Beam and on It reaches its Focus. Focus radiates Light and heat. Everything is very simple, and in this great simplicity — great difficulty. It is easier to understand beauty, than simplicity. That understand simplicity of Great Laws, it is necessary to be released from terrestrial heaps and \"terrestrial wisdom\" — in the spirit of everything it is simple. Simply you direct to Me and simply you enter Communication with Me. If you aren\'t as children, you won\'t be able to enter into my Kingdom. Therefore leave all reasons that is possible and that is impossible, but spirit to Me direct and in the spirit of with Me try to stay, from Me scooping aroma of thin energiya. And as daring few because wings aren\'t present, nobody leaves, a measure full and settling without having received from my Light. By measure full it is given that could bring audacious My Gift to Earth. I approve courage of aspirations over all reasons terrestrial. Daring heart and thought the Guarantee Light Day of a fruitful of courageous aspirations. I will tell the audacious: \"Real it read in a bosom of Mother of the World! And, there having approved and a place having found, the lot a terrestrial, short and temporary lot, consider only as a step to Me. Consider itself sent to the world, to small Earth to bring spaces Gifts from Spheres of my Light far\". Task spacial realized the Beam wash with the guarantee there will be possibilities of a gift to Earth of elements of Light from a far Star. To be the transformer Space Energy receiving and transferring for Earth — My Assignment to the one who realized My Proximity and from it scoop. Saturated My Light the consciousness, dared to direct to me and concerned My Light comes back to Earth. My beam over it, audacious, and Light of the Beam in his heart.</p>\n<p>367. When on yourself you bring sparks Sveta Lucha Materi Mira, my Heart rejoices. My beam, entering into a combination to them, generates the special phenomenon of a sLightful intense. Truly, then the planetary network of light in this knot and the sphere shined by this Focus of Light gets stronger. Understanding of the phenomena of this order and Great Service does conscious. Service to light is diverse, but its essence always same is entering of light into darkness of external life, into darkness \"external\". Light is brought from within to bring, it is necessary to have to have, it is necessary to receive constantly. In beat there is a receiving constant. The rhythm approved should be protected. It is easy to break it, but difficultly to approve. The rhythm is constancy of steps of ascension to Light on which the foot goes. In communication with light is approved by inalterability of a rhythm.</p>\n<p>368. My son, is good you or is bad, but as litmus you serve for those who crowds around. Gradually acceptance you or inseparability to me they are close or far from you. You Are approved by Me as the carrier of my Instructions, and you rejecting and not recognizing, Me rejects because doesn\'t know how most to approach to Me. But you know and you have to that the proof some thousand pages. Therefore be especially sharp-sighted with those who starts separating in thinking. If lose a link as will be attached to the Hierarchy chain. Not it is necessary to look at that that is said, and that is hidden behind an external form of words. Trouble is obvious with the friend far. The hand of the help hangs in space, being not accepted. If over an ear to shout, not hear a far voice. The proximity, physical proximity of the channel of dark influences muffles your voice and closes eyes. The case is interesting in every respect. The letter is in essence incorrect. The antagonism is shown. The prevention isn\'t accepted, charge is available. And behind all this dark shadows against Me a hand raised. You striking blows, wounds put to me. Because you are inseparable from Me. Them for a while leave alone, let will think over that lose.</p>\n<p>369. (M.A.Y.). Know, there\'s no evil without good. The obvious zigzag of spirit bears the kind fruit; though the zigzag is dark. Hand of the driver specifies the correct way but if it is rejected, before free will it is necessary to reconcile. Time is the best developer of essence of actions. The pattern is difficult lives. Wait time with the answer to the second letter. Leave them for a while alone. Difficult with people, words don\'t need to be trusted.</p>\n<p>370. (Guru). Many fine opportunities are lost by the person denial of given instructions. The emotional impoverishment human when Earth speaks in people is amazing. Before the end являются faces and devotion the tested especially. In both look then not to be mistaken and to charge with freight of an elephant a camel. It isn\'t necessary to burden also people a trust bulk. The doctrine about people is short, but the knowledge isn\'t joyful. The bitter Bowl of experience of knowledge of a human nature should be enjoyed up to the end.</p>\n<p>371. The case is difficult. The law of being reported vessels (works). Arguments are settled everything, but deafly an ear. Provide to it. There was a friend — there is no friend. (The explanation on the letter received from the friend...)</p>\n<p>372. (May 28). (M.W.). \"The son of Light, I Welcome you in My Halls as invited guest. While on Earth you is only the guest, because before term you can\'t leave a planet. Tell Me, what you want to have and what you want to carry away from Me to Earth? \", \"I want receive Knowledge, force giving Treasure of the Stone create, multiplying it hourly, and Light it to bring in name rescue world \". - \"You have the Stone, is to what to put, and the Knowledge will be useful. We call it World Treasure because It remains to that both on Earth, and in the Worlds - Treasure Space\".</p>\n<p>373. About World Treasure in the beginning I Told: \"When It will cover the sun and will begin to shine more brightly it, the spirit way solar becomes\". My face can be visible even against the sun — it when the Treasure of the Stone shines, light darkening the terrestrial. Affecting the highest concepts, it is impossible to come off Earth because a way practical, the way of realization of the highest, lies on Earth. The principle Is specified — a hand and a foot human and... on the ground. Lands not pass. Embodiment’s dense inevitability serves to reach the highest tops. Even to them, to mountain high tops, it is possible to reach only on the ground. Someone dreams to reach them by air, the earth without concerning, forgetting, what even it has to fly up from the earth. So not do without Earth. Earth will be an emphasis point for take-off. It is impossible to underestimate values of terrestrial embodiments. It is necessary to understand that without them lifting is impossible. The understanding of it gives pleasure to use consciously each difficulty in test as it is possible new crystal deposits in the Bowl. The hero joyful spirit meets wave everyone to life. It also is a way right.</p>\n<p>374. (M.A.Y.). I rejoice, rejoice, seeing heart burning, strong directed to the Lord and Mother of the World. I rejoice, seeing growth of spirit and a decision inflexible with us to go all the way. That to us everything when the Lord is closes and Light of the Beam his heart trembles. The future lies before me as the opened book, and your name is entered in it by fiery letters. The Lord entered. Trust the Lord and trust in his Leading Hand; your destiny in Its Hand!</p>\n<p>375. (Guru). If the way lies to self the Lord, that no everything whether is equal, who or that will meet on this way. It is important to reach. Will disturb much and many, especially with parties the dark. It is possible to go a formula: and I after all go and I will reach, despite everything. And before fiery will the monster of a gloom and a hopelessness of conditions terrestrial will part. The one who with the Lord is the winner always, but fight is inevitable.</p>\n<p>376. (May 29). (M.W.). The era of Mother of the World will enter mankind into an orbit of Space life, and the planet which has been earlier separated from a family of other planets of solar system, will reunite with them through the highest principles, that is through the person. The prince of darkness isn\'t present, and anybody any more won\'t be consciously and to interfere with this rapprochement of the Worlds systematically. See the beginning of these attempts in those ideas which already are in the air and find the reflection in life. The thought directed in space depths. The all-conquering thought cuts spatial distances before spaceships. New time goes, and its gait already obviously sounds in consciousnesses of sets.</p>\n<p>377. Write under all conditions. The material will be. It is necessary to begin only. I help when own effort is put. Give the chance to apply my Force to something. If there is nothing to put, the Help flies away fruitlessly. This principle is shown in everything on a way. Therefore It is spoken about aspiration. It is necessary, it is immutable it is necessary that energy of aspiration proceeded from spirit, and then to the having it is given, that is it is put in it to that already is. Baskets and jugs for receiving spatial gifts are filled according to the same Law - brought receives. At process of saturation by thin energiya people aren\'t able to show this commitment and persistence and come empty-handed, without bringing anything. There can\'t be such case that the address remained without the answer and instead of spatial gifts of people would receive an evangelical stone. \"You knock, and will open to you\" — the Space formula of life. But you knock, but persistence show, equal to desire to receive. My Voice, but only won\'t break off until there is an aspiration, that is while the gift something with itself lasts at the Address to Me. To what I Will put if to put there is nothing? It empty covers are fruitless. And the most precious gifts, not a name of to what to be put that is to be attracted magnitno, wake up by consciousness and heart, bringing nothing. Blind and deaf called nothing brought. And if you become deaf and you grow blind for a while, and your creativity runs low, so you come to Me with empty hands, so hearts fires and magnetic force of a flame went out can\'t are show on an attraction of spatial gifts. All want to receive. So you bring at least low-slightest that was to what to put by law. Laws of a magnetic attraction work clearly, accurately, definitely. It is necessary to leave any uncertainty and a flaring magnet of the spirit to direct to any sphere of Earth and space for extraction desirable magnitno. Already I Speak you don\'t \"ask\", but direct, but wish, and \"it will be given you by a measure full, settled and pumped\", under the immutable Law of the Magnet.</p>\n<p>378. Balance уявляется in constancy, stability, firmness, devotion and step hardness. It display in the equal attitude towards people. It doesn\'t allow explosions of emotions. In tranquility full, everywhere and always display balance of spirit. The pupil at some schools is forbidden to speak out in defense of him at a known step. It occurs because everything concerning egoism causes ardent flashes of the astral eating and strengthening through them. They serve it as food, as bread - to a body. That to it not gives and it not strengthen food it, the vow on the pupil is imposed. But it is possible and without any vows and third-party prohibitions of food not to give it, depriving of it opportunity are show itself on protection of egoism. This protection is lawfully admissible only in case the astral is silent and if absolutely foreign faces, as though someone another, but not the defender is protected as though. It is very useful to think and speak about it in the third party. There is as though an office Looking from within from the actor who is carrying out the role. It is possible strong to watch the actor how he speaks, looks, feels, what gestures at him, movements and even thoughts. Because all this occurs outside the person, in his covers, and the essence of spirit at all doesn\'t show, but shows stratifications. It is necessary to look strong that specify\"sutratma\", to plan to it a way of worthy of expression. It is possible, it is possible strong to succeed in a transmutation of the covers because they are deprived of the will, but the willfulness have only thanks to that will which in them mister and the lord — spirit of the person once enclosed them. Therefore approve the power and the domination over all manifestations of the covers because this power belongs to you. It is necessary to approve only it in application. Willfulness of covers it is possible to break ardent understanding of a primacy of spirit and the boundless power it over all conductors; tolding I Claim three. I Told.</p>\n<p>379. (M.A.Y.). The pupil of the Lord through life goes a formula: everything is possible, everything I can do. Approving it, the spirit approves truth because the person is the Image and Similarity of the Highest. The omnipotence, omniscience and pansophy are potential attributes of spirit to which realization it steadily goes. On this boundless way of achievement of the specified properties of spirit there is a boundless quantity of steps, and each person costs on any. If the purpose to put a formula given to go, and on steps it is possible to rise quicker. Unattainability of the purpose let doesn\'t confuse. And though even Lord Buddha Gautama of pansophy, omnipotence and the omniscience I didn\'t approve, however He Knew that didn\'t dream people and a lot of things Could therefore the Lord Claims that everything is achievable now. But the approachability lies within consciousness. Even the daring doesn\'t go beyond it, though can expand it unreasonably. But boundlessness of consciousness and opportunity to expand infinitely it is approved, and claiming the life formula is given: nowadays possibly all.</p>\n<p>380. (Guru). There are no such obstacles which the will of the person couldn\'t overcome. Surmountable is all. Desire to force a stub to tell human language is not an obstacle, but absurd. Life overcoming within matter and energy laws means. It is impossible to grow up the dropped-out tooth in this race, but to see and hear the events on the opposite end of the globe possibly. A lot of things are possible now for the consciousness which have wakened to life. You know value seraphim’s, you know value of manuscripts, you know value of sacred subjects and therefore you can understand sense and value of an exhibition. Look at the phenomenon in aspect of the Thin World. New elements of the Light-energies order are entered into heart of the country. The link connecting strongly real to the future is as though approved. The future was included into heart to change its rhythm. From now on the pulsation becomes other because new energy will powerfully work. Everyone, concerned these focus of the fiery energiya crystallized in pictures, carries away their prints in consciousness and heart. Pictures are messengers New Era — to hearts human will tell that, that it is impossible to tell any words. Magnetic power of condensed light began the influence. There is a hidden transmutation of the consciousnesses which have concerned fiery creations of the true, lightful art. This influence goes straight on heart and therefore it is stronger than the words which long ago bothered and have bored all. Process of a transmutation will be strengthened by the cosmos-spatial conditions. Consider that a new phase entered. Therefore the darkness in powerless and fruitless attempts to destroy the leading country rages.</p>\n<p>381. (May 30). (M.W.). It is a lot of secrets in Space, but all of them are available to spirit of the person if there is it to their comprehension on a chain of Hierarchy of Light. It is a lot of galaxies, and it is a lot of worlds, but the Hierarchy of Light is uniform. Holding it, the spirit in bottomless depths of space won\'t be lost. And distant it is possible to communicate with the Worlds too through Hierarchy, truly - Light Ladders. All future of mankind is concentrated in It. And when communication with It is strong, it is possible to create infinitely. On my planet where people and thoughts others and are higher a step, than on your Earth, creativity of spirit forms a basis of life and its purpose. As well as on Earth, creators that everything is temporary know that a dense form has, but know there also that dense creativity has thin forms and continues to exist when the dense form collapses. Therefore so create for appearance and for the sake of it and know that everything that is created on the principle it, serves Evolution of the Worlds and mankind occupying, connected by closely hidden threads in the shown Worlds. Even in physical forms it is obvious this communication showing in the form of the Beams connecting stars to great force of Space Magnetism. You know that all our solar system rushes in space to the Far Star because such force attracts it afar in world space - the great force of Space Magnetism. It operates the Worlds, everything submits to It that is shown in Space in the form of forms existing in it. Differently display magnetism binding it in septenary spheres of space. The septenary step of the shown space matter is interconnected so that the lowest is subordinated to the highest, and the highest dominates in measurements of the Distant Worlds. It dominates on Earth, but only for knowing Secret. And the Secret is that the power over everything in what it is shown is given to spirit. Children of Earth know about it because it was told them Sent by mine, but, knowing, they don\'t trust in this Supreme power of spirit over any flesh. But know on Distant Planets and apply it to creativity of the life which is claiming on Beauty. The spirit is light of Beauty of Stars. And the Beauty the essence of realizing spirit streams in beauty of created forms. Few beautiful people on your Earth, but aren\'t present ugly on my Planet. Faces of people are fine, bodies are fine. The spirit sated with beauty, using plasticity of the discharged and distinguished matter of this Planet, creates a physical body on the principle of Beauty. And the physical form in the expression submits to spirit. There is no illness, and there is no old age in your understanding of this word. Forms of herbs, flowers and trees are fine. Fishes, animals, birds are beautiful. On your goldfishes and plumage of birds of paradise it is possible to judge beauty of ours. Children of animals on your Earth are beautiful also. But as they are beautiful and their parents in our World. And as it is good, as the nature is fine. Among this beauty indescribable the person creates beauty, directing to more and highest and perfect forms of its display because there is no end to the boundless statement of Beauty on Earth and in the Worlds.</p>\n<p>382. (M. W.). The life and forms of public life is and at Us. But they are penetrated by Beauty and full unlimited freedom of the expression. Laws hand-written aren\'t present, there are no vessels, there are no prisons. Judge everyone to. And at you, on your Earth, too everyone has in itself (himself) the judge, but recognizes not him, and court human. But also on your Earth people once will grow to understanding of this formula of life. And when the person will begin to judge himself court ruthless and right, there will be no need to it in former vessels. We have neither judges, nor defendants. Limits to the freedom are put by spirit to itself, knowing in practice how not to cause to the neighbor of what he doesn\'t want to itself (himself). The power Hierarchical, based on a spirit and knowledge priority, the power natural, not subject to any doubts in the space legality and the right. Not human, not state, but the Space Right regulates life of mankind of our Planet. We have no states, We have no different sectors of society, We have no races and different languages. Uniform family is mankind. Eden herd, also is uniform the Pastor. Whether there are imperfections? Certainly, imperfections are, imperfections given evolution steps in relation to the subsequent. Because life, both at Us, and at you, it that overcomes itself, as well as the person. The limit of evolution of spirit isn\'t present, so, and to forms of its expression on all plans of life. The beauty reigns in measurements of the Distant Worlds.</p>\n<p>383. The aspiration to the Distant Worlds is given by the Doctrine to mankind in order that, having entered into Communication with them, people could approve higher and more perfect forms of life of these Worlds at themselves on Earth. It the understanding of the following steps of evolution is important. It is necessary to see and understand the purpose before to direct to it. There can be different purposes. There can be the purposes attracting in a chasm. Such purposes were set for people by a fallen angel. And from under dark the payment, thrown by it to Earth, mankind can\'t get out and on now and continues to think of wars, destructions and destruction of each other. But the power of the Satan though her consequences still far aren\'t settled came to an end. But there is no great driver of the evil and in it its hopelessness. The remained hierophant of the evil though is strong, but it only people, old attendants of the Satan. They are taught them and the sophisticated in evil making, but powers of fallen planetary spirit have no and therefore their days on Earth are considered. It is a little more, still it is a little, and ardent Light Victoria will show on your Earth. To this Victory conduct future steps. See them in the present because already the obvious they and it is immutable conduct to the approval of the precepting fairy tale. See, differently you will remain among tailing after. We break in the concentrated blows each attempt dark to do harm to the General Plan. They are powerless against Us and against you, if you with Us, and if with you and Us those who follows you. But in case of thinking office danger is great. It is that the last division of mankind into Light and darkness camp the final. And nowadays departed from Us, departs from Us forever. We speak about the Victory because it that displaying to be in shape, available to understanding is close. In Invisible it already is, but visibility lags behind because your destiny is closely connected with them.</p>\n<p>384. Arrival of the son - a step, an exhibition - a step. It is a lot of these steps conducting in the am fated future. I ask to focus attention to rise from a step by a step in understanding of the events. Personal worlds reject. The ship course, instead of moods of his passengers and a trifle of their ship life is important. The team all on places, also Knows the Leader how to operate the ship, its appointment and the purpose. You among knowing too, but your knowledge strong is disturbed by vanity of small affairs. Or you think eternally in them to stay and with them to remain? I conduct you atop, and all of you strive, as though more strong to be closed and fenced off of the future in a smoke of the reek of alcohol of the present day. The road is forgotten to stars and the greyish cover of the ordinary falls by consciousness and does it too gray. From gray nearby and to dark which surrounded you and wait that your coloring of aura merged with their (with their coloring). There was no time more favorable for an ascension, there was no time more favorable in order that a mouth. As though doors are wide open opened to Light and darkness, and easily also the person can freely enter into any. Think strong before taking a step solving all your future.</p>\n<p>385. (M.A.Y.). Yes! Yes! Yes! Now, before the end, it is especially easy and simple to be averted from the purpose and the Teacher of Light as easily it is or maybe easier how to come nearer to It. Before the end are counterbalanced for a transmutation fiery at the time of term approach. And the choice is freeways. And many choose the way, but without the Lord. You, native, understand that these special days it is impossible to put anything above our business. How conditions of surrounding life strained for you, don\'t allow anything to exceed it, Affairs of the Lord, and to separate from it your consciousness. I see how everything fluctuates; both all weak and not approved disappears. By these days you determine the future and the place with us.</p>\n<p>386. (Guru). Let know that the Plan of Lords is invariable, though the best get out for execution of its way. Yet you won\'t understand the phenomenon of inalterability and mobility of the Plan, understanding you won\'t have about the events. The future will be. To it conducts time bridge, each hour approaches to what should be. Means, steps of time it is necessary to see and see coming nearer events, big and small. The direct chain of causes and effects connects the present and the future, all links should be seen that in understanding not to lag behind flight of time. Rejoice, seeing these signs — them much around.</p>\n<p>387. (June 1). (M.W.). The interstellar space flights in a kernel of spirit are possible. To concentrate thought on something, the consciousness should come off the direct environment to fly up, it is necessary to come off covers. We can fly and in covers, even in the physical. But covers are subject to environment influence: the physical — dense, astral — thin, mental — thoughts. However, in a cover mental it is already possible to fly in space. Spirit kernel is out of influences of three. The mental body isn\'t a body fiery, and the thought usual isn\'t thought fiery. When the fiery body is issued, flights in a kernel of spirit become available. Process of formation of a body fiery is that in a microcosm of the person round grain of spirit fire elements start collecting, being crystallized in deposits obvious. And the qualities of spirit being crystallizers and carriers of fiery energiya, serve as an inevitable condition in this process. So Sacred Ethics gain psyches technical character in a question of the interstellar flights. When the consciousness comes to an inevitable conclusion that differently it is impossible, process of the statement of qualities becomes insistently inevitable and all will of spirit concentrates on it. I want that the appendix of Sacred Ethics in lives and the statement of demanded qualities of spirit wings allowed directing to My Spheres and scooping from wisdom of the Distant World. Space I Combine with terrestrial for that, what found to itself spirit a firm support for manifestation of the energiya on Earth and in the Worlds. Qualities of spirit, being forms — carriers of the Highest Fires, invest spirit grain a fiery cover and that accelerate also the process of registration of a fiery body. Fiery body Planetary Spirit and a fiery body of the advanced person on the essence are identical, coessential though forms and degrees of tension of a flame differ unreasonably. The ladder Fiery conducts the person to a step of Planetary Spirit, and its basis for you, for people of Earth, is based upon Earth. Means, it is necessary to ascend from Earth. Without Earth it is impossible. Therefore the formula is given: \"Hand and foot human\". So, even in depths of World Space your Earth serves as a starting point for consciousness of those, who occupies it. Lords were sent by Me to your World to endow mankind with consciousness and to lift this consciousness in the course of evolution to that step when it will rush out of Earth limits in World Space. The periods between embodiments are significant that to the spirit which has overcome terrestrial gravitations, the Space and flights is already available. It is possible to fly in Earth atmosphere, but it is possible and in Space Spheres. The spirit plans the post dense life nowadays, now, when it in a dense body because Earth and a dense body serve as a springboard for the spirit, which has understood sense of terrestrial embodiments.</p>\n<p>388. Opportunity is given Communication with Me and Mother of the World. Opportunity used bears fruit, and pages of records are filled with particles of Space Wisdom. To the spirit which has realized the Space way between Stars, everything if understanding it takes priority in its life on Earth says goodbye. The forgiveness is not that the Karma or the Law of causes and effects, and that the victory over it, being expressed in not interruptibility ascensions is approved is broken. To become over attractions terrestrial, spirit back, to Earth, attracting, will be a victory over the Karma terrestrial. It is possible only on condition of the approved Proximity of the Teacher of Light. The spirit directed, karma cross lifted and taken it with itself, follows Me as Specified. I accepting in consciousness approve the way of people. It would seem, there is nothing, and everything occurs only in the spirit of, but lifting is powerful, and its inalterability becomes the leading principle of life.</p>\n<p>389. You thought direct to Me and яро it from aura of my energy, conformable to your spirit magnitno takes, sating it with Light. Opportunity is given that the way laid for following you and able to approach through you, through these records left for them, forced after to come. The abundance of records is calculated on a set of the most various consciousnesses that everyone could find on itself. </p>\n<p>390. The person who realized advantage of spirit and has approved balance, doesn\'t need instructions on how it is necessary to hold itself, what movements and gestures are admissible, or to fight against so-called nervous movements when hands and the head twitch and eyes fussy run. The approved balance of spirit invariably will show in a worthiness of movements and gestures. Therefore not it is necessary to think of external expression of, but of internal qualities. External will accompany steadily internal if the necessary qualities inside were approved. Won\'t wave a hand and to shake the head of people, displaying balance of spirit, or tranquility. The approved quality surely will be expressed externally in compliance full. Fighting against external expression of the covers, the person makes a mistake, beginning not with that end. And then is difficult this fight extremely. Also he feels that, despite ardent desire, he can\'t seize itself. Because the lever of will was applied not to that point to what it is necessary. From here is and failure, and recurrence of undesirable manifestations of negative qualities. As starting point, basic point for the statement of worthy external of expression, the spirit citadel - the center of an equilibration of the phenomena, which are showing on poles serves: follows immediately the energy, which has directed to one of poles, to withdraw to the center where it can be owned, and, having seized, already to allow to be expressed somehow externally. Bridled, it won\'t be expressed in actions alien to spirit. Watch fussiness manifestation in itself and others. A lot of instructive it is possible to take from this unworthy condition of spirit. It is a lot of breaks and inability to own itself for the same reason. It is specified about itself and in protection of to tell nothing until the egoism of an astral didn\'t obey to will of spirit. Otherwise the damage will be great, and the egoism will start expressing itself in ardent flashes of an astral cover. Violent it is necessary to restrain, food to it for manifestation without giving, cold of impassivity it is possible to bridle this opponent of the spirit, constantly betraying to its torments and a crucifixion in a matter of the lowest. It is necessary to withdraw the word \"I\" from the speech because it \"I\" am identified usually with \"I\" small, being claimed in four lowest covers, and is the most persistent - in an astral. \"I\" it is necessary to withdraw from speech.</p>\n<p>391. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, whether learned to rejoice you anymore to obstacles, but mistakes? At the correct attitude towards them each allowed has to give a powerful impulse to fight against it and release from it in the future; understood whether you, that from now on mistakes will serve you as steps of a fiery ladder of spirit. Rejoice to mistakes realized because you will ascend them. The more the mistake, the more counteraction of spirit has to cause it. So let and mistakes strong will serve to ennoble spirit. Remember, now nothing will stop us: neither friends, nor enemies, neither pleasure, nor grief, neither advantage, nor shortcomings, nor darkness, nor similarity of light, neither mistake, nor understanding of a faultlessness of the actions. Everything to us from now on will inure to advantage because with the Lord you go. Display of a son ship now occurs in you, and there are no those forces in the world which could lay down an obstacle in a way your mistakes, but, native mine, I love for an inflexible fiery of your aspiration to Light and to It Which Called and I Called you the son. There are no censures, there are no condemnations. Pleasure is that, who above all in life delivered to the Lord!</p>\n<p>392. (Guru). There came time about which It is told that opportunities will be decupled. And therefore I want to ask you that you that they didn\'t pass for you do are useless. The opportunities even decupled, will give nothing, if are passable by. What do you do to use them? You they ask that do. If anything, or that usually, on what they count, the wingless because wings of flight cut off the missed opportunities. These last days one will waken and are show an aspiration fiery, others, on the contrary, to plunge into the gloomy. Ask them that choose from two, and specify that on each spark of aspiration directed to us, immediately we will answer that there was it fruitful answer. And if now don\'t reap fruitful and sang from the aspirations, when then? The lord Told: \"Direct\". And all of them sit on the corners, shipped that around. You a circle of darkness break, Light ahead. Beams you shine it. And you turned back in darkness and you choke in utter darkness dense.</p>\n<p>393. The fiery Shape of Mother Agni Yogi is understood a little. It is possible to judge it at least to that after its leaving even the next don\'t read out it from Earth live. What to speak about others, far remote. In it is main mistake. The Christ read left from Earth - and died in the spirit of. And those who from knowing it will consider it left them, too will die, and their affairs will grow dull — fire will dismiss their ideas. In Communication close with It staying, each of you will succeed. Approve it among suitable to Light Doctrine. The doctrine isn\'t effective without Lords and the Lord as It not actual without that through which it was given. Communication is so close that the office is impossible. It is necessary to consider that entrusted ours take ardent part in all our Affairs which were approved during lifetime by them for the future. Its implementation in the direction put by them goes this way also. It is possible to cooperate with them consciously, if as to fill the consciousness with their affairs as it is filled with them. Their affairs are our affairs, so about Business of the Lord there is this speech. Means, the litter disturbing from consciousness should be cleaned (not without reason I saw now, at record of this is sweeping litter a broom). I hurry to prepare your consciousness for proximity of changes. And they too will take part in them. That is why it is necessary to keep to them closer. To Me approached through them, through them Me and you hold if you don\'t know how to approach directly. Intermediaries for not able, but if love, and mediation not burden, but pleasure, because as without those who put the basis of my Affairs.</p>\n<p>394. (M.A.Y.). Spatial currents happen are various and therefore nature of Communication isn\'t always identical. This difference is very perceptible between \"yesterday\" and \"today\". After all these currents very strongly influence consciousness, and paint it, and often prevent consciousness to concentrate. Pay attention as sharp temperature drops affect mentality. The human body is sensitive and reacts to space currents always.</p>\n<p>395. (Guru). Adverse spatial conditions should be waited, without forcing consciousness. It not is car. But even the car needs rhythm change that the clearness of its work wasn\'t broken. Not about a break of a rhythm I speak, but about change. When tension of a wave weakens, it is necessary to change a rhythm. The violent rhythm causes dullness and becomes the deathly; the deathly rhythm is observed in the become obsolete cults. The spirit harp the tool thin also demands to itself the thin address.</p>\n<p>396 . (June 3). (M.W.). What moves in space quicker than light? Thought! Who can capture time relativity on different planets in Far Galaxies? Spirit! Rub - spirit, consciousness, thought — out of restrictions of time and distances. In Space even speed of distribution of light seems already slow, and it is necessary to measure space by thousands and millions light years. But the thought is out temporarily, it from the World of the Highest measurements, and distances not present for it. Heavy thoughts are terrestrial move, but fiery rushes ahead of a light beam. The thought instantly reaches that object on which it is directed. The thought fiery is the Supreme factor of the Universe. The hierarchy works with thought, and the thought serves as a communication channel between Us. But it is necessary that the consciousness corresponded to thought. Where the thought of the earthling which has been strongly attached to Earth and never rising to stars can depart. Having learned to fly about thought about Space, prepares for itself spirit means of communication in the interstellar space. Feature of the Fiery World is lack of distances. They remain somehow World Thin, when the spirit flies, cutting space layers. In World Astral they are felt more sharply. But their measurements are others, than in the Dense Worlds. I want to Approach to Space psych equipment with others, not terrestrial measures that spirit to prepare for opportunities of stay it in World Space. Idea of the person of Space distances and space life that was where to direct for spirit is approved nowadays, now, on Earth. Like a terrestrial structure, the stone behind a stone, is created the majestic Temple of understanding of boundlessness of Space Life and the Worlds filling it. The sphere of understanding of it should be broadened constantly and infinitely that Boundlessness to embrace and contain it in the spirit of. Boundlessness goes on terrestrial because it is eternal and not transient more really. Transient is planets, stars, sun, systems of the worlds and galaxy, but not Boundlessness! And in It, enduring, the Hierarchy of Light, the Wreath of Space Reason, and Power of the Space Magnet have the eternal conscious Life out of a transient of external space forms of the shown Universe. Direct to Hierarchy of Light, to stars - to Stones Wreath.</p>\n<p>397. Thought we turn to the Leading Country and depths space. We should human tear off thought from Earth and to bring her in world space. There is no Satan to interfere with us in it. And therefore the thought freely flows and carries away consciousness for itself. But the thought should be given the Support and on Earth. Therefore both satellites and ideas about the interstellar flights and spaceships, - all this is our diligence fruits! We from a planet will lift thought of people and to its stars we will direct. Let dream and build shells, We them will prepare meanwhile spirit for adoption of the Supreme Laws and recognition of not denied and reliable Knowledge of the Highest World. The Development plan of New Race is wisely made. It is a lot of work, it is a lot of cares because the thought has to get into the world infinitely big and into the world infinitesimal and unite that and another in uniform space understanding of life.</p>\n<p>398. (M.A.Y.). For constancy I praise, because constancy and a rhythm — prosperity bases. Can ask how trust, if still anything isn\'t present. Answer: \"For the person there is only that he claimed for itself (himself). For money changer is a counter, for the astronomer is the world of stars, for Arhat — three Worlds\". Everything approved nowadays in consciousness, will yield the fruit, both the stratifications, and not denied knowledge. For the grabber the bag of money, for Arhat — richness of the Elevated Worlds, for the mathematician - his mathematical formulas is concrete. For the person there is only that recognizes consciousness. Therefore we tell about expansion it and accept abilities, and denials it is rejected, replacing them with containment.</p>\n<p>399. (Guru). What now it is necessary for the Lord from you? Understanding of the events and readiness, readiness for that, being called, not to become puzzled and in vain not to waste time because hour of Call fixed! Live as lived, and do usual work, but be ready to answer with all being Call immediately. In case of Call of the Lord delay of death of spirit is similar. So, wait unexpectedly, but in readiness full.</p>\n<p>400. (June 4). (M.W.). If the feather which has dropped out of a wing of a bird, makes a thunder on the Distant Worlds, the fiery phenomenon of Mother of Fiery Yoga, Lords Approved and Sent by me on a feat terrestrial, in Spheres of the Distant Worlds gave is unique a fine pattern of spirit, a pearl pattern. Terrestrial life the person is not without value for the Worlds Distant, because in Space is in interaction all. The destiny of terrestrial mankind is connected with destinies of mankind of other Planets of our solar system. The feat of Mother of Yoga of Fire which has transferred to people the Doctrine My and Lords, the Life and Light Doctrine, the feat made on demolition of Eras, matters Space because changes the course of evolution of Terrestrial mankind, and enters it into conscious Communication with Spheres of the Highest Worlds, and attaches to the phenomena of cosmo-spacial life. Fires of the lit centers of Mother of Yoga of Fire, being measurement space, the fiery bridge lay to people in space for aspiration in Space depths. Results<br />\n It’s this work affect already now in awakening of the thought directing in Spheres of the Distant Worlds. Its cosmos-spacial work brings you, people, nowadays and fruits. Fiery action calls this work of the Lord. Fiery Mother on your Earth was my Representative, It remains and nowadays in aura terrestrial, carrying out my Assignment on the plan Elevated. The center of the real — Hierarchy of Light is uniform, and in a chain Mater of Fiery Yoga stands it directly near The one Who Heads your planet. I, It and Lords, and It - are that steps of the Scale of ranks of Light. In my Beams and Lords It gave to the world the New Doctrine of the Life intended on all Epoch Maitreya, an era of Mother of the World, Fire Era. In fiery manifestations it isn\'t surpassed by anybody because occupies a step closest to a step of Planetary Spirit. It having glorified in understanding of people to extent of awareness of Planetary and Space value of its feat of life, you approach that mankind to comprehension of reality fiery and you have to people the way to the future. Through It and to Me you will approach because then your way will be direct. She is the member of the Interplanetary Star Brotherhood which kernel makes a circle of Spirits Planetary. This Interstellar Brotherhood includes those Spirits which Fiery body is issued for stay of consciousness in it. They to Spirits Planetary are assistants in the course of implementation of Space Evolution of human spirit both on your Earth, and on Planets above and below it. Your Planet in a chain of the Worlds has special value because it is a transitional step from the Worlds where the cross of a matter dominates over spirit, to the Worlds where the spirit dominates over a matter and subordinates her to itself. Therefore value and responsibility of that Fiery Mater for your Earth made, are great extraordinary. Life and affairs of Mother of Fiery Yoga honor depth of understanding and their understanding.</p>\n<p>401. The beloved дочерь washing, the nositelnitsa and the performer of my Instructions, to you a provozvestnitsa will be Light of the future Era forever and centuries. Because with Me It, with Me was, is and will be and as I with you always, in all days and till the end of time, and It a torch will be for those who will direct to It. Value of the works Its on Earth is great: and during lifetime in a body, and nowadays, in a body other. People of mission of Spirits Great don\'t understand, believing that with death everything comes to an end, but after all the body dies only, the spirit which has saved up, remains fully equipped, with all the accumulation, free in manifestation of the energiya. Transferring of Life to thought will allow to realize thin activity of Mother of Fiery Yoga tensely and to join It. Why you consider that something is over and someone left, when this transition — only a step to intense activity new, but in Spheres Hidden. To you who have remained relatives It, revering her memory, to you Charge ignorant and inert idea of death to blow up and, being with It in Communication close and obvious, to testify to people that Loved daughter washing with light unfading will be for all, whose consciousness will direct to It. I testify to it and by Light of Beams it for you I Approve. Each word of the Doctrine of Live Ethics passed through her consciousness and is written down by Her hand. The doctrine is given by us, but to the world is brought and transferred by It. Mistake all in that, what in consciousness of people the death is stronger than life, and not the reverse. Esteeming Mother died, put a barrier between It and lose Communication fiery. Mother live read and about you if your consciousness directs to It. And days memorable, It devoted, consider as knots of strengthening of transfer of Light of its Beams, to you directed magnitno her will. You enter already and entered to the public the precepting future, and understanding of Proximity of Mother will help you with this shining future to take a worthy place that to apply the forces to implementation of the Great Plan much.</p>\n<p>402. (M.A.Y.). In day of memory hello everything, who remembers, and not forgotten! The oblivion means the end and interruption communications. Communication and the proximity approved by eyelids, doesn\'t interrupt neither life, nor death. And the stout heart shouldn\'t repeat that in the world in which we live, doesn\'t begin and doesn\'t come to an end anything, but everything proceeds only. Knowing it, it is possible quietly to continue to strengthen communication threads at future meeting from proximity of has been so strengthened, Ripley to reap. For some reason people don\'t want to extend the Law of causes and effects to the existence in Elevated and on a cycle of future embodiments. But after all in the true embodiment of people reaps constantly from those crops which were made by him in the past. From here is and Proximity, and communication with the Lord, aspiration to Light, and love to the Life Doctrine. On the present you can obviously judge the past. And the future you judge on those grains which you sow nowadays. The thoughts to us having given and to us sending love, you connect yourself with us. It is told that devotion reach. And you after all want to reach. Show fidelity, devotion and love to Tom, Who for us, and to us, you recognized and given to the Lord the guarantee for you. And then your communication with us won\'t be interruption. On threads binding opportunities will begin to flow, and your life becomes other. To you, us not forgotten, hello and fiery Rays of light! Sparks it keep and the filled Bowl let\'s spill to waves every day. Carefully you store each word from us because Light of our words you will reach. We will be ready in that to meet the future unexpectedly, but in readiness full. For the sake of the future we meet the am fated sun rising, and for the sake of the future we pass through midday heat of life, and for the sake of the future we live. By name of the Lord you I approve in the best your aspirations and I point to the shortest way to Light through devotion and love. And that else in this life you should make, to you I send care, hello and love.</p>\n<p>403. (M.A.Y.). You to them tell let wings rise rather; wings are necessary to them for flights, - after all will fly.</p>\n<p>404. (Guru). If the ascension goes communication with the Lord, about what is care? Not depart, that to become closer to It? You have before yourself an example of flexible in devotion, fidelity and love to Great Shape of the Teacher of Light. She who has transferred the Doctrine, all life and the affairs imprinted these best qualities of spirit. Here also you study at It as it is necessary to treat the Lord. Try on qualities of its spirit to itself and look where yours suffer. It is necessary to reach rather, little remains to time for burning oil in in icon lamps. And there are so much works ahead. Be closer closed and become closer to us. Is at you before Highest Prestanding for you. Don\'t come off in ignorance, time is short. The future doesn\'t wait. Fallen from the ship will swallow salty water before it will be rescued if rescue is. Now even for short time it is impossible to come off - inevitably falling. Performer Instructions of the Lord is on the guard and to you is ready to help, if in need you address not for the sake of yourselves, but for the sake of Common Cause.</p>\n<p>405. (June 5). (M.W.). The consciousness of the person is the meeting place of Beams of the Star of Mother of the World and Beams of the Lord or Lords. This Focus, the receiver of beams, can be made conscious and process to be regulated by will. Focus of consciousness is constructed on the principle of mobility, and it can be transferred from one point of space to another. The consciousness is attributing of spirit, but not bodies, and the spirit is ubiquitous; therefore, the consciousness possesses property of mobility and can be transferable by will from one spatial object to another. It is reached by consciousness concentration on the chosen phenomenon or a subject. The thought works. Thought it is possible to concern both any subject, and any point of space, but transfer of consciousness depends on depth and extent of concentration. The contact of this or that degree of force and intensity occurs steadily always, but understanding of contact or a contact depends on ability of dismissal from itself. Of what the person thought, the thought beam instantly connects it to object of thinking and establishes with it spatial connection. The intercourse in the spirit of nowadays people will be available to Cosmo-spacial thanks to new beams and new astrophysical conditions of your planet. Spheres are open mine and will serve people as object for their aspirations. The space Magnet works powerfully, attracting consciousness of people of Earth. Isolation of aura of Earth spatially is destroyed, and in Space roads are free. It also forms the basis of liberation of thought and possibility of its separation from Earth. That who in Space depths thought freeways lays, that, the first, a merit before people and aggravated possibilities of achievements. My beam in tension fiery looks for on your Earth and finds the consciousnesses, able to It consonance, and magnitno involves them in an orbit of its attraction, approving the spirit accord with radiations of the Far Star. Consonance on the Beam of Mother of the World — means to rush on a crest of the advanced wave of evolution of terrestrial mankind, means to be ahead, to be among them, leaders. That is why process of everyday, rhythmic Communication with Me is so important. Matters not personal, but all-planetary and universal because access gives to people via the open receiver of the spirit directed to Communication with Me, access to the Spatial Treasury of Thought. — bringing of Spatial Treasures to Earth — the spirit has to realize the mission. Great Service consists in bringing (in a gift) for Earth. So everything staying on Great Service arrived. The gift for Earth - so should be remembered.</p>\n<p>406. And where you were, from now on your spirit focus will be connections of two Beams — mine and Mothers of the World. Whether houses you, behind a desktop or behind our record, here or there, or in the Stronghold at Us, or - to the Far Worlds directed, or - behind work usual, know this opportunity scoop from Beams, your spirit chosen focus of the center. And being coming before Me in the Stronghold, in mine you the Beam and Mother of the World; both Mater Agni Yogi, and the Guru - in the same beams therefore to them you strong are conformable. Degree of the center of these Beams on the chosen spirit and their intensity, of course, aren\'t identical and depend on height of spirit and extent of expansion of consciousness, but the phenomenon is rare and considerable extraordinary. In these Beams you will understand secrets of spatial life.</p>\n<p>407. My son, accept dedication in a new step of conscious space cooperation with Us. About Spatial Work and Service heard, nowadays you enter it consciously. Barriers of distances are destroyed — their spirit won. Death barriers are destroyed - their spirit wins. Also cooperation with the left Gurus and Mother of Yoga of Fire is approved. The orbit of action of spirit extends. With Yu. into Communication you will enter and you will take part, while in the spirit of, in its all affairs. Be going to fill consciousness entirely with Affairs of the Lord. Simply all this, is necessary only heart and thought with Us to arrive not greatly. Understanding of very much will help with Beams. The beam is the closest bridge of communication. Has to Tell, that limit to rapprochement no! Of life be not afraid: it will bring an amendment in an inaccuracy of thinking and will continue learn as to become even closer to Me. Each whiff of life terrestrial from now on you strong will serve simplification of immersion in boundlessness of my opportunities. With poisonous whiffs of life shabby be not afflicted. Don\'t forget about blows — spirit engines. Found Treasure of the Stone and understood that in It everything, won\'t begin to trifle fires that don\'t cost light. On them, not able to contain, on them not ready, on consciousnesses dead at numb hearts, light of spirit it isn\'t necessary to spend for them. But it is necessary to shine where it is possible and where will accept light.</p>\n<p>408. (M.A.Y.). You will write endlessly. When you will want and how many you will want — stay in Beams of the Lord gives this opportunity. If knew, how many unusual it is necessary ahead, truly, your spirit would rejoice. Therefore to leave by Specify Lord any fear for the future and uncertainty in it. With us, and in our plans, from our affairs, because you ours also is inseparable. Everything will be by the word of the Lord, but in due course. Quicker lawful it is impossible to accelerate is means to destroy. And your patience have to wait, though unexpectedly, but in readiness full. At us there are so much affairs and cares. The hidden host of the helping is great. Everything is called, able to hold Light weapon. The small number of workers terrestrial is filled with a large number of invisible employees. Balance is kept by it. In darkness camp is on the contrary. In it is there force and vulnerability. But in it is invulnerability the warrior Light. The few terrestrial we protect carefully and strong, but at them to us aspiration obvious and ardent. Wait for messages. They will be now because ice was opened. </p>\n<p>409. (Guru). The psych equipment for one incarnation spirits to the terrestrial plan is in application that on the terrestrial plan they create through people, on Earth of the incarnate. Contact goes through thought and through feelings that is through emotions. We give the ready, accurate, crystallized thoughts to them for understanding and their application to life. Making the plan, we cast it in accurate mental forms, or fancies, and we sat with them a direct environment called by a karma to action of persons. Some people we elect performers of our instructions. It is best of all when cooperation voluntary and is based on the accord of consciousnesses. The consciousnesses cleared by whirlwinds of revolution of unnecessary heaps, are more suitable for cooperation, than consciousness of people of the old world. From here is conducting value of the New Country. Shoots wonderful will be when ice will carry by and becomes warmer, but at the right time everything and everything is good in its season. You don\'t hurry also waiting for untimely shoots. Everything will come in due time, so Told.</p>\n<p>410. (June 6). (M.W.). Mother Great, Lords honored, open your cover! I open dared to Me. How many heaps it is necessary to withdraw from consciousness before thought free to Me direct? Against distance I Will allow to win, to recognize a thought fly; to understand — where thought, there and we; impossibility of Communication possible to recognize and, at last, everything having rejected, to understand Beauty and greatness of simplicity because in the spirit of everything it is simple and everything it is possible. Children trust in the World Thin, live in it and see because don\'t know denials. Not denying consciousness costs on the verge of the Worlds, and only it can cross the border the impossible. Having accepted in consciousness my Face and knowing think of a winged, it is possible, it is possible to concern Mine on wings of its Sphere. Contact every day, a rhythm approving, will make habitual weeds. My star in boundlessness of Space is only a step for mankind to Higher Worlds. My star in boundlessness of Space there is only a step for mankind to more the High Worlds. The step of mankind is in full accordance with psychophysical properties of that Planet which it occupies. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Sun is manned, and occupy it beings fiery; the thin body will burn down on It instantly. Therefore certificates that Someone Visited the Sun are so rare. Condition of its Sphere is too far from consciousness human. But my Spheres are close and can be clear. My planet and its mankind are a prototype of your planet and its mankind has to become what. When those Highest Forms of Life and a social system which exist on It will be accepted in consciousness, it will be possible to begin and transformation of your planet. And the Planet washing there were once similar to yours, as well as her people. But, having got access to an inexhaustible Source of powerful Space Energy which you call atomic (nuclear), people were engaged reorganization of the Planet as the gardener a garden, also made an environment it absolutely others. The climate everywhere is equal and soft. Vegetation is everywhere; there are no deserts, there are no stony fruitless districts. Warmly and moisture are distributed evenly, sharp fluctuations of temperature are absent, underground fire is bridled. There are no storms, hurricanes, cyclones, there are no cold snaps. Balance of elements is established completely. The integrated mental energy of mankind keeps a protective network of a planet in a full order and therefore space disasters don\'t threaten it, and all this is created by the combined conscious efforts of people, it occupying. At some point, having concentrated on the necessary phenomenon power of collective thought of all people of a planet, they have opportunity to create phenomena of force extraordinary, and to direct this power, and to cast it in desirable dense forms. The power of consciousness over a matter of a planet of a bike, but bike and responsibility for thoughts because the thought is in harmony with a created form and easily clothes in more plastic and discharged -distinguished matter, than a matter on your Earth. </p>\n<p>411. If strong to direct to me, without being confused the imperfections, but developing spirit merits, the last will grow, and imperfections concerning them to decrease, won\'t turn yet into something absolutely insignificant and not having crucial importance in human life. In it sense of the Precept - \"Take the cross and follow Me\". And when fiery new qualities of spirit will become stronger is thousand fold, former imperfections insignificant become in comparison with them: insignificant, unnecessary and surmountable it is easy, - also is and with cross karma. It heavy presses on shoulders, fiery power of spirit didn\'t increase yet. Then this increased force breaks complexity of knots of karmic textures a fiery sword of spirit, being exempted from a past karma. Therefore Specify to go, directing and thinking about the purpose, but not that disturbs or about the karma. And when spirit feels fiery wings behind the back, mistakes — anything, karma — anything, and everything is achievable. In an all-achievement and an all-victorious I Want to approve spirit because victorious I Want to see spirit, to Me directed. Over a forehead of the winner a sign is a shining sword of spirit. Pleasure the Beam of power to send me in sounding on a power wave heart. Pleasure the Beam of tranquility to send me and balance force to the consciousness directed to these qualities of spirit. To Me joyfully magnetic to sate these aspirations going from those, who to Me is fated? And when in desire strong to Me the spirit directs thoughts that it wants to reach, to me pleasure to approve by the press of my Spirit creating thought of consciousness addressing to Me. Creativity it occurs mutually and is interconnected. Therefore Specify to Me to direct the best desires of spirit that I could approve them in My Tower.</p>\n<p>412. (M.A.Y.). Today there was a case to be convinced of how the thought fiery, concerned consciousness, but carefully not withheld, immediately flies away back and not to return it already again. It is how sensitive and on the guard there has to be a consciousness receiver. What is required vigilance and vigilance that not to miss something. Missed is irretrievably. In it feature of fiery thought winged. Escaping Decrees — the Doctrine so speaks. So gradually it is possible to be convinced that the Doctrine of Life becomes life and is confirmed by it.</p>\n<p>413. (Guru). The guru is glad to see a victorious condition of spirit and, using it, to throw a handful of new grains into consciousness for shoots of the next. It is necessary for affairs of the next: understanding of our proximity, understanding of our participation in affairs, and inevitability of am fated shifts, and predecision of your participation in our plans, and intense understanding of reality of the phenomena of the specified order. You would have to live already in both Worlds and concern thought both. The specified connection of the Worlds will be also and that hidden constructions of one are shown in dense forms of another. Consciousnesses of those who contains will be the bridge of communication. Time ripened, as a ripe ear of wheat.</p>\n<p>414. (June 6). (M.W.). Stars take active and conscious part in life of Earth and its mankind. Stars participate in it the Beams. Beams and space magnetism is two powerful factors of space interplanetary communication. Radiations - property of all space and terrestrial ph. Matter, having the fiery basis, are showing it in radiations. The condition of a matter is diverse. You know firm, liquid and gaseous, but in a firm, liquid and gaseous state there can be all it is simple steps, or phases, various conditions of a matter. There is a lot of these conditions, except specified three, and each of these conditions and of all possible conditions of a matter on different stars variously because density and all other conditions is various. The matter is as diverse in the manifestations as faces of people are various. The principles macro is and microcosmic are similar. Conditions of a being shone matter are especially various. Lucida matter, Matrix, all types and Fohat\'s forms - area of research of science of the future on your Earth. The secret of a matter is hidden in atom. In it boundlessness is concluded. Its essence, or the center, concerns the highest tops of the Universe. Secrets to his people the nobility it isn\'t given though they learned to apply some of its energiya. In atom the invisible world is combined with visible and invisible becomes material. The particles making atom, already &lt; ... >; hidden world. The world Thin and Astral of them consists. Everything is uniform, but in display different. The astral form of the phenomenon turns in dense, magnitno attracting to itself and clothing a matter dense in its atom and a molecule, because an invisible thin form — the phenomenon of the same order, but in other plane. As crystals grow in the saturated environment &lt; ... >; on the axes as are coagulated around thoughtforms dense particles of a matter to accept the finished material form. It is the basis of Space Creativity and the basis of any creativity. This Law the Hierarchy of Light creates. This law is universal.</p>\n<p>415. What to be surprised that is badly written; yesterday’s contact with foreign auras not without consequences. Don\'t open casual books; don\'t adjoin without need to casual people. If the need forces, it is necessary to be protected. Success of thin perceptions requires some isolation from people. Externally difficultly at times to achieve, but it is internally possible always. Individualization is the Space Principle. It is shown in everything: from individual character of each Star or the Sun to a small blade of grass. Imagine that would be if in human collective all people would be identical, as like as two peas and with identical spirit and all other properties. It is absurd. In an individualization is real his life and possibilities of evolution. Therefore, speaking about collective and its value, it is necessary to have it in view of. The herd is uniform, and the Pastor is uniform, but the united doesn\'t mean similarity and destruction of individual expression of each member of collective. The collective is a form of public life in which an opportunity of full and comprehensive expression of in life has identity. The collective gives this opportunity. Individual expression of the identity of the person and egoism, egocentrism is the phenomena of a different order.<br />\n416. It is impossible to leave, steeping in the phenomena of the outside world. Reaction is inevitable. They are &lt; ... >; in any withdrawal from Us, though temporary and reparable, but nevertheless withdrawal. It is necessary to try to be together always and in everything. Also it would be time to fill already entirely consciousness with our cares and affairs that for not remain also places. They, that is the about themselves, are too short and too unimportant. Not about herself, but about Business of the Lord let yours flows.</p>\n<p>417. (Guru). Where your treasure, there and heart, but if heart not at treasure, how then? Commensurability in everything — the first condition of an apprenticeship. The second is a constant memory about the Leader, continuous understanding of in the Beam. That to say about that that is well known, but breaks constantly...</p>\n<p>418. (June 7). (M.W.). Idea of the Beginnings even Highest, will be only a symbol of the highest because arises only in mind human, limited in the understanding. But the consciousness extends, and the understanding grows, and together with them idea of the Beginnings grows also, it is necessary to remember only that the Highest Spirit standing on the Ladder of Hierarchy of Light, Knows the language available to consciousness of the person. It is possible to call it language interplanetary, or space. This universal language understood everything; it is transferred by means of thought. So the thought also will be an external form of its expression, however, hidden terrestrial eyes, but visible fiery sight, even before receiving the granulation in consciousness of the person. Its light-color substance will be the highest form of thought. The color Beam gets into human consciousness and, in itself without having a form generates it in consciousness of the person. The majority of representatives of terrestrial mankind use already ready images issued by other, stronger and high consciousnesses; but is among people of Earth and those, who serve as transformers of energiya of spatial thought. The tank of the center of spatial thought is inexhaustible, and depths it yet weren\'t reached by any of people of Earth, but access to it is open for all who dares to gather it from inexhaustibility. The thoughts which concentrated and have been saved up in aura of Earth and auras of the Distant Worlds, differ on depth and depend on a step of the Distant World. There are the planets occupied by gods, that is the people being at such high step of the Space Ladder of evolution which in representation of people of Earth does them by gods, but it not gods, and the people who have passed steps of evolution, similar passable to yours. And with these gods you have too common language, language of thought hidden. People will look for solutions of space problems a scientific and technical way. Way correct, but Arhat resolves a question by practical assimilation and application of interstellar language. And technical improvements and devices can be brought and from the Distant Star, that is idea about them, those principles by which they are constructed. But my purpose and Lords — to arm the person without the uniform device because in its microcosm everything is concentrated, all most perfect and powerful devices which the human thought can ever create. But they should be put in action. When in consciousness of the person the cosmo-spacial thought sent in My Beams is made out, and then the fiery device of the person operates, transforming energy of the Beam to thought forms. Functions of the most difficult device of a microcosm human are diverse and by opportunities of the real step of evolution aren\'t settled at all. The formula given to you by the Lord, saying: \"You are gods\", comprises idea about boundlessness of fiery potential of human spirit, opportunities of its evolutionary disclosure in time and space. But its sphere is boundlessness, but its time — eternity. So you’re Earth and terrestrial serves spirit as a support for reduction in a working condition of the fiery device and disclosure of boundless possibility of the potential.<br />\n419. (M.M.). My son, to Me pleasure when the spirit of the person finds Me in space and to Me comes back again after wanderings far. The space house is found, and it is possible to go to new heights.</p>\n<p>420. Here the new secret is opened to you: process of realization of spatial energiya in forms. What you brought today to me for realization of the spirit brought in gifts? The symbol of a prerealization of gifts isn\'t understood. It occurs in consciousness of the person. To the temple of spirit bread хлеб and wine, fruits of works of terrestrial life, and in sanctuary of spirit they will be transformed to Gift the Highest, to food for spirit. But the spirit eats thought; thought the highest feeds it. But people condensed process and made it material. The Teacher of the biped expelled from the Temple, - but adjusted the biped new. And again the biped expelled from temples - are expelled by life. Also fires won\'t be lit yet in a fit of temper and again don\'t recognize the Lord, the temple will be closed. In three days the Teacher promised them to erect the spirit temple. But hearts of stone thought only of stone temples, and whether it is possible to be surprised that in stone bulks of heart they hardened again. Nowadays I Build the temple of life new, the spirit temple, the heart temple with burning fire in the middle. And those, who Me won\'t adjoin, I Will leave in their stone temples hardened even more hearts. Had keys from the temple of spirit live, but hid them in stone temples, but became wiser not and generated generation of ignoramuses. Their temple is nowadays left is empty. I with those who in life live fires of heart flares and build the majestic temple of life out of cemeteries walls, out of your stone temples, and I life Approve also Light. I am the Way to the directed spirit. I Remove chains from consciousness of those who chokes in stone walls of the sanctuaries which fire of altars went out. I to Knowledge Erect the Temple. I Transferred sacred fire to the art world. New — new! They are new thoughts. Them - streams of Beams. The past, disappear, depart, and don’t concern noxious breath of the Temple of the Space Truth. In it the inextinguishable Flame of Eternal Truth of life burns. And this Fire I to Earth Brought, and so I Would like that It flared up...</p>\n<p>420A. (M.A.Y.). There are spatial moments, especially fruitful on the tonality, and then it is necessary to take a measure full. Now such moment and consciousness feels powerful inflow of thoughts. They should be realized into stable forms to leave in heritage that who after will come. In it all sense of junctions of light, or the patrol consciousnesses put on Great Guards by the Lord. As also we vigilant are awake, and all Attendants of Light, irrespective of, in what they a body. It was already said that the New Era о are show blessing for seeing light or vcollecting light, but condemnation heavy for denying it. This condemnation, or court, will be expressed that while they directed to Light, will scent wings powerfully to fly up, wingless heavy weights will feel standing which it is pulled them in a chasm. And the pleasure of spatial currents and sonority of beams only in them (at not accepting light) will cause burden strong. Fire, light creating, a flame eating becomes, tearing apart on part their lowest covers. In fury people will show a face of the lowest nature. Nowadays fiery energy, having entered into the Planet atmosphere, will enter into a combination to a microcosm of the person, and everyone here strong will reap, when power of these energiya will show in it in forms of actions, thoughts and emotions habitual, but strengthened in many multiply. If it was slightly irritated, into fury of rage will enter if slightly I hated, mad rage will flare if was intolerant, will begin to rush on neighbors, - so, will refract energy fiery in low consciousness at the crude and uncontrollable covers. All degrees strong enrage will help biped to finish obsessions. But and the one who though in the heart kept a spark of fire of spirit, will be opportunity to have to inflate it in a flame. Opportunities will be decupled, and there will be enlightenments to the World the Highest much, it is a lot of inspirations, it is a lot of spirit of lifting’s and many victories over the old person in itself. Time of the last division by fiery line will pass and already passes on a planet face. I, Mater of Fiery Yoga, testify to that, and everything which not become deaf yet and haven\'t gone blind yet, I warn: Arrival time approaches. The threshold is terrible it.</p>\n<p>421. (Guru). Management of reflexes or the reflex movements happening in three covers brings to power over mental energy of an organism. Supervision over involuntary movements of a body and control establishment over them will be one of the best exercises in this process. Try, sharp-sightedly watching itself, sit absolutely not movably at least some minutes. Having succeeded in it, try to make the same during exciting conversation. Try when there are astral explosions, try, at least temporarily, in movements of a body not to reveal them. Even small control in this direction will bear good fruits. The purpose — full mastering by, that is energiya of the organism, in all its conductors. It is unreasonable to speak about or someone if the person didn\'t seize himself, it is also unreasonable to power any there over something to speak about management of mental energy. Way to mastering - through itself. Supervision over movements of a body should be begun immediately, today, it is severe itself watching. Hastily it is necessary to prepare for new spatial conditions and new tension. Not prepared itself quickly will fuse, devoured by an eating flame, to operate which forces won\'t find in them. It must be kept in mind that the rupture of heart can be both for pleasure, and from a grief. The impetuous flare as can easily burn through wires, though it and from light, as well as black fire. And light Agni too needs that the consciousness seized it. It is necessary to own all energiya of the microcosm. It is the immediate and urgent task.</p>\n<p>422. (June 8). (M. W.). Boundlessness of space is a field of manifestations for spirit, and alternation of embodiments - opportunity, displaying in dense and saving up in it knowledge and experience, to apply this knowledge, being in intervals between embodiments, in over dense space Spheres. Both in Dense and in Elevated the spirit expresses the essence magnitno, karmic attracting to itself or being attracted to conditions, conformable to its aura. The karma is in operation concluded in the aura\'s radiations of conductors of spirit operating on this or that plan. Mental conductor of the big scientist, artist or musician is show and attractions corresponding. The karma of the person is under construction on the Law of compliances or accords: the dense — with dense, thin — with thin. In My spheres the spirit conformable will find on what accord what to attract and what to bring down, to Earth. Adopt for the basis this Law, directing to spatial distances. And here, as well as in everything, propertied it is given, or propertied it is put. But poor doesn\'t receive anything. To take, it is necessary to give, that is to bring something to what desirable elements are attracted. These elements possessing the necessary magnetic properties also consist in aspiration. The aspiration is fire. And flame magnitno. And in the phenomenon of aspiration the receiving guarantee on it is put. The formula \"on aspiration you receive\" has magnetic and spatial properties. It means that there are no distances for it. When the fiery magnetic wave of aspiration of spirit goes to World space, this Law of magnetic compliance works freely and obviously, as well as within a planet. Formulas of Space Knowledge differ from terrestrial that that the human terrestrial is only for people, and besides a certain era, time, a nationality, way of political and public life, etc. In a word, the below, the already are applicable to any point of the Universe while the terrestrial are suitable only for Earth, and more limited. Therefore our purpose — to bring spirit to space opens spaces where it isn\'t connected not by restrictions of this embodiment.</p>\n<p>423. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is necessary to accustom itself to understanding of that thought the spirit can fly, fly in thoughts, fly with thought, both to be, and to represent the center of the life not where his body, but where thought. So, transferring life to thought and doing it is habitual, we accustom themselves to flights in space. The feeling is necessary these are transferring of in space and representations of in that point where the thought is directed, still to aggravate, still to deepen, make even more real. It is based on the principle of transferring of sensitivity out of a body, outside. Feeling it will extend impressions and thoughts everything become brighter and brighter, released from flesh bonds the consciousness yet doesn\'t feel really staying in those conditions where its spirit directed. Representation of the Face of the Lord if the consciousness grew will be the best. Yes! Yes! All life can be filled with the useful effects bearing a fruit. A lot of useful time is wasted in vain. All life, every instant it is possible to carry out with advantage.</p>\n<p>424. (M.A.Y.). At close and continuous contact misunderstanding and divergence borders and thought are erased flow in consent full. Case with Cher. it isn\'t simple: it is subject to foreign influences and influences and demands continuous guardianship. When lies, protection of deprives also of itself betrays. Consequences last far.</p>\n<p>425. Under all circumstances it is necessary to remember that the Stone Treasure - inside is integral and that all the rest not ours. It will give strength everything to worry and from everything to be released or, in any case, to consider nothing. Able to contain many — is the one who it found Treasure and I understood that all in it and that with it can be it without things and people. And to people there is it any more receiving but to give. So the step of consciousness of Treasure will be step abilities of a spiritual donation to people.</p>\n<p>426. (Guru). Prepare. Shifts go, however, while in depth, but already and on a surface future streams make the way. The form will lose former value if the contents it becomes other. Difficult, of course, to the candle carrier, but a current of events in a powerful Right hand of the Lord their run also is immutable. It is wrong to think that any accidents can change them. Power of Hierarchy is approved nowadays in implementation of the Great Plan. And as you in It, and it is necessary to prepare.</p>\n<p>427. (M. W.). Many Secrets in Space undertake aspiration: secret of time, secret of space that is extent, secret of omnipresence of spirit, secret of a matter. Secret of time: today, tomorrow, yesterday — these concepts of Space are deprived of sense. There is a past, the present and the future, that is sequence of the phenomena in time; but the planet rushes forward from the past in the future, but in space, leaving in it a trace, or yesterday prints. All past exists in space in the present, as a motionless body and as the present. It is possible to see it in space, but not terrestrial measurement because it not here and not there, and didn\'t pass, but is. Earth is in four-dimensional aspect. The space and time are connected densely. Time also is space in which there is a past; in other condition of consciousness, and especially without a body. The past is visible, but at a rate of consciousness. The small consciousness sees only the past, big — the world. The reasons are the factors forming the future. If not intervention of free will, the future existing in space as a projection of last reasons would be fixed and motionless. But the will introduces in a motionless pattern the amendments, and in it distinction of the fixed and unchangeable past of the mobile future. Everything lives, and everything generates on the sort, and everything exists in space. Last, real, the future — a framework in which the person realizes the world. Prophets, expecting for the millennia, see this conditionally fixed future as a result of the real reasons. The past is unrecoverable, the future in hands of the person. The consciousness can get both there and here because the consciousness is deprived of attributes of time. Corporal fades with death of a body, thin — with death thin, mental — with death of a mental cover, only fiery endures everything. It out of time is perfect.</p>\n<p> 428. My friend, before the end the Karma will untie the knots, you will be free. The end comes, but the Karma is aggravated tensely as veins at a tension, bulk up its channels and painful knots bulk up. That time Chua when you to be free, time will come.</p>\n<p>429. (Guru). It isn\'t necessary to overstrain it physically. Work and over fatigue is the phenomena of a different order. The correct work inspires. Over fatigue extinguishes fires. In vain forces it isn\'t necessary to spend.</p>\n<p>430. (June 9). (M.W.). Thought lays for consciousness a way in boundless space. The thought creates opportunities. Value of thought for interstellar flights should be realized. For Earth where I, there is and the house, for Space — where thought, there is and I. I realize myself in space there where the thought directs. The aspiration in Spheres Elevated has crucial importance because it is expressed by the thought bearing in consciousness in coverage of thought. Magnetism of thought is great; other engines for spirit aren\'t present. Laws of the Hidden World, where works the thought, others, than in the dense works. Magnetism of thought is show that the consciousness in its spheres stays. And quality of thought and its character also define consciousness living conditions. And as in a physical body now it is impossible to reach my Planet, It is necessary to Speak about thought. The thought can call the consciousness ships. The person by the ship reaches the necessary harbor as the consciousness — in thought is exact also. It is possible to call the interplanetary rocket the fiery thought bearing consciousness to the Far World. For a dense body of people of Earth of a condition of my Planet are unsuitable because the matter is too rarefied and refined, and your bodies are rough. But for a mental and fiery body they are taken out. Certainly, the mental body has to be rather cleared.</p>\n<p>431. In consciousness perhaps there is a lot of good thoughts, but that advantage of them if they aren\'t applied and deposits didn\'t give. You know these fruitless people, full good thoughts, but not valid that to put them in operation. It is better not to know, than the nobility and not to apply in life. Therefore the first care of that, what widen how much possible, area of applied thoughts? Opportunities are for this purpose open always. Therefore, it is possible to move ahead and succeed always, under any conditions. To that and speech, what not stand on place, because stagnation is death and decomposition. When the thought live strong is shown in operation, is live then the spirit of the person and heart burns. Many fruitless attempts because happen that wants not heart, but a brain, and the thought are generated by a brain. Even if the brain generates, but heart has to sate thought with fiery force. Heart gives dynamics of thought. The deathly power of thought from a brain also is deprived.</p>\n<p>432. (M.A.Y.). Again the psych spatial moment of a planet for this place is adverse, and at once there is a difficulty in perception of thoughts. There is no practical understanding of what is necessary now for contact. It is necessary to overcome influence of currents by concentration. Today it is difficult extraordinary and records go hardly.</p>\n<p>433. (Guru). When the consciousness is silent, external conditions won\'t help. It is necessary also to it rest and rhythm change. It is possible to overcome everything, but the spent energy can seem spent is incommensurable to the received results, and then the Teacher Speaks: \"Care\".</p>\n<p>434. (June 10). (M.W.). We win against space thought. Even for light it exists. Ubiquitous spirit it is shown that it everywhere, and for realization of in any point of space isn\'t required by it to time. This attribute of spirit is unconditional when is in a fiery body free from other covers. In all covers below fiery this property is shown everything more weakly and more weakly. In menthol it is possible to fly, far, but the astral is already connected with aura of Earth. Restriction of a dense body is the heaviest. Understanding of relative freedom and advantages of each cover should be represented clearly. Physical body the most limited, but only through it is reached freedom, Lords too can have a dense body, but they aren\'t connected by it because can work in each cover absolutely irrespective of a physical case. You know cases when the spirit leaves a body for a while, and it not movably lies. For realization of it the step of spirit has to be is high and living conditions are unusual. Preparation for the interstellar flights in a kernel of spirit demands time. But the intercourses in thoughts are available. Lays a way to achievements thought.</p>\n<p>435. At yogichesky processes reencumbrance of a stomach is inadmissible. In certain cases diet very strict. But rule the general: it isn\'t necessary to eat violently, when there is no desire. Burdening of a stomach stops the ascension phenomenon. Intestines have to be clean. The phenomenon of the burdened stomach and crude intestines is heavy influences mentality of the yogi. At a known step the food certain mode is inevitable. Violently accepted food is more harmful than starvation because, without being acquired, develops in an organism poisons. Concerning a condition of digestive bodies the known attention and care is required.</p>\n<p>436. Oil, and especially vegetable, in large numbers terribly affects the centers. It is necessary to track it on own experience. Attenuating the organism needs a strict diet. But own experience is the best teacher.</p>\n<p>437. (June 11). The imagination human in comparison with reality is poor. Groundless imaginations aren\'t necessary. But behind the most courageous creative dream there is a reality and it is approved.</p>\n<p>438. (June 13). Show understanding of the moment, it is very adverse for perceptions. Be confused nothing because our communication is inviolable anything. Different conditions happen in ways, but a way one, and its purpose of rapprochement with Me is even more. Whether a little that there is a wish dark. Let each of attempts by an occasion serve ardent deduction of the Face in the heart. You will win against the world only with Me, with Me and be.</p>\n<p>439. (June 14). You write how it is necessary to learn to stand on the feet. From experience you know as those who got used to lean are unstable. They can move only on a tow and to independent movement aren\'t capable. But it is better to go most. Therefore the Teacher leaves sometimes to look what independent course will be. Inexperienced will become puzzled, will honor itself outcast and will lay down arms, but will tell we \"will be overcome\" highly experienced spirit and, having remembered the moments of victories and lifting, the forces will collect to float in own shuttle. The free will on that also is given, that all most: the hand, the foot and the will, but not stranger. The merit of those whom drag almost by force behind itself is great. Look at them when are left to stand on the feet. Let\'s learn to be equally directed and when the Teacher and when are provided to own forces is close. After all it is necessary that forces this force were under any conditions. If with the Teacher it is firm and strong, and without the Teacher — wet muslin or a rag, what price to such pupil and what it is possible to entrust it, and on what it is good? The strong people who even not don’t know the Teacher, remain those always, really the recognized pupil will be worse and weaker than them? Isn\'t present worse and more shamefully than a condition is a rag! Strong has to be strong always. If presence the Highest I, lords in itself isn\'t felt Proximity of the Teacher, will be able to be felt if to connect consciousness to it. It is impossible to go, leaning too. Contacts of the Teacher will become less frequently in process of growth of own force. These phenomena are inversely proportional. Communication will proceed, but at level the highest. In usual life and commonplaces it is necessary to learn to stand on the for two. The Teacher is still close, but gives opportunity are show the independence. It is natural and lawful that the child when he learns to go, support and help him, but it would be ridiculous to support the adult. So, the next task — on own feet to feel so sure, firm and directed, as well as with the Teacher of Light when It Conducts. It is necessary to show that works and its efforts weren\'t gone all for nothing. The Stone will be a support. Stone is the phenomenon individual, giving full independence and independence. Devotion, love, aspiration, prestanding uninterrupted, constancy of Communication, formula understanding \"I with you always\" it is necessary to manage to combine in the understanding with their contrast — with freedom, independence, amateur performance, independence and the statement of the beams self-proceeding. And when these two poles of a thing uniform will merge in a realization of understanding of these couples of contrasts in the annex to life, the pupil on a way is approved then three times. The Teacher leads by the hand — the first period, there is no Hand on a shoulder — the second, invisible and visible. The leader quietly Real inside and outside is the third stage of understanding of dual aspect of the hidden Management. And I will Look how the spirit will dispose of the received gifts. And if after everything that was given, the person on didn\'t learn to stand on own feet, and needs props, whether that it was worth fencing and spending a kitchen garden the unlucky pupil. It is visible, the pebble is small. And then there is a question, whether they should be engaged. Therefore we Recognize in the person own will and force him as a basis of value of his spirit. Fine, good virtuous, but a weak-willed being to us is to anything. Strong spirits are necessary to us, whether strong irrespective of with Us they together or are provided for a while to themselves. In Space the Ladder of Hierarchy is based on full individual freedom and independence of the Spirits which are standing on It, at full harmony and unity of the standing. The freedom and independence it is necessary to concern Those Who costs above: cooperation, but not submission, God\'s sons, but not slaves. It is necessary to get rid of slavish psychology. It is show even in this desire it is constant to rely on someone, in lack of courage and an initiative, and evasion from independent actions. Itself, itself, itself, in total itself, behind own responsibility and the will but together with Me in harmony full — this one of most is the most difficult steam of contrasts for understanding.</p>\n<p>440. (June 15). In total is in the person. In it also it is necessary to look for. For the low-developed consciousness there is neither science, nor secrets of Space, Intimate Knowledge. The understanding of the world is caused by a step of consciousness and past accumulation. The device of spirit starts operating, only when is ready. That is why all strength of mind it is necessary to rush inside to receive from the outside. Not ready device doesn\'t sound, and the screen of consciousness of perceptions doesn\'t give, but if achievements were and accumulation was sufficient, they can\'t be taken away. I approve inherence of achievements at not belittled burning of heart. But it is possible to think and of how to deepen and strengthen perceptions. There is a lot of ways, it is possible: to strengthen brightness of representation of the Face in heart, to strengthen feelings — feelings of Proximity of the Teacher, to repeat t subconscious he Name with each heartbeat. In the future everything is achievable, but the network of a catch of wonderful opportunities of spirit is thrown nowadays, in darkness pre-dawn when the surrounding is still hardly distinguishable to take out a catch by the light of day. It is useful and remembers a way passed together with the Lord, and to count that is made during this time and reached that. On these steps of Light conducting from the past, it is possible to imagine Light of steps of the future of the future times. So the darkness of transitional hour can be thrown sparks of Light and to make it being shone. It is necessary to be only with Me all heart and all thought. Strong effort of will it is possible to break off Maya dense cover and through gaps to see it reality, real it is eternal. But the main thing to come off itself and lives to see a stream out of small \"I\", out of the personality small and egoism of small ways.</p>\n<p>441. (M.A.Y.). If all heart with us, and our thoughts don\'t pass it. We are stout expectation of the future nowadays holding in dense visibility. And you see steps of the fulfillments conducting in it. After all on them we will enter into Spheres of the precepted. You to us help both thought, and feeling, and desire all. There have to be all of us, as one. Monolith united in the spirit of consciousnesses we will break counteraction of the dense environment. But all heart it is necessary to enter into a circle of our actions to live in it psyches life of all heart. Incompleteness at focal points of realization of the future in concrete forms is bad. At these moments it is necessary to plunge into our opportunities to the core. Promptly there is an implementation of the Great Plan, desired time approaches.</p>\n<p> 442. (Guru). To worry, both to feel, and to feel all weight of currents it is impossible to forbid sensitive heart, but to show weakness of spirit — it is inadmissible. Everything made in awareness of strength of mind is justified, but condemned — powerlessness. Strong wins. But even people don\'t judge the winner. So, it is necessary to be strong always, and not to concede this awareness of strength of mind to anybody and anything.</p>\n<p>443. (M.M.). The statement and implementation of the Great Plan goes under my Beams, I with those who am fated to this Future, and they with Me and in My Beams.</p>\n<p>444. (June 16). The good soldier is built and will tighten always. There is something in the person that very much doesn\'t love this concentration of consciousness. Certainly, it is an astral and its servant — a body. In public this concentration is necessary to be protected from their influence only at least. Dissoluteness will be contrast of concentration. It is shown in everything: in gait, in a bearing, in gestures, in words, in thoughts, in a situation and a room order, in work. The scorpion of disorder stings himself that is the one who carries him in itself (himself). Against disorder, first of all — a rhythm and life streamlining, constant concentration of consciousness, that is control. Thinking that in the presence of people it is possible to be dismissed, does it harm of people. Certainly, in the presence of the Teacher the pupil shows an example of concentration and \"good\". It is necessary to show this sample as alone with itself because many attentive and spiteful eyes, and with all people without an exception watch. Arriving alone, the pupil shows knowledge of bases. The behavior alone, before a space face, has bigger value, than before people because in this behavior the true essence of the person comes to light. But when control is continuous and is understood that in life of people lonely is never left and that a lot of looking of the Thin World, the relation to the behavior changes in a root. Spirit advantage is approved then by the person. Looking for approvals of people and at feathers peacock receives an award, being expressed in passing and household feelings of the human relations. At them, passing, and with them there is a hunter of human approvals. But the one who the judge to himself and court impartial over himself constantly manages by continued control and self-criticism, that on a way, on a right way to mastering by all three (covers) because properties peacock are concentrated in an astral and the lowest covers. It is the same way to the power — at first over itself, and then and that outside.</p>\n<p>445. Learned pleasure of Communication with the Teacher no terrestrial pleasures replacement will exist. In the presence of Communication they can go deep and more brightly burn, but will grow dull and will lose any meaning as soon as Communication will interrupt. When there is a Communication, everything is interesting, life and its process, people, meetings; work because the Beam of the Teacher shines everything is interesting, - but immediately all this loses the meaning if the Beam leaves. Therefore it is necessary to know that gives lives interest and a coloring if the life is found. Having become impregnated with energy of the Beam, the inexperienced traveler plunges into Maya ghosts, believing that they are interesting in it. It is incorrect. They are empty and are empty, it is worth taking away the Beam — and they will lose any interest. It is necessary and to think of it not to assimilate to ghosts of self-sufficing value. The teacher for the pupil is comprehended by the Beam, but not circumstances of an external environment. The proximity of the Teacher isn\'t replaceable anything.</p>\n<p>446. (M.A.Y.). Wisely I solved, believing that the behavior before itself, before judges in itself, is more important than behavior before court narrow-minded because it is short, and transient, and no value for ascension of spirit has. That from this that someone good or bad will read you; what in it is advantage? \"Good\", your or bad from it better not becomes. But if you condemned yourself for your bad and, having condemned, decided a bad to correct and replace \"good\", and besides, without any influence or outside influence, action it is correct. The way of the correct action is difficult because it is independent and isn\'t dependent on rumors human. Life and life experience will give the chance to see that it is necessary to change what to strengthen what to improve what to point and refine what to get rid and leave. The eye sharp-sighted immediately will note sense of the next lesson of life that the will could bring the amendment. And then the Doctrine of Life becomes life and lives a way.</p>\n<p>447. (M.A.Y.). The correct, healthy self-criticism of force allows moving further. Self-burning, the self-eat, repentance, self-flagellation weaken and deprive of fire. It is necessary is thin to understand these phenomena. Old our intellectuals terribly suffered from these shortcomings. Judge in herself was hypocritical, in just and egoism full. The criticism went for the sake of criticism, and its self-condemnation not for the sake of spirit ascension. There is a criticism creating, creative, and there is a criticism destructive, killing spirit. Distinguish both because, the first is how useful and building, so the second is harmful and inadmissible. Any criticism and self-criticism can be this or that, from darkness or from Light. The correct, healthy criticism it is possible to inhale new forces in the person, but dark it is possible to kill. Criticism — not condemnation, but the analysis of shortcomings and the instruction as to avoid them! Criticism is the weapon of light, the critic the darkness tool. Distinguish a root to stop if it dark.</p>\n<p>448. (Guru). I consider that it is necessary to bring in the spirit of, and able — it is obliged. Can give who has to have, it is necessary to collect. Collecting of spiritual gifts for distribution will be a problem of the current time also. The understanding moves. To move forward, it is necessary to expand understanding, that is consciousness. Consciousness expansion also is advance. We expand in consciousness of the people the life horizons. We take away from the Row, from Gomorrah, from their past, that is from the conditions which are subject to destruction by fire and destruction. From here and the Decree is on the past not to be wrapped. For us, both for you and for people of the New World of the past aren’t present, it is burned. But there is Light of the future with all its boundless opportunities. To them also go.</p>\n<p>449. (June 17). (M.W.). The contact thought of Great Spirit will give rise to great thoughts. The era of Maitreya will be saturated with Beams of my Planet. The human consciousness has to assimilate them and be sated with Them. Results of assimilation of a ray of sunlight you see in blossoming trees, by the time of bearing fruit. As also consciousness saturation by my Beams and assimilation will yield them the fruits in days of the futures. I see the shining future of your planet and the changed mankind in it. I see the beauty approved everywhere. I see great procession of the spirits making the Star, space Trek. I see a clear and final victory of Light. The darkness from a planet will leave. Light is future of your house terrestrial.</p>\n<p>450. The way of the statement of the future approaching in the world is light. If to consider each phenomenon in aspect of this future as a step conducting to it or as an obstacle disturbing, value and sense of this phenomenon becomes absolutely clear. The aspect of the future litmus will be for definition of the nature of the phenomenon. And a lot of things from this that nowadays occur in life of the people will appear in light other. The border between light and a gloom becomes even sharper, and it will be easier to carry any phenomena to this or that pole. The analyzed phenomenon simply is moved into the future, and this reception its nature comes to light. Every day everything will go sharper and more sharply division of all and in everything on two poles — light and a gloom. This division will concern not only people, but also all phenomena of life. Energy leaving displaced, and the energy, going to them on change, is show in forms; also all udisplaying forms are divided into forms movable, and the forms approved again, - full replacement of all and in everything; life revolution in all-planet scale. Not political already, not public already, not state already, but all-planet and universal. It also will be life and consciousness transformation and the statement of the New Sky and New Earth. We stand for new in everything and new in everything we claim. See, where is it new, on planet open spaces into life nowadays enters, also know, that there our Beams. Action of Beams sees in going shifts and changes and shows all depth of understanding of the events. Personal measures, conveniences, rest and everything that is connected with personal wellbeing and comfort, reject. All this will come over time if it is necessary. You scales of General Welfare apply to shifts going and rejoice to life addition. Great is time, unknown time, time of the approval of the precepted fairy tale. Small to construction I Called, I left behind line cylinders and dress coats. Truly, the Trustee small I am, but approving Will Mine and my Decrees in life carrying out. These builders the first will enter into the Future, precepted Me. You look over personal and you will see new addition of life. But it is possible also personal to combine with the general and to find personal a place in the general scheme of things if to accept completely the Bowl of General Welfare. Life is difficult, but the criterion of the future is faultless. Take a question of war. At modern progress of equipment, wonder, whether wars in hundred years are possible. The answer is unconditional and is certainly negative. The impossibility of the phenomenon in the future destroys sense it in the present. And so is in everything. Or: that will be with mankind, saturated irritation and rage if tension of spatial energiya amplifies several times. And wires of nerves won\'t sustain an organism and will fuse. And the person, nowadays not learned to own itself, will be itself the own executioner, and itself will carry out the death sentence over itself, that is will be to itself judges. New</p>\n<p>451. (M.A.Y.). The person, who is beginning to see clearly in the future, sees everything in proper correlations. Assessment of the phenomena it becomes perfects other. The present becomes as though a past, the consciousness lives vibrations of what should be still. If in the past are death and destruction, in the future — life and fire. And this fire sates consciousness and heart with strong incentive of life and desire of creativity of new forms. The future — is a source of inexhaustible creativity of spirit, because in the future all. Thoughts of the future can serve as the generator of vital force. These thoughts will give to an organism fiery energy to live. Thoughts of the future are life-giving. Live in the future and thought of it — and fiery force in you, constantly fed, it won\'t be exhausted. On the Precept of the Teacher read the future understanding of essence it and the appendix of this understanding in life.</p>\n<p>452. (Guru). I lived future and for the sake of the future and force of the future created. Animals have no future, they don\'t realize it. There is no it at some savages very low standing at steps of human evolution. Height of spirit is measured on extent of understanding of the future. Manu plans planet life for the whole Manvantara, Manu, at the head of Cycles or Eras — for the whole Cycles or Eras. So on understanding of the future spirit height is measured. And each person determines a step of the evolution by the size of an orbit of the consciousness taking its future. Radius of the person denying life after death is short, is short not thinking of tomorrow. All these suicide bombers, forced to die. But we approving life, approve it in the future because life of the present hour doesn\'t sputter out and can\'t settle, at least because the chain of causes and effects a continuous stream, and a stream infinite, aspires forward, in the future therefore there is neither end, nor a limit.</p>\n<p>453. (June 18). (M.W.). Many centuries ago people honored Me under other names. Honor and nowadays under different, but nowadays the root of honoring is dead. Therefore the Era washing begins with the statement of Mother of the World in new understanding and in new aspect. The stone of the Wreath of the Space Magnet turns to Earth other side. This New, to term reaching Earth, consists in New Beams and their powerful impact on consciousness of the person. The world space, Invisible Beams, both the New Sky, and New Earth is for the person. New has to replace old, space destroyed on your planet. The Space Magnet works. But after all it only began; it is so much still ahead. Forms of life and organization of human society from my Planet are transferred to yours. From here such shifts. The reorganization of the world hardly, but Light of the Future will bath twilight and difficulties of shift. Spent energy leave be replaced new. Old forms of life aren\'t able to sustain flow of new energiya and therefore collapse. The more widely and rather people will accept new forms in consciousness, the will be easier for them shift and replacement process. But for this purpose the consciousness has to be expanded enough to contain. Who remains the admirer of former, gets rid and leaving forms of life, will be together with it is destroyed. Wine new in old bellows doesn’t pour in. New heart accepts because goes from the Star.</p>\n<p>454. Only new the new. From here is need of updating, or transformation, consciousness. I came — and sinners, tax-gatherer, the robber, both the loose woman, and simple fishermen accepted. But standing above rejected. In the same way and nowadays: rich both the powers that be and churchmen rejected construction of new life, and again I go to simple people. But the commonalty — national heart deeply isn\'t simple. They, simple and unsophisticated lives in difficulties and dogmatic religion, adopted vitally the Decree of the New Era and started building life on a new basis. I with them, I help them, and We build together, and all wisdom of the old world to us not a hindrance.</p>\n<p>455. Karmic that is given and given, the consciousness has the right to knowledge of that. That is from this that We Know. Yes, We Know, but we transfer you only what you deserve. Whether everything is perceived truly? No. Why? There is no completeness of the accord, and the thought comes off Focus. At orotund merge there aren\'t enough mistakes. Knowing can reproach with insolvency of Records not enough, but knowing everything will be glad miraculousness of perceptions. Concrete data are given only at karmic need. When reading letters it is necessary to look in essence of the phenomenon, but not at an external form of the letter. The relation of the friend changed in a root, it became clever. Therefore it is necessary to refuse further attempts to prove something or to share the knowledge. The acceptability is absent — and everything will address against. So closed heart by will pass ready to open to it the Source of the Knowledge Given by me. Commensurability in delivery Intimate is necessary; differently all given out will turn on the contrary.</p>\n<p>456. (M.A.Y.). Dark influence works powerfully. You remember how saw it that it in an abyss fell from the narrow road. Mental is anguish and disbalance. Also the dark channel operates. To words don\'t trust they don\'t express that is hidden behind them. There is no former friend. Test I didn\'t pass. It is necessary to transfer to a preparatory class. If the friend of value of Records doesn\'t understand, contact is lost. To impose the authority it is inadmissible. Heart has to wake up to understanding. You derogation happens, and that belittle Given through you the Lord. Harm is deeper, than it seems. Conceive estimated didn\'t pass even preliminary test. It is necessary to give time, and it either will pull together again, or still will distance. Time now divisions! Let\'s reduce it because by us it is put. Not judges to you they restored to life. Remember how once all against went. That was a seed, and now shoots. Leave old, act with the new. They will come much. The choice will be rich, among them and you will find who will replace you. The Lord Called you my son and Told that will show his son. Who from them reducing you has the right of a sonship? Pearl of the consciousness permit nobody to become cheaper in own eyes. For them you a link, without which they — leaves, Gone with the Wind. My son and we passed through derogation, and from those, who was close. Everything is ok. Strong keeps.</p>\n<p>457. (Guru). On each sneezing no on greet. If the acceptability isn\'t present, it is necessary to break off. But a lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit. It isn\'t necessary to give new reasons to catch something to prick. Not to start arguments. So we will write down in the book of experience of life: friends are learned in time. Whether a lot of true remained at us? And how many they were, going around and receiving many. Come off direct link stops the way while someone, both somewhere, and once on itself (himself) won\'t accept again its burden. We evade from a chain of communication of the torn.</p>\n<p>458. (June 19). (M. W.). In my Spheres approves spirit the residence by aspiration, consistently and gradually accumulating there the elements creating patterns of the sphere of spirit. The aspiration, imagination and the accord build there a stronghold for spirit, for stay in it in extra planetary existence. The knowledge of Laws of the Highest World will be a strong form of the sphere of this. Within these Laws will show life in its extra dense spaces with Layers of the Highest attractions. The aspiration will channelize spirit flight. The separation from Earth when are finished scores terrestrial, will give wings to spirit. Release from Earth attractions will be a springboard for a jump in Boundlessness; hardly and not easy to finish calculations witch Earth. Powerful Magnet! If the undeveloped spirit terrestrial after death to come off the usual house often not in forces and in it stays, being connected as it is more difficult in the spirit of to leave the house planetary.</p>\n<p>459. Creative power of spirit is reached by a combination in consciousness of my Beam and Beams of Mother of the World. Power of creativity pours out in forms, and these forms invested by thought, presents spirit to people. All best and valuable is given to mankind by thought. Inventions, opening scientific, art masterpieces — all that is thoughts only embodied in dense forms. The highest factor of life nevertheless is the thought creating and creating things, but not the things. Already created thing is the fact minor. The thought takes priority in creation of subjects of the dense world. It is necessary to look at everything created by a hand of the person, as at the phenomena which have personified thoughts. Any subject — is the thought which has accepted dense forms. This law is universal and concerns not only that is created by a hand of the person, but also all real. Because over human thought the thought of the world rushes. Therefore, the basis of all — thought — generated by focus of consciousness in which Beams of Mother of the World and Lords are combined, possesses special creative force. I will give that power of thought to your beams self-proceeding that will move mountains of human heaps and to melt them. I Will fill with force you, sdaring rage of counteraction to darkness because Put you the winner of life at the crossroads planetary roads on which there are people too to Me, but without knowing. Court rejecting human and their right to judge you, my court you recognize. And I am not a judge, but the Father, both the Defender, and the Friend. In the Assessment of my pearl of your spirit force you will find opposite stand to human court and derogation from the wrong. Who will be able to humiliate if I Ennoble?</p>\n<p>460. It is correctly noted: counteracting the carrier of my Beam counteracts Me. Because and counteraction reaction heavy lies down on weak shoulders against the going. The ardent example is available as force of counteraction of force of the carrier of my Beam multiplies. And instead of derogation and damage the phenomenon directly it opposite turns out. So friends and enemies serve multiplication of forces. Already I Spoke if with Me, we are victorious in everything. But hour of fight it isn\'t necessary to be confused. It is inevitable for accumulation of power of fire; ascended to a step, when everything inures to advantage and addresses against the ant- going.</p>\n<p>461. You I Approved and the Beam Sent, and nowadays in the Beam — not greatly. You feel that force of Communication. If the son I Called, forever. If the Beam I Send, forever. If a way of Specify to Pull together forever. If knew that expects in the future years, truly, the spirit would rejoice. Will show My son in Fatherly Affairs. I will entrust power of Light, I will entrust affairs, I will entrust hearts and consciousnesses of many! In exchange I will demand only one: to be together always, unseparable, that the consciousness merged with Me to create</p>\n<p>462. (M.A.Y.). The dream is right. The commonwealth of the states and the people is approved space — a coming step of evolution. The presentiment of proximity is correct. The holiday on our street already comes. Also everything will rejoice to it, but, of course, not the dark. The dream is sent hierarchically for close consciousnesses. Everything will be as spoke and as the Lord Told, but only I with you will be not in a body, but in the spirit of, but is close, is closer, perhaps, than if in a body. And consider that promised and is fated to be. Heart trembles and rejoices expectation of a miracle of is fated Light. Therefore and it is dark, both amplifies enemies, and try to tear off from you relatives.</p>\n<p>463. (Guru). We are occupied very much. We take active part in the events. If all from Invisible falls to dense forms before they can be shown on Earth, participation of the Thin World in terrestrial affairs is considerable unusually and great. The whole troops take part in this work. But the directing Hand of the Hierarch is necessary. We are Will Your performers. It is a lot of at us about the terrestrial. Rapprochement of the Worlds is show as well in it. There will be certificates obvious. Strange is time and Light ahead.</p>\n<p>464. (June 20). (M.W.). The thought carries away for itself consciousness. Where thought, there and it. When it completely merges with thought of the leader, transfer of consciousness becomes possible. Completeness of transfer is accompanied by sensitivity transfer, and the highest feeling starts working. We approved Beauty. Among the other — one of its aspects — beauty of human relationship; what it is few on your Earth and that meets on it so seldom. We have no quarrels, there is no irritation, there is no rage, there is no misunderstanding, there are no racial laws, there are no accounts and reports — there is nothing based on mistrust of people to each other. How many work and energy is spent on your Earth for dishonesty and deception suppression. At us this root is pulled out long ago — people don\'t know dishonesty. There are no locks, there are no locks, and there are no watchmen and protection: there is nobody to protect. And, of course, there is no money. Everyone receives everything, in what need. Individual it is harmoniously combined with the public: completeness and freedom, development of identity causes completeness and a variety of the whole society. Quarrels and irritation aren\'t present, there are also no all other feelings connected with an astral cover because it gets rid, having played a role in spirit evolution. The lowest, animal, feelings are replaced the highest, spiritual. Certainly, there is a love, but not love of egoism and money-making, because also egoism gets rid. The lie and deception disappeared. Mind freely is read, and feelings are visible. Life goes on other plane of consciousness. Feelings are beautiful; thoughts are beautiful, beautiful also gestures, words, and movements. The beauty of thought corresponds to beauty of its expression. The statement of Beauty took place. The statement of Beauty is the statement of the Highest World because It is saturated with beauty and beauty lives. Human relations are saturated with beauty, are expressed in the full accord of thoughts and feelings. Nobody\'s freedom doesn\'t encroach on foreign freedom. There is a fight, there is tension, and there are phenomena of courageous aspirations and a feat, but all this in the Sphere of area of the Highest, in the field of spirit ascension, in the Sphere of Space Knowledge and research of depths of Space and layers Spatial Energy of the highest tension. Many lives give in fearless flights in space. And life here is valuable because it is fine and the pleasure gives Lives. There are no sufferers, there are no patients, and there is no burden of an astral of the bearing. The spirit is ennobled over a matter, the spirit won.</p>\n<p>465. My beams and Mothers of the World, being combined in your consciousness, create. Let\'s treat process consciously. Understanding deepens the phenomenon and strengthens it. The new Secret consists in the fact of understanding. Understanding is a step to realization and mastering by that is realized. From here is an urgent need of understanding of opportunities new before to approve mastering by them. Understanding conducts to finding of ways of implementation of that is accepted in consciousness. Mix it with belief, but only creating, dynamic belief, or a faith-knowledge it is possible to carry here. Understanding moves evolution. In the phenomenon of understanding mighty forces are hidden. For example, awareness of boundlessness of potential of human spirit opens ways to area of unattainable and impossible development at this step of human mind. Awareness of boundlessness of feelings and development them in this direction opens ways to area of boundless cognition. Understanding of a never-ending of life and ascension of spirit will sweep away time and space barriers. Therefore I Speak about consciousness expansion, about cancellation of denials and about containment. That to contain Space, with itself baskets and jugs for Knowledge should be brought the very big. I want to Give Knowledge, but there is nothing it to pour in if the consciousness doesn\'t allow. But if from consciousness courageously to throw out everything that isn\'t necessary and that litters it if to clean a heap of centuries if to clear it of gets rid, shabby stuff, its capacity will increase unreasonably. My beam I Send to all back streets of consciousness to shine heaps of unnecessary stuff and to betray it to burning. Everything is subject to viewing and cleaning to separate valuable from litter. Cemeteries aren\'t necessary, memorial services aren\'t necessary, graves aren\'t necessary, hired priests aren\'t necessary. Unimportantly everything that doesn\'t correspond to the principles of Beauty, expediency and commensurability. All thoughts and feelings with which the consciousness is usually filled are unimportant. If you aren\'t as children, not to enter into the New World. It means, mind has to be free from everything, than people blocked up it. Think that the happiness is possible by means of a nuclear bomb for the people to create. And how many the evil will be born from this ridiculous idea. It too the litter demanding cleaning. Terrible heaps of remnants of a leaving era. Them it is necessary displace. It is a lot of absurd in life. They should be realized at first in itself to explain then to people and to give the chance to them of them to realize. Consciousness clarification also consists in process of understanding of ideas of the New World and replacement of ideas with them old.</p>\n<p>466. (M.A.Y.). Correctly: conversations at distance and hidden letters can be entered into use as a step to future opportunities of the intercourses in the spirit of. This way of communication is very effective. But thoughts have to be short and accurate, and it is necessary to know the purpose of such conversation or the letter. It is good to create a habit of mental conversation with people. Especially it is good when there is a mutual misunderstanding because conversation goes without brain intervention; on the other hand, the brain is put simply before an accomplished fact that is conclusions. And if they are rather strong and saturated mental energy, the brain is compelled to agree with them. So are established on distance the kind relations even with strangers.</p>\n<p>467. (Guru). It is necessary to transfer part of activity of spirit to thought and to make it conscious. We thought are active. It also is life of the Thin World. And you are accustomed to it on Earth. Rapprochement of the Worlds will make a lot of things available and possible. But it is necessary to begin consciously. It is much already made, but depth and value of the reached isn\'t understood, that is there is no completeness of consciousness. Achievement then is valuable when it is realized quite. The clairvoyant the savage and the scientist — sizes of a different order. Width of consciousness determines the value of its abilities.</p>\n<p>468. Fiery power of spirit уявляется that my Force you create. In consciousness Me accepting, you approve in it force. Not the force, but my Force study, the son to create in the accord full with Me. Yourself you exclude, and the egoism, and everything that from the personal world, and all microcosm to Me having directed, yourself having forgotten, you use the force mine, but only in the Benefit.</p>\n<p>469. Often examples it is had as because of trifles something is broken very important. And today because of malfunction of a pencil valuable record almost left. How much vigilance is necessary not to miss that Is given. It was succeeded to reach all completeness of the accord, but the pencil didn\'t write (broke), and record should be interrupted on the middle. So resistance of the dense environment are various even without intervention of the dark. The new step of opportunities which have to strengthen energy of creative thought is given. In consciousness there will be a gradual replacement of elements of egoism and personal \"I\" elements of Light delivering essence of the Beam. Today I have to Tell that, despite ardent counteraction of external conditions, a seed of spirit grows.</p>\n<p>470. (M. W.). I in Beams Send Will Mine to Earth. Beams influence all, but in degree different. It isn\'t enough conscious receivers, and even less directed towards to Beams. Therefore each consciousness directing to Me, is magnetic and powerfully I Sate with elements New Energy, but on their capacity. The accord defines contact, capacity, degree and receiving width. Therefore, it is necessary to lead aspiration to the accord and to prepare consciousness, having enough expanded it. The Life doctrine a dilator will be, and fire, kindling to them, the amplifier of aspiration. It is possible to be sated endlessly if to each Communication to bring new, that is that Beams could sate and saturate. Even the ray of sunlight has to fall to a fertile soil to give life, and Beams my, reaching consciousnesses of people, to Them directed. Beams, being combined in consciousness with conformable it elements, cause a number of psych spiritual processes and movement in the centers and approve process of growth of consciousness. Carriers and performers of the Highest Space Will — it is the people, living the psych life of all heart which has revealed under the influence of these Beams.</p>\n<p>471. (M.A.Y.). Let\'s celebrate day new opportunities. Openness of consciousness towards to parcels provides an acceptability them. A lot of things should be told, transferred much. Not to contain the Doctrine Ocean even in open heart, but to concern it and it is possible to enter into it. The light of Boundlessness will fill in if the aspiration doesn\'t go out. I send thoughts that to am fated term the consciousness prepare will be intense and strong the Lord. This process is difficult as it is necessary to combine harmoniously heavenly and terrestrial, fiery and dense, future and real. It is impossible to depart and to come off Earth, and it is impossible to plunge into Earth, but as though to hang in space and, strong holding the Lord, to keep consciousness on terrestrial that below, and on the highest that above, harmoniously connecting them in the spirit of.</p>\n<p>472. (Guru). It is possible to give the consciousness for fixing of thoughts on it only to the Highest and on a direct chain of communication. It is possible and to make from below itself contact, but having protected, and it is strong, from foreign invasions. Violation of the first condition involves incompleteness and desire to have new Teachers that stops advance. A lot of capacity is necessary to contain Beams of one Teacher. You devotion showed also anybody, except us, didn\'t want and didn\'t seek to have as leaders. And therefore it is given you by a measure full. You were saying: \"my Hierarches\", strong sticking to a communication thread. And therefore we are with you. By the lord It is noted and as Him It is approved. Let will be an example for those who wants to have different teachers and different sources of cognition. Focus one, and a chain conducting to It, one, for each spirit the, on the Beam of the Driver-hierarch, or the Space Father. It coming off, the person of opportunities to move further loses. The next link can\'t be cleaned because the chain interrupts.</p>\n<p>473. (June 22). Everything that becomes with Me goes under the sign of good luck. The aspiration to the occupations which are in common conducting deepens contact. Abraham went before the Lord, and the pupil always before the Lord; so all measures approve constancy of Presence. Consciousness transfer through Hierarchy, and behind it going — granting the microcosm in Will Lord order will be the following step. Certainly, and the gradual adaptation of consciousness and all organism to vibrations of the Beam of special function here is required. Descend of the Holy Spirit on Apostles is descend of Fire sent in Beams of the Lord. Mental Energy is show it is powerful through consciousness association with the Leading Hierarch, and then the lit up can tell: \"Not I, but It Staying in me, It Create\". Completeness of self-rejection or dismissal from itself will be a basis of this phenomenon. The consciousness is cleared by it for Great Presence. The psych equipment of former contact was that the consciousness was about the Lord, the step forward is nowadays taken still and the consciousness of the pupil is included as though into consciousness of the Hierarch, or the Consciousness of the Last is included into an orbit of consciousness of the pupil. I Is Staying in you, Will You’re the Send My. The principle is difficult for application.</p>\n<p>474. (M.A.Y.). The help was rendered yesterday obviously. The lord Told, that hall concert Fill the people and, really, Filled, despite the fact that, that everything was against. Tranquility I Gave the chance to do also the turn excellent. The principle was observed, the effort was made, was to what to put, and the help Is given not greatly. So know from experience that if you ask for the Help and if made everything that could, the Hand of the Hierarch will be given that to support you. The mistake of the people asking for the Help From above is that, having addressed put hands and the manna from heavens waits. But wisdom national well understands — God helps those who help themselves. Own efforts also grant the right to that to you helped. Give the chance to the Lord to Put the Hand, having made at first own efforts in all measure available, and then will be to what to put.</p>\n<p>475. (Guru). You think, friends, that the pattern of our lives left such scar in consciousness of many and took big detours. Why work was fruitful and is noted by people? Why fruits it will yield in the future a rich harvest. I will tell: \"Because we slaved away and for the sake of the Lord, in its secret of success, we transfer it to you\". In life go to the Name Its, and there will be your work fruitful.</p>\n<p>476. (June 23). At a contact of Beams of Mother of the World it is necessary to be especially careful because received energy pours out in any forms, depending on an appendix corner their consciousness. Believe that the aura of High Spirit has to work always well. It is incorrect. If was so, wouldn\'t crucify, didn\'t burn down, didn\'t torment and wouldn\'t pursue Light Carriers. Beams and vibrations of aura put in action sleeping energy in the person, or sate with Fire, and the new forces which are already awakened and available in it and if it is energy of the evil, reaction goes in the accord with them. Therefore at contact with Light clarification of consciousness and control over itself is required. Three on the road met the Teacher of Light, and everything, having concerned Aura Ego, felt inflow of forces and desire something to make. One, having inspired, I went to the enemy who hated and against which rage I had, and with him reconciled, having forgiven former offenses; another, having inspired, on will of the slave I released, and the third went and betrayed the neighbor. So three, Light having concerned, refracted energy it differently in the heart. Heart will be the transformer. Stinking heart of energy of light Agni can turn into black fires. You know that in the pupil all his energy wake up to ardent manifestation, and it seems even at times that the person becomes worse, than was earlier. What fury of darkness was caused in people by Aura Christ Redeemer? Radiations of the Carrier of Light serve as litmus for essence of the person. Attentively it is necessary to watch how our aura influences counter people. It will be an indicator obvious, on what party their heart, because for you the Teacher inclines. If you meet ardent hostility or counteraction, know, the darkness counteracts. When the aura grows, friends, enemies indifferently anymore not pass. Everyone is showing itself answer of couples. It is very characteristic that the obsessed start raging, and even if it is outwardly covered, nevertheless the contact to Light pushes them on not lightest actions. As also New Fiery the Energy, reaching Earth, entering into heart and consciousness human, will cause and cause in them consequences opposite, but conformable with essence of their owner.</p>\n<p>477. Going against — note — not they суждены. Not to cover with any words neither fires of eyes, nor heart vibrations, darkness that it radiates. Behind external visibility invisible and hidden let it is accustomed to feel patrol heart. It is a lot of secret dupe crowds around. They should be known. Their force is in predisposition darkness. But, meeting people, wonder, whether from darkness they. Friends for enemies don\'t take, it isn\'t always easy to recognize the disguised friend, and enemies are for friends.</p>\n<p>478. (M.M.). Cooperation with Me is that at contact My Beams are perceived, and are transposed by consciousness in forms, and become available thanks to this process already for Earth. The doctrine of Life nowadays given to people also is an embodiment in crystallized forms of thought of energiya of my Era. Their essence is poured in in the new forms which have been already adapted to human understanding. In it Great Mission of Lords, specifying new ways to Light. These ways bring to Me already for opportunities of receiving direct. Lords give to people new understanding of Mother of the World and in new aspect. Going to Me I will meet understanding, and understanding I Will give, and I Will allow to cease to a harp of spirit them fully - string, but turned to Me. If only hearts addressed were as it should be.</p>\n<p>479. (M.A.Y.). The area of Intimate Knowledge is available, but not for all. Besides everything, it is necessary to have the right to It. The right is granted by service, devotion of heart and the fidelity, approved eyelids. It is a lot of hunters to Intimate Knowledge, but having a little the right. Be careful demanding Intimate Knowledge — usually is those who doesn\'t like to put the Life Doctrine into practice. To them be afraid of secret in hands to give because the secret in such unsteady hands is destructive very much.</p>\n<p>480. (Guru). The person who has opened up to the end, loses the attractive force because the magnet of spirit is discharged by it completely. The person, who has revealed outside all the emotions, becomes invalid to influence others. All types of fieriness discharge a spirit magnet. The payment for fieriness is expensive. It isn\'t necessary that people knew that occurs inside. Each manifestation of emotions we endanger themselves. Restraint approves.</p>\n<p>481. (June 24). (M.W.). The phenomenon of Light is preceded by darkness. The Face Hidden precedes the phenomenon the period of loss by mankind of the correct idea of It. Great Identity can name to slightly open secrets the Era of Mother of the World. In Beams its essence is learned. Each planet, star, star are connected with Dhiani, who has Created them. The difference in character and identity of each heavenly body is so great, as between Spirits their Founders; Not in Space present similarity. On the principle of boundless variety are shown world is constructed. There are phenomena close, there are phenomena similar, but similarity isn\'t present, the imagination human is poor, and boundlessness of Hierarchy is limited to this circle. The consciousness can\'t leave everything and plunge into that area where the reality surpasses any human idea of it. Behind Great Identity of Mother of the World there is an Identity Higher. On this infinite Ladder of Light the human spirit before greatness of the Beginning of all Beginnings is lost. And nobody can tell that it was coming before It. As the physical body instantly would burn down near the Sun, also all lowest covers near Aura of the Fiery body of Spirits Planetary so burn down. The body physical is necessary for dense evolution, but only the Highest Triad can move further. However, and the gradation of Fiery bodies is broad. And Fire Spirits on the Sun possess Fiery bodies of different degree. Fiery essence is and on the Sun, and besides different evolutions. You know that High Spirits from your Earth go on other Planets, but on the Sun — anybody, because didn\'t hear the Sun — a final stage in our chain of the worlds for spirit evolution.</p>\n<p>482. Fiery power of spirit can be shown only at full tranquillity of covers. When covers, are show the lowest fires, closely related worry. But when three are bridled and are motionless, that is when they in tranquility full and movement in them doesn\'t happen, then force of the Highest Fires which hasn\'t been painted by them, freely expresses it. If to spend the whole life, either two, or three and tranquility nevertheless to approve, it will be great achievement; because greatness of spirit are show in tranquility full. And it is possible to be surprised that the statement of this quality demands so many works. Yesterday, at the time of collision with the antagonist, it was succeeded to concentrate all force of fires in a look, but a voice, both gestures, and covers of tranquility full not showed. It is necessary to work still, it is necessary that there were no gestures, it is necessary to clean emotions from heart. Cold fire of self-control works more strongly than all words or gestures. It is necessary to understand that lessons of life are given not for experiences, and for experience and a point of the weapon of spirit. And not to endure or be afflicted it is necessary to succeed, and to think as it is better to temper and make armor impregnable and tolerant for blows. On life and people we will study as it is beautiful to meet waves. And, as it is good, that living conditions give this fine opportunity spirit to temper comprehensively. After all not for the sake of themselves, but for the sake of increase of spirit these conditions are given. In itself they anything and to anything, and it isn\'t necessary to think of them, but they give the chance to strengthen and claim in themselves that differently and other way it is impossible to strengthen. The teacher Stands behind you, and the Teacher Provides how to advance quicker. The feeling of acquisition of a wealth of experience for this leaked time is correct. So the spirit grows; displaying tranquility full of the pupils I Want to see. It is impossible to concede on cheap stuff neither the feelings, nor emotions, that is, there is nothing and anybody, for the sake of what or who it would be worth indulging the clown in itself. The cold of tranquility — the best attire of spirit at the time of collision with rage of human egoism, better, is one thousand times better, than motley of the wriggling clown. Spirit advantage — not replaceable armor of a soldier of Light.</p>\n<p>483. It is correct, correct to think that at a known step everything serves us: both good and bad, both friends and enemies, and everything that against and everything that for. There are no conditions opposite, and the teacher — life. At such understanding of the opposite and favorable phenomena of life current moves everything. Earlier time would be wasted on unnecessary experiences and complaints, nowadays trouble undertakes as the engine as a pusher and energy of the counteracting force is taken away from it and is used by spirit for overcoming of this force opposite. It is necessary only about a condition of tranquility not to forget. It is necessary to remember that everything nowadays inures to advantage to the one, who with the Lord goes continuously.</p>\n<p>484. How to be with those, with going against? When Spoke: \"Hold up also other cheek for blow\", people didn\'t understand. Breaking open gate, them without having encountered resistance, opens and falls to the ground. So it is necessary to allow to an arrow to fly by and to blow — to collapse in a blank space. When the arrow is started up, onions and when force is discharged is safe, its discharged is powerless. If the most ardent order doesn\'t meet visible, external, resistance, it right there and will sputter out, both powerless and pity there is a forward or the offender. Silence and not answer at times the best protection and weapon. But also silence happen a miscellaneous. Power silence, silence of the collected force realizing is so we will approve. It is possible to be protected and being silent. The blow of silence is powerful. After all it was spoken about hot coals on the head of the offender. But people didn\'t understand and brought own doctrine of nonresistance out of my words. Unless it is possible not oppose to darkness or to substitute it for violation soul? Oppose, oppose and protected always. External nonresistance at all doesn\'t mean internal vulnerability or inertness. The soldier of spirit doesn\'t wave hands, but a mortal blow. The mortal eye of the yogi and Light weapon are given to the soldier of spirit not for nonresistance. Of it we will think.</p>\n<p>485. (M.A.Y.). Blessing deprivation from the Lord is Beam deprivation. Arrangement deprivation from standing on steps below, that is conducting and conducted, is too beam deprivation if it is approved. So interrupt communications with a link the next it is burdensome very much for both parties. In case of a wrongfulness of the spirit which has come off the link, the torn-off thread of a leading link it is carefully closed that the channel didn\'t bring unnecessary vibrations from the one who broke the Hierarchy Law. Ours with us also remain, and come off — with them. Deprived of Light heavy worry if didn\'t indulge in the evil. If indulged, start bearing malice and all fall below and below. Correctly solved: the reason — self-glorification, both wellbeing, and bitterness of personal offense. For a while avert attention. And there it will be visible.</p>\n<p>486. (Guru). Both will humiliate, and will ennoble you the same as ennobled and humiliated also us. All these only roadside signs, but signs are very instructive and enriching terrestrial experience. The pupil looks at everything from the point of view of an apprenticeship and continuous study at school of life and rejoices this opportunity constantly to study. Now these conditions are aggravated especially strongly, because time presses. Life teaches recognition of faces; necessary lesson.</p>\n<p>487. (June 25). Space and time. Space of several measurements and time is, as one of its measurements. It is hardly to comprehend secret of time. Going deep into space records, it is possible to cause any era from the past and to see it. Therefore, the past exists in the present. Prophets see the future for much time forward, therefore, and the future too exists in the present. First secret. The space is measured by linear measures. About terrestrial distances of people knows and creates means of communication and transport. But the spirit of distances doesn\'t know and can, being in one place, to be for one thousand versts from it. Secret the second. Certainly, both time, and distances exist for terrestrial consciousness very specifically, but there are no they for spirit. The fiery essence of spirit of other measurements, and secret of comprehension of space and time is covered in it. Reasoning’s and philosophizing here won\'t help, it is possible because to reach only practically. Overcoming of time will consist in developing ability of spirit to see a past and the future, space overcoming — in a sharpening of divisibility of spirit. The contact of consciousness of the Star of Mother of the World on her Beam is an overcoming example, to a certain extent, both time, and space, because the Star far from Earth and a condition of measurement of time on it absolutely others. It is easier to understand convention of time, leaving in world space. The condition of distances is more difficult. But, crossing out of limits of velocity of light, we approach to the speed of flight of thought. So as divisibility of spirit opportunity allows being at the same time and here and there was also the thought actually doesn\'t know distance because this phenomenon of higher order, out of spatial restrictions. The decision is not in brains and feet, but in thought and spirit. The phenomenon of thought and the spirit phenomenon, being factors of the super measured world, that is out of three measurements terrestrial, comprise the solution of secret and that and another. And it is possible to approach to these decisions only practically. When flights to Spheres of the Distant Worlds will gain more certain character, then the solution of secret will come nearer. The way to the decision lies on Earth, through development of abilities of the person.</p>\n<p>488. Be accustomed to fly thought about the planet and the Worlds. On these channels the spirit, bodies deprived, will fly when wings will scent. Properties of spirit are others. For a body terrestrial where a body terrestrial, there and thought, for spirit — on the contrary, where thought, there both spirit, and consciousness. And the spirit of distances doesn\'t know, and there are no them for thought. Freely in space it can fly if his thought is the flying, and its flight qualities are consciously approved on Earth. Those who not know these laws are subordinated to laws of thought also, but subordinated unconsciously. The thought of the visitor of brothels terrestrial will involve him in brothels also their mental environment when there will be it out of a body, in the power of thoughts habitual. From here are both terrestrial gravitations and the power of a magnet of thought over the person who has dumped a body. The thought clair-radiant will carry away up, to Light; the thought is evil — in a chasm, in darkness. The one who learned to operate thought as the driver of the car, will direct it there where wants, and itself will direct after it, but the one the thought had who in slavery, and the one whom they operated and whom mistreated, that thoughts will be carrying there where its magnetic essence of his thoughts will direct. Thoughts magnetic and consciousness hold captive if it didn\'t learn to operate them. Thoughts as horses, they can be bridled, ridden out and, having saddled, to take a strong hand a bridle and to direct there where the will wants.</p>\n<p>489. (M.A.Y.). If all is in thought, and emphasis is placed on thought. The known step of mastering by thought gives the chance to own also the word, and to write, and freely to state the thoughts. But it only step. Certainly, it is connected with fiery power of consciousness or are slightly opened any center. But the way lies further and conducts to mastering by a body mental and to ability to use it for distant flights. All processes happening in the pupil, it is necessary to consider as preparatory, conducting to mastering by any ability of spirit. Spirit because the center of essence of the person concentrates already in it, coming off the lowest covers. Activity of consciousness is transferred to area of spirit and concentrates in it. During records the consciousness in the spirit of strong actively and works thought. No occult exercises will give those consequences which are brought by this activity. Truly, spirit life in thought is transferred to these moments.</p>\n<p>490 . (Guru). Appreciation, even overdue, bears the fruit. Appreciation means understanding of the recognized phenomenon and its advantage for the recognizing. Justice and possibility of more profound collaboration is so restored. The barriers separating consciousness called and called are as though cleaned. Appreciation I accept and I rejoice to the new understanding of things having such great value in life. Appreciation quality rare: it is force uniting strong and strongly the Teacher and the pupil, called and called, conducting and following him.<br />\n491. You sent the cards to Mother Agni Yogi, and she, looking at them, saw and felt a condition of your spirit. Certainly, your images are available both for Us, and according to them All of us See, occurring to you. The urgent thought is transferred immediately. The communication thread works. It is possible to call these image teraphim? It is possible because the best thoughts and feelings you’re, directed to Us, are warmed by us as grain the Sun for shoots. Through it is transferred both Protection, and Care of you. Everything about you we Know and we See everything. And live, and arrive, knowing that the Eye Eagle over you.</p>\n<p>492. The advantage of spirit we Consider as quality of spirit high. As though the value of all person are show in it. Its understanding a pearl of the consciousness and value it recognizes. To lie, humiliate, fussiness will be not shown by the person, quality it in himself approved. The face of the truth can\'t be approved without spirit advantage — somewhere there are particles of slavish fear, a throwing, and fussiness, and something else from the clown.</p>\n<p>493. My son, the ocean of the Doctrine is boundless, and you to It have access, and through Us you receive everything that in forces to contain your consciousness. Therefore be not confused anything: neither ant malignant gossip not ready, nor non-recognition of friends, cheap judgments of ignoramuses. You carry out my Assignment and you replace activity of the link which has left the dense World, that is Mother Agni Yogi, not completely, certainly, but to a certain extent and in the sphere certain. To thoughts sent trust, wisdom in them not yours. You are only their transmitter. However, they are conformable to you and as though express your own thoughts but if to stop, and thoughts will run low, and you will see then, than your spirit lived and ate. Let your shortcomings an obstacle to work won\'t be because We Considered them and over them we Direct to Communication with Us. The right to judge you I Will gives nobody because it belongs only to us, but We aren\'t judges, but the Caring about advance of your spirit. Know it and even in force of the shortcomings and imperfections energy find to increase on them spirit. Over life I Put you Proximity and Communication with Me, over life dense and vanities of day.</p>\n<p>494. Already terms approach and to you. Whether we are ready in the spirit of? Readiness in the spirit of means readiness for Service already in everything, up to the end. Opportunities I will send, but give readiness. On readiness degree is and opportunities — commensurability full and unconditional. And Proximity to Me. Display Your on cooperation the closest if your spirit is ready to it. You listen better that I will tell you: \"This invasion into a wire from the close friend\". From this it is possible to see, how carefully it is necessary to protect purity of a wire with Me if friends are stirred even. Specify to attract spatial thoughts, using the accord Law. If understood, what even the flower, even a physical body is under construction this Law. The beauty of all bodies of Spirits Planetary is based on the accord of elements, the making, with essence of Planetary Spirit. The Law is difficult, but is always fair and commensurate.</p>\n<p>495. It is possible an image of allocated with desirable qualities of spirit, to send Us for the statement. It at Us will stay, supported by us, but connected by a thread live with the creator. It is possible to create the sculptural image of being expression of future achievements, connected by strong bonds itself that beget represents him now it, for transformation of that is, that will be. The way of achievements is long. Evolution of spirit has no end. But certain steps of these achievements and those forms in which they pour out, it is possible to imagine absolutely accurately and clearly and, having presented and having carefully issued, to send Us for the Statement. Tell with what you would like to be and see yourselves in the future, enclose desire of heart in a drawn image, with aspiration sate it and to us send. Let the brightest imagination, but based on knowledge of evolution, its Laws and ways of development of spirit, will be the assistant to you in the course of a sculpture of your spirit that you knew accurately to what you go and then you direct to become in any future, far or close — whether everything is equal, if the ideal this form is rather high. In the future close it is easier to reach because in a short space of time far not to leave. But in the future distant the step of Planetary Spirit is possible even. The mighty power of leading shape of it should be realized because on it and the terrestrial direction of expression of the person will be under construction. As though out of time it is possible to put it that through all embodiments keep fiery aspiration to realization of this Image in itself. The pupil knowing the way, clearly imagines, than it has to become over time. It is possible not to be sorry neither forces, nor imagination and available knowledge on creation of leading shape of spirit which the spirit will lead to tops inaccessible nowadays. In principle, this ideal is put Into words Lords \"You are gods\", but concrete, his individual form depends on the directed spirit, fiery wanting to embody in the essence of its property. Many, the majority, don\'t know that want, uncertainty of aspiration generates also uncertainty of achievements. But knowing precisely and accurately and to Us directed the desire, will receive according to the accord and compliance. Having created an ideal image of, and it having approved through Us, and having left in the Stronghold, it is possible to aspire to that with it to merge. It is possible to enter as though at times into it and to express its essence itself. The doctrine of Life gives this prototype of future person that people knew the direction of evolution and where it to go. But the leading force issued by individual aspiration, the person on the understanding, at will to the and in the accord with the Identity have to enclose in it. Each Planetary Spirit, each Lord has the special, pronounced Identity and the Beams. In the course of crystallization of spiritual shape of future person the personal beginning is destroyed, but Identity remains in all completeness of an originality and originality of accumulation. Therefore builds the Identity of people to itself — Immortal Essence, being embodied in mortal covers to reach itself made in them expression. Temporary and personal in construction it is rejected; individual and enduring remains. The spirit advantage, the power over a matter and covers, mastering by fiery force, quality of tranquility and balance and Dhiani\'s all other properties are approved in himself by the person in the ideal image of created by will of it in our Stronghold. We will approve it for it because it itself desired free will to become that whom he wants. To force become better we Cannot, but support and the help we Will give, if displayed aspiration. </p>\n<p>496. Well strong to think that it is necessary to take in a way distant. To become god, that is Planetary Spirit, the way needs distant to be passed, but it is already possible to know now that it is necessary to take and that is absolutely not necessary. Whether the fear, irritations, offenses is necessary, whether fussiness is necessary, and laziness, obsequiousness, flattery, lack of will, garrulity and all that yet gets rid and that will be unnecessary in a long journey. In total that doesn\'t correspond to a leading ideal, is cut by a firm hand. When the ideal is cast in an accurate form, everything, not conformable with it, is cleaned on need. It is fascinating to create this image leading in the accord with the Identity; it is better to take all from everywhere as the builder takes the best material, but to create and create force of fires individual; the boat, but not stranger, the will, but not others, the expression of Immortal Identity, but not expression others. Brightness of identity we Appreciate in the pupil, but not stratifications others, not having roots in the spirit of. That is why from consciousness all seeming achievements of spirit if they not the, but are borrowed from someone so easily disappear. Many are lit by foreign enthusiasm, and it seems to them that go that something reached, but it is worth leaving one, at least for a while, flowers fall down, and the picture of a peacock without feathers is sad. Specify swimming only in own shuttle.</p>\n<p>497. Napoleon Stone had, but stumbled on self-glorification and glory terrestrial and the Decree Our broke. The example is instructive very much. How many them, Business of the Lord betrayed because of temptations terrestrial and wellbeing terrestrial. Relatives should be told, let my Business over all affairs terrestrial and over everything strong will put, and then the success is provided. But the person is weak, both he is ready to execute and executes the Decree while walks upstairs success. But it is worth feeling only strongly as all is suddenly forgotten: both Decree, and Lord. The end is sad always if there is it. The broken through, and need to start everything over again at first. The stupor of wellbeing and stupor of success are dangerous that the most important on what the pupil proved them is forgotten. Except for tests, we Avoid to Give wellbeing to pupils, but of successes we Do not want to deprive... and many tests by success don\'t pass. Life on Earth comes to an end, and with it success monasteries if didn\'t manage to wither earlier wither also, and there is an unlucky traveler with anything. Warn friends that no successes in life tore off and didn\'t distance from Us, and would pull together only more strongly. We will Send success, but at all in order that it separated from Us relatives.</p>\n<p>498. (M.A.Y.). To relatives tell readiness I want to see in them to service to the Lord. It is wrong to think that if now readiness isn\'t present, are show it after when time will come. It is incorrect. If now it isn\'t present, won\'t be and after when waves of new impressions will overflow consciousness. This moment serves as an exponent of readiness of spirit when the Holiday didn\'t come yet. On this moment and a condition of the spirit yourself also you judge, but, but it is impartial that the nobility, on what you can count in the future. Formula — \"after a miracle I will believe\" — it is destructive, but the thought that not now, and then, after, as all heart I will serve Business of the Lord isn\'t less destructive also, and now I will wait because I consider something another as more important.</p>\n<p>499. (Guru). You listen, you write down: \"Events approach, approach, approach\". The wave you will reach them soon. And you aren\'t ready neither in a body, nor in the spirit of. And when time will come to work, time should be wasted on preparation. And time won\'t wait for you. Really you want to remain behind time. The fate of the lagged behind is unenviable.</p>\n<p>500. (June 27). Signs are given about proximity of changes because are close. Situation is difficult, when the stream can rush in other party. It is necessary to send to the future course. The pattern is difficult. Specify to keep consciousness in a condition of acceptability to the events that to meet expectedly. Shock of surprise is destructive. Want the person of a message good, but when received waited, for pleasure not sustain heart. It is necessary in consciousness in advance transfer effect, having passed through it mentally, in imagination, it is simple to imagine as in tranquility full, joyfully, but in balance, the message is accepted, without breaking thin structure of the receiver, all device of spirit. Value of an acceptability of surprise isn\'t understood. But even a horse after races long bring, even the runner any time runs after the finish. The course of energy of a human microcosm can\'t be stopped suddenly, destruction will turn out. It is necessary to assimilate in advance consciousness with the energiya which have changed unexpectedly a stream of life, and to enter into it mentally. The dam and explosion is otherwise inevitable. And if the ignorant rush to each other, to embrace and kiss with happiness what to tell about what heart waited tensely. The principle of balance doesn\'t allow such amplitude of fluctuations of consciousnesses. Balance — force to lose it — means at the right time to remain powerless and not to show actions. Strength of mind will naturally direct in an astral, that in it is show uncontrollability of emotions while it will be necessary to show all force for actions of the next. Therefore in advance in consciousness everything to endure Specify that then already not to spend time for unnecessary experiences. The fiery pleasure of spirit of balance doesn\'t deprive, because it not in the lowest are show covers. So, in readiness for surprises arrive that to preserve strength of mind.</p>\n<p>501. (M.A.Y.). You will go together with all and directly there. The plan of your life Is drawn up also extent of works. It is necessary not to stir it non-execution ardent Decrees. Signs of Proximity will be given which will disseminate the remains of uncertainty in Proximity of the Management, and we will become closer. It is a lot of works ahead, but it isn\'t enough workers, but knowing few, and it is even less able to cooperate consciously. From here and the value of those who was close to the Doctrine. In the Hand of the Lord of you all is. In Will Lord</p>\n<p>502. (Guru). Time when you can come sang to reap from all our works. Yes! Yes! Our works in coming term will give the powerful consequences. Therefore in essence of affairs our, real and last, all should enter heart to give to people more. Our property you will distribute also Lords. And you too ours, so and we will distribute, but not the others. And to who will distribute because will come much. Also it is necessary that heart sufficed on all, fire of heart will suffice, if with the Lord, and if It in heart. So I repeat: \"Prepare\".</p>\n<p>503. (June 28). My son if relatives belittle that to wait from strangers. And to it is necessary to be ready and to manage to sustain pumps of quenchers. The purpose their one is consciously or unconsciously to extinguish heart fire. Protection is concentration of spirit and balance armor. At internal concentration and balance the arrow will slip on a surface of egg of aura and will return back to the sent. There are no indifferent actions and burdening from people around to our pupils. Everyone reveals itself (himself) the enemy or the friend, the antagonist or the ally. Also it is necessary to know precisely, who against and who for that defenseless not to appear and not to get under blow. And measures of protection should be accepted right at the beginning when somehow and in something, at least in a rudimentary measure, hostility was shown. Late to be protected when the blow is received. Restraint and coldness can sometimes be good protection. For garrulity and jokes of the clown it is necessary to pay usually. To understand the phenomenon, it is necessary to track the reasons of its emergence. The fact is available — the blow mentally the very sensitive was struck. How there could be it? Whether the solemnity was observed? No. Whether restraint was shown? No. Spirit advantage in words, gestures and thoughts? No! Whether the visor was open? Openly! In a word, under blow I put it, having taken passersby for well-wishers though almost each of them revealed the antagonism. Hostile it isn\'t necessary to be deceived by the little of signs as from the small grows big; the small prick is followed by big blow. Let it will be a lesson on the future, a lesson as it is necessary to keep with people. To what an armor, if it isn\'t clasped, and to what a board, if it isn\'t lifted, and the Beam, if it isn\'t realized constantly. Got under blow of the enemy to rashness doesn\'t bear honor. But there were attempts of to hold from everything that substitutes aura under blow. But they weren\'t stood up to the end. The received lesson should be taken into consideration and severely and immediately to stop all actions for its part which led to that it was given.</p>\n<p>504 . (M.A.Y.). Having received blow, it is necessary not to worry, and to analyze the reasons which have caused it. Mistakes consider and accept measures of protection.</p>\n<p>505. (Guru). The soldier exercises the wit in fight and fight, but without lying on an oven. Let\'s be glad opportunities the abilities refine on enemies and friends.</p>\n<p>506. (June 29). In case of not success in something it is necessary to find out, whether mistakes and which, and to eliminate them are made. You have after that the right to look for the reason out of itself. A lot of things, and are frequent also dark activity, is caused by our own mistakes. The leaf of iron can be cut, bent, curtailed into a tube, to make a bucket and other things. Try to bend a sphere from iron or to make of it all that it is possible to make of a leaf. But a sphere is a balance symbol. People are powerless to make you such as they want that if you in balance. Each unnecessary word, each address to the people, each joke you endanger itself as soon as the case because sphericity of aura is broken by all this, and with it and invulnerability will be presented to it. How many unnecessary, excessive and additional actions it is necessary to make to neutralize mistakenly told rash word at which not friendly consciousness grasped? Simply restraint and silence would relieve of need to be exposed to attacks. It is wrong to think that good words and a kind arrangement don\'t cause counteraction of antagonists. In them your presence causes a protest. Business is much more difficult but not to give for what to grasp, better to be silent. It is also useful as the measure preventive from their party emotionally not to react to the address, neither to words, nor to remarks, to jokes; to answer, in emergency, it is possible, but without commissioning of the astral conductor. People are afraid of the unclear. Lack of identification of this cover so unusually that inspires in people concern, alarm both any inexplicable fear and respect because feel force which has bridled these cover. To operate emotions and an astral of other people, not them it is necessary to touch and influence them, and only it, polarizing the microcosm on the necessary wave. Interaction of auras creates human relations. And if to learn to adjust the aura in a due key, and reaction of foreign auras will take place according to the set tone. Not belief words, not belief, not acts, not justifications, but polarization of own aura in a due key. Dissoluteness of an astral and inability and unwillingness to operate itself do people by a toy of this violent cover. But when it faces the will which has bridled this cover in, it is compelled to reconcile and be inclined before will, an astral of the bridled. The school of life gives rich opportunities to exercise the will in this direction. Both opportunities are given, and the phenomena occur only to learn what other way not to learn. Therefore, all work is reduced to work on, but not over people. Their astral, unrestrained and irrepressible covers will be, as exhibition puppets: what thread pulled that and will answer, in it all weakness of an astral both in us, and in others and the one, who in itself subordinated him to will, that and will receive him and in others. It is so possible to play on astral currents of foreign auras if the already will are obedient. So we are once again convinced that itself won can win against others, without affecting freedom their will, but only operating itself and currents of own aura.</p>\n<p> 507. When the tonality of a magnet of spirit submits to will, it is possible to play on space currents. Certainly, in the basis of it the microcosm accord that is an attuning of a harp of spirit on a certain harmony, the psych technician of spirit will lie. The eremites who have realized that before changing the world and people, it is necessary to reconstruct itself well understood it and to seize the device of spirit.</p>\n<p>508. Who is guilty? The doctor and those, who trusted in him, knowing, that he not firm in the Life Doctrine. The trust bulk not always shows fidelity. It for years proved itself (himself) the attendant vague. Incompleteness in people is awful, in concerned the Doctrine — conducts to treachery. Guru. Матерь serious instructions to it didn\'t give and serious things didn\'t trust. Why you entrusted? Responsibility on the one who entrusted and whose hands transferred the intimate to his incorrect hands. Whether it isn\'t enough that someone was mistaken, but you who have given personally, a mistake on you and responsibility too. Why didn\'t give neither Mater, nor sons? Why all of you gave? Why you didn\'t want to give? So again we come to a chuvstvoznaniye and refinement of heart. Obey more often it.</p>\n<p>509 . (M.A.Y. ) . Acts of the doctor in the future won\'t have any more that value, as earlier. First, treachery of friends will stop thanks to you, as well as attacks, and criticism, and secondly, events will nullify value of that it does or that is going to do. In the real conditions, of course, it even would be tragic. It will come to naught also, and its business. Therefore very much be not afflicted, but it is necessary to do everything possible to prevent new willfulness.</p>\n<p>510. (Guru.). Involvement in the unprofitable transaction by deception and violation of conditions of elementary honesty is called as fraud. And regard an act. All possible measures should be taken to stop new harm. Itself ask who is more dangerous: enemies or so called friends. Treacheries take care in all forms and you remember, that betray only friends.Really he wants that among friends behind it the reputation of the swindler was established. Yes, yes, and ask, to mince not time is severe days. Obviously, he believes itself irresponsible, forgetting that from responsibility not to leave, and besides from double if it was warned that it isn\'t necessary to do.</p>\n<p>511. (June 30). Abundance of signs, messages and signs consider as the instruction that the holiday on Our Street already comes. By a holiday festive clothes of spirit who will come in an attire usual and every day are necessary, remain with an entrance and the first places won\'t take; let\'s remind that the best will be: solemnity, devotion, love, tendency, balance and peace of mind, and all other qualities ennobling it. These clothes can be put on already because the holiday began. People forgot that light attires of priests — only a symbol, and, caring of them, forgot about an attire of spirit and its radiations. Internal it was darkened by the external. Sects forgot even about symbols. We will remind that the person and his all covers have to be conformable to the moment because without this accord there will be no understanding to the events and awareness of the importance of coming terms. And the ray of light gathers in lens focus, and all strength of mind concentrate on the most necessary. And I now need from you the Unification full with Us and with those who are fated to the future. Clean borders between those who a body, and those who dumped it if they ours. My troops unite out of these restrictions. The success and prosperity in all that concerns our Affairs is destiny of those who follows Us. In a root their situation in the relation to the phenomena external will change. Everything was against, everything will be for. And behind it pro — all power of Hierarchy of Light. And all force it will collapse opposite to the going. Because it is solved their destiny, also won\'t have they honor in anything, in this century, in the future.Last division and court terrible. It is terrible that everyone will condemn itself the judge, the performer of a sentence, and itself condemned, but also on the contrary, to Light be fated in Light will arrive. And division and court will be made in the spirit of. Court on affairs. Gate in the future irrespective of is open for builders of the New World, they realize it or not. It is a lot of them who don’t know, worked for my Business. Benefit to them, work My by the accepted. Going against, at least and knowing something, honor won\'t be in anything while honor still is, but not be.</p>\n<p>512. When Spoke: \"Don\'t throw a shrine to dogs\", I Meant the same condition and I Warned how to avoid those cases when the person himself endangers himself. Equipment of this phenomenon is as follows: from aura bearing light threads to people surrounding it are stretched, both dark spirits and their concelebrant, consciously or unconsciously, in themselves as though accept these threads and these vibrations of light and that establish connection. And when it took place, start striking blows to these threads. As blows are struck to that was directed to them from light carrier. If the magnet closed was and the energiya on them didn\'t direct, retaliations couldn\'t follow. The principle of the close casket, it is symbolical. Forces find in itself restraint to show by all means. The lesson received recently and the struck blows taught much — in it experience value. That is absolutely necessary is spoken and becomes only: any excess word, gesture, and smile. The visor is lowered, and an armor will clasp, and the board, and a sword on call is lifted to sparkle — so stand with anybody, nor for one instant, under no circumstances guarded vigilance and concentration of spirit shouldn\'t quit the soldier World. Better, better at all failures or blows to see the mistakes, than to look for them in others or to attribute the dark. Dark is and harm, but through our mistakes — so mostly happens.</p>\n<p>513. (M.A.Y.). We are occupied very much. We help the son. It is a lot of cares. All difficulty is in that, what dark affairs are managed by human hands. Conformable it is difficult to find hands for performance of our tasks; many energiya leave. Wait for big changes.</p>\n<p>514. (Guru). If who doesn\'t go with us, we will do without them. Better that all weak and not perfected fell off. They only standing and forces take freight. About them be not sorry. To us go further.</p>\n<p>515. (July 1). Currents are obviously antagonistic and heavy, leaving currents. From where they come? From space. Go waves! The rhythm of waves of spatial currents goes or accruing, or decreasing, it alternates with currents positive which rhythm amplifies and increases, and between them fight. Difference that one leaves forever, others accrues to replace with them leaving currents. The era of Fire is connected closely with the astrological provision of a planet. Star signs will change — space currents will change, life on Earth will change.</p>\n<p>516. (M.A.Y.). I approved myself in Proximity of the Lord, in inalterability of a final victory, in that, as \"it will pass\". So I arrived when it was heavy from space currents. So arrive also you, the Lord is close.</p>\n<p>517. (Guru). Matter isn\'t that to heavy spirit, and in that, despite force currents, to save a face before the Eye Eagle and a face to show worthy and beseeming the soldier of the Lord.</p>\n<p>518. (July 2). Everything that now occurs &lt; ... >; only steps to implementation and an embodiment in dense forms precepted Me the future. This implementation goes under the sign of inalterability. And it began only. Performers even don\'t suspect of the majority, than the temple will crown. But you know and at first you can judge the further. Behind everything there are We. Therefore impossible becomes possible. As your destiny and everything, who is fated to Us. But the hand human manages affairs. In this case is yours. We will help as we Help Light carriers. But also you show the actions conducting in the am fated future.</p>\n<p>519. On fury of darkness you judge proximity of the suzhdenny. The purpose of the dark is everything that it is possible to separate from Light and to enlist to itself. Now especially important, what way gets out spirit and on what party it inclines. Strong will become stronger and will be approved even more, but weak everything will disappear.</p>\n<p>520. (M.A.Y.). Everything we know because all and created, in everything took part. You will call soon. You will be very necessary. And to replace there is nobody. Replacement you will prepare. How many works ahead on a field of darling. Better than the best there will be all for those, who will resist.</p>\n<p>521 . (Guru.). Our Country and we in it will manage that is specified by the Plan of the Lord, and not as foreign newcomers but as the. Everything that in it was came true only for the sake of this ultimate goal. \"My Country\" — so I Told. And you ours so everything will be for you and for us.</p>\n<p>522. (M.W.). The calling answer receives Me instantly. The Identity, the prompt reply and that it more space is higher. Service to me exempts from service to. Only not having anything mine everything has the. Proximity condition Mine for the inhabitant heavy, hardly and for the pupil, if in it the personal beginning yet not gets rid. Personal there is no place in My Spheres; are available only to the Highest Triad. In a body mental are available, released from three lowest covers. Specify to accept to execution the Precept about superpersonal contact in the spirit of with Me.</p>\n<p>523. Growth put — our tactics. And values and depths they not in force anybody to capture, except Us. Relatives feel and know, but even they know not everything. Our affairs as an iceberg are shipped in the World Thin. The basis in it comes to a surface only small share. But if I left, not to move away her because not to shift the basis. Therefore see behind the foreign shown affairs all durability and power of the basis; We Build strong. That from this that isn\'t enough Will Moine direct and conscious performers, unconsciously there are a lot of adjoined. See as the ship course as if an iron hand the wheel keeps is firm. How many counteractions, and the ship everything goes and there is all to the same specified purpose. And, I Warrant will reach! Am fated Us best country fate the best, also isn\'t present in the world of forces that am fated not to allow to be carried out. You be going to meet it in the accord full.</p>\n<p>524. (M.A.Y.). The essence of that was promised to you the Lord and Me, will be are show for you in your life. Everything will be as the Lord Told, but in forms, excellent from expected by you because the Plan is mobile. And I will be with you and about you. Those forms which your life will join are already cast from a matter of the Thin World. Therefore concerns leave.</p>\n<p>525. (Guru). We are occupied very much with the next affairs, they don\'t wait. Expansion of the Great Plan demands tension of all our forces. Seeded by us time came to give rich shoots. Violently suddenly they will begin to grow in the conditions of astrological, new. Spirit would capture if only could glance in the future which has become to relatives. Joyfully wait for that goes.</p>\n<p>526. (July 4). Even a brilliant place in a beautiful frame, especially the spirit has to think of the covers which serve it as a frame. Covers can absolutely distort external expression of spirit, can make it very ugly, shine and light it can to darken absolutely. Light of spirit is reflected through covers; differently the spirit can\'t show itself. They give the best reflection when the substance of covers is in a quiet condition. Tension which has been correctly understood, them doesn\'t break tranquility. Qualities of spirit serve a brilliant as sides light to reflect and let out beams self-proceeding. — In terrestrial embodiments these qualities to increase the spirit purpose, them having approved, both to deepen, and to expand. Quality basis is all Boundlessness. Light of spirit comes to light through them. Covers are spokesmen of qualities. Covers can darken this light. So the statement of qualities of spirit is the purpose of terrestrial embodiments.</p>\n<p>527. The device of spirit feels a spatial note of the current hour because always sounds on it irrespective of, realizes it the person or not. But even the small attention immediately will specify what these notes. The spirit feels lifting or depression, aspiration or as though attenuation of fires, proximity of the future or intense sounding of the present. The condition of spirit is defined by so spatial note. But everything is shown in a known framework that is on a scale. On the top register of any scale the spirit if the will wants that can be shown. As well the note of space of the current hour won\'t be a barrier to that appeared the best qualities of spirit.</p>\n<p>528. (M.A.Y.). You I watch and with you I is frequent. But something terrible is created in space, and proximity I wash so difficult now to feel. Carriers of movable energiya feel the hopelessness and are ready on everything if only to hold that space is condemned to leave a planet. Cling to each opportunity to continue gets rid living conditions. Are displaced, the Basis is cleaned from under old forms of life. They are doomed to leaving from the life arena; are supported artificially by apologists of the old world. And they aggravate with it chaos of destroyed living conditions. Chaos uses darkness and itself display, and to heavy sounding heart.</p>\n<p>529 . (Guru,). You hold strong a silver thread of communication. Whatever occurred — keep! Whatever occurred outside or in covers, a communication thread above all? Understand that without it all surrounding values has no and it isn\'t necessary. Without the Lord there is no life for this purpose that already concerned light of Light Ego Aura. All is in It, all only in It, all for the sake of It, which has become for us the Alpha and Omega. So as full-devotion of heart we will serve the Lord these difficult days.</p>\n<p>530. (July 5). Before the destruction the darkness has to reveal all the potential — Adversa tactics in all-planet scale. If everything doesn\'t reveal herself how suppress it all? Itself it is destroyed at collision with Light. But if has the in with whom enters fight, the victory over it is difficult. Therefore we Insist on a gets rid of dark bents. When there comes darkness, it tries to be hooked for the yet gets rid in consciousness; in it its force. If has no, is powerless to do harm. But during revelry of darkness it is difficult to consciousness cleared of its elements because it seeks to surround it with a dense wall to keep even and to close an exit. This hopelessness is the surest sign of presence of active darkness. In a consolation I Will tell: its days, and the periods of its revelry are considered, amplifying on tension, become shorter and are replaced by the energiya, going leaving with change. Courageously it is necessary to wait hour of a force unreasonable; but it already before the end. And this end is close.</p>\n<p>531. When it is spoken about undergone up to the end, means that the darkness pressure always временен and has to end sooner or later. Not knowing it can fall and, having lost hope, to go out. But knowing will tell: Let\'s \"worry\", a darkness wave always follows, has to follow under the law, light wave which goes, accruing. The rhythm accruing new living conditions approaching will win against an old rhythm, that is will replace it with itself. Knowing it, it is possible to wait for the end of everything that is subject to shift that is replacement. It is necessary to suffer still.</p>\n<p>532. (M.A.Y.). About burden of time are warned, about its value — too. Means, it is necessary to wait adequately these difficult days. It is unworthy to catch fury of others astral; it is unworthy to sound in unison with mood of people around, unworthy to give in to darkness. We prepare bright future for you and you to us help, keeping consciousness on the roll. Now is very darkly.</p>\n<p>533. (Guru). On fight, on fight, on fight! But this is last effort dark, the last revelry before a final victory of light. Others they, dark, can\'t become. At a tension of new energiya is showing itself in intense acts of darkness. But for that the victory over them doomed to destruction is nicer.</p>\n<p>534. (M.A.Y.). There are moments which can be worried adequately only aspiration in the future. It will come to all and to you too, but in the accord with your expectations. It won\'t be interesting to extinct heart. But shining becomes for understood all its depth. So the thought of the future both is useful, and is creative, and fruitful. The future will develop for each understanding on degree and awareness of its importance. For the blind — it is dark, for the deaf — silently, for stupid — anything, but for living to them and directed in it — shining boundless opportunities. Far not this future is identical to all. You think that will equally reap everything: both wise, and the ignoramus, both directed, and sitting in a corner, but it is incorrect. The smith everyone, both the builder, and everyone will enter into that future which for myself I created. Even the Life Doctrine for one is a fount of wisdom, and for others — a set difficult, boring and unclear, and the main thing, absolutely uninteresting words. So three passed one way, looked on same, but saw a miscellaneous absolutely. For one Shambhala of the Lord is one, for others — another, and for many is anything. So, if great it is destroyed for consciousness of blind men what to tell about greatness of the future and its value for the world? Visibility and understanding is on consciousness. For someone and an exhibition such, as everything, and for someone is the beginning of an embodiment of the am fated future in life; all on consciousness. And who didn\'t work to expand it, how it will be able to contain understanding of what in it won\'t hold? And you live future, approving it in the present. The hope and belief — is powerful engines in the future, and the main thing, trust to the Hand of the Leader. Everything will be, all is fated, and everything will come if the patience is longer than those trifles which occupy a consciousness field for today. Trifles too will leave life, but the future remains with you, the future, which understanding are built by you nowadays in the consciousness.</p>\n<p>535. (Guru) - we Will agree on the main thing — interaction and mutual understanding collaborative. The lord one, future one, also is uniform in him a way. This way conducts to a gate in the future. Having entered into them, we enter into the Kingdom of inalterability and what should be. We lived and we live for the sake of the future. We always in it are directed in it. Its borders were wide for us. Now they became even wider because a lot of things came nearer from this that was dream. Among misunderstanding of the present we see shining pearls of future display of a going Era of Fire. On them we begin to see clearly days to come. Joyfully these begin to see clearly in the future, because in them light. \"Will be, everything will be, am fated to be\" — the Lord so Told. So we repeat that forces were found by you to stick to it in trust full to That, Who Called you with It.</p>\n<p>536. (Guru). If each picture is a magnet where Fiery Energy of her founder concentrated, it is possible to imagine psych equipment of process of influence of everyone on consciousness of those who looks at it. You know how invisible beams of radioactive elements on with what they make contact are inevitably imprinted, you know how they act fabric, creative beams of the psych spiritual magnets put in each picture how are stronger? After all it is powerful terrify, loaded with energy of light on all the time of the existence. Everything that occurred in the Leading Country occurred only to prepare consciousness of people for perception of the thin phenomena. It is a lot of ready hearts, and they greedy absorb emanations of these magnets and subjects begin unknown and extra mental them process of a transmutation of the internal essence. Already even if paints, what their internal luminosity are externally shone! Each picture connects the viewer to her creator and with Standing to it. Hidden threads connection with each woken-up heart is so established. To you not consider process consequences. But we see and we know. Big affairs are created.</p>\n<p>537. (July 7). With Me a victory in everything how situation difficult seemed. If someone disappears, being unsteady and receding in darkness, it not your defeat, because Judas, having betrayed, from the winner of the World I didn\'t make Me the won. The darkness, belonging to it has to prevail. Always it is necessary to consider that from called far reach not all. Otherwise not one in century, but a set would be reached by Strongholds. It was told that invited there is a lot of. Certainly, it is necessary to put a lot of effort to keep, but the freedom of choice nevertheless remains for called. Therefore it isn\'t necessary and to convince. But if, having understood the delusions, again will come, it is necessary to meet them heart and again to accept if during swaying it wasn\'t allowed treacheries. It isn\'t forgotten only, and isn\'t present places to the traitor among the elite Me. It isn\'t necessary as well to be afflicted too, because it is impossible to demand from not ready consciousness of that it not in forces to contain. In case of office of thinking and obvious antagonism my Beam can be sent protection, but without personal contact. Sometimes it is well to be alone for the come-off consciousness that it understood that loses. Your care is with Me to be closer because together when, all darkness you from Me is powerless to tear off. To them which have departed not to have hostile feelings, and even for enemies, that the blow if deserve will be more true and quieter. It is better to feel sorry even for the dark. It is better to feel sorry for them, than to be afraid. Could break all of them, but let everyone will come to light up to the end to show who that costs. You study as them, Me striking blows. The knowledge of the person is long.<br />\n538. (M.A.Y.). The ladder of Light is constructed hierarchically. Everyone takes a place inherent in it. It is impossible to jump, having rejected the next link. The pupil is no more than Teacher, and called — called. Many outgrow and overtake the heads and instructors, but these \"instructors\" and \"heads\" not ours. And the ant can bring a message, but the leader doesn\'t become. Therefore arrogance in relation to those who is called and approved by us, arrogance from subordinate, good won\'t yield fruits.<br />\n539. (M.A.Y.). You were Approved by the Lord and the son Called. Nobody\'s condemnations and derogations won\'t be able to change it. And their rage, from friends become enemies, serves only as the proof of that the phenomenon of a son ship is intolerable for black out heart. Rejoice opportunities thanks to light which in you, to distinguish true friends from enemies. Many again will return, but having appeared on steps already below, than were. Gift withdrawal doesn\'t pass. It and is clear, after all you won\'t wait, as also we, and the Lord. So lagging behind I condemned myself. This distance which has increased thanks to withdrawal and return, will be visible obviously at new approach lagged behind, wasting valuable time.</p>\n<p>540. (Guru). Casket closed and the mountain not plundered let a symbol will be yours. Having absorbed everything energy inside and out of any not displaying you will become, as a sphere, impregnable for external attacks from outside. Balance deduction in this case also will consist in that any energy, except for absolutely necessary under the created conditions, didn\'t come out, out of limits of a protecting network. If the aura of the soldier is squeezed out for a board, the blow of the enemy is inevitable, as well on energy directed out of limits of a protecting network to the enemy if it isn\'t caused by need. It also will put on guards and consciousness and that will increase a security. Be able to be silent internally, when enemies, that in their hands not to give the chance for drawing blow surround.</p>\n<p>541. (July 8). My son, too much time is wasted on concentration. Means, it is a little put hearts in desire to contact the Lord. The desire goes from a brain, and therefore it the poorly operating. Why it is easy to concentrate on things interesting and it is difficult on the most necessary? Easy to honor words, but heart it is more difficult. But heart there, where is Treasure. Where your Treasure and where heart? If are divided, advance isn\'t present. It is a lot of directing somewhere, but not with Me and not to Me. Then will come and will tell: \"With You we, Lords, also were always! » But I Will tell them: \"I don\'t know you, because your heart not with you. Houses you is, in itself divided. One hand you create that you destroy another. A half of thoughts of Me, another skips where wants. Also there is no completeness of unification.</p>\n<p>542. The ocean of the Doctrine is open but if the accord isn\'t present, isn\'t present and to it access. Receiving is according to the accord.</p>\n<p>543. (M.A.Y.). Let\'s consider that conditions for contact are adverse, and fire to overcome them isn\'t present. Differently happens.</p>\n<p>544. (Guru). The most unreliable — is friendship human, and especially, occult — occult it is difficult to trust friends. The usual friendship is stronger and if it took place, it is possible to consider and occult as stronger.</p>\n<p>545. (July 9). Than to explain, what at times sounding of environment and the present hour muffle a contact of the Beam and alienate the Lord? It is easy to understand if to remember that was told about prestanding constant and about all the time to hold the Image of the Lord in the heart. When these conditions are violated, surrounding starts sounding on the wave, breaking and interrupting spirit life. After all I Said that everything is allowed, but with Me. Unlucky pupil who has joyfully agreed on it forgets about it and, having allowed something, about Me forgets, being surprised why the particle chosen of grows thin. Such is the person that attracts him something like mad back, to that, apparently, is already passed and left. Both then again and again it is necessary to point to bases of an uninterrupted Unification with the Hierarch the Leader. Abraham \"went before the Lord\", the pupil - before the Lord. Also does it constantly, image that constantly is in the Beam and that the Eye Eagle over it. It is a lot of vanity and a lot of distracting around and if to forget about the Teacher of Light, will be approved and they will triumph. It needs to be called. It is possible strong to wish its Presence, it is possible to ask and knock, but having enclosed in the address all the heart. The purpose of the dark — to distract, and many efforts they make to reach this goal. To them all the same that distracts if only to distract. To me it is indifferent why concerning devotion my Instructions aren\'t executed. In this case is about a memory uninterrupted. If the Communication moments when prestanding is approved in practice, its results are show it is obvious in the form of given records, but so fruitful and prestanding uninterrupted. It is necessary to remember only that everything is temporary, and that all this passes, but I Stay for ever and ever, as well as your spirit, which out of time and out of casual combinations of external conditions. Strong is now felt My Proximity, and record of My Thoughts flows freely. But whether so happen always? And if not so, it is possible to ask itself, what the hammers vibrations of the Beam and why? When you enter a stream of life and you are surrounded with impression of day, put my Face between yourself and them. It you will weaken sounding of vanity and you won\'t allow coming off Me neither to consciousness, nor heart. Therefore I Speak: \"Be with Me in all your affairs\". That you will be able to ennoble and I put. Otherwise feet will go in one direction, and heart in other, and the house, in itself divided will turn out. Rages of vanity you will bridle my Face, in heart the entered.</p>\n<p>546. Also during the periods пралайи consciousnesses it isn\'t necessary to think that everything is over that the Lord left that lifting won\'t be. Dark very much try to inspire these thoughts. The Lord and with you always is unchangeable. Пралайя consciousnesses — the phenomenon lawful, it is caused by alternation of rhythms. But when the person as rejection considers it, legality of the phenomenon is broken and misunderstanding replaces knowledge. Pralaya consciousnesses it isn\'t necessary to be afflicted with these inevitable periods, on the contrary, they can rejoice — to a threshold preceding new achievements and new lifting. Why there is no belief to the Word of the Teacher when I Told, what never will Leave? So, whatever occurred inside or outside, always it is necessary to remember that I with you always, and not to allow anything to become between Me and you, as though furiously vanity of day and how there was obviously Maya Pralaya sounded. Pralaya of consciousness is lawful, but feeling that the Lord — Maya left. You remember Me, meeting waves of the everyday sea, and try not to plunge into them and to be on the roll.</p>\n<p>547. (M.A. Y.) . If the Teacher for some time provides to own forces, whether that is possible during these periods to forget about It? After all it will mean that test isn\'t passed and that own feet are still unreliable. How spatial currents, the Teacher with us always were heavy, we feel it or not. How many it is necessary still tests, that believed, that it is valid so, and not to consider that the Teacher Left. The Maya it is convincing very much; can deceive though whom. Bases are unshakable and aren\'t denied. One of them — the integral Proximity of the Teacher of Light if the Guarantee was given that doesn\'t leave. All depth and value of a formula \"Xie Az with You in All Days, Till the End of Time\" is really yet clear. Ponder more deeply, try on to the understanding for today, move the fact into the future and you will scent something that can\'t be expressed in words. But this formula of life was rejected by people and there were one, was separated from Light which shone to them once and nowadays shines, but is brighter, more powerful and closer.</p>\n<p>548 . (M.A.Y. ) . Still I will tell, the son My darling — care about tomorrow leave. Your way is defined by Will Lord. You only should understand when there will come the action moment that your will and desire of heart merged in the accord full with command of the Lord and the Decree Its. Wait in consciousness of proximity of terms and confidence that your way is fated. It developed Will Leader combination to your will. Merge will have defined its direction. In belief be quiet. Light-ahead!</p>\n<p>549. (Guru). Our way is noted by a deep-seated faith in the Teacher and full confidence to It. On this sign also you judge a step of proximity to the Lord. The consciousness there is less, the farther it from the Teacher, the more than doubts, fluctuations and mistrust. The size of heart is measured by quality of firmness. Let all be unsteady and everything, you, as the Tower granite over a stream foaming to life. As happiness consider that learned the Lord and you have signs of his attention, love and care. As happiness consider and strong you hold it because happiness — a winged bird, don\'t keep — will depart.</p>\n<p>550. (July 10). (M.W.). Certainly, care of all mankind, its future and purpose final. The present is as a step to it. All are included in the Plan. The doctrine for all and opportunities is for all. Before Space Earth as the grain of sand, will disappear from the space horizon as billion Worlds disappeared, but spirit-monad with all accumulation of the past remain real eternally. These accumulations grow on lines various evolutions. And the world of consciously real beings extends infinitely, rising on steps of a ladder of life. Let\'s not deny anything, because understanding by the person of the opportunities laus him to themselves a way to Boundlessness. It isn\'t denied real and everything that in it, we don\'t deny the Ladder of Evolution of the shown forms, we don\'t deny Boundlessness where all is directed.</p>\n<p>551. How to reconcile great with small and final with the boundless? Understanding of that in time everything is achievable and that the real step of development reached by people as differs from the future as a step of mute races from races modern. But future development too is boundless therefore a divergence it between the present and will grow and go deep future because, in essence, immeasurably. Potential of human spirit is immeasurable because it is boundless.</p>\n<p>552. (M.A.Y.). It is good to feel and realize already greatness and scope of those spirits which stand on the Ladder of Hierarchy and communication with which includes spirit of the person. The guru, Lords, the Mater World — the width of their Spheres is various, and the Highest embraces itself and includes that on the Ladder below, and moreover is a lot of still. Light the Highest is immeasurable, and not to fill with the consciousness even the width of the direct link which is standing over because it is necessary to expand to it and the consciousness, to degree of its understanding that, of course, it is impossible. The highest is understood only partially, differently it ceases to be that. Arrogance in relation to a leading link is ridiculous. Honoring of the Guru is a way of expansion of consciousness because, seeking to grow to it, the pupil of subjects of ennobles.</p>\n<p>553. (Guru). At the called you can learn in terrestrial way devotion, lightful, working capacity, vigilance, a fieryful and much to what the consciousness will gradually grow. Having realized qualities in directly higher, it is possible to start approving them in it, but it isn\'t necessary to stint their recognition because it is allocated by many.</p>\n<p>549. (Guru). Our way is noted by a deep-seated faith in the Teacher and full confidence to It. On this sign also you judge a step of proximity to the Lord. The consciousness there is less, the farther it from the Teacher, the is more than doubts, fluctuations and mistrust. The size of heart is measured by quality of firmness. Let all be unsteady and everything, you, as the Tower granite over a stream foaming to life. As happiness consider that learned the Lord and you have signs of his attention, love and care. As happiness consider and strong you hold it because happiness — a winged bird, don\'t keep — will depart.</p>\n<p>550. (July 10). (M. W.). Certainly, care of all mankind, its future and purpose final. The present is as a step to it. All are included in the Plan. The doctrine for all and opportunities is for all. Before Space Earth as the grain of sand, will disappear from the space horizon as billion Worlds disappeared, but spirit-monad with all accumulation of the past remain real eternally. These accumulations grow on lines various evolutions. And the world of consciously real beings extends infinitely, rising on steps of a ladder of life. Let\'s not deny anything, because understanding by the person of the opportunities laus him to themselves a way to Boundlessness. It isn\'t denied real and everything that in it, we don\'t deny the Ladder of Evolution of the shown forms, we don\'t deny Boundlessness where all is directed.</p>\n<p>551. How to reconcile great with small and final with the boundless? Understanding of that in time everything is achievable and that the real step of development reached by people as differs from the future as a step of mute races from races modern. But future development too is boundless therefore a divergence it between the present and will grow and go deep future because, in essence, immeasurably. Potential of human spirit is immeasurable because it is boundless.</p>\n<p>552. (M.A.Y.). It is good to feel and realize already greatness and scope of those spirits which stand on the Ladder of Hierarchy and communication with which includes spirit of the person. The guru, Lords, the Mater World — the width of their Spheres is various, and the Highest embraces itself and includes that on the Ladder below, and moreover is a lot of still. Light the Highest is immeasurable, and not to fill with the consciousness even the width of the direct link which is standing over because it is necessary to expand to it and the consciousness, to degree of its understanding that, of course, it is impossible. The highest is understood only partially, differently it ceases to be that. Arrogance in relation to a leading link is ridiculous. Honoring of the Guru is a way of expansion of consciousness because, seeking to grow to it, the pupil of subjects of ennobles.</p>\n<p>553. (Guru). At the called you can learn in terrestrial way devotion, lightful, working capacity, vigilance, a fieryful and much to what the consciousness will gradually grow. Having realized qualities in directly higher, it is possible to start approving them in it, but it isn\'t necessary to stint their recognition because it is allocated by many.</p>\n<p>554. (July 11). When We will sum up to your mistakes? - Because consequences grow from them. It isn\'t enough to understand of them, it is necessary to be exempted from them. They stir Strong on a way of ascension of spirit. Karmic bonds, not I Connected, not Me will be destroyed. The tail of last mistakes lasts in the present, painting the future. If with Me — mistakes anything, if without Me — freight heavy. Means, care of that with Me to be together. But it isn\'t simple as the fog of mistakes darkens my Face and alienates him. It isn\'t enough to see a mistake; it isn\'t enough to understand a mistake, it is necessary to get rid of a mistake and consequences, it generated. Courage should be found consequences of last mistakes to meet fearlessly. The condemning will come also the court is show, and among the main — the former friends. Strong will condemn and without mercy. But it is necessary to remember that nobody gave the right to judge to them. Judges newly appeared — so we Call them, and all not without a sin, and the court is more furious than them, the burden of their own mistakes and delusions is heavier, differently wouldn\'t judge. The one doesn\'t judge only who without a sin. But ardent judges also condemn for that in what rendered full insolvency. Each such judge can be told with confidence: \"And you look at itself and remember, how many times sinned you in that, for what you judge me, and sinned is perhaps much stronger more\". But it is better Not to spend the energiya for judges unauthorized, it is better to pass by them, to them having provided to cook in juice of their own not goodwill. And tell them: \"You not the Lord put court it is necessary to create me, and you. And therefore your bear malice and condemnation let at you also remain. To Me way the highest to the Lord. Farewell, passersby by; my way not with you\". It having told, remember that obliges it you the court to show over itself especially severe and impartial and strictly to condemn itself for each made mistake.</p>\n<p>555. (M.A.Y.). Difficult days! It is necessary to endure them in patience, balance and aspiration to the Lord.</p>\n<p>556. (Guru). Firmness, hardness, balance and firmness! I can tell only one word: \"soon\".<br />\nHalf awake: \"I consider, the Hand a cloud I Will takes away. I consider that everything develops well that it is \"good\" in the future for you it will develop better than the best. — I speak — Hope. It (Мother) will be among you on Earth\".</p>\n<p>557. (July 12). My son, it is necessary to accustom to work so that before anybody not to be ashamed of the affairs, words, thoughts, acts. If them it is a shame, affairs are bad, so. It can serve as their criterion. The space sees everything, everything hears and imprints indelible. The movie of the life can see. But it can see as well others - friends and enemies. To viewing by strangers and, especially, enemies, it is necessary to be ready. It is a shame perhaps friends and enemies. And when secret becomes obvious, a lot of courage is necessary to pass tests of disclosure of a face, without losing spirit advantage. That in itself to find forces to sustain it, it is necessary to remember that though to look and see others can that secret was from them but what to judge to them the rights isn\'t given, and that they not without a sin, differently wouldn\'t judge. It first. Secondly, the tape of last embodiments will show that was many mothers, fathers, wives and children and that the right of proximity is relative. Thirdly, if the condemning ardent comes across balance unshakable and readiness for this test, a heat will strongly weaken them because the purpose — is unattainable. Loving heart will forgive, but the spiteful consciousness will enjoy humiliation of naked essence of the person who has become puzzled and not of ready to this too difficult and unexpected test. There is nothing secret that wouldn\'t become obvious in World Invisible. But knowing it can be protected if owns the consciousness. The one who with Me, on worry I Won\'t give. When Told, that slander won\'t concern you, already I Meant this protection. Means, merits I had. Very few people before others won\'t be ashamed of the light. The general confession the purpose had test of disclosure of faces to facilitate and simplify, having transferred it to the World dense. But someone from a confession made process of absolution and forgiveness of karmic debts that can\'t be, of course. The understanding can give the chance to be exempted from the power of \"sin\" over consciousness, but not consequences of the made mistakes. The knowledge can help to neutralize a consequence, but only by consciousness polarization, instead of consequences. So, for example, the deceived won\'t leave from that most not to become the deception victim, but, being deceived, he can tell itself (himself): \"As this deception is useful to me. Means, either I deceived, or is given the chance also to me to something to learn and from deception to take experience\". So the sting prickly consequences if wisdom fights against a karma escapes; because everything has a positive and negative side. Turning on advantage, the Lord uses a positive pole of two-faced essence of the phenomenon. How to turn the most bitter into the most sweet? We understand that in life for ascension of spirit it is possible to use everything. Recently itself it was convinced, my son as attacks of people around were used by you for understanding of action of the most difficult for psych equipment and ability to be protected from them not theoretically, but in practice. Lords use all circumstances, both favorable, and opposite, for active advance of spirit. Therefore we will enjoy life what it was, and as though it developed because nowadays everything serves us, Me and you, to advance you quicker. Therefore I Speak: \"Learn to enjoy life and sharp-sightedly look, where it, experience useful, hidden in the next wave of external conditions directing on you\". Yours everything in Me, and we together, and the winner am fated I Called you therefore without an exception everything with advantage serves us. It is necessary to manage to see only this element of usefulness in the phenomenon everyone.</p>\n<p>558. (M.A.Y.). Understand when it is strong in heart of the Lord, defeat is impossible. Everything will turn back victoriously. If knew, what love are surrounded also with care. The fiery, no erasable press imprint in the heart unshakable fidelity and devotion to the Lord, despite everything, in the face of all and what would sink was tests, before evidence ardent, before Maya a fog. Let anything, anybody, never in forces will be to shake this fidelity to Great Heart. Denying in the face of evidence and contrary to it something separating or distancing from the Lord, we approve fiery reality because Itself Told that with us always, till the end of time. Understand that there is nobody and anybody closer and anything can\'t be; it only Maya inspires that something another or someone can replace a place of the Lord in your heart. With It you will reach a meeting treasured because it was promised that you will see it, and the Voice you will hear, and you will be close proximity visible.</p>\n<p>559. (Guru) - And I nevertheless want you to see strong. It is strong only the Lord, as well as we. Means, to unification with It and direct. And forces find abstract knowledge to make real, that is valid. Remember, in the appendix — force. As the appendix we approve it in the essence and subjects we accumulate treasures a casket.</p>\n<p>560. (July 14). It is possible to be surprised that already nothing will capture consciousness so to fill with itself it and, having given full satisfaction to force out the major. In it features of the pupil. In it is distinctive feature of those who in the world, but other-worldly. Degrees of its display can be different, but essence one. All external gradually loses the power over consciousness and are show the passing nature. So the son, who has temporarily left the House Father to execute the Assignment, knows: it will be finished and that it again will return there. As also meetings with people are divided in character: meetings with passersby and meetings with friends. Often passersby it is taken for friends, but usually the passerby doesn\'t pass test for fidelity and dies. There are still also enemies and dark attendants of the evil, but they are inevitable, as alternation of day and night, light and absence it. While are inevitable. I speak \"while\" because are condemned.</p>\n<p>561. (M.A.Y.). It is good if change of external conditions doesn\'t influence anymore a rhythm of Communication and it’s fruitful; but, if influences, so sounding passing still strongly and consciousness completely didn\'t subordinate him to itself. And it is necessary to subordinate to rise over. So, the next task —observe a rhythm, despite everything, and to observe, without changing its tension.</p>\n<p>562. (Guru). Was in a dream for communication strengthening, but I found you the able unsatisfactory. So often happens: before considerable events something preventing them to realize in is made accord of a body, mind and spirit. Opportunity is missed, and something considerable passes by.</p>\n<p>563. The ocean repeats all the properties in a drop of the water taken from the ocean. As also all properties macrocosm are repeated in each particle of a matter, and the small-slightest. As also properties of the Great not uttered Central Sun of Space repeat in all shown world. Like this Center, everything has the center of gravity, to system of the worlds. There is this center in a cage, in a magnet, in a tree. From it, from grain, there are two lines of forces diversely: in a root, down, and in a trunk (up). From the uniform center are show a duality then to become three. These principles, or Space Laws on which is based and the Universe is constructed, are uniform for all Worlds. It is a framework which clothes a flesh; it is an outline on which there is a World. To understand Laws, under which life of a small blade or atom is under construction, means to understand everything because the basic Space Laws are completely hidden in each shown form. Magnet Laws, and especially in the annex to interaction of human auras are especially indicative. Think to influence people, resorting to effort over their will while this influence is based on the corresponding polarization of a magnet of the spirit. The same person of one listens, another isn\'t present. Therefore, it isn\'t it, and in those to whom he listens or doesn\'t listen. Let\'s speak not about friends or enemies and about people in general. It is more correct to consider that the undesirable relation from their party is caused by a mood of the microcosm. People only force admits. We will add: strength of mind is stronger than forces other, and it is better to be strong, being deprived of everything, than weak, having everything and all power given by external conditions. All external is not ours.</p>\n<p>564. (M.A.Y.). I will tell something important: your destiny is decided in positive sense. You learn soon, how. Everything will be simple and is clear excessively. And the main thing is inevitable and agrees to the am fated.</p>\n<p>565. (July 16). Physical it isn\'t eternal, but the thin body can be kept in an order: young, strong, pure and such what the person wants itself to see. After death it looks younger, and the spirit which has dumped a physical body is itself such what was on Earth in the prime of life. The care of a thin body — the phenomenon rare, physical can hurt, but the thin body — to be vigorous. Often the person feels that something in him doesn\'t grow old and there is no burden of years and fatigue. This thin body shows the properties through a dense cover. Some people keep this cheerfulness up to the death, cheerfulness and vivacity. It is necessary to separate feelings of a physical body from thin both is more often and consciously to live in the last. The physical body can feel strong fatigue but if the thin was enough approved in the power over dense, it is possible to overcome easily both fatigue, and all other feelings. It is correct to struggle always with feeling of hunger, cold, a heat and all other feelings, overcoming them in the spirit of in a thin body. It these feelings, in their terrestrial sense, don’t worry. And the consciousness serves as laboratory for all feelings and can cause them at will. It is necessary to accustom not to give in to influence of physical feelings and to struggle with them at each opportunity. Heat, not cold, but that reaction in consciousness which they cause is overcome not. It is possible to load heavy all feelings of a physical body on thin that often happens in a dream, and it is possible, on the contrary, to force a physical body to accept feelings thin. Certainly, it has to be brought up too by release from physical remnants. Dumping a dense body, long bears the person on itself, in the thin body, all feelings of a dense cover. But it is possible to be exempted from this power on Earth, claiming in the microcosm of reaction of other, than usual, about and regardless of external conditions. As well some people transfer a heat or cold, but nobody thinks that is caused by a victory, to some extent, spirit over them. Continuous fight, both overcoming, and victory over, over the covers, and the statement of the full power and control over them is the purpose of embodiments on Earth of the person. Of small overcoming there are big achievements.</p>\n<p>566. The yesterday\'s meeting in a dream with two absolutely black individuals caused, and day troubles, quarrels and chagrin of people around — a consequence. Meetings with dark never remain without consequences. During a heat the phenomenon of the dark amplifies.</p>\n<p>567. (M.A.Y.). Yes! You are right, external circumstances, both delusions, and your mistakes can\'t break communication between you and me. The space pleasure is stronger than the dense. We can give a lot of things, but receiving depends on accord degree. The accord is incomplete, and results are weak. The difficult time it is necessary quietly to wait.</p>\n<p>568. (July 17). My son, hard times let will be blessed, let they will be fruitful, giving experience rich. But it isn\'t to live it is well and quietly, and that scoop the necessary experience from the next terrestrial embodiment. To that wants to teach life at the school during the present day — here that it must be kept in mind constantly, but not lives of convenience or wellbeing. The Teacher Wants to create conditions the best for spirit advance, but also these conditions will be useless if the lesson given by them passes by consciousness, without bearing a fruit. If something is heavy or unpleasant, not it is necessary to think of trouble and burden, and of to what learns the next test or experience. To take all up to the end from the next lesson — a task of the pupil. If it is solved and experience is taken, conditions die that hour and are replaced with the new. If it isn\'t solved — remain. At such relation to life advances quickly and the pupil is successful. If the correct relation is replaced with experiences of an astral and emotions of chagrin, hostility, and irritation, and other personal feelings, lessons pass for nothing. The current of unnecessary feelings should be stopped because they are useless. If something isn\'t pleasant, it is necessary to work firmly, is certain and is resolute, without plunging into whirlwinds of astral emotions. Especially it is necessary in the attitude towards people. They are given us as our teachers. And, given by destiny, they aren\'t indifferent, but can touch very sensitive places, burden and wound, and at all this strong and it is useful to learn if their mission of training of spirit on the counter people attracted by a karma in the sphere of a direct environment of the pupil is understood. Having made the decision following from the next lesson, follows strong stick to it, differently undesirable and burdening conditions won\'t release until the lesson taught by them is learned. It isn\'t enough to understand and make the decision, it is necessary to execute the decision up to the end. Violation it immediately will cause recurrence of these conditions. The made decision caused by the next lesson of life, it is necessary to keep firmly, differently the karma won\'t release and the grasp won\'t weaken. Once you slightly weaken tension of a protecting network, the new blow immediately follows. Let\'s be glad opportunities to learn and in these to succeed, enriching life experience.</p>\n<p>569. (M.A.Y.). All events we will consider from the point of view of the pupil. Therefore ardent opportunity to study as all and on everything is given. The inhabitant plunges into the experiences, and the pupil squeezing out everything of given experience that it can give. It also will be only the correct approach to all phenomena of life. All and everything teaches the teacher. The successful pupil succeeds such relation to life and to everything that it presents to it.</p>\n<p>570. (Guru). Sutratma is the actor. All of us on a vital scene are given various roles. But knowing, stepping on the stage lives of the present day, can give itself tasks and plan a played role, and, having planned, to execute it according to the decree of the will. Sutratma is obliged to obey and obliged to play well. These roles are given and carried out in the full accord with the main symphony lives of ascending spirit. All, that it is necessary, but all to the purpose uniform accumulation Fiery Treasure of the Stone, which or will revive, or will burn. Burning, or burn-out, a microcosm also isn\'t allowed under any circumstances. And the will sharp-sightedly and doorknob watches that fires remained creating and creating, but not burning through the spirit device. In them and on them the blade of a sword of spirit becomes tempered, to shape which and to temper is a task of the pupil. In silence to work it is necessary to study. Action by silence is who can measure its power? It is necessary to think of power of silence strong.</p>\n<p>571. (July 18). Day memorable we will celebrate thoughts about Tom to whom it is devoted. Usually thoughts at people flow about themselves and the affairs, but in memorable day itself come off at least for a while, and the consciousness leaves this pole in which it spins as protein. In it all tragedy of the person: it is closed in itself and it is torn off from the world. The current of a great world stream captures consciousness shipped in it, in the personal, direct environment. It is especially tragic in World Elevated. There is a life, and the person continues to roll in the personal heaps, cut off by them from the Face. The doctrine speaks about dismissal from itself and merges to the world. External is of great importance for the person. Therefore eremites in the woods, mountains, deserts that the consciousness was surrounded by the conditions which aren\'t sucking in it in left. Difficult in the conditions of usual to take cover the excellent world. Days memorable can help to escape for a while at least from claws of the direct environment owning consciousness is undivided.</p>\n<p>572. (M.A.Y.). It isn\'t necessary to force consciousness. If there are no perceptions, it is necessary to wait.</p>\n<p>573. (Guru). Something, but strong and collected it is necessary to be always. Dissoluteness is unacceptable. Why to be a target for any blow?</p>\n<p>574. (July 19). My world or the world in consciousness takes priority? To what heart preferred takes priority. Both the accord and a magnetic attraction of the corresponding vibrations depend on heart. The direction is defined by it. Heart can\'t be forced, but it can persuade to clear away rather the road up. And then its magnet will act on the approved wave. Coherence also all microcosm and all its covers is necessary. If heart aspires to the Lord, and the astral is captured by the personal experiences which have occupied all field of consciousness how then to direct thought to Light Focus? She will convulsively rush about between poles of an attraction and a crystal won\'t give. But consciousness and heart filling by the Face of the Lord will bring the conformable answer. Therefore I Speak: fruitful to be together with Me and in thoughts, both feelings, and heart. And if something disturbs and breaks contact or heavy currents, it is necessary to give still big degree of intense aspiration to the Leading Hierarch. Disturbed and will stir everything and always because the dense environment isn\'t combined with Light. The principle of its overcoming lays down in the Communication basis. It is necessary to remember that counteraction of the environment and spatial conditions surmountable always. And if Communication didn\'t take place because of an external force, it is necessary to look for in heart; we won\'t be able kindle the necessary degree of fire. The magnetic force of heart fires overcomes any force if it is rather strong. Even at times to kindle center fire, efforts are necessary, but, having inflamed, it brightly flares. As efforts should be made that hearts fires inflamed if spatial conditions are adverse or movement in conductors isn\'t ordered. It is necessary to increase spirit on everything counteracting that is it to put hidden force in action, force which potential isn\'t limited by anything. It should be remembered when it seems that forces ran low and that the external darkness or chaos win against the spirit which given in to illusion of the moment and has lost fiery confidence of not destroyed, eternal, invincible essence. The spirit is eternally real flame of life over all temporary combinations of external conditions and Maya mirages. Only the knowing can tell, having appeared in the closest living conditions: \"Even it will pass\". So, increase of spirit is required on everything: on conditions, on rage of antagonistic currents, on movements in conductors. This increase is no other than overcoming because life is that overcomes itself. Also it is possible to ask, what you do\" to overcome in itself the old person being heritage of remnants of the past?</p>\n<p>575. (M.A.Y.). Yes! Yes! To study on everything and in everything to look for in case of failure the reason of mistakes in itself. It is worth understanding them and to correct — undesirable consequences are eliminated. But people prefer to look for mistakes not in themselves, but in others, and shift blame on others shoulders. It more simply, both easier, and more pleasantly —imagine itself the victim human not \"good\". But the reason of mistakes looking for and finding in it and their replacing with the correct action, grows out of usual conditions and quickly rises on life steps. I want also to warn about belittling and derogation. Through this all our passed or pass. When belittle, don\'t give in. When ennoble and extol, don\'t give in to Maya illusions. Having counterbalanced poles, get up over that and another and keep balance. Your pearl of spirit the price is Known by the Lord, but not standing below. Their assessment isn\'t right always, whether extol you, or humiliate. People are capable very of that and another. You attention to it don\'t spend. Derogation and eminence is important not to you, but for them, you pedestals ennobling or overthrowing with erected them because or to it helps to go, or the way stops. But sharp-sightedly you look that neither that, nor another didn\'t pass lawful borders and didn\'t serve as a barrier to them, for you going. Honoring is unnecessary you, but they because without its any degree following for the leader is impossible need it. Also the reasonable analysis of everything is required also that they receive. Taken simply trust, without considering, is unsteadily. But the analysis is far from malicious condemnation. The measure in everything is necessary.</p>\n<p>576. (Guru). It is empty around and therefore each sign of devotion and a memory is accepted. Where they once surrounding us with close crowd? Believe that died and all is over. And everything only still begins, approach to the beginning of wonderful things and the phenomena. That who remained it is right to us up to the end, we time will find that opportunities to give of which they don\'t dream at all. When time of the Lord will come, it and will start being carried out in measures special, not limited to external conditions. Would give and now, but external strong disturbs. Nowadays we give whenever possible, then — on heart. That time is close. Goes.</p>\n<p>577. (July 20). One embodiments in proximity pass to Me, others in a distance. Both the proximity and range learn and experience give. The purpose —teaches full independence. Therefore the pupil provided to own forces is left from time to time. It is necessary to know how will dispose; should cause to action everything the energy hidden in it, for their transmutation in the phenomena of higher order. Everything is subject to a transmutation. Not on Earth of good people; everything in them is imperfect in comparison with what, they have to become. Good have to become even more the best, bad — good. Even Dhiani, can\'t tell that he reached final perfection. It is necessary to consider a microcosm human as something which is subject to a constant transmutation and improvement. It is possible to take any merit and, having established its degree in itself, to plan the following step of its display and development, bearing in mind boundlessness of qualities. Everything occurring in the person is subject to this improvement. Voice, gait, thoughts, feelings, movements, words, habits and thousands those trifles which make human life, everything it is possible to do better and more perfect, everything can be presented on the best scale. But there is a thinning in good and in the evil. It is necessary to see this direction of thinning of this or that tendency in the microcosm both undesirable and disturbing to ascension — to stop. It is a lot of works and many works demand a conscious ascension of spirit.</p>\n<p>578. (M.A.Y.). I want to see you not broken by life. I want to see force your lives not inclining before whirlwinds, before its dark grin. To see you the winner powerful it I want.</p>\n<p>579. (Guru) - In days of a force unreasonable be dreams, but not with yourself, and then you will resist.</p>\n<p>580. (July 21). Accept a new message. Anything from the external won\'t resist if has no root, roots in Invisible. New ideas destroy roots in the world astral. And with the thought bearing idea to fight it is unreal because it is hidden. Therefore new everywhere will win. We Send thoughts in the world, new thoughts of the new are. Old it is doomed by thought. The people any more you won\'t seduce with any types of slavery. There is a great fight of ideas of the new and old world. And win new, because support of the old in World Invisible it is destroyed by us.</p>\n<p>581. (July 22). Let\'s show understanding to the events. The phenomenon requires tension of poles that the spark, or explosion turned out. This tension heavy responds on heart therefore events are always accompanied by heart and consciousness burdening. While there is a swelling, or accumulation of forces at poles, a sensitive organism as if under pressure of many atmospheres. Pressure increases until explosion of events. While all collected forces won\'t settle the charges, the simplification won\'t be. On burdening of heart it is possible to judge spatial tension. Heavy and to us, but new have to be approved before am fated time will come. Everything will come to an end new offense of the New World, irrespective of details.</p>\n<p>582. (July 23). Incorrectly you arrive, believing that will tear away. It too is Maya illusion. The unknown moment in the history of a planet, conditions of great tension of spheres and a force of forces on poles are unusual. Everything strong reaches for the focus — darkness or light. Great division. In a microcosm of the person as in a mirror, planetary situation is reflected and repeats. None of the general circulation of the phenomena aren\'t excluded, and everything reply, but everyone in own way. Everyone replies and solves. And the decision directs it to conformable this decision to a pole. Moment is of responsibility extraordinary. The events center is I. From Me go threads of events. I decide destinies of a planet. When ask why so, instead of so, answer: \"Differently it is impossible. On the card everything is put, and small details, though are insignificant, but are inevitable\". They think how they are strong, both are successful, and are invincible; but force Mine are strong, and I Provided success of. Certainly, not for the sake of them and words, them said, but for the sake of the future. Elements will be included into coast, and the sea human will calm down, and the New Sky will begin to shine over them and over Earth updated. The dragon changes skin, change birds, animals update indumentum — as also Earth dumps old stratifications of time to replace them new. It isn\'t necessary to envy those, who don’t participate in change. Means, not the judgment is. Accept Gift M. — is understanding of the events! Uncomprehending there is a lot of, not they will be called when My time will come. Let\'s endure everything and the put we will reach. The way is difficult. But not is darkness ahead. On a victory It is notified because it is got by our force. Victory is in everything, even in seeming defeats. There were no great conspirator and the schemer, there is no owner dark, and fall, as the houses of cards, all their constructions, one behind another, everything going against the New World. It is necessary to become firm on a superpersonal point of support to see the statement of the foreordained future and inalterability of ways of its implementation in the present. I\'m saying: \"There will be a victory, and it is a lot of victories, all won\'t be executed yet\".</p>\n<p>583. (M.A.Y.). You keep inseparably in this hard time. Attraction of poles is especially powerfully. All unnecessary pulls to dark focus. It is necessary to neutralize attractiveness of the evil and Maya all dark accumulation. The Teacher will dispel a fog and a hand will give when it becomes very dark. To the Teacher you stick closer.</p>\n<p>584. (Guru). When it is too dark, thought of Light you will pass. The whole world in It — thought of It also you will pass in these terrible days, about It, about the Lord.</p>\n<p>585. (July 24). I instruct for today: not to spray force on unrestrained actions. In total under control: thoughts, feelings, words, acts, movements. At that force which strains space, uncontrolled movements in covers can have very sad consequences. Not to sustain tissue of nerves can fuse, or reaction on people around will be unexpected and will cause explosion. It is necessary to cover fire of spirit and activity not to show. It isn\'t necessary to stretch to people of a wave of the radiations. They should be closed in the aura. Casket remains strong closed. There are such moments when even the best feelings and intentions cause the results opposite by the expected. And then it is best of all to break off internally, without revealing itself anything. Unusually for people is movement repayment in covers. When the Highest Triad shines, It doesn\'t encroach on anything, and on anybody, and on any freedom. Don\'t do it and the lowest three, but when under severe control. In days of spatial tension the strong bridle is put on them. It is possible to accept as a rule lives.</p>\n<p>586. Our antagonists are put before an accomplished fact, and it needs to be swung only hands and to shake by fists. But everything is it in vain, Not to return former situation. Our victory — this already last. I think of other. Not all family is aggregated. And it is necessary to collect, and it is rather.</p>\n<p>587. (M.A.Y.). Against the Lord any force — not force. Levers of thin energiya operate powerfully. Energy nuclear isn\'t commensurable with energy of steam, as also energy the thin — with rough and lower because is more powerful. Seeing power of Hierarchy, you wonder. It is confidence gives in invincibility it.</p>\n<p>588. (July 25). The feeling is right: the Lord, despite everything is close. Heavy times will pass — experience remains at you, and life by new paints in New Beams will be decked. While it is necessary to suffer, all forces having collected inside and without spraying them on external identifications. Anything external doesn\'t cost any tear of heart and drops of chagrin or other feelings, so strong burdening consciousness. When it is heavy, think of the Lord, and let your dreams flow only about Him. Let they won\'t be limited to utter darkness of the present hour. Let fire of creativity weaves from them a carpet of new opportunities that there were dreams these realities the wonderful and created thought. These creative dreams will lift spirit, and will approach it to spheres of the Lord, and will open the road to his World. It is possible to dream, it is possible to dream of the most wonderful opportunities of the fiery device of a human microcosm, that already the will seized it and access is open in area impossible nowadays. Fruitless and aimless dreams should be turned into creative process of the thought directed to definitely planned purpose and achievable in future, far or close. It is necessary to remember that everything and therefore the most impossible will be included once into the list of achievements of the person as abilities to see, hear, speak, and think and to build mental representations entered, to feel the future and so on is achievable. This area of achievements simply should be expanded consciously and systematically, mentally paving the way to them and expanding born abilities. And them already was born much, and ears blossom, begun it is possible to deepen and expand, without stopping before any failures or mistakes. Feeling-knowledge deepens, stopping consciousness that it speaks and about what warns. To dreams pay attention, to the signs sent so generously. Any opportunity doesn’t pass and power of dream use creatively. Only the dream directed in the future can be creative. The dream of the past is fruitless, aimless and useless because can give nothing to spirit and anything in the past won\'t be able to change. It simply time loss. But the dream creating, in the future crystallizing forms of desirable achievements, will bring, is immutable will lead to implementation of fiery desire. These dreams from plastic substance of elements create concrete images, or pictures, models on which spirit life in a flesh or in intervals between embodiments will be under construction. The inhabitant goes to the future as in uncertainty. The pupil inspired and supported by creating dream, enters the world of those images and those opportunities which created it consciously; prepare thought to itself possibilities of the display in time and space. Therefore I Approve the future with all its boundless opportunities, conformable with evolution of spirit of the person and inexhaustible power of his fiery potential. Why to look back, in limited isolation of the past when the future shines all fires of the centers open and boundlessness of achievements. Once about that time thinks or it is simple to dream when the will be freely able to put in action a radio set or the TV hidden and put already nowadays in a human body. It is possible to think that it is possible to learn through a window of personal flights. Everything is achievable, the most wonderful and difficult device in hands of the person: his body, and all other conductors, and power of creative thought. And the help of Lords to the spirit directed in the future. The guarantee the Teacher Gives all - admissibility fiery. Having rejected the past, having exempted from the power of the present over consciousness, ardently also it is directed there is a pupil to this wonderful future in which all is achievable. About an all - approachability I Speak and it I Approve. So I Speak, the Shambhala of the Lord.</p>\n<p>589. My friend, let today\'s record will serve as the proof of that anything external doesn\'t influence and can\'t have value if the Lord is close. Strong and imperious hand reject covers heavy Maya, behind them — my Light and my Beam, to you directed. The Lord is unchangeable and Is close in an invariance of the fiery. You Maya covers reject, you reality fiery approve by all heart, all desire, all will. You mine, and to darkness you I Won\'t give, Me heart of the given. You consciousness direct on ardent creativity of spirit and itself create, the will and thought, the future which you want to realize and which participant you want to see yourself. Heart understands that everything is created by thought that the karma is created by thought, and that your future — is soft wax in hands of creative will. Each thought of the future before releasing it from consciousness in an execution wheel, consider feasibly, knowing that thoughts forge forms of future life, which you to yourself create thoughts of the current hour. The person is the creator of the future. The powerful creator — his will. It is impossible to change the past, the present as a result of the past — too, but the present can strong be used as a springboard in the future if to reject all environments of these consequences of the past and heart and thoughts to give to future construction. In it and release from the present power. I want to Approve you in power of understanding in the present of great opportunities of the fiery device of the person that this way you in the future could put it in action completely, having nowadays begun process of implementation of these opportunities. They already were show partially, and at times in embryo, already earlier, so the direction is given vitally and on experience. The doctrine of Life will help to synthesize everything that is available to the person and that is achievable, and in a measure any and when, that is, in what sequence. Everything is given; act, my son, and I Will support your aspiration to Light.</p>\n<p>590. (M.A.Y.). The lord you love very much. In total in It, all from It, It is Focus of uniform Light. It is close to you at an o\'clock of aspiration of your heart to It. Put it above everything, closest, darling in total. And let never this place belonging in your heart to It, anybody and will take up nothing. Having indulged entirely, you will understand that all yours in It, and all the rest — not yours, but is only temporarily given you for passing of experience of life. If in thoughts, dreams and desires you connect your destiny with destiny of the Lord, you will be with Him, whether early, whether late, but you will be together with the Lord. Having approved this proximity on Earth, approve it and there, in Elevated. It is good to be together with the Lord. Not of chants and glorifications think, but of a feat, work because while Earth and mankind, fight for the future it is imperfect won\'t stop, so, both a feat, and work. Your dream of the Lord let will be creative and severe, because not a joke — a contact to Light. Pink dreams — for babies; the feat, fight, work and dream as the Lord to help, and the spirit to prepare, and to develop the device — let will be dream of reality. Employees of Light are necessary, oh, as are necessary!</p>\n<p>591. (Guru) - Where your force where your determination to go all the way and to reach? If they depend that in the world is created or around — not to reach. Business of the Lord and devotion should deliver devotion to the Lord above all external phenomena, and then only we will reach and we will reach. You see how everything hesitates and falls off, all not approved and unusable. Let\'s not assimilate. The Lord Called, and It Claimed. Be worthy Cares. Everything is close, and in our future to you the place on spirit and your aspiration is prepared. You are our family.</p>\n<p>592. (July 26). My son if all life you carry out in the statement of Proximity of the Lord — the benefit to you. And then you will be able to tell that life leaked not without advantage. Approving Me, eternity and its elements you approve in yourself and consciously you join in a stream of space evolution of spirits. Space then the Worlds become then for spirit ascension steps, and multidimensionality of space — the guarantee of new opportunities. The proximity grants the right to an entrance to My World boundless. In it is all. The combination of experience of life terrestrial with Wisdom World Lord serves as a spirit ladder in space. Eternal, understood and realized in temporary, and temporary — in eternal, as a carpet plane will serve for spirit, for further flights. Not torn off from boundlessness of Space human life terrestrial in a number of its embodiments leading will serve as light to another Ljght Lord to concern and to find the Lord in life how you found it. Fire, inflaming in a flame, itself covers everything that enters into consciousness of light carrier, and the understanding synthetic becomes its property. Synthesis gives Space understanding of life in all its manifestations and forms. The ascension goes communication with the Lord.</p>\n<p>593. (M.A.Y.) . I want to specify that under known conditions the proximity is especially conformable. These conditions — aspiration, devotion, and love. Well and constancy to add, because these all qualities without constancy — soap bubbles. As in a stone lying, quality is cement serves, fastening all construction. Without it is a heap of stones. The stone bulk without cement, as love, devotion and aspiration — without constancy won\'t resist. Called, not displaying constancy disappeared though all these qualities it was available. And us forgot because forgot about constancy. That also is good the rhythm, that approves itself constancy .Quality of constancy is expressed in beat more simply and easier only. Be afraid of arrhythmic fluctuations, they especially sharply bring a dissonance in relationship. Simply consider that is unchangeable the Lord, and hesitate your relation and feelings to It. The same measure apply and to us because we equal on the Lord. If you lose confidence of ours to you the relation, don\'t keep also the — to us. It is necessary to understand, at last, that space bonds don\'t depend on temporariness of your moods and Maya next illusions. So you can think if the echidna of treachery didn\'t touch heart. Whom concerned, that the exit isn\'t present — to embraces dark will return. Friends distinguish the same way and time you betrayed in big or small among the relatives don\'t consider. This root for eyelids grows, and not to pull out it neither words, nor the belief, any other measures. The traitor is the traitor always. After the period of repentance and attempt to correct deeds, again there comes the moment when the consciousness is ready to plunge into darkness and the authority’s dark to be given. With friends it is necessary to be more sharp-sighted, than with enemies, because treachery — from them. You look, how many from them already obviously costs on the verge of treachery and already betrays on understanding, opportunity and abilities. Rage and not goodwill their hearts flare, and think how to put a wound more deeply and more sensitively. And for what? That Light specified also a way to Light that gave the Doctrine and long conducted, spending health and forces for them unworthy. Let this bitter experience will give strength of recognition of faces and will teach vigilance at a meeting with the being knocked. All are good when approach, enemies and traitors from where undertake, whether belittle also p revile? Sharp-sighted be and don\'t trust words, it is better to heart, if it in you on the guard.</p>\n<p>594. (Guru) - People can love and be sorry. But they shouldn\'t open the heart. Harm will cover minute sweet of communication, finally will cover. Reticence and restraint —is Arhat\'s qualities.</p>\n<p>595. To separate you from Me — their task, enemies. Having succeeded will creep up closer for new blows. Are very persistent and angry, and very much want your force you to deprive. Your force — in Me. Representation of in My place facilitates, but, practically, Proximity to Me — out of space, and out of distances, and places, because in the spirit of. If My place helps to come off a direct environment, it is possible to come off by means of it. But it is simpler to approve Proximity out of any reasons (like the city). You want to ennoble Me — ennoble Proximity and understanding. You want to serve Me — as execution of Instructions you serve. Heart as the lamp, shines if burns. Execution of my Instructions gives food to heart fire. Specify to keep inseparably because time is strained and overseas flashed light of energy of new Beams. It is possible to assimilate them through Me. Not understood and not conscious, will cause burden, confusion and explosions. Realized through Me, with force of fiery heart will fill and spirit will uplift. Better with Me and is closer to Me. Better with Me unseparable. What prevents to be closer and what separates Light Focus? Whether darkness? In light having presented itself and light having clothed, my Proximity approve over all accidents of external conditions and litter of the present day.</p>\n<p>596 (July 27). Thoughts share on construction, destructive and neutral. It is necessary to adjust consciousness on waves of creative thoughts, rejecting thoughts of destruction; to replace each thought of an illness with thought about health, about failure — good luck, about a grief — pleasure, about an old age and an indisposition — thoughts of cheerfulness and health. It is necessary to think of it such what would like to see itself actually. The thought is the highest reality. Force can be brought it to degree of tension extraordinary. All area of reflex thinking should be replaced conscious. All processes in an organism it is possible to subordinate to the will and to direct them. The body submits to it enough willingly if force it is realized. The body reacts to all mental processes, conscious and unconscious. And if the repeated and rhythmical thought approves known situation or the order, and is firm, the body follows it by all means. The body of the will has no, except enclosed in it his owner, the owner. Often strong-willed currents go in different, and even opposite, the directions, neutralizing each other. If to direct them in one direction, force them will increase unreasonably. Wishing health, the person will assume so many thoughts opposite about the illness that consequences of thoughts about health are destroyed absolutely. Mastering by thought gives strength, which can be applied on creation, at least own sound body in hands. Let each involuntary negative thought immediately be consciously replaced with thought positive and creating. Control over thoughts, feelings and the suggestions going from other people because the last are especially harmful is for this purpose necessary. People about the not relics like to talk and to take pleasure in this process, creating the bright and strong images of diseases strengthened and strengthened by number of listeners. Chatter about diseases is inadmissible. It is strong, vigorous and healthy — other thoughts it isn\'t allowed at all. On each indisposition, in its germ, powerful strong-willed current and the order of all consciousness is immediately sent — to be to a sick place healthy. The spirit and will overcome everything, and isn\'t present in a body of the person of the energy able opposite to force of the rhythmic, firm order of will. It is possible breath, it having detained, to strengthen inflow of a prana and mental energy to sick body. Let process of will against each indisposition will begin habitual to fight before addressing to the doctor and drugs. In powerful laboratory of a human body there are all means for recovery of health if the external reasons breaking it, are eliminated, but even they can be paralyzed to a certain extent. Disclosure of force of potential of human spirit is that limited thinking it doesn\'t put a barrier to its identification. Barrier the first — it is impossible in general. Barrier the second: I can\'t, is weak, a barrier the third: others can\'t do it. The inert science about it is silent. And thousands reasons and occasions will be found by the person to let out the power over the microcosm from the hands. But the yogi claims that he is a mister and the lord over the body and all bodies, over thought and will, over everything that is concentrated in it and given it for possession. Both speaks, and move, both sees, and hears at will, and work makes, and still considers that over a body and thought isn\'t imperious. It is necessary to understand that already this power is great, it is necessary to make it only full. The thought strong the assistant will be in the statement of the power over a body and all bodies while actually it won\'t be approved. Understanding of it will strongly approach to the desirable purpose. Dare, the child!</p>\n<p>597. (M.A.Y.) . Fiery waves break about coast of the dense world. The world dense is in alarm on our Earth, because waves reached it. Hesitates ground. The confusion is close. To rush new old goes on the world. Without roots in the Thin World won\'t resist. But New but it will be approved and becomes stronger. In increasing frequency pages of the press will be filled in with suzhdenny knowledge. For the sake of that all also came true that, through what passed the great people.</p>\n<p>598 . (Guru) - If constantly to approve the full power over those forms in which the spirit is shown, this statement will surely yield any results. If to strengthen the statement, results will amplify too. If to apply all forces, all will, all heart and all desire, consequences obvious become also notable sharply. It is necessary to enter consciously possession of the rights to the device, on a body and all covers. These rights can be claimed hourly. Against usual movement I made Iyerofant the way as also the pupil goes against usually and that all do, evidence and the present to it not a barrier because the future in which everything is achievable, belongs to it. And the present serves it as the base for realization of future achievements. Thinking of itself in the present the power approved over three, the road to achievement it in the future to itself opens. Aren\'t fruitless, aren\'t useless, not without consequences these statements because the reality obvious is approved. When Christ Redeemer Tell: \"you are gods\" — Approved fiery reality though Addressed to blind men and slaves to a body.</p>\n<p>599. (July 28). It is necessary to prepare for any surprises. Often attendants dark want to break balance. To them it is indifferent, as well as than to stop the Communication thread. Certainly, I will warn in case of someone\'s attempt and I Will takes away the menacing. Whether a little for that there is a wish dark. If could, would break long ago. But hands are short. How in what succeed? Yes, but only in case of a distance of the pupil. Immunity is in inseparability from the Lord. But the hair won\'t fall from the head when the Lord lives in heart.</p>\n<p>600. (M.A.Y.). Be not afraid of anything because there is nothing more terribly than fear. About the Stone of Treasure all external attacks will break and splashes will scatter in space. The lord stores and will keep up to the end.</p>\n<p>601. (Guru). I went through everything with the Lord and never was afraid of anything. Sensation of fear didn\'t know, its root should be destroyed in itself because through inevitable it is necessary to pass, but without this feeling destroying advantage of spirit. It will be a victory over death and a victory over fear. In what heart of the Lord lives, fear doesn\'t know.</p>\n<p>602 . (July 29). You see that to resist, former measures any more won\'t do at all because dark are active extraordinary. Hold Me all thoughts the feelings, all being, and it is besides constant as the rescue measure — is the Decree! Vigilance and patrol can\'t be weakened already not for a moment. Are surrounded dark and obsessed from all directions. Obsessed is performers of their instructions. Each spot not gets rid in you use for a catch for you and stinging you darkness. Neutral people already aren\'t present, everyone either with Light, or with darkness. It is worth forgetting about it though for an instant and the next blow or infringement immediately follows. It is necessary to become isolated severely. It is necessary nothing display to the openness externally because the blow will fall upon energy of spirit directed outside dark through the servants — obsessed. Balance is necessary as a board, as protection against darkness. As the soldier makes advances in fight to the enemy, intense and ready to protection and attack as also you now the spirit adjust in the accord with singularity and moment tension. The wave of leaving energiya is very strong. People are on of lines of explosion. It is absolutely enough slightest occasions that pernicious flash (astral) followed. Now not to own itself — means to darkness to give the power over. Dark and to supporters they should be given full opportunity to be aloof, the juice without giving and as food to them without serving. It is necessary not to think of them and that not to give them opportunity to be hooked for you and to come into it contact, to continue to torment you. Conversations and belief are useless, the appeal to logic — too. There is a silence, but not passive, not inactive, not humble, but subordinating them to you. Silence can be fiery when are strained all of energy of spirit. The most impregnable, the strongest, the most portable — is thought. Against it nobody is strong if it in operation unites with Me. Not you, but I in you the soldier. Force act with Mine. The hard time, dangerous time, Me you keep.</p>\n<p>603. (M.A.Y.). If the Face of the Teacher before eyes, and everything it is possible to solve together with It, as though It nearby and it is close. It is possible to battle, but feelings angry, hostile, not to have. They will put you on the same level with dark and will give the chance to them to strike blows and harm to threads of communication or channels of these astral emotions. Tranquility, cold, restraint, silence — here the weapon of your protection and stay in balance of spirit. So armed, safely, quietly go to life waves towards.</p>\n<p>604. (Guru). Not the hero, who with darkness will sound in unison on a note of rage, offenses, irritations, fear and all feelings of the small other. The peace of mind is opposed to everything, and the soldier in balance full acts, and wins against enemies.</p>\n<p>605. (July 30). The spirit lightning (Arhat) — the weapon of the soldier of Light — is given not for inaction, but for application urgent. If Day breakers didn\'t use the weapon, the darkness would win against Earth and embraced it. Therefore Brought a sword the Savior to Earth, not the world, but a sword therefore soldiers call attendants of Light. Let\'s consciously learn to use the weapon this. How you think, what will be if light sphere, having got to the sphere of a microcosm of the attendant of the evil, in it will become torn? Or the fiery arrow will pierce black heart? Or the Ray of light on dark aura will direct? Certainly, it will burn it. The highest Agni always wins against the lowest fires. But after all and an arrow it is necessary to send skillfully, or to strike blow, or to use other weapon of light. It must be kept in mind that the weapon it represents itself Agni\'s energy. Before using it, it is necessary to have it, or to collect in focus for action. The fear, confusion, dissoluteness of feelings and emotions, uncertainty of the forces, not consciousness, inert slackness and all other properties which aren\'t characterizing the soldier in fight, deprive of it opportunity to use the weapon, that is disarm energy fiery spirit. Even literally the fear deprives of the soldier of ability to battle; the coward runs from a battlefield, the horror will paralyze extremities. The fiery soldier, fearless, strong holds the right weapon of light, and the weapon it, in turn, truly serves it. If the dark broke mentally soldier, that it not soldier already, and won, their captive and slave.To lay down arms in the face of darkness — means to recognize the defeat and powerlessness. But the Lord is invincible, but his Help doesn\'t hesitate, but the one who battles together with the Lord doesn\'t know defeat, is inseparable from It. With my force you learn to act, my Fiery Force, my Beams, it is close consciousness having merged with Me. With my Name on lips, with an Image in heart dared, fearlessly on the enemy step, whatever strong it to you seemed. Against Us nobody is strong. Recognizing the powerlessness, you belittle to Forge Lord, Which Name you go. Heart of the Lord is a source of inexhaustible Fiery Power. The merged heart goes with Me through everything. Claws of darkness I Chop off a fiery sword of Spirit, aura dark I burn the Beam, on a long distance my arrows I Send if I Want to Strike darkness and the gone too far dark. With darkness to be passive it is impossible. Passivity — already defeat because the darkness is active always. Heart — Light weapon. Force it sends arrows or the sword rises, force it the protecting reflecting network flares, with force it the fiery arrow of thought is saturated. If you aren\'t afraid of darkness, it will be afraid of you. Light she fears, light Agni fears. That is why also seeks to break first of all your fires in all ways, all measures, all tricks. Your light therefore rages round you is intolerable it and strengthens itself obsessed and employees of all degrees. You are under the supervision of its constants. The slightest opportunity — and immediately you receive blow. Only at an unseparable, strong, indestructible unification with Me it because you then for it are impregnable is powerless. Knows and therefore tries to distract from Me anything if only to distract, and then already and to beat in the unprotected place. Unification with Me is impenetrable protection against the evil. But let it will be active, your protection.</p>\n<p>606. Believe that action consists only in sparkling a lightning of spirit or a sword or to throw an arrow. But if light carrier came to be in an environment dark<br />\nand, despite it, balance I didn\'t lose, and fire of his heart continues exactly and to burn clearly, it already victory, it already action powerful, because light burns darkness. It is necessary to understand action widely, as well as essence of activity. In the specified case it too activity, though not focusing fiery energiya for prompt blow. To keep exactly burning, inflexible flame in an environment dark, and even at dark attacks, will be protection active. The cheek under dark blow should be substituted skillfully, and then truly hot carbons will burn down a concept struck this blow, because externally lightful nothing are show the fiery power. Only fires the go out before an impact dark will be capitulation without fight on favor of the winner, who isn\'t knowing mercy. Therefore polarization of own microcosm in case of collision with darkness has crucial importance. When it is observed, it is possible to think of all types of protection and attack. If isn\'t present, all instructions then are fruitless, desirable results won\'t yield.</p>\n<p>607. (Aug. 1). Intense fiery vigilance, readiness to reflect a possible and expected impact of darkness prevents attack and cuts it in a root because the dark prefer to attack unexpectedly, suddenly, stealthily, when don\'t think to encounter resistance and to run into counter blow. The militant, guarded condition of consciousness already this vigilance drives away dark because they very much don\'t like to burn about reciprocal fire. So, I Advise constant, active, militant vigilance, but not the being shown externally. External actions are protected a on the extreme case, when there is no other way out. Under the created conditions of external actions it is necessary to avoid.</p>\n<p>608. Each heart directed to Me, My Light perceives and, refracted through consciousness, brings it to the world. In its show originality and identity of creativity. Mine everything, but creativity and its character is various. Not divergence, not contradiction it, but variety and richness of not repeatability of individual accumulation. Exhaustion and callous imitation indicate lack of fire. But the Teacher is new eternally, and following Him doesn\'t know exhaustion and creativity infertility. On this sign also you judge Proximity of the Hierarch.</p>\n<p>609. (M.A.Y.). Who is with Us, with those and Us. Memory about us constant maintains live relation. If to reject barriers of the dense world, the proximity will be obvious if it is withheld in the spirit of. Heart magnet - the holder and thought is the transmitter. The thought supported by heart, reaches more strong, than even words because to words heart often deafly happens. Key to events there is their surprise, therefore, and impossibility for enemies to provide them. This is tactics of Lords. Covering places full of holes and in them coordinate, enemies thereby deepen new focuses of events and collect to them the forces when all is already over and all their attempts are vain to redeem situation. Are late anywhere and everywhere exactly on so many, on how many it is necessary that the next Plan of the Lord was carried out. Efforts are backdating useless. So leaves at them from under nose one for another vital spheres of influence. We are glad to recoup, but are powerless powerlessness human before inevitability of fate. And in all the rest be покойны that the victory will be on part of the world. From here and the Precept about patience because it will be rewarded when terms will be executed. It doesn\'t facilitate difficulty of fight, but gives full confidence of a victory.</p>\n<p>610. (Guru). Will ask, from where success? Answer — from experience of life, big, centuries-old and rich with knowledge of essence of the person. Hail Kitezh — a symbol of the country buried till time under waters of life from rough waves of a stream of time. Under external forms the hail ancient lives, representing to it a kernel, or I smother, the people. In the best energiya the basis, and not for a while, but forever is put. In pictures and my books you will find enlightenment in this basis because on it I created. Therefore also the Petersburg period in the creativity didn\'t concern. Russia primordial, Russia Novgorod — Sandal — Pereyaslavsky — here it, real. Nowadays the new will be harmoniously combined with old, real and original, but not temporary, alluvial and foreign. The prototype in the creativity gave to this future: in cloths, both books, and other works; in art look for, in its all forms. New time will demand understanding of essence of spirit of the Russian culture and the sources it.</p>\n<p>611. Oh, the friend if knew reality, heart, despite rage of evidence dense would rejoice. Because in Hidden everything that is fated accept visible forms is complete already. The hail Light will start falling by Earth from the Invisibility to become visible. Water — the symbol of the astral world, in its upper class was buried the city while time to it didn\'t come again to fall by Earth. Event it will be notified by a sound of bells. Fight noise will cease, and angry will leave, the planet when announced in old time it will be made will be filled with light and a ring. Spatial Beams to Earth will dictate the Highest will, and spirit of the person, against Light going, will reconcile. The darkness will lose force. Nowadays you see how it’s all attempts in big and great terminate in failure. Then, deprived of a support any more only in astral, but also and in the physical world, it will reel and will fail. Therefore we Call it darkness fateful because its days are considered. It is powerless against militant Light, was always powerless, but prospered in evil planting in the hearts of the black out. Nowadays the hearts, wakening masses, will start departing in Light camp, separating from darkness while makers of the evil don\'t remain fateful with darkness. The darkness will take away the, and will sharply separate itself from supporters of Light, and will finish division of people the all-planet. Before the end many will waken and will begin to see clearly, having chosen a way light. Will return deceived and seduced if didn\'t make treacheries. Swords will be reformed on plows and energy nuclear — is turned on the peace purposes. Heart will be the judge of these decisions. While fully equipped with spirit it is necessary to find forces to stand up to the end transitional time.</p>\n<p>612. The narrowness of external conditions let is closer to Me moves, and each new attempt dark and a new shift everything closer and more reduces the distance dividing us. Also there are then gins builders of the temple of spirit and the ardent employees working on association of your hearts with Heart of the Lord. And you look at them, at the dark — combiners, works bringing at creation of the Temple of Heart. And the exit dark won\'t be. If leave you, you will rush to Light if attacks continue, closer to Me be pushed aside. So I force darkness to serve Light. Also they are powerless before Light because serve It. You learn to use also its evil- shift for ardent rapprochement with Me. Attendants of the darkness, pushing heart to the Lord become pushers then. So everything I Turn on advantage contrary to all their intentions to plans. The owner isn\'t present, and in him the darkness has no final support and therefore it is especially helpless before the heart united in Light with Me. You will scent quickly as the darkness recedes in powerlessness full before energiya of militant spirit. Deprived of a root, so them we will call, attendants dark. Even if giants of the evil you will meet nowadays, then you don\'t fear, will fail on the earth, will fall from your blows as the huge tree from wind whiff if no roots has falls. And then higher it and is more magnificent foliage, the falling it’s catastrophic. On the Plan Hidden roots of all evil, and therefore act with thought, light, fire. On the plan dense visibility of stability, but only visibility because it if blows are struck from the Hidden Plan cracks also remains still. Therefore to you Specify to work with thought, having reduced to a need limit the sphere of dense activity. In this sphere they can counteract still and counteract strong. But in Hidden are powerless if face militant will of the carrier of Light.</p>\n<p>613. (M.A.Y.). Association of the Worlds becomes possible and desirable just because power of darkness in World Elevated is cut at the roots. Otherwise this association would cause unprecedented rage of obsession. Obsessed there is a lot of and now, and perhaps it is, even more, than earlier, but inflows of new forces they are deprived, as a drying-up tree. Work with an old stock of the evil, and new receipts from the owner aren\'t present because the owner isn\'t present. It understands at collision with darkness. They are powerless under your blow. Therefore act powerfully, crumpled, as the houses of cards, all constructions them. Let their decision don\'t stop you because also it will scatter under the influence of fire of your will. Force them seeming, deprived of the basis and therefore can\'t go against you actually. Visibility for relevance that is for reality doesn’t accept. Go the way and act firmly as though they aren\'t present and decisions aren\'t present them, and with them at all don\'t reckon. Gordian knot of seeming difficulties, difficulties quietly and accurately break a spirit sword. Now new conditions came in fight against dark rack, they catch; them realize and act in new understanding of hopeless hopelessness of darkness. Each seen, seeming success of the dark will cause their defeat and the weapon against them and means of their new defeat because all against them nowadays rise, and the World Thin will cooperate with you in everything.</p>\n<p>614. (Guru). Let\'s deepen association of our consciousnesses; goes through heart by means of thought. Yes, I want energy to show the through relatives. Yes, I fidelity appreciate also a memory contrary to evidence dense. Yes! I the thoughts send for imprinting them for the future. Nowadays everything changes, and new conditions demand new understanding. From here urgent need to explain changes. Among the condensed darkness strain unknown energy fiery and light opportunities increase all-time. Never before they weren\'t so close, how now when seeming, illusive power of darkness seized hearts human. But all this is Maya, and power of darkness too Maya, because the owner isn\'t present. The force over an infirmity of darkness struck you realizes, friends. In process of understanding of the force weakness of darkness shown everything will be sharper more. Ghost of power dark and darkness you drive, disseminate it, and destroy. Our victory came, victorious time came. You winners will be met by the Lord because among winners Will see Put Off. </p>\n<p>615. (Aug. 2). Events are wild, not similar on anything, preceding (them). At turn of events will turn all. Rough shifts follow them. Dark time came to an end. Light, Light came. My children suffer a little still. The bell will call all when will punch hour. Tension and force before the category. The powerful category is required to pass new the energy, promptly reaching Earth. So it isn\'t enough ready receivers — from here and explosions. On them, the few, the unreasonable burden lays down. If all were ready and would accept them, spatial loading would be discharged instantly. Now it is heavy thanks to unpreparedness of one and an overload of others, able to accept Light waves. Light the Highest for low consciousnesses and tension fiery for not ready is intolerable. Extraordinary difficulty of concentration is caused by these spatial conditions. Merge of consciousnesses will be an exit from the deadlock. To Me your consciousness has to direct and merge with Me, it doesn\'t want in my orbit, preferring to drown in the personal world of the representations. Wonder, what is more expensive to you — the world of personal remnants or Light of the Lord? If Light — that lips and heart have to claim same. Understand that incompleteness is destructive as gives rise not to the accord, and a dissonance. We have words and affairs don\'t disperse. Words and belief while heart won\'t begin to sound full-stringed are senseless. For each heart is it the term. But at an o\'clock of Arrival term becomes the general and the fate of silent hearts will be unenviable.</p>\n<p>616. Correctly and well that is useful for evolution. Other material isn\'t present. If it is good, but the person is harmful to evolution and interferes with it, to what \"good\" him? And to whom it is necessary, whether the dark rack interfering any evolutionary character. That is why so many good people from a historical scene cleaned and business of evolution was carried out by others, not so good, but necessary and useful to the world. Therefore our judgments about suitability and usefulness of the person strong differ from the standard. We will go with them, outcast loyal hypocrites, than with hypocrites and hypocrites rather. With savages we go and with the outcast Began business.</p>\n<p>617. (M.A.Y.). Go through everything that by life it is given, but without spraying the accumulation, and on the contrary, increasing them at each contact with it. To spend or save up — depends on consciousness installation, on its relation to life. Wise everything inures to advantage, silly all not for the future.</p>\n<p>618. (Guru). Waves sway the basis if it is fragile. The small blade is bent by a wind from top to bottom, to the earth. But the root holds, and to a wind not to pull out it, though is small. It is all about the root, in the basis of affairs. Roots, the bases you keep when whirlwinds start rustling.</p>\n<p>619. (Aug. 3). Let\'s count only on themselves and the forces. Calculations on relatives can be incorrect. Their proximity is unstable because it is based on personal feelings. How many ways were stopped because of personal mirages? Everything constructed on personal feelings, unsteadily. If you see constancy of love or devotion, know that they passed limits of personal feelings that are egoism. Loneliness is destiny of the person, who has rejected a mirage of personal feelings. It is a lot of people round Spirits Great, but they are lonely. It is necessary to be ready and being left all. At turning points it is empty around. Fidelity and devotion in people you appreciate. They are rare.<br />\n620. Wildness of events уявится in wild behavior and absurd of the actions which aren\'t caused by the requirement of the moment. If the destiny wants to punish — the reason will take away. The rationality left a camp of opponent of Light. The future isn\'t taken into consideration. The circle of the present deprives of prospect. From here is extremity of actions and inevitability of mistakes. Therefore everything is wrapped against them. The slave itself beats. There is a phenomenon of self-destruction of darkness. It is still very strong, and it that to destroy themselves should make many efforts. Efforts will cause them the consequences opposite by the expected. Victory is in everything to the New World.</p>\n<p>621. (M.A.Y.). Let\'s not accept the kind relation for angry and vice versa. The judge — heart. When magnet it feels pushing away, means, something<br />\nIt is unsuccessful in friends. It is better to believe heart, than false words. How much time already you were deceived, and how many time you want to be deceived again? It is better not to trust and be mistaken, than to confide and be deceived. Many troubles occur from undeserved trust. Look narrowly at trifles — small often helps to see and big, hidden behind it. From the small grows big and it is a pity if small it is dark. Small it in rest never stays — either grows, or decreases. On this sign also you judge danger of small things. Small sprouts of darkness are very dangerous that grow. The closed magnet of the force doesn\'t lose. The open magnet of spirit can instantly spend and lose force the attractiveness. If you feel that the attraction weakened, immediately close a magnet and accumulate the dissipated force, and then an attraction will start working again. Laws of psych equipment regulate human relationship. Knowing them, it is possible to operate these relations most, without sending them to the power of accidents. The person — is a magnet polarized by will.</p>\n<p>622. (Guru) - Only the person giving light, deserves the name of the Guru. This light is out of the dense. Therefore, can proceed and from the Guru who has dumped a physical body. The aspiration to the left Guru and fruitful is correct. Among all other it especially allocates with Light to it directed consciously and remembering it. The small magnet is attracted to big and that strengthens itself. No condemnation I have, but, seeing mistakes, I grieve. Hour of the statement of Light approaches, and soldiers everything dispersed. Remained true up to the end Signs of Attention and Care will receive and sang will reap. The Teacher doesn’t forget any sign of attention and answers is decupled.</p>\n<p>623. (Aug. 5). My son, dreams of the past and representations of in the conditions of the past are aimless, useless and don\'t yield results, representation of in the future, allocated with desirable qualities of spirit — building because already in the present to any degree arms with these qualities. In immersion in the past there are no creativity elements, in immersion in the future they are always. Certainly, it is supposed that these thoughts of the future are creative also positive and draw future steps of achievements. It is possible to feel stronger after these thoughts. Of the future it is more difficult to think, than of the past because in the past its elements are known; in the future they should be created or expected and combined creative imagination. Historical researches and studying of the past aren\'t dreams of it, but steps for understanding of life. Dream in the future to direct that inured to advantage of creation of the Highest Triad in its display on Earth and in the Worlds. If in these dreams to see itself the person who has seized an astral and thought so, as to elements can order, life will give him once this power because thoughts in space create, and grains them give the shoots, sooner or later, here or there. These dreams lay a way of evolution of spirit in space and steps of achievements are outlined. Dreams of power of spirit is not the fruitless dream, but ardent reality, which is approved for this purpose, who believes in her and plans to it a way. Thought of the future laus to its implementation channels if these dreams are in the accord with the Great Plan of Evolution of mankind. \"You are gods\" — here the purpose of evolution of spirit. The most unattainable will be achievable on this way, opening boundless power of potential of human spirit. Ordinary people go to the future, without knowing where, but the pupil knows. He knows that all achievements of the person in the field of psych equipment and the mental energy, all wonderful phenomena made ever, somewhere and someone is achievable for it and can be repeated by it! Both reading thought, and sight at distance, and flights in an astral, menthol and in a spirit kernel, and a raising on air, and communication with the World Hidden, and other, other — everything that was once shown by people. In the future for it is possible because all future belongs to it. In it he is a lord, and it in the creative imagination can build it at the will that once and somewhere it was carried out actually. And the winged dream possessing force of creative power will dig in space of the highest measurements direct channels of implementation it in life able creatively to think spirit; as though in the hands the pupil takes the future, defining essence its directions. These forms of thoughts approved in a microcosm of the person, the energiya will influence and build his future on lines of creative thought. I want to arm you with all achievements of science, but without the uniform device. Here purpose. Not your science, but our, knowing more. This idea introduces in itself and draws to itself time when it will be carried out. A lot of things are already achievable and nowadays, but all is realized not. It isn\'t enough trust to own feelings and whisper hearts. Children, dare! In this aspiration elements of creative power and even if something isn\'t feasible now are put, grains of aspiration will give shoots in due time. Understand secret of the thought creating in space. Look around: all people are surrounded with fruits of the mental creativity, only it don\'t realize. But creativity it is low, further the near future doesn\'t go and is directed on subjects terrestrial. Therefore also results so aren\'t brilliant. The thought is limited to a small circle of usual opportunities and directed on achievements external, mechanical, but not on development of the wonderful device of the person. Let the external be combined with internal, let build cars and devices until any cars and devices it won\'t be required anymore. The Sun will go out, and Earth will disappear, but there will be the spirit of the person armed with energiya fiery and not needing not in any devices. Powerful Space Forces work without cars and devices, but are put in action by will of the spirit which force is boundless. And which kernel, in all its boundless, hidden power, is put in the person from time Beginning.</p>\n<p>624. To imagine itself courageous and to be actually the coward — this one. To possess imagined qualities — Maya worst type. But to open in itself step by step the fiery potential of spirit and to approve the power step by step over a body and its elements will be a way to achievement desirable. Aspiration isn\'t groundless dream, but the creative power of spirit directed to achievement of real opportunities.</p>\n<p>625. (M.A.Y.). The step of the Desert Lion especially carries out thoughts. Therefore in future constructions this feature should be considered. And behind thoughts follow the thread of sharp-sightedly. If are carried out thoughts, that are carried out both good, and bad, both creative, and destructive, - thoughts and words are inseparable. But It is told that for each word it is necessary to give the answer in Day of Court. But this Court every day. Today for former thoughts answers we give, and tomorrow we will give for the today\'s. Let thoughts will be creative and positive. Each unsuccessful, destructive thought should be replaced immediately opposite. Dark thoughts of attendants of the darkness, sent by them on the victims, it is necessary to burn fire of spirit and to replace them the. </p>\n<p>626. (Guru). The city ancient not is nice that that ancient, and that a basis laid down cultures and relics of the country. Without a basis isn\'t present to a hail of standing and there is no life to the people. Speaking about the Culture, the best we mean that was and there is at the people, the best and construction; The Culture also is a construction on a light basis. The tataro-Mongolian hordes subsided, foreigners the domination terminated, and Russia everything costs and becomes only stronger power after each test; because the Culture is strong and in the best energiya of spirit. With fires the magnets put on its open spaces burn, showing the guarantee to the wonderful future. Let\'s reject all negative and dark, we will look at essence of that endured centuries, and we will see — the basis of Culture is preserved. Visible forms not always speak about power of the invisible. How many governors fell will national. Visible force at times at all has no roots. Therefore I speak about Culture — a basis and people force! On the basis of it is possible to build, on the basis of it we will build also, to create the fairy tale of the buried hail (Kitezh) in life.</p>\n<p>627. (Aug. 6). The future will be read by understanding and actions in it, bringing consequences. It is difficult to people to understand that their real acts and are their future following from them. They separate the reason from a consequence, forgetting that it is a rope stretched from the present in the future. On a rope section in any point of a past and the present it is possible to judge its future cuts. Nobody wishes to change threads, it making, consciously or to interweave new, differing from the already twisted. It is impossible to interrupt a chain of causes and effects, but new links in it can be brought or replaced one links with others. Answering habitual irritation of people around with irritation, you continue an old thread; answering with tranquility full, old fabric of a thread you replace new. So will replacing a usual consequence with the new, unusual, approved spirit and will, you make a transmutation of karmic threads and you change the karma. Dark, having surrounded you, skillfully and spitefully weave round you evil threads to achieve certain consequences. The teacher brings together energy them and pours out them in the form opposite conceived them. So everything I Turn on advantage, even energy of darkness. Hour of collision with darkness is heavy, but its advantage not excellent, if with Me. Dually all. The worse, the better! Experience rich give collisions with a dark force and knowledge of the person, because the darkness works through people. The person, being a magnet and being every instant light or darkness, as litmus serves for manifestation in itself this or that beginning. A lot of good happens in bad people and a lot of bad — in good. In these cases it is important to define equally effective that the nobility — ascends spirit or falls below. Equally effective not to determine by separate acts, it is necessary to know the person. But this knowledge because only the contact to Light causes outside, to ardent action, it’s all hidden properties is long. Therefore neither itself suitable, nor called it can\'t define that at a further contact of Light will waken in it from depths of its former existence. From here is great care and great vigilance on to the relation to coming nearer to you and through you. Are dangerous secret dugpa, are dangerous obsessed strong, attendants vague are dangerous, the attendants of the darkness who have come to the temple with your prayer are dangerous. Grief not distinguished. From here and tests endlessly and without a measure because who knows that at midnight whisper of darkness will whisper to in whom hardness suffers. But the main thing is equally effective. Attendants of Light and darkness are determined by it. And let the best qualities won\'t hide from a sharp-sighted eye of the enemy under Light mask. Eyes, voice, gait express inherited qualities of spirit. Squint is symptomatic always. Look running, a look uneasy, uncertain, cowardly, courageous, fearless, scattered, sharp-sighted — how many shades in eyes, the whole book for able to read. How many new colorings to expression they are given by each thought. Voice. There are no voices passionless, not expressing anything as isn\'t present, few, owning muscles of the person and its expression, a voice as eyes, it is sated with an astral fluid, and also fire. Eyes and voice is devices fiery. Seldom is it necessary to hear harmonious voices, - more often on the contrary. Sometimes they are very unpleasant and sharp, as a metal gnash. It offends an ear. Through a voice fiery energy of the person — darkness or light streams in space — depends on him. The smell of poison happens is pleasant, as also sounds of other voices if sharp recognition is absent. Flattering, insinuating voices are pleasant too much and hearing them caress. The good actor perfectly knows the voice on a scene. The pupil learns to put in a voice the emotions and feelings, as well as in eyes. Eyes and a voice of other people for it — the open book, but closed from its party for others. Gait and gestures! Whether observed bent, belittled by the life, the killed people, or those who wasn\'t broken by it? The internal essence of the person is expressed in each section of a body. You study not only look, but also to see. Having taken all triad of expression of the person by means of eyes, a voice and external movements, you will be able to catch after some skill its essence and to define it unmistakably. In addition heart is given still — its reaction to aura of strangers is usually right if to catch it right at the beginning. It is necessary to learn the person. Therefore I Learn.</p>\n<p>628. (M.A.Y.). And still treachery wasn\'t avoided by any of Spirits Great. Let it will serve as caution. Even the knowledge of the person doesn\'t relieve of treachery. With Lords a case special, there planet karma, we should look in hundred faces, and the main thing, not to trust the word. Experience is severe to judge on affairs, and even is cruel because words and affairs express different things: words — external, I put — internal state of the person. Words are as fluid waters. Affairs are as bridge foundations. Question only is in there, where, it conducts.</p>\n<p>629. (Aug. 9). Danger when it isn\'t realized as from conscious it is possible to be protected. Obsessed and got under influence it doesn’t realize. In it is situation tragedy. Dark skillfully and carefully seek to take cover, hide for what and anyone if only not to find them. Found, they are already powerless. It isn\'t enough wishing to go on obvious and open cooperation with darkness. Therefore their task is to influence and influence, without being found. At times only on consequences it is possible to find the dark channel. If words are good, and consequences are bad, a dark hand look for behind them. Great patrol is necessary from darkness. But if the lie and deception and consequences obvious, presence of darkness undoubtedly is available. If there are no external channels to darkness of adjacent people, so influence goes from the astral plan that is much worse because to find this communication more difficult and more difficult to stop. The victory, of course, will be, but what price. The damage caused is very great and caused by a hand of the loved one. So happens always because distant and enemies close aren\'t admitted. Conclusion one: friends harm through them is more dangerous than enemies, and. That is why treachery in the Doctrine is noted especially because there is a lot of harm from friends.</p>\n<p>630. (Aug. 10). Burden of an unknown force of darkness is a sign of approach of Light. Degree of a force of darkness is an indicator of power of the future transformation of life in Light. Now to give in to darkness, means to lose eyes. But heavy currents will come to an end, and immediately will feel better. It is necessary to wait. Extent of opposition to external force is degree of an ognennost fieryThe purpose — to keep and hold fires, despite everything and contrary to everything. The Teacher crucified by darkness deprived of everything, an example let will be firmness of spirit in the face of triumphing darkness. He Knew that its kingdom is long, but you know that its days are considered, and being crucified in the spirit of, you can collect and hold on forces till an o\'clock of Arrival. It is necessary to keep any price. Temporary darkness, but Light the Highest is eternal. Light is the winner.</p>\n<p>631. Hardly to operate the mass of human consciousnesses, and it is possible to imagine tension of Lords and the Lord when leaving energy is forced in the last convulsions of counteraction. The planetary moment is very heavy. The last beacons of light go out, and the planetary network because consciousnesses of those who has to support it, don\'t maintain a dark impact dies away. Guards leave the post and leave the Lord of One. Guardians of knots of Light of a network planetary don\'t fulfill the duty to the Lord and that promote darkness. The few remained bear unreasonable burden thanks to weakness and neglect of others. Therefore the little remained true to a debt it is intolerable difficult. It is empty around, there is nobody to lean. Call about that helped to keep balance, hits in the closed ears. The darkness triumphs the Pyrrhis a victory. . But that, who will resist in Me these terrible days, subjects Ya I Will tell: \"My soldiers, My children, my beloved, to you My Heart bail that a victory we will reach. You will be not forgotten also by Me, My Day will come\".</p>\n<p>632. (M.A.Y.). You think, it is easy to us? If to you it is heavy, to us ten times, and still we stand. Care space and the gloom all-planet is most difficult than your cares. You feel, and we see movement of mass of a decaying matter. Horror, words not transferred because the chaos is so far from human consciousness. Fight against it demands the improbable tension of all strength of mind. Also it is necessary to protect and protect people from them the generated horrors. Waves of brown gas, concerning human consciousness, kill in it each sparkle of light. And if communication with Hierarchy doesn\'t keep or is absent at all, it plunges into utter darkness. Darkness revelry — so we will call the danger which has hung over Earth. As strong owe everything who can and in forces, hold Light and its Hierarchy in this fight of the last with darkness. You keep and to us help to hold the Banner Light Lord Maitreya.</p>\n<p>633. (Gurus) - the Dream указует that aren\'t left by attention. I consider as soldiers of the Lord. As saw, it is a little of you very much with me, and you under reliable protection. Who are faithful remains up to the end — will reach.</p>\n<p>634. (Aug. 11). It is difficult to carry out usual Communication in the conditions of the unusual. It is difficult to assimilate consciousness with this singularity changing hourly; therefore and warned against surprises. It is necessary to adjust the consciousness receiver so that singularity of conditions remained below, and Communication was made over them and everything that changes constantly. It isn\'t necessary to bring in process of Communication of anything of the current hour: neither thoughts, nor moods, neither burden of day, nor other child terrestrial. Bonds of the son with the Father are indissoluble and indissoluble. It is necessary that nothing influenced them. The confidence should such be had in Hidden Presence of the Lord that the external doesn\'t influence any more it. \"And I approve You, My Father and the Lord, all strength of mind of Mine, both contrary to, and counter to evidence dense and to whirlwinds of the astral world. I approve you in consciousness My and heart in the face of denying darkness and conditions of the dense world. Bonds continuity binding us, I claim, the Lord\" — so addresses the one, who it is foreordained to Me and who Mine from the beginning, and was, who in centuries steadily Mine. We came dense for fight with evidence, we left it to win and we approve therefore fiery reality before variability of a treacherous face of evidence. At they look, at the blind. Embraced Maya deception, they live strong garbage of day, fleeting dreams and in a stupor of feelings passing. Evidence human, that is a small world in which everyone lives, is great deception and a great the distorted of reality. In Space there is no place to these illusions, all this asthma and a virulence of evaporation of terrestrial heaps. Clothes, body, food, the house, work is this entire dream, cruelly and inevitably coming to an end with death. In it is their lie the main. Once you resolutely stretch a life thread out of limits of terrestrial embodiments and over them, the reality will start opening the face. But Maya is persistent, both the darkness is refined, and both of them wait for an instant again to throw a misunderstanding cover on seeking to escape from their embraces consciousness. I and Mine are all over both of them, over dreams passing terrestrial. Me approving atop, forces are found by the hero to break century fetters. But it is necessary to remember that persistence unprecedented darkness and Maya, terrestrial and Elevated. They as a bear block, being rejected, comes back again won\'t finish yet the consciousness rejecting them. But it is worth rising above only what the animal consciousness of a bear can\'t guess, both the block isn\'t terrible, and blows won\'t be able to put any more. And blows from darkness and Maya falsity beat the person until his consciousness stays in that plane where they are possible. But once the consciousness towers, and to rise to Me, and to be with Me, by will pass all blows both impregnable and inaccessible to them there will be a spirit of the person. Therefore I Call spirit to rise and become closer to Me. Therefore I Speak: \"The friend, take heart, I Won against the world and to you Specify a way to this victory. To My World I Call from dreams of terrestrial fleeting and ardent illusions terrestrial\". Would be happy and everything would be good, as though there could be you to Me over Earth. Rejoice to close living conditions, strong pulling together us. \"Rejoice, children \", — so I Speak, — \"because My time approaches\". The darkness is great — rejoice, children because Light is already close.</p>\n<p>635. As words before Maya ardent strength and powerlessly understanding are often powerless. And then there is a pupil in situation extreme. Tactics of Adversa is Applied by the Teacher to open Maya essence and to show a transient it. And then the consciousness surrounded with a circle of hopelessness, the strengthened darkness, rises above, to the Lord, because there is no other way out.</p>\n<p>636. (M.A.Y.). Ours to you proximity shown in the light of the Lord; if is close to you, we are close also. Therefore to a sign also you judge. And the proximity approve not as words, but the radiations. They only one bear light in darkness of the present. Without them the best affairs are dark even. Radiations of aura shine proximity to the Teacher of Light. The closer It to heart and in heart, the radiations is brighter. They shine, when in heart of the Lord. So without the Lord there is no light inside, both the aura goes out, and the world don’t have advantage of the gone-out heart. Service to the Lord consists in light execution in aura radiations. There is no other criterion, and there is no other way. Not words, I didn\'t put, but the aura bearing in light to the world, serves as an indicator of the step reached by spirit in its aspiration up.</p>\n<p>637. (Guru). So, again we come to need of streamlining of the fiery device and consciousness reduction to a harmonious condition. The boat, in which the person floats, has be operated, and a strong hand; because waves on the sea and a wind grows stronger. The immediate task — a wheel strong to take in hand, differently waves will incur where to them will take in head. It is necessary to find forces to cope with it, and it is necessary to seize it. It is possible to direct and put all thoughts on it to that desire and heart. The way to the Lord lies through itself. We know that is difficult, but a hand we give when we see that forces ran low. I will tell only one: and nevertheless we will reach.</p>\n<p>638. (Aug. 12). The stronghold rises over the world over all constructions human. It is very symbolical. This is Kingdom My. It over terrestrial heaps — affairs of hands human. The person in My riches because are saved up for him has a share. To everyone I Speak: \"Come and take the part of the past — wisdom of centuries, but in the future everything that the mankind should receive still\". Let\'s call these gifts of evolution: clairvoyance, clairluhear, flights in hidden bodies, a feeling-knowledge, communication with a treasury of spatial thoughts, knowledge of the Invisible Worlds, management of thin energiya of the highest tension, future vision, ability to read in Akasha\'s rolls and so on, and further. Area of all these achievements are destiny of the person and if he knows where goes and that wants, available there is it. Others want terrestrial wellbeing, others — popularity and glory, all have the wanted by everyone, but knowing about Treasures of my Kingdom to them will direct behind achievement. In one life not to reach everything — many lives are necessary, - but all eternity before the person. In this eternity the future becomes for it a ladder of achievements. The traveler who is going towards the aim, each step in the correct direction approaches to it. As also the person knowing that is his life purpose, everything can approach to it if commitment is kept. On Earth also their lives the person not for other that, but for following on the way of evolution of spirit and disclosure of its fiery potential. The precept about an all-achievable is given, and the principle of grain small, giving shoots big is specified. It is necessary believe that everything serves the one who knows about the purpose great. Also can\'t but serve because on stones climb up in a year. And stones are not obstacles, but a support to a foot. Difficultly to people to understand that all terrestrial conditions — both good and bad, both favorable and adverse, will be a carpet of the future on which the foot of the person directed in boundlessness of his opportunities goes. It is possible to deliver a task to itself to overcome strength of mind and fiery its energiya everything that is given us by life. Small feelings terrestrial — it is hard to overcome them. But life — is the best Teacher, and it gives everyday opportunities endlessly. All over the world a beacon the ship reaches harbor in darkness of a stormy night. But the beam of its light from eyes can\'t be missed. Treasures of power are collected only by what look is directed continuously and firmly in this shining area of achievements of human spirit. They are scattered in life by particles small those achievements which are a task for the person — to unite everything in itself. In total that ever and somewhere was reached and carried out by the person in the field of spirit, in the sphere of its power over a matter, and over a body, and the bodies — all this is achievable, as well as much, infinitely many from this of what people don\'t dare to dream at all. Task of the yogi — to unite in it everything and to make to itself sub office thin energy of the fiery device. Specify Teacher on these opportunities and approach ways to them. But it is necessary to rise over life usual and usual to turn into singularity of achievements. Usual life that is already unusual that represents a piece of eternity, the shown in temporary and passing. Elements of eternity are put in it, and on them it is possible to build the spirit house.</p>\n<p>639. World events rage. From them circles disperse, taking all areas of life. But so was always, during the entire periods of world history. External and internal human life flew as a stream, but the spirit was over it. Dumb Witness inside passed by him chains of events, without being we take them. He looked eyes of the Roman at destruction of the Great Empire and eyes of the barbarian on invasions of hordes. In each person the Silent Recorder noted an infinite tape of the phenomena. The phenomena passed, new they replaced, others to them will come to change, but Silently Looking will look and records all. Over temporary eternal is in the person, and It is silent Looking — his carrier.<br />\n640. (M.A.Y.). People know about that or not, they want or don\'t want, but relationship human is stretched from life in life, from an embodiment in an embodiment and extends out of death limits. Feelings human — the phenomenon of a fiery order and with death isn’t destroyed. Knowing all this, it is possible the relation with people to build on the principle of duration. It is better to have friends, than enemies. It is better not to do enemies, but dark friends won\'t be. Therefore enemies are inevitable. But each meeting — a thread stretched in the future. To give it coloring, depends on you, what and as. It is impossible to limit to a circle of one life it. Living in the future, both not having the past, and taking the present, we come nearer in eternity. So it is necessary to stretch longer lifeline.</p>\n<p>641. (Guru). Events hyrry. And you? It is better to fly ahead; ahead is future, and it you know. Means, it is possible to expect their course. The success of the New Country is provided in everything, even despite mistakes. Victory is on our board, and we with it, and the Lord. Whirlwinds it is necessary to wait </p>\n<p>642. (Aug. 13). We left to win against darkness, and We will achieve this victory. In fight against darkness the spirit human has to strengthen the forces. In this fight it is possible to temper spirit, as in something another. As it the darkness will serve Light. The darkness decays for flowers of spirit. Adversa tactics by the edge is turned against darkness. The darkness in reply strikes blows, and the damage at times is great. But damage this seeming because concerns not the spirit, but only covers. The spirit nasty is impregnable, is inaccessible to darkness. Sufferings, pain and blows only temper it and clear its covers of sleepy heaps. Finally release of spirit from the power of violent darkness and evidence dense is reached. And the winner spirit which has risen up, to the Lord, below under itself leaves the fetters. Noise and turmoil of a material world loses the power over consciousness. Way celestial the released consciousness follows. And My World which then it concerns becomes obviously available. The contact of my Sphere brings spirit out of the personal world, and the horizons of the superpersonal open before it. Trust in Strength of the Lord — you will win against the old person. Me hourly in itself approving, a victory over the world you forge. To be with Me — means to be in World Mine and at tops. With Me and at tops it is possible to be, being in the thick of life, in the forefront Day breakers. The facts of life are fiery reality, and fight — the statement it on Earth, in consciousnesses human. When at tops and it is strong with Me, then you other-worldly. Not dream, not soaring on pink clouds, but the most severe honor of collision with life and its overcoming in itself. And the darkness is overcome too in itself because the one who in itself anymore has no anything from it overcomes it and who won against it in the spirit of. This in the spirit of a victory over darkness at first in the person gives it also outside over rage of external conditions and dark attempts spirit to break a hopelessness, utter darkness and hopelessness dense. When in heart of the Lord, all at all: neither the darkness isn\'t terrible, nor enemies, difficulties of life current. The thought wins everything, and with Me the victory is got. It is necessary to remember only it in the closest conditions and in the face of the most terrible danger. Against us when we are close in the spirit of, nobody is strong and nobody will resist, because the one who with Me is the winner always. Understand that in the spirit of a victory. It has to be gained in the spirit of before shown outside. The victory in the spirit of isn\'t need for the sake of external actions, but represents itself the internal, hidden, fiery process of awareness of the power, indestructibility of spirit and a celebration of force it over the counteracting world outside. The consciousness of a victory, victorious condition, understanding of impossibility of vulnerability of spirit something external, will be the guarantee of this victory and the subsequent statement it outside an ardent citadel of spirit. In the spirit of a victory — it is hardly to realize depth of these words. Recognized won in the spirit of — anymore a soldier, not free, he already suffered defeat though externally, perhaps, still nothing occurred. We don’t know defeats. Any Lord never Spirit didn\'t break yet under burden of external blows and external conditions. And the darkness triumphing over pursued, crucified and persecuted Carriers of Light, triumphed in vain. Bodies tormented them, and them killed, but Spirit to break and couldn\'t kill. And We Won, and there is no Owner of Darkness already, and days are considered as it’s the last shild. And despite violent dark revelry of fateful attendant’s dark, I Claim, its days are considered. I Approve the Victory and you to the Victory I Call, my soldiers true, in Me resisted in days of a great gloom over Earth.<br />\n643. To be merged in consciousness with the Lord — victories pledge. Fire fills heart and its Light. Notice how days of collision with darkness are always accompanied by a victory and new stays. Damage caused by it, blossoms fires of new achievements and understanding of forces new. So darkness we Force to Serve you faithfully and forces everything that to strengthen you and to make stronger still. In twilight of fight and ardent collisions with it you remember it because behind you I Stand and to you I Help to cope with dark rack. About disappearing don\'t grieve. It is better to strengthen the remained columns, than on rotten to lean.</p>\n<p>644. (M.A.Y.). By spirit and heart I claim that you have no bigger Defender and the Friend on Earth and in the Worlds. Reply with appreciation and love. Attention and Care answer with the light, from you proceeding and to the world brought, in darkness. When your heart light shines, pleasure to the Lord, because is his children. How to persuade and how to convince that only full devotion and full return of in the spirit of the Lord you reach the unattainable and impossible you do possible. To be given to the Lord by everything consciousness if the consciousness allows — pleasure for spirit. I will go on about the Lord until there is He food and life. Otherwise after all reach. On them who are rushing about on bark of a planet, you don\'t look. Not them your destiny. Your way to Light, to it, with it’s strong in heart.</p>\n<p>645. (Guru) - could Tell much, but completeness of the accord isn\'t present, the past disturbs, it is necessary preventing to withdraw and establish a tone new. It is bad when try to keep step with a back of a tatter of yesterday. The Send has to meet full understanding and an assessment. The envoy delivers the Message. It is better to exaggerate, than to belittle, for you it is better. Let\'s come into contact on the basis new. About the old we will forget. To us the right to proximity is approved by fidelity also obtaining our instructions; true, remembering, so remained a little. Devotion we appreciate. With understanding of fiery force I want to fill. It in us, in each of us, but it is necessary to realize it, to realize and increase the conscious. The crystal will grow and increase in force from each victory. Having Energy Treasure to you can help to seize it in itself. I will help and help because strong you I want to see.</p>\n<p>646. (Aug. 14). Here passed one more day of opportunities of approach to Light what you made what made each of you to come nearer to Me? Full-tendency means as well precipitancy having done some flying the future, to the Sphere of possible achievements. What did you reach in a day last, full opportunities to promote further? Whether seized feelings and the emotions? Whether supervised movements? Whether kept thought with Me? How the astral clown proved in you and wriggled? Whether showed a face of restraint, tranquility and possession of? How spoke with people? How hearts bore the lamp among a gloom? How as the word served the Lord? How the voice sounded and what words were stirred by your language? Or only light of the word told lips? Honestly in total having weighed and having estimated, you will see, as are far there were you from thoughts and actions attendant of Light. . Or you think to reach an Arhat plunging entirely into a commonness and being such, how all? If you don\'t dump usual clothes and you won\'t clothe in light attire, your light remains darkness. The person of the past in you and the person of the future in you fight for domination. To which you prefer and whom you want yourself display — depends on thoughts, both feelings, and acts. It is necessary clearly, to see distinct what want to become you, and this form, this essence of expression of your spirit, probably, in the future, to give the chance to express yourself in the present, merging with it all thoughts, feelings and actions; in itself shown not to give opportunity to the old person, but to give its new, forced to replace old, and to enclose the heart in new, and with him to stay constantly. You want to dream? Dream that new in you was approved, seized itself and learned balance of spirit. You will be tormented with a randomness of external conditions while the winner won\'t enter the rights of possession of all microcosm of your essence. Even you can wonder: \"I arrive so, and the winner as though arrived? » It is necessary to opportunity to allow the Highest to be shown \"I\" among life usual. And then singularity will be included into your life and there is it every day. Singularity every day— features of life of Arhat. Threaten on big affairs to approve at least the small. Everything begins with small, becoming gradually big, and then already great. But it is necessary to begin. For this purpose also the present days are given to use them for a victory. If by pass uselessly, what advantage of them? You judge day last appeared what and that it brought and as you in life attached my Instructions. You judge yourself on affairs, both words, and acts, and thoughts. But you judge yourself. Judge everyone and solver of the acts and destiny.</p>\n<p>647 . How many the heads, are so much and the worlds, and each world leads the life. But there aren\'t enough the worlds filled with me and directed to Me. Therefore you can judge the importance of aspiration. From a small world of the person the light thread reaches for Me and connects to my World. On a thread of aspiration are transferred to a world of vibration of light, filling it with new life. And the world starts growing and turns into an interior connected by communication live to the Sphere of Light. In process of growth of aspiration gets stronger both communication, and a stream of sent particles of light. So the Beam is established and the directed becomes the pupil. Further already depends on constancy, devotion and the firmness of will, and an aspiration neukrotimost. Hands are given to you from the Stronghold, and Beams flow. But many by pass without noticing.</p>\n<p>648 . (M.A.Y. ) 648 . (M.A.Y. ) . Here day passed, and I again with you. Yes! Day passed, but what it brought and what gave? And if didn\'t give anything? So after all and the whole life can not give anything. We know about the whole pages which have been pulled out from \"Book Life\". It is possible to use morning to plan that it is possible to make in a day. The Teacher everyday gives a task for day and energy for performance set. It is impossible to tell already that we don\'t know that to do or of what to think. A lot of things need to be executed in life current. You know that you want to reach. And a way to achievement you know too. Means, it is necessary to work and to approve in itself the necessary qualities of spirit, because the basis — in them.</p>\n<p>649. (Guru). If the spirit — is fire as it is important that the fire of spirit burned inextinguishably. Spirit fire itself doesn\'t burn, but from the crystals collected in the Bowl; each movement by the low-slightest the person accumulates or wastes Treasure crystals. And therefore from now on and up to the end — this Treasure to increase a task. So we will direct the will on that fire of spirit increased and the Treasure of energy collected. It is necessary удумать as best to find a way for the most necessary and how to execute successfully that is the purpose of existence of the person on Earth and in the Worlds.</p>\n<p> 650. (Aug. 15). It is possible to learn to cause in it these or those feelings, feelings and emotions it is perfect irrespective of external circumstances. Usually at people happens on the contrary. This independence exempts the person from slavery at the passing phenomena. It is possible, since morning having risen, to solve: \"I will rejoice today, but out of any communication by that around, it is simple because I want\". The external reasons of grieves and pleasures human are very relative, and one are pleased with that grieves others. The phenomenon influencing our experiences to serve as the standard or criterion therefore can\'t. Also the pupil is right, deciding to show pleasure without any external reasons to that. It is possible to go further, and to rejoice to the phenomenon which was earlier grieving. In the beginning for self-persuasiveness it is necessary to take from a causing grief of the phenomenon that positive that is available in it. Here deceived cruelly. \"As your deception as it teaches me to much as shows the road to that in the future not to be already deceived is useful to me. To lesson I will be glad\". So argues wanting to change a corner of the relation to the events. Everything teaches us, and in everything there is something that the benefit is brought and that teaches the next lesson of life. When life becomes too heavy, it is possible to start to learn to live internal feelings, irrespective of burden external. It is easy to keep fine and light mood when everything is good and happy, but will to create such mood when everything causes mood absolutely opposite, will be a victory over life. Millions, health don\'t give to some people happiness — means, happiness inside, in something another. Try to be joyful at the request of will and regardless of an external environment. Pleasure of spirit We Call pleasure from spirit. Usual pleasures are fragile. As the pleasure terrestrial grows quickly dull and is settled, and any more amuses heart and an eye that pleased until recently. Why reins to give from the moods and feelings in hands to things passing. It is quiet because I want, it is joyful because I want pleasure of spirit, instead of Maya things passing. So it is possible to cause in itself a number of feelings, feelings and emotions out of their any dependence on dark conditions and subjects to be exempted from their power, from the power of the present over consciousness. Then in a dungeon it is possible to be free and joyful pleasure of spirit then in Elevated it is possible to be free from whirlwinds of astral and heavy influences of negative spheres. In Mira Nadzemnom the external influences consciousness strongly extraordinary, and it is very necessary to approve in itself immunity against external influences on Earth. The astral clown got used to wriggle as a result of external influences, nowadays he submits to will, executing its orders, but not strangers. Very valuably to scent in itself this freedom of the feelings without outside influences. It is possible to give to it tasks to react to any external event not as usually but as Specify will as the spirit wants. The spirit too long stayed in slavery at the covers. Nowadays time came to cease to be the slave. Outside there is the same, but the internal relation changes, the corner of the relation turns on 180 degrees. Earlier the phenomenon influenced will and covers; nowadays the will influences and establishes nature of this reaction in covers. So the relation changes to each phenomenon of life. Everything becomes as though on the contrary. Deceived — well, restrained — well, friends — well left in need, pressure intolerable — is good, everything is good that opportunity gives fiery strength to claim and the power over everything that inside and outside.</p>\n<p>651. (M.A.Y.). Not that bike, who without cares, and the one who among heavy cares, both alarms, and adversities stores the spirit from violation by them. Saw often the people crushed by spirit, whose spirit was broken and broken by waves of external influences. Growth to itself can\'t even add an elbow, or to change nature Laws, either Earth rotation, or obstinacy biped, but the spirit can be protected from violation because process of protection of spirit takes place inside and cannot concern at all that occurs outside. Outside there can be the most improbable, uneasy, terrible: the cities can collapse, be exterminated the people, suddenly change forms of habitual living conditions, epidemics, floods, accidents — everything can occur outside. But the spirit remains inside, not mentioned directly this entire if the will manages to protect it from external influences. Even the death of a body doesn\'t stop spirit life, even change of other covers. So, having concentrated in the spirit of the life basis, it is possible to raise over life the winner of life.</p>\n<p>652. (Guru). In the spirit of approve strong that future which you want to see in the accord with life evolution, claim, despite everything and to all contrary to, and desire ardent in the spirit of once and somewhere, but it is immutable it will be embodied in external forms of life. In it the primacy of spirit and not transient persistence of his will over a transient of the dense world is shown. Everything will be executed that is planned the Plan of Lords because the Highest Will of Claims in Plan tracings. As also your will if from eternal spirit proceeds, it in the aspirations will reach what wants. I speak that knew that impossibility and an invincible of temporary external conditions for us not a barrier. Not a barrier it in you because we build the spirit temple over them, atop, over life terrestrial and usual. You build the house, and we help you. And we will complete the house.</p>\n<p>653. (Aug. 16). The fear should be eradicated so that it wasn\'t tested even in a dream, as well as counteraction to people. To run from the enemy, even in a dream, is more useless for the soldier of Light. The enemy is as though strong seemed, the back can\'t be turned. Even receding, it is necessary to keep facing the enemy, and it is necessary that a condition it crashed so deeply into consciousness that and waking or sleeping distinction in behavior in relation to enemies wasn\'t any. The dream finds often yet gets rid properties of the character which have nestled somewhere in back streets of consciousness. They follow transmutation. Close the question of imagined qualities is connected with it. Sometimes special test is required to reveal and separate imagined qualities of the presents. A lot of detachment is necessary to take a detached view of it, and it is necessary to look at itself from Us, from the Stronghold, in the spirit of having separated from three (the lowest covers).</p>\n<p>654. (Aug. 17). My children! Difficulty of a way that is a lot of the phenomena attracting attention and heart, it is scattered on the road parties. And heart directs to them, and with them seeks to stay, but not with Me. More than once it was possible to observe how something inside directed to the Lord, and heart wanted to remain with things around, Attracted it and taken it. Two focuses of an attraction turn out: to Me and world of a direct environment. And to which interest is more, that also wins. So the consciousness is between various poles of an attraction and depends on what is preferred. The will can help, but nevertheless solves heart. These focuses, or attraction spheres, exist and in the Thin World, but already extra dense order. The house on Earth — is dense, but the same house in the form of a mental thin form already out dance though attracts to itself the consciousness released from a body. Such forms we call heaps. They also form spheres of an attraction of a terrestrial order, though deprived density of the physical world. Their harm is that they are deprived of the valid basis that they, though exist, but have no life, as though reflection of the world terrestrial. The consciousness which has got stuck in these phantoms, in them sinks, cutting off itself opportunities to learn the reality world. The reality is in the world truly real, in World Lord in knowledge of Space and that in it is over human heaps. All heat up the mental products space not. Attendants of Light sate it with the images close to reality, and products of true creativity of spirit. Their criterion is the Beauty. Therefore art is closest to Truth because on Beauty Space is created. Therefore mental creativity of the person that corresponds and созвучит to reality is divided and that shows is based on it, and that is Maya phantoms. Maya attendants — it is all people, living her and living in her. Knowledge carriers — Attendants of the Truth, Truth,<br />\nReality is Attendants of Light. And the pupil has to understand already where his consciousness at each this moment of his life, that is the nobility that to serve is attracted: Maya or Light Knowledge illusions.</p>\n<p>655. (M.A.Y.). Attendants of the truth, where they were to look for them among crowds seduced Mizrahi Maya? In total and everything as who evolutions serve, bear in itself and on itself the press of the Space Truth. Among them also look for congenial, in whatever clothes there were they. On them is spirit press. Not at their words you look, but at affairs. Are justified by affair; these are builders of life, happiness found in work. Work is process fiery, process of accumulation in an organism of fires. Workers are taken away the first place in evolution run. The going era will be marked by fire tension, showing in works intense. In tension of ardent, creative activity looks for the fiery solution of life.</p>\n<p>656. (Guru). More than once it was possible to notice how the intense work, whatever it was brings fiery pleasure and any special lifting. It is lifting of a creative power of the person who has found in work the statement of fiery potential of spirit. Work intense, work creative, work selfless — is a fiery way of evolution of spirit to mastering by all fires. Already you know that work, and it is thus more intense, and in World Elevated. Work - destiny of the person. But fiery work is its happiness and pleasure. The treasure of energiya is filled in works. If you want to fill crystals of fire and the centers to force to be shone — you work. The secret of work lit up is that it puts the person in possession of that inheritance and those space gifts which are prepared to it evolution. Think to reach exercises and breath, but without effort, saturated and intense, all this anything. In work fruits of all achievements are hidden. Work creative is a display in life of burning fires. Intense work is welcomed; work endlessly, everywhere, in all Worlds. We work thought. Rest only temporary was, for accumulation of forces. To work we call also you, with us going. It is necessary to think of secret of work strong.</p>\n<p>657. (Aug. 18). In the astral world terrestrial places become spatial conditions that are conditions of this place are transferred to space, losing thus signs of distances and communication with other terrestrial places and objects. So, the terrestrial house is transferred to space in that look as it took shape in consciousness of the person, and in that form which the person gave it. If the house of the neighbor in which transferring him never I happened is thus transferred also, only present type of the house, an external form its, its external surfaces imprinted in consciousness is transferred. If the person never left the village, he with itself to the World Thin will carry away the village with that environment which was seen by an eye. So from the wide world terrestrial one village with the small district surrounding it will be pulled out and imprinted there as the world terrestrial. Imperfection and limitation it is easy to see forms from outside. And it is possible be surprised that similar reflections have nothing in common with reality. If, living in the city, we don\'t know that becomes behind walls of the next house and what inside the house, it is possible to understand, our representations even the dense world how are limited and distorted. About expansion of consciousness it is spoken not without reason. Reflections really real don\'t exist in Space as reality, but human heaps are light astral. The inexperienced consciousness in them chokes and sinks, especially connected by the house prison. As well passions carry away spirit of the person spheres, to its corresponding and filled conformable everyone generations. Release from passions, or impassivity, means release from an attraction of all these spheres. The player surely will appear in a gambling den, and the drunkard among soul mates. Attraction is on compliance. So, rolling in these illusive, but real forms for spirit, the person in the Thin World in the direction put on Earth continues to move, won\'t be settled yet generated by it energy. It is better not to have houses terrestrial at all, than, having, but to be to it attached. It is better not to be connected anybody and anything and not to be attached to anything; better, leaving to finish all scorers with an environment dense. It well without the house terrestrial, the person is free then. It is possible to see how it is difficult to come off even in thoughts the comfortable center. Council all: not become attached to anything: nor to people, nor to places, to the prophetic. They are various forms of slavery. To the lord and the Guru — here to whom heart without fear can attach it lose freedom. Among Maya various ghosts it is possible to distinguish reality foundations: it is creative activity, but superpersonal, this art and its creations, it everything that builds life evolution. Forms of life are real. But their representation which is reflecting in consciousness of the person isn\'t real. Reality of space of the highest measurements other, than dense world; among infinitely different human ideas of the world where find correct and faultless? So, having only concerned World Lord it is possible to observe from the Sphere it spheres terrestrial and to notice their true relationship. Time and space in the highest measurements have aspect absolutely other. The distance is, but is defined by a thought Lightful. It is possible to move, but force of saved-up fire. If fires are absent, ability can\'t move to be shown. It is a lot of Secrets in Space, but the greatest — Secret of Fire.</p>\n<p>658. (M.A.Y.). If you remain true in the spirit of the Lord, for the future it is possible to leave alarm. It doesn\'t leave if heart is given It. If only the imperfections didn\'t serve as a pretext to depart from the Lord. Many depart from It under this plausible excuse. \"I, say, It not it is worthy\". *Conclusion from this destructive formula such is that, understanding itself unworthy to come nearer, the person justifies the distance and removal from the Lord — and inevitable thereof immersion in darkness. Many, even good consciousnesses, stumbled on it. Warn friends.</p>\n<p>659 . (Guru) - The fir-tree and Is identical in the winter in the summer. And the unlucky pupil rushes about from one condition of spirit to another, torn apart by opposite attractions. But attraction focuses for chosen a way to the Lord - one is Light focus, and, apparently, focus of darkness shouldn\'t affect consciousness. But heavy and the consciousness at height are hard to hold times. Then I repeat it is possible to study at a fir-tree.</p>\n<p>660. (Aug. 19). We don’t love denial, \"no\" also doesn\'t mean absence, absence, emptiness, that is something opposite to the nature of things therefore not denial, but the statement is preferred by us. People know that it isn\'t necessary to do, and still do. It is better to know that it is necessary to do — and to do. The essence of denial is negative, passive, and inert; in the statement shown activity. The inert good thereof is often won by the active, active, militant evil. In movement or it isn\'t mobile, in public or one, on vacation or in works, but the yogi is active always and the militant opposes itself to the evil. Never reconciles and doesn\'t incline before a combination of external conditions, knowing that they cope will, and if not it, others. But will foreign he doesn\'t want to betray the life and therefore approves the. Life is the statement something, someone\'s wills, both desires, and thoughts. The yogi can\'t be given to the power of the casual energiya born in human microcosms. The phenomena generated by a combination wills human, are deprived uniform directing, uniting them, and conscious will because who can expect everything and therefore such combinations the will, directing their energy in the desirable direction can operate. Energy these flow as a stream and when will Specify it the direction, usually they to it are obedient, but it is necessary to dig in space the channel for energiya moving to the future. It can give any form and the direction. Energy can take and issue at the will. It is better to plan streams of the phenomena and their current, it is better most to define their form and character, than to be given or give them on will of destiny and to accidents of external conditions. It is better to claim most, than to appear in the face of someone else\'s statements. Compare a shuttle rushing on a current, at will of waves, or operated by a firm hand. Future registration is a will prerogative. If it happens in the accord to the Plan of Lords, its success is immutable. It isn\'t necessary to limit only it to short terms because the Plan Is conceived for big terms. Also it will be executed. To your will, merge with Will Lords, will the human won\'t hinder.</p>\n<p>661. It is much permitted to the one who the measure all permissions treats the Lord but if received the permission about the Lord forgot, in a scourge.</p>\n<p>662. (M.A.Y.). Going out of the traced Plan of Happiness to itself won\'t find.</p>\n<p>663. (Aug. 20). My son, you is right when the karma starts working and terms come, everything develops in immutable compliance with it. And the will then is powerless to change main current of life. At these moments it is impossible to interfere with karma — it is useless. But, knowing the appointment and those terms came, it is necessary to coordinate the actions with them. It is much lost because of inconsistency. Now terms didn\'t come yet, and desired time didn\'t come yet and therefore any attempt are show the activity outside won\'t be expedient and results won\'t yield. I believe unnecessary any attempts to gain recognition before term. Also I Consider that opinions of people around (those who don’t know) can\'t express the valid state of affairs and understanding of mission of the son. Even the knowing will be surprised when time will come. Also will think how we passed it, after all knew, and were close. Those who understand now and begin see clearly in the future, keenness of those can be noted and it to put down to credit. I prepare conditions for the introduction in a foreordained field of activity.</p>\n<p>664. Discrepancy between aspirations of spirit to express itself in external actions and restrictions of the dense world is so great that many don\'t maintain. From it so few happy people is among Spirits High. Terrestrial conditions are too rough and rough.</p>\n<p>665. Immersion in the personal excludes possibility of a contact space and even the planetary phenomena. Personal it is possible to find time, but not to the detriment of the rest. Than the bike of people there are less than personal thoughts, especially. Therefore it is better to give thoughts to the Lord and to be with Him. If to delete the world of personal thoughts, the spirit won\'t suffer from it, and on the contrary, its world extends. Even all-planetary life proceeds outside personal worlds. Even the speaker from a tribune doesn\'t speak about the private matters. Even in public life the real people personal don\'t submit for display. There is no place personal in future our constructions. It is excluded at all. It is necessary to think of it and to understand it.</p>\n<p>666. (Aug. 21). Not to cover with any words, any reasoning’s that instructions of Mother are rejected. Also tell, what Mater did transfers according to my instructions, and on whose it? Also tell that the present contents in the magazine won\'t be while incompleteness is available. Also tell that you will cooperate only under a condition if instructions of Mother concerning A.P are followed. and also if executes that served as the reason of its divergence with the son and if Z.T. will agree take part in their affairs again. Words it isn\'t necessary much, but let them will be accurate and clear. Even to the blind it is clear as were ridiculous criticism and condemnations. It is impossible to reckon with opinion of neighbors because they know nothing &lt; ... >; far were and is from Us and entrusted ours. Verbosity it isn\'t necessary. Despite seeming failure, a lot of things are reached. The criticism any more won\'t be, and blows to relatives. Hostility in letters isn\'t present therefore the way to at least any extent of mutual understanding isn\'t closed. Let everyone will reveal the face up to the end. It is necessary in order that division was full. I will go with those who with Me. Vague it isn\'t necessary to me. We consider not on that, it is good or bad, and on that, with Us or against. Vague be afraid more, than open enemies because harm from them is reserved and their poison imperceptibly gets into system and poisons it. About anybody and be not sorry about anything. The hero — alone, but wins against the world. The way of an eagle is lonely, but he the first sees the sun during rising. I — your sun, and Beams shine My wings, and years yours doesn\'t know barriers.<br />\n667. (M.A.Y.). You keep, native. Left be not afraid to be, because we. Then all will come.</p>\n<p>668. (Guru). Guess what, how many it was necessary to go on the ground, and make an allotment. They call intolerance, and we — devotion and fidelity, them and you will go the years which have remained on Earth.</p>\n<p>669. (Aug. 22). In honor won\'t be lagged behind. Direct to it (to devotion) all consciousness — and the goal will be reached. Who speaks \"no\"? When I Speak \"yes\"! There will be everything prespecified by Me. Up to the end undergone, in Me resisted, all will receive. Clear victory if reaches though one. You will become is stronger on number of the departing: one disappeared — twice more strongly, two — three times, and so on. The destiny of the departed isn\'t light. Packs of monsters winged plow the ocean of thoughts. By it incorrect heart is opened. The rotten tolerance is worse than intolerance because enters into deception.</p>\n<p>670. What dark inspired, whatever sent thoughts, know, for Us a victory and I with you always. And if it seems — the Lord left — this is Maya. So, approving reality in the face of evidence dense, you will reach Me. Don\'t take their thought for the. It is easy to distinguish them: pleasures don\'t give, from Me separate, force to forget about everything that to you Spoke. And you repeat continued those words that my Proximity is approved also by Focus of Light, Hierarchy.</p>\n<p>671. (M.A.Y.). The best school for studying of the person is life. Only she can teach recognition of faces therefore nowadays and ardent opportunity is given. Means, it is necessary to study.</p>\n<p>672. (Guru). Lash a butt you won\'t overcome, as well as obstinacy human. And will free. Seeing mistakes, it is necessary to explain, and then to provide to solve, having left a freedom of choice. And then won\'t be able to tell any more, not known.</p>\n<p>673. (Aug. 23). I consider inexpedient to rely on something outside. I consider that it is possible to rely only on Hierarchy of Light, but regardless of accident of external conditions. The darkness external can\'t serve as a support for understanding of Light. But, believing on Us all consciousness, you can succeed. The prosperity consists not in how there is a terrestrial, external life, and in how grow in quality of spirit and fires approved by them. Qualities of spirit shown in the form of fires giving deposits of fiery crystals which integrated power concentrate in the Bowl. So qualities of spirit, being carriers of fires, are inseparably linked with its ascension on the Perfection Ladder. Some think to succeed somehow differently, but other way to Light isn\'t present. Aspiration is fire, courage — fire, firmness — fire. Precisely in firmness the exactly burning flame are show inflexible power of spirit. But weakness fluctuates from each whiff of whirlwinds terrestrial, and go out, fluctuating, fires, - because there are so much extinct consciousnesses. Means care — about qualities of spirit because without them there are no fires, without fire — death. Because there is so much live dead persons and so many the obsessed. Obsesses don\'t dare to come nearer to burning heart. The care of fires is inseparably linked with care of qualities of spirit. So the statement of qualities and their development will be a fiery way of spirit. Think that live that is either to drink, or to dress well, or prosperity to have and surround itself with things, but life is given to increase fires, that is qualities of spirit and if the fiery way of spirit is found the purpose of life to put the statement of qualities. Availability of approved fires means immortality because in the spirit of it is possible to die even at a live body. Live dead persons phenomenon not only evangelical, but also very modern. People only about terrestrial think and much on Earth reach, but material achievement — anything if to them there not correspond spirit growth. Growth of spirit is growth of fires. Fire which has descended on apostles is a symbol of fiery transformation of the person. There are a lot of steps of this transformation. Ahead Boundlessness and growth of fires it is boundless. On this long way the conscious statement of qualities leads to mastering by fires, and each slightest effort in this direction gives the consequences. Everything gives consequences, but the fiery phenomena — special. Therefore, caring of qualities of spirit, it is possible to succeed outside the conditions of the usual. Take two: one, using all benefits of Earth and having everything, but not qualities of spirit, and another, not having anything, but saved up crystals of fires. One, on Earth possessing everything, will come poor to the World Thin, another, deprived of everything, but fires the approved — in that World will have everything because fire there is a basis for all manifestations of spirit. One can be motionless a block, another — to fly, dissecting space, both to see, and to hear, and strong to use all the fiery feelings. So people is in life terrestrial, on Earth, approve the way in Elevated, but only on force saved up in life corporal fires. Take the worker and the idler — the difference will be striking, because work — fire store. To the person it is given the chance to succeed in any living conditions, and not wine lives (not life is guilty) if it doesn\'t succeed, but the person.</p>\n<p>674. (M.A.Y.). If to take only all approving Proximity of the Lord, He becomes closer. Separating simply to reject, without complicating itself thoughts of that, it is correct or not. The logic of evidence and the logician of reality are various. To rely on the first, means to be mistaken constantly. Therefore any thought directly or indirectly distancing from the Lord is rejected; undertakes only all approving Proximity, or rapprochement. So the accepted pupil arrives.</p>\n<p>675. (Guru). It is good, when it is necessary to write down the thoughts contradicting own. Means, their source is other. There is a wish to complain, and it is impossible to complain, or to complain about the destiny — it too. Or acquit itself in Decree non-execution. The Teacher wants one, and a cover of the pupil — another. There is a conflict. That will take overweight — it is will solves and, having solved, consequences of the decision assumes. Isn\'t present for the pupil of actions neutral, and everything matters.</p>\n<p>676. (Aug. 29). People don\'t notice, but at contact always there is an instant collision wills and comes to light immediately (though it isn\'t realized), whose will is stronger, and weaker will submits; besides unconsciously, will of stronger. But if about it the nobility and, feeling strong will, own to strain in counteraction, any influence, even very strong, it is possible to paralyze. Conscious counteraction of will can be very strong. You know how eremites resisted to a Satan, spirit of will huge. Certainly, communication with Hierarchy of Light helps. If the Image of the Lord is close and the consciousness of Presence keeps, the will amplifies unreasonably and influences of strangers, even very strong and imperious aren\'t terrible. But it is necessary to know, but it is necessary to feel existence of foreign influencing will. Against Us nobody is strong.</p>\n<p>677. Either mine, or the, either my World, or world surrounding. Plunging into the world of a direct environment, the person separates himself from Me, and there is then his life a small circle of the illusive personal world. On the one hand, it is impossible to come off Earth, with another, my World in consciousness has to be accepted, therefore, the Caesarian - to the Caesar, terrestrial - terrestrial, and mine - Me, that is balance and commensurability. If to forget about the Lord, life becomes usual if to go woolgathering, under feet there will be no support. Ours has to be practical and sharp-witted on Earth, and at the same time know reality hidden, fiery, and real outside passing changing forms; so two Worlds, the World truly real and the world of external forms, are combined in consciousness harmoniously. It also will be merge of the worlds in consciousness of the person. Certainly, the World intermediate, the World Thin, it is impossible to bypass. Therefore on our Banner three spheres united in a circle, a boundlessness symbol. We Know a lot of things that not known by you, and we Want to Tell this Knowledge to you, but on known conditions. These conditions: devotion unconditional and desire to know, that is the directed devotion is necessary because without it not to reach, because whirlwinds terrestrial and instability of the astral world to sweep away stays if they aren\'t kept by devotion. The aspiration is necessary because it is a magnet attracting fiery to energy on the accord. So, meeting these conditions composes the way of people.</p>\n<p>678. About devotion. When so many bans will begin to sound and many voices will call how resist? Only Me. When everything in what you will find a support hesitates and changes? In Me. When it becomes dark and the gloom will hide roadside milestones how a way you will find? On stars. Maitreya the Star will brightly shine a way указуя in Boundlessness. So aspiration to Me and devotion will transfer you through. Here, Truth here! There, here we know, here he is a prophet and the teacher — so click people, stumbling in darkness; but the truth in Me, both Knowledge too, and a way. Go on it without evading it is possible only devotion. Why they rush about from one authority to another? Who approved by its allegedly knowing something? But It is told that terrestrial wisdom — hostility against God, that is that any human knowledge is relative, and only the Knowledge Space is true certainly. If earlier Earth was flat and on three foundations and the sun went on the sky, really you think that whales left absolutely idea of people of things and of the world. No, didn\'t leave, though changed the form, but the same whales. Infantile materialism, faultlessness of human ideas of the world according to science of today and is ardent incontestable persuasiveness of evidence. These whales special - as chameleons, change the color and coloring, and even it is more than that, a form and the sizes, being given a freakish shape and fantastic scientific visibility. How to resist among change of all these phenomena and representations human about the world surrounding them, and Me? Let says everyone that wants, let exercise the wit in scientific speculation and theories. Knowing knows the way. This way is with the Lord. Everything that is true in science, that is conformable to Space Knowledge, all this will resist, but cetacean of idea of things will go to oblivion quickly. As hundreds wrong pseudoscientific hypotheses left already. You I stand. To operate even the difficult device, it is easier, than it to create. The teacher Calls to creativity of new forms of life. The ultimate goal of the person is the founder of the worlds, and only Space Knowledge will lead to this purpose great. All ways are good, conducting to comprehension of Space Laws.</p>\n<p>679. My son, provide to judge to me in what you are good and in what it is bad. You only seek to hold Me all force, all thought, all heart. The traveler often spends a lot of time for a self-condemnation while it should be used on strengthening of communication with Me. The repentance is useless. It should be replaced with understanding of the made mistake, and besides such that the mistake couldn\'t repeat again already. The person weak-willed repents bitterly soon again to indulge in the weakness. Anything if force grows and fires multiplies mistakes.</p>\n<p>680. (M.A.Y.). Ice of misunderstanding is punched, and we will punch ice. Counteracting us lose sight that invisible influence is stronger than words and philosophizing’s. It reaches directly to hearts. And if heart is ready, consequences are inevitable. We welcome the first blows to ice. And you rejoice them too. The stone of destiny slides inevitably. Signs of destiny notice, them the future differs. Others misunderstanding don\'t blame if heart is opened. The messenger when will be knocked, heart will leap then, and words will fly away then, as an unnecessary peel. We rejoice to that is made there. Close signs will specify also proximity of ways of implementation of the precepting fairy tale.</p>\n<p>681. (Guru). Through the understanding it will be given and explained uncomprehending, but in time. Therefore also Care of you. It is let through able know. But time is very interesting and saturated. The stone and a gait firm the destiny goes. Special is time full of value. Listen sensitively, understand.</p>\n<p>682. (Aug. 31). Difficultly to the person pull out consciousness from a vice of conditions surrounding it. Rituals are entered to facilitate this process. The consciousness is put in other, unusual situation and that comes off commonness. To overcome the last it is hard. Vanity by it is name. It gets in the rapprochement way with Us and strong disturbs. Certainly, all this is overcome by usual concentration. But who seized it? So everything facilitating approach to Us, we Do not deny. But nevertheless it is easiest to come nearer love. It is a magnet which is powerfully overcoming vanity. As a matter of fact, life — is continuous fight and overcoming of that is and that was, that has to be. Future person overcomes in himself the real person and the last, old person in himself. These processes happen inside, not the external is overcome, but internal. External changes — only victory consequences inside. Many make a mistake, transferring fight outside, but not overcome, not won, the winner can\'t be over external. Fight against windmills turns out. All of them to themselves turn, and efforts to stop them are fruitless. At understanding the point of the appendix of the lever of will that is its direction simply changes. External will be only accompaniment for spirit. Whether it is possible shout or irritation to break it in other person? No, it is impossible. But having polarized itself on a tranquility wave, it is possible to stop it very quickly. It is necessary to learn to overcome external by the corresponding polarization of own consciousness. And even the prototype of the desirable phenomenon is created first of all in own consciousness and approved in it before it is released in space for a final display in the dense world. In total in the person, it is necessary to watch only that a framework of Space Laws, that is that everything was made lawfully because a lot of lawlessness is created in the world were thus observed.</p>\n<p>683. (M.A.Y.). I want to tell a lot of things, but the condition of accepting consciousness doesn\'t allow. Now time such what to compare it to anything, being earlier, is impossible, and approach to it has to be too absolutely unusual. It is possible to pass, but having concentrated all forces inside. To give to their external — means to lose opportunity to move because on the external there will be no fire — it too darkly. The flame gives light, but isn\'t given fiery и the lamp. It too should be understood. Everything concentrates on the Lord, and then it is possible to go.</p>\n<p>684. (Guru). I want to tell that seeming complexity of situation weren\'t confused because terms solve everything. Certainly, it is very difficult in the dense aspect, but solves not dense, and all triad, and a leading place belongs to fire, that is World Fiery. As also private matters to evolution of mankind of a direct concern have no as have no value small terms in a great stream. The general current obviously specifies the direction. The world old lives the last days, the World New goes on change. In it sense of the current time and everything that occurs at you on Earth.</p>\n<p>685. (Saint. 1). When currents are adverse, the darkness strains, and then I Speak: \"Care\". In such time communication with Hierarchy of Light has to be especially strong. Yesterday is characteristic it. But communication was weak. The first falling should be considered as the prevention, and it was necessary to strengthen communication, then there would be no second also, caused sprain of feet and a hand. And as a result write very difficult. Certainly, business didn\'t do without intervention dark through people unfamiliar in this case who served as the channel and the tool. Again I Speak about constancy of contact, and that after all and the head will be able to demolish.</p>\n<p>686. (Saint. 2). I, your Lord, Approve you in Light in the face of darkness. Yes the darkness will disappear. Are noted dark strong — a sign, specifying on proximity to Me, they won\'t touch, but annoy Mine and restrict. Where? Whether to Me? And dark rage we will note as the phenomenon which is pulling together us. Let\'s not be, we won\'t be as the people who are following the tastes of spit poisons dark, but their each attempt and blow it is used in the benefit, increasing experience and knowledge. So, the injured hand and treatment by its mental energy will even more approach to mastering by fiery force because will show how quickly there is a recovery over usual terms. To all methods of treatment and to all drugs power of mental energy is added. This experience is important still that the dark wanted to weaken, and instead only promoted strengthening of fiery force and mastering by it in practice. From now on to us dark will serve steadily whatever undertook, and the advantage received from them, will move harmed. Harm will pass, but stay remains with us. Therefore to dark attacks we will be glad because bring experience and knowledge. Even it is possible to tell: \"As are useful to me to advance your diligence me on the way\".</p>\n<p>687. (Saint. 4). Betray itself thoughts of service to Light and the future will lay down before you as a way of an ascension of uninterrupted and ardent approach to the Lord, you in this future approve yourselves, the share and a place, not favor of destiny, but inalterability of action of the law of a magnet.</p>\n<p>688. (M.A.Y.). Native mine, it is necessary to believe. This belief will help to reach the end. It is necessary to leave fluctuation and doubts — too. Everything is clear, everything will be, so for what to grieve? About personal destiny be not anxious — it in reliable hands.</p>\n<p>689. (Guru). My friend, balance and, especially, in acts which have to be expedient. It is impossible to reach the purpose, going from it to the opposite side. Let there will be a step steady and not evading from it.</p>\n<p>690. (Saint. 6). I speak: \"Be filled with determination these last days to go all the way\". What from this, what somewhere someone lives well and to someone is free and nourishing? As had fun and didn\'t know cares before the end of Atlantis and before a flood, but wise, having been filled with grief and grief, I knew that there came terrible days. And who from my relatives lives or lived carefree? Burden, difficulties, encumbrances and cares — fuel for the spirit, giving fire, and the more burdening, is more right lifting. Easy life never was fruitful, and the one who wants it, will have, but won\'t have a fiery share of spirit. Both easy life, and life heavy — both will pass, but the first will pass, without having left a trace and without having given anything while the second will give experience rich and knowledge and raises spirit on the following step. It is worth living for the sake of \"anything\". But, fruits collecting from life hard, it is possible to go and — it is prompt — to Light. Ease of life should look for not, but Proximity of the Lord.</p>\n<p>691. Yes, it everything is right, everything about what you think wasn\'t executed, but ways of implementation of the Plan are inscrutable. And you are in it. With its mobility your destiny changes also. And knowing assumed on the near future, you remember that it can be changed in a root. The purpose remains, and there is the best approach to it, but change an implementation conditions. Conditions become personally for you more and more burdening in process of spirit growth. But not darkness ahead, also isn’t eternal burdening’s. The holiday will be and on your street and your house which called mine. You remember, I Told: \"My house is\". So it also is and My Care over this house. And the holiday will come, and it is rather, than you believe.</p>\n<p>692. (M.A.Y.). Native, you keep very much.</p>\n<p>693. (Saint. 8). We are masked from the gases generated by the phenomenon of darkness. It is necessary to remember that each condition of a human body gives the emanations, being accompanied a smell, color and the liberation of gas, corresponding to in character endured feeling. Sweat too has a smell, and at all people the different: the smallest particles of substance are radiated in surrounding space; brown gas is a darkness product. Gases filled brothels and gambling houses as a cloud, surrounds the gas emitted by the person, the carrier. In the atmosphere of some houses and apartments sensitive heart (it becomes difficult to breathe) chokes. These gases have very characteristic smells. Chemically they aren\'t distinguishable yet, but people know that there is a fetid and fragrant skin, and besides at all from spirits or aromas. Poisonous radiations of the person are always accompanied by allocation of the corresponding gas. This phenomenon is of rather thin order. Therefore so difficult gives in to the scientific analysis. Gases have a certain chemical composition, as also smells. But, say, known aromas any few can\'t be determined their chemical composition by a smell. Before the science didn\'t reach yet. Smells of usual gases, of course, are known. It would be possible to investigate saliva or sweat and other allocations in connection with a smell and an emotional condition of consciousness, but even this work is very thin. The combination of physical elements gives a rose and it began to smell, but there is still something escaping the analysis, something, on the same soil giving different forms and smells to different flowers. It something collects particles of a matter of a chemical scale of elements in certain, very difficult combinations of connections which bear with itself a smell of the smallest particles of this substance enameling in space. Usual gas still it is possible to collect and investigate its structure, but the smell of perfume is already much more difficult because their structure is difficult. Copper too smells and is surrounded with allocations, very difficult audible ordinary devices. But the distinguished feeling of sense of smell feels a smell of copper obviously. But the smell is particles of a matter of this substance, disseminated in the atmosphere round it. The smell is material as well as a sound or light, but all of them stand on border of the Thin World and are connected with it. The world Thin too is full of smells. It and is clear: everywhere the same matter, but in different conditions of thinning. Secrets of atom still far aren\'t opened because in it all three peaces are made. Both the ocean is concluded in a drop, and the Universe — in atom, and all Space is reflected in it.</p>\n<p>694. (M.A.Y.). Matter studied, but Secret of life of a matter couldn\'t comprehend yet. In Space still there are a lot of secrets, and they can be learned. Science to them a way lays.</p>\n<p>695. (Guru). Supernatural anything isn\'t present. Natural everything, all is based on the law. But unknown and inexpressible it is infinite more, than learned. It is necessary to look for in the field of thin energiya.</p>\n<p>696. (Saint. 9). My friend, consider counteraction equal to power of your aspiration and force of growth of fires. It is more, the, therefore, growing fires are more powerful. Also the attention of the dark concentrates on fire carriers more, than is a public the usual. They, dark, strengthen this counteraction of fires. As the old person inside rises force all unbeaten still. This threefold resistance to going spirit should be overcome. In process of overcoming it increases to turn the hero into the winner of elements, dark evilmake and. But bigger from all — it is a victory over. The principle of wavy movement is accepted by science: light wave, radio waves, etc. also the will can be directed wavy, but at constancy of a rhythm — tension, recession, and new tension. There can\'t be an onions bowstring all the time in tension — it will weaken. Also the will gives tension of fires wavy, rhythmically. It the morning rhythm is characteristic. It is a cult of tension of daily movement of consciousness to the Lord when during a certain period of a daily cycle the aspiration reaches the apogee, bringing consequences obvious both the approved Proximity of the Lord and Communication with It. If tension it preceded rounds the clock, the consciousness couldn\'t sustain it. But, daily aspiring will strengthen the Communication and Proximity moments; it is possible to carry out also the rest of the time of day at level a little higher, than day previous. This phenomenon also will make essence of wavy lifting of consciousness and its expansion. The main thing not to go down spirit lower than a day previous or not to remain at all at its level, but, at least even it is a little, by all means to rise. It is necessary to watch sharp-sightedly, that a hollow of each subsequent wave that is that each new day wasn\'t on level lower than a day previous or same. It is an inevitable condition of lifting. If in the morning spirit mentally to rise, and to fall below last day in the afternoon, such amplitude of fluctuations of consciousness will deprive of it progress, despite lifting — it is necessary to go an ascending wave. Control over consciousness and feelings is necessary that movements in covers didn\'t break a lawful limit and didn\'t detain that an ascension. The lowest covers, and especially astral — the enemy ancient, will persistently seek to break an approved rhythm and to nullify its ascending force but if the will doesn\'t doze, the persistence of the enemy nevertheless can be broken. In the rhythm huge force is put. Inertia of movement will transfer through all obstacles, but the will is necessary when the force of fires at the moments of special tension is required. There is no such obstacle which the will of the person couldn\'t overcome. Therefore, having merged the will with Will Mine, it is possible to overcome everything, without losing full confidence of a final victory. The victory over dark can be imagined, and against them more than once won, but counteraction of elements is something with what human will in forces to cope not always, and then I Speak: tension of fires shouldn\'t exceed a lawful limit because covers cannot sustain. Even at tuberculosis you have a case when tissues of a body are devoured with internal fire. At these moments balance and tranquility will be the qualities constraining power of fires within safety, giving the chance to operate fire. In a copper fire chamber fire is regulated by will of the person, but it isn\'t subject to the person when devours the burning house. With iron will have to surround fires growing in a body that then to direct them at the discretion of will. And then every day will be day of lifting of spirit and a new step of a ladder fiery, in the future of the leader, about 366 steps in a year.</p>\n<p>697. (M.A.Y.). Write. Each written-down thought will be a contribution to the Treasury of accumulation of human spirit. Many would like to write, but there is no place to scoop. You have a perennial spring of Wisdom of the Teacher, from where to you are allowed to scoop the right. Therefore write, without weakening it unnecessary reasons. Difficulties of time are blessed that fruitful extraordinary if the spirit keeps balance, knowing that all forces can be strained to that to hold it. Only exactly the quiet surface of consciousness can give undistorted reflection of a mirror of the current hour. Therefore balance and tranquility is inevitable conditions of the correct perception. Not for the sake of itself, but for the sake of people and the world it is necessary to store balance because through it light arrives to spheres surrounding consciousness. Not personal it gave — it to hold, but all-planetary and universal. Hidden threads connected all among themselves, all people. On them fluctuations of mental waves are transferred. Lifting or falling of one bears the impulses in whole to the world on these hidden threads, bears light quicker. Therefore it is necessary to keep for the sake of people, for the sake of us and the Lord which loading is unreasonable and which burden even can\'t be imagined. To help the Lord, keeping the balance, is the first task for those who are close to the Lord.</p>\n<p>698. (Guru). It isn\'t necessary to give in to moods of the moment too easily. But it is transient. It is necessary to believe in a spirit victory. Passes everything, but the sun of the Teacher of Light over us always and shines us not belittled.</p>\n<p>699. (Saint. 10). Impact of a direct environment on consciousness strongly extraordinary, because it and fills it. This environment can mentally be replaced with another, and another will influence then. But to it, another before it is show, it is necessary to give an accurate form.</p>\n<p>700. (M.A.Y.). To the Teacher a place in a forward corner; if to deliver to the Lord in consciousness first everything, and life will begin to sound differently. Also the life symphony will be in this way executed. Many lives sound a dissonance. The separated conformable chords of the symphony don\'t give, and the main thing isn\'t known to the performer, for the sake of whom and that work of execution of a thing is executed. The lord will bring symmetry in all departures of life, and the sense will give it, and will close specify how to carry out life in lawful tone without deviating.</p>\n<p>701. (Guru). Personal feelings are fragile; on them it is impossible to build. Devotion is over the personal, going forward, far beyond the identity of this embodiment, but passing through them, through everything in the past, in last embodiments. And then personal feelings become quality of immortal ego; so personal feelings turn into qualities, losing the personal beginning. On qualities it is possibly to build. Them we appreciate and to qualities we trust.</p>\n<p>702. (Saint. 12). About eyes. Yesterday minute supervision over eyes of the interlocutor showed, how much it gives and as enriches consciousness with knowledge of the person. Eyes were running, not looking directly, escaping a look. Why? Eyes — this window of soul, is the book which should be able to be read. Supervision over human eyes opens the whole world in area of cognition of the person. And the one who operates the eyes, will be able to operate and strangers. Why others eyes run sometimes? Run because want to hide something that can\'t be made at a look direct and open. The thought is transferred in a look directly. Having caught a look, it is possible to catch thought. Means, the thought of a running look is bad or the owner doesn\'t wish it that it was read. You avoid people with running eyes. Experiences should be deepened and expanded. They will bring the richest material. Arhat owns the eyes. It is observant always. Feelings and thoughts are instantly reflected in the opinion of ordinary people, but people have no neither hunting, nor to observe and study time. Thoughts chaotic, uneasy, thoughts disturbing, small, small will give uneasiness to a look, instability, weakness. Fires of a microcosm are reflected always in the eyes, and also an illness and other conditions of spirit. It is possible to be the book open for each passer or people around, but it is possible to close and hold the book it closed. Reticence and restraint is the best protection. Garrulity never brought in anything benefit to anybody. The talker is defenseless. In hands others threads are given especially and forces if the person doesn\'t constrain himself emotionally. Each break of personal feelings and each flash of an astral give careless consciousness to the power of that person in the presence of whom they occur. It is necessary to own the eyes. Itself seized, owns also a look. It is necessary to learn to own light weapon the mighty.</p>\n<p>703. (M.A.Y.). Specific weight of the person is determined by eyes. It isn\'t difficult to see fires of eyes. The device of an eye is difficult extraordinary. To the Fiery World there ascends its complexity. See in all worlds, and the visual device of the person for each world has the corresponding device. See and in a physical body thin images. Means, thin and physical are connected closely. The visual device of the person it is possible will refine and to improve infinitely. It possesses creative power. Can create and contemplate the created, - as though, separate unit the complex installations, the allocated the independent functions.</p>\n<p>704. (Saint. 13). Each written-down thought has the value because represents itself crystallized light. You are surrounded with the Beam, you in the Beam and, changing it energy in forms, you receive the finished crystal. There is a transformation of spatial energiya that is their registration in images of thought. The thought not issued in consciousness remains inaccessible to the ordinary people, issued becomes their property; in it your merit, which shouldn\'t be underestimated. The same is given also by Teachers, but on the highest scale, - as wrote down also Mother Agni Yoga. Everyday Records are valuable a rhythm. The rhythm means a spiral extended in time, a spiral extending and conducting up. It is spoken as though about one, but in constantly new aspect and it is more profound and expanded. Anything because the expanded consciousness doesn\'t allow doesn\'t repeat, each time giving development of previous provisions; in it are show consciousness growth. Difficulty in that the form of a statement has to be nevertheless available and clear, at least to some extent, for all. But it is better to read it since the beginning, as well as these Records. We Give much because there are a lot of consciousnesses various and it is necessary to give food for all. Everyone will find on itself (himself) if takes the trouble to read up to the end. Hunger will force to read, there will be no place because more to take. Impact of Records on mentality will be huge, and not so much the contents will influence, how many fire and a speech rhythm. This rhythm is very strong of what it was convinced recently, having counted lines of records and having felt thus huge lifting of spirit and pleasure of flight. Will come! Many will come and will be scoop from Wisdom of the Lord because Thoughts him are imprinted on these pages. For destiny of Records don\'t grieve because will be issued and property become the native people. Therefore I Speak: \"Write and don\'t deliberate much\". Many would like to write, but opportunities have also no data. When the Beam is sent whom, consequences of sent Light can\'t but are show externally in this or that form. You are in the Beam. Once again I Speak: no, won\'t leave. I speak that knew that to Records you have to have belief, unshakable mobility of the Plan. Now you are at the crossroads events. But elements will be included into coast, and the building of the New World will rise, having acted is obvious and visible to all. And work your, persistent and long, will act from uncertainty on light of day. It is necessary to us. Therefore I Speak: \"Write\". And let Wisdom pours out in Records of these Teachers. Judgment of today postpones — it is painted by moment experiences. In time of records value you will understand, their force you will scent people to direct to the Teacher of Light. The end to Records isn\'t present and won\'t be because boundlessness is promised by me. You can note new opportunity to develop any thought in any direction, as though beginning to see clearly its development in the future. Technical improvements too won\'t be alien to this thought because you will be logically able to go from contemplation of any phenomenon of a technical order to its further improvement and rationalization. In it synthesis and its generalizing power affects. If there is a base and the uniting beginning, on its basis it is possible to understand everything. So a way of Specify forward, without stops and fluctuations.</p>\n<p>705. The condition of spirit is expressed in a look, as well as forces it. At a meeting of views, that is two forces, there is an instant definition of what force is more. At contact with strong will that it didn\'t suppress you should care. Its influence should put a barrier inside, passing charges it by, and without counteracting them externally, and to those without setting up itself under blow. The aura of external counteraction assumes blows of will opposite, but, having moved away itself, the aura from the blow sphere, you will force the opponent a charge of energy to let out for nothing therefore don\'t oppose to the angry. When the rage or its activity poured out and it discharged the essence, you because then it is absolutely powerless and in your power can act. So dark it is necessary learn, filling in rage with their light. And then your opposite of darkness will be active and powerful. With a smile the sent arrow of light will affect heart of the enemy, but it is necessary to know time, when and how to send this arrow. The condition unconditional is complete equilibrium about which any attacks will break and will be approved invulnerability. Open heart towards to the Lord will provide success. We won\'t be naive as only work daily, intense and fiery will force heart to direct to the Lord.</p>\n<p>706. (M.A.Y.). External only externally affects you, but internally ours you and with us. In it is your force and stability in Light. Our Space family is very amicable and strong the internal communication. When you will terminate terrestrial, you will come to us and you will be with us. Everything will be close, clear, familiar, and work darling under the Hand waits for it. Very darkly now is in the world; that each Ray of light and each light aura are brighter. But there are so much attacks and evil-shift— are too noticeable in space. But light business — to shine, and not to darkness to extinguish your light, the Lord the lit.</p>\n<p>707. (Guru). The notification about Me extends and goes deep. On steps of expansion you judge advance of affairs; extends more, but gradually, on steps. All will favor to departure: both people, and circumstances, also I put. In total and all towards will go not greatly because you in our care and your future are predetermined. Be not afraid of anything, everything will develop more wonderful wonderful, because for us It.</p>\n<p>708. (Saint. 14). The perception of thought the person goes constantly and under any conditions. Only usually it isn\'t realized. Question only in what are perceived thoughts. Certainly, this process goes according to the accord with usual thinking if the will doesn\'t interfere in it and doesn\'t adjust the consciousness receiver on a certain wave. It is necessary to understand that all this is simpler, than it seems. And if heart gives itself to any thought entirely, and for will it isn\'t required to make special efforts. But the full combination of will and heart in one is best of all. And then the perception of thoughts will be easy and free. It isn\'t necessary to think that someone something is deprived. To the ocean of spatial thought all have the right to an entrance, to a contact people, but the hazardous player, having connected itself is strong with the sphere of passion of a certain order, the contact with thoughts of space will limit only to it. Threads of trembling thought from spheres of hearts human in those areas which vibrations their hearts sound are stretched. Thought the constant creates constancy of contact. Let everyone will think that gets into its essence and builds it on channels of the premised thoughts.</p>\n<p>709. (M.A.Y.). Irrevocability of the decision will give rise to an irrevocable consequence. The irrevocable decision to be dreams always and a contact rhythm confidence will allow strengthening this proximity that this communication will be withheld. Against the current and waves of passers there is a boat surely to the purpose and to the purpose will reach? If to stop before each counter wave or to interrupt a course because a current against how reach? Float, native, to happiness, about happiness of the Lord Told.</p>\n<p>710. (Guru). Purposefully and strongly the future enters into life. And unless the iron gate of evolution depends on them standing on a stage. The far voices of the desert speaking about an unknown era, very much came nearer. And any more in the desert, but in life they dictate the strong will of Space Terms. Heart adjoins that is made in the world for the sake of this Great Future that there was it life.</p>\n<p>711. If the atom — is the Universe in a miniature, how many these Universes the human body with the central focus of heart, the center of blood system will make. As also Space is a uniform body, in which systems of the worlds as atoms in a human body, but keeps the heart binding everything in one. The thought boundless, thought fiery, rushes over the world, knowing no limit and barriers. On wings of flaring thought it is possible to reach and concern not uttered Light of greatness of the Uniform Central Sun — the center of everything that is.</p>\n<p>712. Consider that thought эфемерна and without consequences. But it is incorrect. The thought directly concerns that subject which mentions, either persons, or the phenomena, or a far star. And, concerning them, it brings from them particles of their aura and enriches consciousness with them. Thinking of any phenomenon, we attract in the consciousness of its property, feature, characteristic features and invisibly we get acquainted with them. It is so possible to know a lot of things about things, both subjects, and people. It is possible to know in general a lot of things, simply thought directing on the interesting phenomenon. We Give the guarantee of inclination of thought. But thought current the magnetic directs will if the person wants to act consciously. In life usual this principle works powerfully, and life human flows, submitting to the law of a magnetic attraction of thoughts. The thought not only attracts knowledge of that to the person, on what it is directed, but, being issued accurately, the image of the expression has ability and a tendency to claim in dense conditions. It is the second feature of thought. The thought — is the researcher, consider, the thought — is the creator. This dual aspect of thought is considered not always. From there are so much the misfortunes generated by undisciplined thinking because don\'t know that create, and the main thing, don\'t trust. The thought — the weapon two-edged, also will be often wounded by it the carrier heavy. All forces which the person, two-edged possesses: are destructive and creative, creating and bearing death. And the will solves, on what this force addresses.<br />\n713. (M.A.Y.) - Already you understand that communication with us not groundless dream, but something, available is obvious. Uncertainty results because that it is necessary to deal with the thin energiya inaccessible to external feelings. But even at communication of people incarnate often happens that heart under an external smile feels the hidden evil, and the aura painfully perceives its dark radiations. Communication of auras is the phenomenon usual. The same occurs and at contact with us, only thoughts and feelings are transferred consciously and consciously perceived. Certainly, we try to avoid, as far as possible, a personal element because people need something concerning not you, but them, something having the general character, something that can apply to itself. They should tell that each thought about from Earth of the departed they connect themselves with them. Words are so strong also. Not without reason about left it isn\'t accepted to speak badly. Their situation special. They are defenseless from thoughts of live, incarnate people. The thought in World Thin works more strongly, than in the world terrestrial where it is difficult to it to overcome resistance of a dense matter, it in the same place is plastic, and waves of thoughts affect strong conditions of the Thin World. Be careful of rash or bad words about the dead. Why to do to people the harm? There it isn\'t enough happy consciousnesses. Why to multiply Grief? And we feel your thoughts. This contact is strong, is much stronger and sharper, than you feel of you. Thoughts, to us directed, we feel and we reply if heart is ready that them to apprehend. But our reaction to your feelings and thoughts is always inevitable. Therefore be careful to left from Earth and you darling.<br />\n714. (Guru). Write down: influence of the environment on consciousness shouldn\'t exceed influence on its own will, and will of people — spirit progress. These barriers are constantly overcome by will. Means, the will has to be always on the alert, on the guard against external influences.</p>\n<p>715. (M.A.Y.). The seeds seeded by the Guru in fixed time ripen and ascend. Fixed crops, fixed both shoots, and a harvest will be fixed, not guessing, but exact calculation and action of terms. So inalterability is included into life as the statement of the undoubted. But the sprouts which have already appeared will grow and develop, and will give rich shoots, and seeds in new crops, and a new harvest. The first crops, but also shoots were strong executed but won\'t slow down. If knew, how many consciousnesses work on a field of crops and shoots — the whole troops of Light. And we also preserve fruits of our works. The wide notification of a name of the Guru\" his activity and the creativity the approval of the Doctrine of Life was which purpose will be the immediate task. Ultimate goal — transfer of the Doctrine of Life to the people. Arrival demands the lord it. Great time! In intensity of changes see the future proximity of Arrival. Time and tide wait for no man.</p>\n<p>716. (Guru). You don\'t know from the events nowadays much, and therefore trust us. The trust it will bring you into the future which you wait. Called the utopian. Well, if for someone reality — a utopia, and evidence — life, about not begun to see clearly yet it is possible only to regret. Not wishing to understand goes against the will of the Lord, and therefore either their misunderstanding, or they will be distraught being approved reality, and evidence won\'t rescue them. You who aren\'t seeing the future, but believed in it and accepted it, directly to the Lord go. You with us, you in our plans still and steadily.</p>\n<p>717. If knew and if you could see a shimmer of elements and spontaneous to own force, your creativity would become spatial. Because a spontaneous matter, being given by strength of mind shapes, forms the basis for generation of the phenomena existing in the dense world. But before to see, it is possible to accept on trust to see then and, having accepted, to create a thing lawfully, that is on invisible and visible plans. At first there, then here is. The phenomenon approved only in the dense world, is similar to the person on one foot — stability isn\'t present. But the basis approved in the Thin World will give it stability and in the world terrestrial, and its existence will be lawful, that is conformable to the natural nature of things. Seldom in the undertakings people approve this basis — from here fragility of their affairs. But, having thrown thought seeds into space, them watering and caring of them, it is possible to wait for shoots successful and in dense affairs, forces to that applying. To term the harvest will keep up also. The harvest of our Affairs is always fruitful because we Sow lawfully, considering a ratio of the Worlds. And fruits of creative activities of the Guru and Mother of Fiery Yoga it is immutable will give the consequences in time and already started them giving. By the extent of intensity, duration and the directed extent in the future of works you can judge inalterability of consequences. Temporarily works them as though left from a surface visible that that stronger to become stronger in Hidden and then already are show in dense in all greatness of light concluded in them. Invisible to temporarily inhabitants, they strong, and it is obvious, and tensely existed during this period in space, collecting magnitno round itself powerful forces for manifestation in the dense. And strong, in dense they when time will come also will powerfully be shown. And people will marvel as so it turned out that by passed the whole years before creativity Entrusted mine to them became available in a measure wide. Implementation of the Great Plan is wisely made. We, Brothers of mankind — on the guard great, Won\'t pass fixed term, and crops of our Envoys the terrestrial is careful, sharp-sightedly we Preserve against whirlwinds hostile. But terms go to open all greatness of creativity of the Guru and Fiery Mother of Yoga before the amazed mankind.</p>\n<p>718. (Saint. 19). Reaction to these thoughts (about non-execution promised or expected) will take place, and inevitability remains. There is always what should be. But it isn\'t allowed to know it until a fulfillment. If any thought leads astray, so the way is curve. Simplicity and logic of evidence doesn\'t serve as a reality indicator’s the truth in one Shambhala. Other truth isn\'t present. The curve thinking in a curve mirror of consciousness won\'t reflect it. Approve frankness of a way. Direct way is to the Lord through everything.</p>\n<p>719. (Saint. 21). Test carried out is that it is necessary to reject Maya phantoms and to pass through them to follow further. The Lord is unchangeable, from the beginning of times there is an Alpha and Omega. Everything can hesitate, change and be unstable. But I Is the uniform basis of life, the Stone, on which the spirit house is based. Everything passes, but I Stay for ever and ever. Here phantoms of doubts and Maya illusive thoughts surrounded consciousness and closed a circle, and stopped a way up ghosts and whisper: everything is incorrect, everything is unreliable, even the Lord, even his Words. But already I Told that the sun will come also the moon, but any word won\'t come from the Law, all won\'t be executed yet. The Word My, because won\'t come I am the Stone of the eternal basis of life. Maya ghosts don\'t show reality to the confused consciousness, replacing it with itself. All creations of a brain should be rejected and safely to tell them: \"Maya ghosts, my generations, you won\'t stop the specified way, the foreordained to me from the beginning of times. All of you are creations of my thought, my own mental barrier which has closed a way. Over you having raised I spirit and again having merged consciousness with the Lord, I will be able to continue the way\". By! By! It is rather, rather by these ghosts, a way of the taken up. Really and Me you deny? Then, really, end. But, having assumed Me as a basis, and on Me having approved, and all the rest having rejected till the best times, it is possible to keep on a way. Test is difficult and heavy. Then it will be even more difficult. This difficulty is an indicator of height of lifting. It is necessary to win against it and Maya ghosts to disseminate. Basis having accepted and it again having approved in consciousness, from it you don\'t descend in thinking of hour of fight and overcoming of dark influences. Of anything another you don\'t think now, only I, only of Me, and only with Me and Me. Also think of doubts having rejected and these ghosts, stand with Me. Because you won\'t begin deny Me. But if I am, to ghosts of a place won\'t be in the heart opened to me. Don\'t think of them, but my Face hold before itself, with Me go through everything. Christ Redeemer Menya name, and it is so right, because rescue only in Me. In Me is, but not in thoughts collateral, third-party, casual, temporary and incorrect. Thoughts will come and will leave, but I Stay over them. Hold Me is to dump poison of the thoughts sent by darkness. These thoughts are not I and not you. You are a son mine, and thoughts casual the poison can\'t cross that communication. \"Lord! You are claimed atop by me everything that occurs in my covers, over all thoughts, both feelings, and desires, over life and death of all three covers, over myself embodied in a temporary form and subject to influence of streams of a matter, bearing through temporary forms of all three covers\". Atop and I everything, is your Lord. In the face of ardent Maya and her contrary to, approve Me strong. Reasoning’s reject, proofs too, and the facts casting doubts — all these products of your philosophizing or thoughts, but terrestrial wisdom it is hostile against Light because Maya it is full, My Proximity not excellent and over everything that a stream flows before its infinite look, it is silent, eternal, silent in you Staying and only Looking in you that outside. All external — out of, as well as a body, both feelings, and thoughts — all this external, by current, temporary, changeable and not yours. Yours — it, the silent Witness, who is eternally Looking that by passes through your covers and records the silently Looking. I, It, you is from eternity, and all the rest not ours. All the rest is from this world, even the World Thin, the World to the passing phenomena. We are from Fire. The world Fiery is our World. It is eternal the believed in Fire. I, from Eternity Real, in you Claim eternity over all visible, tangible, felt and felt, over visibility of everyone, over everything that outside. I Am.</p>\n<p>720. (Saint. 22). Accepted responsibility for Earth divides it partially with those who are close. Acceptance on itself responsibility for mankind evolution, for thinking of people, for advance it to Light means a maturity of spirit and its cooperation with Hierarchy. The consciousness leaves the personal world to spheres of consciousness universal and accepts the Bowl of General Welfare, becoming lightful, light to the world bearing. In silence, both silence, and a privacy this feat hidden, or in public, in the middle of life can be made. Nowadays the last type of a feat is more necessary. It is more difficult and difficult, because with people hardly. But it is necessary, because who as not close people to the Lord to people will bear light.</p>\n<p>721. (M.A.Y.). We see, and we know that is heavy, and very much we wish to help. But there it is easier to help because conditions of the help favor. Here a consequence in full blast, and you in its center, involved in whirlwinds of movable energiya. From here is and burden.</p>\n<p>722. (Guru). It was necessary to leave, despite everything. If the son didn\'t leave, couldn\'t work and of opportunities would be deprived. The son sent, we send also you. To go after all it is necessary.</p>\n<p>723. (Saint. 23). And still the advantage of spirit should be stored, despite everything. Concessions to conventions of desirable result won\'t bring. It is easier to hold something or to overcome, keeping spirit advantage. Smiles not reach what can be reached restraint, self-control and balance of spirit. Who smiles everything without analysis that has no spirit advantage? The smile is good before difficulties of life, but not before the biped consciousness, fawning or pleading. It is spirit humiliates. You store spirit advantage, it will be necessary before transition of Great Borders.</p>\n<p>724. (M.A.Y.). In time our feelings don\'t rust. With it also you approach. Think that life left, but we are closer close to life, and yours — also. Would like to become even closer, but solves this consciousness. You keep it order, and we will be closer. Conditions will be created when to deliberate further that, to go or not to go, it isn\'t necessary any more, and the way will lie down as inevitable need, and for it determination is necessary, as, however, in everything. The son sent, and you we send. Really you don\'t see, from where and where a wind. The wind from Mountains and to you informs echoes of great Decisions. Time judgment is close.</p>\n<p>725. (Guru) - Where readiness of will? Temporary condensations of circumstances darkened the future horizon, having cut trust roots to everything to that it is necessary. Becomes much, but, probably, not all and, if you can\'t see, trust nevertheless have. As without trust to the Leading Hand it is possible to reach. Trust over everything, even thoughts casual, even evidence dense, and besides trust up to the end.</p>\n<p>726. (Saint. 24). The assignment Is given to execute to the son. It is focus of the center of our energiya. The happiness Is given it Beams. Bearing the Assignment is so consider. Needs in assistants strong; them It is sent in process of need. But the hand manages affairs and therefore work of performance of the Assignment is great. On the knowing and able the duty lies to help. It is necessary to light powerful fire of aspiration and desire to divide Assignment works in heart. External barriers are not obstacles. Fire connects hearts not only in Hidden, but also and in the dense. It is necessary to strain will to implementation of the help of this. Knowing is few. Certainly, I will collect at the right time. Ways of execution of Will Leader are inscrutable. With it is necessary to merge in full understanding of the events. There is an Implementation of the Great Plan. The son knows a lot of things. You stick to it. It is focus of the center of execution of tasks of the next straight lines. It is necessary in the spirit of to contact it before the meeting will be carried out. Their two and both bear the Assignment. It is necessary to understand, who behind them. Behind them Lord, both Mother Agni Yoga, and Guru. Now there is a process of filling by a name of its space on open spaces of the Great Country. The foreordained of the first it. Our Beams create a magnetic field of the special tension, especially favoring to this process. Thanks to it contact of mass consciousness with a name of the Guru and his creativity is especially strong and fiery even if the consciousness isn\'t ready. But there are a lot of the ready consciousnesses waiting only spark that on it to begin to sound. It is a lot of ready to wake up hearts because time comes. The success is approved in all that goes with spirit evolution. But at first it is necessary to create strong material resources as a springboard in Boundlessness. It will be difficult to come off Earth if there is nothing to lean. As it is strange, but the material basis will exempt spirit from petty cares and alarms about terrestrial and, having satisfied terrestrial, will point to stars. Many wonderful things already occur if as a whole to look at a field of the future fulfillments. The temple will be open soon, but not former, but new. The spirit temple, but it is necessary to complete. On all events it is necessary to look as at a tape of events or the phenomena conducting directly in the foreordained future. And then it will be possible to understand words of the Guru: \"And here and will be: you will wake up — and there is other all\". Revolution of the dense conditions was the first; the second will be — in the spirit of. For it everything came true that occurred after the first. If to look impartially, you will see the natural, thought-over sequence of the phenomena and the consciousnesses which were standing at I fed, \"no that, ache not from God\", and it should be understood to have more trust to the future. Really We, having started implementation of the Great Plan with measures, unknown in this Race, we Will stop moving away whom that and something, interfering evolution and Will Ours. Really Earth and mankind we will give to the victim to arbitrariness human. But not for the sake of it great victims are brought, and the bowl of test is accepted and enjoyed by the great people. \"To judgment be\" — I so Speak, the Shambhala of the Lord, and so I claim. I Told.</p>\n<p>727. (M.A.Y.). It is still difficult to understand that the Lord is unchangeable and is close always when the consciousness is adjusted conformably. Time came. Sitting on a place isn\'t effectiveness. It is necessary to move. It isn\'t necessary to look at difficulty of conditions as on something constant and insuperable. Under blows of will obstacles even the insuperable fall. Native, dare!</p>\n<p>728. (Guru). It is necessary to direct in uncertainty of the future that there was it present, and courage here is also necessary. The son already left, what interferes with you? When you will start acting in this direction, everything will go smoothly, successfully and simply. Everything to you towards will go: both people, and conditions, and opportunities, because over you the Hand. Here everything is settled for you that is opportunities new. The guru to go sends. You are necessary to the Guru.</p>\n<p>729. (Saint. 25). I approve inalterability of the future day. And in it the place to you is approved in the face of evidence dense. If only to look for a veil! Behind the woods it isn\'t visible structures. But here clean the woods, and the building new, finished, all beauty before you. And the Temple of the future under construction isn\'t visible behind ripples of flashing days and nights and the phenomena current. But It already rises powerfully, and will end it soon, and there will be It see, both is open, and is available. And people will enter into it. Each of them will take himself will be able what to take, having brought each gift. Be are quiet and are sure that the future doesn\'t pass you. And deprivation in the present is only the guarantee for the future and his shining grace. Accepted his heart now, will measure the part in the future. The future is on consciousness. For sleeping and dead heart the future will be dead also, is dark and without sounds because the darkness in the person, through aura of the evil won\'t see light of the New Sky and pleasure of Novaya Zemlya. But the New Sky and Novaya Zemlya will be seen by the revived hearts.</p>\n<p>730. (M.A.Y.). If to consider not that it wasn\'t executed, and that was carried out already and about what you find numerous statements on pages of the Doctrine of Life, be surprised the accuracy of execution prespecified. It is possible to make it, but having rejected personal measures, expectations and expectations. Evolution of the world goes over private matters and the phenomena. Spatial is her way. To rise during a great stream, means the Bowl of General Welfare to accept, the Personal benefit having rejected. For spirit and the personality will find rich food in the Bowl of General Welfare. The future light-, and signs of fulfillments are disseminated widely everywhere if to see them, having removed personal points.</p>\n<p>731. (Guru). Friends, there will be everything, but give time, on Each phenomenon of the present claiming the foreordained time, you look through a future prism, moving into it the fact. But not simply moving, but developing it and expanding it in logical sequence of its development, growth and distribution. So behind contemplation of all phenomena see filling by a space name, behind it there is also a banner, behind them the book, behind them the Name of the Lord, behind It the Doctrine of Life and the statement of Mother Agni Yogi and Mother of the World, so on milestones of fulfillments of affairs in the present will see a step of inalterability of the phenomena, which are promptly going to the judgment Future, because It will come true, and there is nobody and anything that could to It to prevent.</p>\n<p>732. (Saint. 26). Only test determines the true value of the person. A little who can imagine about it (himself). Imagined qualities — too Maya type. Fair assessment of is the phenomenon rare. To embellish and imagine that isn\'t present, it won\'t do at all. To belittle and humiliate is too. Median way — a way true. It also points to undesirability of swings of spirit on poles. Spirit swings the arrhythmic are especially dangerous. One neutralizes another, and advance stops. Take-off if they don\'t come to an end with falling are good. It is a lot of contradictions in the person. Too strictly we won\'t judge because too sensitive spirit in dense conditions it is heavy. Difficulty that wellbeing can\'t be given — it will stop a way, to crush circumstances — also because hands will fall, so it is necessary to put in conditions difficult, but with temporary gleams, or outlets that it was possible to take rest. Many, without having sustained burden dense, fuse, many plunge into them, and there are burden these for them end in itself while their one — not to suppress the purpose, and, on the contrary, to uplift spirit. But to refuse tests, means to lose possibility of advance.</p>\n<p>733. (Saint. 27). Evolution real is the Space Law. But it goes Hierarchy of Light and her protégés. Evolution isn\'t considered with forms of evolving life, though approves the most viable. Value of a form it is necessary to understand as the spokesman of the vital principle and the carrier it’s, its cover, temporary and doomed to destruction by a small circle of the manifestation. Circles of manifestation of a form of life are various — from a small blade of grass and a something ephemeral to planets and solar systems. Life of atoms of some elements is long extraordinary. But the highest form of life is the consciousness. The circle of full not interrupting consciousness concerns already eternity and crosses out of limits of hopelessness of death. In it purpose of evolution of spirit. All incarnate forms strive for immortality, more precisely, any life embodied in a form. Spirit-monad it is immortal, but only evolving and saved up the immortality and the Life continuity can realize consciousness. Immortality, eternity, boundlessness are concentrated in consciousness. The stone too exists in eternity, though doesn\'t realize it. Boundlessness embraces itself and comprises all forms of life, but realizes it only spirit of the person. The evolution purpose is in it, but not in duration of existence of forms. Forms only save up the experience necessary for creation of consciousness which reaches over time a step of consciousness uninterrupted that is immortality. Temporariness of a form also causes understanding of eternity of life of spirit because only the infinity of a variety of forms of life helps spirit to save up the experience collected by these forms and accumulated in stratifications on grain of spirit. Only having passed evolution of mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms and having concentrated the saved up experience in, there can begin a spirit-monad a step of human evolution. It is possible to note as even in a body of the person results of this long evolution are concentrated and are subordinated to spirit of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms expressed in a structure of a human body. Therefore only also it is possible in this body of assimilation of mineral, vegetable and animal food. The way of evolution of spirit is long, infinitely long and is slow very much. It is counted by billions years. Such is a spirit-monad way. But even the step of human consciousness is only crossroads which the step of consciousness space and immortality follows. It also is life eternal, promised by your Saviors. Lords Lead this life, They Reached an immortality step, They a way of Specify and a gate through which it is necessary to pass that Immortal to concern life. Following Them, it is possible to enter into a circle of Boundlessness and to approve not interruptibility of consciousness. It also will be conscious immortality of spirit, because mortally and, of course, all other and all other forms of the shown life. Only memory of the past and the consciousness concentrated in a kernel of spirit, endure all forms in which the spirit — their spokesman at steps of evolution of life was ever shown.</p>\n<p>734. (M.A.Y.). The Lord Wants lift your spirit over temporariness of dense conditions and to concentrate life in the spirit of. The spirit which has grown from former dense clothes usual can\'t be content with life. It is necessary to rise over life that over it to fly. It is connected on hands to feet by terrestrial living conditions, but it only in order that the spirit wanted and could escape from them and dump their chains. Heavy is they for spirit which woke up. Their unreasonable burden gives rise to aspiration to dump them. Live and rejoice blind, but able to see are filled with grief because it is very dark. Looking as it is inexpedient even advanced aged men care about terrestrial on the short piece which has remained it of life and it when short distances absolutely lose the meaning. But look how there live affairs and creations of the Guru and as grow, and spread in life. And after all it only beginning, what end! So affairs human, short and unnecessary, from affairs of Light long and useful to another differ. And in itself distinguish two grades of affairs: personal, unnecessary, and the general, useful to all.</p>\n<p>735. (Guru). Thoughts create an interior and by thoughts are protected. And if disharmonious and forcing-down thoughts interfere in it, so protection isn\'t strong. Heavy it is necessary to be preserved against thoughts while they get into consciousness, differently poisoning of consciousness is inevitable. Many poisoned thoughts go through relatives. And it is necessary to be protected from relatives especially sharp-sightedly. There are consciousnesses which see around only the seamy sides of life and especially strong perceive black out thoughts. It is necessary to be careful of them especially. Why the soul to give on a blackout to other consciousness. Sharp-sightedly preserve the spirit against foreign invasions.</p>\n<p>736. (Saint. 29). Consciousness of actions can be transferred to the World Thin during a dream. Actions can be deepened and expanded. It is better give itself instructions, filling up. The law remains invariable — the consciousness works by order of will on the line objectively (in an awake condition) the made decisions. If these decisions are firm and certain, clearness amplifies. In process of rapprochement of the Worlds of border between a dream and wakefulness any more won\'t be such passed. The dream is used for a delicate work. At Egyptians of their KA (the astral double) I carried out instructions given before going to bed and I protected their dream. Trained, it can serve as a faithful dog, executing orders of the owner. But if he isn\'t subordinated to will, both is willful, and is capricious, and owns consciousness, it is impossible to operate it. The casual facts of its submission won\'t yield desirable results. The subordinate in an awake condition, submits and in a dream. Results stand the efforts spent for it. What there were living conditions, it is necessary to consider that submission of an astral cover to will be always the necessary work which fruits will affect in the future centuries. Not on one embodiment the consequence of this work, but on all Future extends. It is so possible to plan to itself number of tasks, or works, directed in the Future, out of limits of this embodiments on Earth. The reached results, being crystallized in a causality body in the form of coagulable deposits of thin energiya will already accompany the person from life in life because character of the person, his tendency and tendency isn\'t business of accidents or heredity, but something brought with from antecedents. Heredity in the person is strong only when is in harmony with his essence. Otherwise accumulation wins against heredity and neutralizes it. The mountain consists of grains of sand. So on particles it is possible to collect the benefit mountain, shining crystals of fires of boundless opportunities of spirit. The treasure of the Stone gathers on particles, and the every day is given not for squandering it, but for accumulation. So every day it is possible to bring something and to add to that is already collected earlier. It is possible and waste, but the destiny of the spendthrift of Spirit is sad. For an example it is possible to compare two days: one, carried out in the course of Treasure squandering, another — in its accumulation. Accumulation, or collecting, it is possible to conduct in any conditions because not conditions are important, but the irrevocable solution of spirit to be collector, but not spendthrift. If to compare stay in the Thin World of the collector and the spendthrift, distinction of conditions them it will be striking: as though two — one falls to darkness, another rises to Light. Collecting means collecting of crystals of fire, light accumulation, without it — darkness. Shining and flying does Treasure of the owner. It is worth therefore working. Wise won\'t delay also hour to save up and increase. Silly will spend also that remained. It is necessary to adjust all life on a key of collecting of crystals of fire deposited in the Bowl. Otherwise is not life and pity vegetation in darkness external.</p>\n<p>737. (M.A.Y.). The precondition is incorrect. Life unsuccessful can be considered only in case it is fruitless, that is the talents brought with aren\'t increased. It is possible to increase them only when the consciousness is adjusted on the corresponding wave of acceptance of all events with the person. This wave is a working wave of realization of experience of life in crystals of energiya deposited in the Bowl. Everything that is given by life, it is necessary to consider as I peep for the spirit, realized by it in the elements going on construction indoors of spirit. So it carried any phenomenon of the life, whatever character, it is possible to use rationally and fruitful. Complaint and discontent —replace with extraction of fiery-full crystals from, apparently, inutile, unpleasant and opposite conditions. Everything starts serving with advantage to the one who knows that he wants to take from life. Take probably always and from everything, if the life purpose is increase crystals.</p>\n<p>738. (Guru). Weakness is condemned. Force victoriously. It is necessary to be strong always. From the most adverse circumstances it is possible to take this force. Everything serves the one who knows that he wants and who to achievement of the purpose decided to go all the way and despite everything. Spirit strong is over complexity of dense conditions, but not under their weight.</p>\n<p>739. (Saint. 30). Everything that violates the accord with Me — badly, whatever logical and convincing it seemed. It is necessary to step through logic of evidence to concern reality and with it to stay, but not with Maya. It is impossible to start arguments with Maya — will win an irrefutability of the facts. It can be rejected only, approving my Presence contrary to visibility. The Maya is visibility which there lives people. Behind it there is a fiery reality which We live. The Lord, but waves obvious to an eye and consciousness of the phenomena, a wave of a flow of Maya is unchangeable, hide from you real and substitute it for visibility. Everything approved by us, exists in space. If waves of the current phenomena hide it, not reality of a wave shows. So among passing vainly you try see a face of the fiery real. It is the World my, approved by me in your days, In my Days you Approved that in your days an anchor had reliable and strong which would help you to keep when storms storm on the sea every day. When business goes about rescue, don\'t argue, and strong hold an anchor uniform which rescue will be. Not destroying Proximity, but everything claiming and strengthening it, it is necessary to take. It and keep because only it will be a rope holding an anchor. It is necessary to keep. Torn off from the Hierarchy anchor the consciousness will be overflowed by Maya waves, and it will sink in them irrevocably. One wave another will follow, it - the third, and so endlessly. On one it is impossible to be approved, to trust too. But the Lord is unchangeable. It is as the rock, as a support among the world of incorrect phantoms and Maya deceptive ghosts. I am the Stone of the eternal basis of life. Build on Me.</p>\n<p>740. You will find in Me a minute of adversities a shelter to spirit. I Send a board protection against rage outside world. It strong also is cruel, - are tormented with Maya. But I Told: \"Come to Me everything burdened with burden of life and pined hunger of spirit, because I — food for spirit\". To pine the spirit and its covers eats my radiations. So Proximity to Me having above delivered to all difficult burden of local conditions and temporary thoughts, sad and gray, it is possible to keep against waves of life and to keep. I warned — tests will be. Here hour of tests came. You keep. Neither to question, nor to argue, neither to complain, nor to complain, neither to doubt, nor it isn\'t necessary to argue, it is necessary to keep only strong, having grasped Me, as a lifebuoy in a storm, as the only hope and opportunity of rescue. Really yet you don\'t understand, danger and as it is easy to choke and be lost how is great. Forces will quickly run low, and if without a circle, the end is inevitable. Having left everything: both reasoning’s, and arguments, and strong holding Me, sustain an impact of elements. It is very strong and heavy. Elements still far weren\'t included into coast. Against you their impact is powerful because you assumed impudence my Business to claim in the face of darkness. And here it steps on you the developed front. I speak: \"Resist only Me\". But it is necessary to resist in Me, and then it will be possible to resist against darkness! Otherwise end... So, together with Me against darkness take up arms because against you it was up in arms and presses, torments and seeks to break you. See in force heavy and a condensation of external conditions a set of tenacious claws of hands shaggy, given to you to dump you in a chasm. Are dangerous that work with thought, truly consider that it is difficult to separate the thought from sent by them? If the nobility, where the where others, it would be possible throw out it easily and freely. But how distinguish? Know that all, to whatever faithful and correct you it seemed, everything separating and distancing from Me, is thrown by a dark hand. The mistake won\'t be if apply this reactant on dark shrewdness and tricks. They have now a new approach. With the old didn\'t succeed, thought dark hollow, persistently and heavy. Me call, you stick to Me, and together we will sustain an impact furious.</p>\n<p>741. (M.A.Y.). Only the Lord you will pass.</p>\n<p>742. (Guru). Force straw to break. The darkness becomes broken straw if to see, from where and as creeps up, and to understand that everything that weighs, is sent by it.</p>\n<p>743. (Oct. 1). Inalterability - the satellite of consequences of our affairs. It we go. Only don\'t make mistakes, trying on affairs to the understanding for today. Long affairs distinguish from affairs usual, short, and human. Yes, yes, my son, brevity of your affairs let doesn\'t interfere in my Business. Here, for example, as the son I Consider atop even terrestrial embodiments. But terrestrial affairs of vanity force to forget a time about bonds sacred, indissoluble, binding the son with the Father. They exist always, even then, when the consciousness rolls in a scum of the dense phenomena and in vanity; them rejecting, you stop Light current, them approving, the Beam you accept. The sent Beam is constant, but extent of its understanding, both an acceptability, and influence depends on the accord with It. Inharmonious condition of consciousness It can close access absolutely and tis hen darkness. Has no value what exactly closes access to the Beam, but the fact of prevention of Light in consciousness is important. If it is realized and the damage is understood, all stirring should be eliminated immediately, without going into details and without plunging into them. Time stirs something, it is necessary to reject it. Thoughts disturb, put, people, living conditions, but all this it is impossible to reject, so it is necessary to become above that disturbs, having rejected that is possible, and the main thing — the thoughts which have closed an entrance to the Ray of light. The thought is a filter for the Beam. If it is dense, the Beam doesn\'t reach. If it is painted, to the Beam coloring gives, and dark it is frequent if the thought is painted by darkness. That is why dark the thought to you direct — your thought dark want to make also access to the Beam to stop. Thought you watch. Even at small attention it is easy to define is from light it or darkness. Dark it is sharp-sighted on the guard that to snatch the moment when dark thoughts can be thrown and to enter darkness into your consciousness instead of Light. Our actions are dictated by expediency — from here the phenomenon of mobility of the Plan. Mobility of the Plan doesn’t take for weakness because then you belittle also Us, and I Put and to darkness you open access. To it is indifferent, what way to get into your consciousness if only to poison him. Power of Hierarchy is invincible. Could displace as the houses of cards, all complexity of human constructions in power terrestrial, but to break consciousness — doesn\'t mean to advance it. The violence over it is hierarchically inadmissible. And therefore we wait; giving the chance to come to light up to the end to everything that is suitable for evolution and that won\'t do at all what later to clean; if remove a harvest of not ripened seeds is will be gone. So expediency dictates still wait while shoots will ripen. Waves of Light go, accruing, and each next wave brings the new opportunities caused by a previous wave. Intervals between waves are not confused. Force in a wave, and on its crest refracts Light from our Towers. You seek to keep on the roll and with a wave to go, without plunging into the world the lowest. Go on tops — our way.</p>\n<p>744. Only the closest we Give instructions the most difficult and dangerous. Them burned down on fires, pursued, beat stones, wearied in dungeons. But nevertheless they carried out the entrusted Assignment. Self-renunciation and feat — are inseparable. Rejected from itself — It is trusted big affairs. Not gets rid the egoism won\'t pass test for dedication. Let each touchstone will help to find out with itself everything that prevents to receive the Assignment. Readiness about which Told, demands many conditions and qualities. It is necessary to think of it at the right time not be not ready.</p>\n<p>745. (M.A.Y.). Severity of a feat isn\'t realized. Reasons about personal conveniences disturb. The symbol of the soldier is chosen not casually. With things it isn\'t burdened, the house is left; readiness for all accidents of life marching — is available. Possibilities of a feat are close. As butterflies on a pin, are pinned people to things and houses in living conditions of the usual. Where to them to think of a feat when don\'t know how to part forcibly things and that remove to do. It is better not to have anything, than to be the slave to things, it is better to be the homeless wanderer, than to reach for the rendered habitable dwelling. Better free pass to the World Thin, than pinned to sit on a pin of own production.</p>\n<p>746. (Oct. 2). It is a lot of grief in much cognition — it is one party, another — pleasure. Pleasure of knowledge — we will remember so and other pole of knowledge. The spirit human, like a bird winged, flies on two wings, and the pleasure will be other wing. The contact to people — and pleasure of Communication with the Lord is sad. So see in all a polar of a thing uniform and know that \"your grief will be in pleasure\". And by an impact of darkness be not condensed because only those who faced darkness, and I sustained rage of attacks, and all shifts I learned, only those know, and experience have in that valuable, and left a condition of the sponsored child. Not to seduce them any more with any words, to them already others calling voices won\'t sound. From strangers strong will mark out and will truly separate words and affairs. This experience over darkness is valuable Extraordinary, though a high price. It is hardly to gain ability of distinction, but without it is impossible. Wonder: unless now, after everything, what you tested, mistakes in people if new meetings are accompanied by the same signs which were given you in due time are possible and weren\'t seen by you, or, being seen, not were understood has to? No, these mistakes won\'t be. In it the value of those bitter and heavy lessons which were given by life. After all it isn\'t life good, quiet and full, and in the experience acquired in life. And what huge difference even between my, passed through experience of collision with darkness and yet not tested it. Called go in the beginning all fires, but the single these fires and are deprived of experience, that is checks. Tests only are come them. You, who have passed experience, have something that doesn\'t have the price. There is enough! In total that nowadays burdens you heavy, multiplies fire and your forces, and as that serves you, and moves further. Impossibility of external conditions does possible, making out will of spirit of a combination them. And if they are combined so that to your work disturb, you combine will them as you want. If in their combination you feel dark will, Me present, use the force mine and My Light. More often Me call in your affairs that we together created them. Strong be always, but My Force, whether because your force is stronger only so far as with Me you. Together in everything — let will be your rule. Together is with Me in everything, and in all your undertakings, thoughts and feelings. It is possible if My Face is entered into your heart.</p>\n<p>747. (M.A.Y.). Doors are open always for heart directing to the Lord. But it is necessary to direct, but full-heart and fully - strings; fully-strings — means all heart. Some direct with a stone in the bosom. Not fruitful is such aspiration. Not only pebbles, but even it is necessary to clean small motes from consciousness that Communication was without cracks. I mean motes of doubt, mistrust, discontent, condemnation of the Teacher of Light and all other feelings small, consciously or unconsciously directed against It. All this separates and alienates you from the Lord. Litter clean, and contact, and the Beam you will be easy will fully concern.<br />\n748. (Guru). If the grain of sand can stop the huge car, and the small mote stops operation of the fiery device of spirit. He acts tensely at the Communication moments, and special vigilance is necessary that motes didn\'t get to it, and especially, before work because during the Communication are especially protected by the Beam. But also then vigilance nevertheless is necessary, as darkness on the guard to throw the \"shaggy balls\". \"Vigilance\" — we will remember.<br />\n749. (Oct. 3). A lot of things say goodbye where there is an understanding, even Decree non-execution. Certainly not avoid consequences, but the understanding moves. Everything is reparable, except for the Hierarchy insult. What to do now? Prepare for departure and to wait for more favorable conditions, creating to opportunity volume. A lot of things depend on us. The black wave will abate, there will be a gleam, and then it is necessary to decide.</p>\n<p>750. (Oct. 4). I consider it expedient to transfer life to thoughts. It is necessary for the Thin World where everything is under construction and moves thought. \"Beauty\" is said, it is necessary because to build on Beauty. Garden washes with Beauty it is saturated, and to attendants of Beauty in it access is free. But where the spirit of those who builds on a disgrace stays? Whether in chasms of darkness or in the lower class of the Hidden World? So by thought the person determines to himself the way in Elevated. System on Beauty, it is possible to build only for itself — it is a way human, but it is possible to build for people and for the world — it is a way of Bodhisattva\'s. But even for itself building Beauty something nevertheless and to people gives because products of creativity of thought are property of all. So think of the evils and an outrage a poison will be for sets. Having looked at the mental constructions, it is easy to find as well as to that they serve — to good or the evil, Beauty or a disgrace, or they neither are cold, nor are hot, but lukewarm a lukewarm dullness of twilight of spirit and the warmth caused by decomposition and rotting of substance - the Sphere of the inner world filled with fancies of a certain order, the creator — the person adjoins to conformable it the space sphere constantly, establishing in it threads of a magnetic attraction on compliance and affinity. Similar gravitates to similar on a thread of related contrasts. The guru sated the sphere and the world surrounding with images of Beauty. This world is conformable with my World, and the garden My decorated with works of his creativity. So, building on Beauty and conceiving Beauty a gate opens to spirit to the Highest Spheres. Why to deceive itself words about service, about aspiration to the Teacher of Light, about a spirit ASCENSION if the tribute to Beauty isn\'t paid? Without Beauty there is no Service. It is necessary to enter impartially into art gallery of own fancies and pictures and strictly to estimate products of the creativity by the principle of Beauty, having chosen it uniform criterion of creativity of spirit. And, all this having considered, seeing already without mistakes and the uncertainty, what sphere of the Elevated World there will correspond creativity it. It is possible, the Name My repeating not heart, but a brain, to be very far from my Sphere, Beauty of the Beauty consonance and sated in the images, Created by me and those who creates in the accord with Me. Having defined unmistakably nature of creativity of the inner world, the person from this museum can clean everything that doesn\'t correspond to the principle of Beauty, and to replace cleaned beautiful. It is good to withdraw also all creation of personal character which because of the originality and communications with interests of the temporary personality in the person are painted by egoism, aren\'t necessary to people, are uninteresting because closed the personality itself and in itself. So, enjoying works of creativity of great artists, musicians, philosophers and writers, you don\'t think of what boots wore they and that ate for a dinner from what their private life if there was no beauty in it, both self-rejections, and returns of all of two people and thoughts superpersonal was formed. Entering into the Thin World, the person continues to create thought as created on Earth, but already absolutely free from motionless, persistent surfaces of dense conditions. The matter of the Thin World freely gives in to thought influence. Person sees, that he creates and that created, during the stay in a dense body. It also will be its sphere or its environment binding it with the sphere of conformable or spheres, to conformable his mental creativity. From fruits of the mental creativity not to leave anywhere, and it is necessary to collect them. The law of crops and harvest works precisely and is commensurable. A sphere to which the spirit dooms itself stay after, is defined by him, and is defined by thought, magnitno and is insuperable attracting it to spheres conformable. For the low-slightest thought it is necessary to answer itself because this thought will pull it to the sphere of an attraction corresponding to it. Astral whirlwinds and funnels are terrible magnetic force, involving spirit according to the accord them with energiya, them generated. The matter of the thin body, got used to vibrate and answer waves of a certain order, will be and there consonance in unison that already was in the stay on Earth. The thought constructed on Beauty, can carry away the creator only to spheres, Beauty consonance and Beauty the filled. So the thought of Beauty is pledge and the guarantee of commensurability of conditions of stay of spirit in Elevated. Let your eyes will be open on what future prepares for itself everyone because the Law commensurate unmistakably and precisely.</p>\n<p>751. About Mother Agni Yogi. I left, and with It you’re light for those who were close to It left. There was Light, and Light didn\'t become. Event it is heavy for a planet because the World dense Needs lighting by spirit. Light remains, of course, in Elevated, but you know as the difference in is great, whether in a body with you the Teacher and on Earth, or It left a body. Those who in the dense was close and who was reported by terrestrial ways can count not all on Proximity in the spirit of. Many difficulties should be overcome before the proximity will be established in the spirit of. And still this proximity not that that was in the world dense. Without feeling the management direct and obvious to an eye, strength of mind everyone has to increase, suffered a loss, to increase exactly on so many, on how many got support and the help from the left spirit. Therefore you have to Become stronger, each of you has to become one so many stronger to overcome resistance of the surrounding sphere separating you from left spirit. And then it is possible to contact with it, in World Elevated you will meet again, but it is necessary to overcome life, while you on Earth that to be closer to Mother.</p>\n<p>752. Матерь had access to a treasury of wisdom of the Lord. Мother had opportunity to receive straight lines and direct Instructions, and to hear the Voice it, and to see it. It was a connecting Link between the Stronghold and those who in It directed. She knew, She only one, and on each question received the concrete answer in a due and necessary form. Its Records were filled with pearls of the Intimate Wisdom which is stored by eyelids and given out through It at the right time. A lot of things were known by her, much more, than spoke or imprinted in Records. The opened centers gave the chance to receive knowledge directly. She simply knew many things, at all without giving itself the report as She learned about something. Both Record, and transfer of the Doctrine it was entrusted It. It is necessary to think as this Assignment is responsible and as such person has to be close to us. The harp of its spirit has to be in the full accord with Us. It is difficult to imagine, how many conditions it was necessary to create and combine on Earth and in Elevated that Bearer-woman of our Instructions in due course to Earth came, both I executed, and I finished the mission of life. Book of its life emerald. In it you will find great names, world renowned. Its mission was intimate and therefore you learn about It, our Envoy only after She left Earth. It was impossible earlier because knowledge this, entrusted people, would break Assignment performance. In process of a current of time we will Supply all new and new information on It that knew everything people, who That through Which the Great Doctrine of Fiery Yoga Is given by us to the world was.</p>\n<p>753. (M.A.Y.). Let anniversary of leaving (on October 5) will be not mournful, but joyful because for pleasure of spirit business was created it. And if Service took place, whether that everything is equal, in what body the spirit stays. For the personality, of course, not all the same, but expression in a body extra dense is so necessary for General Welfare and it is useful, as in a body terrestrial. Therefore think of problems of General Welfare, and outside the personal. We Serve It everywhere and you also learn to Serve It under any living conditions. It will give force to you spirit to prepare for elevated stay and there that it will be easier to cooperate with us. Earth — that the base on which the plan of life of spirit in World Invisible is created and approved. Warm communication and warm threads aren\'t broken by death. Death and destruction is for the dense phenomena, but not for fiery. Heart is the device fiery. The love and aspiration is energy the hearts put by it in action, they go far away from the dense world. Them in the extra dense we live. Be so approved, native mine, in energiya fiery hearts and know, that \"it is strong as death love\", because \"its arrows is arrows fiery\".</p>\n<p>754. (Guru). When we left, us forgot also dead us will read. But among you remained such who and until now consider that, having dumped a body, we are live. For them our proximity is concrete and fruitful abundance of thoughts and knowledge of value and sense of the events occurring on Earth. We terrestrial take an active part in life, and you, being thoughts with us, and then you join too. Knowing Will Lord’s and their Plans, you can move yourself into the future which is meeting halfway. About you, us not forgotten, is our care. Otherwise life already would break you. We preserve as far as the karma and your free will allows. Often it is contrary to our will. And then it is difficult to help. Try to begin to us closer. You in our plans as were.</p>\n<p>755. (Oct. 5). Direct Communication is impossible because of vague currents, and also the thoughts scattered on the parties, and not touching object of aspiration. Matter isn\'t that the aspiration is weak, and that the thought while it has to be concentrated on uniform object of aspiration is dismembered. Heart but if heart far costs from Me can unite thoughts with this object only, association of consciousnesses doesn\'t happen. Slippery thoughts should be stopped. It is necessary to give time to everything, but in a consecutive order, without being scattered. Better five minutes of full concentration, than the whole hour lossing in the different directions of thoughts. It is so necessary to seize thought, as — hands and feet. It is possible to imagine that would occur if feet began to go as to them will take in head, constantly changing the direction. Why it is permitted to think to skip from object on object contrary to will? When the purpose — concentration on the Image of the Lord, It only one also has to Be always on the mind, and thoughts to keep on It. Who owner of the thought: its beget and the creator or to it the generated thought? It is difficult to count on completeness of Communication, without having seized the thought. The next task — full control over thought.</p>\n<p>756. (M.A.Y.). I didn\'t forget you, I in heart hold you, and you in My thoughts is constant. But it is necessary to go. There it will be easier contact. The darkness surrounded you with a dense wall, and you choke in it. There already is much lighter and is closer by the foreordained o\'clock. Darkness we punch beams, but not quickly the dawn is created, and then you feel as though a separate. And you to me help to discharge from itself darkness you seek to be to us closer. Heavy is time for the able to see.</p>\n<p>757. (Oct. 6). Life overcoming, adaptability to its conditions, a victory over circumstances is all these phenomena of the same order. The purpose is keep constancy of uninterrupted movement, and besides to move so that stirred. This advance is put regardless of any combinations of external or internal conditions, as well as conditions of consciousness. Whether a little that can happen in a way, and whether poorly what there can be moods and feelings. Movement is made at all and any living conditions, in all lives and on all plans of existence in all worlds. Mental energy of this movement got all covers, because the engine Spirit. In the morning, during Communication, there is accumulator charging the fiery device of spirit energy to which before going to bed channelizes for a dream in the evening, and in the morning the consciousness in the progress again is included into Communication for new charging. So there is a spirit food by fiery energy of the Beam. This energy works especially powerfully when process is conscious. For Silver Bridge as, however, and for any bridge, are necessary not less than two supports. The unprecedented persistence is necessary because also the old person inside is very persistent, and it is possible to win against it only constancy of a rhythm. Often it destroys fruits of many efforts, and only the rhythm helps to be approved with movement.</p>\n<p>758. (M.A.Y.). Now we have a care of how to keep you from the wrong actions, able to change your entire destiny; the direction choice, of course, solves your future if it is made consciously and voluntary. Nonresistance isn’t the solution of a question, but returns of free will in the power to will others and circumstances. Time the will to something and someone having given sends itself to the power of forces of strangers, out of it being. On what can count given, only on favor of people and the circumstances which have taken control of his will. It will be with them, but not with us. Also will dictate it consequences they, and it is necessary to reckon with dictatorship of consequences. Freedom won\'t be.</p>\n<p>759. (Guru) - you don\'t judge the future on the present. But if nevertheless you can\'t differently, put the polar law in the bases of judgments; by tension of one pole determine character and essence of another which is approved by the first. The statement of the Savior \"but your grief in pleasure\" will be based on this law, the same means when it is spoken \"about undergone up to the end\", that is resisted in the Teacher of Light. All forces should be collected to pass. Hard is time. To us become closer and don\'t come off in thinking.</p>\n<p>760. (Oct. 7). My son when there is a desire heart something to make, there are also ways of implementation desirable. Dream is Specify on the approved communication with Entrusted by Mine and on situation in the world. The Satan is struck, but the evil generated by it, in the world remained. And the white eagle fights with black, already losing forces, on the naked rock of human denial and misunderstanding. The star of Mother of the World brightly shines over the world; Beams form as though a form of a cross which is an atonement symbol. The people bearing heavy, long crosses — it is the people bearing the karma and karma the general of the world. Bearing great variety, nowadays all bear a cross; as well today\'s dreams warn at night about danger. Me especial Friend, who violated the Instruction and has sat down in your boat, overloaded it, and it began to be filled in with water. It was necessary to order to it to leave and pass a boat to another, nearby the standing; as a symbol, and very indicative, a snake on the road and feet barefoot — danger in a way to Us, a dog — the friend. Dream the first this night —avoid danger and the help of friends. Now time special and therefore Signs strengthened are given.</p>\n<p>761. Wait for news, but joyful wait. The darkness was condensed before a new wave of Light, leaving darkness before the sun rising. Friends if in darkness resist in Me what will be by the light of? Therefore don\'t mourn very much. Light going is the foreordained. Its power is great. And the gloom before a dawn can\'t stop light coming. If to think of a gloom, about darkness — it will be dark but if about light, the darkness loses the force consciousness to own. Think better of light, but not of leaving shadows, a gloom. As well the thought of attendants dark and to them colleague connects consciousness to them and establishes a communication channel on which can harm. If the mention or discussion is necessary, before to start it, be protected with a circle. Otherwise prick because you set up yourself under blow. Be saved. But and the thought of Light approaches or thought of its Carriers.</p>\n<p>762. (M.A.Y.). Be preserved, native, from contact with those who touched darkness. This channel is very strong and works long, and is especially dangerous if the consciousness which has concerned darkness continues to persist in the communication with darkness, having closed ears to preventions. These friends such is. Friends it is more dangerous than enemies. They should be withdrawn from heart because will fill it with poison and darkness. A parcel correctly I remembered — it transferred to an organism a charge influencing the lowest centers.</p>\n<p>763. (Guru). It is necessary to keep inseparably. The darkness is condensed. But there will go the category of light energiya soon. It is necessary to break focus of a force of darkness. Therefore with its condensation don\'t interfere to break at once in one powerful blow, but this moment is heavy for consciousness, but and the simplification will be sharply felt. Dark seize the condensation moment to harm. Stand guard — the darkness is refined.<br />\nDream the first: any trouble threatened, but friends went and proved on Records that I told the truth. Dream of the second: my boat stood near another, big. It I &lt; … > and my boat a nose began to plunge into water and to scoop it. I ordered to leave by it my boat immediately. In it there was one more person who — I don\'t know. Dream the third: I went with friends on the river bank and I was barefoot. I saw a small snake, and we bypassed her.</p>\n<p>764. (Oct. 8). (M. W.). From eight sent the Great Lord — one of eight, put by me to Earth and Become over Them. He is your Lord, accepted responsibility for Earth. It was many times embodied among you under different Names among the different people and races during va